Smallville (2001–2011): Season 7, Episode 18 - Apocalypse - full transcript

In this darkly take on a Christmas Carol/It's a Wonderful Life, Clark begins to wonder with Lana still comatose and Kara held captive in the past by Braniac, if things would be better if he never arrived on Earth. The spirit of Jor-El then transports Clark to an alternate reality of what Smallville and the rest of the world would be like if he never existed; an alternate adoptive version of Clark Kent living at the Kent farm; Chloe is engaged to marry another guy, and Lex Luther is the ruthless President of the United States, with Kara as his right-hand person/assassin, and Milton Fine/Brainiac as Lex's chief adviser.

CHLOE: Hey, I must have tripped
every speed trap in Smallville to get here.

What happened?

I got another SOS from Kara.


"Krypton will be destroyed any minute.

Brainiac is getting closer. Please hurry.

Your life depends on it."

So Brainiac used Kara to time-jump
back to the day that the planet exploded.

Which means all he has to do
is stop that ship...

...that carried you as a baby
from leaving Krypton and--

You'd be standing alone
in an empty barn.

Clark, if they made the quantum leap,
there must be a way you can too.


Kara mentioned the Fortress
has the ability to send me back.

If I take the octagonal disk there,
Jor-El can make it happen.

Then why are you still here?

I mean, you should be halfway
to Krypton by now.

I'm not going.

But you have to stop Brainiac or you'll fade
away. This could happen at any moment.

-I understand.
-Okay, I know what you're thinking.

Last time you meddled with the past,
it cost your father his life.

But look at what's at stake.
You don't have a choice.

I do have a choice, Chloe,
and I'm making it right now.

Ever since I arrived, all I brought is death
and suffering, meteor freaks, phantoms.

And Brainiac.

Clark, you've done so much good.
You can't blame yourself...

-...for all the bad in the world.
-It's not blame, Chloe.

I'm taking responsibility
for all the lives that I've ruined...

...including Lana's.

Clark, this is not the time to be stubborn,
okay? Don't do this.

We need you.

I need you.

Chloe, you'll be fine. Once I'm gone,
you'll have no idea I was ever here.

No, I'm not letting you off that easy.
You're going back to Krypton now.

Before it's too late.

This planet will be better off
if I never existed.

Oh, my God, Clark.


Hey. What the hell are you doing
on our property?


Who are you?

I live here.

I'm Clark Kent.


-What are you doing?
-I'm not in this picture.

You're their son.

Yeah. And lucky for you,
my dad didn't find you in the barn...

...because he'd be pulling out his 1 2 gauge
right about now.

He's alive?



What's your problem?

Look, nobody's home, all right?

If you don't get out of my house,
I'm calling the sheriff.

I never made it to Earth.
I don't exist here.

Well , unfortunately , you do and you still
haven't told me why you're in my house.

I'm not sure. If I didn't get on that ship,
then I shouldn't be here but somehow I am.

The ship?

All right, look, just relax, okay?

I'll get you some help.

I need to talk to Jonathan and Martha.

That'll be hard. They're on a cruise,
celebrating my dad's birthday.

-Look, anyways--
-Lana Lang.

Is Lana okay?

I don't know who that is,
but I' ll call the sheriff...

-...and I'm sure he'll know what to do.
-No, it's all right.

I just need to make sure all my friends
are okay.

I need to use your phone book.

All right, I' ll take a latte.

Oh, shoot. I' ll be right back.

Okay, I' ll be waiting for you.


Chloe Sullivan, Smallville High,
class of '05?

I'm sorry, my inner database
is coming up empty.

Do I know you?

Clark Kent?

We went to high school together.

You may not remember me.
I was a bit of an outsider.

Listen, I'm trying to find
a mutual friend of ours.

She's not in the phone book. Lana Lang?

The cheerleader?

We didn't exactly swim
in the same social ponds.

I mean, to be honest...

...her blip fell off my radar
the day after graduation.

But you were a reporter
at the Torch, right?

Maybe you can use your investigative
magic, help me track her down?

I would love to help ,
but we have somewhere we have to be.

Oh, you and your boyfriend.

Fianc?, actually.

Wedding's on Sunday.


That's great.

-So you ready?

Your dad just called.

-He's waiting at the tuxedo shop.

-I'm sorry I couldn't help.
-It's okay.


I hope you find Lana.


I'm really happy for you.


Nice bow tie.

Oh, thanks.
Yeah, it's a present from an old girlfriend.

She might have taken my heart away
but she left me with a sense of style.

You're Jimmy Olsen,
the photographer, right?

The one and only.

Every time I see a picture
in the newspaper I like...

...your name's on it.


-You like my work?

I wish that you were my editor.
She says that I have focus issues.

She should check her eyesight.

So do you work here?


I actually lost track of an ex-girlfriend.

And I was hoping the Daily Planet archives
might help me find out where she ended up.

Do you have any idea
who might be able to help me?

You're looking at him.
I'm always there for a loyal fan. Come on.

So does this long-lost love have a name?

Lana Lang.

"Lana Lang."


What is it? Is she okay?

Well , brace yourself.

"After high school, Lana studied art history
at the Sorbonne...

...where she met French philanthropist
Pierre Rousseau."

Like, they're married, they have two kids
and they live in the City of Lights.

Sorry, buddy.

No, that's the best news I ever heard.


I guess things turned out pretty good for her
without you around.

I just want her to be happy.



Clumsy but cute.

Hey, Miss Lane.

Looking for a photographer
to shoot tomorrow's column one?

Put your camera back in your pants, Olsen.
I need you to make another delivery ASAP.

Name's Lois, Lois Lane.

Clark Kent.

So, Kent, do you always bowl women over
the first time you meet them?

Don't be hard on him.
He found out that his old flame... doing Last Tango in Paris
with a philanthropist.

-It's not as bad as you think.
-No need to put on an act.

I know all about unrequited love.

I have had more heroes exit stage left
than a Greek tragedy.

But you know what I find helps?
Talking about it.

I'm gonna be at O'Malley's after work.
Find me and I' ll buy you a cold one.

Lois Lane?

That's what it says on my Pulitzer.

You're in possession of property belonging
to the U.S. government.

Come with us.

LOIS : Hey!
-What are you doing?

LOIS : Hello?
-This is government business...

...and doesn't concern you.

Back off.

Whoa, take it easy, G-man.

-What happened?
-Not sure.

If the head of the DDS makes a house call ,
it's serious.


C-SPAN much?
The Department of Domestic Security.

That was Linda Danvers.
She was appointed.

-Who would appoint her?
JIMMY: The only person who can.

The president of the United States.

CLARK: I still can't believe that Lex Luthor
was elected president.

JIMMY: Hey, he played the fear card,
got the most votes.

End of civic class.

Since he rounded up the meteor freaks,
he's been a hero.

CLARK: Meteor freaks?
There was still a meteor shower?

Uh, yeah, made headlines coast-to-coast.
Luthor saved the day.

Does Lois' arrest
have anything to do with Lex?

You're on a first-name basis
with the president?

He can be dangerous. Lois is a friend.
I don't wanna see her hurt.

Aren't you sipping the poison
a little quick, Romeo? You just met.

There must be a way we can help her.

I'm just trying to keep my own butt
out of an orange jumpsuit.

Tell me where they took her.

She dropped this mess in my lap...

...and I gotta clean house
before Big Brother comes knocking.

Hey, give me that back.

What do you think that you're doing?

What does this mean?

I'm just a messenger.

Lois doesn't like courier services,
so I make her deliveries.

Where were you taking it?

Oh, I guess you didn't get the memo
that said, "Why should I tell you?"

Oh, that's a good answer.

It's the Ace of Clubs.

Look for the suit at the end of the bar.

Your messenger days are over.


Hey, La Toya.

Sheriff Adams?

Long time since anyone's called me
by that handle.

-Do I know you?
-I grew up in Smallville.


I kicked that town's dust off my boots
a long time ago.

What's your business here?

I'm making a delivery.

Why the hell is this open?

I wanna know what's going on...

...or Lois Lane won't be the only one
in trouble with the government.

You're out of your league here, slim.

I am the government.

Now, get back to Smallville
before I lose my ladylike charm...

...and arrest your hide.

You mean, like you did to Lois Lane?

Lane was arrested?

Don't act so surprised.
The DDS picked her up this morning.

The DDS said
that Lois was in possession...

...of something that belonged
to the government.

Whatever it was came from you,
didn't it?

You're her informant.

If anyone hears about this...

...I will hunt you down like a henhouse fox,
do you hear me?

I only wanna help. Tell me where she is.

If the department picked her up,
no one can help her now, not even me.

Just let me try.

Don't bother. Just give it up.

I don't give up.

Tell me where I can find Lois Lane.

Bring her inside and lock her up.
Don't let anyone talk to her until I return.

Yes, ma'am.

Don't touch me.

What is this place?


You okay?


Talk about sweeping a girl
off her feet.

Pretty handy having a meteor freak
on my side.

I'm not a meteor freak.

Right. It may be a mess...

...but Olsen's loft is the last place Luthor's
storm troopers would come looking.

Mind telling me
why you're public enemy number one?

I'm not. I happen to have
a highly classified document...

...that proves Luthor is putting the country
in jeopardy. Look at this.

Satellite images have revealed...

...that our enemy
has deployed nuclear missiles...

...within striking distance of our country.

My fellow Americans...

...a threat in our own backyard
will not be tolerated.

This hostile action leaves us no option
but to answer with force.

One little problem.

The threat is as phony
as my uncle's hairpiece.

The missiles don't exist.

It's no surprise that Lex would lie.

But why would he create a national crisis
that wasn't there?

While the DDS was chauffeuring me
to my inquisition...

...I overheard an agent saying they
were taking the eagle to the mountaintop.

It sounds like some kind of code.

It means they're moving Luther
to the NORAD bunker.

They would only do that for one reason:
nuclear war.

And since the threat is fake... means he wants to give the enemy
a sucker punch with a preemptive strike.

I need to post the truth on the Planet's
front page before Luthor presses the button.

But if Lex goes through with this strike,
each side will destroy the other.

Well , that's what I don't understand.
Luthor's not suicidal.

Why would he wanna hit
Earth's delete key?

Because of him.

Milton Fine, the chief of staff?

He's powerful but we're not talking
nuclear-bomb powerful.

Somehow, he managed to get here.

What are you talking about?

He's behind it all , Lois.

Milton Fine doesn't care what happens
to this planet...

...because he's not human.

He's a machine.

He might come off a little stiff on Larry King
but you're saying he's an android?

If I was here to take him on,
this wouldn't have happened.

I thought everything would be better off
if I wasn't involved, but it's worse.

I don't understand. How does any of this
have anything to do with you?

You're an android, aren't you?

I'm the one person who can defeat Fine.

I need you to trust me.

Luthor's holding a press conference
in Smallville in 20 minutes.

The only way to stop his plan... to get to the briefcase
with the nuclear-attack codes.

If I destroy it,
he can't initiate the launch.

They guard that nuclear football
better than the Hope Diamond.

-I' ll get past security.

Even if you white-tornado your way in...'re still gonna stick out
like a red-and-blue thumb.

You need to blend in.

-Olsen's roommate's about the right size.
-Lois, we don't have time for this.

Then stop standing around. Strip.

All right.

Kent, this is no time to be modest.
Armageddon's minutes away.

Well done.

Here. Put this on.

-"Lois Lane"?
-If anyone asks, it's a typo.

Your name's Louis.

What's wrong now?

Something's missing.

Yeah, proceeding's right in front.

Yeah, I think we should have this.

LEX : Considering your abilities, it's hard
to believe Miss Lane escaped from you...

...unless perhaps you wanted her to.

After all the years we've been together,
you turn on me now.

You're like my brother, Lex.
You know I' ll always be loyal to you.

Letting my enemies escape
is an odd way of showing it.

You don't know your true enemy.

His name is Milton Fine.


My closest adviser,
the man who got me elected?

He didn't do it alone.

I used every ability I have
to make sure you got what you wanted.

All I ever wanted was for mankind
to reach its highest potential.

We're so close.

And you betrayed me
the very moment I needed you most.

I've already seen one planet destroyed.

I'm not gonna let it happen again.

I confiscated this from Lois Lane's office.

It's a memo signed by Fine
authorizing the false reports.

There are no missiles threatening us.

So it's not betrayal I should fear from you,
just a simple lack of faith.

I'd never doubt you, Lex.

It's Milton Fine.

Lex, what are you doing?

He was following my orders.

You disappoint me, Kara.

With everything my family's done for you,
to question my judgment.

It's only because I care about you.

Since the day my father found your ship
submerged in the Reeves Dam...

...he loved you
like you were his own daughter.

He died guarding your secret
from the world.

I know, and I owe my life to both of you,
but this country--

What do you know
about protecting this country?

You are an alien.

I am the president
of the United States of America.

By striking the enemy first,
I am ensuring our survival.

We will prevail.

And through it all , I expect you to--
Look at me.

I expect you to stand by my side.

Of course, Mr. President.


Sir, the press is gathering.
You have two minutes.

Great leaders are defined
by the difficult decisions they make.

Mr. President, history shall forever
remember your name.

This is a restricted area.

-Leave at once. Reporters aren't--
-Kara, listen to me.

How do you know that name?

Because I'm from Krypton.
I'm your cousin.

I'm Kal-El.

I was sent here to kill you.

I searched the globe
and couldn't find you.

Kal-El wasn't on the planet,
so how can you be here now?

You're right. I never existed in this world.
But somehow I'm here.

Time was altered. Something went wrong.
I can't explain what happened.

I need your help.

We need to get the briefcase
with the nuclear codes away from Lex.

I trust Lex.

And I'm gonna stand by his side,
just like he's done for me all these years.

Kara, Milton Fine is Brainiac.

He made it to Earth?

-It all makes sense. I should have seen it.
-He couldn't let you.

If you knew his true identity,
you would have kept him from his mission.

Kara, together,
we can stop Brainiac once and for all.

Who is this?

He's from Krypton.

Please, just hear him out.

Lex, think about how you got to this point
in your life...

...and you'll see that Milton Fine
was the one who led you here.

Lex, you know it's the truth.

He's manipulating you.

His goal is to gain access
to this country's nuclear arsenal.

Sometimes things go so horribly wrong
that the only way to fix them... by starting over.

Is that what Fine says?

Lex, his goal is to destroy mankind.

But not everyone.

America's best and brightest are safe.

They've already been shuttled to bunkers
throughout the country.

That doesn't make any sense.

There will be nothing
for them to come back to.

When the dust settles, we'll rebuild
and I' ll lead the survivors into a new world.


Lex, what have you done?


I thought one day, I might have
to protect myself from you, Kara.

I'm just sorry that day's finally here.


You were supposed to be
by my side forever.

Take Miss Danvers to the chopper
and get her some medical attention.

Keep her handcuffed at all times.

Are you all right, Mr. President?

Let's do it.

Lex, don't do this.

It's not too late.

The future is yours, Mr. President.

Don't do it, Lex.

On my mark.



-Code confirmed.
CLARK: Stop!

This is insane!

Initiate launch.

The team will assemble
at the NORAD bunker, sir.

I'll deal with the intruder.

Security will meet you outside
and take you to Air Force One.

MIL TON FINE: You will not keep me
from the task I was programmed for.

Zod is still alive.

And trapped.

In the Phantom Zone.

With the humans gone, I' ll use Kara
to release him through her Fortress.

She'll never go along with it.

It didn't look like
she had much fight left in her.

But she'll heal. She's healthy.

And so is Lex Luthor...

...the vessel.

Together, they will repopulate the planet
and Krypton...

...will rise again.

[IN JOR-EL'S VOICE] You cannot change
the course of history, Kal-El.

You disappoint me, my son.

You cannot question your destiny
on this planet.

It was you!

You wanted to show me what the world
would be like if I wasn't here.

The disk in your hand
revealed your misguided intentions.

I was forced to show you
the error of your ways.

I sent you to Earth for a purpose, Kal-El... that cannot be taken lightly.

Send me back!

You must stop
the Brain Inter Active Construct...

...from altering history
and taking your life.

You cannot fail.

This time,
there will be no second chances.

Clark, what happened?

I thought you were gone forever...

...then a millisecond later, you're fine.


...there's still time.
I have to make it right.

I have to go to Krypton.


Hush, Kal-El.

It's time to sleep.

Not every boy grows up to be a hero.


Kal-El will die on Krypton...

...and now you will share his fate.

I won't let that happen.

You're gonna release Lana.

You can't stop me, Kal-El.

Clark, the baby.

There's no yellow sun
to charge you here.

You're not in Kansas anymore.


Clark, get the baby on the ship now,
before it's too late.

I'll handle Brainiac. Go!


Hurry, Clark. We have to leave.

Where's Brainiac?

He's gone. He's destroyed.


Let's go.

Come on, Clark. To the portal.
We've gotta go.

Please let me know
the minute anything changes.

The nurse said
Lana seems worse than ever.

I know I destroyed Brainiac.

I thought if he died,
it would break his grip over Lana...

...but I was wrong.

I don't know what else to do.

Clark, I am so sorry.

Maybe if we reopen the portal
to Krypton--

We can't.

As much as I want Lana well again,
there's no going back.

But if we go back,
there's so much more we could do.

We could save our home.

You don't know how many times
I wish I could've done that.

But you know it's possible.

If we just find the right point in time,
we can fix everything.

But how do we know
we won't make it worse?

We can't change the past, Kara.
We can only affect the future.

Whatever that future is...

...I want you to know
that I' ll always be there.

I'm here for you.

This place hasn't changed a bit
since I last saw it.

What are you doing here?

You were the last person to see Lana
while she was well.

I figured you're the one to talk to
if I have any chance of helping her.

No one's asking for your help.

I'm only trying to save her, Clark.

I had the best medical minds
in the world examine her.

Is there anything the doctors can do
to help her?

They tell me her condition
is unlike any they've ever seen.

Several specialists described it... almost alien.

So the best doctors in the world
can't do anything to help Lana?

Unfortunately , they've all come
to the same conclusion.

Her state is irreversible.

That's why I came to you, Clark.

If we could find out what triggered Lana's
syndrome, maybe we could have hope.

Think, Clark.

She was living with you.

Is there anything you can remember
that might explain... this could have happened?

I wish there was.

If there's something you left out
that you'd like to share... know where to find me.

This is a new side to Clark Kent:

Mild -mannered reporter
for a great metropolitan newspaper.

Don't worry, Lois, I'm not after your job.
I'm just borrowing the Planet's database.

Jimmy set me up here. I hope it's okay.

Hey, mi desktop es su desktop.

What are you looking up?


I'm no expert...

...but I'm sure that someone is out there
who can help Lana.

With all my years of watching Dr. Phil...'d think I could come up
with the perfect thing to say...

...but I'm drawing a blank.

I don't do well with sad.

Don't beat yourself up over it, Lois.

It's okay.

No, it's not.

You were there for me
when I needed a shoulder to cry on...

...and I am blowing this bigtime.

Look, I just wish I could make
everything all right.

You're a good friend, Lois.

Hey, you know what?

Why don't we go drown our sorrows?

Why don't I buy you a brew?
You look like you could use one.

Seriously , check out your driver's license.
We're legal now.

I'm not really into the nightlife scene.

I will have to take that as a challenge.

The first round is on me.