Smallville (2001–2011): Season 7, Episode 2 - Kara - full transcript

Clark and Lois discover Kara's spaceship but before they can open it, Kara appears and knocks Lois out. Clark is shocked after Kara tells him she is there to protect baby Kal-El. Despite Kara's appearance, a despondent Clark decides that without Lana there is nothing keeping him in Smallville, and heads to the Fortress of Solitude to begin his training as a superhero. However, Jor-El tells him Kara's father- Zor-El, who is Jor-El's brother- is evil and Kara is dangerous, therefore Clark must stay in Smallville to find out why she came to Earth. Lex makes a stunning discovery regarding Lana and Project 33.1.

CLARK: Lois, you've had a near-death
experience. You should be resting.

What are we doing out here?

I'm going to find out what Lex is up to.

Clark, you, on the other hand,
are not required to attend.

After what happened to Lana,
why didn't you take Chloe's offer...

-...and hang out with her at the Talon?
-It's dangerous out here.

Keeping you out of trouble
has become a bad habit of mine.

Besides, it gives me a good opportunity
to say goodbye.

You can't break up with me, Clark.
We're not even a couple .

Lois, I'm leaving Smallville...

...after Lana's funeral.

Wow. Didn't see that coming.
Where are you running away to?

Up north. There's something I need to do.

What about the farm?
You can't let the corn die on the vine.

My neighbor, Ben Hubbard,
he's gonna run things for a while .

What's wrong, Lois? I thought
you'd be happy to get rid of me.

Are you kidding?
Who am I gonna pick on?

I'm sure you'll find someone.

Now, which direction
did you enter the dam from?

Southeast. Follow me.

What is that?

Holy crap, this is amazing.

Check this out, Clark.

Oh, my God.
What do you think this is?

Lois, it's probably just some sort
of experimental airplane.

Then why aren't there any windows?

And those symbols ...

...they aren't like any airline logos
I've ever seen.

If you ask me,
we're looking at a real live spaceship.

Come on, Lois. You and I both know
that they don't really exist.

And based on this algae, it looks like
it's been underwater for a while .

That's what happens
when you touch my stuff.


Go get your girlfriend
and don't ever come back.

-I'm serious, you need to go to the hospital.
-For this little bump?

My head has been bonked harder than that.
Where's my laptop?

-What happened to you guys?
-You're gonna lock me in the loony bin...

...when I tell you this,
but Clark and I just saw a spaceship.

Lois' imagination has finally kicked
into overdrive.

It was probably just some Styrofoam prop
for a school play.

Right. That makes sense, actually.

Okay, but the world I live in, school props
don't knock people unconscious.

-I'm thinking a force field .
-How many times do I have to tell you?

You slipped in the mud, you hit your head
on a rock. I helped you to your feet.

-Why do you think I've got mud all over?
LOIS : I know what I saw.

Once I change clothes,
I'm going straight to The Inquisitor.

My editor is gonna flip.

-Tell me she's just seeing things.
-It 's what she didn't see.

A Kryptonian girl with blond hair
and a bad attitude.

She moved so fast,
Lois didn't know what hit her.

-A Kryptonian attacked Lois?
-Yeah. Right before she came after me.

Chloe, not only is she as strong as I am...

...she can fly .


Sounds like we got a true-blue super girl.

Define "super."Nearly every Kryptonian
I've come across...

-...has turned into a cold -blooded killer.
-What is with you people ?

Are you the only half -decent member
of your Kryptonian race?

Listen, I gotta go back to the dam.
If you can--

Wow. A lot of painkillers for someone
who's not feeling any pain.

It's just a little headache.

By the time I get back to the The Inquisitor,
I'll be good.

You lost consciousness.
You could have a concussion.

I'll let you know if I see double
when I'm typing my story.

You know what? No, I'm sorry.
After everything we've been through...

...I'm not letting you put yourself in danger.
I'm taking you to the hospital.

CHLOE: Okay.

LOIS : But 10 minutes and I'm gone.
I don't have time to sit around... a waiting room just....

Open 14 .

Well , I'm glad someone
has something to smile about.

This smile means
you've been cleared of all charges.

You're a free man, Mr. Luthor.

-On what grounds?
-They caught the killer.

A disgruntled employee
from your tunnel crew...

...claimed he got cancer
from the chemicals down there.

He blew up my wife to get back at me?

That's what he said in his confession.

Come on, let's get out of this cage.

I'll buy you a big, juicy porterhouse.

He didn't do it.

Lex, they found his fingerprints
at the scene.

-He confessed to the crime.
-I don't care what evidence there is...

...the man did not murder my wife.

-As your attorney--
-As my attorney...

...I want you to set up a meeting
with this disgruntled employee.

-I wanna hear it from him.
-What's the point?

I'm not sure Lana's dead.

Got anything?

Move along, sir. This is a crime scene.

Hold it. Hold it.

Lex, I thought you'd be sharpening
your shiv behind bars by now.

Someone else confessed.

Once again a Luthor snake
manages to slither away...

...from the grip of justice.

How much did you have to pay
this poor guy?

I didn't pay him anything.

Apparently my father did
before he disappeared.

The man who confessed
happens to be dying of cancer.

He wanted his family taken care of.

It doesn't matter what sleight of hand
you pulled, it's not bringing Lana back.

What if she isn't dead, Chloe?

Lex, you're already free.

You don't need to keep coming up
with more convoluted conspiracy theories.

As you probably know,
before Lana died...

...she managed to steal
highly classified research from me.

Lana's remains have all been positively ID'd,
down to every last strand of DNA.

I'm well aware of the DNA evidence.

Look, Chloe, you're Lana's best friend.
If she told anyone her plan, it would be you.

Tell me, Chloe.

Tell me everything you know.

Here's everything I know, Lex.

You need some serious psychiatry.

-Hey, you all right?
-Yeah, I'm fine.

But your little Kryptonian gal pal's
been showing up all over Lowell County.

Have you seen her
since she went all space shuttle ?

No, but I found her victims.

Two dead park rangers
right where her ship used to be.

I need to find her
before she hurts someone else.

Well , I think she's still grounded,
considering these 911 calls coming in.

Three preschools called and reported...

...some blond woman storming in,
scaring the children.

Where was she last seen?

What's your name?

It's okay, I won't hurt you.


What about you? What's your name?

Whatever you're doing, it stops now.

You again. Following me?

Humans can't move that fast.

-Who are you?
-It doesn't matter.

I'm not gonna let you kill
one more person.

I haven't killed anyone. At least, not yet.

But you're starting to tempt me.

You wanna tell me
what you're doing on Earth?

You can trust me.

Looking for a small boy.

I've searched everywhere with no luck.

This boy have a name?

Kal-El .

A spaceship is not gonna send your career
into the stratosphere.

It'll embarrass you.

It's the truth.
I saw it with my own eyes.

Lois, you don't know what you saw.
I'm still trying to resuscitate my credibility...

...after writing about the Smallville
believe-it-or-not set.

We are talking about an alien invasion.
Two men are dead.

If you were there, you'd be clacking
on the keyboard as we speak.

Not now. The Daily Planet just hired a new
editor wonder-boy from the Star City Post.

And spaceships are not the stuff
of good first impressions.

Did I hear someone say "spaceship"?

Didn't anyone teach you
that eavesdropping is rude?

Eavesdropping is my livelihood.

Grant Gabriel, your new editor.

Actually, she doesn't work here.
I do. I'm Chloe--

Anne Sullivan. Former editor
of the Smallville High Torch.

Taking Met U journalism classes by night
while writing filler stories...

...sandwiched between sofa ads, by day.

-Tell me about your close encounter.
-I can't share a trade secret.

I work for your rival, The Inquisitor.

Our rival. This is the Daily Planet... in virtually every country
across the globe. We have no rival.

It's true. Besides, the Planet
wouldn't publish a story like that anyway.

See, that's the kind
of old -guard thinking...

...that's putting newspapers in the crapper
all around this country.

Since when is truth in journalism
old guard?

Well , she said it's true. I believe her.

I'll tell you what. You deliver me your
spaceship story, a story that'll sell papers...

...and you've got yourself a job here.

-Are you serious?
-Do I sound like I'm joking?

You can't be Kal-El .

He's a sweet, chubby baby who laughed
when you tickled his feet.

-You knew me on Krypton?
-Yeah, I used to watch over you.

I don't understand.
I mean, I left the planet right after you.

We were on the same trajectory.

Your ship, it seemed to be underwater
for a long time.

You must have crash-landed during
the meteor shower, into the reservoir.

When the dam broke,
it finally brought you to the surface.

How long was I in suspended animation?

Eighteen years.

My embedded learning programs
covered a lot of scenarios, but this...

...clearly wasn't one of them.

Kara, why are you searching for me?

My father, Zor-El , told me to find you.

-That was my mission.
-Zor-El ?

Zor-El and Jor-El are brothers.

Then that makes us...


Jor-El never mentioned your dad.

He and his brother never talked.


The House of El has a lot of family secrets
that nobody ever discussed.

As humans would say, we were...


Look, I'm sure you have a lot of questions,
but right now we need to find my ship.

I'd do it myself but those green rocks,
they keep weakening me.

And trust me,
you wanna stay away from them.

If you're around them too long,
they can kill you.

Kill me?

Zor-El told me the yellow sun would give me
abilities beyond my wildest dreams...

...but he definitely never mentioned
any fatal weaknesses.

That's because he didn't know.

The green rocks,
they're called kryptonite.

Radioactive pieces of our home world .

How did pieces of Krypton
travel 23 galaxies?

You don't know what happened.

Well , I know we were in the midst
of a global civil war led by General Zod.

Zor-El told me that Krypton's salvation
was on Earth...

...and that you and I were the key.

I hope we're not too late.

Kara, Krypton is gone.

What do you mean, gone?

It exploded.

You and I are the only survivors.


Planets don't just explode, Kal-El .

Ours did.

I'm sorry.


This yellow sun has fried your brain cells.

Come on, help me find my ship.
We can hide it here on your farm.

Your ship's missing.

If it's missing, then humans took it.

Kal-El , if anyone but me
tries to open that ship... will activate
the self -destruct sequence.

Define "self -destruct."

I think you call it something like a...

...nuclear explosion.

All personnel are advised to remain...

...outside the perimeter
of the contained vehicle .

Repeat. All personnel are advised
to remain outside...

...the perimeter of the contained vehicle .

There's no sign of alien life near that site.
None whatsoever.

Open it.

Begin extraction procedures.

Initialize surface scan.


Surface temperature rising steadily .

Begin extraction protocol.
Prepare to evacuate now.

We don't have a lot of time, people .

Lane. I had a feeling you worked fast
but I didn't know you were a lightning bolt .

-You got pages for me?
-Actually, I need to talk to you about that.

I'm not interested in talk . I wanna read.

Look, Chloe Sullivan should write this story.
She's already on your staff and...

...let's face it,
she can write circles around me.

I know she's family , Lane,
but Chloe Sullivan's lost her mojo.

Now she's a run-of-the-mill hack
giving herself carpal tunnel. ..

...covering city hall
and Fourth of July parades.

My cousin's feelings mean a lot more to me
than some stupid article .

Your cousin's feelings. How sweet.

Let me tell you something, Lane.

Newspapers don't have feelings,
they have stories.

And stories are what pay the bills.
You think I'm being honored... the Publisher's Guild tonight
because I'm Gandhi?

Because I give a damn about feelings?

No. I break stories, any way, any how.

Well , you're gonna have to break this one
with someone else.

This isn't about your cousin.

This so-called flying saucer story,
it's all smoke and mirrors.

You're using some high moral ground
to bail out of a sinking ship.

This ship is far from sunk, bow tie.

I have a contact in the Air Force
who supplied me with these.

Satellite photos showing a caravan of trucks
driving from the dam... a grain silo in Granville. Does that
look like smoke and mirrors to you?

No, that looks like passion.

And that's what separates you
from the rest of the pack.

This is the fork in your road, Lane.

In a dozen years, you'll either be
Lois Lane, star reporter...

...whose name is synonymous
with the Daily Planet.

Or, Lois Fill -In -The-Blank...

...married to an insurance adjustor
in the sticks...

...with four kids and 40 extra pounds.
You won't look at a newspaper...

...because it'll always remind you
of what could have been.

Which road sounds better to you?

What do you have for me?

We applied voice recognition software and,
using satellites, cast a net...

-...over every landline and cell on the globe.
-I don't care how wide your net.

If you don't find Lana,
it's not worth the string.

We have a match, sir. She's in Asia.


Our GPS puts her just a few miles
from central Shanghai.

Prepare the jet for takeoff.

Yes, sir.

Those doors would have opened
if you'd waited.

We don't have time to wait
for ancient technology.

Between the two of us,
we can cover more ground.

Of course, it would help
if you could defy gravity.

Explain to me again why you can't fly ?

I'm not sure.

Guess the humans are right, Kal-El .

Girls do mature faster than boys.

It's Clark, remember?

Start walking. Don't look back.

I should've known you were Clark's cousin
from all the primary colors.

Do you know where my ship is?
Kal-El's getting me nowhere.

It's Clark.

We've checked every LuthorCorp facility
in the area. Do you have any leads?

Unfortunately , not too many
extraterrestrial vehicles...

...are actually registered at the DMV.
I have nothing.

I told you coming here
was a waste of time.

She's just a human.

A human who's smarter
than both of us combined.

Look, I'm sorry, Clark, but this new editor
is breathing down my neck.

He wants some splashy story.
All I could come up with... the sudden loss of AM-FM radio
in Granville.

I'm out of here. I'll just do a flyover
and start x-raying every building.

Kara, wait. Your ship.

Does it emit any sort of frequency?

Well , yeah, if it's opened.
There's an alarm.

Could that alarm be disrupting
the AM-FM radios?

Kal-El , if that alarm has been triggered...

...I'm the only one who can disarm it.

What are we doing up here?
Time's running out. Cover the grounds.

-I'll get the bird's-eye view.
-What does your ship sound like?

-If your ship is emitting an alarm...

...then you can hear it, even if
it's miles away. It 's one of our abilities.

You have to focus.
Block everything else out.

Just try.

-All I hear is the wind.
-Close your eyes, it might help .

Try to focus. I know you can do it.

Just try to listen
to all the sounds around you.


KARA: Make it stop.
MAN: Hey, what's happening?


-Make it stop.
WOMAN: Hey, look out.

KARA: Oh, make it stop.
CLARK: Listen. Listen.

I know it's loud at first,
but you have to focus, okay?

Eliminate the sounds one by one
until all you can hear is your ship.

Kal-El , I can hear it.

Then we can find it.


I knew those roadblocks I slipped past
weren't there for just a chemical spill .

They evacuated the area because
of what's down here underground.

And judging by that funky sound...

...and the megawatt light show...

...something's going on
behind that door...

...and it's not Laserium.

Oh, my God.

It's official.

I found the Holy Grail.


You okay?

My ship, it's gone.

What are we gonna do?

That's the last time you'll ever touch me.

LEX : You really think
I could just let you walk away?

What are you going to do, Lex, kill me?


That's the last time you'll ever touch me.

LEX : You really think
I could just let you walk away?

What are you going to do, Lex, kill me?


That's the last time you'll ever touch me.

LEX : You really think
I could just let you walk away?

What are you going to do, Lex--?

I'm impressed.

I did learn from the master.

As soon as you freed yourself ,
I laid out the breadcrumbs...

...and waited for the wolf
to come knocking.

Tell me, Lex, how are you planning
on getting your revenge?

Lana, if I wanted revenge,
we wouldn't be having this conversation.

I've come here
to beg for your forgiveness.

With a gun pointed at your head,
you'll say anything, won't you?

The things I did to you
are beyond inexcusable .

I don't blame you for wanting to ruin
my life. I would've done the same thing.

Only not as elegantly .

I always knew you were smart, Lana...

...I didn't know you were brilliant.

Using my own science against me.

It wasn't science, Lex.

It was your own psychosis.

You cloned me.

Not exactly .

Model 503 was never alive.

That's why you were able to wheel it
out of my lab...

...and place it in your driver's seat.

By the time the car exploded... were safe and sound
while Model 503, with your DNA...

...was being blown to bits.

It was perfect.

As far as the world 's concerned...

...Lana Luthor is dead and buried.

And a dead woman
can't be convicted of murder.

You'll never hurt
another person again, Lex.

I don't want to.

-Don't come any closer.
-I wanna give you a better target.

After all the pain I've put you through...

...I deserve to die.

Please, Lana...

...pull the trigger.

I promise you...

...the world will be a better place. Do it.

Kill me.

If you want to come back to Smallville,
you'll be safe.

I'll take care of everything.

You can live your life however you want.

My father's gone, presumed dead,
and as for me...

...I would never, ever, hurt you again.

I'm sorry, Lana.

LOIS : All that spaceship got me were
two concussions and a fried camcorder.

-I never should have chased that story.
-I tried to warn you, Lois.

When scaling the Wall of Weird, there
aren't any mattresses to break your fall .

And to think I could have landed a job
at the Daily Planet. What a joke.

I am no Chloe Sullivan and never will be.

Lane, I just read your story.
It's ridiculous.

-But it was just her first draft, Mr. Gabriel.
-It 's absurd how good it is.

Your prose leaps off the page
like a Bengal tiger. I was riveted.

-So you're actually gonna run it.
-Absolutely not. It 's utterly unprintable .

I don't care if every word of it's true.
I can't run a story...

...about a ship from outer space
without a photo.

You've got to learn, Lane,
always carry a backup camera.

She's just starting out. If you give her
a second chance--

Do you like water, Lane?

-As much as the next girl.
-Because I'm giving you a waterfront view.

This is your new desk.
Right here, across from cousin Chloe.

-Excuse me?
-If you're lucky, Sullivan...

...her passion will rub off on you.

Maybe put a little fire on that torch
you let burn out after high school.

Am I hearing things
or did you just offer me a job?

Welcome to the Daily Planet, Lois Lane.
Play your cards right...'ll be out this basement
quicker than your cousin.

Nothing like a little family rivalry
to keep the bullpen hopping.


You okay?

How did it happen?

Krypton, I mean?

I don't know.

I'd always heard whispers
of a doomsday scenario...

...but never thought anyone
would actually do it.

We were supposed to be
the most advanced civilization in the galaxy.

One thing I've learned...

...that evil exists in all cultures... matter how advanced they are.

Maybe if I had had my abilities on Krypton,
I could have saved it.

You saved a lot of people here today.

You should feel good about that.

No, it's different for you, Kal-El .

You don't have any memory of Krypton.

This has always been your home.

Well , then be my memory.

Tell me about my family .

It's hazy from all those years asleep
in the ship.

I do remember some.

I used to sneak away from Kandor
and come and see Lara.

She always made me smile .

You knew my mom?

The day she found out
she was pregnant...

...I'd never seen her so happy.

You were so cute.

You were her miracle baby.

Now she's gone.

My parents are gone.

The entire House of El .

I'll never see any of my family ,
ever again.

You're with family now.

Look, you can stay here with me
on the farm as long as you want.

You know, these humans,
they're not as bad as you think.

Thank you, Kal-El .

I mean, Clark.

I just wish I didn't feel
like such a failure.

I made my father a promise
and I couldn't keep it.

Kara, that wasn't your fault .

We can't always be everything our fathers
expect us to be. I know that firsthand.

The way he spoke of the crystal.

He told me to guard it with my life
and now it's gone.

Wait. There was a crystal in that ship?

With all of my directives
and the power to help me along the way.

If that crystal fell into the wrong hands... could be disastrous.

We don't have to worry about that
since it was destroyed with the ship.


That explosion wouldn't scratch
the crystal.

Only a Kryptonian can destroy it.

I've searched everywhere.

That crystal is gone.



The spacecraft was eviscerated.

But all is not lost.

Kal-El, my son... have finally chosen
to start your training.

A Kryptonian girl showed up
at my doorstep.

Her name is Kara.

Last time that happened
you were behind it.

I know nothing of her arrival.

She said she was sent here
by her father, Zor-El .

You might remember him
since he's your brother.

Care to tell me why you ignored
that branch of the family tree?

Whatever Zor-El wanted with you... was not for the greater good
of Krypton.

He could not be trusted...

...and neither can his daughter.

You can't blame Kara for the actions
of her father.

She's not here to cause any harm.

That is an emotional, human reaction.

Be careful of your feelings, Kal-El .
They can betray you.

My feelings are part of who I am,
whether you like it or not.

Now, what about my training?

Your training starts with Kara.

Watch over her, Kal-El .

She poses a greater threat
than you believe.

Mr. Luthor.

I take it you found
who you were looking for.

There's someone else
I need you to locate.

This drawing isn't much to go on, sir.

It's all I have.

That woman saved my life.

Use whatever resources are necessary
to find her.

Is that clear?

Yes, sir.