Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 8 - The Fire Within - full transcript

During a jump the sliders encounter a world consumed by fire. As they wait for the next jump, a matter of seconds, Quinn sees some diffused object coming towards them. They jump through the portal as the 'thing' follows them. They arrive in an oil town that has disturbing under currents of union and company actions. The flame creature reveals itself and begins burning everything, multiplying as it goes. As Quinn considers events at the world, he wonders what was really going on. The Sliders go to work at the oil refinery to get money and quickly become embroiled in the union violence. Quinn realizes the significance of the flame creature and its possible intelligence. The Sliders realize their responsible for bringing the flame to this world and the need to rectify things. Arturo and Quinn begin experimenting with ways to communicate. Meanwhile Wade confesses to Rembrandt she wants to have a baby in the near future.



Rembrandt, we have got to go.

Wait a minute, man.
We got at least
10 more minutes.

You got to get
your watch fixed.

I just tied the all-time
high score here.

You didn't, by chance,
wager on this game?

A little.

Here we go.

Hey guys, wait a minute.
The money.

We got to... Wait!

Considering we're
leaving this dimension,

I think it's fair to say
all bets are off.

This entire world is on fire!

How much time?

10 seconds.

Thank God.

Four, three, two, one.

Heads up!

Your coat's on fire.

What the hell
was that place?

Maybe it was hell.

The hell it was.

Five more seconds,
you'd have been
a believer.

Five more seconds,
I'd have been
beef Wellington.

We seem to be in some
sort of company oil town.

Well, I think
I'm gonna like it here.

Looks like
they've got real cars.

How long
are we here?

Uh, four days
and change.

Man, we got to get
some cash.

Mr. Brown, did you pay
the hotel bill?

Oh, no, I was going to,
but, uh...

We skip out
on the hotel bill
too many times,

the karma's gonna
catch up, guys.

Look, I said
I was going to, but--

At least
we got cash.

Now we don't have
to work.

Well, not exactly.

See, I left the money
on the bar.

I was betting
on the game and, uh...

Wait a minute, guys.
Now, look.

That's when you guys,
you came in and jerked me
out of there.

It really
wasn't my fault.

You pulled me out of there
before I was supposed
to win anything.

I almost won $600.

Get him!

You guys pulled me away
too soon!

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds,

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?


I'd hate to be a fireman
on this world.

Especially here.

You guys smell gas?

This whole town
smells like gas.

There's gas pumps

You know,
from what I've observed,

I think it's a possibility
that on this Earth

the world's major deposits
of petroleum were not
in the Middle East

but here
in Southern California.

Yeah, it looks like
Detroit stayed
where it was.

The Japanese cars

have never even
invaded the country at all.

I never understood
why cars had fins.

To begin with, Miss Wells,
this is not just a car.

That is a living room
on wheels.

Yeah, and other rooms
as well.

And secondly,
a fin is not just a fin.

Though it may serve
some aerodynamic purpose,

it's real function

is as an extension
of the male psyche.

Nothin' appeals
like a good set of wheels.

Global Oil,
anybody else need a job?

Hey, fellas,
check it out.

They're hiring
for the oil refinery.

Yes. Why don't you go
and get a job

so that you can repay us?

Now, Professor,

if Rembrandt had won,
you wouldn't have a problem,

But he lost.

Well, you can get a job
just like I can.

Guys, it doesn't matter
what world we slide to, okay?

I still need three square
meals a day

and often require
a place to sleep.

I'll check it out.

Hi. We're looking for jobs.
Could we get a ride?

Hop in.


He'll take us.

Oh, great.

Know what I like
about America?

You work hard, you, too,
could own a Cadillac.

Pity we always seem
to be starting

on the back
of a cattle truck.

Such a cynic, Mr. Mallory.

Yeah? So?

What did they say?

We might as well go ahead
and hire 'em all.

We're gonna have
some holes to fill

if the union
goes on strike tomorrow.


So we, uh,
goin' out this weekend?

I gotta wash my hair.

I'll help you.

Then you better come early.

Hello? Yeah, he's still here.

I'll tell him.

Mr. Ashton, you need
to get back to your office.

Why? What's up?

There's a fire
at the plant manager's house.

They think it's arson.

I'll bet
it's that damn union.

...doing survey of 2300...

That was a sorry excuse
for a meal.

I just hope that breakfast
is better tomorrow

in the company restaurant.

I thought the spaghetti
was pretty good.

That was spaghetti?

That wasn't spaghetti,

that was oil slick
with noodles.

Are you there?

Sources say
the fire may be linked

to the Brotherhood
of Petrol Workers

who stormed out
of negotiations
early this morning.

Their contract expires
at midnight.

They got the fire...

Hey, guys. This looks like
the place we slid into.

Officials say that arson
is now suspected.

I thought
only the British were capable
of destroying breakfast.

You didn't put
enough syrup on it.

Evidently they spend more on
the entertainment budget here

than they do chefs.

Listen to this:

"Management says it won't bow
to bully tactics
of the Brotherhood.

It will lock out workers
if necessary."

I overheard a conversation.

You know what
the union is demanding?

Health insurance.

What do they get now?

If you get sick,
they have a burial plan.

I can't stop thinkin'
about that fire world
we landed in.

You think it was volcanic?

No, possibly
natural gas deposits,

burning for years
like the coal fires
in Virginia.

It's weird,

but for a moment there

I thought the fire
was comin' after me.

Well, perhaps it was
the spirits of the hearth.

You know, when I was a boy,
my father used to terrify me
with stories

of the Corracha Cagalt,

the blue flamed
spirits of fire

that punished
naughty boys.

Just your imagination.

Well, I guess
our chariot awaits.

Well, we talked
for a half hour.

He couldn't tell me
a doggone thing.
I don't understand it.

Hmm, how strange.

Three burns in two days.
Nobody sees nothin'.

Something's going on.

I heard the last one
was very hard to put out.

Yeah, the crew said
it was a hell of a fight.

The fire burned
one guy's mask off.

They'd knock it down here
and it would jump up
over there.

Almost like
it was alive.

Anyway, they were moppin' up
hot spots for hours.


Hey, uh, you remember
to get the cream rinse?

No health, no wealth!
No health, no wealth!

No health, no wealth!
No health, no wealth!

No health, no wealth!
No health, no wealth!

Okay, you know
where you're going?

Uh, yeah, yeah,
I got the map right here.


Be sure and lock your doors.

And don't stop for any reason.
You understand?

Look, uh, are we
expecting any trouble?

No. Not if we hurry up
and get our butt out of here.
Now, let's roll.

No health, no wealth!
No health, no wealth!

We should all be
wearing a respirator.

I asked the man.
He said hold your breath.

Yeah. So much
for employee relations.

You think it's a fire?

I don't see any smoke.

Mr. Mallory, if you can
see smoke in a place
like this, it's too late.

Come on.

You all right?

I will be
when I get another job.

I'm not gonna scab.

I'm with you.

Let's go.

I know one thing.
They got stronger beer.

How come
it's so cheap?

Excuse me.

- I'm sorry, how rude.

I think they brew it
in the same refinery.

Must be why it tastes
like unleaded, huh?

All right

I'm gonna take a spin
around the block

so I don't go to bed
with the spins.

Good night.

Good night.






Are you all right?

The flame.

It saved my life.

I'm telling you,
I saw fire surround Quinn
before he fell down.

I couldn't breathe.
There wasn't any oxygen.

Look, you both have
had a few beers, right?

Now, maybe you tripped,
and maybe you saw
the truck's lights

reflected in the street,
and you thought--

The truck would have
run him over.

Remmy, I really think
the fire saved my life.

See, now I know
you had too much to drink.

It's hard to see,
but it's there,

hiding in the gutter.

I got within
a couple of feet,

but it wouldn't
let me any closer.

Wait a minute. You're saying
that there's a flame
out there and it's alive?

Incredible as it sounds,
Mr. Brown,

I do believe it has
some level of awareness.

I must have brought it
with me from the fire world,

riding on the tails
of my jacket.

Do you realize
what this means?

Let's not tell anybody.
They'll think we're nuts.

Or worse, they'll destroy it
before we find a chance

to find out
who or what it is.

This represents one hell
of a turn in evolution.

Do you think
it might have something
to do with all those fires?

From what I overheard
in the store,
I'm willing to bet it is.

A guy there was talking
about fighting a fire

that seemed to him
"to be acting as if
it was alive."

Think about it.
Everywhere it looks,
nothing but food.

And nobody to tell it
not to take a bite.

Maybe we should find a way
to tell it to go on a diet.

I agree with you.
We must find a way
of communicating with it.

Wait a minute.
Now, we don't know
what this thing can do.

Maybe we should just
leave it alone.

No, we brought it
into this world,

we're responsible
for what happens.

So how do you talk to a fire?

Maybe with a spectrometer?

Excellent idea, Mr. Mallory.

There must be one
in the lab at the refinery.
We'll look into it tomorrow.

We've got to find
some common ground.

Build a vocabulary,
set up a translation path.

First we have to capture it.

Yeah, once we do,
we better talk fast.

We slide in a couple of days.

You better do it
before Flame-boy realizes

he's sitting on
a 100 million barrels of oil.

I don't know about you,
but it scares me to death.

On strike! On strike!
On strike!

On strike! On strike!
On strike! On strike!

On strike! On strike!
On strike! On strike!

On strike! On strike!

I'm done with these files.

I wish all my temps
were as good as you.

If you want to stay on,
there's a...

I got to be someplace
in a couple of days.

Don't worry. Things have
a way of workin' out.

Why are they all
marked "awards"?

Oh, that just means
that those people

got some money
from the company
at one time.


What are you doing here?

I want
what's due to me.

I want my husband's
last check.

Please, you gotta leave now.

Give me my money
and I'll leave.

Amanda, how many times
do I have to tell you?

The company doesn't pay men
who try to burn down
the refinery.

My husband
wouldn't do that.

You knew him.

J.C. saw him open
a gas valve and light it.

I know you and J.C.
have a thing going, Diana,

but he lied.

My husband knew
we had a baby on the way.

Please, I need the money.

Get out of here, Amanda.
I don't wanna lose my job.


Call the guards.

Did you hear me?
Call security!

Never mind. False alarm.

Doesn't look like anybody
has been here for a while.

Don't think
they'll miss anything.

How about starting
with hydrogen?

Most common element
in the universe,
it must talk hydrogen.

You know, why don't I
take all of these?

What do you think
we should ask it first,

Think of the wonder of it,
Mr. Mallory.

An alien intelligence,
and we get
to ask it questions.

- Where?


My boy, the most
exciting time of my life,
my boy.

Uh, all clear, let's go.

All the big questions.

All right, guys,
there are two things
we can do.

We can either take
the flame with us,

or we can leave it here.

There's a third possibility.

We may be forced
to destroy it, if...

If what?

If, when it finds out
its true situation,

it gets a little resentful.

It may decide to retaliate.

Then we could
still be responsible

for destroying
Southern California.

No, if it wanted
to torch the place,

it would have
done it already.

It hasn't yet.
It's taking its time,
checking things out.

I just hope
once we break through,
we can reason with it.

Did you get it?


One laptop with mega gigs,
color screen,
and a projection system.


Everything you asked for.

Uh, I've got
to run an errand.

I'll see you guys
back at the hotel, okay?

On strike! On strike!
On strike! On strike!

On strike! On strike!
On strike! On strike!

Yeah, this is J.C.

Computer and lab equipment?

What else is missing?

All right,
get a list of the new hires.

Okay? Anybody
who had access.

I'll meet you in my office.

We have to show them
we mean business.

I want 20 men on that
picket line at all times.

Go on.

The guy at the door said
I could make a donation.

Cash or check is fine.

Actually, the donation
is for you.

You should be taking
vitamins and stuff.

It helps keep up
your strength.

I helped take care
of my cousin
when she had her first kid.

I drove her nuts.
I read all these books,

I talked to all
these doctors--

Get out of here!

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean
to embarrass you.

I thought since
you can't afford toothpaste--

Take all this with you.

I don't want any help
from someone
who works for them.

Maybe your baby does.

What do you want?

When I heard that
you were pregnant
and your husband was--

If you work for the company,
then you work for killers.

I don't--

He was gonna blow
the whistle on them.

They murdered him
to shut him up.

You don't understand.
They can do
whatever they want.

They think they can
kill the union, too.

Well, I'm gonna
prove them wrong.

I'd like to help you do that.

You want to help?


Tell me what to do.

Well, uh,

you can start
by helping me
pick this stuff up.


Maybe we should use
more alcohol.

Maybe it's not hungry.

Maybe it is.
I just saw it.

Did you see that?

It divides
like a cell.

How could we kill it
if we ever have to?

I don't know.

But you better hope
it can't lip-read.

It's in.

Get it.

Let's get out of here
before we're spotted.

So, how many of those
are you gonna
have to fire up?

We'll do it
until they burn out,
or the flame responds.

Maybe you should try music.

You want to sing
Light My Fire?

Uh, sorry, the room is full.


It's Wade.

Is it talking yet?

It's a little shy.

Where have you been?
We've been worried.

I went for a long walk.

All right, pal,

how about another round
of hydrogen light?

It did it.

Did what?

6562.72 Angstroms. Hydrogen.

The frequencies match.

Flame-boy just said hello.

Wade? Wade.


What are you doing here?

Oh, Quinn needs
some more parts.
He sent me to find you.

How's he getting on?

Finishing up the last
of the elements.

Where's Remmy?

He's gone to get
some chemicals.

We're meeting
in your office at noon.

I'm anxious
to get back.

Listen, while you guys
are pulling parts,

there's some computer files
I need to borrow

for a union woman I met.

Ah, workers united?

Hmm. It's more than that.

I think the oil company
murdered her husband.


He organized the refinery
two years ago.

Anyway, I kind of figure
if I do this, it will help

balance the karma
for being a scab.

All right, Flame-boy,

here's how
it's gonna work.

I'm gonna say something
into the microphone,

the computer is then going
to translate that
into a light wave,

which you will repeat.

And the spectrometer
will read your light pattern

and the computer
will convert that
back into sound.

You ready?




Mr. Watson, come here.

"Mr. Watson, come here."

You better hurry up.
Lunch is almost over.

Come over here
and get this disk.

It's almost full.

You know what I'm thinking?

Maybe we shouldn't
take Flame-boy with us.

I mean, why make
the same mistake twice, huh?

You know, I'm not sure
that we have any right

to give it a choice
whether it wants
to stay, either.

Better figure out
what we need to do, guys.

We slide in four hours.

Well, we can postpone
that decision

until our fireside chat
is ended.

In the meantime,
we should give some thought

about what we'll do
if we decide to eliminate it.

Yeah, that's one creature
you don't want to just wound.

We'd have to get all of it.

We couldn't leave
any of it behind.

Right. That's it. I'm done.

See you
back at the hotel.

How much longer?

Just a minute.

Here it is.

Two months ago, according
to the company phone records,

no call was made
to Amanda's house that night.

But who told her husband
that there was a meeting
at the refinery?

Probably the same person
who killed him.

Yeah, and that person
could have had
a public phone.

No record,
you know what I mean?

But they'd have to work here
to get inside
for the meeting.

Amanda got an award
for a miscarriage.

And so did a lot
of other women.

Settlin'. That's what they
called it in the mill towns.

The company would pay money
if anything that got
crushed or cut off.

Nobody was to blame.

Just one of those things
that happens. Okay

Oh-oh, it's too late.

You know, I have
this really neat alarm.

It beeps in my office
when someone hacks
into a restricted area.

Beep, beep, beep.

Who are you workin' for?


Then what were you doin'
at the union leader's house?

You and Amanda talked
an awfully long time.

She was telling me that
if they got a health plan,

the company might have
to one day admit
it was making people sick.

I don't know about that.

But I do know that nothin'
on you people checked out.

You don't exist
in any data bank.

That makes you nobody.

And if you're nobody,

that means you can be
anybody I want you to be.

I could decide that
you're some of those

union agitators.

The ones I suspect are
settin' all the fires,

blowing things up.

I got a feeling you're
the only one doing that.

Only thing I do, honey,
is fight fires
and fight unions.

And one more fire

set by you
and your friends,

and all my problems

go up in smoke.

Don't you know smoking
is bad for your health?

Run, Wade.

We all know how frustrating
taking off weight can be,

but with Dr. Coheeba's
medically proven
aerobicizing routine...

This is newsprint.

How do you divide?

I am never divided.

You stay connected
with all the other flames?

I am always one.
What they know, I know.

All right, this is wood
and graphite.

Oh, I like wood.


there's something important
I have to talk about.


Very soon
we'll be leaving this place

and we might have
to take you with us.

I like it here.
There is much to burn.

If you stay,
they will try to destroy you
every time you feed.

And if you survive,
you'll only do so

by destroying things
that we humans care about

and hurting people like me.

And one day,
all the food will be gone.

I have decided.
I will go back
where you found me.

I'm sorry.

I don't know
how to get you there.

I do.

Oh, you do?

I wish you could tell me
how to get home.


It's a place where
we'd like to go someday.

It's where we started.

Where you like to burn?

Yeah, something like that.

If you release me
in your journey,
I will find a way.

But how?

Photon solar-wave propulsion

and time-slip
dimensional access.

Come again?

All it takes is $19.95
and a credit card.

Call now.
Operators are standing by.

Let us help you reach
your weight-loss goals.

...weight loss goals.

You're controlling
the television.

You can transmit
signal waves?

You do not?


Why have you taken
this limited life form?

I didn't have a choice.
You did?

Go away. We're spraying
for cockroaches.

Quinn! Problem?

Where's Remmy and Wade?

They were at the refinery.
If they're not here,
they're in trouble.

How long till we slide?

20 minutes.
We've got to get to them.

Come on.

Hold tight, my boy.


See, I love the irony
of this situation.

Here you are

consumed by your
own arson fire.

Makes for good reading
in the papers.

Politicians love it.

Our friends
know the truth.

They'll make sure
you don't get away with this.

Your friends should be
in custody by now.

They'll confess
in jail tonight

about how the union
hired the four of you

to burn this refinery down.

You only made one mistake.

The incendiary device

detonated before you got
out of the room.

Okay, we better start looking.

For what?

Something about this big
that's probably gonna explode
in a few minutes.

- Come on.

Let's go. This way.

Let's go that side.

Up here, hurry.

This way.

Can't go that way, either.

Over here.

Sit down.

It's water.

Well, put this over you.

Remmy, there's somethin'
I gotta tell you.

Look, if this is stuff
that you've been saving

and you want to say it
because you think--

It's nothing like that.
It's more personal.

those are sirens, girl.

Just hang in there.

I got to tell somebody.

I want to have a baby.


Not now. May-maybe
in a couple of years.

I want to have a baby.

That's what
you wanted to tell me?

For someone who has trouble
picking out shoes
it's pretty profound, huh?

You know,

my mom was having me
when she was my age.

Maybe it's hereditary.

You'll make it, okay?

Don't worry. They're coming.

What's going on?

Ah, couple of arsonists
got caught in their own fire.

You know their names?

A woman and a man.
Brown and Wells,
I think.

Well, why aren't the firemen
doing anything?

They were told
to just let it burn.

Over here.

Grab a spare respirator.

Infrared. We could use these.

What's going on?

I got a little fire.

Nothing to
worry about, though.

Everything's okay.
Everything's under control.

Want to take
a little break?

What did you have
in mind?

I thought maybe
you could come to my office.

I have a new brush
we could try out.

Pure boar bristle.

How many strokes?

At least a hundred.


He's dead? How?

How did he get away?

No, you get back here
right now.

No, right now.

Sorry, baby.

I got a little problem
I got to deal with.

You can wait in my office
if you want to.

I won't be that long.

All right, let's go.

What the hell are they doin'?

I thought I said no firemen
in the building.

Too much smoke.
Let's go to infrared.



The fire hasn't reached
back here.

Mr. Mallory, there.

I can see them.

Give them oxygen,
I'll find something
to wrap them in.



Wade! Here.

All right, I'll keep you
covered and carry you out.

Mr. Mallory.


The flame. It's taken
on its human shape.

Shall I destroy them all?

No. There's no need to.

But they have tried
to hurt you and me.

That's all right.

Look, if you want to leave,
you must come now.

All your flames
must join as one.

But then I am vulnerable.

Will you destroy me?

No. You saved my life.
Let me save yours.

You must trust us.

You better make up your mind.

We got to get out of here.

I want to go home.

Me, too. Someday. Let's go!

End of the line, boys.
That's far enough.

When the fire is finished,
there will be nothin'
left of you.

Come on, let's go.

Did you see that?


There's another one inside.

How long till we slide?

Three minutes.
Are you okay?

Yeah. I'm fine.

Hey, give me that disk.

What are you doing?

I've got to do this.

Miss Wells.

Breathe in.

You have no idea
who you're working for.

You have no idea.

This might be able
to help you.

This disk will help prove
your husband was murdered

and help put J.C. in jail.

Thank you.

If you expect me
to carry you again,

Mr. Brown, I suggest
you lose a little weight.


Listen, that baby is
gonna be just fine.

Your kids are gonna be lucky
to have you for a mom.

Yeah, they will, won't they?

Take care.

You, too.

Sorry we couldn't spend
more time together,
but we got to get you home.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

♪ ♪