Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 15 - Paradise Lost - full transcript

The Sliders land on a world where no one is over the age of 35, but soon realize the town's dirty secret.

Laurie, where are you?

I can't believe
you're not home.

I've just come
across something out here

that's--that's gonna
blow your mind.

I'm faxing you copies of
some weird seismic activity.


But it's not geological.

It's coming from
underground or something.

I don't even know.

I think I've... I--I--I think
I've lost power or something.

[man whispering]

Hey! What the--
What the hell are you doing?

[Michael grunting]

I have a permit
to be out here.

Where are you
taking me?

I--I promise
I--I won't tell anyone.

Oh, we know
you won't.

What are you doing?

What the hell is goin' on?

Run, boy, run!


Help me!

[all chuckling]

Somebody help me!

No! Help!


Please help!
Something's got me!

Don't let this happen.


Something's got me!
Don't let--


She's still hungry.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds,

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?



I hate this new timer.

All of our landings
have tanked

ever since we started
using that thing.

I'll keep adjusting it

till we find
a landing we like.


Or at least
one we can survive.

How long we here?

Three days and change.


maybe it'll warm up,

and we can catch
a little sun and swim, huh?

Uh, I wouldn't
recommend it, Miss Wells.

Of course.

First time we slide
to a beach, and it's closed.

All right. Let's go
find Paradise.

I don't know
about Paradise,

but I was in a place
called Eden once.

In Tunisia, in North Africa.

Nasty, fly-infested place.

[bird calling]

Hey! What do you
think you're doin'?

Uh, the lady's
got a flat tire.

Just helpin' out.

Yeah, well,
we'll take it from here.

Oh, yeah, sure.
I'm runnin' late anyway.

Take care.

Mr. Mallory?

That wasn't exactly
Auto Club material.

Thanks. He was one of
those creepy guys from town.

No problem. I actually
hold the world record

in tire-changing.


My assistant and I are up here
looking for oil deposits.

Well, when you see
your assistant,

tell him he's gonna have
to replace that spare.

If I see him.

I went back to L.A.
for a few days,

and last night he left
this strange message
on the machine.

I haven't been able
to contact him since.

I'm sure he's fine.
I always imagine the worst.


All right,
that should do it.

Listen, is there
any chance

we could catch
a ride into town?

Yeah, the sign says
it's seven miles.

Looks like it might rain.

Please. It's the least
I could do.


All right.

Let's get out of this rain.


I always imagined

Paradise as being
a little bit more lively.

They don't get
many tourists here

because of the beach.
It's never open.

We got any money
to get something to eat?

Not here.

Problem solved.

Ah, working
in a restaurant, huh?

Hmm. Chopping lettuce,
washing dishes,

taking orders
from awful people.

Looking for work?

You the manager?

Huh. Manager, owner,
waiter, and cook.

That's why I could use
some help around here.

I have two openings.

My friend here, Mr. Brown,
actually cooked in the Navy.

And Wade, didn't you wait
tables back in high school?

Thanks for remembering.

Okay, then.
Let's get you started.

We'll do the menial work
on the next world.

Next two worlds.

Leave while you can!
Listen to me!

Now, you let go of that
pretty lady's arm, Trudy.

You'll have
to excuse her.

Trudy doesn't
like strangers much.

She, uh, always tries
to scare 'em off.

Uh, let me
show you the kitchen.


Sheriff Burke,
I'm Laurie Miller.

I spoke with you
about my assistant.

Oh, yeah, right, right.

Um, well, first thing
this morning,

I went up to his base camp
and took a look around.

Nothing seemed out of place.
I'm sure he's okay.

I'm not so sure.

Organize a search party,
we'll look together.

Well, that might be
a little premature.

You see, around here
a lot of folks

often go out into
the woods and go hiking.

I'm sure
he's just somewhere out

in the great outdoors
communing with nature.

We won't know if he's okay
until we find him.

Well, if you want
to go out looking,

I'm not stoppin' you.

Is everything okay?

The sheriff
won't do his job.

I am a one-man
department here,

and this town
keeps me pretty busy.

I can see
you're a real tornado.

[clears throat]

I can be.


Cause she's
got a problem,

and I think it's a little more
important than your horoscope.


Uh, Bud just called.
Said it was an emergency.

Well, like I said.

This town keeps
me pretty busy.


I'll never be able to
search those hills alone.

We'll all help.

We've got
a couple of days here.

I'll go with you
up to base camp.

The Professor
will ask around town.

I'm sure we'll find
Michael somewhere.

Come on.

[dog barking]


It's Al.

[Sheriff sighs]

Was Al.

Third time she's come
this far inland.

Yeah, her appetite's
gettin' bigger.

We're gonna have to
start feedin' her more.

Feedin' her more?

Who are you gonna
start feedin' her with,
our families?

Some outsiders
came into town today.

They'll do.

Make sure
you get it all.

[children playing]

(kid #1)
Right here, mister, come on.

(kid #2)
Over here with the ball.

That's weird.

Why play on cement when
you can play on the grass?

This whole town's
a little strange.

he doing?

Come on!


I'll get that.

I'll be right back.

Oh, my God.

Here you guys go.

Thank you, Mister.

Those kids were
watching you like a hawk.

I know.

I was surprised
when Mr. Whitmore called.

We don't get many visitors
this time of year.

Well, we're just
passing through.

Won't be here more
than a couple of days.

Well, you'll be all set
soon as you sign in.


Next of kin?

City ordinance.
In case somethin' happens.

Well, you'll have
no fears there.

We four are
all the kin we have.

You, um, wouldn't,
by any chance,
have come across

a young geologist called
Michael Levy, would you?

No. We don't know
the name.

Would you be so kind
as to ask among your friends?

Well, they
wouldn't know either.

How do you know?

I'd know.

If somebody's new
in town, we all know.

Yes, I'm sure you do.


Here's the key
to your room,

and it'll be ready
in about five minutes.

Thank you.

Quaint place.

Lovely picture of you.


(Alice chuckling)
That's not me.

That's my gram, Annie.

She founded
the bed-and-breakfast,

and--and that was
the opening day.

An extraordinary likeness.

Yeah. People
always say that.

Sir, your room is ready.

Oh, uh, Mr. Arturo.

We are so happy
that you're here.

Thank you.

I don't care what
the sheriff said,

he didn't just walk off.
No one leaves

without their wallet,
or their laptop, or their car.

Let me see
that fax again.

Whatever happened
to Michael

has gotta have something
to do with this.

Is there any way you
can reconstruct that?

Well, the field transmitters
have a three-day memory.

I could reconstruct the fax
by using the original data.

I'll download it now.

All right.

Tell the computer
only to bring up

the last few hours
before Michael disappeared.

It'd make sense.

He probably just discovered
what he was tryin' to send.


This doesn't make any sense.

Maybe this'll give us
a better image.

What's that?

The computer's
programmed to cut in

if the sensors pick up
any seismic activity.

Something's moving
underground right now.

No, impossible.

Nothing out there can
move through earth like this.

Well, obviously,
there is.

This must be what Michael
was tryin' to tell you about.

These people are pleasant
to the point of nausea,

but they tell you nothing.

Maybe they
don't think

they have anything
interesting to tell you.

Ah, but they do.

Take the cemetery,
for instance.

Up to 1949,
there were 27 deaths,

since 1949,
there have been three.

Talk to the town people
about it, what do they say?

I'll bite. What do
they tell you?

Absolutely nothing.

Same with Michael Levy.

I think you'd get
the same response

if you asked them
the color of the sky.

Do you know
that half the people
who come in here

won't even let me
take their order?

They'll only talk
to Parker.

Well, it's a small town.
They're not used to outsiders.

Or people over 30.

Do you realize,
apart from Trudy,

I'm the oldest person
in town?

Well, no wonder
you don't like it here.

[Rembrandt and Wade chuckling]

Look, don't worry
about it, Professor.

I'm sure you'll wheedle
some information
out of someone.

I don't think so.

These people are
extraordinarily tight-lipped.

when I was touring,

I spent the night in a speck
of a town called Mount Dora.

It was hurricane season,

so I got no further
than the hotel bar.

But after two hours,

I knew that a girl
by the name of Deanne

was sleeping
with the town doctor,

and that the mayor
had skipped with $20,000

to buy a new boat.

Point taken, Mr. Brown.

Perhaps I should spend
some time in the town bar.

Uh, my time's up.

Yeah, I guess
my break's up, too.


I'll see you
back at the hotel.

You, uh, you like him
a lot, don't you?

Well, what's not to like?

He's cute, he treats
his grandmother great.

I don't know, there's
something about him.

He just...
He doesn't seem like most guys
his age, you know?

I think somebody's tryin'
to get your attention.


Can I get you something?

Go away.

Mrs. Whitmore--

Get out.
Get out!

Leave before
it's too late.

Hey, we need
a doctor here!

What are you doin'?

What's wrong
with these people?

I was just tryin'
to help the boy.

For whatever reason,
they don't want your help.

And it's pretty clear

some don't want us
here at all.

What's with this place?

Right, right.


I've lost it again.

Where do you think
Farmer John went?

Let's hope
he went to get help.

Whatever tunneled under this
must've been huge.

It's moving again,
in the opposite direction.


- Oh. much for
keeping you dry.

Oh, nice try,

Thanks for walking me home.

Well, I, uh, hope there'll be
other opportunities

to do it again.

You know I'm only here
a few days, Parker.

Is there any way
I can get you to stay?

Just not possible.

That's too bad.
I like havin' you here.

Oh, I'm glad
someone does.

I got the distinct feelin'
a lot of people
around here didn't.

I told you,
don't pay attention to Trudy.

Hey, it's not just Trudy.

You saw how some
of your customers

wouldn't even talk to me.

Don't worry
about them.

They just don't
have any manners.

Parker Whitmore.

What are you
doin' here?

Just makin' sure
Wade got home all right.

Well, she's home now,
isn't she?


See you in the morning.


Thanks, Parker.
For everything.

Hurry up.

[people chattering]

[people chanting]
"We vow to keep the secret."

"We vow to keep the silence."

"We ask forgiveness

for those..."

"We vow to keep the secret."

"We vow to keep the silence."

"We pray they did not suffer."

"We vow to keep the secret."

"We vow to keep the silence."

"We pray their souls
are at peace."

"We vow to keep the secret."

"We vow to keep the silence."

Well, I'm not sure
why she's feeding so much,

but let's hope
she calms a bit.

The good news is,
the more she eats,

the more of the "gift"
she leaves us.

One other note.

Y'all know we lost Tom Cooper
at the restaurant today.

He lived a good life,
all 103 years of it.

Let's take a moment for him.

Okay. Let's eat.


Slow down, slow down.
Don't waste it.

Every drop is precious.


You shouldn't have
seen this.



I can make it, I...

Yes, I know you can.

But I think I need
a bit of help,

just to make sure
I get home.



You're all right,


So are you, Fred.

You know, you and your friends
should leave here.

Why is that?

you know what?

What I told you
about my flap here,

it's all a lie.

You didn't lose it

in the American-Canadian
border dispute?

I lost it right here,
in Paradise.


I was just mowin' the grass,
mindin' my own damn business,

when that damn beast
got me.


I didn't say
nothin', Max.

If he asks,
I didn't say nothin'.

Hey, Fred,
where're you going?

Let him be.

You and I
have business.

What kind of business
would that be, Sheriff?


Get in. We've got a body
at the beach that needs an ID.

Why me? I--I don't know
anyone in town.

You know
your friends.

We think the one
at the beach is the girl.


Well, I can tell you
from here, it's not Wade.

This is
not even a woman.

This some sort
of local humor?

Where I come from,

it would be
considered poor taste.

What's going on here?

What the devil do you
think you're doing?

All right, guys. Now, if this
is your quaint local way

of frightening off

it works.

The stranger is frightened.

Now, you've had your fun.
Get the ladder down.

No, the fun
is just beginning.

Oh, come here.

Come here.


It's all right, come on.





Confound you!


Well, that's weird.

It just made a radical turn
towards the beach.

All right, hang on.

[tires screeching]

Hold it.
Hold it right here!

Where is it now?

It stopped.

It should be
just over the bluff.

All right, we'll get
there faster if we cross
on foot. Come on.

Go, go.


Get back in the Jeep.
This is private property.

Maybe you
didn't hear me.

I heard you.
I'm just not listening.

[both grunting]

I really suggest
that you stay there.

That guy had
a serious problem.

This whole town
has a problem.


What's that?

Sounds like drums.

What just happened
down there?

I don't know.

We'll wait till it gets light
and then we'll check it out.

Check out
this sinkhole.

What could have
caused it?

We've been
up and down this beach.

There's nothing
out here.

Bud stopped us
for a reason.

Something happened
down here.

It's almost 7:00.
Maybe the sheriff

can get Bud to tell us
what's goin' on.

It's about time
you showed up.

I've been callin'
your office for over an hour.

We're on our own clock
around here.

Yeah, and it's running
a little slow.

You need somethin',

or did you just come down
here to insult me?

my friends are missin'.

I need you to
help me find them.

When was the last time
you saw 'em?

Last night.

The Professor never
came back from the pub.

Wade, she went for a walk.
She never came back, either.

Hmm, maybe the girl
found the bar

and they're sleepin'
it off together.

Look, she said she was
going to the restaurant

and she was gonna meet
with Parker.

Why don't you go into your
office and give him a call?
Maybe he's seen her.

Well, if she did,
there's your answer.

That Parker has always
had good luck with women.

And, as far as
the Professor goes,

well, maybe
he got lucky, too.

Three people have
disappeared in this town

within the past two days.

Now, if you're not gonna
do anything about it,
maybe the State Police will.

Hey. Okay.

Okay. Come on in.
We'll give Parker a call.

Don't fight me
on this, Wade!

I'm doin' you a favor.

Yeah, right. I really
needed to be kept
tied up all night!

Yeah, you don't understand,
but you're goin' to.

My friends'll
figure out where I am.

They'll be
comin' for me.

Yeah, we got plans
for the two that are left.

And they don't
include rescuing you.


The big guy,
the Professor,

it's sad
what happened to him.

What happened?

Hey, what did you
do to him?

They sacrificed him
to the beast.

The creature needs human flesh
to keep alive.

They feed it drifters,
criminals, outcasts.

Anyone who
nobody will miss.

They fed him?

Years ago, this town was
nothing but a uranium mine.

We had a huge explosion
in the hole.

It killed 50 people.

But it also created
a mutant beast.

Parker was actually
trying to kill it

when he discovered that
it left something behind.

Something that helps people
live a long time

and keeps them young
until the day they die.

That disgusting stuff
they were eating?

Trudy, please help me.

I need to get
out of here. Please.

There's nowhere
for you to go.

If you don't become
one of us, Wade,

you'll be sacrificed
with the others.

You choose this,

then you choose to be young
for the rest of your life.

You may look young,

but, inside, you are
as old and decrepit as I look.

And every time you feed
someone to that beast,

you make one step
closer to hell!

Don't start with me.

At least
when I finally die,

I won't have the blood
of innocent people

on my conscience,
or my hands!

You fool!
This is a gift,

and I'm not gonna
waste it like you!


Why are you
doin' this?

I want you
to stay with me.

He wants a new wife.

Someone to replace me.

[door opens]


Hey, in here!



Get me
out of here!

What's goin' on?
What're you doin'
in there?

The hell if I know.

I came here
to get the sheriff
to help me find Wade.

Next thing I know,
he's hitting me
over the back of the head.

Wade's missing?
- Yeah, and the
Professor, too.

What is goin' on
in this town?

Why do people
keep disappearing?

You won't like the answer.

Trust me.
I'd like to know anyway.

You won't hear it
from me.

Whatever this town
is into,

we are not gonna be
a part of it.

It's too late, man.

You better
start talkin'.

Forget it, Q-Ball.

I think the sheriff
went over to Parker's.

I told him Wade
might be goin' there.

I--I know
where he lives.

It's listed on
one of Michael's charts.

Look, you guys
go on without me.

No, no, no.
Here, hold him.


Get over here.


Stand back,

Here, cuff him.



[door slams shut]

You can be
happy here, Wade.

I'll be a good husband.
You can ask Trudy.


She's mad at me now,

but she has to admit,
ever since her stroke,

I've taken
good care of her.

What's it gonna be,

Eat and live,
or don't

and die?

I don't want to die.

Then taste

and live.

[Parker grunting]


Where do you think
you're goin', huh?

I'm sure the hell
not gonna be the next meal!

Optimistic, aren't you?
Come on. Come on.

[Wade grunting]

Let her go, Burke.

What is that
on your face?

Parker, you idiot.
You know you're supposed to
ask the Council

for permission to feed her.

Why? So they
could deny me?

I said let her go.

[both grunting]

[gun fires]

Let her go.

Psst, Burke.

All right,
who's gonna explain that?

It has to do with
the stuff they eat.

The stuff that the creature
leaves behind.

The Professor.

Trudy said he was

fed to something
that lives by the ocean.

That must be what Bud was
tryin' to keep us from seeing.

And Michael?

They could all
still be alive.

The beast keeps
the sacrifices alive

until she needs to eat.

How do you
know that, Trudy?

Because I've been
in her cave.

I was just lucky
to escape.

But what I saw,
others cocooned,

kept like food
for winter.

That's why
I couldn't eat the "gift."

I keep seeing
those people.

Where is the cave,

The cove.

The cove.

We've got a read.
It's movin' over there.

What exactly are
we lookin' for?

You'll know
when you see it.

If we see it.

At the angle
it's traveling,

it should surface
a few feet offshore.

We better move
over to the rocks.

[radar beeping]




come here!

[Laurie whines]

Get to the rocks!

It's after her.



Up here!


Help me! Don't let it...


It's in there.

What is it?
Did you actually see it?

No. But I could feel
it movin' underground.

It could be some kind
of freak nemertean.

Is that Latin for
"big freakin' worm"?

Somethin' like that.

But that thing's
had its last meal.

Time to put
a slug on the barby.

[gun firing]

Can you
keep him busy?

Not a problem.

All right. We gotta
make a run for the cave.

Give me the bag.

Can't be any dumber than
walkin' into the creature's
living room, right?



See you in there.

[gun firing]


We made it.

So far.

Would you like me
to carry the dynamite?

I got it.

'Cause if you don't
feel comfortable...

I got it.


This place is
a uranium mine.

That could explain how
it might have mutated.

Yeah, that's what
Trudy told me.

It's spawning.

Oh, my God.

That's why she's been
feeding so much.


He's in a state
of suspended animation.

Here, come on.

[Quinn exclaims]

Are you all right?

How did you
get here so fast?

Fast? You were
taken here last night.

Come on,
help me with Laurie.


Where am I?

Don't worry, we're gonna
get you out of here.

[gun clicking]

One more.

Come on.
One more, one more.

Put your hands over
your head and step out!

A flare.


Mr. Mallory.

This was Michael's.

I'm so sorry.

Come on. We need to get
out of here before
that thing comes back.

this way.

We must destroy
this horror, Mr. Mallory.

Destroy it utterly.

I'm going
to set the charges.

I'll meet you
up there.

Don't overstay your welcome.

Hey, Q-Ball!

Over here.

we got a problem.

What the hell's that?

The nursery.
What problem?

The sheriff's
got more ammo.

All right. There's an opening
halfway down the cave.

Get out of here.
I'm right behind you.



[Sheriff screaming]



It's hard to believe
a place called Paradise

could be the setting
for something so horrible.

54 years
of sacrifices.

All so a few people could
stay perpetually young.

It makes you sick
just thinkin' about it.

You all right?


I just didn't realize it
was gonna be this difficult.

You sure you don't want
to come with us?

I have to admit,
exploring new worlds
does sound like fun,

but I enjoy
exploring this one.

I should say
goodbye to the others.


Thanks again
for everything.

I'm sorry we couldn't
do more to help.

Oh, but you did.

It's better to know
what happened.

At least, that way,
you can deal with it.

Thanks to you,
his family won't be waiting

for the rest of their lives
for him to come home.

Michael was
an adventurer, too.

He loved to travel.

He loved
discovering new things.

I think he'd like it
if you wore this.

I'd be honored.

Last chance.


Happy trails.




♪ ♪