Smallville (2001–2011): Season 7, Episode 3 - Fierce - full transcript

Kara desperately wants to make friends and fit in on Earth, but Clark tells her to keep a low profile until she can get her powers under control. Despite his warnings, when Smallville's ...


After a week of
captivity on the farm

with nothing but
"project runway"

and "beauty and the geek"
for company,

you finally take me out
to the corn festival.

Harvest festival...
Smallville's big event.

Just try to enjoy it.

Clark, we're wasting our time.

my father sent me here
with one mission.

I have to find that
crystal for my ship.

We have to find that crystal.

I've been working on it.

Well, I seriously
doubt it's buried

under one of these bushels.

No offense, but I can cover
twice the area that you can.

Consider your wings clipped.
You're not flying.

Kara, the people who
found your ship's gonna

be looking for the
person who came in it.

If you use your abilities,
it'll lead them straight to you.

You just have to fit in.

How do I fit in with him?


Hey... cool down.

It's okay. Used to happen
to me all the time.

Ladies and gentlemen,

ladies and gentlemen,

thank you for joining us.
I would like...

It's the harvest festival's
Centennial Anniversary.

There's a town legend that

a famous outlaw
robbed a train and...

buried the loot
somewhere in Smallville.

The map to the gold
is supposed to be

hidden inside
the time capsule.

What I don't get is
why everyone is so

excited to open up a
bunch of old junk.

How did you...



Out of our way.

The new Miss Sweet Corn has arrived.


Maybe fitting in won't be so bad after all.

♪ Smallville: "Fierce" ♪
Season 7 Episode 3

Hey, buddy.

Kara threw you out of the house, too?

That's all right.
You can hang out here with me.

Uh-oh, looks like she found us.

Kara I'm almost done here. Would you...

grab me the Phillips-head

over there in the toolbox?


Sweetie, I'm done
letting them call the shots.

This time, it's my turn.

Just think, by the end of the week,
we'll be in Cabo.

Just you, me and the money.

Lana, I thought you were gone.

If you knew how that felt...

Clark, I am so sorry.

I never wanted to hurt you.

But you didn't trust me
enough to let me help.

I was trying to protect you.

Clark, I know you.

You're gonna rush in there
and try and save someone,

even if it means putting
your own life in danger.

And when Lionel threatened
to hurt you...

I couldn't take that chance.

You know, it's a little ironic,
hearing someone else say that.

But I guess I'm just
not used to being

the one that needs
to be protected.

I can't wait to see
the look on

Chloe's face when she finds
out you're alive.

She can't.

Not yet.

I committed a serious crime, and
I wasn't supposed to come back here.

My name has to be cleared before
I suddenly reappear in Smallville.

Well, then, you'll stay here
at the farm with me.

You'll be safe.

But I have to warn you,
my life has become a little more...


That might be an understatement.

Lana, this is my cousin, Kara.



Say hello to the next
Miss Sweet Corn.

Listen, uh, when I talked about fitting in,

I was thinking of something
with more clothes.

T-this is definitely not blending in.

- You me undercover?
- Yes, exactly. And this is...

not covered.

Look, can you just go change, please?




You said, "now.”

I guess I don't have to ask which
side of the family you come from.

Why don't I leave you two alone?

Something tells me you've got
a lot of issues to talk about.

She's nice.
There might be hope for you yet.

Listen, Kara,
entering a beauty pageant,

putting yourself on stage
under a spotlight, it's not fitting in.

It's standing out.


Kind of like being the captain
of a football team.

Looks like you wanted
the same thing I want.

While you were living
the all-American dream,

I was stuck in some cryogenic coffin,

wasting the best years of my life.

I don't want to miss out
on anything else.

And if you're anything
like me,

you're gonna do this whether I
want you to or not.

But not until you learn
to control your abilities.

Is this really necessary?

It's all about control,
which you don't have.

Me? Get back to me
when you can fly, Earth boy.

Well, you're the one who
almost lit up the whole fair.

Has anyone ever told you
you're a little uptight?

You definitely get that
from your father.

Listen, I've spent my entire life
trying to hide my identity.

I can't have you exposing us both
in a single night.

Watch and learn.

Now you try.

Let's see you put a mug
on this melon.

What am I, like, 5?

That's it!

You're not ready!

And out there on that stage, there's
too many things that can go wrong!

You want me to fit in?
No problem.

But I'll do it my way.

I need to talk to you.

Where's Karly?

See, that's what I need
to talk to you about.

There's been a problem,
but I took care of it.


I was wondering...

Yours looks so good...
Amazing, really.

Would you help me?

I'm sorry, sweetie,
but you need help

with more than
just your makeup.

Why don't you go grow
some corn or something?

Must be a big relief,

being exonerated
of such a brutal murder.

Agent Carter, Department
of Domestic Security.

My men have been
watching your team...

comb through every waterlogged
farm shack after the flood,

ever since you found the spaceship.

I had a feeling the mystique of anonymity
wouldn't last long against a Luthor.


Throwing down the gauntlet when
we've barely been introduced?

Not a big fan of small talk.

I'm here about your latest obsession.

I'd like to show you this.

I understand that your men have
been passing these around town.

Now, why would the government
be interested?

Because you are.

Nice work, hotshot.

Although saving the polar bears
has taken on a whole new meaning.

Tell me about it. I've seen enough Speedos
and hairy shoulders to last a lifetime.

Have I mentioned
I'm really glad you're back?

I'm not just back...
but bearing gifts.

Oh, my.

One of the Miss Sweet Corn contestants
was just iced like a Popsicle.

Thanks, Jimmy, but I can't exactly run
out to Smallville for frozen sweet corn.

I've got stories I've got to file.

What's gotten into you?

Chloe, someone set this girl's
dial to deep-freeze.

This has "meteor freak" written all over it.

It's exactly the kind of story
that your new editor ordered.

Yeah, I'm just not sure
a Judas priest reunion...

at Madison Square Garden
counts toward per diem, "L."


Okay, okay, Lane.

D-don't take it out on my eardrum.

e-mail me your story, and we'll talk
about Rwanda when you get back.

Frosted beauty queen!

- Not bad, Sullivan.
- Actually, it's not...

I knew if I lit a fire under you, you'd stop
boring me with city-council proposals...

- and bring something headline-worthy.
- Mr. Gabriel, Jimmy Olsen.

Right. Panda boy. Good.

Polar bear, actually.

Listen, Chloester, hustle down to
Smallville. Take Panda boy with you.

Get the scoop on our ice princess
before any of the other papers,

and you might just get to follow
in your cousin footsteps.

How much blunt trauma do you think a stapler
to the back of the head would cause?

Show him what you got, Chloester.

Look, you're busting your butt
on stories of substance...

while Lois is on assignment in New York,
grabbing all the glory.

Are you really gonna let your cousin
beat you out of the basement?

Remind me to thank my mom.

Before Kara, I had no idea what
she and my dad went through.

You turned out well.

Clark, don't you think you're
being a little hard on Kara?

Lana, I'm trying to help her.

Kara didn't grow up here.

She has no idea what could happen
if someone started using her abilities.

Right now she is about a fireball away
from lighting up the whole town.

This is how you've had to live
your who life, isn't it...


No, adjusting.
And sooner or later,

Kara's got to figure out
how to do the same thing.

Clark, your parents trusted you
enough to live your life...

and find that balance on your own.

Don't you think Kara
deserves the same chance?

You don't have to be too hard
on yourself.

Something tells me that you are never going
to understand the heart of a teenage girl,

whether she's from Krypton or Kansas.

All the conversations I imagined
having with you about my powers...

This was not one of them.

I can't believe I ever worried
that you wouldn't understand.

Looks like you don't know me
as well as you thought you did.

Five, six, seven, eight...

Okay, girls, take a five minutes break
and we'll pick it up from the top.

How can I help you, sheriff?

I need to speak with you about
the girl we found in the alley.

All I know is she and two other
girls entered at the last minute.

I really don't have
anymore information about her.

Are you sure no one saw you...
What you did to Karly?

She wanted out.
What else was I supposed to do, uh?

Maybe we should just hit
the time capsule and go home.

Don't be an idiot.
We need this pageant.

It's the perfect distraction.
Just stick to the plan.

Do your thing.

Hey, Chloe, where are you?

Thought you were
gonna meet me.

I've got a major lead on our ice queen.


I got your message.

I guess it would have
been a little awkward

for you to come
to the mansion.

Don't sit down.
You won't be staying long.

I understand.

This isn't a conversation
I've been looking forward to having.

I guess I just wasn't ready.

You promised you'd take care
of everything,

that I could come back to Smallville.

Well, with a little persuasion, the, uh...

The D.A. has agreed to not press charges.

The evidence has been destroyed and...

the felon my father
bribed to confess to

the crime died in prison
of natural causes.

You... you're a free woman.

I don't suppose I can ask you...

to somehow see that every
horrible thing I did...

was because I truly do love you.

You can't ask that.

Of course.

My lawyer is drawing up
the settlement agreement.

I don't want your money.

Should I assume that
excludes the $10 million

you skillfully siphoned
out from under me?

I was trying to escape.

I'm not admonishing you.
I'm applauding you.

It's not every day
someone is

clever enough to manage a
coup like that.

Although I'm not sure
Clark would see it that way.

I understand he has a cousin visiting.

From Minnesota.

I look forward to meeting her.


Hey, thank you so much for calling us.

No problem.

I saw the door you ripped off.
Was anyone there?

You mean, did I screw up
like you keep expecting me to?

I'm sorry if I was a little busy
trying to save Jimmy's life.

I thought you'd be proud of me.

Kara, I...

I'm gonna have to weigh in
on her side on this one.

Doctors said that Jimmy's suffering
from hypothermia, but he'll be fine.

I know.

I just want to make sure
the sun is shining when he is.

Meet the weather girls.
I did a little bit of digging,

and it looks like they've been
BFFs since before kindergarten.

According to that, they were
all caught in some freak storm...

during the last meteor shower.

Is it possible that
they all have powers?

It would explain why
they're so close.

But I don't get it.
If they're so inseparable,

- why turn on each other over a...
- A tiara?

Clark I don't think
they're competing for the crown.

Our meteorological misfits have
traversed the entire Midwest.

Mud wrestling championship.

Ring girls at a casino prize fight.

And my personal favorite,
Oktoberfest maidkins.

This is the girl that was put on ice.

And every time, there's a major
heist in the city.

- They're thieves?
- It's twistedly brilliant.

I mean, who would
ever suspect vapid

eye candy as white-trash
cat burglars?

They're after the map.

And the treasure, which is
supposedly millions in gold bars.

And given the rate
of inflation, we're

talking the mother lode
of all buried booty.

More than enough to kill
your best friend over.

And anyone else.

Don't tell me you're leaving?

I thought I need more help
than just my makeup.

Maybe my cousin is right.

I don't belong here.

I'm sorry I was harsh on you, but that
was before I knew you were special.

I saw you, Kara.
You're a very talented girl.

No, I'm just like everyone else.

No. You're not.

You have powers just like us.

You guy...

Let's just say we were
in the right place at

the right time during
the last meteor shower.

But the important thing is,
that you're not alone, Kara,

and we need you.

We're going on a...
treasure hunt to find the time capsule.

But we can't do it without you.

Here's a photo of the gold
before it was stolen.

It's more than enough
to buy a new Prada bag

every season for
the rest of our lives.

All we need to do is get that map.

Count me in.

Little Miss sunshine double-crossed us.

Cindy Walker.

Kara Kent.

Kelly Carson.

Elisabeth Jobson.

Tony Perry.

Amy Perez.

Caylor Crenshaw.

Amber Grace.

Thank you, ladies.
That was lovely, huh?

And in just a moment,
I will announce

Smallville's newest
Miss Sweet Corn.

I've been looking for her
because I believe she saved me...

Not just from the river.

I'm talking about much more
than that, Carter.

She saved me from drowning
in the evil of my ways.

Oh, an angel?

No mortal woman pulled me
from that river.

She doesn't exist...

so, you can stop looking for her.

Perhaps I can help you refocus
on your real target.

The spaceship you found...

wasn't the first to land in Smallville.

My work at the dam...

3 years of research...

300 gigabyte...

All attempts to prevent
what I believe is coming,

what fear is inevitable.

If your research is so inflammatory,
why incriminate yourself?

Well, given the magnitude
of the project, I...

I think it's time to reach out
to the government for help.

I mean, we are on the same side,
aren't we?

And now, ladies
and gentlemen,

the moment you've all
been waiting for...

Smallville's new Miss Sweet Corn...

Kara Kent.

Thank you so much.

You've made a newcomer feel
so welcome.

Hold on.
Please, everybody, stay seated.

I'm gonna have to ask you
to come with me, miss.

What happening?

Your friends tipped us off.

Kara Kent, you're under arrest.

Haven't you learned anything?

Breaking into the time capsule...
What were you thinking?

I was thinking I had to get to
that map before anyone else did.

You shouldn't have stolen
the map at all.

Even if the treasure it leads to
is Kryptonian?

And why wouldn't you tell me?

Hmm. Where do you want me to start?

Your patronizing watermelon tutorials,

your reprimands,

or your general
disinters in

everything I've done
since I showed up?

Where is it?

- I'll show you.
- No, no, no!

You're gonna stay here, until
Chloe can get you out legally.

- Just give me the map.
- I can't.

Why not?

When the sheriff dragged
me away, there was

some freak gust of
wind and blew it away.

Okay, it's all right.
It's all right.

Sounds like one of
the weather girls.

Look, just tell us
what you saw on the map.

Keep digging. It should be there.

There's no way there's gold in here.

Maybe it's diamonds.

Well, there'd better be
something good in this box.

That's it?

- That doesn't belong to you.
- It does now.

You're not as tough as you talk.

But I am.

Kara, be careful.
These rocks can kill you.

Clark, I'm so sorry didn't listen to you.

For once I'm not.

You saved me.

And even though it's not the way
I would have done it,

I know that you
need to figure out

how to use your
abilities your own way.

Does that mean you're gonna
stop trying to tell me what to do?

Probably not.

Isn't that what family's for?

This can't be from your ship.

It was buried over 100 years ago.

And I don't recognize this
symbol. I think it's a code.

It's some kind of S.O.S.

From who?

I don't know.
But if this is still on Earth,

so is the Kryptonian that left it.

Exactly how many of us
have been here on this planet?

I'm starting to think that Earth
might play a bigger role...

in our fathers' plans than we realized.

For now, all we can do is try
to figure out who left this.

In the meantime...

I'll be fitting in.

And if this doesn't say "Smallville,"
I don't know what does.

It is a big demotion, though, from
Miss Sweet Corn to coffee jockey.

Well, you'll adjust.

Just don't expect me to keep looking
over my shoulder, living this...

life of suffocating
repression just because you do.

- "Suffocating repression," huh?
- Hey, it's your language.

I just studied it.

Our language.

You're one of us now.



You're not human,

no matter how much you want to be.

I mean, we can harvest corn and we
can pump mochas all we want, but...

it's not gonna make us one of them.

I may have been born on another
planet, Kara, but Earth is my home.

Everyone I love,
everyone I care about is here.

It's where I belong.

What about in 50 years?

Look, we both know what's gonna
happen to everyone that you love.

I'm sorry, but if you
think you can just

spend your life hiding
here on the farm...

and growing old with Lana...

you're fooling yourself.

What do you have for me?

We found her...

Just where you said she would be.

Congratulations. You just
delivered a front-page freak story.

I'm just glad you're finally out
of the frozen-food section.


You know, when we
first got together,

I thought that you were
pretty prejudiced...

Quick to jump
to the conclusion that some...

meteor-infected murder
was behind every

bad thing that happened
in Smallville.

- Jimmy...
- But you were right.

I've seen enough now to know
that sooner or later they all... snap.

So, from now on, it's open
season on the infected.

What do you say we clean up
this town, partner?

Sorry. I just came back for my bag.

Why don't we go upstairs?


You have no idea how good
it feels to be back here,

despite everything
that's happened lately.

"Everything" meaning Kara?

Meeting your cousin has definitely
been an experience, but...

I was talking more
about what's gone on with us.

Clark, I was afraid that you wouldn't
forgive me for marrying Lex...

or for leaving.

Lana, nothing could ever change
the way I feel about you.

But I've made
so many mistakes.

We've both made mistakes.

This is our chance to start over.

I just hope you know
what you're getting into.

I know exactly what I'm getting into.

Clark, I came back here for you...

For us.

I never want to let the past
come between us again.

I want us to wake
up every morning

and be there for
each other.

I want to grow old together.

Tell me it's not too late
for a cappuccino.

Sorry, we're closed.

Even for the owner.

Technically, I don't even work here yet...

At least not until tomorrow.

I just came down to pick up
the bag that I left.

I want to thank you for saving my life.

I know it was you...

at the river.

I think you have me confused
with someone else.

You ripped the roof off my car.

You must have been
through a terrible ordeal.

You were there.

It's okay.

I won't tell anyone. I promise.

Your secret's safe with me.

I've already protected you,

like I would have
protected others close

to me if they would
have told me the truth.

This time, I'm hoping
to change all that.

I just need you to be honest with me.

Look, I'm sorry, Mr. Luthor.

The only secret I've got is
that I make a lousy cappuccino.

It's probably not the best thing
to confess to your boss, huh?

Twice I've been pulled back
from the brink of death,

and both times it was
by a member of the Kent family.

I'm not a man who believes
in coincidences.

Sooner or later,
I'll find out the truth.

Are you a savior?

Or are you a warning?