Smallville (2001–2011): Season 7, Episode 14 - Traveler - full transcript

Lionel kidnaps Clark and holds him in a kryptonite-lined cell at a Luthorcorp facility; Chloe and Lana confront Lionel, who blames Lex, and they then take Kara to the Fortress and plead with Jor-El to restore her memory so she can save Clark.



Mr. Luthor.

You received another one, sir.

Thank you.

That's, uh, it for the night.





Take him down.

l can see why they want you.

Target acquired.


Hey, l came as soon as l got--

Oh, my God.

-What happened?
-l don't know.

l came home and Clark was gone.

He talked about going to the Fortress.

Last time he went to the Fortress,
Jor-El trapped him in ice.

Why would he chance the big chill
a second time?

We found out that Kara moved in
with Lex at the mansion.

Clark was hoping that Jor-El
would give her back...

-...her memories and powers--
-Before Lex uncovers her secret.

He wanted to get up there fast,
but he needed something from the loft first.

l don't think he got
what he came in here for.

This key opens the portal to the Fortress.

How did you know that?

l kind of followed him there
a couple of years ago.

lf the key's still here--

Then he never made it to the Fortress,
so something must have stopped him.

Stay in the center of your cell.

Where am l?

What is this?



Come out here.

Come out here and face me!



PIERCE: You just experienced
a 20-percent increase in charge... the meteor-rock grid
lining your cell.

Do it again, I'll ramp it up 50 percent.

You try for three,
I'm guessing 100 percent will kill you.


Whoever would have guessed
that skinny little Patty Swann...

...was the author
of those alarmingly cryptic messages?

It's Patricia.
And it's nice to see you too, Lionel.

The last time l saw you, you and Lex
were children swimming in our lake.

And your father, Virgil Swann,
he adored the great outdoors.

Then he shut himself away
inside that dank, musty planetarium.

We both know that
those family get-togethers...

...weren't about the great outdoors.

When Dad died, l inherited his estate.

After a long probate,
I've recently received all of his research.

He was obsessed with one subject
in particular.

A traveler from another galaxy
who came to Smallville in a meteor shower.

A great scientist
with a vivid imagination.

My father wasn't the only one
who believed in the Traveler.

Four powerful families would gather
every summer:

My dad, the Queens, the Teagues
and you.

According to his journaIs ,
the group formed a secret society, Veritas.

Veritas. That's right, our astronomy club.

You were preparing
to welcome the Traveler.

The group planned
on sharing the responsibility...

...of keeping him safe once he arrived.

But everyone died...

...except you.

Where are you going with this?

You killed Edward Teague...

...and Robert and Laura Queen.

And l am sure that you had a hand
in my father's death.

A pity his brilliance was lost on you.

l have proof.

l found evidence my father collected
and stored with his journaIs.

You wanted the Traveler all for yourself.

For your own personal gain.

Turn over the son of Krypton...

...or l will release the evidence
linking you to their murders.


The Traveler from another galaxy...

...a clandestine cabal,
a series of murders.

That's quite a story.

You be careful who you tell it to.

Don't test me, Lionel.

Take me to the Traveler, now.


You haven't changed.

You're still that bossy little girl
you used to be.

But this time, Patty...'re swimming way out
of your depth.


Hope you like your room.

l only moved in last night
and it already feeIs like home.

Thank you for letting me stay here, Lex.

Taking another look
at your alleged biography?

Yeah, l thought I'd give it another try.

l still don't feel like
l was ever this person.

Look, Kara... should really consider
having the procedure we talked about.

l don't know. l don't have my memory...

...but I'm pretty sure
l don't like hospitaIs.

It would be done in my private clinic
by a team of the world's top neurologists.

You said you trusted me.

Trust me now. Let me help you.

Okay, Lex.

I'll do it.


I'll pull my team together
as soon as possible.

Good night, Kara.

DOCTOR: We've been watching her
since she arrived.

So far nothing indicates she's anything
more than a pretty girl from Minnesota.

l don't pay you
to comment on her appearance.

Besides, looks can be deceiving.

Kara's agreed to do the procedure.

Sir, if l may,
we just started observing her.

Her mind may contain answers to questions
I've had for a very long time.

Now, I've waited long enough.

How soon can the lab be ready?


Keep an eye on her.

lf she shows any sign
her memory is coming back...

...lock this place down.



Stop. You stop it, now!

What the hell are you doing?

l buiIt that cell to contain him,
not for you to use as a torture chamber.

Mr. Luthor, you hired me
because of my experience with these freaks.

lf anything happens to him...

...anything at all ,
because of your appetite for crueIty... will be held responsible.


Well , l don't agree with you.

Absolutely not.


I'll get back to you.

Lana, Ms. Sullivan,
I've got my people searching...

...discreetly , of course,
the government agencies.

lf any of them are responsible
for taking Clark, we'll know very soon.

Maybe you could help.

Do you know what this is?

l believe it's an electrode.

Probably from a Taser gun.

This is kryptonite.

We found it in the barn
after Clark was taken.

As far as we know, everyone that knows
about Clark's weakness is in this room.

It wasn't Chloe and it wasn't me.

What about Kara? l told you and Clark
she'd been spending time with Lex... she's moved in with him.

-But her memory--
-Might be coming back, little by little.

Wouldn't take much.
Just a few simple words.

Enough for Lex
to work out Clark's secret.

Oh, I'd hate to think
that my son is responsible for any of this.

This is Clark's worst fear.

Wait a minute. LX Dynamics.

LX Dynamics has military contracts
developing combat technologies.

I'll do some research,
see if any of it involves electroshock or--

lf he harms Clark, l will kill him.

I'll deal with him, Lana. He's my son.

l want Clark back safely
as much as you do.


Chloe, l dug around for some information
on LX Dynamics.

Lionel was right. Lex is having them build
experimental Tasers for the military.

I've been wielding my own shovel. l think
l may have found where Clark is being held.

About a year and a half ago,
LuthorCorp bought an abandoned airstrip...

...just outside the city.

Now, they've rebuiIt the hangar.
Check out the construction manifest.

"Concrete, reinforced Plexiglas
and a ton of refined meteor rock"?

Lex buiIt another 33.1 lab.

Wrong Luthor.

According to all of these records,
this was all Lionel.

Construction started around the same time
Lionel found out Clark's secret.

The Department of
Water and Power said...

...they turned the lights on for
the first time two days ago.

LioneI's been planning this kidnapping
for months.

And if these specs are accurate,
the place is buiIt like Fort Knox.

We need Kara.

Kara can't help
if she doesn't have her powers.

Clark was on his way to the Fortress
of Solitude to ask Jor-El for help.

Now, maybe we can polar-express
Kara there ourselves.

-The key, do you know how to use it?
-lf we can get her out, l can get her there.

She wanted to move in with Lex.
It won't be easy getting her to leave.

Lex probably quadrupled his security
since she moved in.

We won't be able
to get past the mailbox.

I'm thinking something
a little more steaIth.

When l was married to Lex...

...he showed me passageways he had buiIt
in case of another home invasion.

So use his secret way out to sneak in?

It's good to see a friendly face
from my childhood.

What brings you to Smallville?

I'm rarely in Metropolis...

...but l have some business there and
l remembered you'd moved out here.

Well , I'm glad you came by, Patricia.

l have to admit, l don't recall much
from when we were kids.

After getting caught
in that meteor shower...

...the years leading up to it
became something of a fog.

You were so young, Lex.
It must have been traumatizing.

l survived.

What about you?

Where did you disappear to?

l spent most of my life studying abroad.

When Dad died,
l decided to stay in Europe.

l always admired Dr. Swann's genius.

l was sorry to hear about his death.

Thanks, Lex.

I'm doing my best to carry on his legacy.

That's a beautiful locket you're wearing.

Dad gave me this
right before he passed away.

I've worn it ever since.

Actually, l have a gift for you.

A child's painting?

It's your painting.

l was going through some
of my father's things and l found it.

You gave it to me when we were kids.

Well , l guess l thought l could romance you
with my ABC's.


It's an insignia...

...from when our parents would get together
with the Queens and the Teagues.

Really? l don't remember that.

That V was the symbol
for their astronomy club.

You must have seen it once
and copied it.

They called themselves Veritas.

While we were off playing...

...they were discussing secret things
behind closed doors.

Do you know what they talked about?

No idea.

But considering your father's
the last surviving member...

...he can probably explain it all to you.

You should tell him l say hello.

Where did you find this?

Patricia Swann visited me today.

Apparently l made it while l was still
learning my way around a paintbrush.

Well , if you're looking for some validation
of your artistic talent as a child...'s late, isn't it?

Patricia told me
it's the symbol for Veritas...

...but she's not sharing the whole story.

It's the misguided musings
of a few youthful idealists...

...with money and time on their hands.

We took ourselves much too seriously ,
I'm embarrassed to say.

What secret was so important that you
and your friends buiIt a group around it?

Think about it, Lex. Skull and Bones,
Scroll and Key, the Delphic.

The rich have secret societies,
the others have poker nights.

Well , it seems life deaIt
your charter members a poor hand.

Besides you, everyone eIse is dead.

Why did you kill them?

Will you give it a rest, Lex.

Let the whole business rest in peace.

Sorry, Dad. l can't do that.


Why don't you treat this sketch
for what it is?

A reminder of what
you couldve become.

lf you won't tell me...

...I'm sure Patricia will.

Yeah. He was just here.

He delivered your message.

I'm ready, Patricia, to make a deal.

Lex likes to keep his women
on a short leash.

Sounds more like a choke chain,
if you ask me.

Let's get her out of there.

Okay, the passageways open up
onto a steep hill.

It's far off the road.
It'll take us a while to climb up.

lf it means saving Clark,
I'd climb Mount Everest.

Is she ready?

Yes, sir, and so is the lab.

Good. It's time to find some answers.

What happened?

The feed's been cut.

Lock this place down, now!

What are you doing?

-Kara, you have to come with us right now.
-We'll explain everything later. Just trust us.

You're not getting out, you know.

l helped build this cage.

What do you want from me?

I've seen a lot of terrible things
in your town.

How could a place called Smallville
be filled with such death and destruction?

l think it has something to do with you.

Maybe you wanna reconsider keeping me
in this cage.

You work for the government?

l was head security for 33.1.

I've tracked down a lot of meteor freaks,
but you...'re in a category all to yourself.

The government wouldn't know
what to do with you.

But l do.


Enjoy your stay, freak.

What is this place?

It's freezing in here.

It's Clark's Fortress.

We're way up in the North Pole.

Right, Fortress, North Pole.

And how did we get here?
Through the portal.

Oh, and if there's a sudden shift in weather,
just get out of here as fast as you can.

That's reassuring.


Jor-El ?

Who are you talking to?

Clark's in trouble.

Now, l know that your brother
started all of this...

...but right now,
only way we can help your son... if you restore Kara's memory
and powers.

Whatever Jor-El is,
l don't think he's here right now.


Out of all the planets
across the universe... decided to send
your only son to this one, to Earth.

You trusted us to protect him.

Now, please, Jor-El ,
l need you to trust me.

llove your son.

He's in danger and he needs our help.


What's happening?

Chloe, why are we in the Fortress?

We have to save Clark.


My lawyers know where l am, Lionel.
lf you kill me, they'll know who did it.

Of course. Is that the evidence?

My father raised me to keep my word.

Before l hand this over,
l need to see him first.

You put him in a cage?

What l have done
is fulfilled my part of the agreement...

...and l expect you to do the same.

Not yet.

l wanna meet him face-to-face.

l need to verify he truly is the Traveler.

That can be done.

l hope you've said your goodbyes,

...because if he is the Traveler...

...he's leaving with me right now.


Put her on the plane.

When she's on her way to Europe,
return Kent discreetly to his home.

I'll take it from there.

That monster isn't going anywhere.

-What are you doing?
-You rich people.

Your money makes you stupid.

Anyone could see that thing is dangerous.
It could kill somebody.

For all we know,
it might be a threat to national security.

Pierce, listen to me.

You know, in all the time
that l worked for Lex...

...not once did he put the interests of a
meteor freak above the safety of the world.

He knew when to terminate a project.

But you...'re not your son.

And I'm gonna terminate it for you.


You don't know what you're doing.

Clark Kent is not a threat.

You really think after everything
that l have seen...

...that I'm just gonna let you and
the Swann princess here just set him free?

He must be terminated.


He's a human being, Pierce.

You'd be committing murder.


It's not human.


It's nice having you back.

Clark... could l have ever forgotten you?


Here you go.

Somehow l never pictured the last son
of Krypton making coffee.

Just Clark.

You know, my father thought
the world of you.

Dr. Swann was a great man.

l have something for you.

Dad's journal...

...transcribed by his assistant.

It's actually the last of many he kept
throughout his life.

l want you to have it.

Thank you.

"The Traveler will bring great change
to the Earth."


All these prophecies about the Traveler...

...l just hope l can live up to what everyone
thinks I'm supposed to be.

I've just met you...

...and there's no doubt in my mind
that you're a force for good in this world.

What if that's not enough?

You're right, Clark.

There are people like Lionel Luthor...

...who are willing to destroy others
to get to you.

Lionel had Robert
and Laura Queen's plane sabotaged... it would crash.

He poisoned Edward Teague...

...and l think he did the same thing
to my father.

Why would he do that?

They were all part of a group
who swore to protect the Traveler.

Lionel wanted you all for himself.

He killed all those people because of me.

My father often reminded me
that despite the power of the sun...'s always night on half the planet.

For all the good you do...

...there will always be darkness.

People who would kill you...

...or abuse your power
for their own gain.

Lionel Luthor's just one of many.

Clark, l wish you would reconsider
coming with me.

As long as Lionel Luthor is alive,
he's a threat to you.

I'll deal with Lionel.

Then I'll take an apartment in Metropolis.

l want to be there for you.

Just like my father was.


...l hope to see the Traveler
change the world.


Clark, l- -


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that you had to be locked
in that cell...

...but it was the only way
l could be sure you were safe.

Safe from what?

l got--

l got these letters, you see.

They-- They threatened... kidnap you, to take you away.

l didn't know who was sending them
until l met Patricia.

But l had no idea
how many people were involved...

...or how much they knew
or what they intended to do with you.

Why didn't you tell me there was danger,
let me make my own--?

lf l told you, you would have rushed out
to search for your enemies.

l couldn't take that chance
that you might get hurt.

So instead
you shoot me with kryptonite Tasers... trap me in a kryptonite cell.

Why would you even build that thing?

Clark, you're not the only Kryptonian
who's come here.

Your fellow travelers are violent,
extremely violent.

l buiIt that cell for them.

Then why imprison me?

-Clark, son--
-You're not my father.

l spoke to Patricia.

She told me about the Veritas murders.

The truth can be very easily manipulated.

You would know that better than anyone,
Lionel. You've been doing it for years.

I'm different now.

I'm a different man.

No, you're not.

Hey, cousin. Need any help ?

You've already done more than enough.

l have something for you.

l was saving it
till you got your memory back.

Thanks for saving my life.

l didn't do it alone.

l mean, if it wasn't for Chloe and Lana,
Lex would have dissected my brain by now.

l can't believe l trusted him.

Don't be too hard on yourself.

You're not the only one to be fooled
by the Luthors.

Lex and l used to be best friends.

l thought Lionel was my ally.

It doesn't make any sense.

l mean, Lex tried to save me in Detroit.

His father saved both of us
in Washington.

Lex and Lionel are only capable
of doing the right thing if it benefits them.

l wanna see the good in people , Kara...

...but l think the Luthors
are a lost cause.

Why have we stopped?