Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 7 - Dragonslide - full transcript

The Sliders interrupt the abduction of a young woman, Melinda. Quinn is recognized by one of the attackers as a Mallory, prompting the attacker to turn into a bird and fly away. The Sliders pass the woman to the authorities and discover she is apprentice of a disgraced Druid, Gareth, who's been thrown out the movement for practicing black magic. Quinn is enamored by the girl and launches a rescue attempt. Gareth senses Mallory's desire for Melinda and uses her as bait. Having succeeded in capturing Mallory, Gareth transfers his own essence into Quinn's body. Meanwhile Wade casts a spell to help Rembrandt hook up with a girl he liked. The spell backfires and Rembrandt appears to fall in love with Wade. Professor Arturo, knowing of Quinn's fate, links up with Melinda and attempts to rescue Mallory. Arturo discovers he has to badly injure Quinn to force Gareth to leave the body. Having been defeated, Gareth withdraws to his castle and extracts revenge on Mellnda by sending a dragon to kill her.

♪ ♪

Melinda, you of all people
know there's nowhere to run.

Skuldar, please.

Save your breath.

I'm in a foul mood as it is,
having to ride
that smelly beast.

You could say
you couldn't find me.

He'd know.

I swear, if you let me go
I'll teach you
everything I know.

Worthless to a person
without your gifts.

What are you doing?


What the devil?

Stop moving!

Mr. Mallory?

You're a Mallory?



What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds,

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?


You failed,
didn't you, Skuldar?

I'm sorry, Gareth.

It wasn't my fault.
I was attacked.

Attacked? By what?

I've given you more power
than you could possibly need

to achieve this simple task.

It was a Mallory.

Another Mallory?

He came out of the sky

from some kind of
a swirling tunnel.

No human could travel
in that form,

even the most powerful druid.

He can only be a Myrddin.

A wizard?

Sir, with all due respect,
I thought wizards were--

Not "were," Skuldar.
Wizards are.

It was only a matter of time
before one would make

an appearance again.

Although I had never thought
it would be a Mallory.

Well, Professor,
you've had some time now.

Have you come up
with a rational
explanation yet

on how a man
can turn into a bird?

Not yet, Miss Wells,
but I'm sure there are
at least a dozen reasons.

I'd settle for just one.

How's she doing,

Hey, Romeo.

Snap out of it.

Sorry. I guess I was
just lost in thought.

Yeah, we all know
what kind, too.

"Emrys. 20 miles."

I never
heard of it.

Huh. On our world
it's a mythical druid city.

The city of higher powers.

The druids?
I thought they died out
in the Middle Ages.

Actually, it was the Romans
who wiped out the druids.

But there was
a bardic revival
in the 19th century.

Not in my neighborhood.

So what's their story?

an earth religion,

kind of like
the Native Americans.

They worship nature
and believe in magic
and mystical powers.

According to legend,
the druids are the ones
that forged Excalibur.

How do you know
all of that?

I had braces
in junior high.

A lot of time
to read.

Well, I think we're in luck.
This looks like
the authorities.


Uh, yes, Officer.

We found this young lady
being assaulted in the woods.

She hasn't regained
consciousness since.

Hey, that's
Gareth's apprentice.

Don't worry,
we'll take her home.

She may need
medical attention.

Maybe you didn't hear.
She's Gareth's apprentice.

She doesn't need
any medical attention.


What's going on?

Relax, Melinda.

We're taking you
back to the estate.

Oh. Please don't do that.

Wait a minute.

I said we'll take care of her.
Don't take me.

This matter doesn't
concern you anymore.

Don't let them take me back!

Don't worry.
We'll make sure she's okay.


Don't be so hard on yourself,
Mr. Mallory.

It's not unreasonable to hand
the victim of an assault
over to the police.

I wanted to help her,

By the look on her face,
I did anything but.

It makes sense
that the druids
would settle in America.

They were harassed
by the authorities in England,

just like the Pilgrims
only a thousand years


Who would have thought braces
would come in so handy?

You should have
seen me with braces.

I bet!

Why do you think I worked
in a computer store?


Excuse me.


Have we met?

Yeah. Uh, sort of.

I'm sorry.
I don't remember.

Yeah, yeah.
That, uh, that happens
to us a lot.

Uh, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

"You have Cleopatra's eyes,
I am Marc Anthony's heart."

Is that supposed to be
some sort of pick-up line?

No, no. It's from a song
that I wrote for you.

I don't think so.

Look, you--you loved it
when you first heard it.

Uh, listen.

You and I,
we--we have a connection.

It's a little hard
to explain.

No, it isn't.

I've treated your type before.

You see a woman,

create a fantasy romance
in your mind,

and then react aggressively
when she doesn't respond

to your twisted delusion.

Call me,
if you have insurance.

"Alesha Avo,

What was that
all about?

What it's always about.

Meeting people
that we care for

who don't even know
who we are.

Did you see that?

No, the sun was in my eyes.

I think it was the dragon.

Come on. You don't believe
in that crap, do you?

Hey, a lot of people
think it exists.

Yeah? Well, a lot of people
are stupid.

It's probably
just a big bird.

Just let me
do the talking, okay?

So, you've found
the wayward Melinda.

Take her inside. Make sure
that she's comfortable.

Sir, um, I know
it's none of my business,

but she may need
medical attention.

You're right.

It's not your business.

I told you to let me
do the talking.

I guess I'm not used to
the dutiful
scullery maid's role.

Look, this guy may be
out of power now,

but you know
he's gonna find a way
to come back.

And when he does,
you want to be
on his good side.

I still don't feel
right about this.

I think
he's gonna hurt her.

Kelley, she's his apprentice
and he can do
whatever he wants.

Come on,
it's the end of shift.

Well, since you're so
enamored with this woman,

I suggest that you
try a love potion,

eh, Miss Wells?

We're certainly on
the right world for one.

Wouldn't you
be surprised?

Actually, I am feeling
a little bit left out.

I seem to be the only man
without a woman to moon over.

You know, I fail to see
the humor, Professor.

Look, we've been sliding
for a long time now.

And maybe an egghead like you
can find happiness
in a book on cosmology,

but I happen to enjoy
the companionship of a woman.

Well, this may come
as a surprise to you,

but I, too, happen to enjoy
the companionship of a woman.

Guys, stop it.

This is a ridiculous argument.

We could all use
somebody special

to wrap our arms around
once in a while,

but it's not gonna do any good
attacking each other, okay?

Look, I--I found out
about this Gareth guy.

The desk clerk told me
that he used to be
the chief druid of Emrys,

but the council threw him out
for practicing black magic.

That makes me feel great.

Hey, she's his apprentice.

For all we know,
she's just as dark as he is.

She's not.

And how do you
know that?

You know, you've been
obsessing about her
since the moment you saw her.

I know she's beautiful,
but I think it's time
that you let it go.

Diggs, please.

Tell me, do you know anything
about this woman Melinda?

Okay, that's it.
I've had enough.

I'm going to the room.

Anybody coming with me?

Yeah, I'll go.


Well, she belongs
to a druid named Gareth.

They say she was born
with a certain talent
for the supernatural.

Is everyone a druid
on this world?

Oh, no.

They're the ruling class.

And they do a pretty good job
of running things,

except for the occasional
bad apple.

How can we get to
this Gareth's estate?

Believe me,
you don't want to know.

There's a lot of weird stuff
supposedly going on up there.

I can't just sit here
knowing I handed her over
to this guy.

I've got to go
up there.

Well, before you do anything,
you might want to talk
to a reporter I know,

Sean Nuinn.

He knows more about Gareth
than anyone.

Melinda? Melinda?

Hello? Melinda?


Oh, my God!

Please untie me.

What's he gonna do to you?

Now that the moon
is sextile Jupiter,

Gareth can raise a demon
from the underworld
to impregnate me.

He wants me to give birth
to an immortal child
like the wizard Merlin.

He's insane!

No, he's obsessed
with immortality.

Once the child is grown,
he'll take possession
of its body,

which will mean
he could live forever.

I admire your skill, Officer.

This isn't an easy place
to break in to.

And I admire your dedication
to your job.

But I no longer
have any need for Melinda

to bear me a child.

The Mallory wizard
who found her in the woods

has an immortal body.

You don't have the power
to possess a wizard's body.

This one I do,

because he is a Mallory,
and I know their weakness.

So you'll let her go?

Of course not.

She is the bait
that I will dangle
in front of the wizard.

Your presence, however,
is no longer required.

You're awfully quiet.

I was thinking
about Miss Wells' question.

How does a scientist
explain a man
turning into a bird?

You see, in our world,
we'd simply dismiss it as, uh,

an illusion, uh,
a hoax of some sort.

But there is a provision
of super-string theory
which suggests that perhaps,

in certain clusters,

the universal laws
of physics are just local.

Now is that what
we got here?

Are we living in a universe

where the laws of physics
are actually different,

or are we dealing
with our old friend fraud?

Well, Professor, I think
it was Shakespeare who said:

"There are things in heaven
and earth not dreamt of

in your philosophy."

Hamlet to Horatio
after he's seen the Ghost.

That's very appropriate.

I know it's all
scientific heresy,

I'm starting to think
Shakespeare knew
what he was talking about.

Maybe some things
just can't be explained.

Hmm. That is heresy.

Did he actually say
which tree
he would meet us under?

Mr. Nuinn?

Don't say my name.

You've got one minute.

The bartender at the inn said
you knew more about Gareth
than anyone.

You knew that already.
You just wasted 10 seconds.

We're concerned
with his apprentice, Melinda.

We think he might be
abusing her.

Oh, I'm sure he is.

But certain druids
have developed
incredible powers

over the course
of generations.

Gareth's one of them.

No one wants to challenge him.
40 seconds.

Is there any way this Melinda
could regain her freedom?

Only if Gareth granted it.
And that's not likely.

He's got a soul black as tar.

You ask me,
he's the one responsible

for the destruction
of the Mallory clan.

Mallory clan?

Highly regarded
white druids.

Gareth feared
their power and influence.

I can't prove it yet,

but I think he found
their Achilles' heel
and murdered them.

20 seconds.

I recall a piece
of druidic lore

about not destroying
an entire clan.

If you wipe out
the last of a lineage,

they say you incur
the wrath of Mercury,

god of high magic.

I've heard Gareth

has the last
Mallory brother imprisoned

somewhere on his estate
to avoid that.

Is there any way
that we can get into
Gareth's estate?

Sorry, you're out of time.

Why are you so afraid
of talking to us, man?

After I wrote
an unflattering article

about Gareth,

I suddenly was struck blind.

The doctors can't explain it.

Think long and hard

before you do anything
you might regret.

That's right,
I'm from a parallel world.

That is the exact word
that I used

when it was first
explained to me.

But, Alesha,
it is the truth.

Now we crossed
over on something called

the Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky




No, I can't say
anyone's ever called me
that before.


So does this mean
that your answer is no?

So much for honesty, huh?

Yeah, it's true
what they say,
love is a cruel jester.

So, what's the story
with you two, anyway?

I mean, if you want to
talk about it.

If not, I understand.

Yeah, that's what
I love about you.

You never press.

Well, the day
that my Caddy got sucked
into Q-Ball's vortex,

the day that I was gonna sing
the National Anthem

to kick-start my career,

that was the day
I was gonna ask Alesha
to move in with me.

She was a backup singer
for the Starlettes.

Very talented.

She and I
were gonna make a team.

Sort of like Ike and Tina,
but without the broken dishes.

You know,

it's funny, but we've never
really talked about

what was going on with you
before you got caught up
in all this.

Yeah, I did have a life.

I tell you, if I could
just reconnect with Alesha...

Well, let's just say that
that is one woman

that I would give up
sliding for.

Well, maybe this'll help.

I got it at a druid book shop.

Classic Druidic Spells
and Potions.

Wait a minute.

You're saying that
we're gonna cast a spell

so that this Alesha
can fall for me?

You game?

Well, on a world where a man
can turn into a hawk,

I mean, why not?

Why not?

Your concern about the girl
may be justified

but it's dumb to interfere
with what may be no more
than a domestic dispute.

Professor, I just can't
let a person suffer

because of a mistake
that I made on this world
or any other.

Mr. Mallory,
we slide in 12 hours.

Now what can you
possibly do today

that cannot be
changed tomorrow?


Gareth has released me
from his claim.

I'm free now.

I'm so glad you're okay.
We were so worried.

You don't know
how bad I--

It's because of you
that he freed me.

He fears your clan.

Is there someplace
we can go and talk?


Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Uh, Professor, we'll be back
in a little while.

Mr. Mallory.

He'll be fine.

You'll be fine.

I'll just stay here
and get some fresh air.

So nice to see you again.

Thank you, Professor.

Mr. Mallory!

I appreciate
what you're tryin' to do,

but I'm catchin' a cramp.

We're almost there.

If anyone ever saw
what we were doing,

they would say that
we were way past there.

Rembrandt, you're supposed
to be concentrating

on the object
of your desire.

All right. All right.


"Circle of magic,
chaste ring of white,

"capture this man's love
at first sight.

"Consecrate the flowers
of this scent

"and allow the wearer's heart
to claim that which you have

destined him to cherish."

That's it.

You can open your eyes.

If we did this right,
there's no way Alesha
can resist you.

Alesha who?

"Alesha who?"

Have I ever told you
how beautiful you are?


What will you do now that
you don't have to

serve Gareth anymore?

That's what I'd like
to talk to you about.

I'd like to be with you,
if you'd have me.

From the moment I saw you,
I knew that we should live
as one.

Well, Melinda,

I'd--I'd love to be
with you, too, but... see,
there's a problem.

I'm leaving this world
in a few hours.

I expected as much.

It is a wonderful power
to possess,

so take me with you.

We can travel among the stars
and make love in the clouds.

Just promise to be gentle.

I've never kissed a wizard.


Mr. Mallory!



I'm sorry, Quinn.

But when Gareth compels me
to do his bidding,
I'm powerless.

You remind me of Phillip.

He, too, was gentle
yet strong.

Were you his brother?

I suppose I'll never know.

Phillip was a fool.

He fell in love with you
just like all the others,

and that was his mistake.

But Phillip was
the only one I loved.

I think Gareth
keeps him here like this
to torment me.

How perceptive of you.

You may be a wizard,
Quinn Mallory,

living outside the boundaries
of space and time,

but you still
have the same flaw
as the rest of your clan.

Unable to resist the beauty
of my beguiling apprentice.


Black flames that burn within

join elements of eternity
from above and below,

release my spirit

so that I may dwell
for all eternity

within him.

At last I have achieved that
which has so long eluded me:


Mr. Mallory.

Here, let me
get that for you, sweetheart.

I know how to open a door,

And no one does it
more gracefully.

But why take a chance
on hurting

those beautiful little nails
of yours? They're so adorable.

Will you stop?

How can they be
allowed to sell

a book of spells
if they can't break 'em?

You know, I love the way
your hair shines
in the sun.

I love the smell
of your perfume.

And I love--
I know, I know,

everything about me.

You know what would be
a really good idea,

is if we give each other
some space.

What's this?

"My love for you
is like a flower

"I am the bud,
you are the bee

take all of my power"

Will you give those back?
I'm--I'm really sorry.

My friend,
he's a little crazy today.

How many of you good people
think you know
what love is? Huh?

Well, I always thought
I knew what love was.

Until I met a woman
named Wade.

I have known what it is like
to be lonely.

I have known what it is like
to be blue.

I have known what it is like
to have no one.

But now I have found you.

Oh, how neat!

Would you like to know
what it's like to be in jail?

Get down.

Rembrandt, listen to me.

You are not
in love with me, okay?

The spell that I cast,
it backfired.

We're just friends.

Did you know that
your tongue sticks out
between your front teeth

when you say your S's?

That is so cute.

I've got to get you
some serious help.

♪ Love, love, love

If you're looking
for your master,
he isn't here.

To begin with,
he's not my master.

I am his professor.

You're a wizard, too?

A wizard?
Good heavens, no!

I'm a scientist.

I deal with facts and reality,
not with fantasy.

Uh, well, then how could
you have taught
the wizard Mallory?

The wizard Mallory?

Quinn is no more a wizard
than that door knocker.

Uh, I may be young,
but I'm not a fool.

The wizard Mallory
came from out of the sky.

I know this is hard
to understand,

but we are travelers
from a parallel earth.

Now the way we arrived here
is determined by
the concrete laws of physics,

nothing else.

Mallory is as human
as you or I.

And now I believe he finds
himself in some peril,

and I think
you know about it.

I'm sorry,
but I left him in the park.

Melinda, Quinn was concerned
for your safety.

When he realized
that you were running away
from your master,

he was agonized by the fact
that we'd handed you over
to the police.

He was prepared to
risk his life for you.

Now if you know
of his whereabouts,

now would be
a good time to speak.

I think you'd better
come inside.

Thank you.

Can you hear me, Rembrandt?


Very good.

Now, just relax.

I didn't think
it'd be possible
to hypnotize somebody

who was already
under a spell.

In my profession,
we don't believe
in spells and incantations.

They're just myths,
believed by the uneducated

and easily seduced.

No offense.

Look, I screwed up
a love spell

and my friend is
suddenly nuts about me.

That's a fact, Dr. Avo,
not a myth.

What it is,
is an excuse.

It's clear to me
that your friend is simply
using this spell

as a safe way
to express deep,
latent feelings he has

that he's been afraid
to consciously speak before.

No way.

His psyche has latched
onto this opportunity

to give him an avenue,

uh, the freedom,
if you will,

to state his emotions
without fear of rejection.

So the things
he's been saying are true?

He-he's really
in love with me?

Rembrandt, are you
in love with Wade?

I love her the way
that most people
wouldn't understand.

Tell me how you love her.

Like the earth
loves the sun.

She brings me light
when I'm feeling lost,

warmth when I'm cold,

laughter when the rain
has fallen for far too long.

Do you wish
to make love to her?

It's not like that.

I'm in love with her soul.

If God so blessed me,

that is what I would
want to touch.


I'm going to wake you now.
And the spell will be broken

and you will not
remember anything

that has been said here.

Is that clear?


Awaken now.


Hey, hey, what's up?

Um, uh, you remember
that spell I cast?


Well, it kind of

So, uh, you and I
don't have a connection?

Oh, we have a connection.

You owe me $125.

That includes the house call.

Only this sword
can defeat my master.

It was forged
under the guidance of Merlin.

But only a Mallory
can wield it.

And Phillip tried to stop
Gareth from harming you.

All this in some ludicrous
pursuit of immortality.


It's what made Merlin

He was conceived
by a mortal mother
from a demon father.

Merlin? As in the legend
of King Arthur?

It's not legend.
It's New British history.

Once my immortal child
was of age,

Gareth planned to take
possession of its body.

He's obsessed
with immortality.

You seem
to have doubts.


I can't even believe
we're having
this conversation.

And now you're suggesting

that--that Gareth plans
to occupy Quinn's body

in order to gain
this immortality.

Not plans to, has.

But if, as you say,
Quinn is truly mortal,

we can exorcise
Gareth from Quinn's body.

It's dangerous, but we
have no other alternative.

All right.

So how do we go about it?

Gareth chose me
because I demonstrated

supernatural talents
as a child.

It was a very high honor.

So at 16 I took
an oath to him

to learn the ways
of the order.

Now you are
his indentured servant

and live in fear
of your life.

It's more complicated
than that.

He's given me
many of my powers.

Oh, what power
could possibly
be worth your freedom?

When I was young,
I was caught
in a house fire.

I escaped, but my face
was badly scarred.

Gareth taught me to create
the illusion of beauty.

Are you saying that the face
that I am looking at

is not real?

It takes much
of my inner power
to maintain this aura.

How could you trade

something so superficial
as a pretty face

for your immortal soul?

Do you know what it's like

to look into the mirror
and cringe?

To be afraid
to be seen in public?

To always hide your face
when a man looks at you?

It's a far worse prison
to live in.


that which is beautiful
is not always good,

but that which is good
is always beautiful.

We're getting closer now.

Lift your hood.

Gentlemen, before you
lies the body

of the mortal Gareth,

the man you chose
to banish from the order

for using his powers
to destroy those

who would destroy him.

But it is only
my body you see.

Gareth Carr now stands
before the council of Emrys

as an immortal,

sealed by my possession
of the wizard Mallory.

Are you certain
you can do this?

My friend
is essentially dead.

If this is the only way
to resurrect him,
I can do it.

Remember, be sure
that your aim is true,

or the spirit will not
leave the body.

Stay here till I call.

Now my powers are greater
than any of you

alone or together.

So I intend on reclaiming
my rightful position

to rule Emrys
and all New Briton.

This man is a liar!

He is mortal.

Forgive me, Quinn.

He bleeds
like any mortal!


you must abdicate the body
before the heart stops.

Professor, help me.


Of course.

It could have only been you.

Gareth, leave this grove
at once.

No vengeful act
will happen here.

Your destiny lies
in the claws of the dragon.

In the name of Godvyd,

fill this being
with the light.

In the name of Godvyd and Naw,

I invoke you:

Fill this being
with the light.

Something's wrong.


You assured me
this would work!

I don't understand.

I did it countless times
as a child.

It's why Gareth
claimed me.

Gentlemen, if you
have the power to heal,
use it now!

Heal this boy!

Only Melinda
possesses the power

for spontaneous healing.

Melinda, you told me
that a great deal
of your inner power

was spent on maintaining
the illusion of beauty.

Now release that spell.

It may strengthen
your powers to heal.

If I release that spell,
Gareth will see to it

that I can never
cast it again.

Listen to me!

You have spent your life
in the service of vanity,

in the service of Satan.

Only true inner beauty
will heal,

true good,
not exterior beauty.

Now, if you have
any inner beauty left,
heal him!

In the name of Godvyd,

fill this being
with the light
and heal his wound.


How are you feeling,
my boy?

For someone who just
got stabbed, not bad.

Thank you.



Where have you been?

Well, since you
wouldn't tell me
what happened today,

I went to see Alesha.

Excuse me, Dr. Avo.

The woman is
definitely not the girl
that I knew on our world.


And she told me
what you wouldn't.

I feel really weird
about this.

Hey, don't, okay?

You weren't yourself.

Alesha thinks I was.

And now that I know
what was said, so do I.

Spells, hypnosis,

Truth is that I do feel
something special for you.

Now, maybe it's because

we're the only two
normal people on this journey.

Q-Ball, the Professor,
they're eggheads,

having a grand time
traveling around the universe.

Now I'm not saying
that it isn't an adventure.


But, mostly,

I just wanna be
back home,

enjoying life

and the people that I love.


And, being here with you,

at least I get
half of my dream.

Thank heavens
I've found you.

Come on, we're leaving.

Wait a minute,
what's the rush?

You wouldn't believe me
if I told you. Come on.

Do you regret
what you've done?

I know how much
you sacrificed for me.

I wish there was
some way--

But there isn't.


Melinda's life
is in danger.

She's gonna be
sliding with us.

My God.

What the devil?

There's only one place
it could be taking her.

No. That's what
Gareth wants.

Impregnating Melinda
is the only way
he can become immortal now.

I can't let him
do that to her.


Where are you going?

I'm going to get a falcon,
Mr. Mallory.

We're gonna need
all the help we can get.

So, now you've lost
your pretty face,

and all for nothing.

Not for nothing.
I saved a good man's life.


Your good man seems to have
a death wish.

Mr. Brown, the falcon!

Get off! Get out of here!

Get off! Get off me!

How do you like that?

In aerial combat,

the falcon will always
overcome the hawk.

Quinn, we slide
in a few minutes.

Where's Gareth?

Am I dreaming?

I wish I could say you are.

That thing's
gonna barbecue us.

We must get the sword!

No! Only a Mallory
can wield it.

I wish you had told me that
before I went out there.

Professor, we've gotta
distract it somehow.

What do you suggest I do?
Throw rocks at it?

Yeah, anything!

The only way to slay it
is to pierce its heart!

Sure, no problem.

Believe in yourself!

The sword will fly true
for a Mallory.

This may be your moment,
Mallory, but...

...victory is fleeting.

For once, Miss Wells,

I have no explanation.



Please, I don't want you
to see.

Are you going to
deny me the chance

to look upon
your radiant beauty?

Phillip, please don't lie
to spare my feelings.

It's not lies
my lips profess,

but love.

To love and win
is the best thing.

To love and lose

is the next best.

It's time.

Shall we?

Come along, Mr. Mallory!

♪ ♪