Smallville (2001–2011): Season 7, Episode 13 - Hero - full transcript

Pete Ross returns to Smallville and finds a number of surprising changes since his departure four years earlier. Besides resolving his feelings toward Clark since he learned of his friend's secret, Pete has to deal with the acquisition of a superpower of his own: that of his ability to 'stretch' his body courtesy of kryptonite-laced gum he's been chewing and consuming for nearly a year. Meanwhile, Lex continues to sow seeds of anxiety into the amnesiac and powerless Kara over Clark as well as wanting to know about her past, as does Jimmy Olsen.


Hey, listen up.

MC: We wanna thank everyone for coming
out and supporting the band tonight.

They're really excited to be here.

Thank you, Metropolis,
for spreading the word about our concert.

All right, the band will be up real soon,
so sit tight and get ready for a great show.

So, uh, we used to come to places
like this together.


l can't believe it's all blank.

It'll come back.

How about l reintroduce you
to your favorite bevvy?


I'll be right back.

Excuse me.

Coming through.


The promoter needs some gum
and I'm fresh out. You got any?

Look around, Einstein.
We're in a gum factory.


Let's hear some noise, Metropolis.

Throw your hands together
for one of the hottest bands out there.

Let's hear it for OneRepublic.



Hey, look out!

Hey, what happened?


Well , at least Kara didn't forget
how to use up all the hot water.

Yeah, but l understand...

...that she still hasn't managed
to recover her memory.

She still thinks she's from Minnesota.

But l think the more she looks
into her past...

...she'll realize it's all a lie.


Do you think if she was, uh,
taken to the Fortress... might speed up the process?

Last time l went to Jor-El for advice,
he kept me prisoner in the Fortress.

-l think it's time to tell her the truth.
-She won't believe you.

-Clark, we have to protect her.
-l agree.

Especially when she's been visiting...

...with Lex.

As much as l hate to admit it,
it makes sense.

He found her. She trusts him.

Her bracelet.

That connects her to Krypton.

Yes, but...

...l thought it had gone missing.

It has, but there's gotta be some way
to find it.

Mm. Oh.

In the meantime,
l suggest you keep a sharp eye...

...on Lex's latest endeavor.

Pete Ross.

What a surprise.

-Oh, my God. Pete.


Pete, it's good to see you.

What are you doing here?

More importantly , what's he doing here?

l guess more has changed around here
than l thought.

It's a long story.


l take it the fresh farm air isn't
as invigorating as it's cracked up to be?

l spend every day
wandering around that place...

...trying to find something
that will jog my memory.

Well ?

Did anything stand out?

Anything out of the ordinary?

Actually, yeah.


l don't feel connected to it at all.

But thanks for finding what you did.

l know it matches with the girl
formerly known as Kara Kent...

...but the girl in that folder isn't me.

How well do you know Clark?

Do you trust him?

l wish l could say yes.

I'm starting to wonder
if he's hiding something from me.

Doesn't it seem weird that l don't have
any medical or dental records?

Who doesn't get sick?

Clark can be evasive.

Why would he lie to me?

What in my past could be so horrible...

-...he wouldn't want me to know about it?

...l promise you...

...l will do everything in my power
to help you get your memory back.

Now, l don't suppose Clark has mentioned
anything about your missing bracelet.


Then l guess l should tell you.

The design on your bracelet is a symbol.

A symbol that matches others
that have appeared around Smallville.

These were first seen as paintings
in the Kiwatche caves...

...but they've appeared
much more recently...

...burned into the Kent barn.

Whatever Clark's hiding from you...

...l think it has something to do
with these symboIs.

That bracelet could be the clue
to uncovering your true identity.

All right, I'll see you this afternoon.

You don't want me to go with you?

No, it's okay.
Ben will help me unload the posts.

So the secret of the century
is not so secret anymore.

Lionel, Chloe and Lana
all know the truth...

-...about your extraterrestrial crash landing?
-It all just kind of happened.

Well , the truth is, with all the danger
l put you in knowing my secret...

...l didn't wanna tell anybody eIse, but--

But-- Let me guess.

--you couldn't stop trying to save the world
and you got caught. Let's go.

Wonder what your dad would think
about a Luthor hanging out in his kitchen.



Since my dad's been gone,
LioneI's done a lot for me and my mom.

Oh, sure he has.

l mean, he's done a lot for my family too.

Took our factory,
caused my parents' divorce...

...the guy's a real saint.

That's the way it used to be.

Can't expect you to understand,
l mean... have been gone for over three years.
What have you been doing?

We don't all land our dream career
like Chloe.

Kind of been doing the roadie gig.
Pays the bills.

Could at least have returned
one of my calls.

Think it's easy saying goodbye
to your best friend?

l couldn't risk anyone using me
to get to the truth about your secret.

l figured it was better
just leaving it all in the past.

-l didn't ask you to do that, Pete.
-l know.

But it doesn't change the fact that I've
been looking over my shoulder ever since.

l mean, l had to leave my life behind
because of you, Clark.

And to be honest... was better than living
in your shadow.

l didn't know.

Luckily , everything's changed.

Whoo! Ha-ha.

l finally brought my game up
to your level, Clark.

What happened to you?

It doesn't matter.

The other night, l saved this girl...

...and l finally got a taste
of what it feIt like to be you.

To be a hero.

Whatever it is,
we need to find a way to reverse it.

l shouldve known
you couldn't be happy for me.

l want you to be careful.

And what? Hide like you?

This isn't you, it's the kryptonite.

You know what it does? It warps reality.

The only thing warped
is how many people's lives...'re gonna ruin
by keeping your powers a secret.

I'm not gonna make anyone
live with that burden like you did.

Things change, Clark.

Time to share the glory,
and if you try to stop me... secret isn't gonna be the only one
in danger of being exposed.

Well , who should l blame
for my server problems?

I've been locked out of my files.


Thank you.

Open my e-mail yet?

Sorry, Jimmy, I've been in IT hell
all morning.

Some network issue
has got me surfing the slow lane.

Okay, here.

It's pretty cool, huh?

Oh, my God.

l know, right? This guy's elastic limbs
are gonna slingshot his story... the front page.
-This guy is Pete Ross.

He was, like, my best friend in high school.
Like, back before Clark.

You, um, ditched him for Clark?


l mean, we were all friends.
We were all best friends.

Well , he is gonna be
an overnight superstar.

l just got off the phone.
He's the first meteor fr--


Biologically enhanced individual...

...who's willing to be interviewed
about his powers.

l just need to flesh this out a little bit.

-Interviewed? Are you serious?

lmagine what Pete could do
for the perception...

...of the meteor-enhanced.
He's smart, he's funny...

...the guy's story is beyond amazing,
it's great.

Okay, so he's a walking personal ad,
but, Jimmy, as much as l appreciate...

...your socially conscious attitude
adjustment, the press would turn Pete...

-...into a circus freak.
-It's just an interview.

You know what? Maybe you're right.

Do you mind if l, um, add a little purple
prose just to smooth out the rough edges?

Sprinkle some of your Hemingway dust.

I'm off to the Stride factory.

I'm gonna interview a few of Elastic Man's
comrades before they start the next gig.

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Hey, Clark. Uh, we've got a problem
and it appears to be growing.

Chloe. Glad to see someone's taking
advantage of my open-door policy.

ITtold me you've been monitoring
everything on the Daily Planet computers?

Unauthorized surveillance
is totally unethical.

Pretty big words from a cub reporter.

Shouldn't you be using them
to write stories?

Good idea. l think office espionage
has a nice ring to it.


...I'm new here, but l thought Lois
had first stab at conspiracy theories.

You hacked into my computer
and copied my files, Lex.

-l have rights.

You don't have rights.

You have responsibilities.

Owning the Daily Planet
means everything within these walls...

...and if you have a problem
with the way l run this paper...'re free to find out if The Inquisitor
offers a more considerate environment.

You're excused.

MAN 1 :

Test the lights. No, no, no.
Not that one. That one there.

MAN 2:
Okay, cool, I'll just pull this one.

JIMMY: What time's the concert tonight?
RO ADIE : Eight o'clock.

Thanks, bro. Keep living.

Take it easy.

Hey, C.K.

Kara tell you about Pete's stretch-save?
Snapped his arms out like Silly Putty.

Maybe you didn't see
what you thought you saw, Jimmy.

You don't wanna think that one of your
best friends could be a meteor freak?

l hate to think that you have something
against the meteor-enhanced.

That's not it. l just don't wanna see
anything happen to Pete.

Like what? Get the credit he deserves?
Pete Ross is a hero, he saved Kara's life...

...and having the courage to reveal that
to the rest of the world , that's a big deal.

I'm not sure the rest of the world
is gonna see it that way.

Why? The world needs a hero now
more than ever, Clark.

Maybe meteor freaks can walk among us
without being afraid.

Wouldn't you want that,
if one was your friend?


l knew the Torch would light the way
to the big leagues.

Pete, hey. It's so good to see you.

Don't be too impressed.

l just went from being a big fish
in a small pond to a minnow in the Atlantic.

Well , l, for one,
have read all your stories.

As much as some things change,
some things always remain the same.

l couldn't agree more.

I'm actually in the process of mopping up
Lex Luthor's daily carnage as we speak.

Now, there's a name l don't miss.

He's playing Big Brother
on all of the computers at the Daily Planet.

All my work
is under his cyber lock and key.

Well , can't you just work some of your
virtual voodoo and get him back?

Short of a direct hit
from a massive virus...

...all of these files will forever be
in the clutches of Citizen Lex.

Maybe l can give him something eIse
to focus on.

Cool, huh?

Actually, yeah.


Come here.

You don't want Lex or anyone eIse
seeing that you can do that.

Come on, Chloe.

Don't tell me Clark's got you scared
because of his secret too.

You don't mean that.
This isn't about Clark.

Isn't it?

l mean, l remember what it was like
covering for him.

Always having to watch
what you had to say...


To you.

Well , sometimes you don't have
another choice.

Yes, you do.

And for once, I'm glad not to be following
in Clark's footsteps.

No secrets, Chloe.

Put it on the front page.

Okay, Pete, l get the whole
reach-for-the-stars mentality...

...and right now, you actually could reach
a few of those stars...

...but what about
all the meteor-infected people...

...who still appreciate their privacy?

They wanna keep living a lie,
that's their problem.

Maybe it's time for everyone
to realize...

...that a real hero
doesn't hide in the shadows.

Excuse me.

Are you looking for something?

Lana. Um....

Yeah, l was just--

Kara, l don't think that Clark would
appreciate you going through his things.

What do you know about these symboIs ?

As much as anyone in Smallville, l guess.
They're from a local Indian tribe.

Then why were they on the bracelet
l used to wear?

Maybe you bought it
while you were here visiting the Kents...

...or maybe they sent it to you
as a present.

You know, it's amazing... you and Clark
can lie on autopilot... that.

l know about the symboIs
burned into the barn and the fields.

And l know about this.

A tattoo you somehow
don't have anymore.

Where did you get these?



...Lex has a way of being the hero
at the exact moment...

...that you need to be saved.

l know how enticing that can be.

One day, he'll turn the tables
and you'll realize that everything was a lie.

lf you really wanna prove
that Lex is the one lying...

...then just tell me the truth.

It's obvious you're covering something.

Please, Lana.

You know... can keep shoveling dirt
over my past...

...but eventually...

...I'll uncover the truth.

Please, don't let me disturb you.

Quite the hero these days,
aren't you, Pete?

Saving Kara... you're trying to impress Chloe... erasing any record
of her extracurricular projects.

l guess things never change.

You're living proof of that.

You know, we may have more in common
than you think.

We both had a friend who let us down,
and something tells me... know what it's like to love a woman
who's still infatuated with Clark Kent.

Maybe l was wrong.

Things do change.

Even more messed up than before.

l thought an olive branch
was a pretty civilized response... breaking and entering...

...but however you wanna see it,
one truth remains:

l control Chloe's fate...

...and if you really wanna be her hero...'re gonna put that amazing ability
to work for me.

Now, there's a certain bracelet
that l believe is locked in my father's vauIt.

l want it.

I'm sure you do.

But Chloe wouldn't want you using her job
to make me do anything.

I'm not talking about her job, Pete.

I'm talking about the secret
she's been keeping.

Do you really wanna be the reason
the world finds out...

...that Chloe's a meteor freak?

The Stride gum factory?

It was used as an underground
venue for bands until it was shut down.

It's already been closed?

Maybe next time
they won't let the flavor last so long.

l found the source of Pete's powers.

Kryptonite-enhanced gum.
l found a whole stockpile of it.

Chewing gum?
Is nothing sacred anymore?

l destroyed it, but we have to find Pete.
His attitude is changing.

Ah, so you got a whiff of
Pete "The Boss" Ross too, huh?

lf he ingests any more kryptonite,
we both know what happens to people.

Present company on standby.

Since the "Go, go, Gadget Arms" has been
going public with his abilities, he's gotta--


MAN: l don't know.
WOMAN: Yeah.

MAN: Check the connection?
WOMAN: Yeah, l did.

What's going on?

It looks like some kind of virus.

My computer's totally fried...

...and judging from the collective sighs,
so is everybody eIse's.

l think our new hero went vigilante...

...and wiped out the Planet's server
to protect me.

Hey, guys, major scoop.

Pete's headed over
to Lionel Luthor's office.

He's stealing something for Lex.

Guess your world's only big enough
for one hero.

This isn't the way to be a hero, Pete.

The kryptonite is affecting
your judgment.

Just tell me what Lex has on you,
I'll take care of it.

By doing what?

I've only been back one day...

...and already Lex is squeezing me
to get to your secret.

My secret?

Look familiar?

It always comes back to you.

l guess you didn't know
your new best friend had that?

-There must be a reason.
-His last name, Clark.

Lionel, Lex, they're the same person...

...and they're not gonna stop using people
until they get to the truth about you.

-Sorry, Clark...

...but l don't have a choice.


lf l turn that bracelet over to Lex...

...he's gonna get one step closer
to your secret.

The only way to stop all this
is to take Lex out of the equation.

It's my turn to save you
and everybody eIse from Lex...

...once and for all.



Pete, you're late.

You're right.

l should have done this three years ago.

How many more people
are you gonna hurt?

When is it gonna end?


-Where's the bracelet, Pete?


l never found it! l don't have it.

-Where is it?
-l don't have it.

l don't have it.

You're starting to try my patience, Pete.

Then bring it on,
because the truth isn't gonna change.

Then maybe we can help.


What happened, Clark?

You and l need to talk.

But first l need to stop Pete
from making a huge mistake.

l don't like this
any more than you do, Pete...

...but l need that bracelet.

Now, this is the last time
I'm gonna ask you.

Where is it?

l don't have it.

l already told you,
l don't have it and l never did.



You okay?



SINGER : Thank you so much, Metropolis.
You're a wonderful audience.

We'll see you guys next time.

Guess the best part
about knowing your secret... being able to say...

...thank you.


l gotta admit... was a lot more fun
when l had powers.

Now I'm really at a disadvantage.

Come on, Pete, even without powers
you were always at a disadvantage.

Let's just hope for a quick recovery.

Look, Clark, um...

...l didn't really mean
what l said yesterday.

You're not the reason
my life's ended up the way it has.

l know that kryptonite
can get you a little amped...

...but you weren't wrong.

l wonder what it would be like...

-...not to have to live a lie, but--
-You can't.

l know.

l never really understood
how hard it was being you.

l was always a little jealous
of your life...

...and it was easier to blame you.

I'm sorry.

It's time for me to make a change.

l know there's a hero
inside me somewhere, l just....

l gotta find another way
to save the world.

Hey, Chloe.

Hey. Is this the "Barry Bonds" Pete
or the "Hank Aaron" Pete?

This is the 100 percent
"Pete Ross" Pete.

l just came by to apologize before l left.

Clark told me what you did.

Thank you.

You risked your life to protect me.

Now, that's not only Webster's
definition of hero, it's mine too.

There's no apology needed.

Chloe, um, Lex told me you had a power.

You don't have to tell me what.

This... for ruining your computer.


Just promise me you won't let another
light-year pass by before l see you again.

-You can count on it.
-Come here.



No hard feelings, man.
l decided to live my life in anonymity.

l understand.

Some secrets are better kept.

-See you soon.


Relax...'s kryptonite-free.


So you guys gonna be hanging out
any time soon?

l just mean, it looks like Gumby
found his Pokey.

-Unless you two--
-You were right.

Pete and l are just friends.


Yeah, that's cool.

What about you?
How was date night with Kara?

Ah, you know.

You know, Kara's great...

...but l think the spark
kind of fizzled for both of us.


No, you're not.

No, no. Uh.... What l meant was that
l hope that you're not.

l shouldve just said that I'm not, right?

Is there any...

...interest in seeing if we can breathe some
fire into this ember over a cup of coffee?

I'll bring the butane.

Mr. Luthor...

...l checked with
the Metropolis Observatory...

...about the constellation
in your family crest.

The last time these stars were configured
in this exact arrangement...

...was October 7th, 1989.

The day of the first meteor shower.

And there's something eIse.


Sorry, l didn't mean to disturb you.

l thought l made myself clear.

You're always welcome here.

l was hoping you'd say that.

l don't trust Clark and Lana anymore...

...and the idea of living with them
on the farm....

Hope you don't mind, Lex,
but l was wondering if l could stay here.

With you.