Smallville (2001–2011): Season 8, Episode 2 - Plastique - full transcript

Clark's first day on the job at the Daily Planet begins with a bus exploding right outside the building, which leads him and Lois on a trail of someone who might be infected by kryptonite. ...

Previously on Smallville:

- Who do you think you are?
- Tess Mercer.

I'm now the acting CEO of LuthorCorp
and all its subsidiaries.

- Will you marry me?
AGENT: Don't move.

Chloe Sullivan, you're under arrest.

Jimmy, get Clark!

Chloe Sullivan was never arrested
by the Department of Domestic Security.

She's at a research compound
in Montana.

Called Black Creek.

This was retrieved at the excavation site.

TESS: The Montana facility?
KAT: Completely dismantled.

The guests have been reassimilated.

I'm so glad you're okay.



I've been holding on to a life on this farm
that hasn't existed for years.

I'll see you bright and early Monday.

You're looking at the newest recruit
to the Daily Planet.

We're gonna be neighbors, Lane.




Wow, big points for punctuality,

...what's with
the wardrobe malfunction?


This is a nice shirt.


Human Resources is gonna be
down here...

...and you do not wanna meet them
looking like Brawny Lumberjack.

Hold on.

Hey. Personal space, Lane. Remember?


GQ here needs some roadside assistance.

Let me borrow your spare.

Come with me.

- Don't tell me I have to wear a tie?
- Dress for success.

No time for the men's room.
Let's change in here.

- A phone booth is not exactly private.
- Burning daylight hours, Clark. Change.

Lucky for you it's a slow news day
and I was at my desk.

You could have spent your entire career
being nicknamed Farm Boy or Flannel Man.

Hey, Lois.

Trust me, the news game can be brutal. You
do not want to bomb on your first day. Hi.

So how do I look?





So much for the slow news day.




Down here!


MAN: Go ahead.
CLARK: Get away from the bus.

Okay. Come on.


Let's go.



Guess this must be my stop.






Oh, my God. Are you okay?

Can somebody help us over here, please?


Over here.


- Hi. I don't know.
- Was she on the bus?

Can you do a...?

Hold on to this for me?

- What's your name?
- Bette.

You inhaled a lot of smoke, Bette.
We're gonna give you fresh air.

Take slow, deep breaths.

Try to stay calm, okay?

I'm gonna check you over.
Tell me if anything hurts.

Hang in there, Bette.

It's okay.

You're doing great.

You too.

Thank God you heard me.

You're hard to miss.

Look at me.

Apart from breathing in all that smoke,
you're gonna be okay.

We should still get you to Met General
to be sure. Think you can make it to my rig?

- Can you grab my bag?
- Yeah.

- Thanks. Uh?
- Chloe.

Davis. You make a good wingman, Chloe.
Or wingperson.

Thank you for your help.

Now, straight to the hospital, okay?

You're gonna be okay.

- You'll be all right. You mind taking a look?
- Yes.

There was a woman with red hair.

I helped her out of the bus.
Do you know if she's all right?

People have been coming in and out but the
most seriously injured are at the hospital.

- You should try there.
- Thank you.

Hey. Clark.


- Are you all right?
- Yeah. I just got here.

I just helped this girl that was on that bus.
What happened?

I heard there was a bomb on the bus.
I haven't had a chance to check it out.

Even a dress shirt
can't hide the hero in you.

Heck of a first day.

That's why I'm there.
So I can help more people.

Working at the Daily Planet,
I'll hear about every crisis as it happens.

I just wish you were there with me.

You know,
now that Lex isn't running things...

Yeah. Heh.

I've spent my entire life
praying to the gods of journalism.

It might be kind of nice
to try something new.

See how it feels.

Now you're ready for a change?

Actually, uh...

[CELL PHONE BEEPS]'s pretty big changes.


Apparently the goddess of journalism
is wondering where I am.

With Lois on the case, it's gonna get harder
to duck away to save the day.

If I could hide my secret from you,
I can handle your cousin.

Huh. Good luck with that.

I gotta go.

Uh, tell Lois that I said
to take it easy on you.

Whoa, Clark, what happened?
Are you okay?

Why? Were you worried about me?

Uh, no. I'm trying to chase down
a lead on this story.

I don't wanna
have to chase after you too.

Hey, did you happen to hear anything
while you were out there?

Actually, I did. Police think the bomb
misfired, since there weren't casualties.

Didn't feel like a misfire to me.

All right. Who's your source?

I'm sorry, Lois. I didn't get a name.

I was too busy, you know,
helping people?

Okay. Rule number one:

Always know your source.

I understand.

Look, if you're gonna teach a class...

...on Lois Lane's Rules of Reporting
I think I'd rather read the CliffNotes.

Boss wants to see you. Now.

Okay, my first official meeting
with our latest leader.

Not you. Kent.


Well, you're gonna
wanna clean yourself up.

Uh, rule number two,
always make a good first impression...

...and don't screw up with the boss.

I think that's two rules.

Whatever. Try not to get fired
on your first day, okay?


Go right in.

Have a seat, Mr. Kent.

Tess Mercer, acting CEO of LuthorCorp.

You're my boss?

You weren't this shy
when I was the damsel in distress.

Don't tell me you're intimidated
by a powerful woman.

No, I just... I'm surprised
to see you back at work so soon.

Well, I have big shoes to fill,
and the paramedic said I was fine.

It's unusual, isn't it?

For the new CEO of LuthorCorp
to be taking the bus to work?

I'm going green.

You know, doing what I can
to save the planet.

But for the sake of the shareholders,
let's keep that between ourselves. Hmm?

Seems we were destined to meet.

I already had you
on my "to do" list today.

Lex told me all about you.


Well, not much to tell, really.

Hmm. He said you have a thing
for saving people.

After this morning, I'd say that's true.

Ever since Lex's disappearance...

...I have used all of LuthorCorp's resources
to find him.

- Do you have any leads?
- The world's a big place.

I was hoping his good friend
could tell me where to look.


The Lex Luthor that I knew
disappeared years ago.

It's been a long time
since we were friends.

I don't know what happened to him.

Fair enough.

But if you do think of something,
please give me a call.

And Clark... were extraordinary out there.

Thank you for saving my life.

I saw how this job consumed Lex's life.

I'd hate to see
the same thing happen to yours.


And a liar.

He's hiding something.

I'll have someone watch him.

No. I'll keep an eye
on this one personally.

- Hey.

Doc says I'm okay. But I feel like
I just threw down with a cardinal cold.

I figured you'd be hungry.
Unfortunately, it's Meatloaf Mondays.

But I did score you some curly fries.

Are you kidding?
Hot food's good any day of the week.


I, uh... I'm surprised
your parents aren't here.

It's really cool what you did for me, but
doesn't mean I have to tell you my story.

I wasn't asking.

I haven't seen them in years.

I'm kind of in between homes right now.

You know, why don't I grab you a soda
to wash that down.


- Davis, hi.
- How's she doing?

Uh, she got a clean bill of health.

But, uh, I just found out
that she's a street kid.

So I was gonna drop her off
at the city shelter tonight.

She's a 15-year-old girl, Chloe.

You think she's gonna be safe
in a Metropolis shelter?

Not too streetwise, are you?

I was just trying to help.

If you have any ideas...

...please step up and do something.

So I hear that you need a place to stay.

Not really.

But if you did, I have a friend.

And she runs a home and it's pretty nice.

Is she some kind of religious nut?

I don't really roll with the holy.

It's not like that. She helps girls learn
some skills, score a job.

I can get you an application.

Or you can forget it.

It's your choice.

Look, Bette, you can stay with me tonight
if you need to.

You're nice, Chloe.

Kind of like a Girl Scout.

I don't wanna be your latest merit badge.

Okay, I'm gonna take my Thin Mints
and head home.

Thought you might want a safe place
to stay tonight.

But would I still be a free agent?

As long as you promise
to think about Davis' offer.

Okay, I'm in.

Great. Let's go.

CLARK: That new boss,
she came out of nowhere, huh?

LOIS: You tell me. You're the one
who just spent quality time with her.

CLARK: She just wanted to welcome me

Don't try to keep secrets from me.
Tess Mercer is a pit bull in Prada.

There's no way she'd roll out
the mat for a copyboy... matter how charming his smile is.

You think I have a charming smile?

I think you're about to lose some teeth
if you don't tell me.

- Lois, you sound like a jealous girlfriend.
- Jealous, of you?

Please, that would be like Willie Mays
being jealous of a bat boy.

Watch and learn.


Lois Lane, Daily Planet.

- Care to show me around?
- No press allowed.

Swing and a miss.


I'm just getting started.

Excuse me.

Do you like baseball?

Who's your favorite player? Because
I can get you a signed photograph...

...of anyone you want if you just do me
this little favor.

Sorry, ma'am. No one is allowed in.

LOIS: What's your name, officer?
OFFICER: Officer Darren.

CSI AGENT 1: Double checked?
It's got to be a mistake.

No mistake, sir.

We haven't found
one shred of explosive material.

There's no residue, no detonator,
there's nothing.

There's no bomb in this box.

Wake up, Smallville.

That cop's about as stiff
as his starched uniform. Let's move on.

Lois, I just heard there was no bomb.

That doesn't look like
the engine overheating.

Look, we need talk to somebody
who was on the bus.

Chloe called. She's helping a homeless girl
who was there.

Maybe you could ask her.
I'll track the others.

The thing is, not so good with the kids.

Why don't you take Little Orphan Annie,
and I'll do the rest.

Bette, thank you so much.

It's just a grilled cheese, no big.

All this takeout, I thought
you could use something home-cooked.


It's okay. It's just, uh, my friend Clark.
Don't worry about it.

What's up?

Wait, I remember you.
You helped me get off the bus.

Yeah. I'm glad you're okay, Bette.

Do you mind
if I ask you a few questions?

Did you see anything before the blast?
Anything unusual?

Anything strange?

- What, are you like a cop or something?
- Clark.

She's been through a lot today.

- What's going on?
- Police say there's no evidence of a bomb.

I think someone with a meteor power
may have caused the blast.

What's a meteor power?

Uh, sometimes people develop
special abilities...

...after being exposed
to a certain type of meteor rock.


Another street kid.

He told me he found this weird rock
a couple of days ago...

...and now, whenever he gets angry,
things heat up.

I thought he was messing with me.

We got into a fight today.

He was being a jerk. I ran onto the bus
to get away from him.

- Where can I find him?
- I know where he hangs.

I can remember how to get there.

Wait. This guy sounds dangerous.
I don't think you should go.

Well, I'll wait in the car.
I can point him out to you.


One-eighty, man.

Yeah, bro.

He's over there, sitting down.

I saw him earlier.

He was running away from the bus.


It's all right. I just wanna talk.

Tommy, it's okay.

Stay here.



- You don't have to be afraid.
TOMMY: Get away from me!

It’ll be okay, Tommy. I promise.

No. No. No. You're lying!

Just be calm.
There's no reason for anyone to get hurt.

Get away from me!

Bette, stay back, he could be dangerous.

How can you do this to me?

Just... Just stay away.


He was scared, Lois.

He didn't mean to hurt anyone.
Couldn't control his powers.

He blew up a bus, Clark.
Almost killed a lot of people.

I'd say this was textbook karma.


- Thanks.
- You didn't tell me you were recording that.

Don't get your tights in a twist, Smallville.
I'll just refer to you as sources say.

Besides, if I'm gonna write Tommy
was a human bomb, I need scientific proof.

We could check the autopsy report.
See how much meteor rock was in him.

The coroner won't release it
if it's part of an ongoing investigation.

But I bet we could find a copy
lying around the hospital.

By find, I'm assuming you mean steal?

Rule number three,
do whatever it takes to get the story.

You should be writing these down.

Lois, be careful.
There's some lines you shouldn't cross.

The only line I'm worried about
is a byline.

And so should you.
We're in this together.

You wanna share a byline with me?

Oh, God, no.

But I got you the obit.

- Tommy's obituary?
- Absolutely.

You helped break the story... you get to commemorate the kid
in 10 lines or less.


Don't be so squeamish.
Most of us got started writing want ads.

You know what, there was a time
when I would've killed for an obit.

Are you coming?







DAVIS: You know, if you just reach
a little bit higher...'re gonna need an ambulance.

Guess I'm lucky
there's a paramedic in the building.

Yeah, well, you asked me
to bring over this application.

Ahem. Give me.

Oh, I did talk to my friend.

And she says that there is a spot
open at the home for Bette.

That's great.

She could really use some good news
right now.

Her day got even worse a while ago
and she needed some space.

So I came here.

Thank you.

At least she had a place to stay,
thanks to you.



Isis Foundation.

So what, Adopt a Pyramid,
Save a Sphinx, that kind of thing?

Heh, cute. Uh, actually, it's more like
a counseling center.

I'm house-sitting
until she finds someone to take it over.

I'm surprised I haven't heard of it.
The hospital sends out updates...

...on all the mental health facilities.

Well, she has very specific clients.

People with, uh, special skills that are
sometimes a little dangerous.

You mean like meteor types?

I drive an ambulance in Metropolis, Chloe.
I've seen a lot of things.

At least enough to know
that they could use the help.

Have you ever thought
about helping them?

- No, I don't...
- I saw you with Bette today.

You cared enough
to take her under your wing. That's rare.

And think how hard it must be...

...for meteor people
to find someone they can trust.

But am I streetwise enough?

Okay. Forget what I said earlier.

I can come off a little strong.

That's okay. At least now I understand
where it comes from.

Understand how?

Well, I Googled you.

I read an interview you gave about
running away from foster homes as a kid.

You researched me?


Well, I always kind of wanted
my own stalker.

Ha, ha. It isn't like that, Davis.
It's just that...

No, really. I used to be a reporter,
and so I have a serious...

...curiosity complex.

- Okay. Yeah.
- And I'm engaged.

You're the first person I've told
about that.

Well, um... Congratulations.

That's a very unique engagement ring.

Uh, well, it's the story behind the ring
that really makes it special.

I went away for a little while,
and he never gave up on me.

Well, Chloe...

...I grew up
hearing a lot of four letter words...

...and love wasn't exactly one of them.

If you found it, real love...

...hold onto it.

And if anyone tells you that's a cliché,
I'll personally kick their ass.




Did you find her?

She's gone off the grid again.

Don't come back until you do.

Is there something else?

The girl's dangerous.

You tried to approach her on the bus
and she blew it up.

Mr. Luthor would've had us
terminate the problem on sight.

I'm your boss now.

And since we've never worked together...

...I can't trust that you'll see this through
to my satisfaction.

Bring her here, I'll handle her.

End of story.

Lois, you can't just walk in
and steal a file.

- It's a crime, you'll go to prison.
- I have a plan, Clark.

Would you like to share it?
I'm having doubts.


When in doubt...

...charge it.

City Hall, 13th Precinct, 15th Precinct...

...Metropolis General.

If I could get mileage points on these,
I'd see the world.

Cover me, Smallville.


Uh, you know, patients are on
an entirely different floor.

You know, I thought I got off
the elevator a little early.

Wait, you were one of the rescue workers
from the bus, right?

I thought I recognized you.

For a guy without a uniform,
you helped a lot of people.

Oh, I didn't do anything.

I mean, you're the real hero.

You help people for a living.

I'm Clark Kent.

Davis Bloom. I met your fiancée, Clark.
Congratulations, she's a real catch.

I'm getting married?

Well, I thought that...

I saw you and Chloe together.
And you seemed pretty close.

- When she said she was engaged...
- Chloe's engaged?

Oh, man. Okay, my brain's gone
completely DOA.

Clark, she said
she hadn't told anyone yet.

Do me a favor...

...don't tell her I said anything.

I won't reveal my source.


Hey, Bette. Davis, the paramedic
we met on the street...

...came by with the paperwork.

His friends wanna meet you.

Change of plan, Chloe.
I'm leaving Metropolis.

Don't you think that you should read
this first? This place sounds great.

Maybe it is.

This city's gone sour.

Like, way past its shelf life.
I have to go.

Look, I know what happened
with Tommy was awful...

...but running away is not the answer.

Besides, it's not safe out there
for you by yourself.

You think the street's dangerous?

Try a locked door,
with someone else holding the key.

- No, thanks.
- They're not gonna lock you in.

- I'll call them for you.
- Chloe, stop.

I don't need a den mother,
and I won't go see those people.

Then they'll come here.

- You're not listening to me.
- I'm just trying to help you.

I wish you hadn't made me do that.


There's nothing in here
about a meteor infection.

- Here. Let me take a look.
- Knock yourself out.

I'm not sure we're on the right
track, Lois.

- Tommy's death seems suspicious.
- Of course it's suspicious.

The guy blew himself up by rubbing
his hands together or wrinkling his nose.

They didn't find any meteor rock in his
system but they did find metal shrapnel.

If Tommy's responsible for the blast...

...the barrels would have blown away,
not into him.

Don't clear his name yet, Sherlock.

That kid was dangerous, a live wire.
Check his rap sheet at the back.

Armed robbery, B&E and carjacking.

That firecracker
was a major menace to Metropolis.

There's no mention of explosives
in any of these crimes.

If you were a criminal with abilities,
wouldn't you use them?

If Tommy didn't kill himself,
then who did?

Bette claimed
that Tommy blew up the bus.

But she was there for both of the blasts.

Oh, my God.
My cousin's babysitting Psycho Spice.

Clark, what if...?

Oh, come on.

Believe me, I understand.

It can be tough to control your powers
when you're angry or afraid.

Like on the bus...

...or with Tommy.

Those weren't accidents.

I knew what I was doing.

There are some bad people chasing me.

They cornered me on the bus,
I had to fight back.

So you set up Tommy to take the blame?

Bette... killed him.

He helped them find me.

Three years ago, some corporate
types locked me in their private prison.

It was a nightmare.
They ran tests on me every day.

Last week something happened,
and we were all let go.

They tagged us on the way out.

I ran before they could do it to me.

This place, were there
lots of people with powers?


I told Tommy all about it.

And you know what he did?

He sold me out.

He led them straight to me.

He got what he deserved.

The prison was in Montana, wasn't it?
Black Creek?

How did you know that?

Because I was there.

I had a meteor power too.

I could heal people.
I know how awful it was there.

You know I had to do whatever it took to
get away. They had me backed in a corner.

No matter what they do to you, Bette,
you don't kill people.

Sometimes I don't have a choice.

Chloe, I'm sorry.

But I can't risk you turning on me too.

Goodbye, Chloe.

- Aah!
- No.




Stay away from me!

I'll hurt you!

No, you won't.

- You're not afraid of me?
- No.

I just wanna help you.

After everything I've done...

...why would you wanna help
a monster like me?

Because you're not a monster.

You've just been led
down the wrong path.

Whenever people find out about me...

...they get afraid and they try to hurt me.

So I have to lie. I have to hide what I am.

You don't have to anymore.

Not from me.

We all have something
we think we need to hide.

It's hard.

But it does get better.



It's a good thing you called Lois
and told her you were okay.

She was about to call out
the National Guard.



Bette almost killed me, Clark.

Chloe, there's no way you could've known
how dangerous she was.

Her power was hidden.

Some sort of high-frequency energy blast.
She fooled everyone.

Because she didn't trust anyone.

I was only in that cell for a few weeks.

I can't imagine being in there
for three years.

She'll find the help she needs
at Belle Reve.

I seriously doubt that being locked away
in another cell is gonna do any good.

Do you think if you knew her sooner,
you could've helped her?

Sometimes people
who need help the most...

...are the ones who push it away.

Which is why someone
should be talking to them from day one.

Looking for this?

I found it downstairs. You must have lost it
when Bette was chasing you.

- Is there anything you wanna tell me?
- I was...

...on my way over here this morning,
to tell you but...

How did you find out?

Did Jimmy call you?

Well, it's rule number 11.
Always protect your source.


But I would like the whole story.

How long have you been engaged?

A week.

I said yes
the night I came back from Montana.


You could have called...


It's just that...

...we've been friends
for such a long time.

We're more than just friends, Chloe.

When Jimmy and I get married...

...things will probably change...

...between us, I mean.

And I don't know
if I'm ready for that just yet.

Are you?

Your happiness is one of the most
important things in the world to me.

And you and Jimmy
will have a wonderful life together.

Don't worry about anything else.

Hello, Bette.

You should've died on that bus.

The last time we met,
things did get a little fiery.

Lucky for me I ducked.

So they're taking you to Belle Reve.

I'm sure after a few years
of good behavior...

...they'll let you see the sun again.

Or you could come with me.

I'd rather be a prisoner there
than your lab rat in Montana.

Go push your cheese somewhere else.

I didn't build that place, Bette.

After I heard about
all the terrible things happening there...

...I closed it down.

I tried to tell you.

If you shut down the Thunderdome,
then why are you still coming after me?

Because you're a very powerful person.

And I think it's about time
the world started treated you accordingly.

Don't you?


I want to introduce you... some people like you.

A sort of team.

But only if you want.

A team?

Take a look at my file, lady.
I don't play well with others.

I think once you meet everyone,
you may finally feel like you fit in.

I remember what it was like
to be your age.




The injustice of it all.

I can help, Bette.

The team is only as good
as its weakest link.

And look at what happened to me
on the bus.

Why scout out somebody
who's gonna choke on their own smoke?

Don't be so hard on yourself.

We'll make a hero out of you yet.

That was a great job.

Looking good, Smallville. Clothes make the
man who helped me make the front page.


Wow. Try to hold back
the journalistic fervor.

I'm glad you got your story, but it
took more turns than I would have liked.

So did you, Houdini. You're there
one minute, gone the next.

We're standing next to an elevator.
Why take stairs?

Well, I'm sorry that you can't keep up.

The important thing is,
Chloe figured it out and she's okay.

Yeah, tell me about it. If she hadn't defused
Little Miss Landmine...

...we'd be fitting her for a coffin
instead of a wedding dress.

When did you hear about the wedding?

She just called.

I can't believe my cousin
is getting married.

To Jimmy Olsen.

They're in love, Lois.

You should be happy for them.

Uh, well... least the rest of us have work.

Here, I finished proofing the obit.

Well, Lois, don't hold anything back.

Those aren't notes of discouragement.
They're of encouragement.

You've got talent, Smallville.


When I started at the Inquisitor,
all I cared about...

...was getting the best stories
on the front page.

It seems like a dream come true.

Sure, but sitting here now, with you...

...I think I'm more proud we uncovered the
truth than I am over having a headline.

Thanks for helping me
break the story, Clark.

Keep up the good work.

You've got a long career
ahead of you at the Daily Planet.



DAVIS [ON MACHINE]: Hey, this is Davis.
Leave me your story, I'll call you back.


Hi, Davis. It's Chloe Sullivan.

I, uh...

I just wanted to call and say thanks
for helping out with Bette.

It's too bad that
that didn't, uh, work out...

...but I also wanted
to let you know...

...that I've decided to reopen
the Isis Foundation.

And a few things that you said
helped me make that decision.

So thanks. Heh.

Okay, well...

...stay safe out there.

Take care.