Smallville (2001–2011): Season 7, Episode 20 - Arctic - full transcript

Clark feels that Kara is under the effects of red kryptonite when he discovers that she is the reason for the plane containing the last member of the Veritas exploding. Lex is directed to ...

Another secret identity, Mr. Teague?

Excuse me?

Why is it that when people are in trouble
they run to South America?

Young lady, when I chartered this jet,
I was promised a discreet journey.

I'm not interested
in having a conversation.

I'm not big on small talk either.

I'd rather hear about Veritas.

Who are you?

Someone that knows the Traveler...

...and that you tried to destroy him.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

You know...

...for the last surviving member
of a secret society...'re not a very good liar.


The device that controls the Traveler,
where is it?

Let me go.


We're 20,000 feet up, Mr. Teague.
Tell me where the device is...

...or you'll start your descent early.

What the hell are you doing?

One last chance.

Tell me where the device is.

Lex Luthor.

He might have the answers
you're looking for.

Enjoy the rest of your flight.


Mr. Luthor.

Has the team reached the target?

We lost contact an hour ago.

They may have run into a bad patch
of weather, some interference.

The satellite shows clear skies
over the Arctic.

They were less than 10 miles away
when the signal cut out.

We tried to get a visual, but there's no sign
of them. Just like the last team.

I thought the Bermuda Triangle
was somewhere a little more tropical.

People don't just vanish off
the face of the planet.

Find them.

Sorry. Hey, boss.

If this is about my article proposal,
I got an idea:

A two-page spread of color glossies
from the Kiwatche caves.

It'll make National Geographic
look like a travel brochure.

We'll talk about your proposal later.

Oh. Okay.

My phone call
to the Department of Domestic Security...

...kept Chloe out of federal prison.

Now I need your help.

What do you need?

Lois Lane off my back.

She's been asking too many people
too many questions.

What can I do?
Lois isn't exactly a pushover.

It's impossible to break her press power.

I'm well aware of your limitations.

Just help her find some information.

Is any of this true?

What matters is you make her believe
it's true.

So you want me to lie?

I want you to do whatever it takes.

-Oh.... Lex.

It would be tragic if the DDS decided Chloe
was a threat to national security after all.




Get the lead out, Smallville.
Opportunity is knocking on your door.

Come on in, Lois.

Big news. An intern just got promoted
to Chloe's old desk.

I'm happy that someone took
my best friend's job?

Absolutely , because it opens up a spot
in the bullpen.

And guess whose name
is written all over it.

Clark Kent.

Got your application right here.

That's never gonna happen.

Now if you would excuse me,
I have chores to do.

Seriously , Clark, don't you think
you're destined for greater things in life...

...than working on a farm?

Even if I wanted the job, Lois,
I'd never work for Lex Luthor.


Okay. Then why were you
such great friends with the guy?

Looking into Lex's past,
I found out just how far you two go back.

You're nothing alike.

Why were you so close for so long?

Sometimes, people don't turn out to be
what you thought they were.

Lois, if you're gonna continue working
for Lex, promise me you'll be careful.


If I didn't know any better, Smallville,
I'd think you were worried about me.


Hey, Lois.

Can I talk to Clark for a second?

Yeah, I think we're done here.

Just think about your future, okay?

So a private jet just went down
over upstate New York.

Three bodies were recovered
and one was identified... Edward Teague.

I used every skill in my arsenal.

Once I found out
about the plane crash...

...I made my way
into the NTSB mainframe.

According to the flight plan,
they were on their way to Buenos Aires.

They were in the air an hour...

...when something shot out
of the cabin like a missile.

What do you mean, shot out?

The copilot went to the back... find out what was going on
and he was knocked unconscious.

-Do they have any idea what it was?

They found the black box
and I was able to download this audio.

PILOT [ON RECORDING] : Something's wrong.
Felt like a collision in the cabin.

We're losing air pressure.
I'm going back to take a look.

What the hell are you doing?


After that it's all garbled.

I tried running it through the filter a dozen
times but I could only come up with noise.

Play it again.

We're 20,000 feet up, Mr. Teague.

Tell me where the device is...

...or you'll be starting your descent
earlier than expected.


What's she doing with Edward Teague?

I don't know.

But I just heard her threaten
to bring the plane down.

We both know how reckless she can be
when she's angry.

Maybe she found out
that Teague was after you again.

There must be some other explanation,
Chloe. She's not a killer.

Look, Clark, I'm a fan of Kara's as well...

...but unless you're hearing things,
it sounds like she caused that accident.

Remember what you said
when she first got here?

Just about every Kryptonian you've met
turned out to be a cold -blooded killer.

I know her.

She's my cousin.

She's not a killer.

I just need to find her.

Is there any more audio?

There's a little more noise.



What is it?

She's going after Lex.

What are you doing here, Kara?

Trying to protect you.

By threatening to kill Edward Teague?

I heard the recording.
Those men are dead.

Tell me you're not responsible
for their plane going down.

It's Teague's fault.

If he hadn't gone after the Traveler,
he'd still be alive.

We need to talk.

-Let go of me.
-Kara, I've been worried about you...

...but I guess I should have been worried
about everyone else.

Have you come into contact
with Red Kryptonite?

-Ring, necklace--?
-Stopped wearing jewelry.

Then something must have happened
when you went back to Krypton.

Do you remember anything strange?

I'm fine, Kal-El.


Look, three people are dead
because of you.

And if someone figured out
how to control you, a lot more would die.

You would be the most powerful weapon
on the planet.

No one is gonna control me
any time soon.

Lex didn't find what he was looking for.

You think that's gonna stop a man
like him?

Get your head out of the clouds.

Something's wrong with you. You need
to stay here till we figure out what it is.

You can turn a blind eye...

...but I'm gonna do whatever it takes
to save Earth.


I know the Daily Planet's
not half as hip...

...but last I checked,
your desk is still in the bullpen.

You know, across the street?

Well , I doubt Lex would be thrilled
if I spilled all his secrets... the same place he signs my checks.
Plus, this place has an epic happy hour.

Well , speaking of secrets...

...I found out about those expeditions
he's been sending to the North Pole.

Either he's planning a takeover
of Santa's workshop...

...or doing something illegal.

And since I'm sure Lex isn't into
the Christmas spirit, what's the scoop?

I'm sorry to say that he's just scouting
for new places to drill oil.

What? Where did you find that out?

I heard a reporter talking about it
on the third floor.


You know, I don't know.

I just overheard it. I mean,
you've been up there. It's crowded.



Would you just take a look?

Surveyor photos
of potential drilling sites.

How did Jimmy Olsen manage
to score such top-secret stuff?

Lex was having them sorted
and scanned in the photo lab.

I saw my opportunity and I took it.

Just like you taught me.

I guess I've been so focused on Lex,
I've been looking for a villain in everyone.

Even you.


Look, hey, it's no big deal. Really.

Got more game than I thought.



The little V with the stars...

...something to do with Veritas, right?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Why is it that every time
I bring up Veritas...

...people seem to suffer
from sudden amnesia?

A secret society formed to control
a powerful alien from another planet?

Veritas also means truth.

So, what do you say we have some
right now?


...I don't know
who you've been talking to--

I know about the transmissions sent
to Virgil Swann...

...the ones telling him where to find
the device to control the Traveler.

How did you hear about that?

The Traveler and I...

...we're from the same planet.

You don't believe me?

The dam.

You are the one who saved me.

You kept denying it. Why?

Why tell me now?

I didn't know it then,
but I saved you for a reason, Lex.

It is your destiny to defeat the Traveler.

I know you have the device.

And all of the pieces are in place.

Now it's up to you.

If you really believe I have this thing...

...why don't you just take it
and do it yourself ?

Apparently , the orb was built
to protect the human race.

So only a human can use it.

It showed me a set of coordinates.

Somewhere in the Arctic.

Directions to his fortress.

You need to take it there
to control the Traveler.

Two of my advance teams, they--
They disappeared trying to get there.

They didn't have a Kryptonian
to help them.

You're talking about destroying
one of your own kind.

I'd always thought the Traveler
was meant for good.

Even he thinks he is.

Then I went home to Krypton
and learned the truth about his fate.

He won't save mankind...

...he'll destroy it.

Who is it?

Don't you already know?


Whoa. Breaking out the heavy artillery.

It's not every day that you see Clark Kent
clutching a box of kryptonite.

It's the only way to stop her.

So I'm guessing face time with Kara
didn't go so well ?

Kara's convinced that someone will try
to use me as a weapon.

She thinks I'm not doing enough
to stop it.

What if she's right?

Clark, Kara's a lot of things, reckless,
headstrong, possibly psychotic.

But she's wrong about you.

You've done everything you can
to stop Veritas and more. You know that.

Obviously , she doesn't.

Chloe, you're the only one
who can help me.

I'm always here for you, Clark.

Now, look, you--
You won't be doing it alone.

We'll get her here. I' ll stand by your side.

Clark, if we're gonna wield this kind of
weaponry, don't shoot yourself in the foot.

This little green rock will knock down
every Kryptonian in the room.

You can't be around
when we lift the lid.

Let me do this.

The jet's fueled and waiting, sir.

Tell them one more passenger is coming.

Uh, where are we going?

You're not going anywhere, Jimmy.

Look, I know that you're busy, Lex.

I just wanted you to know
that I did what you told me to do.

Lois thinks you're all about the oil
up north now.

Well done.

So I guess, wax on, wax off.

-We're even now, right?
-I believe our arrangement has just begun.

I want regular reports
on Miss Lane's activities.

I did what you said.
I shouldn't have to spy for you too.

-That's not fair.
-Life is rarely fair.

Look, Lex, I would really like to help...

...but lying, it's just, you know,
it's not my thing.

I mean, it's eating me up.
It actually-- It's making my stomach hurt.

Well , it's never too late
to learn a new skill.


I'm sorry, I just--

I can't do it.

Trust me, I'm not gonna say a single word
to anyone about your oil drilling.

Please, you gotta understand.

I can't spy on my friend.

I respect your integrity, Jimmy.

It took a lot to come here
and lay your cards on the table.


Now if you'll step aside,
I have a plane to catch.

You bet.

Have a great trip, Lex.

Kara, something's wrong with Clark.

He's convinced that if he destroys the
Fortress, no one will be able to control him.

We're at my apartment, I need your help.

Where's Clark?

He's right back here.

Why isn't it working?

Check the expiration date?

Kara, something's wrong.
It was the only way--

You lied to me.

Clark's not here.

Oh, God.

I'm impressed.

I wouldn't have thought a member
of your weak-willed species...

...especially a friend of Kal-El's,
could ever use kryptonite against his cousin.

Let me go.

I remember you.

Always sticking your pretty little head
where it doesn't belong.


What the hell are you?

-Tell the pilot to start the engines.

-I thought we were waiting for your guide.
-I don't need her.

I'm not sure I should even trust her.

But, sir, the last few teams
have all disappeared.

I believe I have everything I need
to reach my destination.

If this is meant to protect all humanity... should protect me as well.
-But you don't know that for sure.

It seems extremely dangerous.

It's worth the risk.

We leave now.


I'm so sorry.



Kara never came back from Krypton,
did she?

It was quite an impersonation, wasn't it?

It was the only way I could return to Earth
without you damaging me.

You killed her.

Oh, no, something much worse.

You'll never see her again.

Where is she?

I warned you.

If we'd have done things my way,
no one would have gotten hurt.

No one but you.

So this is all about revenge?

This is a simple matter
of self -preservation.

When I couldn't kill you,
I knew I had to control you.

I'm in control now.

And you will release Chloe.
You'll release Lana.

The only way to save them
would be to kill me now, in cold blood.

Which goes against everything
you stand for.

You could never deliberately take
another man's life.

You're not a man.

You're a machine.

You can kill me, Kal-El...

...but your end is near.

And there's nothing you can do
to stop it.

You'll never hurt anyone else ever again.


That's great news. I'm glad you're okay.

I'll call you after I check on Lana.


Clark Kent?

What happened?

Is she okay?

Miss Lang had a full recovery.
It's something of a miracle.

Where is she? Can I see her?

Oh, she's already checked out.
But she wanted me to give you this.

I was going to wait to talk
to you in person...

...but I knew that if I looked into your eyes
I'd never be able to say it.

We thought that we were meant
to be together, Clark...

...but the truth is,
we were fooling ourselves.

I need you...

...but the world needs you more.

And as long as I'm in your life,
I am holding you back.

Please, don't come after me.

I love you, Clark.

More than you will ever know.

I'm so sorry.

You just got out of the hospital, Chloe,
so take it slow, okay?

You know what, maybe I should --
I'll carry you upstairs.

Jimmy, we're climbing the stairs
to the Talon...

...not scaling the mountains of Tibet.
I'm fine.

How about some water? Or tea?
I've pretty much mastered the tai chi--

Maybe you're not supposed
to have caffeine.

So maybe I should just get you some--
Some bottled water or some tap water.

I know, some sparkling...

...because, you know,
it matches your smile.

Jimmy, I realize that I was the one
that was in the ICU...

...but you seem to be the one
with marred motor skills. Are you okay?




Look, until tonight...

...I never thought that I would lose you.

I mean, I know that we've been, you know,
on again and off again and on again.


...I figured,
even if we didn't end up together...

...I could be happy
just knowing that you're in the world.

But today...

...I realized that that's not true.

No, I mean, of course I'm happy
that you're in the world.

But you mean so much to me, Chloe.

And I want to spend the rest of our time
in it together.

It's all they had
at the hospital gift shop...

...but I didn't wanna wait.

We can have Breakfast at Tiffany's
in the morning.

Will you marry me?

Don't move!

-Hey, hold on. This isn't right.
CHLOE: What's going on?

Hey, who do you guys think you are?

AGENT 2: Department of Domestic Security.

Chloe Sullivan, you're under arrest.

Jimmy, call Clark.

Get Clark!




Clark, are you here?


Clark, Chloe was just arrested.


Her habitual hacking
caught Uncle Sam's eye. So I- -

I went to Lex for help.
Now he's holding it over me.

You made a deal with Lex Luthor?

I told him to get another lap dog, Clark.

But then he just--

He put her back
on their "most wanted" list.

She went from life support
to life without parole in less than a day.

-Where's Lex now?
-Look, I don't know.

I tried to contact him, but he's off
jet-setting around the Arctic Circle.

It's not drilling oil...

...because he's gone way out of his way
to cover his tracks.

I must admit, Clark...

...this is a big step up from the barn.

It's not what you think, Lex.

You don't understand.

For the first time, I think I do.

You see, you live among us
as a mild -mannered farm boy.

But secretly you're a strange visitor
from another planet, plotting our demise.

-That's not what I'm doing at all.
-It's a brilliant disguise, Clark.

You don't even need a mask.

I'm not your enemy, Lex.

I've never done anything to hurt you.

You didn't trust me.

With everything you had,
with everything you could do...

...did you ever think about
what we could have accomplished together?

I would have helped you become a hero.

When have you thought
of anyone but yourself ?

Right now.

I'm doing this for the world.

I have to protect the human race.

This is my life.

-You have no right to control it.
-It's my birthright.

After all my sacrifices,
after all the pain...

...I finally understand.

I was being prepared
for a much greater destiny.

Everything led me to this moment.

And we're both here.

We're in that moment.

And what happens next is your choice.

But no one is controlling you, Lex.

No one is forcing you to do this.

LEX : Who am I to turn my back
on my fellow man...

...especially after you
turned your back on me?

I'm sorry, Clark...

...but you are the Traveler.

You hold the future of the entire planet
in your hands.

I'm here to take it back.


You'll never threaten the world again...


Lex, don't!


I love you like a brother, Clark...

...but it has to end this way.

I'm sorry.