Smallville (2001–2011): Season 7, Episode 1 - Bizarro - full transcript

When Clark Kent confronts Bizarro, the last wraith from the Phantom Zone, the ensuing fight causes the dam to break, unleashing a torrent of water.

Previously on Smallville:


If anyone's gonna stop this phantom,
it's gonna be me.

I took a little piece of your DNA.
And now I'm gonna take your life.

Do we have what we need?

It looks like your fleet of fighters
are about to get their jet fuel.

I had a run-in with the phantom.
I have to leave Earth's atmosphere to heal.

-I'm leaving Lex.
-Do you think I could just let you walk away?


Lana, she's dead, son.

I don't believe you.

-You killed her.
-I'm some kind of meteor freak, aren't I?

I'm not going anywhere until you tell me
what's going on at this dam.

You can't die.

You're under arrest
for the murder of Lana Luthor.


CLARK: What the hell are you?
BIZARRO: I'm you.

Just a little more bizarre.

And now the season premiere
of Smallville.

Dad, how long are we staying here?

There's no fish.

This is the best fishing spot on Earth.

They'll come.
Just toss your line between those rocks.

Hang on, Chloe.

I'll get us out of here.


Those people .
I have to get back to the dam.

Hey, Clark.

Ever wonder what would happen to humans
if you weren't here to play savior?

I know you do.

You'd just never admit it.

You don't know anything about me.

No, Clark.

I know everything about you.

I didn't just borrow your DNA.
I have all your memories.

All your thoughts.
Every last twisted one of them.

When I'm living your life,
I won't make those same mistakes.

Hey, boy.



-Come on, son. Come on.

Dad! Dad, wake up! Dad!

Dad, wake up! Dad! Dad!



Hey, buddy, you all right?



Help me.



It's okay.


Help !

Can anybody hear us?

Is she dead?

No, honey, she's not dead.
She's just a little hurt.

Help !

Help !

How did you do--?

The ceiling's unstable .
I was lucky it caved in.

Well , let's not wait to get lucky again.



WOMAN 1 : Unit of O-neg.
Run a cross-and-type match.

Start an arterial line right away.
And blood gasses.

WOMAN 2: Blood gasses, coming up.
WOMAN 1 : Prep for chest tube now.

WOMAN 2: Chest tube.
WOMAN 1 : Let's go, let's go.


You wanna tell me
what happened out there?

It's gonna sound insane.

I don't know, Clark.
Maybe I was unconscious and dreaming.

Maybe you weren't.

The last thing I remember...

...I was pulling an eight-inch knife out
of my gut and there was blood everywhere.

I dialed Chloe and I had this.... This chill .

And my hands started to tingle .

And then I must have passed out.

So someone stabbed you?

A guard. Right here.

I know.

But there was this warm light
all around me.

And when I woke up,
the wound was healed.

And Chloe was lying
a few feet away, unconscious.

You said that Lex may have been doing
some experiments down there.

When I was out, maybe one of his men
did something to me.

And Chloe.

-That's it. I can't stand around waiting.
-Lois, where are you going?

-I'm going to see what Lex did to her.

-Lex is dangerous.
-I am not stupid, Smallville, okay?

I know that he's not just gonna cough
up all his deep, dark secrets.

But you heard the doctors.

None of Chloe's vitals were normal.

And if someone knows what happened,
I will take my chances with Dr. Evil.

Maybe Lana can help me
do some digging.


There's something
you should know.

If this is another heart-to-heart about Lana,
I don't mean to be insensitive...

...but Chloe is fighting for life
and I am barely together.

So one more ounce of emotion,
I might just lose it.

So make yourself useful for once.

Just stay here and make sure
nothing happens to my coz, okay?


Mr. Luthor, the helicopter's waiting.

We should have you out
of U.S. jurisdiction in two hours.

I was dead.

And there was this light.

And an angel.

Why would she save me?

After all I've done.

Lock down the perimeter.

Secure the stairwell . The only thing
getting in or out of here is that chopper.

Sir, you are wanted for your wife's murder.
We need you to hurry.

Her soft skin.

And her hair.

That half -awake smile
when she saw me come in... she didn't know
if she was still in a dream.

She was the only thing I was living for.

I'm sorry for your loss, sir.
Right now we need to get you airborne.

-Police will be here any minute.
-I'm well aware of that.

I'm turning myself in.


Whoa. Smallville, you scared me.

Yeah, where have you been hiding?

Uh.... Maybe where I told you I'd be?

Although I got zilch.

Lex's men must've cleared
everything out before the cops came.



Why aren't you watching Chloe?

Man, how can a guy miss what's been
right in front of him all this time?

Slow down there, tiger.
A little personal-space breach.

Come on.

I know you're looking for a guy
who doesn't play by the rules.

And on what planet
is that you, Smallville?

Whatever planet you want me
to take you to.

Oh! Hey.

Maybe next time.


I need some vitals here, stat.

Where's my one mil of epinephrine?

I'm on it.

It's in.

We need the data coming in?

She's not responding.

Check the monitor.
Those readings aren't possible .

Atrial fibrillation. She's V-tach.

-Charge the defib. I need 200 joules.
WOMAN 4: Stand by.

Come on, Chloe.

WOMAN 4: Charging.
WOMAN 1 : You got them?

Jump it up.


WOMAN 4: Clear.
WOMAN 2: Let's go again. Clear.

Come on, Chloe. Stay with me.


Time of death: 13 :49.

Help !

Help ! Somebody help me!


Where's Ms. Lane?

She just left.

Chloe's gonna be okay, isn't she?

Sorry. I can't share
any information with you...

...until we've notified
Ms. Sullivan's immediate family .



That's a restricted area.

-Get him out.
-You can't be in here.

Where is Chloe Sullivan?

She didn't make it.

I'm sorry.



Somebody help me!

Help !

It's okay.

-It's okay.
-What happ--?

-Am I in a morgue?
-Come on, let's get you out.

-Why am I in a morgue?
-You're alive.

That's what matters now.

But I wasn't alive, was I?


Lois is fine.

I'm guessing you know that.

Turn around.

She showed me her stab wound.
The one that didn't leave a scratch?

That's funny. I thought I had
the market on resurrections today.

Lois said Lex's guys may have done
something to you when you were out.

You wanna tell me what happened?

As much as I would
love to contribute to Lois' story...

-...I was busy being unconscious.
-Come on.

I don't have time
for 20 questions right now.

-I gotta get out.
-You died and came back.

-You should have your blood pressure taken.
-And get turned into some sort of lab rat?

From one guinea pig to another,
I think I'll pass.

LANA [ON RECORDING] : Clark means
more to me than you ever will .


That's the last time you'll ever touch me.

LEX : Do you think I could just
let you walk away?

What are you going to do, Lex?

Kill me?

With evidence like that,
I doubt we'll be able to get you bail.

I'm not worried about me.

I want an update
on the recovery efforts at the dam.

And more specifically,
I need to know the status of Model 503.

Most of the compromised units have been
recovered, but we're still looking for 503.

My father?

Still unaccounted for.

Sir, we have to find you an alibi.

I wasn't miraculously saved
to run away from my demons, Keating.

I was brought back to face them.

Be careful what you wish for.

l looked for you at the mansion.


The phantom.

You took Clark's body.

Just a few cells.

Clark's still alive. He's out there.

And you will help me kill him.

I need meteor rocks. A lot of them.

I'd never help you kill Clark.

Lex, redemption doesn't suit you.

Why protect a Clark who hates you...

...when you can help the one
who wants to be your ally?

It's what you've always wanted.

Isn't it, Lex?

LANA [ON VIDEO] : Chloe, put down
the camera and look at the map.

CHLOE: Come on.
But you're such a good tour guide.

LANA: Come on, the Empire State Building
has got to be just around the corner.

CHLOE: Let's follow him, Mr. Buns of Steel.
LANA: He's watching.

CHLOE: Whoa!
LANA: Ha-ha!

LANA: Next time, we are taking a taxi.


It's hard to concentrate...

...when Lana was here one minute
and now she's just--

God, I'm so sorry, Clark.

There's more people
that could get hurt right now.


Denial should be our friend right now.

Okay, so this phantom-Clark thing
was inhabiting humans...

...but when he touched you,
it just replicated. Why?

The phantom needed
a Kryptonian body... order to replicate
to become whole again.

Chloe, I don't know how to stop him.
It's not like I can just fly after him.

This guy can fly ?

God, Clark, you gotta get on that one.

-Well , where's our Bizarro Clark now?
-I don't know.

But, Chloe, before I hit him...

...his face distorted.

Almost like he was hurt.

Which is why he pushed pause
on his one-man mission to kill you.

Why would your doppelg?nger
weaken if you didn't?

Everything affects him the opposite.

When Lionel held the meteor to him,
it made him stronger.

Maybe he went to find
more meteor rocks... he could recharge
and finish the job.

Oliver's been tracking all of Lex's
meteor shipments for his 33.1 experiments.

And it says in these records
there were several containers...

...transferred to Reeves Dam
just a couple of weeks ago.

Clark, if he gets there before you do,
no way you can go up against him alone.

-How are you gonna take this guy down?
-I don't know, Chloe.

But there is someone who might.

When you left here, you were hurt
pretty badly . How'd you heal so fast?

I just had to leave
the Earth's atmosphere.

But in my absence... appears you did exactly
what Jor-El was trying to prevent.

I unleashed a carbon copy of myself .

-Only without my....

What was I supposed to do?
Let him kill every host he inhabited?

That is one of the hardest trials
you will face, Kal-El .

While your humanity
is your greatest strength... is also your greatest vulnerability.

Well , it's part of who I am.

And it's who I wanna be.

I'm proud I was raised to care about people .
And I'm not gonna apologize for it anymore.

I know.

But this creature was discarded
at birth as a poor imitation.

He was shown no compassion,
no conscience.

Therefore he has none.

He knows only one thing:


How do I stop someone who has all
my powers and none of my weaknesses?

By opening your eyes to what
you take for granted every day.

Your faith in humans... not the only thing
that gives you strength.

The yellow sun.

That's why his face distorted
when he got into the light.

That may be the only way to defeat him.
I can help .

But it is your battle .

The section of the dam where the rock
is stored shouldn't have been compromised.

The meteor rocks are in there.

I may have tracked you around the globe,
but clearly , you're not a native.

Where are you from?

And why did you only replicate Clark?

Now you got a decision to make, Lex.

What's more important?

Destroying me...

...or solving the mystery of Clark Kent?

Wrong decision.

You had the existence
I could only dream of.

Every pleasure... your disposal, and you wasted it.

You don't deserve this life, Clark.

But I do.

Come on.


Is that all you got?

You're no match for my strength.

MAN [OVER RADIO] : The fairy-tale marriage
of Lana Lang to Lex Luthor ended in tragedy.

Sources say the billionaire
is the prime suspect in the explosion...

-...that cut short such a vibrant young life.
CHLOE: Clark?

Police say Lang's vehicle
exploded upon ignition...

...from what is believed to be
a car bomb behind a local coffeehouse.

According to wire services,
a funeral date has yet to be set.

Although no witnesses
have come forward...

...Lex Luthor was apprehended near Reeves
Dam, the source of the recent flooding.

-I know you wanted to be alone, but--
-Lionel Luthor is unaccounted for.

I thought I'd come by and see if I can
get more than two words out of you.

Thanks, Chloe.
I think I'll take a rain check.

Yeah, I guess you deserve
a little bit of peace and quiet...

...after sending the evil Bobbsey Twin
to the sunny side of Mars.

Who's to say he's any more evil
than I am?

Unless you have a second secret identity
that I don't know about, I. ...

Chloe, when I heard about Lana,
I went to find Lex.

And I wasn't gonna let him
leave there alive.

The irony is,
I think it was the first time I ever...

...really understood Lex.

Loving someone is hard. It's difficult .

But hate...

...hate is so...


Maybe you need to feel this right now.

I mean, anger
is a natural human emotion.

Well , that's just it.

When that phantom was trying to kill me
and I was staring into my own eyes...

...I saw the monster
that I could become if I wanted to.

It was a reminder that I am not human.

Tell that to every person
you've ever saved.

Clark, whether you wanna see it or not,
you're one of us now.

And the fact that you're
from a galaxy, far, far away...

...just adds character.

And you know what? I'm here.

No matter what side of nature
or nurture happens to be winning out.

It goes both ways, Chloe.

Whatever happened in that dam... ended up in a morgue.

Yeah, it was nothing.

-I'm just saying that when you're ready--


There you are.

I forgive you.

For what?

Don't make me relive it.
It was traumatizing enough the first time.

And by the way, you've got some
explaining to do there, missy.

Lois, I'm sorry.

I know you are.

And I know you didn't mean it.

You were just in shock.

I heard about Lana on the news.

Clark, I'm so sorry.

Look, all I can say is... first you don't know
how you'll ever make it through...

...but somehow you do.

Just trust me on this one.

But if you ever grab my ass again...

...I will be taking your hand
with me when I go.


Your father would be proud.

He did everything he could
to prepare you...

...but bravery... not something you can learn.

How much bravery does it take
when you're getting pummeled?

Kal-El ... could've ignored all the phantoms
that escaped the Phantom Zone.

But you chose to take
responsibility and stop them.

Even one more powerful than you.

In a weird way, he may have been right.

Maybe I have allowed myself
to become weak.

Caring too much about everything,
everyone here.

You've learned a lot
from your time in Smallville.

These people ...

...have made you who you are.

They won't always be here.

Losing Lana made me realize,
no matter how close I get...

...someday they'll all be gone.

And all the time that I've spent
ignoring my destiny...

...trying to be something I'll never be: