Smallville (2001–2011): Season 10, Episode 17 - Kent - full transcript

Clark Kent is in nostalgic mood after Martha signs over the deed to the farm as a wedding present, wondering whether it suggests he and Lois should sell and move. Clark Luthor surprises him, using the mirror box and shattering it after having sent Kent to his world, then fool everyone for a while, in search of bloody vengeance on at least one Luthor. Kent finds himself, public enemy number one against whom everyone caries green kryptonite, at Oliver's funeral, where a bitter Jonathan scolds the 'scrooge'. Recognized and helped by the other Lois, he seeks to appease hatred and find a way back. Dr. Emil Hamilton frantically tries to repair the mirror-box, just in time.

Previously on Smallville:

CLARK: What else are you hiding, Tess?
TESS: it's a Kryptonian relic.

CLARK: ls this time travel?
-It's like a parallel reality.

You could conquer the universe.

The man of tomorrow: Clark Luthor.

- Who are you?
- I can't live where you don't love me.

- So while I'm stranded here, he's ...
TESS: Stuck in your life there.

- Your scar.
- No take-backs when it comes to Gold K.


Get up!
I'm not going back to Lionel's world.

Lionel's here. He followed you
from his parallel world.

I'm not the Lionel you knew.

TESS: If we find a detail that he overlooked,
we could prove that he's a fake...

...his house of cards
will come crashing down.

Wouldn't wanna miss
how it all turns out.


How was your day?

It depends. what day is it?

I don't know if I should be going
for this promotion.

Lois, your heart is in journalism.

And you have a future in it.
I know. I've seen it.

I haven't seen you since breakfast

Well, I'm planning to see you
for a few moments at the altar.

It's not that bad.
I still live at the farm.

I have a toothbrush to prove it.

You haven't been home
five nights this week.

And someone wants to forget
that the two nights I was home...

...he was off cavorting around
in Bangkok.

They had floods.

Something interesting?

Yeah. From my mom. She says Conner's
doing great in Washington, D.C...

...and she's sending us
an early wedding gift.


It's the deed to the farm.

Oh, for our wedding.

Well, that's so ...


- Thoughtful.
- Thoughtful?

Yeah, uh, she must want us to ...

Yeah, start our new married life there.


Home sweet home.



Good morning.

Oh, just as quaint on the inside.

A turnkey, I hope.

- Who, what, when and why?
- Ah. Manners. Marge Manners.

Smallville Real Estate.
We may be small, but we sell big.

- Now, you live here with...'?
- Soon-to-be"

- Is he here?
- No, he had an emergency in--

--the fields this morning.
Big, something important.

A fireplace. How charming.

Is it original to the house?

Ugh. If you mean old as hell, yes,
and it has the soot buildup to prove it.

I mean,
this thing smokes like the dickens.

I see.

Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to take a
look at the rest of the house on my own.

Just be careful of the last step.
It's a suicide ride.

I mean, we can't get it to nail into place
to save our lives. Literally.

Clark Kent, if I wasn't late, I would
kick your bulletproof ass right now.

Mom, I really appreciate your gift.
You really didn't have to.

No. Yeah.

Tell Conner I said hello.
I'll try to come out and visit soon.



Talk about nature versus nurture.

I'm assuming you destroyed yours?

That explains
why we didn't switch places.

Seems that makes this a one-way trip.

Like they say,
you can't go home again.

And we gather here today... say goodbye to our husband
and friend on this earth, Oliver Queen.

And to offer our continued support
to Mrs. Queen.

He got what he deserved.
Rich brat. He stole all of our land.

MAN: Hey.
JONATHAN: He ruined a good town...

...filled with honest working men
and honest working women.

- He took it from underneath us.
MAN: Enough.

Let go of me.
I'm gonna show you, you son of a bitch.


Let go of me!


You have some nerve showing up
after you put him in that grave.

It's not me. Clark Luthor, he did this.

How does it feel knowing
you're the most wanted man... know that everyone who sees you
wants you dead?

Lois, put the rock away.

I wish that killing you with this rock
could even begin... cause you as much pain
as you've caused me.

But I guess that's the price
of having a heart.

It can get broken.

I'm not him.
He sent me from my world.

Please, Lois, you have to believe me.

I was the one on the roof...

...and I'm the only one who knows
that I told you I couldn't live in a world--

Where I didn't love you.

It's me.


You have to get out of here.
Everyone knows who you are.

He took the mirror box with him, Lois.

It's not here.

- I have to get back and stop him.
- Everyone in the city... carrying meteor rock with them.
That's why Ultraman killed Oliver.

He told them that those rocks
would protect them from you.


The whole city?

You can't get 10 feet
without it hitting you from every side.


Yeah, I under-- Yes. I-- Okay, I'll go.

I just have to check
on something first.

You need to go. Now.
I'll try to throw them off your trail.

Thank you.

You're putting a lot of trust in me.

You know that.

Something tells me that I can, I guess.


Hey. Thanks for coming.

After I left three messages,
I got the feeling you might be mad.

Guessing it has to do with the fact
that the realtor you sent... the house
told you I was a psycho.

She said I totally freaked out,
didn't she?

That bad?

Okay, look, I was mad that you
made the decision to sell without me...

...but it is your house, really and...

Anyway when I saw the realtor,
I realized...

...I was about to lose something
that was really important to me.

I never had a permanent home
growing up and...

...I remember living there
with your folks...

...even though I thought
you were a total dork at the time.

Wanna help me out here?

You're kind of cute when you squirm.


Bonus. Anyway...

...the point is, the farm is the closest
to a home that I've ever known.

And when Marge showed up today,
I felt afraid...

...that if we lost that,
if I lost that home...

...then I would never find another one.

That'll never happen.
That's why we're together.

That's why I found the rental pages.

If you wanna sell the farm,
we'll make a new start.

It's really hard
to imagine a new life together...

...with such a threat still out there.

Which threat?

Lionel Luthor.

- If he's walking around on this Earth ...
- I understand what this is about.

If you stop showing up for dinner,
I will know where you are.

You're hooked on our Lionel cam,
aren't you?

That's right.

Searching for Lionel alone
doesn't sound like much fun.

So why don't you come with me
and we can go over there right now?

Oh, Clark Kent. Frisky. I like it.

But if you wanna get your hands
on Lionel's GPS system, ask Tess.

She's the one with all her claws
in Daddy dearest.

I called her. She didn't answer.

She's taking bids at the mansion,
or what's left of it.

Well, I should go.
Be a hero and everything.

Yeah, but before you go...

...just have a look at the place.
I know the view's not that nice.

But I thought we could bring a little bit
of Smallville with us wherever we go.


I think I'm gonna like it here.

First, we need to get rid
of this stargazer's junk.



Aren't you gonna go?

The sirens. Someone could need you.



I'll see you later.

Oh, my God.


Come on, Tess. Damn it.

Answer your phone.

I don't went development proposals.

I want an estimate on how much
it will cost to tear this place down.

My team's doing some exploratory work
to gauge the structure, but ...

Let us take another look.

Don't worry. The weeds will grow up
and take the place over.

They are Luthor weeds, after all.

There was a life here. A family.

They lived here,
but this was never a home.

So do you wanna have some fun, hmm,
and raze the place for me?

You could save me a lot of money.

Tearing this place down won't change
the fact that you're a Luthor.


I'm sorry.

I just meant that ...

Listen, Tess, I know better than anyone
what it's like to walk around...

...with a mark on you.

It's lonely.

Being the world's greatest hero
is just a little bit different...

...than being Satan's child.

Angel or devil is in the eye
of he who beholds it.

"He who beholds it"'?


What, have you been watching
a little too much BBC lately?

Considering our
undeniable chemistry...

...I'd be a little hurt
if you didn't recognize me, sis.

What are you doing here?

Where's Clark?

The only thing that matters
in this world is you...

...and dear old Dad.

Uh, miss Mercer?

Don't worry.
We have all the time in the world.




Mr. Kent, I know you're here.
I saw you walk in.


Clark thought he destroyed that.

He is not gonna like the fact
that you and Tess snagged this.

Yeah, well, maybe he'll feel different
when it saves his life.


Is it drafty in here?
Because I feel a little cold.

Clammy, really.

Lois, we're gonna get him back.

Still no sign of him.
Have you two made any progress?

Just trying to get it juiced up again.

I'll head to Watchtower.
If I find Clark's darker side, I'll stall...

...but you two need to hurry.

Lois, I have to call you back.


I can't wait to see you in it.

It's my perfect size.

That's because I know everything
about you, Tess.

Every move you make.


I'm not who you think I am.

JONATHAN: Oh, I think I've got
a pretty good idea of who you are.

You're the man who single-handedly
destroyed everything I ever cared about.

The day you got here
was the worst day of my life.

The meteor shower wrecked my farm,
set all of my fields on fire.

I couldn't keep up with the work.
I couldn't keep up with the bills.

Then Queen comes in
and buys it right out from under me...

...and won't give me a chance
to get it back.

He goes around
buying up every bit of Smallville... he can get his hands
on these stupid little green rocks.


Listen, you have to let me go.

You have no idea
what's gonna happen if they ...

You've been living here.

It's all I've got.

It hasn't been yours for years.

You've been out here, alone,
hanging onto--

Hanging onto my land,
hanging onto my birthright.

You see, nobody has any idea what fell
out of that meteor shower but me.


I found a Chunk of it once.

- Gold meteorite?
- That's right.

And I thought,
maybe if I kept digging...

...I'd find enough
that I could finally buy my farm back.

But now I'm thinking maybe I already
have something that's more valuable.

- You.
- You have to believe me.

The most wanted man in the entire world
is hog-tied right here in my living room.

You're my ticket out of this.

With the reward money I get for you,
I can get the deed to my farm back...

...and I can finally
start living my life again.



What about Mom?


What does any of this mean
without her?

What the hell do you know
about Martha?

She's supposed to be your wife.

She's the reason you fought so hard
for all of this.

Why fight for somebody who gave up
on me the minute I needed her the most?

From what I'm seeing, it looks like
you gave up on yourself first.

You always said
that you're nothing without her.

I look like somebody else,
but I'm from a different place.

And in that place, things are different.

You and Martha were married
and happy.


I was lucky,
on the day of the meteor shower...

...Lionel Luthor didn't find me.

You did,
and you raised me as your son.

Just untie me.

You'll have a great story
to tell Bill and Remy...

...and the other guys
down at the feed shop.

Just let me show you one thing.



Now, this fits you perfectly.

I'm not sure what to say.

As I recall,
talking was never your strong suit.

Why did you out yourself to me?

You would've figured it out,
and I would've known.

- You don't think I could've hidden that?
- No.

You get flustered around me, Tess.
You have feelings for Clark Kent.

If you were meeting him here,
you wouldn't be so nervous...

...and you'd be in control.


I don't feel out of control.

That's because you have a habit
of lying to yourself.

Here we go. Excuse me.

Here you go, sir.

I'm not the Tess you knew
in your world.

Not entirely...

...but I am looking forward
to discovering the differences.

Your country crush...

...he doesn't appreciate you
as a partner, Tess.

And certainly not as a woman.

What is it that you want?


And Dad.
For different reasons, of course.

If you're here to take out Lionel...

...I'm afraid I won't be the one
that can help you.

Yes, you will.

Not if you're talking about murder.

He has a hold over us.

And you need someone
to come in and save you.

That's what you want.

I'm guessing you stay awake at night,
scared of nightmares...

...of being abandoned.

You picture the day
where you defeat him.

I can give you that.

Once Lionel's out of the picture,
you can live the life...

...that you're too afraid
to even dream about.

With me.

You've had a lot
of second chances here, Tess...

...and I'm only asking for the same.

People know about the meteor rock
where I'm from and how to kill me.

The whole world knows
how to kill me there.

But here I can have a fresh start.

I can enjoy all the things that this world
has to offer without the attention...

...because that was my mistake
in the other world.

But this isn't about us.

Unfortunately, the situation here
is kill or be killed.

Let me get this straight.

You're offering me a life with you...

...but if I don't help you,
you'll kill me?

That's certainly not my preference.

You got five minutes
before those cops show up out here.

Please still be here.

Hey, hey, hey, put the gun down.

This was Grandpa's.

How'd you know it was up there?

You kept it close for when the Coyotes
came around the livestock.

This may be hard to understand...

...considering everything
that's happened to you in this world.

You taught me so much.

You taught me
how to be fair and honest.

You taught me the only person
in control of your destiny--

Is you.

You were the man
that I tried to live up to.

You didn't have powers...

...and you didn't have a destiny to save
the world, but you were my hero.

And I lost you.

You have to get out of here.

I'm not leaving you.

You don't even know me.
I'm just an...

...obsessed man, hanging onto a place
as if memories could make up a lifetime.

This place isn't your home, Martha is.

It's not the place, it's the people in it.

And Martha's still here.
You still have a chance.

It's better to risk everything
than hold onto nothing.

Who told you that?

You did.



They're almost here.

You gotta go.


Good luck.





Thank God.

He was right there, Lois,
standing right there.


You brought me back.

Where's Clark Luthor?
I need to find him.

In a few moments, we'll both be free.

Sometimes Lionel's tracking system goes
off-line as the satellite info updates.

This could take me a little.

I have every confidence in your abilities.

Just give me a minute.

Pretty soon,
we'll have all the time in the world.

What do you plan to do with him?

You leave that to me.

Don't tell me you're wrestling
with morality...

...of whether or not
the old bastard should die or not.



Follow the GPS.

It will lead you right to him.


I'll be back... start our new life together.

Please. Please.

Did you find him?

Or did he elude us again?

It's done.


And now it's time to celebrate.


I knew a Luthor would die tonight.

And when you reprogrammed
the tracker, I Couldn't find Lionel.

So that leaves you.


Chose him over me, Tess.

- He's my father.
- He's our father.

And no one knows what a monster he is
more than me.

I thought you understood that.

You said that we could have
a life together.

And in some twisted, messed-up way,
it's what I want.

With you.

I can't bear it, but I do.

I could never trust you. it's too late.



How good of you to join us.

I assume our damsel in distress is ...

Somewhere safe.

Of course.

Well, now that she's out of the way ...

I guess without the darker side,
you're no match for me.

Thanks for coming.

Oh, I should've known.

You took that beating a little too easily.

I had one of these places in my world.

Our birth father is here.

This is nothing but a cold music box
without the music. Don't kid yourself.

Lionel lied to you about him.

Jor-El left us the wisdom
of the universe. Lessons and guidance.

You may have needed your hand held,
but I made my way just fine.

You made yourself
the most hated man in your world...

...but there's a chance
of redemption for you.


Looks like the two of us
have different preoccupations.

I'm sorry that you weren't found
by Jonathan and Martha Kent.

The thing is,
you could've killed Tess in an instant...

...but something
was holding you back.

You can show people
what you can give them.

Change their minds.

Why would you ever believe in me?

Because I know you.

And Lionel's not there any more.

You don't need to be defined by your past.
You can choose a different future.

Just trust me.



Welcome home, my son.

So I pulled the geological surveys
you gave me...

...and Clark's info
from the alt-world was right.


The surprise at the end of the Kryptonite
rainbow. The gold stuff exists.

- What does it do to him?
- Well, drawing on the Veritas journals...

...Chloe's database,
and my best calculations... could take away his powers.
For good.

I'll get the team right on it.

Anything else you wanna tell me?

Um ...


Emil, it's been a really long day.
I'm gonna need a bigger hint than that.

Right. I was inputting
the surveillance data...

...and I noticed you and Clark Luthor
had quite the romantic dinner.

I don't know
what your definition of romance is...

...but mine is not facing the threat
of having my neck snapped in two.

You looked tempted to me. By him.

By his offer
to make your father disappear for good.

That's not the Tess I know.

Maybe I'm not the person
you think I am.

Maybe you are.

Maybe you just don't believe it yet.


Admittedly, I'm no Martha Kent... instead of lemonade,
you get the finest microbrew in Kansas.

Your dad's jacket.

I've never seen you wear that before.

Yeah, it's just a jacket.

Kind of, but everything around here
has memories attached to the place.

I don't need things to remind me
of what I've had here.

Clark, it seems like...

...something happened on the other side
that really shook you up.

- What happened?
- Nothing.

I was just trying
to find my way back home.

Not a bad home to come back to.

You know I didn't call that realtor.


I know.

Who could've guessed
when a deed switches hands...

...that the ambulance chasers--
The for-sale-sign chasers... up on your doorstep

It did shine alight
on a few things we've been avoiding.

With you at the Daily Planet most nights
and me out patrolling--

The larger planet.

I guess I've ...

Lois, I've been trying to hold onto things
that used to protect me.

This farm, my parents.

I've known we should be moving
to Metropolis for a while now.

I guess...

...I was afraid that I'd lose myself
if I let it all go.


I would never let that happen.

I've been worried that if we didn't
have this place to come home to...

...that we'd lose each other.

This place grounds us.

Maybe that was just an excuse
for me not to ...

Not to move on.

It's not the place that makes the home.

Smallville is my home, Clark.

Not this one.

This Smallville. Right here.

You're all I'll ever need.

If you need to move to Metropolis because
that's who the world needs you to be...

...then a studio apartment
with rusty pipes is just fine for me.

In fact, I think they invented
an apple-pie air freshener.

I'll Call the realtor in the morning.



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