Smallville (2001–2011): Season 7, Episode 12 - Fracture - full transcript

Tracking the amnesiac and powerless Kara to Detroit, Lex is shot by Kara's jealous fellow diner employee Finlay, whom now holds both Kara and Lois hostage. When Lex falls into a coma, Lionel helicopter lifts him back to Metropolis and uses his last dose of a drug developed for experimental mind penetration so as to retrieve life-saving information from uncooperative terrorists. The program was abandoned because it wrecked the interrogator's central nerve system, but Clark feels confident his Kryptonian brain must withstand it in order to find Kara. Once he enters Lex's mind, Clark meets the key characters, but Lex is split into his dark side and the young Alexander, a good kid traumatized by his mentally abusive parents heading for divorce, eager to help Clark escape his evil counterpart and desperate for his friendship. In this state Clark has no superpowers, murderous dark Lex is the strongest, and the scientific operator can't separate their brain waves again. When they seem bot brain-dead, someone else intervenes.


This weather sucks.

What are we doing, Lex?

No one asked you to be here, Lois.

LOIS : Trust me, I never planned
on being your Sundance Kid.

Especially in the armpit of Motor City.


What makes you think Kara's here?

Her necklace emits a GPS signal.
She's somewhere within a hundred yards.


You LoJacked her?

She has amnesia.

Who knows where she could wander
if she blacked out again.


Well , sail on, Columbus.

I'm gonna chart my own course
to find her.


Are you okay?

You know me? You know who I am?

You really don't remember, do you?

Okay. This guy, Finley...

...he locked me in this room
saying he's protecting me.

Can you get me out of here?

Does MacGyver blush
every time he walks past me?

I'll get something to jimmy the lock.


-This is none of your business.
-Finley, put the gun down, okay?

Let her go.


Hey. Come on, man, look.
Is it really worth killing her to get to me?

Rhetorical question, Lex.

Finley, don't do this.

I won't let you get hurt, Linda.




I've squared away some money...

...and when I come back,
we'll figure out what to do with her.

-Yeah. Okay.
FINLEY : Okay.

-You okay?

What's not to regret
about waking up this morning?

You called me Kara.

Kara Kent.
I'm your cousin's friend Lois...

...whose jeans you've borrowed
on more than one occasion.



I know you've got amnesia.
You must, if your type is jailhouse chic.

What's going on?

Finley's just a busboy. That's all .


This doesn't exactly look like overtime.

How did we end up here?

About a month ago, I lost my memory.

I wandered off the streets and into a diner
where I met a waitress.

She gave me her couch, got me my job.

Everyone at the diner
took me in like family .

Seems like Finley
wants more than a sister.

He was usually so nice.

I had no idea he could just snap.

Can't believe Lex is dead.

Well , he is.

And if we don't find a way
out of here...

...we're next.

Lionel, how is he?

He's, uh, in a coma.

Thank God we got him Medevac-ed
back here from Detroit.

The, um, neurosurgeon managed
to remove the bullet.

He says that there is
a very strong possibility that, uh, Lex...

...may never regain consciousness.

I'm sorry.

We never had a really close relationship.

A lot was said.

A lot...

...went unsaid.

Clark, I know for a fact that
every badge in Michigan is on this case...

-...and still no suspects, no witnesses.
-I find it hard to believe...

...the shooter would leave Lex in a ditch
and no one would see anything.

Listen, I got a friend in Detroit, a cop.

He, uh, called me
when he found out about Lex.

He let me borrow this.

Kara's alive?

LIONEL : Uh, picture was taken
less than 1 2 hours ago.

Excuse me. Mr. Luthor?


Clark, this is Lois' phone.

Lois, Kara and Lex?

Not exactly Three's Company.

Kara's wearing a bandage.

She may be hurt,
which means she doesn't have powers.

And whoever Lex was dealing with
wasn't playing around.

-If Lois and Kara were with him--
-Then they're in danger.

We need to find them.

I'll use my healing powers on Lex.
He can tell us where Lois and Kara went.

The last time you used your powers,
I pulled you out of a morgue refrigerator.

I walked out of there
with a clean bill of health and cold feet.

If you use your powers again,
you could die.

-Permanently .
-I could be adjusting to the growing pains.

I mean, we don't know.
Nothing happened when I healed Jimmy.

We have no choice.

The only clues we have to where
they might be are trapped inside Lex's mind.

Couldn't figure out what Lex
was doing...

...but I may have found
something helpful.

Project Intercept? Is that military?

LuthorCorp developed it for the military
to interrogate terrorists... getting inside of their heads.

The entire project
was spearheaded by Lionel.

Intercept links a suspect
and interrogator's brain waves...

...exposing the interrogator
to all the suspect's memories and thoughts.

You're saying someone could actually
go into Lex's mind?

Where is this thing?

LuthorCorp still owns all the equipment,
but it was mothballed six months ago.

Well , I can see why.

How's this for fine print?

The project worked several times,
but then was abandoned...

...after three of the interrogators
died during implementation.

Autopsies revealed that their central
nervous systems were completely fried.

They're not like me.

I can do this.

Clark, your body may be invincible ,
but who's to say your mind isn't vulnerable ?

It's my fault Kara's missing.

But using technology
built by Lionel Luthor?

God only knows
why he created that thing.

-Lana, there's no other choice.
-Clark, be careful, okay?


I watched three field officers die after
their brains went into elector-neuro shock.

This machine is a death trap.

I pay you a small fortune, doctor,
so please, withhold your negative opinions.

Ladies, would you please wait outside?

If Lex wakes up,
he'll never know I was in there, right?

In the few successful cases,
the terrorists had no memory of the process.

Now, the freshest memories
will most likely be the first ones in.

The deeper you get,
the greater the risk.

If your brain waves show sign of duress,
I'll pull you from the procedure.

I don't plan on staying
in there very long.

The software has been encoded
with what you will see as a red door.

That is your emergency exit.

That red door, Clark... must never lose track of that.
If we get disconnected...'s the only link
between Lex's subconscious and reality.

Let's get this over with.

Right. Now just relax and stay still .

The procedure is painless.


He's in.



DOCTOR: Sir, he's entering
further into the cerebral cortex.

I'm sorry that Frank screamed at you.

It's no big deal.

I'm used to it.

I grew up with an old man like that.

Well , you're sweet for covering, Finley.

I owe you one.



KARA: Can I warm you up?

I'm starting to see you
more than some of the regulars.

Blame it on the pie.
It's by far the second best I've ever had.

Second best.

I'll pass that along to the kitchen,
give them some incentive.




Doesn't suit you.

Really? Who do I, uh, look like?

I don't know.

Someone who doesn't belong here,
that's for sure.

See, there I go again with my opinions.
What do I know?

Well , uh, more than you realize.

You know, some days,
I don't even know what I'm doing here.

Well , leave.

That apron's not chained to the counter.

I don't know where else to go.

It's sort of embarrassing, but, um,
about a month ago, I lost my memory.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Actually, this bracelet's
the only part of my past I have left.

Look, I'm not sure
you'd be interested, Linda...

...but I know some of the best researchers
in the world .

Maybe one can help you.

You think they can help me
get my memory back?

What are you doing here?

You can see me.

You shouldn't be here.

Lex, please.

Get out of my head.


Get out of my head!

He's been trying to kill me
as long as I can remember.

Who are you?

I'm Alexander.

Come on.

We gotta go.

Why would he wanna kill you?
You're the good part of him.

He says I make him weak,
and if he finds us, he'll kill us both.

Look, I don't have much time.
I'm looking for two women.

Kara Kent and Lois Lane.
You know where they are?

No, but I'll start looking.

In the meantime, you need to hide.

This is a place Lex never visits.

You'll be safe in there.

Trust me, Clark...'re my best friend.

DOCTOR: We have a spike
in brain-wave activity. It's too high.

He appears to be going in deep.

If Clark's gone in too far,
he might never find his way out.

Blood pressure's dropping.

I've never seen this before, sir.
I don't know what's going on.

Alexander Luthor!

What is the rule about my briefcase,

-Don't ever, ever touch it?

And you know I can tell
when it's been opened.

Did you open it?

Did you?

No. I swear.

Dad, I didn't touch it.

Don't lie to me, Lex.

Don't make excuses, you--

All right.

Be a man, Lex,
and admit what you've done.

-Admit it.
-But I didn't do it.

I don't care about your work!

All right, Lex, if it wasn't you,
then who was it? Hmm?

Answer me. Who opened my briefcase?

Answer me, Lex.


I saw her in your office
going through your stuff.

She told me not to say anything.

You let go of him.

I had to know the truth.


...what is it?

-Lillian, go on. Go on, Lillian.
-No, I am tired of the secrets.

Disappearing in the middle
of the night to meetings.


What are you keeping from me?

-What are you doing with these people ?
-Veritas is not your concern!

Aah! Unh.


You keep out of my business, Lillian.


Are you okay? I'm sorry.

Don't, Lex.

You've said enough.

Don't go.


It's beautiful.

Saint Anthony?

Patron saint of lost souls .

You know, Finley said
all you really care about is money.

But it's people , isn't it, Lex?

I did my research.

You're a humanitarian.

All the hospitals you built ,
scholarships you funded.

Along the way, I've seen a lot of people
get the help they need.

Look, everything's been arranged.

My jet's on standby
to take you to treatment.

So this is really happening, then.

Guess we'll find out
if I have a fear of flying.

Whatever you find out,
I'll be by your side every step of the way.

I just-- I want this to work.

Trust me.

There's nothing that's lost
that can't be found again.

I'm, uh, gonna go thank Finley...

...and say goodbye to everyone.

Quite the charmer, aren't you?

You're a little out of your way
for a club sandwich, Lois.

What the hell are you doing here?

I figured you weren't in Detroit
for the car show...

...but I never would've guessed
a secret rendezvous with Clark's cousin.

I'm helping her.

Never heard that one before.

Look, I don't expect you to understand.

You're right.

I work better with visual aids.

And now that I think about it,
Clark does too.

LOIS : What the hell are you doing?



What is it? What's happening?

The EEG, it's showing deltoids
entrainment. They're in phase.

You're nervous. Why?

Subject is in deep. We've never been able
to get anyone back from this point.

All right.

All right, all right.
Terminate the procedure.

Pull Clark out, now.

I already tried.
He's trapped, Mr. Luthor.

As long as their brain waves
are synchronized, I can't separate them.

Now it's up to Clark to exit on his own.


I always knew there was a voyeur
lurking behind that telescope.

Look, I don't want any trouble .

Forgive me, I've been a terrible host.

Let me give you the grand tour.



It's just getting good.


I will always love you.

LEX : Hear that, Clark?

She will always love me.


I found your friends.

Don't lie to me.

Come on. Come on, Clark.







I know where they are.


He'll kill me.

I'm gonna kill him.

You are pitiful.

ALEXANDER : Let go. Let go.
I don't wanna go with you.


Let go. Clark, help .


Lex is fading.
If we lose him, we lose them both.

We have four minutes to bring them back
before brain death.


AIDE: Charge.
-Oh, my God. No.


No, don't.

Let go.

Aah! Aah!


What's taking so long?

Oh, my God.


You shouldn't be here.

Why are they not waking Clark up?

He's in Lex's mind. He's trapped.

If Lex dies, then Clark dies with him.


We've lost them.

I can save them.


Just trust me, Mr. Luthor, I can.

You're holding me back, Alexander.

Stop. Please.

-It's time to say goodbye.




Go now. Run!



Don't go.

I have to.

But you're the only friend I've ever had.

Let's make a promise.

Promise me
that we will see each other again.

I promise, Clark.

Promise me this too:

That you will never stop fighting.

You're stronger than you think.

How do you know?

Because you're my friend.

And now I know you're here... I will always
keep an eye out for you.

I'll always be there for you.

I know where they are.


Miss Sullivan.

What happened?

We need a doctor.

No, no, no. No doctors.
Just get her to her apartment.

Clark, she's barely alive.

Trust me,
doctors can do nothing for her.

Just get her home.

Are you sure
you know what you're doing?

When your dad locks your car...

...because you snuck off
to see your boyfriend's band... learn a few tricks.


Oh, my God, he's back.

We're gonna have to find
another way out.

I think the gate's up ahead.

Go ahead.

After everything
that I have done for you?


...before you get all trigger-happy again,
let's be rational.

I am rational.

But I just killed a man.

This isn't how
it was supposed to happen.


...I just wanted to protect you.

I know what it's like to start over.

People take advantage of you.

They look at you different.

I am different.

And I'm not Linda.

What are you doing?

If you wanna kill Lois...'ll have to kill me.

If you don't come with me...

...I guess you're gonna turn me in.


And I can't go back to prison, Linda.


Whoa. Whoa.




You had us worried today.

How you feeling?

That's the problem, Dad.

I feel fine.

What's going on?

I'm admitted here
with a bullet in my head... there's not so much
as a scratch on me.

You can thank your friend.

Oliver Queen.

The healing technology
developed by Queen Laboratories?

You, of all people ,
should remember that.

I was under the impression
that all the serum was destroyed.

Yeah. All but a single dose,
which I salvaged for myself ...

...if I should ever need it.

But you gave it to me.

You sound surprised.

You're my son, you think I'd stand there
and watch you die?

Honestly , Dad...

...I don't know.

Today, I realized when....

There is something I was afraid that I
would never have the chance to tell you.


And what's that?

I love you, Lex.

My son.


Here you go.


Lois didn't, uh, see me,
you know, dead, did she?

She had to shoot back to the Planet to write
a story about what happened in Detroit.

Yeah. Lex will kill that story
in a heartbeat.

Speaking of heartbeats... didn't have one
for over 18 hours.

I was hoping we could skip the lecture, go
to the welcome-back dinner. I'm starving.

That's 1 5 hours longer
than the last time, Chloe.

I've been sitting here, literally, trying
to think about what to say at your funeral.

Well , let's both be glad that I'm alive.

Because I know how much
you hate giving speeches.

Chloe, I appreciate what you did for me.
It goes beyond friendship.

Never do it again.

Clark, I have the power
to save people's lives.

Now, obviously , I am the last person
who thought she would drag Lex back...

...from the clutches of death...

...but it was my decision to make.

Of course it was.

But, you know, you're not wrong.

I mean, as great as this power is,
it does come with a lot of consequences.

And I think that one of the responsibilities
for both of us... staying alive.

Maybe I am pushing my luck
with this whole death thing.

I mean, it is death after all .

Does that mean you're never
gonna use your abilities again?

It means I'm more confused now
than ever.

Out of the entire catalog
of meteor abilities...

...why was I the one chosen
to be in charge of such an amazing gift?

It's like a reflex.
I see you and start defending myself .

Well , that's what guilt does to a person.

Now, what were you doing in Detroit
with Kara?

I was trying to help her.

And she ended up kidnapped.

You knew she had amnesia.

Sure, once she told me.

That's when I volunteered my help .

Did it ever occur to you
to pick up a phone and call me?

I did call . Twice.

Lana hung up on me
before I could get a word out.

Do you even know
when you're lying anymore?

I've stopped pretending
to care whether or not you believe me... why don't you?

Because I do care, Lex.

And there's a side of you
that knows what's right.


Now, what would I do without Clark Kent,
voice of reason?

That voice isn't me, Lex, it's you.

There's still good inside you.
Let that voice lead you back to it.

I didn't know it would only take
a brush with death to see your softer side.

Trust me, Lex, there's nothing that's lost
that can't be found again.


Anything good?


Supposedly ,
this is one of my favorite songs...

...and I don't even remember
how it goes.

Lex, I saw what happened.

You were bleeding.

I told you,
I know some talented doctors.

Obviously , you do.

So I guess I used to work here.

I wonder if they'll give me my job back.

Well , I think the owner will understand.

Thank you for meeting me.

-I mean, home isn't feeling very--


I mean, Clark seems like a really nice guy
and everything...

...but I can't help but feeling
he's hiding something from me.


As his former best friend,
I know the feeling all too well .

See, Clark didn't even mention
that you guys were friends.

What happened?

I grew up.


...I'm not interested in keeping secrets.

This treatment will help
get your memories back.

And with it, we'll get the truth.

Once and for all .