Smallville (2001–2011): Season 9, Episode 20 - Hostage - full transcript

Clark is surprised when Martha Kent returns to Smallville for a visit, and he's in for another surprise when she brings along her new boyfriend, Perry White, whom after he learns of Clark's dismissal from the Daily Planet, wants to help Clark reclaim his job by trying to acquire the position as editor in chief. Meanwhile, Chloe and Clark try to find a way to stop Zod and his army of Kandorians before they can take over the Earth.

The Book of Rao isn't here.

You just came across that footage
but there's gotta be something more.

CHLOE: I'm looking at it now, Clark.
Jor-El put it in the north wall.

I wish I could give you more,
but thanks to Tess' break-in...

Watchtower can barely run
"Donkey Kong"...

let alone an image-enhancement

Chloe, if that book really holds
unlimited power, then we need to find it.

Clark, this could explain why
our favorite alien nation has gone AWOL.

Maybe Zod and the Kandorians are trying to
track down the holy Rao grail before we do.


Gotta go.

- Aah!
- Lois.

- Clark.
- Sorry. I thought you were a....


If you can't recognize my butt in jeans,
what are you thinking about?

I know. I just... I've been distracted.

Excuse me but our unemployment situation
has just gone to DEFCON 1.

Lois, it's not a matter of life and death.

Actually, it is.

My phone just got turned off because
the Planet stopped paying my cell bill...

...and half my wardrobe is being held
hostage at the dry cleaner's.

To top it off, it's as if you're expecting me
to save our unemployed derrieres...

...which, lucky for you, I have.

I have found a story that will get us corner
offices at the Planet with parking on P1.

- We have to start now.
- I appreciate the offer...

- ...but I can't drop everything right now.
- Whoa.


I have been pounding back
double-double espressos...

...just trying to keep us on a masthead,
and you've been doing what, exactly?

I just have some responsibilities
that I can't ignore.

Well, here's something I can't ignore.

I need a purpose...

...some kind of bigger mission in life.

- You don't seem to need that.
- You're under a lot of stress.

I understand that,
but maybe you're just overreacting.

To what?

My life falling apart?

Lois, just give me a break.

You want a break?

Maybe we should take a break.


A break from this relationship.




What a surprise.

I thought you'd be at the Planet.

I'm working from home.

- What are you doing here?
- I need an excuse to see my own son?

Lois, hi. You'll stay for dinner, I hope.

I've got plenty for the four of us.

"The four of us"?

PERRY: I don't know why you need
all these clothes.

With my help,
you won't be wearing any...

You remember Perry White?

The Perry White?

I think about him every day.

Your father and I had our first date
in this barn.

I made a surprise picnic,
but his truck broke down... we ate it in here.

I'm glad you made it home, Mom.

Well, the Senate broke early for recess,

Oh, Clark, the truth is...

...I couldn't face the memories.

It's hard coming back to this place.

I'm just glad you're here now.

About Perry, I hope you don't mind.

I bumped into him at a committee hearing
a few months ago.

It's okay, Mom.

As long as he doesn't start looking
for a story.

I've had my hands full
with the Kandorians.

I'm so proud of everything you're doing
to help your people.

Well, it hasn't been easy.

More than ever, I've been living two lives.

One of those lives is full of sacrifice... I'm glad to see
the other one has Lois in it.

I sleep better knowing
you have someone special in your life.


Oh, my God. You have gotta forward this
to my high-school journalism teacher.

"Check it out, Mrs. Kreitzman,
me and Perry White.

Who's sorry now, beyotch?"

Sorry, kid. Last thing I need is
a Mrs. Kreitzman on my ass.

By the way, I've read some of your stuff.

You and Clark are a regular
Woodward and Bernstein.


We aren't really writing together
at the moment.

Is that your next big story?

Yeah. I've been tracking this one
for months.

Big players.
This thing is my white whale, kid.

Sorry I can't share any details.

Too bad, Ahab.

I've got something pretty big
on the line too.

It's gonna cause quite a splash.

Hm. Well, if it's as huge
as you say it is...

...good luck reeling it in all by yourself.

That's true.

I don't have Clark right now to help
with the heavy lifting...

...but this puppy sells itself.

It is gonna kick your story back
to Arts and Leisure.


You've gotta be kidding me.

This is a goth guy on a trampoline
in a jogging suit.

No, it's the real thing.
I got a call from a...

A guy who needed my help.

And when I started investigating
this shady redhead...

...I found the mother lode.

There are aliens here on our planet.


And they are looking for this...

...the Book of Rao.

The Book of Rao.


- I've seen this before.
- Oh.

You gotta give some to get some.

All right, Lane, here's what I've got.

A secret government complex
in the Rocky Mountains was blown to bits.

When I tried to investigate,
I was blocked by an operative...

...even the FBI doesn't know about,
code name Red Queen.

Now, I think she's shadowing
a secret organization called Checkmate...

...which is fighting some kind
of terrorist invasion.

And it's all somehow connected
with this.

Maybe our two stories are really
the same story.

This is your lucky day, kid.

The big break most people
only dream about.

You get to write a story
with Perry White.


Damn it!

What did you do to this place?

Where is the Book of Rao?

Gotta hand it to you, Mrs. K.

Running Senate subcommittees by day,
cooking rocking meals by night.

You put the M in "modern woman."
Me, I put the T in "takeout."

So, tell me all the news.
How are you and Clark?

Oh. You know, everything's peachy.

You know us. Chocolate and peanut butter,
yin and yang, Tarzan and Jane.

Okay, maybe not
the "pulling hair, jungle love of it all."

Perry mentioned you aren't writing together.
Is everything okay?


Have you ever wanted to do something
really important with your life?


The Senator thing kind of says it all.

It wasn't easy for me to leave Clark
and go to Washington.

But a part of me really needed to take
that next step.

That is exactly how I felt
when I was talking to...

This friend.

We used to work together.

And when I helped him... was like I had a higher purpose.

Like I was...

...saving the world.

You know, after the glow
of my wedding wore off...

...I wondered
if I'd made a huge mistake...

...following Jonathan to a small town
where I didn't fit in.

I went from a city socialite
headed for law school... being a farmer's wife,
marooned on an island of corn.

Sounds like Survivor: Smallville.

You can imagine how I felt...

...when I was offered a job interning
for a federal judge.

I just jumped at the chance.

It was such an exciting time in my life.

But in the end, you didn't stay.

I came home on a rainy weekend
and discovered the river was rising.

So I pulled on work boots
and went down to the river with Jonathan.

And we started throwing sandbags.

We worked all night holding back
a wall of water.

When the sun rose...

...I got to tell 20 families
that it was safe to go home again.

The city girl saves the day.

I didn't know what my purpose really was
until that rainy day.

I just needed to look inside myself.

Listen, Clark,
the Kandorians are still MIA.

What about the Book of Rao?
I've searched the entire farm. It's not here.

Lucky for us my mini
"Watchtower that could"... actually pulling off
a monster-wide web search.

So if there's any mention
of the Book of Rao anywhere in this...

Bad news, Clark.

It looks like I just got a Red Queen
virtual smack down.

Red Queen?
Chloe, that sounds like Checkmate.

Well, despite her handle, the Red Queen
isn't a figure on Checkmate's board.

In fact, the rumor has it that her name
has been filed under "big, bad nemesis."

I'll be there as soon as I can.

I'm sort of held hostage here
until after my mom's family dinner.


Come on. Sit. Join me in a drink.

Club soda.

Since that little wake-up call
of yours years ago...

...I'm a teetotaler and an utter bore.

Still chasing down stories, I see.

Oh, this is just a little freelance project
I'm doing on the side...

...with Lois, actually.

I hope I'm not overstepping.


There was this one story she wanted
my help on, but I....

Looks like she's traded up
for a more experienced partner.


I'll let you in on a little secret.
Experience is overrated.

I spent the first 20 years of my career
living out of a carry-on bag...

...chasing every story that moved.
I was saving the world.

That's a big job for a simple reporter.

Yeah, well...

...two ex-wives and an ex-dog later,
it finally sunk in.

What matters most is having someone
around to share your life with.

Someone like your mom.

Clark, here's the thing.

I'm gonna ask your mother to marry me.

I'd like your blessing.

Listen, Mr. White, I don't wanna get
in the middle of anything.

I'm not sure she's gonna give you
the answer you're looking for.

Lois, we need to talk.

I don't wanna take a break.
I still believe in us.

I wanna believe in us too.

But there's a lot I have to figure out
and I can't keep lying.

Mom, everything smells great.

Thanks, honey.
Could you two help me with the...

Mom, what is it?

Who's up for a crackling fire?

What did I do?

That was my dad's jacket.

What a spread.

You really outdid yourself, honey.

All right, you lovebirds.

Tell us what it's like
working together and dating.

- It's never been better.

It's kind of like being on a chain gang
with your ball and chain.


You know, sometimes our job gets
in the way, but we always work it out.

Except when we don't.


Didn't I read an engagement announcement
in the Daily Planet?


I thought we weren't gonna bring
that up, dear?

Lois and I got our signals crossed.

Yeah, I don't know how
that "I do" slipped out.


We're having so much fun,
we're just enjoying taking it slowly.

Well, you don't hear that very often.

I think it's nice to be
a little old-fashioned.

Well, yeah.
People are in such a hurry these days.

How's that working out for you, Lois?



Mrs. K., I can't keep lying to you.

Clark and I aren't working together
at the Daily Planet. We were fired.

And we aren't taking it slow,
we're actually taking a break.

The truth is, Clark...

...I need to find a way
to make a difference with my life.

And I realize now
that I can't look to you or....

Or even the Blur
to make that happen for me.

I need to do it on my own.

So maybe what we need right now...

...isn't a break.

It's a breakup.

Excuse me.


Lois, don't do this.

If you care about me...

...then let me go.

Don't worry.
I'll see that she gets back safe.

I got a story that's just come up
anyway. Oh.

MARTHA: Here, let me help you.
PERRY: Yeah.

Thanks for dinner. Bye, Clark.



Oliver. Are you okay?

Yeah. I'm gonna be great.

Zod. He burned you.

Okay, we have to get out of here.
Did this guy tell what he wants?

I don't know what he wants.
He said something about the Red Queen...

...and a gold disk, a bunch of aliens.

Really great stuff.
It sounded right up your alley.

Hey, wait a minute.

- This whole thing's an act, right?
- What?

You had me hauled in here so you
could get information about this Rao thing.

It's you.

You're the Red Queen.

Talk about a recipe for disaster.

Well, it's all my fault.

The last thing I wanted to do
was ruin your weekend with Perry.

Clark, Perry didn't leave because of you.

I thought I was ready,
but maybe it's still too soon.

I guess we were all pretending things
were better than they were.

I'm sorry I wasn't more honest with you,

I just wanted things to be the way
they used to be.

But they're not.

We both need to face that fact, Clark.

Anyway, I'm not the person
you should be worried about.

I know. I really messed things up with Lois.
It's just it's so complicated.

Right when we got fired, I started having
problems with the Kandorians...

...and I just couldn't stop lying to her.

Sometimes the hardest save to make
isn't a stranger in a burning building...'s the person closest to you.

Maybe you need to be honest with her.

I tried to tell her who I am...

...but she thought it was more important
I protect my identity.

Talking to her as the Blur, I....

I've seen a different side of her.

And it's made me fall deeper...

...and it's just not a side
she's decided to share with Clark Kent.

Clark, if you want her back...'re going to have to take the next step
in your relationship.

Otherwise, you'll have to let her go.

Thanks for all your help. I really needed
to get my head into a story right now.

Well, either you've been robbed,
or I missed a hell of a party.

My parties are never that good.

You know what this means, don't you?

We are officially a threat.

Wow. They really did a number
on your closet.

No, no. It's always like this.

Hope this gets us to the Red Queen.

She showed up around the same time
Waller disappeared.

Maybe she's taken over
Checkmate's network.

Taco Dan's. What can I get you?

LOIS: I know this phone is a direct line
to Checkmate, so here's my order.

Red Queen. Nothing on the side, just her.

Ma'am, this is a Mexican restaurant.

Oh, right. Taco Dan's?
That the best you can come up with?

I thought all you spy guys went to Yale?

Lady, you have the wrong number.

Oh, no, Austin Powers,
I have your number.

I know that you work
for a covert organization...

...dedicated to defending the planet
from an alien invasion...

...that your boss was Amanda Waller...

...and that little chateau of yours in
the Rocky Mountains was blown to bits...

...probably by aliens
after the Book of Rao...

...which is why you better stop
with this act...

...and get us some face time
with the Red Queen right now.

Or we'll yank Her Majesty
off the chessboard...

...and put her on the front
of the Daily Planet.


Maybe that really was
a Mexican restaurant.

Between this and the dinner disaster,
it looks like we're both 0 for 2 tonight.


Queen to 37.318 minus 97.998.

Your move.

We just got the coordinates
to meet the Red Queen.



I need your help.

You killed my sister.

You don't really believe that, do you?

What do you want from me?

Everything you know
about the Book of Rao.

It's the Kandorian bible.

And it has all the knowledge and power
of Rao.

It will destroy our life on Earth.

Does Zod have it?

He's cast a wide net.

But someone called the Red Queen
keeps blocking all of his moves.

This Red Queen,
do you know who she is?

Tess Mercer.



- Chloe.
- I'm picking up a lot of high-level chatter.

There's some big meet and greet
going down and the top of the guest list... Lois Lane and Perry White.

Who's hosting?

Our pal the Red Queen.

Vala thinks the Red Queen
is Tess' new handle.

Clark, if this is Tess gone rogue,
then Lois and Perry are about to get buried.

And I don't mean on page 10.


Where is the Book of Rao?

Tell me now, or I kill him.

- I can't believe you're doing this to me, red.
- I'm not this Red Queen.


Please don't kill him.
He has nothing to do with this.

I am not asking again.

You know, as much as I hate you for it... were always the one.

I love you.

Nice try.

You know, you had me going
until you made Oliver confess his love.

You just had to go that one step too far.

We know you have the Book of Rao.

You try any more head games
and my torture won't be virtual.

You were right. It didn't work.


So is this what it was like
when you busted the Star City strangler?

- Did I do that? In the '90s.
- Yeah.

Those were my fuzzy-navel years.

I blacked out most of that decade.

Bogey, 12:00 high.

Looks like we've got an audience
with the Queen.

Look, Lane, if for some reason
I don't make it and you do...

Don't talk like that.

It's not pretty but it has to be said.
I think I deserve first position on the byline.

Come on, Perry.

Great Caesar's ghost.



Perry, just hang on, okay?

That's what I tried last time.



Okay, just grab the cable.


Hang on, Perry.


I've got you.


I think I could get used to this.

The Book of Rao, where is it?

This isn't over, Tess.


Any sign of Tess Mercer? Her reign
as the Red Queen is about to end.

While you were being kryptonited
by our mystery majesty...

...Tess was being treated
for cracked ribs at Met Gen.

Then we still have to find the Red Queen.
When will Watchtower be up and running?

Well, I can't exactly call
the Geek Squad, Clark.

And I haven't really had much time to...

I've seen you overhaul Watchtower
in one night, Chloe. What's the holdup?

Watchtower's ready to go.

I'm not.

Clark, I found that footage of Jor-El
and the Book of Rao months ago.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- I'm sorry.

You know, I got tangled in my own
little world-wide web...

...and I lost track
of what was important.

Clark, when you disappeared from my life,
I retracted into Watchtower.

And as I became Big Brother, I...

I guess more like Big Sister.

It's easy to think having all the information
is the same as having all the answers.

But I can't be the eye in the sky
anymore, Clark.

And now that I have Ollie, I....

I wanna plug in to the real world.

Virtual reality bites.

Chloe, what you've created here...'s bigger than both of us.

It'll go on to serve future generations.

I'm not the hero here.

You may not be saving people
from train wrecks, Chloe, or shootouts...

...but you are just as much of a hero
as the rest of us.

We're on the brink of war, Chloe,
and the world needs you.

I need you.


Clark, I just want you to know
that even when I hurt you...

...I was trying to protect you.

Protect me.



The Red Queen, I presume.

Don't turn around.

Slowly set the disk on the floor
and slide it back to me.

Sorry that I sent
your mind reader packing.

Don't be.

I'm not a fan of his tactics
but he got the job done.

You meant for me to get away.

How did you know I'd come here?

You're predictable.

You may be really good at staying
one step ahead of Checkmate...

...but you don't know
the first thing about me.

You say you're saving the planet
but you really only care about yourself.

You figured out Maxwell's charade
because you knew in your heart...

...that Oliver's declaration of love
was a lie.

You can't comprehend what it means
to truly protect someone you love.

And stay away from Clark Kent.

If you're not careful, you'll end up on
the wrong side of the coming apocalypse.

Oh, my God, Perry.

You've raised the dead.

You have single-handedly
brought my flatlined career back to life.

No big deal. I just put in a good word
with your boss, Stern.

Well, I will never forget this.

And neither will Clark.

We make a good team, kid.

Oh, I got a line on the Red Queen.

I'm flying out tomorrow.

Tomorrow? What about you and Mrs. K.?

Oh, I'm not giving up on her yet.

Martha's one story
I'm not sharing with anyone.

So what do you say, kid. Africa?

Normally, I would jump at the chance
at running away from my problems.

After one day in the trenches
with Perry White...

...I realized I don't have to go anywhere
to find my higher calling. I just....

I needed to find the hero inside myself.

Goodbye, Lane. You're the real deal.

See you, chief.

Oh, and tell Clark we're even.

I owed him one from a long time ago.


I can't believe you have to go back
to being Senator Kent today.

When it's just the two of us here,
I'm your mom and nobody else.

I wish you could come back
and visit more often.

I had to let go of this place
for a while, Clark...

...but I never let go of you.

I'll be back soon.

Maybe next time you can ease up
on the kryptonite.

Clark, what on earth
are you talking about?

You kept me in the house for dinner so your
people could track down the Book of Rao.

Once you knew that Perry and Lois were on
to you, you had to throw them off the trail.

You are the Red Queen.

Why didn't you come to me with this?

Because I didn't want you
in the line of fire.

So you dragged
Perry White along instead?

I had no idea he was on the trail.

You know, he makes me laugh.
He makes me feel like...

...everything's gonna be okay.

But I can't afford that luxury right now.

I'm sorry, but I'm gonna need
the Book of Rao.

It was left here by Jor-El for me
to save this planet.

That's what you and Dad raised me for.

It's my destiny.

Your father and I always trusted you
to do the right thing.

It seemed easier then.

But now, what you're up against....

When I went to Washington...

...I found there were forces working
against you.

I wanted to protect you.

But I couldn't do it as Martha Kent.

So I became the Red Queen.

The Book of Rao.

Are you okay, Mom?

It's just....

I told myself the world needs Clark Kent
even more than I do.

But the truth is,
I was so afraid of losing you.

You'll never lose me. I'll always be here.

You don't understand.

The Book of Rao can be used
to transport the Kandorians... another plane of existence.

That may be the answer we need.


...if the Book of Rao is used
to send the Kandorians away...

...all Kryptonians will be exiled
from Earth...

...including you.