Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 14 - Slide Like an Egyptian - full transcript

In a world where Egypt colonised America, Arturo, Wade, Rembrandt and Quinn disturb a pyramid burial site, releasing a giant monster scarab and accidentally breaking the timer.

♪ ♪

Pyramids where Los Angeles
used to be on our world.

Pretty weird, huh?

Not any more weird
than Hollywood.

Actually, on our world
it was Alexander the Great

who put an end to
the dominance of Egypt.

Presumably, on this one

it was Alexander
the Not-so-Great.

[Rembrandt laughs]

Ah, here's a paper.



This pharaoh's funeral
is big stuff.

Even when a president dies,

not everybody wears
black armbands.

Too bad we won't be here
for the procession, huh?

I think we missed it.

I think that takes place

when they take the body
to the pyramid.

Tomorrow is the ceremonial
sealing of the tomb.

[siren wailing]

"Neither locusts
nor sandstorms
nor gloom of night--"


Come on, guys!
Keep it moving! Let's go!




somebody help me, please!


Help me!

Somebody help her!

[snarling continues]

Nobody help her.

Wade, wait!

Help me!

I'm trying.

[Sheilah screaming]

Are you mad?

Wait a minute...that's it.
She needs help.

She is beyond help.

Now! Go! Get her out!

You okay?


All right.

All right, it's over now.

That's right.

There's nothing for
you to do but leave.

The Kheri-Heb himself
saw your friends

touch the sacred scarab.

Who is he?

Till next Pharaoh is in place,
he's in charge.

That makes him a god.

Take them to the pyramid.

Hey! Let go of me!

We were just
trying to help!



That one is
an excellent specimen.

Take him to Dr. Achtbit.

Have him used

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?



Just a minute.

Where are you
taking this man?

You have to ask?
The morgue.

Wait right there.

Hey, hey, stop!

Do you have any idea
who I am?



Sheilah, you've got to tell me
what's going on.

What was that thing?

It's a genetically
engineered scarab.

These insects,
they're considered sacred

by my people.

It's to be sealed
inside the tomb

along with the pharaoh
and all his personal slaves.

Let me guess,
it's not a pet.

The scarab guards

the pyramid's riches
against thieves.

The slaves are its food.

And now we are
going to join them.

No! No! Please!


Listen, there has been
a major mistake here.

I don't belong
in this place!

Oh, thank God.
Thank you, Professor.

Where's Quinn?

Mr. Brown, Mr. Brown is
going to retrieve him

from the hospital.

We'll rendezvous
back at the hotel.

We have to get Sheilah.

We're running out
of time, Miss Wells.

Little we can do for her.

[electronic beeping]

(Dr. Achtbit)
The exsanguination
is complete.

He's drained.

What's happening to me?

Time of death: 3:15.

What? No! I can't be dead!

We must get Dr. Mubaric
in here right away.



Q-Ball, wake.

Remmy, I'm still here.

They're trying to kill me!

Make them bring me back.

I need a medic.


I need some help in here!

Come on, man. Come on!

Come on!

What have you done?

Who are you?

He's been murdered.


Look, he was fine
when he came in here!

You killed him!

...necrology ward.

You better talk to me!

...necrology ward

[alarm buzzing]

Remmy, I'm dying.



[horn honking]

What's wrong?

Where's Quinn?

Mr. Brown?

When I got there,
he was in an operating room.

He was just lying there.

He was dead.

That's not possible.

I knew he was hurt
but the wound was slight,

not enough to...

No. I don't believe it.

I saw it.

They did something to him.

All his blood was drained.

And they just
left him there.

There was nothing I could do.

There was nothing
I could do for him.



[bells chiming]

[birds chirping]


Hello, son.

Oh, Dad!

It's all right, Quinn.

I thought I'd never
see you again.

Where are you going?

Go long, Quinn.

Come on. You remember!

What did I
always tell you?

If you can touch it,
you can catch it.

Let me see that arm.

This is what I miss
the most.

Just us, tossing
the football together.

Me, too.

Dad, wait!

It's not your time,

But I don't want
to go back yet.

I wanna be with you.

Have faith, son.

We'll be together someday.

I don't know
how to get home.

Please, help me.

if you can touch it,

you can catch it!


Don't leave me again.

I love you, son.

I always will.

He told me once he
dreamt I was his father.

I never had the courage
to tell him that so often

I wished he was my son.


What a stupid,
senseless death.

If anyone should
have died on this world,

it should've been me.


All of this
is my fault.

If I hadn't gone
down that alley--

Hey, don't...

Don't talk like that.

Q-Ball knew
what he was doing.

He wanted to help that girl.

I--I can't deal with this.

I need to see him.


I saw him.

It won't make it any easier.

Yeah, it will.
I need to see him for myself.


He's gone!

All there is in that hospital
is an empty shell.

Believe me, you don't want
to see what I saw.

I know it's hard.

But he's gone.

Seems so wrong
sitting here grieving him.

We should do something
to give his death

some significance.

All right.

You two want to do
something for Q-ball?

What happened to the girl
that he tried to rescue?


They took her
inside the pyramid.

He gave his life
for her.

I think he would want us
to finish what he started.

We'll use what time we have
to try and save her.

If necessary,
we'll slide from the pyramid.

Come on.

Let's go.


[machine beeping]

(Dr. Achtbit)
He's coming back.

Duration of death:
five minutes.

Congratulations, Doctor.

May he be the first of many.

[beeping continues]

Welcome back,
Mr. Mallory.

I'm Dr. Deera Mubaric.

And we're anxious to hear

you've experienced.

What? What are you doing?

Did you see colors,
or people?

I have to get out of here.

It's vital that you
don't lose the images

of your death manifestations.

What exactly do you remember?

I don't have time. Untie me.

Please, you must
remain calm.

He should be as weak
as a puppy.

I've got to go!
He's not.

I'll sedate him.
- No!

He'll lose memory.
I'll take it from here.


You're dismissed, Doctor.


Okay, I get it.

You wanna know
what it's like being dead.

You take me to
the Chancellor Hotel,

I'll tell you everything.

It doesn't work that way.

That's the only way
it works.

I've been to the other side.

Nothing you do can scare me.

You want my cooperation,
you'll do what I say.

Let me go!

New Cairo P.D.

We caught
the escaped slave.

Don't worry.
We'll take her in ourselves.

We have 90 seconds.

[scarab snarling]

Wait a minute.

I hear that thing again.

[snarling continues]

Over there.

Oh, thank God
you came back.

There's no time to explain.

In a few seconds,

we'll be leaving
this city for good.

And if you want,
you can come with us.

No. There are people here
who'll get me to safety.

But thank you.

Where's your friend?

The one who saved me?

He, uh, he died
at the hospital.


Was he in
the necrology ward?

Yes, I think so. Why?

I used to work there.

The doctors, they,

they run experiments
on the patients.

They kill them off
and then revive them

hoping to learn of
their afterlife experiences.


Uh, are you saying that
there's a chance he's alive?

I don't know, maybe.

They haven't been
successful yet,

but they were very close.

Hold on now.
He was flatlined.

But he was young and strong.

The others were
all much older.

Oh! We have to go
back and find out.

Wade, there was no
blood left in him.

Now, we go,
we miss the slide.

we can't leave.

Not if there's
a chance he's alive.

If we go back,
we lose all hope

of ever returning home.

We'll spend 29 years here

because we gambled on
a miraculous breakthrough.

[scarab snarling]

[electronic beeping]


You go.
I'm staying. Go on!

Go! Go!

I'm staying.

Mr. Brown, go!


[alarm wailing]

[people screaming]

Let's get out of here.


He's coming this way!

Hurry up!

Look out.

Grab my hand! Follow me!

What is that alarm?

The scarab has
broken loose.

The pyramid is automatically
sealing itself.

You must stop it!

The scarab has no food,
he will die,

unable to defend the tomb.

There's nothing I can do.

Wait! Wait!


[banging on door]

Pray that the shame of this
can be washed away

by Dr. Mubaric's
recent success.


We're trapped.

On our earth

the architects of pyramids
were often buried alive

with their dead pharaohs.

It was not unknown for them

to create a small,
secret passageway

to effect their escape.

[scarab snarling]



This way!

[snarling continues]

Rembrandt? Professor? Wade?

Okay, your friends
aren't here.

Now tell me about your
afterlife experience.

Remmy was wearing
this at the hospital.

He thought I was dead.

They slid without me.

What do you mean, "slid"?

I'm not from here, Deera.

I come from a parallel world.

Are you royalty?


On our world,
only royalty is allowed

to travel to other worlds.

No, I'm not royalty.

I'm just a scientist
trying to find his way home.

Quinn, don't do this
to yourself.

Whatever time you
had left with them

was gonna be short anyway.

What are you talking about?

Your tumor.

I don't have a tumor.

Quinn, Dr. Achtbit,
he showed me your X-rays.

We only experiment with
the afterlife procedure

on the terminally ill.

I'm in perfect health.

I was sent to the hospital
this morning

because one of your
leaders ordered it.

(TV announcer)
The pyramid cannot be reopened

and the ceremonial sealing
has been canceled.

There's no official word yet

but it's assumed
an investigation
has already begun

and that authorities
are interested

in questioning
the pyramid's architect.

What an honor to have
you in our presence.

...architect's whereabouts
are unknown at present.

The problems at the pyramid,
it's all over the news.

...three people who
activated the vortex.

...has released
several statements.

This disaster could threaten
my pending appointment

to the palace in Cairo.

And yours as well.

I'm going to give
the media hounds
something to chew on.

Besides that.

...the secret passageway.

The eyes of the world
are on us, Doctor.

Your breakthrough here
this morning

is going to elevate us
to the positions

we were rightfully
intended to hold.

The afterlife experiments?

But we haven't
completed our work.

Just get me Quinn Mallory.

I'm calling a press conference
and I want him to be there.

Have Deera Mubaric ready
another healthy patient

for the procedure.

I have camera crews on
their way to film it.

But if word gets out

that we're experimenting
on the healthy...

It won't matter.

Success covers many evils.


Dr. Mubaric
left earlier today.

We believe she took
Quinn Mallory with her.

Contact the RDI.
Tell them to sweep the city.

I want them found before
tonight's press conference.

Terminally ill or not,

who gave you the right
to play god?

You must believe me.

I had no idea that
the Kheri-Heb and Dr. Achtbit

were doing this
behind my back.

That's not the point.

Quinn, for thousands of years,
my people have been obsessed

with the question
of life after death.

Is it as wonderful
as I have dreamed?

Please tell me.


What you're doing
is immoral.

Why don't you put your energy
into something worthwhile?

Like saving patients,
not killing them.

[pager beeping]

(TV reporter)
It's not known
what precipitated

the premature
sealing of the pyramid,

but we have
an unconfirmed report

that an inter-dimensional
transport vortex

was activated inside

and may be the cause
of the scarab

going into its rampage.

Damn it! Did Kheri
have him sentenced?

When was he there?

...and it's doubtful
that we will ever hear

their accounts publicly.

Right now, what we do know
is that the three people

who apparently
activated the vortex

are believed to be trapped
inside the pyramid.

Deera, would royalty slide
from the pyramid?

Of course not.
It's done from the palace.

Then those three people
could be my friends.

It's dangerous out there.

The Kheri-Heb has
the entire RDI
out looking for us.

...on this issue.

And some people out here
are already wondering

if someone could
get to them...

Well, if anybody built
a secret passageway in here,

they certainly hid it well.

I said it was a possibility,
not a probability.



What's so funny?

We came in here
thinking Quinn was dead.

Now he's probably alive

and we're the ones
who are stuck.


- Shh.

[footsteps approaching]

The scarab?

Those sound like human feet.

Who are you and what
are you doing in here?

We're locked in. Who are you?

The architect.
What do you mean locked in?

The pyramid's not to be
sealed till tomorrow.

Didn't you hear the alarm?

I've been in another part
of the pyramid, working.

The scarab broke loose.

I think they sealed
the building to prevent it
from escaping.

Does anybody know
you're in here?

I was gonna ask you
the same question.

It wouldn't matter.

I'm supposed to die in here.

Well, are you saying that
there's no way out of here?

There is another possibility.

It's a secret passageway.

But we have to get
to the computer room.

Quickly, this way.

what's the computer do?

It controls the pyramid.

But there's a way to.... No!



Wait! It's too late!

[scarab snarling]

Quinn, this is crazy.

I don't have a choice.

My friends are
in that pyramid.

But you heard
the newscast.

It's sealed.
There's no way in.

You believe everything
you hear on TV?

I wanna find out for myself.

Even if there was a way in,
what about the scarab?

I'm handling one problem
at a time.

Now, I have got to
find the architect

who designed that pyramid.

You can either help me,
or not.

[siren wailing]

Let's take my car.

That looks like
the computer room
that guy was talking about.

Looks like they
were behind schedule.

And it probably cost
twice as much as the estimate.

You know how contractors are.

You see anything?

Uh, a table, chairs,

a generator,

and what looks
like a computer.


All right. Step aside.


You realize if
the hospital finds out

what I'm helping you to do,
it could damage my career?

Forgive me if I don't have
a lot of sympathy for someone

whose job is to experiment
with killing people.

you're a real sweet talker.

You better let me
kiss up to the architect.

I'm handling this.

Not home, not here.
Now what?

All right.

This is about to get
seriously dicey.

If you want out...

If I wanted out, you'd be
back at the hospital.

[glass shattering]

What exactly am I
looking for?

Blueprints, drawings,

anything that might
show us a way in.

I found something.

Nice, a copy of
the master blueprint.

[pages rustling]


This indicates that there's
an underground tunnel.

This whole thing
was built to rotate.

You hear that?

There's a hole in the table

that goes right
into the model.

The rotation must
align the pyramid

with the underground tunnel.

What's that?

It's a timer.

For sliding.

But only the royals
are allowed

to travel to parallel worlds.

He must have stolen it

to use as an escape
from the pyramid.

Why wouldn't he
just go through
the underground tunnel?

How are you doing,
Mr. Brown?

Just taking some precautions,

Think of it as
an impromptu phaser.

Good man.

Listen, why do they have
the stars up over here?

Oh, Mr. Brown, somewhere here
is one of the keys

to the great mysteries
of ancient Egypt.

What is the significance

of the alignment
of the pyramids?

I'm in.

You see, I've got a problem.

We had one entryway.

Now, it says if you stand here
and look in that direction,

you will see
these constellations.

These constellations.

But you cannot see
these constellations

at this time of the year.

Not in that direction.

The only way you could
see them would be if you--

If the pyramid rotated.

How did you know that?

This computer controls
the rotation.

Is any of this gonna
get us out of here?

Yes, indeed.

If you can speed up
the rotation of this pyramid,

it will align us
with a secret passageway.

[computer keys clicking]

There's a computer room. Why?

Unless the computer
has something to do

with rotating the pyramid,

which lines it up
with the underground tunnel.

It must be
how they planned

to keep feeding slaves
to the scarab.

But this indicates
a full rotation

taking five years.

[door slamming]

Hide! I can talk
my way out of this.

Don't move! RDI.

Let me see your hands,

Where's Quinn Mallory?

I don't know.

We got a report
that both of you

entered the building.

He took off.
I don't know where he went.

Cuff her.


[both grunting]

[both grunting]

Grab the timer and the map.
Come on.

The closet. Let's go.


Wade figured
out the computer.

Come on.

(RDI agent #1)
Let me check this floor.

Come on.

(RDI agent #2)
Let's go!

We can't jump from here.

We're three stories up.

Watch this.



Go! Go!

That was insane.
We could have died.

Been there, done that.
Let's go.

No sign of them.

[car alarm beeping]

Give me the keys.

[keys rattling]

[engine starting]

[tires screeching]

[gun fires]

(RDI agent #4)
Hold your fire.
We need them alive.

Come on, come on,
Mr. Brown.

Any luck with that computer,
Miss Wells?

Not that I see.

We're halfway
through the entire cycle.

[scarab snarling]

Here he comes!

Open the door!

Open it, man!

Close it!
He's right behind me.

Thanks! Step back!


[scarab snarling]

That's it, buddy!
Keep on going!

The kitchen's closed!

Well done, Mr. Brown.


Now, tell me that
that little jaunt
was worth it?

I didn't see anything
like a passageway.

But I did feel the pyramid
when it stopped moving.

What was that all about?

I--I don't know.

Other than that
one brief stop,

nothing seems
to be happening.

I wish Quinn was here.

All right.

Keep rotating the pyramid.

It must be there somewhere.


Right here. Pull in.

Give me the map.

That way is north.

The passageway tunnel
should be about

150 feet that way.
Come on.

(TV reporter)
We have no official word

on how or why
the pyramid is rotating,

or if it's related to
the people trapped inside.

And attempts to reach
the Kheri-Heb thus far

have been futile.

You have any idea
why this is happening?

No, sir.

What are you doing?

Praying, sir.

If you are still to attain
your rightful place in Cairo,

we will need a miracle.

[phone ringing]

What is it?

No one does anything
till I get there.

They've located Dr. Mubaric
at the pyramid.

Give me a second.

Can you hear that?
We must be close.

That's the entrance.

There's no opening.

There will be.

It's like
a big roulette wheel.

When the right slot
passes over that opening,

we should be
able to climb inside.

What if your friends
don't know where
it's supposed to stop?

They've stopped the pyramid.

There's no opening.

But that's not cement,
it's wood.

That's got to be it.

The opening's just
got to be boarded over.

Wade! Professor!



Don't rotate it!
Professor! Wade!


The computer keeps
stopping the pyramid
in that one spot.

If there is a secret passage,
that's got to be where it is.

I'm not going back out there
unless I know for sure.

Sorry. You'll have to settle
for an educated guess.

I'm reversing the rotation

so I can freeze it
at that coordinate.

Miss Wells, perhaps
Mr. Brown and I should go out.

Save it, Professor.
This is a package tour.

We're all going
out there together.

That's it. They did it.

It's locked into place.

Whatever it is.

Then let's do it.


It's wedged in
from the other side.

That thing has been here.
I can smell it.



Did you hear that?



What was that?



It's Quinn!

This way.

Quinn, where are you?

Mr. Mallory,
where are you?

It was him. I know it.

Mr. Mallory?


Down here!

He's under us.

I'm right beneath you!

Stand back, Q-Ball!

Remmy! Go! Go!

It sees us!

Quick, Miss Wells!

Hurry up! It's right on us!

[scarab snarling]


Hey, why is she here?

I wouldn't be alive
if it wasn't for Deera.

we missed the slide.

I know.


[siren wailing]

It's the police.

Can we go back that way?

Not unless you want to be
tonight's main course.

I guess we better
slide from here.

Where'd you get that?

It's the architect's
escape plan.

Why is it counting
down on its own world?

I have no idea, Professor.

Maybe the architect
hadn't planned on
activating it manually.

Just pray that it works.

Come with us.

My work is here. I can't.

And you were right,

I have to put an end
to those experiments.

[scarab snarling]

That thing is
right on top of us.

Thank you for everything.

Good luck.

I'll try and delay
the police.

Thank you.

Are we gonna make
it to the next world?

This thing is
still reading 13 hours.

Just have to
activate it early.

That means
corrupting the data.

That means we'll be
back to random sliding.

Who cares?

Look, just get us
out of here.



Where's Quinn Mallory?

He went up into the pyramid.

With the scarab loose?

How gullible do you think
I am?

Forgive me, Kheri-Heb.

I shouldn't have
tried to lie to you.

He's hiding at
the end of the tunnel.

We will discuss
your future

when I return.

[scarab snarling]