Smallville (2001–2011): Season 10, Episode 16 - Scion - full transcript

Lionel and Tess go head to head in a battle for the Luthor name. Clark and Lois are stunned by Tess' latest present to them.

- Tess.
- Um ...

You didn't have to come out here.
There's caffeine dealers in Metropolis.

I just-- I just-- I just feel like
you and I haven't had a chance... really catch up lately.


- So how are you?
- Good. Good.

- How are you?
- I'm fine, thanks.


Right. Okay. Uh....

It's just that there has been
a little incident with our little project.

What happened?

Um ...

Ever since Alexander's reboot,
he has been totally glitch-free...

...and ready to enter the real world.

Except he needs--
He needs someone to guide him.

Um, someone like you.


He's a genetically engineered version
of Lex.

- I don't think I'd be the best mentor.
- Mm.

About that, he's soaking up
new information like an MIT grad.

And I think-- I think he just needs
someone there for him, like family.

Well, technically, you are his sister.

But I'm no Clark Kent.

I know you are the one
that can bring out the best in him.

Which is why he is outside
waiting in the car.


Tess, you shouldn't-- What if
he remembers something about me?

He doesn't remember anything.
He's going through this metamorphosis.

Ever since he’s been changing,
we have been learning new things.

Like things about his, um, genetic origin.


Hey, Tess, check it out.

Um, he doesn't just have Lex's genes.

Half his DNA came from you.


So it's not just the Luthor males
who like secrets.

Given the fact that you're here,
this place isn't really much of a secret.

Ah. Yeah. But you are forgetting
I'm running LuthorCorp now.

One of my crackerjack accountants
informed me...

...that millions of dollars
had been funneled into this facility.

But it looks
as if you've closed up shop.

I'm saving him from an encore
performance of Daddy Dearest.

Give me my son.

I'm surprised you are so hell-bent
on this family reunion...

...given the fact that in this world... was Lex that sent Lionel
plummeting to his death.

That's proof that the Lex you knew
was a true Luthor.


I made a terrible mistake, Tess.

I should never have trusted Clark
more than my own flesh and blood.

Considering what happened to me...

...I'd say that turning your back on
your own is the dominant Luthor trait.

Which is why the Luthor legacy
ends with you.



If I'd been your father
when Lionel gave you up for adoption...

...I would have done precisely as he did.


Because you can't control me?


Because you are inferior.

Imagine what a boy like Alexander
could do if he had the right guidance.

You're right.

You're right. Come with me.

Your son is in there.

We couldn't find a cure
to stop the accelerated mitosis.

You're lying.

I don't believe you.

There are enough bone chips
in those ashes for a DNA test.

That will prove that I'm telling the truth.

Your son is dead, Lionel.

You'll never be able to hurt him again.


Thanks for your help.

You're the one hiding a mutant
under your roof.

Tess keeps me on the move.

This is a hundred times better than
playing lab rat for a bunch of doctors.

They think I can't hear
what they say about me.

So your name is Conner?

it's from my medical files.

Cognitional Neuroplastic Replicant.
CNR. Conner.

Tess thinks she's kept that
a big secret from me.

I think she's just embarrassed,
you know?

Taking care of a walking freak show.

She doesn't think that way.

I promise, she's trying to protect you.

From how people would react
if they found out what I was?

You'd be surprised how much it doesn't
matter when people get to know you.

Well, that's really PC of you...

...but you don't understand what it feels
like every time you meet someone new...

...some new doctor...

...if they're gonna hate you
just for who you are...

...or maybe even be jealous
that they can't do what you can do.

Is it true you can't remember anything
from before you got your abilities?


Mutation's a bitch.


Honestly, I understand Tess
is trying to protect me...

...from a whole bunch of stuff...

...but I need to find out
where I come from...

...why I am the way I am.

I'm sure she'll tell you
when you're ready.

Well, I'm ready now.

No disrespect, but I can't stand
around here milking cows...

...when there's so much
I need to know.

I appreciate your hospitality but, uh ...

You're not leaving?

That almost sounded
like it wasn't a question.

Look, it's important... Tess that you
stick around here for a while.

And it's important to me
that I find out who and what I am.

What if someone catches on
to the fact that you're different?

I can't let you take that risk. I'm sorry.

Sorry, but it's my risk to take.

Besides, you can't exactly stop me.



You're ...

I'm like you.

So does this mean...?

Oh, my God. Are you, like, my dad?

I prefer brother.

I thought I was the only one
with these powers.

Well, me and the Blur.


Are you--'?

Are you him? The Blur?

How do you know about the Blur?

Are you kidding me? I've read about
every save he's made. Or you've made.

Let's go to Metropolis
and save somebody together.

You still have some things
you need to learn.

All I've been doing is learning.

I wanna do something.

Yeah, it's exciting to have new abilities.

But you need to learn
how to control them.

We're gonna stay here on the farm
and practice.

Come on. I don't need to practice.
Trust me.

- I'm in total control.
LOIS: Clark.

What the hell?
I've been trying to call you.

Uh, Lois...

...this is my friend Conner.

Conner, this is my fiancée, Lois Lane.



I need you to sign off on the byline
by noon...

...if we're gonna make
the evening edition.

What just happened?


Okay, Alexander is now Conner?

I guess if Puff Daddy can become Diddy
and Prince can say he's that squiggly thing.

But I'm worried about what's underneath.

Memory wipe or not,
this kid tried to kill you.

Look, his name is not the only thing
that changed.

Conner has.

He's only half Lex, it turns out.


If you say the other half is Tess,
I'm gonna write that family off for good.

Lois, the other half is me.

Are you trying to tell me...

...that Conner is the genetic love child
of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor?

You don't have to say it like that.

Does he have your powers?

I have no idea how I'm supposed
to be feeling about this.

We have a kid in the barn,
and he's really freaked out.

He doesn't feel like he belongs
anywhere. He needs our help.

Clark, we don't know
what he's capable of.

Lois, I understand
that I'm asking you to take on a lot.

I knew when I signed up
for the Clark Kent tour package...

...that it would be full of surprises.

How is Lex able to shake up a human-Krypto
cocktail without you realizing it?

He had a vial of my blood stolen
from Helen Bryce's office years ago.

We thought we destroyed it,
but Lex must have kept a sample.

After he engineered Alexander...

...he thought that my DNA would stop
the accelerated mitosis, and it worked.

Lois, because of me, this kid
has no chance of having a normal life.

No, hold on, Chicken Little.

How do we know that Conner
wouldn't love to be the only kid...

...more powerful than a locomotive?

- What?
-It's just sometimes I forget...

...that you never saw what it was like...

...growing up, being different...

...feeling like an outsider, like a freak... you were all alone.

You turned out pretty normal.

Lois, you don't understand.
It never goes away.

It's always in there.

The only thing that's ever made me feel...

...normal is you.

Conner's not alone.

He has us.

What's with all the cloak and dagger?

I feel like I stepped
into a Tom Clancy novel.

I know you're reeling
from the Conner bomb...

...that I dropped on you this morning...

...but you're the only member
of our league that can help me.

Considering I don't have any powers
or gadgets, I find that hard to believe.

You can talk Clark
into getting rid of Lionel Luthor.

I know you already went up this hill
and got shot down.

Since the Lionel
Clark knew came around...

...Clark is hoping this Luthor
will change his spots too.

Hey, we need to draw a line
in the sand, Lois.

Clark needs to act now.

Lionel knows his secret.
He knows what can hurt him.

And if they rumble in the asphalt jungle,
Clark could go down for the count.

Yeah, he could. But we both know... Lionel destroyed his own world
when he had a superpowered son...

...and if he gets ahold of Conner,
he will do the same here.

I know how dangerous this is for Clark.

We don't have a choice.

Maybe we do. Just hear me out.

When Eliot Ness couldn't nab Capone
for murder...

...the government sent him up the river
for getting sloppy with his taxes.

You and I know Lionel
would have spent a pretty penny... hide the fact
he's from another world.

What if he was just as sloppy?

If we found a detail that he overlooked,
we could prove that he's a fake.

And his entire house of cards
will come crashing down.

The cremated remains came
from one of the other clones.

So my boy is alive.

We've gotta find him.

We convinced Dr. Lamell to tell us
that Mercer took him to Smallville.

He's with Clark Kent.

Not for long.

It is time for my prodigal son to return.



This is pointless.

Everything we do with our abilities
is our responsibility.

That's why we have to learn how
to control them before they control us.

That's why we practice.

I lifted the tractor without any practice.

When you put it down,
you broke the beam behind the stall.

Who taught you how to do all this stuff?

My parents were there
every step of the way.

My dad...

...he believed that all the hard work
he had me do...

...would teach me how to control
my abilities, teach me character.

Conner, you may not have parents,
but you have me.

I'll always be there for you.

What do you say we take another shot
at your heat vision?

Just concentrate and light the candle.

You'll get it eventually.

You know, we have a doorbell.


I stopped by
to see how things were going.

Looks like
I should've brought marshmallows.

You know,
he's getting things faster than I did.

If I didn't know better, that might
look like a glint of pride in your eyes.


Unfortunately, Clark,
I just talked to my inside man...

...and Lionel knows that Conner's here.
So we need to move him.

I'm gonna call Oliver and Chloe
in Star City, send him there.

We have kept him in the dark
about who he is.

Don't you think it's time to let Conner know
the truth about the other side of the family?

Considering everything...

...I don't think it's a good idea he knows
half of his DNA came from Lex.

We can never let him know
that half of him is Luthor.


What did you find on Lionel?

It seems Lionel 2.0 has dotted
every I, crossed every T.

I mean, his resurrection is so ironclad,
he'd give Lazarus a run for his money.

He's had government lackeys reissue all
official documents with his autograph.

We know it seems like a dead end
but I'm having some G-men...

...turn over that rock
and see what's underneath.

Over and out.




I know you're here.

I've had people tracking you
since you left the Kent farm.

Who are you?

I'm your father.

I'm sure you have questions.

I'm here to answer them.

Come, son, please. Let me see you.

Oh, Alexander.

What have they done to you?

It was in your files...

...what they'd done,
but I refused to believe it.

There's a part of you that's Clark Kent.

There's a part of me
that's Lex Luthor too.

I overheard Clark say it.

- He lied to me.
- Yes.

Because he's afraid of you.

He doesn't want you
to be with your real family.

You're a threat to him.

Because of my powers.


Because you're a Luthor.

Lex Luthor created an empire.

Clark Kent wants to keep it
away from you.

You must embrace your future.

It's time.

Put the ring on.

It's your birthright.


Now the journey begins.

Get your hands off me.

Are you sure you got it tight enough?



What is she doing here?

You wanted to know
what it means to be a Luthor?

Lesson one,
never let anyone stand in your way.

That's fine, thank you.

What's with the slaughterhouse?
Trying to scare me into thinking...

You're here because if you scream,
no one will hear you.

You see, Clark Kent sends his fiancée
to do his dirty work.

No. Clark doesn't know
I broke into your office.

Because you realize if he knew,
I'd destroy him.

You risked your life for him.

Very noble.

And very stupid.

I've read a great deal about you.
I expected more.

Well, I was raised to believe that you risk
everything to protect those you love.

That's where we differ.

Oh, I'd risk my own life,
but I'd kill to protect my son.

No one will ever take him away from me.

You don't scare me.

The Lionel I knew never got blood
on his hands.

I'm not the Lionel you knew.


- Thanks, Conner.
- Hope it wasn't too fast.

Oh, I'll trade a little motion sickness
for a bullet in the bonnet any day.

We need to call Clark and tell him
Don Luthor is going all Godfather on us.

We don't need Clark.

I'll take care of you.

You know what? That's sweet.
But I'm freezing out here.

We really need to--

--sound the alarms.



See? I'll get you anything you want.


Okay, I get it now.

Your neon is flashing red-not,
and I didn't see the sign.

Hey, you!
Officer, stop her. She's a thief.

Hey, don't move!

Get in. I'll save you.

- Conner, what are you...?
POLICEMAN: Stop right there!



His first crush.


it's good to know the Luthor libido
is still intact. Ha, ha.

Great men, great passion. Ha, ha.

Let him enjoy himself.

But she must not be allowed... lead him to Clark Kent.
And that ring, he's got to wear that ring.

The tracking device in it
will keep him on our radar.

When Conner disappeared,
I knew you couldn't be far.

So I searched every LuthorCorp facility,
and I found this.

Oh, doesn't compare
to the value of rubies...

...but personally,
I prefer the red of Kryptonite.

You used it on Conner, didn't you?

- Unh.
- To turn him into something he's not.

I was trying to unleash his dark side,
find out what my son is really made of.

Red Kryptonite, if worn,
brings out the primal...

...uncensored core of self.
You're afraid of it.

You won't go near it. You're scared
of what you might find inside you.

I won't let you hurt him like you did Lex.

He was my closest friend.
Lionel Luthor's influence destroyed him.

You destroyed Lex
with your secrets and lies.

And those same lies
brought Conner to me.

He heard you talking to Tess
about hiding the truth from him.

He knows you betrayed him.

That's why he ran to me.

Then you poisoned him
with Red Kryptonite.

The longer he's exposed,
the more unstable he becomes.

He's a danger to himself
and everyone around him.

No. That's gonna make it easier for him
to take everything away from you...

...including the woman he's with now.

Lois Lane.

No one will find us here.

I'll keep you safe.

And I'll make you happy.

Thanks. But I think you have
the wrong idea, Romeo.

This Juliet is already spoken for.

If this isn't romantic enough...

...I'll speed us away to Paris...

...or somewhere
where Clark will never find us.

Okay, let me make this perfectly Clear.
You and I, not happening.

I will not let you go back to him.


I'm sorry that I lost my temper.

I promise you...

...we'll live here happily ever after.

We belong together.

It's our destiny.

You know what we should do?

We should toast our future together.
But I didn't see any champagne.

You should know it is bad luck to start
our lives together without a little bubbly.

Be back in a few.

I'll be waiting right here.

There's a reason Lois Lane
is known for telling the truth.


Because you're a terrible liar.

Okay, Conner,
something strange is happening to you.

You're not yourself.
It's the ring. it's the ring.

I've never felt better.

I'm at the top of my game.

And it's all thanks to Clark.

But he has one thing I don't have.

And that's you.

But not any more.

You are nothing like Clark.
I've seen him on Red Kryptonite.

It may bring out his inner angst a little,
but it doesn't turn him into this.

This is the other side of you. This is Lex.

We need to make you better.

I don't want to be better.

I want you.


I'll open up a world
Clark can't even imagine for you.

Clark is my world.

He's only the person you think he is
because he has you.

And if I can't have you, neither will he.

Conner? Lois?

Oh, God.


You're not welcome here.

Where's Lois?

She's not yours any more.

The only reason that Lionel wants you to
wear that ring is so he can control you.

- I can help.
- I don't want your help.

Or your lies.


I know you can't understand,
I'm trying to keep you safe.

Safe from myself?


This isn't who you really are, Conner.

You're wrong.

I'm nothing like you.

I am a Luthor, and this is where I belong.

No, it's not.

And you're coming home with me.


Oh! What's happening?

No. You'll never take my son.



- What are you doing?
- Eliminating the one person...

...who stands in the way
of your destiny.

Let him go.

Let's go, son. Remember who you are.

You were meant to become a god.
Together, we can make sure you do.


I know who I am.

- Lionel.
- Don't worry about him.

There's no place for him to hide.

Let's go home.


Enjoy the view one last time.

Security's on their way up
to escort you out of the building.

Now, if you're threatening me, you need
something more powerful than not air.

All the firepower I need is right here...

...copies of all the documents
that bear your signature.

No discrepancies.
Everything matches perfectly.

My DNA, my handwriting...

...identical to the other Lionel.

Why would you have them
secretly reissued?

You may think you scrubbed evidence
of your true identity from this world...

...but you missed a spot.

There was one document
that you were never aware of.

When Lionel gave you up for adoption.

I wasn't the only thing
that he left at the orphanage.

He left his fingerprints on a document
when he admitted me.

And as you know, just like our worlds,
they're reversed.

His fingerprints and yours
are mirror copies of each other.

It proves that you are a fake.

My lawyers are drawing up papers...

...that relinquish your complete control
of LuthorCorp to me.

Why would I do that?

Because of that Scotch
that you're drinking.

- What?
-It's laced with nano-trackers.

They've burrowed deep into your stomach
lining and entered your bloodstream.

From now on,
I will know your every move.

And if you try to retaliate
against me or my friends...

...I will crush you.

Why don't you have me killed?

Because that's not who I am.



You may want to change yourself
to impress Clark Kent...

...but we both know, don't we?

Deep down...'ll always be a Luthor.


The barn never looked better.

Well, it was the least I could do
to make up for all the trouble I caused.

It's not your fault.

If I hadn't lied to you, you wouldn't have
run right into Lionel's hands. I'm sorry.

But I shouldn't have been so quick
to trust Lionel.

Conner, you can't beat yourself up.
You had no idea...

...that he would use Red Kryptonite
on you or how it would affect you.

It's one of the drawbacks
of being like us.

I'm not like you, Clark.

I mean, maybe on the outside
with what I can do...

...but what that ring brought out in me,
that was all Lex.

There's a shadow inside of all of us.

But that doesn't mean that you need to
embrace it. You decide who you are.

I know you'll make the right choice
and become the hero you're destined to be.

That means a lot coming from you.

Well, if you feel that way...

...maybe, uh, I should start
dressing the part.

I know I have a lot to learn.

But when you feel
that I'm ready to join the team...

...I'd like to.

Nice to hear you're ready to learn. I picked
up an application for you to Smallville High.

Classes start after spring break.

"Conner Kent."

Hope it's not too presumptuous,
but I figured you needed a last name.

Welcome home.

Guess I should start
with fixing that fence out back.

LOIS: It seems to me that Clark Kent's
nature and nurture won out in the end.

I'm not sure how nurturing it was
not telling him the truth.

If you throw a penance party...

...I'm gonna have to unwrap
my own mea culpa.

I'm sorry that I didn't tell you
I was investigating Lionel.

It put us both in danger,
even though I was trying to save you.

It's hard to know
where to draw the line...

...when you're protecting
the people you love.

You know, I have a newfound respect
for my mom and dad.

I always knew that my powers
could cause harm if I misused them.

But I never appreciated the responsibility
they must have felt in raising me.

If they hadn't been
such amazing parents...

...this world could've been
a much darker place.

Luckily, they brought out the best in you.

I'm sure when we have kids
of our own...'ll be an amazing father.

Am I forgiven?

we could have ruled this world.

I would give anything, my son,
just to have you by my side.

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