Smallville (2001–2011): Season 7, Episode 19 - Quest - full transcript

Lex gives the chronograph from the Zurich vault for examination to antiques expert Milash, but is stabbed by a mystery man who also carves his chest with Kryptonian symbols, which lead Clark and Chloe to the same St. Christopher cathedral in Montreal as Milash's historical deduction. There Clark is recognized as 'the Traveler' by Edward Teague, the last Veritas survivor, who first venerates him, but finding him unwilling to kill for the secret decides to eliminate both him and Lex himself.



The gears...

...the complications. I- -

I have never seen anything quite like it.

What does it do?

Well , I am sorry to say, I don't know.

I didn't come to the most renowned expert
in antiquities in North America...

...for more ambiguity.

Well , I just need more time. I- -

I need to take it to my workshop
and take it apart.

No. The cryptograph
isn't leaving this room.

It holds great sentimental value for me.

It's priceless.


...if there is no way to decipher
the meaning... seems your priceless heirloom
has no value at all.

I want a security detail on him 24/7.






Oh, my God. Mr. Luthor.

Security breach!

Call an ambulance!



Sir. Don't try to get up.

I got everything taken care of.

Clearly that wasn't the case
earlier this evening, was it?

Police. What do they know?


I knew you wouldn't want us
to cooperate.

I have a private team
tracking your assailant...

...but we don't have many leads.

It was the manager...

...from the bank in Zurich.

He must have been stationed
at the bank...

...waiting for someone to open
the safe-deposit box.

Apparently , I'm not the only one interested
in its contents.


He was trying to kill me.

He was trying to do more than that.

The symbols.

He knows.

He's after the cryptograph.

CHLOE: I won't ask you where you've been
or why you stood me up.

As long as you picked up cheesecake
to say you're sorry.

Oh, yeah.

Well , the hospital cafeteria
isn't known for its dessert list.


-Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm great. I'm making Page 2.

Lex is the one who's not doing so hot.

Was there an accident?

Well , not unless tripping
can cause multiple stab wounds.

Look, I know it sounds sleazy...

...but it turns out
that ambulance chasing pays off.

I got a candid shot of Lex
being admitted to the hospital.

I think I' ll pass on the gnarly peep show.

But, you know, Jimmy...

...there are ways other than cheesecake
that you can make up for being late.

As far as I can tell , Lex's security
is not cooperating with the police... the let's-find-out-what-happened

Don't you find this a little suspicious?


Well , given the large number of dead bodies
rolling around lately...

...I thought that Lex had eliminated
all of his enemies.

Why would someone attack him?

Well , the "why"...

...isn't as interesting as the "how."

Along with the stab wounds, the attacker
chiseled a calling card into Lex's chest.

You mean like a name?

No, it's like some freaky symbols.

Hey. Sorry I couldn't get here faster
but, you know, I have to drive.

You dragged me out of bed
because someone hurt Lex?

They did more than just hurt, Clark.

Jimmy snapped a photo.

That was carved onto Lex's chest.

-What does it say?
-They're symbols.

One for Traveler,
and the other for Savior.

There's only one group that appointed
themselves the savior of the Traveler.


But Queen, Teague, Swann, Lionel- -

All the members of Veritas are dead.

So who else could know
about the Traveler?

Or more importantly , how to control him.

Lionel said whoever had the two keys
would find a device to control you.

Now, what if Lex was attacked because
he has both keys and he used them.

While you were away, I tracked Lex and
the keys to a safety-deposit box in Zurich.

Then we're too late?

Well , as far as I can tell ,
you're still steering your own ship.

Which means that whatever
was in that box hasn't taken the wheel.


Well , that's comforting.

Well , maybe it's because Lex
doesn't know who you are.

There's only one way to find out.

You're not serious.

Looks like your Q&A will have to wait.



I found it.

Good. Retrieve the cryptograph.

It can't be.

I should have seen it that before.

It's magnificent.

Do you want to take a look?

I think I' ll pass.

Do you want a look?

Oh. Mm-mm.

You're missing a treat.

A real treat.

No. No. Please. Here. Take it.
Take it, please.




-I guess skywriting is pass?.

Chloe, the person who did this
may have kidnapped Lex.

If they did, they only did it to save you.

That's the last thing I need,
someone killing people in my name.

That's probably how God felt
about the Crusades.

Why carve Kryptonian symbols
into Lex's chest?

Lex got himself into this.

Yeah, but I let him.

Wait, go back.

Right there, where the symbols overlap.

Chloe, it creates a third symbol.

Like this?

Yeah. There's no Kryptonian word
that translates directly to "church."

Sanctuary would be the closest match.

If you look at it that way,
then Savior could be--

Angel or saint.

The patron saint of travelers
is St. Christopher.

Hand me your phone.

Everything you need at your fingertips.
That'll take you where you need to go.

There's only one
St. Christopher's Cathedral...

...on this continent and it's in Montreal.


That man was going to kill me.

He was after the cryptograph.

Well , I guess I underestimated its value.

I am not surprised,
considering what I found.

Go on.

Every artist...

...leaves his mark.

It is an individual's signature, if you like.

This piece was designed
by a renowned German watchmaker...

...named Dietrich Brauer.

A watchmaker?

Brauer catered to European noble families,
making hundreds of timepieces.

And then one day,
he just went into seclusion.

Rumors swirled that an unknown patron
had commissioned him to make not--

Not a watch but a magnificent clock.

Brauer's Standuhr...

...his masterpiece.

So, what does his masterpiece have to do
with the cryptograph?

Only one sketch existed of the clock...

...after it disappeared
during the Second World War.

The gears on that sketch
match this exactly.

So nobody knows
where the clock is now?

It was lost for decades,
but recently it resurfaced... a donation
from a wealthy philanthropist.

-What was the philanthropist's name?
-I believe the donor's name was Dr. Swann.

Virgil Swann.

Swann posthumously
donated the Standuhr to a church.

St. Christopher's Cathedral,
in Montreal, Quebec.

"Cast your eye beneath the surface."

It appears you found
what you were seeking.

I've been expecting you.

There are few...

...who can read the inscription.

And only one with the ability
to follow the instructions.

Who are you?

I'm Edward Teague.

The last surviving member of Veritas.


I've waited a lifetime for this moment... serve...

...the Traveler.

I suppose you know
what it feels like to be worshiped.

I didn't ask to be worshiped.

Putting me on a pedestal,
that was something Veritas did. Not me.

All the members of Veritas are dead.

Lionel Luthor wanted you all to himself.

He killed the Queens, Swann.

I went into hiding after I...

...lost my wife... son.

They all died because of me.


They died for you.


They didn't even know me.

It was a sacrifice
they were happy to make.

That's the difference
between believers and nonbelievers.

We believed
you would be the next savior.

We took an oath under Swann
to protect you.

And your way of protecting me
was attacking Lex?

Lex is a nonbeliever.

He cannot be trusted.

And his intentions are harmful.

Once he'd reached the safety-deposit box
in Zurich, I knew he was too close.

Lionel said there was something out there
that could control me.

What is it that Lex was so close
to finding?

Swann kept that secret to himself.

He scattered clues around the world
in the hopes that whatever controls you...

...wouldn't wind up in the wrong hands.

One of those clues... here... this church.

I don't know where...

...but I was afraid Lex did.

So you tried to kill him.

But why carve my name into his chest?

Lionel kept your identity hidden,
it was my only chance.

I hoped you would see it
and come find me.

I had to warn you.

Please... must believe how evil Lex is.

I know who Lex is.

I know what he's done.

Then why?

Why didn't you take care of him before?

We have sacrificed everything.

Years of our lives, our families.

For you.

You don't want to fulfill your destiny.

You don't even want to save yourself.


People want to see you as their savior,
but you can't be so naive.

For every beacon of light in the universe,
there is a pit of darkness.

We must fight to keep that darkness
from overwhelming us all.

Lex Luthor cannot be allowed
to control you.

No one can.

No matter the cost.

We land in three hours.

I hope that gives you enough time.

Those guards are dead.

I was almost killed.

And I have told you everything
that I know.

And still you have practically
abducted me.

What have you got me into?

It's better you don't
concern yourself with it.

You have put my life in danger
and now you refuse to let me go.

I have a right to know what is the truth.

Considering there's a decent chance
that you are going to kill me...

...before I even get off of this plane... why should I help you?

If you remember right...

-...I saved your life back there.
-That was because you still needed me.

And I- - And I think
you are still needing me now.

Mr. Luthor, in antiquities,
provenance is everything.

The history of an object, the reason why
it was made, that is its true value.

There was a rumor that Brauer
was commissioned to make the clock... a secret society of wealthy patrons.

You wouldn't know anything about that,
would you?

My father was one of them.

My father was...


Everything he did...

...every act he made,
it was all aimed at one goal:

Finding the truth,
no matter what the cost.

My father's obsession...

...made me an orphan
long before he died.

I've always wondered why.

That cryptograph....

That cryptograph is gonna give me
the answer.


Hey, Clark, it's me.

So the LuthorCorp jet just left Smallville
for Montreal.

So, whatever you can find up there,
I suggest you find it fast.

You're not gonna believe what I found.

Uh, I take it you're over
the whole sleep thing.

Symbols like the one hacked into Lex have
been appearing around Smallville for years.

On cave walls, burned in barn doors,
even drawn in the fields like crop circles.

-It's incredible.
-No, Jimmy, it's a hoax.

Just like those crop circles in England.

Well , hey, the jury is still out.

Those crop circles
could have been made by aliens.

People have been playing with
the Kiwatche cave paintings for years...

...just trying to get on the 6:00 news.


Get a competition in the story department
and suddenly you go all Scully on me.

It's not that.

It's just, I don't think Smallville
is destined to be the next Stonehenge.

Even if it turns out
it's a site of ritualistic killings?

I pulled this from research on the cave.

It's an exact match to the carving
on Lex's chest.

And it's above a drawing.

Yeah, I've seen this before.
It just looks like a guy in a doorway to me.

Well , sure, it looks that way.

But according to the number one website
on primitive pictography...'s actually a human sacrifice.

Oh, my God.

Why are you doing this? I thought
you were supposed to protect me.

Because it is my duty.

You let the secret of Veritas
fall into the wrong hands.

This is the only way to guarantee... don't come
under someone else's control.

It won't happen. I can stop it.

I will now bestow upon you... ancient Kryptonian ritual.

Before your race
were a people of science...

...they were warriors.

This ceremony...

...was a sign of respect...

...for the mightiest of their enemies.

You don't know anything about Krypton.

I was Swann's disciple.
He taught me everything.

Then he must have taught you
that I was good.

That I'm not a threat.

He wouldn't want you to kill me.

Swann was an idealist.

He said you would rule us with strength.

But for every passage Swann quoted
of the Traveler coming to save Earth...

...there was another interpretation
that cast you... our Destroyer.

If Lex takes control of you,
that's exactly what will happen.

Something your father...

...couldn't have foreseen.

What does this have to do with Jor-El ?

He had high hopes for you
when he sent you to this planet.

But your father understood
the risk of setting a god among men.

If you were ever to turn
against humanity...

...we wouldn't stand a chance.

That's why...

...he sent the device.

He never would have sent something
to control me.

His only other option would have been
to destroy you.

But he couldn't bear the thought
of his son's death.

I pray that you find peace
in this act of selflessness.








You're too late.

So strange to see you
without those Warrior Angel figurines...

...clutched in your little hands.

Mr. Teague.

Alive and well.

No thanks to your father.

Seems we all have a score
to settle with him.

I believe you already have.

I'm just sorry to see that you've inherited
your father's obsession.


You're the one who did this.

You tried to kill me.


The prophecies state that the Traveler
would have a powerful adversary.

I could never have foreseen
that it would be little Alexander.

You know who he is.

The Traveler's identity
is no longer relevant.

Maybe not to you.

But it's everything to me.

You have no idea what it's like to live every
day of your life feeling like an afterthought.

I've sacrificed too much.


Your sacrifice has just begun.

The world can exist only in balance.

If there is no Traveler...

...there can be no Destroyer.



Oh, my God. Clark.

-Chloe, how did you--?
-Oliver's jet.

Fringe benefit of being a hero hag.

How'd you do that?

I didn't.

The Traveler.

Oh, my goodness.

What happened here?

I assume Milosh is safely back
on U.S. soil.

I put him on the first commercial flight
to Metropolis.

I take it we won't be needing him
in Scotland.

Not if you did your homework.

The library only had one book on St. Kilda,
but I think you'll be pleased.

Mind if I ask what's so compelling about a
small island off the west coast of Scotland?

The clock.

It played a melody
from an old Scottish folk song.

"Birks of St. Kilda."

When I was learning to play the piano,
my father made me play it over and over.

Birks means birches.

Well , there might be birches
but that's about it.

The island's a bird sanctuary now.

According to the literature...

...there was a small town built up
around a castle...

...until some wealthy American
bought the castle...

...hauled it back to the U.S.

My father brought that castle to Smallville,
stone by stone.

But obviously he never found
what he was looking for.

It must still be there.

Tell the pilot to change course.

We're not going to Scotland.

We're going home.


And I was only gone for 24 hours. Remind
me to stay away for a week next time.

Well , I'm actually sort of
celebrating myself.

I just sold my first article.

That's fantastic, Jimmy. How?

You said the symbols
in the Kiwatche caves are old news...

...but I kept digging anyways.

And turns out,
I'm not the only one interested.


Phew. Apparently , Lex is pretty taken
with the symbols too.

Not surprisingly , since he's wearing one
on his chest.

So tell me exactly
what the article is about.

Well , it's all very Joseph Campbell.

Hero's journey and all that.


See, most of the stories on the cave walls
are about good versus evil.

They tell of Naman,
the savior of the people...

...warring against Sageeth,
the bringer of darkness.

Yeah, the story sounds familiar.

I think Clark wrote a paper about it
in high school.

Well , in the beginning, Naman and Sageeth
each have their own distinct symbol.

Well , then why does this one
look like a combination of the two?

I was wondering that myself.

So I called a professor at Met U
who specializes in hieroglyphics.

The symbol of good versus evil
is common in primitive cultures.

It embodies the push, the pull
of the two sides, the yin and yang.

-The hero-antihero conflict.

But here's what got Lex all jazzed.

This particular image portrays
the resolution of that conflict.

Remind me how you resolve a conflict that
has existed since the beginning of mankind.

Well , in the Kiwatche legend,
the hero's journey ends in a final battle.

So according to your professor,
who is supposed to win?


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Clark,
but the writing is literally on the wall.

You're buying into this whole
Naman-Sageeth mythology?

After seeing you strapped down like
the human sacrifice in the cave drawings?

In a word, yes.

It wasn't a myth that tried
to kill me, Chloe. It was a man.

And thanks to you saving him,
that man is still out there.

Chloe, when Teague
was performing that ritual...

...I realized that on some twisted level...

...he actually thought he was doing
the right thing.

He thought he was protecting everyone.

From me.

Last time I checked, the world was doing
just fine with you in it.

As long as there's something out there
that can control me, I'm still a threat.

And Teague reminded me
how dangerous my abilities are.

In the wrong hands, Chloe,
they could destroy everything.

Which is a really good reason
why you can't let Lex just walk away.

It's not about Lex, Chloe. I x-rayed him,
he didn't have anything on him.

He didn't find what he was looking for.

Maybe not this time, Clark,
but every battle has its victor.

I know you don't wanna take Lex out...

...but Lex will not hesitate to destroy you
when he gets the chance.

What do you want me to do, Chloe,
kill him?

If I do that,
I'd just be turning into him myself.

Whether you like being on this pedestal
or not, you were put in this position.

And someday you're gonna
have to play God.

LEX : It's been almost 24 hours.
Why haven't they found anything?

It takes time to cover a structure this size
inch by inch, Mr. Luthor.

I got every available body working
on the job.

And it's only been 20 hours.

I don't want excuses. I want results.

Yes, sir, I understand.
I'll bring in more men, increase the shifts.

You do that.


On the shores of St. Kilda

The birks sway in the wind

From the left to the right again

You said the castle was on the west coast
of St. Kilda.

Yes, sir.

Facing west?

No. The castle itself faced south.

So if I'm facing south... see the shore I turn right.

Above the heart of home
Shines the North Star

Of course.

Get out.

Everyone out, now.

Yes, sir. Clear the floor.

Everybody out, let's go.