Sixth Sense (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - The Visuals Special - full transcript

Actor Lee Sang Yi appears as the guest. He shows perfect chemistry with Sang Yeob and Jae Seok since they have been in other shows together. Today's theme is food with amazing visuals. The members and the guest visit a Korean fine...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(One pretty day, with fluffy clouds in the sky)

(In the midst of the city)

(The place we'll be starting today)

(Filming was conducted after testing COVID-19 negative.)


(The Sixth Sensers arrive one by one.)

(Showing off her denim skirt as soon as she arrives)

(The SoMi sisters are looking very stylish today.)

(Acting cute)

(Reacting like a mannequin)

(Targeting the mannequin)

Is it that hard to look at me?

(He looks at the girls with a stone-faced look.)

That's crazy.

Wow, So Min.

- That's so frustrating. - What's with these girls today?

So Min, are you a gift today?

- Na Ra. - You're like a walking gift.

(The jumbo-ribbon princess style)

- You can have me as a gift. - This is so absurd.

- You can have me. - That's gross.

- Unwrap me. - Gross!

Don't do this to me.

(Why did the SoMi sisters get so dressed up today?)

Information on who our guest is was leaked in advance.

I can tell just by looking at So Min's outfit.

- I really don't know. - Look.

I really don't know who it is.

I really don't.

Is he an actor or a singer?

He does both.

- Wait, but... - What?

So he does both.

Not only that,

So Min told Mi Joo who the guest is...

and told her to dress nicely today.

(False pretenses)

Why are they like this?

She told me to make sure I look especially good.

But So Min tried the hardest to look good today.

What's going on?

She's wearing a huge ribbon.

She looks really different from her usual self.

- Do I look different? - Yes.

- Is he an idol? - What does the guest matter?

But today...

(I'm going to root for you.)

Is it my turn today?

Mi Joo said she's a huge fan of his.

- I see. - Who is it?

That's right, but...

(Just wait, Mr. Guest. Today's my day.)

I don't think either of you will do well today.

(Stop dreaming.)

(Cut to the core)

(Yu Jae Seok, cutting comedians to the core every time)

(Today's guest shows a glimpse of himself.)

- Look at him. - It's true.

(Discovering the guest)

(Showing off her gold tooth)

I got a peek earlier.

(The man of "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" is here.)

- Lee Sang Yi. - My gosh.

(He's the handsome brother-in-law for everyone.)

(A rising star thanks to his chemistry with Sang Yeob)

(In MSG Wannabe, he showed off his unexpected vocal skills.)

(Recognized as a hot actor for playing Ji Sung Hyun recently)

(The actor everyone wants as a real-life boyfriend, Lee Sang Yi)

- My brother, Sang Sang Yi. - Sang Sang Yi.

Hello, I'm Lee Sang Yi.

(Hot actor, Lee Sang Yi)

(Imagine more)

(Gosh, what a surprise)

(Here, they sing a different genre.)

(Adapting in 3 seconds)

- It's like a gospel choir. - Na Ra.

(A rather holy version of "Someone Who Knows Me")

Na Ra, why is your dance like this?


Why? That's how it was back in my day.

(More genre spinning to head back to the 1990s)

(Saba saba)

You're good at that.

(An old school dance master)

Of course.

Sang Yi is joining us today.

(Welcome, Sang Sang Yi.)

Along with Sung Cheol, he's a member of...

the legendary class of 2010...

of Korea National University of the Arts.

Are you above or below Sung Cheol in grade?

- We were the same year. - Oh, the same year.

- Yes, the same year. - Sang Yi was his department rep.

- His department rep! - Yes, he was.

- He was a total insider. - He's totally the type to be.

- He must have leadership. - That's not it.

I was just the department rep for my class,

- not for the school. - Wait, something's in your hair.

He's like your mom's friend's son that you hear them brag about.

(Na Ra's delicate fingers come in unexpectedly.)

(He closes his eyes.)

- You said he wasn't your type. - Sang Yi, you too.

You too. My goodness.

- Look how still he was. - She said he's not her type.


That's his specialty.

(Sang Sang Yi is a chemistry fairy.)

He's doing very well, and is in all the ads lately.

- Right. - Sang Yi is.

- Seon Ho's in that drama too. - Right.

Yes, Kim Seon Ho's in it.

(She smiles just at hearing his name spoken.)

Is it Kim Seon Ho or Lee Sang Yi?

She was on 2 Days 1 Night.

Is it Kim Seon Ho or Lee Sang Yi?

Choosing between mom and dad?

(This is like asking me to choose if I like mom or dad better.)

Choosing between mom and dad?

(Mom and Dad?)

(Getting too into it at once)

It's like asking me to choose between mom and dad.

- How can I choose? - That was great.

Sang Yeob, are you close with Sang Yi?

- Of course. - You are?

My dear Sang Yi.

We played brothers in a drama.

We were brothers in a drama.

Oh, right.

I knew I'd be seeing you today,

so I styled my hair to look like it did back then.

(A rare sight of bromance on Sixth Sense)

You look like you're suffering so much on this show.

No, I'm okay.

The two of them are talking amongst themselves.

- Hurry up and talk, Jae Seok. - It's really not great to see...

when Sang Yeob is close with one of our guests.

What's our theme today?

- I thought of you a lot. - Really?

(Very bitter)

- What's today's theme? - Yes.

"A feast for the eyes, the crazy beautiful visual special."

- That sounds fun. - Visuals?

Let's take a look.

(Human nature...)

(is always in pursuit of the beautiful.)

(Of all the beauty in the world, )

(these food visuals are particularly striking.)

(The ultimate in beautiful food...)

(will stimulate that human nature.)

(Only possible on Sixth Sense)

(A celestial feast for the eyes)

(The crazy beautiful visuals special)

(Even a shocking upset)

(What is today's fake?)

Here's the first one.

"A collaboration with four masters!"

"Korean dining that bridges tradition and the present."

- That sounds like a great meal. - We're going to feast today.

(The beauty of tradition...)

(meets the charm of the present.)

(This Korean dining experience...)

(brings these together in a marvelous way.)

(Including a collaboration between Korean masters)

(Is this real or fake?)

- This sounds real though. - It's real.

There are a lot of places like this these days.

- If there are four masters... - Then for example,

you could have a master of Korean pansori.

- That's true. - And a master of pottery.

- Right. - A master.

But why would masters get together and do this?

To make money.

(She admits.)

(Masters need to survive too.)

(Respect the masters' need to survive)

Oh, that's why.

Let's look at the second one.

- The second one. - "Michelin Guide recommended..."

"2 years in a row."

"Chinese prix fixe as the ultimate in art food."

- That sounds delicious. - That sounds good.

(The works of humanity express beauty in many ways.)

(Chinese food meets the arts.)

(The beauty of the arts expressed through Chinese food)

(Naturally, the food looks like works of art.)

(But the restaurant even made it on the Michelin Guide twice?)

(Is this place real or fake?)

The Michelin Guide.

(The Michelin Guide is famous for restaurant recommendations.)

Sang Yi, what do you think?

I don't want to judge too hastily.

You have to judge.

(Oh, I see.)

You have to judge now.

(It's the time to make hasty judgments right now.)

I'm sorry, right now, he's totally out of it.

Rather than getting the answer,

I want to enjoy the food and have a good time.

- Not just focus on getting it. - But I bet...

you won't really have a good time.

His eyes have lost focus.

(Let's move on to the next one before Sang Yi cries.)

Art food and Chinese food.

The third one.

"Taste summer vacation!"

"A dessert prix fixe containing the seasons."

That sounds delicious.

That's a great order.

(Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)

(These flashy four seasons...)

(are captured in desserts, )

(served as a prix fixe.)

(The four seasons expressed in taste and visuals)

(Taste the summer on your tongue.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

For the others, the first two,

the descriptions are very clear.

- But for the third, it's vague. - It's not as clear.

Taste summer vacation?

Are you writing a poem or what?


Na Ra, Sensing Na Ra,

is getting better at sensing lately.

My senses are getting heightened.

The easiest thing to make here is probably the dessert,

since they're light and... how do I say this?


But today...

(Focusing on her)

(But today...)

Why do you keep staring at my face?

You seem a bit...

- anxious and flushed. - Is it menopause?

What's wrong with me? I feel so hot today.

So Min, why won't you look over here today?

I'm really not trying to do that today.

- Never. - I've only seen your back today.

(You don't have to go that far in front of Sang Yi.)


I'm sorry, but Sang Yi looks very confused now.

Am I really that unlikeable?

(Am I really that unlikeable?)

No, you're very handsome.

- Poor Sang Yi. - That's not what I meant.

She hurt Sang Yi's feelings.

- We've met before too. - No, you're very handsome.

Sang Yi's face has turned red too.

- No. It's okay. - It's making me get angry.

- Why did you do that, So Min? - It's making me get angry.

- No, I'm all right. - Really?

- I'm fine. - Jae Seok.

- She's going so far to say never. - Wait, Sang Yi.

- Let me summarize. - Summarize Yu.

In general,

when we hear we have a certain guest coming,

some people like to dress better for certain guests.

People can make an effort individually.

Yes, individuals can make an effort for themselves.

So Min definitely heard that Sang Yi was joining us today.

(Is So Min interested in Sang Yi?)


That's all.

However, there's one more important point.

If she did that alone, she would stand out, so she called Mi Joo.

("Mi Joo, you should dress nicely too.")

(She uses her younger sister as a smokescreen.)

(Perpetrator and victim)

I'm a victim.

I wasn't going to say all that.

- I was just a victim. - But Mi Joo...

didn't know anything.

"Really So Min? Should I?"

So Min's upper lip has suddenly gotten very sweaty.

(Let's zoom in on that sweaty upper lip.)

(Wiping off her upper lip hastily)

That's what happened.

I ended up being your smokescreen.

But is this really okay to air?

This is the best material to air. It's going so well.

- Sang Yeob. - It's so entertaining.

This is the best opening we've had so far.

Today's is the most entertaining.

- This is the best opening yet. - It's going so well.

- I hope we do well. - They might air all 20 minutes.

And what's more, Sang Yeob, be good to Jessi.

That's right.

Because you're really dating while the show's going on.

(Mr. Pork Belly and Jessi are the official couple of Sixth Sense 2.)

- You have to be good to Jessi. - Be good to her.

- So much trivial talk. - Let's go eat now.

- It's like a jungle here. - I know, right?

Let's go, along with Sang Sang Yi.

- Let's go. - I'm so excited for today.

(Team Sang Yi, Team Jae Seok)

So this is the car you take.

Sang Yi, why don't you sit here? In the middle?

This is a seat no other guest has sat in before.

- Mi Joo, this is for you. - Thank you, So Min.

(Thank you, So Min.)

- Put on your seatbelt. - Come here.

It might be a little uncomfortable, but we'll be there soon.

(Na Ra gets in too.)

- That's where Sang Yi is sitting? - They told me to sit here.

What's with this picture?

But since Sang Yeob and Jae Seok are here,

I think I'll be able to feel comfortable shooting today.

What about us?

Look at Sang Yeob. Pretending to be cool.

It's our first time meeting,

but I think, after having a meal together later, and...

Sang Yi doesn't get flustered that easily.

Usually, when we have guests, they don't talk that much,

but I can tell Sang Yi is trying to make conversation.

- That's one of his traits. - Like I said,

he's a natural leader.

The type to be a leader, the type who's charismatic.

- Right. - He's very good at socializing.

I feel great today.

(If you guys are feeling good, I feel good too.)


- Oh, gosh. - It's okay if you lean on me.

(Mi Joo's silly act makes him giggle.)

Mi Joo, we can see your gums.

(Her heart is fluttering.)

Just follow in my steps today.

(Mi Joo is taking the direct path today.)

- What's your blood type? - Type A.

- What's your personality? - For Myers-Brigg?

I did the test. I don't remember, but I came out as introverted.

- You did, really? - So you're not extroverted.

When I'm in public, that mode is learned socialization.

That's true. That's possible.

I like being home alone a lot.

That was such an impressive phrase, learned socialization.

- I'm like that. - That's so impressive.

I'm an IFSP or something.

- Yes, the ISFP. - Are we the same type, Mi Joo?

Yes, that's what I am too.

Jae Seok and Mi Joo are similar.

Mi Joo doesn't look like me.

(Mi Joo doesn't look like me.)

- We don't look alike. - You do when you're talking.

- My idol career depends on this. - Your personalities.

(Staring at her)

But Mi Joo, your mouth does...

- protrude a little bit. - Just a little.

(Your mouth does protrude a little bit.)

(Struck by a bolt from the blue)

- Excuse me? - It sticks out a little.

That's why I said you're like Jae Seok's daughter.

- That makes me feel pretty bad. - I know.

To be honest, when I see Mi Joo, I'm reminded of Na Eun's mom.

- Kyung Eun? - Yes, they're similar.

- Jae Seok's wife? - Yes, they have similar auras.

- Don't you think they're alike? - Really?

- You don't think so? - I can see the resemblance.


I don't really see it.

(How dare you compare anyone to my Kyung Eun?)


(This comedian sibling duo have the same beautiful smile.)

There's so much talking in the back of the car.

- Are we already here? - Yes, I think so.

- Really? - We got here so fast.

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 1)

(A collaboration with 4 masters, Korean fine dining)

Let's move!

- Let's go. - Let's go.

Are you helping me get out?

(Their daily playing around is a must, as always.)

Of all the places we've visited, this is the largest building.

Korean fine dining sounds tasty.

This is the spot with four masters, right?

Yes, the one with four masters.

Wow, look at that.

- Here? - This place is...

It might not just be masters of food, but of space too.

This would be hard to create.

This is when we have to start making deductions.

You have to look at all this, Sang Yi.

This is too much.

- Right? I agree. - It's so pretty.

Korean dining studio.

How could they make all this?

This must be the door.

(The entrance is covered in flashy decorations.)

(Could they have made such a classy-looking entrance?)

But wouldn't this be too hard for them to design and create?

- I think so. - I think this is real.

(Their deductions get more intense from the entrance.)

(Why aren't they coming in?)

This is pretty.

(They're admiring their own reflections right now.)

It's so pretty.

Where are you? Oh, I see.

(Are we pretty?)

What are they doing?

They're just playing.

(Exceeding narcissism limits)

Look, it's a mirror.

They were watching us from the inside.

Stop it.

Come in already.

(Come in already.)

(Today's mirror play is over.)

It's so funny.

(Once you get past the flashy entrance...)

But wouldn't this be too hard to make?

It's too much.

This is too much.

Doesn't it feel really luxurious?

(The dining hall is filled with wine glasses.)

(There are private dining rooms.)

It's so pretty. Does this place really exist?

(Tradition is preserved in this place.)

(Clean and organized)

The design is so pretty.

(The aesthetics are perfect, to a tee.)

How can the design be so pretty?

It's so nice here.

Isn't the interior so pretty?

I don't think this could be a fake.

(Is this a real restaurant?)

- One more time. - All right.

It smells new though. Don't you think so, Jae Seok?

- Does it? - Yes.

(Is that so?)

(Does the smell of newness still linger here?)

But there's also this.

They had a restaurant here,

- and it closed down, - And they took it over.

or they just had the decorations delivered to this place...

- Switching the type of business? - Yes, exactly.

It's pretty.

(This is highly suspicious.)

(Did the production crew decorate a pre-existing restaurant?)

Looking at this, it's not just interior design.

This was created by an artist.

- This too. - So that's the collaboration?


(Here and there in the restaurant, )

(various works of art can be spotted.)

So art, plates, and food?

Yes, it's not just four masters of food.

I think that would make sense.


I don't think there's anything too suspicious up till now.

- Right. - So far.

But you still have to be suspicious of everything.

Where did they get this?

There's something similar in my grandmother's house.

Something similar to this.

(Is this a prop they got from the countryside?)

(Is this a real restaurant?)

In my opinion, this place is real.

- Of course it's real. - I think it's real.

They could never make a place like this.

They actually could make a place like this.

(They could make a place like this.)

- Sure. - They could make it.

They can make it.

All this is fine. It may be fake.

(The production crew could very well create this interior.)

Sang Yi, what do you think?

I think it's real, for now,

but I want to judge after I taste the food.

It also seems like the place hasn't been open for very long.

But given the smell of food here, I think the place has been around.

(It smells like food, like a spot that's been around for a while.)

(Is that so?)

So Min, what do you think?

I think I'm in a great mood.

(That was so random?)

I'm just in a good mood today.

(We think we might know the reason for her smile.)

I'm excited. I'm having fun today.

- I feel good. - Those two...

All right. We'll talk with the manager now.


I wonder what kind of masters collaborate on it.

- Hello. - Hello. Nice to meet you.

Hello, I'm the manager of this Korean dining studio.

I'm Manager Jung Hyun.

Our restaurant is a Korean fine dining restaurant...

that opened in December 2019.

We're running this place with the concept...

of connecting the old and new.

(The place that connects the old and new)

(It emphasizes Korean beauty.)

(It uses all sorts of fresh delicacies.)

(The restaurant reinterprets Korean food in a modern way.)

(Neat and beautiful dishes...)

(will satisfy both your eyes and tongue.)

We mostly get reservations.

It's a Korean fine dining restaurant...

that specializes in Korean course meals.

The famous masters we work with are...

A mother-of-pearl craftsmaster, Lee Young Ok,

makes containers for our food.

Master Sung Myung Rye provides...

various kinds of fermented sauce and paste.

Master Choi Myung Hee provides...

salted seafood.

Master Shim Young Suk provides...

hangwa for desserts.

We use up all the ingredients...

in a day.

We introduce the ingredients...

through our "signature performance".

Basically, we focus on food plating...

that is unique and uncommon.

Customers take many photos and make good memories here.

They can experience Korean taste and beauty...

in our restaurant, and they are very satisfied with it.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

(So this is the Korean fine dining restaurant.)

- So those masters work together... - Right.

- Goodness. - for this place.

(Isn't this a beef restaurant?)

- Isn't there a master of beef? - Right.

- Isn't there a master of beef? - But this place...

This is a beef restaurant, but you don't have a master of beef?

We use various kinds of seasonal ingredients...

- for our course meals. - I see.

And for our main course,

- we use heifer beef. - I see.

- That'll be delicious. - But...

I see.

So you don't use bulls?

No, we don't use it.

We only use Korean heifers.

A heifer is a cow...

that hasn't had any offspring.

It has clean fat and a soft texture.

Before we serve our course meal,

I will explain the ingredients that are used...

- in the course. - That's awesome.

First, this is the mother-of-pearl container I told you earlier.

- Lee Young Ok craftsmaster... - It's so pretty.

- made this only for us. - Awesome.

(Opening the lid)

(Sixth Sensers' mouths are opened as well.)

(Heifer beef, abalone from Wando, jerky, domestic young chicken, )

(songhwa mushroom, caviar, cultured ginseng, sea trumpet)

Gosh, the ingredients are...

There are all kinds of delicacies.

- These are what we prepared. - It must be delicious.

Are we going to eat a course meal?

Today, we'll serve...

our representative course meal.

There are so many dishes for this course,

so we'll serve a few representative dishes.

How many dishes do you usually serve?

- We usually serve 11 dishes. - My goodness.

(There are so many dishes!)

It's a shame that we can't taste them all.

How many dishes can we have today?

- We prepared six kinds of dishes. - That's a lot.

Six dishes is a lot.

We still get to eat the famous dishes.

- You'll have the famous ones. - That looks delicious.

- Please serve us a meal, sir. - Okay, I'll serve it right away.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

It's hard to suspect this place.

- This place is... - I found something suspicious.

What did he say earlier?

There are 11 dishes for a dinner course.

But they printed this menu only for us?

- I thought that too. - So...

- Did they make this for us? - Only for us?

They made it recently, right?

- Right, they made it recently. - To show us.

(They made the menu for the shoot?)

- Why would they do that? - Mother and son...

That's suspicious. Did they make it for us?

- There are side dishes here. - Sang Yi.

- Do you like flowers, Sang Yi? - Yes, I like flowers.

How about this flower?

(It'll be so abrupt, but how about this flower?)

(Oh, that flower?)

The Mi Joo flower.

(The Mi Joo flower)

It looks fragrant.

Forget it. I'm done with it.

I'm a scentless flower.

But I can't help it.

- What are you talking about? - I'm sorry.

(Only Jae Seok cares about me?)

When I see your glossy forehead, I can't help it.

(Not you, but her!)

(He suddenly hits her forehead.)

I'm really sorry, but I can't help it.

(I can't help it when I see your glossy forehead.)

- When I see the glossy forehead, - Goodness.

- I can't help it. - I should wear bangs.

This is so funny.

(Watch your forehead in front of Jae Seok.)

- Thank you. - Thank you.


Gosh, the design is so beautiful.

- This is finger food, goodness. - My gosh.

- Gosh, this is so pretty. - Goodness.

- Okay. - Goodness.

- So pretty. - It's so pretty.

It looks like an Oriental painting.

(An oriental painting is drawn on a plate.)

- Gosh, this is so beautiful. - It's luxurious.

(He naturally reacts like a middle-aged man.)

- Thank you. - Jae Seok.


Isn't it too fancy to eat in the morning?

- Gosh, this is so pretty. - Goodness.

- This is so touching. - My goodness.

- I don't usually take photos, - Look at this plate.

- but I want to take a photo. - I really want to take a photo.

The decoration is so pretty. Look.

- I'll explain briefly from the top. - Okay.

This is my birthday, by the way. I appreciate it.

- Your birthday meal. - This is your birthday meal.

- This is so pretty. - Congratulations.

- Thank you for inviting me. - No problem. Help yourself.

Okay, at your twelve o'clock...

It's sweet shrimp on the puffed black rice chip.

On your left, you'll see the crisp potato ball...

(It's filled with pollack roe puree.)

filled with pollack roe puree.

(Crispy potato ball)

On your six, there's steamed egg topped with caviar.

That looks good.

(World's 3 greatest delicacies, caviar)

Lastly, we put tenderloin rib and cream cheese...

(Pinch off a little bit of dough for squid ink bread.)

inside the squid ink bread.

- There's beef inside this? - Yes.

(The last finger food)

It looks like a bird laid an egg on a nest.

(The last finger food)

- Gosh, this is... - Thank you for the food.

(The first course, finger food)

(Gosh, Sang Yeob. I'm speechless.)

Sang Yeob.

(Tasting the first dish in a bite)

(It makes you exclaim as soon as you taste it.)

- Gosh, this is so delicious. - It's so good.

(Sang brothers eat it at once.)

It's so pretty to eat.

- This is it. My goodness. - So beautiful.

I can feel all kinds of textures.

It's soft and crispy. There are various flavors too.

It tastes mild, sour, salty, and...

This is... I like foods from large companies,

but this tastes different.

- It's totally different. - Right.

I can feel all kinds of textures and tastes...

- in one dish. - Right.

It's so small. How can it have so many flavors in it?

This is so small,

but there are a variety of flavors in it.

(What will the second dish be like?)

(The second course, Crispy potato ball)



I think this is fine cuisine.

- This is fine cuisine. - Not just food, but fine cuisine.

It's fine cuisine.

- It's also a piece of art. - Right.

It's like a miniature.

- I want to savor it. - It's also a piece of art.

(This taste is...)

It's crispy inside and soft outside.


- Crispy outside and soft inside. - Crispy outside and soft inside.


- I was wondering what it means. - Jae Seok...

- What did he say? - What?

It can't be crispy inside and soft outside?

There could be something that's crispy inside and soft outside.

- No, there isn't. - How come this is...

(Jae Seok still has to work hard to catch up with neologisms.)

"Crispy inside and soft outside".


(He returns his plate alone.)

(What's for the next?)

- How was it, Sang Yi? - I really enjoyed it.

I want to try the second dish,

the chicken dumpling with neungi mushrooms.

- Excuse me. Are you here to eat? - Yes?

Sang Yi came here to eat.

That's right.

- In fact, I'm here to eat. - He's so excited.

Sang Yi really loves to eat.

I'm waiting for the next dish.

(He's crying out the name of the dish.)

(Let me see.)

- I found something suspicious. - What is it?

The food is perfect.

But there's one person over there...

who looks like a security guard.

- "A security guard"? - Yes.

It's him. The one just passed by.

(The employee who's serving looks like a security guard?)

Sir, haven't we met somewhere?

I think I've seen you before.

Haven't you seen me on a trade show or something?

- No, I haven't. - Are you sure you haven't seen me?

I think he works at a security guard company.

You're good at taekwondo or hapkido, right?

Aren't you good at judo? Don't you play boxing?

He's gone, Na Ra.

Na Ra started suspecting everything again.

- No one can stop her. - It's almost a paranoia.

- We can't stop her. - She keeps fixating on it.

(Is he an employee of the restaurant?)

(Or is he a security guard that the staff cast?)

(The next dish is served.)

Thank you.

- Gosh, this is beef tartare. - So beautiful.

This dish is made of sea trumpet.

We placed sea trumpet from the Yellow Sea at the bottom.

Above it, there's rice...

topped with fried scorched rice and pickled crosne.

(It's topped with fried scorched rice and pickled crosne.)

(Thinly sliced beef tartare)

There's beef tartare seasoned with the special sauce on top.

(The special sauce enhances the flavor.)

(Shape the beef tartare into a large lump.)

(Put it on rice.)

(Place them on the sea trumpet.)

You can wrap it and eat it as a whole.

(You can feel the rich taste in your mouth.)

(Wrap the rice with the sea trumpet, )

(and take a big bite.)

(It tastes like paradise.)

This is not just food. It's a work of art.

(A piece of art that will enchant your eyes and mouth)

(As soon as you put it in your mouth, )

(the waves of tastes rise.)

How is it, Sang Yi?

- Did you try it? - Oh, my gosh.

- I'm going to eat it. - Try it already.

(He's saying it's delicious.)

- There are many ingredients inside. - Right.


First, there's beef tartare.

- Scorched rice is crispy. - It's in it. It's savory.

When you wrap it with sea trumpet,

- the salty sea trumpet... - Right.

goes well with beef tartare. They're well-balanced.

- It's high-quality. - You're right.

- Beef tartare and scorched rice... - Scorched rice.

(Sang Yi is touched as soon as he tasted it.)

They're mixed well.

- Did I just eat beef tartare? - Yes.

- It disappeared in my mouth. - Goodness.

In a word, it melts in your mouth.

- It has all kinds of tastes in it. - It's crispy and...

(Sang Yi who's here to eat is examining the next menu.)

(What's the next menu?)

- Jerky pot rice. - But I don't get obsessed with men.

- Korean heifer and jerky pot rice. - My goodness.

The main course is served.

We used heifer beef for the main dish.

(Soft Korean heifer)

(It's crispy outside and soft inside.)

It's medium-rare,

so you can cook it in your brazier as you like.

(You can grill Korean beef as you like.)

(Side dishes that are prepared by the master.)

(Leaf mustard kimchi, seasoned radish, watery parsley sauce, )

(sea string, seasoned burdock, salted squid, dried laver)

The main dish is jerky pot rice.

We cooked the rice with ox bone soup.

(Savory rice cooked with ox bone soup)

We topped it with chives, pickled radish,

(Salty pickled radish)

and jerky slices made of the eye of round.

(Put a generous amount of jerky slices on top.)

(The main meal with yukgaejang is ready.)

I'm already touched by these side dishes.

We can see the true abilities of masters of salted seafood and sauce.

I'm just gaping at them now.

(It seems like she just lost her mind.)

(She's going to show it to the senior comedian.)

(So Min isn't here.)


(She's a comedian indeed.)

(I can't sit back and do nothing.)

Stop that.

(Comedian sisters don't overlook a piece of dried laver.)

Stop that.

- Did I do that? - You did.

This must be salted squid.

(Na Ra tastes side dishes first.)

This is the best salted squid I've had so far.

I love salted squid.

(She's cute.)

These side dishes are...

(The salted squid melts in your mouth.)

Gosh, how come the salted squid melt in my mouth?

Would you eat rice with salted squid on top?


- I've already had it. - But...

- They are masters indeed. - But I really think...

- So Min. - Gosh, this is...

I'm sure that the master of salted seafood made this.

That's right.

It has a deep taste.

My goodness.

(It's time to grill the slightly cooked heifer...)

(to your taste.)

(As soon as you take a bite of it...)

(It's an eye-opener.)

(The texture can't be compared with beef you've had before.)

- This is so good. - This is amazing.

(As always, meat is the right answer.)

This yukgaejang is so...

(I have a lot to say, but I'll choose not to.)

- It really melts in your mouth. - Right.

Where's the meat? It was in my mouth just now.

(Foods keep melting in Na Ra's mouth.)

- It melted. - Gosh.

- It literally melts in my mouth. - Really?

- It's a birthday meal. - It really is.

I know.

You can say your meat is delicious when you don't need the A1 sauce.

- This is so good. - There are so many side dishes...

- to eat. They are all delicious. - It's so good.

This yukgaejang is fascinating.

- It's one perfect meal. - This is so good.

(How does the yukgaejang taste like?)

Hold on.

- Doesn't it somehow taste familiar? - This one.

(The taste of yukgaejang is...)

- A little bit... - What?

It slightly tastes like a store-bought. Don't you think so?

(Sang Yi still doesn't get the hang of it.)

(Let me see.)

It tastes like a store-bought to me.

(Thinking carefully)

- This is exactly to my taste. - It is, right?

(I've caught you!)

It is, right?

This is so good.

(Does it taste like a store-bought?)

Gosh, this is...

(Detective Yu who specializes in store-bought food)

This is so good.

(The yukgaejang is exactly to Jae Seok's taste.)

Jae Seok, don't do that. You make me confused.

But it does taste familiar.

Exactly. It tastes so familiar.

(Will Jae Seok's taste turn out to be precise?)

- We'll clean up. - They said they'll clean up.

Grill the meat. Hurry.

Grill the meat quickly.

Hey, hurry up!

- Give me a little more time. - Hey.

I knew this would happen, and I ate them all.

Gosh, Jae Seok ate them all.

Hey, they're here to clean up.

- Hold on. - Hey.

(They finally try to clean up forcibly.)

- Hold on. - Not yet. Wait.

Hey, let me have one more piece of meat.

It's a shame that they took it away from us.

Tell me about it. That was too harsh.


Do you use your English name?

(There's an English name on the manager's nametag.)

- Yes, I do. - Many foreign customers visit here.

Do you speak English?

- A little. - My gosh.

- "A little". - Well...

Jessi, ask him something difficult.

(Something more difficult. What should I ask?)

A difficult question.

- We'll serve you the next one now. - Thank you.

(He draws the line quickly.)

(What's going on?)

(How come he's this good at dealing with a crisis?)

He's smart.

(What's the true identity of the suspicious manager?)

Don't you feel hungry, Sang Yi?

No, I mean, don't you feel stuffed?

Yes, I'm still hungry.

(Sang Yi is still hungry.)

(So we prepared the last course.)

Thank you. What is it this time?

- There are still more. - My goodness.

(I love it.)

- I must take a photo of it. - This is white porcelain.

(Why's there white porcelain on the plate?)

This is our signature dessert called Cheonghwa Baekja.

It's inspired by Cheonghwa Baekja which is National Treasure No. 176.

It's filled with refreshing raspberry sherbet...

- and makgeolli ice cream. - I see.

It's coated with white chocolate to represent white porcelain.

(They added details of Cheonghwa Baekja to it.)

(The final dish of today's course meal.)

You can break it at the top...

and eat it with the ingredients around it.

It's too pretty to break.

(How could I break this?)

How could we eat this?

I don't usually enjoy desserts. I usually skip it,

- but I have to eat this. - This is so good.

I'll eat it up in a bite.

(Sang Yi who's still hungry eats it up at a bite.)

He swallowed it at once.

(Foodie Sang Yi eats Cheonghwa Baekja at once.)


(It makes him applause automatically.)


It's both beautiful and delicious.

- It tastes like makgeolli. - I tasted makgeolli.

Oh, my gosh. I'm a little tipsy.


Hey, Lee Sang Yi.

(Why, So Min?)


- So Min. - Gosh, Lee Sang Yi. Sang Yeob...

So Min.

- She's drunk. - Lee Sang Yeob, Sang Yi.

- So Min. - My gosh.

The taste is not that strong for you to be drunk.

(The Friday drama, "Sixth Sense Cha-Cha-Cha" is over.)

It tastes mild.

Gosh, I'm drunk.

(Gosh, I'm drunk.)

(Get a grip.)

(He hits her on her forehead again.)

- I'm sorry. - I'm totally sober now.

- You're sober now, right? - What did I just do?

- Nothing. - I don't remember anything.

- I helped you sober up, right? - Yes, you did.

This is so delicious.

- It's so good. - It was really good.

It satisfied both my eyes and mouth.

This place has to be real.

- Why's that? - I really hope this place is real.

This is the most delicious dish I've had while shooting this show.

(Is this Korean course dining real?)

Shall we play the game?

The game we're going to play for a hint is...

Food Kung Kung Ta.

- What's that? - Food Kung Kung Ta?

(While playing Kung Kung Ta, )

(only the last runner of a team should give a name of food.)

(If the last word is not food, you'll fail.)

(If they go around three times, they will all get a hint.)

(The team that loses more fails.)

Is it a word chain game?

- I won Kwang Soo. - With a word chain game?

I'm incredibly good at a word chain game.

You should do well, Jae Seok.


- Kungs, Kungs. - Kungs, Kungs.

- Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta.

- Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta.

- Name food at the end. - Name food at the end.

- Mapo-gu, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta.

- Big snake, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta.

Lee Sang Yi, Kung Kung Ta.

Lee Sang Yeob.

(Lee Sang Yeob)

(Jessi gets "Yeob".)

(Why did I do that?)

(Will Jessi be able to come up with a word?)

- Side. - Goodness.

- Side? - That's wrong.

- That's not correct. - I'm sorry.

- That was... - Why did he try to kill me?

I know. Why did you do that?

(He committed a sin.)

Apologize to her.

I apologize.

But I really did well.

- You did well. - I'm sorry.

- I'm so sorry. - But you did great.

(I'll let it slide this time.)

Let's start.

- We'll start here and go this way. - Okay.

- Kungs, Kungs, Kungs. - Kungs, Kungs, Kungs.

- Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta.

- Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta.

- Name food. - Name food.

Im Chang Jung, Kung Kung Ta.

- Juang Bal San, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta.

- Sando... Gosh. - Foot of the mountain.

Gosh, be quiet.

- Foot of... - Foot of the mountain.


Foot of the mountain.

(What are they doing?)

Hey! Hold on a second.

- Why? - Why do you look at them?


- I'm not going to do this. - Right.

(I just wanted to help, but I committed a sin again.)

- Let's try one more time. - Okay.

- Kungs, Kungs, Kungs. - Kungs, Kungs, Kungs.

- Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta.

- Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta.

- Name food at the end. - Name food at the end.

- Hamburger, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta.

There's a giant.

(That's wrong.)

(There's a giant.)

(What's that?)

(When can we hear the name of food?)


(They look 200 percent the same.)

(She's a comedian of this generation.)

What starts with "Geo"?

- "Geoseulgi". - "Geoseulgi"?

- "Geosigi"? - "Geosigi".

(You use this pronoun when you can't think of a certain word.)

(Right, it's something.)

(Stop saying "geo" anymore.)

- Kungs, Kungs, Kungs. - Kungs, Kungs, Kungs.

- Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta.

- Name food at the end. - Name food at the end.

- Lee Mi Joo, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta.

- Syringe, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta.

- Railroad, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta.

- Traveling companion, Kung Kung Ta. - Gil Ra Im.

- Thick legs, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta.

- Salon, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta.

- Pine tree, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta.

(Finally, )

(it's the last player Sang Yeob's turn.)

(Food that starts with "mu"!)

- In 3, 2, 1. - "Mu"!

- Shredded radish! Kung Kung Ta! - Yes!

(Did he finally succeed?)

(Shredded radish)

- Time is over. - Hey...

(The joy lasted for a short while)

"Shredded radish!"

(Mi Joo is serious about teasing Sang Yeob.)

Eon Nyeon!

Hey, Sang Yeob!

(Sang Yeob!)

(The only person who cannot laugh)

- Did you get it wrong? Was it fun? - How can he do that?

- Sang Yeob. - Excuse me!

- Yes? - Why are you teasing Sang Yeob?

(Was there any other Sixth Sensers...)

(who scolded others for me like this?)

Sit down.

(My girlfriend is the best.)

(I'll protect Lee Sang Yeob.)

It can't be helped. I'll go last.

- Really? - I'll say food.


- From Na Ra! - We'll go this way.

- Start! - Start!

- Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta.

- Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta, Kung Kung Ta.

- Name food at the end! - Name food at the end!

- Orange, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta.

- Subway, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta.

- Iron bag, Kung Kung Ta. - Kung Kung Ta.


(A 3-syllable word that starts with "bang"!)

I fart?


(Why are you putting your hands on your buttocks?)


(The fart joke is right down her alley.)

(Worn out)

What do you mean by "I fart"?

- Arsonist. - Arsonist.

- Arsonist. - Gosh.

- This team wins. - Us?


(Jae Seok receives Vision Hint.)

I think this is the manager's.

Hospitality management?

(The manager majored in hospitality management.)

Yes, if this is the Certificate of Degree...

for hospitality management,

it's quite plausible.

(Is he a real restaurant manager who majored in hospitality management?)

I'm not sure if he's real or fake.

(Or is he a fake manager working another industry?)

(What is the manager's identity?)

(A collaboration with 4 masters, Korean Dining)

(1. The interior looks too new.)

(2. The staff looks like they're guards.)

(3. The yukgaejang with commercial tastes)

(Is this place real or fake?)

How was it, Sang Sang Yi?

Do you think this place is real or fake?

- For me, even if the yukgaejang... - Sang Sang Yi.

had commercial tastes,

- others didn't have that. - It was so good.

- So I think this place is real. - I think...

(So Min is deep in thought...)

(after listening to Sang Sang Holmes' reasoning.)

Sang Yi's words carry a lot of power.

- Why? - I don't know. The way you talk...

gives a lot of power to your words.

(Sang Yi's voice set the girl's heart on fire.)

- You have a very nice voice. - I don't know.

It really feels sincere.

You use very moist words.

Even his eyes are moist.

(Cheesy So Min is summoned.)

Your words are like castella! They're so soft.

- His words are like castella? - Your words...

Maybe it's because I speak in a Chungcheong Province dialect.

No, this is my first time...

- I felt the taste with my ears. - My father...

(So Min's going off.)

I think Sang Yi will be popular if he goes on a phone date.

(I think Sang Yi will be popular if he goes on a phone date.)

Phone date?

- My goodness. - Why? Don't they do that nowadays?

What's a phone date?

(Strong latte smell in the lively laugh)

- It's been so long ago. - You date over your phone.

- Really? - You talk over the phone.

It's called a phone date.

I suddenly want to listen to Sang Yeob sing.

I mean Sang Yi.

He's really good at singing the intro.

- Yes. - That's so cool.

- Professional intro singer. - Intro singer.

I'm not a good singer.

- Please sing this song. - Can we hear it once?

- Rest 1 count. Rest 2 counts. - Rest 2 counts.

- Rest 3 counts. - Rest 3 counts.

- In 1, 2, 3, 4! - In 1, 2, 3, 4!

Are we going to Yangpyeong now?

(They go on a trip whenever they get in the car.)

I'll sing.

- Start! - Start!



(He steals the ladies' hearts with his castella voice.)

I got goosebumps.

(I can't endure it anymore)

My gosh.


(The enchanting voice makes her keep turning around.)

(She's enjoying it to the fullest from the VVIP seat.)

- Gosh, he's so good. - Gosh.

Sing the highlight!

(He immediately starts singing the highlight.)


(He is that immersed.)

(My goodness.)

(The moist voice wets their dry emotions.)


(Don't add on.)

(He's already into it.)

(Sang Sang Yi's singing seems to become a resting area...)

(in one corner of the heart.)

(It comes back)


(The lyrics, )

(the atmosphere, )

(and the temperature)

(Even the humidity is perfect.)

(My future which has become too big)

(Spraying frivolity on a good ballad song)

- What's this? - My future.

- What's this? - My goodness!

- In there - In there.


Thank you for livening up the mood.

- It was going down. - The mood was great.

Gosh, it was so good.

You seemed completely immersed, so I helped you to wake up.

- Sang Yi! - Yes.

What song did you sing in the preliminary?

I sang "This Ain't It" by John Park.

- I see. - Right, you sang John Park's song.

What song was that again?

(Sang Yi's jukebox is on.)


(What I'm saying is)


(Right now)

(Listen to his neat high notes.)

(I like you)

(I like you)

(Sang Sang Yi's mini car concert review: The childish guys love it.)

- Gosh! - You're so good!

(You are my Destiny: I can't help but get amazed.)

- That's so good. - Sang Sang Yi!

- Sang Sang Yi! He's so good. - Sang Sang Yi!

(They are in perfect harmony yet again today.)

(Gosh, it startled me)

(My ears are blessed today.)

Gosh, seriously...

Get ready to get out of the car. It's in a big building again.

- Yes, come on. - Yes, teacher!

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 2)

(Michelin Guide recommended 2 years in a row!)

(Chinese prix fixe as the ultimate in art food)


Okay. Hey!

Let's go eat delicious food!

(They arrive at the second spot, Chinese prix fixe!)

This place looks real even from the entrance!

- Right? - Yes. This is a food court!

(Placed at the end of the food court in an office building's basement)

- Hold on. This is real! - Wait.

- This looks fake! - Where? Here?

- Yes. - This is a Chinese restaurant.

How is this fake?

- It's fake! - It's perfect location-wise.

(It looks like a normal high-end Chinese restaurant.)

Isn't this typical settings of the production crew?

- Exactly! - It's so neat.

It looks like they just removed the wrapper.

(The signboard looks so new as if they just removed the wrapper.)

- I know this place. - They should do this much!

- You know this place? - I know this place!

- He says he knows this place! - I know this place.

- How do you know this place? - I don't know this place.

- How do you know? - Then is this place real?

I've heard about it!

- This place looks fake. - You've heard about it?

- No! - It looks fake to me.

This place is real.

I've heard about this place.

- But Na Ra, - Why does it seem so familiar?

would they decide on a place that's so well-known by people?

(Is it the production crew's mistake to decide on a famous restaurant?)

(Or did Sang Yeob confuse it with another restaurant?)

I think it's so fake.

Because all the fake places had photo frames like this.

These photo frames were all fake.

(The chefs' pictures hung at the restaurant's entrance)

(The 3 chefs of the restaurant)

Doesn't the head chef look so fake?

Right? This is photoshopped!

These pictures look so fake.

Doesn't this look like it's photoshopped?

What irks me is that they retouched the picture too much!

Yes, they retouched it a lot.

(Firm skin)

I also think that chef's picture is...

I think he does Taekwondo.

- He looks like a Taekwondo master. - The owner of a training center.

- Yes. - Let's go in first.

(Are the three people real chefs of the restaurant?)

We're here to try the famous food!

Gosh, this place is real!

(Past the suspicious pictures at the entrance, )

(the modern-looking dining hall appears.)

Those are expensive lighting.

(From the sensible lighting...)

I really like the color and all.

(to the detailed props on the table)

Doesn't it look very luxurious?

(The interior design is so modern...)

(that it's hard to believe it is a Chinese restaurant.)

But the smell is exactly that of a Chinese restaurant.

- It's the typical... - The restaurant...

Chinese restaurant smell.

(Neatly arranged tableware)

(Is this place real...)

(or fake?)

(She discovers another area behind the curtain.)

(The chefs in the pictures are preparing the ingredients.)

(Mi Joo taking a peek)

(The chefs are really here.)

Is this place real?

Hello. You're the chefs in the pictures over there!

You look slimmer than in the picture.

I couldn't eat yesterday.

(The day he overate versus the day he starved)

- I couldn't eat yesterday. - Didn't you gain more weight?

No, I lost weight compared to...

- when I took that picture. - Hello.

- Hello. - The chefs are here.

- Two of them are here. - Yes, the ones in the pictures.

This place is real, right?

(In a tight spot)

- It feels... - This place does seem real.

- a bit strange. - It feels real.

(Are they real chefs who worked together for a long time?)

(Or are they fake chefs who demonstrated superb acting?)

Here, Mi Joo Lee and Jeonsobari.

- Hello. Are you here alone? - Pardon?

Are you here alone?

(Mi Joo hits on people whenever she has the chance.)

No, I'm here as a group.

(The group enters.)

- Is this seat occupied? - Yes, it is.

- I see. - It's our company lunch.

- I see, then I'll leave. - Sit here, Mi Joo Lee.

- Gosh. Hello, ma'am! - Wait.

- It's been a long time. - Hello. He's my husband.

- You're here with your husband. - Yes.


Being on the same team with them is so exhausting!

(What's wrong with us?)

But this place feels both fake and real.

It's a bit strange for me.

This place looks real in a way...

because there is so many staff here.

(Three hall staff)

(Three kitchen staff)

(Would they have prepared so many staff if it's fake?)

On the other hand, compared to the size...

- Compared to the size? - of the restaurant,

- there are too many staff. - There are too many.

Maybe it's because the restaurant is busy.

Do customers finish their food quickly?

That's normally the case for Chinese restaurants.

Do customers finish their food quickly?

(Are there many staff to serve many customers, or are they fake?)

Let's invite the manager in.

- Shall we? - Yes.

Manager, where are you?

- Are you the manager? - Yes.

- Hello! - Hello.

Hello, I'm the manager of the premium Chinese restaurant.

My name is Yong Woo.

Our restaurant serves various dishes.

Among all, the chef's special prix fixe...

is the best course prepared...

to capture both the visuals and taste...

and turn food into art.

Our owner-chef has 40 years of experience in Chinese cuisine.

His name is Jae Sang.

He first started cooking Chinese cuisine...

in Savoy Hotel, the first hotel in Korea.

He's known as the top four Chinese cuisine chefs.

In 2020 and 2021, 2 years in a row,

we were given the Michelin plate.

From what I know,

Michelin plate is only given to restaurants with great food.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

- We're unfamiliar with art food. - Right.

Normal Chinese restaurants...

- guarantee good taste, - Yes.

but they can't guarantee good visuals.

We do carving...

and visual decorations.

For the things other restaurants can't do because it takes too long,

we prepare them in advance.

(I'm curious about how it looks.)

When did this restaurant open?

We moved here in February 2019.

Was the restaurant initially in Ilsan?

No, it was in Yeonnam-dong.

Is there a restaurant like this in Ilsan?

I remembered one place in Ilsan.

(She's so funny.)

Is this restaurant recommended by Michelin Guide?

Yes. Thankfully, for 2020 and 2021, 2 years in a row.

We were selected as the Michelin Plate...

to indicate the food is good.

Two years in a row?

How did this place get selected?

We also don't know the exact reason why we were selected.

(Is it possible to not know that?)

The judge comes...

- disguised as a customer. - Exactly.

- That's what I heard. - I see.

- The people here... - Really?

won't know anything.

- They come as normal customers. - Like a customer.

So they just eat and leave?

After they eat, they might make a complaint about the food...

or drop a spoon and see how we respond to it.

They check both the service and the taste before selecting.

That's fascinating.

But did you ever get the feeling that they're the judge...

- after they ate? - The feeling.

- Yes, I have. - Right?

They try to make a situation.

I see, they make a situation.

We definitely served properly,

but the customer says it tastes strange...

or there's a problem with the food.

- Or they suddenly drop their spoon. - I see.

(The manager answers unhesitatingly. Is he a real manager?)

Then sir, can we taste the food?

- Yes, we'll serve you right away. - Thank you.

(Raising his hand)

I have a good idea.

(What is it?)

Just like how the Michelin judges tested them,

should we test them as well?

You want us to cause a ruckus?

Dropping our spoons and so on.

(My random brother)

Should I drop this?

- But Sang Yi. - Yes?

You're not leaving Sang Yeob's side even for a single moment.

You got it wrong.

I'm the one not leaving his side.

I rely on him a lot.

I'm the one relying on Sang Yi.

(She feels like her boyfriend is stolen today.)


Gosh, they...

You guys are like real brothers.

Are you guys loving brothers?

Gosh, those guys.

(Just let us stick together.)

- But this is what's important. - What is it?

For both the first and this places, the managers came out.

- That's right. - I guess that's the style today.

The manager is unhesitating in answering.

The manager feels like an actor.

- His diction... - It's very accurate.

feels like an actor.

Here you go.

- Gosh. - Gosh, what is this?

- Is this crab meat soup? - Yes.

(Smells good!)

The first course is crab meat soup.

We wrapped prawns with crab meat...

and shaped it in a circle.

And we added a flower decoration...

made of asparagus, mushroom, and rice paper.

You can soak the crab meat in the middle and eat like that.

Or you can unwrap the crab meat and have it with the soup.

Gosh, I was super suspicious of this place,

but looking at the visual...

(The perfect visual makes his suspicions disappear.)

- This is so pretty. What's this? - So pretty.

It's a flower!

- There's a flower. - Is this gold?

(A flower bloomed on the clear crab meat soup)

You can unwrap the crab meat and have it with the soup.

Thank you for the food.

Gosh, the soup is so thick.


It's really refreshing.

It looks quite bland,

but when you drink it, it's actually thick.

It's just my style.

(It's perfect as an appetizer to whet your appetite.)

It's delicious!

(It's perfect as an appetizer to whet your appetite.)

- Nice. - When you drink it...

- It's really good. - It is, right?


But the soup tastes very familiar.

I've tasted this before.

- The taste is a bit... - I've tasted this before.

It tastes familiar.

(He clears the soup.)

What about you, Sang Yi?

This guy came here to eat.

- He finished the soup. - Sang Yi?

- Yes. - He eats well.

It looks like he washed his dish.

- Sang Yi finished it. - First of all,

it's very warm and delicious.

(He only evaluates the taste instead of deducing.)

They heated it up before serving, so of course it's warm!

I think something's a bit lacking.

(Glancing at the manager)

The manager is over there.


I think something's lacking.


(I'm sure he didn't hear you.)

The visuals are amazing indeed.

(What is the next course meal?)

- What is this? - It's sea cucumber.

- Sea cucumber! - Sea cucumber!

One-dish sea cucumber?

- Here's the one-dish sea cucumber. - Sea cucumber,

the ginseng of the sea!

This is an incredible invigorating food!

(Mince fresh prawns into small pieces.)

The one-dish sea cucumber is made...

by stuffing Korean sea cucumber with minced prawns.

The yuxiang sauce is made with minced bell pepper, leek,

garlic, and chili oil.

The steamed sea cucumber is placed on the sauce,

and shredded leek and ginseng sprouts are added.

(One-dish sea cucumber...)

(with shredded leek and ginseng sprouts)

I've always had sea cucumber raw. This is my first time...

- eating a steamed one. - Gosh, Sang Yi...

Gosh, this...

- It's cut so softly. - It's so soft!

- So soft. - So soft.

- Very soft. - It's soft.

- My goodness. - Delicious?

It's cut as soon as I put my knife on it.

- How is it so soft? - Goodness!

- It's pretty. - Gosh, how pretty.

- This... - Amazing.

It's so good!

I like this!

Sea cucumber is very chewy when you eat it raw.

When you steam it, it's this soft.

It's like jelly.

It's very bouncy.

(This is how it tastes.)

This is my first time eating sea cucumber.

So this is how it tastes.

This is good for your health.

- It is. - In one dish. Right?

We're eating the ginseng...

of the sea and of the land.

(She eats the ginseng sprout.)

(Getting energized)

Getting energized.

I think it will taste good with rice as well.

- This sauce... - Rice.

This tastes the best so far.

(The one-dish sea cucumber captivates the Sixth Sensers.)

(How does Sang Yi, who's serious about eating, react?)


(Enjoying the deep flavor)

Sang Yi is eating with his eyes closed.

- This place... - He's a gourmet.

- He's feeling it. - Gosh.

I think it deserves the Michelin plate.

- Right? - It's tasty.

- It's so delicious. - It's delicious.

- Is it? - Sang Yi, isn't this great?

I'm enjoying eating so much.

It's fine for me to get it wrong.

(Sang Yi, you're very serious about eating.)

Would you like to join us next week as well?

- Next week? - Yes.

Is next week about food as well?

(They are fluttered about different things.)

Just come see us.

(To see So Min?)

Hey, did you start hitting on him again?

Why are you looking like that?

Sang Yi's voice is really soft.

He has such a nice voice.

The way he speaks is so nice.

(So Min, do you like my voice?)

- Hello, I'm Lee Sang Yi. - No!

(Putting Sang Yeob's voice on Sang Yi's face)

(Hello, I'm Cheesy Lee Sang Yi.)

(It's not soft at all.)

- No. - Hey.

- Look. - Then you speak.

I'll do, "Hello, I'm Lee Sang Yi."


Hello! I'm Lee Sang Yi.

(Copy and paste)

(Voice full of frivolity)

(Give me back my eardrums.)

- How is it? - Hey!

- How is it? - I surrender!

- Does it not suit him? - No.

But listening to that voice makes me change my face.

(Lee Sang Yi's frivolous moment captured unexpectedly)

- Jae Seok, your face and... - Then let's try with my face...

- and Sang Yi's voice. - Okay.

(On the face with assertive facial features...)

"Hello, I'm Yu Jae Seok." Start.

(Will Jae Seok be able to become sweet as well?)

Hello, I'm Yu Jae Seok.

(It's just a mess.)

Hello, I'm Yu Jae Seok.

(It's an indescribable feeling.)

(They wish they could unsee it.)

It's hilarious.

(The one who voiced him is highly satisfied.)

- Does it not suit me? - Jae Seok.

It's really annoying.

It's hilarious.

- Put your shoulders away. - Did you see him?

(My mom told me to avoid strange people.)

Let's have Jessi voice someone.

- Na Ra, you should try it. - Okay. Are you ready?

I'll voice you.

(What type of girl do you think you're messing with?)

What type of girl do you think you're messing with?

(Na Ra...)

(ripped up the stage.)

- It suits you. - Does it?

It suits you.

Excuse me.

- What is that? - Excuse me.

(It's huge.)

- Here's your chilled salad. - What is this?

(It's jaw-dropping.)

(An incredible dish is coming.)

(A visual beyond your imagination)

- Is this made out of carrots? - Yes, we carved carrots.

(On a plate carved with ice, )

(an eagle is soaring.)

(Delicacies of land and sea...)

(are added on top.)

(The ultimate art food, carrot eagle...)

(and the finest 4-course salad)

It's shrimp, abalone, scallop, and pork.

(Course 3, Special Chilled Salad)

This is incredible.

These are reserved in advance, right?

It's only included in the course meal you ordered.

- Oh, really? - Yes.

It's spectacular.


(Meanwhile, Team Jae Seok is confused.)

(No matter how much he looks at it, )

(it looks odd to him.)

I can't help but get suspicious.

It looks like a typical dish made by our production crew.

I'm sorry.

(The unfamiliar eagle looks like it was made by the production crew.)

- Where did its other leg go? - I know. Its left leg is missing.

- Is it a dragon? - I think it's folding its leg.

(One of its legs is missing.)

- I don't think it's folding one. - This is incredible.

How do we eat this?

This is for display only,

so we'll prepare the dish for you to eat separately.

It's inconvenient to eat it this way.

- Please prepare it for us. - Okay, I'll be right back.

- It's realistic. - How did they make this?

I think it's really nice.

It's really cool.

- I find that column awkward. - The column?

The glowing part is suspicious.

It keeps glowing.

The carrot eagle is missing its leg.


the eagle's leg is too thick.

Now that you mentioned it, it's really thick.

(An eagle that works out, done with a leg muscle pump)

(Is this really art food recommended by Michelin Guide?)

(Or is it a fake dish made to bewilder them?)

(Let's try the abalone first!)

(Taking a bite of plump abalone)

(Taking a bite)

- The abalone is really soft. - It really is.

It's so soft!

Isn't this chili sauce?

(Plenty of chili sauce with chili bean sauce poured on abalone)

(Taking a bite of scallop)

(So Min takes a bite of soft cold pork belly)

- This is really good. - I think...

This sauce is to my liking.

It's a bit sour.

Chilled salads...

are usually cold and sour, so I like it.

- It's really fresh. It's good. - Right.

But aren't they all over-seasoned?

All the dishes are a little strong.

But compared to fancy Chinese restaurants' dishes,

I don't think they're that strong.

I think its seasoning is adjusted to suit the palate of Koreans.

(The opinions on the taste vary. Is this place real or fake?)

(Fully focused)

(Sang Yi is already studying the next menu.)

(The manager arrives just in time.)

It's delicious, but... What is that?

(Is that fried sea bream?)

(These are side dishes.)

Is that fried sea bream?

These are side dishes.


(He's only thinking about the next dish.)

- Sang Yi. - I'm sorry.


He said that he'll serve the dishes in this order.

You're quite funny today.

Sang Yi, you're the type that I want to befriend.

I know. I want to hang out with him.

- Right? - Yes. I want to invite him over.

Do you prefer older women or younger women?

- "Salmon"? - No, "younger women".


No, "younger women".


Hey! I just realized...

that you keep humiliating the members here.

- I know. - Right?

- You avoided her on purpose. - You said "salmon" on purpose.

When Mi Joo asked whether you like younger or older women,

she meant to ask you if you like her or So Min better.

That's right.

I like older women.

(The older woman is glad.)

I like older women.

I'm really sorry, but I'm not interested in you either.

- He likes older women? - I only asked for the sake of it.

Older women?

(He's just kidding.)

"Do you prefer older women or 'salmon'"?


- Is that fried sea bream? - Yes.

Here's your fried sea bream.

(It's finally here.)

It's obviously sea bream.

(Fried sea bream is finally served.)

It's fried sea bream.

(Course 4, Fried Sea Bream)

This dish is made with red sea bream.

(The red sea bream is nicely cut.)

We cut the sea bream on both sides...

and apply starch to fry it.

(They add the whole red sea bream into the oil.)

(Golden brown)

We add bamboo shoots, carrots, scallions, and mushrooms...

to make the sauce and stir-fry them on high heat.

Then we add chili bean sauce, ketchup, and sugar...

to make Guangdong style chili sauce.

(Guangdong style sauce seasoned with chili bean sauce and ketchup)

We pour the sauce on top of the fried sea bream...

and add shredded leek on top to finish it.

(Fried sea bream with shredded leek on top is ready.)

I thought it'd be like...

- ordinary tangsuyuk. - I thought it'd be like tangsuyuk.

- Oh, it's fried fish? - But it's...

- It is fried. - Yes, it looks like it.

It has a strong scent.

I can tell it's spicy.

It looks so good.

(He takes a bite of sea bream meat with its sauce.)

What? Oh, my.

(Taking a bite of the soft sea bream meat)

The outer part tastes like tangsuyuk, don't you think?

Yes, because it's fried.

It's sweet and nice.

(Crispy sea bream skin and soft meat)

This is so good.

This one is good too.

(It is good, but...)

This is so good.

But the meat on the inside isn't seasoned.

(That's true.)

But usually, tangsuyuk...

isn't seasoned on the inside, is it?

It isn't, but this one is too plain.

It's too plain.

But this is an art food place.

It's all about the visuals.

- That's true. - We shouldn't forget that.

(Is that so?)

- I get it. - I see.

Can I eat the fishbone as well?

You should remove it.


But boyfriends are supposed to do this for their girlfriends.

(He's so flustered that he gulps down iced Coke.)

But he's sitting too far from me.

- Sang Yeob. - Yes?

You should mind Hyun Ju when you pick a seat.

You're only taking care of Sang Yi.

This is what he's like.

When his guy friends are around, he only takes care of them.

That's right. Women hate that the most.

If you're going to behave this way, you shouldn't call your girlfriend.

I shouldn't have come today.

(This is really uncomfortable for me.)


Sang Yi, you don't have to think that far.

It's not that you shouldn't have come today.

- I feel bad for him. - I know.

I was just kidding.

It's Saturday today,

so you must go to your girlfriend's and tell her to come out.

Then tell her, "I'm not that close to Sang Yi, that punk!"

(A skill to make up with your girlfriend)

(Cut ties with your friend.)


(She loves it.)

(She loves it too.)

"We haven't seen each other for so long, so..."

I love this type of joke.

- Right? You'll forgive him. - I can forgive him right away.

I can forgive him right away too.

- Sang Yi, you should leave. - I'll get going first.

(Sang Yeob and Sang Yi's bromance ends for Sang Yeob's girlfriend.)

He told Sang Yi to leave.

Wow, what's that? Is that a dessert?

(The last course, Dim sum)

- Is it a dumpling? - It's so pretty.

It looks like dim sum.

It's coconut, sweet potato dim sum.

Coconut, sweet potato dim sum uses a skin...

made with coconut water and gelatin.

We add sweet potato puree, red bean paste,

and a peach, which is replaceable. It's dessert dim sum.

(Coconut, sweet potato dim sum)

- What is this? - I love dumplings.

(The flesh of the peach that bursts in your mouth...)

(and sweet potato puree.)

It's sweet potato.

It's really pretty.

It must be difficult to make this.

It's moderately sweet.

It's really neat.

This is so good.

I can taste a commercial taste from the dim sum.

Are you here to ruin our show today?

Are you here to ruin our show today?

(He's really flustered.)

(Looking anxious)

- Look how anxious he is. - Please help me out.

(His only sin is doing his best to find the fake restaurant.)

Help me.

It's a world that I find difficult to comprehend.

It's so confusing though.

- This place is the most confusing. - It's confusing.

I think we need to check the hint for this place.

We must check it.

Shall we play a game then?

(Hint Game)

Relay Genre Initials Game.

- Let's play that, shall we? - I'd love to.

What is Relay Genre Initials Game?

(Using the given genre...)

(and a given word, they'll make an acrostic poem.)

(Romance, bulgogi)

(When they don't comply with the genre or story, they fail.)

(The team that succeeds in it more wins.)

Team Sang Yi will go first, and we will go in this direction.

- Okay. - The genre is romance.

Sang Yi is a good romance storyteller.

- He has that vibe. - Yes, he does.

- He has the eyes of a puppy. - Right.

(Eyes for romance)

Duruchigi. First syllable.

I want to spend the night,

this long night...

with you.

(The rising star in romance takes his turn.)

- Next. - Bring it in!


Oh, my gosh. It felt like x-rated genre.

- Next. - You're so cheap.

No, you should've said you put your skirt up.

(I put my skirt up.)


(She passed out.)

(He's surprised.)

(Rating alert)

- No. Why do you have to... - Hold on.

- It's our turn. - Our turn.

We have Genre Initials Game masters.

They are good.

- The genre is thriller. - I'll go first.

- Boiled dumplings. Go. - First syllable.

It was a night filled with wet fog.

- Next. - Touching. Cutting.

- It's good. - I heard something.

(It's scary.)

- Last syllable. - Approaching.

(He gets scared easily.)


It's scary. It's really scary.

You got a point.

- I approve. - It was really good.

I approve. You're good.

Your assistance was great.

- It was great. - It was great.

- It's their turn. - I'll go first.

The word is pineapple. The genre is thriller.

- First syllable. - I went to Paju.

Someone followed me there.

- That's good. - Next.

I ran away without consciousness.


Hey, kid.

(Hey, kid.)

(An old person suddenly appears.)

- My goodness. - What is that?

- It's so annoying. - Hey!

I thought Jin Sung just came here.

(Kid, don't cry.)

(A trot vibe)

- Hey, kid. - Hey, kid.

It's dangerous to wander around at night.

(Jin Sung came back again.)

How is that a thriller?

What's that? That's wrong.

- My gosh. - That's wrong.

(You're wrong.)

The genre is high teen romance. It's difficult.

- But you have the masters. - Okay.

- It's kalguksu. - Kalguksu. It's good.

First syllable.

(Expecting the masters to do well.)

You say this when you hear the first syllable.

I cut myself and bled.

(Getting angry)

(What's that?)

(How is there a knife in romance?)

Why do you need to say you cut yourself?

What else can you say? I couldn't think of anything else.

- You have this. - Carl Lewis.

Who is Carl Lewis?

Why is Carl Lewis in high teen romance?

You're my hero.

Stop messing around. Keep going.

I cut myself in Korean class.

Should I ask a boy next to me if he has medicine?

Last syllable.

(Mi Joo is good.)

(Are they going to succeed?)

Should I ask a boy next to me?

Soo Yeon.


- Jae Seok. - Why?

Why do you say a specific name?

I can't say a name?

- Stop calling for Soo Yeon. - My goodness.

The genre is melodrama.

Korean test. First syllable.

(She's ready for melodrama.)

(Will she express the beauty of the long-lasting love?)

You can't do this here, Chief.

(You can't do this here, Chief.)

(A sensational storyline like "The Penthouse".)

Why are you doing that?

- It was just the start. - What's wrong with you?

- I'm so shocked. - What's wrong?

Why is the chief involved?

(With Na Ra's start, Jessi is fired up.)

Oh. It's hot.

(Jae Seok is used to it. The newbie is shocked.)

- Hold on. - Oh. It's hot?

- Hold on. It's hot. - It's hot.

How can Sang Yi continue with that?


(He stood up to get ready.)

(Let's do this.)

There's no time.

(Oh my. Keep going.)

(He also stands up.)

The rough paths of life.


- Oh, my. - It was good until that.

- It was great so far. - It was amazing in the beginning.

(The terrible ending)

We'll show you how to do it.

(Chief Yu)

Don't talk behind my back.

(Fiery eyes)

(She loves that.)

This is what you should've done.

Yes, you're so smart.

You were being sarcastic, weren't you?

- No, I wasn't. - Are you sure?

- You were being sarcastic. - No way.

- Let's go in this way. - Look at how...

- we do it. - Let him finish.

High teen romance. The word is mackerel.

- First syllable. - First syllable.

(Jae Seok, you can do it, right?)

On the stairs of the high court,

(The high teens are summoned to the high court.)

What did you just say?

(A terrible mix of romance and a legal series)


(Let's stop it here.)

It's really hard.

Now, it's this team's turn. Sang Yi will go first.

X-rated. The word is yeolmukimchi.

- Yeolmukimchi. - Yeolmukimchi. First syllable.

I'm getting hotter.

(Sexy Sang Yi)

- Next. - Next.

(What are you two doing?)

(Expecting a romance)

That was bad. Why are you getting hotter?

Why am I getting hotter?



It's hot in here.

What have we done?

- Next. - Next.

Mr. Kim.

(Mr. Kim.)

(The men in high positions are all here.)

You called the chief.

(She also thinks it's funny.)

Mr. Kim. You shouldn't do this.

Last syllable.

- In 3, 2, 1. - Okay.

(Genre Siblings won this game.)

That was unfair.

You should've said Mount Chiak.

The situation was good.

- So Team Jae Seok won. - Okay.

(Team Jae Seok gets the hint.)

(Vision Hint)


Hold on.

(Customer reviews of Chef Jae Sang)

(Tangsuyuk, mianbao xia, and jjamppong are so delicious.)

(The strange menu stands out.)

What's the date?

(She looks through the menu board.)

There isn't mianbao xia. There is dim sum.

Look. There isn't mianbao xia.

If this place is fake,

Chef Jae Sang doesn't work here.

He might work at a restaurant that serves mianbao xia.

If this place is real, mianbo xia is taken out of the menu.

(If this is real, the review is from before the menu was renewed.)

(Chinese prix fixe as the ultimate in art food)

(1. There are too many workers compared to the size of the place.)

(2. Chef Jae Sang is mysterious.)

(3. They either love or hate the taste.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 3)

(Taste summer vacation!)

(A dessert prix fixe containing the seasons)

Let's go and eat delicious desserts.

- Yes. - Delicious ones.

The atmosphere is great here.

It feels classic.

- It's pretty. - It's across from Seoul Art Center.

- There are many places like this. - It's my first time here.

- I used to work here. - You did?

- I worked at Seoul Art Center. - That's cool.

There are many places that sell musical instruments.

(The street of musical instruments filled with romantic vibe)

- Is this the place? - Is this it?

- It's so simple. - Is it the place?

- It's strange. - It looks like a wine bar.

It's so simple.

I think this is a fake place.

(On the contrary to fancy desserts, the building and place are simple.)

The place is so simple.

It is written here that you need to reserve.

"Reservation only."

(A dessert bar that is reservation only?)

(Jae Seok goes inside first.)

The place smells new.

- This place seems too simple. - What is this?

(When you come inside, )

(the place is small and simple.)

What do we do?

It might be their concept, but it's too simple.

Is this a wine place?

- They might serve wine at night. - Those are wines.

They might serve wine at night, and coffee during the day.

But, the tables here...

Sushi restaurant? It looks like they are from a sushi restaurant.

Yes, they look like that.

The board reminds me of this. The one you cook ice cream.

- You know what it is. - It's so confusing.

(Cooking on cold metal board)

Can they run the business...

only serving desserts and having only reservations?

- It might be expensive. - Is it expensive?

Because it's reservation only.

Would many people come here?

Which one is fake?

I thought the second place was fake.

- This makes me confused. - I think this place is fake.

It's difficult.

Let's sit down at the bar.

- It's really difficult. - I'm confused.

I'm excited. I think it'll be delicious.

- I'm excited. - Why? Why are you excited?

I like desserts.

Sang Yeob, do you like desserts?

Sang Yeob likes all the desserts.

I like desserts with ice cream.

Mi Joo likes desserts too.

Mi Joo's tummy is out.

My tummy is filled.

Mi Joo, is your tummy filled?

I can touch my tummy.

My tummy is like this.

- It's filled. - Sang Yi was just watching you.


(Just smile.)

He can't take it.

Is it your first time seeing a tummy out?

- I think I'm used to this show now. - Sang Yi.

When you get used to it, it'll be your time to leave.

Now that you're used to it, it's your time to leave then.

(Goodbye, everyone.)

Let's meet the owner.

I'm curious about who they are.

- Please come out. - The ones who created this.

- Hello. - Hello.

(Owners show up.)

Hello. We run a dessert bar, "9 Days."

- I'm Ji Hyun. - I'm Song Yi.

When you think you have a dessert course,

you might think it'll be sweet.

We use vegetables, fruits,

herbs, and flowers.

We change the course by seasons.

We use ingredients in season.

You can enjoy a dessert course in here.

When I create the course with menus, the taste is important.

But the beautiful display that's good to look and take a picture...

is loved by our customers as well.

So we focus on the visual as well.

- Sixth Sensers. - Sixth Sensers.

- Do you think this place is real? - Do you think this place is real?

- Hello. - Hello.

- The owner seems real. - Hello.

Are you two married to each other?

- Yes. - You two look alike.

(The chef couple resembles each other.)

Hello, we are...

owners of a dessert bar.

- I'm Song Yi. - I'm Ji Hyun.

- Hello. - Hello.

They're very nervous.

They're very nervous.

(The male chef looks especially nervous.)

How did you start making a dessert course?

We used to work at restaurants for more than ten years.

(Song Yi and Ji Hyun)

(When they worked at restaurants)

While working there, I noticed...

when they have a good dessert after having a course meal,

they are more satisfied with the course.

Also, we wanted to serve restaurant-quality desserts.

- So they can have it easily. - I see.

They serve as a course?

- Wouldn't it be too heavy? - They can come and enjoy it.

That's why we opened this place.

How many desserts are in a course?

Right now, there are five desserts in a course.

If you make a course with five desserts,

wouldn't people be fed up with the taste?

It might feel too heavy.

They're all sweet.

They're not regular desserts, like a cake.

We use vegetables and herbs in season...

- to make a course. - I see. You use those.

Only the female chef is talking.

Why aren't you talking?

Please explain things to us.

You asked her.

Why is this place called "9 Days"?

Oh, that's a good question.

- Is it the day you got married? - It's the day we got married.

(He answered a bit late.)

(The timing was off.)

(Feeling strange)

- It's the day we got married. - It's so romantic.

It's romantic.

- I see. - I love that.

It's the day they got married.

- We'd like to try your course now. - Okay.

- We'll have it ready. - Thank you.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

I would feel good, I think.

I'd feel happy.

(I don't think they're a married couple.)

I don't think they're a married couple.

Oh, they might have heard me.

- They can hear you. - That was so loud.

You said it even before the door was closed.

Honestly, I got persuaded after I met the owners.

- Right. - Didn't you?

I also got persuaded.

I don't think they're a couple.

- Really? - Don't they feel like siblings?

This place smells like it's a new place.

- It smells new? - But in dessert shop,

it doesn't have to have smell of bread or such.

- Don't they usually do? - They do.

Have you been to a dessert place like this?

- With coffee, it smells of coffee. - Yes.

- You have? - Well, not exactly...

- With who? - like this.

Who did you go with?


(I'm just asking.)


(Sang Yeob, who fell in love with desserts, )

(is waiting for the judgment.)

(She asked a question.)

(Since he was focused on desserts, )

(he took the bait.)

(You have been to a place like this?)


Who did you go with to a place like this?

You didn't go with men, did you?

He went with me.


(He went with me.)

He went with me.

Are you protecting him?

My Sang Yi.

He went to a dessert place with me.

Lee Sang Yi. He's so funny.

- It's coming. - My gosh.

It's coming.

- It's the first dish of the course. - It's pretty.

- What is it? Is it a sherbet? - Thank you.

- Thank you. - It's so pretty.

It's so pretty.

(The start of the summer dessert course)

The first welcome dessert of the summer dessert course is...

a sherbet that can work up your appetite.

On the top,

there's granita made with peach and ginger ale.

Underneath, there's sherbet made with bergamot and olive oil.

And there are also green grapes.

It smells so good.

(A secret weapon that can maximize the scent is out.)


What is poured in the bowl is...

liquid nitrogen.

To make it feel like summer,

we pour liquid nitrogen on top of a pebble.

We made it feel like a valley in summer.


Look at this.

- It smells like peaches, right? - Look at this water.

(With the beautiful dessert, Sixth Sensers are very happy.)

It looks like a fairy.

You can scoop it out with a spoon and eat them all together.

Thank you.

Thank you. It's so pretty.

There are flowers. Isn't it pretty?

It's so pretty.

(Will it taste as nice as it looks?)


(For the big brother, Jae Seok)

(It tastes good to him too.)

It's delicious.

- It's very refreshing. - It is really refreshing.

- Very refreshing. - I'm automatically winking.

It might get awkward to come with the one you have a fling with.

- Why? - Goodness.

(Is it supposed to seduce someone who he has a fling?)

I wouldn't misunderstand you if you have that face.

(Too much freshness can make you look ugly.)

Your eyes will meet.

It's very refreshing.

It makes me feel good.

Because there are flowers on top.

It's so pretty.

The flowers have a scent of grass as I chew on them.

- It's so good. - It tastes like peaches.

Sang Yi, let's come here later.


(My brother, Sang Yi.)

(I'm letting it go because he's your brother.)

This makes us digest...

- the food that we had today. - Right.

- Rinsing our mouths. - It's a dessert.

It's a great course.

It's delicious. What should I do?

(The next dessert)

- What's that? - What's that?

What is that?


- What kind of dessert is that? - Is it meringue?

It's meringue, Na Ra.

Is it meringue?

- What is it? - It looks so delicious.

We saw lots of carrots today.

The one on the cover is...

a carrot chip made with newly produced carrots.

(A fancy transformation of newly produced carrot)

Inside the chip,

there are panna cotta made with tonka bean, pecan crumble,

and plum sherbet...

made with the seasoned fruit, plum.

- It's cream cheese. - I see. It's cream cheese.

- Thank you. - Thank you.


(How can you make it so pretty?)

Break them apart and eat them all together.

There's something inside.

- Look. - It looks like this inside.

(They're happy with lots of sweets inside the dessert.)

There are crumbles at the bottom.

What is this called?

(When you cut carrot chip in half, you see sweet desserts inside.)

(Taking a big bite)

(Taking a big bite like Jae Seok)

(They were amazed at the same time.)

It's sour.

(The sour taste hits them.)

- The sherbet... - Yes.

Jae Seok, break this.

(Taking a big bite)

(Very refreshing)

It's sour.


I've never tasted something like this.

- I know. - Right?

It's my first time tasting this. I don't know how to describe it.

It's refreshing and fresh.

(What's wrong with his pronunciation?)

- Fresh? - Fresh.

(It tastes better to have a big bite with cream.)

It's so delicious.

Have you tasted the cream?

The cream is so soft and delicious.

It's cream cheese foam, Na Ra.

- It's so delicious. - It's so delicious.

- I'm so amazed. - It's so delicious.

You need to eat with the carrot chip.

This gives a great texture. It's crispy.


I can feel they put lots of thoughts into this.

(The sound tells us that it has a crispy texture.)

- Try it with the carrot chip. - Okay.

(Taking a big bite with the crispy chip)

It's so delicious. It doesn't taste like a carrot.

It's a chip.

I've never seen anything like this made of carrots.

- It's so delicious. - It's so delicious.

(A new sensation of desserts they got to meet through a carrot)

It's so delicious.

Yes, it's so delicious.

There isn't a case where there are no fake places.

There isn't.

- One of them must be fake. - One of them must be...

- There's none today. - I can't find it today.

It's difficult.

Everyone forgot their duties.

They are enjoying this place while thinking it's a real place.

(Sand Sang Holmes is the only one on the job.)

Thank you.

(Sixth Sensers, who are bewildered by the flavor, finished the plate.)

(Thinking hard)

Is this cup used for a drink?

(In hindsight, )

(from when they looked around the place, )

(the cup was empty.)

(From then, it was never filled up.)

(It looks suspicious.)

In a dessert cafe,

- there must be drinks or coffee. - It might be for drinks.

(A dessert course bar without drinks?)

(The owner shows up.)

- I'll take your plate. - Thank you.

- It was so delicious. - Thank you.

Are there any drinks like coffee?

We don't have those. I'll give you some water.

- You don't serve drinks? - No drinks?

- No. - You always don't have them?

- Or is it for today? - We don't have them for today.

What do you usually have?

- We have coffee. - Yes.

- But today... - Only today?

(The owner disappears fast.)

(It's strange.)

There isn't any drink in a dessert place?

They don't have them for today?

This place would disappear if this place is fake.

Is there a coffee machine?

- I don't see any. - There's one.

Is it there?

(Where is the coffee machine?)

- Is it a coffee machine? - Is it really?

- Is it a coffee machine? - How do you make it with that?

(Is this a coffee machine?)

- In a high-quality dessert bar, - In a cafe,

- there isn't a proper machine. - I can't believe there's none.

- That's so small. - There should be a bigger one.

The proper one.

Instead, they have that.

(A dessert bar that has low needs for coffee?)

(Or a small coffee machine prepared by the staffs?)

We need to be back in the game. We're bewildered by the taste.

This is strange.

Or do they do art dessert?

(They're not owners of a dessert bar, but food artists?)

Here it comes.


Oh, what is it? It's like a tuna can.

- There's a can. - Yes.


- What is this can? - My goodness.

- It's cute. - My goodness.

- What is this? - What is this? It's open.

- I was going to open the can. - Me too.

(The dessert they served this time is a can?)

What is this?



What is this?

(A set menu that calls for admiration.)

(A bewildering visual)

(Hitting her head)

I need to get a grip.

Would you open the can?

This is the third dessert on the summer course.

Tapenade made with avocado cream and green olives is in it.

(A refreshing dessert that uses the summer vegetable, )

(chodang corn)

The one in the box is a cheese taco made with parmesan cheese.

Add the ingredients to the taco...

and have it with your hand.

(Fill it with the ingredients and take a big bite.)


The scent of cheese is rich.

(The scent of cheese spreads in their mouths.)


This is so good.

- I can't put it into words. - My goodness.

- It's incredible. - It's so good.

I can't suspect anything about this place.

This place must be real.

(This place must be real.)

But don't they serve this first...

in a course meal?

Shouldn't they have served the sherbet later?

(Mi Joo thinks the order is strange.)

It's so random that they serve finger food after a dessert.

I know.

(The order seems a bit off.)

This must've been served first.

(After 3 dishes of sherbet, )

(a heavy dessert that's close to a meal was served.)

(Is it because it's the main dish?)

(Or is it a fake course that the production crew made?)

You can make your final guesses now.

- But this is... - This is it?

- I wish there were more. - It's over?

How can you end it after getting our appetite going?

Can't we have one more bread, at least?

(He asks for a refill all of a sudden.)

I want one too.

- It feels like we stopped midway. - Give us another piece of bread.

We only got our appetite going.

Since it's a dessert...

- Give us more. - We should have two servings each.

Ma'am, can we pack some of your desserts?

Give me just one more piece.

I won't leave.

I won't leave until I get my bread.

(Stop protesting, Jessi.)

- But... - I won't leave either.

don't you think it was too short?


What did they say earlier?

They said each course takes two hours.

(A dessert course that's reservation only)

(They only serve 2 tables per time slot.)

(Do they have to leave after their time is up?)

(The course is limited to 2 hours.)

That's impossible.

But if you talk as you eat,

- it could take two hours. - Then they'll all melt.

(The dessert course menu comprises of 5 to 6 dishes.)

(It takes two hours to finish this course?)

It takes two hours to finish these dishes?

But it's not like we ate them really fast.

Then you should take 20 minutes for each dish.

Gosh, this is driving me crazy.

I thought the second place was fake. What should I do?

I've made up my mind.

- Which one is fake? - The third place.

- This place? - I think this place is fake.

We'll give a hint to Team Sang Yi...

since they haven't gotten any.

- Yes, give it to us. - Please give us.

- Whose team? - Ours.

What should I do to get the hint?

(I need the hint.)

(How can I have that hint?)

They're just giving it to you.

But how?

Sang Yi, show us your special talent.

- A special talent? - Yes.

Sang Yi will show us his special talent.

- If you show us your talent... - I heard you're a good dancer.

(Dancing King Sang Yi gets up.)

He's so cute.

My dear Sang Yi.

My dear Sang Yi.

Sang Yi is so cool.

Beyond your imagination.

(He even got a prop.)

There are so many people passing by.

It's okay.

- It's okay. - You're so cool.

Here we go.

(He starts performing a masked dance.)

(The traditional song captures the audience's attention.)

(You're doing well, Sang Yi.)

(Surprisingly, he's dancing without any music.)


There you go!

(We want to have him.)



(It's hard to turn the channel with his dance.)

- You're good! - There you go.

- You're good! - There you go.


(A perfect dance by the master of dance)

(The audience is highly satisfied.)

(He's awesome!)

Lee Sang Yi!

(Shout his name!)

He's so good.

(He's full of charms.)

- He's so charming. - Give us the hint now.

Give us the hint now.

I've seen a lot of Sang Yi's armpits today.

(Desperate looking hands)

(He manages to win the hint by giving up his armpits.)

My armpits?

(Checking the hint with Sang Yi the Armpit)

(The hard-earned Video Hint)

An interior renovation? We can't tell...

if they did it or if our production crew did it.

We can't see it.


I don't think they took this video.

It's not the angle they can manage.

You think the production crew did it?

They took this while setting up this place?

It hasn't even been a month since they built this place.

(Is it a real place where it still smells like a new building?)

(Or is it a fake place that the production crew recently made?)

All right. That was a useful hint. Thank you.

- Are you sure it was useful? - Yes.

I think it was useful.

(Voting time)

I find Sang Yi awesome.

I fell in love with him when he did the masked dance.

It was really cool, right?

Sang Yi is really cool.

(Is that so?)

(Watch our masked dance.)

I fell in love with him for that.

(The two men's dance asking for their love)

It's totally to my liking.

My dear Sang Yi.

Sang Yi, isn't this the dance you did?

Which one?

(Jeonsobari, the president of Sixth Sence Dance Club)

(Here you go.)

No, it went like this.

(What is that?)

(A body roll)

Oh, did it go like this?

(The masked dance magically turns into a body roll.)

Right. It went like this.

(There they go again.)

It's similar. That's Nakyangdongcheon.

"Refilling leaves"?

"Chilis with leaves"?

It's called Nakyangdongcheon.

(He does his best to show his dance again.)

(They're learning the masked dance.)

He does it when he's asked to do it.

He does everything for us.

(The voting starts.)

Knock, knock. Are you there?

(I'm certain it's the 3rd place.)

Why did I pick this place?

It sells coffee, but it didn't smell like coffee at all.

It didn't smell like bread either.

There was no smell of baking at all.

(She picks the 3rd place right away.)

(Sang Sang Holmes enters nervously.)


I'm certain the first place is real.

The second place confused me,

but the third place...

(The 3rd place is the most suspicious one.)

The owners didn't look like a married couple.

And it takes 2 hours to finish 5 dishes?

That's physically impossible.

So I'll pick the third place as fake.

(He's certain it's the 3rd place.)

(Looking around)

(He's taking longer than usual to make a choice.)

I think...

(Is it the 1st place? 2nd? Or 3rd?)

Sang Yeob, hurry up!

Yeob Sang!

I can't choose one.

(On the other hand, she's certain of her choice.)

I'll trust my palate.

I'll only trust my palate for today.

(They picked the 2nd restaurant.)

- Let's check it out. - Is the result interesting again?

No one has chosen the first place.

I knew it.

Sang Yi, Sang Yeob, and Mi Joo picked the third place.

I'm done for.

The rest of you picked the second place.

(Jessi, So Min, Jae Seok, and Na Ra picked the 2nd place.)

Come here. You're not done for. We got this.

- Just trust us. - Wait. You picked number three?

I think the third place...

must've been the easiest to set up.

But I ended up choosing the second place.

- What do you mean? - What is he saying?

- Let's go. - What does he mean?

Let's go.

- We'll now reveal the answer. - Okay!

(The crazy good-looking man of the music industry)

- Eun Woo must be so happy. - He's so handsome.

(All the crazy beautiful visuals in the world)

All the crazy beautiful visuals?


(Now it's all about visuals for food as well.)

(Which crazy visuals are fake?)

- They were all pretty. - They were really pretty.

- They were pretty. - Let's see.

(An expert was hired to create crazy visuals.)

Sang Yeob.

(A visual reborn from the hands of an expert)

- Sushi? - I'm certain, but I'm so nervous.

- That's the first place. - What was that?

If the first place is a fake, then we're scammed.

It must be the second place.

(Michelin Guide recommended 2 years in a row!)

(Chinese prix fixe as the ultimate in art food)

(Taste summer vacation!)

(A dessert prix fixe containing the seasons)

I think they bought the dishes for the third place.

(A feast for the eyes, the crazy beautiful visuals)

- Please. - I'm getting nervous again.

(Is it the 2nd place that even Na Ra with bad sensing was certain?)

They didn't have any smell.

Oh, my gosh!

- Please! - What's going on?

They're revealing it quite fast today.

I'm getting nervous again.

(The most nerve-racking moment)

I was really certain.

I'd be shocked if the first place is fake.

No, the third place is fake.

(The most nerve-racking moment)

I was really certain.

I'd be shocked if the first place is fake.

No, the third place is fake.

(Which place is fake?)

(Chinese prix fixe as the ultimate in art food...)

(is the fake.)

Oh, my goodness.

(They're thrilled that they guessed correctly.)

(Jae Seok who took a random guess got it right.)

(Number 2, the Chinese prix fixe is fake.)

(The fake place was beyond their imagination.)

(The moment they are split into happy and unhappy ones.)

Look at that.


So that was fake?

- Wow, Jessi got it again. - I got it again.


I think we overthought it.

- I've got senses of gold! - Today, it was just...

This place was nearly perfect.

I thought it was number three, and was nearly shocked.

Here's the video showing the answer.

But really...

Is there another twist here?

Were we in Mapo?

Yes, we were in Mapo.

But the store...

(Amidst restaurants frequented by office people to sate hunger, )

(we found our target.)

- It was already there? - It's an existing restaurant?

What is this?

- What is that? - It's a regular Chinese restaurant.

So it was a Chinese restaurant.

- It was already operating? - It was a Chinese restaurant?

What's going on here?

(The reason we chose a restaurant that was already in business)

It's already in business.

What's going on here?

(Small businesses crumble, 50,000 restaurants closed)

("How long can we endure?" Small business endangered)

(Self-owned small businesses are at great financial risk now.)

(This risk led the underground restaurant owners to publish this.)

I saw that earlier. It was on the wall.

(The restaurants here are in danger of going bankrupt.)

(In order to help support small businesses even a little, )

(we redid the old and crumbling interior for this restaurant.)

That's such a good deed.

- So they did it for them. - They helped out the restaurant.

It looked nice earlier, with a great atmosphere.

I'll say this. The interior there looked fantastic.

They did a great job.

Yes, I could tell the walls were pretty new.

(We'll just switch this out with a fake place for now.)

They made this so well.

This is so moving though.

I agree.

(From a rundown Chinese spot to a luxurious Chinese restaurant)

They made it well.

- They did a great job. - They built it really well.

Yes, I didn't suspect anything there.

- This is really... - This is too much.

(The fake visual art Chinese restaurant is complete.)

- Then who were the chefs? - Right, who are they?

- Who are they? - Seriously.

Who could they be?

(The chefs in charge of art food)

Hello, I have a small Chinese spot in Seochon.

I'm Chef Jung Ji Seon.

(She's not just a sub chef.)

- Wow. - That's pretty.

(She's the owner-chef of a famous Chinese restaurant.)

(Korea's number one dim sum chef)

- Wow. - Really?

(Chef Jung Ji Seon, owner-chef of Tian me me, 20 years' experience)

Do they all work together in real life?

Or did they all just meet for the first time.

I have a small restaurant called Pinghao.

I'm Chef Wang Byung Ho.

(The top visual Chinese chef)

- Wow. - Really?

You can't just cook Chinese food.

- That's true. - You're right.

- Who was this? - An actor?

Hello. I'm Chinese freeze...

- What? - Sorry, pardon me.

Chinese premium. It was the word premium.

Hello, nice to meet you.

I was invited to be on the show through Chef Jung Ji Seon.

To tell you the truth, she's my wife.


Gosh, so she was his wife.

They were a real couple.

I feel so betrayed.

(There's an even bigger betrayal coming in Chef Lee Jae Sang.)

- Then who are you? - Who was Chef Lee Jae Sang?

(The mystery chef behind the veil)

Chef Lee Jae Sang is a truly great person...

who catalyzed the Chinese food boom in Korea.

- Even schoolkids know of him. - Who is it?

He's the most famous Chinese food chef...

- But who is it? - in all of Korea.

- Really? - Who is it?

- But who is it? - Who is it?


(What is his identity?)

Who is it?

Is it really Director Lee Jae Sang?

(Can you tell who it is?)

I think he was in disguise.

But in what way?

I'm the owner-chef of Moglan, Lee Yeon Bok.

It was Yeon Bok after all.

- Chef Lee Yeon Bok. - Chef Lee.

(Did you say Chef Lee Yeon Bok?)

- That's amazing. - Chef Lee Yeon Bok.

- My gosh, it's him. - It really was him, Yeon Bok.

That's ridiculous.

- That's what I thought. - My gosh, it's him.

He was Photoshopped so heavily.

- I had no idea. - Because of Photoshop.

(The shocking truth is revealed.)

(After taking an ordinary profile picture, )

(this is how we altered the photo.)

He didn't look anything like him. So it was all Photoshop.

- Who is that? - What?

(Someone's face is mixed in with the original photo.)

- Who is that? - They look alike.

(Lee Jae Sang takes the Lee from Lee Yeon Bok...)

- What? - Seriously?

(and the Jae from Yu Jae Seok.)

You mixed my face in?

Oh, my gosh.

(It was Jae Seok's face.)

The glasses were your glasses.

That's true.

How could you not know that?

- I had no idea. - My goodness.

- What is that? - That's crazy.

What's going on?

(The Sang came from Sang Yeob.)


- Lee Sang Yeob! - What am I doing in there?

So that's why his name was Lee Jae Sang.

(Lee Jae Sang was born by combining all three men.)

So that's why his name is Lee Jae Sang.

(A chilling transformation)

(A tiny hint hidden within the name, Lee Jae Sang)

That's why his name was Lee Jae Sang.

You're so good-looking now.

So that's why his name was Lee Jae Sang.

(Dizzy from realizing how spicy Sixth Sense can get)

(That's how they were born.)

(The Chinese Food Avengers)

In Korea, if you're talking about the Visual Avengers,

you just can't leave out Jung Ji Seon and Wang Byung Ho.

I had no idea.

- Of course you wouldn't know. - No wonder.

- If you say dim sum, it's Ji Seon. - The dim sum was delicious.

- The art school chef... - Is that the plating?

- has to be Byung Ho. - Really?

But the food really was good.

We called such famous people fakes.

We really did.

The food was delicious.

It wasn't food you could make very easily.

I had thought of something.

- Shave ice and make a hill. - He thought of it in advance.

Then use LED lights.

How about using gold flakes?

If those three created a prix fixe, it's a truly great meal.

- My goodness. - That's amazing.

- Look at that seafood. - It was really delicious.

I thought it was delicious.

Look at that seafood.

The abalone and the scallops were both really delicious.

The food really was good.

(Did you enjoy the food created by these chefs?)

Yes, the food was great.

- Oh, my goodness. - Goodness.

Right. They tricked me.

Sixth Sensers,

this place was fake.

- It was a fake. - It's a fake.

We got you.

(Leaving the camera)

(Sang Sang Yi was drained by Sixth Sense.)

- It was a fake. - We got you.

Chef Yeon Bok is here.

To get some gold.

(Chef Yeon Bok appears.)

Nice to meet you. Please come this way.

- I didn't recognize you. - I didn't recognize you at all.

Then what got you suspicious?

I got suspicious because of the LED lights.

I said that was going overboard!

(Did we go too far?)

That's right. It was a bit much.


- That really was. - It was a bit much.

We started to get suspicious because of the LED lights.

The footless hawk.

His left foot had fallen off.

It broke off right before we installed it.

So that's why.

I told him to get his joints treated beforehand.

- You didn't have good joints. - Joint treatment.

(Chef Yeon Bok can turn mistakes into jokes.)

- The food was truly delicious. - It was really good.

The food was amazing.

Since today was visuals special,

we couldn't really fake any of the visuals.

As I said before,

this wasn't a level of cooking you could learn and fake.

- It was really good. - It was real.

Thank you.

- Oh, no, Sang Yi. - I wanted some too.

When can I come back?

Season 2 is nearly over,

so if we have another season, please come back.

Please let me come back, as I would love to.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

(The basic interior elements are now being used by restaurant owners.)

(Thank you, Chef Lee Yeon Bok, Jung Ji Seon, and Wang Byung Ho, )

(for all of your contributions to this episode.)

(This guest is here to help you open your heart.)

(The key to variety show's heart, SHINee's KEY)

(A fired up welcoming just for KEY)

(I told you we'd collide.)

(There can't be two suns under the sky.)

(Pushed away)

(The theme we'll explore with KEY today)

(Are you curious about your destiny?)

(The destiny you had no idea about is approaching.)

(Shocking stories that cannot be left out)

(Where are you looking?)

(Wait a minute.)

(Next week's special, Those Who Speak of Destiny)