Sixth Sense (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - The Readers Of Fate - full transcript

KEY of SHINee joins the members to find the one fake place. The Sixth Sensers meet the readers of fate. They meet a physiognomist who compares people's faces to animals. Feng shui experts give tips on placing furniture and changin...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Amongst the flashy buildings of this concrete jungle,)

(today's show begins in a cozy hanok.)

Ladies, we've started.

- What is all this? - Wow.

Today, we're getting a packed meal like this.

You're wearing high heels today, So Min.

- I know. - You've gotten taller.

What's the occasion? You look so sexy.

- Don't I look good today? - What's the occasion?

(She's very dressed up.)

There is no occasion. It's just a filming day for the show.

(There is no occasion. It's just a filming day.)


- Don't I look good? - That's all it is.

Just another day of filming.


Oh, my gosh, why isn't anyone returning my greeting?

- Hey. - We greeted you earlier.

Look at Jessi's lips. They're the focus of her outfit.

- They're so pretty. - So sexy.

So sexy.

- Gosh. - Come hither, Oh Na Ra.

- "Come hither, Oh Na Ra"? - Hi, Na Ra.

Come hither, Oh Na Ra.

- Oh Na Ra. - You've prepared your own intro.

Here, Na Ra, have some coffee.

- Here. - Hello.

- What is this? - Everyone is here now.

Why is the service so good today?

- You didn't eat breakfast, right? - I didn't.

- I didn't have breakfast either. - Come have a sandwich.

Look at this.

(Today's generous donation is from Quiznos.)

(Looking tasty and appealing)

- They look good. - They look tasty.

This looks delicious.

The important thing is that you have to go to Quiznos.

Their bread is very crispy.

- Hyun Ju. - But this...

This isn't a home shopping channel.

I mean, for me...

Let me just share one more important thing.

(She's doing it again?)

- Just take a bite already. - Okay.

Just take a bite.

- What I want to say is... - That will be much more helpful.

(That will be much more helpful.)

- Quiznos... - Just take a bite.

Instead of explaining things, take the darn bite.

(All right.)

He just wants to talk alone.

(Now he can rest easy and take a bite.)

(Taking a huge bite)

- Hyun Ju. - Yes?

Having this with coffee makes for an amazing breakfast.


This is so good.

(It's so tasty it makes you want to dance.)

I'm so full now.

These days, Mi Joo has been doing so well.

- That's right. - Everyone's going crazy,

calling her "Crazy Mi Joo".

(She even won the 2021 Brand Award this year.)

(Congratulations, Mi Joo.)

I've already told you. Mi Joo has to start paying dues...

- to the comedian club now. - He told me to pay.

He told me to pay 100 dollars per month.

- That's a good thing. - That's right.

That's right. But why did you untie your hair?

Because I sprayed Chanel perfume in my hair.

I can smell it.

Also, I didn't wash my hair today.

Why not?

- I was too tired. - No wonder.

(Don't give me that, Jae Seok.)

- Don't give me that, Jae Seok. - What do you mean?

- It doesn't smell. - What's wrong with you?

- Here, smell it. - Don't force me to smell it.


Why are you asking me to smell it when you didn't wash your hair?

My hair doesn't smell bad.

We have a guest for today as well.

Let's ask him to come on out.

Please come out.

- Please come out. - The key to Sixth Sense 2.

(Today's guest is a key, the key to everyone's hearts.)

- He's KEY. - A key!

- Hello. - A key.

(A member of SHINee, which has been shining bright for 14 years.)

(The KEY to everything. Vocals, rap, and dance.)

(He's also been active as a solo artist for 4 years.).

(He can pull off a different look every time.)

(With a diverse range of skills, he's already conquered variety.)

(The key to everything, KEY)

- Hello. - Welcome, KEY.

(KEY and Jessi greet each other like old friends.)


- Hello. - Hello.

Why are you back here again?

Why not? I can come back.

(Wow, he stood up to her.)

You took that so smoothly.

- He's good at this. - I can riff with Jessi.

- KEY's good at responding. - KEY's good at variety shows.

- I stand here? - KEY will finally...

be releasing his solo album on September 27.

- Congratulations. - It's been a while.

Since you're here, can you give us a sneak peek with no music?

Without any background music.

Let's get a peek.

- Without any music. - What do you think?

I think that's a great idea, to go without music.

Then why don't we all learn the dance together?

No, absolutely not.

- Just do it alone. - That's what I came here to do.

- No, you can't. - Is this a dance academy or what?

- No, that's not the way. - Let's all do it together.

No, you can't. That's not how it's done.

- You go like this three times, - It's difficult.

then you go no, no, then a 1 and a 2.

- That's all you have to do. - Na Ra picked it up already.

- I have. - Try it.

I was in the dance department in college.

Now, go.

(Good luck, Na Ra.)

(Totally in sync)

(Even her footwork)

(An unbelievable level of coordination for a first meeting)

(The perfect collaboration)

She's so good.

Na Ra, you dance well, but why are you lifting your chin?

- To show my confidence. - To show off her confidence.

Why are you lifting your chin up so much?

- Dancing is all about confidence. - She's right.

There are two mysteries in the broadcasting world...

that I'll never be able to solve.

- What are they? - What are they?

Why idols want to be funny, and why comedians want to sing.

That's the trend these days. No one can stop it.

- Why does that happen? - No one can stop it.

Then what do actors want?

Actors? Let me see. I don't know?

- They want to dance. - That's right, to dance.

(This old lady has a lot of dancing energy in her today.)

Yes, actors want to learn choreography.

(The other actress we'd forgotten also steps up.)

- What are you doing? - What's with that expression?

You dance with your face.

(Dancing with her face)

That's great.


That's right, that's how you do it.

(He suddenly notices the residential buildings.)

Let's talk quietly since this is a residential area.

Let's just talk quietly.

- What are we doing today? - All right.

Let's take a look at today's theme.

- You're going to be this quiet? - This is the mood today.

- Please show us the theme. - Please show us the theme.

What are we doing today? Readers of fate? What's that?

Readers of fate?

(Between life...)

(and death,)

(there are countless events, both good and bad,)

(that continue to repeat themselves over and over again.)

(All of that constitutes fate.)

(What if you could find out...)

(just a little bit more about what your fate holds?)

(At last,)

(Sixth Sense 2 takes on...)

(the secrets behind life.)

(Invited to a dangerous fate)

(The Readers of Fate)

(Totally unpredicted)

(He can't believe his ears.)

(Getting the chills)

(Meet your fate.)

(Once they meet their fate,)

(their fortunes are revealed.)

(We invite you to a crazy fate.)

(The Readers of Fate)

As a Chuseok special, it's "The Readers of Fate".

What's with that voice? "A readers of fate theme."

- That's not it. - Be quiet.

Your voice is the only one you can hear outside.

- That's so true. - No.

It's because you went, "It's all right."

- That's the song, "My House". - That's a different song.

- This is KEY. - Calm down.

My gosh.

The theme is "Readers of Fate".

Oh, my gosh.

"Am I fated to be rich?"

"Even famous foreign reporters come to see this physiognomist."

- Physiognomy? - Physiognomy?

A physiognomist!

(It's good to have lively eyebrows.)

(It's good to have well-defined facial features.)


(Reading the fate written in one's face)

(Does my face show that I am fated to be king?)

(These days, people don't ask if they're fated to be king.)

(Instead, they find out if they're fated to become rich.)

(The Washington Post covered this skilled physiognomist.)

(The physiognomist analyzed Kim Jong Un's face.)

(Is the physiognomist real or fake?)

They look at your face. Features like the lips, nose,

- or the ears. - How you look.

This is real. They say if you have thick earlobes, you'll be rich.

I think my earlobes are thick.

There's a long history behind physiognomy too.

Here's the second one.

Helped two Presidents to get elected,

and can pinpoint ideal spaces.

- A feng shui expert? - Oh, it's feng shui.

What does that mean?

(The space...)

(where you are...)

(right now!)

(Is it the best it could be?)

(Your fate can change just by changing your home layout.)

(He knows everything from Mount Baekdu to Mount Halla,)

(and has even changed the course of Korea's history.)

(This person even helped the Presidents to get elected.)

(Is the feng shui expert real or fake?)

This practice says that the layout of your home...

can change your fate or your energy.

- Feng shui. - For every person, there's advice.

Some shouldn't live on mountains, others shouldn't live near water.

This is real.

I don't think that's real.

Mi Joo, what do you think is fake?

Everyone lives in a home.

How can the layout influence anything?


I don't think you really understand what feng shui is.

I don't know. I know shui, but what's feng?

(That's a pretty clear gap in knowledge.)

Are you for real? Are you pretending for the show?

We're doing another show together.

We've filmed together twice now, and she's for real.

(This is the real Mi Joo.)

(Touched, impressed, moved)

You can't lie about this.

She's so cute.

- I'm real. - I'm addicted to her.

Here's the third. "Will fate change if you change your name?"

"A namer who can even block a divorce by renaming."

- This sounds real too. - But you changed your name.

(From the time you are born,)

(when you make friends,)

(and earn money.)

(No matter what you do, one thing is always with you.)

(It's your name.)

(But there is a secret hidden behind your name.)

(If you change your name, your fate will also change.)

(The world of naming that you never knew about)

(At a fork in the road of life...)

(A new name even prevented a divorce from happening.)

(Is the namer real or fake?)

This happens often in the celebrity world.

- That's right. - Me.

- I did that. - Mi Joo's not your real name.

- I'm Seung Ah now. - Yes, it's Seung Ah.

So Mi Joo was a new name.

What do you think would've been the easiest to fake?

- I think it's the 3rd one. - The 3rd one.

We have little information on naming and all.

(It would be easy to deceive them as there's little info on naming.)

- I think the 1st one is oddest. - The 1st one?

That's because feng shui and naming...

both rely on knowledge and calculations.

- That's right. - But physiognomy...

is based on simply reading what you look like,

and it's hard for us to tell if it's fake or not.

- What about you, Sang Yeob? - I think completely differently.

I think numbers 1 and 3, historically...

Why are you doing that just when I'm talking?

- They are working now. - I think you have no luck.

- He has no luck. - I see, so it wasn't directed.

It's not easy walking Hyung Don's path in variety.

This always used to happen to Hyung Don in the past.

The one I think is fake is this one.

- This one. - Number two.

- We're thinking similarly. - That's right.

This elaborate description.

This is wording that the production crew loves.

They love those puns.

But if you look at it like that, isn't this one the weirdest?

This is just my opinion.

- But still... - Yeob Sang, what's wrong with you?

I never even got to say which one I choose.

- But I got cut off. - I'm sorry.

- No one knows what I picked. - I'm sorry, Sang Yeob.

No, you chose number three.


(Did you hear my voice?)

(I'm coming to you.)

(What? Why are you coming here?)

You're the only one who knows, even though I didn't say it.

So you did say it after all.

I thought he was coming over to kiss me.

(This is just endless.)

Why are you approaching me like this?

If you head toward someone looking like this...

Hey, Hyun Ju. Gosh, what a mess.

Not everyone who walks toward you is going to kiss you.

How long are we supposed to keep up this relationship?

- Forever. - Forever?

Our last episode is next week.

But Sang Yeob chose three.

He was talking about numbers 1 and 2 when that sound rang out.

- So he was cut off. - Right.

Well, I... darn.

(His talk is over.)

Whenever you talk, the mood gets disrupted.

Even before, whenever I said anything,

everyone would have such unpleasant expressions.

- They don't expect anything. - Right.

- Sang Yeob. - Yes.

There are many types of characters in variety shows.

And Sang Yeob chose a tough road.

Hyung Don is one of those who chose that road.

- There are a few. - It's not that he intended to do.

You need to get help from the universe.

That's a tough road indeed.

- I've chosen a pretty tough road. - Let's root for Sang Yeob...

- who's chosen a tough road. - Right.

- Good luck! - I root for you.

- Good luck! - What's this?

- Teams. - Oh, right. Teams.

(Team Sang Yeob, Team KEY)

- Shall we go? Right, let's go. - Yes, let's go.

- Let's go! - Let's go!

(They set off to the first place with KEY.)


I'm fine. You're giving it to me because you're done with it.

- No, I'm not. - You eat it.

It looks like Mi Joo and Sang Yeob are dating.

They're sharing ice cream in the backseats.

No, I was only holding the spoon.

- You two should date each other. - Jessi, it's not like that.

I'm going to go out with KEY from today.

(New love)

- Goodness, this is a mess. - This is unbelievable.

Are you shooting "Transferring Love" here?

Is this show "Transferring Love"?

- You can have him, Mi Joo. - It's "Transferring Love".

Goodness, do you know how it all started?

- Put that spoon down, Sang Yeob. - I was holding this spoon...

I know who started it. It's Jeonsobari.

(She's the enthusiast of love stories.)

- You are the problem, Jeonsobari. - So Min is the problem.

We have our guest KEY today.

- This is us. - I see.

- We talk about these things. - It's really spontaneous.

It's all spontaneous. It's all about love...

And there's also betrayal.

By the way, Mi Joo is quite successful...

- as a comedian these days. - I know.

It's not the time for her to date someone.

You're not allowed to love now.

- Am I not allowed to love? - You're not allowed.

You're not allowed to love until you become a true comedian.

That's right. You're not allowed to.

- I think she found her talent. - Of course.

- I really like Mi Joo, by the way. - I see.

- You do? - I really rooted for you.

- Mi Joo is charming, you know. - Seriously?

- I'm touched. - Mi Joo and I are alike.

There are those who must keep doing variety shows.

You guys should do variety shows. KEY and our...

And people recognize us on stage only if we do variety shows.

(The sad and harsh fact)

Gosh, why would you say that?

This is it. We're here.

- Is this the place? - Is this physiognomist's place?

- We arrived. - Is this physiognomist's place?

- It's a multipurpose building. - All right.

- Wear your masks. - Okay.

(The physiognomist's office is in a multipurpose building?)

(The Readers of Fate)

(Am I fated to be rich?)

(Even famous royals from abroad come to see this physiognomist.)

(Jongno-gu, Seoul)

We're here.

This is a multipurpose building too.

Why is it that all philosophy halls are in multipurpose buildings?

I know. Where are we?

Do physiognomists usually have their offices downtown?

They're usually in studio apartments.

We usually see them on the streets.

That's what I imagined.

- Right. In some places like Mia-ri. - Right.

Or around the Nakwon Musical Instrument Arcade.


I didn't know they run shops.

(Is the physiognomist who has his office downtown real?)

Since it's in this multipurpose building,

people would visit here easily.

- That's right. - Right.

(This place is easy to access. Is this place real?)

- People would visit here easily. - We...

- Where's Sang Yeob? - When I did...

- Where's Sang Yeob? - Where's Sang Yeob?

- Where's Sang Yeob? - Gosh, where is he?

(Lee Sang Yeob, age 38, Sang Yeob is missing.)

- Where's Sang Yeob? - Take care of each other.

- Where's Sang Yeob? - What's going on here?

- Where did he go? - I didn't know that he's not here.

- One, two, three, four... - What's going on here?

I didn't even notice that he's not here.

Why did he not get in the elevator?

I don't know. Why did he not get in?

We all didn't know.

(We're looking for Sang Yeob. He's a wallflower.)

- This is it. - Goodness.

- It's here. - This is the place.

This is it. Gosh, I feel nervous when I come to places like this.

We have to take our shoes off.

(When you open the door and go in...)

- It looks like a regular office. - Right.

It looks like a CEO's office.

(It looks like a regular studio apartment,)

But this place looks a bit old in general.

(but the place is filled with articles related to physiognomy.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

- Goodness. - It's small.

- What's this? - It's smaller than I thought.

- This must be it. - This is it.

How can we tell?

Isn't this place look a bit old in general?

There's not much stuff here. And that makes this place look real.

(Is this small but old place real?)


Doesn't this stain look unnatural?

Don't you think this stain looks unnatural?

Right. They set up things like this.

(They purposely ripped off the wallpaper of a fake place.)

Did they leave the stain on purpose?

But that looks so natural.

I'm also suspicious about this.

- Do they need to make these things? - That's right.

We use these kinds of props on variety shows.

- We use these for games. - Did they make them?

They look like props.

(That's suspicious indeed.)

Let's take a seat.

(Sang Yeob was left behind, but he finally joined them.)

- Sang Yeob. - Yes?

- Where were you? - A guest?

Someone came to visit me, so we talked for a while.

- I think that someone was a toilet. - I see.

- The guest. - I see.

- So he's left the guest there. - The guest.

- Who did you meet in the restroom? - Why do you all focus on me...

when I'm in an embarrassing situation like this?

But we're already done.

(Then we'll let it slide.)

- There's not much stuff here. - This place is...

too small, isn't it?

- Isn't it hard to tell? - Right.

When I think about a physiognomy's place,

some typical things come to my mind. Like that stone,

orchids, and books.

(Typical items for physiognomy: Books)

These things seem unnatural to me.

- Right. - That's right.

I can tell some furniture such as the air conditioner is old.

But the staff might have set up all these in an empty studio.

They put a lot of effort to make them look old,

- but they did it wrong. - Right.

It's too much. They're too old.

They didn't use a lot of money on interior design.

(Did the staff set up this place in an empty studio?)

I think we should meet the physiognomist first.

- We should. - That's right.

- Let's meet the physiognomist. - Rather than observing the place...

- Shall we meet the physiognomist? - I'm excited.

Mr. Physiognomist.

Mr. Physiognomist. Am I fated to be rich?

- My gosh. Hey. - My goodness.

(They are all surprised when the physiognomist appears.)

- He's real. - Goodness.

(Even though we blurred him out, we can still feel his energy.)

I'm sorry to say this, but he looks fake.

- Hello. - Hello.

(I am the physiognomist.)

I'm a guest professor...

at Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

I'm teaching physiognomy.

I first started reading physiognomy...

when I was around seven years old.

I read the physiognomy...

of my father's business partner,

and I told my father that he looks like a fraud.

I told my father that his partner was lying.

I think I've started reading physiognomy since then.

We don't only see a person's image when we read physiognomy.

We also see the person's spirit and mind...

and the potential that the person is born with.

That is physiognomy.

And some people have a physiognomy of animals.

Not all people have that.

There are 3 or 4 out of 100.

It's only 3 to 4 percent.

Most people look like humans.

People who have physiognomy of certain animals,

they lead extraordinary lives.

They have clear characteristics.

Whether they are good or bad, they're all clear.

So if they put those characteristics to good use,

they could become really successful and rich.

That's one of the merits they have.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

- Hello. - Hello.

I thought... I'm sorry,

but I thought your beard was fake.

- Right. They're not fake, are they? - Right?

- No, they're mine. - I see.

- Goodness, that's really nice. - Try to...

Try to pull them out. Touch them.

- We shouldn't do that. - How could we pull them out?

I apologize. We have to find the fake place.

I see.

Well, I don't know a lot about it,

but your physiognomy is remarkable.

- Is that so? - Do you know it well?

I've taken a course in physiognomy.

Is that so?

Your physiognomy is...

- Your jaw area... - Yes.

and the line of your forehead and ears...

(He looks like Santa Claus.)

He looks like Santa Claus.

- He looks like Santa Claus? - Did you grow beards...

- He looks generous. - Right.

Did you grow beards because of physiognomy?

Is that the reason?

- No, it's not. - I see.

It was my fate...

to grow beards.

I don't like to stand out...

- among the others. - I see.

- I'm very shy. - But he stands out.

So I tried not to grow beards.

But you really stand out.

Since it is my fate,

- I had to accept it. - I see.

- So I decided to grow beards. - Sir...

Did The Washington Post ask for your advice?

- Really? - Yes.

It was 2018.

The North Korea-United States Singapore Summit was held.

It was a summit meeting between President Donald Trump...

and Chairman Kim Jong Un. And I received an interview request.

They asked me to analyze Kim Jong Un's physiognomy.

So I...

I think I've seen an article about it.

So I gave them advice on...

how to have a successful summit meeting.

(That's amazing.)

So I gave advice.



- He looks real. - Right.

- He looks real. - He's like a real physiognomist.

- I think he's fake. - Really?

- Really? - Do you think he's fake?

He keeps hesitating when he speaks.

But it would be suspicious as well if he speaks so smoothly.

It would look like he has memorized it.

But It's part of his job to speak.

(So Min thinks a physiognomist should be good with words.)

(If he keeps hesitating when he speaks, he must be fake.)

(The famous physiognomist whom The Washington Post consulted)

(Is this place real or fake?)

So we've listened to his story so far.

- So Min and I? - I see.

- So Min will go first. - Shall I go?

My physiognomy isn't that good.

- Is that so? - It's because...

My forehead is uneven around here.

It's a bit dented in the middle.

Also, my ears are pretty small.

- And my lower lip is thin, - So Min.

so I'm easily deceived by others.

- Let the professor talk. - And my jaw...

- Let the professor talk. - Excuse me.

Why do you explain it yourself when there's an expert here.

Why do you talk about your physiognomy?

I thought we were at a plastic surgery clinic.

Just leave it to him.

(Perhaps she wants to become a physiognomist.)

Let's listen to what he says.

- Stay quiet. - That's what I think.

What do you think?

Please analyze it, sir.

It's the exact opposite of what she said.

- Is that so? - My goodness.

(That's amazing.)

- That means it could be good. - Really?

Her physiognomy is pretty good.


- If you have foreheads like her, - Right.

it means you are smart.


(She's suddenly doubtful.)

Her forehead is round and a bit high.

Those with foreheads like that...

- are likely to succeed. - I see.

They could be senior government officials,

ministers, or vice ministers.

If you have a forehead like her,

- you might be good at memorizing... - Right.

and react quickly to any situation.

That's true.

So Min is good at using tricks.

But there's something unique in her face.

What is it?

(There's something unique?)

- I noticed this when she talked. - Yes.

- She has inturned teeth. - Right. I have inturned teeth.

It means her teeth...

- are inwardly tilted. - Yes, slightly.

(Regular teeth, inturned teeth)

These teeth tell that she's tenacious.

(People who have inturned teeth are tenacious.)

They used to say that you shouldn't mess with someone...

who has inturned teeth and curly hair.

My father and I have inturned teeth and curly hair.

- Stay quiet. He's talking now. - Right.

- Just stay quiet. - He's explaining now.

- Just listen to him. - Why do you make him wait?

Are you a physiognomist?

Why are you here?

People who have teeth like her work meticulously.

- So they usually have good credit. - I see.

So Min is trustworthy indeed.

She works really hard.

This is what I can tell from her face in general.

He suddenly looks suspicious.

- But he seems real to me. - It's because...

He's saying things that we all know.

- Right. It's what we all know. - That's so obvious.

(Is he fake who's telling stories he heard from the staff?)

(So far, it was his opinion based on general physiognomy.)

Now, I'll tell you my own interpretation.

- What is that? - I compare people to animals.


I analyze people by comparing them to animals.

- I see. - How do you do that?

(About 3 percent of people have a close resemblance to animals.)

- Her face resembles this animal. - I see.

What is it?


It's a green frog.

(They somehow look alike.)

- That might be good. - It's cute.

- Isn't it disobedient? - Is it disobedient?

Bullfrogs or some frogs that are poisonous...

tend to attack others.

But green frogs are not aggressive.

They're protected by others.

So Min gets fierce when she attacks others.

- That comes from her teeth. - Her teeth?

(The animal physiognomy and the general physiognomy collide.)

- Is that so? - Get laminate treatment, So Min.

- Because of her teeth... - But her teeth are so pretty.

- She looks like a frog. - Right.

People could look down on them because they're small.

But people who resemble frogs have power.

(That seems correct.)

You're right.

- She crossed her legs. - She crossed her legs.

So Min is hard on people who're younger than her.

That's right. She's really hard on me.

- I'm rather strict. - I know.

(She's a strict frog.)

I think her nose could be...

- her complex. - Right.

- I have a small nose. - You could think...

that your nose is small.

But you shouldn't think that way.

You should never try to change your nose.

(Why must she not try to change her small nose?)

- Do frogs have noses? - No, they don't.

(They don't have noses.)

- It doesn't have a bridge. - They only have nostrils.

- That's right. - Right.

For those who resemble amphibians, especially women,

big noses can do harm to them.

(That's so amazing.)

I went to plastic surgery clinics twice,

- but I haven't done anything. - Sure.

(That's too much information.)

Is there room for improvement in her face?

There's this one thing, but it's not a shortcoming.

- What is it? - That is...

Her mouth is a bit small for someone who resembles a frog.

I knew he would say that.

You used to have chapped lips when you were kids.

- Right. - It's called a trench mouth.

People who look like frogs shouldn't apply ointment...

even if they have it. Their lips should be chapped.

My lips were always chapped,

so I used to apply ointment all the time.

- Really? - If she had just left it,

her mouth would have become bigger,

and she could've become a top-class actor even sooner.

- That's a bit disappointing. - I see.

You should try to eat some big foods from today.

Hold on.

Does that mean she has to rip her mouth?

- No, that's not what he means. - No way.

- You're perfect already, So Min. - No, she's not going to rip it.

She's not going to rip her mouth, Jessi.

- Don't feel sad already. - Right. She won't do that.

So Min, you're pretty.

Her mouth gets bigger when she talks...

- or laughs. - When she smiles.

The more she laughs, the luckier she'll get.


That's why I'm telling you to be a comedian.

Do you know what I mean?

- I have a good reason. - Okay.

- Okay, sir. - All right.

I feel so good. Sir, I think this place is real.

(Was that really So Min's physiognomy?)

I'm sure that you resemble green frogs.

You're exceptional.

Look at her. She's on her tiptoes.

- She has long toes. - Goodness.

- Her toes are... - She has long toes.

I've been watching her for a while. She's been on her tiptoes.

I think she can hold that stone with her toes.

- My toes are like those of frogs. - Right.

- Like frogs. - Look at that.

- Thank you. - So Min, you're done now.

- Thank you so much. - Me too.

- I want to try it too. - Goodness.

- Is this my turn now? - I have good physiognomy.

(Now it's time to analyze Jae Seok's face.)

- Could you analyze my face? - So you think this place is real?


- What? - Don't get nervous, Jae Seok.

- Professor just laughed at me. - Right.


- Why? - Why did you laugh, sir?

He has such an unusual face.

(It's hilarious already.)

Sure. There are not many.

(Looking forward to it)

His physiognomy is a bit interesting.

- Is that so? - Yes, it's really interesting.

I'll tell you a general physiognomy first.


- Then I'll compare it with animals. - That sounds good.

- Do I look like an animal too? - Yes.

You belong to the three percent.

- You belong to the three percent. - It must be a reptile.

If he says that I resemble a grasshopper,

then I'm sure this place is fake.

- But it has to be an insect. - It should be something unexpected.

Please analyze his face.

- His teeth are quite unique. - Sure.

- We all know that. - That's right.

His teeth are all very democratic.

- "Democratic"? - Each tooth is unique.

They've grown on their own will.

- That's right. - People who have teeth like him...

are disobedient when they're young.

- Were you disobedient? - Were you disobedient, Jae Seok?

They are slobbish. They are not good at cleaning up.

So people who have unruly teeth...

refuse to be under control. They want to be free.

How did you know that?

- That's exactly what I hate. - What's that?

I hate to be under control.

- And his teeth... - My teeth...

- When the teeth are like that, - They're so unique.

- they're chatty. - RIght.

- Right, he's so chatty. - His job suits him.

And here's what's interesting.

He talks a lot, but they're all useless.

(Blunt comment)

That's true.

I chose the word "useless".

But don't get me wrong.

- I mean he's witty. - I make up words.

But that's too obvious.

I should talk about his teeth again.

- My teeth again? - Again?

Are we back to teeth again?

I feel so sorry. He keeps talking about my teeth.

- This one is important. - What is that?

Those who have these teeth...

used to beg for food in the past.

Beg for food?

- Isn't that a beggar? - Like begging for food...

- Like a clown. - Gosh.

- Right, begging for food. - Yes, a clown.

- Sir... - Like a singing clown.

I'm losing trust in him now.

- You didn't have to say that. - I look like a clown?

For example, you're willing to make fun of yourself.

People like him are not neatniks.

They don't mind getting their clothes stained with spots.

They don't mind losing face.

They're also good at making fun of themselves.

(That makes sense.)

He's like a clown.

- That's cool. - He can win popularity.

- They earn a living by singing. - That's cool.

And here's something interesting.

His nose is really big for his face.

It means...

- his self-esteem is high. - I see.

But his teeth...

- My teeth again? - lower his self-esteem.

Then what happens?

- The two conflict with each other. - Right.

Then you lower your self-esteem.

- Though he has high self-esteem... - He compromises.

- Oh, my gosh. - He's humble.

Isn't that so precise?

- It's pretty close. - Right? It's like you.

What if he straightens his teeth? Will he become less chatty?

He will lose popularity.

You can try it.

- "You can try it." - What? No way.

Gosh, who would try if you say something like that?

We need a dentist special next time.

If I straighten this, I'll lose my popularity?

Not only will he lose his popularity,

but he will also start filtering his words...

when it's his job to talk a lot.

- It does make sense. - I can see a bit of it.

- Yes. - You have a good forehead.

- I do? - How so?

This kind of teeth, I mean forehead.

(He mentions teeth again when they're about to forget it.)

Sir, with my teeth...

It's because they're so unique.

They're very eye-catching.

Eighty percent of my physiognomy is about my teeth.

- He just can't look away from them. - Anyway...

- This is so funny. - His teeth.

Anyway, please continue.

It's clean without any wound or scar,

and it's slightly slanted to the back but raised high.

So you have a lot of wisdom and can think on your feet.

Your forehead says that you have a lot of bright ideas.

My ears are quite small, sir.

Your ears are flipped to the back.

Yes, they are folded.

- Really? - And they're small.

(Normal ear and folded ear)

These are the ears of a celebrity.

When your ears are folded,

it means you're suitable for a job...

that travels a lot instead of staying home,

and you like showing yourself...

- In front of others. - in front of others.

But on the inside, you like being quiet.

Then which animal do I look like?

- You have the features of a rat. - A rat.

- You do have the features. - I see the rat.

I was actually born in the year of the rat.

- Are you really born in that year? - Yes.

- Really? Of course. - Is it better then?

He was born in the year of the rat, and he looks like a rat.

Then you can get the energy twice as much.

For a rat, it's the best for all your facial features...

to look like one.


Eyes, nose, and lips. And your jaw is narrow.

And your front teeth are big.

- His teeth are sticking out. - It's like a rat.

That's why I keep talking about the ear, I mean the teeth.

- As you grow up... - Are we talking about teeth again?

(Are we back to those again?)

- Rat Jae Seok. - But sir.

And those who look like a rat are diligent.

He is.

Yes, he's very diligent. He wakes up at dawn.

He grabs everything without being picky.

It means you can appear on various types of shows.

And he has the physiognomy...

of working for the next 30 years...

without sleeping.

That won't do! Jae Seok has to rest now.

This is not something to be sad about.

- Thirty more years? - Hyun Ju.

- That's a good thing. - Isn't it a good thing?

- No. He worked for so long, - How nice is that?

- so he should rest now. - No!

Are you saying he should stop now and hand the shows over to you?

She's saying that for my sake.

- Since I worked hard... - Yes, it's for your sake.

- Yes. But this is a good thing. - How can you work for 30 years?

- How old are you after 30 years? - I'll be 80 years old.

Oh my gosh! You should rest.


Okay, I got it. Thank you.

(Stop now.)

- Then beside me, - Each of us!

does anyone else look like an animal?

(Let's see.)

(Full of expectation)

There's one over there.

- Who? - She looks quite similar.

- Jessi. - Me?

(Which animal does she look like?)

- Which animal? - Which animal?

She looks like a catfish.

(They look alike.)

She looks like a catfish.


Show me what it looks like.

- Don't look at it, Jessi. - Show me quickly.

Don't, Jessi!

It's a noble fish.

What does it look like?

Hold on, let me see.

- But they do look alike. - Hold on. Jae Seok.

(Even the boyfriend agrees.)

Hurry up and show me!

I want to draw it on her face with a marker pen.

Which part of me looks like this?

No, hold on.

- Why are you arguing with him? - Is it because...

- my eyes are far apart? - It's physiognomy!

That's good physiognomy.

- Really? - Yes.

- This is so funny. - She looks like a catfish?

For animal physiognomy, just because they look disgusting...

and ugly doesn't mean it's bad.

He who looks like a rat is doing well too.

- Catfish is also very good. - Yes, it's a good thing.

It means you're someone with power.

Because of the time constraint,

he only checked the physiognomy of So Min and I.

- Thank you. - Give him a round of applause.

- Thank you, sir. - Thank you.

- Whether he's real or not... - I think he's real.

- I want to believe that he's real. - I think he's fake.

Since we appear on TV and so on,

he just talked about things you can easily find out about me.

- Exactly. - That's true.

- Both for you and So Min. - He talked about your teeth.

But he provided interpretations that are very different...

from what we normally know about physiognomy,

- so I think he's real. - That's true.

- Really? He feels fake to me. - Animal physiognomy.

I think this place is real.

At first, I was very suspicious of him.

- Then? - And as he was evaluating,

I was still suspicious of him.

But what surprised me so much in the beginning...

is that when he sat down...

- He had his phone like this. - Yes.

"Nice to meet you." And he sat down.

- Yes, he was so natural. - That was so natural.

He looked like he sat here many times!

- Is he real? - But I saw this.

I think only I saw this.

(What is it?)

I think this is a sign of nervousness.

He wasn't just sitting still.

His upper body was fine, but his lower body...

Is he a swan?


If it were actually his place, he could've been more relaxed.

- But we're filming now. - Is that why?

This is difficult.

(Is the unique physiognomist that brought chaos real or fake?)

- Shall we play a game first? - Shall we play a game?

I don't know.

Why do I get excited whenever I play a game?

I honestly come to Sixth Sense to play games.

(Acting cold)

Whether I get it right or wrong.

You're not even that good at games, so why do you like them so much?

She just wants to take part in them.

A catfish likes playing games so much.

- Let's go! - Let's go.

The game you'll be playing here...

is an association game, Guess Who I Am.

- An association game? - Guess Who I Am?

(This game is a team match.)

(Step 1: The team who explains checks the keyword.)

(Step 2: They give word hints that are associated with the word.)

(Keyword: Elevator. Associated words: My life, stainless steel)

(Associated word: The 63 Building)

(You need to guess the keyword from the hint words!)

We give hints, and they have to guess.

Then we can just simply say things!

(Catfish, you shouldn't do that.)

- I'll do it. - Team Key, here is the keyword.

It's a difficult game.

- Key, you start. - Yes.

What should I do?

(Cutting sound)

- That's a good hint. - Cutting sound?

That's a very good hint.

- Mi Joo. - Is it zombie?

(Keyword: Nail clipper)

(What should I do?)

My thumbnail.

(What does that even mean?)

- Show me your thumbnail. - Show me.

- Mi Joo! - Mi Joo, do it again.

- Show me your thumbnail! - Mi Joo!

This is neither revealing a lot nor little.

It seems like she revealed a lot but not at the same time.

This game is too hard, I can't do it.

(Mi Joo, I'll show you how to play the game.)

- You know what I'm saying? - What did she do?

- Is that a hint? - Yes.

My dad does this a lot at home.


How would we know?

- Okay, wait. - Call him now!

- Hey! - Okay, hold on!

He could become your father-in-law!

(You're making a mistake!)

(It's rather unconventional for the first phone call...)

(with his father-in-law.)

Okay. My dad does this a lot...

when watching TV.

- That was good. - Burp?

(That's a bit...)

- End it well. - I'll end it well.


(Keyword: Nail clipper)



- Humans... - Come on.

It's a narrative to begin with. Okay.

- Listen. - He's starting this with "humans"?

- Humans... - "Humans..."

- Humans, all of them, - "All of them".

- About now. - have to do this.

- Nail clipper. - Nail clipper?


- Yes, you need to cut like this. - That's right.

- You need to cut your nails. - You need to cut them.

- What's your answer? - Nail clipper.

- Nail clipper. - Nail clipper!

(Answer: Nail clipper)

- Yes! - Nice!

- Okay! - Are you done?

Here they go.

- Jeon So Min. - Jeon So Min?

(The first hint is Jeon So Min?)

(What about So Min?)

What is this?

I'll give you a very easy hint. Banana.

(Na Ra's hint: Banana)

- Banana. - Banana.

Banana is a big hint.


- Why banana? - Eating a banana?


Is it monkey?

(Suspicious reactions)

(He can't control his pupils.)

(Is it monkey?)

No, they won't give such obvious hints.

(What is the answer that she's smiling meaningfully?)

My hint is a queue.

(The last hint is a queue?)

Banana, queue, Jeon So Min?

- What is it? - Queue.

Jeon So Min, queue, banana. What is it?

(What is the keyword?)

Jeon So Min and queue. What is it?

(Could it be?)

(I think I got it.)

A frog can wear its hair in a queue and eat a banana.

A frog eating a banana?

(Mi Joo's imagination)

Monkey? What is it?

(It's very clear that Mi Joo still hasn't understood the game.)

- You got it! - I really don't know this.

- I have no idea at all. - The hints suck.

- The answer... - What's the answer?

- is orangutan. - Orangutan.

I gave you the answer!

Why So Min?

So Min!

(You know, right?)

(Sang Yeob's first hint, Jeon So Min)

(The transformation into Monkey Jeon...)

(that So Min showcases a lot in Sixth Sense)

- Jeon So Min, orangutan. - A queue.

Why is a queue associated with an orangutan?

- It doesn't have a lot of hair. - That's...

(It does kind of make sense.)

I'd like to make a complaint.

- Come on! - A queue...

I don't even know what orangtang means!


(No, it's not food.)

- What is orangtang? - It's orangutan, not orangtang!


- Orangutan. - Hey!

- Hey! - That's a sloth.

(Their own orangtangs)

- My goodness. - I don't know what's orangtang.

(Vision Hint)

(A business card of the reporter from The Washington Post)

It's the business card of the reporter...

who requested for an interview with him.

It means he really did the interview.

Isn't this hint way too obvious?


he works in the field of culture and arts,

and he received this from the reporter...

of The Washington Post regarding that work.

(Is he real who interviewed about physiognomy?)

(Or is he fake who interviewed about another field?)

(Even famous foreign reporters come to see this physiognomist.)

(1. Small space which looks overly used)

(2. The physiognomist who often gets stuck when talking)

(3. Animal physiognomist which they're hearing for the first time)

(Is this place real or fake?)

Let's go. Everyone put on their seat belts, right?


The first place looks real. Right?

- Yes. - I don't know.

- I think it's fake. - I'm not sure.

Even if he's fake, he can study that much.

Exactly. And for Jae Seok, he only talked about his teeth.

Yes, 85 percent of the talk was about my teeth.

He talks about your nose, then goes back to your teeth.

- My teeth. - He's so focused on the teeth...

that he called your forehead tooth as well.

(Democratic teeth)

- If this is the case... - But...

you look extra handsome today.

- Today? - Yes.

There are days like this.

(I can't believe him.)

You're dandy today. Dandy boy.

Jae Seok, can you wear that hairstyle?

When you were in your 20s,

- you fixed your hair like this. - That's right!

It's become a hot topic nowadays!

(Sexy and provocative)

(Jae Seok's Hip Jae Seok days that went viral on TikTok)

No, I don't wear that hairstyle because I hate it.

- Please wear it once! - No.

The video became popular all of a sudden,

and So Min sends me the video...

- and so does Jong Kook. - I watched it too.

I'm grateful, but it would've been better if they'd liked it back then.

(The days as an unknown are hard.)

- That's true. - I get it.

That comedy program didn't last long.

- I liked god. - Of course, god.

(Their best song is "Lies"!)

(Don't go)

(Be happy)

(Don't leave)

(The national singalong song that makes you sing along)

(The chorus trio at the back is working hard.)

(Adding soul)

(Adding innocence)

(I'm fine)

(It hurts)

(They finish recalling an old song.)

(Please don't go)

(Possessed by Jun Ji Hyun)

- Here. - We're here.

(They arrive at the second Feng sui place while they're singing.)

(The Readers of Fate)

(Able to pinpoint ideal spaces, and helped two Presidents)

(Feng shui expert can lead you to the path of greatest fortune.)

Where is this place?

- This is Seocho-dong, right? - It's Seocho-dong.

- Commercial area? - Yes.

Or should I call it the office area?

Feng shui.

It doesn't look like there will be such an office.

Is there something here?

- Feng shui! - Feng shui!

(Yu Greg, 49 years old, a school bus driver)

(Mount Jiri!)


- Let's go. - Let's go.

Let's go check feng shui.

Feng shui. I'm so curious about it.

Feng shui.

Wait for me!

(Suddenly running!)

Jae Seok!

- Jae Seok! - What?

- What is it? - Why did you leave me behind?

Why did you leave Mi Joo behind?

Gosh, you...

Is it this building?

It looks like it would be here.

- Where? - It's here!

- Philosophy Hall. - It's written "Philosophy Hall".

It's up there.

- It's here. - It's really written there.

It's Heo Myung Philosophy Hall. There it is.

Naming, business name, four pillars of destiny, compatibility,

- feng shui, marriage date. - Feng shui, marriage date.

It looks so natural!

This is real.

This place is real.

- This place looks so real. - Yes.

You can't possibly paste those.

I've never seen them go this far with the setups.

This is so natural.

- It's real without a doubt. - It really looks real.

- This has a real vibe. Right? - Yes.

- This is real. - This is real, right?

- Yes. - Let's go in first.

- Shall we go in first? - Yes, let's go!

(Arrived on the 3rd floor)

It's high.

(They enter inside.)

This place looks...

- very real as well. - This place looks so real.

Gosh, there is nothing to doubt about this place.

My gosh!

Hold on!

This is real.

- They match. - What match?

The overall vibe of the words "Philosophy Hall" written outside...

- And the inside? - and the inside we imagined.

They're pretty similar.

- What? - It looks a bit like a set.

Jae Seok, I could tell it's fake as soon as I came in.

- Really? - Yes. Things like those.

Those cabinets.

Doesn't it look like they're set up on purpose?

I felt it as soon as I entered.

- Gosh. - Even the books.

- There are way too many old books. - Right?

They way they are placed is a bit unnatural.

It smells very fishy.

(Suspicion 2: The feng shui books placed as if to show them)

It's fake.

This tiger. Stuff like this.

Who would hang a tiger here? This is strange.

I've seen many tiger pictures,

but this actually has the tiger's anus.

(The tiger's anus)

I think this place looks like that.

- You know a thug's office? - Yes!

- What thug? - A loan shark!

- I saw this in movies! - What are you talking about?

- A loan shark! - In movies, thugs...

- sit like this... - They sit like this.

- Look, like this. - and go, "Yes, boss."

You know what I mean, right?

Thug movies!

- Thugs... - Doesn't it look like...

- Don Lee will sit here? - No, Hyun Ju.


(He bursts out laughing!)

This really feels like a set. This place is fake.

- This feels like a set? - Yes!


It smells real though.

- Really? - Yes.

Philosophy halls have their unique smell.

It smells like an office.

They placed this stuff so well.

It looks like a set.

I felt it as soon as I came in.

Isn't this perfect as a drama set?

Is it because this is my first time?

Yes, it's because this is your first time.

Why does this place feel real to me?

(The original member is so relaxed.)

Teeth massage.

(Forget it.)

(Let me just check my face as well.)

Jae Seok, shall we invite the owner first?

- Shall we invite him in? - Sir.

- Gosh, he suits the role so well. - Hello.

There must be two of them.

- Hello. - Hello!

(Two owners make their appearance!)


I'm a professor who studied feng shui for 35 years.

I'm the CEO of Heo Myung Philosophy Hall, Kim Dong Wan.

Hello, I'm his apprentice...

and the manager of Heo Myung Philosophy Hall, Ryu Jung Woo.

The professor gives lectures in Department of Oriental Culture...

of Graduate School of Industrial Convergence in Hanyang University.

I learned from him there.

You can say that he's one of the top five...

for feng shui, four pillars of destiny, and naming in Korea.

For two ex-presidents,

he decided on their house sites,

which helped them get elected.

First is President Kim Dae Jung.

I helped him with his house site in Ilsan,

and he got elected in the following year.

For President Lee Myung Bak,

I helped him with his house site in Gahoe-dong,

and he got elected in the following year as well.

Feng shui is the order of land based on Yin-Yang and Five Elements.

It's a traditional logical structure which systematizes geography.

The basic principle of feng shui...

is to come in contact with the live energy...

moving in the land...

to receive help and avoid misfortunes.

If it's in Seoul,

the price is about 1,000 dollars.

If it's in Gyeonggi Province or countryside,

the price is about 3,000 to 5,000 dollars.

Very few ordinary people make requests.

Most requests are made by famous people...

or those who are quite affluent...

since it's quite costly.

Sixth Sense viewers.

- Do you think this place is real? - Do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

Nice to meet you.

I'm a professor who studied feng shui for 35 years.

I'm the CEO of Heo Myung Philosophy Hall, Kim Dong Wan.

- I'm the manager. - He's the manager.

There is a separate consulting manager?

- I see, hello. - Hello.

- I'd like to apologize in advance. - Yes.

I did a dental implant two days ago,

and my face is still swollen.

We get it.

When you introduced yourself, you said...

- The presidents. - You got...

the presidents' house sites twice.

Yes. That's how I became famous.

- It was President Kim Dae Jung. - Who?

- President Kim Dae Jung. - President Kim Dae Jung?

And President Lee Myung Bak. Two of them.

In 1995, when President Kim Dae Jung was having a hard time...

from losing the elections,

he decided to move from Donggyo-dong...

to a new site, so he contacted me.

(I see!)

I traveled around the country to look for the best site.

And the site I found in the end is the site in Ilsan.

That's right, he moved to Ilsan.

It was near Mount Jeongbal in Ilsan.

- He's right. - It's because...

since he's the presidential candidate,

I wanted to give him honor.

In feng shui, mountains mean honor.

You need a lot of mountains.

And when I checked President Kim's Four Pillars of Destiny,

it has a lot of water.

So the energy of water needs to be subdued.

We say that earth beats water.

So the mountain needs to be strong.

So I chose Ilsan since the name has mountain in it,

and when I went there,

Mount Jeongbal isn't that high,

but it's very sturdy.

It's sturdy and spread widely.

And there was a good site where the energy pools.

So I recommended that site to him,

and he was elected as the president after that.

I was very lucky as well.

(The professor was even mentioned in the newspaper!)

Gosh, this is...

(This is amazing!)

(He fell in love.)

Where is the best site in Seoul?

Firstly, the best site in the Korean Peninsula...

is Seoul.

Because the Korean Peninsula...

has the shape of a tiger...

- turned upside down. - Yes.

When you look at the map,

Seoul is at the stomach, which is the most important.

In the center is Seoul.

So it has the most energy of the Korean peninsula.

The best spot in Seoul is...

- Gyeongbokgung Palace. - That's right.

Here's the reason why Gyeongbokgung Palace is the best.

This is the only Palace in the world...

that hasn't moved over 500 years and kept by a single dynasty.

This place has that energy.

So this is the best spot.

This is real.

(She's already trusting this place!)

I hear we should avoid some sites. Where are those?

For example, there are Dokkaebi sites.

Dokkaebi sites?

- I've heard of it. - You have?

- I've heard of Dokkaebi sites. - Explain it to them.

The energy comes...

and quickly disappears on those sites.

Like goblins are pulling pranks,

the energy is strong at times, and gets weak at times.

You get more loss

than benefits.

- It's interesting. - It's fun.

For example,

you open a restaurant where once it ran out of business.

That restaurant might be successful.

But when the owner changes, the business could run out.

There are cases like that.

That's Dokkaebi site.

The energy comes in and goes out.

Is it not related to Dokkaebi road in Jeju island?

That's not related.

That's an optical illusion.

(What a small knowledge!)

- Froggie. - Yes?

I was just curious.

Do each person have good spots for him or her?

- Yes. - That was smart.

Because I need to move.

The energy from the sky comes from the Creator.

So we can't touch that.

But we can guess energies of people and earth.

For the energy of people, Four Pillars of Destiny,

Yin-Yang and Five Elements represent people's traits.

We have different Five Elements.

So it's the best to find sites...

that fit the person's Five Elements.

I've watched the professor...

while the manager was explaining to us.


It seems like he's listening with us.

(The professor is embarrassed.)

(It seems like he's listening with us.)


- He was nodding with us. - Well.

He was doing well, so I was listening to him.

- Is that it? - Yes.

That's so funny.

The professor was...

(Prankster Yu is making fun of the professor.)

He was listening with us.

He was nodding.

(It seems that it's his first time listening to this. Is he fake?)

That might be true.

(She started to doubt.)

He was trying to memorize.

- But it might've been too much. - It was too hard for him.

So they had to change their plans.

(Is he the professor who trusted his student?)

He's famous.

(Or is he an actor who couldn't memorize his lines?)

Do people come here...

because their houses don't fit them...

- which cause them pain? - There are many.

- They come. - Really.

But these days,

it's expensive to buy a house.

So it's hard to change it easily.

These days, we recommend...

the interior design based on Feng Shui.

Based on Feng Shui, we recommend colors and placements.

So it can compensate for one's energy.

It can help you get better if you're sick.

When I lived in a high apartment,

I actually got sick a lot.

My body and my mind.

I felt so depressed.

- Really? - Yes.

So I told myself I would never live in a high apartment.

This time, I only looked at low apartments.

Now I feel a lot better.

These two have explained to us.

KEY and Hyun Ju...

(They'll be consulted on Feng Shui interior design.)

- On Feng Shui interior design. - I'd love that.

I'm so jealous.

Feng Shui is...

based on Yin-Yang and Five Elements.

We fit those to each person.

(Simple introduction of Yin-Yang and Five Elements)

(Movements of five elements, fire, water, tree, metal, and earth)

(It translates all the happenings in human world.)

(Each element is connected...)

(to certain color and direction.)

Tree energy saves fire.

Because when trees get burn, there is fire.

When fire becomes ash,

it makes the earth fertile.

When it goes in a circle, it's the coexistence.

Each element brings up the one that is placed on the left.

When they're facing each other diagonally, they kill each other.

When fire meets water,

- the fire's off. - Yes.

So it's on the opposite end.

(I see.)

That's what you need to have in mind.

We looked into KEY's fortune.

- My fortune? - Yes.

We'll only look at Five Elements.

The other things are complicated.

You don't have tree energy, and two fire energies.

- I have fire. - Yes, you have two fire energies.

You have an earth energy, three metal energies,

and no tree energy.

You have strong metal energy.

And you have no water or tree energy.

So you need to bring those up.

Now let's look at his house.

It'll be on the screen.

- Let's see the entrance first. - It's clean.

- The house is good. - It's good.

It's so good.

The most important thing we look at the house is the entrance.

It represents the mouth of the house.

So all the energy comes in and goes out from there.

So it's not good to block the entrance.

Umbrella stands or recycling bins.

Some people put a stroller there.

It could block or ruin the energy coming in.

It's best to keep it clean as much as you can.

- What about deliveries? - It's best to clean them...

as soon as possible.

When you block your mouth, nothing can come in.

I went to So Min's place once.

I couldn't place my feet in her entrance.

I couldn't place my feet anywhere.

- Why? - It was too dirty.

I need to clean up now.

Let's focus on KEY.

KEY, your entrance is clean and nice.

We'll go in.

- The house is pretty. - Now we're in the living room.

The house looks so good.

- It's so pretty. - It's good.

We need to think about something here.

Why do you think we wrote down colors here?

- The color that goes well with you? - That's right.

The color that goes well with me?

I said KEY has strong metal energy.

That means you have strong energy of white color.

- What about his living room? - It's white.

It's white. Then the metal energy overflows.

(I see.)

It could be too much if it overflows.

It's not good if something overflows.

You have too much metal energy.

The energy is all focused here.

Then you need to bring up other energies.

- Water and tree. - Something you don't have.

It's good to bring up water and tree energy.

- Then... - Blue and green.

Yes, right. Blue or black.

It's good to bring those up.

With that in mind, when we look at his interior design,

the items like door, curtain,

- window frames are all black. - They're black.

- Good. - Those are good.

Still, it's too white overall.

So I recommend...

to get new wallpaper the most.

Since it's a lease, I can't paint.

If that's impossible,

You need to use many items...

that are black or green.

He needs to install things like pictures.

- Or lots of vases. - That's right.

- Vases are good. - That's right.

Where did the CEO go?

It's hard for him to talk now.

Because of his teeth.

I think he ran away.

We'll look at kitchens now.

My professor mentioned this earlier.

The water brings in money.

(Where there's a mountain, there's honor.)

(Where there's water, there's money.)

Where do we use water at home?

- Kitchen and bathroom. - Kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen and bathroom.

The kitchen is neat and white.

You need to change the overall tone.

For a kitchen, it's important...

to not be seen from the entrance.

- The kitchen? - Mine is seen so clearly.

If you can see the kitchen from the entrance,

money comes in fast and goes out fast.

- If you can see the kitchen. - If you can see the kitchen.

- It's the same with the bathroom. - But...

Korean houses are built like that.

No, mine is not like that.

Then, you can cover with a blind.

- You can cover. - With a partition.

- So you can't see it directly. - There is always a way.

You can't.

- You can't. - You can't.

You can't.

My house can't be fixed.

On the other hand, with water energy,

- you use fire in the kitchen. - Yes.

When you put wallets or documents in your kitchen,

it burns away.

I always put them in my kitchen.

So Min, remove them.

(So Min's kitchen)

In that sense, in KEY's kitchen,

you can't find those documents.

On the other end, you can't see the bathroom from the entrance.

That's really good in Feng Shui.


We go into the bedroom.

Is that your bedroom?

Before I talk about the bedroom,

I have a question.

Which side do you put your head on when you sleep?

- This side. - To the wall.

- Then it's the west side. - Right.

The metal energy represents the west.

The energy our body takes...

comes through our mouth.

So where you head determines how we get energy.

I put my head to the west.

Putting your head to west is not good.

You need to change to east or north, which you lack.

So it can balance out.

- East or north. - Really?

So the opposite side?

- This way or that way. - It's important.

You need to put your bed to the window side.

Right, you need to put it to the window side.

KEY already has strong metal energy.

He needs to compensate what he lacks.

Water or tree energy.

- You need to face that way. - It's so much fun.

I actually changed the direction that I put my head on,

and things got better for me.


Then, change it again.

I can't.

Why? Things are going great.

I can't do that.

- Really? - Okay.

The last thing I want to mention about KEY's house is...

that it'd be better to change the color of beddings.

- Not ivory? Yes. - They're white.

Since they're white, you can change your beddings to a different color.

I changed to navy color.

- That would be good. - You changed it well to navy.

I changed to navy recently.

- Good job. - I like...

- navy color. - White and navy are great colors.

Because the things our bodies touch the most...

are clothes and beddings. You get energy from those the most.

So it's better you change those.

(It's good to change if you have something white.)

This place is real.

I trust him totally.

- I'm falling for this. - I totally trust you.

- Why? - I totally trust him.

I also think...

Hold on. The problem is that the owner ran away.

I want to talk to the owner.

(The strange professor disappeared quietly.)

The manager speaks so fluently.

I'm mesmerized.

- Also... - He's perfect.

This place is real.

(Are they real or fake?)

Now it's Hyun Ju's place.

Yes, next is Hyun Ju's place.

- Is it Ho Hyun Ju's place? - Yes.

It looks so good.

- It looks good. - Why did you adjust the color?


I didn't do it.

When you look at it, the entrance...

What did I say about the entrance when we looked at KEY's place?

It has to be open.

It needs to be clean.

I wanted to talk about pictures.

- Right. - The pictures.

- It's blocking. - It's blocking the earth energy.

It's okay if they're hung.

- It's okay if they're hung. - If pictures are hung...

Because we look for earth energy here.

That must be why my puppies bark there.


- Hang the pictures, okay? - Okay.

Let's move on to the kitchen.

When you look at it, Jessi has more things than KEY.

- Yes. - On a table.

Are you saying I shouldn't put anything on the table?

No, it doesn't matter.

Anything that's related to money or documents. Something that can burn.

Cards. Okay?

Every day, I put cards and wallet.

Everything on money.

My contract, bag.

I'll have to remove them all.

And on top of the bowl,

do you cover bowls with towels...

after you wash dishes?

Do you put things on dishes?

Those are now in a refrigerator.

- Not a refrigerator, a microwave. - A dishwasher.

- A microwave. - A dishwasher?

Sang Yeob, you talk a lot.

- It's so much fun. - Why do you pretend to not know?

Haven't you been to my house?


Oh my goodness, when?

- When? - When did you go?

Oh, well.

They're in a drama.

Why am I blushing?

Because you imagined it.

We'll move on.

What happens if she covers dishes?

- Hold on. - I want to know...

- what happens if she covers dishes. - Is it bad to cover dishes?

When you cover dishes...

You need to tell us. I'm so curious.

Na Ra said this is fake as soon as she came here.

Aren't you asking too much?

- I'm really into it. - Na Ra.

I said the kitchen has water energy and gets money.

The dishes take the water.

When you cover dishes, the luck would disappear.

(Deep realization)

- We shouldn't put anything there. - So we shouldn't cover the dishes.

I haven't covered anything either. This is fun.

Show me my room.


- This is Jessi's room. - Really?

- It's her bedroom. - They looked at everything.

- There's a speaker. - Is that a speaker?

No. That's an air purifier.

An air purifier.

When you put pink items in your bedroom,

it'll bring luck for love. So it's really good.

Really? I don't have any pink items.

- Is it appropriate? - Yes, it's good.

(Very satisfied)

Let's give an applause to the manager.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

- I'll come back later. - Okay.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

This was so much fun.

This place is real.

- I'm very confused. - Me too.

He was very precise.

The place might be fake, but he is real.

He's a professional.

Even if you try hard, you can't memorize that fast.

Maybe he's an interior designer.

That could be possible.

But he understood what he said.

He's a professional. But the one who's not here is a problem.

He might be real.

If this is a fake place, only the manager could've been here.

- That's right. - True.

But they brought him here.

He seemed very nervous.

I don't know.

(It's time for a game to get hints.)

- It's so fun. - It was so much fun.

I didn't realize the time has passed.

You didn't realize? It's two o'clock.

(I see.)

We need to do it fast. Let's play the game.

Before we play the game, we have apples and pears.

- Because it's Chuseok soon. - I see.

- It looks delicious. - Are those pears?

Apples are shining.

My favorites are apples and pears.

- They look delicious. - Pears are pretty.

Apples are so pretty.

Apples are shining.

It's so sweet.

(Thank you.)

(Taking a bite of an apple first)

It's crispy. And it's sweet.

The apple is not just sweet. It's sweet and sour.

If you have a weak throat, pears are good for you.

- Right. - My throat has gotten better.

Compared to western pears, Korean pears are very sweet.

- Korean pears are sweeter. - It's very sweet.

Korean pears are the greatest.

Right. Now that I look, Sang Yeob and Jessi...

make the Korean flag.

- That's right. - My goodness.

They're in harmony.

They're yin and yang.

The game we're playing here is "Have You Heard? Speed Quiz."

Have you heard of it?

(It's a team battle.)

You've heard of the word, but it's hard to explain.

(One from the team will explain.)

(They just need to guess the word.)

(They get 10 points for the answer, and lose 30 points for a pass.)

(The one with more points wins.)

How many passes do we get?

You can use it unlimitedly, but you'll keep losing points.

Oh, my.

I'm sorry in advance.

- Why don't we start? - Okay.

Let's start from Yeob Sang.

- So Min will explain. - Okay.

I'll explain it in a simple way.

- That's right. - Okay, good.

- Let's go. - Let's go.

Hyun Ju, it's not your turn.

- It's not. - Okay.


(Hyun Ju is so cute.)

(Economic bubble)

(Under special circumstances, the economy looks bigger than it is.)

(She takes steps back.)

Let us know what it is. Four-letter idiom? English?

- How many letters? - Just pass it.

- Keep your voice down. - Do it with your team.

- It's a word. - She told her to pass.

What do crabs do when we hit them?

- They're hurt. - They make bubbles.


(Acting her best)

- They're hurt. Bubble. - Bubble.

- What do you hit? - Bubble.

When we hit crabs, they...

- They bubble up. - Crab soup.

Back in the days, the country had IMF,

and it was hard to live.

You're really bad at explaining.

I watched you. You're bad at explaining.

Lower-class... When we hit crabs, they...

- What happens when we hit crabs? - What happens if you do that?

- They bubble up. - They bubble up.

- Bubble. - With that,

- Economic bubble? - That's right!

How can you explain it like that?

You could've said Japan in the 1980s.



(When one gets benefits, the other loses.)

I don't know what that is.


It's difficult.

How do we say when we don't have any money in our bank account?

(I'd be sad.)

And we use this to pay.

What is the system called?

- Kakao Pay. - No, the other one.

- Samsung Pay. - No, the one you can use on Naver.

- Naver Pay? - Are you saying all of those?

(They wouldn't get it.)

A lot of us use this to pay.

Kakao, Samsung, and there's another one.

Mi Joo can't laugh at So Min's explanation.

(That's a fact.)

- That. - It could happen to me.

She said it could happen to her.

- How do you say this? - Zero.

Yes. And island.

- Zero-sum? - Zero-sum.

She explained it...

- like that. - Zero was difficult to understand.

She explained it like that.

That's kind of a genre.

It shows the result of the incident first.

And it follows the cause.

- You have 10 seconds. - Stop! You over there.

Don't move. That's the first letter.

So when someone approaches you,

- you say, "Don't come!" - That's amazing.

This is the first letter.

- It's kind of a genre. - She's amazing.

You know. Like Black Panther.


Wakanda Forever!

- Stop. - The word was suspense.

- What was it? - Suspense.

Hey! Why did you explain it like that?

It wasn't bad.

- You were great. - It was hard.

- It was difficult. - It's so much fun.

- Okay. - This is...

Even though I'm not good at Korean,

I can go like "ear" or "poop". I love it.

- That's how you do it. - This is how you do it.

- Okay. Let's go. - Let's go.

- Okay. - Let's do it!

- Yes. - Let's go.

- Okay. - Yes.


(Justice will prevail. Everything will go right.)

(I don't know that.)

How can I explain this to them?


(It's already funny.)

It's a four-letter idiom.

- Okay. - Returning the favor.

(Throwing any four-letter idioms they know)

- Gnashing one's teeth. - No.

Everything will come to an end.

It means this.

Will they know what it is?

Everything will come to an end?

You don't know what it is.

- What is this? - Four-letter idiom.

- Sa. - That's right.


No. Four-letter idiom.

- Sa. - Sa.

- What do you write with? - Letter.

- Writing. - A notebook.

(It's a mess.)

(Trying to represent "Gwi")

- Sa Gwi Pil Gyung. - Sa Gwi Pil Jung.

- Sa Gwi Pil Gyung. - No, not that.

- Change a little bit. - Sa Gwi Pal...

- Sa... - No, wait.

That comes in the third letter.

Oh, it's "sajungpalgwi"!

- Pass! - I won't go for it anymore.

This is so fun.

(Choncheolsalin, a simple remark that catches a person on the raw)

This means that you can kill a man with words.

(A four-letter idiom)

- Death note! - No, that's not it!

(She's a genius.)

(Why? Isn't it correct?)

- That's not it. - Is it in English or Korean?

Please calm down.

Watch me carefully.

There's a senior actor whose name is Yu In...

Yeol! Yu Hui Yeol!

(She shouts out his name out of nowhere.)

Yu Hui Yeol!

- Listen. - The Yu-Gi-Oh? That's not it.

- It's "cheol" something. - The Yu-Gi-Oh?

- It's "cheol" something. - Cheol?

It's "cheol" something.

What do you say when you kill someone?

Sal... It's choncheolsalin!

That's right!

He's good. Let's go, KEY!

I'll give it my best.

- Make us imagine. - Will that be possible?

(The man with knowledge comes up.)

Ready, go.


(One can't touch pitch without being defiled.)

Because of one dark person,

the rest of them become defiled.

You need to tell them that it's a four-letter idiom.

Let's say you're making ink with an ink stick.

Then it becomes really dark.

- It's a four-letter idiom. - I think I know.

- "Muk" is one of the letters. - That's right.

- A bowl of acorn jelly? No. - A bowl of acorn jelly?

Explain it.

How are they supposed to guess it?


All right.

At night, you study,

and during the day, you work.

(At night?)

- Win at night, weak during the day? - It's a four-letter idiom.

Win at night, weak during the day?

(A seasoned actress' destruction of knowledge)

- So Min! - You read at night.

So Min, say something!

- You plowed a field during the day. - So Min, say something!

- During the day... - You farm!

- During the day, you farm. - At night...

At night, you study.



(It means enduring pain to achieve your goal.)

What does it mean?

(He ends up leaking the answer.)

(It looks like they're done for.)

I'm so sorry.

- Actually, - You got your revenge.

it feels like I'm watching TV because I'm having an apple.

Hurry up!

- It's a nice seat to watch them. - All right, now.

(Let's stop watching.)

(Team Sang Yeob, minus 60, Team KEY, minus 20)

Mi Joo, just do it however you want.

But Mi Joo explains it with difficulty.

If you think about it, she can explain using only a few words.

I know.

But Mi Joo.

- What should I do? - Okay, I got you.

Let's start.

- Ready, go. - This is driving me crazy.

(Ongojisin, review the old and learn the new.)

What does this mean?


(I get how she feels.)

- What? - It's a four-letter idiom.

I'll start with the first letter. It's warm.

- Poop! - Hot?

- Hot? - Heat?

- No, it's in Korean. - Heat.

It's in Korean.

There's "cold", and...

- "On"! - That's right.

- Ongojisin! - Correct!

And this word...

This means...

It makes a noise like this.

- A mosquito! - That's right.

The third letter goes like this.

- A mosquito... - A mosquito...


(She's trying to explain the letter that sounds like "Gee".)

(Working hard)

A mortgage loan!

- She's good. - You're good.

- They gave that as a question? - What does it mean?

This is when an egg...

Let's say I'm a hen.

- A hen... - Goodness, Mi Joo.

A hen hatches an egg.

- What happens to the egg? - It becomes a chicken.

- No, that's not it. - A chick.

- The egg is... - It hatches. "Buhwa".

That's right! It's "buhwa".

- What's in your head? - Brains! It's "noe".

(What did she say?)

- Brains! - "Buhwanoe"...

- Buhwanoedong! - That's right!

How could she say that?

This word sounds like a burger brand.

I mean, only the first letter.

- This is... - It's "Mac".

- That's right. - It's "Mac".

How do you call a really tall person?

A really tall person?

- A giant. - Yes, use only its first letter.

- "Gu". - "Macgu"...

And then... Turn around.

(The given word is MacGuffin.)

(Turning around)


A MacGuffin effect!


- Next! - How is he getting those?

- She's good. - She's really good.

I'm done!

All right!

- You're really good. - You're good at explaining it.

- Mi Joo. - Wow, Mi Joo.

You can survive even if you're not smart.

That's right. You can explain the word letter by letter.

My gosh, she's amazing.

- She's really good at explaining. - Mi Joo is hilarious.

"A picture"...

"with Singer Jung Dong Ha, his student"?

So Singer Jung Dong Ha...

took a photo with this man.

But why did they take this photo?

Is he...

Did Jung Dong Ha come to ask him to read his fortune?

But based on the photo,

I think this place is fake.

Who comes to get his fortune read with full makeup?

Right? They were on a show.

He even had his hair fixed.

(Feng shui expert can lead you to the path of greatest fortune.)

(1. Props that look fake.)

(2. The professor disappeared in the middle of the session.)

(3. The employee looks like he works in the entertainment field.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

(The Readers of Fate)

(Will your fate change if you change your name?)

(A namer who can even block a divorce by renaming)


This is it.

There are so many stores around here.

How come it's in an apartment building?

(Sixth Sensers came to an apartment this time as well.)

This is like a runway.

(A runway?)

(Sexy, provoking)

(She suddenly walks down the hallway like a model.)

(Sixth Sensers are as excited as ever.)

Gosh, I'm exhausted.

- And you do this every week. - I know.

A runway.

(She wraps up her walk with a shake.)

- This is driving me crazy. - Gosh, how upsetting.

(They enter the unit.)

(This has been conducted after hand sterilization and fever check.)

It looks like our staff set up this place.

(Past the front door,)

(there's a signboard that looks suspicious...)

(and books that are placed for them to see.)

(There are prizes that they won everywhere in the place.)

Doesn't it look like the staff set up this place?

This place?

(It looks suspicious from its front door.)

This place must be real.

This place... Look. The scent is different.

(Past the front door,)

(there's an ordinary-looking counseling office.)

(On the bookshelf,)

(there are books on interpreting names...)

(and naming.)

(There are lots of books about naming.)

Doesn't this place look really natural?

It's quite different from the previous place.

- This place looks real. - It smells like people live here.

Right? It looks like they are actually used.

You think so?


Or is it from our feet?

Hey, someone's feet stink.

Is it from our feet?

- It smells delicious though. - No, it's from someone's feet.

- Na Ra, it's someone's feet. - But it smells savory.

- Jae Seok. - No, it's not me.

It smells like cheonggukjang.

- I want to get out of here. - It smells like doenjang.

It smells like doenjang.

You see?

A red light is on the air cleaner.

(The air in the room is worsening rapidly.)

Anyway, it smells like someone lives here.

I know. I could sense it as soon as I came in.

I think this place is real.

- You think it's real? - Yes, it's real.

But there's no air conditioner.

What? There's no air conditioner.

(An air conditioner...)

(can't be found anywhere in the unit.)

I think this makes no sense.

(It's a counseling office, but there's no air conditioner?)

(Is it the staff's mistake?)

(Or is it a real counseling office that prefers a fan?)

This place...

This place looks really suspicious.

- It looks fake, right? - How does it look fake?

I think it's fake because there's no air conditioner.

- You think so? - They made this place in a hurry.

Installing an air conditioner is difficult.

No, I bet they'd have installed this.

This thing...

There's an air conditioner that you can just place on a window.

They have to install the outdoor unit as well.

(Because it's impossible to install an outdoor unit in the building,)

(the staff failed to install an air conditioner?)

But why would they choose such a small space...

- if it's fake? - You're right.

But I think the smell is real.

It stinks of feet.

- Right? It's from Jae Seok. - Jae Seok.


- No. - Then it's either KEY or Sang Yeob.

No, it's not me.

Maybe it's from the slippers.

When I came in...

- The slippers... - This place...

(Stop smelling them.)

It's a woman.

- Hello. - Hello.

- Hello. - Nice to meet you.

- She's so cool. - She looks so cool.

(The namer is here.)


I'm Si Hyun, a naming expert.

We call this place a naming institution.

It doesn't only refer to people.

Even objects have their own names.

(A name is a set of words that refers to a person, object, etc.)

(It doesn't only refer to people.)

We study names of brands,

as well as the names...

of the pet you have.

That's why I refer myself as a name analyst.

(A place where they analyze all kinds of names)

The old way of naming uses the number of stokes in letters.

(They used to analyze names using the strokes of letters.)

We analyze the sounds of the names.

(They analyze the names based on the sounds they make.)

We analyze the number of strokes that Korean letters have...

and their trigrams.

That way, we can analyze names with more information.

(They can analyze names in more detail.)

There are parts of your fortune that can be analyzed...

through your names instead of reading your fortune.

Using your name, we can analyze...

your personality, career,

and what happened when in detail.

(They can read everything through analyzing names.)

So far, I've given counseling...

to over 300,000 people.

I've given new names to about 30,000 people.

They were on the verge of getting divorced,

but the moment the wife changed her name,

their relationship improved, so they didn't get divorced in the end.

After a company changed its name, their stock price hit the ceiling.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

So if you change your name, your life changes?

Yes, that's what happened.

- That's fascinating. - How is it possible?

Let's say your name is unsophisticated.

Then can your life change if you change your name?

No, it's not like that.

When I analyze names, how tacky they are...

and how they sound don't really matter.

It deals with the number of strokes a name has.

(Strokes? Numbers?)

It depends on the number of strokes your name has.

Did you get what she said?

Of course not.

- I was just responding to her. - I see.

(Was that too difficult to understand?)

The theory was based on Chinese characters.

But the sound of people's names are in Korean.

So we applied the theory on Korean characters as well.

Let's say your name is Mi Joo.

(She's explaining the theory using Mi Joo.)

(Lee Mi Joo)

(They convert the strokes into numbers.)

Your first name determines your fortune in the early years.

(The strokes of your first name are your fortune in the early years.)

The number of strokes of Lee and Mi.

(The strokes of your surname and the first letter...)

(of your first name determines your fortune in young adult years.)

The number of strokes of Lee and Joo.

(The strokes of your surname and the last letter...)

(of your first name determines your fortune in middle age.)

This determines the fortune in your final years.

(The total number of strokes...)

(determine the fortune in your final years.)

That's how we analyze names.

(Each number represents the fortune in certain years.)

(Each number has different meanings.)

(Number 9 means you're versatile, number 13 means you're wise.)

(Number 29 means you'll become a leader of a group.)

Do the numbers have different meanings?

Yes, they all have different meanings.

They compiled statistics of numbers in the old days...

and gave meaning to each number.

We analyze the names using those statistics.

(Is this place real?)

It's more detailed than reading your fortune.

How is that even possible?

Have you ever stopped a couple from getting divorced...

by changing their names?

We can tell someone's personality through their names.

We can tell the personalities of the husband and wife.

- Really? - Yes.

I tell them it'd be better if they split...

if their relationship can't be mended.

- How can she tell from their names? - How is that possible?

How can you tell from people's names?

You can't change your fortune.

- You can't. - But we can change our names.

- You can change your name. - Because we can change our names?

Once you change your name, your fortune can be changed...

because the sound and the shape of your name are changed.

Then did you change your name too?

Of course I did.

How many times?

I changed my name twice.

- You changed your name twice? - Yes.

I changed my first name,

- and after living ten years, - You changed your name again.

I wanted to change my names to change my life.

I needed to prove that changing names can change your life.

So did your fortune change?

My husband changed...


when I only changed my name.

- Your husband changed? - Yes.

When I asked my husband to help with house chores,

he used to never help.

Now, he's doing the chores on his own.

Oh, his personality changed? That startled me.

I thought she meant that she had a new husband.

Gosh, you startled me.

I was thinking, "Is it okay to share it with us?"

(Their reactions are funny.)

I'm sorry to interrupt, but your voice is too soft,

and the fan is too loud. You should either turn it off or speak louder.

I don't know how to turn it off.

You don't?

- What? - There's a button.

Did our staff bring it?

(The namer doesn't know how to turn off the fan in her office?)

She really doesn't know how to turn it off.

Where's the power button?

I tried pressing every button, but it's still on.

It's fixed.

(They start to doubt the namer.)

(Doesn't this mean...)

(this place is fake?)

(The namer who doesn't know how to turn off the fan)

(Is this place real or fake?)

All right, then. Let's have our names analyzed.

- Sang Yeob and Na Ra should do it. - Na Ra should do it.

(Sang Yeob and Na Ra will have their names analyzed.)

My name is Lee Sang Yeob. It's my real name.

- "Sang" means together. - Together?

(Using the number of strokes in his Korean and Chinese name...)

"Yeob" means fire.

- It means fire? - It also means sparkling.

"Yeob" means fire?

- You can sit. - Okay.

(Analyzing Sang Yeob's name)

(What do these numbers mean?)

I'm sure people complimented on your good looks more...

when you were younger.

Yes, they did.

- Sang Yeob is good-looking. - He's glad.

- I think they did too. - Because you heard that...

in your early years...

(Among the numbers that represent his early years,)

(number 15 represents attractiveness and good looks.)

- In his early years? - Yes.

That's a shame.

(What did you say?)

This is Sang Yeob's overall fortune.

I bet he's meant to become a doctor or go into law.

That's the fortune he has.

(Number 18 from his Korean name means...)

Number 18 represents medicine, literature, and arts.

That means you're talented in various fields.

You're a well-rounded person.

I'm sure your mother had a high expectation...

because you're smart, handsome,

and talented. But...

- But? - But?

- They always say that. - But?

You have two numbers that represent a carefree attitude.

The ones I circled...

means an energy that disturbs you from working hard.

It disperses your concentration.

If you want to become a doctor,

- you must study really hard. - You must.

Yes. Also, you weren't lucky with your college admission.

This means that you didn't get to go to the college you wanted...

or choose the department you wanted to study.


- Is she right? - Yes.

(You can tell such things from a name alone?)

He has the brains of a planner.

Number 25 represents a devoted wife.

So if a woman has this number in her name,

she devotes herself to her husband and family.

If a man has this number, then he's a bit like a sissy.

No, I'm not like that.

(What are you talking about?)

(Like this?)

(Don't deny it.)

(The expert was right about that.)

- So you're very kindhearted. - He is kind.

He's too kind...

- But? - that he could not...

seem that manly.

He's not that manly.

That's what you always say.

I told you.

(They all know.)

(Right then)

I don't think she's that convincing.

Although she may be right...

(Jessi finds her suspicious.)

It's not convincing. You know what I mean?

(She finds her suspicious because it's something that the staff...)

(could've told her in advance.)

(Who is this naming expert?)

- I'm next. - Next is Na Ra.

- I'm curious to find out. - I'm so nervous though.

- I think her fortune will be good. - Na Ra.

I hope so too.

Many people told me to change my name because it doesn't...

- sound like an actress' name? - Why? I like it.

- Why? It's a nice name. - It's a pretty name.

They said the name is funny.

No, that's not true.

Na Ra, then I'll change my name too.

- I'll change my name. - Go ahead.

(She's flustered as Jae Seok agrees to it right away.)

What about Lake?

Lake? You want me to name myself lake?

Or what about Walnut?

- Steamed Bun sounds nice. - Steamed Bun.

(Jessi the Bread, a global star)

What's his problem?

She's done already.

It looks too simple.

- Right? - Yes.

(The analysis of Na Ra's name)

(Oh Na Ra)

(What do these numbers mean?)

People often called you cold and unfriendly...

when you were young.

- You're quite stubborn too. - Right.

Your family was well-off until you were in high school.

But when you were a junior in high school,

your family was in crisis.

Since you were a junior in high school.

Why did it have to be when you were a junior?

Around that time,

your family faced a financial crisis.

You were a good student,

but your grades didn't improve in your junior year,

although you studied hard...

- But I was always a top student. - Is that so?

- I got good grades. - I see.

But these numbers...

mean that you weren't lucky with your college.

When it comes to college, you choose to study...

But I did go to the college I wanted to go to.

- You did? I see. - Okay.

Well, you can go to the college you want.

Around when you were 28 or 29,

your life went the way you wanted it to.

And people must've told you that you've become much softer.

I've heard that a lot.

- Really? - That's because...

- I met a good man. - Really?

That's right. You need to meet a good man.

You're complimenting your boyfriend after a long while.

(She's become much softer after she met him in her mid-20s.)

I know. I forgot that she has a boyfriend.

Because your energy became positive,

you got to meet a nice man too.

You became more relaxed in your 30s,

and you started supporting someone.

But you're meant to break up with your boyfriend.

(I'm meant to break up with my boyfriend?)


She heard that last time too.

I bet your fortune says that you have no luck with marriage.

Someone read my fortune and said I'll get married when I'm 56.

(Her fortune read that she will get married late.)

(She doesn't want to believe it.)

It's because you might get divorced...

if you marry when you're young.

So it's better to get married when I'm older?

I guess I become mature when I'm 56.

(The namer said the same thing as the fortune teller.)

When she's 56?

(Then is this place real?)

You made a new name for Na Ra?

- Yes. - Really?

I came up with a new name...

- to give you. - I can't wait to hear it.

Thank you so much.

- I can't wait. - It's really expensive, isn't it?

It is.

(It's expensive to have her make a new name.)

- Oh... - What could it be?

(What could be the new name that the namer prepared for Na Ra?)

The new name I made for Na Ra...

is Oh Hye Rin.

Oh Hye Rin? That sounds nice.

- Isn't it pretty? - It suits her.

It suits her.

It doesn't feel familiar, but I got the chills when I heard it.

- It has good energy. - Of course.

I didn't have a chance to read your fortune thoroughly,

so I'm not sure if it's perfect for you.

But I thought it'd be nice if she had a name with these meanings.

What do the Chinese letters mean?

Hye means bright, and Rin means pure?

- Pure? - It's pretty.

If you change your name to Hye Rin,

then you'll no longer have number ten in your name.

So you'll be rightfully rewarded for what you do.

Na Ra also means that you're a well-rounded person,

but you had to work really hard.

- That's right. I always do. - You always work hard.

- It's giving me the chills. - You had a fortune that could...

help you place first if you worked hard.

Na Ra. Everyone's like that.

You stay quiet, Hyun Ju.

(He only picks on me.)

It includes wise energy, the ability to create something...

out of nothing, the power of creativity and new ideas.

The Chinese characters contain the wisdom...

and the energy of a good mother and wife.

Hye Rin's not a bad name.

It really suits her.

- I know. - It's really pretty.

I agree with So Min.

When she first said she came up with a new name, I wasn't convinced.

- But when she said Oh Hye Rin... - It's perfect for her.

- It suits her so well. - That's true.

The name goes with her face so well.

You seem like you were always an Oh Hye Rin.

Instead of legally changing your name,

trying using it, and if you emotionally accept it,

- No, Na Ra. - then it will affect your fate.

I'm afraid Na Ra will really use that name.

That's why I'm worried.

She's definitely the type to do something like that.

Hi, I'm Hye Rin.

I'm sorry to say this when she's right here,

but if the naming expert is fake...

I think I'd feel so betrayed.

(Is the namer real or fake?)

Let's give her a round of applause.

Thank you.

She's real.

All three professors...

- seemed so real. - They all seem really real.

To be honest, I didn't understand anything anyone said today.

Today, I'll have to solely rely on intuition.

The production crew were targeting you, Jessi.

- I really had no idea. - That's entirely possible.

Before, on a show I was on,

I've met a naming scholar.

They told us a name's meaning is not as important as numerology.

But this namer said exactly the same thing.

(While analyzing Na Ra's name)

(The namer emphasized the numbers in the name.)

(Is this a real expert who has accurate knowledge of naming,)

(in both theory and practice?)

But the fan thing was so odd.

(Is she a fake who doesn't know how to use her own office fan?)

Today, I'm relying on pure intuition.

I'm confident I might be wrong.

(Which is today's fake, the one that has bewildered the gold king?)

(Time to reveal the hint)

(Vision Hint)

She changed it.

(Photos of Si Hyun's name before and after she changed it.)

She said she changed her name...

twice in her life.

The question is whether she chose...

a name according to numerology,

or she just changed her name.

That's the question.

(Is this a fake who simply changed her name twice?)

(The Readers of Fate)

(Will your fate change if you change your name?)

(1. There is no air conditioner despite being an indoor space.)

(2. The interior looked very used, almost overly so.)

(3. The naming expert did not know how to use her own office fan.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

I still haven't chosen.

- Let's do this quickly. - Over here.

I know I've got it today.

- You got the answer today? - I'm pretty sure I got it.

- Are you sure? - Yes, I'm sure.

How do you know that?

It's just my sixth sense.

My sixth sense, my intuition.

My... How do you say senses in English?

- My... - It's sixth sense.

That one character word is that long in English?

My sixth sense.

I'm not even getting involved in that conversation.

The sisters are looking down on one another.

Wow, So Min, let's be honest. I'm better at English than you are.

- That's not true, Mi Joo. - Really.

(So Min, come on.)

This is going to be a fun fight to watch.

(Her ultimate weapon is the alphabet song.)

That's the basics. Everyone knows that.

A, b, c, e, h, l, p...


(I won.)

- Stop it. - Just stop it.

(Let's stop and get on with the voting now.)


This was the hardest decision to date.

It made me think about it to the bitter end.

(I don't know.)

I'm going to choose the place with the most unfamiliar interior.

(Jessi, with 11 victories under her belt, enters.)

Hello, I'm Jessi.

I've never debated about a choice for so long before. I don't know.


(She picks at random)

(She's trying to pick at random in English.)

(She chooses number 2 at random.)

Hello. I'm Oh Hye Rin.


I still haven't decided.

Number two.

(She just relies on her sixth sense to pick number 2.)

(KEY enters.)

(I don't know.)

(He chooses number two at random.)

(The feng shui expert)

(Another one picks at random.)

(Ding dong, ding dong)

(So it's this one.)

(Mi Joo also chooses number 2 at random.)

What's going on? Gosh. It's so hard today.

(The camera worries along with Jae Seok.)

I don't know.

(All 6 members chose number 2 at random.)


Don't say a word.

(We didn't say anything.)

(He chooses number 1 without a word.)

Wait, I can't change this, can I?

No, you can't.

It's fine. I have faith.

(I have faith.)

(Voting ends.)

Let's see.

Today, we have some curious poll results.

What are they?

Nearly everyone chose the same answer.

Everyone chose number 2 except for 1 person.

Who's that one person?

It's Sang Yeob, who chose number one.

(Only Sang Yeob voted for the physiognomist.)

So everyone chose number two except for me?

It would be amazing if Sang Yeob got it right.

You never know what will happen.

If it was number three, then all of you are wrong.

I'm already getting goosebumps.

(Will the production crew win for the first time on Season 2?)

- Wow, let's go. - Okay!

- Show us quickly. - Okay.

Quick, show us.

(Or is number 1, only chosen by Sang Yeob, the answer?)

The correct answer will now be revealed.

(Which one is the fake?)

(You were born into this world...)

- This is insane. - Gosh, here it comes.

(Were you born into this world...)

Oh, my gosh.

(with a predetermined fate?)

(Everything in life)

I'm so curious now.

(Your fortunes)

Now I'm scared.

(Among 5 million people,)

(there are 5 million fates.)

That scared me.

(Is getting the right answer today also part of fate?)

- Look. - Which is it?

Oh, my gosh.

(We invited them here for the hardest choice yet.)

I'm so nervous today.

(Which one of these told a fake fate?)

- That beard isn't fake. - That person is real.

His beard is real.

(The physiognomist that even foreign reporters sought out)

I think it's this one.

This is driving me insane.

I think I got it wrong.

(Will your fate change if you change your name?)

(A namer who can even block a divorce by renaming)

- No. - Please.

(Which one is the fake?)


(Is number 2, with the greatest number of votes to date, the fake?)


(Which one is the fake?)

Oh, my gosh.

I hope at least Sang Yeob got it right.

(Will he become the hero today?)

(Which one is the fake?)

It would be absurd if it were number three.

(Will it be the first ever victory of the production crew?)

(Which one is the fake?)

(Will it be the first ever victory of the production crew?)

(Which one is the fake?)

(Able to pinpoint ideal spaces, and helped two Presidents)

(Feng shui expert can lead you to the path of greatest fortune.)


(Today's fake was number 2.)

(The greatest number of people to win gold to date)

(Jessi has now won 12 times in a row.)

I knew it was weird.

(I'm walking Hyung Don's path, no doubt.)

I told you. I knew it was strange.

(Let me take a quick break.)

(Could everyone please leave?)

- That was amazing. - Let's see the answer.

Everyone got it.

(With the court at the center,)

(this place is bustling with many legal offices.)

Where is this?

(What awaits us on the third floor?)

There was nothing there. It's so empty.

I felt it as soon as I walked in.

It used to be a baduk clubhouse.

So it was a baduk spot.

(The place has aged due to years of negligence.)

- No wonder. It felt so vacant. - Right.

(They began by cleaning the floors.)

They really went that far?

That's just the beginning. You haven't seen anything yet.

(The bare floor starts to gleam.)

(Ready for move-in.)


(A typhoon hit the day they were supposed to move in.)

It was raining. My gosh.

(But that won't stop Sixth Sense 2.)

(They flood the space with furniture even as rain floods everywhere.)

That's amazing.

(They flood the space with furniture even as rain floods everywhere.)

(The philosophy hall begins to take shape.)

That's very impressive.

(They looted a real philosophy hall too.)

(From a real feng shui philosophy hall,)

(they took all the expert books lining the shelves.)

- Really? - Wow.

So there really is a center for feng shui philosophy?

That's so impressive.

They brought everything over.

(They fill the space in the fake philosophy hall.)

(From an aging, empty baduk center...)

(to a feng shui philosophy hall)

That's really impressive.

They did a great job.

(For the finishing touch, they put the name on the windows.)

(This is perfection.)

(Then who were these two?)

- Who were they? - Who were those people?

(In Seongdong-gu, Wangsimni..)

- Hanyang University? - That's my alma mater.

(Who will they meet here?)

(What is Kim Dong Wan doing here?)

He was a professor?

Is he a philosophy professor?

I run the Industry 4.0 Center at Hanyang University.

- I support the students here. - He's an engineering professor?

- I also lecture... - My goodness.

the courses dealing with robotics.

He's a science professor.

- What about the other person? - What about the other one?

Do you know the person sitting next to you?

I met him for the first time today.


No wonder.

I'm part of the production crew for a broadcasting company.

I'm a marketing producer.

(A current marketing producer)

No wonder he spoke so well.

When I worked in TV before, all I did was film others,

so I thought it would be a good experience to be on TV.

He's so well-spoken.

How did you feel when you were first invited on Sixth Sense?

My name is unusual, so I have a lot of stories,

but I think this one will be the one I remember best.

(What is this unusual name?)

- He said he has an unusual name. - What's his name?

(What is the secret behind their names and "Heo Myung"?)

(Heo is the character for "false".)

It's the character meaning "false".

The character meaning "false". "Fake name."

So "Heo Myung" means "a fake name".

(Then are the names of these two people also fake?)

Then who is that manager?

- Hello. We are... - Hello. We are...

- Feng shui. - Feng shui.

- What? Their names? - Those are their names?


(Their names...)

(are feng shui?)

I am Professor Shim Feng Soo.

My name is Ryu Ji Shui.

Those are our real names.

- Really? - That's incredible. I got chills.

I'm really getting goosebumps.

What kind of show is this?


(how did we find Feng and Shui?)

How did they find people with these names?

How did they even find them?

First, let's search for Feng.

(Cha Feng Soo, Kwon Feng Soo, Hwang Feng Soo, Cho Feng Soo...)

That's incredible.

- Oh Ji Shui. - Wow, and Jeong Ji Shui.

Kang Ji Shui, Yu Ji Shui, Choi Ji Shui.


Really? That's too much.

The production crew is amazing.

That is so impressive.

Look, it exists. That's amazing.

They found it.

(Shim Feng Soo, professor at Hanyang University)

They called 300 people?

- That's amazing. - Really?

(They succeeded in inviting Shim Feng Soo and Ryu Ji Shui.)

That's hilarious.

That's amazing.

Today was the best.

(Today was the best.)

(The production crew prepared yet another secret.)

(Famous celebrities and athletes)

(They met with everyone who's a famous insider.)

(The real feng shui expert, Professor King Dong Wan)

So he was real.

Yes, I worked with President Kim Dae Jung...

to lay out his home in Ilsan.

I've also helped many Presidential candidates.

So all the stories were real.

They relayed those stories to us exactly.

To make the fake Kim Dong Wan as realistic as possible,

I spent a lot of time teaching him...

and lent him many books.

I let him borrow 40 years' worth of my life in feng shui.

I hope you fall for it.

That's amazing.

So all the information about the homes was real.

That's true.

(That's how they began to practice for the fake philosophy hall.)

- Water veins. - Water veins, thank you.

- They learned to read water veins? - Wow, even water veins.

This is the relevant astrology.

So he studied all of that.


What exactly does feng mean?

It's when you have living space...

It's more believable if you get more into character.

After that, it's...

This isn't going to work.

(This isn't going to work.)

So the implants were a lie.

That's why they did that.

That was why he got dental implants.

First, if you have something within four walls...

Positive energy in a room... If you have a lot of money...

You want to have a direct line of sight.

He must've had a tough time memorizing everything.

Sixth Sensers,

- this place was fake. - This place was fake.

(The feng shui experts were fake.)

We caught you.

That really gave me goosebumps.

Shouldn't I be the one getting goosebumps right now?

Almost all of us got it. Thank you.

Thank you.

(Checking the quality of the gold)

Since today is a Chuseok special, we're giving fruit boxes to you.

You prepared so many gifts.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

I love pears and apples.

Thank you for the fruit.

To all our viewers,

we hope you have a lovely Chuseok.

- Happy Chuseok. - May your hearts be close.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

(The guest to spend our final episode with)

(Ahn Bo Hyun)

(It's back again, without fail.)

(The Sixth Sensers' love cells)

(Even Bo Hyun's cells...)

(are all fired up.)


(we prepared the final episode of Season 2...)

(after careful thought and strategizing.)

(Fake House)

(Person, food, and space)

(The place has everything.)

(On an unprecedented scale)

(Problems that are harder to solve than ever before)

(Visible to the eye)

(Audible to the ear)

(Experienced by the body)

(Don't believe any of it.)

(What will be the result of the last episode of Season 2?)

What is love?

All of it. I like all of it.

Look over there. Someone's coming.

Why did you come here?

To be honest, it's because I was curious.

(Yumi's Cells)