Smallville (2001–2011): Season 10, Episode 1 - Lazarus - full transcript

Oliver is tortured incessantly by Rick Flag until Chloe, who used the Justice League's helmet to find him, exchanges herself for him. Awakening in a secret LuthorCorp lab among partial Lex ...

CHLOE: Previously on Smallville:
CLARK: I wear the symbol to remind me that I have a different destiny.
TESS: I have waited so long for you to admit your true Kryptonian heritage.
My Earth father warned me not to play God.
But I tempted fate, and because of that, he died.
When you saw my fate, what did you see?
DR. FATE: Although Lex Luthor is your ultimate opponent...
CLARK: And now, the final season of Smallville.
Clark! Clark. No.
Please come back to me.
I left a team of heroes behind to protect them.
JOR-EL: You were meant to be Earth's greatest protector.