Smallville (2001–2011): Season 4, Episode 19 - Blank - full transcript

Kevin Grady commits thefts and uses his superpower to delete the incident from witnesses' minds. When he does so with Clark who stopped him after robbing The Talon, much more memory gets ...

Double espresso straight out.

Okay, where's my waitress?

Double cap, no foam...

skim milk, light whip, and the

double Americano, old school.
Who's next?

- Oh, yes, $6.50, thank you.
- Okay,

there's your change.

All right,

got your chocolate mint...
and yours. Thank you.

Hi. You did not just do that.

What can I get you?

Uh, thanks, I've already
been helped.



University of Miami?


I just don't see you trading
in your flannels for flip-flops.

Well, I figure, if you've
got a chance to start over,

why not start over
where there's a beach?

I am feeling a bit
guilty leaving my

parents to run the
farm without me.

Yeah, I guess you would be
really hard to replace,

with all your skills and everything.


Um, Lois, hey,

can I get a double cappuccino?

Yeah, just a sec.

Oh, my god.

We've just been robbed.



What happened?

Who's Clark?

Smallville: "Blank"
Season 4 Episode 19

Original Airdate April 27, 2005

It must be kind of
weird seeing the house

you grew up in for
the first time.

Do you recognize anything?

I mean, the house or the cows...

the tractor, anything?

You sure this is where I live?


Um, you spend most of
your time over there.

In a barn?

Well, normal was never really
your style, Clark.

That was my attempt at humor.

Sometimes I crash
and burn. Sorry.


It's your house.


I... it was

it was stuck.

Actually, I think it was locked.

Mr. Kent!

Mrs. Kent!

What the hell
happened to the door?

You know, I tried to open it...

yeah, and then some freak wind
came and blew it right off.


So, Lois, do you know
where the Kents are?

They're in Metropolis
for Mr. Kent's heart exam.

Clark, you know that.

Well, not so much.

He has amnesia,
and he's having a hard time...


What do you mean "again"?

Well, at least this time,
you got clothes on.

Lois, we need to get
his parents back home.

Well, that's gonna be a little hard.

Mr. Kent has a one-way ticket
on the ambient express.

He's gonna be out of
commission for a few days.

So, what happened?

Well, the last thing I remember,
I woke up in the alley. I was with...


I'm thinking he caught
up to whoever was

behind the "robbery in
plain sight" incident.

And, what, we have a thief
with memory repo?

I guess that could explain why,
in some weird Smallville an way,

I zoned on eight coffee orders
before I found the till was empty.

I'm gonna go to the Torch and see
what I can find out about amnesia.

Yeah, just leave
Mr. Memory reboot to me.

I'm getting to be
a pro at this.

But you know what? You're
gonna have to put up with

pb&j because that's the
extent of my culinary skills.


Uh, please tell me I'm not related to her.

No. I am. You live with her.



you know what?

I'm gonna take him up to the barn,
see if anything up there jogs his memory.

All right, suit yourself.

We need to talk.

What's with the Cheshire cat routine?

A little something from central Kansas.


I think if they were
gonna reject you, they

probably wouldn't have
sent you a novella.

No, probably not.

Hey, I was thinking
that we could go check out

the dorms on campus this weekend.

Jason, I'm not sure that
I'm gonna go to central Kansas.

I'm not even sure
if I'm gonna go to college at all.

I've actually given this a lot of thought.

Which part...

the part that we've been planning
this for an entire year?

Lana, I thought this was our one chance

to put everything that's happened
over the past couple months behind us.

It would be like Paris all over again.


Jason, last summer was incredible.

But we have to face it.

We haven't been able to recreate that here,

not with everything that's happened,

not with the stones or your mom
and all of the lies.

How long have you known?

I mean, your feelings don't
just change overnight, so

you've obviously been
thinking about this a while.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Ever since this turned into the same relationship

I was trying to leave
behind when I went to Paris.

Oh, so this is about Clark.

No, it's not about Clark.

Jason, it's about us.

There are too many secrets.

I kept wishing that we could wipe
the slate clean, but we can't.

A chance like that...

maybe it only comes
around once in a lifetime.

You were the one
part of my life that

made me forget what
I've turned into.

What are you talking about?

Just don't give up on me.


okay? You have no idea
how much I've been protecting you.

Do you?


Bend this.

This is metal. I can't bend this.

Just like you can't pull
a door off its hinges, right?

Try it.

How did I do that?

Why did I always picture myself
on the other end of this conversation?

Um, here, come here, sit.

Smallville was hit with the world's biggest
meteor shower when you were little.

Now, I know this sounds
way out there, but

some of the meteor rocks have had an...

an extraterrestrial effect on
certain people in the town.

And it's my theory that
you were one of them.

Extraterrestrial powers?
You mean I'm some sort of alien?

No, of course not.

A mutant?



Who has saved my life
on more than one occasion.

See, you've sort of

taken it up on yourself
to be Smallville's self-appointed hero.

And if you ask me, I...

I think that that is... amazing.

We must've been pretty good friends
if I trusted you with all this.

Yeah, well, actually...

you didn't.

It's okay. I mean, you were just
protecting yourself.

A lot of people would be
tray you if they knew.

But you wouldn't...

would you?


So, Lois said that she was standing
right here the whole time.

I don't know why we just
don't call the police.

The same reason why I didn't just
take you to the hospital. Clark...

the last thing we want
is to get you on the

radar of Smallville's
friendliest authorities.

Now, can you see
if you can find anything?


Is there something there?

Back behind the... near your feet.
Under the mat.

Okay, how'd you know that was there?

Well, I... I could...

I guess...

I... I can see through things.

Hold on a minute, are you telling me that
you can see through solid objects?

I guess that's one
you didn't know about, huh?

No, uh,

and, uh, that might be one of those abilities
you're gonna want to keep a lid on.

You know, I've been thinking about that.

You know,

I don't know why I was worried
so much about what people think.

I don't know why I let it ruin my life.
I mean, you understood.

Yeah, but, Clark, unfortunately,

some people in Smallville
aren't as progressive...

as your post-amnesia
tour guide.

That should be their problem, not mine.

Look, I understand how eager you are
to throw an impromptu coming-out party.

I mean, I've only spent
the last couple of hours

blocking for the man behind the mask,

and it's not as easy as
I thought it would be.

But, please, just sleep on it.

I know. It's just...

I mean, how can anyone ever get
to know me if I'm never myself?

I know it's hard,

but I imagine that if you
didn't tell people, you

must've had a lifetime of
reasons for not doing it.

So that's why we need
to get your memory back.

So I can do what...

get back to lying to everyone?


Chloe, I'm not sure
I want that life back.

At least wait until you can talk
to your parents, okay?



Premature combustion.
That's one I didn't need to know about.

Who is that?


is Lana Lang.

The love of your life.

Looks like one more thing you don't remember.

You usually hide all those emotions.

I came to ask if you were doing okay.


it looks like I got my answer.

My life is a complete void.
How would you feel?

Oh, pity party... these are fun.

Look, Chloe's very protective of me.

I guess there's a lot
of people that I can't trust.

And you can't tell who they are.

Look, you may not remember
all the players on the board,

but you can still play the game.

Are you gonna tell me
how I'm supposed to do that?

Trust your gut.

Like, what's it say about me?

We don't like each other very much.

You're on the right track.

Keep it up, Smallville.

Hi, Clark.


I heard about what happened to you.

Oh, I'm sorry. I suppose you
don't even know who I am.


I was gonna come by later.

I didn't think I'd see you here.

I actually came here to see you.

Chloe... she...

she told me that we used to, uh...


Yeah, we did.

What happened?

Please, I just...

I'd really like to know.

So would I.

It was me?

I don't understand.

If I felt anywhere near like I feel now...

you know, don't tell me.

I don't want to know.

I don't want to know,
because this time,

it'll be different.

This time?


I don't think we should talk
about this right now.

When can we talk about this?

How did he get here?

Looks like the heart remembers
more than the brain.

Come on, cuz,

don't give one more second of

thought to those
vacant baby blues.


good news. Uh,

we traced that day pass we found...
to grand view motocross park.

It belongs to a guy
named Kevin Grady.

He lives in Smallville, so we thought
we'd go check out the address.



What are you doing here?

Look, I'm sorry, dad,
but I couldn't stay there any longer.

Kev, you have to go back.
You're in the middle of your treatment.

It's not working.

Look, I know you want to keep
what I did to Dylan a secret,

but no matter what they do
to try to make me forget it,

I'll always know the truth.


don't worry about me,

okay? I've got money together.
I'll be fine.

After what I did, I can't expect you
to look at me every day.

Kevin, please let us help you.

You can't.

That place turned me into
some kind of freak.

What do you mean?




I'm here to collect on a little
spontaneous line of credit

your son decided to take out
with the talon,

along with two minutes
of my memory.

Uh, you must be mistaken.

Well, actually, Mr. Grady,
we found this

by the register at the talon.
It's Kevin's.

We just want to talk to him.

I'm afraid that's not possible.
My son is out of town at the moment.

And by "out of town",
I'm guessing you're meaning

undergoing some kind of treatment
at Summerholt institute.

I'm sorry, I couldn't help but notice
the parking pass on your windshield.

I believe that's nobody's
business but ours. Excuse me.

Look, we're not saying he did it.

We just need to find out what he knows.

All right.

Yes, my son is a patient at summerholt.

Last fall, I took both my boys hunting

at Audrey clearing.

There was an accident.

Kevin was loading his gun, and, uh...

I lost my son Dylan.

Mr. Grady, I'm sorry.

Kevin couldn't live with himself.
He was, uh...

and I didn't know which way to turn,

so I...

well, we thought that if summerholt

could help erase those memories, well, then

maybe Kevin could get on with his life.

Excuse me, uh,

I need to try and find my son.

Thank you.

Look, it tugs at the heartstrings, but

I'm not sure I totally buy it.

I'm gonna go have a look around.

Clark, are you okay?

I can hear someone running.


And the super Wheaties abilities
just keep coming.

Where are they?

They're on the side of the house.

Well, go get them.

It sounds like he's on a motorcycle now.

Trust me on this one, Clark. Run.

- Chloe...
- Just run, Clark!

I guess the whole castle thing
didn't take off in the neighborhood?

I can't believe I'm friends with a billionaire.

Funny. You never seemed
that impressed before.

Mr. Luthor.


I'm guessing you don't remember it,
but we kind of dropped

the formalities the
day I ran you off a bridge.

Look, as much as I'm sure we're all
enjoying this little icebreaker,

we did come here for a reason.

I was hoping that you still had your contact
at the summerholt institute.

Chloe mentioned that they had done
some experiments on you.

Yeah, we were guessing that
the guy that did this to Clark

is undergoing some sort of treatment
to have his memory wiped.

Probably not too far of a leap, given
their unnerving advancements in the field.

Look, I'll make a few calls,
see what I can find.

Chloe, if you don't mind, uh,

I'd like to have a word with Clark.

Well, I promised his parents
that I would get him home.

Well, I think I can manage that.

It's all right, Chloe. You could use
a break from chaperone duty.

I'll be okay.



be careful.

Clark, I think I might know something
that could jog your memory.

I found these caves?

And ever since, the two of us
have been working together

trying to solve its mysteries.

But that's just between you and me.

What do all these symbols mean?

I know it'll probably sound strange,
but we think they're about you.


There should be a two-headed
monster over here.

Then you remember this place.

No, I recognize it
from the drawings in the loft.

We were, uh, documenting them.


This wall shouldn't be here.

What do you mean?

Well, in the drawings,
it shows a room behind this wall.

Clark, maybe we should head back to the loft
and take a closer look at the pictures.

I could help explain them to you.

No, I should probably get back.
I don't want my parents to worry.

Of course.

- Hello?
- Lois.

Hey, Chloe, are you in?

Yeah, Incoming. Check my e-mail.

I've got it.



Clark, you've got to look at this.

Chloe called and told me
to download some files

she e-mailed from summerholt.

How'd she get in?

I've learned never to underestimate Chloe,
especially when it comes to helping you.

You don't have to do this.

I won't tell anyone, I promise.

I won't tell them what happened.

I know it was an accident.

I know you didn't mean to.

Kevin didn't kill his brother.

Whoever erased Kevin's memories
must've planted a few new ones.

Why would someone do that...

let Kevin walk around thinking
he killed his own brother?

Someone who obviously
can't live with themselves.

I need to find Kevin.

And where are you gonna find him?

Where his brother died.
It seems like a pretty good place to start.

Wait a minute.
Didn't his dad say

that the accident happened at...

Audrey clearing?



No, it's okay.

Listen, I came here
to talk to you about summerholt.

You're the guy from the talon.

How do you remember me?

I don't.

Whatever you did to me
erased all my memories.

All of them?

Everyone else... it just wiped out
the last few minutes.

I guess I'm not like everyone else.

Look, Kevin, I know it's gonna be hard,
but I need to talk to you about the accident.

Is this where it happened?

Somewhere here.

I know. It was somewhere here.

Just tell me what happened that day.

Do you have any real memories
from that day?

Kevin, what is it?

I'm not sure.

I've been trying to block
the memories out.

Or maybe

someone has already blocked
them out for you.


No. I was loading my gun.
It was right here.

But do you actually remember that?

Do you remember loading your gun,

or do you remember
someone telling you that?

I didn't do it.

It was my dad.

How could he do that to me?

I'm sorry, Kevin.

I don't get it.

I robbed the talon,
and I 86'd your memory.

I mean, why would you go
through all this trouble for me?

I guess I just know what it's like

to lose a part of your life.

I'm sorry, there's nothing
I can do for you.

I mean, our only chance is
to break into summerholt, but

there's no way
I can get you in there.

Maybe I can.

Look, this guy's kid robbed
me, then plucked

the last forget-me-not petal
from my friend's brain.

You will let me back there, and
you can do it with or without handcuffs.

Like I said, if you would sign in,
I'll let someone know that you're here.

What part of this isn't
getting through to you?

The last time I spoke
to my cousin, she was here.

And I'm sure the psycho
is holding her back there somewhere.

Ms. Lane.

Maybe they pay you enough to be rude,

but I doubt they pay you enough
to do time in the county jail.

Wait. Wasn't it locked?

I think it was broken.

We should be able to reach
the main office from down here.


Clark, are you okay?

You go ahead. I'll catch up.

I wish I could erase your memories
from just the last three days,

but I'm afraid I can't take that chance.

I'm gonna have to go back
much further than that.

Mr. Grady, please don't do that.

Think of it as a gift.

Do you realize how many experiences in life

would be so much less painful

if we didn't have the memories to haunt us?

Dad! What, were you just gonna lie
to me my whole life, huh?

To make me think I killed my own brother.

Kevin, calm down.

You're obviously having a psychological
reaction to your treatment.

No one regrets what
happened more than I do.



Dear god in heaven.

Lois, sheriff.

I guess I shouldn't
call you Smallville anymore.

Clark, what are you doing?

Are you just gonna stand there all day,
or are you gonna untie her?



You said how'd you come across
those tapes, miss Sullivan?

Well, I was being led into the data room...


You're that kid from the alley.

I tried to pull you out of your car,

and that's the last thing I remember
before what just happened in the lab.

Yeah, I'm sorry about that again, Clark.
That was kind of my fault.

I don't know what you did
back there or why,

but I get the feeling I owe you one.

I like to see it as
a "now we're even" situation.

Something tells me
I shouldn't stop you from leaving.

It's better if people don't ask
too many questions about me.

Thanks for the chance
at a clean slate, Clark.


I was just looking for you.

I heard you got full retrieval.


Everything except the last 24 hours.

Well, you didn't miss much, but

I wanted to come in person
to see the old Clark back.


Chloe said she left me at the mansion
because you wanted to talk.

What is it you wanted to talk about?

I just told you about
my own memory loss.

I thought it might be comforting.

I'm lucky to have so many
good friends watching out for me.

Nothing you wouldn't
have done for me, Clark.

Hi, I'm early, I know. I'm sorry.

I guess I'm just a little nervous.

What are you nervous about?

Were we supposed to do something?

Lana, I'm sorry. I don't remember
anything from the last day.


But everything else you remember now.

It's probably for the best.

Were our plans,

like, date kind of plans?

Because what about Jason?

Clark, you just wanted to talk.

It's nothing that can't wait till later.

Lana, wait.

I can't do this.

I can't let you walk out, not again.

It's okay.

We both know better than this.

I know.

That's why this time it'll be different.

This time?

"Summerholt memory Lane shut down."

Are you Chloe?

That's funny.

It's not hilarious, but it's funny.

My parents told me
that you Clark-sat and

you called them home
from Metropolis.

I want to say thanks.

Well, you could still use some help
with your comedy routine,

but it's not like I taught you
to eat solid foods again.


You're welcome.

So it must've been kind
of strange to have a zombie

best friend walking around.

Yeah, I mean, you know,
I never really realized how

complicated that zombie's life was.


Did I do something unusual?

You had a clean slate to start all over with,

and you made all the same choices...

except for one.

Chloe, I need you to be
completely honest with me.

Honest, huh?

What'd I do?

You trusted me.

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