Sixth Sense (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - The Red Hot Temptation - full transcript

The members are visiting restaurants with spicy foods. The first place serves spicy braised chicken with crab. The second place has hot pork tomahawk with special sauce. And the last food is soft tofu udon with hot chilli oil. Nam Ji Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop join them to find the fake restaurant and win the pure gold. Stay tuned to check out.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(The end of summer, when the skies grow darker)

(The clouds look like a painting on this day.)


(one man returns from quarantine.)

Jae Seok, do you want some grapefruit?

Today, my makeup artist put grapefruit in my cheeks.

(Showing off her grapefruit blush)

It's so fruity.

If I go like this, I can squeeze out grapefruit.

(Finding her totally absurd)

Just a moment. Let me squeeze you some.

(Squeezing out fruit juice)

(Scrunching her face)

- Please have some grapefruit. - My goodness.

It's grapefruit ade.

When will summer be over?

It's just beginning.

What do you mean?

Autumn just began yesterday.




(Immediately beginning her ceremony)

(Mi Joo is so cute.)

I don't know how Mi Joo will feel about this,

but I think Mi Joo just needs to walk the path of a comedian.

Mi Joo,

comedians have long careers.

(Soon she'll be paying dues as a comedian.)

Mi Joo,

I want to say you're one of us comedians from now on.

- He's saying you are... - I keep saying...

- a true junior comedian. - I'm a girl group member.

If I say "I'm part of a girl group,"

people respond with, "Regardless..."

- "Regardless." - "Regardless."

Now you're part of the comedian group.

We're a group too.

(The King of Comedy)

That's hilarious.

- Na Ra. - Goodness.

- Na Ra Oh. - Na Ra, your hair!

- It's been so long, Jae Seok. - Hi, Na Ra.

Jae Seok, you're alive?

You're alive?

Of course I'm still alive.

Jae Seok, you're still alive.

Of course I'm still alive.

You look so young now, Na Ra.

(Transformed into the style the young kids have nowadays)

You look so pretty.

Jessi, how have you been?

Everyone looks so sexy today.

As far as I can make out,

that's just an everyday greeting.

You look so sexy.

"You're so cute."

"You're so pretty."

"You're so sexy."

- Those are all just greetings. - Here's what I think.

Every time I see Na Ra, her style changes.

(Whose is this?)

Is this yours? Whose is this?

Oh, it's yours, Jessi.

- Keep track of your things. - Give it to me.

- Don't lose anything. - I brought a big bag today.

(Sticking it in Mr. Pork Belly's bag)

Good job.

Now you really seem like her boyfriend now.

- You have so much stuff in here. - Don't put your phone in it.

(What's going on between you two?)

You should just hold onto mine.

- Okay, I'll just hold Jae Seok's. - They're so cute.

From my perspective...

Your parents saw this too, right?

- Your romance? - Yes.

Did they say anything?

- My mom loves it. - What did she say?

My mom just came to visit the day before yesterday.

She loves Sang Yeob. She loves watching him.

She says it's so funny.

She says we look down on him a lot,

but that must be what makes it so entertaining for her.

(That went in a slightly different direction than expected.)

(Will this stock go to the moon?)

- She's here. So Min! - She's here.

- She's here. - Hello.


(The slow-motion shot reserved for guests of the show)


So you're our guide today.

(Teasing her as soon as she arrives)

So you're our guide today.

You even have a mic on today.

Where are we going today?

(Dashing over)

You lost so much weight recently.

- Na Ra. - Sang Yeob slept there?

- Slept where? - He slept.

(I missed you.)

We were singing together.

(Running over)

Did you mistake me for someone else?

- I'm not Ha Seok Jin. - No.

I missed you, Jae Seok.

Oh, you missed me.

All right.

(The siblings were apart for Jae Seok's two-week quarantine.)

Come here.

Jae Seok, do you still have all of your muscles?

Of course.


(Checking for muscle loss)


Everyone, you are now watching...

Sixth Sense on tvN.


You're watching Sixth Sense on tvN.

(The mood cools down quickly.)

Gosh, Yeob Sang.

Please just blur him out with a mosaic. Thanks.



(Trying to resuscitate the mood killed by Yeob Sang)

(We invited some special guests to the show today.)

- Right? We have guests today. - The guests.

- We have guests. - Please come out.

Come on.

Please come out.

(Two silhouettes trot out.)

(Oh, my!)

(These two are on Sixth Sense?)

It's been so long, Ji Hyun.

And we meet again, Jong Hyeop.

(Nam Ji Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop)

(Proving himself a box office hit as Jae Sun in "Sisyphus")

(As Gil Yong in "The Witch's Diner," he stole older women's hearts.)

(Displaying a puppy-like charm as a potato boy)

(The hot actor with a great smile, Chae Jong Hyeop)

(Debuting as a monstrous child in "Queen Seondeok")

(The star of the romance between Lee Yul and Hong Shim)

(They are the sweet Gil Yong Jin duo in "The Witch's Diner".)

(Nam Ji Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop)

- Hello. - Hello.


(The most excited one of all)

(And the conferencing begins.)

He's exactly my style.

- He's the style you like. - Not mine.

He's an actor.

He's younger than Jessi.

- Mi Joo, you like? - Can we separate them?

- You guys. - Yes!

Why are you all gathered when it's hot?

Please don't talk amongst yourselves when guests are here.

- What do you think of Mi Joo? - What?

What do you think of Mi Joo?

- Oh, thank you. - What do you think of Mi Joo?

(The grapefruit in her cheeks are about to explode.)

Mi Joo...

is squirming again.

You can just sit here.

- Just sit here. - Come over here.

- Should I really sit there? - No, come over here.

(Forced blind date)

Come here. Don't go over there.

Come here.

Jong Hyeop, where are you going? Come over here.

(He encounters this unexpected development for the first time.)

(Eyeing her prey while hidden in the bushes, )

(one savage beast lies in wait.)

(Emergency rescue)

(Mi Joo, come down.)

You're being ridiculous again.

Lee Mi Joo, being ridiculous again.

First of all, we have guests from the drama, "The Witch's Diner".

It's so hot right now.

We have Ji Hyun and Jong Hyeop.


(Welcome to Sixth Sense World.)

Hello. I'm Nam Ji Hyun.

Nice to meet you all.

And Jong Hyeop?

Hello, I'm Chae Jong Hyeop.

(Shyly squeezing out more grapefruit)

Ji Hyun,

I heard you wanted to come on Sixth Sense.

- Really? - I'm a huge fan.

- Really? - I've been watching continuously...

since Season One.

Why didn't you tell me?

I was too embarrassed.

We go to the same hair salon.

- Oh, really? - Yes.

We were both there this morning, but I didn't see her.

- We didn't run into each other. - Where were you hiding?

I was on the first floor, in the corner room.

- Na Ra, are you scolding her? - No!

(Cutting off her finger)


(This naughty finger of mine)


(Culture shock)



(Trembling in fear)

Even this is fearful.

(Ji Hyun, don't change hair salons because of me, please.)

Jong Hyeop, you said you think this may be your last variety show?

- Why? - But why?


(As upset as someone who has lost their country)

- Why? - What do you mean?

- This is just the start. - This is just the start.

I don't have the gift of wit,

and I'm not very entertaining,

so it made me really nervous to come on this show.

It's all right. You have us.


Mi Joo, I see hearts coming out from your eyes.

What do you mean, he has us?

What does that even mean?

(I trust you, Mi Joo.)

And you.

And you.

Your pose right now.

- My goodness. - Toward Jong Hyeop.

(Toward Jong Hyeop.)

You're basically just facing him.


- If you... - If you face this direction...


- She has her back to the cameras. - Goodness.

(The pro variety show star, So Min, )

(turned her back to the cameras for the first time due to this man.)

(Angles and lighting don't matter. All she can see is Jong Hyeop.)

You're here to film.

You get paid for this.

- Of course. - You.

- You get paid for this. - Right.

- You get paid to work. - I'm sorry. You're right.

(It's Jong Hyeop's face that's to blame.)

Let's reveal today's theme.

(Wow, it must be spicy food today.)

It must be spicy food today.

(It's red hot spice today.)

(Are you curious, honey?)

- This is today's theme. - "The spiciness makes us crave it!"

"The red hot temptation of spice."

So we have spicy food today.

(Red hot)

(Why is anything red...)

(so very tempting?)

(Bringing immediate stress relief)

(You can't stop eating it even when your mouth goes numb.)

(The spiciness forbidden for those under 29...)

(will tempt you.)

(An unimaginable spicy dish)

(Spice patients line up one after another.)

(The spiciness makes you crave it even more.)

(Unusual spicy foods you've never seen or heard of before to bewilder)

(Max shock from the spiciness, and the truth behind the spicy dish)

(Which spicy dish is fake...)

(that has bewildered your senses?)

Let's look at the first one.

That's great.

"Spicy beyond belief!"

"Spicy braised chicken with crab with Korea’s spiciest chili powder."

- That sounds delicious. - That sounds so tasty.


(There are many spicy foods out there that are tempting, )

(but this is made with Korea's spiciest red chili powder.)

(This is the ultimate in spiciness, )

(fiery braised chicken.)

(In spicy braised chicken so hot that it will make your eyes tear, )

(fresh blue crab has been added.)

(The spiciest braised chicken with crab in all of Korea)

(Is it real?)

The fake could be number one,

- contrary to expectations. - Why?

I think it would be easy to create that as a fake.

- Using retorts. - Right. It could be.

- Yes. - Now the second one.

That was great.

"Fifteen ingredients numb the tastebuds!"

"Charcoal-grilled hot pork tomahawk".

- The tomahawk steak! - The tomahawk steak.

- It looks like this. - It's this big.

- Comic book meat? - Yes, that meat.

(All meat is tasty, )

(but there's a kind of cut that appears in comic books.)

(The tomahawk steak has taken Korea by storm.)

(But this time, it's pork.)

(The pork tomahawk is both tasty and cheap.)

(It's covered with a spicy special sauce.)

(The nation's only hot pork tomahawk for meat lovers.)

(Is it real?)

- That sounds delicious. - Pork tomahawk.

But this one is made with pork.

A normal tomahawk is beef, but this one is made of pork.

I think number two is fake because it could have been beef,

but they wanted to save money on production costs, so they used pork.

That's why the tomahawk is fake.

Did you get it right last week?

No. I didn't.

That's all I wanted to ask.

- All right. - That's all I wanted to ask.

"Sells at least 200 bowls a day!"

"Soft tofu udon with hot chili oil fights fire with fire."

- That sounds tasty. - This one sounds delicious.

This one does sound good.


(Korean beef and Ram-don)

(Whelk and somyeon)

(Soft tofu and udon?)

(Combining two tasty dishes...)

(and adding heaps of spicy chili oil)

(What is the soft tofu udon that sells 200 bowls a day?)

(Soft tofu udon with hot chili oil fights fire with fire.)

(Is it real or fake?)

There's a fake among these.

What do you think, Jong Hyeop?

I think number three is fake.

Why? Why do you think it's fake?

Do you think it would really sell 200 bowls a day?

- It would. - It would.

We're usually not very swayed...

by other people's guesses of which one is fake.

I guess it could.

Then I think it's number three.

What are you doing?

- I said not to pull your hair back. - Why not?

- Jong Hyeop... - Why are you acting jealous?

That's true. Why are you acting jealous?

But Mi Joo, what's with this?


She sounded like a middle-aged man.

- My goodness. - She sounded like a man.

"I think it's number three!"

(Coughing like a middle-aged man)

Please mute that.

That was great. I love my comedian juniors.

(Mi Joo, good luck on your comedian path.)

I think number two would require a lot of skill.

You have to be good at grilling.

Not just anyone can do it.

That's true, so I think number two could be real.

That means it's probably number 1 or number 3,

but they sound so spicy that I'm already sweating.

- You're right. - Yes.

- You can't eat spicy food, right? - I'm a Spicy Beginner.

Other Spicy Beginners, raise your hand.

- What's that? - We're bad at eating spicy food.

- Here's one. - Jong Hyeop can't eat spicy food.

- I really can't handle it. - You have a kid's taste.

Let's divide into teams.

Should we do Spicy Beginners and Spicy Non-Beginners?

- Let's do that. - Okay.

- Then Na Ra is with Jong Hyeop. - Right.

(That's right!)

- Right. - The Spicy Beginners.

It already feels spicy.

It's too spicy.

I heard Mi Joo say earlier that she's great at handling spice.

Mi Joo, over here.

I'm bad at eating it.

So Min, why are you over there?

She claims she's a Spicy Beginner.

(Acting like she can't handle spice)

She claims she's a Spicy Beginner.

- Wait a second. - Please give me some water.

Are you sure you're a beginner?

- Really? - She's so cute.

Then So Min can join that team.

Let's just keep Mi Joo here.

(The comedian jail)

So we have the Spicy Beginners...

- versus the Spicy Non-Beginners. - The Non-Beginners.

That's how we'll divide up.

So this is how it ends up.

Now we're really starting. I bet today will be fun.

- It's been a while. Let's do this! - It has been a while.

Jong Hyeop, you're so tall.

(His head reaches the ceiling.)

Thank you.

He says not to speak to him again.

- He's just nervous. - He's cute.

Not much you can say in response to that.

"Thank you."

This is great. Everyone's having fun except for Jong Hyeop.

No, I'm having fun too.

(The nervous Jong Hyeop bot)

Jong Hyeop says he's having fun.

Jong Hyeop, let's speak casually. What do you say?

Sure, please speak casually.

Jong Hyeop, speak colloquially to Mi Joo.

Mi Joo, you can speak colloquially to me.


(Her gold teeth gleam, indicating true happiness.)

(You are guilty.)

Jong Hyeop decided to speak colloquially to Mi Joo, Jae Seok.

Oh, really?

You can speak colloquially now...

because you'll never see each other again.

- Even if you speak colloquially... - Today's the end.

Yes, today is the end.

It doesn't matter how you speak to each other.

(Where is Mi Joo's other half?)

I'm suddenly reminded of this song.

(Na Ra is old school today too.)

(Na Ra, you're so silly.)

(Saba saba)

(Oh, saba)

(How much must she have cried?)

Jessi, You don't know the Cinderella song, do you?

(The emotional ballad version for Jessi's sake)


(When she was young)

(Lost her parents)

(Full of vibe)

(Spirits are very high for such sad lyrics.)

(What's going on right now?)

(The Sixth Sense singalong doesn't even need background music.)

(From a children's song to RnB to EDM)

(Come on!)

(Bursting into laughter at Sang Yeob's silliness)

- Na Ra, isn't Sang Yeob so cute? - She burst into laughter.

He was so sincere.

It's so much fun here. This is so nice.

(Jong Hyeop is immersed in more sentimental feelings.)

(Catching on)

Jong Hyeop, why are you so sad?

- Your expression looks so sad. - I'm not sad.

The sky is so pretty today.

(The sky is so pretty today.)

Isn't this so funny?

So you like this kind of humor.

(What's funny about that?)

- That kind of thing is so funny. - I know.

That's hilarious.

So Min, it's only funny because he's good-looking.

- Is that it? - I think so.

(Even when he's just smiling, he's extremely entertaining.)

(Meanwhile, they have arrived at their first destination.)

But on the way here,

everything we saw looked fake.

It's because this is a new city,

and it hasn't been very long since everything here was built.

The roads and the buildings all look new.

- Here it is. - It's here.

Wait a minute.

But the feeling I get here...

It feels real here.

Wait a minute.

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 1)

(Made with Korea's spiciest red chili powder, )

(Spicy Braised Chicken with Crab)

The sign and the mood here...

- all seem real. - I agree.

But the production crew had a lot of time this time,

so they could've created all this.

It says they only sell 80 chickens per day.

(What is this store that only sells 80 chickens per day?)

These types of places...

- are common in new cities. - Right?

(The sign is clean, as though the place is new.)

It's a new place.

(Looking at the items around the place makes it spicy.)

Everything's so red. It already feels spicy.

(All red gives off a feeling of spiciness from the entrance.)

Let's go in.

(Is this place real?)

(Filming took place after sanitation and temperature checks.)

Oh, my gosh. It smells very good.

The smells are legitimate.

(The interior is just as clean as the restaurant's exterior.)

(As soon as they enter, )

(the spicy-looking menu catches their eye.)

(In a corner of the restaurant...)

(is a room for developing the special sauce.)

(A spotless kitchen...)

(containing the 80 chickens designated for the day)

(Are you ready to experience this fiery spiciness?)

So now the production crew even sticks on things like that?

- The chef's profile. - Yeob Sang.

(The chef's profile is randomly posted on the wall.)

There are so many awards.

(Several contrived awards also decorate the walls.)

(How suspicious.)

(What is it?)

We can just look around freely, right?

(Jong Hyeop, you can do whatever you want to do.)

But this place really...

(My goodness.)

I like bathroom tiles like this.

But why are the tiles white?

It's way too clean, and that's suspicious.

If you eat spicy food, the red soup will spatter.

That's right.

(He's impressed by Sixth Sensers' reasoning.)


(Is there something suspicious?)


(Is there something suspicious?)

That one looks delicious.

"Spicy Crab Meat Pasta with Cream Sauce".

(This menu suits Jae Seok's taste.)

He was reading the menu.

- That's so funny. - Well...

Wait, we're not here to pick a delicious dish.

- You should look around this place. - Okay.

(Jae Seok is scolded for being distracted.)

That's a little suspicious. Look.

This place seems relatively new,

but it's already chosen as a famous restaurant on four TV shows.

- In two years. - Exactly.

Between 2019 and 2020.

That's a little suspicious.

They have already introduced on four shows?

(They feel a strong sense that this place might be fake.)

- The cash register. - That's right.

(Na Ra checks the cash register.)


Na Ra, what made you surprised like that?

They do business here.

Today is Saturday.

- Na Ra. - Yes?

Our staff might have already...

- I know, right? - set it up in advance.

They've turned it on because they wanted us to see it.

They've turned it on because they wanted us to see it.

(Is the cash register set up by the staff?)

(Or is this place really running a business?)

- It's more confusing when I'm here. - It's just my imagination.

(Is this place real?)

(Everyone has taken a seat.)

I really don't have a clue about this place.

- Sang Yeob is too far away from us. - A little more...

Sang Yeob, Jessi says you're sitting too far from her.

Come on. We're facing each other.

What do you mean? Why are you sitting so far away?

- See? - Let's face each other.

(What's with Sang Yeob?)

Shall we switch seats?

I'll kiss him one day.

(I'll kiss him one day.)

(You'll lose when you feel envious.)

(Jessi is going to kiss him.)

(Sang Yeob, you know how I feel?)

What did you say?

You're going to kiss him?

- Here? - No.

(This is a variety show, right?)

- You make it sound weirder. - Why would you kiss him?

(Hold on.)

But then, we've never had a kiss scene on variety shows.

(A surprising discovery)

- Jessi, you can be the first one. - What?

- When I think about it... - It's new.

I've done variety shows for a long time,

- It's new, isn't it? - We've never had...

- such a kiss scene. - I know.

(Sixth Sense will open a new era of a variety show.)

By the way, is this place real or fake?

To begin with, it's cold in here.

- That's exactly why I'm suspicious. - I see.

- Do you think this place is real? - If this place was fake,

they wouldn't turn on the air conditioner this strong.

Why would they install four air conditioners to fool us?

(Is that so?)

(Did the staff install air conditioners on purpose?)

(Or do these air conditioners belong to the restaurant?)

- I once lived in a new town, - I see.

So I've been to places like this.

But I'm a little suspicious...

about those sales promotions using social media.

You usually do it for a short term. When you open a place, for instance.

It's for the sake of display.

(Are they still doing promotions for opening the place?)

What do you think, Jong Hyeop?

I don't think this place sells spicy braised chicken with crab.

They might have changed the name.

- No, they don't do that. - That's not the case.

If this place is fake, it means everything is fake.

- Everything? - Everything will be fake.

- Jong Hyeop. - Did you know that?

- Go out and wash your face. - Okay, I will.

- You go and wash your face. - Let's go.

- Why would Jong Hyeop... - Well...

- You do that. - Sang Yeob has become a big shot.

He has changed since Jong Hyeop came here today.

He's so handsome, so I became competitive.

(He's envious because Jong Hyeop is so handsome.)

Sang Yeob is the type you can see in your neighborhood.

I mean, he's easy to approach.

(I should not laugh at that.)

You know? He's easy to approach.

But as for Jong Hyeop,

you should go downtown to see him.

- We don't get to see him often. - That's right.

He's not in your neighborhood. You should go downtown.

- He's that type of a guy. - Exactly.

- Like Apgujeong-dong. - I know, right?

He's so handsome. Don't you think so?

Jae Seok is handsome at home.

(He's handsome at home.)

In his family. He's handsome in his mom and dad's eyes.

(He's the most handsome son in his parents' eyes.)

- Don't make jokes about his looks. - Well, I...

At his home.

By the way, I haven't heard that from my family too.

Gosh, I feel like crying.

(Jae Seok is handsome.)

- We'll invite the owner first. - The owner.

- Yes. Goodness. - Hello.

- Hello. - He looks young.

- He looks young. - He looks very young.

(The owner who looks very young is here.)

(Forget about spicy braised chicken...)

(that you have known so far.)

(Spicy Braised Chicken with Crab)

(The spicy combination of crab and chicken)

Hello, I'm running a spicy braised chicken restaurant...

in Namyangju. I'm 32 years old, and my name is Hoon Hee.

Our signature menu is Spicy Braised Chicken with Crab.

It's a collaboration of crab soup and spicy braised chicken.

When my friend was in the military,

he had ingredients for crab soup and spicy braised chicken.

He mixed those ingredients, and he found it really delicious.

(He combined two dishes to make a new dish.)

I once ran a dakbal restaurant,

the spicy dishes were popular at that time.

I thought people would prefer...

especially spicy braised chicken to the regular one.

That's why I made it extra spicy.

I don't use capsaicin.

I use natural chili powder for the spicy taste.

We have four levels of spicy taste.

(They use different kinds of chili powder for each level.)

For Level One, we use regular Cheongyang chili powder.

For Level Two, we use Hanoi red pepper powder.

For Level Three, we use Habanero chili powder.

For Level Four, we use Carolina Reaper chili powder.

The Carolina Reaper that is used for Level Four...

is the spiciest chili that we can find in Korea.

It's measured at two million Scoville heat units.

(It's 500 times spicier than Hot Chicken Flavor Ramyeon)

Beyond my expectations, people of different ages enjoy it.

They are looking for spicy food more and more.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

- Please introduce yourself. - Okay.

Hello, I'm 32 years old.

- I knew he's young. - I've been cooking for 15 years.

I've been doing business for 10 years.

- My goodness. - Right.

- Is this a franchised restaurant? - Yes?

Is this a franchised restaurant?

- We have the main store elsewhere. - I see.

My friend opened the main store first.

Now, we're working together. We're working on...

- developing new menu items. - I see.

How long have you run this place with this menu?

It's been about a year.

- It's been about a year, - But...

but you were on TV shows in 2019?

- That's the main store. - I see.

- The main store. - Right, the main store.

That explains it.

(It was the main store that was on TV before opening this place?)

Why did you choose a spicy menu?

- Is there a reason? - I...

- It wasn't this spicy at first, - Right.

But customers were looking for a spicier taste.

- I see. - That's why we made it spicier.

Right, I crave spicy foods these days.

Do people eat Level Four too?

- We sell Level Four once a day. - Goodness, really?

When customers order it, we usually dissuade them.

- Is it that spicy? - Yes.

- Jae Seok, let's try it today. - No, it hurts.

- It hurts? - It hurts.

We're going to die.

What's the spiciest chili powder that you use here?

It's the chili called Carolina Reaper.

- Carolina? Where? - What is that?

Right. It's called Carolina Reaper.

It was introduced as the spiciest chili in the Guinness Book.

- No, Pepper X... - Goodness.

Is the spiciest chili in the world.

I tried to obtain Pepper X,

- but it is known as too dangerous. - That's right.

Ordinary people can't buy it.

The spiciest chili we can get...

is Carolina Reaper.

We use that for Level Four.

Is that perhaps from Portugal?

- I don't know where it comes from. - Sure thing.

- I thought he was a rapper. - Goodness.

"I don't know where it comes from."

- Swag. - Right. He talked so fast.

- Is it possible he doesn't know... - Right.

The country of origin when he uses it?

- It must be written on the package. - I know.

(The owner doesn't know the country of origin of his chili powder?)

(Meanwhile, Jessi found something.)

(The red boots stand out.)

- It must be tough. - Is there a beach nearby?

- No? - No.


Water splatters because of crabs.

- I see. There are crabs here. - How much could it splatter?

- Why would he wear such long shoes? - Gosh, I...

- Goodness. - I thought she was swearing.

- I... - I thought she was swearing.

- When you say "shoes"... - My gosh.

- I was startled. - My heart sank after a long time.

Didn't you get used to it now?

- My heart sank. - I'm startled.

(Why's the owner wearing the boots?)

- Well... Sir. - Yes.

- Could we taste the food now? - Sure. I'll serve them right now.

- Which level are we going to eat? - Which level are we going to eat?

Well, I recommend you to eat Level 1 and Level 3.

- I see. 1 and 3? Okay. - Right.

(He starts cooking spicy braised chicken with crab.)

(Trimmed chicken)

(Mix it with various seasonings.)

(There's a ripening room in the restaurant.)

(Ripen it for 24 hours.)

(Put in various vegetables.)

(Grill it to add a smoky taste.)

(Put in a generous amount of healthy ingredients.)

(Boil it for 6 hours.)

(Add a rich flavor with the prepared broth.)

(Put in special spicy sauce.)

(Adjust the level of spiciness with different kinds of chili powder.)

(When the chicken is almost cooked, )

(add a generous amount of crabs.)

(Boil it again.)

(It has both spicy taste and fresh taste.)

(Spicy Braised Chicken with Crab is ready.)

(Your jaw will drop open...)


- That looks delicious. - Goodness.

(Spicy Braised Chicken with Crab is served.)

- This is really... - Gosh, it looks spicy.

- This place is real. - My goodness.

(Crabs are piled up.)

It looks so delicious.

It's worth posting on your social media.

(Among the pile of crabs, )

(you can find chicken that's hidden inside.)

- Can we eat it now? - You can eat it now.

- Level 1 and Level 3. - Level 3.

(Level 3, Level 1)

The color is pretty much the same.

(Level 1 and Level 3 look the same.)

- We can eat spicy food well, right? - Yes.

- Sure. - Thank you for the food.

- Gosh, it's a bit spicy. - It looks delicious.

- It's Level One, though. - Is it already spicy?

Is the Level One spicy?

(Level 1 Spicy Braised Chicken with Crab)

(It's made with Cheongyang chili powder.)

(Na Ra tastes the broth first.)

(This taste is?)

It's good.

It's sweet and tasty.

The Level One is as spicy as Shin Ramyeon...

that we usually eat.

It's also sweet.

(So Min starts tasting the crab.)

- It's good. The crab is fleshy. - Is it delicious?

(Fleshy crab)

(She also tries a spoonful of the broth.)

Gosh, the broth tastes refreshing because of radish and crabs.

The broth is so refreshing.

(The rich broth made with radish and crabs)

Crabs made the broth so refreshing.

The broth is so delicious.

(When you eat the crabs that are piled on top, )

There's chicken inside.

(you'll find chicken inside them.)

(Well-seasoned and chewy chicken)

(Jong Hyeop who can't eat spicy food tries Level One.)

Isn't it delicious?

It's not that spicy as I expected.

- No, it's not spicy at all. - Gosh.


- Gosh, it's spicy. - Is it spicy?

- For me, it's just fine. - What about the shells?

I don't think this is spicy.

Because that one is not spicy.

- This one is extremely spicy. - This is very spicy.

(Level 3 Spicy Braised Chicken with Crab)

(It's made with Habanero chili powder.)

(Very spicy, It's as spicy as Yupdduk.)

(How spicy is Level 3?)

- This is a little spicy. - It's spicy!

(Mi Joo eats Level 3 easily.)

- It's delicious. - It's good.

(Is she going to master Level 3?)

Mi Joo, is it too spicy?

It's not too spicy for me.

I told you this earlier.

I like crabs.

(It has come!)

- Is it too spicy? - Gosh.

(After a shriek)

Mi Joo.

Gosh, it's hot.

- It's too spicy. - My gosh.

(Feeling dizzy)

- Hold on. I can't hear well now. - What to do?

I can't hear. Say something to me, Sang Yeob.

- Ah. - I'm deafened.

Are you deafened? Is it that hot?

(Let me try it too.)


- I just tried a bit of broth now. - How was it?

- This is no joke. - The crab is so fleshy.

(Jae Seok, the last Spicy Master of Sixth Sense)

(A smile spread over his face.)

(He even tries radish.)

(Did Jae Seok master Level 3 so easily?)

- This radish is so good. - Right.


(The spicy taste explodes in his mouth.)

- Jae Seok. - He came out.

(He suddenly starts dancing.)

(He fell into a trance.)


- He came out. He's dancing. - I can't stop eating.

- I can't stop eating. - It's hot and spicy.

(The spicy taste pierces the frontal lobe.)

Do you know this?

- It's hot and spicy. - Of course, I know.

(The dance that expresses the hot and spicy taste)

(This is the spicy dance of the master of variety shows.)

Is it because of today's theme?

It's tough from the beginning.

It's spicy when you eat a lot.

- It's okay at first. - Right, it's okay at first.

The more you eat, the spicier it gets.

What happened to your lips, Jae Seok?


Your lips look the same.


Your lips look like a bird's beak.

(His lips resemble a bird's beak.)

(Bursting into laughter)

You all have lips like mine.

(3 siblings with cherry lips)

Gosh, I feel dizzy.

But it's so delicious.

Right, I can't stop eating.

It's really delicious.

(I can't stop eating it.)

(Is Spicy Braised Chicken with Crab real?)

- There are two crabs in it, - Right.

But the price is...

(What's wrong with the price?)

A chicken costs 3.5 dollars.

They won't make a margin at this rate.

(It's a pretty generous amount at a glance.)

(But the price is too low compared to the amount.)

Ji Hyun is just like other guests.

- I know. I became suspicious. - She's suspecting everything.

I don't think I can tell by its taste.

(Thinking hard)

I went inside the kitchen earlier.

The sauce is made of soup powder.

(This sauce is made of soup powder.)

(A while ago, she noticed something in the kitchen.)

(Unknown powders)

- It's made of powder. - Is this made of powder?

So perhaps...

I think it could be a mixture of ramyeon soup base.

Is that why it suits my taste?

That could be why.

(What is this powder?)

Shall we ladle it out and fry rice in it?

- Shall we? - That would be good.

- Ji Hyun... - Let me do it.

I'm so excited.

Ji Hyun is so excited now.

- I'm excited about eating. - Right.

(Jong Hyeop's table started frying rice too.)


(Add ingredients for fried rice to the sauce.)

(Mix it well so that it will have a spicy taste.)

(Stir-fry it slowly to make the fried rice.)

(It's the taste you all know.)

(What you must eat when you eat spicy braised chicken)

(Fried rice)

- Ji Hyun. You're so good at it. - Right.

- She's skillful. - She's really skillful.

You remind me of my grandmother.

(You remind me of my grandmother.)

(Ji Hyun, age 27, looks like a grandmother)


That's a compliment.

My grandmother did that well just like her.

(Will you try a spoonful of fried rice...)

(that Granny Ji Hyun made?)

- It's so good. - My goodness.

- It's good, right? - Ji Hyun made it so well.

- Try that. It's so good. - Is it delicious?

- Right. - Did you try this? Ji Hyun made it.

It's good, Ji Hyun.

- Is it good? - It's delicious.


This fried rice is delicious, right?

(Ji Hyun's fried rice is so popular.)

Jae Seok, I think we should slow down.

It's already late for me.

Me too.

I had a hearty meal.


I shouldn't have eaten this much.

(The taste is perfect. Is this place real?)

(Hint Game)

The game we're going to play for a hint is...

"Say with Names".

- Names? - Say with names?

(Team Spicy Beginner versus Team Spicy Non-Beginner)

(1. Look at the onomatopoeia on the sketchbook.)

(2. Explain it only using your name.)

(3. Your team members should guess the onomatopoeia...)

(based on your explanation.)


(You'll fail if you use other words besides your name.)

- It sounds difficult. - I will...

- Onomatopoeia? - I don't understand the rule.

- We'll start first. - Okay.

- We'll go first. - We'll go first.

- Right. - Watch how we do.


(They're lovey-dovey today.)

(Stop being lovey-dovey, and let's get started.)

- Jong Hyeop, do you want to try it? - Right, we have Jong Hyeop.

- Me? - Yes, do you want to try it?

(Variety Rookie Jong Hyeop of Team Spicy Beginner)

- Is Jong Hyeop going to do this? - Jong Hyeop will do it.

You can do it, Jong Hyeop!

Sure, please guess it right.

You can do it!

(Jae Seok notices someone in this pleasant atmosphere.)

(He's laughing silently.)


- You can look at me. - Okay.

You can look at me.

(I'll only look at you, Mi Joo.)

(She's over the moon.)

- Hey, Mi Joo. - Yes?

Seung Ah, this is your chance.

You can look at me.

(Showing off her charm)

(Tossing her hair)


(Mi Joo's romance makes him smile broadly.)

- Good going, Mi Joo. - Gosh, Mi Joo.

(You can do it, Jong Hyeop!)

This looks difficult.

Let's go!

(Very enthusiastic)

Ready, start!



Jong Hyeop.




- How did she know that? - What's happening?

She got it right.

(She's extremely happy.)

You did great, Jessi.

Take a seat. We don't have much time.

You two speak the same language.

- Dangly. - Jong Hyeop.

- Dangly. - Trembling.


(She suddenly shows a sexy posture.)

- Jong Hyeop. - Why is she gazing like that?

- Jong Hyeop. - Why is she gazing like that?

(She gazes at him like a beast longing for an answer.)

- Jong Hyeop. - Why is she gazing like that?


(This is so funny.)

Gosh, not that. Pass.



(He's thinking about it.)

Jong Hyeop.



- What was that? - Are you kidding?

- What was that? - Yes?

He's cool.

(It's hard to get used to a variety show.)

Go ahead, Jong Hyeop.


- Jong Hyeop. - Lively?

Lively? Smiley?

- Unfortunate. - Jong Hyeop.

- "Unfortunate". - My goodness.

(She's completely focused on getting the right answer.)

Hyun Ju's facial expression is so funny.

- Twitch. - Smirk.

(They're at a loss.)

- Grin. - Grin.

- What is it? - Grin.

- Right, grin. - I see.

But he's not doing his best.

No, I did my best.

- He gave it his all. - You got "tingling" right.

(But we hit it off!)

I just made that up.

Jong Hyeop is being scolded.

(He trusted Jessi, but she draws a line.)

Gosh, that's so funny!

- It's Mi Joo's turn now. - Okay!

Mi Joo Lee.

- Let's go, Mi Joo Lee. - It's fun, right?

(Suddenly proactive)

- I'll do it. - Jeon So... Okay.

(Come to think of it, )

(she's the female lead of the youthful romance just now, )

(and he's the male lead.)

(Look at them.)

(Gosh, I feel so shy.)

Goodness, what to do?

Jong Hyeop volunteered himself!

Since I was standing...

- What should I look at then? - Pardon?

What do you mean? Look at the words of course!

Mi Joo.

- Ready. - Okay.


(From the first word...)

It's difficult.

Mi Joo.

(I got it!)


- Am I right? - How did you get it at once?

Mi Joo.

(Moving on to the next question immediately)


She's good at it.

They're good. You're good.

She's good.

(Mi Joo, what are you doing?)

Mi Joo.

(Even the opponents are moved by Mi Joo.)


- Throwing up? - Burping!

- She's so good at this game! - So good.

- Flipping! - Flipping!

(Guessing the answer at once)

- Goodness. - Amazing!

- What's this? - Gosh.

Nam Ji Hyun and Lee Mi Joo, you guys are amazing.

- Mi Joo. - Chewing?

Mi Joo.


- Mi Joo. - What's that?

(What on earth is that?)

(Her charm without an exit is making him dizzy.)

Mi... Don't look at me for a while!


(Manner mode)

Close your eyes! Mi Joo.

- Mi Joo. - Washing here and there.

(As expected from my comedian junior!)

- Here and there? - Back and forth?

- Stuck here and there? - Hold on.

- Mi Joo. - Hold on.

- This... - Mi Joo.






(Charging at him while showing off her pink gums)


- Teeth! - Stop showing your gums!

- Crooked! - Crooked?


I see, crooked. Did you mean my teeth?

Hey! Stop making fun of others about their looks!

I had no choice.

(I'm sorry.)

(Mi Joo's so funny.)

(A rather easy onomatopoeia this time)

Mi Joo!

(Bursting into laughter)

(Clapping for her impressive display)

- Mi Joo! - Crazy!

(Encore laughter)

I see, so this is how I should play the game.

- Mi Joo! - Guffaw?

(Is it guffaw?)

- Really? Is it guffaw? - Why are you so good at this?

Here I go. Mi Joo.

(Mi Joo!)

(Mi Joo!)

(They can smell something shocking for some reason.)

(You win.)


(Ready, set, fire.)

- Farting! - Pooping! Farting!

- Right? - She got it right.

Farting! You're amazing.

- You're amazing. - Mi Joo!


- As expected... - Mi Joo, you're seriously the best.

From my comedian junior.

But Ji Hyun...

- is really good at guessing. - Ji Hyun is so good.

- Ji Hyun. - You're so good at guessing.

She has a big vocabulary.

You guys make a perfect duo.

You guys are a perfect duo.

(They score 8 points thanks to the youngest teammates.)

I almost cried.

(She almost passed out from laughing too much.)

- Let's go. - Ready.

- Listen carefully. - Start.


(Are you playing a dirty trick from the start?)

- Upside down. - It's upside down.

(I'm sorry.)

(Darn it.)

- Jae Seok. - Tingling?

Jae Seok.

- Boiling? - They can't get it.

- Burning? - Jae Seok.

That's it!

(The next onomatopoeia describes Jae Seok perfectly.)

Jae Seok.

- Gossiping! - Chatty!

Jae Seok.

- Jae Seok. - Talkative!

- Jae Seok. - Gossiping!

- Annoying? - Talkative!

Jae Seok.

- Jae Seok. - A scum?

(A scum)

(Her true feelings are revealed.)

What is it? Loud?

Jae Seok.

- Jae Seok. - I don't know.

Here and there.

Jae Seok.

- Pass. - What was it?

- Noisy. - I see.

This is easy.

- Jae Seok. - He surprised me.

- Careful. - Shaking.

- Shaking. - Trembling?

- Jae Seok. - Risky!

(Looking carefully)

- Risky? - Risky!



(HyeNam steals the answer.)


- Let's go! - Okay.

(On a roll now)

(This is difficult.)

(Taken aback)

(Jae Seok)

(Jae Seok)

Jae Seok.

(What is this lightness?)

(Jae Seok)

(The new world of variety shows)

(Getting embarrassed)

Jae Seok.

(Very impressed)

- Murmuring? - Murmuring.

Jae Seok.

- Falling? - Falling?

- Jae Seok. - Dripping?

That's right!

- You're good. - Nice!

- She's good. - Nice.


(The score is 10 to 2 with Team Spicy Non-Beginners leading.)

Should I go? I'll go.

(Big Sis steps up to stop the other team.)

How was it, Jong Hyeop?

It's difficult. I learned that's how I should explain it.

- I'll start. We can do this! - Here you go.

- We can do this! - Start.

(The word is difficult from the start.)

- Na Ra. - Picking up.



(Bottoms up)

- Na Ra. - Drunk!

(Getting the answers right in a row)

- You're good! - You're good.

- Na Ra! - Throwing!

Keep quiet.

- Na Ra! - Heavy.

She's throwing something.

A sumo wrestler!

(Not that!)


Hey! Why would you guess that?

- Quick! - Why...

(Good job, Sang Yeob.)

- Quick! - Okay.

- Na Ra. - Why would you guess that?

What's wrong with you?

Jae Seok, quick.

She's good. Jessi and Sang Yeob?

- Lovey-dovey. - Na Ra.


- That's not it. - Love!

When Jessi shouts,

- what does Sang Yeob do? - Obedient!

- You're right. - Come on!

(Scoring an own goal of love)

Why are you guessing that?

What's wrong with him?

(Swearing with her eyes)

- Sang Yeob. - My gosh.

- I'm sorry. - Next question.

(Love is not a sin!)

Why did you guess the words?

The way she explains is funny!

You weren't looking this way, right?

- No. - How cute. Why was he guessing?

Team Ji Hyun wins.

We still won!

(The answer thief feels the happiest.)


- Her vocabulary is amazing. - Good job!

Good job, Nam Ji.

(Good job.)

This is the special sauce manufacturing room.

(They open the door and enter the room.)

(What hint lies in here?)

I'll go in.

It's here!

No, that's the sauce for naengmyeon.

Isn't this the sauce?

Oyster sauce.

The ingredients don't match.

This must be the sauce.

(She opens the special sauce container.)

Gosh, the smell of chili powder is crazy.

He must adjust the amount he puts in according to the levels.

Isn't it strange that there is only one container...

of the special sauce in the special sauce manufacturing room?

- If it takes longer to age, - You're right.

There should've been many containers.

This place is fake.

That's the conclusion.

- We got it. - This is hard.

(Is the place real with just a bit of sauce?)

(Crab and chicken in red! Spicy Braised Chicken with Crab)

(1. The owner doesn't know the origin of the chili powder.)

(2. The powder that looks like ramyeon soup powder)

(3. The price is too cheap compared to the number of crabs.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

We'll all be stuck in a restroom after the show.

I actually want to go to one now.


When you go to all three places, can you feel the one that is fake?

I should be able to feel it a bit at least, right?

- Well... - No.

- Sometimes, every place looks fake. - Sometimes, every place looks fake.

- Sometimes, every place looks real. - Sometimes, every place looks real.

It's really confusing.

But for me, one thing...

- The crab... - That's a bit random, right?

Feels a bit random.

Actually, a menu like spicy braised chicken with tripe...

is popular nowadays,

but I've never heard of spicy braised chicken with crab.

(They are confused from the first place already.)

I feel uncomfortable after enjoying the food.

What about you, Sobari?

I just think...

Should we play Truth or Dare?

Truth or Dare out of nowhere?

You want to play it because of just one person!

That's a good idea.

(That's a good idea, So Min.)

I like playing Truth or Dare.

I'll ask Sang Yeob.

Sang Yeob, do you love Jessi?

(Do you love Jessi?)


(He's very serious despite the sudden question.)

(Thinking carefully)

So Min, love is too deep. Ask something else.

- Feelings! - Do you have good feelings for her?

No, you should ask something like this.

Sang Yeob, do you want to kiss Jessi?

You should ask something like this!

(Do you want to kiss Jessi?)

You should ask something like this!

(Do you want to kiss Jessi?)

(What kind of variety show is this?)

What's up with kissing today?

Do you want to kiss her?

(The girls are smiling so widely at the thought of kissing.)

You should ask...

- something like this. - Gosh, this is so funny.

- Asking that is too soon. - Okay, I'll ask again.

To Sang Yeob. When Jessi mentioned kissing, you imagined it.

- Everyone's become quiet. - He didn't.

If you can't answer, drink your coffee bottom up.

(I'm curious about how this love ends.)

Please answer it quickly! I'm so curious.

(So my answer is...)

When you look at someone's face, you can see their lips too.

(This is it!)

(The girls are going wild at the unconventional development.)

- That's it! - My goodness.

(Laughing for real)

(My goodness!)

I look at Jae Seok's lips every day!

Hyun Ju likes it.

- Hyun Ju likes it. - This is so funny.

A man can look at a woman that way.

I can.

This really feels like a girls' high school.

- Right? - Yes, for real.

The end of Truth or Dare.

(Sponsored by "Grasshopper the MC")

(Sponsored by "You Can Love Too")

(Sponsored by "Please Stay Together Forever, Sang Yeob and Jessi")

Mi Joo, ask a question.


I'll ask the person in front of me.

(Straightforward Mi Joo is on.)

I'll ask the person in front of me.

(It's finally here.)

- Let's go, Mi Joo! - Let's go.

Since this is Truth or Dare, I'll ask a truthful question.

What's the dare if he doesn't want to answer?

Get hit on the back of his head.

- So he has to answer. - That's so novel.

Before you can answer,

I'll quickly arrive at the next place.

(Jae Seok is so witty.)

That's the only way...

- I can help you. - That won't do. Ask him right away.

The car suddenly sped up.

- Jae Seok, drive slowly! - Within the speed limit...

Within the speed limit, I'll drive as fast as I can.

- The wheels are going to explode. - I'll drive as fast as I can.

- Jong Hyeop, we'll protect you. - We'll protect you.

(Ji Hyun is excited, and Jong Hyeop doesn't know what to do.)

Mi Joo is in a rush now.

I'll ask now.

Do you swear that you'll only answer the truth?

Of course.

(Shy answering machine)

In the morning,

- you talked about your ideal type. - Yes.

(Jong Hyeop had to pick his ideal type out of the four.)

(Mi Joo was looking forward to it quietly.)

(Jong Hyeop picked So Min without a second thought.)

(She laughed as if she was fine, )

(but she couldn't hide her true feelings.)

Why am I getting fluttered?

Exactly. Why am I suddenly getting fluttered?

- You said it was So Min. - Yes.

- By any chance, has it changed... - Yes.

After some time?

- The traffic jam's so bad. - The traffic is so bad.

Gosh, the traffic jam's so bad here.

- Hey, just answer her! - Please answer.

Normally, your ideal type...

doesn't change within a few hours.

(Right, So Min?)

(A man's first love lasts forever.)

- That's right. - So it didn't change?

Sitting here is so fun.

I can see everything from here.

I mean, it can change.

(Cold and bright)

It can change.

- Of course it can change! - That's right.

- Your ideal type... - It can change.

Whenever they say "ideal type", it feels like they're calling me.

Ideal type... Did I say Sang Yeob?

Lee Sang Yeob?

My goodness, she's head over hills for Sang Yeob.

Gosh, Lee Sang Yeob.

Sang Yeob, do you want to kiss Jessi?

(Today, it's Sang Yeob and Jessi's wedding car.)

This area...

sells a lot of camping food and so on.

A lot of people come here...

- during weekends and holidays. - Exactly.

My goodness.

Who was that? The composer who grills meat well.

- Don Spike. - Don Spike likes it.

(Tomahawk expert)

Don Spike likes it.

- That's right. - It must taste good.

We're here.

This feels like a camping site.

It's placed quite inside.

- The place goes well with the menu. - It does.

This is the restaurant?

(How does the spicy hot pork tomahawk restaurant look like?)

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 2)

(Fifteen ingredients numb the tastebuds!)

(Charcoal-grilled hot pork tomahawk)

(The bright weather you want to enjoy outside the city)

What great weather.

(Thanks to the location that is 30 minutes from Seoul...)

(and the abundant nature, )

(Yangju is full of hot spots.)

(The next place we meet at the edge of summer)

I think it's done outdoors.

It's done outdoors?

Gosh, this is so cool!

The atmosphere's amazing.

This place is so nice!

(As soon as they enter, the place impresses them.)

This is so pretty.

If this place is real,

I'm coming back next week.

Doesn't this look like a resort?

Doesn't it feel like we're on a trip?

(How does it look on the other side of the fence?)

(As soon as you enter...)

A day like today is perfect to come here.

(On the green grass, )

(bungalows with great vibes are lined up.)

(The front yard full of vacation spot vibe)

(In the evening, it gives off a different charm.)

(This is K-sky.)

(Great vibes)

(Date on the outskirts of Seoul)

(Meat under the starlight)

(When you look to the tents' left, )

(there's a big grill where today's protagonist will be created.)

(Look once more since it's cool.)

(A 1-day holiday...)

(for busy people)

(Is this vacation spot-like place real?)

This is so pretty!

- Right, Ji Hyun? - Yes. It's very pretty,

but I can't enjoy myself because I can't trust the place.

- My baby. - My big baby.

Sorry about my butt.

You can bring your companion animals here.

I think that's why the place looks like this.

(A green vacation spot for companion animals)

Hold on, this looks newly made.

(Looking around here and there)

Doesn't this look like it's built in haste?

Who am I talking to?

(I'm a thermometer fairy.)

This sure is cool,

but things like this look so fake.

Yes, it's so strange.

They look so fake.

Hold on, why does this look so suspicious?

I think the production crew made this.

(Did the production crew make the notice in the restaurant?)

But this is so pretty.

I think it's so pretty.

- I want to come back next time. - Here?

This place is so pretty!

- Right? - Look at the bar.

- This looks real. - It's like a piece of art.

Did the owner make this?

(There's even a private area for couples)

(The place perfectly suits their tastes.)

(Is there anything strange?)

I can check these, right?

(Suddenly getting closer)

Don't you think this place looks like a cafe too?

There are a lot of outdoor cafes...

- like this nowadays. - Exactly.


But they have the menu.

The menu...

(There are various types of meat in the menu.)

They have the menu.

Did you see this?

(All meat is precooked in the grill?)

(Jae Seok looks around the front yard.)

But there's a grill here.

The production crew can't make that.

There's a grill there.

Maybe they can build the grill.

But this...

This looks real.

(The big grill, is this place real?)

The crew can't make this.

(Fire burning hotly in the furnace)

(Charcoal and oak piled up beside it)

(And the tools which look worn out from being used by experts)

Isn't this a filming site?

It looks like a set-up studio.

So Min, I think the roof is made of wood.

Wouldn't it have been better to remove the roof?

For the floor as well, they only laid the decks...

and pasted the bricks thinly.

(Namdaichi mode on)

- Here. - You're right.

- They laid the woods... - You're right.

- This is empty. - on the decks.

That's wood. It looks like a set built for filming, right?

(The grill is surrounded by wood. Is this place fake?)

It would be so nice to come here with your family.

I wish I had a child which I don't.

- Come here, baby. - It makes you think that, right?

Yes. Go run around.

It's fun, right?

- You think that's what will happen? - Is it not?


(Don't go there!)


It's just a nice scene in dramas.


Let's eat, honey!

This only happens in dramas as well.

Hurry up!

- In dramas. - What about in reality?

- In reality? - Yes.

Why did you want to come here when it's so hot?

It took us three hours to get here...

- because of the traffic jam. - Eat!

I'll tell you what happens in reality.

(Jae Seok's life lesson that's easy to learn)

Why are you smiling as you're running, Jong Hyeop?

- Because everyone's waiting for me. - He's so cute.

He came running and smiling, and he looked so cute.

Your smile makes people put their guards down.

(Where are you looking at?)

Who are you talking to?

- Jong Hyeop. - Look at him and talk.


make people put their guards up.

(Putting the guards up instead of down)

- Tie up with a rope - So Min's gesturing at me to stop.

She's gesturing at me to stop getting in her way.

- I make people put their guards up. - You make people...

put their guards up.

- A smile like that. - Jong Hyeop's putting his guard up?

(Completely guarded)

But this place feels kind of real.

I wish this was my house.

- It really is pretty. - Yes.

- Shall we invite the owner first? - Yes.

- I'm so curious. - I'm so curious.

Excuse me.

- He's here. - He's here.

- Hello. - Hello.


I run a garden barbecue restaurant.

I'm Han Ho Jun, the owner of Haru Restaurant.

I opened the restaurant in 2019.

At first, I sold beef tomahawk,

but because it's quite expensive,

I changed it to pork tomahawk.

Our pork tomahawk is charcoal-grilled once.

After that, the hot sauce is applied...

and is smoked on the charcoal once more.


For the third step, it is grilled in front of the customers...

and served to them.

(Hot pork tomahawk is completed...)

(after 3 steps.)

Many restaurants were selling pork tomahawk already,

so we came up...

with hot pork tomahawk using a hot sauce.

We add about 15 ingredients for our sauce.

It's not stinging at first.

The spiciness comes to you after some time.

We invented the sauce that has a sweet and spicy aftertaste.

I know a lot of people from camping clubs.

They promoted my restaurant through social media and blogs.

Some of my customers have been enjoying camping...

as their hobby for a while.

The camping beginners also come to my restaurant.

(A restaurant where you can enjoy the vibe during the day and night)

The peak season, during fall and spring,

our daily turnover is around 4,000 to 5,000 dollars.

During summer,

the turnover is around 1,500 to 2,000 dollars.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

- Hello. - Hello.

I'm the owner of a garden barbeque place.

He looks so natural.

How long has it been since you ran this place?

It's been about two years.

I opened the restaurant in 2019.

- It hasn't been that long. - Two years...

I invited my friends over...

for a barbeque party often.

They told me I'm a good cook,

and they recommended me to run a restaurant.

That's how I opened this restaurant.

(That's too simple of a reason to start a restaurant.)

Why did you name it Haru Restaurant?

I wanted my customers to enjoy the garden barbeque for a day.

I wanted them to rest here fully.

- You accept only one group a day? - Pardon?

- You accept only one group a day? - How will I make money then?

There are so many tables here.

I see.

The owner seems flustered.

There are tables inside and outside, right?

That's right. There are about four tables inside.

There are about seven tables outside.

(There are 12 tables for 4.)

Why did you decide to make spicy pork tomahawk?

There's no restaurant selling hot pork tomahawk in Korea.

We're the only ones selling hot pork tomahawk.

It requires a skill not to burn meat with sauce on it.

(So Min attentively looks somewhere.)

- Your arm got burned. - Right, this.

Yes, I burned it while cooking.

(He got that scar while cooking using the brick oven?)

That's how I burned it.

I burned my hands too.

You get burned easily when you deal with fire.

This place must be real.

This is hard. The second place is more confusing.

- It's confusing, right? - Yes.

It's so hard.

Excuse me for asking, but what was your previous occupation?

I worked for a construction company. After I retiring from it,

I opened this place because it was my dream to build my own place.

I wanted to build a place that's different from others,

giving off a vibe of a vacation spot.

That must be why the house is really pretty.

(After retiring from the construction company he worked for, )

(it was his dream to build a house in the suburb...)

(and live with his family.)

I noticed this earlier. The deck over there...

is made out of wood.

You deal with fire here, so is it okay to use wood for a deck?

I covered it with bricks, so it's okay.

I know they're covered with bricks, but what if...

- Is it okay? - I've been using it...

for two years, and it's fine.



Which material did you use for the walls...

when you built your house?

(Is he familiar with the materials he used for his house?)

That? Well, we used Dryvit stucco.

Because of that, when you hit on the wall, it sounds empty.

But it insulates the house and preserves heat well.

(He knows about it?)

He's right. He's certain.

- He's certain. - He seems too perfect.

All right, then.

- Can we taste your tomahawk? - Sure.

- All right. - Thank you.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

When he spoke,

- he seemed sincere. - Right?

This place seems real.

I think this place is real.

We need to hurry.

There's someone helping him.

Mr. Han! Is that your son who's helping you?

- He's my nephew. - Sorry?

- He's my nephew. - I see.

Hi, Mr. Han's nephew!


(Bowing back)

You know how nephews resemble you because you share the same blood?

They look alike.

Their physiques are similar.

Their silhouettes look alike.

The shoulder line and their arms.

- They look the same. - Right.

They look similar.

The way he handles the meat...

- He's skillful, right? - Yes, he's very skillful and bold.

They look so natural.

Everything here looks natural.

They're all used to what they're doing.

But the staff could've invited them as a chef.

That's true.

You should keep doubting them.

(Is the owner's assistant his real nephew?)

(Or is he a chef that the staff invited?)

(Extremely spicy)

(Hot pork tomahawk)

(The red flavor...)

(you've never tasted before)

(Their teamwork is most important as there are many orders.)

(While he seasons the meat, )

(the owner...)

(checks on the charcoal and the oak tree firewood.)

(They roughly grill the meat over a charcoal fire.)

(Grill it for 10 minutes, avoiding direct contact with the fire.)

(Then soak it with the extremely spicy sauce.)

(Hot pork tomahawk reborn with a spicy taste)

(They smoke the meat in the brick oven.)

(When the sauce coating the meat is dry, )

(grill the meat again at the customer's table.)

(Even if you don't like meat, )

(you'll be charmed by this dish.)

(It takes 3 steps...)

(to make hot pork tomahawk.)

- Hello. - Hello.

- Hello. - Hello.

- Hello. - Hello.

- Are you his wife? - Yes.

- Oh, hello. - Hello.

(Na Ra is gazing at her.)

You guys look alike.

- Do we? - Yes.

(The owner and his wife look just like each other.)

(Are they a real couple?)

My gosh, look at that, Na Ra.

(The hot pork tomahawk is grilled with oil in the final step.)

I should make it delicious since you're all here.

(Filled with juice)

(They're completely charmed by the hot pork tomahawk.)

It looks so good.

- This place must be real. - I think this place is real.

(It looks insanely good.)

It's here! Sit down, everyone.

- You're the best! Thank you. - Thank you.

It looks so good!

(It's a barbeque party.)

(The owner's hot pork tomahawk...)

(covered with a special sauce)

(How will it taste?)

(Highly expectant)

Thank you for the food.

- Can I have this? - Yes, you can.

It must be really good.

Thank you for the food.


(It tastes heavenly.)

It's really good.

I get why dogs like bones.

- Is the meat on it better? - The meat on the bone is so good.

(So Min knows how to enjoy meat.)

(Mi Joo takes a bite too.)

(It's to her liking.)

It's plump and nice.

Gosh, it looks so good.

(The hot pork tomahawk makes you salivate.)

It's perfectly cooked.

It's really good.


(Let me have a bite too.)

It's so good.

It's not like that I can't eat because it's too spicy.

It's moderately spicy.

It tastes like a spicy steak.

- That's right. - Right?

(How does the hot pork tomahawk taste in a wrap?)

It's really good, right?

(Even the barbeque lover approves of it.)

Shall we try the mushrooms?

You need skills to grill mushrooms.

You can't grill them randomly.

It says Haru Restaurant over here.

- They stamped it? - They stamped the mushrooms.

Goodness, I thought I filled my stomach from the first place,

but I guess I have room for some more.

- It's so good. - I think I've tasted...

the sauce before.

It's not a Korean-style sauce.

- The sauce... - Does it taste different?

Tastes like a combination of A.1. Sauce and ketchup.

That's how it tastes.

No, Na Ra. It's not A.1 Sauce.

Then it must be A.2.

It doesn't taste like A.1. Sauce.

I think it's a barbecue sauce.



You're out of meat? You can have it.

I thought...

- he wasn't going to eat more. - Can't I have a piece?

You always say that you're not going to eat it.

- The taste... - It can't be fake.

The taste of the meat can't be fake.

It's so nice.

This must be why...

- everyone has a tomahawk. - That's right.

- It's my first time eating it. - But tomahawks...

need to be grilled by someone skillful.

Otherwise, the outside gets burned,

and the inside doesn't get cooked.

It's impossible to be suspicious of this place.

I think the third place is fake today.

But isn't his story a bit off?

He built this house to live with his family,

but his friends told him...

to open a restaurant because he's a good cook.

I think it's suspicious that he opened a restaurant...

after listening to his friends.

Doesn't that sound...

- like a made-up story for our show? - Exactly.

The story that the writers came up with.

(Is this place a fake restaurant that the staff made?)

The game you'll be playing...

is Steamed Bun, Red Bean Bun.

- Steamed bun, red bean bun? - How do we play it?

It's a new game!

(They'll shout out steamed bun and red bun on 4 beats.)

(Steamed bun, bun bun, steamed bun)

(If you pronounce it wrong, then you fail.)

(Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun, steamed bun)

(If you don't say each word in turn, you fail.)

(For the 5th steamed bun, )

(you should say it as you did with the 4 beats before.)

It's too difficult.

(They'll mispronounce everything.)

- It's so hard to pronounce them. - It's impossible.

We can't pronounce them.

Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun, red bean bun.

Wait. I can't even pronounce steamed bun.

How can I pronounce both words in turn?

Let's start.

(Jessi of Team Spicy Non-Beginners will attack first.)


Set, go!

(Jessi attacks first.)

Steamed bun.

Steamed bun, red bean bun.

Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun.

(Sang Yeob almost mispronounced steamed bun.)

Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun, red bean bun.

(Pronouncing everything wrong)

(She mispronounced them.)

- Hey. - It's hard to pronounce!

We can't help but mispronounce it!

- That's not how it goes! - I...

What did she say?

People are getting wrong ideas about our show.

(It's so hard to pronounce them.)

So Min will start, and Na Ra will go next.

I don't think they'll make it until my turn.

(They're certain that they won't do a good job.)

No, they will never.

(They're getting competitive.)

- Ready, go. - Go.

(They'll go in this direction.)

- Steamed bun. - Steamed bun, red bean bun.

Steamed bun, steamed bun, red bean bun.

(He neatly clears the difficult section.)

(Jessi, show it to them!)

Steamed bun, red, red, steamed red, bun.

(Steamed bun, red, red, )

(steamed red, bun.)

(She spewed some alien words.)

- I mean... - Were those alien words?

How many times was I supposed to say them?

You were supposed to say four.

- But you said only 3. - I said only 3?

Steamed, steamed, bun, bun.

- "Steamed, steamed, bun, bun". - "Bun, bun".

It's "steamed bun"!

- Oh, steamed bun? Got it. - "Steamed, steamed, bun, bun".

Steamed bun, steamed, steamed.

- Gosh, this is... - It's steamed bun, red bean bun.

- I'm sweating. - "I'm sweating."

- It's steamed bun, red bean bun. - Steamed bun, red bean bun.

- You can't pronounce them? - Steamed bun, red bean bun.

- Your turn will come soon. - Your turn will come soon.

Listen to my pronunciation.

Is that so? Then let's switch direction.

- Let's see how well you do. - Let's see how well you do.

Ready, go.

- Steamed bun. - Steamed bun, red bean bun.

Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun.

Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun, red bean bun.

Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun, red bean bun.

- Steamed bun. - Steamed bun, red bean bun,

steamed bun, red bean bun.

(She needs to skip 2 beats and start with steamed bun.)

Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun, red bean bun.

(She just says whatever she wants.)

(He was nervous next to Na Ra.)

(Mouth getting dry)

(He's really relieved that Na Ra made a mistake.)

Hey, how many times did you say that?

You can't stop it once you start.

- It's really difficult. - I know.

I think... So Min, you're really good.

How did you get back again after the pause?

So Min is good with games like this.

I get it now. I got it.

Let's play. Let's go!

- Ready, go. - Ready, go.

(They'll go in this direction.)

- Steamed bun. - Steamed bun, red bean bun.

Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun.

Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun, red bean bun.

Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun, red bean bun.


(Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun, red bean bun.)

(She clears stage 5 by super concentrating.)


Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun, red bean bun.

Steamed bun, red bean bun.


(Just as he was delighted that he succeeded, )

(the worst player takes her turn.)

Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun, red bean bun.

Steamed bun, red bean bun, steamed bun...

(Jong Hyeop bursts into laughter.)

What was that last part?

I almost did the jumping dance.

(He can't stop himself from doing the jumping dance.)

We did really well.

We did well.

I didn't know they'd play this far.

- So I wasn't prepared at all. - Now I'm used to the game.

Shall we keep playing...

or switch up the words to red mussel and white mussel?

- Red mussel and white mussel? - That's impossible!

(Since they're used to buns, they change the words.)

Let's use "mussel".

- Red mussel, red mussel. - Red mussel? It's impossible.

What's the difference?

Red mussel, white mussel.

I think this one's a lot easier.

- Let's use "mussel" then. - Red mussel, white mussel.

I'll start.

- Okay. - And let's go in this direction.

Ready, go.

- Red mussel. - Red mussel, white mussel.

Red mussel, white mussel, red mussel.

Red mussel, white mussel, red mussel, white mussel.

(Didn't she say this is way easier?)

- Red mussel, white mussel... - Excuse me, Mi Joo.

- Was that Russian? - Mi Joo!


(It's so funny.)


Mi Joo, did you wear braces?

You two are so cold to Mi Joo.

- They're really cold. - You guys are really cold.

I'm very strict.

I'm really happy today...

because there's someone who's younger than me.

- She acted like an older one. - So I'm not the youngest anymore.

- Just trust me. - Sure.

You know, Hyun Ju...

It feels like we're hanging out at Hyun Ju's place in LA.

It feels like that, right?

(A happy home party at Hyun Ju's place in LA)

It's so nice to hang out at Hyun Ju's place.

- Thank you for inviting us. - Thank you.

Sure. Let's play again.

Let's play. Ready, go.

(They'll go in this direction.)

- Red mussel. - Red mussel, white mussel.

Red mussel, white mussel, red mussel.

Red mussel, white mussel, red mussel, white mussel.

(Even Mi Joo who seemed unstable succeeded.)



- What's wrong with you? - What's wrong with you?

She's on your team.


(Coming to a realization)

Seriously, Sang Yeob only listens to himself.

(He only listens to himself.)

He's getting scolded by his girlfriend.

It's nice to see you married and living happily.

(They look like newlyweds.)

We're nice to each other when we're alone.


(My goodness)

That's nice.


(Thanks to Sang Yeob's interference, )

(Team Spicy Non-Beginners loses.)

(Hint time)

What kind of hint is this? It's before it was renovated?

It looks like a country house.

(It looks like an ordinary county house.)

There was no oven here.

(The brick oven wasn't there before the renovation?)

The grill wasn't here.

Come on.

(She found something.)

(What's the secret behind the brick oven?)

If this place is fake, then it's just someone's house.

(Is the brick oven a fake that the staff made?)

(Or did they install it after the renovation?)

(Charcoal-grilled hot pork tomahawk)

(1. A brick oven built on a wood deck)

(2. The tomahawk sauce that tastes familiar)

(3. The brick oven wasn't there before the renovation.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

But don't you think this place is real?

I'm suspicious because it was too perfect.

You complain when it's too perfect and when it's sloppy.

How are we supposed to find the real place?

(Watching Sixth Sense in person)

What do you think of this place, Jong Hyeop?

I think the owner...

is someone who runs a guesthouse...

or a resort pension somewhere.

- The staff newly built this one. - This is driving me crazy.

I think the main chef...

- is the nephew. - I think so too.

The nephew did everything, and the owner only hung the meat.

- He was only attending the fire. - Exactly.

(He only made a fire on the side...)

(and hung the meat that his nephew prepared for him?)

I saw you kissing in your drama, Sang Yeob.

- I know. - You kissed someone else.

Why can't you kiss Jessi?

("Sang Yeob Did a Kissing Scene When He has Jessi"?)

But that's...

(That's my job.)

What if we were only acting?

If there's an acting game, do you think you can kiss me?

What's an acting game?

"You two should start kissing."

- An acting game? - "Let's start the game."

An acting game?

"Today's game is about kissing."

Then shall we play an acting game?

She asked if you can kiss her if we play an acting game.

She asked if you can kiss her.

Sang Yeob, do you get fond of the actress...

you kiss in a drama?

It depends on the person.

What? What's with his tone?

He's acting.

Hyun Ju said you suddenly became a turnoff.

What's wrong with your tone?

I just wanted to act cool.

You don't have to act cool. You are cool.

- What was that? - What was that?

Are they having a lovers' quarrel?

What was that? I thought he was going to throw a punch.

It's funny though.

(They arrive at the third place in the meantime.)


This must be the place.


- Is this the udon place? - Oh, my gosh.

- It looks so fake. - This place looks so fake.

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 3)

(Sells at least 200 bowls a day!)

(Soft tofu udon with hot chili oil fights fire with fire)

(Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul)

Let's go.

(They've arrived at the soft tofu udon place.)

(Let me see.)

It looks fake already.

It's fake for sure. It looks fake.

Doesn't this place look so fake?

I know. It looks so fake.

(A suspicious-looking udon place...)

(located on the roadside?)

It's so new.

- The signboard... - Na Ra.

- It seems pretty new. - Right?

There aren't that many restaurants near here, right?

I know. It's so random.

The location seems so random.

I have no idea!

- Let's go inside. - Let's go.

We might change our minds after tasting it.

(Is this place real or fake?)

(They enter the restaurant.)

It looks different on the inside.

It's confusing.

(If you go past the entrance that looks fake, )

(the inside looks familiar.)

(There are handwritten instructions...)

(and a self-service section that's in every udon place.)

(Is this a real udon place?)

- It smells real. - It smells real.

- What kind of smell is it? - It's the typical udon smell.

How come I don't smell anything?


I can smell it now.

The inside looks real.

- What's this? - This place looks real.

The natural smell and the natural placements.

You think the objects are placed naturally?

Yes, the placements are natural.

Gosh, these are all sticky.

Why is there...

(He found something.)

(There's instant rice...)

(and a microwave on display.)

Oh, it's for customers to heat up instant rice?

(Suspicious-looking instant rice...)

(in a restaurant where they can make rice)

Doesn't the interior look like...

the sweetfish rice restaurant?

(It reminds them of the fake restaurant from episode 7.)

(They look exactly the same that it looks suspicious.)

(Did the staff make use of the old props?)

(Or is this an interior design of a popular restaurant?)

- What's that? - It's Chef Jung Ho Young's.

(The wall is filled with celebrities' autographs.)

They have autographs too.

- Chef Jung Ho Young is here again. - Gosh, really?

(Did he consult them about fake food this time again?)

He's everywhere.


You should put up your sign as Noodle Boy.

- No, Noodle Patient. - "Noodle Patient"?

(In the corner of the restaurant, )

(there's an open kitchen.)

It's been used a lot.

But that can be done by our staff.

(The kitchen tools seem to have been used for a long time.)

All the places look real today. I'm in trouble today.

I thought...

this restaurant is fake because of its sign.

Now that we're inside,

- It's so real. - it seems real.

(Namdaichi is on it.)

The interior looks like it's for a cafe.

(There are cute items you can see in cafes.)

(Is it a fake restaurant that they remodeled a cafe?)

(Or is it a real restaurant that's been here for a long time?)

(Is this a fake place?)


- I got goosebumps. - Why?

(Did he find another suspicious thing?)

- Why? - I know why you're sitting here.

(I know why you're sitting here.)

(What's wrong with my spot?)

(From there, Mi Joo can see Jong Hyeop straight.)

- A great spot. - All of the sudden.

You think Mi Joo is looking at us?

Actually, she's looking at him.

(I'm busted.)

(Jong Hyeop, smiling like that is a crime.)

It's hard to be that obvious.

- No, I'm not. - You are looking at him.

- Isn't it funny? - No, I'm not.

It's so funny that it's obvious.

Hyun Ju wants to do the acting game.

Kissing game. Acting game.

- I can do it. - Of course.

Do it somewhere else.

I've started.

- What? - I'm ready to start.

What are you ready for?

(Is it..?)

(I'm ready to kiss.)

- The first one to start. - We're not ready to see that.

- Do it with the wall. - I'll start. Should I?

(Mi Joo...)

(Suddenly kissing the wall)

(The idol singer who is not afraid to kiss)


She's kissing the wall.

(Oh, my goodness.)

(She's cute.)

She said she'll start.

I'll start.

- Let's meet the owner. - Yes.

- Hello. - Hello.

(The owner appeared shyly.)

(Being shy)


I'm running an udon restaurant in Galhyeon-dong.

I'm 53 years old. I'm Bong Ha.

My mother ran a restaurant...

for over 30 years in Hongje-dong.

It was a famous place.

I learned how to run a restaurant from there.

Then, I opened a restaurant here.

Which menu is the most sold?

Soft tofu udon is the most sold one.

I make the broth first.

In the broth, I put anchovies,

mysids, and various vegetables.

Regular udon has clear soup.

But soft tofu udon soup has red soup...

because of the special sauce. That's the difference.

I put the special sauce in the soup. And then I put in soft tofu.

If they request, I make it spicy.

Even children eat this.

(Another special point)

The noodles are thinner than udon noodles.

(Thinner than regular udon noodles)

They're thicker than thin noodles.

(Thicker than thin noodles)

On top of that, I put on toppings.

Then, I put on soft tofu soup.

I finish it off with seaweed flakes and sesame seeds.

(It's the hottest food in this area.)

Before COVID 19, I sold more than 200 bowls a day.

Only with one dish.

The elderly come here quite often.

These days, the young come here a lot.

Many people come here a lot.

Sixth Sensers, do you think it's a real place?

How long have you been running this place?

It's been seven years.

Seven years.

The sign seems...

- new. - It seems new.


I changed it recently.

- Really? - Yes.

(It's suspicious.)

When did you start making soft tofu udon?

The reason why we started making soft tofu udon is...

because my wife and I like to drink.

(Suddenly talking about drinking?)

The day after we drank,

my wife put in udon noodles into soft tofu soup.

It was a special menu for us.

(Why does it feel like he memorized the line?)

The look and taste were great.

So we decided to put it on the menu.

Originally, it was served in clear soup.

Now, I have made a special sauce.

We put that in. So it's served in red soup.

(My mouth is watering.)

- There is instant rice. - Why are they there?

Some customers who have soft tofu noodles...

- look for rice too. - Because they want it.

That's why I put them there. And a lot of them eat rice.

If customers want rice,

you could've cooked rice.

But why are you still using instant rice?




The rice is leftover and goes to waste.

- I see. - So I use instant rice.

(Are they items put on by the staff?)

(Or did the owner put them for customers?)

Oh, my goodness.

(He shows his front teeth because he found suspicious things.)

He's doubting something.

We feel like you're delivering lines that you memorized.

So we feel a bit...

It feels like you'd work at an office.

- I agree. - I've never worked at an office.

I've been in the restaurant business for 24 years.


(Should we trust him or not?)

I think you're doubting him a lot.

- Well. - Okay.

I'm sorry.

I doubted you so much.

When he appeared,

he didn't seem like he owns this place.

(He looked so awkward like he's in for the first time.)

(It could be his place or not.)

He might be in there for the first time.

Can we try the food?

- Yes. - We'll try it.

Maybe it's because he's nervous.

(He might seem awkward because he's so nervous.)

The owner is acting too awkwardly.

I think this is a real place.

- What? - I think this is a real place.

- You think so? - Yes.


His hands look like he's been cooking a lot.

- Really? - Like housewife's eczema,

his hands' skin came off a bit.

I learned to cook noodles for a short time.

- You know how to cook. - Yes. And I feel...

What is it that you can't do?

There's a lot that I can't do.

He can't be in love with you.

(Killing the romance)

(The owners are preparing to cook.)

(There is one more owner.)

- Is he your wife? - Yes.

- Is he your wife? - Yes.


- Hello. - Wait.

Are you not showing your face to us?

(He's in charge of noodles.)

(She's in charge of toppings.)


(Three soft tofu)

(They work together perfectly.)


I'm looking at them.

- Their conversation is so natural. - Right.

- Also, the way they cook. - Yes.

They're really married.

I think this is a real place.

The gestures that only a married couple can do.

And the way they're indifferent to each other.

- They seem like a married couple. - Right.

(That's a nice catch.)

That's an important point.

If they were fake,

- they would've acted. - Right.

But they are...

- only working on their own. - They're barely talking.

They're not following orders.

- They're so natural. - They can hear you.

(They're guessing in front of them.)

The way we work...

Why are we seated here?

We're too close to them.

- My goodness. - It's awkward for both of us.

We can't just shut up and eat.

They can hear us.

You can hear us, right?

- She can hear us. - We're sorry.

- The smell is real. - This is real.

- It's done. - It's done.

It looks delicious.

It's a lot.

It looks so delicious.

It's real.

(The spiciness fights with fire.)

(Let's try soft tofu udon.)

The color looks great.

- Look. - Chili pepper oil.


You can see it right away.

Can't you see it?

It's the noodle that I love.

- I'll go first. - Jae Seok would love the taste.

So, we're in danger.

(Taking a sip of soup)

It'd be good for a hangover cure.

- This is... - Chili pepper oil.

(Taking another sip of soup)

The look of it is. Is it delicious, Jae Seok?

It's delicious.

(Jessi tries the soup.)

It's so delicious.

- Oh, my gosh, - It's so delicious.

At a rest stop,

This is so to my taste.

(Jong Hyeop tries soft tofu.)


(Drinking the bowl)

(It's deep.)

They're not thick udon noodles.

They're thin udon noodles.

- Really? - Yes.

(Blackhole of noodles)

(Surprisingly, it's their 3rd meal.)


(Spicy Beginner Na Ra is eating deliciously.)


With udon,

- kimchi is delicious. - But we need pickled radish.

It's delicious.

(She eats udon with pickled radish.)

It can't be made in a day or two.

This is so delicious. Even eggs are delicious.

(Did someone starve them?)

This is crazy.

What is this taste? It's so delicious.

The ingredients are mixed well.

The tastes of soft tofu soup...

and udon go really well.

Party noodle, soft tofu soup, and udon.

- They're all mixed. - Right.

(Drinking the bowl)

This is...

- It can't be made in a day or two. - Right.

It can't be made with things from convenient stores.

It can't.

- It's not that spicy. - No, it's not.

(He's struggling with the spiciness.)

It's hot and spicy.

- It's hot and spicy. - Right.

Because of chili pepper oil, it's hot.

- It is... - It's refreshing.

As I continue to eat, it feels minty, right?


(Slurping noodles)

(Everyone is slurping noodles.)

I'm sweating.

Isn't the soup spicy?

- It's spicy. - Yes.

With udon, kimchi is delicious.

But we need pickled radish.

Is there a water bottle?

There's no water bottle?

(There's no water bottle in soft tofu udon restaurant?)

(Does this place not have any water bottle?)

(Or did the staff forget to put water bottles?)

There's no water bottle.

(Jong Hyeop is delivering water to all the members.)

It's crazy. Oh, my.

- Thank you. - No worries.

(All his behaviors are sweet.)

He's so nice.

He looks like he works here.


he works here,

- It'll be filled here. - It'll be very popular.

People would line up.

I'll come here every day if Jong Hyeop works here.

Look at him smiling like that.

He can't work here all week.

He works here for 2 days, and for the next 3 days,

I work here.


There would be a huge gap.

A huge gap.

Then it can average out. Sae Ho can come too.

Then, I'll call first.

I'll ask who the part-timer for the day.

Well, I can't tell you that.

(What a shame.)

(Jong Hyeop as a part-timer means everything.)

As I eat, I'm more certain of this.

When I want to eat this during winter,

I'll drive here myself.

It says they sell 200 bowls...

- in a day. - Right.

- Selling 200 bowls in a day? - Yes.

They sell 200 bowls of soft tofu udon a day.

Do they need other udon menus?

(Why don't they only sell soft tofu udon?)

(Do they need other udon menus?)



(I'm already bewildered.)

Ji Hyun must be talking to herself.

- I won't interrupt. - Yes, I was talking too loud.

(A slight conflict)

(It's so hard to guess which one is fake.)

I really don't know.

For the first time,

I'm suspicious of the taste.

- Really? - Yes.

Why? It was delicious.

I feel like they mixed various commercial products.

(Soft tofu udon has a strong taste of condiments?)

Didn't you feel the commercial taste?

I did a little bit.

- Right? - Did you feel it?

I didn't feel it at all.

It's the taste made by a master.

It's the taste made by a master.

It's real.

If Jae Seok thinks like that, then it's real.

It's the taste of a master.

A great master.

(A real great master's food?)

(Or a fake food that's made with commercial products?)

I'm confused.

I can't tell based on the taste.

It's so delicious.

It's so delicious.

Maybe there's no fake place today.

I think this is a fake place because it's too perfect.

We'll do a rock-scissor-paper and give a hint to the winner.

You lose if you don't play. Rock-scissor-paper.

We won.

(Jong Hyeop got Vision Hint.)

(What happened to his hair?)

It says soft tofu udon has been introduced by Choiza.

But the place looks different.

(The wall is completely different.)

Then it must be a different place.

(A fake place inspired by the photo or a real that's been renovated?)

(Soft tofu udon with hot chili oil fights fire with fire)

(1. A fairly new sign compared to how long the restaurant's been run)

(2. The owner seems like he memorized his lines.)

(3. Master versus commercial taste. The taste is different to people.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

- Have you made up your mind? - Of course.

Have you? Already?

- Really? - You're fast.

He sounds so certain.

I'm still confused.

Which one should I choose? I have to be right today.

I think this place is real.

For me, the third one is the most suspicious one.

It tasted like commercial jjamppong products.

(It's a fake food that mixed commercial products?)

For me, I won't choose the third one because of the taste.

The taste of the first one was so similar to what I eat.

Commercial taste.

I saw it in the kitchen.

(Soup powder containers found in the kitchen)

Maybe that was the mix of ramyeon base.

(The fake one made by mixing commercial ramyeon base?)

(So, the first place is fake?)

Out of three dishes we had,

even though that needs skills,

the easiest one to make is...

something that's grilled.

That would've been easier for our staff to come up with.

(Pork tomahawk from the second one is fake?)

It's driving me crazy.

It's harder to choose after we eat.

It's confusing.

I feel like I'm really bewildered.

When my five senses are satisfied, I get more confused.

That's right.

Which one is the fake one?

I really don't know.

(Let's vote.)

Are you ready?

- I'm not ready. - Not yet.

- Mi Joo. - Yes?

- Go! - No, I can't go yet.

- I'll go ahead. - Okay.

- The one who decides goes first. - Go, Hyun Ju.

That's so Jessi.



I'm very...


I think number two is fake.

I used to live in the US.

Learning the recipe and making the sauce and meat...

are not that difficult.

It's not that amazing.

I'm very sure of this.

What if I'm wrong? What can I do about it?

Hello, it's me, Jeon So Min.

(She chooses number 2 without any hesitance.)

The restaurant was the fanciest.

I think you tried to bewilder us with that.

I don't know!

(He chooses number 2 with a sigh.)

I just guessed.

Which one should I choose? Please give me the answer.

(Sang Yeob follows his guess and chooses number 2.)

(Mi Joo enters.)

For me, the second one's taste feels like it's fake.

This is what I noticed. We play a game using our bodies.

The place we use our bodies the most when we play a game...

is always the fake one.

(We used our bodies in fake places.)

(Is the first one, where they played a game with bodies, fake?)

Okay, I'll go with this one.


(Ji Hyun is here.)

It was so confusing.

But I'll go with my first guess.

Even if I think hard, it's the same.

(Jong Hyeop is here.)

Oh, my goodness.

You are in here.

The first place seemed too real.

In the second place, the owner is...

(It's always best to guess.)


(Jong Hyeop chooses number 1.)

Right Guesser, please come to me.

Number two.

All the votes are in.

- Let's go. - Let's go.

Let's go.

There are 3 of you who chose number 1.

- What? - Are there?

- Jong Hyeop, Ji Hyun, and Mi Joo. - Ji Hyun?

And no one chose number three.

- No one chose number three? - No one?

- Why are you surprised? - No number three?

- I chose number 2. - What if number 3 is fake?

- I guessed. - Is it number two?

- We'll reveal the shocking result. - Is it shocking again?

(Pure gold. It is given to the one who guessed correctly.)

Pure gold.

(Pure gold. It is given to the one who guessed correctly.)

(Staff versus Sixth Sensers. Pure gold for the winners)

I'm so scared.

(Very nervous)


(Pure gold is gone?)

(Where is the precious pure gold?)

What happened?

(Jessi got 8.)

(So Min got 6.)

(Jae Seok and Mi Joo got 5, Na Ra and Sang Yeob got 4.)

(A lot of pure golds have been given out.)

Oh, my gosh.

They had to make new ones.

(The newly made pure gold)

I want that.

(Will they be able to take these from us?)

(Pure gold stealers versus staff. Who will win the battle?)

I'm so scared.

Wasn't that the first place?

- White tiles? - It looks like the third place.

We wonder if you can cook.

(Studying with lots of sweats in the kitchen)

The red spicy sauce. Is it the third place?

Oh, I was surprised.

Isn't it the first place? Maybe it's the first one.


If I'm wrong, it's my first time to be wrong.

It might be the third one.

(Soft tofu udon with hot chili oil fights fire with fire)

- Wait. Which one is it? - Oh, my goodness.


- The first one. Please. - Please.

The third one might be fake.

(Is number 1, that Mi Joo, Ji Hyun, and Jong Hyeop chose, fake?)

What's about to happen?


- My heart is beating so fast. - Is the third one fake?

(Will Jessi get it right this time?)

- It's so tight. - If it's the third one, it's crazy.

(Which spiciness did you get bewildered?)

I'm so nervous.

- Please. - Let's go.

Oh, my gosh.

(Heart pounding)

(What is the result?)

Oh, my gosh.

(Heart pounding)

Today is...

(What is the result?)

(Fifteen ingredients numb the tastebuds!)

(Charcoal-grilled hot pork tomahawk)

(It is fake.)

(The number 2, pork tomahawk is fake!)

(The taste of pure gold makes their eyes pop out.)

(Winners of the gold)

(Happy and in despair)

- My gosh. - We got it!

(The only member to get it wrong)

(They are loving it.)

(Leaving in shock)

- I just guessed. - Me too.

- This time... - Right.

This time, I was sure.

They made that place?

- You're such a bad senser. - Oh, Mi Joo.

We'll reveal the answer now.

(Yangju in Gyeonggi Province)

(Somewhere in a quiet village...)

What is this?

It was a home.

A family home.

(We temporarily rented out this country home.)

(We'll empty it out for a bit.)

Wow, all that?

(All the household goods will leave for a bit.)

That's amazing.

(From the floors to the walls, )

(everything is transformed into a restaurant.)

That's amazing.

(Renting various used industry props)

It looked pretty. But now I can't go there anymore.

(Once things are arranged to look edgy, )

(the place is transformed into a BBQ restaurant.)

(Transformation complete)

(In front of the house, )

(the lawn lies totally vacant.)

It's totally empty.

(Additional work to create outdoor seating)

It looked like they really could have a business there.

So they installed all of that.

Those tents were so pretty.

(Outdoor seating area, complete)

It was so nice there.


(the star is always the last to arrive.)

The grill. I knew it.

They built the entire grill?

So they actually built that?

So there was an outdoor deck.

- It was a wooden deck. - There was a wooden floor there.

This looked too fake.

There's no way there would be wooden floors for a grill.

(Construction materials needed to build the outdoor grill)

That's really insane.

(They cut bricks and laid them atop one another.)

That's amazing.

(It was complete, or so they thought.)

(The grill was destroyed twice by the heavy rains.)

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

(The production crew hold an emergency meeting.)

(They decide to build a grill that can withstand the rains.)

So they built the whole thing.

Because the earlier ones were destroyed.

They built this so well. You really couldn't tell.

(Adding in props appropriate for the grill)

They worked so hard.

(The special custom grill is now complete.)

- They built this so well. - It was done really well.

They really made this so well.

(From an ordinary country home on the outskirts of town...)

It was so pretty. They built all of that.

- Wow. - My gosh.

- Look at that. - They did such a great job.

They must've worked so hard.

(The fake restaurant is ready for business.)

That's amazing.

(What an impressive transformation.)

Then what does the owner really do?

(What is the identity of the fake restaurant owner?)

It was all because of the owner.

Hello, I am...

Who was the owner?

I'm so curious.

I'm a former member of the Special Forces.

- Wow. - The Special Forces?

Master of wild camping, I'm Han Ho Jun.

(Han Ho Jun, veteran wild camper)

- Camping. - That's why it felt like camping.

(So he's a real camper.)

I've been in the Boy Scouts since I was in middle school.

- How impressive. - And I was in the Special Forces.

I've been camping for 30 years at this point.

Wild camping is also known as bushcraft.

It's surviving in the wild with minimal gear.

That's wild camping.

He was such a good actor.

That looks good, being cooked on a hot stone.

- He spoke so well. - Hello.

I'm Ho Jun's real wife, Kim Yoon Nam.

- She was his real wife. - His real wife.

We are a real couple.



- I run a campground now. - So he owns a campground.

I make and sell camping tools.

(This couple loves and enjoys camping.)

- Then who's the nephew? - Seriously.

Hello, I'm Haru Restaurant's...

(So he's not the owner's nephew?)

I'm a producer for Sixth Sense, and my name is Gong Dae Han.

- Really? - Seriously?

In order to trick the members,

other than the time I spent on editing,

I spent all my time grilling meat and practicing for this role.

- Really? - He was one of our producers?

I had no idea.

(The importance of glasses)

(What is the truth behind the fake spiciness?)

Was it really A.1. sauce?

(A barbeque restaurant in Itaewon)

- That's the barbeque place. - I know that place.

(A man who's serious about meat)

It's Don Spike!

(A person they couldn't have imagined)

I told you earlier.

- Don Spike might come on. - She mentioned it earlier.

In various places including Itaewon,

I'm running many barbeque joints. I'm Don Spike.

Wait a minute.

This time, you said you prepared a spicy meat dish,

so I want to make them cry for real.

- I spent all night creating this. - It really was delicious though.

- That's the owner. - There's the owner.

First of all, I've prepared all this in all the right ratios.

So he made all that.

Rather than creating stock to enhance the depth of flavor,

we'll just use ready-made products.

- I told you. - So it was commercial.

No wonder that sauce suited my tastes so well.

- I can taste the spice right away. - Right?

(The sauce is made from scratch.)

- Well. - So he learned everything?

In general, what we do is score the meat first.

That's good, but if you want to look a little more dashing...

and a bit more like a pro, go like this.

(Hands moving rapidly)

(The face must move rapidly too.)

With his face.

And throw the meat around.

(Acting chic as he scores meat)

If you can just do this well, you'll seem like the real deal.


(the searing heat of summer)

It was really hot. They really went through a lot.

He really grilled the meat well.

It was really delicious.

(A perfect heart)

I just got goosebumps.

(They even made a mushroom stamp.)

(Even the heat can't stop...)

(this fake spiciness.)

Sixth Sensers,

- this place was fake. - This place was fake.

(This place was fake.)

(The charcoal-grilled hot pork tomahawk)

We got it right.

(Clapping automatically)

Did you make new ones?

(Passing over the newly forged, still-warm gold pieces)

- Thank you. - It's five of them.

- Thank you. - But seriously,

- I swear I guessed today. - So did I.

I just guessed between the second and the third one.


(Ji Hyun, come back to Sixth Sense for another shot at winning gold.)

Thank you for coming.

(Who are our guests today?)

(They're good friends with Jae Seok.)

(These guests surprise the Sixth Sensers.)

(The two rising stars of the Millennials and Gen Z-ers)

(Coray has come to turn the hot Sixth Sense hip.)

(These Sixth Sense cuties are all fired up.)

(I can't lose to them.)

(Their excitement makes them perfect for Sixth Sense.)

(He's great.)

(Ask us anything, The suspicious consultant special)

(Revealing her hidden feelings)

(What happened to the Sixth Sensers?)