Smallville (2001–2011): Season 4, Episode 21 - Forever - full transcript

On the last day of Smallville High before graduation, the emotionally disturbed and frustrated photographer of the Torch, Brendan Nash, feels rejected by the Universities and decides to abduct some schoolmates to stay with him forever in a replica of the school. He uses his power of 'Medusa Touch' of turning people into stone by mere touch, and brings Lana, Chloe, and other successful schoolmates to the place. While Clark teams up with the nosy Lois to find the other students, he also talks with Jonathan and Martha over his college choices after graduation. Meanwhile, Genevieve and Jason Teague kidnap Lionel and Lex Luthor and hold them hostage in a remote mountain cabin and torture both of them to try to retrieve the second mystical stone that Lionel took from them.


Wow, can you believe...

that 4 years has
gone by this fast?

There you go.


"To Brendan. A photographer who could...

always capture the moment".



I gotta run.

See ya.


See ya at lunch.



Is anyone in here?



Oh, thank God,

I don't know
what's going on,

but I think we're the
only two people in...

Oh my God!

What going on?


Help me!


♪ Smallville: "Forever" ♪
Season 4 Episode 21

Original Airdate May 11, 2005

He's obvious been thinking
about this for a while.

You have to let him make
his own decisions, Jonathan.


You mind telling me why
you have a financial aid...

package to Central Kansas?

That's where
I'm going to college.

What happened to Met. U.?

What happened to Ohio,

what happened to Miami?

I thought I'd stay closer to home.


I know starting all over with new friends...

in a new city can
seem overwhelming,


you can't let that hold you back.

This is one of the most
important decisions...

you're going to make in your entire life.

You don't think
I know that?

Does Lana happen to be
going to Central Kansas?

I don't know where Lana's
going to school, so no..

This is not about Lana.

Oh, so it's about us.

You don't think I can run
this farm without your help.

This is where I'm needed.

Clark, your destiny
lies far beyond...

those corn
fields out there.

And I'm not about to let
you turn your back on that...

just because of us.

Now I've got a farm to run.


Is that really the reason?

Bio tests,
were really hard...

I know, I totally bombed it..

Lisa, Delia.

Do you guys know
what's going on?

You better hurry Chloe,

or you're going to
be late for Trig.

Wait, Trig?

Guys, there's no classrooms
behind these doors!

Just play along.

He's watching.

Brendan, wait!

Don't let the door
shut behind you..

What are you doing!?

Are you playing along too?

Playing along?

Chloe, I planned it all.

You brought us here?

Just because it's the
last day of school,

doesn't mean it
can't last forever.

you're not serious.

Why would you wanna
stay stuck in high school...

when there's so
much else out there.

I thought you of all
people would understand.

You're the editor
of the Torch,

prom queen,

Chloe, you had
everything in high school.

Once you leave, all
that's going to be left...

is a lifetime of

But not in here.


you cannot keep
us here forever.

You have to move on.

To what?

Look Chloe,

some of us didn't get into
our dream colleges like you.

When you're staring at
a pile of rejection letters,

moving on really means...

working at a local video
store for the rest of your life.

Oh how can you
be sure the rest of us...

are going to go
along with this?



Come here.

I said come here!

I didn't do anything,

I swear.

Chloe was just wondering
what happens...

when we don't play along...


No, please.


No I didn't...

It's best if you realize...

how much better off
you are here, Chloe

I'll save a seat
for you at lunch.

What do you think?

I think it's finally
starting to hit me.

It's truly over, isn't it?

You know I remember
walking through those doors...

the first day of
freshman year.


I think you tripped.

Well I couldn't help it,
you made me nervous.

It was cute.

Who knew you'd
turn into this...

big high school
football star.


football star...

who's gotten used
to seeing you...

every morning
at the lockers.

But I guess that's
all going to change...

now that you're
going off to college.

Well, I don't know
if I'm going to go.


I mean,

what do you mean,

you're the one that's always
dreamt of leaving this town,

ever since you
were a little girl.

I know,

it's just that right now
I feel I've been making...

that decision because...

it's what everyone
expects us to do.

If I go, I want to
make that choice...

for the right reasons.

So you're staying.

In Smallville.

I don't know.

I think it would
be really hard...

with all of you guys gone.

Will not all of us
will be gone.

I'm thinking of commuting
to Central Kansas.

Then maybe I won't have
to spend any more time...

trying to figure out
how to say goodbye.

Wendall Johnson!

Chloe Sullivan!

Haley Timmins!

Delia Watkins!

I would've thought Chloe
would be the first one in line.

LuthorCorp is the legal
conservator of the cave,

we can do any excavation
work we want down there.

I'll have to call you back.

I thought we had
concluded our business.


Clark was going to take
care of that tonight.

It's nothing I can't
handle by myself.

I know what you're
doing Jonathan.

You can't take the place
of Clark on this farm,

no one can.

Every other farm
in the county has...

at least five hands
to help out.


my family managed to run
this farm for generations...

before Clark came around.

I see no reason why
I can't run it by myself.

Sometimes I wonder which
one of you is more stubborn.

Why don't
I give you a clue?

When are you going to
admit that the truth is...

you and I can't run
this place alone?

Martha, what exactly is it
that you want me to do?

You want me to tell
our teenage son...

that we can't possibly survive
around here without him?

What kind of parents
would that make us?

Honest ones.

How many times
has he asked...

be treated like
it to an adult?

This decision took
a lot of maturity.

Or guilt.

Martha, Clark still
feels responsible...

for my heart problems.

I'm not going to
allow him to do this...

out of pity.

It's not pity, Jonathan.

Clark knows
that if he leaves...

he can only come back
a few times a year.

And he doesn't want
one of those times...

to be your funeral.


I don't know
if Met. U.'s ready...

for the wall of weird.

She didn't get the
Torch out today.

Maybe the printers
aren't working.


It's not even in
its final format.

There's no way
that Chloe would...

let the last day
of school...

go by without giving
her final word.

And when was the
last time that Chloe...

pulled an all-nighter
with a deadline,

didn't finish her latte?

Or leave without
her lifeline?

I guess I should have
trusted my instincts.

I knew you were
working with Jason.

Judging from
the fact that...

10 minutes ago
I lost all...

feeling in my hands,

you have a very curious...

definition of...

collaboration, Lex.


And the dutiful son.

The Oedipal bond
sure has a way of...

flourishing when it's fed,

doesn't it Lex?


the stones may be just
another hobby for you...

but I didn't search
all these years...

just to reach
a stalemate...

You're making a
big mistake Jason.

I know she's
your mother but...

don't think for a second
she won't turn on you.

Trust me on this one.


It's okay mother.

I don't expect them
to understand...

the meaning of
family loyalty,

especially when the
only thing running...

through the Luthor
blood is betrayal.

Now we want the
stone you stole from us.

Yes Lex, your father

has one of the stones.

And what do you
want from me?

I have a feeling that
he'd sooner die...

than give up that stone.

But all that
might change...

if his own flesh
and blood...

were at stake.

You obviously don't know
my father as well as I do.

I hope for your sake...

you're wrong.

I've got a couple
of cappuccinos...

and a double espresso.

Where you're..

There we go.
Thank you.

I'm impressed,

Of all the seniors

the last day of school,

I didn't expect to see you.

I'm on lunch break.

Right, right,

because why would
you do anything...

like any other normal
teenager in America.

The last day of school is
a "get out of jail free" card.

Even my best
employee Haley...

flaked on her
morning shift.

I'm here looking for Chloe,
have you seen her?

After my 2 A.M. java run
to the Torch last night...

so that she could
make her deadline.

I'm guessing she's
crashed out somewhere.

Lois, she never
published the last issue.

It's kind of why I think
something is going on.

Um, Clark?

Could you sign my yearbook?


Is this the girl who didn't
show up to work today?

"Most Likely to be a
Shark's Cheerleader"?

Yeah, that's our girl.



Wendall, Haley,
Chloe, and Delia.

They didn't pick up their
graduation robes today.

Not your "Most Likely
to Ditch" crowd,

you think something's
happened to them?

I don't know.

Anything seem weird last
night when you left Chloe?

No, she was just swarming
through a pile of photos...

with some photographer kid.



Didn't mean to
scare you there.

It's ok.

Just wondering if you'd
sign my yearbook actually.


"Most Likely to be
a Cover Girl".

I think the photographer...

had something
to do with this!


Of course a photograph
could never...

take the place of
the real thing, right?


You better get to class.

The bells going
to ring soon.

You don't want to be late.

I'll be right there.


What are you
two talking about?

We were just planning
a study session...

for Mr. Kramer's quiz.

I have a surprise for you.

If you ask me,

"Most Likely to be a Cover
Girl" is selling her short.

But at least you'll have
a friend in here with you.

Chloe, what's going on?


I'm going to let you
tell Lana the rules.


How did I end up
back in school?

Okay, don't wig out..

We're not in school.

Why are you
acting like this?

He's watching.

Brendan, A.K.A.,

Mr. Medusa's touch,

re-created this place.

It's kind of like a cage.

Gives new meaning
to the phrase...

"capturing the
moment", doesn't it?

But how...

The last thing
I remember...

is signing his yearbook.


will you sign my yearbook?


Look at the names.

I seriously doubt it's
just a coincidence...

that the slumber
party's guest list...

is all on the "most
likely to... " page.

We have been collected!

Hey guys!

I told Brendan you
had a crush on him...

like he wanted me to.

What are you
guys talking about?

Brendan wants high school?

We'll give him high school.

Where is...

the stone?


Lionel, Lex is your son.

And despite what you
want him to believe,

I know you don't want
to watch him die.

Jason, darling...

Oh, God!

Stop it!

Where is it?

I gave it to Lana!

Lana doesn't know
anything about this.

You wouldn't have trusted
anything that valuable to her.

I gave it to her for
the same reason...

that I gave her that
map to the temple.

She is the chosen one,
and we all know that!


I'll take care of Lana.

You promised me
you wouldn't hurt her.

Has she ever
shown any gratitude?

Lana has no idea
how much...

you've been protecting her.

And for what?

For her to choose
Clark over you?

You know,

I would never betray
you the way she has.

I wouldn't underestimate
her, Genevieve.

Don't forget...

Lana Lang's ancestor...

pledged that she would
revenge your family.

I would leave folklore in the
past if I were you, Lionel.

My ancestors burn
traitors at the stake.

Let's hope you're
not one of them.


He's got to be in here,

it's like his second home.

Just like Chloe should
be at the Torch.

This whole
"10 Little Indians" thing,

it's starting to
give me the creeps.

Popular guy.


alternate girls,


Brendan knows everyone.

It's sort of like
your fast track...

to the front page
of the Torch.

That's a little
"Norman Bates".

It's everyone from the
"Most Likely... " list.


Oh God, do you
think they're...?


It seems more
like a collection,

like he's keeping
them somewhere.

Lois, check this out.


thanks Clark.

It's like they're his paper
dolls, or something.

Except these
blueprints are to scale.

Must have rebuilt this part
of the school somewhere.

Nash Construction.


It's amazing how
much material...

we have for tomorrow's
issue already.


I want to make sure you
have some great shots...

to work with.

You know,

it's funny.

Four years in
school together,

and I had no idea...

that you and Haley
were such good friends.


What did she tell you?

Nothing I didn't
suspect already.

You know,

the more I think about it,

the more I can't believe...

you re-created
this whole place...

for all of us.

After I got those
rejection letters,

I realized I spend
so much time...

proving myself in the end...

and none of it
mattered on the outside.

And we have to do
it all again if we left.


how'd you do it?

I told my dad...

if he didn't do it,

I turned my own
annoying step-monster...

into his own
personal mannequin.

You should have seen
the look on her face,

it was just...

Let's go.

Please, get us out of here!

You shouldn't have tried
to get away, Haley.

I thought you felt
the same way...

I did about our future.

Brendan, you can't
keep us here forever.

You have to let us go.

I don't think you
really want that.

I know you'll like it here.

Or you'll end up like
your friend Haley.

I don't blame you for getting
caught up in all this Jason.

Your mother...

she's a difficult
woman to resist.

Though you were
suppose to...

get close to Lana but..

What happened, did you...

stray a little too far from
those apron strings?

You know, with
all your resources,

would've thought by now
you'd know that Lana...

is nothing more than
my mother's pawn.


Well that's true but,

upon you fell in love with.

It must be killing
you that you've...


your feelings for Lana...

in exchange for some...

maternal warmth...

it seems you
can't do without.

Makes us look like the
Waltons, doesn't it?

I'm sorry..

Lex, I got you
involved in all this.

You may not
believe me but I,

truly wish I were
here alone.

To be honest dad,

I'm glad you're
here with me.

Now knock that
iron out of the fire,

and get it as close to
my chair as you can.

We have to split up.


Wait Lex,

don't do this,
don't do this!

Come on, look at me.

You and I, we're
not that different.

It was never about
you and me,

it was about our
parents, please!

Lex please!

I always knew I had to
protect Lana from you!

But not as much as
you've been protecting...

your best friend, huh?

Ah.. Clark?

Clark doesn't have
anything to do with this!

Oh you don't believe that.

Clark's more connected
to this than any of us.

You just choose to ignore it.
I mean, think about it...

the symbols burned
into the kid's barn?

The fields?

It's a little late and
obvious to the...

shifting the blame
in the 11th hour.

Why can't you see what's
right in front of your face, Lex?

It's Clark.


He was...

about to kill you, Lex.

Or divulge something...

you didn't want me to know.

Lex, you saved my
life back there.

I was returning
the favor son.

I had no choice.

I know you have the stone.

If anything
happens to Lana...

you'll be begging for
an end like that.

How cliché,

an abandoned warehouse.

Oh great.

You know maybe
there's another way in...

around the corner.

Why don't you go check,

I'll see if I can find
the key for this lock.


I highly doubt they're under
the welcome that, but...

you knock yourself out.




You have to
release everybody.

I wanted you to be
a part of all this Clark.

But you guys...

you guys had no
right coming here!

You have to let them go.

Things change.

No matter how much
we don't want them to.

We can't live in
high school forever.

You don't really want that.


think about it.

She could stay
like this forever.

Always be with you.

You wouldn't be afraid
if she ever left you.

I'm not afraid of
that, Brendan.

You should be.

She'll leave you, Clark.

She might never come back.

If you really
care about her,

you'll do anything you
can to keep her.

Let her go!


No! Just...

They're going
to find out...

what it's like to
lose someone...






My God...

Wow, I haven't
seen you use that...

thing in a long time,

I thought maybe
you'd outgrown it.

Dad I think..

I think..


The time comes in
everybody's life...

when they realize...

their parents aren't going
to be around forever.

Dad, I...

Clark, I just..

I just don't want you
sacrificing your potential...

because of me.

It's not a sacrifice dad,

it's a choice.

It's a really fine line,
don't you think?

Dad, I get the feeling we
could talk about this all night,

and you're still not
going to understand.

Oh, I understand a whole
lot more than you think.


That's why you came up
here to change my mind.

Dad, you raised me to
make my own decisions.

Why don't you
trust me on this?

Because you are
a lot like me.

I have a full ride
to Met. U. waiting...

for me when I graduated.

Problem is, my father
needed me on this farm.

So I stayed.

Dad that's a pretty big
footnote to leave out.

Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't want it
to weigh you down.

As much as I loved
my father, I..

A part of me still resents him
for needing me that much.

I don't want you
to feel that.

That's not the
kind of father I..

I ever wanted to be.


This isn't about the
kind of father you are.

It's about the kind of
son I want to be.


Thank you.

So I guess this is it, huh?

It's not like we're never going
to see each other, right?

Yeah, you'll have..
Summers and holidays.

This sucks!

Big time.

Suddenly, all those tests
and teachers we hated.

Seem a lot less scary than
the big question mark...

that's hanging out there.

You'd think after everything
that happened to Brendan,

it'd be a whole lot easier
to say goodbye to all this.

There's a lot here
to say goodbye to.

You know, not to go all
"psycho-sympathizer" guys,

but I...

can't blame Brendan
for wanting...

to keep everybody together.

Although, after
that little lock-in...

I can't think of
anything scarier...

than being stuck
in the past...

and not moving on.

Wait a minute, Lana...

Did you say I'll have
summers and holidays?

What about you?

I'm staying in Smallville.

I thought you said
you weren't sure.

Don't you wanna see
what else is out there?

Well that's exactly why
I went to Paris last year,


there's a reason that
I was drawn back home.

I'm just not sure that I've
explored all the possibilities...


Maybe things won't
change much after all...