Sixth Sense (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Cool Noodles - full transcript

Two guests who are close to Jae Seok appear on the show. Jee Seok Jin and Cho Sae Ho show perfect chemistry with the members. Today's theme is cool noodles that will take away the heatwave. The first place serves soybean noodles with patbingsu. The second place has cold jjajangmyeon, and the last food is naengmyeon cocktail. Stay tuned.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Blazing hot weather)

(To escape the heat, )

(we came to a cool cafe.)





- We have a couple hair today. - We have a couple hair today.

Look at it swishing about.


Aren't they just normal ponytails?

(That's a fact.)

You're all here.


- So Min. - What?

What's going on with your pants?

(Extremely revealing in the front)

I told you to zip this up.

Close the zippers a bit.

- But this is fashion. - So Min.

You should lower it to here.

But if you wear it like this, it's not stylish.

- It looks a lot more stylish now. - Now it looks good.

But roll it up just a bit.

- Just up to your ankle. - Yes, the ankle.

(Femme fatale?)



But why are you only raising the zipper on one side?

I'm going for the unbalanced look.

(She's not used to this.)


Jessi won't be making it today due to personal reasons.

I miss her. I haven't seen her for so long.

To tell you the truth,

one of Jessi's close friends passed away,

so she's going through a hard time with some difficult emotions.

Jessi, stay strong.

- It feels empty. - Stay strong, Jessi.

Stay strong, Jessi.

(Jessi, come back and get the right answer for us.)

We'll make sure to make up for Jessi in her absence.

(Make up for Jessi?)

That's why I'm going like this.

I'm just trying to make up for Jessi.

(Okcheon Jessi)

What is this, Mi Joo? Why are you dressed so revealing?

Mi Joo, if you keep doing that, you'll develop scoliosis.

(Are you the spine fairy?)

That's what I'm saying.

(The Sixth Sensers are fulfilling Jessi's role each in her own way.)

But we're all pretty sexy today.

I'm wearing pants.

Na Ra, you're so pretty today it annoys me.

- Today? - Yes.

- So Min. - You look pretty today too.

You're so pretty. You're way too slender.

But wait a minute.

Why do you guys always give compliments angrily?

I'll tell you how it is.

You look...

Jae Seok, you're just ugly.

(Getting angry angrily)

You look...

You look the same as last week.

- It annoys me. - You look the same.

So Min, you looked a lot better last week.

So Min, you can't even say anything to him.

(Going from national siblings to angry siblings)

Last week, I also spoke to Mi Joo's mother on the phone.

- That's random? - Why?

I saw Mi Joo was calling me.

So I picked up, wondering why she was calling.

"Jae Seok, I called you by mistake."

"Wait a minute, let me transfer you to my mother."

(A sudden parent-teacher conference ensues.)

Her mother is so refined.

- She is? - "Hello?"

"Thank you so much for taking care of Mi Joo."

(Our Mi Joo is a baby.)

So are you going to take good care of her now?

That's why...

I'll act like her homeroom teacher for the first time in a while.

(Cut off mid-sentence)

What is that?

(A cell phone ring cuts off the conversation.)

(The main producer becomes the villain of today's opening.)

- Mr. Producer. - Are you insane?

- Don't you know the silent mode? - Come to your senses.

Do you think filming is a time to play around?

When you were at SBS, you never pulled anything like this.

(A deadly blow)

Now that you're at tvN, you've become so sloppy.

You've become sloppy.

Come to your senses. What are you doing?

(I love you tvN. Please don't misunderstand.)

Today, we have two guests.

- For today. - Two of them?

One of them was originally the guest for today,

and the other was invited since Jessi is absent today.

- To fill Jessi's place? - Since Jessi can't be here,

he's here to fill her spot.

But I'm not sure if we should...

really accept these two as our guests.

So Min said that of all the guests we've had so far,

these are the most draining.

- Really? Who is it? - Let's invite them on.

Please come on out.

(An extraordinary aura surrounds them.)

What kind of person is coming?

(Screaming excitedly)

(Who could it be?)

(Familiar faces join Sixth Sense.)

(The running tap of variety shows)

(Jae Seok's number 1 forever favorite toy)

(Most active now as Byeollu-Jee of MSG Wannabe)

(Today's guest is Jee Seok Jin.)

(Buddy, buddy, buddy)

(And tvN's official adorable buddy)

(Joining us today to take Jessi's place)

(Jae Seok's number 2 favorite toy, Cho Sae Ho)

(We look forward to the chemistry between these two.)

(He enters.)

(Wow, it's Seok Jin.)

- He's got such a bright smile. - Oh, my gosh!

(5 weeks ago)

(I heard Seok Jin was invited on the show.)

(Na Ra was happier than anyone to hear Seok Jin was invited.)

(I'll hug Seok Jin when he comes.)

(She was waiting for this day as Seok Jin's greatest fan.)


(She's thrilled to see him face-to-face.)

(Wow, it's Seok Jin.)

(He starts singing his own song as though to draw attention.)

(Don't do that.)

Stop that. What are you doing?

(A one-on-one fan meeting suddenly begins.)

Seok Jin!

(Is this the place I can lay me down today?)

That's so irritating.


I hate things like this.


- This is how it is here. - It's all right.


(Ignored wholesale)

Sae Ho is here too.

(Blocking Sae Ho)

(Seok Jin's shoulders look especially broad today.)

(Just discovering him)

- My goodness. - Personally,

this is the first time I've seen anyone as ignored as I am.

- It's all right. - I have to take care of him.

- First, we can get settled. - I'll have to take care of him.

(I'm really all right.)

But for me,

these two are people that I really do like.

But just in case viewers might be wondering...

if I'm the one who recommended that these two be invited on,

that is absolutely not the case.

We're not at that level.

You're talking nonsense.

It's no longer the time when we're at your beck and call.

- It's not like that anymore. - This is so refreshing.

I was invited to a lot of shows, and I chose to come on this one.

Yesterday, Jae Seok called me,

and said he used his influence to help me get invited.

He used his influence!

I asked if he really did that.

It sounded like he was calling from his car.

"I love that you'll be joining us to film tomorrow,"

"but I did have to exert some pressure to make it happen."

I said thank you, and he said, "Then just pay me 500 dollars."

- But we... - He said he used his influence.

(Jae Seok tries to earn a petty allowance.)

You're going to say that?

You're going to tell people that I asked you for 500 bucks?

This might not be something to share in front of the cameras.

But for most guests, the staff invites them.

But for the two of you,

we needed to get confirmation from the company's director.

(We're here thanks to confirmation from tvN's director.)

All the way up there?

(Will Jee Seok Jin and Cho Sae Ho be all right as today's guests?)

If you're not careful...

People will think this is true.

- It's true. - People will think it's true.

He's the top celebrity to me. I love him.

(Only Na Ra is on my side.)

I'm sure today's filming will be very funny.

What? Why?



Our ratings will go down. That's a thing.

- Our ratings will drop. - Why?

- That's just a thing. - I think that'll happen.

When we...

Whenever I go on a show, ratings go up lately.

Then go on and leave. Then our ratings will go up.

- And... - Don't misunderstand, Seok Jin.

(Requesting an early departure for the sake of the ratings)

- It's not easy here. - It's not.

Both of our guests...

Wait a minute.

are both wearing the nicest watches they own.

That's right. I didn't want to lose.

Why are they so dressed up today, both of them?

Seok Jin, from head to toe.

It's hilarious that he's wearing Gucci pants right now.

He's dressed like a total star.

Are you sure it's not a sticker?

What do you mean, a sticker?

- Try taking it off. - My goodness.

(Feeling the pants)

- But these are winter pants. - Really?

(These are winter pants.)

- Feel the inside. - What is that?

The inside is fleecy.

Wait a minute. There's fleece on the inside.

It's fleecy on the inside.

The viewers don't know that.

There's fleece on the inside.

(Everyone cracks up at the fleece pants.)

- But inside... - The viewers don't know that.

Seok Jin is really out of his mind these days.

There are no seasons in fashion.

Don't you think so?

(Anything Seok Jin says goes.)

But the two of you still haven't introduced yourselves.

Since you're our guests today, please introduce yourselves.

Hello. I'm Jee Seok Jin.



Nice to meet you.

(An affectionate touch toward his favorite toy.)

- You can stop now. No time. - Through Sixth Sense...

I'm pleased to meet you all.

I'm Cho Sae Ho.

He's so cute.

Thank you for joining us today.

You know what Sixth Sense is about, right?

Aren't you trying to distinguish between the real and the fake?

Yes, that's right.

(Then please bring it in.)

Then please bring it in.

(Suppressing further conversation)

That's so fast.

There's not even a time to talk about ourselves?

That went by so fast.

(Jae Seok speeds up the emceeing.)

It's definitely fun having these two on.

It's so much fun.

Here's the theme.

"It's bone-chilling! Cold noodles that take away the heatwave."

It's a noodle special!

(These noodle lovers are excited to see the theme.)

I love noodles.

(Heat wave causes 19 people to call 911 as emergency patients)

(The heat wave has enveloped the entire Korean peninsula.)

(The temperature is rising day after day.)

(Everyone is exhausted lately.)

(What do you need in times like these?)

(Not anything so ordinary)

(Unusual, cool noodles are here, )

(unlike anything you've seen or heard about before.)

(Chilling visuals are a given.)

(Strong flavors accompany those visuals.)


(It's a feast of never-before-seen cool noodles.)

(Cold noodles that take away the heatwave)

(Which of these is fake?)

It's a cold noodle special.

I love noodles. I'm a noodle lover.

This special is made for me.

- Me too. I love noodles. - I really love noodles.

- I love noodles too. - I'm a noodle lover for life.

- Let's look at the 1st one. - All right, the 1st one.

Here it is.

"It went viral on social media! It sends a shiver up your spine!"

- Patbingsu? - Soybean noodles?

(Is it patbingsu or soybean noodles?)

- It's patbingsu. - It's soybean noodles.

(Channel 15ya and Run BTS!)

(Ra Mi Ran and Mirani)

(Yu Jae Seok and EXO)

(Continuing in this vein, )

(we have this summer's ultimate collaboration.)

(Sweet patbingsu...)

(and nutty soybean noodles)

(Patbingsu noodles)

(A star that went viral on social media)

(It sends a shiver up your spine! Patbingsu noodles)

(Is it real or fake?)

This exists.

- This doesn't sound tasty though. - It doesn't sound tasty.

- I think it sounds good. - It might be like...

red bean kalguksu.

- Right, it could be similar. - Isn't it something like that?

- But it's different from that. - Is it?

(Conversation rejected)

I just made one comment. Did I deserve being told off?

- It's all right. - It's different.

All right, I'll take it slow.

But some people add sugar to soybean noodles.

- That's true. Some people do. - No, that's not right.

Food shouldn't be sweet. I think it's number one.

- What about you, Na Ra? - Then I think it's number one too.

(Then I think it's number one too.)

Seok Jin thinks it's number one, so I'll go with that too.

Na Ra, don't do that.

You're just encouraging his bad habits.

He's so good looking in person.

So Min loves Ha Seok Jin. Na Ra loves Jee Seok Jin.

(Sixth Sense is now in the Age of Seok Jins.)

(It's hard being popular.)

Here's the second one.

"Coldness over spice"?

- "Coldness over spice!" - A cold jjajangmyeon?

(That really exists?)

(A nostalgic food eaten on special occasions)

(A Korean soul food)


(Jjajangmyeon's defining trait is definitely its heat.)

(Jjajangmyeon is only good when it's hot.)

(But they made it cold?)

(Rather than the taste of fire, the taste of cold is trending.)

(The definition of jjajangmyeon has been broken down.)

(Cold jjajangmyeon will confuse and cool you down!)

(Is this real or fake?)

- But this exists. - That definitely exists.

- You think it exists? - It definitely exists.

I've never seen a cold jjajangmyeon before.

I think a cold jjamppong would be all right,

- but a cold jjajangmyeon? - Cold jjamppong exists.

Cold jjamppong already exists.

Jjajangmyeon requires a lot of oil to cook properly.

- That's right. - If cold, the oil will separate.

- How was I? - That was great. You seemed expert.

You know there's a soup jjajangmyeon, right?

That doesn't sound very tasty.

(That's not my style.)

(An unexpected reveal of his personal tastes)

I'm sorry, Seok Jin.

We're not here to take your food order.

- Soup jjajangmyeon sounds weird. - Regardless of that...

But it sounds weird to have jjajangmyeon in a soup.

Here's the third one.

"Add some naengmyeon noodles to my cocktail, please!"

"One of Korea's best bartenders makes a naengmyeon cocktail."

A naengmyeon cocktail made by a bartender?

- A naengmyeon cocktail? - A naengmyeon cocktail?

Does that mean it has alcohol?

(The neverending heat wave)

(It has provided me with a small gift.)

(The cocktail)

(But a cocktail with naengmyeon noodles in it?)

(Breaking down the walls of what defines a cocktail)

(One of Korea's best bartenders...)

(makes a cocktail that will defy your common sense.)

(A new world of cocktails)

(Add some naengmyeon noodles to my cocktail, please!)

(One of Korea's best bartenders makes a naengmyeon cocktail.)

(Is it real or fake?)

So you're saying there's naengmyeon in a cocktail?

That sounds weird. It sounds like the staff went too far.

But what these three have in common is that I don't want to try them.

- But I bet they'll be tasty. - I still don't want to try them.

I'm sure they were chosen because they're tasty though.

Let's try visiting the first place.

- Let's go. - Let's go.

(Seok Jin's team vs. Sae Ho's team)

Wow, look at the sky. It looks crazy today.

(Wow, it's so pretty.)

There's no yellow dust today, right?

- It's like we're in California. - Totally.

- This is insane. Look at the sky. - Like Hawaii.

Like California.

It would be nice to lie down on a blanket and look at the sky.

In the shade.

(Peeking back)

I'm a little disappointed because I wish Mi Joo were more aggressive.

- Really? Me? Why? - Aggressive?

- I'm being so aggressive. - What is it that you want?

You're just so different from the Mi Joo I know.

Your expectations are too high, Sae Ho.

Of all the guests we've had so far,

this is the quietest Mi Joo has ever been.

I have no questions.

- Just ask me... - I'm not curious about anything.

Even if you have nothing you want to know about us,

just ask me and Seok Jin two questions each.

Before we leave today, just ask two questions, Mi Joo.

Then I'll ask Sae Ho something.

(Then I'll ask Sae Ho something.)

(Joseph is prepared to answer on his ideal partner or interests.)

When are you going home?

(When are you going home?)

After our closing, and the show wraps up,

I'll talk to the producer for about five minutes, and then go home.

Oh, Mi Joo. She's so good.

I'm so proud of you.

Mi Joo, what kind of guest has excited or surprised you?

- There were a lot. - When Jun Ho was here.

- KAI, Jun Ho, - Right, KAI.

- Ha Seok Jin... - And Heo Ung and Heo Hoon.

Now you see what they all have in common, right?

- They're all good looking. - Good looking?

Mi Joo, it's because you've never seen me young.

Seok Jin used to look like a young dol hareubang.

(He used to look like a young dol hareubang.)

(The wide nostrils are a perfect match.)

- A young dol hareubang. - One that's incomplete.

One that just has its shape and isn't fully finished yet.

A young dol hareubang.

It's hot in here. The AC is on too.

(Why is it hot when the AC is on?)

- Is it hot? - Turn the AC on stronger.

- It's already pretty strong. - Wait a minute.

(It's so hot.)

Hey! You punk! You turned on the seat warmer!

(A hot gift for a close friend)

It's 37°C outside right now!

It's 37°C, and you turn on the seat warmer.

It was on this whole time.

- It was so hot. - No wonder...

No wonder your conversation was so hot.

But it's a great theme today, including the noodles.

To be honest, I really love soybean noodles.

It's easy to digest too.

But I like eating them without adding anything.

Me too.

Seok Jin, do you add sugar or salt to soybean noodles?

- I add salt. - Me too!

We're the same.

Na Ra, you're acting like you're going on a date today.

It's awkward hearing Na Ra refers to Seok Jin as older.

I've never looked forward to the deserted island question,

but I'm looking forward to it today.

- I'm not going to ask them. - We're not doing it today.

- I'm not going to ask them. - You weren't going to ask them?

Hey, Seok Jin can't go to a deserted island alone.

I won't go to a deserted island.

- Did we arrive? - What was the first place?

- Patbingsu noodles. - That's right.

(It's bone-chilling! Cold noodles that take away the heatwave)

(It went viral on social media!)

(It sends a shiver up your spine! Patbingsu noodles)

Are we already there?

- Yes, we are. - Here?

Where are we now, Jae Seok?

We're in Gyeonggi Province.

What was the first place?

Was it patbingsu soybean noodles? Patbingsu noodles.

- That's right. - Right.

- I've never heard of it. - I can't believe it.

- I know. It's not easy. - We haven't started yet.

- Hey, Sae Ho. - Yes?

- We haven't even started. - Exactly.

What do you mean, it's not easy?

Am I not allowed to say things like this?

- You can. - All right.

- Let's go. - Let's move.


But this area is...

I don't think there'll be a famous restaurant around here.

Is the place located in a residential area?

(It's just a residential area when they look around.)

Look. I guess this is it. Patbingsu noodles.

Look. I guess this is it. Patbingsu noodles.

(They take a look at the exterior of the building.)

Look at that. "VJ's on the scene".

The main menu of this place is...

patbingsu noodles.

- Hey, this place is real. - My goodness.

Can't you tell at a glance? This place is real.

- It's worn out a little. - Right.

- Look at the color here. - This place is real.

- It's rusted over here. - I'm sure.

- It's plausible, right? - Sure.

Why do I feel like this place is fake?

It's unfamiliar to me.

This design and interior decoration.

Gosh, I think this place is fake.

- Really? - Yes.

But the location is very plausible.

But we shouldn't be fooled by the signboard.

I know. We shouldn't be fooled by things like this.

Don't think too much about whether it's new or old.

Let's go inside first.

This place looks real.

Let me see.

It does look like a restaurant.

I think it's open for business.

Don't you think it's too clean?

They might have rented...

- an empty store... - That's right.

- and set up this place. - They decorated this set.

Do you think they can make such a realistic set?

(Do you think they can make such a realistic set?)

They specialize in soybean noodles.

That's why they have patbingsu noodles.

Soybean noodles. Gosh.

(How to enjoy millstone soybean noodles)

I see. They put patbingsu on top of it.

That's why it's called patbingsu noodles.

(Patbingsu noodles is a seasonal menu of the restaurant.)

(From April to September)

- But this is so... - This place is...

Did they open this store recently?

Isn't it too clean?

It looks like they made it recently.

Look at this. This is so...

Gosh, this is...

I bet the staff has placed everything here.

- Everything looks awkward. - Really?

- I'm sure this place is fake. - I mean...

- This table is too clean. - This is a new one.

(Mi Joo is about to break the fridge that looks new.)

Oh, it's locked.

Na Ra.

- Na Ra. - I'm Mi Joo!

- Mi Joo. - Jae Seok.

Don't you know my name?

- What did he call you? - He called me Na Ra.

(She's hurt that he didn't know her name.)

"Na Ra"?

Mi Joo.

"Na Ra"?

(She thinks it over, and she's still hurt.)

- What did I do wrong? - This place is real.

It's not like I miscalled my girlfriend's name.

What did you call me?

Mi Joo. Gosh, this is so funny.

They've turned off the cash register.

Since I'm so bad at guessing,

some of my fans hinted to me that I should check...

- the cash register. - Oh, really?

- But they turned it off. - Check the cash register.

(Is this cash register fake?)

They've pulled out the cord.

(Did the staff turn it off?)

- It's turned off. - How could it be turned off?

- It doesn't make sense. - Don't you think so?

It's already 10:30am. Is it 9:30am?

(Emergency inspection of the phone)

What? Is this phone not working too?

- Really? Let me see. - Hold on.

- The phone isn't working. - Jae Seok, you're...

- Is it working? - You are...

It's not working, right?

- All right, everyone. - It's not working.

The phone isn't working, right?

(I caught the fake props.)

- Why isn't the phone working? - This phone is...

(Is this a fake phone?)

(Or did they turn it off because of the shoot?)

- This place is real. - It's peaceful.

The atmosphere is peaceful too.

Gosh, this is strange.

They should've put up the photos.

I think this place is fake.

Shouldn't we admit that...

- this place is real? - I feel that way.

But isn't it too perfect?

It's not possible that everything here is fake.

I wonder why I haven't heard about this place.

- What do you mean? - They say this place was on TV.

Why didn't I know this place?

- I watch TV a lot. - Right.

But you can't know everything that's on TV.

- Of course. - That's right.

(He admits quickly.)

(Bursting into laughter)

He admits so quickly.

That was just my opinion.

You can have your opinion, but I couldn't sympathize with it.

How can you sympathize with all the stories in the world?

(It's fun to watch them quarrel.)

Such stories.

- But we must be suspicious. - This is a little...

I think that's suspicious. Look at the bottom.

It says they start delivery,

and they concealed all the delivery applications.

Those applications are quite new.

- Right. - What do you think?

(There's a new application app on the menu?)

Excuse me. You should talk with us.

Why are you talking to Min Sun and Chul Min?

(He wants to appear on Sixth Sense 3.)

Jae Seok, it's my first time on this show. Can't you understand?

- But you should be looking at us. - If I had appeared...

on this show several times, I would've been more natural.

- But it's my first time. No one... - I mean...

- was listening to me. - I'm listening to you, Sae Ho.

Really? So Min, what do you think about that delivery application?

What do you think?

(He has a crush on her.)

(Sweet Sae Ho)

In fact, I wanted to set So Min and Sae Ho up...

- before. - Right.

Right. Their age difference is...

But we're not right for each other.

But we're not right for each other.

Why not?

We're not right for each other, Sae Ho.

In fact, So Min was a little interested.

But at that time, Sae Ho...

I wasn't interested at all, Jae Seok.

(Strong defense)

(So it'll never work.)

- Let's call in the owner. - Okay.


Can we greet the owner with applause?

(Laughing hard)

- Why would you give applause? - We haven't done that before.

Why don't we greet him with applause today?

(The owner appears amid applause for the first time in Sixth Sense.)

- Hello. - Hello.

There's a certain vibe that owners give off.

- He looks like a real owner. - He sure is.

Hello, I sell patbingsu noodles at Aram Handmade Noodles.

I'm the owner, Jung Hwan.

Our restaurant opened...

in the winter of 2012.

We've been doing our business since then.

Patbingsu noodles...

is a combination of patbingsu...

and soybean noodles.

It takes 13 hours in total...

to make a bowl of patbingsu noodles.

There are so many steps, and it's hard to make.

But I want to use good ingredients,

make food with great effort, and serve it to customers.

That's my philosophy in doing this food business.

It became pretty popular on social media.

It went viral.

And some of the regulars liked this menu.

We once sold 200 bowls of patbingsu noodles in a day.

There was a customer from Busan...

who came all the way here after seeing it on social media.

Patbingsu noodles is the menu that you can have...

only in our restaurant in the world.

You'll regret it...

if you don't taste our patbingsu noodles.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

I'm the owner, Kim Jung Hwan.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Kim.

- He's real. - He's real.

When did you start selling patbingsu noodles?

(Thinking over)

(Still thinking)

Since 2018.

- It hasn't been long. - Right.

(It sounds like he just made it up.)

Yes, it's been about three years.

How did you develop this menu?


(He's trying to remember it.)

Since social media is important in business these days,

we have to promote our restaurant not by words, but by photos.

- Right, by photos. - I see. Photos.

- You must spread words with photos. - That's cool.

(We spread words with photos these days.)

- Looks like he practiced that line. - I know.

That line was a bit...

It is strange, isn't it?

We must spread words with photos. That's effective.

That's how I came up with this menu.


How many bowls do you sell in a day?

As for soybean noodles, we sell 300 bowls a day.

(They can't believe what they heard.)

(Do they really sell 300 bowls in a day?)

- Three hundred bowls? - That's right.

Soybean noodles is our signature menu.

- You sell 300 bowls? - That's a lot.

Then this must be a really famous restaurant.

And we sell 70 bowls of patbingsu noodles a day.

That's still a lot. This place must be famous.

But I can't imagine how it would taste.

- Everyone says that. - Does it taste sweet?

The sugar content is about 30 percent...

of that of patbingsu.

- Right, it's not sweet. - It's not that sweet.

- I see. - That would be okay.

It's not so sweet,

but we add condensed milk to it.

- Condensed milk? - What?

(They can't believe it.)

They add condensed milk...

- to soybean noodles? - To soybean noodles?

Then the taste will be a little...

(Sweet soybean noodles with condensed milk in it)

Sweet noodles?

Do you make the red bean paste yourself, sir?

- Yes, I... - Do you boil them down with sugar?

(Again, he tries to remember it.)

- We have a farm... - Yes.

in Yecheon, North Chungcheong Province.

(Since he was nervous, he made a tongue slip.)

- So you... - We made a contract directly.

We bring beans and red beans from there.

So I use them to make all the food here.

This place seems real in many aspects.

- I don't get suspicious. - Right.

I think this place is real for sure.

I'm pretty sure this place is real.

I think we need to taste it first.

We're so curious about how it would taste.

- Please, sir. - Sure.

(Well-mannered Joseph)

- But he looks so real. - Right.

- I saw his hands. - Hands?

- Those who cook a lot... - His hands...

His hands looked like those of people who make doughs a lot...

- or use water often. - Right.

They're the hands of a cook.

His arm muscles also show that he makes doughs a lot.

- His hands are a bit swollen. - I see.

His hands were similar to those of an acupressurist.

(What's the owner's real identity?)

Gosh, this is amazing.

- What is amazing? - Yes?


(His fake reaction is caught.)

- Well. - What is amazing?

- I mean this program is amazing. - What was that?

If this place is fake, wouldn't it be amazing?

(He suddenly became talkative.)

That's amazing.

(Explode with laughter)

- If this place is fake. - Today,

- you have to be more sincere. - Sure.

- You used to admire food... - Yes.

- even before eating it. - Right.

- Yes, that happened often. - Really, Sae Ho?

- I want to apologize for that. - Without even chewing them?

A friend of mine once took me to a gukbap restaurant.

Even before tasting the gukbap, I said, "Gosh, this is amazing."

I was frowned at because of that.

You said, "Gosh, it's good,"

- "Gosh, it's good." - as you put your spoon in it.

Why did you do that?

I guess I wanted to win his favor.

(Sixth Sense is amazing!)

(Joseph's real attention)


- It's here. - That looks good.

(Kimchi is served first.)

I have to taste kimchi.


- It's my favorite type of kimchi. - My goodness.

It's my favorite type of kimchi.

- We're not here for kimchi. - Of course not.

This kimchi...

- is not store-bought. They made it. - We'll see if we taste it.

- Really? - It's geotjeori.

It's here!

(Patbingsu noodles are served!)

- Why? - Look at that.

- Let me see. - Gosh, what is it?

That's so amazing. Was there something like that?

- Goodness, this is pretty. - It looks like a cake.

(It will take away the heatwave! Patbingsu noodles)

(Is this patbingsu or soybean noodles?)

Soak beans in water.

Boil the soaked beans.

Cool the beans down and grind them with a millstone.

That's how we make the bean soup.

First, boil noodles.

Place the noodles in a bowl.

Then pour the bean soup over the noodles.

And we sprinkle roasted bean powder.

Then we add condensed milk, soy milk to it,

and top it off with the prepared red bean paste.

And we decorate it with rice cake and raspberries.

(Top it off with homemade rice cake and raspberries.)

Gosh, it looks so pretty.

The red bean paste is a topping.

Is this even possible?

It looks like...

It's patbingsu.

- It's the same. - I smell the soy milk.

Shall we taste the soup first?

(Tasting soup first)


- This is interesting. - This is so savory.

(Let me take a bite too.)

(Burst out into laughter)

It's amazing how delicious it is.

(It makes her smile automatically.)

It's good.


This is so savory and tasty. Try it.

It's not too sweet.

It's savory and delicious.

It's good. It's very savory.

It's a perfect dish for summer.

It's cool, isn't it?

You can't copy...

- this texture of beans. - It's delicious.

- Gosh, it's so good. - Oh, my goodness!

- What's this? - Add just a little bit.

- Hold on. - What?

- Hey, you. You're overacting. - But I'm...

"Oh, my goodness!" Don't you think you're overacting?

I'm always like that when I eat.

But it's so delicious.

- You haven't tasted it yet. - I ate it.

Well, I ate it.

- You didn't even eat. - I did.

- I had a bite. - This is good.

My gosh.

Wait a second.

I'll try this and let you know.

(Tasting the noodles)


- It's so delicious. - It's good, but...


Gosh, it's so good.

- Can I try it? - This is...

I'll try this and let you know.

(Gulping down)

It's so good. It tastes like injeolmi shaved ice.

This is so savory and delicious.

How can it be so good? It's chewy.

I added herb salt,

- Does it change? - The taste is well-balanced.

I should add it too.

But I like it better without red beans.

- It's not patbingsu noodles... - But it's patbingsu noodles.

without red beans.

But I don't like red beans,

so I'm confused.

- Why? - I think it's too much.

Isn't it too much to add red beans to the bean soup?

- I see. - I think this place is real.

Do you think this place is real?

They really made the red bean paste. I can tell it from its texture.

- How do you know that? - It's because...

You shouldn't ask how I know that.

You're so...

(Explode with laughter)

You should've just let it slide.

Why do you give it a lick and a promise, Sae Ho?

(He's suspicious about its combination with kimchi.)

Do you think it goes well with kimchi?

I think it really goes well with kimchi.

- Do you think so? Is it delicious? - Sure.

I'll try it with kimchi.

(I'll eat it myself.)

- It's good. - Is it delicious?


This is delicious.

I'll try it with geotjeori.

(With geotjeori)

(It goes into her mouth.)


Isn't it good?

- It's so good. - Personally,

- It's so delicious. - I think kkakdugi is...

better than kimchi.

- With kkakdugi? - Try it.

Eat it with kkakdugi.

- I think kimchi is better... - Yes.

because it has garlic in it.

The garlic makes it taste more refreshing.

- I think it's better with kimchi. - But...

- But I think this place is real. - Do you think so?

- Right. - It's because...

You can't just come up with an idea...

and make something this delicious.

- You're right. - It's delicious...

because of the owner's experience and know-how.

Also, this kimchi is not store-bought.

- It's handmade. - That's right.

I understand why it went viral on social media.

It's a perfect dish to take a photo of.

- The shape was pretty. - The shape. Right?

- That was so pretty. - It was pretty.

It's perfect for it.

Is this patbingsu or soybean noodles?

It's good. The soybean soup should be thick and creamy like this.


Gosh, there's no soup left.

There's no soup at all. Look.


(Mine has no soup in it.)

It's so thick.


- My goodness. - Could I get more soup?

(Passing the soybean soup)


(What's this?)

Is this really bean soup?

It looks fake.

I got a refill of the bean soup. Look.

Do you think it makes sense?

- What is this? - It's frozen.

- Is this tofu or what? - My gosh.

- Did you see that? - It's because...

He always complains...

about food when he eats.

Do you think it makes sense?

This red bean paste is...

- I think they bought it in haste. - Seok Jin, why don't you go out...

and stay inside the car if you don't like it?

(He's expelled.)

Seok Jin, stop complaining...

about the food the owner made for us.

We're all enjoying it. Why do you keep complaining?

Don't get me wrong.

- That's enough. - But...

- He's a guest today. - But people have different tastes.

- I really liked it at first, but... - I was enjoying it.

I was enjoying it, but he kept saying this to me.

"Is it good?" He kept asking me.


Whether it's delicious or not.

(Is it good?)

(It's good.)

Well, I really liked it at first.

- It even made me smile. - Right.

But I got a little sick of it as I eat.

- Stop eating if it's that bad. - Right.

I'm not saying it tastes bad.

- My ear hurts. - I'm not saying it tastes bad.

I'm not saying it's bad.

(He feels embarrassed.)

But Seok Jin ate it all while he was complaining.

- I finished it. - He ate it all.

- I emptied my bowl. - That's why...

That's why people speak ill of him.

(Deadly wound)

He eats everything while complaining.

(He's proven to be not good.)

This is weird. I think it's fake.

I think we need hints.

Shall we play a game?

Since you guys are in Sixth Sense, we'll play our most well-known game.

- Relay Genre Initials Game. - Okay.

I like the initials game.

What's the genre initials game?

(You play an initials game...)

(according to the given genre.)

(You punk, do you like me that much?)

(Don't play a joke on me.)

(I'll just slap your face.)

(You fail if the content does not suit the genre.)

(The team that gets many answers will receive a hint.)

- Let's go. It's horror. From here. - Okay.

The keyword is "traffic light".

In 3, 2.

While wearing my shoes, I looked up at the ceiling.

- Good. - My gosh.

(That was a good start.)

Something red was dripping from above.

- The last one. - In 3, 2.

(He got so nervous.)


There was blood on my back.



I'm doing it wrong, right?

(He suddenly understood.)

It didn't connect with the previous one.


- It should make sense. - Right.

That was too much.

I feel so uncomfortable.

- Okay, I got it. - But this is...

He got it.

- I know it now. - My gosh.

We've done it many times,

- so you should focus, Sae Ho. - I will.

The genre is horror. Harmonica.

First letter.

Gosh, I'm cold.

That was good.

(Seok Jin, an elder who understands the game)

She's good.


My neck is about to break.

(Acting passionately)

- "Neck". - My neck is about to break.

(He's completely absorbed in her acting.)

My neck is about to break.

(I'm counting on you, Sae Ho!)

(Got it.)

- Next. - Did you break my neck?


(You just broke the good vibe.)

- He looks like an idiot. - Isn't that Maeng Gu?


- "Did you break my neck?" - Are you Maeng Gu?

- He's acting. - Did you...

Did you break my neck?

Where is he looking at?

Next. Three, two...


(You can do it, Jae Seok!)

(Will they win the 1st round right away?)



- What? - Catherine!

- Gosh. - What's wrong with it?

- Catherine! - You should've done this!

- I thought of this too. - My goodness.

- You can't even do this? - Try it, Seok Jin.

- The ending is important. - Yes.

- Let's do this. - Okay.

- Let's do this. We can do it! - We can do it!

- In 1, 2, 3. We can do it! - We can do it!

- Should I go first? - You go first.

- Okay. - The genre is horror.

Kkanpunggi. First letter!

That's difficult.

(Warming up his acting)

- Kkanpunggi... - Sang Yeob, you should go first.


(The master of surprise attacks)

Gosh, I was getting into the role.

- I was getting into the role. - You should go first.

I was just getting into the role. What's wrong with you?

You just ruined the atmosphere.

I was just starting to get into the role.

- Sang Yeob, you go first. - Give us a new word.

Here you go. Romance.

Soybean noodles. First letter.

- Thump, thump. - You surprised me.

He makes my heart flutter.

(What's up with her hands?)

(You surprised me.)

(He's getting immersed in it.)


After eating a bowl of cold noodles,

it's making me sweat.

Should I take off my shirt?


(What a great plot.)


Look at him.

(Don't worry.)

Make sujebi out of me.

(Did he really say sujebi?)

Make sujebi out of me.

(We're doomed.)

- Hey! What's wrong? - What was that?

The word was difficult!

Are you crazy?

- Make sujebi out of me. - What?

Mi Joo's not feeling well.

That's too erotic, Seok Jin.

That's not it. Instead of noodles,

you should've said Director to make this work.

What can I say after noodles?

If he said Director, what were you going to say?

- What? - Director, why did you call me? Go!

I'd like to give you my humble advice.

(I'd like to give you my humble advice.)

I can say this. Look, everyone's laughing!

(Calm romance with the gentle Director)

My humble advice.

- It doesn't cross the line. - My gosh, Seok Jin...

This time, it's youthful romance.

- Youthful romance. Just nice. - That's our specialty.

- This will be fun. - Here you go.

White grapes. Go!

YYN. You're young now.


(Why bring up a toast in youthful romance?)

(Sae Ho doesn't know it's a toast.)

Make a good one.

In 3, 2...


- One. - DJN.

Don't give up. Jangjorim starts from now.

(Jae Seok bursts into laughter the moment he said DJN.)

(He tried his best.)

- What on earth is YYN? - Next.

It's something similar to what you said.

(He's almost crying.)

That's so funny!


(Cho Sae Ho: Mapo-gu's jangjorim artisan)

Let's do this.

What should I do? You can do it well, right?

We can catch up to them if we win this round.

Here you go. Thriller.

Rehearsal. Go!

(Genre: Thriller. Word: Rehearsal.)

I'd just finished my rehearsal and was on my way back home.

You can't start the sentence with the given word "rehearsal".

- Okay! - No!


Give us one more chance.

- You should've done this! - One more chance.

Comrade Lee Man Soo!

(Comrade Lee Man Soo!)

Comrade Lee Man Soo, can you hear me?

You should've done something like this!

(The 90s war movie is suddenly summoned.)

Comrade Lee Man Soo, can you hear me?

- You should've done this! - My goodness.

It doesn't have to be funny. As long as it makes sense.

- As long as it makes sense. - Making sense.

I think it's important for it to make sense.

- Here's the next word. Fortune. - It doesn't have to be funny.

Here you go. Thriller. I'll give you one more chance. It's green room.

That's difficult.

- What should I say for pum? - Go!

Manager, can you hear me?

- That's good. - "Manager..."

- What about pum? - Pum!

What starts with pum?

In your jacket. Turn on the recorder in your jacket.

Turn on the recorder in your jacket.

Turn on the recorder in your jacket!

(In dialect!)

In dialect!

Turn on the recorder in your jacket!


(They're only left with one syllable!)

(Please do as well as you've taught me!)

Sil sil sil...

(Sil sil sil...)


(You said...)

(it has to make sense.)

What is he doing?

Is it a train or what?

Sil sil sil...

- Choo choo! - He...

- You said it has to make sense. - Exactly.

You can't even do it yourself.

Why are you ordering us around?

Can't you give us one more chance?

Just one more time.

We'll edit ourselves out for the previous one.

- It's our turn now. - Okay.

This round is romance.

So Min and Mi Joo are the experts in this.

- Mi Joo, let's do this. - Let's do this. Make a good story.

- Restless. - Okay!

Restless. Go!

(Genre: Romance. Word: Restless.)

I went to ophthalmology.

Why would you start like that?

- How can we continue with that? - What's wrong with ophthalmology?

(How can we continue with ophthalmology?)

Something happened in ophthalmology!

- Next. - Why did you call me here, Doctor?

- He continued it well. - Next.

(I went to ophthalmology. Why did you call me here, Doctor?)

Honey, I love you.

(So Min starts a passionate romance.)

- My goodness. - Next.

(Is it my turn?)

- Next. - You can have me.

(You can have me.)

You can have me.

(This is how you play the initials game!)

(Jae Seok goes to stop her as it becomes too erotic.)

Don't do this please! Don't do this!

That was embarrassing.

(He admits that she's good.)

- Okay. - Okay, good.

(Thanks to the two experts, Team Sae Ho gets the hints.)

Social media?

(Vision Hint)

The owner who develops the menu.

Today, I used Elle and Vire gourmet butter...

to cook red bean filling butter meatball.

Red bean filling butter... He likes red beans.

If this place is real, he tried a lot of things with red beans...

and developed that menu.

If this place is fake, he's someone who develops a unique menu...

and uploads on his social media.

From what I observed just now,

I think he's someone who really cooks.

I don't think he cooks for fun.

He might've sold this menu if it was tasty.

I think this place is real.

(So Min thinks this place is real!)

(It went viral on social media! Patbingsu noodles)

(1. The props inside are all new.)

(2. The owner got the origin of the beans wrong.)

(3. Suspicious thick soybean soup)

(Is this place real or fake?)

Gosh, today's so good.

Yes. It feels like I'm here for fun, not for work.

- Really. Right, Seok Jin? - Yes.

- I'm so into this song nowadays. - What song?

"Leave The Door Open".

A foreign song?

Oh, this song.

(Everyone uses their individual camera.)

Gosh, what a nice song.

I want to blast the music and throw a party.

- Drinking a glass of champagne. - That sounds good.

It has the olden days vibe.

(Please save Sang Yeob.)

I'll always leave the door open.

(The senior is satisfied with the olden day's melody.)

(Sixth Sense's door is always open.)

(I'm against this groove.)

It's a bit retro.

(This song is just my type!)

They're having so much fun.

(So excited)

(Watching them)

Look at Jeonsobari.

How nice.

Why do you keep flipping your hair?

(Mr. Pork Belly suffers forever in between.)

I got the feel.

(Unexpected violence caused by ponytail)

(Someone please stop her.)

I'm so sorry.

I suddenly want to listen to that song. "The Blue In You".

(That song is good.)

- I want to sing it with you! - Shall we try?

(All of a sudden?)

Is this karaoke?

Out of nowhere, "I want to sing it with you!"

- Female part first. - You guys are so funny.

("The Blue In You" by Jee Seok Jin and Oh Na Ra)

(Lyrics by Lee Hyeon Seung, composed by Kim Hyun Chul)

(I close my eyes)

She's good.

But why are they suddenly singing?

(What kind of atmosphere is this?)

(Taken aback)

The love of the middle-aged.

(In that blue narkness)

(What is blue narkness?)

"Blue narkness."


(Why are you falling asleep?)

Why are you so serious about it?

(Nobody can intrude into their own world.)

This is so funny.

(Nobody can intrude into their own world.)

They're serious.

(How should I react to this?)

(Even though this isn't love)

(Our meeting and darkness)

(I love myself when I'm singing.)


Why is he sleeping?


Why is he sleeping?

(Ignoring, sleeping, and tired)

Wait, how do I harmonize this part?

(They gift Sang Yeob with deep sleep.)

(They continue to sing their hearts out...)

(despite the cold reactions.)

(Perfect harmony)

You guys sure are good, you and Na Ra.

But why did you guys...

- suddenly sing a duet? - I just thought of it.

Do you think we're on our way to Gapyeong?

(It's bone-chilling! Cold noodles that take away the heatwave)

(Coldness over spice!)

(Cold jjajangmyeon will confuse and cool you down!)

This is Yeongdeungpo, right?

Around Singil.

- It's hot. - Steaming hot.

- Gosh. - It really is steaming hot.

- Gosh, today's... - So hot!

Concept is good. They're all cold dishes.

Hold on. Jjajang!

(Second spot located by the roadside for easy accessibility)

The signboard looks new.

(The signboard looks suspiciously new.)

"Singil branch".

(It even has branches?)

This looks pretty legit.

- But I already feel suspicious. - Yes.

- The building itself. - It's in the same building...

as a gym.

- I see! - The building itself.

(The restaurant is in the same building as a gym?)

But there's a burger restaurant...

- in front of my gym as well. - Really?

- Yes. - There's even a chicken shop.

The smell. The smell of oil.

- You're right. - I can smell oil.

- I can smell oil. - I can smell it a bit.

That's right, they'll have to go for deliveries too.

This smell is real.

(Is this the oil smell typically found in Chinese restaurants?)

But it smells too much like fries.

It smells like old oil.

But they can fake the smell as well.

(Or is this fake oil smell created by the staff?)

- They can fake the smell? - Really?

- They can fake the smell? Really? - Yes, they can.

- It's right in front. - The smell?


It's right there when you get off?

- Gosh. - This is strange.

But there are too many things hung up on the wall. Right?

It does smell like a typical Chinese restaurant.

This really is a Chinese restaurant!

(Looking around)

This place seems pretty new.

(Just like the signboard, the interior looks very neat.)

It looks new. Everything's so clean.

- You're right, it's so clean. - Right?

Jae Seok, my first impression of this restaurant...

is that this place must be fake.

The moment I got off the elevator, I already felt it.

Who makes their menu names...

so childishly like that?

Life tangsuyuk and life jjamppong. That's so simple.

But the name of this place is "Life Jjajang".

- Really? - Yes.

So Min.

- This place is "Life Jjajang". - I'm sorry.

(Take a close look at the signboard next time.)

Wait, what is this?

(He found something suspicious.)

Why is there something like this?

(Taking it out)


Do they sell it as takeaway like this too?

Maybe they're selling it because the menu became popular.

Like home shopping.

Then this place must be real.

Or they can purposely put one here.

Would they go this far?

(Is this a fake prop made by the staff?)

(Would they even make something like that?)

(Meanwhile, Mi Joo is using her nose to smell around.)


- What are you doing? - Na Ra.

- Yes? - They don't smell of oil at all.

- Right? They don't smell. - Try smelling it.

(The menu on the wall doesn't smell of oil?)

It doesn't smell at all.

(Is that so?)

(The elevator was filled with the smell of oil, )

(but the posters in the restaurant doesn't smell?)

(I caught you.)

- Now, please sit down. - Sit down.

Gosh, this is so confusing.

Why does everything look fake to me?

Right? Everything looks fake.

The 1st place looks fake, and so does the 2nd place.

It's driving me crazy. This is so confusing.

I immediately thought this place is fake because...

as soon as we arrived, the person in the kitchen...

took out a new cucumber.



(He looked at them cautiously...)

(and suddenly started cutting.)

(You started cutting the cucumber as soon as we arrived, right?)

No, I was already cutting before you arrived.

(The chef's extremely awkward reply)

(This place must be fake.)

(Nice catch!)

And do you know the first floor is vacant?

- Yes, it is. - If the first floor is vacant,

the second floor normally is vacant too.

- That's true. - So they set up this place.

(This is a fake restaurant built in a vacant slot.)

(The 1st floor indeed is vacant!)

(Does that mean the 2nd floor is set up by the staff?)

I don't know.

(Mi Joo is confused.)

- Shall we invite the owner first? - Yes.

- Hello. - Hello.

- Hello. - Sir.


I am Ji Hyun, who's running the restaurant "Life Jjajang".

"Life Jjajang"...

first started in 2010 in Anyang.

Now there are Anyang branch, Anyang first street branch,

Beomgye branch, and Singil branch.

It's a franchise with four branches.

It's been about three years since I developed cold jjajangmyeon.

Normally, people eat naengmyeon, cold buckwheat noodles,

cold pasta, and cold udon.

There are a lot of cold noodles.

I thought it would be nice to eat jjajangmyeon cold as well.

So I developed cold jjajangmyeon.

(He started developing cold jjajangmyeon in earnest.)

When I went on a business trip to China,

I had cold jjajangmyeon,

"lao bei jing zha jiang mian" in Chinese.

I thought it'd be nice to change it to suit Koreans' tastes,

so I developed cold jjajangmyeon.

Jjajangmyeon has pork...

which has a lot of oil.

So it was difficult to make cold jjajangmyeon...

because the oil would harden.

After going through countless trials and errors,

I managed to develop the current sauce...

that goes well with the noodles.

It's very popular and sold a lot.

It's 7 dollars for one cold jjajangmyeon.

I wondered if cold jjajangmyeon would taste good,

but those who tried it all liked it.

Thanks to that, some people wanted to run a branch of the franchise,

so I'm training the branch managers.

I have a good feeling that there will be more branches.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

How long have you been running this place?

The head shop is in Anyang.

This branch opened in April.

- I see, it hasn't been long. - No.

Do you sell the same menu in the head shop in Anyang as well?

- That's right. - Where in Anyang?

- There is Anyang branch, - Yes.

Anyang first street branch,

- and Beomgye... - There's a lot.

Yes, there are three in total.

(He seems to know Anyang well. Is the owner real?)

Do you manage all branches alone?

No, this place is managed by my younger sister.

(Accepting his answer)

We usually see fried dumplings in Chinese restaurants.

- Yes. - But you don't sell them here.

(Compared to other Chinese restaurants, their menu is simple.)

In a Chinese restaurant,

jjajangmyeon, jjamppong, kkanpunggi, and tangsuyuk...

are the four basic dishes.

- We decided to stick to the basics. - I see.

Because that way, they can save costs.

Having too many menus costs a lot. Right?


(Efficient restaurants are on the rise nowadays.)

(Does that mean this place is real?)

How did you develop the dish?

In the past, I used to go to China frequently for business trips...

and for dispatch work.

In Beijing, there's a dish called "lao bei jing zha jiang mian".

What was that?

(What's up...)

(with the pronunciation?)

- He's fake. - That's right.

I ate the jjajangmyeon.

I also tried "liang fen", a cold summer dish.

(The most well-known Chinese cold noodles dish, "liang fen")

I thought it'd be great to sell this in Korea.

What's your name?

(Surprise question)

My name is Ji Hyun.

- That's correct. - He speaks Chinese so well.

Why are you so good at speaking in Chinese?

I worked in China for a long time.

- How's the weather today? - You speak Chinese so well.

(He's not affected at all by the questions in Chinese.)

- Biscuit? - He's good. Not biscuit.

- His pronunciation... - He's real.

- His pronunciation... - It's so good.

(This is real.)

(He suddenly starts singing a Chinese song that he knows.)


- What are you doing? - You're so embarrassing!

- Why is he singing? - So embarrassing.

- I'm sorry. - Do you know this song?

- Isn't it "Fairy Tale"? - "Fairy Tale" by Guang Liang.

- "Fairy Tale"? - Yes, "Fairy Tale".

When he talked about the jjajangmyeon in Beijing,

he seemed a bit suspicious.

But since he speaks Chinese so well...

He speaks so well.

He's just someone who speaks Chinese well.

(Is he a real owner who speaks Chinese well?)

(Or is he a fake owner who is fluent in Chinese?)

- But... - He doesn't falter in his speech.

You also sell cold kkanpunggi.

Yes. For cold kkanpunggi,

people normally eat kkanpunggi hot.

But we cook it using cold ice broth...

and vegetables.

- You can mix them before eating. - It does make me curious.

Like yuringi.

(Quickly-growing new summer menu, cold kkanpunggi)

For now, can we try the menu first?

Yes, we'll serve you cold jjajangmyeon...

and cold kkanpunggi today.

(That's fantastic.)

- Even kkanpunggi? - That's so neat.

Even kkanpunggi.

We get to eat cold kkanpunggi as well? Nice.


- Gosh! - Goodness!

(What is that?)

- Gosh! - How shocking.

- Is this serving the food? - Don't come to me.

(Today's scaredy-cat moment)

(What did I do?)

Jae Seok, say hello.

(Nice to meet you, human.)

(Do I press this?)

Take the food.

- It's just going away. - It's going away.

(Goodbye then.)

It said to press "Leave".

("Why can't you take pickled radish when I gave it to you?")

(From "Mr. Yu's Lucky Day")

- I'll press again. - Okay.

- Please wait. - Did you press wrongly?

- Press after taking the plates. - After taking the plates?

- You told it to leave. - Press "Leave" after taking them?

(Robot serving is too early for the 50-year-old man.)

- You're a fool. - It doesn't go easy on you.

- Can you pass me the vinegar? - I don't think this place is fake.

Look at this.

(The signs of a franchise shop on tissues and paper cups)

- They look like they're used. - They can fake this.

- The printings. - How can they fake this?

The printings.

- But you guys... - For these...

You guys look like you're on a date.

- No, not at all. - You guys look good together.

(Desperate denial)

You look good together!

You look good together.

You're explaining everything in detail to him.

Are we going to a park or a movie theater after this?

Do you want to watch a movie? Or go shopping?

I'm going home.

(Nice one.)

You're such a homebody.

Don't call me. I'm going home. I'm going to rest.

She told him not to call her.

- They're here. - Already?

(He's still putting the dishes on the robot.)

Give them to us!


He sings all day long.

I guess his nose is a singing bag.

That's right. It is.

You know how the old man...

in "Lumpy Old Man" had a lump on his face.

He's Big Nose Old Man.

(Seok Jin is Big Nose Old Man.)

- Songs keep coming out of his nose. - Right.

(Jjajangmyeon is ready to be served now.)

(He's finally presenting cold jjajangmyeon.)

They're coming.

How does it look?

Gosh, this is fascinating.

It looks so good. Right?

- It looks ordinary. - It looks so good.

Can the robot come this way?

(This is the cold jjajangmyeon.)

It looks like ordinary jjajangmyeon.

This looks real. It's likely for them to sell this dish.

It looks good.

For cold jjajangmyeon, the key is its sauce.

(Cold jjajangmyeon recipe: Stir-fry various vegetables...)

(with special chunjang to make jjajang sauce.)

In order to find out a way to keep the oil from being separated...

or hardened when the sauce gets cold,

I stir-fried chunjang hundreds of times.

(He stir-fried chunjang many times to keep the oil from hardening.)

I found out the perfect ratio of the sauce...

that could get soaked in the noodles well...

even when it meets cold noodles.


Normally, they use pork to make jjajang sauce.

But for our cold jjajangmyeon, we use seafood...

in order to prevent the oil from hardening.

(They use seafood to make the dish more refreshing.)

I can guarantee its taste.

(Have a taste of cold jjajangmyeon before deciding anything.)

Wow, it's cold.

It smells good.

(So Min shows the dish like a YouTuber.)

(She's at it again.)

Gosh, it looks good though.

(How will the cold jjajangmyeon taste?)



It's so refreshing!

It's really good.

(It's really good.)


(They approve of its taste.)

(This is delicious.)

(She's gone speechless as it's too good.)

It's really good.

Where's this sour taste from?

What's with this sour taste? It's so good.

It goes so well with the seafood. The seafood is soft and chewy.

The sour taste neutralizes the oiliness.


- It looks ordinary though. - No, it's quite sour.

(Jae Seok slurps the noodles.)

Wow, that was a big bite, Jae Seok.

It's so good. I'll have it with kimchi.

(He has his second bite with kimchi.)

It's really good.

- It's not oily at all. - It's like a fine dish.

It's so good. The noodles are soaked in the sauce well.

It's a delicacy.

He's so cute. He eats so well.

Isn't it good?

I can't help but keep having it when I'm full.

Because it's cold,

the onions are crunchy. It's really nice.

But onions are usually crunchy.

(He teases Sae Ho again.)

If it's hot, onions...

(Hang in there, Sae Ho.)

The noodles are really bouncy.

The noodles are really chewy.

The noodles are cold...

- It's sour too. - and chewy.

It's a bit sour.

- Oh, really? - It's like the sour taste...

of jjolmyeon.

- It doesn't taste like jjolmyeon. - Why do you force us to agree?

It does taste like jjajangmyeon.

It does, but it has that sour taste from jjolmyeon.

- It doesn't taste like jjolmyeon. - It doesn't taste like jjolmyeon.

But it's...

not like jjajangmyeon that has gone cold.

- No, it's not. - It's like a combination...

of Chinese-style naengmyeon...

(That's exactly right!)

and jjajangmyeon.

What about jjolmyeon?

I can't taste jjolmyeon from this dish at all.

But it does have that sour taste.

- Not at all. - Okay, got it.

Jjolmyeon is spicy.

(So it doesn't taste like jjolmyeon.)

I understand why the owner opened many branches.

That's right. The restaurant itself looks fake,

but I don't think this dish is.

- This must be real. - It's so confusing.

- You can't find... - It's delicious.

the fake one with the food alone.

It's here again!

- It's kkanpunggi! - Kkanpunggi is here.

It looks like chilled jokbal salad.

(Cold kkanpunggi recipe)

(Mix fried chicken with the special sauce.)


(Coating fried chicken with the sauce)

(It's kept in the fridge for a day for a crispy texture.)

(Prepare thinly sliced vegetables and cold broth.)

(Place the sauce-covered chicken on top.)

It doesn't look like kkanpunggi.

It looks like seasoned spicy fried chicken.

Goodness, it looks good.

- Thank you for the food. - Thank you for the food.

(Is it possible to have cold kkanpunggi?)


How is it?

It's really cold.

- Right? - It's not greasy because it's cold.

It's not greasy at all.

Before I tried it, I thought...

we shouldn't have kkanpunggi cold.

- It's so delicious. - But after trying it,

I thought it'd be nice to have it cold.

The owner looks really confident.

- Yes, he wasn't hesitant. - Right?


(I can guarantee its taste.)

He wanted us to have a taste of it,

and now I get why.

The restaurant looks fake, but the food seems real.

This is driving me crazy.

If this place is fake, our food team...

should open a restaurant.

They must open a restaurant with this dish.

It's a skill to make a cold dish that's also good.

It's not easy for them to come up with this dish in a day.

It's impossible.

(It's difficult to make this in a day. Then is this place real?)

This dish corresponds to what the owner said.

The sizes of the ingredients...

are standardized.

That means there are other branches.

- You're right. - What?

- You're right. - Yes.

(The ingredient sizes are standardized.)

(Then is this really a franchise?)

(Or are these fake ingredients that the staff bought in bulk?)

I'd love to order this dish from home.

I'd want to tell my friends about it too.

Is this in Seoul?

- Are we in Seoul? - Yes, we are.

(She lost her memory because she's drunk on the food.)

Mi Joo.

- Who are you? - Sorry?

We're in Yeongdeungpo.


(Mi Joo doesn't disappoint us.)

It's so good.

- It's good. - It's really good.

What are you doing?

(What's with this delicate touch?)

- There was sauce on your mouth. - Sae Ho.

- There was sauce on your mouth. - Why did you wipe it so slowly?

As though you wanted to be caught on the camera?

(Let's check if it's true.)

(He's wiping it so slowly like he's washing her face.)

They need some time to capture it.

(Gosh, I'm busted.)

(He quietly has his food.)

- Then... - This is so good.

If I were to...

be suspicious of its taste...

It's the taste I love.

Oh, you think it's a commercial taste?

(If it's to his liking, that means it's fake.)

- I find two things suspicious. - What are they?

It's suspicious how the owner was eloquent.

- He must've practiced a lot. - It looked like the owner...

practiced a lot.

(He answered the unexpected questions without hesitating.)

If I were to judge the taste,

I liked the first place's dishes better.

- Really? - Yes.

- I think this place is better. - I think this place is better.

(There's a difference in opinion.)

- Jae Seok, you prefer this place? - Yes, this place is better.

Then it's fake.

I figured it out. This place is fake.

- Also... - Everyone, this place is fake.

I can't decide based on the taste.

Let's play a game to win a hint.

It's called, Don't Smile, Your Lookalike.

Don't Smile, Your Lookalike?

How do you play it?

(They'll be divided into Team Seok Jin and Team Sae Ho.)

(Draw a square.)

(Then pick your opponent.)

(You can pick your teammate too.)

(Tell your opponent's lookalike.)

(The team that bursts into laughter first loses.)

(The team that wins 2 rounds out of 3 will win the hint.)

- You fail if you laugh. - So I shouldn't laugh.

(She already burst into laughter.)

- I think I'll lose right away. - All right.

Can we laugh first before we start?

We need to laugh it out.

(There are certain members they need to avoid.)

I think we're going to attack a certain number of people.

(The target avoids his eyes.)

(The other target forces himself to smile.)

- I just thought of one. - All right.

- Ready... - Can I go first?


(What did she think of?)

- Jee Seok Jin. - Everyone, please look at him.

(So Min will attack Seok Jin.)

Im Baek Chun.

(Im Baek Chun, a singer and an MC)

(It's not Seok Jin's photo of 8 years later.)

(He does look like Im Baek Chun!)

Im Baek Chun.

(She's at risk when she came up with it herself.)

(But he burst into laughter first.)

What was that?

He looks exactly like him.

- I was barely holding it in. - He looks like him.

- He does look like Im Baek Chun. - He does.

(Do I?)

(Very much.)

(Now that they lost, they're just laughing out loud.)

- This is how you play it. - Okay.

Let's start!

(Round 2 begins.)

Jeon So Min. Kim Sook.

(She oddly does look like Kim Sook.)

(I need to think of something sad.)

(Round 2, So Min's target)

Yu Jae Seok.

(She's nearly crying.)


(She's about to burst into laughter.)


(She barely holds it in.)

(Don't you smile.)

(Parasyte Yu's first target)

Cho Sae Ho.

(Looking determined)

Park Kwang Deok.

(Park Kwang Deok, a former ssireum player)

(Sae Ho does somehow look like Park Kwang Deok.)

(You can't hold your laugh at this attack!)


(He held it in!)

(Gosh, that was close.)

Jee Seok Jin.

(Sae Ho will attack Seok Jin.)

Overripe cucumber.


Overripe cucumber.


(He fails to hold it back.)

(They both burst into laughter at his attack.)

Overripe cucumber?

(It's perfect for him.)

I don't think I can play this.

By overripe cucumber, do you mean...

- Isn't it an old cucumber? - It's an old cucumber.

(It's not just any cucumber. It's an old cucumber.)

Are you talking about an old cucumber?

(He's the first celebrity to resemble an overripe cucumber.)

I'll start.

(The first target of the final round)

Kim Mi Joo.

(Kim Mi Joo)

Her surname is Lee.

(You don't even know the name of your target?)

(Flying into a rage)

He's been with us for hours.

- Kim Mi Joo? - They all burst into laughter.

You made us laugh with this?

Gosh, I didn't know he'd attack with her name.

My, that was hilarious.

(It's Na Ra's turn to attack.)

Cho Sae Ho.

(Na Ra will attack Sae Ho.)

Seed potato.

(Seed potato)

(Eyes, nose, mouth)

(She ends up laughing herself.)

Seed potato?

(They all end up bursting into laughter.)

- This isn't easy. - It's difficult.

We keep laughing at what seemed trivial.

It's funny.

Team Sae Ho wins.

- We won! - Really?

- But we laughed a lot. - Why did you laugh?

(Video Hint)

(It's a video of the chef getting trained with the recipe.)

Is he the chef?

Why is he getting trained?

Didn't he come up with the recipe?

So that means he learned this recipe from somewhere.

If what the owner said is true.

But if it's not true,

the woman here must be on our Food Team.

I shouldn't have seen the hint.

(It's more confusing now. I'm in trouble.)

(Cold jjajangmyeon will confuse and cool you down!)

(1. The owner who's fluent in Chinese)

(2. The smell of oil wasn't on the wallpapers.)

(3. The restaurant's interior design looks new.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

(It's bone-chilling! Cold noodles that take away the heatwave)

(Add some naengmyeon noodles to my cocktail, please!)

(One of Korea's best bartenders makes a naengmyeon cocktail)

(They've arrived at Gangnam, the hottest place in Seoul.)

- It's a market. - It's a traditional market.

(Today's third spot is a traditional market.)

(It's filled with its unique food...)

(and friendly sellers.)

It looks fake already.

It doesn't look like a place that'd sell cocktails.

(There's a cocktail bar inside a traditional market?)

The cocktail bar is in here?

It's inside the market? No way.

- It looks suspicious. - What's this?

(The location itself is already suspicious.)

(After walking in the market for a while, you'll find...)

A healthy medicine shop?

This is the cocktail bar?

(It clearly says it's a healthy medicine shop.)

But this place is a healthy medicine shop.

How come there's a bar inside a healthy medicine shop?

- I know. - It's fascinating.

It's a healthy medicine shop,

but I don't think it'll make us healthy.

(The exterior of this place doesn't seem to go well with cocktails.)

This is strange.

They're trying to confuse us.

I know. They're trying to confuse us.

(They're getting curious to see what's inside.)

(How will the cocktail bar...)

(inside a healthy medicine shop look like?)

(If you walk past the exterior that looks like...)

(it'll help you live longer, )

(a hip bar appears.)

(If you go deeper inside, )

(you'll see two small private rooms.)

(Various liquors are displayed.)

(It's filled with cute items that improve the mood.)

(It looks real on the inside. Is this place real?)

It's so confusing today.

They made this place so well.

Where did they collect the liquors that the customers kept?

It's impossible to set up a place like this.

- Right? - But if they want to,

they could. Remember how they moved all the books?

It's possible to borrow these bottles.

Do you think they borrowed these from another bar?

(Did they borrow the bottles and fake display them?)

The owner's name is Sang Yeob.

- Really? - What's this?

There's Lee Kwang Soo too.

Why do you think the owner's name is Sang Yeob?

(Seok Jin obtained a bell.)

So Min, does the bell ring there?

- No, it doesn't. - It's not ringing.

(The bell doesn't ring no matter how many times he presses it.)

Is this fake?

Let's take a seat first.

It's so hard to find one today.

It's so confusing. Is it usually this confusing?

- Yes. - Today is so difficult.

I think the smell...

Right, it smells like tontaksu.


This place smells like...

Doesn't it smell like an old tontaksu place?

Doesn't it smell like a tonkatsu restaurant?

Doesn't it smell like tonkatsu sauce?

It smells like soup too.

Maybe remodeled the tonkatsu place into a bar.

(The interior does look like a tonkatsu place.)

(Is this a remodeled place that's fake?)

Do people mix whiskey and medicinal wines?

It's a healthy way of having whiskey.

(There are medicinal wines among whiskeys?)

But if you mix whiskey with medicinal wines,

it'll be too strong.

Why are the books there? They don't need to be here.

They wouldn't read the books and study the recipe here.

But if it's a real bar,

they could use the books to show how much they studied.

(Do they make cocktails with the theme of healthy medicine?)

But those books look unnatural.

It gives off the vibe of oriental medicine.

(Are the books the traces of cocktail researching?)

(Or are they placed here for show?)

And they add naengmyeon in a cocktail?

Right. The key is naengmyeon. They add naengmyeon in a cocktail.

I can't imagine its taste.

I think we need to see the owner first.

Why don't we meet the owner first? Please come on out.


- Hello! - It's alcohol.

Hello, I'm a bartender who makes healthy cocktails...

at a healthy medicine shop.

The theme itself must be really new.

There was a healthy medicine shop...

in this spot for the past 20 years.

Alcohol was originally used...

as medicine in the old days.

So I thought it'd be fun...

to make cocktails with such inspiration.

That thought just occurred to me.

That's why we ended up using the theme...

of the store to run our bar.

(What's unique about this place?)

Our bar was made for the coexistence...

of the merchants in the market.

We present a menu called Market Collaboration each month.

The menu collaborates with each store's theme.

We come up with a samgyetang cocktail...

when we collaborate with a chicken store.

We make a tomyumgoong cocktail...

when we collaborate with a Thai restaurant.

We make special cocktails with certain themes.

(A pumpkin cocktail, a tofu cocktail)

Since it's summer,

we developed a naengmyeon cocktail.

Because of the characteristic of our place,

it's more exposed on social media.

That's why many people in their 20s and 30s...

visit our place out of curiosity.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

- Hello. Nice to meet you. - Hello.

- Hello. - Hello.

Now that the owner is here, it's more confusing.

The sign says that this place is a healthy medicine shop.

How would people know this is a bar?

But the trend these days... Have you heard of a speakeasy?

From 1920s to 1933...

(We only asked him a question.)

President Roosevelt...

enforced the Prohibition Act.

So people secretly drank in a bar.

That became a culture,

and now it's surpassed a trend.

This is what makes the bar hip.

Like a hidden bar.

It's like giving a twist to the customers.

It's very attractive.

We heard you were on a national team.

- Right. - Which category...

- You mean in making cocktails? - That's right.

- Oh, it wasn't a sport? - Making cocktails?

I won in a competition held by a certain brand.

So I earned the title as the national representative...

and competed internationally.

(The owner suddenly sounds more credible.)

Which cocktail do you like the most?

My favorite is gin and tonic.

What do you put in gin and tonic?

Gin and tonic, of course.

(That's your question?)

(He proves that he doesn't know about cocktails.)

- He's so... - He's sharp.

That was too basic.

(What kind of question was that?)

This is what we want to know. What is naengmyeon cocktail?

- I can't imagine the taste. - Do you need to boil noodles?

Is there a customer who orders that?

Yes, there are. It's really popular.

It's really popular, yet we don't know about it?

- I know. - Since July 2019...

There's this menu we develop every month called Market Collaboration.

We buy their ingredients each month...

and develop a special cocktail to sell only for that month.

I was thinking of a dish...

that suits summer.

And I came to develop a naengmyeon cocktail.

How much is naengmyeon cocktail?

It's 25 dollars.

(It's 25 dollars per glass.)

- Per glass? - It's pretty expensive.

It costs a little to make our cocktails.

Since our theme is a healthy medicine shop,

we get good ingredients from the market.

We use those ingredients.

I'm getting absorbed. It feels like I'm watching a performance.

I don't think he can memorize all that.

How does he speak so well?

It looks perfect.

- I can't seem to find... - You can't find any fault.

I can't come up with a question to ask.

Maybe they picked the most eloquent one...

among the five bartenders they interviewed.

- He's really good. - Maybe he's a rapper.

(Did they cast a beverage specialist?)

I can't wait to find out.

Can we taste the cocktail?

All right. I'll prepare it for you right away.

Brandon, you need to join me.

(Brandon is here.)

How about a cold glass of oriental raisin water?

- Sure. - Okay.

Wow, I can't wait to see it.

Thank you.

(It's oriental raisin water that they made...)

(which they boiled for 6 hours.)

(The cold oriental raisin water cools down their heated throats.)

The taste of oriental raisin water is not that strong.

It's not strong, is it?

- Well. - Really.


I'm sorry, but...

why didn't you give me a glass?

Did they only give it to girls?

Oh, it wasn't like that.

(Seok Jin.)

- They didn't give only to him. - I know the reason.

Because he's not likable.

(Seok Jin is hurt.)

Now, I'm going to start with a naengmyeon cocktail.

- Yes. - Yes.

- I'm so curious about the look. - Okay.

How can they make a cocktail with naengmyeon?

- That's sogokju. - Sogokju.

He's shaking his hands a lot.

You're nervous, aren't you?

Your hands are shaking.

(While they were talking, the show has begun out of the blue.)

(Flashy movements)

(Eyes opening wide)

(Prankster Yu is excited to see this for the first time.)

It's like watching a real cocktail making show.

- He's really doing it. - It's fun to watch.

(With big reactions, they do the performance again.)

(Yu Jae Seok and Cho Sae Ho are singing the background music.)

That's the soundtrack of the movie "Cocktail".

(Recipe for a naengmyeon cocktail)

For a naengmyeon cocktail,

you put a radish, a green onion, an onion, and fruits.

Fruits are mostly apples.

We boil them for long to make base soup.

(They mix sauces with the traditional drink.)

We use Cheongyang chili pepper puree,

and naturally fermented pear vinegar...

for a fresh and sour taste.

We made a cocktail with lots of flavors.

(The naengmyeon soup we're used to...)

(has turned into a naengmyeon cocktail.)

This bite-sized snack is naengmyeon.

Since it's a naengmyeon cocktail,

- I thought it'd be in a bowl. - Me too.

That's why the glass looks...

like a bowl for naengmyeon.

We had a really hard time...

to get this glass.

- Where did you get it? - Thank you.

- That's a secret. - Cheonggyecheon?

- They have lots of secrets. - Why is that a secret?

They have so many secrets.

Didn't you get it from our staff?

Is it because we asked something that they didn't expect?


I'm curious about the taste.

(Let's inspect if it's real or not through the taste.)

- I had some. - I'm curious of the taste.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say this.

(How does it taste?)

It tastes like they spilled makgeolli in naengmyeon soup.

(Very honest)


I'm having a non-alcohol one.

(How does a non-alcohol naengmyeon cocktail taste?)


Mine just tastes like naengmyeon soup.


(Is this a cocktail?)

- That's because his is non-alcohol. - Right.

(Mi Joo carefully sips the drink.)


It's really delicious.

- Is it delicious? - Yes.

(They like or hate the naengmyeon cocktail.)

(Is it really a popular menu in summer?)

It's so interesting.

In my opinion, it's not fake because it tastes luxurious.

I can taste so many flavors.

At first, it's sweet in my mouth.

Then, I can taste sogokju.

After that, as makgeolli,

it tastes heavy.

At last, I taste naengmyeon soup.

And it finishes with the sour flavor.

(That was a really good explanation.)

They did make the soup by boiling beef.

It's not a commercial product.

The harmony is really important in making cocktails.

Naengmyeon soup and sogokju...

are balanced really well.

- She just said that. - Did she?


I'm sorry.

Everyone, we'll try more of their signature drinks.

- Can we try a tteokbokki cocktail? - Yes.

Are you making a cocktail that tastes like tteokbokki?

- That's right. - That's amazing.

(In perfect order)

(He's in charge of making a cocktail.)

(He's in charge of making a garnish.)

They work together perfectly.

They must have practiced a lot.

They work really well together.

(They work in perfect harmony.)

I think this place is real. I trust you.

- My goodness. - Come by later.

- I will. - I hope it's real.

- I wish I can come by later. - It'd be fun...

that it's a real healthy medicine shop.

(A healthy medicine shop)

(Instead of a cocktail, arrowroot juice is there.)

- There might be a black goat. - What if you're not there?

The owner might not recognize who we are.

(That would be hilarious.)

I think the menu existed before.


That's amazing.

This is real.

(Fascinating skills)

(They're falling into it.)

How is he doing that?

I've seen this in a drama.

(In a drama?)

When someone is shocked,

he spills the juice in his mouth.

(Due to a copyright issue, we made this picture newly.)

The one from a daytime soap opera.

We put in the signature sauce for fried chili pepper,

vegetable sauce that we made,

and tteokbokki sauce...

to make a cocktail.

This skill is called "throwing".

As you decant wine,

we give air to the drink...

to bring more flavor to it.

(Recipe for a tteokbokki cocktail)

We make the fried chili pepper, the most popular one from there,

as the garnish of the drink.

(It even has the look of tteokbokki in a cup.)

- There's the fries. - There it is.

There's a rice cake.

Let me taste it.

A bit.

(Does the taste make him believe that it's a real place?)


- Is it delicious? - It's interesting.

Why? What does it taste like?

It tastes like tteokbokki.

- But, it has the taste of alcohol. - Well,

It has a strong taste of alcohol.



Isn't it funny?

It's funny to taste it. It tastes like tteokbokki.

I can't stop myself from laughing after tasting it.

I'm willing to taste it on my own because it's so unique.

It's so interesting.

Are you dipping that in there?

- Are you dipping that in? - You're eating real tteokbokki.

Didn't you say you're on a diet?

I did. But not today.

(Today, I'm cheating on my diet.)

Excuse me.

(Is there a problem?)

(He starts an impromptu out of the blue.)

Are you here alone?

- Yes. - Really?

I'm sorry, but...

(Heart pounding)

can I charge my bill on yours?

- Is it okay? - Seok Jin.

- Yes. - Can you pay for us?

I can take care of them. Just trust me.

- Hey. - My father will pay for you.


Why are you calling him your father? He's my boyfriend.

Honey, you came here with me.

(The story spikes up dramatically.)

My goodness.

(This drama is fun.)


I got married when I was young. So I have a daughter.


It's so hard.

They are real.

Look at the display of glasses.

If they're real, this place can't be fake.

- Do you know what I mean? - Of course.


What is this?

It's the one I mentioned before. Gyeongdae from Joseon Selection.

(The last cocktail of the day.)

(Gyeongdae cocktail from Joseon Selection)

(The cocktail contains bellflower tonic water, a lemon, )

(traditional drink, hibiscus, and peach flavored sparkling water.)

Gyeongdae cocktail is part of Joseon Selection.

It's the only tool that women have used...

to put on makeup in the Joseon era.

So it shows the criticism of modern society.

Inside where the smoke comes out, there are dead flowers.

It means the true beauty inside is dying.

It's asking when they will stop looking only at the appearance.

It criticizes lookism.

Do we drink while we look in the mirror?

- Look, So Min. - I was right.

- Amazing. - This is it.

(They show big reactions to the unique look.)

It's so pretty.

It's so pretty.

- Let me try. - Let's try.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

- Oh, my. - Is it good?

- It's so delicious. - Is it that delicious?

It's fresh and fruity.

This is the best out of all.

- It's so delicious. - Isn't it delicious?

- It's so delicious. - Goodness.

- I'm confused. - You seem to drink a restorative.

Isn't it delicious? Isn't it fresh?

It's fresh. You imagine it to be citrusy.

That's there, but it's not light.

The flavor is heavy.

- It's fresh... - The body.

yet I can feel the heavy body of the drink.

- This is the most delicious one. - It's delicious.

- It's the most delicious one. - The scent is...

Let's get drunk!

- Put our status up high. - Up high.

- Make our shots even. - Even.


- You're young now! - You're young now!

Drink, eat.

Drink, eat.

It's really delicious.

All the drinks here...

have lots of flavors. I like it.

I thought they were joking when they served naengmyeon cocktail.

When I only had the naengmyeon cocktail,

I thought this place was fake.

- But this place is real. - It's real.

It's way better than the naengmyeon cocktail.

- It's more delicious. - Because it's delicate, right?

(Staring blankly)

(He can't join the conversation.)

Mr. Baby, you're only smacking your lips.

Poor Mr. Baby. He can't drink.

Stop it. Don't care about me.

I feel sorry that Mr. Baby can't taste it.

Mr. Baby can only eat crackers.

He'll feel full because of them.

Jae Seok, are you treated like this here?

These girls...

(Somehow, I am.)

I don't think this place can be fake.

We need to admit that this place is real.

This place can't be fake.

It'd be nonsense if this place is fake.

For me, these are all...

- They're not impressive? - A little bit.

I don't find a reason to do this.

I'm a bit suspicious...

of them charging 25 dollars for a drink.

Because cocktails normally cost...

12 to 15 dollars per glass.

I don't think I'd pay 25 dollars to have it.

If it was fake,

would they have said they charge 25 dollars?

They did it because it's real. That's what I think.

Which one is fake today?

- Is it this difficult each week? - It's really difficult.

- Every week is harder than before. - But today is...

(They're all confused.)

- This one is the hardest. - Is it one of the hardest ones?

It's really hard.

Since you're all confused, we'll give you a hint.

Thank you.

(Vision Hint)

A social media post of the owner, who studies herbal medicine.

Medical... Herbal medicine and a folk remedy.

Since it says medical,

I think he might be related to oriental medicine treatments.

If it's not that, since its motive is a healthy medicine shop,

he's studying herbal medicine to use it in a cocktail,

which can be helpful to one's health after all.

Maybe he's studying to make those cocktails.

I'm confused. It's so hard.

(A fake studying oriental medicine or a real studying cocktails?)

(Add some naengmyeon noodles to my cocktail, please!)

(One of Korea's best bartenders makes a naengmyeon cocktail)

(1. Expensive naengmyeon cocktail)

(2. The owner can present very well.)

(3. The location doesn't go well with the cool cocktail bar.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

(It's time to vote.)

Which one should I choose? I'm going crazy.

It's hard.

I really don't know.

I think this place is real. No matter how hard I think about it.

If this place is fake, the room we're in is fake, right?

(The 3rd place collaborates with sellers in the market.)

(The story is too perfect like it's made up.)

- If this place is fake... - If this place is fake...

Then I'll have to praise the staff if this place is fake.

We can't help but give up if this place is fake.

The second place's food was pretty.

But it was different from the picture in the menu.

For me, the taste was...


yet it tasted like the commercial taste.

(Is the 2nd place fake?)

The first one can be fake, can't it?

- Of course. - It happened.

(You either love or hate Patbingsu noodles.)

(The questionable amount of sales of Patbingsu noodles)

(Compared to the restaurant, the tables and chairs seemed new.)

(Is the first place, which was perfect, fake?)

- Sae Ho, can you guess? - It's not that easy.


it's one of the three hardest ones out of all the episodes.

- Really? - It's really hard for me.

(Really? That much?)

Nothing seemed fake when I looked at them.

Maybe it's because of the drink, but it's simple for me today.

Now, let's go vote one by one.

- Joseph will go first. - Do I go first?

- Joseph. - Joseph.

- Follow your first instinct. - I just need to go and vote?

- Go. - Let's go.

- Let's go. - Let's go.

- Let's go. - Joseph.

(The most difficult one! Which one is the fake place?)

(Joseph is here.)

I think the 2nd place is real. So, it's between 1st and 3rd.


I've been to quite a lot of bars.

The third place has a really good story.

Collaborating and coexisting.

I choose...

(Add some naengmyeon noodles to my cocktail, please!)

I choose the third place.

(From a bar expert's point of view, he votes for the 3rd one.)

I think...

the building seemed suspicious.

It's the second place.

(She votes for the 2nd one, which was located in a weird place.)

I'm so confused.

I'll just need to pick one.

(I'll just pick one.)

(Sang Yeob chooses the 3rd place.)


(Next up is Jae Seok.)

I'm going crazy. What should I do?

I'll have to choose this one.

I didn't think this place was fake.

But it suited my taste buds so much.

(It suited my taste buds so much.)


(So Min comes in with lots of energy.)

I have a feeling that the second one is fake.

I choose the second place.

I've enjoyed your food.

I'll just follow my first instinct.

I won't hesitate. I choose the second one.

It was delicious. I'm sorry.

For me, it seemed fake.

Which one is it?

(The last one, Seok Jin, comes in.)

My name, Jee Seok Jin, the only thing I can write confidently.

I really don't know.

"It went viral on social media. Patbingsu noodles."

"Coldness over spice."

Cold jjajangmyeon makes sense.

But cold kkanpunggi doesn't make sense.

Well, I was thinking of the 1st, but I choose the 2nd place.

(He chooses the 2nd place, which is more suspicious.)

Let's go.

(Coldness over spice! Cold jjajangmyeon)

- The result. - No one voted for the first one.

No one chose the first one?

That's impossible. How can no one choose the first?

The ones who chose the third place are Cho Se Ho and Lee Sang Yeob.

The rest of you chose the second place.

(Jae Seok, Mi Joo, Na Ra, So Min, and Seok Jin chose the 2nd place.)

- It's a shocking result. - Let's see.

- Is it shocking? - If it's the first place...

- If it's the first place... - They win perfectly.

- Let's go, number 3. - Let's go, number 3.

If it's the first place, you all lose.

- I'm really curious. - Let's reveal the answer.

(We're revealing the shocking answer.)

(The hot sun glaring down)

(Even in the hot weather, Sixth Sensers are working hard.)

(It's too hot.)

(They've lost their appetite.)

- That's from last week. - That's right.

(We've prepared for Sixth Sensers.)

(Can you hear it?)

(It will take away the hot weather.)

It's naengmyeon.

(Cold noodles special)

- They look delicious. - Naengmyeon.

(That's how it started.)

(To perfectly bewilder, )

That is...

- Unbelievable scale? - Unbelievable scale?

(Meeting with the great company?!)

- Where is that? - Isn't it there?

The jjajangmyeon place.

(Is it the place for cold jjajangmyeon?)


(with the secret group of people)

Is it the third one?

(Cold noodles special! Which one is fake?)

That's the first place.

The food was delicious here.

I'm going to visit there again.

This place is real.

(Coldness over spice!)

That was really delicious.

(Cold jjajangmyeon will confuse and cool you down!)

(Add some naengmyeon noodles to my cocktail, please!)

(One of Korea's best bartenders makes a naengmyeon cocktail)

I'm not so certain of my choice.

The drink was delicious.

(It's bone-chilling! Cold noodles that take away the heatwave)

(Which one is fake?)

- Oh, my gosh. - Let's see.

- Please. - The second place.

It's driving me crazy.

(I can't watch.)


Please. I need to get it right.

Otherwise, I'm wrong five weeks in a row.

(Which team did not get bewildered by the fake place?)

Oh, my gosh!


(Which one is the fake place?)

(Is it the 2nd place, that is chosen by the most people?)

(Which one is the fake place?)

(Is it the 2nd place, that is chosen by the most people?)

(Which one is the fake place?)

(Coldness over spice!)

(Cold jjajangmyeon will confuse and cool you down!)

(The 2nd place is fake!)

(They get 5 pure golds.)

(He's doomed.)

It was the second place.

- Cold kkanpunggi didn't make sense. - But still...

- It was so delicious. - It was so delicious.

I should've chosen the second place.

I thought of the second place.

It suited my taste bud perfectly.

It was so delicious.

That's why I was confused.

- How did you do it? - Let's see the answer video.

(Life Jjajang that bewildered you)

Honestly, I wasn't sure.

- Did you guess? - I just guessed.

(What is this place?)

(On a day in June in Yeongdeungpo)

(A tall building located in there)

(We found an old pub.)

- A pub. - An old pub.

- Amazing. - They're really great.

They decorated really well.

(We'll remove them all.)

They remodeled the whole place.

They're great.

This show is amazing.

(Under construction)

Used ones.

(They're using used ones for Sixth Sense again.)

(They've brought it from all over the country.)

(Lots of kitchenware for a Chinese restaurant)

(Chinese wok is a must.)


It's amazing.

How can they make all of these?

(Fire is ready to go.)

(Adding details...)

(by putting in items.)

They even installed that.

It was really hard for me.

(Adding Chinese items)

I was suspicious of those.


(We prepared a special one.)

(The key of this transformation)

(Making it look like it's a franchise)

(On a normal sign, )

Honestly, I didn't doubt this place.

The tissues had stamps on them.

They put stamps on everything.

(Including all the dishes)

They put it on everything, even on the wrapping paper.

(Lastly, the menu poster)

(It's amazing.)

- Those weren't suspicious. - Right.

(This isn't the end.)

Right, that was there.

(Chloe. Serving for several years. A professional server)

(We've borrowed it from another restaurant.)

Considering the size of the place, that wasn't necessary.

You're right.

- This place looked so real. - That's amazing.

Well done.

It looks so real.

(A complete transformation to bewilder them perfectly)

(Life Jjajang is ready to open.)


(Then, who is the fake owner?)

Who is the owner?

- Who is he? - He presented really well.

(Hello, everyone.)

(I'm Song Jae...)

(Speaking Chinese?)

Who is he?

(The Great Wall? A tour guide in China?)

(The author of books of learning Chinese?)

Who is he?

(Who is the fake owner, related to Chinese?)

I'm a professor of Chinese Language at Anyang University, Song Ji Hyun.

- See? He's a professor. - So he was a professor.

He was at Anyang.

No wonder he was so good at speaking Chinese.

(His real job is a Chinese language professor.)

I teach at a specialized graduate school for foreigners,

- as a professor. - No wonder he spoke Chinese.

When I have delicious jjajangmyeon,

I'm so moved that I'm on the verge of shedding tears.

- I thought this would be fun. - He speaks so well.

- It made me really excited. - He's the best.

- I wanted to try it. - My goodness.

He seemed to be perfect, but...

Thank you for coming to Life Jjajang.

My sister doesn't want to appear on TV, so today...

It sounds awkward. This isn't how people talk.

Acting isn't easy.

Hello, nice to meet you.

- Hello. - They taught him how to act.

- Hello. - But he was really good.

We usually start this off when the weather gets hot.

He was so natural.

The owner didn't seem fake at all.

- That's right. - I couldn't tell.

I couldn't tell from the owner.

(Who was the chef at LIfe Jjajang?)


- Who is that? - I'm Kang Tae Hoon, 31 years old.

For nearly six years, I worked in Chinese cuisine.

But my friend asked me for a favor, so I came here.

I'm a friend of Chul Min, the main producer.

Chul Min, what is this?

Chul Min, you owe me dinner.

(The chef was a fake.)

(But this isn't the end. Of course we went further.)

How did you create the food?

It was so delicious.

They could really sell it.

(What is the truth behind the specialty dish, cold jjajang?)

(Commercial Taster)

(It tastes commercial.)

(The Sixth Sensers fall for commercial tastes.)

(Addicted to commercial tastes)

Was it a commercial product again?

That's right.

(So what was it today?)

(Up till now, the commercial products...)

(were only briefly encountered.)

(This time, we brought everything out into the open.)

(From the rice to the side dishes, and even dumplings and pizza)

(The biggest leader in Korea's food industry)

(We collaborated with this corporation.)


(Sixth Sense collaborates with CheilJedang.)

They actually went to a corporation to collaborate?

Really? No wonder it was so tasty.

(He's so shocked he's frozen.)

What we're thinking of...

is developing a cold jjajangmyeon.


We could create a cold version of that sauce,


I think it would be difficult to create a cold jjajangmyeon.

(Shaking her head)

Cold jjamppong and cold udon are definitely possible, but...

(Cold jjamppong and cold udon already for sale on the market)

But there's a reason there isn't a cold jjajangmyeon yet.

(They encounter a huge obstacle from the very start.)

(We need to create it no matter what.)

I can't guarantee anything, but we'll give it a shot.

(Believe in the power of a mega-corporation.)

(2 weeks later)

- I have good news. - Yes?

I think I've found a way. Would you be able to come here?

Yes, I will.

(They called us over, so we went to visit.)

(Visiting CheilJedang's food factory)


(That's so impressive.)

That's really something else.

(They really go this far?)

(Menu creation, packaging, and marketing. All staff dispatched.)

All the staff have been fully dispatched to this project.

The foundation of this product will be our commercial taste.

(They bring out the retort foods.)


(You'll become the base for the cold jjajangmyeon.)

You got it right on the nose.

- Right? It was perfect for me. - It was a commercial taste.

They're so impressive.

The food team is the best.

(They transform retort food into cold jjajang and cold kkanpunggi.)

(The first taste of the highly-anticipated cold jjajang)

- How does it taste? - A bit like vinegary noodles.

- Like jjajang naengmyeon? - Yes, jjajang naengmyeon.

(The first-ever jjajang naengmyeon is created.)

How long did it take you to come up with this?

About a week, including some sleepless nights.

Wow, a whole week.

Just to deceive us.

They're the best.

- It was so delicious. - It really was delicious.

We should make the vegetables stay crunchy.

(You want a crunchy texture?)

It looks a lot better with shrimp and other ingredients on top.

(Fresh vegetables and seafood are generously heaped on top.)

It's delicious.

We did it.

Of course.

No wonder it was so good.

Could you also give us some guidance on design?

We'll just add the picture of the food on it.

You can put the brand name of Life Jjajang on it.

(An email arrived from CheilJedang.)

(We'll make sure to use this eye-catching packaging well.)

That's right, they had that too.

They could really release that as a product.

They have to sell it.

I would totally buy that and eat it at home.

It was good and delicious.

(Cold jjajangmyeon will confuse and cool you down!)

(This one was fake.)

Sixth Sensers, I'm sorry, but I tricked you.

(The cold jjajangmyeon was fake.)

(This place is no joke.)

Everyone who got it right, here's your gold.

- Goodness. - They're really giving it to us?

Most importantly,

- today's was really hard. - It was hard.

I really had no idea it would be this hard.

A lot of people got it right today, so many people might think...

- it was easy today, but it wasn't. - It wasn't easy at all.

I think I was able to have a lot of fun here today.

- Joseph, here. - What is this?

- A gift. - A gift.

- I'll give it to you. - Really?

- That's so nice. - Thank you so much.

Maybe I should've given him mine.

- Can't you give me another? - No, that won't do.

Thank you, Seok Jin and Sae Ho,

for joining us today.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

(Thank you to both of you for brightening up Sixth Sense.)

(The guests who have come to visit Sixth Sense)

(From "The Witch's Diner", )

(it's Nam Ji Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop.)

(Welcome. Is it your first time on a variety show like this?)


(I can do it too.)

(She's so cute.)

(A summer special, temptation through spice)

(If you underestimate it, )

(you'll be in big trouble.)

(The spices make your lips balloon to twice their size.)

(I should give him a kiss now.)

(Sixth Sense's spiciness is at a much higher level.)

(This fiery hot and bright red temptation begins next week.)