Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 16 - The Exodus: Part 1 - full transcript

The Sliders arrive in a world about to be destroyed by a star emitting intense radiation and can save only some of the people by sliding them..

Yes. Dr. Jariabek?


Yes, I'm sorry to be
calling so late, sir,

but the SAT 7 satellite

has picked up
an unusual reading.

Can you be
a little more specific,

It's showing
an unusual declination

for an object
that's just penetrated

the outer plane
of our system.

It could only be the pulsar.

But that doesn't
make any sense.

Well, yes, sir.

Well, I know it doesn't make
any sense.

Maybe you'd better come
down here and see for...



Lt. Eastman?

Hello. Are you there?


I'm coming down.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?


I'm coming!

I don't think
they were paying retail.

Nothing like an air raid
to bring out the looters.

Does it bother anybody else
that we're all alone here?

Not entirely, Mr. Brown.

Hey, man!

Hey, man.

Where is everyone?

Gone. All gone.

Bomb shelters.

I like it that way.

See, they think
they're fooling me
by blaming the Russians.

But let me tell you something,
I know better.

See? Because it's all
right here.

I got this when I was working
for President North.

And I told Ollie

not to get in their face,
but he wouldn't listen to me.

And now it's too late.

The commies, they're gonna
push the button and then...


Look out!

He's hurt bad.

I'm gonna try to
find some help.

You must warn them.


In English, please, Doctor.

Pulsar... Trajectory...

86, not 87...

You know this guy?

Yes, I do.
He was Dr. Vladimir Jariabek.

A highly
respected cosmologist. I, uh,

I attended many
of his lectures.

well, you won't anymore.

He's been shot.

Step away from the suspect.


He's dead.

Was he still alive
when you got here?


Did you hear him say anything
before he died?

Mostly gibberish.

Did you hear him
say anything?

He was bleeding too loud.

I can see you people need
a little motivation.

Get them in the car.

All right.
He didn't tell us anything,

but he gave us this.


What is that?

Get her gun.

Now it's time for us
to ask some questions.

We're wasting
time here, Q-Ball.

Let's just go before they
signal the all clear, huh?

Remmy, cuff those two.

Wade, pop the trunk.

You really screwed up.

Then how come you're the one
being locked in a trunk?

I will find you.
I never forget a face.

Come on.

By the way,
there's a name that goes
with the face.

It's Mallory. Quinn Mallory.

Attention, citizens.

The Civil Defense Test
has ended.

You may return to
your normal activities.

I repeat, the test has ended.

Return to your
normal activities.

You must have one
heck of a good reason
why we didn't tell the truth.

A brilliant scientist is dead,
Mr. Brown.

And I believe,
killed by these people.

Sufficient grounds, I think,
for not telling them anything.

He said
something about a pulsar.

Yes, a pulsar.

Also known as a neutron star.

It's an old star
that's collapsed in on itself.

It spins very rapidly.

As it spins,

it emits an immense burst
of electromagnetic radiation

or a pulse of radiation,
if you like.

Hence the word pulsar.

Well, they must not be
into theory on this world.

We have to warn
someone about them.


Now we just have to
figure out who to tell.

Good bet
it's not the military.

You know, on our world,

Dr. Jariabek did consult
with the military,

but he had
an office at Cal Tech.

I've always wanted
to visit Cal Tech.

I want hourly updates

on the trajectory
of that pulsar.

I did not ask how
difficult it is. Just do it.

You wanted to see me, sir?

No, Captain, I did not.

But you've given me no choice.

You've handled
this whole incident

with Dr. Jariabek very poorly.

Airman Cooper said
you gave him orders

to shoot Jariabek on sight.

Now, how the hell am I
supposed to command a squad

when I don't know
what's going on, sir?

I don't recall
giving you permission

to speak freely, Captain.

Arrogance may be admired
in a fighter pilot

but not in
an intelligence officer.

Which is what you are now.

Don't you forget it.

Yes, sir.

I want you to
find those people
who escaped, Captain.

They may be Russian agents
working with Jariabek.

But Jariabek defected
over 20 years ago, sir.

He was still a Russian.

If he has succeeded
in getting word to Moscow

the security of
the entire SAT 7 program
would have been breached.

So, it's better 300 million
Russians die instead.

You are entitled to
your opinion, Captain,

but not when you're
wearing that uniform.

Jariabek's office clean.

And keep me informed
on the search
for the suspects.

Yes, sir.

Dr. Jariabek was
definitely tracking a pulsar.

Now, these readings
would indicate that

it's due to pass through

the outer planes
of our solar system.

Is that reason enough
to kill the man?

Now, these coordinates here

suggest a trajectory

of 87 degrees, 13 minutes.

If it was 86 degrees,

13 minutes...

Good heavens.

It would put the pulsar
in a position to irradiate
part of the Earth.


Like a nuclear bomb?

Same effect,
different cause.

Um, think of a lighthouse.
Now, the beam is on
all the time

but you only see it
as it passes through
your field of vision.

Pulsars have
a similar narrow beam,

only their ejecta is
radiation, not light.

Now, if that
radiation touches the Earth,
even for a millisecond

the area that it covers
will be devastated.

Structures will survive,

but any living thing,
plant or animal,

will effectively be melted.

Like a neutron bomb.

I guess that's
worth killing for.

If you don't want
anybody to know.

Professor, that map,
can it tell you

when and where
the pulsar will hit?

Yes, it would.

Here. Russia.

Within the next 24 hours.

Hey, it's Mallory, right?

Quinn Mallory.

If you expect to ever get out
of here, Quinn Mallory,

you're gonna have
to give me
a little more information

than just your name.

I wasn't born yesterday.

And, Captain,
I don't expect you to
ever let me out of here.

The survival of this country
is at stake.

And it is obvious you're not
willing to cooperate

so I'm going to assume
you're a Russian operative.

Since pulsars
are about to nuke

a million innocent lives

and you're not doing
a damn thing about it,

I'm gonna have to assume
you're a cold-hearted killer.

This is not about me.

And you couldn't be
more wrong.

You denying that you
blew Jariabek away?

Yes, I'm denying it!

Sorry, Captain.
Did I hit a sensitive button?

This is not a game.

And the loser doesn't just
pick up his marbles

and go home.

Where are my friends?

In another room.

I'm getting nowhere, sir.

That's because
there's nowhere to get.

And since you have the guns,
the ball's in your court.

Well, then,
let's play a different game.

Tell us about this.

Answer him.

It's called a timer.

It has to do with
parallel dimensions.

Does it open
the gateway to other worlds?

You know about sliding?

I'm Dr. Jensen.

I've spent the past
three years trying to develop

equipment to
access parallel worlds.

Are you from
a parallel dimension?

Yeah. We arrived just
before Jariabek died.

Hope I haven't
disappointed you.

Col. Rickman.

As I'm sure Capt. Beckett
has informed you,

we are at
full military alert.

And your interaction with
Dr. Jariabek

borders on espionage.

But I just told you,
I'm not from this world.


Which makes
your case rather unique

and open to negotiation.

I've had some problems
with the development
of my sliding.

What happens
if I decide not to help you?

This must be counting down
for a reason.

If you want it back...

It's your only way out.

I've gotten past you once,
and believe me,
it was not difficult.

How do I know you'll let us
slide in three days?

You have my word.

As an officer and a gentleman.

You got anything
more convincing?

The penalty for espionage
is death by firing squad.

You will be confined
to this base

but you have the freedom
to move around at will.

Just don't do
anything foolish.

Carry on, Captain.

Your quarters are ready.

And Dr. Jensen is
waiting for both of you.

He's right this way.

There's something about
that girl I don't like.

No, make that everything about
that girl I don't like.
You trust these people?

No, but we don't
have a choice.

I've been on enough bases
to know that

there's always
a way to sneak off.

I'm gonna try to find us
a back door out of here.

How you doing?

This is truly remarkable.

You say that Dr. Jariabek
designed this system?

That's correct.

Jariabek's work is the reason

we're so far ahead
of the Russians.

So you thank him
by killing him.

I would've thought
a more appropriate
reward might've been

a Presidential Commendation
and a pay raise.

Just because
I wear this uniform

doesn't mean I agree
with everything we do.

On my world,
an officer would resign

rather than perform
a dishonorable act.

Then, I suppose
it's different here.

You've got the ability to
track wormholes

and store the coordinates
in every world you slide to.

That's something I wish I had.

A few worlds
I'd like to go back to.

Yeah, well, anything I send
into the vortex

corrupts the integrity of
the wormhole and drops out
into oblivion.

Yeah, that is a problem.

I know you can stall me.

So I'll make you a deal
better than Rickman's.

You give me the ability
to transport humans

and I'll give you the ability
to imprint parallel
Earth coordinates

and track wormholes.

That might help you
get home someday.

All right.

First we see if my power chip
is compatible with your timer.


Don't touch that!


How you doing?

How come
you're not in school?

How come
you're out of uniform?

Well, I'm just visiting.

Who? The rats?

This is good stuff.

You know, when I was a kid,
I had a place
where I would go.

A secret place that
nobody else knew about.

Why don't you
go there now?

I dreamed about being
a singer one day.

See, I wasn't very good.

So I would go to this place
and I would

just practice and practice.

And I would sing
as loud and off-key
as I wanted.

Because I knew that
nobody else would hear
or make fun of me.

Did you ever get any better?

I've got five gold records
that say so.

But I don't think my singing
was as good as your drawings.

Why are you
trying to sneak out?

I have my reasons.

What I don't have is a clue.

The only thing that way
is a bad smell.

Come on.

Your folks know
that you're skipping school?

My dad is in Texas.

My stepmom, well,

she doesn't know
anything right now.

I don't follow.

The doctors say
she went into
a coma last night.

They don't know why.

But it can't be too good.

They're bringing
my dad in tonight.

I'm sorry.

This is it.

The guards never
guard it anymore.

Just go across
and you're out of here.

All right.
Well, thanks a lot.

It's Malcolm, right?

I'm Remmy.


You okay?


This never happened before.

You got to believe me!

I believe you.

It's okay. I believe you.

So, Maggie was
a fighter pilot?


She gave it up last year.

That must have
lowered flight morale.

She's a good-looking lady.

Has a good heart, too.

She came to see me
every day in rehab.

What happened?

Severed a neurotransmitter.

I was hot-dogging
on a ski trip with Maggie.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

They've developed a treatment
to reconnect it
using donor brain tissue,

but because of protests
from some bleeding hearts,

they're unable to use it.

I'll ski again one day.

So, you guys
are still dating?


We're married.

I'm sorry.

I didn't know.

I know you didn't.

She kept her maiden name.

Maggie's father was a general.
She was an only child.

She didn't want his name
to die with him.

Any progress, Doctor?

We're about to
test the viability

of Mallory's chip
in our equipment.

All right, it's in.

Let's see if this thing works.

Now all we do is
build a clone of his chip.


SAT 7 just picked
up a globular cluster

of pulsars approaching
our solar system.

That pulsar that's about to
hit the Russians,

it's only the lead piece
from a collapsing galaxy.

On the same trajectory?


Transit will take
approximately 43 hours.

In which time,
the Earth will have made
almost two full rotations.

And what does that mean?

It means by the time
the cluster passes by,

every inch of the Earth
will be saturated

with massive amounts
of radiation.

I'll call the Pentagon.

Mr. Mallory.

All life

will be extinguished
from this planet

before we're due
to leave.


What is it?

The Professor
spotted more pulsars.

Enough to
destroy everything.

Meaning that this world
is coming to an end?

It already has
for Russia.

Holy Mary.

I have just spoken
to the President.

He wants us to
start to prepare

to transport people
to a parallel world.

As I understand it,

with his chip
in your device,

we have the ability
to go and come back at will.

Yeah, but we can't
just go to any world.

A lot of them
are uninhabitable.

That's why you and I
are going to scout them.

Whoa, whoa,

Don't I get a say in this?


You volunteered.

Hey, Q-Ball,
I'm going with you.

Yeah, me, too.

W-we're a good team.
We know each other's moves.


I want you here to help me.

And you I don't trust.

It's all right, guys.
I'll be fine.

I will stay here
with Dr. Jensen

and continue to
develop a power chip

that will transport
as many people as possible.

Of course, you do realize

that we will have
to accompany you

to your new world
and slide from there.

All right, let's do this.

I'm setting it to return us
in 30 minutes

in case it's
a hostile environment.

Let's hope
the first one's a charm.

Wow. That was some ride.

They always are.

This doesn't
look like L.A.

It may not be.

Your husband's geographic
spectrum stabilizer is
the same as mine.

It has a 500-mile radius.

Well, it looks good
so far.


Let's see if we can find
some signs of civilization.

What the hell is that?

Hey, pal, hole's over here.

Don't miss the fairway again.


In here.

I understand defending
yourself from an attack,

but not giving civilians
a chance to escape isn't war.

It's slaughter.

Warning the Russians
would have revealed

our Star Wars technology
to the Chinese.

Which, in the bigger picture,
would have put
American lives at stake.

And American lives
are what I'm trying
to save now.

But I need your help.

What for?

I need to compile
a list of people

who will be transported
to the new world.

I understand
you're computer savvy.

I can't trust one of
my own people to do it.

They may not make the cut.

Choosing who lives
and who dies?

I don't want that on me.


if you don't help me,

I may not get the job
done in time

and then no one
will be saved.

What would you
want me to do?

I need you to compile
a list of the top people
on this base

weighting it by their
performance evaluations.

Those people
have earned it.

Wait a minute.
What about the President?

All those people
in Washington?

I never spoke
with the President.


All we'd end up doing
will be taking his friends.

People with no usable skills.

No value to anyone.

This is the most
egalitarian method
I could think of.


Where do I start?

Hey, Remmy!
I've been looking for you.

What have you got?

Something I drew.

Do you like it?

She looks right at me,
but she can't see me.

Do you think it's any good?

Yeah. Yeah.
It's, uh,

it's very powerful.

You're lying.
I can tell by your face.


Hold up.

Wait a minute. Listen to me.

Now, first of all,
I don't lie.

And second,
you have to stop waiting

for other people
to believe in you

before you
believe in yourself.

How do you know
what I believe?

You don't even know me.

Look, I know you
better than you think.

Someone once told you
that you weren't good enough.

That you didn't
have any talent.

Guess what, man?
They were wrong.

You hear me, Malcolm?
They were wrong.


I got to go. See you later.


What do you think this is?
An abandoned well?

Let's just hope
it isn't an ant tunnel.

So, how do you
like sliding so far?

I've been through worse.

Ah, yes, of course,
the big, tough fighter pilot.

I can hear
your brass clanging.

So, why did they
ground you?

I wasn't grounded.
It was voluntary.

Because of your husband.

His accident made me
evaluate my priorities.

We weren't spending
enough time together.

I realized
I had to change that.

So, what about you?

Are you and Wade a couple?

No, no, no.

We're just friends.

I'm just your basic physicist.

Yeah, right.

There's nothing
basic about you guys.

And how would you know that?

I married one.


At least we know
what this place is.

I had a horse that size once.

We've still got a minute.
I would not do that.

It's just a rabbit, Mallory.

Things aren't always the same
as they are on your own world.

I would not move closer.

Let's get one thing straight.

If anybody's giving orders,
it'll be me.

You obviously don't know
the first thing about sliding.

That would not be very smart.

Back off.

Open the vortex!

After you, Captain!

Steven, it was incredible.

You have to try it.

Any luck?

Sure, if you like
the land of giants
and man-eating rabbits.

It was inhospitable, sir.

How soon can you
get back there?

Right away,
but we'll cover more worlds

if we don't come back
here after each one.

Whatever it takes.
Carry on.

How's everything coming
with the power chip?

It's coming fine.

Come on, Mallory. Let's go!

It's like sliding with Patton.

Why does every landing
have to be so hard?

I've been asking
myself that for three years.

What happened?

I thought we weren't
going to slide back home.

We didn't.

One of the quirks
about sliding is that
some worlds

are almost identical
to your own.

Well, then maybe
this is the world

we've been looking for.

Don't move!

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

I've been telling
my dad about you.

He can't wait to meet you.




Hey, Dad.
What's wrong with him?

Answer me.

I brought you some coffee.


What were you doing here
in the first place?

I was going to tell
Malcolm's dad
about the pulsars.

You didn't want him
going anywhere, huh?

Yeah, the only solace
might be

with your loved ones
when it's time.

Now it looks like
Malcolm won't even have
that little bit of comfort.

I've just been reading
the statement you made.

You told the MPs
you saw no one outside

Cpl. Eastman's quarters.
Is that correct?

That's right,

but someone deliberately
broke that porch light.

Malcolm's father
was suckered out here

because somebody
wanted him in the dark.

Are you saying
he was attacked?

We have no proof of that.

Just that you've had
20 people fall into a coma

within the past three months.

Now, I don't think that
a smart man

could just write it off
as a coincidence.

I don't know
whether you've noticed,

but I've got a full plate
full of problems

and I have not got time
to waste on a hunch.

Yeah, but if I am right

and the person who's
responsible for these comas

gets on your approved list,

you'll be taking
a whole lot of trouble
with you when you slide!

Then you'd better join me
in praying you're wrong.

Thanks for the coffee.

Suddenly, I'm having
a hard time swallowing.

You can't just ignore it
if there's some psycho

out there attacking people.

Look, it's my problem,
not yours.


I've been looking through
this preliminary list

that you've prepared.

We need to narrow
it down to people

most valuable
in establishing a new colony.

Doctors, engineers,
that kind of thing.

I don't wanna be the one
to cross people's names
off the list.

I know it's difficult,

but we must take
the brightest and the best.

What about the children?

Your new world
will need a future.

We'll take as many
as we can.

Think of the ones
we're saving, Wade.

That's where
you need to focus.

We slide in 20 minutes.

What happens
if we don't make it?

Then we're stuck here
for 29 years.

Okay, so what's the procedure
in a situation like this?

There is no procedure.

Come on. You must have been in
situations like this before.

Oh, yeah, I've broken out of
guarded rooms,
snuck across a military base

and gotten my timer back
from armed
intelligence officers

I'd say, at least
a dozen times. Piece of cake.

Hey, you're
the experienced slider.

I just assumed
there'd be specific strategies
in case of capture.

That's not what it's about.
Sliding means improvising.


Do doubles share
the same personality traits?

Sometimes not.

But let's say this one
does think like you.

How would you be fooled
into letting
two intruders escape?

I wouldn't.

Everybody's got


Your ego is
running out of time.

She's logical.

To the point of myopia.

She'd never think
that there's
a chance for escape.

So, if we can get her in here,
her defenses will be down.

Then what?

Then you flatter her.

You tell her
how impressed you are
with her decisiveness,

her strength.

She'll like hearing that
from a man.

someone like you.


Only because
you intrigue her.

She thinks you're bold,

You'd have to be
to do something this daring.

But, lucky for us,
she doesn't know the real you.

Or maybe she does

and it scares her.


Tell your captain
we're ready to talk.

Any word on Quinn?

No. I think
they're still looking.

They won't let me
have an outside line.

Rickman's sealed off
the entire base.


I was, uh, trying to reach
Malcolm's birth mother.

At least that way,
he wouldn't have to die alone.


you've done all you can.


Now it's up to you.

I want you to
put Malcolm's name
on that list of people

that's going to
the new world.


It is his only chance.

Rickman has ordered
that only people

with O-negative blood
be taken.

Look, Remmy,
Malcolm's not in that group.

Oh, dear Lord.


What is it?

The first pulsar beam
has just hit
the Eastern Seaboard.

How long do we have?

The next wave of radiation
will arrive in 22 hours.

Yeah, but the new chip

should be up and running
well before then.

We calculate it will
be powerful enough to

transport 300 people
for at least one slide.

Well, if Quinn finds
the right world,
then they'll only need one.

Three minutes.

One minute less than
the last time you told me.

Well, where the hell is she?

Maybe she doesn't think
like I do.

You wouldn't keep
your prisoners waiting?

I hear you're ready to talk.

You've given us no choice.

I have to admit

we've never been
captured before.

So, you admit, then,
that you're spies.

I underwent plastic surgery
with the hope of infiltrating

the base using your identity.

If we could have
duplicated your mind,

we would have
been smart enough
not to get caught.

What is this for?

I'll hang on to it.

Of course.

That's the smart thing.

But really,

if we wanted to,
how could we escape?

What happens
when this thing reaches zero?

It signals
one of our satellites.

What happens
when this hits zero?

Can't you tell?

Come on.

The answer's right
in front of you.

Let's go!

Reports out of
Atlanta indicate

the destruction in that region
is widespread.

Emergency crews
have been swamped with calls

and local hospitals are

severe shortage of
critical supplies.

Causalities at this
time in Fulton County

area alone were
estimated at...

We're running out of time
to find a new world, Mallory.

Thank you for the update.

Hey, that's my house!

This must be San Francisco.

So we're in your home world?

I don't know.

We've been down
this road before

and it's always been
a disappointment.

This gate has been squeaking
since I was a kid.

But worlds can
be very similar.
That's still no guarantee.

Even if this isn't
your home world,

it looks like
it could fit what we need.

You smell that?

It's Mrs. Randall's
chicken soup.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Oh, my God!

- Quinn!

Oh, I never thought
I'd hold you again.

Quinn, what's wrong?

Quinn, what's wrong?

I thought I'd been home
so many times

only to find
it was you on another world.


Where did you get that?

I found it
under your mattress
about a year after you left.

Wrapped in silver paper?


I was going to give it to you
for your birthday
the day I slid.

I can't believe it.

I'm really home.

Mom, you've got to meet...

Are you all right?

Hey, Maggie!


Can't breathe.

Open the vortex!

I can't!
We've still got 20 minutes.

Mom, she's gonna die.
Call 911.

We can't get anything.
Is she on medication?

I don't know.
She started coughing
and then collapsed.

Excessive muscle usage.

Help, here!
Please step outside.


Intubate her. She's closing up.
- Quinn! Talk to me!
Quinn, please!

One milligram IV, push.


Damn it, I can't get it in.

Get me a trache set,
I've got to cut.

There's no time!
No time?
What are you talking about?

I've got to go.

I've got to get her
out of here
or she's gonna die.

You see this?

This is what took me away,
and this is what
will bring me back.

No, please. I beg you.
- I swear I'll be back.

What the hell are you doing?

It's called sliding!

What are you doing?

Oh, my God.

I love you.


♪ ♪