Smallville (2001–2011): Season 4, Episode 20 - Ageless - full transcript

In the middle of the night on the road, a young pregnant woman is going into labor while her husband drives on the road when she suddenly glows and implodes, while the husband stops the car and runs for his life. Lana and Clark are driving a truck along the same road and find a baby in the crater created by the explosion. They take the baby to the hospital, and the Kent family temporarily guards him, who is connected to Clark. Lana and Clark give the name of Evan, and on the next day, he becomes a teenager, precociously aging. The scientists of Lex study the case and conclude that the boy needs a transfusion of the bone marrow of his unknown father, if he can be found, and even then... Clark tries to save Evan. Meanwhile, Genevieve Teague has a meeting with Lionel Luthor and threatens to hurt Lex, in case the missing stone from China is not delivered to her. But Lionel soon turns the tables on Genevieve by poisoning her (the same way he unsuccessfully tried to poison Lex in the previous season) and threatens not to give her the antidote unless she gives him the second missing stone whom she in fact stole from the murdered Bridget Crosby.

I need help now!

Please, you have to help us.
No, no, it isn't enough time.

What the hell's the matter
with you people? This is an emergency!

It's too late. It's too late.

It's coming!

Oh, god.
What's happening to me?

I'm sorry!

No! No, don't leave me, please!

Are you all right?

Yeah, what was that?

I don't know.

I think it came from Evans field.

Oh, my god.

Lana, wait. Lana!

♪ Smallville: "Ageless" ♪
Season 4 Episode 20

Original Airdate May 4, 2005

Last time I checked, babies don't just
fall out of the sky, Mr. Kent.

It left a 30-foot crater, sheriff.

How else would you explain it?

Well, I can't. That's
why we're conducting

a little something
called an investigation.

What's gonna happen
to the baby now, sheriff?

Well, he'll be placed
with child services

until we can find
a home for him.

You did good for a change, Mr. Kent.

The little critter wouldn't
be alive if not for you.


this baby's parents...

I don't think they're from around here.

What do you mean?
You think the baby's...

the baby's not from earth?

We found him in a crater,
just like you and mom found me.

Yeah, but when we found you,
we also found a spaceship.

The truth is, we don't know
what happened on that field.



I've tried everything,
but he won't stop.

Is he okay?

If you can believe it, all
his crying is a good sign.

The doctor said he's
perfectly healthy.

I'm gonna go talk
to the nurses,

find out if we can get
some more formula.

Clark, you take over.

- Me?
- Yeah.

Well, I, Lana...

I don't really...


looks like someone has
the magic touch.

I'll be right back.


when does child services
come and take him?

They're not.

They don't have room for him yet, so

he's going to stay
in the hospital until they do.

Well, he can't stay in the hospital.

I mean, he...

maybe he can come stay with us.

Until they find room for him.

I found an arrowhead
in Evans field once,

but never a baby in a crater.

It's really weird.

But what's even weirder
is the way Clark is with him.

Let me guess...
he's completely baby-phobic.

Actually, exactly the opposite.

You should see the look in his eyes
when he's holding that baby.

It's like he's completely at ease,

not to mention

he's a natural born baby burper.

I've got the spit-up stains to prove it.

Sorry I'm late. I was up all night
with the crying machine

and every time I put him down,
he starts up again.

Well, if you need any help,
I could come over tonight.

Well, that would be great.

Could you pick up some
formula on the way?

Sure. How are you on diapers?

The diapers... pretty good.


before you guys start
picking out the schools...

for the little tyke, you
might wanna hear this.

I had my contact at emergency
services run a check of all

the 911 calls made around the time
that you found the baby.

This one kinda stuck out.

What the hell's the matter
with you people? It's an emergency!

It's too late!
It's coming! It's coming! Aah!

She sounds so scared.

No! No, don't leave me, please!

Did he just leave her there?

If he did, he might still be alive.

From the sounds of this,
the mother wasn't as lucky.

She didn't even get to see her own baby.

But the baby survived.
How is that possible?

Can you trace this call back
to the cell phone?

I can try.

If this is the father, he might
have some answers for us.


You know, I'm not accustomed
to being summoned like a lapdog.

Don't be silly, Lionel.

I'd never allow you on my lap.

So, uh, why am I here,
if not for the, uh,

pleasure of your company?

It's time to repay old debts, Lionel.

Arranging your release from maximum
security prison was not an easy task.

And I have yet to receive
even a hint of gratitude.

Well, I've been
racking my brain

trying to write a
thank-you note, but, uh,

words could never express the way I feel.

Your son just returned from China
with a lost element.

And I would like you to retrieve it for me.

No, no, you have the wrong son in mind.

It was Jason who brought
the stone back home.

Jason's incapable of such subterfuge.

Unfortunately, he inherited his intelligence

from my husband's side of the family.

Yeah, I never thought you married well.

Lex, on the other hand,

received his genes from a

far more cunning source.

You know, there were other treasure
seekers in China, Genevieve.


A farmboy,

an ex-cheerleader,

and Lex Luthor.

Who do you think ended up
with the prize?


my son hasn't been
listening to me for years.

What do you want me to do,
give him a good spanking?

You know, Lionel,

I don't think either one of us
want me to go after Lex myself.

You be careful, Genevieve.

I regard a threat to any Luthor
as a threat to me.

Interpret it any way you like.

I want that stone,


What's the matter?

What's the matter, little guy?
Is your milk too cold? Huh?

Here, try this.

Try this, try this, try this.



There you go.
There you go.

Clark, I could easily get
Chelsea to cover for me

at the talon.
You don't have to stay home.

That's okay.
I want to stay with him.


It kind of changes your perspective

when you have someone who
depends on you for everything.


And I mean everything.

Could you hand me a diaper?

Here you go.

Well, listen, you have
my number at the talon,

and your dad's out in the
barn if you need him.

- Okay.
- Okay?

Have fun.



Clark Kent, changing diapers like a pro.

You know, all this baby stuff
is easier than people say.

I think I pretty much
got it under control.


Nice aim, little guy.

Clark, we can't keep
calling him "little guy."

They're gonna make fun of him
when he gets to high school.

Well, um...

we found him in Evans field.

Why don't we call him Evan?

I think he likes it.

Hello, Evan.

This is Clark, and I'm Lana.

And we think that you're
the most beautiful baby ever.

You know, Lana, maybe we should take a step back.

Step back from what?

Well, maybe we shouldn't
get so attached.

I mean, if his father's still alive...

then he never should've
left him in that field.

Lana, we don't know what happened.

He could've gone for help.
He could be looking for Evan right now.

Or maybe he isn't.

Maybe Evan is an orphan,
just like we were.

Clark, things like this don't just happen.

There's a reason he survived
and that someone like you found him.

We found him.


Clark, what's happening?

Clark, wha...

my god.

What are you doing, son?

An exciting new venture,
something worthy of a captain of industry?

I'm simply continuing
where you left off, dad.

I, uh, can't talk now.


we better talk.

Genevieve Teague thinks
you have the missing element.

The one from China.

Come on, dad.

You've raised me
to be smarter than that.

Why use Genevieve
Teague as a threat?

Why not just come out and
ask for it yourself?

I'm here as a father who's concerned
about the safety of his son.

She had Bridgette Crosby murdered
because of one of those elements.

You think she'd hesitate
to do the same to you?

I don't have it.

And even if I did,
I'd never trust you.


we haven't a lot of time
left to spend together.

You can go on for the rest of your life
being mistrustful of me,

or you can accept me
as your father

who loves you.

She's dangerous, Lex.

watch your back, son.

I always do.

Where is Evan now?

In the loft with Lana.

And, mom, I've never
seen anything like it.

Last night, he
was just a baby.

His growth spurt was really amazing.

And frightening.

Evan needs to be seen by a doctor.

We have to take him back
to the hospital.

What are we gonna
tell the doctors...

he's some second-generation
meteor freak?

He'll either wind
up in Belle Reve

or a laboratory for
the rest of his life.

I don't know, Clark, but we
owe it to him to do something.

I was thinking we'd
take him to someone who

has experience in the
effects of meteor rock.


I realize that Lex
has helped us in the past,

but there's no way that I'm about to put
this young man's life in his hands.

If I were in trouble,

and Lex was the only one
who could help,

what would you do?

"You must be very kind to him,

to teach him all he needs
to know in rabbit land.

For he is going to live with us
forever and ever."

You know how to read?

I've read all of Clark's books.
But this is my favorite.

I also liked the encyclopedia.

The encyclopedia, huh?
That's a pretty long book.

I know. I stopped on "W."

Windmills. Did you know they
were invented in Persia?

Why are you looking
at me like that?


you are a very,
very special boy, Evan.

I think that you are the most special
little boy that I have ever met.



And you're really lucky,

because there are so many more
books for you to read

and so many places
for you to see.

Like what?

Like a real windmill.

And when you stand
up on top of it,

the whole world stretches
out around you.

Can we go right now?

Where are you going?


Mom's taking me to see a real windmill.
Wanna come?




we're not your real parents.

Everyone's supposed to have
a mother and father.

And they're supposed
to love each other

very much, just
like you and Lana.

Clark and I care
about you a lot, Evan.

That's what matters.

If you're not my mom and dad,

where are they?

We don't know, but...

wherever they are,

I'm sure they love you very much.

You wanna go for a ride in the truck?

Are we going to the windmill?

Uh... we will, but first, I want to
take you to meet a friend of mine.

I hope I've done the right thing.

Clark, he looks really scared.

I just hope it'll be over soon.

Lex has his top scientists trying
to figure out what's happening.

And they've already come up
with some intriguing discoveries.

Lex, is he gonna be all right?

Tell us what's happening.

Well, the results are only
preliminary, but...

the data indicates that
Evan's body is storing energy,

like a battery charging.

Charging for what?

The theory we're working on is that
once enough energy is stored, it's

expended to fuel a burst
of rapid cell division.

That's how he was able to go from
a baby to a 7-year-old in one day.

Is there any way to stop it?

My team believes a bone marrow
transplant might slow the growth

and bring his metabolism
back to normal.

Can we use my bone marrow?

We're willing to do
anything to help.

Well, it's not that simple.

His genetic makeup is highly unusual.

For this to work, we'll
need an exact match

with a living
donor, which means

a biological parent.

Well, we think his mother died
when he was born.

We're still trying to find his father.

What's going to happen
to Evan if we can't?




What's wrong with me?

Prep the level 3 facility.
I want him transferred immediately.

No. You're not
taking him anywhere.

Clark, we need to isolate him
while we run more tests.

I just want to go home.

Lex, he's just a boy.

We understand you're trying to help,
and we appreciate it.

He's been through enough.
We're taking him home.

I'm dying, aren't I?

Evan, don't say that.

I- I read the average

life span of a man is 74 years.

I've aged from a newborn
to a teenager

in 48 hours.

Do the math.

Evan, we're not gonna give up.

Lex has got his team working
on a cure right now.

And if we can find your father...

do you really think they're gonna
find a cure for me overnight?

It's like my life was just some sort
of trick that was played on me.

All that stuff I read in the books
that I thought I was gonna see...

I'm not...

am I?

Don't talk like that, all right?

We just have to keep trying.

It's not fair.

This whole thing... it's just not fair!

Clark, we have to do something.
We can't just let this happen to him.

Would you go see if he's okay?

I need to find his father.

So our friendly phone
company just got friendlier.

I was able to trace the 911
call back to a cell phone.

His mother was Karen Gallagher.
She was a senior here.

I remember hearing about her.
Was she wall of weird material?

I got a couple blips on the radar
when I heard that she...

had a knack for
shorting monitors when

ever she walked into
the computer lab,

but I had no idea that
super-fast pregnancy

powers was part
of the equation.

How long was she pregnant for?

Well, last weekend, Christina Varrano
had a party at her house,

and Karen apparently went NC-17
with some guy in the bedroom.

Christina has no idea
who the guy was.

So she got pregnant and
delivered a baby a week later?

We need to find Evan's father.



Christina used e-vite
to send out all her invitations.

I guess ours got lost
in the electronic mail.

Let's just check all the RSVP's
and try to track him down.

Excuse me. Does Tanner
Sutherland work here?

Yeah, he's over there.

Thank you.


Leave your car around
back, I'll get to it.

Hey, were you at Christina
Varrano's party last week?

Uh, I don't remember.

I think I was working.

So you didn't hook up
with Karen Gallagher?

What do you want?

Who the hell are you?

I'm the guy who found your son,

laying in the middle of a field.

Look, dude, I don't have a son, and...

I don't know what you're
talking about, all right?

I got work to do.

I'm not going to let you
walk away from this.

You have a responsibility.

Get off me, man.
What's your problem?

My problem is your son needs your help.

Now tell me how he got
on that field.

I got with this girl

at a party.

The next day, she calls me up, crying,

saying she's... she's pregnant.

I go over, and her stomach...

it was already...

a week later, we were in my car,

we're speeding to the hospital

and she's screaming, "it's coming!"
And she starts glowing.

And then the car it went
up like a freakin' a-bomb.

That wasn't a baby.

It was some kind of monster.

He's a human being, Tanner,

and he's your son.

He's aging rapidly.

He needs your help.

He needs a bone
marrow transplant.

You're the only one
who can help him.



Look, I can't deal with this.

I'm sorry.

I can't.

How could someone do
that to their own son?


being a father is an
enormous responsibility.

The kid is just too young
to handle it.

He's Evan's only hope, and Evan's going
to die if we can't convince him to help.

I know that, son, and we're
gonna figure it out.

But what's more important right now
is what are we gonna tell Evan?

Maybe it's best I don't even
tell him I found his father.

He's gonna take it pretty hard.


an orphaned child has every right
to know about his origins.

You should know that
better than anybody.

I'll tell you what...

I'll talk to him, okay?
I mean, I do have a little

experience in that department.

Thanks, dad, but I think I should tell him.

Tell him what?

Did you find my father?

Clark, where is he?

He works downtown...

at Massey's auto garage.
His name's Tanner Sutherland.

When can I see him?

Look, Evan, um,

sometimes, when you

meet your biological father,
it can be painful.


I don't understand.

They don't always live up
to your expectations, Evan.

Trust me, I know.

But I want to see him.

Evan, we're just
trying to protect you.

You can't protect me.

No one can.

Just calm down, okay?

Stop telling me what to do, Clark.

You're not my father.

- Evan!
- Clark.

Is there any possibility of an error?

We've run the projections three times.


I found Evan's father.

Where is he?

He's here in Smallville,
but he doesn't want to help.

I've just been informed that Evan's cell
division is increasing exponentially,

along with the energy
he expels when he ages.

We have only a few hours
to stabilize Evan.

According to the projections,
Evan is building

towards a massive
chronological event.

You're saying Evan's about to die?

It's a lot worse than that.

The next time Evan ages,
he'll release enough

energy to kill himself
and anyone else at hand.

Good night.

We're closed.
Come back tomorrow.

Are you deaf?

What are you staring at?

My father.

Don't call me that.

I'm not your dad.

Yes, you are.

Why won't you admit it?

You stay the hell away from me.

Please, dad. Just help me.

I'm your son.

No, you're not!

You're some kind of freak!




Oh, my god

what have I done?

Okay, dad, call me if you find him.

What happened?

Evan's gone.

He must've snuck out.

My parents are looking for him, and Lana's
at the farm in case he comes back.

Well, let's make sure we can
help him when he turns up.


He's dead.


Clark, we needed a living donor
to stop Evan from aging again.

There's gotta be something else
we can do to help him.

There is.

We need to track him down and seal him
in a containment chamber under Luthorcorp.

No. Lex...

it's the only way to contain
the blast from his final change.

Lex, I'm not gonna let him just die.

Nothing can stop that
from happening now, Clark.

Look, I'm sorry,

but if we don't isolate Evan, a lot of
innocent people are going to be killed.

He hasn't come back, Mr. Kent.

Let me know if you find him.

Ok. Evan, I have been worried
sick about you.

We've been looking for you all night.

Are you okay?

I don't know.

I did something bad.

Evan, tell me what happened.

It was an accident...

a mistake.

We all make mistakes.

It's part of what makes us human.

What happened?

Are you all right?

It's happening again.

I can feel it.

I'm gonna call Clark, and we're
gonna get you help, okay?

It's coming.

I can feel it.

There has to be something
that we can do.

There is.

The windmill that you told me about,


Where the whole world
stretches out around you.

I'd like to see it.

Just once.

Please, Lana, hurry.


has Evan been here?

No. I mean, at the rate he's aging,
I'm not even sure I'd recognize him.

He must be with Lana. I keep trying
to call her, but all I get is static.

Maybe he's putting off
an energy field like his mom was.

That would explain the power surges.

Power surges?

Yeah, they've been popping up
all over town for the last hour.

Looks, they're happening all over.

What's this?

It's the DWP grid. See,
these are the affected areas.

Where's the most recent one?


10 miles west

on the outskirts of town
in the middle of nowhere.

Why would Lana and Evan
be way out there?

The windmill.

The one at chandler field?

Go get 'em, speedy.

You were right.

The whole world is right there.

It's beautiful.

I'm glad you finally got
a chance to see it.

Lana, you have to go.

No, Clark, we have to help him.

There's no time.
You have to go now.



It's okay. I'm here.

I'm sorry for what I said.

It's okay, I know.
It's all right.

I'm glad it was you
and Lana that found me.

I think you found us.

What's happening?

I can feel it.
You better go.


Evan, I'm not leaving you.

I wish you had been
my father, Clark.






are you all right?

I got clear just before...

where's Evan?

He's gone.

I can't believe he's gone.

I know. Me too.

This whole year, I've felt...

so disconnected.

But when Evan came into my life,

it was like I finally knew
where I belonged.

I had a purpose.

He only lived for a short time,

but it seems like Evan's affected us
like we've known him our whole lives.

Clark, we think we have
all the time in the world,

that we're going to live forever,
but it's not true.

I guess we should make
the most of the time we have

before it's too late.

This was his favorite book.



It was my favorite book
when I was a kid.

I, um,

I used to pretend
that I was the rabbit.

I was just like him, and my parents had
brought me to life with their love.

My only hope is that
Evan felt that way about us.

It's a 1961 Bordeaux.

I am honored.

Well, I assume your visit
means I have...

cause to celebrate.

Don't all my visits deserve
to be celebrated, Genevieve?

Some more than others.


do you have something for me?

I most certainly do.

To the resolution of our problem.



it's an interesting
phenomenon, isn't it?

The lengths we go to...
to protect our children.

No limits.

What are you...

The wine you've just drunk
will kill you in a matter of minutes.

I'm told that the pain
will be excruciating.

How about a trade?

You give me the stone that you
stole from Bridgette Crosby,

and I give you...

the antidote.

One more thing...

you go near my son,

and anything that happens
to him happens to you.

Is that understood?

The element, Genevieve.

Where is it?

You did everything you could, Clark.

I'm sure Evan knew that.

All the times that
I've run off or disappeared

or almost died, how do you
guys deal with that?

It isn't easy, Clark, but
it does come with the territory.

You see, every parent's greatest fear
is that one day they...

will lose their child forever.

It seems like raising a kid
is the toughest job in the world.

It's also the most rewarding.

There is nothing quite like

watching your son

grow up into a young man
you can be very proud of.

It's too bad I'll never know
what that's like.

Why not?

I'm from another planet.

I'm not even human.
Who knows if I can have kids?

Clark, your father and
I couldn't have children.

We were still blessed with a son.

You never know what
the future will bring you.


Lana told me you straightened
things out with child services.

I appreciate it.

Well, I know you grew
pretty tight with him.

I promise you, Evan's life wasn't in vain.

What do you mean?

Well, my team believes
studying his unique

cellular structure could
advance research on

cancer and age-related
diseases by hundreds of years.

I'm releasing our findings to every
research facility across the globe.

Evan's life may offer hope
for generations to come.

He was a special kid, Lex.

I can't help wondering what
kind of man he would've become.

A good one...

as long as you were in his life.

I bet you're gonna be
a great dad someday, Clark.

So will you, Lex.

I don't know about that.

Look, we're all reflections
of how we've been raised.

Your parents gave you
encouragement and support.

My chose the opposite track.

I plan on leaving
a different kind of legacy.

Well, I better get back to work.

Thanks, Lex.

Mr. Luthor...

are you sure you want
to release the findings?