Smallville (2001–2011): Season 8, Episode 1 - Odyssey - full transcript

It's been four weeks since the Fortress collapsed and Clark disappeared. Green Arrow calls upon Black Canary and Aquaman to locate the missing Clark Kent. Clark, in the meantime, is powerless and residing in a Russian prison camp in Siberia. With Lex Luthor missing and presumed dead, a new ruthless CEO, named Tess Mercer, is appointed the head of LuthorCorp and moves into Lex's mansion with her own dark plans for Clark and Metropolis. Chloe is kidnapped by a clandestine group that has discovered her special powers and they want to test the limits of those new powers by locating Green Arrow and his friends.

Previously on Smallville:

I sent you to Earth for a purpose, Kal-El.

JOHN: You've learned a lot
from your time in Smallville.

Your father would be proud.

It would be tragic if the DDS decided Chloe
was a threat to national security after all.

Will you marry me?

Don't move!

You're under arrest.

Jimmy, get Clark!

I need you.

But the world needs you more.
Please, don't come after me.

Just because I'm leaving
doesn't mean you have to stay.

Got your application right here.

That's never gonna happen.

This isn't the end of the story.
This is just the beginning.

I can heal people.

What the hell are you?

Kal-El, you must save yourself...

or your destiny will fall
into the hands of another man.

- The last few teams have disappeared.
- We leave now.

You hold the future of the planet
in your hands. I'm here to take it back.

Lex, don't!

I'm sorry, but it has to end this way.

the season premiere of Smallville.

Who's Regan?

What have you been doing all this time,
building snowmen?

Who do you think you are?
This site is off-limits.

Tess Mercer. My access is unrestricted.

Per Lex's written instructions...

I'm now the acting CEO of LuthorCorp
and all its subsidiaries.

You're nothing
but an obscure regional VP.

You actually believe you're qualified?

Lex believes it.

And that's all that matters.

I want a complete inventory
of everything you found.

Footprints, snowmobile tracks,
any sign of an escape.



Trust me, Lex Luthor did not meet his end
on some dwindling icecap.


Sonar's picking something up.

Six-point-four meters deep.

- What is it?
SCIENTIST: Not sure...

but based on the imaging,
could very well be human remains.





There's a reason
the cowboys won the West.

Playing with bows and arrows
can only get you so far.

- Nice toss for a fish out of water.
- Thanks.

You gonna keep stroking each other
or are we gonna find Clark?

Looks like they found something
in that trench. Check it out.

Oh, no.

Clark, where are you?

♪ Smallville: "Odyssey" ♪
Season 8 Episode 1




You missed a spot.


And the floors, they've lost their sheen.

You're not getting lazy, are you?


I didn't realize Lex's secretarial staff could
spot a speck of dust from across the room.

I'm as much a secretary
as you are a French maid.

I've been so looking forward
to meeting the intrepid reporter, Lois Lane.

So you like to play dress-up?

If you're not a secretary, who are you?

Lex's 4 p.m. booty call?

Mr. Luthor gave you quite a bit
of journalistic rope...

you'd eventually hang yourself.

Me, on the other hand...

I'm a little less patient.

I'm not here as a reporter.

I'm here to find my cousin,
Chloe Sullivan.

I doubt she's hiding under the furniture.

Lex had her arrested
by the Department of Domestic Security.

But the DDS claims
to have no record of her.

I want access to Lex's phone records
from the day he made the call.

I want that agent's name.

Mr. Luthor is a firm believer
in truth and justice, Miss Lane.

You can rest assured, if he had your cousin
arrested, she was guilty.

The only thing Chloe's been guilty of
is standing up for what she believes in.


Miss Mercer?

Please escort Miss Lane out.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Hands off.

By the way, next time?

You might wanna try microfiber.

Works wonders.

I'll keep that in mind.


Take your time with this one.
It's especially difficult.

Barn, tiger, car, hammer,
tree, building, phone...

toaster, house, doll, football,
book, umbrella, bench, paperclip.

And the logarithm?

Seventh image moves forward
by the power of four, every six cycles.

- My God.
- Okay, so I'm smarter than the average.

But the government has no right
to treat me like their guinea pig.

- You're special, Chloe.
- No, I'm not.

All I am is a hacker who took a wrong turn
down the information superhighway.

A hacker whose cognitive thinking
just beat our fastest supercomputer.

It's hard to believe such a dramatic increase
in intelligence...

could occur practically overnight.

All right, I have told you a thousand times,
it just happened.

I passed out and when I woke up,
I was different.

Okay. Let's do another.

CHLOE: I have a better idea.
No more games or puzzles...

until I have a court date
and a little friend called a lawyer.

Chloe, we've gone over this.

Have you looked at a map recently?

This is America. I know my rights.

The day you hacked into the NASA
mainframe and downloaded information...

that was the day
you gave up those rights.

- You committed an act of treason.
- I'm not a spy.

I don't deserve to be held
in some low-rent Gitmo wannabe.

You can stay here and use your ability
to give back to your country...

and walk in 12 months.

Or you can go to court, get convicted
and rot in a federal prison for 20 years.

That's your choice.

I ran his photo through every surveillance
camera north of 60 degrees latitude.

Face recognition
hasn't come up with a hit.

Every dock and coastline east of
the Siberian Sea to the Baffin Bay...

they're Clark Kent-free zones.
It's like he just disappeared.

That leaves us with Chloe's hard drive...

which is full of a lot of fun facts,
but not one lead on Clark.


we've searched practically everywhere.

I think it's time to accept the fact
that maybe something happened to him.

No. No, you don't understand.
Clark's not like us.

It'll take more than snow and ice
to bring him down.

Victor and Bart have been covering
the entire southern hemisphere.

They haven't found anything.

What makes you think we will?

Clark would never give up on us.

We're not giving up on him.




Johnny Appleseed.

No coffee break.

Let me make a phone call.

I told you, when you pay me back.

I'll get you your money.

I can get you whatever you want
if you let me make the call.

I need to let people know that I'm okay.

Why don't you send them message
by carrier pigeon?







You try that again, Johnny Appleseed...


I'll be not so nice.

What's the news from your elves
at the North Pole?

Satellites picked up
an encoded communication signal...

from the group that attacked us.

Well, they're not the only ones
that are good at concealing information.

Don't you remember your little journey
up north on the LuthorCorp jet...

right before Lex disappeared?

I honored Mr. Luthor's request
for absolute discretion.

Have you been searching for Lex
or are you just covering your own tracks?

I did my homework on you.

Girl who taught herself to read
in a Louisiana swamp house...

got into Harvard at 15,
goes deep-sea diving in her spare time.

But I don't give a damn about any of it.

Nobody questions my loyalty.

If I ever discovered that someone withheld
information that could help me find Lex...

I'd be forced to respond accordingly.

Are you threatening me?

Just giving you an opportunity
to keep your job.

I suggest you find Lex
or you will be summarily terminated.

I'm all for helping my country, but what
kind of secret government mission...

could an out-of-work newspaper hack
pull off?

You're gonna help us
catch a few bad guys, Chloe.


By playing Sudoku?

These are scrambled transmissions that
a group of terrorists use to communicate.

Not one of our computers has been able
to figure out the algorithm.

And you are our best shot.


Let's do this.

Good. We're looking for three cell phone
numbers hidden within the code.

Four, two, nine, five, five, five,
zero, one, six, nine.

Target position acquired.


Five, zero, one, three, two.

Target position acquired.



Five, five, five, zero...

There's three more.

These aren't the phone numbers
of bad guys.

You're not the DDS.

What's the last telephone number,




No...! Uh...

Find the third at all costs.


How are you feeling, Johnny?


- Uh, never better.
- Ready to get back to work?



You are very determined, aren't you?

I just wanna go home.


Just tell us where to ship your body.



Roy Conner.



What are you looking at?

You got a problem with me?

Is my presence here bothering you?

Yeah. It's starting to.

"Starting to." Ha, ha.


- What do you think you're doing?
- Just roll with it.

Get up.
What's the matter, your batteries run out?

I got a little more juice left.

I'll take 100 cases of beluga, 50 cases
of osetra and this pathetic little punk here.

I want the honor of finishing him off.

Be my guest.

I'll throw him in for free.

Very nice. Come on.

What took you so long?

How does an ice fortress disappear
into thin air?

I feel like there's a punchline
to that question.

It's good for you.

It all must be part of my father's plan.

As it turns out, his idea of controlling me
was taking away my powers.

It's better than Lex walking around
with a remote control to a Clark-bot.

Lex was there.

He knows everything.
He knows my secret.

Well, Clark, Lex may be tenacious,
but there's no way he survived that.

I did.

Without my abilities.

After the avalanche,
did you see anything?

There was so much wind and snow,
I could barely see 2 feet in front of me.

I started hiking.

I went as long as I could and then,
next thing I know...

I woke up on a fishing boat
in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.

Clark, you could have died up there.

Oliver, I really screwed up.

I took my eyes off Lex
until it was too late.

I've lost my friends, my powers.

Chloe's in DDS custody because of me.

I've had an army of lawyers on it,
and, uh...

Chloe Sullivan was never arrested
by the Department of Domestic Security.

It was Lex.

Jimmy betrayed him,
so he went after Chloe.

If Lex wanted to hide her...

he's got a research compound in Montana
called Black Creek.

It's the only facility we haven't hit yet.

Unfortunately, no one who's ever gone in
has ever come out.

- We need to get her back.
- Problem is...

Dinah and AC went off the radar,
looking for you.

And you're kind of...


With or without my powers, I'm not gonna
let my friend rot in a LuthorCorp prison.

Neither am I.

- Change course.

- We're going to Montana.
PILOT: Yes, sir.


It's a shame that Lex couldn't be here
to see this.

The elusive band of terrorists,
finally in captivity.

Lex was never able to find us.

How did his bozo zookeeper
get so lucky?

Luck has nothing to do with it,
Miss Lance.

I have a new secret weapon.

You weren't up there
scouring the Arctic for Lex.

You were searching for someone else.

The Traveler.

Who's that, some frequent flier?

He's an alien.

He knows what happened to Lex.
Who is he?

Look, the only reason we headed up
to that winter wonderland was to find Lex.

You're lying through your gills, Mr. Curry.

If you won't tell me what I wanna know,
I'm guessing your hooded ringleader will.

The way I jammed the security system,
we got 15 minutes max. Stay behind me.

No, we'll cover more ground
if we split up.

What are you gonna do if you get caught,
bite someone?

I'm not gonna argue with you.
Chloe's in danger.

Fine, Clark. You be the hero.

Just know I might not be there
to save you.

I can't believe it.

One alarm clock malfunction...

and suddenly you're demoted
and sent to Deliverance territory.

What the hell are you doing here?

I, uh...

GUARD: You know him?
- Ye...


He wishes he didn't know me.
I thought I dropped you at your cell.

- We'll take him back.
- And send me to the Sahara?

One demotion this week is enough.

I'll handle it.


What are you doing here?

I heard they had good espresso.

You disappear
and come back with a sense of humor?

I've been tracking Chloe.
Question is, how did you get here?

- Feminine charm.
- Huh.

Yes, I do have some.

Great job protecting
your short supply of it.

Give your standup a rest
and do exactly what I tell you.

That way, we can find Chloe
and stay alive at the same time.

Sweet dreams?

More like my worst nightmare.

I've been hunting down innocent people
for LuthorCorp.

That's who you work for, isn't it?


Reading up on you in Lex's files.

I knew you had a healing power...

but the turbo IQ,
well, that was a pleasant surprise.

I'm not gonna help you.

So I guess you're gonna have to kill me.

You know,
you come from a talented family.

Your mom had a real gift for making people
do anything against their will.

Lex had the foresight to draw as much
spinal fluid as we could from Moira Sullivan.


Add in, uh, a few million in research...

and we have ourselves a way of making
people do what we need them to do.

I won't say it's perfect.
It doesn't last long.

But it'll get the job done.

Stay away from me.


Find the final three digits.


One, seven, three.

Target position acquired.

How thoughtful of him to come to us.


Well done, guys. Everybody okay?

Freeze! Don't move!

Do whatever it takes to find out
what happened to Lex Luthor.

You mind not pointing that thing at me?

God, Clark. I'm not aiming at you.

What? I'm not.
Besides, it's only your kneecap.

Well, that makes me feel a lot better.

I know you're nervous, Smallville.

But I grew up around Green Berets
and Navy Seals...

not cornstalks and Jersey cows.

You stick with me, I'll protect you.
You'll be fine.



Out of the way, Smallville.

- Chloe.
- Lois. Look behind you. Watch out!


Clark. Where have you been?

I've been waiting for you.

I'm sorry. I got held up
in a Russian work camp.

I'm so glad you're okay.

- What happened to you? You're...
- Human.

Turns out when Jor-El said
that there was a way to control me...

He meant taking away your powers.
How are we gonna get out?

Don't worry, Oliver's with me.

Security's closing in on him.

They already have Dinah and AC.

- Watch Lois.
- You've no way of defending yourself.

I'll be fine.

Oh, there you are.

- I knew these guys couldn't touch you.
- Where's Lex?


I told you, I have no idea.


That was a warning. The next one
goes straight through your heart.

Answer me.

Where is he?

I don't know.

Start talking or the biography of Clark Kent
comes to a sudden tragic end.

- [PANTING] Oliver, you're not yourself.
- I'll do whatever it takes to find Lex.

I don't know!



God. Oh, God.

Clark, come on.

I'm so sorry.

- Sorry. Clark, please. Clark.
CHLOE: Oh, God.

OLIVER: Clark, can you hear me?
CHLOE: Oh, no.

I can save him.

- I couldn't stop myself.
- Oliver, move back. I can save him.

No, Chloe.

CLARK: No, Chloe. No.
- It's gonna be okay.

No, don't heal me.


It's not working.



I'm here, Kal-El.




How does it feel to be whole again?

I was dying.

You saved me.

You brought me to some white light.

The healing effect of the sun
brought you back from death.

I promised Jor-El
that I would only be a watchful guardian...

but I could not stand by
and let you die.

You shouldn't have had to.

Jor-El knew he was sending you
on an impossible odyssey.

To be given the power of a god...

yet exist among humans.

Sometimes I feel like
I need to be two separate people.

Either way,
I can't keep expecting you to save me.

That was the last time.

The burning sun may strengthen you...

but it has the opposite effect on me.

It stripped me of my powers.

We both know
that yours is a greater destiny.

But with the Fortress destroyed, you'll have
to do it without Jor-El's guidance.

Or anyone else's.

When I was dying, I saw my dad.
He was right there in front of me.

I saw my mom and Lana.
They were there too.

So close, it was like I could reach out
and feel them.

I've written eulogies.

I've seen people walk away from me.

But I've never said goodbye.

I've been holding on to a life on this farm
that hasn't existed for years.

So, what are you gonna do?

Let it go.

It's the only chance I have
of finding a new one.


Ms. Mercer.

It suits you.

This desk belongs to Lex.

And finding him is the only thing
that matters right now. Am I clear?

Yes, ma'am.

This was retrieved
from the excavation site.

And the Montana facility?

Completely dismantled,
and the guests have been re-assimilated.

Any word on Lex?

It's a footprint.

Found in the Arctic.

But it's not Mr. Luthor's.

That'll be all.

What's happening to me?




I've looked everywhere for you.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

I should never have let Lex
get between us.

That's in the past.

Now there's a little, um,
leftover business about a ring.

Please, don't.

All I want tonight is just to be with you.

Uh, it's kind of a big, diamond elephant
in the room, don't you think?



Look, I jumped the gun
on proposing to you...

and I've had a lot of time
to think about it.

And obviously,
we're not in the same place.

Let's just pretend that it didn't happen.

So you're rescinding the offer?

No, I just...


I don't want an answer.

I don't want things to change
between us.



Things will go back
to the way they were.


No, Jimmy.


All that time alone in the cell, I realized...

that what I wanted in the past kept me
from seeing what I had right now.

And that's you.

You're perfect.

I am so far from perfect.

Which is perfect for me.



Good to be back from a little R and R?

Guess you had to pull your own weight
for a while.

Seriously though, I owe you all my life.
I don't know how to thank you.

Ah, you would've done the same thing
for any one of us.

We can't take all the credit.

I heard those were sweet aerodynamics
your friend powered up.

Where you been hiding that guy?

It's a long story,
but I'm sure he'll be back one day.

Unfortunately, we've still got
a minor problem out there.

You're not the only one thawing out
from a freezer burn.

- Lex.

We sorted through all the Arctic tests
and there's no sign of any human remains.

We need to find him.
He knows my secret.

Not gonna be as easy as you think.

The new CEO of LuthorCorp
is even more deceptive than Lex.

Now that our masks have been ripped off,
we're seriously hampered.

- Might as well wear name tags.
- We split up.


Be careful, Clark. Pretty soon,
you'll be sporting a homemade costume...

and leading a double identity
just like the rest of us.

You might wanna try something
a little more formfitting.

We split up
and cut off contact with each other.

We lay low,
find out what we can about Lex.




- Oh, I'm sorry. Is this bothering you?
- The chair or you in it?

Lois, I, um...

I wanted to say
I thought you did well out there.

You really earned your stripes
at your dad's boot camp.


And as for you...

you actually surprised me.

I mean, for your first attempt at heroism.


I better get going.

- See you bright and early Monday morning.
- Whoa, whoa.

Why Monday?
What do you mean, "bright and early?"

Lois, you're the one
who gave me the application.

You're looking at the newest recruit
to the Daily Planet.

That's great.
What made you change your mind?

I guess I wanted to be
in the middle of the action.

Good for you.

So are you gonna be starting down
in the mailroom?


I'm gonna be a little closer to home.

Looks like we're gonna be neighbors,


You gotta be kidding me.