Sixth Sense (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 14 - The Fake House - full transcript

This is the last episode of Sixth Sense 2. The members are invited to the Fake House. There are various S spots in the area, and there are two fakes among them. Ahn Bo Hyun appears as the guest, and he shows off his unexpected cha...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Today, we left the busy city...)

(and came to a place with clear skies...)

(and pure streams.)

(It's the countryside.)

Hello, everyone.

It's such a nice day.

(Getting all the single shots because she entered alone)

How do I look today?

Jeans that allow for movement,

and a crop tee that shows a bit of skin, the current trend.

(Monthly Style Jeon So Min's fall fashion)

Mi Joo looks like she came straight from lounging around.

You've already started? Wait.

- Hurry up, Mi Joo. - Wait.

You already started the opening? So Min!

Mi Joo, you'd better run.

(Her comedian junior stands at attention.)

Did you sleep in or not?

I did.

Did you go to the salon today or not?

I'm going for the cutie look today.

(If I don't see you for 1 second)

(I get so anxious)

(They coordinate without even saying a word.)

(They go all out showing off their cuteness this morning.)

(The world of the SoMi sisters)

What are you doing?

Where's Jae Seok?

(Staying far away)

- You're so unruly from the start. - Jae Seok.

- You're being so unruly. - It's Unruly Rodent entering.

Unruly Rodent is here.

You sisters look like you're in great spirits today.

There's a great view,

and the weather is great.

- It's so beautiful here. - What are you doing?

- Hi, Na Ra. - What are you doing?

You're starting just like this?

- Hi, Na Ra. - That's ridiculous.

They're just doing this on their own.

- What is that? - You look pretty today.


- What is that? - Hello.

Is that for Hyun Ju?

No, that's not for Hyun Ju.

- It's not? - Our fans made this for us.

It's to celebrate the last episode of the season.

- Thank you. - Thank you so much.

Our fans also said...

to please take me with you for Season Three.

(The fans are so thoughtful.)

Even the fans are worried for me.

Tell him to be good to me.

Hyun Ju says...

that if you're good to her,

she can take you along with her.

(Jessi will carry Sang Yeob as a buy 1, get 1 deal.)


- She will take me with her? - It's like proposing to him.

- Jae Seok, why did you tattle? - I didn't tattle.

If we get too much hype in advance, it could jinx us.

- That's right. - We have to not pay attention.

Leave it open-ended. That's the best way.

(Jessi and Sang Yeob, to be continued...)

Did you dye your hair? It looks pretty. It's so black.

You look good with black hair.

Try smelling it.

It smells nice too. You washed it today, right?

- Yes. - I knew it.

Why are you always like this?

- I'll give it a sniff. - She looks like Kim Kardashian.



- Smells very good, right? - Very good.

- Thank you. - It's sexy.

- Thank you very much. - You washed your hair today.

Mi Joo, the back of your head...


- Why did you do that? - Her head...

is like someone ironed it flat.


It is a bit flat. So Min, yours is flat too!

- Jae Seok, feel So Min's. - So Min too.

- It's flat. - So Min is known for her flat head.

(Mine is totally flat too.)

Mine is totally flat too.

(As soon as the words are out, they go for a test.)

It's so nice.


- Yours is so round. - Can anything fit in here?

- So round. - Is there anything in there?

(His younger siblings find him cute till the very end.)

- Hey. - I can't bring myself to touch.

Your head is so tiny. Does anything fit in there?

Right? It's like a cotton swab.

- Goodness. - Wait.

(Stop this!)

Today, we have our last guest...

of Season Two.

I wonder who our last guest is.

- I'm looking forward to this. - Maybe it's Tae Hyun.

- Cha Tae Hyun. - Mr. Guest.

- Guest, come out. - Who is it?

- Where is he? - Here.

(His handsomeness shines down along with the sun.)

Bo Hyun.

Gosh. It's Ahn Bo Hyun.

(Hearts are all aflutter.)

(Revealing his smile)

(Rose to fame in "Itaewon Class" as a romantic piece of trash.)

(Won recognition as a talented actor in "Kairos")

(Now he's back in "Yumi's Cells" as Goo Woong, 200 percent synced.)

(The multi-faceted actor, Ahn Bo Hyun)

(I'm Ahn Bo Hyun.)

(Wow, it's Ahn Bo Hyun.)

(He's even better looking in person.)

(Automatic applause)

- You grew your hair out a lot. - Bo Hyun.

- Your hair is so long. - Hi, Bo Hyun.

- It's been so long. - It's Bo Hyun.

- Hi, Na Ra. - Bo Hyun is a close friend of mine.

He's my friend.

(He doesn't know how to react from the beginning.)

Is there anyone who's not close with you?

You just say you're close with all the guests.

I am good friends with him though.

- I'm very close with him too. - Really?

We were close even before he hit it big.

So you spent a lot of time together as friends in the past?

Yes, I even accompanied Na Ra on trips.

- Really? - Bo Hyun made great food for us.

- Really? - Yes.

Na Ra, you know I love you, right? And I respect you.

(She's trying to lay the foundation.)

The important thing is that he has joined us for our final episode.

- We're so moved. - For our final episode.

Our dear Bo Hyun.

This is two and a half hours away from where he was.

It's because I'm such a fan.

- Really? - Really? Why are you a fan?

I've seen nearly all the episodes.

- Did you watch last night's? - Yes, I did.

The consultants special.

- I enjoyed yesterday's episode. - Really?

You can treat me however you like.

- Really? - Wow.

(Applied actively)

Bo Hyun.

You're doing great.

- Bo Hyun. - Bo Hyun.

- Bo Hyun. - You're doing great.

- You're doing great. - Bo Hyun.


- Bo Hyun! - Bo Hyun.

- Bo Hyun. - You're doing great!

(Run away, Bo Hyun. This isn't the place for you.)

I love you.

I must be a woman after all.

Not you guys, you can't.

- My goodness. - Love will always come back.

(Love will always come back to you.)

We can see your gold tooth again.

- Gosh. - My goodness.

These days,

- Bo Hyun is in "Yumi's Cells". - That's right.

- Right? - Yes, we're filming right now.

(On "Yumi's Cells," which started as a popular webtoon, )

(he's co-starring with Kim Go Eun, who plays Kim Yu-mi.)

You have a different air now that you've grown your hair out.

You seem very different.

(Yes, you look very handsome.)

Hey, So Min, you're turned to this way too much.

I've met Bo Hyun before, but only briefly.

Please stand aside.

Please don't block those cameras from filming us.

The cameras can just move over.

How can you tell the cameras to move?

That's Sang Yeob's camera.

Every time.

(Sacrificed for love)

- But... - I'm fine.

(Meanwhile, the second blocker enters.)

She's just facing him.

- What is it? - His ideal type.

Please ask him what his ideal type is.

She's facing him.

- She's facing him. - You're basically like this.

I can't see because he's too bright.

You, go back.

(Returning her to her spot)

Why are you asking him about his type already?

Next time, on season three, I'm bringing a blockade,

so you can't approach. I'll install it right here.

- I can't see him. - If you get close,

- I'll knock you out. - Still, I have to ask.

I'll protect Bo Hyun today.

- No one may pass. - I won't do anything, Na Ra.


(Today's love line seems like it will be disrupted.)

Anyway, let's reveal today's theme.

I'm really curious about what the theme is...

since we're all the way out here.

Usually, we would prepare real and fake places...

- for you to visit in person. - Right.

- We traveled two hours to get here. - But for today,

we've invited the real and fake things to this place.

- What is it? - I see.

- Fake house? - What is this?

- What is that? - Fake house?

- Fake house? - It's a fake house?

- Did you create an entire house? - Did you build a house?

(The place you are standing now...)

(Welcome to Fake House)

(The COVID-19 crisis continues to be prolonged.)

(Due to the holiday season, 1,400 positive cases in cities)

(It's difficult to go out due to social distancing rules.)

(Therefore, we have a special Sixth Sense episode today.)

(Unlike what's come before, )

(they must find the fakes in an inn in the countryside.)

(In an inn full of fakes, )

(we have prepared a large-scale bewilderment.)

(The people you will see)

(The spaces you will see)

(The food you will see)

(Be skeptical of everything you've experienced.)

(Which are the fakes?)

(No matter what you imagine, the results will be beyond that.)

(I've lost my touch.)

(Who will be today's ultimate victor?)

(The new Sixth Sense 2)

It's not something with ghosts, is it?

- They went all out for the last. - Wait, how can we get this?

Wait, how are we supposed to get this right?

- What? - A fake house?

But why are you holding hands and coming up here together?

(Tagging along to complain with her friend)

- What's up with that? - Why did I come along?

- I was too shy to go alone. - We go to the bathroom together.

(This really is Sixth Sense Girls' High.)

- Let's look at the first one. - Okay.

"There are two fakes hidden in this inn."

- Really? - Really?

(At this inn?)

(There are 2 fakes hidden within this inn?)

First, "Go to the spots marked 'S'..."

"and deduce what's fake or real."

- S? - The spots marked S?

What's S?

It's "S" for Sixth Sense.


- It could be "S" for So Min. - Or "S" for Seung Ah.

"Whoever identifies both fakes..."

"during the final vote will win."

Both of them? What does that mean?

- What does that mean? - So it's an individual match.

So in the final vote, you have to guess both?

Do we get 2 fakes out of 3 today?

- How does this work? - What is this?

(Everyone, do you understand?)

(We'll explain properly.)

(This Fake House...)

(has a main house and an annex divided into various spaces.)

There are two fakes hidden within this inn.

Go to the spots marked "S",

and deduce what's real or fake.

(The Sixth Sensers will investigate the spots marked with an "S".)

Whoever identifies both fakes during the final vote will win.

(Whoever finds the two fakes in all the "S" spots wins.)

Here is the map.

As you explore, you'll find parts that are marked with an "S".

- I see. - Okay.

So that means there are things in the house that are fake.

Inside the inn.

(This is so hard.)

(She already got the answer.)

I got it. Ahn Bo Hyun.

(Ahn Bo Hyun is the fake.)

- You're fake, right? - Right.

He's not in the inn.

He can't be fake, So Min.

He must be real. He's smiling.

What a fatal smile.

He's so handsome!

So he wasn't a doll.

(This is the human Ahn Bo Hyun.)

Then the teams will be mine and Bo Hyun's.

- All right. - We'll divide into teams now.

Rock, paper, scissors.

(Bo Hyun wins.)

(I'm right here.)

(Flooding him with love cells)

(I choose...)

I choose Jessi.


I thought it was me for a second.

I really thought it was me.

- My goodness. - In that case,

I'll break ties for one of them.

(Starting to predict their fate)

So Min, we need to escape. It'll be one of us.

Jeon So Min.

(I'm ruined.)

Hurry up and go.

- Thank you. - So Min, come here.

- Why? - So Min.

Come here. Next. Rock, paper, scissors.

(Jae Seok wins.)

Lee Mi Joo.

(Trying to hide)

(Hiding failed)

- You belong together. - I don't want to.

Come here, Mi Joo.


(Team Jae Seok and Team Bo Hyun)

(Find the fake hidden within the "S" spots.)

(The "S" marks are hidden somewhere in this map.)

(Amidst the bewilderment of the "S", )

(will you be able to find all of the fakes?)

(Shall we go hunt for the fakes?)

It's so sunny today.

It's like art.

- It's art. - It's art.

(The clear skies make them forget their mission for a brief moment.)

It's so refreshing. The breeze is so refreshing.

The breeze really is refreshing.

- It's so nice here. - Full of phytoncide.

I want to come here on vacation.

(Today's location is a place of healing.)

This is where it starts, right?

- Look, there's something there. - Peel that off, Mi Joo.

- From the start? - Can you take that off?

(It looks like it's meant to be opened.)

(What is that?)

- Wait a minute. - There's an "S".

(The key phrase associated with the first "S")

What does it say?

A 150kg extremely obese person...

succeeded in losing 70kg in 4 months.

So that person is in here?

(To lose)

(To decrease in weight or quantity)

(It takes endless exercise to earn your weight loss.)

(It can be a dramatic transformation.)

(Losing 70kg)

(A victory earned in 4 months)

(Is there a master of weight loss with such unprecedented results?)

(Lost 70kg within 4 months)

(Is he real or fake?)

Is he inside?

So they're asking if this person is real or fake.

I think he'll be real.

- Shall we go? - Yes.

Pardon us.

(The location of the first "S")


(Inside the room...)

(There are some suspicious objects.)

(A personal trainer license, )

(various supplements, and a large bag of protein)

(There are also several trophies.)

(These items don't seem to go together.)

(There are also photos from the past.)

- What is this? - There are photos over here.

(What is all this?)

- It's so cool in here. - It's cool.


(Come look at this.)

Look at this.

(From the time he was young)

So it's this person...

- who worked out. - So he exercised to lose weight.

I'm so curious about him.

(What does he look like today, having lost all that weight?)

(So this person lost 70kg?)

(Jae Seok looks at the other photos.)



(Coming soon, the photo after losing 70kg)

(Jae Seok checks other photos.)


(The photo that was taken after losing 70kg)

(A complete transformation)

- Goodness. - He looks like Cho Dong Hyuk.

- Seriously? Is this him? - So this person is...

- Goodness. - This body is...

- Goodness, what's this? - My gosh.

Jae Seok, it's him.

- Gosh, I just got goosebumps. - But it does look like him.

(The man in the certificate...)

(and the man in the old picture look alike?)

But they could've edited this photo.

I don't think this photo is edited.

- It looks like it's edited. - Be careful.

(Did he really succeed in losing 70kg?)

(Or is it a fake photo that is edited?)

(Full of suspicion)

But I'm not sure these men in the photos are the same.

I don't think they look alike either.

I don't think he looks like...

(Does he look different after losing 70kg?)

(Or did the production crew cast a different guy who looks like him?)

I see. These are the clothes that he used to wear.

(The clothes look normal at first glance.)

Goodness. Look at the size.

- My goodness. - It's so big.

- This is huge. - It's twice as big as you.

It would be really astonishing if it was real.

Mi Joo, come here. Let's see how big this is.

Two of us can go in.

- Right. - Really.

(The size is so big that it's hard to believe.)

- He must've lost so much weight. - I've never seen pants this big.

(Did he really used to wear the pants before?)

(Or did the production crew bring it from somewhere?)

- Try it on to see if it fits you. - But this is really...


(Bo Hyun was looking for evidence alone.)

(Bo Hyun's Detective Cell is working.)

(He noticed the birth date...)

(that is hidden in the certificate.)

(I got it!)

- It's because... - This is...

If he had been born in 1991, he wouldn't have worn this uniform.

- What do you mean? - This is...

(Is the trainer's age has something to do with the military uniform?)

(Date of birth, 1991)

I'm the one who first wore the new military uniform.

- Is that so? - He was a model, you know.

(The military uniform changed in 2011.)

I wore it on the runway when they presented the new uniform.

The Army Chief of Staff was there.

It was 2008.

So that uniform had been worn by the mid-2000s.

When he talked about it,

- the director was surprised. - He was surprised.

(Has Bo Hyun's Detective Cell caught the fake one?)

(Did he wear the old version since he joined the military early?)

(Or did the production crew prepare the wrong version?)

(What is it this time?)

(Suspicious medals from various competitions)

(Thinking hard)

What? Wait.


(Na Ra suddenly looks for the military uniform.)

Isn't his name Jong Hyuk?

- Wait a second. - Goodness.

His name is Jong Hyuk.

- Jae Seok. - Yes?

- His name is Jong Hyuk, right? - Right.

- It says "Kim Jun Ho" on the medal. - What?

(No way.)

- Are there two different men? - What's this?

(The name on the medal and the name on the uniform are different?)

Yes, there is. Kim Jun Ho is very famous.

- There's a famous bodybuilder... - He's a bodybuilder.

- whose name is Kim Jun Ho. - Oh, really?

- Right. - He's really famous.

I guess he won this medal in Kim Jun Ho's competition.

Is there a competition named after him?

Yes, there is.

- He's very famous. - I see.

How do you know it so well?

I've been working out for a long time.

So there's a competition named after him.

Yes, there is.

- It's the medal of the competition. - Is that so?

- Kim Jun Ho is... - That's right.

We would've thought this was fake if Bo Hyun hadn't been here.

Really. We wouldn't have noticed it.

We would've thought this was fake.

(I guessed right again.)

Shall we call him in now?

- Okay. - Okay.

- This one is difficult. - Shall we sit?

- This is really difficult. - I know.

- Bo Hyun, come and sit here. - Come here.

(You can sit next to me.)

Bo Hyun, come and sit here.

(Have a seat next to me.)

(Happy, cute)

You're not on his team.

But still, I can sit...

I can sit next to him.


Okay, let's call him in.

- Okay. - Okay.

(His appearance makes them overwhelmed.)

- My good. - He looks so cool.

(He's so cool.)

(His first appearance is powerful.)

(Kim Jun Ho Classic 2019, 2nd place in Classic Physique Medium)

(Fitness Star Daejeon 2020, Grand prize)

(The ultimate physique)

Hello, I'm a 31-year old fitness trainer. I'm Jong Hyuk.

I weighed over 150kg when I was in my mid-20s.

But I've lost about 70kg.

(He weighed over 150kg, but he has lost 70kg.)

As I gained too much weight,

I had many difficulties in my daily life.

I also had a hard time...

because of what other people thought of me.

And my health deteriorated at that time.

That's when I thought I could die at that rate.

So I decided to lose weight.

I concentrated on working out,

except for eating or sleeping.

I worked out for ten hours at most.

At first, I just wanted to lose weight.

That's why I started exercising.

But I found myself having more and more fun.

So I prepared for the competitions.

(Exercise gave him a chance to live a new life.)

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think I am real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think I am real?)

- Hello. - Hello. Nice to meet you.




(He looks utterly amazing.)

- How... - Well...

He doesn't look like the guy in the photo.

(Does he look like him or not?)

I'm sorry to ask you this, but could you show us that pose?

Like you did in your school uniform.

(He shows the pose without hesitation.)

- He's cute. - That's him.

Now he looks like that guy in the photo.

He looks the same.

- Really? - I'm sure.

But I think he looked different when he was young.

Is that right? Are you sure?

- Have you had plastic surgery? - He has that face.

- Have you had plastic surgery? - No, I haven't.

"Have you had plastic surgery?"

- Why would you ask that? - This is why we should lose weight.

Could you introduce yourself?


I weighed 150kg before, but I've lost 70kg.

My name is Jong Hyuk. I'm a fitness trainer.


- So you're a fitness trainer now. - Yes, that's right.

You've not just lost 70kg...

- but worked out a lot too. - That's right.

It's as if a person came out of you.

- That's right. - Right? My goodness.

But he's even more muscular...

than he was in this photo.

When did you take those photos? How many years ago?

Let me tell you my history.

(His body profile photos)

(His body profile photo has evolved dramatically.)

And this is when I participated in Kim Jun Ho Classic...

- for the first time. - My goodness, his legs are...


(Making eye contact with his legs unexpectedly)

(Watching his muscles from the front row)

Jae Seok, you were blocked by his legs just now.

- His legs are so... - Was Jae Seok caught on camera?

I thought he put something inside them.

Was he caught on camera?

(Jae Seok's face completely disappeared.)

- A construction company is in them. - Jae Seok, your face...

- Your face looks so small. - My goodness.

(He was explaining so passionately.)

So you bulked up a little now, right?

- Now I'm trying to bulk up. - Right.

It's a bulking phase now.

How long did it take to lose weight?

- I think it took me 4 or 5 months. - It took 4 or 5 months?

Can you do that in 4 or 5 months?

How could you do that in 4 or 5 months?

That was so fast.

Except for eating and sleeping,

I kept doing aerobic exercise.

I wanted to give up every moment,

but I was able to enjoy it when I started to lose weight.

- I'll share my diet menu today. - What?

- I got it. - Pardon?

- I got it. - Really?


If you build muscles that much in 4 or 5 months,

you'll get stretch marks all over your body.

- But he doesn't have stretch marks. - Right. There are no stretch marks.

(Did he cover his stretch marks with clothes?)

(Or is he a fake trainer who hasn't lost his weight?)

(Full of suspicion)

What was the best thing after losing weight?

I can buy any clothes I want now.

It's much easier to use public transportation as well.

If I wanted to sit,

I had to take two seats.

So that kind of situation was the toughest.

Since you work out a lot,

you must be good at arm-wrestling or thigh-wrestling.

- Well... - You're not?

Not necessarily. You need skills to win arm-wrestling.

Then why don't you do it...

- With whom? - With him.

(Do you want to do thigh-wrestling with him?)

Why don't you do thigh-wrestling with him?

Can you do that?

- Sure, I can. - Great.

He just said he's not good at it.

But he gladly agreed to do it with me.

It's really...

(When she asked if he's good at arm-wrestling...)

(He hesitated for a while.)

(Do you want to do arm-wrestling with Jae Seok?)

(Okay, sure.)

Jae Seok is like dry firewood. He burns easily.


"Dry firewood"?

(Yu Jae Seok, dry firewood, he burns easily.)

He has small muscles inside.

Core muscles, not small muscles.


- "Small muscles"? - You should stay quiet.

- You should just stay quiet. - Mi Joo!

You should just stay quiet.

(Then shall we start building core muscles?)

Now, we're going to learn...

- effective exercise... - Okay.

To lose weight.

(Crazy Sisters are ready to do some exercise.)

Don't lie down like that.

(Sexy and bewitching)

(Very unfamiliar warm-up exercises)

You should do some stretching, So Min.

(She calms down the troublemaker with stretching.)

We should do stretching like this, right?

Little by little.

Keep breathing.

(Inhale and exhale.)

(Mi Joo does the splits.)

(Showing off her flexibility)

Mi Joo is really flexible.

(A total mess)

Let's separate the two.

Hyun Ju, you should come between these two.

- Separate them. - Come over here.

(Jessi slaps her buttocks.)

(You deserve that.)

(Feigned smile)

(He noticed Bo Hyun's feigned smile.)

Bo Hyun.

(Bo Hyun is already exhausted even before he starts exercising.)

Bo Hyun.

Bo Hyun, you want to go home already, right?

(He got busted.)


- Are you okay, Bo Hyun? - But they are...

They are all nice, you see.

- It's hard to find entertainers... - We're nice.

That are as nice as them.

- We are nice. - They are nice.

We are nice.

We apologize, sir.

If it was a 50-minute class, 20 minutes have passed already.

- I know. - Twenty minutes have passed.

(Time flies in class.)

(He agrees.)

Sure. It's a typical personal training session.

- You end up chatting. - Okay.


We'll start now.

Is there an effective exercise to lose weight?

- Please show us. - Yes, please.

We will use water bottles.

Two small bottles.

This is the first move using a water bottle.

- You'll swing it. - I see.

- Oh, swing? - Yes, swing it.

- Swing my baby - Okay, swing it.

- This is like the kettlebell swing. - Right, I know that.

- The kettlebell swing. - This is it.

The first move makes you use the entire muscles...

of your upper body and lower body.

It's a warm-up exercise.

The second move strengthens your abs...

and core muscles.

(Keep your arms straight. Make sure your hips don't shake.)

The third move is a squat.

It uses both upper body muscles and lower body muscles.

It helps you improve your core strength.

I used to do it a lot when I was fat.

- This workout is called Tabata. - I see.

(An intense but short workout effective to burn calories)

- Like Crossfit training. - That's right.

- Okay, shall we do it together? - Okay, let's all do it.

- Four of you, get up. Mi Joo too. - No, we are...

We are here to use our brains. Why do we have to work out?

Just exercise.

Hold on. Can I take off my top?

(Can I take off my top?)

You can't take it off, you know.


(He doesn't know how to react.)

I only wear a tank top when I work out.

You can't take it off.

- This is so funny. - Well...

- But you shouldn't take it off. - When I work out,

I usually wear leggings and a tank top.

- Why is Bo Hyun... - Well...

- suddenly covering himself... - I think...

with his cardigan when we talk about this stuff?

(Impenetrable security)

Right, Bo Hyun is...

I'm not sure if it's his habit or not, but he keeps...

We're not going to do anything, Bo Hyun.

(Protecting himself)

- He's protecting himself. - Bo Hyun.

Why are you covering yourself with it?

Why don't you just... It'll be cooler if you...

(He protects himself again as she approaches.)

When we come here,

we tend to...

- You hide. - We protect ourselves.

- He does the same thing. - I protect myself.

(Yeob Sang is a regular, but he's also defensive.)

He keeps doing this.

(Yeob Sang's official pose)

- Shall we try it now? - Let's do it together.

All right. I've set the timer. We'll start now.

- Okay, let's start. - Okay.

- Okay. - Let's go.

- Get ready. - Ready.

- Start. - Start.

(The first move)

- One. - Great.

- Two. - Keep going.

- You're doing great. - Three.

(His posture is perfect.)

- One and two. - Two.

(But the Sixth Sensers are a bit slow.)

- You're way too slow. Faster. - Four.


- Faster. - Six.

- Faster. - My gosh.

(They're exercising intensely without taking a rest.)

(It suddenly feels like they're in a local park.)


(It suddenly feels like they're in a local park.)

(Mi Joo is worn out already.)

- We're almost done. - We're almost done.

(Don't lie to us.)

- My thighs hurt. - My goodness.

(They all lack stamina.)

- Okay. - All right.

(Jessi has a perfect posture.)

- Let's take a break. - Okay.

Take a break for 20 seconds.

- It's a break time. - Hey.

- Let's sit. - No, you need to get up.

- What? Why do I have to get up? - I said 20 seconds.

It doesn't matter whether I stand up or not.

Please stand up while you take a rest.

It's 20 seconds, and we have to stand up.

(Completely worn out)

(Let me see.)

(Are my muscles pumped up?)

You're not there yet, So Min.

(She already feels like a bodybuilder.)

- What is she doing now? - What is she doing?

- What is she doing? - You should do this, So Min.

What's with this gesture?

Is this a crane?

(We still have a long way to go.)

- Get ready. - Let's get ready.

- Okay, we'll start the second move. - Ready.

All right. Get ready, go!

- Oh, right. - Shake it.

Shake it harder.

Gosh. I think it'll strengthen my abs.

I'm 100 percent sure that we'll feel pain tomorrow.

Shake it.

- Shake it. - One, two.

This may seem easy, but it's pretty tough.

(Shake it up and down.)

Shake it fast. Faster.

- Oh, my gosh. - My abdomen hurts.

- Faster. - Gosh, my shoulder.

- My abdomen hurts. - Gosh!

- Okay. Let's take a break. - Okay.

- Why do I have a sore throat? - My abdomen hurts.

I can't exercise with you, Mi Joo.

Mi Joo is really...

(She has a loud voice compared to her physical strength.)


(I can't do this anymore.)

- Mi Joo is really... - Look at her. She's doing it again.

You're not there yet.

She thinks she has abs now. You're not there yet.

(She's going to take a body profile photo soon.)

So Min. You should do this workout several times to get abs.

(Really? Should I try that?)


(I have abs now.)

Oh, you have it.

Okay, let's speed up. Break time is over.

- Get ready. - Let's go.

(It's pretty tough here.)

It's really tiring. It's never-ending.

- Raise arms alongside your ears. - Get ready.

Ready, go!


(An exemplary member you can see at a gym)


(She's an inferior student.)

(This is so tiring.)

What are you doing? Keep going.

(Please stop this, sir.)

(The teacher puts down his water bottle furtively.)

- Okay. - All right.

Now, stop.

(Throwing away)

I give up.

Why aren't you doing this?

I'm tired.

Why are you tired?

- Don't you do this every day? - This is our last time.

I don't do this kind of exercise these days.

- Then what do you do? What's that? - I lift weights.

I do bodybuilding.

- His shoulder is unbalanced. - His shoulder?

- His legs too. - Right. His right leg is bigger.

The right side of his body is bigger.

It could be a different kind of sport. Golf, for example.

- I know. - Right?

(What kinds of sports make you use your shoulder?)

- Does he paddle with his right arm? - I see.

- Rowing? - Right, rowing.

(He's suspicious.)

(Is he a real trainer who has lost 70kg?)

(Or is he an athlete that is cast by the production crew?)

Bo Hyun, did you know that we're going to do this?

- Yes? - Did you expect to do this?

I thought I would eat something delicious.

(I'm hungry after working out.)

Now we're done exercising,

- so I'll show you my diet menu. - Right, the menu.

- I'll show you my menu. - Let's eat.

(We're finally going to eat.)

(The second secret method...)

(that helped him lose 70kg)

(Oats and chicken porridge)

You can cook it easily with the microwave.

Can I make it with the microwave?

- Sure, you only need the microwave. - That's good.

(Oatmeal, chicken, water, minced garlic, )

(Cheongyang chili pepper, scallion, salt, and pepper)

All right. You need oatmeal.

We'll put in a bit of minced garlic.

And a bit of minced scallion.

- If you like spicy food, - I like spicy food.

You can add Cheongyang chili pepper to it.

Put in chicken breast.

And pour water into it.

(Pour water, and it's all ready.)

- And add some salt. - It's like risotto.

- Just a little, please. - Okay.


- Oh, my gosh. - He added too much salt.

- He added too much salt. - That was too much.

(He added too much salt to a diet dish.)

Is it okay to eat that much salt?

If we don't eat salt,

we can't have enough energy to exercise.

(You must eat salt when you exercise.)

(But still, that's too much.)

(He puts the bowl in the microwave.)

(You only need to wait for 3 minutes.)

- I don't think it would be good. - How will it taste?

Will it taste like chicken soup?

- One. It's done. - I see.

Is that porridge?

(How will oats and chicken porridge taste?)

(It looks pretty delicious.)

I can eat this with one bite.

(Will the porridge made with oatmeal be delicious?)

Goodness. It's so good.

- Is it good? - He's overreacting again.

It's like chicken soup.

(It's really good.)

- It tastes like chicken soup. - Right.

I can taste oats.

(It's made with chicken breast and oats. How could it be so good?)


This is so good.

This is so good.

So is this your diet menu?

- Yes, it is. - I see.

I think I can eat this every day.

(He could have lost 70kg in 4 months with this.)

I'll cook this at home.

But do we have to eat this amount?

Right, you shouldn't eat much.

Oatmeal is pressed,

so it's high in calories than you think.

- This is so good. - It's so good.

It's the best diet menu...

- I've ever had. - Right.

It's so good.

(Six Sensers are completely fascinated by it.)


He looks like a home shopping host.

- It's like home shopping. - I know. He looks like a show host.

There's no recipe.

If you want to make it thick, don't add too much water to it.

- Do you work in live commerce? - Are you really...

You look like a show host.

If I find you on the other channel,

I would really feel...

(It can't happen.)

(Is he an eloquent speaker who has lost 70kg?)

(Or is he a show host that is cast by the production crew?)

Don't you think he's real?

- Don't you think he's real? - I want to see his stretch marks.

Sir, you've lost weight in such a short time.

But you have a well-toned body.

Can you show your abs?

No, I don't have muscles now.

He's not working these days.

But we need to see something to decide.

We can't see anything now.

Show us your arm then.

I'm wearing a long-sleeved top. I can't roll it up.

(There are stretch marks on his arm.)

- You have stretch marks. - But...

He really has stretch marks.

He'd weighed 150kg for his whole life,

but he has lost so much weight.

He should have much more stretch marks...

and his body should be saggy.

(When you lose a lot of weight, )

(you could get a lot of stretch marks.)

(This is confusing.)

I have this friend who always works out.

He's really skinny, but he has stretch marks.

So I can't tell it from it.

Can you get a lot of stretch marks when you do arm workouts a lot?

- Also... There's this too. - He has a lot of stretch marks.

If you exercise then stop, it gives you stretch marks.

(Is that so?)

(Is he a real trainer who lost 70kg in just 4 months?)

(Or is he a fake dieter created by the production crew?)

We need to get a hint, so let's play a game.

The game we'll be playing today is Relay Scream in Silence.

- Scream in Silence? - It sounds fun!

What's that?

(Team match)

(Wear a headphone so you cannot hear others.)

(Explain the keyword to the team members...)

(in relay within the time limit.)

(It's a success if the last person guesses the keyword.)

(The team which guesses more gets the hint.)

(Team Jae Seok is wearing their headphones...)

(before the game starts.)

(Block B's "Very Good" is playing.)

I can't hear you.

Gosh, I really can't hear anything.

So Min, you explain.


(Dance machines on full operation)

- Get a grip! - Hurry up and get there.

Get a grip and get there.

You're doing that again!

This is hard.

- It's hard to explain. - So Min, would you like to guess?

- Fruit. - Oa-ee.

(Slow mode on her own)

- Fruit. - Wa-ee.

- It's a fruit! - Wa-ee!

- It's a fruit juice. - Wa-i-eop-su-ba-ri-wu..

- Juice. - Ee.

(The harmony of despair)

(Passing out)

- Juice. - Yu-su.

What's that?

- But it's a bit bitter. - Bitter?

- It's a bit bitter. - Bitter?

(She's laughing so hard that she fell down.)

- I can't do this. - It's a bit bitter.

- Fruit juice. - Wa-i-wu-su.

(The explanation is over! It's Mi Joo's turn.)

My gosh.

- Wa-i. - Wa-i.

- Yu-ji. - Ju-i.

- It's a bit bitter! - Sprinkle salt!

- Wa-i. - Wa-i.

- Yu-ji. - Wu-i.

- Wa-i-yu-ji? - Wa-i-yu-ji-sseo?

- Wa. - Wa?

- Guess the answer! - Wa-i-yu.



- Gosh, next. - Goodness.

What is it?

- Hurry up, hey! - Hey!

(Viewers, try to guess together.)

- Okay! - Next?

Don't get too close.

(Omniscient Mi Joo's point of view for a while)

(Omniscient Mi Joo's point of view for a while)

- The very end of tripe. - The very end of tripe?

- Yes. - The very end of tripe?

- Yes. - The very end?

- Yes. - The very end of tripe?

- Entrails. - Yes. The very end of tripe!

The very end of tripe?

The one you grill to eat.

- The one you pick up to eat. - The one you grill to eat.

The very end of tripe!

The very end of tripe! The one you grill to eat.

Pick up the very end of tripe?

The one you grill to eat.

- So Min. Tripe. - Tripe.

- The very end. - Delivery.

- You pick it up to eat. - Pick it up to eat?

- Yes, you pick it up to eat. - Pick it up to eat?

- Yes. - Slowly.

- Tripe. - Tripe.

- The very end of it. - Delivery.

(This is the fiery pit of tripe delivery.)

- Delivery? - No.

- The very end. - Delivery?

- No. The very end! - Delivery.

No. Finish!

- Chew? Delivery. Yu-i. - Yes.

- The end. - I.

- E? - The end.

(She only gets the strange parts right.)


(I guess this is the end.)

What did you say?

- What's the answer? - Pick it up to eat.

- Pick it up to eat? - Pick it up to eat.

A beggar?

- A beggar... - My goodness.

(What a beggar-like question.)


(Let's go on to the next question.)

(The last keyword is "motion sickness".)

When you ride a car for a long time,

- your insides... - Burn your skin...

Burn your skin for a long time.

- When you're in a car for long. - Skin.

- A car. - Skin.

- A car. - Skin.

- If you're in it for a long time. - If you burn it for a long time.

Your insides feel nauseous.

(Looking at his mouth from the 1st row)

- Gosh, Jae Seok. This... - Nauseous.


(Okay, I got it.)

- Your skin! - Skin.

- Burn it for a long time. - Burn it for a long time?

- Yes. Burn it for a long time. - Burn your skin for a long time.

- Burn it. - Burn it?

- Yes, burn it. - Burn it.

- Your insides feel nauseous. - This part melts?


- Nauseous. - Ryeo?

- That's right. - It's ryeo?

Yes, but say it twice. Nauseous.


What is it?

The end.

(It's Team Na Ra's turn to prepare for the game.)

Look at me.

The song's playing.

You need to play it louder.

(aespa's "Next Level" is playing.)

(Her moves conquer the wilderness.)

What's that?

Na Ra.

(Get out of here)

I'm getting dizzy.

- Yes! - Come here!


This is so fun!

(That was a good dance.)


(Team Bo Hyun's first try)

- Okay! - No.

(She calls Jessi.)

The one So Min's good at!

Imitating an animal!

(Monkey Jeon is automatically summoned.)

- So Min! - A wimp!

- So Min! - Jompaenggi.

- So Min! - What did she say?

She said "a wimp".

So Min is good at imitating this!

An animal!


- An animal! - Gongpong!

(The mouth shapes look quite similar.)

- So Min! - Comedy!

- Tong! - So Min!

The animal she's good at imitating!


- Turn around now. - Animal!

(The time's up, and she has to pass it to Bo Hyun.)

- Stop. - Comedy!

Comedy! Snot!


Comedy and snot.

- What's the answer? - I have to guess the keyword.

(Unexpected clumsiness)

Explain to us.

- Comedy and snot? - Yes, it's comedy!

- What's the answer? - Young Goo!

He said "Young Goo"!

(Young Goo does fit both snot and comedy.)

Go on.

(The second keyword is "holiday".)

Comedy and snot!

- In front of a tomb, you bow. - A tomb.

- Greeting. - A tomb!

- A tomb. Prayer! - In front of a tomb,

- you bow. - Bow!

That's right. It's the day you do that.

- What? - It's coming soon.

- What? - You eat delicious food as well!


- You play Go-Stop too! - Play a drum!

The day all your relatives gather!

What's that day called?

(A tomb, bow, everyone gathers, play a drum)

- A funeral? - What?

- A funeral? - What did you say?

(What kind of funeral is that?)

- Stop it! - Okay.

You eat naengmyeon!

You bow.

And there are a lot of people.

With your chief!

(Don't tease your girlfriend.)

You eat naengmyeon! There are a lot of people!

You bow and pray.

(Unexpected cuteness)

She's so cute. What a baby.

There are a lot of people, and you bow.

I'm so curious about what kind of face Bo Hyun is making.

Ahn Bo Hyun.

Bo Hyun.

(Trembling eyes)

(He's in a tight spot.)

- What is this? - Wrong!

Bo Hyun is so funny.

What was it?

(Try to guess this time as well.)

(From now, become Bo Hyun...)

(and guess the answer.)

A lot of grandmothers eat this!

You can grill this!

(Have you figured it out?)

(The answer is "sweet potato".)

It's food, and it's small!

It's food, and it's small!

And you can grill it too!

You can grill it too, and a lot of grandmothers eat this!

- Grandmothers. - She's doing well.

- Like this. - But...

- She's so cute. A baby. - I see!

(He tries to ask a question.)

Go explain!

- Grandmothers... - Grandmothers!

- gather around and eat this! - What do grandmothers eat?

But you grill it.

Grandmothers eat this lying down?


(Why would grandmothers lie down?)

- Grandmothers eat this. - Grandmothers.

They grill this to eat.

- Grill. - Blow it.

- Yes. - Grandmothers grill this to eat?

Yes, grandmothers and grandfathers.

- All of them. - Grandmothers grill this to eat?

Sweet potato?

(Team Bo Hyun gets 1 answer right.)

Did I get it right?


- Hardship. - Bo Hyun, it's over.

- Bo Hyun, it's over. - Bo Hyun, it's over.

Bo Hyun, it's over.

- Good job. - My goodness.

I can't hear a thing.

I think I can do better if I try again.

What is it? This is a hint?

(First hint: "As easy as eating cold porridge.")

("A ghost which died after eating looks good.")

How is this a hint?

I don't think this hint applies to just this place.

I think it applies to all the places.

Okay. The word "eating" is highlighted.

We ate just now.

(Is this place, which is related to eating, fake?)

We need to combine various things to solve this.

After checking the hints from all the places.

We need to remember this.

- That's the hint. - It's better to get...

as many hints as we can, right?

(Fake House, Two Fake S's)

(1. Two fake "S" s are related to eating!)

(Which are the two fake S's?)

- Let's go! - Let's go.

What nice weather!

The weather's so nice.

Look at how blue the sky is. It's so pretty.

- It's a perfect day for a picnic. - Yes.

- This... - Honey, isn't the weather so nice?

Look at the sky.

- Isn't it, honey? - Honey!

- I said you can't take Bo Hyun! - Honey.

- Bo Hyun... - Honey, shall we swim?

No! Not Bo Hyun.

(They are full of smiles yet again today.)

(They move to the building next to it.)

What is this?

(The 1st S: 70kg dieter)

(Location for lunch: 24-hour cashier-less cafe)


(24-hour cashier-less cafe for the guests)

(It's filled with snacks to relieve your hunger.)

(It has instant ramyeon making machines...)

(and a cashier-less counter for easier access.)

(This is where Sixth Sensers will have their lunch today.)

Guys, I'll make ramyeon for you!

(They enter.)

- Gosh. - Gosh.

- Cashier-less cafe is nice! - It's fascinating.

Did the crew make this as well?

- This is real. - This is actually here?

I thought the Sixth Sense crew made this.

Jae Seok, Bo Hyun thought the crew made this.

- Made what? - I thought they made this cafe.

This is cashier-less cafe.

Bo Hyun, this is fake.

- This place is real. - He thought the crew made this.

You think very highly of the production crew's ability.

Things like this look fake.

- You know what I mean, right? - Yes, like this.

- Look here. Follow me! - The water...


(For So Min)

Thank you.

- Thank you. - This is a different flavor.

- Do I put in everything? - Yes, put in everything like this.

- Do I just put in everything? - Yes!

(They are cooking stir-fried ramyeon deliciously...)

(for Sixth Sensers who get along well.)

I made it.

(So Min shows off her ramyeon.)

I made it.

Then eat quickly.

Alone? I want to eat together.

I'm still boiling mine. Eat.

- Go and eat alone. - Why are you so cold today?

Yes. Go eat.

(Freezing cold)

(Jae Seok is colder than usual.)

You're fake, right?

(The fake S they need to find today)

(His name has an S in it too.)

(Yu Jae Seok)

No. If you're done, go eat.

He's fake.

(Sang Yeob and So Min come out to the terrace.)

Thank you for the food!

- What is this? Stir-fried ramyeon? - So Min, come here.

It's really cooked in two minutes.

After cooking, you can put in some ice.

- Make it cold? - Yes.

- I guess you can eat it cold too. - You can eat it like that as well.


- Jessi! - you should pour out the water...

Jessi, look.

(At that moment, Mi Joo looked outside the window.)

Gosh, Jae Seok, look at that.

Am I the strange one?

Exactly. They...

- Look, who's the strange one? - They have an issue.

- Exactly. - What are they doing?

I mean, it's fine.

But they should tell me honestly.


Even Bo Hyun thinks something's going on between them.

- It's delicious. - Look. This isn't right.

Aren't they too close?

Two of them...

Look at them.

I'm fine.

- Because I... I'm fine, but... - Jessi, you're not fine now.

- Jessi, you're not fine. - But... No.

- I'm feeling a bit upset because... - Jessi.

I've never been cheated on by a guy.

Please zoom in on Sang Yeob.

His philtrum.

A guy should eat this.

- My goodness! - My goodness!

- My goodness! - My goodness!

(At the shocking scene, their lips dry out.)

(Replay of Scream in Silence)

We're filming!

Date each other!

(Sang Yeob is just bright.)

His face... Gosh.

(I'm frustrated.)

If we're in the USA,

my guy friends will come at you, Sang Yeob.

This is really good as a drinking snack.

(She feels good after eating.)

- It's delicious, right? - Yes.

- Is it good? - It's delicious.

Bo Hyun, did you already eat? You're sweating so much.

Just looking at spicy food makes me sweat.

- Bo Hyun is sweating. - I sweat.

- What did you do? - That won't do.

(She rushes at the news of Bo Hyun's sweat.)

(Mi Joo acquired a tissue.)


(Straightforward Mi Joo's booster is turned on.)

- I saw you sweating. - Give me some tissues.

I didn't bring yours. Wipe your sweat.

- Give me one, no, just half. - No.

- Why? Did you spill it? - It splashed.

- I'm wearing a shirt inside. - It's okay, please eat.

- Is it okay? - Yes.

Bo Hyun and Mi Joo just met today, so why do they look so close?

This is what compatibility is.

(He smiles beautifully at Mi Joo's cuteness.)

(The noodle lover finally tastes the stir-fried ramyeon.)

- It's quite spicy. - But it's really delicious.

- But it helps you relieve stress. - Yes, it's delicious.

(Straightforward Mi Joo is straightforward with eating too.)

I think I can take this much of spiciness.

Bo Hyun, stop eating. You can't eat spicy food, can you?


- I see. - He can't eat spicy food.

I guess handsome guys cannot eat spicy food.

That's right, Jong Hyeop couldn't eat spicy food as well.


Jae Seok, you eat spicy food so well.

I eat it really well.

- I eat it well too. - Jae Seok...

(Mi Joo, Jae Seok...)

He only eats spicy food.

(Jae Seok only eats spicy food.)

(Jae Seok likes spicy food, which means he's...)

Let's go find the S.

Okay! Move!

(What is the next fake S?)

(Cashier-less cafe)

(Sixth Sensers head to the resting area...)

(in the next building.)

It's quite cool when the wind blows.

- Yes. - My butt is sweating.

This is nice.

- Look at Bo Hyun's tendons! - Nature.



- His tendons. - Bo Hyun's tendons.

Your tendons become prominent...

- when you work out. - Gosh, the tendons.

- I'm jealous of Jae Seok right now. - I also have tendons.

That was delicious.

I don't see an S.

It's marked here!

It's here.

Where is this place?

What is this?

"They look like photos, but they are actually hand-drawn!"

"Are these paintings real?"

(The second S found by Sixth Sensers)

(Set up in the resting area...)

(are 3 unknown photo frames!)

(Hyperrealism painting...)

(that is difficult to differentiate with real objects)

(They draw each stroke meticulously...)

(that it looks like a photo at a glance.)

(If all 3 paintings are hand-drawn, )

(this place is real.)

(If at least one is a photo, )

(this place is fake.)

(What is the identity of the S in this place?)

We have to guess from here? Can't we get closer?

You can't come closer. Guess from there.

Are they real paintings or photos?

(Are all 3 of them paintings?)

- They are paintings! - Gosh.

They are paintings.

There are three of them.

Is one of them a painting?

(Are they all real paintings?)

Gosh, this is crazy!

- They are paintings? - No, they're all paintings.

- No, they're all photos. - That's what I'm saying.

They are photos.

- They're drawn! - They're paintings!

For me, they look like paintings,

but they look too much like paintings.

- My goodness. - So I think they're photos. Right?

Two of them can be paintings,

but one of them can be a photo.

(This is confusing.)

(Leaning forward)

Don't cross the line, Jessi!


But I can't see!

I have bad astigmatism.

I have bad astigmatism as well.

(One more person with astigmatism)

(There is no exception even if you have astigmatism.)

Keep looking at the snack.

Look at it carefully.

The resolution looks like a photo at one point.

- But I saw paintings like that. - This is so confusing.

- You did? - There are a lot on social media.

- Someone drew something like that? - Yes, there are a lot of those.

Doesn't that banana look like a photo?

Exactly. No, the banana looks like a painting to me.

If they're paintings, this is real, if they're photos, this is fake.

Why does that coke look like a painting to me?

Right? The shadows and stuff.

- This is driving me crazy. - The shadows look like a painting.

It's either Oreo or Coca-Cola.

I think that's a photo and the other two are paintings.

What does that mean?

That's a photo, and they are paintings.

(Are these 3 photo frames...)

(all paintings?)

(If there is at least one photo, this place is fake!)

I don't like this game!

(She doesn't like it, but she still wants to find it.)

This is so confusing.

I don't know.

(The further you are, the more confusing it gets.)

(Are they paintings or photos?)

- I can't take pictures, can I? - You can't!

Of course I can't!

If they are real paintings...

Mine can zoom in 100 times, so can I take pictures?

You can't.

(At that moment)

What's that? Something fell.

(That was smooth.)

Don't come in!

(It didn't work.)

Bo Hyun, why are you standing behind?

I can see from above.

(Superior height)

(That's awesome.)

I wanted to see how they look like from afar.

Let me see from afar as well.

(It doesn't work for me.)

(One more time for the viewers!)

(Are all 3 of them paintings?)

(Or are they fake with a photo inside?)

- Let's go find another S. - Okay!

(They move on to find another S)

- Gosh! - Goodness!

Gosh, it's so pretty!

- Gosh, this is... - It's like paradise.

It's like 3D!

It looks like a moving 3D!

(Below the picturesque forest that moves lively, )

(a transparent stream flows coolly right beside it.)

(The food truck is placed in the middle of the good nature.)

- What is this? - A food truck!

- A food truck. - It's a food truck!

Food truck?


(It's a food truck.)


- What's she doing? - Mi Joo!

She's going berserk.

Mi Joo, do something with your hair.


Is it marked with an S? It is.

- Hold on. Is this right? - Burgers.

A hamburger?

(A burger food truck)

- "A food truck that went viral..." - "A food truck that went viral..."

- "on the SNS." - "on the SNS."

- Sixth Sense viewers, - Sixth Sense viewers,

- do you think this place is real? - do you think this place is real?

Hold on. What?

It feels like it really exists.

I also think this exists for sure.

(Why is this small but perfectly equipped food truck special?)

(Land, sea, and sky)

(Too Much Burger which has too much delicious stuff...)

(is the main menu.)

(The originator of the SNS monster burger hype)

(Daily profit of 5,000 to 6,000 dollars)

(The legend of dokkaebi night market, )

(the holy ground of food trucks)

(The third "S")

(A burger food truck. Is this real?)

First of all, the smell is...

- It smells so nice. - And we're outside.

- Hello. - I'm a hamburger professional.

Please introduce yourself.



I'm a food truck owner. I'm Kyung Joon.

I've been interested in the foodservice industry.

But I didn't have enough money to open a restaurant.

I was hesitant because I needed lots of money to start a restaurant.

Then, I watched the movie "Chef".

With a food truck, they cooked and traveled.

I thought this was a good idea that I could start right away.

With 5,000 dollars, I bought a truck first.

Then it cost 10,000 dollars to renovate the truck.

Our special menu is Too Much Burger.

In short, T.M.B.

T.M.B is...

famous in social media for its thickness which is 10cm.

Normally, you use bread for the hamburger bun.

But I use dakgalbi fried rice instead.

You know the taste of fried rice.

When it's used as a hamburger bun, it tastes very savory.

The patty is made of crab meat and shrimps.

And I put in delicious marinated beef bulgogi.

(When you stack them together, )

Ingredients from all over the earth go really well.

(Too Much Burger is done.)

When you cut it in half, it looks incredible.

You want to upload the picture of it on your Instagram.

Another special thing is, with french fries,

I serve fried garlic stems as well.

Fried garlic stems tastes a bit sweet.

When you dip it in chili mayonnaise it's the best dish with beer.

(It goes well with beer.)

Sixth Sensers,

do you think this place is real?


I run this burger food truck. I'm Kyung Joon.

Nice to meet you.

I hear that this went viral on social media.

What made it go viral?

In dokkaebi market,

there used to be a food truck zone.

It ran until October of 2019.

(It was voted as the best food truck in dokkaebi night market in 2019.)

There, we sold our special menu, T.M.B.

- It is... - T. M. B.?

I really like eating burgers.

As a food truck, it needs to have a special menu.

Because it's a competitive business.

These days, everything is mixed together.

So I mixed all the burgers I like. And people found it tasty.

I use dakgalbi fried rice as buns.

You know how fried rice tastes.

I always loved the taste.

- I wanted to use it as buns. - That's delicious.

It's both delicious and Korean.

So people have been liking it so far.

Due to COVID 19,

it would be hard to run the food truck...

- like you used to. - That's right.

How much did you earn a day the most?

It went really well.

I earned 5,000 to 6,000 dollars a day.

- In a day? - That's great.

- Do you run it by yourself? - No, I don't.

I usually have two employees.

(Today he's here alone without his employees.)

To earn 5,000 to 6,000 dollars a day,

how many burgers do you have to make?

The burger is 9 dollars and the set is around 10 dollars.

So I make 500 to 600 burgers.

(500 to 600 burgers a day in this small food truck?)

Do you make that much money these days?

Since 2019, because of the situation,

I mostly do catering services.

- Catering services. - That's what I do now.

- So you go to shooting scenes. - Yes.

I see.

(That's very specific.)

Now, I go all around the country.

I met Jessi before.

- Where? - We used to go to festivals a lot.

- They go to festivals and concerts. - At the Water Bomb Festival.

(She can't remember quite well.)

(At the festival, Jessi was having fun.)

Was I wearing a bikini or not?

You weren't.

What? I wore a bikini.

(The owner suddenly stopped talking...?)

I always wore bikinis at the Water Bomb Festival.

(Is he lying?)

(Is he lying about the festival? Or did he remember it wrong?)

Anyway, we need to taste it.

- Can we taste it? - Of course.

I'm actually all set.

How long does it take to cook?

Because we're all set, to make one burger,

it will take about a minute.

- Really? - That's so fast.

That's very fast.

That's how he can earn that much money.

(The truth is hidden.)

Please give us burgers.

- Okay. I'll make them right away. - It'll be delicious.

- We get to taste it. - This is good.

- It's great. - It's so cool.


Listen up.

Bo Hyun, come here.

Not Jae Seok.

She told Bo Hyun to come here.

- He dances well. - Come here.

Bo Hyun, you need to go to a deserted island.

It's time to go to a deserted island, Bo Hyun.


Yes, he needs to go to a deserted island.


(Bo Hyun is embarrassed.)

Ahn Bo Hyun needs to go to a deserted island now.

They've improved. They have an alarm now.

Now. We're all in the same condition.

We're the same age.

- I watched the show yesterday. - Yes.

Every time a male guest comes,

you seem to move on to him.

(Transfer Sisters)


I never do that.

I never move on. I was never chosen.

I saw Mi Joo getting picked on yesterday's episode.

- The first one. - That was the first time.

Yes, it was the first time. By Gray.


- She never had to transfer. - Hey, you.

Did you commit a huge crime?

(Her hair looks like she's a huge criminal.)

- What's wrong with her hair? - I never had to transfer.

- Is this important? - Yes.

It's very important to them.

He asked if this is important.

- Actually, - Bo Hyun must feel pressured.

Bo Hyun, you don't need to be pressured.

They never ask you for your number or things like that.

I won't ask for your number.

My number is...

(She force-feeds her number again today.)

- So Bo Hyun. - Yes.

I like bright people.


(I like bright people.)


(Trying to appeal their brightness)

(Falling down)


He's so funny.

- I'm very bright. - Oh, my gosh.

I'm a very bright person.

- So bright. - I'm also bright.

- They're the worst. - They really are the worst.

(I'll smile or cry, whatever he wants.)

In yesterday's episode,

I thought you were always bright.

But there were some that make me want to protect them.

- Right. - I'm like that.

Bo Hyun is flirting.

(Who will go to a deserted island with Bo Hyun?)

Who do you choose?

Heart, stop pounding so fast.

(Heart pounding)

(I choose Mi Joo.)

I choose Mi Joo.

(Screaming for joy)

You are...

- Mi Joo is popular these days. - She must be getting popular.

Your time has come.


My number is...

I won't call you first.

(Now she's flirting.)

I passed out when we met.

You didn't want to protect me?

I'm so weak.

I really wanted to meet you again.

Because I couldn't even say goodbye.

(Oh, my.)

He wanted to meet you again.

But now that he did, you're not his type.

Be quiet.

Right, be quiet.


(He's pitiful again today.)

He knows how to play. Oh, my.

(A moth kisses him out of the blue.)

(Oh, my goodness.)

A moth.

- Jae Seok. - What was that, Jae Seok?

A moth came out of your mouth.

- Did it come out of his mouth? - It came out of his mouth.

- He's Sha Wujing. - No, I'm not.

(Chikichiki chakachaka chocochoco)

(A moth)

(These hyenas found something to make fun of him.)

(Laughing so hard)

- Are you Sha Wujing? - No.

How can this happen?

A moth came out of his mouth.


I'm so upset.

(Meanwhile, in the food truck, )

(he's stacking up Too Much Burgers fast.)

It's coming.

(The look makes them clap for it.)

It looks so delicious.

The look says it's real.

(How does it taste?)

How can I eat this? It's too big.

(A big bite)

It's like...

You need to have all of these in a bite. Look.

(A big bite)

- She's got a big mouth. - She knows how to eat.

The taste is...

(They both take a big bite.)

How is it?

- It's delicious. - Yes.

I'll try some.

(Jae Seok takes a big bite.)

(His frowning means that it's really delicious.)

It's like...

- It tastes like beef bulgogi. - beef bulgogi.

(With grilled beef, )

On top of that, the shrimp is there.

There's an avocado too.

(With savory avocado on top, )

(there's the overflowing burger.)

It's spicy.

Rather than a hamburger, it tastes like Korean food.

(With spicy fried rice buns, it tastes like Korean food.)

It feels like I'm eating Korean food in a burger shape.

(Mi Joo goes for french fries.)

It's delicious.

Girls, french fries are so delicious.

(Crispy french fries)

(Salty french fries...)

(with sour ketchup)

- Are these garlic stems? - Yes.

I love garlic stems.

- Look. - My goodness.

How did he think of frying garlic stems?

(The side dishes that you keep wanting to eat are done.)

(The sound of fried garlic stems)

This is so delicious.

This is fried garlic stem.

- Really? - Isn't it interesting?

(Side dishes are successful.)

Jae Seok, do you think our staff can make these?

It's too delicious.

Our food team...

- has gotten improved. - They improved.

That's right.

(Is it by the improved food team? Or is Too Much Burger real?)

- Isn't it too hard to eat? - It's so hard.

It's delicious, but so hard to eat.

(It's hard to eat because the inside comes out.)

I get this is a unique menu.

But it's a food truck. People need to stand up to eat.

They don't eat with forks.

So it shouldn't spill.

People sometimes sit down and eat around food trucks.

They can cut and eat this.

(These days, you can cut and eat food from food trucks.)

(Did the staff make this which is difficult to eat?)

(Is it something can be sold in a food truck?)

- It's delicious. - You have some on your chin.

- What? - You have some on your chin.

It's okay.


- The moth... - You just cut his throat with this.

(The appalling assassin)

(He failed to assassinate him.)

Bo Hyun. You are...

(The first guest who is an assassin)

You also have some on your chin.

(Stay still.)

(I'll clean it up for you.)

There's a strange romance between you two.

(What romance?)

Jae Seok, you know what?

Sang Yeob takes care of all the boys...

and doesn't take care of girls.

(Why are you saying that?)

- She's upset. - You're upset again.


I'll be better.

(Reading Jessi's face)

I'm scared.

Bo Hyun says he is scared.

(Why did you say that, Jae Seok?)

(Don't worry. It's a fight with love.)

Bo Hyun, what's your MBTI type?

(Mi Joo, my MBTI type is...)

Mine is ISFP.

Not you. I don't want to know yours.

I don't know mine. It's IN...

Anyway, you have I in your type.

We'll go great together. Mine also starts with I.


Bo Hyun just went like this.



(Again. Okay.)

Bo Hyun just did this.

I see. You know what that means.

It means he doesn't want to continue the talk.

(When you approach, he runs away. A professional flirt, Ahn Fox.)

Now, I'm doubting the pictures.

(Jae Seok thinks the pictures are fake.)

This could be real, I think.

I think this is real for 100 percent.

- I think this is fake. - You think this is fake?

I think this is fake. The food is...

It's too complicated to make in a food truck.

Will this make the ends meet?

It has crabs in it. He also uses garlic stems.

The meat is delicious.

And avocados are expensive.

(The ingredients are expensive.)

(The food truck earns 5,000 to 6,000 a day. Is it real or fake?)

Let's get a hint.

We're playing Statues.

It'll be fun.

- Statues. - Statues.

(It has the same rules as regular Statues.)

(A tagger)

(You need to stop in a pose that the tagger gives as a mission.)

(Model Statues)

(Statues that are like models.)

(There are some zombie statues.)

(When the mission has a person's name, )

(you need to hide the person from tagger seeing him.)

(When tagger sees him, they're all out.)

(If they touch the tagger 2 times out of 4 rounds, they win.)

- Yes. - We'll begin.


- Let's begin. - Okay.


He's teasing us.



(Na Ra ran out.)

(I'll tag you.)

Ugly Statues.

(All of them look ugly.)

(All the ugly statues pass.)

(Oh Na Ra Statues.)

(We're doomed.)

(It was a trap.)


(There are always people like her in every Statues game.)

(Oh, no!)

Oh Na Ra Statues.

- Na Ra. - This shouldn't happen.

He saw Na Ra was in the front.

This isn't fair.

- I just realized the reality. - What was it?

When he said ugly Statues, I stood still.

- But he let that slide. - But he let that slide.

(Amongst Sixth Sensers who are frowning, )

(he doesn't stand out.)

- He let that slide. - He let that slide.

He didn't kick me out. How could he let that slide?

I didn't do anything.

(Let's say he didn't see him.)

(Second round)

Ready, start. Lee Sang Yeob Statues.

- I didn't cross the line. - He hasn't crossed the line yet.

Not Oh Na Ra Statues,

(Not Ahn Bo Hyun Statues)

(With the fake mission, they are struggling.)

Not Ahn Bo Hyun Statues,

Lee Mi Joo Statues.

Jae Seok, go away!

- Move your head. - My head doesn't smell.

- Move your head. - Good job.

- Move your head. - Mi Joo.

(I'm sorry that I couldn't save either of you.)

(Sexy Statues.)

Sexy Statues.

(The youngest one is foxy.)

(Matured sexiness)

What are you doing, Ahn Bo Hyun?

Ahn Bo Hyun.

- What are you doing? - That's sexy.

(With him scolding Bo Hyun, she glances at him.)

- That's sexy. - What are you doing?

His back is so sexy.

(Bo Hyun doesn't have sexy cell yet.)

(They're getting close to the tagger.)


(Jessi rushes.)

(I'm finishing this round.)

(This is our chance!)

Push-up Statues.

(Jessi successfully touches the tagger.)

(Fast movements)

(Nice, Jessi.)

Jessi did it.

(With one more success, they can get a hint.)

I'm good. Right? I did all the poses.

Let's start. Ready.

(The first place, Jessi, watches them with the tagger.)

(Third round)

Ready, start. Cute Statues.

(The proper...)


Jae Seok is not cute.


(Meanwhile, )

(he tips over.)

- Sang Yeob. - Sang Yeob is out.

(He's about to be out.)

(He'll be out soon.)

Why isn't this cute?

- You're out. - Why am I out?

- You're out. - Why?

No matter what,

you're not cute.

- Sang Yeob, come out here. - Is this okay?

Ready, start. Trot singer Statues.

(He's about to sing his heart out.)

That's similar.

(Jeon So Min Statues.)

Jeon So Min Statues.

(Holding tight)

Get out of here. Only Bo Hyun can come.

(Get out of here. Only Bo Hyun can come.)

Only Bo Hyun can come.

Not Ahn Bo Hyun, not Oh Na Ra,

not Jeon So Min,

Lee Mi Joo Statues.

- Oh, my. - What's going on?

What? You're so lucky. Bo Hyun...

Lee Mi Joo Statues.

(Into Bo Hyun's wide arms)

Bo Hyun.

Tell him if you like him.

What's going on between them?

What's going on between Bo Hyun and Mi Joo?

(They're more excited than Mi Joo.)

I want to stop them.

This is absurd.

- Goodness. - This is absurd.

(Mi Joo, be happy.)

- Ahn Bo Hyun Statues. - Come here.

(You're caught.)

(If his comedian sister is sad, he's happy.)

Oh, my gosh.

(With Bo Hyun seen, they failed.)

Bo Hyun, you made our hearts beat.

- He hugged Mi Joo. - Why weren't you near me?

Mi Joo, you did that on purpose.

Where were you when I tried to seduce you?

- My heart dropped. - I'm really...

The last round.

Frivolous Statues.

(The right example of being frivolous.)

(Copy and paste)

Why is Jae Seok doing that?


(It's between being cute and being frivolous)

Not Yoo Jae Seok, but Lee Sang Yeob Statues.

(They run everywhere to find Sang Yeob.)



- You look great together. - Bo Hyun...

(Bo Hyun is a hug master.)

What? Why is my heart pounding?

It doesn't matter if he's a boy or a girl.

What's going on? What's the feeling?

(Sitting on a toilet Statues.)

Sitting on a toilet Statues.

(They made it safely.)

(Everyone seems to be successful in toilet business.)

(One of them is doing yoga on his toilet.)

Ahn Bo Hyun Statues.

(Bo Hyun is not here.)

I really can't see him.

Ahn Bo Hyun is not seen.

(Mi Joo is very close to the tagger.)

Lee Mi Joo Statues.

(Mi Joo touched the tagger.)

- You did it. - Gosh!

(This is it.)

- Mi Joo. - Hold on. Wait.

You and I, Mi Joo. Let's go.

This is fun.

(They got a hint as a group.)

(Both teams got the same hint.)

The hint is difficult.

- "One of the fake ones has..." - "One of the fake ones has..."

"a person. The other one doesn't."

The hint is very intuitive.

It's not twisted.

- Really? - Really?

There's a person for sure.

The other one with no person is fake.

There's no one for the picture.

- Right. - There's no one for the picture.

The three options we saw...

Two of them had people, one of them didn't.

(A dieter and a food truck has a person, the picture didn't.)

When it comes to the person, one of them could be fake.

One of them is fake, and one of them is real.

- You think so? - I think the trainer is real.

Me too. But I think the food truck is real too.

Gosh, this is confusing.

(Fake House, Two Fake S's)

(1. Two fake S's are related to food.)

(2. One of the fake S's has a person.)

(Which ones are the fake S's?)

(The third S, food truck)

- There's a valley. - The water is really clear.

(Where is the next S?)

The penalty must be going into the valley.

I want to dip my feet in it.

- It must be really refreshing. - I want to dip my feet in it.

Do you want to take a photo?

- I'd love it. - I'd love to.

(They take a group photo with the sunny weather as a background.)

One with the biggest hands can do this.

- Should I do it? - Let's step back a little.

- All right. - It's showing because of Bo Hyun.

- Here we go. - It looks crowded.


- It's nice. - The photo is so nice.

(Taking one more photo)

(Sixth Sensers, field trip)

- The photo turned out nice. - Now I will...

change the lock display.

(Mi Joo changes the display to the group photo they just took.)

It'll show like this.

- That's incredible. - It's fascinating.

- Here we go. - Yeob Sang!

(Forever, remember these members)

What are you doing after this, Bo Hyun?

Do you want to hang out here if you have time?

He's busy.

- He has a shoot tomorrow. - No, I'm not busy.

He said he's not busy.

- Bo Hyun... - I bet he doesn't have a shoot.

Bo Hyun will gear up his car and leave.

I'll break his engine.

- Where is this place? - Go up the stairs.

Wait. Is this the place?

There's an S on the door.

"An 18-year-old daughter..."

"and a 48-year-old mom who looks younger than her age?"

(No one can avoid...)

(getting aged.)

(We miss the old days.)

(It's a human instinct to want to become younger.)


(There's a woman who goes against time?)

(It went viral on social media.)

(The stars of the videos that show their young face)

(- She looks really young. - Are they twins?)

(I can't believe they're mother and daughter.)

(Did she use an app or did she strictly manage her shape?)

(A 48-year-old mom who looks like her daughter's sister)

(Is she really a young-looking mom?)

Of course it's possible.

(They're flustered by the content that looks plausible.)

What's fake about this?

(They're flustered by the content that looks plausible.)

But I don't think it's fake.

- What? - Let's go inside.

- The mom... - She's 48.

Looks young.

(What are the clues they can find here?)

It's not where people live. It's a rented place, right?

Yes, it is. But it looks like people lived here.

These are their clothes? They're all in the same size.

It looks like she's using these...

to maintain her shape.

This is called meridian scraping, right?

(Various skincare products for her young-looking face)

(Staring, massaging)

- She must use that for skincare. - Yes, it's for skincare.

So she's using this for skincare.

But those who look young don't need special care.


These look new.

They're all new.

And there's dust on it.

If you eat this regularly, there wouldn't be dust on it...

because you'd keep going for it.


(So Min acquired a massager.)

That's for your head.

(Since she's not sure how it's used, she uses it on Jae Seok.)

Like this? Is it relaxing?

It is. Try it.

Try it on your head.

You said I can use it on my head.

Try it on your head.

(Her hair gets tangled.)

(You said I can use it on my head.)

You guys are such troublemakers.

They're always fooling around.

I guess this isn't for your head.

- I told you. - I told you it's not for the head.

So Min. I got it out.

- I got it. - My gosh.

(She's a mess.)

- It's okay. - So Min, I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry. - I'll fix it for you.

- I thought it was for the head. - Jae Seok...

(A little misfortune bestowed by the Almighty of variety shows)

- It's okay now. - He said it's for the head.

It's fine now. You're pretty.

- He said it's for the head. - It's okay now.

- This is... - What's this?

It's the mom and the daughter.

(Suddenly, the TV is on.)

(She's the mom?)

- Who is the mom? - The one on the right.

(The video of two women who look like they're of the same age)

(The two in the video are mom and daughter?)

Oh, my. This can't be true. Are you serious?

- Who's the mom? - The one on the right.

- She's the mom? - You've got to be kidding.

No way.

So she's 48 years old.

How can she look so young?

(They look like they're sisters.)

(Are they real or fake?)

- They're here. Hello. - Hello.

- It's them. - Hello.

- Hello. - My goodness.


I'm a 48-year-old mom...

who has an 18-year-old daughter.

I'm the daughter of the young-looking mom,

and I'm 18 years old.

The video of us dancing...

got about five million views on our social media.

We have more than 30,000 followers.

(Did you always look young?)


I didn't always look young.

I took great care of myself to look young.

A tip to maintain a young body...

is to take supplements like Vitamin C, omega-3, and collagen.

I take them every day.

I've been taking those supplements for over ten years.

I work out for about 40 minutes to an hour at home every day.

It's confidence.

I got to befriend younger people...

and got to talk with them,

so I feel even younger.

Sixth Sense viewers.

- Do you think we're real? - Do you think we're real?

- They're the same height. - This is fascinating.

- You two look alike. - Right.

I think I saw them on social media.

- I know. - That's why...

I think I saw that video.

- They could be different people. - I think I've seen the daughter.

- I think it's them. - No.

Or it could be...

I swear I saw the video.

- Where did you see it? - You saw the exact same video?

- Yes. - From where?

- Maybe you saw it on the news. - On the news?

(Maybe you saw it on the news.)

(Gosh, I'm a trendy person too.)

- On the news? - What was that?

- Bo Hyun. - Hey!

Because you're not on social media.

- You... - He smiled as he said that.

- He's right. - My gosh.

- You're not on social media. - You're not on social media.

- That's why... - Even if I'm not on social media,

I could've seen it.

- From where? - I can watch those videos...

- on YouTube as well. - He's right.

- A collection of memes. - Yes. There's a collection...

- of funny memes. No, not memos. - Memos?

(Boiling with anger)

(She loves teasing Jae Seok.)

I thought he doesn't watch such videos.

What made you record the dance video?

After COVID-19 broke out,

we had nothing much to do...

when we were always together.

- You're at home all the time. - That's right.

So without thinking much,

we thought we'd just give it a try.

Did you always look young?

- No. - You didn't?

When I was in my 30s, I looked like I was in my 40s.

(So she took care of herself.)

Those who look old become younger when they grow old.

That's what happened to me. I used to look old when I was young.

I used to look old too.

Are you saying you look younger than your age now?

You're right.

(Mi Joo does look younger than her age.)

What made you start taking care of yourself?

After giving birth to my daughter,

I gained about 15kg.

I went into a clothing store to buy some clothes,

and I was browsing some.

The owner of the store...

told me that nothing in her store would fit me.


(That's upsetting.)

It was really sad,

so I cried a lot at home.

That's when you thought...

- you should take care of yourself? - Yes, that's when I decided...

and started working out.

(She transformed into a healthy and cool mom.)

They look real.


It's confusing.

(Is the woman in the photo really the young-looking mom?)

I'm really curious about this.

I'm not sure if I can ask you this because it could be offensive,

but did anyone...

ask your number on the street?

(Did anyone ask for her number since she looks young?)

Actually, I went to Hongdae with my daughter,

and someone talked to me from behind.

I told him that I'm with my daughter.


Isn't this the first time you're hearing this?

- No, it's not. - I saw the whites of your eyes.


It looks like it's her first time...

- hearing this story. - Like they met for the first time.

- Right? It looks that way. - It does.

I'm sorry, but could you show us your ears?

My ears?

- They look the same. - They have the same ears.

- Oh, my. - You can't fool your genes.

- They have the same ears. - They have the same ears.

- They are real. - That means they're real.

- They look the same. - They must be real.

- Then which one is fake? - You can't...

- They're real. - fool your genes.

(Are they real mother and daughter?)

(Or are they fake who met each other for the first time?)

You want to Facetime a friend of the mom?

Are we really Facetiming her friend?

This is how advanced it got?

It's so advanced. Wait.

- Her friend looks young too. - Wow.

(The young-looking mom's friend is young-looking too.)

- Right. She looks really young. - Is she the daughter's friend?

- No, she's my mom's friend. - You're the mom's friend?

(Very confused)

(You're the mom's friend?)

(Is she really the friend of the young-looking mom?)

- She's my friend. - She looks young too.

(The mom's friend is 25 years old.)

You're 25, and you're the mom's friend?

- No. - You're her friend?

She's younger than the mom, but she's her friend.

- Be quiet. - Oh, she's younger.

- No wonder. That makes sense. - I see.

We were startled because you looked young.

- How did you become her friend? - It's interesting.

She asked me...

to take a photo of her at the cafe my friend runs.

I asked her where she's from,

and we exchanged numbers.

She must be really social.

Then did you know how much older she was when you first met her?

No, I didn't know.

I found out through her video on her social media.

You didn't know how old she was until you saw her social media.

- Mi Joo. - Yes?

You'll have bad eyesight if you get too close to the TV.


(She agrees...)

(with her father's scolding.)

They are mom and daughter, right?

- Yes, they are. - They are? Wait.

(She stuttered when they asked her an important question.)

She's a bit...

Do you think they're real or are you certain that they're real?

She doesn't sound so sure about it.

Sorry? Could you repeat?

(Was it a transmission error or is she avoiding to answer?)

Doesn't she look like their family?


- She looks like the mom. - Oh, I see.

Doesn't she look like the mom?

(Is she the real friend of the young-looking mom?)

(Or is she the family of the fake young-looking mom?)

I'm sorry for asking, but where are you right now?

It looks like you're near here.

I know.

It looks like...

she's nearby.

- It looks like she's here. - It looks like she's in this house.

Are you getting directions from someone in front of you?

It looks like your focus...

It looks like someone is giving you directions.

Wait a minute.

- Are you sure? - The color of the wallpaper...

You can't go up there.

- Is one of our writers with you? - Wait.

He stopped me from going upstairs.

The color of the wallpaper looks the same.

(It looks like they're in the same place.)

(Is she the real friend of the 48-year-old mom?)

Can you appeal yourselves...

that you're real?

I heard that you're going to tell us your secret methods.

- What are you doing? - Sorry?

There wasn't enough space, so...

(Taking the little chance he got to work out)

My family loves it when they eat this.

I made it for you beforehand.

- Really? - Yes.

What is this?

It's called protein-filled jeon.

(It's a low-calorie dish that makes use of high protein chicken breast.)

I blend chicken breast with various vegetables.

(It's a low-calorie dish that makes use of high protein chicken breast.)

(It has tofu which is good for preventing wrinkles and aging.)

I mix tofu and eggs as well.

It's like the Korean meatball.

(Grill it on a greased pan until it turns golden.)

(Then you'll be able to get protein-filled jeon.)

It's really good for your health.

On my way here...

But it looks a little...

It's because I used the pan that the staff gave me.

- It's a little burned. - It's burned.

- Yes. - These are...

- These are... - It's all burned.

These are not cookies, are they?


(They can't tell what it is.)

Let's sit down.

What are we doing on the floor?

Aren't you eating it?

- It's black. - It's okay.

Aren't you eating it?

(It's okay.)

That's unusual.

Why wouldn't you two eat it?

(Hitting the nail on the head)

- We... - What? They're not eating?

- Why wouldn't you eat it? - Why?

What's this? Are we tasters?

You made just enough for us.

- Are we tasters or something. - We even have enough chopsticks.

(There are so many chopsticks too.)

- Here you go. - Thank you.

(We'll eat it.)

- This is strange. - Why?

(He finds them suspicious.)

We even had it yesterday.

It looks a bit off,

but it's good for replenishing protein, right?

It's good for your health.

That one is mine.

I'll try it.

Is this a penalty?

Did you clean the floor with this?


- This is... - You should cut the burned part.

Okay. I'll give it a try.

I'll try it too.

(Taking a bite)

(How does protein-filled jeon taste like?)

- It's good. - It's delicious.

It's a type of side dish...

I'd have enjoyed if my mom made it for me.

It's really savory. It must have lots of soybeans.

(Neat and savory protein-filled jeon)

It's really savory.

It's really tasty. It's not bad.

(It's unexpectedly tasty unlike how it looks.)

Also, I didn't put...

- any flour in it. - It's good.

I'm certain that she made this.

I'm sure she made it herself.

It tastes like a home-cooked dish.

You get what I mean, right?

(Is this a special dish to take care of her young-looking face?)

(Or is it a fake dish that the staff made?)

- Thank you for your time. - Thank you.

- Thank you for the food. - Thank you.

- Thank you. - Thank you for the food.

- Thank you. - I enjoyed it.

- Are you sure? - Sorry?

(Looking desperate)

- Are you real? - Bye.

The shape of their heads...

- They're mom and daughter. - They're mom and daughter.

- They look alike. - They're real.

They look so much alike.

- My gosh. - They could be sisters...

who have a huge age gap.

If they're fake, I think she's her aunt.

(Are they real mom and daughter?)

(Or are they cousins?)

But when we asked her Chinese zodiac sign,

she hesitated.

She said it wrong at first.

(I'm sorry, but what's your Chinese zodiac sign?)

(Jae Seok ambushed her and asked her Chinese zodiac sign.)


(The Year of the Tiger)

(Isn't it the Year of the Tiger?)

(It is the Year of the Tiger.)

(She wasn't sure of her Chinese zodiac sign?)

(She quickly changes the subject.)

(Is she a real young-looking mom...)

(who was flustered by a sudden question?)

(Or is she a fake young-looking mom who lied about her age?)

This is too hard.

It's really hard indeed.

That's why it's important to get the hint.

Let me tell you the rules again.

I told you that you have to find what's fake at the spots marked S.

It must have something to do with an S.

There are two fake S's.

(There are 2 fake S's.)

I thought the man from the first place was real.

- Me too. I think he's real. - I think he's real too.

(Jae Seok thinks the dieter who lost 70kg is real.)

I think the paintings...

- You think they're fake? - are fake.

I think so too.

(Are the photolike paintings fake?)

- You think they're photos, right? - Then...

One of them is a photo.

The second place must be real too.

I think the hamburger place is real too.

- The hamburger place is real. - No.

- No. - I think it's fake.

- You only need to beat Sang Yeob. - Yeob Sang!

- Yeob Sang! - All right!

- Let's go. - Yeob Sang!

Tell us when, Jessi.

(Which team will acquire the hint?)


(Yeob Sang wins.)

(Team Bo Hyun gets the hint.)

- You did it! - Yes!

We won, right? We get to see the hint, right?

(Putting on airs)

- Here you go. - We need the hint.

- Hey. - You can look at it with him.

- Let's take a look. - Hey.

It's really confusing today.

I don't get them.

- It's hard to understand. - Mi Joo, please go away.

What are you doing here? That was natural.

- I'm his girlfriend. - A girl with messy hair...

(I'm his girlfriend.)

(Turning away)

(Who is she talking about?)

- An uninvited guest is here. - I'm his girlfriend.

She said she's Bo Hyun's girlfriend.


- She said she's his girlfriend. - Honey.

(The fake one is up there, and the rest is down there.)

It's somewhere up.

Up and down.

- What does it mean by "the rest"? - I got it.

It's one of the ones on top,

and the one on the bottom.

(The inn area is divided into top and bottom parts.)

- The first one. - "As easy as eating cold porridge."

"Eating cold porridge", "A ghost which died after eating..."

- "Looks good." - "looks good."

And the second one is...

One has a "person".

- One of the fake ones has a person. - So...

So this one must be real.

This one must be real...

because it said "the rest is down there".

There needs to be just one here.

(The fake one is up there, and the rest is down there.)

("As easy as eating cold porridge.")

("A ghost which died after eating looks good.")

(Jessi's Solution)

(Then is the food truck fake?)

This one must be real.

Wait a minute. There's just one that's not a person.

It's the paintings.

- The paintings. - The paintings must be fake.

The paintings must be fake.

Oh, my gosh!

- What? - I...

I think I'll win again today.

If I win again, does it mean I've won in every episode?

That's right.

You'll win the gold medal.

I don't even understand Korean, but I got a feeling.

(She gets possessed by a gold ghost.)

I don't understand a thing it says.

But I got a feeling.

(Will Jessi manage to win in all episodes?)

(Fake House, two fake S's)

(1. Two fake S's are related to food.)

(2. One of the fake S's has a person.)

(3. One of the S's is up there, and the rest is down there.)

(Which ones are the fake S's?)

I'm not so confident about today's answer.

Then you can get it wrong.

No, I can't.

Have you made up your mind?

No, not yet.

Guessing two fake ones is really hard.

Wait. It's so confusing.

What did we do here today?

We greeted Bo Hyun.

We also saw a dieter who lost 70kg.

We also went to a cashier-less cafe for our PPL.

And we saw paintings that are like photos.

Then we had Too Much Burger at the food truck.

We also met the young-looking mom and daughter.

There must be many variables.

I think we shouldn't think too long.

No, you shouldn't.

I keep changing my mind.

You'll now move to the voting booth.

(The first one to vote...)

(is lovely Mi Joo.)

One of the hints we got is this.

"One of the fake S's has a person."

The young-looking mom...

actually looked like her mom.

The other person is the dieter.

(She chose the dieter as a fake.)

I was confused with the paintings, to be honest.

But I think they're real.

That's why I'm picking the food truck.

It's easier to trick us with that.

They're all at the same place,

so it's really confusing.

I'm certain that the food truck is fake.

It's because he said I wasn't in a swimsuit...

during the concert, but I was.

I always wear the swimsuit for the concert.

I wore a swimsuit, and he can't remember that?

(If he can't remember that I wore a swimsuit, that means he's fake.)

I find the first one really suspicious.

(The dieter who lost 70kg was suspicious.)

I'll just go with my gut feeling. I think the dieter is fake.

It's driving me crazy.

I saw the truck on the way here,

and it looked fake. It looked new.

It won't be profitable...

to sell the burger at nine dollars.

I'm writing this after really debating it a while.

The paintings and the food truck.

I've chosen these two.

Here's mine.

I'll group everyone according to what they chose.

- All right. - Okay.

Those who chose the painting and the food truck...

are Jae Seok, Na Ra, and Bo Hyun.

- Really? - So it's the three of us.

We'll have to decide the winner with rock, paper, scissors.

We'll need to do rock, paper, scissors.

The ones who chose the dieter and the food truck.

Mi Joo, So Min, and Jessi.

You chose the dieter?

(You too? Me too!)

- Are you alone again? - Yes.

What did you pick?

Sang Yeob chose the paintings and the mother and daughter pair.

Sang Yeob, if you got it, it would be amazing.

It would really be amazing.

- A huge upset. - It's not you, Sang Yeob.

Oh, really?

(The members' picks are the dieter and the food truck, )

(the paintings and the food truck, and paintings and mother-daughter.)

(Which of these pairs were the fake "S" spots?)

Everyone has finished voting.

We will now reveal the answer.

I'm so nervous, I feel like throwing up.

- Let's go. - I'm nervous.

(This summer, we've returned even stronger than ever.)

Yes, come on.

(Sixth Sense 2)

(We had one goal.)

(Bewilder them all.)

(We prepared 13 fakes.)

There were 13 of them?

The production crew worked so hard.

(These fake places showed them new ways to be shocked.)

(How did you make that?)

(In order to bewilder perfectly, )

(we tried 106 different dishes.)

(That's amazing.)

That's amazing.

It was all delicious.

There were 65 places.

(An additional 154 people joined us to help us bewilder.)

Seok Cheon!

That was Seok Cheon?

(They went this far?)

There were a lot of special events this time.

(With everyone who tried sincerely to bewilder the members...)

- This place is fake. - This place is fake.

(we waged a fired up psychological war.)

- The last one. - Here it comes.

- The finale. - Please!

(Find the two fakes in the spots marked with "S".)


I'm so nervous.

Come on and show us already.

(The Fake House visited by the Sixth Sensers)

(An obese 150kg man who lost 70kg in 4 months)

The dieter was real.

This is important, whether he was real or not.

(He lost 70kg in 4 months!)

(The once-obese trainer who started out at 150kg)

- That was the guy from earlier? - It was.

He looks so different like this.

- He must be real. - Is he real?

He's fake. He has to be.

That's the only way we'll win.

This has to be fake.

It has to be real.

- It's real. - It's real.

(Sang Yeob also thinks the dieter is real.)

- Please. - Please!

(Is he real or fake?)

(The trainer who lost 70kg from 150kg is real.)


(got it right!)

(Celebrating wildly)

(That's ridiculous.)

We did it.

- We got it! - We did it!

That means I lost?

I'm going home now.

We did it, Jae Seok.

It's us.

- Those three are eliminated. - They're eliminated.

Jessi, is this your first loss?

Jessi was eliminated.

I've lost my touch. I've lost it.

From 150kg to 80kg,

I lost 70kg in total. My name is Jong Hyuk.

- Okay. - I believed you.

What an amazing person.

He even got surgery.

That's why he didn't show us.

I used my experiences in dieting as a foundation...

to become a personal trainer, which is my current job.

(A certificate in sports training)

He's so impressive.

- That's amazing. - Fascinating.

That's insane.

Sixth Sensers, I'm real.

(The trainer who was 150kg and lost 70kg is real.)

Thank you.

(What a pity.)

What are you so happy about?

Of course, I'm happy.

I'm so disappointed.

I'm really disappointed about that first one.

(The members' picks)

(The dieter is not a fake.)

(Which of these pairs were the fake "S" spots?)

(The Sixth Sense Fake House)

(Hot on social media with an unusual dish, the Too Much Burger)

This one is definitely fake.

- This is fake. - This has to be fake.

This one is fake.

(With fresh ingredients from land, sea, and air)

This one was confusing.

It was really tasty, but I did think it was too much.

This is making my heart race.

(Is it real or fake?)

- Please be fake. - Fake.

I didn't pick this one though.

This one is definitely fake.

- Fake. - Be fake.

(Is it real or fake?)

(The Too Much Burger food truck was fake.)

- It's fake. - Yes.

(They can't contain their joy.)

(It's fake!)

- We got 1 right. - At least we got 1 right.

Too bad, we did get one right.


(There's never an upset, is there?)

(Same space, )

(different moods)

(The members' picks)

(The food truck is fake.)

(Then how did we create the food truck?)

Oh, really?

It looked so new.

- We got one right so far. - Yes.

(The K-food truck slowly begins to take shape.)

- Okay. - Yes.

(The transformation of the food truck, not guilty)

(Now, it's time for the Food Team and production crew to make food.)

(Is there a new kind of burger we can make?)

(Can we just add everything?)

- Really? - So that's what they did.

They're really impressive.

It was really tasty.

This was really good.

It was so delicious.

Of course, the commercial taste.

No wonder it was too much.

You're right, this is hard to make.

(On top of something tasty, something tastier, and tastier)

(A K-burger perfectly suited to Sixth Sensers tastes is made.)

This was so delicious.

- Who is it? - Who was this?

Hello. I'm in a subsidiary of SM Entertainment,

the hip hop label, All I Know Music, as a producer and artist,

commercial jingle singer,

dubbing artist, and music video director.

- My name is K JUN. - It was K JUN.

His name is K JUN? The burger had a K too.

Also, I did, "Show Me the Money Season Four!"

- "Who will be the winner?" - That's right!

"Eduwill will help you pass the civil service exam!"

- "Ice cream can be delivered too." - So it's that guy.

I really love burgers.

I eat them at least twice a week.

Of the jingles I've done, one's the Big Mac song.

(A true burger fan who even sang a burger commercial)


I think that jingle helped me land this role as well.

Sixth Sensers, this place was a fake.

I'm so disappointed!

It's us, Jae Seok. Bo Hyun, we got this.

- We got one right for now! - Yes!

Right now, the probability that we'll win is high.

Luck is with us today.

(The Sixth Sense Fake House)

(The mother and daughter pair who look like sisters)

This has to be real.

I saw this.

(Is she in her 20s?)

(No, her 30s?)

(She's actually 48 years old.)

They really are mother and daughter.

(The young-looking mother and daughter pair)

- They're real. - Of course, they're real.

- They're real. - They're real.

(They're real.)

(Full of confidence)

You mean I got them all wrong?

(The Sixth Sensers are sure the pair is real.)

(Are they real or fake?)

(Coming soon)

(Now, there's only one fake left.)

The results are in now.

Come on.

(But it's not over until it's over.)

- What was that? - They're both fake.

- What? - Did we miss something?

This doesn't make any sense.

(An unbelievable turn of events)

So no one knew.

(Don't miss the ultimate ending.)

- It's real. - That's real.

You mean I got them all wrong?

(What will be the result?)

(Are they real or fake?)

(The 18-year old daughter and 48-year old mom are real.)

(The mother-daughter pair was real.)

- We were right. - We got it right.

- We really got it! - We did it!

(Even the sisters who guessed the pair were real are happy.)

- We got it. - We were right.

- You got it right. - Yes, we got it right.

We did it.

We did it, at the very end.

- Yes. - So I win at the end.

Sang Yeob, eliminated.

I got everything wrong?

(The members' picks)

(The mother-daughter pair was not a fake.)

- Hello. - Hello.

I'm the 18-year old daughter.

I'm the 48-year old mother.

Hello, friend.

Hae Lin's friend.

(So they're really mother and daughter?)

- We are mother and daughter. - So they were real.

We released a video of our mother-daughter dance,

which gained over 5,000,000 views...

- on social media. - I've seen this.

- I've seen this. - I think I've seen that too.

I have seen that.

In order to become a friend-like mom to a daughter in high school,

I work hard at exercising every single day.

I am her real mother.

This mother-daughter pair...

- was real. - We're real.

(The 18-year old daughter and 48-year old mom are real.)

- They're real. - I'm sorry, mother.

They were real!

Here we go. The final fake, and the victory is ours.

- That's right. - This is fake.

This has to be fake.

I knew this too. Why didn't I choose it?

I really regret picking number one.

(The Sixth Sense Fake House)

(They look like photos, but they are hand-painted.)

(What do your eyes see?)


(Representing aspects of daily life...)

(in vivid and perfect detail)

(Synonym: Photo art)

I think two of them are real, and are paintings,

- and one is a photo. - I think they're all fake.

I think the Oreos and Coke are real,

- and the bananas are a photo. - The Oreos, yes.

(Paintings that look like photos)

(Are they real or fake?)

- Are you real? - You're fake.

Come on. We already know the answer.

That's right.

(Are they real or fake?)

(Paintings that look like photos are real.)

That's right, they're fake. Wait, what?

- They're fake. - They're fake. What?

(We won!)

(What just happened?)

(How are the paintings real?)

- What was that? - They're both fake.

What is this?



Hello, I'm Suk Young of Drawing Hands,

a hyperrealist artist.

Right now, my videos have been viewed 70,014,259 times,

and I have 4,890,000 subscribers for my YouTube channel.

What's going on?

(Which of these was drawn?)

(Revealing the answer)

Oh, my gosh. Look at that.

(Did you all find it?)

(Drawn completely by hand)

My gosh, it was drawn.

(The magical world of art)

(This was really hand-drawn.)

That's amazing.

She drew it so well.

In order to trick you, the works you saw today...

took six hours to complete.

(The magic of creating bananas)

Sixth Sensers,

the works of art you saw today are real.

- Oh, my gosh. - What's going on?

So we all got it wrong?

(What's going on here?)

You said there were two fakes.

(You said there were 2 fakes, but there was only 1.)

(Making sense of the situation)

That's not what they're saying.

Then what? We got it wrong?

(Not understanding)

- Then what is it? - Did we miss something?

We all got it wrong?

This morning, we clearly told you...

to find the fakes at spots that were marked with an "S".

That's what we told you.

(Find the fakes at the spots marked with an "S".)

(Formerly obese 150kg man loses 70kg in 4 months.)

(These seem like photos but were actually hand-drawn.)

(Food truck goes viral with an unusual menu item.)

(A 48-year old mom who looks like her daughter's sister.)

(Did you find all the fakes?)

- What is this? - What else was there?

(The places visited by the Sixth Sensers)

(The mother-daughter pair, the food truck, )

(the dieter, the works of art, )


(the cashierless cafe, Sokdak Sokdak.)

I saw Sokdak Sokdak.

- That was the fake? - It could mean "trick, trick".

The cashierless cafe was fake?

Wait, that was one of them?

There was an "S" there.

There was an "S".

(The "S" spotted by Mi Joo)

(Did the rest of you see it as well?)

You asked if that was fake.

I asked if that was created by the production crew.


(Bo Hyun asked about it.)

(Did they make this too?)

(This is real.)

(I thought Sixth Sense made this.)

(What did you think they made?)

(Bo Hyun's deduction was dismissed, just like that.)

(They were so focused on the product placement, )

(that they all overlooked the mission.)

(Find the fakes at spots marked with an "S" in the inn.)

I got overexcited.

I was so happy for a minute.

The three of us totally thought we won.

(What is the cashierless cafe's real identity?)

This is absurd!

(An empty container borrowed for just two days)


(Now, we're adept at building things out.)

(It was so easy.)

No wonder it looked so new.

Oh, really?

I'm so shocked.

(The most extraordinary plan)

(The secret spot, )

(Sokdak Sokdak)

No one realized this.

You told us it was for product placement.

(We have to pretend this is product placement.)

(That means it has to operate well.)

He said to pretend it's product placement.

So we could've eaten other brands of ramyeon today.

This is insane.

I just got chills!

(It was even on the map.)

(The fake cashierless cafe, "Sokdak Sokdak")

I was totally deceived.

I did think for a split second,

cashierless? No people?

That's right.

They did say it was any spot marked with an "S".

That's why we insisted that you go inside and look around.

So that's why the crane is there.

Are you removing it now?

(While they were watching the video with the answers, )

("Sokdak Sokdak" was wrapping up its first and last day of business.)

We should've been suspicious of it. How did we miss that?

We never even imagined.

They did so well with that.

That was amazing.

As promised,

since Jessi guessed the most correct in the season,

we'll give you the prize.

(A prize for the ultimate winner)

That must be nice.

Hyun Ju, are you going to switch?


Jessi, that must be nice.

Now I want that too, after seeing it.

- Jessi, sell it to me. - No, sell it to me.


Anyway, we've now finished...

all 14 episodes of Season 2.

(They lit it up for this season as well.)

Bo Hyun was with us...

as our final guest. How did you feel today?

I came with high expectations,

but you met, if not exceeded, those expectations today.

I had so much fun with you all,

my friends, colleagues, and juniors.

(We had fun too.)

Let's each share how we felt.

Through Season 2, I went through a full gamut of emotions.

I feel like I filmed a drama on personal growth.

I was very happy throughout.

During Season 1,

I exerted a lot of effort trying to get the right answer.

But for Season 2, I had a lot of fun instead.

No, you still spent a lot of effort but didn't get good results.

I was trying to put it better.

These were such fun times for me,

but the fact that our viewers also enjoyed watching us...

made me really happy.

It was nice to be with good people, younger and older,

- and Sang Yeob. - Right.

Being around someone younger...

made me want to impart more positive energy to her.

- You know what I mean? - Yes, as an older friend.

It was so much fun,

and it felt like being on fun trips with older brothers and sisters.

In Season 2, Mi Joo has made so much progress.

- A blue chip. - Yes, she's a variety blue chip.

She works so hard.

We'll meet again in Season 3.

Please make Season 3 even bigger than this.

- Thank you very much. - Thank you very much.

(Another season passes...)

(for those not used to farewells.)

(This fun outing has ended, )

(and a new season approaches, )

(but please make sure not to forget too much...)

(of the tears and laughter we shared.)

(Because all of you were there, )

(this summer was a happy one for all of us.)

(Let's play together again, )

(for sure.)

(Three Meals a Day and Hospital Playlist)

("Mountain Village Playlist")

(The organic, self-sufficient life)

(The self-sufficient 99s life)

("Mountain Village Playlist")