Sixth Sense (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - The Unusual Consultants - full transcript

The members get to know about themselves better. They are visiting three consultants who analyze people in unique and interesting ways. The first consultant analyzes people with colors. The second place is where you can heal your ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Now the summer heat has passed, )

(and the autumn rains greet the Sixth Sensers.)

(Filming was conducted after testing COVID-19 negative.)

This is nice weather for reading a book.


(Pretending to be unflustered)

It's raining.


It's raining.

(Mi Joo is feeling the rainy day and reading vibes.)

Oh, no, the rain!

(Humiliated by an unexpected raindrop)

(The book title foretells what's to come.)

I tried to look good today,

but my hair's going to be a mess today.

- That kid, really... - They're here.

- Na Ra. - You look similar to me today.

- Na Ra. - The nurse look.

- Hey, So Min. - Well...

Did you go to Hee Ae's salon today?

You're so shiny. Did you gloss your face?

Did your stylist Eun Ju give you extra glow today?

Your skin looks good.

- Why are you starting without us? - Jessi!

Now they're coming here together.

- Were you on your honeymoon? - Hey!

- You can get rained on. - Why is it okay for me?

I got rained on right on the head.

(Lee Sang Yeob, the Mirror Prince, "My precious hair.")

- But you two... - Where were you?

Your outfits...

Their colors complement each other.

Yes, the yellow and purple.

But you do look like you have a couple look today.

- Yes, it's a date look. - They look good together.

I don't dress like this when I'm part of a couple.

I'd undo another button.

That makes me blush. I need to learn from her.

Look at him behind her.

(Sang Yeob puts up another barrier from behind.)

What is this, Yeob Sang?

I'm always surprised by this.

He does everything he wants,

and then he pretends to be so innocent.

- That's what I'm saying. - My goodness.



I don't pretend to be innocent.

You can be like that to other people,

but you shouldn't do that to me.

(If you don't like it, I won't do it.)

- I'm curious about something. - What is it?

Does everyone have their own camera person?

- Yes, they do. - Who's mine?

Oh, I see, I never knew.

Who's mine?

I think it's that guy.

There's mine.

- Am I over here? - Over there.

- That person is for Mi Joo. - But who are you filming now?

Who are you filming now?

Director Lee said this too.

Wait a minute, I don't have one?

Do I have one?

No one raised their hand for me.

The helicam is there for you.

We have CCTV in each building for you.

(Don't worry, the CCTV is there for you.)

So that's why I get full body shots more often.

The CCTV is for you.

Sang Yeob is filmed via CCTV.

Who's our guest today?

- Let's invite our guests on. - I can't wait to meet them.

These guys are good friends of mine.

- They are good friends? - Yes, and they're close to me.

- Two men? - Yes.

And they're close with you?

- I know who it is. - Who?

- Cho Sae Ho and Nam Chang Hee. - No, it's not them.

It's not them.

That surprised me.


Hey, Gray!

Loco, Gray!

(Dominating the top of the hip hop charts, )

(it's Loco and Gray.)

(Gray has returned with his first full-length album since his debut.)

(Every time he releases a song, it's guaranteed to be number 1.)

(A multi-talented artist who also excels at producing)

(And in perfect coordination with Gray...)

(is the hip hop scene-stealer and album punk, Loco.)

(An uplifting story machine within the hip hop world)

(Gray and Loco)

(Jae Seok greets his good friend, Loco.)

You lost so much weight.

Hey, Gray!

(Gray greets Jessi first, who's excited to see him.)

- Gray. - You're getting rained on.

- Come in out of the rain. - Come in, you're getting rained on.

- Hello. - Hello.

- Hey, Loco. - They're musicians.


It's Gray and Loco.

That's amazing.

It's Loco and Gray.

It's a hip hop special today.

(Show me the Sixth Sense!)

It's so flashy.

- I hear you released an album? - Yes, for the first time ever,

Gray has released a full-length album.


Why don't you ever ask me to be featured in your songs?

(Regretting that she couldn't help on his new album)

What a funny guy.

He's such a funny guy.

Why are you getting mad at me as soon as I arrive?

It's because you're too popular.

It's hard for him to ask you, Jessi.

You're too busy.

(Is that what it was?)

That's right.

Here, say hello to Hyun Ju's boyfriend.

(Hyun Ju's boyfriend, Lee Sang Yeob)

I've been watching you on TV.

Here, you can say hello to Hyun Ju's older sister-in-law.

(Hyun Ju's older sister-in-law, Oh Na Ra)


These are Hyun Ju's younger sisters-in-law.

(Hyun Ju's younger sisters-in-law, Mi Joo and So Min)

- I've been enjoying the show. - I'm enjoying the show.

They look so polite today.

We need to look pretty today.

(The SoMi sisters are unusually calm today, )

(with pretty expressions.)

Maybe it's because it's raining,

but your hair has lost a lot of volumes today.

(This darn rain.)

(Oh, no.)

(You're still pretty.)

Does that make you mad?

Your hair looks less voluminous than before.

It's so hot.

(Just you wait, Jae Seok.)

Let's find out what we're doing today.

- What is today's theme? - The theme.

Today's theme is...

Unusual consultants?

Ask us anything. The unusual consultants special.

(Audio from announcers Oh Su Jin, Kim Ji Hyo, Kang Ah Rang)

(We've been leading new daily lives...)

(for 3 years now.)

(Though we've been enduring, )

(as we grow wearier day by day, )

(perhaps what we really need is some emotional comfort.)

(That's why we prepared this consultant special.)

(But something is unusual.)

(Hand motions like a gambler)

(The sound of a baby?)

(Everything looks too new?)


(Before they know it, )

(they are gradually becoming bewildered by it all.)

(What will be the result of their bewilderment?)

(A sudden outburst of tears)

(What are the identities of these unusual consultants...)

(who have brought everyone to tears?)

- Consultants? - Consultants.

- Consultants. - What is this?

(Diagnosing a life by color alone!)

Diagnosing a life by color alone.

Even providing investment advice.

The color psychology consultant.

How are we supposed to guess this?

(Sometimes they can be pivotal in a life or death situation.)

(Sometimes they help bring out your identity.)

(Colors are necessary in life.)

(However, they can also tell you about your life?)

(The stories about colors that you didn't know about.)

(Former President Obama made use of blue.)

(But this isn't all.)

(Another secret behind color...)

(involves investments.)

(Can colors even predict the direction of your investment?)

(Can colors truly tell all?)

(Diagnosing a life by color alone! Is this real or fake?)

Using color, this consultant can diagnose certain things.

But I've never heard of this before.

I think they can certainly use it in psychology,

but I've never heard of it used to help with investments.

You can't do that with color alone.

But to diagnose an entire life with just colors alone...

That's impossible.

You have to consider many factors.

- So this could be fake. - It's not like there are...

that many colors either.

Now for number two.

Healing through dance and art.

This art therapist heals...

- emotional scars through art? - That exists.

- Art therapy. - This definitely exists.

What is this?

(Drawing beautiful lines with the body...)

(through dance)

(Various colors used in art)

(Dance and art meet?)

(Things that never have been drawn out of me)

(Meet the other "you".)

(Time to focus 100 percent on your own self)

(Are you ready for this consultation?)

(Healing through dance and art! Is this real or fake?)

- Art therapy? - I've heard of this before.

- You have? - Yes, they use dance or art...

to treat people. I've seen it.

- That makes sense. - That's an actual profession.

- Art therapy? - But wouldn't it be easy to fake?

I also think...

it would be the easiest to fake.

Yes, the easiest one.

They'd just have to invite experts in dance and art.

- You're right. - That's true.

Here's the third one.

It's all in your expression!

Microexpression expert who analyzes dating and married couple problems.

- No way. - That one's fake.

(Of your countless expressions, )

(expressions that can change within 0.25 seconds are microexpressions.)

(A single instant can illuminate one's entire character.)

(With cards...)

(and a lecture?)

No matter how much you try, you can never know what love is.

People never work the way you want them to do.

(Is the microexpression expert real or fake?)

I have a lot of friends like that.

Like what?

People who judge everything based on your expression.


(He bursts into laughter by himself thinking about it.)

- I think it's number three. - Why?

How can you know how to read all the various expressions?

And it sounds really exhausting if that's really their job.

Because our job isn't exhausting?

But you have to constantly look at people's expressions...

and guess what they're like.

You're right.

(It's like this.)

(Yes, like this.)

(Smiling at the chemistry between Mi Joo and Teasing Yu)

(She's Teasing Yu's target again, without fail.)

- So Min, what do you think? - Definitely number three.

- Why? - It seems easy to set up,

and if you can pinpoint a bunch of subjective things...

(Discovering his next target)

(What is he doing?)

You're not listening to anything I'm saying right now.

You're just thinking about how to make fun of me.

I have opinions too.

- Okay. - I have opinions.

You two sisters are so funny.

You seem like girls who don't like each other usually,

but whenever you go on a group date, you'll go together.

Because we each think that we are superior to the other one.

The kind of friend you keep around because you think you're better.

- So that's it. - To make yourself look better.

That's totally us.

Let's split up into teams.

(Team Gray and Team Loco)

- Let's go. - Let's go!

Let's go.

(Gray gets on first and moves aside to make room for So Min.)

- Hello. - Hello.

- How old are you? - The same age as you, I think.

Oh, really?

- Born in 1986? - Yes, I'm born in 1986.

- Gray, you were born in 1986? - Yes.

You look so young for your age.

We both do.

- Let's be friends then. - Okay, let's be friends.

(This is Day 1 of their friendship.)

Gray, is Gray your real name?


(Is Gray your real name?)

(What did I just hear?)

Of course it's not my real name.

- So his last name would be Gr? - So Min...

- My real name is Lee Sung Hwa. - It's a pretty name.

Wow, So Min, with the light right by your face...

(Is Jae Seok going to give me a compliment?)

You're so glowing. You look like an egg ghost.

- He said she's like a ghost. - Really.

I don't think you know well about Gray and Loco's music,

so I'll play some for you.

(Jae Seok's Recommended Song, "Just Do It" by Gray, feat. Loco)

This is Gray's song.


(Hope this lasts forever)

(This youth and strength, this inspiration and feeling)

(I hope it lasts a while)

(What kind of dancing is that?)

I saw in the comments that the rap sounds like Jae Seok.

(Parts of "Just Do It" sound like it's Jae Seok rapping.)

(The original "Just Do It" sounds just like Yu Jae Seok.)

That's true.

Yes, I can hear it.

(Just do it!)

(Incredibly similar)

(Just do it!)

(Party time!)

(Put your hands up.)

(Feeling the music)

Whenever I listen to this kind of music,

I don't know what gestures to make.

This feels really awkward. The hand motions.

- No, don't do that. - Then what should I do?

Just do what you feel.

That's why I just end up moving like this.

Just be natural?

- But that for this song is... - Just do it.

(Jessi's version of the ideal solution)

(Was it always this kind of song?)

Hey. The producers just called.

They said to just do the show.

(They called and told us to just do the show.)

Jae Seok, that was so clever.

(Just do the show.)

(Ask us Anything, The Unusual Consultants Special)

(Diagnosing a life by color alone!)

(The color psychology consultant even gives investing advice.)

Why is it raining today?

It feels nice to see rain again.

- Do you like it? - Right.

Isn't this the alley known for having tasty restaurants?

- Yes. - We're here.

It's here?

This is a famous alley for restaurants, but it's here?

(A color psychology consulting spot is in a famous restaurant alley?)

This is pretty interesting. I wonder what's in here.

- Let's go. - Let's move it.

- Let's see. - Let's go.

- Is it here? - It's here?

It's here? What is this?

- This place seems odd. - It's vacant next door.

Wait, it's here?

It's vacant downstairs.

What is this?

It's for rent now.

Now, let's move it.

Is it just vacant?

(They enter the building full of suspicions.)

Seeing that there are vacant lots here...

- Do they have things like this? - They can make something like this.

- Look at this. - It looks too new.

It's a color psychology research lab.

But a color psychology research lab is a real thing?


(Something feels suspicious about the atmosphere here.)

(Entering the color psychology consultation office)

But to call this a color psychology research lab,

it feels too much like an office.

- Right? - There are no colors.

(The space looks too much like an office to seem like a color lab.)

It's just a normal office.

(Full of normal office supplies)

Maybe it's an art school?

The psychological assessment room.

It smells like a hospital.

Maybe it used to be a clinic.

(There are a ton of books on research papers...)

(and clinical studies on psychological treatment methods, )

(like there would be in a behavioral health clinic.)

("Treating the Heart")

There are documents used to diagnose patients.

(There are documents used to psychologically diagnose people.)

(What is this place?)

- It doesn't smell new, right? - It doesn't.

It smells a little bit like people have been in and out.

Right? Wait, is there something stuck in my teeth?

I ate gimbap earlier.

(I need to check too.)

It feels like a lived-in space.

But things like this make me suspicious.

- The signs of wear and tear? - If this is real,

I'd understand,

but if they tore this up on purpose to make this fake, that's absurd.

- To make it seem like a used space. - Right.

Maybe they just didn't fix this?

(If it were fake, they would have fixed this during construction.)

(Sensing Na Ra enters the seminar room.)

But this place looks like a seminar room.

(Wow, that's amazing.)

(Here they are! Tools used in color psychology consulting)

The way these are laid out...

seems really fabricated to me.

What are these? Perfumes?

It says they're color aromas.

(Oh, really?)

But can they really create all of these?

I don't know.

(Oh, I see.)

(Gray is entering detective mode.)

This seems very real.

Yes, that does seem real.

With the boxes organized by color.

(Detailed materials to analyze and interpret colors with expertise)

(Evidence of color psychology institutions are everywhere.)

Do they go into this much detail when they make fakes?

- They do. - They do...

- but this looks realistically used. - Yes, these do look used.

This feels real to me.

But all of these things are also on the other side.

Oh, really?

Can they really go into this much detail to this extent?

(Are these extensive materials all created by the production crew?)

(Or are they real materials that truly exist?)

Mi Joo, you look so pretty today.

(Tossing her hair back)

You look pretty today, Mi Joo.

I put some effort into looking good since I wanted to get married.

- You're getting married? - I was going to get married today.

- To whom? - The guest.

(Bursting into laughter)

But Gray does like Mi Joo's type.

- Really? - That's true.

- What's Gray's style? - Right?

He likes feminine girls.

(She gets up right away as a conditioned response.)

You think she's feminine.

I'm 28 years old, and my blood type is Type O.

My ideal man is someone who loves me.

He doesn't like things like this.

My ideal man is someone who loves me.

(Gray's 50 dark circles)

Let's meet the color psychologist who runs this place.

- All right. - Yes.

- Please come out. - Please come on out.

(A hot welcome)

- Hello. - She looks so impressive.

- Hello. - She looks like an expert.

- Hello. - Hello.

Please come this way.

She really seems like an expert.

She really does seem like an expert.

(She seems like a real expert at first glance, but is she?)

Hello. I offer color psychology consulting sessions...

at a color psychology research lab. I'm Chief Seo Hyun.

We were established in 2016...

as an institution specializing in color psychology and analysis.

Color psychology consulting uses color psychology...

to analyze a person's psyche,

and is a method of treatment directing them to positive emotions.

That's color psychology consulting.

I remember a client from 2 or 3 years ago.

She came to me for a consultation.

She had a tremendous amount of energy within herself,

but she lacked the energy to express it outwardly.

That's why in my consultation, I recommended red to her.

So bags, heels,

accessories, and underwear.

I told her to wear these four in red.

Afterwards, she gained explosive popularity,

and she's now a celebrity who remains very popular today.

Our 1-on-1 consultations are generally 60 minutes,

and they cost 100 dollars.

For companies or groups, we have 120-minute-sessions...

depending on the schedules.

Sixth Sensers, is this place real?

(Sixth Sensers, do you think this place is real?)

Hello, I'm Chief Seo Hyun...

of this color psychology research lab.

Chief Seo Hyun.

The atmosphere here seems complete now that you've arrived.

That's true.

You really suit this environment.

That's right.

This is so new to us. Can you explain what this research lab does?

Every color emits a certain kind of energy.

That energy can also affect people's emotions.

When counselees visit us,

we analyze their personalities and characteristics using colors.

We look into people's psychology through colors...

and analyze it. If they lack energy or feel emotional pain,

we also use colors to help them recover.


I see.

We help them...

to see a direction in their lives.

Ma'am, is there a study called color psychology?

Yes, there is.

- I didn't know. - Ma'am...

The history of colors dates back to the Paleolithic era.

Many people died while hunting at that time,

so they drew animals on the wall...

and colored them with red human blood.

The painting made them think that they can beat the animals,

and it gave them confidence.


(That's amazing.)

It is known to us...

in 1947 when Alschuler and Hattwick, American educationalists,

published the paper called "Painting and Personality".

Since then, color psychology has become popular,

and it is still actively studied.

This is real.

- It's persuasive. - I think so too.

- I'm fascinated by it. - I know, right?

Is this place real?

Is there an example that colors have greatly affected one's mental state?

There's a well-known example of Son Heung Min, the soccer player.

(Son Heung Min is a famous example of Oriental color psychology.)

Is there an example that colors have greatly affected one's mental state?

There's a well-known example of Son Heung Min, the soccer player.

In the Eastern culture,

we combine Yin-Yang and Five-Elements with color.

For example, Son Heung Min has the strong energy of trees and fire.

So the color white gives him energy...

because it balances the power of trees and fire.

(That's fascinating.)

In fact, he started to wear white uniforms...

when he moved to Tottenham.

He's played much better than before since then.

- I see. - That's amazing.

Also, in the West, there's a project called "Cool Down Pink".

It's a psychological treatment...

designed for prisoners which uses pink.

In Switzerland,

there are pink cells.

They painted prison cells in pink.

As a result, the prisoners' anger subsided fast,

they could fall asleep easily,

and the number of accidents in the prison was reduced.

So the visual stimulation...

can calm your nerves or heighten your mood.

- That's how it works. - That's right.

Obama captivated the whole nation...

- with his blue tie. - Right.

- Blue makes you feel comfortable... - We talked about blue before.

- and relaxed. - I see.

You shouldn't overlook the power of colors.

This is amazing.

She explains well in a calm way.

I think this place is real.

Don't you think it's real?

Ma'am, is it true that we can consult on investment too?

Investment. I'd be a fortune teller If I could do that.

- I see. You don't do that. - Yes.

Some people are aggressive...

when they make an investment,

while other people worry a lot.

"What if it goes up? What if it falls?"

Some people are like this.

- You should ask a fortune teller... - Depending on their propensities,

some people tend to risk a crisis.

Right. Then we offer a method of investment...

- according to that propensity. - Jessi.

We can't specifically choose an item for them.

We can't do that.

Is there anything that we can try?

Of course.

I can't wait to get counseling.

(The process of color psychology counseling)

What is color bottle reading?

We figure out the general psychology of counselees...

such as current mental state or unconscious.

We let you choose a bottle of your favorite color.

That color represents your exterior.

Then we let you choose the second color.

That one represents your unconscious.

And we give you directions.

We usually start counseling...

by writing things that bother you...

the most.

- Today, we'll start using colors... - Okay.

- right away. - Okay.

Could you talk in simple terms?

Like she's a baby.

- No, not a baby. - Okay, then...

- An elementary school student. - An elementary school student.

Think of her as an elementary school student who came with her parents.

- Her mom and dad. - We are... Yes.

Actually, I counsel elementary school students a lot.


It looks real.

When I see how she deals with it.

- I'm sure... - She's eloquent.

that she's done a lot of counseling.

She could be a school teacher.

These are the bottles.

Look at the colors carefully.


All right, Jessi.

You are here for the first time.

What's your favorite color?

Then I will choose this color.

All the colors are pretty.

- I know. I like this one too. - Orange.

- This one is pretty too. - So cute.

- Can I choose these three? - So cute.

Just choose two.

- Choose what you really like. - Hey, Ho Hyun Ju.

- No, then I choose this. - Just choose two.

- All right. - So cute.

Goodness, why's Sang Yeob doing that sitting next to her?

- Goodness. - So cute.

(She's happy.)

- She chose the colors... - Right.

- that are just like her. - I see.

- It really suits her. - She chose coral and orange.

I told you this orange represents your exterior.

You want to be approved and loved.

- You want to express yourself. - That's right.

- Right. - Orange means you want to have fun.

It means you want to be welcomed by someone.

"I'm Jessi."

"I am what I am. Who are you?"

"I don't need you."

- This is how I talk. - "I don't need you."

This is how I talk when I shoot.

- I don't know. - I see.

Does she really know what she's saying?

Or did she just...

This is really interesting.

- Jessi's inner side is so pretty. - Right.

She likes to take care of others.

- You're right. - Jessi.

She has a feminine side as well.

She'll take good care of her baby if she gets married.

This color represents maternal love.

You are warm, gentle, and soft.

- It represents maternal love. - Maternal love?

Hold on a second.

She said I'll take good care of my baby.

Gosh, I will raise my baby well.

(Complimenting herself)

Whom is she talking to?

What was that? Whom did she talk to?

Well, I really want to have a baby these days.



- Really? - Three babies.

Coral symbolizes a mother.

- My goodness. - What is a mother like?

You are warm,

abundant, and tolerant inside.

This side of Jessi...

might have made you choose this color.

"I want to get married. I want to share my life."

"I want to be a mother."

That might be how she feels deep inside her heart.

- Jessi wants to get married. - I guess she does. Goodness.

(She saw through me.)

- Shouldn't I get counseling too? - She has to get married.

- What's up with Sang Yeob? - He's serious.

- What? Is it couples therapy? - Goodness.

You can't even kiss me.

- How can we have a baby? - How can they have a baby?

(He suddenly perceived the reality.)

You can kiss after you get married.

What are they up to?

Why is it so hot in here?

We can't even kiss.

When would we have a baby?

Goodness. What did you say?

Oh, right. That's what you think inside.

You're warm and soft inside,

and you're confident outside.

This is Jessi's current state.

- You're right. - What's my dream?

- Pardon? - My dream.

- How could she know that? - I mean...

(It's fun to watch in person.)

I mean... She might know about it a little.

Perhaps, you want to be a mother.

- Hold on. - My goodness.

- You saw me from somewhere. - I'm scared.

- "I'm scared." - See what?

Did I say things like this on this program?

- No, you didn't. - No, not about a mother.

I'll confess here.

- I really mean it. - Go ahead.

As I worked in the music business,

I earned money, fame, and all.

But I realized they are all for nothing.

I didn't feel happy because...

(Jessi had a great success as a singer.)

(The reason why she was not happy)

I didn't feel happy...

because what I wanted was a family. That was my dream.

It's so sad. That's so moving.

(She's suddenly welling up.)

(Jessi doesn't cry and wants to stay confident on the outside.)

- It's okay. - That is...

- You can do it. - Sure.

These are what Jessi has in mind.

On the outside,

Jessi looks confident and sexy. That's what people see in her.

They think everyone will withdraw in front of Jessi.

But on the inside, she's like a girl and a mother.

She's soft and warm.

She has all of these together.

Is this Jessi's current state?

Jessi is so moved right now,

so you'll be in big trouble if you're fake.

- Right? - I'll come here again.

(She's definitely sure that it's real.)

- Right. - Right, she really can.

She said she doesn't believe it at all before.

- It's not like I can. - She's going to come here again.

I'm really going to come here.

Please come. If you come again...

When you bring a guy you'll marry, I will counsel you with colors.

- You can do it right here. - Perhaps?

- Right now. - You can do it here.

I lost my interest now.

(His pupils are shaking.)

You are so...

You have so many girls.


- Why did you do that? - Hey, Sang Yeob.

- How could you do that? - You have many girls, you punk.

You need to be scolded.

I didn't want to cut in, but this is...

- Aren't I right? - Did I?

Right? You don't take care of me.

You punk.

- Seriously. - He really did it.

- Did I? - Why did you do that?

- Did I? - You take care of other guests...

- You'd better be good to Hyun Ju. - every week.

- Don't take her for granted. - Sure thing.

- Don't take her for granted. - So Min fell asleep...

on your shoulder in the back seat earlier.

I was really...

- Hey! - So Min! You shouldn't do that.

You shouldn't do that either.

(Leaning on his shoulder)


- So Min. - Sang Yeob is so comfortable.

He's like an older sister to me.

(Be nice to me when I'm here.)

When I see it from here...

I like green. It's so...

- Isn't it so pretty? - It's pretty, right?

Jae Seok, you must be very tired now.

- Really? - You want to take a rest.

I think you need to relax a little.

- Should he go to the mountains? - Have you seen anyone running...

at Starbucks?

- It makes you feel at ease, - I see.

and it helps achieve a balance...

between your thoughts and surroundings.

(Red, gold, yellow, )

(yellow-green, turquoise, blue, )

(indigo, pink, and purple)

That's interesting.

You shouldn't overlook the power of color.

(Step 2. Detailed psychological analysis and giving directions)

You're going to choose four cards.

The first card shows your past.

The second card shows our present.

The third card shows your future.

The 4th card gives you advice. So you'll choose 4 cards.

Where did these all go?

Hold on.

(She's flustered and looking for cards.)

The cards are missing.

What cards?

Aren't these what you're looking for?

- Hey, how do you know it so well? - I'm sorry.

- My goodness. - Goodness.

(How could she make such a mistake?)

How could she make such a mistake?

It's not like that. I was so distracted.

(Getting goosebumps)

(What kind of a situation is this?)

You're free to believe that I'm fake.


I think this one is a big mistake.

I'll come to visit you.

- "I'll come to visit you." - I can come here again.

- You can come, and... - Because she's the first one...

who told me this.

- About me and my dream. - I see.

If this place turns out to be fake, I'll go find the director too.

Where's my camera director?

- I'll find you. - "My camera director".

- All right, then... - I'll choose quickly.

Sure, go ahead.

(Sighing deeply with tension)


- Not the ones you used to like. - What are you doing now?

(Bursting out laughing)

We're finding your four colors.

I see, colors. What colors?

Not the colors you used to like.

Choose ones that caught your eyes at the moment you sat here.

I will go with yellow.

No, this one. Golden yellow.

Should I go with golden yellow? Or yellow?

- What should I do? - This one and that one.

It'll be tough for her too.

- It'll be really tough for her. - Okay.

Are there customers like her?

Well, kids are often like this.

(Jessi is excited.)

She's not normal.

- Orange. - Right.

- She chose similar colors. - There's no pink.

Those colors are all similar.

- They're all red. - Right.

It's because she's very passionate.

She also has many things she wants to do.

All right. Let me begin.

This is her state of mind in the past.

In the past, you didn't feel a need to have a relationship.

You were so happy and content with yourself.

In fact,

you won't be intimidated even if the president comes here.

"I'm Jessi."

"It has nothing to do with me."

- But if the president was here... - Perhaps...

No, I think I'll be like that.

(They burst into laughter.)

- I'm like that. - I see.

Since I was little,

I was always taught...

that I should be confident in any circumstances.

I grew up in a foreign country, so wherever I went,

- I was an Asian. - Right.

They taught me I should always be confident...

- To stay confident. - so that no one can ignore me.

So wherever I go or whomever I meet...

But she's here to get counseling,

- but she's talking more than you. - Oh, that.

You should talk less, Sang Yeob.

That's what I mean.

You should talk less.

But listening carefully to the counselee...

is an important part of counseling.

- So I don't stop her talking. - That's right.

That's why I think she's a real consultant.

- In fact, I... - Yes.

I really need therapy.

- I see. - I become chatty when I'm nervous.

- You know what I mean? - Of course I do.

- You know what I mean? - I get that.

- "You know what I mean?" - Please understand me.

Isn't it a little rude to say that to her?

I feel a little pressured now...

because these are all new to me.

And I'm so touched.

In your case, Jessi...

You used to act provocatively before,

but you feel low these days. There was a sudden change of mood.

I think this is what you're going through.

Also, you chose red...

for your future color.

- It's the color of the sun. - Yes.

What you want to have in the future, for example, a marriage.

I think you could realize them...

- in the future. - I see.

This is the card of advice.

- Advice? - Yes.

This card also symbolized a mother.

- You chose the same color again. - I see.

This place seems real. I can feel it now.

So you have a very warm, kind,

and soft side in you.

It can cool down your overexcited inclination.

She speaks so persuasively.

Do all consultants speak well like her?

I think she's real.

If you really want to get married...

There's your true self deep down inside your heart.

You need a guy whom you can open up your heart to.

(It's a short but touching piece of advice.)

A guy that can lead you.


Wait a second.

- What do you mean? - Who said that?

- "Wait a second." - Wait a second.

Jae Seok, she's so accurate.

She's accurate.

I can feel that this place is real.

- So why wait a second? - Who said that?

Is it my manager?

My manager exactly knows my type of guy.

Let me ask her another question.

- Now, I... - Stop asking her.

- I'm not a fortune teller. - What will happen to me next year?

How would I know that?

- She doesn't know that far. - You have to choose colors first.

We were focused on a relationship. I didn't get into finances.

Depending on your characteristics...

(She's impulsive, aggressive in investment, and has many expenses.)

I guess you don't have...

good financial sense.


- I'm sorry. - What did she say?

She doesn't have good financial sense.

- That's not true. I save a lot. - Oh, really?

Mi Joo is not doing well with stock investment too.

(Mischievous Gray)

- Who was that? Was that you, Gray? - I'll help you.

(It's so fun to tease Mi Joo.)

You're not interested in investment.

You tend to spend money on what you want to do.

If you have this amount of money...

and want to buy that,

then you have to buy that.

- I'll never buy that. - I see.

I don't have any luxury goods.

- I don't have any luxury goods. - Really?

Didn't you wear a Fendi last time?


(Bursting into laughter)

- That was sponsored. - Was it sponsored?

She didn't buy it.

(Investment counseling that didn't go well with Mi Joo is over.)

- Thank you. - Thank you.

- Thank you. - She looks like a real consultant.

But she wasn't really accurate about financial aspects.

The staff could have given her...

enough information about us.

(If it was fake, the staff must have given her accurate information.)

Let me tell you one thing.

When she was reading cards... You did that, right?

(She got confused with the number of cards.)

(Mi Joo told her the right arrangement of cards.)

(She's a color therapy consultant with 10 years of experience.)

(How could she make such a mistake?)

But except for that mistake...

When I ask something,

- she answered me right away. - Right, she talks so smoothly.

- She answered without hesitation. - Right.

We could get confused too.

- I'm sure that she's a consultant. - Right.

I think she's like a director of a supplementary academy.

I thought that too. She's like a kindergarten teacher.

- Right? - Yes, I felt that too.

It's a bit confusing.

We need a hint.

Let's get all the hints today.

- We'll play a game. - What game?

- We need to receive a hint. - A hint?

Right. A hint.

It's the initial letter game we played.

The initial letter game? Okay.

If I give you the initials, you need to explain it to others.

I'm so good at this game.

(This game will be a team match.)

(Initial Letter Charade, the first player checks initials.)

(Explain a word that comes to your mind in 5 seconds.)

(You can only use your body.)

(If the last member guesses the word right, you win.)

(The team which gets more answers will win a hint.)

They will go first.

"They will go first."

- "They"? - You sound so indifferent.

- They will go first. - Say, "That team will go first."

- Our team will go first? - Yes.

Okay, let's go.

Ready, start!

(Consonants: "h" and "m")

- Okay. - I can think of one.

There's an easy one.

In 5, 4...


- I got it. - Good.

From the way I see it,

they will distort it.

She'll distort it.

Why did you do that with your hair?

(Suddenly adding MSG to it.)


- She's doing something unnecessary. - Loco!


Don't add any unnecessary interpretation to it.


(His eyebrows are wriggling.)

- Loco! - She ruined the game again.

Please, Loco!

We're ruined because of Mi Joo again.

- Don't get swayed by her! - She's doing something weird again!

- Me? - Don't get swayed!

Why are you copying that?

(Exactly what Mi Joo did)

Why are you copying that?

(His way of getting ready is somewhat different.)

(He even copies her smile.)

- What is this? - You did it strangely!

- I was pulling down my skirt! - Why'd you stick out your lips?

You have long hair.

- You just need to look at this. - This... A wooden bell?

- What is it? - A hoe!

- A hoe. - I thought it was a hammer.

What was this about?

I thought I had to pull down something.

I did it because my skirt was short.

My gosh, Mi Joo...

(It's Mi Joo's fault.)

Here you go.

(Loco starts this time.)

- Here. - Well...



(He sounds like he's in pain.)

- Gosh. - You can't say it.

- Are you ready? - Yes.

- Okay! - Hold on, please.

- He's cute. - Loco, what are you doing?

- Loco! - He's the first person...

- to say "Hold on". - Start already!

Loco! We're running out of time!

I'll start now!


- Five, four, three... - What's that?

(Doing his best)

- My goodness! - What is he doing?

- Just do it! - Time's up.

- What's that? - I have no idea too.

- Next person. Stop moving. - I have no idea too.

- I'll do exactly what he did. - Okay.


You're not in your right mind.

- Crazy. - I don't know.

Time's up.

- This is what Loco did? - Yes.

- Time's up. - Hurry up, Sang Yeob!

We have a chance to win this.

- Mi Joo. - We have a chance.

(Mi Joo.)

What in the world is this?

(He looks crazy no matter who sees him.)

- What is this? - Two, one.

- Goodness. - Time's up!

(I guess we don't have a chance.)

- What is this? - Two syllables.


- What is it? - What is it?

(What's the answer?)

- What is it? - It's "distracted".

- "Distracted"! - What?

- "Distracted"! - What?

You could've done "wish".

- "So Min"! - You're right.

I'll try one more time.

- And "rumor"! - There's "So Min".

I'm really good at this. Right, Jae Seok?

What? Yes, you're good.

- Here you go. - Let's do this!

Ready, start.

(Consonants: "b" and "b")


Is it a good one this time?

(Work hard, rapper's dictionary.)

He must've thought of one right away this time.

- Don't do something too easy. - He got it immediately.

- Is this right? - What would it be?

What's that?

(It's even more convoluted.)

What is it?

- Gosh. - Why do you choose difficult words?

- I'm so frustrated! - I'm getting scared.

- What is that? - Don't do something difficult!

Next. Time's up.

- What is that? - I know what it is.

- Time's up. - What is that?

- I know what it is. - What is it?

Five, four, three...

Why are your hands there?

- I'm sorry. - Why are your hands there?

- What is this? - One. Next person.

- I don't know! - What is this?

- Five... - What is this?

(Freaked out)

(Like this)


(The small gesture Loco started has gone far.)

What is this?

(That's what he did.)

- My goodness. - Gosh, what is this?

- He did this? - One! What's the answer?

- Can I say this? - What's the answer?

- I don't know. - Can I really say this?

- Three... - Breast?

- Wrong. - What is it?

Isn't it a belly binder? What is it?

Isn't it a couple? A couple and breasts.

- What did you do? - What is it?

I'm sorry. What I thought of...

(What did you...)

(think of?)

is "loose".

- "Loose"? - Hey!

(Dizzy at the unexpected choice of a difficult word)

(He was trying his best to explain "loose".)

How can they guess that?

- Change the order. - Hey!

You could've done "fool".

Gosh, Loco!

- How can you go with "loose"? - I'm sorry...

but I'd like to change my team.

But he sure is an artist, right?

He thinks too much.

This team is ruined by Loco and Mi Joo.

(Team Loco gets 0 right.)

- Let Gray guess. - Jessi's good.

- Give us an easy one. - Yes.

They're counting down.

- Start. - I wonder what it is.

(Hey, So Min.)

(Familiar spine twist)


(Putting her hair behind her ears)

(Moving her shoulders shyly)

- Five, four... - She's so accurate!

(Jessi copied exactly how Mi Joo acts normally.)

(Mi Joo's signature pose)

(The original noticed it right away.)

- Time's up. - She's accurate!


- I don't think So Min knows. - Do it properly!

Do it gently, So Min!

She's pretty.

- What's this? - She's pretty.

(One, two)


(A rather stiff Mi Joo)

- Right, Gray wouldn't know it. - He wouldn't.

(It's become even more confusing with his fancy footsteps.)

- No! - What is he doing?

- He's so annoying! - Acting cute!

- What is it? - "Mi Joo"!

(Feeling bitter)

- How do I know it's her from this? - You should've done this!

Hey! No.

Jessi copied Mi Joo so well.

- Step aside! - You step aside! I did so well!

- Step aside! - Step aside!

- Step aside! Let Gray do it. - You come here!

Let Gray do it. Come here!

- Hyun Ju. - Jessi's good.


Five, four...

- Okay. - Let's change.

(There's something...)

(on the back.)

- What? - I see!


(He knocks first.)

(Watch carefully.)

(His skinny apple hip is back.)

- Look. - What is this?

(A rather shameful movement)

(Gray did this?)

This isn't it.

I don't know. I just did what I saw.

He's such an eyesore!

- He's such an eyesore! - Jae Seok's so bad at this game.

- Next. - What an eyesore. My goodness.

What is this?

I did exactly what he did!

She's sexy even now.

Yes, this!

(What is this?)

- Two syllables? - Yes.

- What is this? Poopoo? - Time's up.

What is this?

(It's "camel".)

It's "camel". I showed you the back like this.

- How is this a camel? - Camel is really difficult.

How is this a camel?

- Hey, this is... - Gray!

Hey, Gray! Why would you shake your butt for this?

I did it because this is what he did!

- Yours is twerking! - You were accurate.

- I'll do exactly what she does. - Yes.

- So Min, don't add stuff onto it. - Don't add stuff, So Min.

Exactly what she does.

(Consonants: "d" and "j")

Hold on. This is hard.

(The thought of an easy word.)


I can't push it up because I got a nose job.

(A stubborn nose)

(She fails to express it due to the power of medicine.)

(Laughing so hard)

- What is it? - You know what it is, right?

(You know what the answer is, right?)

- Okay. - Why won't it go up?

I got it.

It can not go up. It's okay.

Stop. I'll do it.

It can not go up, everyone.

I'll show it to you.

(So easy, right?)

- Okay. - Are they allowed to make sounds?

- Why won't it go up? - Pig.


That's a success.

- The game's over like this. - That's too bad.

Team Gray wins.

- Yes. - We won?

(Team Gray gets the hint.)

Okay. These are the messages from the clients.

"It must've been hard listening to me for a long time today."

"Thank you."

"I think they are feeling a lot better now."

"Thank you so much, and have a good night."

Hold on. They're only talking about counseling,

and there's no mention of colors.

I'll trust this place for now.

But if this is fake, I'll come back here.

Seriously, you can't do this to me!

(The color psychology consultant even gives investing advice.)

(1. Torn wallpaper that looks a bit too much)

(2. Color counseling equipment set up as if to show them)

(3. The chief who doesn't remember the number of color cards)

(Is this place real or fake?)

(The rain starts pouring heavier...)

(before they leave for the art therapist.)

Apparently, Gray is really good at impersonation.

- Really? - Yes. He practiced.

(He shows off his sharpened talent.)


(Gary's here!)

(You sound similar to him)

(Even the cold and the loneliness are harsh insults)

(He's so good.)

He's good.

It's nice to hear Gary's voice...

- after a long time. - You're right.

I really liked it when you sang "Cigarette Girl".

- The 5 dollars song? - Yes, the 5 dollars song.

(Five dollars)


(Five dollars)

(Someone please give him 5 dollars. He's about to cry.)

(Extreme joy)

(Angel Cookie is begging.)

- A lot of people liked that. - I watched it on repeat.

- That was so funny. - Loco is so cute.

Let's ask the uninhabited island question!

- Loco and Gray, - We all have the same age.

we have to go to an uninhabited island together.

You must go there with one of the ladies here.

We all have the same age and personality.

You have to live together forever.

Who do you want to go with?

I want to go with Na Ra.

Suddenly? It wasn't me just now.

- Don't take pity on me! - I told you.

Don't take pity on me.

- I like someone who's experienced. - Experienced...

- Someone who's experienced. - What did you say?

You got chosen, but you're feeling worse.

- Someone who's experienced. - Someone who's experienced.

- Hey! - Hey!

Are you choosing a coach?

(Are you hiring someone experienced to go to an uninhabited island?)

- What about Gray? - What about Gray?

For me...

(Pretending not to care)

Actually, it was initially So Min.

Why did it change?

- Why did it change? - Gray changed his mind.

To whom did it change?

- Mi Joo! - You changed your mind.

- It may be you for the first time! - Then?

- This is the first time. - Hold on!

My heart's beating too fast!

Calm down, heart!

What am I...

- to choose this? - Calm down, heart!

But because it's an uninhabited island.

Her heart's beating too fast.

- Calm down, heart! - Calm down, heart!

Why did you change your mind?

Isn't this the first time for Mi Joo to get chosen?

- This is her first time. - He didn't choose her yet!

- Calm down. - I like someone who's cute.

Oh, really?

I'm very cute too.

- I'm very cute too. - Gosh, they're fierce.

Mi Joo is showing her golden tooth a lot today as well.

- So who is it? - I'm very cute.

When we were playing the game just now,

Mi Joo...

(Mi Joo finally gets chosen!)

was very cute.

- Congratulations! - This is her first time.

This is her first time in Sixth Sense.

She was really cute.

(Expressing the pent up sadness)

Gosh, I'm tearing up.

- Gosh, she finally got chosen. - This is her first time!

- Really? - I feel so happy today.

It was always So Min or Jessi.

Was there no male guest before?

(Why wasn't Mi Joo chosen?)

(My gosh.)

(Heart fluttering)

My gosh, I'm feeling so happy.

Mi Joo's heart, calm down.

Calm down, heart!

- Everyone! - We're here.

- We're here! - It's raining cats and dogs.

The rain's getting heavier when we're about to get down.

I'll feel happy even if I get drenched in the rain.

- I'll still feel happy. - Lee Mi Joo.

Mi Joo, congratulations.

Thank you, Na Ra.

I'm getting married, everyone!

(Nobody can stop Mi Joo.)

Guys, I'm getting married!

Gosh, Mi Joo!

(Ask us Anything, The Unusual Consultants Special)

(Healing through dance and art!)

(Art therapist uses art to heal emotional scars.)

(Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

Where is this place?

Got it!

- Oh my gosh! - Goodness!

- Can we get down? - It's raining so heavily!

Raining very heavily!

- Okay! - Oh my gosh!

Get out this way!

- Hurry up! - This way!

Hurry up and get out!

- Let's move! - Let's move!

- Go! - Go!

- Let's move! - Let's move!

I'm drenched!

(A mess)

Gosh, this...

(After much trouble, they finally enter the building.)

This is no joke.

What's happening?

- From the place just now... - Should I take off my shoes?

(What is it like inside?)

(When you climb up the stairs...)

(and walk past the entrance...)

The vibe... You have to sit on the floor!

(A cozy counseling room beside it...)

This is so small and cute.

(A cozy counseling room beside it...)

This place must be for drawing.

(Art tools that can be seen all around the place)

(And the traces of healing that stand out the most)

These must be done by the clients who came for therapy.

(There are traces of psychological therapy everywhere.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

Gosh, that was a war.

I'm sorry.

The vibe of this place...

feels so real.

It even smells real.

It looks real. Doesn't the scent...

- make you calm down as well? - Yes, the scent...

I can smell paint.

Even the scent calms you down.

(The smell of paint that calms you down.)

(Is it real? Or is it fake and they're just feeling that way?)

This must be the counseling room.

This looks like a kindergarten.

I think I've seen this before!

- You think so? - Yes,

I think I've seen something like this before.

(Is this place a kindergarten?)

(Meanwhile, Coray...)

"Congratulations on the opening."

- They drew the picture. - A card.

(They are observing the pictures placed at a side of the center.)

- This is pretty detailed, right? - Yes.

The director can draw this.

- They can draw this much. - Yes.

I think this is just for show.

Do children receive the therapy here?

(Are they real works from the art therapy? Or are they fake?)

- Shall we have a seat? - Sit down first.

I think this place is real.

This place smells quite real.

What if it's not?

Doesn't this place look like a practice room?

(The inside does look like a dance practice room.)

If it's a practice room, there should be mirrors,

but there aren't.

They must've covered the mirrors.

No. Don't you look at each other?

That could be it.

(Is this a fake place which renovated a dance practice room?)

- Shall we invite her in? - Yes!


She's coming out.

- Hello. - Hello.

There are two of them.

(Who are the two to heal Sixth Sensers?)

Hello, we...

treat and manage people's minds with art.

I'm Jeong Hwa, a dance movement therapist from Mind.

And I'm Chief Young Ok, an art therapist.

We have 16 years of experience as therapists.


was set up by a dance movement therapist...

and an art therapist together.

So for people who are having a hard time...

or want to find happiness,

we heal their minds with dance movements and art...

so that they can find their own happiness here.

If counseling is conducted with words,

you can think of art as another form of language.

For the things you've experienced...

physically and mentally,

you materialize it...

with colors, lines, and some other forms.

When people hear about dance movement therapy,

they think you need to dance beautifully.

But the key point of dance movement therapy...

is the connection between your body and mind.

The history stored in your body...

turns into something positive slowly.

And you can feel your life changing from it.

That's what dance movement therapy is about.

Sixth Sense viewers.

Do you think this place is real?

What is art therapy?

For dance movement therapy...

You've walked here and came up here.

Your every movement of looking around here.

- Everyone has their own movements. - Yes.

Our movements?

Yes. Through the movements in my life,

you can look after yourself...

and find out about yourself. You can think of it as a process.

Do you study your mind...

or get healed here?

In the end, finding out about yourself...

can be considered as studying your mind.

Since we're therapists,

we treat others' minds.

Actually, a lot of people nowadays...

need their minds healed.

Because of their mental distress and worries.

They need things like this.

- I have a concern nowadays. - What is it?

I didn't even have this when I was a newbie,

but I've become afraid of standing in front of cameras.

- Really? - Yes.

- Yes, that can happen. - When I'm acting,

and when the camera zooms in on me,

my heart beats so loudly...

until I can hear my heartbeat in my ears.

Maybe I'm burned out...

or I have a new fear.

Or maybe I'm feeling more responsibility and pressure.

I'm concerned about that. Can this be healed as well?

Of course.

Gosh, thank you.

And the gestures you're making...

- are all like this. - Yes.

- So your body already knows. - My heart.

You're feeling the heavy burden.

You're actually expressing it now.

- Yes. - You're expressing it this way,

but these movements can change.

Gosh, I'm having goosebumps.

(Her trust in them increases quickly.)

It's good that you've come here, Na Ra Oh!

Please be real.

I really hope this place is real.

Shall we start checking right away?

(Let's start with dance movement therapy.)

We'll sit in a circle.

- In a circle? - Sit in a circle.

(First off, pick a partner.)

Who do you want to partner with, Jessi?

Who do you want to have beside you?

- I don't know. - Sang Yeob.

Sang Yeob.

(He can't hide his smile.)

(Calm down, mouth.)

What will we do?

- We'll hold hands. - Will we kiss?

Yes, you could.

Then I should go.

- My goodness. - What's this?

Hold on.

Sang Yeob, let's go.

(Smiling brightly)

(I'm so jealous.)

I'm suddenly blushing.

(Jessi and Sang Yeob chose their partners.)

Who do you want beside you, So Min?

Anyone but Jae Seok.

(What's so bad about me?)

Me too.

- Then I'll sit beside So Min. - Come to my side.

- I'll stay by So Min's side. - No.

Come here. I want you to come to my side.

- To your side? - Yes.

I should stay by So Min's side.

(Thank goodness.)

- Gray, who do you want beside you? - Mi Joo!

Gosh, stop it.

(What's this atmosphere?)

Right, who do you want, So Min?



(Her love interest was stolen right in front of her.)

(An unexpected plot twist)

Hey! You're older than Mi Joo.

Hold on, this is getting interesting.

What's happening?

(Try your love again next time.)

Today, you can be selfish. It's the time for yourself.

Then you should be selfish.

Then I'll go there too.


- I'll be selfish today as well. - But...

- I feel too uncomfortable. - I want to be selfish as well.

(So funny)

No, I want to go there.

- I'm sorry. - I don't like sitting here.

Then would you like to sit here?

- Okay, I'll sit next to Loco. - Okay.

(Jae Seok and Loco, Mi Joo and Na Ra)

(Sang Yeob and Jessi, So Min and Gray)

All right. We'll introduce ourselves now. Here's how.

- You drew a picture earlier, right? - Yes.

It's scanning your body and having a look at it.

It's objectifying your body.

You can do this too.

(Freely ring a bell.)

Then you can introduce yourself...

and express how you're feeling right now.

Whether you're nervous...

You can share how you're feeling.

The important part is to pass this to others to interact with them.

(Pass the bell to the person next to you when you're done.)

Here's another one.

(Oh, gosh.)

(She's funny.)

You need to meet their eyes.

Here you go. Look deeply into their eyes.

(Please pass it to me now.)

You can ring the bell as much as you want.

(This is how the national MC introduces himself.)

My name is Yu Jae Seok.

I hope this ends soon.

(He's holding a grudge.)

I hope this ends soon.

- I want to go home. - He doesn't like therapies.

- I hope... - He doesn't like therapies.

But this is fun.

(Meeting his eyes, shuddering)

What's with your face?

(Gently looking into his eyes)

(What's with his face?)

- Loco is blushing. - Hey.

Why are you blushing?

(It's time for Loco to introduce himself.)

Hello, my name is Loco.

I thought today was all about having fun,

but my heart started to flutter.

Why? Because you're sitting next to Mi Joo?

(She can't hide her smile.)

Mi Joo is smiling again.

(Meeting each other's eyes)

That was neat.

They're very careful.

(It's time for Mi Joo to introduce herself.)

(Her idol ego comes out when she's off guard.)

Hello, my name is Lee Mi Joo.

I'm looking forward to it.

What are you looking forward to?

What are you looking forward to?

(I don't know. I'm just excited.)

(It's time for Jessi to introduce herself.)

(Wait, it's Sang Yeob.)

(Flirting when she gets a chance)

Hello, my name is Ho Hyun Ju.

This is quite exciting.

- So cute! - So cute!

I don't really like the sound of this bell.

- Me neither. - It makes me edgy.

That's right.

Then you don't have to ring it.

She expressed how she felt. She said she doesn't like the sound.

- That's what you're here to do. - She's right.

Hello, my name is Jeon So Min.

I'm very unstable right now.



I can't see others' eyes well.

(This is a good example of expressing how one feels.)

Then you can just close your eyes and pass it on.

(She resolved what made her unstable by expressing herself.)

Whatever you're feeling, whether you're feeling good or bad,

- the feelings you have go away. - That's right.

So allow yourself to feel that way.

I'll tell you certain things to do,

but if you don't feel comfortable, then tell me that you don't want it.

(It's time to be honest to how you feel.)

Actually, meeting someone's eyes is really stressful.

- It's really difficult. - It is.

You did something really difficult.

So compliment yourself for pulling off something difficult.

- Well done. - Good job.

Well done.

(Does Loco have a muscle cramp?)

All right, now we'll work with your partners.

Could you help me to demonstrate?

(Rejecting with all his might)

(He's doing what he learned.)

With you?

She's leading him.

But it's my first time seeing you.

(Super shy)

When you touch or grab someone's hands,

you need to ask for their permission.

- Of course. - "May I hold your hands?"

That's right.

- Could you give me your hands? - No.

- Good. - He expressed how he felt.

- All right. Here's another one. - She told me to express myself.

You can stare into the distance when you face your partner.

Or you can close your eyes...

- if you feel uncomfortable. Okay? - All right.

Next, you're going to thank the other person...

for giving you the permission to touch their hands.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

(Rejecting Mi Joo's love)

There, there, Mi Joo.

(They're lost in their little world.)

Could you grab my hand, Loco?

(Skipping Jae Seok)


Why did your target change to Loco this time?

Why did you...

Because you find it really difficult.

That's not true.

(It's disappointing now that she's not grabbing his hand.)

- I should put my hand like this? - Tap your partner's hand...

to wake his body.

Your partner is waking your body up.

Grab your partner's left hand and stroke the hand.

Try to figure out which sensation you're more comfortable with.

Grab your partner's left hand and stroke it.

My gosh, well done.





You can't be like that here.

You crossed the line.

Do you prefer stroking or tapping?

I prefer tapping.

Then you can tap his hand.

I never imagined...

that I'd be stroking Loco's hand.

Ma'am, I don't think this therapy is to my liking.

- It's not to my liking. - She startled me.

This time, grab your partners' hands.

- Show your palms. - All right.

Go ahead and entrust yourself...

to your partner for 15 seconds.

We're going to shake each other.

You can keep your eyes closed.

When you shake your partner, check their shoulders.

- Entrust yourself to your partner. - Look at them.

I never imagined that I'd be holding Loco's hands...

for this long.

- My goodness. - Okay.

I never imagined...

that I'd be holding Loco's hands for this long.

- He's grabbing Loco's wrists. - My goodness.

Here's what we'll do next.

Imagine that you want to relieve your stress...

because you've been stressed lately.

You'll make some noise too.

Ready, go.


Those darn cameras!

(Go away, stress!)

Well done.

This time, you're going to stand up.

- We are? - Wait a minute.

(Wait a minute.)

He's so naughty, right?

You need to grab your partner's hands as you stand up.

I never imagined...

I'd be doing this with Loco.

- Let's move on to the next one. - Okay.

Can I stay next to you?

Of course. Please come over here.

(Bring it on.)

Shaking your body...

helps you to relieve stress.

But promise me one thing.

Don't make comments on other people's movements.

I shouldn't make fun of them?

- All right. - Just focus on yourself.

- Okay. - Give us the music.

There will be music too?

There's music that I like.

- Is this your style of music? - Yes.

It's a children's song.

Now, follow me and shake your shoulders.


Shake your butt too.

Look at Gray.

Now, shake your head.

(The dance move of Na Ra who used to be in a dance department)

(Jae Seok looks like an old man out for a walk.)

You get what I mean, right?

Let's do it again. Start with your shoulders.

Shake your shoulders.

(Charging toward Jae Seok)


Don't approach other people.

- Stay in your position. - Why would she...

- You should dance alone. - You're supposed to dance alone.

Shake your butt.

You're supposed to dance alone.

Now, shake your head.

(In a trance)

All right. Stop.

- You did so well. - Stop!

Well done.

(I did my best.)

As you shake your body, step forward.

(This time, they'll step forward.)

Tap your feet.

Tap your feet.


Don't move yet. Remain in your position.

Why... You don't let us do anything.

You said we could do whatever we want,

but you're not allowing anything.

There are so many restrictions.

I'm sorry, but...

- Seriously. - Can we do it now?

(He's being scolded when he's here to get a therapy.)

Tap your feet. Spread your arms.

Tap your feet.

Spread your arms, but stay in your position.

All right, I'm in my position.

I'll show you how it's done with So Min.

So Min.

Gosh, So Min.

Can I approach you?


(She learned to say no today.)

Then you can just stay there.

Call yourself using "me" and "I" instead of your name.

"I'm right here." Repeat after me.

- I'm here. - I'm right here.

- I'm here. - So Min is moving.

- I'm here. - I'm here.

You can only approach this much. Don't invade other people's space.

- Respect their space. - That's nice.

Approach the person you want while saying, "I'm here."

- I'm here. - I'm here.

There's the AC.

(They lost the sense of space as they're excited to approach.)

I'll go get some air from the AC.

(A sudden gathering in front of the AC)

- Move. - Hey.

So Min, that brat...

is getting the air all to herself.


I caught her.


- All right. - Are you sure this is therapy?

We get to laugh as we do this.

- That's relieving stress? - That's right.

All right. Pick a partner you want to do this with.

You need to pick a partner.

- I'll do it with Na Ra. - I pick her.

- I'll do it with Jessi. - Okay.

- I'll do it with Mi Joo. - I'll do it with him.

- All right. - Okay.

(What about me?)

The three of you.

- The three of you. - We could do it together.

(Sang Yeob, Loco, and Gray form a team.)

The things you want to hear the most these days.

- The things I want to hear? - From others.

(As you hear the things you wanted to hear, your self-esteem improves.)

- "I love you." - That's right.

What you want to hear.

- I love you. - Why is she tearing up?

(She's choked up.)

"You can do whatever you want."

What do you want to hear the most?

- "You're doing well." - Got it.

You're doing well.

- That's what I wanted to hear too. - What about you, Na Ra?

"You're good."

It might be a little cringing, but please follow me.


(What is she going to do?)

Na Ra! You're doing well!

(Choking up)

Na Ra! You're doing well!

Na Ra! You're doing well!

(Filling the room with compliments for myself)

Na Ra! You're doing well!

(Na Ra, when was the last time you were given a compliment?)

Na Ra! You're doing well!

Na Ra! You're doing well!

When the camera zooms in on me...

(The path she's been on her whole life...)

(suddenly started to feel strange.)

(When she became restless...)

(that she has to walk on the same path again tomorrow, )

(she wanted to hear a simple encouragement.)

("Na Ra, you're doing well.")

(Right? I'm doing well, right?)

- This is making me tear up. - It's okay.

No. I think I'm going to cry.

- Me too. - Na Ra! You're doing well!

I don't want to do this.

Do you want me to do it for you?

No. It's making me choked up.

You feel like crying, right?

Letting yourself cry is also a part of it.

In modern society,

- That's right. - crying is considered taboo.

Tears come and go.

You're getting teary because you need to cry.

We're saying what So Min wants to hear,

but it could be what we want to hear.

(The person who says it might want to hear the same thing.)

I felt the same way.

- Seung Ah said... - "You're doing well."

I was going to say that I wanted to hear it, and she said it.

(Choked up)

Then Loco will stand in the middle, and So Min will listen to him.

I'm crying already.

But I want to say it for So Min.

All right. Here we go.

Ready, go.

Seung Ah, you're doing well!

Ready, go.

Seung Ah, you're doing well!

Seung Ah, you're doing well!

(At the age where she must be having her own dreams, )

(she chose a career to give dreams to others.)

(She's worked really hard without looking back.)

(Now that she chose a new path, she must be lonely sometimes.)

(But she knows.)

(She's doing a better job than anyone else.)

- Seung Ah, you're doing well! - Wait a minute.

(The deep consolation piles up in her heart.)

Seung Ah, you're doing well!

(It's okay to cry a little today.)

Loco, you can do whatever you want!

- Seung Ah, you're doing well! - Please just do whatever you want!

Please just do whatever you want!

- Do whatever you want. - Do whatever you want.

(You must be burdened with pressure because of your new album.)

- Okay? - Do whatever you want.

- Do whatever you want. - You can do whatever you want.

You can do whatever you want.

So Min, you're doing really well.

So Min, you're doing really well.

(So Min wanted to hear that she's doing well too.)

(So Min is like Sixth Sense's ray of sunlight.)


(There are times when I become blank in front of cameras.)

So Min, you're doing really well.

(So Min who always looked bright needed a heartwarming consolation.)

So Min, you're doing really well.

(Choking up)

(Even Na Ra who was consoling her chokes up also.)

So Min, you're doing really well.

- Oh, no. - Why are you crying?

Na Ra is crying.

Why are you crying?

Why are you crying?

I don't know.

I know, right? It makes you tear up.

It makes me sad. Gosh.

(Maybe we are...)

(living a life where we lack even the smallest consolation.)

Don't cry.

Why is everyone crying over there?

Everyone is crying.

(Everyone is crying here and there.)

If this place is fake, I'll make sure to come back.

I'll be back!

There are four people crying now.

Leave us alone!

I wish they'll just leave us alone.

- There, there. - Let Loco do whatever he wants.

All right.

Gosh, this is tear-jerking.

- All right. Please come together. - Do whatever you want.

Please come this way.

Are you crying, Loco? Why are you crying?

Don't cry. You can do whatever you want.

Who did this to you? Bring them. I'll teach them a lesson.

I'll kill all those jerks. Who are they?

- Is it Jay Park? - No.

I don't think things are going...

the way she wants.

- Are you okay? - But I think the outcome is good.

- Is this going well? - Are we doing well?

- Isn't this pretty messed up? - She looks concerned.

Let's move on to the last step.

That's enough!

I won't let you be if this place is fake.

- I won't let you be. - It better not be fake.

Let's sit down.

Please listen to her and sit down.

It's not easy to express my feelings.

- Because it's embarrassing. - That's right.

I'll wrap it up after this.

We all consoled each other, right?

But you should be able to console yourself.

- That's right. - Here's what we'll be doing.

I don't know why that sounds so sad.

Hold on. If you try to suppress that feeling,

you'll cry even more. Just let yourself cry.

Just think that your tears are lasting extra longer today.

Just think that you needed that today.

That's right.

Here's what we'll do. Put out your hands.

(Focus on yourself and rub your hands.)

You only need to focus on yourself.

Here's what you'll do. Put your hand on your heart.

Then tap yourself.

How are you feeling right now?

(A sad song suddenly starts to play.)

Why are you doing this?

We're running toward the climax now.

My goodness.

- It looks like... - It feels like...

- the last part of a campfire. - we're heading toward the climax.

Music has the power to affect your emotions.

- That's true. - That's true.

They're inseparable. They need to work together.

Now, you'll only focus on your hearing.

Close your eyes and console yourself.

Give yourself some time.

(They all take their time to console themselves.)

(While everyone is focused on consoling themselves...)

I think I should go home.

So Min, you can go home.

(Breaking into tears)

- So Min, you can go home. - I don't think I'm feeling well.

(I don't think I'm feeling well.)

I tend to cry easily.

(She cries easily.)

We all concentrated hard on ourselves,

so let's take a deep breath now.

(Breathing in)

(Breathing out)

This place better be real.

If it's fake, what does that make me?

(If it's fake, what does that make me?)

Everyone, you did so well. I hope you'll achieve whatever you want.

Let's give her a round of applause. Thank you so much.

(An eventful dance movement therapy comes to an end.)

Thank you.

- I think I'm healed. - She was really...

I'm weak when it comes to...

coming together for one person.

That's why when the atmosphere changed...

When I told So Min that she's doing well,

- She cried a lot. - I couldn't stop crying.

Now that it's over,

I thought you guys were shooting a drama.


"So Min, you're doing well."

(He sounds exactly like Na Ra.)

"You're doing well."

(Please stop acting.)

Why are you suddenly crying, Mi Joo?

- Mi Joo is crying. - Why is she suddenly crying?

- Mi Joo got choked up too. - Mi Joo, you're doing well.

- Mi Joo... - She held it back.

She held it back. She got choked up too.

I didn't know Sixth Sense was such a sad show.

You're not even human if you make us play a game here.

- You won't make us play a game. - If you make us play a game here,

you're not even human.

(Let's dry up for a second.)

I think the therapist is real.

Remember millstone soybean noodles?

- I do. - I got fooled.

It feels like that place.

(So Min was touched by the fake place.)

Right. When So Min is touched, it's bound to be fake.

- Yes, that place was fake. - Really?

But I'd be really shocked if this place is fake.

It could be fake because she set the mood by turning on the music.

(She set up the mood where anyone could cry?)

(The art therapy that made everyone cry)

(Is this place real or fake?)

(You can watch the art therapy on our webpage.)

- Let's play a game now. - Just give us the hint.

We're playing a game in this state?

Gosh, but so many of us are teary.

We'll play Relay Genre Initials Game.

- Relay Genre Initials Game now? - We're on fire.

What's the initials game?

- That one. - The one I'm good at?

- Yes, the one you're good at. - Yes, the one you're good at.

- Which team wants to go first? - That team.

- The genre is horror. - Horror?

- The given word is "Wonder Woman". - It sounds difficult.

The genre is horror. First syllable.

I didn't get what I wanted.

It looks like I'm bipolar.

(It's even scarier to hear her say that after she cried.)

You're a professional entertainer.

I need to keep working.

That's true.

- I didn't get what I wanted. - "I didn't get what I wanted"?

Second syllable.

(Horror, Wonder Woman)

I was willing to do something worse to get that,

but I couldn't do anything.

I can't wait to hear the rest.

(It has a nice development.)

We're ill-fated. Here.

(He's immersed in it.)

- "Here"? - The last syllable.

- Loco. - Gosh.

It's not the challenge to use your face.

(He's not laying eggs.)

(Loco, you need to save this.)

- The last syllable. - The last syllable.

What is this?

(What is this really...)


You're really Dummy.

Dummy, my gosh.

The story was terrible.

We'll do it.

Let's see how good you are.

Let's do this. The genre is thriller musical.

- A musical? - A musical?

If it's a musical, do we need to sing?

Try to do that.

The keyword is "Encyclopedia."




It happened in Baejke era.

- What? - What's that?

- Jae Seok! - Why?

- Do it again! - Why?

The start is terrible.


What's wrong with Baekje era?

He was always like that.

To continue, you need to know about Baekje era.

- What is that, Jae Seok? - Okay.

The general said this.

Why did this turn into a story from the old times?

It was so cold in an orchard.


It was so cold.

(Turned into a female lead)

(Watching in the first row unexpectedly)


(She struggles to use vibrato.)

Weren't you crying just before?

I'm working here.

(Please keep it a secret.)

Please air this before the scene where I cried.



- What do I need to do? - The third syllable.


The lion came.

- Do it as a musical. - The lion.


(Her voice is as loud as a lion's.)


Why are you interrupting her?


Why are you interrupting her?

(Why are you ruining a great performance?)

I just love a musical.

It's great to have a reaction like that.

Someone needs to do that.

Right, Na Ra? What do we do after the lion comes?

The lion came.

(A dancer comes in.)

He bit.

He killed.

He killed. The last one?

- Dance. - What do I do?

- The last one. - The last one.

It's a legendary story from the old days.

(It may sound too old.)

Isn't that a trot?

Jae Seok, it's a musical, not a trot.

- How is that a musical? - Be quiet.

You shouldn't be Yu San Seul here.

(What should I do?)

It's a legendary story.

(They failed.)

(Because the genre is ruined, Gray's team also failed.)

Let's go.

This time, the genre is a romantic musical.

- A romantic musical? - "Lunch Time."


I asked you out for lunch.

(Good job!)

My heart is beating so fast.

(It's a musical actress' turn.)

A musical actress.

Why are they so loud?

So loud.

The last syllable.

(With her saying "So loud," the musical is about to fail.)

(Can Loco, a genius lyricist, save this romantic musical?)

The last syllable.

The last syllable.

I'll have one ganjjajang, please.

(Screaming ganjjajang at the end of romance)

(Dummy's destructive ending)

(I've done my best.)

We did well. Why couldn't you?


(Isn't this how you are supposed to play this game?)

- Who will go first? - Me.

- Let's go. - Okay.

You'll also do a romantic musical.

A romantic musical. Okay.

"Mona Lisa."

- "Mo." - "Mo?"

Let's play "Mo."

- Be quiet. - "Mo."


I did something.

What is that?


- Hyun Ju. - What did you do?

She did something?

What did she do?

I don't know. I'm sorry.

- "Na." - "I did something."

I am...

(I am...)

I am...

(She uses the stage very well.)

- What are you doing? - It's a musical.

Who does a musical like that?

- It's so funny. - What are you doing?


I'm a hyena,

looking for love.


(It's a pretty romantic story.)

(Getting pressured)


He doesn't know what to do.

(Standing up quietly)

Li Won Seok.

(A surprising cast appears.)

(It suddenly turns into an anticommunism musical.)

(He drops a bomb into a romance.)

What did he say?

He said this.

- Next. - Does this story make sense?

Does it make sense?

- It's a musical anyway. - Next.

(Am I supposed to save this?)


I'll have one jjajangmyeon, please.


(Putting jjajangmyeon into a romance)

- Doing a musical is hard. - No.

(Hungry hip hop duo both called out for jjajang.)

Come and get your hint.

(With extra rounds, Team Gray gets a hint.)

(Vision Hint)

One of them really majored in art, and the other one...

One of them really studied art,

and now is doing art.

The other one studied acting...

- Right! - Acting?

This must be why it felt so familiar to me.

During college, I took an acting lesson.

It wasn't exactly the same.

But it felt similar to this.

Maybe they're not real therapists.

But they might be teachers.

(Are they fake ones inspired by acting classes?)

(Art therapist uses art to heal emotional scars.)

(1. The place looks like a dance studio.)

(2. Dramatic atmosphere is created.)

(3. It is similar to acting classes. Is this place fake or real?)

(Ask us Anything, The Unusual Consultants Special)

(It's all in your expression!)

(Microexpression expert who analyzes dating and married couple problems)


It's here.

Here? Is it here? This building?

(Sixth Sensers arrived at the third place.)

- Which floor is it on? - The second floor.

The second floor? The sign is...

(The sign is...)

(The sign looks like it's for a private academy.)

There are lots of places like this in Seoul.

This building doesn't seem like it has a place like that.

It's an office building.

It feels like they found an empty space.

Just by the look of it.

(It feels like the staffs found an empty space.)

It doesn't feel right.

It feels awkward.

- Education entertainment. - This place is...


What's wrong?

- Why? - That looks like it's set up.

(This has been conducted after hand sterilization and fever check.)

(Human Resources Development Edutainment)

(Inside, there's a resting area.)

(The working area filled with private desks)

(It feels like it's been used.)

(In the bookshelf, standing across, )

(there are books on various topics.)

(You won't know what the place is just by the interior.)

(What is this place?)

A course for certified microexpression expert.

(Materials related to microexpression)

Why do they have to put these up on here?

Right. I think they did it so we can see them.

They didn't have to, right?

Hold on.

The fact that there's a cafe is very awkward.

A mini cafe.

(The resting area and items in there seem strange.)

What's that?

(Jae Seok enters into a different room.)

This is a total setup.

Things written like this.

(Let's see.)

(Everything seems strange in here.)

(Do they really analyze microexpression?)

Hey. Come in.

(They sat down.)

- I feel like I'm getting a lesson. - Right.

(There are places...)

(that look like lecture rooms.)

(Who is the consultant they'll meet in here?)

Let's bring the consultant in.


- Hello. - Hello.

Let us introduce ourselves.

Hello. I'm a microexpression expert,

and a behavioristic psychology expert. I'm Moon Soo.

I'm an expert in non-verbal behavior psychology.

and the owner of the company. I'm Yeo Jeong.

(What is microexpression?)

People normally have...

seven expressions on their face.

(People's facial expression can be divided into 7 different ones.)

(Anger, surprise, disgust, sadness fear, happiness, and contempt.)

The microexpression appears very shortly.

It's only shown for 0.25 seconds.

We're looking for those facial expressions.

With those, we figure out what the person is really thinking.

This is what a microexpression expert does.

(What is a special consulting method this place have?)

To diagnose one's characteristics,

we use the ICRU diagnostic test.

It is to diagnose one's characteristics.

In addition to that, we diagnose one's dating style.

(Based on characteristics, they consult on dating styles too.)

We use diagnostic tools.

But we also analyze microexpressions and body languages.

From those, we get to know...

what the other is really thinking.

That helps on understanding others in relationships.

(If you can read the other's facial expression, )

(the time that takes you to fall in love is...)

(only 0.2 seconds.)

- Sixth Sensers. - Do you think this place is real?

(Do you think this place is real?)

How do you consult on dating...

by looking at facial expressions?

In fact, you come here with someone you love.

When they talk, they might say they love each other,

but their facial expressions might show different things.

(They can see how the relationship is going.)

Here's also this.

Our pupils get dilated.

- Pupils? - We can't control our pupils.

- Right. - Yes.

So, if your pupils get dilated...

when you see the opposite sex,

It means that you're interested in that person.

(It's certainly a signal that you like someone.)

We understand and know...

why people make such expressions.

And we refer to that in our consulting.

It sounds fun.

The signals that one makes when he likes someone.

Don't you want to know about that?

I know some of those.

- What do you know? - Usually,

when girls want a guy to notice them,

they show their necks.

Or they show the inside of their wrists.

- Why the inside of the wrist? - You know it so well.

Because it's their power zone.

They're directly related to our life.

When girls have a crush on someone,

they show their necks or wrists...

which are related to their lives.

Men tend to make themselves look big.

This is what it means.

When they're showing off what is related to their lives,

it means that they have trust and faith...

in the man.

(A deep meaning in a small gesture)

So, we analyzed Sixth Sensers.

We watched previous episodes...

very closely.

- I'm embarrassed. - Me too.

While we analyze,

we found some interesting points.

First, have you heard of mirroring?

Mirroring is copying someone else's behavior.

We checked those.

We found you...

copying each other.

Why did we do that?

(It's interesting.)

- That's amazing. - Here's this.

So Min and Mi Joo.

When you look at it, even Jessi is in it.

- It's called syntonization. - Syntonization.

(When Jessi shakes her arm, )

(So Min and Mi Joo follow.)

- Oh, my! - That's amazing.

What is this?

We did the same move as you.

- Right. - Now, Jae Seok and Mi Joo.

You simultaneously covered your mouth.

Now that I see, you look alike.


Why are you making that face?

- That's when you do this. - Okcheon Queen.

Okcheon Queen.

Mi Joo also has a protruding mouth.

(She suddenly covers her mouth.)

They look like siblings.

(A frustrating moment of Okcheon Queen)

(From today, they're protruding mouth family.)

I feel like she majored...

in aerial service.

- No. - You were not a stewardess?

No. I majored in philosophy.

- A philosophy major? - Yes.

(They never expected the answer.)

What did you major in?

I majored in economic management.

Economic management?

It's so different from this.

What is your relationship?

- He's my teacher. I'm a student. - Right.

(They answer without any hesitation.)

- They speak so well, don't they? - But I feel...

like they're fake.

The others felt more natural.

A little bit.


(Real microexpression experts? Or actors cast by staff?)

We'd like to have a consulting session.

- I'm nervous. - How do we do this?

We'll look at your dating style with cards.

- Cards. - I see.

- Mixing cards. - It's so fun.

It'll be so much fun.

So Min really likes this kind of thing.

- I really like it. - I also really like it.


- That is... - That's how you shuffle for hwatu.

- It feels like... - That's for hwatu cards.

- It feels like... - Are you a gambler?

- Sir. - It feels like...

(They suddenly lost the trust in him.)

There are words written on the card.

The words mean this.

(The cards have words written. They represent one's personality.)

Choose the personality that suits you when you are in a relationship.

- My personality. - Right.

Choose 12 cards...

that you cannot let go.

- Only 12 cards. - That's hard.

It is really hard. Some say...

they feel like they're disregarding their children.

- Take a look. - 12 cards?

It's hard. They can be all you.

But the closest ones.

- I empathize with others well. - Okay.

I have a sense of humor, and...

- The one you can't let go? - The one I can't let go.

- I'm very curious. - You are.

I'm unique. I have four.

You take care of others well.

- I make the other feel comfortable. - So Min, you take care of others.

- I can't let go of it. 1, 2, 3, 4, - You take care of others well.

5, 6, 7, 8.

- I already have 8. What do I do? - You need 4 more.

- I need 4 more? - Choose 4 more.

I can't discard the card saying that I'm honest.

That's important.

You have to be honest.


I may not be that truthful.

Okay, that might be true.

So Min, is it okay to be this honest on the show?

It's hard.

I'm not that considerate.

I'm different. I achieve. I need two more.

(She is done choosing the cards.)

I finished choosing.

Now, what you need to do is this.

Turn them upside down.

- Turn them 1 by 1. - What? Turn them 1 by 1?


- It's interesting. - Interesting.

There's something.

(What is that?)

(What's on the back of the cards?)

This is interesting.

There are similar ones.

(It's her dating style.)

There are the same ones.

- I want to try. - Gosh.

(So Min's dating style is Italian.)

We say there are four kinds of dating styles.

(Swedish lover, Parisien lover, )

(Italian lover, and New Yorker lover)

(What do they mean?)

Let's take a look at Swedish lover.

(Reminding of peaceful nature in Sweden)

You want to love your partner with your heart and soul.

That's the love you pursue.

(I see.)

And Parisien lover is this.

You get the feeling when you think of Paris.

- Parisien. - Romantic.

It's romantic.

But when you think of the Eiffel tower,

they're strong and self-confident.

They want to make and achieve something.

(Growth and achievement are important in the relationship.)

(You can share intellect with Parisien lover.)

Italian lover is this.

You have fun by traveling and hanging out.

You keep trying something new...

as long as it's fun.

This is interesting.

When you think of New York, you think of finance.

Very strict and intellectual.

(Reminding of tall and strong buildings...)

(that have been always standing there)

New Yorker lover is very upright.

They want to be a trustworthy person.

So we divide the styles into four different ones.

(Let's see what So Min's dating style is.)

She doesn't have one. There are stronger ones,

and others are mixed in.

(So Min prefers to date someone who can enjoy life and share souls.)

Have you been to all of those places?


Then, did you just name those?

I named those.

- You named them? - Yes.

- I see. - Does that make sense?

That's for the sake of convenience.

It was to divide them.

By the symbolic feeling of those places.

It could've been interesting if he named it after Korean cities.

Suwon, Busan, Incheon, Namyangju,

There are styles that go well with one another.

There are styles that don't.

(That sounds obvious.)

It all depends on how you look at it.

(Dating style cards based on countries' image)

(Is it a fake story made by staff?)

It was fun to do this.

- Wasn't it fun? - It was fun.

- I really like it. - Me too.

Everyone, we have to remember...

that we still need to find the fake one.

(I don't know.)

Can you read my facial expression?

You're holding yourself back.

- What? - You're trying to not make any.

You're holding yourself back.

No. I'm just being myself.

(That's not right...)

(Even when he's wrong, he looks relaxed.)

This is a fake place.

(This is a fake place because you're wrong.)

But he was so good at explaining.

(Dating consulting experts based on microexpression and behavior)

(Are they real or fake?)

(It's time to look at hints.)

My first hint.

(Vision Hint)

Why is he there?

(The expert attended the press conference of "The Witness".)

Because it's a thriller movie,

he might have been there for criminal psychology.

That must've been why.

But somehow,

he looks like a movie director...

in this picture.

I'm more confused.

(Is he a real psychologist and a microexpression expert?)

(Or a fake one who is related to the movie?)

(Microexpression expert who analyzes dating and married couple problems)

(1. The consulting rooms look like the ones in private academies.)

(2. They majored in fields that are not related to microexpression.)

(3. Dating style cards seemed a bit strange.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

- I don't know. - I'm going crazy.

It's better to eat food.

Today is the hardest.

I can't choose yet.

Today, all three of them were missing something.

The 1st one and the 2nd one all had flaws.

- The third one also has flaws. - Nothing is clear.

There was none.

It's so confusing today.

(I'm also very confused.)

Now, let's go vote one at a time.

(First to vote is Gray.)

Do I vote here? I think this place was...

Italy is not a city.

New York and Paris are cities.

(Why did he mix cities and countries?)

(After analyzing logically, he chooses number 3.)

(Loco comes in to vote.)

I won't think hard.

It's been years since she dealt the cards.

But she couldn't find it well. That was a big mistake.

I choose number one.

(Please be right, number 1.)

(The other members finished voting.)

We'll reveal how the vote went.

You are divided into half.

Really? The 1st and the 3rd one?

Oh, my gosh. I'm not alone.

No one chose the second one.

- No one chose the 2nd one. - It's crazy if the 2nd is fake.

- No one chose the second one. - Let's play the video.

(Who is the fake consultant?)

(Forget the fake one you've seen so far.)

- What is this? - What's happening?

"Mission Impossible."

(It's never been more thorough...)

(and secretive.)

(A fake on a bigger scale than ever before)

On a bigger scale than ever before. It really was.

(The unusual consultant special)

That seemed fake to me.

(No matter how you look at it, they all seem unusual.)

Oh, my gosh.

Wait a minute, that was the reason I chose that one.

Yes, those glasses.

I honestly have no idea. I'm so nervous right now.

I'm so nervous.


(They're incredibly nervous.)

(Diagnosing a life by color alone)

- Is that one fake? - That one was weird.


(Healing through dance and art!)

(Art therapy expert)

This one actually exists.

(Able to determine a dating style in 0.2 seconds)

(Psychological profiling for dating)

- Is it number 3? - It must be number 3.

(Unusual consultants special)

- Which one is it? - Please be number three.

- Please. - Goodness.

- Please. - Let's do this.


(Which one is the fake consultant?)

Please don't let me be wrong.

Which one is it?

(Is number 1 the fake since she made a mistake?)

Number three.

(Which consultant was fake?)

(Is number three the fake, with all the fake-looking props?)

Is it number one?

Which one is it?

(Is number three the fake, with all the fake-looking props?)

Is it number one?

Which one is it?

(The color psychologist who gives investment advice...)

(is the fake.)

(Today's fake is number 1.)

(This is insane.)

(Did I get it?)

It's number one? We got it!

(The victors celebrate.)

- We got it. - Goodness!


We really got it, my gosh.

Don't you feel great?

Don't you feel terrible?

- How can that be real? - Exactly.

We'll now reveal the answer.

Number two was real then. That's a relief.

- That one was real. - What a relief.

That's what is important.

What was that place?

(Within the forest of buildings)

(Searching for a building that resembles a research center)

My goodness.

(One building caught our eye.)

(Even the entrance feels like a research center.)

(A clean interior, )

(and a division of space resembling an office)

(A perfect layout, including one large room)

(I choose you.)

- I see. - To go that far.

So they created all that.

(Turn the empty space into a color energy research lab.)

(The 5t truck joins us once more today.)

(Totally full)

(They use big furniture pieces to set the scene.)

Wow, look at all that.

(Installing electronics needed to give off an office feel.)

(Adding additional props to give a lived-in feel)

They really got me.

(The centerpiece of a research lab)

Yes, these felt off.

(100 percent handmade)

(The art team made them personally.)

They were handmade?

They went that far?

(To create perfect colors, )

(they mixed countless dyes.)

When I opened those earlier, they smelled so good.

(Now, it's time to make the cards.)

(Please let me go home.)

Oh, no.

(Stay strong, art team.)

(But the art team never gives up.)

That's ridiculous.

- They're amazing. - Totally.

The art team is so impressive.

(The cards are complete.)

(The blood, sweat, and tears of the art team complete the props.)

You should give those to me instead of throwing them away.

- Really. - They're so pretty.

(But Sixth Sense doesn't stop here.)

(To perfect the transformation, )

(they went to an actual color psychology research lab.)

- So it exists. - It really exists?

So it's a real thing.

(They took props from the actual research lab.)

I thought it might really exist.

They actually brought those over.

(Let's go to your new fake home.)

(From the real lab...)

(to the fake one)

They even had sunglasses?

Those were all real tools?

(They even took the poster.)

- Even the poster? - That's impressive.

(To bewilder them all)

That's really impressive.

- That's so impressive. - They did a great job.

(The unusual consultation room is now complete.)

I feel so embarrassed now for pretending to deduce rationally.

That's just how it is.

Then who is the chief in reality?

(The color chief's true identity is...)

At first, I was confident...

because I also use colors.

- A nail artist? - I just had to get the basics down.

- Who is it? - A professor?

Does she run a social services agency?

Hello. I've been a tarot master for the past ten years.

- I'm Park So Hyun. - A tarot reader?

(Her identity is finally revealed.)

- That makes sense. - I'd thought of that.

With various company employees as my students,

I have been providing tarot consultations.

That's why she seemed so natural.

- When she was talking. - Yes, she sounded very natural.

(Can a tarot reader also do color psychology consultations?)

Color psychology is something I've never studied before.

It was so difficult.

(Shaking her head)

So that's why she was confused about the card number earlier.

The card numbers earlier.


(She seemed very natural during her consultations.)

She seemed so real then.

(She seemed very natural during her consultations.)

(How did the tarot reader...)

(transform herself into a color psychologist?)

(Hidden within the color cards...)

(are these mysterious letters.)

What is that?

(Once the cards are inserted into the stand, )

(the letters become visible.)

(The color cards were actually tarot cards.)


They were tarot cards?

No wonder the psychologist kept looking downwards.

(Experienced in the Escape Room game in Episode 8)

It came out there?

Sixth Sense is amazing.

This is really amazing.

Wait a minute.

So it was only visible to her.

(Once the UV light is on, )

(the cards transform into tarot cards.)

That's insane. I just got goosebumps.

(Fear and shock)

(Instead of getting a color psychology consultation...)

So it was real.

(Instead of getting a color psychology consultation...)

(They were getting a tarot reading.)

So we got a tarot reading.

(The Sixth Sensers got hit with their eyes wide opened.)

I thought she had a script or something.

- That was amazing. - What else was there?

What is all this?

(This wasn't the end.)

(There is one more...)

(hidden secret.)

- She had earphones? - What?

(The tarot reader had earphones in her ears.)

They were hidden by her hair?

- Who is that? - Is that one of the writers?

- Something like a mother's love. - What's going on?

She likes taking care of others.

That's so scary.

But who is that?


I'm color psychology expert, Kim Gyu Ri.

- So she's an actual expert. - A real color psychology expert.

(Kim Gyu Ri, art therapy expert, chief of color psychology center)

(When she tells her what to say, it comes out.)

I think you can express it as being passive.

(You didn't know she was actually an avatar, right?)

(The avatar trick was a success.)

It was a collaboration...

between the tarot reader and the color psychologist.

(A special collaboration between two experts)

(In case you were wondering, )

(we also did background checks again.)

- They did background checks. - Stop with the background checks.

(Today, we did a phone interview.)

Who did they look into?


- Hello? - Hello, mother.

- Is it Jessi's mother? - Isn't that Mi Joo's mother?

- Can you talk now? - Yes, I'm free.

- That's my mom. - Really?

My mother.

(No it's not. It was actually Mi Joo's mother, queen of Okcheon.)

Oh, it's not.

It was my mother?

I spoke to her, and I recognized her voice.

That wasn't my mom's voice.

When Mi Joo was young, what was her personality like?

There was nothing special. She grew up well.

But once in a while, she'd get very stubborn.

(Once in a while, she'd get very stubborn.)

(At a loss)

- When things didn't go her way... - That's you?

she'd go into her room and refuse to come out.

Why didn't you come out?

Sometimes she'd stay in there for three days.

(Her skeletons are all being aired.)

Mi Joo.


When she wants,

- she can be very cold. - That's true.

Even if she's my daughter, I admit she can be a total brat.

Mom, this is going on air!

Do you know how she is doing investments?

- Investments? - Yes.

She can't do anything like that.

She knows.

(She doesn't know anything about investments.)

Wow, Mom.

- Hello? - Are you free to talk now?

Yes, hello.

Now it's my mother.

- That's Jessi's mom. - My mom!

- Her voice is so cute. - When did you guys talk?

When Jessi was young, what was her personality like?

She was very energetic.

- Even when she was sick. - You look so cute.

- She would cover up hurt feelings. - She looks so cute.

- Then she would tell us... - That was when I was 14.

- after everything was resolved. - Maybe I was 15.

Has she shared a recent concern with you?

She said she wants to get married.

- Oh, gosh. - Of course.

(Could she be serious...)

(about Sang Yeob?)

She wants to get married and have children.

- Mom, how could you? - Oh, my gosh.

We totally got you, right?

Sixth Sensers,

this place was fake.

(Sixth Sensers, this was fake.)

That was amazing.

Thank you.

(Jessi has won 10 pieces of pure gold now.)

Since the two of you won, you can buy gifts for your mothers.

- That's a great idea. - You're right.

My mom will be so happy.

Gray and Loco were with us today. Please share how you felt.

We were only with you for a short while,

but I feel like I've gotten emotionally closer to the members.

We felt the same way.

- It's because we all cried. - It's because we cried.

Today felt especially like that.

We had so much fun here.

(Please listen to Gray's first full album a lot too.)

(A guest beyond our expectations shows up at Sixth Sense.)

(Lee Sang Yi returns in "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha".)

(Welcome dance)

(What kind of place do you think this is?)


(Confused blinking)

(Surviving the Sixth Sense jungle)

(Come here.)

(The receiving dance)

(Saying hello is a must.)

(An intense welcome)

(Tasting with your eyes, crazy visuals special)

(A feast of unusual visuals)

(Eyes opening wide in shock)

(A taste that makes your eyes close automatically)

(What is this item's identity?)

(Going to a place that makes them dance)