Sixth Sense (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - What Kind Of Job Is This? - full transcript

Actor Kim Sung Cheol joins the members. The theme is unique jobs that you have never heard of before. One place is a tteokbokki research institute, next stop a guy who collects horse urine and lastly an escape room difficulty adju...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(The long rainy season is finally over.)

(One July day, as things come back to life...)


Wait, I'm so excited for today.

- Come here, Mi Joo. - It's been so long.

(She's excited to be back on set for the 1st time in 2 weeks.)

(She's so ridiculous.)



Mi Joo, can you put my phone in your bag?

Just hold onto it for me for a moment.

I'm not your assistant.

- Just hold on to it. - I'm not your assistant.

When I put it in my pocket, it drags my pants down.

I'm sorry.

(I need my sisters.)


Where's Mi Joo?

Why are you so late?


Wow, your voice echoes in here.

(This is the moment)

(Like magic)

(Everyone's so high energy from the start.)

Mi Joo was quarantined.

She's free now.

She wasn't imprisoned.

(I'm back and I'm healthy.)

That must've been hard.

I brought this for you guys since it rained today.

That's why I brought this.

You just brought that to use yourself.

It's not for us.

(Caught red-handed)

I saw a comment yesterday...

saying that Mi Joo's bangs look so clumped together.

That's why you brought that, right?

You saw that comment, didn't you?

So you saw that comment too.

That's right.

Didn't So Min get so pretty lately? She lost so much weight.

- She did get prettier. - Did I get prettier?

Yes, a lot.

- And you lost weight. - Even I...

was so surprised.

(What are they talking about?)

Did I really get prettier?

I can't tell that there's any difference.

You look the same as last week.

You don't look that different.

- No, she's become more attractive. - They say I got prettier.

Jae Seok, why won't you ever say I got prettier?

Why are you trying to act pretty while you say that?

Jae Seok doesn't tell pretty people that they're pretty.

(Bursting into laughter)

- He never says we're pretty. - That's why...

he won't say it to us.

He's never said it to me either.

But I really meant it.

(This isn't fair.)

(His "I really meant it" came from his gut.)

He didn't mean it.

He really didn't mean it.

He's just teasing us because we're too pretty.

So that's why Jae Seok teases me so much.

But I really meant it.

- No, Jae Seok. - I was being totally sincere.

(This is so sad but so funny.)

He really doesn't mean it.

When we go out, people tell us we're really pretty.

- Where? - Outside.

Outside where?

- People say that. - Are we inside right now?

(Sixth Sense is like my home.)

- Are we inside right now? - This is like being at home.

(Sixth Sense is my home.)

Hyun Ju looks...

like a clothing store owner running errands...

before she opens the store in the afternoon.

It's because she has a nice body.

But she looks good. That style is trending these days.

This is just because I got my eyebrows tattooed.

(A hurried zoom to get a good closeup shot.)

- So please understand. - Let us see.

(Automatic applause)


That's the first time I've seen that.

- Wait. - She's so cute.

- They turned out well. - Didn't they?

(Shin-chan is here.)

- They did turn out well. - They're scabbing right now.

That's why I look a bit like Shin-chan right now. Stop looking!

(He wants to keep looking, )

(so he can handle this much pain.)

After a week, it'll look natural.

(Jessi's embarrassed.)

That's amazing.

- So that's why you're in a cap. - That's right.

These days, a lot of people get eyebrow typing.

- What? Eyebrow typing? - Seok Jin did it too.

Eyebrow typing?

Seok Jin did it too.

- They got him that time. - Seok Jin did it too, I said.

Seok Jin's into it.

Sang Yeob you should do it too. It fades.

- So Min, you need it a bit too. - No, not me.

But once it scabs...

But I hear that the guests wait too long on our show.


(As soon as the Sixth Sensers gather...)

Is this good?

(Today's guest is waiting, full of energy.)

(Waiting longer and longer...)

(You didn't forget about me, did you?)

Our opening is too long.

It's been two weeks since we saw Mi Joo, we should talk too.

I'm prepared to talk too.

But more importantly, the guest is here.

Where's our guest?

(Finally, )

(I'm going.)

(Who is it?)

(Where is he coming from?)

- He's here. - Where?

(After waiting and waiting, )

(he's finally here.)

Hi, Sung Cheol.

(He's here.)

(Beobja from "Prison Playbook")

(Returning as Hwang Min Sun in "Vincenzo")

(His magical "Tae Ho" created a bromance explosion.)

(On the up and up as a scene-stealer in "Sweet Home")

(Also famous as a musical actor)

(He's a reliable actor to watch on any stage.)

(The rising star, Kim Sung Cheol)

Hi, Sung Cheol.

(Bowing awkwardly in greeting for the 10th time)

(The legendary class of 2010 of Korea National University of Arts)

He's totally hot right now.

- He's so hot right now. - Sung Cheol.

(Embarrassed by the hullabaloo)

It's been a while, Sung Cheol.

- Sung Cheol. - How have you been?

- Are you close? - Of course.

- How do you know each other? - We met on a TV show.

I watched "Prison Playbook".

I saw "Sweet Jam".

(I saw "Sweet Jam".)

(Sweet jam?)

- What was it again? - "Sweet Home".

- Oh, right, "Sweet Home". - "Sweet Home".

Hey, quiet down.

What's sweet jam?

- "Sweet Home". - I knew you would do that.

- He goes like this. - You're too old to mix up titles.

(At least she got the content right.)

I heard Sung Cheol has a nickname,

that's from his exceptional senses.

- I have a good sense of smell. - Sense of smell?

I also have a pretty good sense of smell.

A lot of people say I'm like a dog.

Like a dog?

(Like a dog?)

(What a jokester this puppy is.)

My sense of smell is good.

I like that.

We're on the same wavelength.

- They are. - In terms of style.

(Sung Cheol is so cute.)

- So Min. - My hair is so long.

It cracked me up when So Min stepped forward.

It's because my hair has gotten so long.

Whenever we have a male guest, she always brushes her hair.

I tied my hair back today for no reason.

But I like So Min's this kind of behavior.

He likes it because I'm pretty.

He likes pretty women.

I like creepy gestures like that.

Isn't this doggie paddling?

This is how it is here. It's always like this here.

How old are you?

- My age? - Yes.

- I'm 31 years old. - Oh, So Min.

- You're 35 years old? - I'm 31 years old.

- We're not too far apart. - He's 31 years old.

He's not too far apart in age from me.

Mi Joo really likes him too.

Oh, really?

Mi Joo likes everyone who comes on the show.

It does seem as though she likes everyone.

No, she didn't like it when I came on the show.

The only person who liked when Sang Yeob came was Hyun Ju.

(Only Hyun Ju)

- No one was happy about it. - Only Hyun Ju.

It's so important that I liked you though.

That's the most important thing.

- She's your girlfriend, right? - What?

(Nothing explains it other than that she must be his girlfriend.)

Just answer the question.


Now that Sung Cheol is here,

let's reveal our theme for the day.

It's not food today.

Unusual ways to make money! What kind of job is this?

- A job? - Job.

What kind of job is this?

This is job?

(In this wide, wide world, )

(there are many jobs to do.)

(How many jobs do you know of?)

(These workers make money...)

(doing jobs you never imagined.)

(Jobs that are beyond their imagination...)

(that shock them unexpectedly.)

(I never knew there was an office like this.)

(They make money through a job like this?)

(What is the unusual job...)

(that has shocked them all?)

(What kind of job is this?)

(What is today's fake job?)

So you have to guess a person?

Yes, there's a fake among these.

"Ate 1t of rice cakes at least!"

"Thirty years as a tteokbokki expert."

- Tteokbokki. - That must be tasty.

(I love tteokbokki.)


(is also a science.)

(Dedicated 365 days out of the year to tteokbokki.)


(on tteokbokki)

(Living for tteokbokki)

(There's a tteokbokki expert who researches tteokbokki.)

These days, there really are jobs like this.

People who are experts on chicken, for example.

This can totally exist.

- That's true. - They're masters of a craft.

I think I've eaten a ton of tteobokki in my life too.

- You like tteokbokki, Na Ra? - Yes, I love it.

- Here's the second one. - I think that's real.

- "Managing horse urine all day!" - "Managing horse urine all day!"

- Horse urine? - Horse urine.

I think I've seen this before.

(Jobs related to horses)

(Horse Trainer, Horseback Riding Instructor)

(Jockey, Coachman)

(Horse Carer, Horse Referee, Horse Vet)

(Dressage Rider, Riding Therapist, and other hundreds of jobs)

(Is there also a job that focuses on getting urine from horses?)

(The job just collects urine from horses?)

(Does that make sense?)

- But why collect that urine? - Why?

To do health checks.

A job that collects horse urine?

(Struggling to understand the Korean on her own)

I thought you were speaking English just now.

(An employee who collects horse urine?)

(An employee who collects horse urine?)

What are you guys doing?

(The end of the listening section on Jessi's Korean)

- Here's the 3rd and last one. - The 3rd one.

Korean Escape Rooms.

"The father of Escape Rooms."

(Escape rooms!)

"Escape Room difficulty adjuster."

(Escape Room difficulty adjuster)

(Theme: Private Gambling Den)

(Difficulty, one star)

(Theme: Abandoned Hospital)

(Difficulty, three stars)

(Theme: Gene Bank)

(Difficulty, five stars)

(Experiencing Escape Rooms...)

(and gauging their level of difficulty)

(Just 5 people in Korea)

(Are there specialists who set Escape Room difficulty levels?)

I think that would exist too.

- This one exists, 100 percent. - Yes, 100 percent.

They're so popular lately too.

- They need this job. - You need this for Escape Rooms.

- You do. - But I know...

that our writers are huge fans of Escape Rooms,

so I think it's possible...

that they got the idea from that.

Sung Cheol, what do you think is fake?

- They all seem realistic. - Right.

Today's theme is so hard.

(Thinking hard as a rookie detective)

(Number 1?)

(Or number 2?)

- I don't know what it is today. - Hey, the guest is still talking.

He still didn't say his guess?

Sung Cheol, you have to go quick when it's your turn.

No one will wait for you here.

- That took too long. - They're too impatient here.

But have you ever seen a horse pee?

There's an enormous stream that shoots out.

- That's right, like a waterfall. - It shoots out like a waterfall.

- Like a waterfall. - That's true.

- I think it's number three. - Really? Why?

I also said it was number three.

(My goodness, So Min.)

I wonder if there's a whole job just for Escape Room difficulties.

The scale is too grand. "The father of Escape Rooms"?

The word "father" sounds too dramatic and suspicious.

Why are they using that word?

Exactly. It's not the same as the father of music or anything.

But these days,

there are experts specializing in Escape Rooms lately.

Don't they need that job?

They need it.

Sang Yeob, what do you think?

Number two. I think it would be feces, not urine.

You think they would show feces on air?

Today's theme is kind of hard.

- Let's do teams of three. - It's been a while,

so let's have Na Ra and So Min pick the teams.

- Oh, my gosh. - Through rock, paper, scissors.

(They decide who goes first with rock, paper, scissors, fairly.)

I don't expect anything.

(But he expects the most.)

- Rock, paper, scissors. - Rock, paper, scissors.

(So Min gets to pick first.)

I just don't want to get picked last.

Sung Cheol.

(Sung Cheol)

(That's great.)


- Of course you did. - Gosh, no way.

Next is Na Ra.

(If you win, pick me.)


I pick Sang Yeob.

(Na Ra picks Sang Yeob.)

That's right.

Sung Cheol will pick for us.

I'm going to appeal to you now.

(Showing off her "Ah-choo")

Just let her be on your team.

Nope. Jessi.

(Go away.)

- Jessi. - You know why So Min did that?

- To get rid of the competition. - She got rid of her.

(Getting rid of the competition)

(So Min's team vs. Na Ra's team)

- Let's go! - Okay.

- It's hectic, isn't it? - Right.

But I'm fine since I'm staying quiet.

- You'll have so much fun. - Okay.

Where do you live, Sung Cheol?

- About ten years. - I live in Hannam-dong in Yongsan.

- I see. You live in Yongsan. - Yes.

Do you live in Hannam-dong? That means you're successful.

- No, it's not like that. - Goodness.

- Sung Cheol, you're successful. - Please, no.

Didn't you go to Korea National University of Arts?

Yes, I did.

You went there with Kim Go Eun...

- Lee Sang Yi. - and Lee Sang Yi.

- Ahn Eun Jin. - Right, Ahn Eun Jin.

Lee Yoo Young.

- Incredible colleague actors. - Right, there's Yoo Young too.

(The legendary class of 2010 of Korea National University of Arts)

It must be great to have them as fellow actors.

- Isn't it fun to have a group chat? - Really?

Goodness. They're very successful.

(He loves his colleagues, Lee Sang Yi, Ahn Eun Jin)

(Park So Dam)

(Kim Go Eun: You're treating us a meal? There's no need.)

(Ahn Eun Jin: No need. Perhaps in October?)

(Kim Sung Cheol: You guys choose the menu.)

(You can see their true friendship in their social media.)

(We wish his colleagues come to Sixth Sense.)

Sung Cheol, imagine you are left on a deserted island.

All of us here...

(All of us here are of the same age and have the same abilities.)

- There are only 4 women. - There are only 4.

- What are your MBTI results? - Women...

(We've never met a guest who asks our MBTI before.)

- Gosh, that's a specific question. - I am...

I'm an ISFP type.

I'm an ESFJ type.

- ESFJ? - Right.

"A sociable consul".

I'm an ENFP type.

- Oh, are you an ENFP type? - Yes, I'm ENFP.

- Then I'll choose So Min. - Right, ENFP.

Why? Tell me the reason.

- I'm an ENFP type too. - I see.

And all of my friends are ENFP types.

Oh, really?

(She wrinkles her nose out of joy.)

I'm sorry, but...

Sorry, but MBTI types didn't matter in the first place, right?

- No way. - No, that's not true.

- Let's just let it slide. Sure. - Shall we?

(Love of ENFP)

- I've never been picked even once. - Right.

- Hey, just tell her it's Mi Joo. - All right.

(He's ready to be a well-mannered guy.)

- I gave it a second thought, - Right.

- and I think I'll go with Mi Joo. - You don't need to.

I don't want you to feign kindness.

Okay, I got it.

- "Okay, I got it." - I'll take it back then.

- You really need to take it back? - "Okay, I got it."

- Why did you take it back? - "Okay, I got it."

- This is so funny. - He took it back so quickly.

- "Okay, I got it." - That was so quick.

I give up on things quickly.

(They are already close to their first location.)

I wish they give us tteokbokki.

- They will. - It must be delicious.

I like rice tteokbokki. What about you guys?

- I like rice tteokbokki too. - Me too. I like rice tteokbokki.

- What about you, Sung Cheol? - It's your opinion.

- I like wheat tteokbokki. - I see.

- Old school. - That's right.

If you like it old school,

you'd prefer sweet ones to spicy ones, right?

(Red Flavor)

(I'm curious, honey!)



- We arrived. - What if we can't eat tteokbokki?

- We're here. I'll make a stop. - Right.

I think we're in Hanam now.

- Cover your nose, okay? - Cover your nose. Come on!

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 1)

(Ate 1t of rice cakes at least! 30 years as a tteokbokki expert)

(Sung Cheol got off the car first.)

(He's well-mannered from the start.)

My goodness. Thank you.

- Gosh, Sung Cheol is... - Sung Cheol is well-mannered.

- Hey! - Oh, my gosh.

- Na Ra. - Gosh, they're so different.

- You're so different from him. - Come on.

- I'll get off this way. - Gosh, the two are so different.

(They refuse to accept Jae Seok's kindness.)

Hey, come on.

(He played a prank today too.)

But this building looks like a studio.

- Wasn't it a tteokbokki restaurant? - I guess not.

- This must be a research institute. - Research institute?

(Is this a research institute, not a tteokbokki restaurant?)

Hey, this place is so easy to fake.

- Jae Seok, we know that too. - Of course, Jae Seok.

Gosh, this place looks nice.

- My goodness. - Goodness, look at that whale.

- Gosh, it's awesome. - It must be something...

like Knowledge Industrial Center.

- I guess it is. - Right.

(The place is huge and extraordinary.)

Don't you think there are too many empty stores?

- The stores, right? - I know. They're all empty.

This is a perfect place to set things up.

I know. Easy to set things up. There are many empty stores.

- Look, they're renting. - That's right.

Right, they might have chosen a building with a high vacancy rate.

I know, right?

I smell rice cake.


- No? Don't you smell anything? - Somehow...

It looks different from here.

(At the end of the long corridor...)

- What? - Is this the place?

Is this the place? It's decorated.

(A modern exterior doesn't look like a tteokbokki research institute.)

F and B?

- That must be food and something. - Right.

Food and best.

Or bread.

Food and bread?

We have to smell it.


It looks like they attached it recently.

Right? It looks new.

(Did the staff recently made the sign?)

(Or did they move to a new building recently?)


Gosh, thank you. Sung Cheol has good manner.

Sang Yeob is doing the same thing, Na Ra.

(What? Sang Yeob?)

(He's always been there to give her slippers.)

Oh, right. I could only see Sung Cheol.

- Thank you, Sang Yeob. - Okay, no problem.

- Thank you so much. Goodness. - No problem.


- Did they? No way. - What?

I can tell for sure this is fake already.

I mean the atmosphere. Don't you think so?

(The fully decorated entrance is suspicious to start with.)

(A big tree inside the office)

This looks like an ordinary office.

This place is fake. It looks fake from the start.

- Goodness. - This place looks so fake.

This place is fake.

Is there a place like this? For real?

I think they set this place up recently.

Why is this room empty?

(This room and the next room)

Why are the rooms look so empty?

Gosh, this is...

This place seems fake.

It's like that board game company.

That board game company.

(Especially, the area for employees has a similar atmosphere.)

This place looks new.

We don't see tteokbokki here.

- Gosh, this is... - Goodness.

(Various tteokbokki products are displayed on one side.)

- Doesn't it look fake? - Yes, it's weird.

It looks fake.

(Come to think of it...)

(The office looks too ordinary...)

(to be a tteokbokki research institute.)

(Also, you can't find tteokbokki easily.)

(A few products are displayed in the farthest corner.)

- Doesn't it look fake? - I've never seen this tteokbokki.

I know. I've never seen it before.

These look like props in a drama.

- Right? - Right, like props for a set.

It's a little...

All of these too. The packages look like props for a drama.

(Are these real products? Or props used in a drama set?)


What is that?

(What did Sang Yeob and Jessi find?)


What is that?

(All the employees are working.)

(What is this situation?)

(Behind the office that looked ordinary...)

(A big kitchen...)

(and a rice cake machine?)

(They make rice cakes on the spot.)

(Variety of rice cakes for developing tteokbokki)

(They also have various kinds of sauce here.)

Are they really doing something?

Jae Seok!

Jae Seok!

(Be quiet.)

They don't know we're watching them.

(What is it?)


(They're not aware of Sixth Sensers outside.)

Gosh, this is so...

(They are busy doing their own work.)

But the people inside there...

are acting unnaturally. They look so busy and awkward.

- No, it's not. - You know what I mean, right?

They're showing this deliberately.

- I know. - They were working like this.

- They pretended to look natural. - This is driving me crazy.

They look so unnatural. Look at them.

(Tilting his head)

(He hurriedly runs as if he's flustered.)

It's turned off again.

(Are they acting awkward and hustling about...)

(because they're new to this place?)


Don't you think the four of them don't know each other?

(The employees are suspicious?)

They could be wearing uniforms because they're on the Food Team.

But I don't know why they're working so hard like this.

They don't even chat.

People should work hard, you know. What if they don't?

They should work hard.

- They should work hard. - I mean...

- Somehow... - Don't you think so?

This is what I think. Let's assume this place is fake.

The staff could have chosen a company...

- that is about to open soon. - That's right.

- They could have set up this place. - That's right.

- Right? - I think this place is...

a cooking academy.

- I see. - A cooking academy.

That's plausible.

Or it could be something like this.

- Wine company. - Wine?

- This place? - I mean, they could bring in wine.

Look at the wine glasses over there.


Why are there wine glasses in the tteokbokki company?

- That's strange, right? - Why is that?

To eat it as a bar snack?

Doesn't it look too awkward in general?

Jae Seok, let's hear from them. Shall we call in the owner?


Lately, Jessi is...

checking time precisely.

- I think she has an alarm. - Hyun Ju is...

She's checking the time for the talk.

(She's very punctual.)

Shall we call in the owner?

(Shall we call in the tteokbokki expert now?)

- Hello. - Hello.

(The tteokbokki expert who only researches tteokbokki is here.)

Everything about tteokbokki.

I only research tteokbokki. I'm the team leader...

of Tteokbokki Research Team in Hanam F and B.

The taste that you'll find tasty.

I develop sauce.

We've been making products...

and supplying them to large enterprises.

We received many offers to work with other companies...

such as Sinjeon and Dookki.

And we're working on the new menu with those companies.

I used to research rice before,

and I've been researching tteokbokki for about 20 years now.

It's easy to raise water content...

in our tteokbokki.

The higher the water content it has,

the softer it becomes. It also goes well with the sauce.

(We can't eat this delicious tteokbokki alone.)

In some foreign countries, especially in China,

microwave isn't really common as it is in Korea.

So we made tteokbokki that is easy to cook.

You only need to pour hot water.

We mainly focus on export,

so I'm working on soup powder...

that is savory and delicious.

- Sixth Sense viewers, - Sixth Sense viewers,

- do you think this place is real? - do you think this place is real?

Please introduce yourselves.

Hello, I'm in charge of tteokbokki research institute.

And I'm researching sauce.


Tteokbokki research institute is a little unfamiliar to us.

What kinds of researches do you do here?

We are the only institute in Korea that only researches tteokbokki.

(Do they really research tteokbokki only?)

First, tteokbokki has become an important item...

- in the food industry. - You're right.

We need to develop various kinds of sauce.

We're also working on new menus.

Is there a famous product that we might all know?

We're an OEM company...

of Ottogi brand products.



- Original equipment manufacturing. - That's right.


(There's nothing in the world that Jae Seok doesn't know.)

(What is OEM? Producing parts and equipment...)

(that can be used by other companies.)

Is there another brand you're working with?

We're developing our own brand for export these days.

(I see.)

- I think this place is real. - Recently, I...

Really? I think it's fake.

- Like hamburgers. - No, it's natural.

How many years have you researched?

Well, I've researched rice...

- for 30 years. - For 30 years?

Did you also develop instant rice?


- Yes. The project called Hetbahn... - I see.


I was working on rice at that time.

I developed aseptically packaged rice for the first time.

It was about five years before...

- CJ Cheiljedang launched it. - I see.

(He'd already been developing it.)

There is Korea Food Research Institute.

It's the research institute...

- that focuses on food research. - I see.

(He's sensing something.)

- I worked there for 20 years. - As a professor?

- I see. He was a professor. - I studied rice there.

Could you tell us anything about Food Sanitation Act?

- Don't pretend to be smart. - Gosh, we are...

- What's she talking about? - So Min.

Do you know anything about Food Sanitation Act, So Min?

No, I was just curious. I wondered if he could tell us.

We strictly observe Food Sanitation Act.

Well... As you saw earlier...

All the places are...

As you may have felt earlier, it's very clean.

That's the most important thing.

(He gives an answer that is irrelevant to Food Sanitation Act.)

(Full of suspicion)

Excuse me, but how long have you two worked together?

- I've been working for six months. - I see.

That's my case.

When did you move to this office?

This is a new building. It's been about one year.

- About a year? I see. - Yes.

Around June last year.

(Is the office so simple because it's a new building?)

Sir, why are there so many wine glasses?

(Why are there so many wine glasses?)


We don't actually use the wine glasses.

- He was like, "Why are they here?" - Since we're developing menus...

- He was so flustered. - We use wine...

and beer...

to develop menus.

Is this the first time you saw the wine glasses?

(He's flustered for the 2nd time.)

- No, they were always there. - Right.


(Is the job to research only tteokbokki real?)

All right, then.

Are we going to taste some?

- Yes, please taste and evaluate it. - Okay.

- We'll taste it then. - Okay.


Is that a questionnaire?

My gosh, it feels like I'm a researcher.

But I think this questionnaire...

is really suspicious.

- It looks sloppy too, doesn't it? - It is sloppy.

(There are detailed categories about tteokbokki.)

The fact that they gave us this questionnaire...

The first question is...

- "flavor, scent, and color". - This is...

This is typical paperwork of a broadcasting station.

That's right.


And I think our staff did this on purpose.

- "It sticks to teeth." - Right.

- Number 3. - Number 3. There's a typo.

They made this typo on purpose.

(Is it the staff's plan or the research institute's mistake?)

What do you think, Sung Cheol?

I've watched him carefully when he talked.

It didn't seem like he memorized those things.

(I knew it!)

- Do you think so? - Right.

It seemed to me that he memorized it.

Well, other employees looked like they practiced.

But he didn't seem so.

- That means... - I told you this.

- He could study rice farming. - Right.

- He looks like a farmer. - He could be a researcher.

Or the head of a village who purchases rice.

- A research related to rice. - That's right.

- It has something to do with rice. - He's an expert.

- It's different from tteokbokki. - It's different.

(Is he a fake tteokbokki researcher who has a different job?)

Jae Seok. Shall we play a game?

No, wait a second.

(Gosh, you punk.)

- Don't play a trick. - No, it's not like that.

(It's time to taste tteokbokki!)

- Please taste it. - I want to try it.

(Revealing the tteokbokki they are researching for the first time)

(We've never had tteokbokki like this before.)

(All kinds of tteokbokki in the world)

(How many of them have you tried?)

(Taste like this)

(Taste like that)

(It's not ordinary tteokbokki.)

(The whole new world of tteokbokki)

(Only Tteokbokki Research Institute can present you this.)

(Shocking transformation of tteokbokki)

(Savory butter...)

(and a generous amount of onions)

(Here comes spicy chili powder.)

(It changes into the sauce full of mala scent.)

(The extremely spicy flavor)

(It's not Tteokbokki Research Institute if it ends here.)

- We put meringue on top of it... - That looks delicious.

to make it less spicy. It's the menu we're developing now.

I like meringue.

(Decorate with mushrooms...)

(and bake it in the oven.)

(Here's the tteokbokki you've never seen before.)

(Spicy and sweet, Meringue mala tteokbokki)

- It looks delicious. - Goodness.

It looks delicious and pretty.

Is there tteokbokki like this these days?

- I've never seen it. - I've never seen it.

I've never seen one with meringue on top.

- I'll try this, everyone. - Yes.

There's meringue on top, and there is...

- really spicy tteokbokki... - Try it.

inside it.

(The combination of soft meringue and spicy mala taste tteokbokki)

To be honest, I've heard of meringue,

- but I don't know what it is. - It's egg white.

- You beat the egg whites... - You beat the egg whites.

until it becomes fluffy like cotton candy.

So this is...

- Meringue! - You can eat it as it is.


- Meringue? - Meringue?

- Is it meringue? - Taste it first, So Min.

Take some tteokbokki...

and taste it.

I'll try it. This cheese...

- Na Ra. - I'll be back. You taste it first.

I'll be back.

- Na Ra, come here. - Okay, coming.

(A big bite)

(Will Sixth Sensers like it?)

(Sung Cheol takes a bite too.)


Gosh, this is so sweet.

- It's so soft. - How about you, Mi Joo?

- Gosh, it's so good. - It's spicy.

- Is it spicy? - It's soft,

- but tteokbokki is spicy. - They say it's spicy.

I thought meringue will make it less spicy, but it's still spicy.

- Gosh, it's good. - It's delicious.

- But the scent is too strong. - Right.

- And I've had something similar. - The scent is too strong.

When you make a sauce,

even if you use the same kind of oil,

the ingredient and flavor differ depending on its brand.

But why are they using the same ingredients?

(Why are they using the same ingredients?)

- So Min. - They're not from the same brand.

(So Min!)

Don't overact.

They're not from the same brand.

(Don't act like you're smart or you know it all.)


(Another joke from Yu Shin-chan)

- It was a very sharp observation. - So Min.

It was so sharp.

But I think this is...

But we shouldn't be talking like this when they're here.


(Unexpected eye contact)

(Feeling awkward)

It's okay since this is a place for research.

Right, they're researching it.

I think the staff made it.

They used the pre-made sauce.

Jae Seok, you can find something like this on the market.

(Listening carefully)

He's listening.

He keeps glancing at us while working.

(Glancing furtively)

While he was working...

(Glancing furtively again)

(He looks the same.)

They sell it on the market, so it could be real.

- It tastes like existing products. - Really?

The taste is really familiar.

- Because they sell this too. - This is delicious.

Is this taste familiar to us because they have developed...

- this menu and sold it? - Well...


- Or did our staff make this... - Right.

with the sauce they bought from the market?

I don't say this often,

- but I'll sacrifice myself today. - Okay.

- This is exactly to my taste. - Exactly.

(This is exactly to my taste.)

- Then this place must be fake. - This place...

- is fake. - Hey!

- This place is fake. - I'm sure.

- Listen to me. - For real.

- Jae Seok, I got goosebumps. - What?

- I couldn't dismiss what you said. - I know.

This is exactly to my taste.

Isn't this our Food Team?

Gosh, it was our Food Team.

- Right. That's what I was thinking. - That's right.

- They always fool us. - It was our Food Team.

Try it, and let me work there if you like it.

It must be Food Team when I think about it.

- Don't you think so? - Yes, I'm sure.

(Did Sixth Sense Food Team make it?)

(The next tteokbokki is ready.)

(It makes them applause automatically.)

(Another transformation of tteokbokki, Mild taste)

- We mixed eggs and pollack roe. - I see.

We made the sauce which children can enjoy as well.

(Add in salty pollack roe...)

(and savory and salty...)

(egg pollack roe tteokbokki is completed!)

(Eating in one bite)




- Let's try. - Okay.

(just tastes it without a word.)

- How is it? - Good.

(One-word answer)

(Loud chewing)


Evaluate the taste...

- as you eat! - It's hard to evaluate the taste...

when it's difficult to even pick the food up here.

What can I evaluate here?

They're all gathered here!

Look at this!

This is total chaos!

When did you come here?

(A mess)

Where is Sung Cheol?

- I'm checking these out here. - I see.

(Newbie detective Sungnan's investigation mode on)

(This somehow looks suspicious.)

(He opens the green container...)

(and the brown container.)

They're all new.

(What is this?)

(Sungnan found something?)

Jae Seok, is this how bell peppers smell?

(He reports his suspicion to Yunan immediately.)

- No, right? - No. What's this?

I don't know.

This is... Gosh.


Wait, this smells like dried pollack soup.

Dried pollack soup?

(Tteokbokki that smells like dried pollack soup?)

Hey, maybe they used instant dried pollack soup.

The rice cake is not seasoned at all.

I can't taste the sauce from the rice cake.

(This is definitely fake!)

The sauce doesn't blend in well. They don't really go well together.

(Is it not blending in well because the research is still in progress?)

(Is it lacking because it's still being developed?)

(Or is it fake?)

Let's quickly start with the game. Jae Seok, please start.

(Preparing for the game)

- Hey, you got sauce on your shirt. - What?

You got sauce on your shirt.

(The trace of tteokbokki that he happily inhaled)

- Jae Seok! - Gosh, you're so clumsy!

My goodness, I have to take care of you!

(What is she doing?)

- You smudged it even more. - Hey!

You should've just picked it up like this!

My gosh, I can't believe this!

(He disappears somewhere...)

- It was there? - Sung Cheol brought it!

Sung Cheol brought a yellow one!

- Careful! - Goodness.

Sung Cheol is really nice.

- He's so well-mannered. - He has such good manners.

- He'll be loved. - But people might misunderstand.

(The place of the sticker is easy to cause misunderstanding.)

It's not to mark the location.

- Low-chested all the way here. - Low-chested.

It's been a while since we mentioned low-chested.

(With shy Jae Seok, the hint game starts!)

The game you'll play is Initial Letter Charade.

(The first player checks the initial letters.)

(Explain the word they thought of using their body in 5 seconds.)

(They succeed when the last player guesses the word.)

(The team who guesses more words will get the hint.)

Who wants to go first?

Since this team is good,

- We'll go first! - they should go first.

- Okay. - Really? Okay.

(The first initial letters)


("N" and "S")

(Hey, Sung Cheol.)



(It's strapped clothes.)

(Wake up.)

- Gosh. - Wake up!


(Time's up without him understanding it.)


(It's his turn to explain to So Min.)

(What's that?)

(Waiting for Sung Cheol)

(Staying true to her concept)

What is So Min doing?

He didn't understand, did he?



(What is this?)

Hey, you!

I'm just explaining it.

I can't believe it. So Min, I can't believe it.

(She's the only one delusional.)

Gosh, So Min's eyes!

(What's up with those eyes?)

Hey, Sung Cheol was seriously trying to play the game!

Just do it! Hurry up.

I'll do exactly what I saw.

Look at her fluttering eyes! So Min!


- Like this. - What's wrong with her?

Look at her eyes! Her nose is wrinkling!

(Just approaching her is a crime!)

(The enchanting charm that makes him unable to focus on the game)

(The two guys are excited for some reason.)

(Time's up like that.)

(Sung Cheol became a statue.)

Gosh, two of you with Sung Cheol in the middle...

(So what's the answer?)


- What did she say? - What is it?

- Sleeveless? - Sleeveless.

- That's it. - Let's play again!

Ready, start.

("H" and "G")

(Something crossed her mind.)

Gosh, what is this?

(Overly immersed)

(What's happening?)

(Slowly getting immersed)

(He got the hug.)

Don't do something weird.

- I won't let it slide. - So Min will love it.

Don't do it!

(Contrary to her words, she's smiling so widely.)

(He's approaching.)

(Wrinkling her nose)



(She's at it again.)

- My goodness. - So Min!

So Min, you better get this right!

Yes, Ms. Jeon.

- You have to get this right. - Hurry up!

Why are you suddenly calling me Ms. Jeon?

(He hugs her as if he made up his mind.)

(Hugging tight)

My goodness!



- Hug! - Hug!

No, but why are you suddenly calling me Ms. Jeon?

- That's just... - My goodness.

- Why are you drawing the line? - I'm sorry.

He called me So Min until just now.

Sung Cheol is so funny. Why did you call her Ms. Jeon?

- I don't know. - Because this is game and work.

"I don't know."

(They fail the second round too!)

- It's our turn. We got this. - Gosh.

- Come here, Na Ra. - I'll start.

Let's start.

Got it.

I'm so curious.

I'm getting quite nervous.

(The drama Sung Cheol was in.)

("Prison Playbook" set in prison)

(His hands are tied...)

(and taken away.)


(What is that?)

(The answer is "handcuffs".)



(He points Sung Cheol just like what he saw.)

Sung Cheol?

What's this? When did I do that?

(What's with his mouth?)

- I did exactly like you! - When did I do this?

When did I do this?

Time's up. I did exactly like you!

- Did I do this? - I did exactly like you.

- That's it. - Him.

(She spins one round on top of dancing.)

It's the same!

(Questionable dancing)

This is how it becomes distorted.

- My goodness. Jae Seok! - I did exactly like her.


- I think I know! - Hurry up.


- What is it? - Handcuffs!

- Then why would you do this? - You should've just stopped here.

Mi Joo just walked, but Jae Seok added the bounce.

Gosh, why are you so obsessed with dancing?

I got it. Okay.

(I'll show you my obsession with dancing.)

(This is my groove.)

(Surprised at Jae Seok's movements)

He's good.

- Okay, one more time. - Sure, one more time.

- We need to get this right! - We can get the next one right.

- Ready. - It's difficult.

- Ready, start. - Just a few.

("C" and "F")

(Right, cafe!)


He's good.

That's the explanation.

(A cup of espresso)



(Mi Joo starts her explanation.)



(That's not it.)

I'm so curious.

That's not what Jae Seok did!

- My goodness. - What is it?

- My goodness. - She's doing so well.

- That's the explanation. - Gosh.

We're doomed. Sorry Sang Yeob, we're doomed.

- I don't think you can guess it. - Show me.

- One, two... - What is it?

(Like a delinquent)

(As an actress, she can't do it half-heartedly...)

(even if they're doomed.)

(Na Ra...)

(Na Ra is doing her best, and Sang Yeob is frozen.)


Look, with the legs like this.

(She looks like a gangster from the olden days.)


- Cafe! - Cafe, I see!

- Hey, Mi Joo! - Jae Seok!

- Mi Joo! - No, but Jae Seok did this!

When did I do that? My hand was like this.

(Sipping espresso)

- Wait, then what happens to us? - This is driving me crazy.

- Did we not even get one right? - The hands...

You failed. The other team wins.

How is it possible to not get one right?

Come and get your hint.

- It's because we have four people. - I'll take this.

(Sungnan received a Vision Hint.)

It's a past news article about the tteokbokki researcher.

But he did talk about aseptic packaging just now.

I'm sure that he really is...

a rice researcher.

I'm not sure if he's a tteokbokki researcher though.

You could've cast someone who does research on rice.


(As Sungnan's investigation, is this place fake?)

(Tteokbokki Researcher)

(1. Overly neat research institute)

(2. New tteokbokki which you either like or dislike)

(3. The CEO who seems to be a rice researcher)

(Is this place real or fake?)

(The rain suddenly starts pouring.)

- Let's go. - Okay. Go!

(The sweet sound of rain that announces the rainy season...)

Gosh, it's raining.


(is fake, and the rain is pouring so heavily.)

Gosh, it will pierce the car!

I can't hear you, so speak loudly!

I can't hear you because of the rain!



But for me, that place...

is a bit awkward...

- to be real. - You're right.

- Right? It looks too fake. - The atmosphere is awkward.

- It looks too fake. - Overall, the taste is actually...

But I told you that it just suits my taste.

That means it's fake.


It tasted just like the one in a convenience store.

- That's right. - Instead of making it themselves,

it tastes fake.

It's not so common...

to be this suspicious about the first place.

Me too. But it's about time that the first place is fake.

(The sky clears as they try to figure out.)

The rain stopped.

- Sung Cheol, you do musicals. - Oh, my goodness.

He's really famous in the musical industry!

An actor acknowledged by Cho Seung Woo.

("He is an actor who stimulates me".)

(There is someone I want to learn from...)

(and someone who stimulates me.)

(Cho Seung Woo picked Sung Cheol as a junior he's looking forward to.)

(The day Sung Cheol got lucky)

(Who is this man...)

(who can even sing well?)

(The all-rounder who even mastered musicals!)

(Oh Na Ra, once a musical actor)

(Sudden low pitch competition)

(Does anyone know why they're doing this?)

That's not it.


It's funny, right? Sung Cheol, it's funny, right?

Korean yogurt.

- Yogurt - You've gone all the way there?

Korean yogurt.

(Eardrum terror)

Korean yogurt.

(It isn't yogurt product placement.)

(It really isn't.)

Are you going to a choir competition?

The atmosphere is a bit down today.

- It's not. - After having so much fun?

Hey, you just did "Korean yogurt", and you're saying it's down?

- After having so much fun... - Korean yogurt.

You'll go crazy if you don't do it as well, Sung Cheol.

- Korean yogurt - You're so good!

- You're good. - He's so good.

- Did Sung Cheol do that? - Yes.

(Musical style laughing)

We're going to see horses now, right?


(This show is spicy indeed.)

- What's wrong with you today? - To see horses.

We're going to see horses.

You got no hope, and I got no cigarettes.

Na Ra even did the gesture.

My goodness.

We're here.

We're here!

(They arrive at the second place, the racecourse park.)

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 2)

(Managing horse urine all day! Employee in charge of horse urine)

(What's up with the sudden bright weather?)

Gosh, this place is so nice!

Goodness, where is this place?

It's a racecourse park, Na Ra.

Hold on. This place can't be fake.

But that could be fake.

- That person. - That person could be fake.

That's right.

Why are they taking horse urine though?

- Medical check-up. - For a medical check-up...

or for doping tests.

I think it will be a very difficult technique.

(Horse expert who only manages horse urine all day.)

(Is this job real?)

(The second place...)

(that Sixth Sensers visit)

(You can enjoy the nature in the city...)

(in the biggest racecourse in Korea.)

(The heart of Korean horse race, Gwacheon LetsRun Park Seoul)

(Flexing its size)




(The moment they become one, )

(the thrilling match starts.)

(Beasts' competition...)

(that unfolds on the soil)

(The overwhelming charm...)

(that can be felt from the transcendental strength)

(Racehorses dash intensely for victory, )

(and so do jockeys.)

(Does the job of managing horse urine really exist here?)

(Is the employee in charge of horse urine real or fake?)

(This has been conducted after hand sterilization and fever check.)

It's been so long since I last came to a place like this.

- It's been so long. - It's been so long.

Guys, come this way.

Jessi, your boyfriend.

- No, we're falling out now. - Your boyfriend.


Guys, this way.

This is where they teach you.

It's here, right?

What is this?

"For beginners". My goodness.

(They can easily see the information of today's race...)

(from this guide book for horse race beginners.)

This is how they make it nowadays.

- Last time, it was like a magazine. - She's pretending she knows again.

Apparently, So Min came here before frequently.

- Really? - To date.

- Of course. - To date?

Of course.

Everyone, there's a race at 12:40pm,

so we'll give you some time to pick a horse...

- Really? - for the remaining time.

- Then will we get to see a race? - Suddenly...

What? That means we can't see the urine.

- I think we'll see the urine later. - What?

- I think we'll see the urine later. - I see.

After the race, we'll take the winning horses...

to the place they manage urine...

- and see it for ourselves. - Really?

You guys haven't decided on the horse yet?

- They only do it after the race. - That's right, after the race.

- It's a doping test, right? - Yes.

- Doping test? - I see.

Then they do it after the race.

Hold on, I can't do anything because I don't understand a thing!

(So we prepared this.)


I am Cho Min Gyo of Korea Racing Authority.

Welcome, Mr. Cho!

- We'll be watching the third race. - That's right.

If you look at the sixth page of the booklet,

You can find the information...

of the horses which will participate in the race.

The name of the second horse is Currerecus.

(Currerecus is getting ready outside.)

You can see the horse's age, where it's born,

and its gender.

(They also have its past records, )

(the winning rate, and the jockey's information.)

And by the side, you can see a graph.

As you go left, it shows the most recent results...

- of the horse. - It's to the left.

Horses that show better results...

are more likely to perform better in this match.

You can think of it that way.

Does anyone have questions?

- Me! - Yes.

Is there a human on the horse?

- Yes, on the horse... - Of course.

- Goodness. - Hey!

- Is the horse going to run alone? - Mi Joo.

The horse... Of course.


Oh, my gosh.

Is the horse going to run on its own then?

- How cute. - Mi Joo.

Please talk less. Got it?

(It's a variety show.)

The jockeys are important as well, right?

- That's right. - I see.

For the stars beside the jockeys' names,

the jockey with the best results has five stars,

and the jockey with poor results has one star.

(They also have the ranking of 150 jockeys...)

(registered with Korea Racing Authority.)

(Seven horse, three human)

(In a horse race, the victory is decided by 70 percent...)

(of a horse's ability and 30 percent of a jockey's ability.)

It must be heavy for the baby.

(Still not over worrying about the baby.)

You're right.

So the average weight of the jockeys of Korea Racing Authority...

is about 51 to 52kg.

- Exactly. - Exactly, they're so skinny.

They're really skinny.

I'm 56kg.

(Unexpected coming out of weight)

Gosh, you don't look like that.

(He soullessly says that without realizing.)

- He dealt with it smoothly. - He dealt with it smoothly.

(Jessi, you're cool enough.)

Guys, since you're at a racecourse,

- we'll try Quinella Place. - Quinella Place.

Two horses have to come...

- in the first three places, right? - Yes.

(Quinella Place: Guess two horses...)

(that will come in the 1st 3 places regardless of the order.)

(Let's use the senses for Sixth Sense 2 here as well.)

(Focus mode on)

This is our race.

- Race three. - I see.

(Jessi was looking at the wrong race.)

Guys, what do you think of Viking Heart?

(Viking Heart, 3 race 0 wins, winning rate 0 percent)

Viking Heart got the hang of it recently.

It came in fourth last time, so it will rise once again.

Hold on. Viking Heart is on the rise.

- Viking Heart. - Then...

Currerecus who performs better towards the end.

(Currerecus has the fastest speed...)

(toward the end of the race.)

(The winning rate is 12.5 percent, )

(and it is ranked 2nd for the winning candidate.)

Should we go with Currerecus and Viking Heart?

- Let's do that. - Okay.

We'll go with Currerecus and Viking Heart.

Numbers 2 and 8.

(What about So Min's team which has someone with experience?)

The one ranked the lowest...

and the one ranked the highest each. We can do that.

(Very serious)

So Min, Thunder Horse.

How about Thunder Horse?

(Even though Thunder Horse never won, )

(the best jockey will be riding it.)

- Me too. - Thunder Horse?

I'm going with this guy.

(Number 1 winning candidate of this race...)

(with the jockey of top 1 percent)

(Horse number 5, Telos)


- Let's go with them. - Okay.

- We're done. - We chose our horses.

(First Sixth Sense Derby)

(Team Jae Seok: Number 2 Currerecus and number 8 Viking Heart)

(Team So Min: Number 4 Thunder Horse and number 5 Telos)

- They're starting! - Hurry up.


They're real!

I can't believe I'm watching a horse race.

- Gosh! - They're real horses!

- Gosh. - This is so fascinating!

- Oh, my gosh! Aren't they so cool? - Goodness!

- This is amazing! - Gosh!

This is so fascinating!

Gosh, it feels different to sit here.

(The fresh weather that makes you feel good without doing anything)

It's nice scenery. Look, Na Ra.

Fresh wind blowing.

- Yes, it makes me feel good. - Right?

If I have a beer with me, gosh.

Last time, they didn't have chairs.

People will sit on their mats.

- Really? - Yes.

They didn't have these last time.

I'll choose the horses, and my boyfriend will go and bet.

He had to push and fight.

"I'm back! Did you get dumplings?"

- Dumplings... - Then we'll eat dumplings together.

That's a youthful romance.

All humans are like that,

but So Min especially cannot live without love.

I live digging up the memories.

You must've come here often.


I should create more memories before it's over.

Gosh, this is good.

(Five minutes before the race)

Five minutes before!

- It's five minutes before? - Today, in Seoul racecourse park,

for the shooting of a show...

- Viking Heart. - Na Ra, you're on the screen.

Visited by Mr. Yu Jae Seok,

as well as Oh Na Ra, Jeon So Min, Jessi, and Mi Joo.

(Jessi, and Mi Joo.)

What about me?

(What about me?)

You're leaving me out of this too?

My name is Lee Sang Yeob!


There's Sung Cheol and me as well.

(The non-presence of Sang Yeob has thrown off the production team.)

That's us!

Sang Yeob is there.

(We're here too.)

As a welcoming event,

let's start with some dance.

What kind?

(Dance time? We're experts at that.)


We're the only ones here.

Just among us.

Jeon So Min.

(The high-level energy has captivated the whole racecourse.)

(This one is very energized.)

(The best dancer)

(Putting some 70s to 80s vibes to a recent Billboard-winning release)

(It's her taste.)

No wonder she majored in dance.

This TV is so fun.

They really do this.

(Wait a minute...)

Where is this airing?

- Are they doing it right now? - Yes, national. On screen.

- Everyone's watching us? - Yes.

We're not the only ones watching.

- Everyone's watching it? - Yes, through broadcasting.

- Really? - No way.

(Broadcasting live)

Ours is airing now.

Our babies.

- Let's go! - How wonderful.

(12 racing horses)

(12 jockeys)

(The one competition between them)

(Deliberation room)

(The judges are waiting...)

(to ensure a fair match.)

(A highly competitive world...)

(in which the winner is determined by the matter of 0.1 seconds)

(The unpredictable race is about to begin.)

They're entering now.

How nervous they must be.

Let's go!

Let's go!

(Cheers to my horse!)

Number Eight, in his lane,

is slightly agitated.


(Go Thunder Horse!)

Ready. Go.

The race is 1,300m.

They started!

The race has started. At the lead,

Number Five, Telos.

- Number seven, Female Warrior... - Mine's still at the back.

Number Eight, Viking Heart, takes its place on the outer lane.

On the inner lane, we have Telos, Number Five.

On the outer lane, number seven, Female Warrior.

- Number eight, Viking Heart... - They're so fast.

- is starting to catch up. - Are they heading this way?

(Telos is at the lead.)

(Number 8, Viking Heart, is lagging behind.)

(Number 4, Thunder Horse, is caught in the middle.)

Number 12, Last Boss...

is competing with number 11, Super Park to take the 4th place.

Currerecus! Let's go!

The second place one is going fast!

- At the corner... - Is number 5 in 1st place?

Telos is leading the game.

- Let's go! - This is great.

Tire yourself out now!

I can't sit down.

Female Warrior, surpassed by Number Eight, Viking Heart...

- There it is. - There it goes.

- It's going up. - Currerecus is coming from behind.

It's fast. Faster than the others.

My goodness. That one is so fast.

Viking Heart, and turn the corner...

Number 5, Telos, is leading for about 2-horse-distance.

Far faster than any other horse.

Behind, we have number four...

- Currerecus! - I chose it.

Number Two, Currerecus...

I picked Five.

How great.

Far faster than any other horse.

Behind, we have number four, Thunder Horse, and...

- Number two is coming up! - It's coming up!

It's going fast!

- It's chasing fast. - Let's go!

The race is almost finished.

(Number 8, Viking Heart, )

(is coming up from behind.)

- Hurry up! - Okay.

Hurry up!

(Viking Heart has started its final spurt.)

That one's incredible!

- Wow. - Outside we have number eight...

Number 12. It's the last course.

For 2nd place, we have number 8, Viking Heart.

The 3rd place, number 5, Telos.

That was the race.

(Jae Seok's team's Viking Heart surpassed Telos at the last minute.)

- Okay. - My goodness!

(What a glorious moment!)

(Can't believe what we just saw)

(The 1st place, Last Boss)

(The 2nd place, Viking Heart)

(The 3rd place, Telos)

(No way...)

Number 2, and then number 8.

(It ended with a dramatic ending.)

Wait. We were first place.

It got tired near the end.

(Too bad.)

How can it get so tired at the end?

I feel so bad. It should be fed.

I said let's go with number eight.

- You're right. - I said number eight.

- Number 2 and 8. - I have a knack for this.


This means that Jae Seok's team wins for having chosen number eight.

(Yu Jae Seok's team wins the first Sixth Sense derby.)

How fun.

I never realized it was this fun.

- Too bad. - It was fun.

Okay. Get on.

Best driver.

So Min. Get in.

It's windy. How nice.

Really nice.

It's so surprising you got the horse right.

Out of all those horses.

It must know what it's like to run.

It was really good at the end.

(Viking Heart's final spurt excited everyone.)

- I'm sad. - Don't be.

- This is the most fun thing today. - I agree.

Let's go back to Seoul in this.

You're the best driver.

This is a nice place for a date.

Even if you're just walking.

Of course.

- So nice. - Those are the race horses, right?


(The winning race horses are headed to a doping test site.)

They're so slim.

Look at their bodies.

The muscles are...


Look at their butt.

I want my body to be as fit.


(Looks away)

Isn't it dangerous?

It's a road that needs to be walked by the horses, so...

I see. There's sand on it.

Can't horses run on asphalt?

It's bad for the ankles and joints.

How cool.

They even get tested for doping.

They were on their way to the doping test site, yes.

This one is real.

How can they make this up?

There's no way this is fake.

They're this strict?

They'll show all the real stuff?

Don't you think there could be something here as well?

(The doping test site is located behind the racecourse.)

(The winning horses must arrive at the test site...)

(within 10 minutes of the race.)

(They rest after getting tested.)

- They look like you. - She said the horses look like me.

You're Jessi.


Mr. What kind of job is this is here.



To test the horses,

he needs to start getting their urine.

- Then he'll come for the interview. - Sure.

You can't actually go in.

You can watch the monitor.

I see, a monitor.

(Why a monitor?)

(The sampling room is small.)

(They watch through a monitor for everyone's safety.)

(Every room has a camera inside, )

(so you can check the progress from the outside as well.)

(The winning horses arrive at the test side in turn.)

The sweat on them after the race...

- Seriously. - They're sweating like crazy.

It's so smooth.

Look at the sweat. How sexy.

The physique is so handsome.

(I'm in Room 2 today.)

He's getting it now.

It's going to go pee.

(Today I'm a bit nervous because of the visitors.)

They're taking the sample now.

The 1st 3 places get tested for drugs.

It's my first time watching a horse get urine tested.

Race horses get treated really well.

Because they normally need to rest well to race like that.

Of course.

(Being treated well...)

Doesn't the trainer in charge usually do this job?

(The horse might get stressed with someone it doesn't know.)

But I think only certified people can administer drug tests.

I think so.

If it's a sample,

do they just take the sand on top of which the horse peed?

Dig up the sand...

and take it?

(But there doesn't seem to be sand.)

I think they use a cup.

They just watch them pee and put the cup like...

There's something in front of their hooves.

- Is there? I see it. - The white thing in front.

- By attaching a cup to a stick. - Like this.

Like this. They can't get too close.

By using a stick.

But I also think this.

Everything else is real, but this one guy...

It's not like we can go in to watch.

I'm curious as to...

what the horse and the tester are doing right now.

Can't he just go in and bring out human urine?

That's the problem.

We're not inside to watch.

(Could the video be a pre-recorded, non-live version...)

(that the production team set up?)

The horse is inside, right?

(You saw it walk in earlier...)

(How long do we have to wait?)



You can hear some whistling sound.

You're right.

I hear the whistling as well.

They're whistling inside, right?

Yes, he's doing it.

(The whistling sound continues.)

Do you think they trained when they were younger?

- To pee upon hearing a whistle. - Exactly.

We also had to be given a cue to pee when we were young.

"Let's pee."

They must have gotten carrots whenever they made it.

The horse is confused.

(Is the whistle real? Or is it directed by the staff?)

I think this is also fake.

- Why? - This one?

Look at the two of them just staying there.

It might be fake.

Because the horse doesn't urinate for so long.

There's no sign of peeing yet.

It doesn't happen right away.

(It's been 20 minutes waiting for the specimen.)

(Six Sensers are rooting for Viking Heart with all their hearts.)

I don't think I can do this.

(How long does he have to wait?)

I'm curious how he will pee.


(Just pee now, will you?)

(Look at that!)


- Look at that! - That's how he gets the specimen.

(Viking Heart looks likes he's getting nature's call.)

Are they talking to each other?

Or are they fighting?

(Surprise! This is unbelievable!)

Is he peeing right now?

He's peeing.

This is interesting. I've never seen this before.

- Me too. - That's amazing.

Do we have to watch this?

He receives it like that.

(Specimen collector collects it with a cup and a pole.)

- He pees a lot. - That's a lot.

- Like that. - It's a waterfall.

That's right.

His tale is wiggling. He must feel refreshed.

(In the 2nd room, )

(he successfully collects the specimen too.)

(Specimen Collection 3)

Can we take his blood?

(Can we take his blood?)

Can we take his blood instead of taking urine?

- Sure. - They take his blood too?

Come here.

They draw blood when the horses can't urinate.

They draw blood when the horses don't urinate?

Goodness. It must hurt.

(After taking the blood from Room 3,)

(the collector transfers it into a tube.)

I have a suspicion. You said you saw a urinal bowl, right?

- Yes. - Wasn't it too small?

- It was this big. - It was small, indeed.

Maybe it's a trick to fool us.

The urinal bowl can't be that small.

(Horse's urination is like a waterfall.)

Jae Seok, we can't let this one pass either.

- We should keep our suspicions. - Yes.

Everything about this place can be real, except the collector.

- He's out. Hello. - Hi.

- Hi. - Please come to the center.

He's young.

Hello. I'm 21-year-old,

Lim from Anyang.

Right now, I work part-time...

to collect specimens at the racecourse.

How many times a week do you work?

Just the weekends. Saturdays and Sundays.

Hourly pay is a little over 10 dollars.

What does a specimen collector do?

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd horses of the race come in order.

I go into each room to collect their urination.

After collecting the specimens,

I pass it to the place for drug testing.

I collect horses' urine 10 times a day.

(When he passes it to doping test site, )

(it gets tested for drugs in a drug testing room.)

I got hit by a horse. The horse's head...

bumped into my helmet.

Because a horse weighs about 500kg,

I almost got hit by its back kick...


(Why do they collect urination when drawing blood is easier?)

I heard there are substances more easily detectable in urine.

So we collect the urine first, and then draw the blood.

Because I love animals,

I think this is a comfortable job.

If you are scared of animals,

this job can be scary and hard.

Sixth Sensers, do you think this job is real?

"Specimen collector"...

- sounds unfamiliar. - That's unfamiliar.

Right. Even if I tell my friends, they don't really get it.

I joined here last year when I was 20.

He's young.

- You're only 21. - Amazing.


You collect urine, right?

Collecting horses' urine is all I do.

(He just collects urine...)

(and does nothing else?)

I arrive at work at 10am.

And I work until 6:30pm.

Then how much do you make?

(Mi Joo!)

I get a daily wage.

- It's a daily wage. - It's about 80 dollars a day.

(He answers without hesitation.)

Then if a horse doesn't urinate,

- you don't get paid? - That's not it.

- That's not it. - No.

- It's by the hours you work. - Yes.

(He gets paid when he's on site.)

Is there a specific study you have to do to get this job?

No. If you like animals,

anyone can do this.

(A job animal lovers can do without special training?)

I saw that the horses don't urinate that easily.

When it's hot or humid,

they get sensitive. They are excited after the race too.

That's why I blow whistles so that they can urinate easily.

We make such noise...

- for babies too. - Yes. We do.

Let us hear it.

- My whistle? - Yes.


Just a second.

(Wait, what?)

Wait. I did it well in there. Please wait.

(An employee in charge of horse urine...)

(who can't whistle?)

Like this.

Do you audition for it?


- For whistling? - No. There's no such a thing.

What is the percentage of drawing blood...

because you couldn't collect urine?

Of 10 races, we have to draw blood for about 6 to 7 races.

Then most of them draw blood.

- More than half of them. - That's most of the time.

It depends on the day.

The races taking place at this moment too, right?

- Because it's the weekend. - Yes.

- That must be hard. - He has to work.

So thanks for spending time with us.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

A specimen collector.

I've never heard of that occupation.

- Yes. He has to love animals. - You're right.

(The hint goes to...)

(Team Jae Seok because they won the bet.)

(What is the hint from this place?)

I knew it. It's like what I said.

(It's was suspicious even before getting the hint.)

"They are collecting specimens."

I don't think they collect urine.

I think they draw blood from the beginning.

Then is this place fake? I think this place is real though.

(What kind of job is this? Vol. 2)

(Employee who collects horse urine all day long)

(1. Collection was only observed through monitors.)

(2. The collector who should be an expert couldn't whistle.)

(3. Anyone can be a specimen collector.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

It's hot.

(Racecourse park was hot.)

- It's so hot. - Turn up the AC.

We have to get undressed these days.


I think this place...

is real after interviewing the employee.

That person really loves animals...

- and horses. - You could feel it, right?

There's nothing to suspect.

I saw the photos of doping tests,

but they were drawing blood.

Right. That's suspicious.

Drawing blood is done quickly.

But collecting urine takes time. When he has to do it every time.

My suspicion about the first place is bigger than this one.

- Yes. The first one. - Right.

The first place was way more suspicious.

(After driving on the empty road for a while)


(They fell asleep, exhausted from the heat.)


(Waking up automatically)


(Sung Cheol got contaminated too.)

- You're on fire, Sung Cheol. - No, I'm not.

I think it's Gangnam.

This is Garosu-gil.

- At Garosu-gil, - There are many here.

- there are many escape rooms. - There are many, right?

But a difficulty adjuster? That sounds suspicious.

But don't you think they need a person...

to adjust difficulty levels?

- Right. They adjust the difficulty. - Right?

(Arrived with suspicion)

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 3)

(Only 5 in Korea! Escape Room difficulty adjuster)

- Get down. - Let's get out quickly.

We aren't going to do escape rooms, are we?

No, we're not. Is this the place?

- Is it here? - "Room".

I've never seen this brand before.

There are many escape-room franchises these days.

(What is an escape room?)

(In the limited time, )

(in the limited space, )

(one has to use the given leads...)

(to escape from the room...)

(they are in.)

(An escape-room company in Gangnam, Seoul?)

(Moreover, it's trend-leading Garosu-gil...)

(filled with young vibes!)

From the entrance, I can feel...

that it's fake and made up.

(And the company uses the whole building!)

(What is the truth about this place?)

Shall we?

- It's on the 3rd floor? - Yes. The 3rd.

- Is it the fourth floor? - Yes.

- They use the whole building? - Representative room and office.

No way.

(It looks like they use the whole building.)

No. This is common.

Haven't you been to escape rooms?

- The whole building is theirs. - They normally use...

- the whole building? - Of course.

This is too hard to be forged.

I mean this is too huge of a scale.

- What if it's fake? - A whole building?

I'm so confused today.

(How will the inside look?)

(They arrive at the 4th floor where the office is.)

(Entering inside)

This is strange.

I see. This is not an escape room, but it's their office.

How will we find out then?

(The office is on the 4th floor.)

(It has a sophisticated lobby.)

This is not an escape room cafe.

It's an office. But do they have an office like this?

(It looks like an ordinary office at a glance.)

Isn't it suspicious that they have an office like this?

It's strange.

(But they can see the documents on escape rooms here and there.)

(The young company is filled with energy...)

(and experts who lead the escape room industry.)

What kind of office is this?

(In the corner of the office, )

(there's a room for the CEO who represents the company.)

(From a fierce-looking nameplate)

(To various certificates on escape rooms)

(What's an escape room expert like?)

(Is this really a company that deals with escape rooms?)

What is this office?

It looks like it hasn't been long since they moved to this place.

I guess it hasn't been long since they moved here.

(The office looks clean as if it hasn't been long since they moved.)

What is this?

(Sungnan the rookie detective, doing an amazing job in reasoning)

(This place looks suspicious.)

(There are escape room proposals scattered on the table.)

This looks too intentional. How they put the proposals here.

Don't you think so?

Gosh, this is driving me crazy.

What are you doing? What are you working on?

Mr. Jung.

(Na Ra starts asking the employees.)

I was checking the reviews of the escape room we planned.

- I see. - To see if they're doing well.

It's called Mr. Tiger.

Is that the item for this escape room?

There's an escape room called Mr. Tiger?

- It's a theme. - It is?

You're quite detailed.

(Is he really an employee of this company?)

Are you the team leader?

Oh, you're a director?

You're an executive.

He's a director? But the director...

is younger than his employees.

No, I'm older.

They're all younger than me.

- I'm so sorry. - They're younger than me.

He looks so young.


What's this? Shredded paper box?

(Right then, Jae Seok spots something strange.)

- You'll find out later. - Is that so?

It's a secret.

(A very suspicious looking shredded paper box)

I guess we're doing something with it later.

(What's the secret behind it?)

(It's shocking and terrifying.)

(It's beyond...)

(what you imagine.)

(The members show amazing teamwork...)

(in their office.)

(They can't trust each other.)

(The team falls apart.)

(What's that? Isn't that...)

(Stay tuned. It'll be revealed soon!)

(It's time to talk with the CEO.)

(He's the CEO?)

He looks fake.

- Isn't he too young? - Hello.

There are many young CEOs these days.


I run a company that adjusts the difficulty...

of escape rooms. We do balance QAs.

We also exclusively create escape room content.

I'm the CEO of this company, and I'm Young Woo.

Escape rooms were first made...

in mid 2015.

(With more themes...)

The main customers of escape rooms are young.

I thought this content business...

could lead the market.

It's the first company to exclusively create...

escape room content. It was founded in 2019.

We're currently operating 86 branches.

I'm a bit worried to say it.

Our annual revenue is a little over 500,000 dollars.

We need to keep developing new content,

and there's steady demand.

We're using the themes of webtoon...

to design our escape rooms.

In March,

for the first time in the field,

our company got recognized as a venture business.

(Using the techniques they learned, )

(they even expanded into the overseas markets.)

(Through the young customers' word of mouth, )

(it's showing great results.)

Balance QA...

is short for balance quality assurance.

That's what we call balance QA.

One of the most important factors...

of escape rooms is their level of difficulty.

When an escape room is made,

our QA Team tries it out.

They check whether the problems are difficult or not.

Aside from the problems,

we adjust the lighting, sounds,

and other elements.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

What kind of work...

does an escape room difficulty adjuster do?

Has anyone tried an escape room before?

- I have. - So Min has.

Generally, an escape room's difficulty...

is divided into five levels.

It's something like this.

We can't tell a 1st-grader to solve a 6th-grader's problem.

We experience it first...

and check if the difficulty is set according to their intention.

I see. You don't plan it yourself?

So you adjust the difficulty only?

- I see. - So this company...

But there are escape rooms where their level one is very difficult.

That's right.

It's like what I said earlier.

You gave a 1st-grader problem to a 1st-grader,

but he gets it wrong.

(But he gets it wrong.)


Then do you adjust the difficulty of all escape rooms?

Or do you select them?

It's impossible for us to manage all escape rooms.

There are about 1,500 escape rooms in the country.

We call them "local".

We're not asked by private business owners...

to adjust their escape rooms.

We can't control every room.

Also, there are only five experts in the country.

(There are only 5 experts in the entire country.)

I see. Okay.

(Is a difficulty adjuster a real job?)

It hasn't been that long since you moved into this office, right?

It smells like a new office.

It's been about four months. We moved in early March.

Our old office was in Gwangmyeong.

- In Gwangmyeong? - Yes, and we moved.

You must've made a lot of money in Gwangmyeong...

and moved to this office.

That's right.

Since we're using the whole building.

Then do you adjust the difficulty of that cafe?

It's a B escape room cafe.

Yes, we do go there from time to time.

We're quite close to them.

- What about Dungeon Cafe? - Yes, the one in Hongdae.

Do you know the escape room in CGV?

Yes, I know that one.

So Min, you looked so cool just now.

- Was he correct? - Yes.

Look at him.

- We've never heard of them before. - We've never heard of them.

What? Escape room?

- It sounds foreign. - I don't know what that is.

You're so cute.

Don't say anything.

- You're so cute. - Don't say anything.

When I said I don't know what that is, she went, "You're so cute."

(Suddenly complimenting on his cuteness)

- How is that cute? - It's cute.

(Jae Seok's fan Mi Joo is silly.)

All right, sir. Thank you.

By the way, on the third floor,

we have a simulation room...

where it's equipped with escape room equipment.

- I'll guide you to that room. - Shall we?


They prepared this?


It's a room where we explain...

what we can do to our clients.

(It's filled with interesting equipment for escape rooms.)

(This is interesting.)

For the equipment,

the key point is their input and output.

Simply put, it's their input and output.

It's a really important part.

It's an elevator operation panel.

If you press the buttons in order from the bottom,

it'll make sounds.

(As he presses the buttons in order...)

- It can go up. - Oh, it's going up.

(The elevator works with the sound.)

In the escape room, they could make it look like...

an elevator door closing and going up.

(If there's an elevator in the escape room, )

(you can press the numbers you found in order.)

(If the number is correct, you can escape.)

(If not, then you can't escape.)

You can use that to adjust the difficulty as well.

It's called a linear motor.

There's a magnet on its tip. Can you see it?

It works as a sensor.

It's called Arduino or raspberry pi.

You can think of it as a small computer.

- Raspberry pi? - Yes.

It's an installation.

(He explains the principles of escape rooms.)

- We have bigger doors like this. - There it is.

The box opens automatically.

It opens automatically.

- Am I the only one who's confused? - I think they're from the station.

You're confused too, right?

- This is driving me crazy. - All right, sir.

Thank you.

Gosh, this is so difficult.

He could've made us bewildered to make it more confusing.

- Then is it the second place? - Oh, my gosh!

Just a second.

(The CEO is back.)

We prepared a gift to thank you for coming all the way here.

Would you like to open it?

You could be surprised.

- It could scare you. Be careful. - What could it be?

- Be careful. - Maybe something will pop out.

The escape room...

(So Min bravely opens the box.)

(There's paper inside the box.)

- Come on. - "We prepared this for..."

This is an escape room game!

(Right then)

(Gosh, that scared me.)

(The timer suddenly starts.)

(The CEO's surprise gift for Sixth Sensers)

(A mini escape room game)

The valuable document which has the details of a new project...

that Sixth Sense Company spent three months to work on...

was leaked to the rival company, Iron Min Company.

"While looking for the suspect,"

"you obtained information that there's an inside spy."

"For a perfect crime,"

"they drank coffee which erases short-term memory."

"Then they forgot that they're the suspect."

(The spy drank coffee and lost the memory.)

(There's a spy within us?)

"There's an inside spy among you who leaked the document."

"Within 30 minutes,"

"find the spy and the leaked document..."

"and escape from here."

There's a spy among us?

You're the spy!

No, I'm not!

- There's something on the back. - I'm not the spy!

(He found something written on the back.)

"P.S. Mr. Lee Sang Yeob,"

"who visited Iron Min Company this morning,"

"shredded a document without anyone noticing."

Why did you do that?

- You did? - Why did you shred it?

- We should check the document... - Why did you shred it?

I don't remember anything.

(Right then)

We should check the document in the shredded paper box.

We should check the shredded document.

- Are we playing a game now, Na Ra? - Yes, we need to solve the problem.

What is this?

- This is a new approach. - What is this?

Does the spy know that they're the spy?

(First stage: Shredded paper box)

(Jae Seok turns on the shredder.)

Guys, take a look at this.

(As the papers flutter, )

(a hint on the bottom appears.)

"CEO Yu Jae Seok of Sixth Sense Company..."

"became a CEO because he read a lot of books."

"Director Oh Na Ra's secret to her success..."

"is to heighten senses for 24 hours."

"She has a keen observation."

"CEO Yu..."

"That's how he became the CEO."

So what on earth is this?

(That's not the hint.)

Why are we doing this?


(Ace So Min quickly moves after reading the hint.)

(She found something?)

This must be it! What is this?

(A strange-looking bookshelf)

Jae Seok, what is this?

There are books here. Are they not related?

Take a look at them.

"The Three Kingdoms"...

(She can't figure out the meaning of the books.)

There must be something in there.

- It has nothing to do with these? - No, in there.

(So Min comes back to the shredder.)

(There's something on the book.)

Here it is.

I found it! You open it with this.

(I found it!)

(What did you find?)

(The first hint from the shredder, "book")

There's a magnet on the book.

I think we should open this.

- What's that? - Isn't this how it's used?

(But the door doesn't even budge.)

- Let me see. - It says "book" there too.

Wait. We need to read the passage on the bottom.

Which word do you see there?

"Heighten senses for 24 hours."

"For 24 hours..." Oh, here it is. All the books are here.

(The titles of the books match the hints.)

(How do we figure it out from here though?)


From there... So Min!

Put the books in the order of the words that we read.

"CEO Yu Jae Seok of Sixth Sense Company..."

"became a CEO because he read a lot of books."

(According to the order of the sentences with double quotations, )

("A Cat Trying to Keep a Book")

(you should place the books in order of the words from the sentences?)

This is what an escape room game is? It's so fun!

We're finding clues?


- It's so fun! - I get it now.

If we put these books in order...

(They're explaining what an escape room is so many times.)

- Is there a title with "CEO" in it? - We're opening that with this.

- "CEO"? - Yes.

- Yes, there is. - We got "CEO".

(Slowly, the books are placed in order.)


Next is "heighten senses for 24 hours".

- There's "24 hours". - We got "24 hours".

("24 hours", "Senses")

- "Keen observation". - "Keen".



- It's open. - Is it open?

This is incredible.

- It's open. - It's open!

(As they place the last book, the door opens.)

(It was a difficult mission that they solved with teamwork.)

- This is so fascinating. - The books are in order, right?

They said it's open.

Let me see. We opened it. We found the hint.

- I guess we need to read this. - This is how we play.

"Before going into the CEO's office,"

"I always imagine singing out loud."

I still have no idea what we're doing.

(I think this is the hint.)

(I want to go outside)

(No response)

Do we have to sing in here?


Do we have to sing in here?

(The keyword that Mi Joo found)

(She tries singing in front of the CEO's office.)

You're right.

(The gauge fills up.)

(Mi Joo precisely interpreted the hint.)

You're right! It's getting filled.

- It's getting filled. - Oh, my gosh.

Keep going.

(Sixth Sensers come to help Mi Joo.)

(Thank you, everyone.)

It went down. We need to do it again.

(The gauge went down?)

It won't work if others' voices are added.

- You need to make it long. - Make it long. Ready, go.

(Rising star Kim Sung Cheol that even Cho Seung Woo approves of)

- That's good. - So that's how it's done?

You don't have to use a lot of energy.

(The gauge slowly fills up.)

(You can do it, Sung Cheol.)

Wow, Sung Cheol...

What happened?

(What happened?)

(What's wrong with that?)

(If the voice gets cut off, it falls to zero.)

- I'll give it a try. - What was that? He was...

(Is it my turn?)

(Her lung capacity is large thanks to the numerous musicals she did.)

You should try it, Na Ra.

(It's finally time to show my talent.)

(Let's go!)

(Let's go, Na Ra.)

(You can do it!)

- It's not moving up. - It's not getting filled.

(Na Ra, it's not moving.)

The machine realized that you were cheating.

(This stage seems difficult.)

(There are only 11 minutes left.)

(Okay, I figured it out.)

(Na Ra, show us what you got.)

(Na Ra gives it a try again.)

I want to go outside.

It worked. It's getting filled.

(Will she succeed this time?)

(The gauge finally starts to fill.)


(It doesn't get cut off.)

She's using her head voice.

(This is the class of a musical actress.)

(You're almost there.)

(Will she succeed?)

(It's open!)

(With her large lung capacity, she solved this stage!)

(The skills trained by musicals)

You should breathe now.

(She's indeed amazing.)

Na Ra sang in a musical style after a long while.

(It was her solo stage we haven't seen for a long time.)

I nearly died!

Now what do we have to do?

- It's open! - It's open.

- It's open. - This is so fun.

Isn't escaping room fun?

But I need someone to solve it with me.

I can't do it alone.

This is...


(He opens the CEO's cabinet.)

You should hurry up and open it!

- All right. - What does it say there?

(CEO Jung, the spy of Sixth Sense Company...)

"The spy of Sixth Sense Company..."

"will leave the employee card in the cabinet."

"Once they do, I'll exchange it with the secret document."

(Difficulty level: Easy)

(Next to the hint...)

(is a UV flashlight.)

I think something will show if we use the flashlight on the card.

You're right. There's something here.

- It's showing something. - On the back.

(What's the secret behind the employee card?)

Could there be a hint on this?

- What can you see? - Iron Min Company.

Iron Min Company.

(But we're in Sixth Sense Company.)

What? It's So Min.

(What? So Min is the spy.)

- So Min. - So Min.

What about me?

(The inside spy was So Min?)

Yours is the only one that says Iron Min Company.

(As they flash the light on the employee card...)

(Iron Min Company)

- So Min! - The spy is...

- Jeon So Min! - Jeon So Min!

- It's me? - So you were the spy.

(The spy is Jeon So Min.)

So Min, how could you do this?

(They successfully finish the mini escape room game.)

I didn't know.

(On the day of the shoot, )

(a coffee truck sent by her fans arrived at the scene.)

(That coffee was used to erase her memory.)

(So Min's memory of being a spy was gone.)

(The inside spy who drank the coffee that erases memory...)

(was Jeon So Min.)

We asked the CEO in advance...

to mix the levels...

from level 1 to level 5.

The game you just played has different levels.

(No wonder.)

It's fun.

- It's fun. - Sir!

(1. The whole building looks new. 2. CEO bewildering with jargons)

(3. A sudden mini escape room game, Is this place real or fake?)

While I was playing,

I realized the easiest place to set up would be the second place.

They could just use the existing racecourse.


we didn't see anything in real life.

(They only saw things through the monitors.)

What do we do?

Then that'd be considered cheating.

If number two is fake,

then number 1 and 3 are real.

I changed my mind...

as I played. I think there could be a job like this.

But for number one, it's real location-wise.

They could've set up the first place too.

(They could've set up the tteokbokki research institute.)

- It'd be easy. - It'd be easy.

- It'd be really easy. - It'd be easy.

But this place also looks new.

You're right.

I don't think it's difficult to set up an office.

It's not.

Gosh, this is so hard.

I'm confused.

(It's the most confusing episode.)

(Voting time)

(So Min and Mi Joo take the chance to dance.)

(Showing off her skills from her main job)

Is this how you do it?

You look like a senior visiting your junior from a dance club.

(The senior from the club wanted to feel fresh.)

(Old dance routines are the best.)

(Showing off her old dance moves)

This is so funny.

(A new member, Grasshopper)

(He's having a great time thanks to So Min.)

Are you ready to vote?

No, not yet.

Today, no. I don't know.

- What did you say? - No.

No, no.

Next week. Make it easy, please.

(It's making him laugh.)

I'm having a headache.

(The voting starts.)

Gosh, seriously. I can't believe it.

I'm just going to...

trust my senses.

I pick number one.

(Sung Cheol picks number 1, which he was suspicious of.)


They don't usually put the fake one as number one.

I'll just stick with my first impression.

I have no idea.

This is...

(It's confusing.)

Why did So Min have to mention that?

I can't stop thinking that the staff made us distracted...

with the horse race.

We didn't see anything in real life.

But it was the most fun.

Why did So Min have to mention that?

(Based on his 1st impression, it's number 1.)

(But number 2 is suspicious.)

I have no idea. I'll just stick with my first impression.

(Jae Seok picks number 1 based on his 1st impression.)

It's really difficult today.

I'll just stick to my intuition and pick number one.

(So Min also picks number 1.)

I hope I'm right.

(Wishing it luck)

I hope I'm right.


Gosh, I...

I think we were too distracted at place number three.

(Sang Yeob follows his heart and picks number 3.)

I have no idea.

(Mi Joo is lost in deep thoughts.)

(Why are you making me go through this ordeal?)

(After thinking for a while, Mi Joo picks number 3.)


Based on my 1st impression, I thought number 1 was fake.

Then I decided number three was fake.

But because I got swayed again,

I'm going to choose number two.

My hand is going to write Number Two.

(But her head is saying Number Three is fake.)

(She picks number three.)

I chose it.

(Jessi who's after her 8th win enters.)


Hey, I'm not stupid, okay?

The expert we met in the first place had passion.

But the guy we met at the third place...

It seemed like he had memorized it, then succeeded, and so forth.

I could see it.

That's why for today, I'm choosing number three.

(Choosing number 3 because it seemed careless)

Today's game was really fun.

(Will she be able to win 8 times in a row?)

Today, one of the choices didn't get selected at all.

- Number 2? - It must be number 2.

No one chose number two.

Those who chose number one were Jae Seok, So Min, and Sung Cheol.

Those who chose number three were Jessi, Sang Yeob,

Na Ra, and Mi Joo.

- Let's do this. - Let's have faith.

- I think we can win. - Let's do this, Sung Cheol.

Let's go.

So Min and I thought the same.

- It's been weeks. - That's right.

If I get this one, I'm a genius.

But could it be number two?

If it's number two, none of us got it.

If it's number two, it's a huge win for production.

I think I might cry if it's number two.

Here's the video showing the correct answer.

(Episode 1)

They were just playing around until now.

Jessi, all kill.

Jessi won seven times in a row.

(Jessi, with 7 wins in a row, and the Block Jessi Project)

(Come on, get in here.)

(0.0001 percent in Korea)

(Unusual jobs)

(The chief diffuser of explosives)

(Captain of a foreign airline)

(The ultimate in unusual jobs...)

(that have never before been seen.)

(Unusual ways to make money! What kind of job is this?)

(An unprecedented project...)

(to create a fake job.)

They had 50 meetings.

(They used real work to bewilder the Sixth Sensers...)

(and create the perfect fake workspace.)

All of that?

(Extreme effort put into creating a fake job)

The professor felt off to me.

For me, that space was so awkward.

(Ate 1t of rice cakes at least! 30 years as a tteokbokki expert)

(The horse urine collector working for racehorse doping inspectors)

But that didn't seem fake.

Yes, it's too hard to be fake.

But number three seemed so likely to exist.

- That's true. - It seems likely to exist.

But I wasn't sure about that space.

(What kind of job is this?)

My gosh.

(Which one is the fake that has bewildered them all?)

- It's not that one. - Is it number one?

No, it's not.

Number three, come on.

(One of these is a fake created by the production crew.)


Please. Come on, number one.

(Was number two the fake, which no one chose?)

Is it number three?

(What kind of job is this?)

Is it number three?

Please. Come on, number one.

(Was number two the fake, which no one chose?)

Is it number three?

(What kind of job is this?)

Is it number three?

(What kind of job is this?)

(What is the result?)

Wait. Which is it?

(The Escape Room difficulty adjusters...)

(were fake.)

(An uproarious celebration)

(They can't believe their eyes.)

(We got the answer.)

(Four people get the answer.)

(Fleeing the scene)

(Greatly disappointed)

(Her terrible senses keep getting worse.)

I told you.

This is amazing.

(Clear difference in temperature)

- I told you, right? - You did!

(The thrill of getting it right)

(Jessi has now won 8 times in a row.)

Jessi won eight times in a row?

I just felt it this time.


(Fanning the flames of a house on fire)

I overthought it.

But we keep spiraling downwards.

Once you get fixed on a wrong clue, you keep doing it.

We'll reveal the answer now.

I really thought it must exist.

You just have to go with your gut.

I told you the writers go to a lot of Escape Rooms.

That was a huge tip for me.

(If you follow the stairs up, )

(there's a wide-open, empty space.)

Wow, really?

Gosh, it's an empty room.

This place is expensive. How did they manage to get it?

What? They did that?

- The whole building? - They rented the whole building.

That can't be.

- They said they rented it. - They rented the whole building.

This is insane.

(Moving in all the office furniture)

- That's crazy, to go that far. - The whole building.

(The office looks pretty realistic.)

No, it didn't look realistic at all.

(But you fell for it completely.)

(Making an Escape Room office)

They even installed that central air conditioner.

"Now you can't use the AC as one of your suspicious points."

I should've trusted that. That's how you do this.

(The product of blood, sweat, and tears)

(They even built a fake wall for the CEO's office.)

That's so impressive.

(Installing Internet cables)

Even the Internet cables?

Yes, they had everything.

They even had office snacks.

- I know. - On the various desks.

(With custom-tailored props, the preparations were perfect.)

They did such a good job.

Wow, that's impressive.

(They even placed project proposals on set.)

(The empty space is now a fake office.)

Oh, my gosh.

I told you they create everything perfectly from scratch.

This part was suspicious.

I should've known that a brand I didn't know was suspicious.

(Room29's corporate office is now complete.)

Where did they get all the props?

- Where is this? - Where is it?

What is this place?

(The company with the greatest number of Escape Rooms in Korea)

- So this is a real company. - I wonder what that game is.

- Sherlock Holmes. - What is this?

(Unreal Company, franchise owner of Sherlock Holmes Escape Rooms)

It looks the same.

Hello, I'm Joo Shin from Unreal Company.

We operate several Escape Room brands with different themes.

We also create content that promotes...

- Escape Room techniques. - He's so famous.

We are also developing new Escape Room technologies.

- We also come up with new props. - He's an expert.

That's the work we do.

(An Escape Room treasure chest)

(The "Looting Room" process starts in earnest.)

They totally looted the place.

So they got everything from there.

(They moved over the entire Escape Room prop room.)

They moved all the props over from another company.

(The props keep increasing.)

(In order to move the props, )

(a 5t moving truck was rented.)

This is insane.

(And another one, )

(for a total of 10t)

- My goodness. - A total of 10t?

(It's going to take forever to return all of these.)

(They gathered the items.)

All of that was from the other company.

That's amazing.

I knew they'd go this far.

(An ideal collaboration to bewilder them all.)

I didn't know they'd go this far to make all this.

But I wasn't bewildered. Sorry about that.

Sensing Na Ra is back.

(Na Ra is so silly.)

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I wasn't bewildered.

- Despite all your hard work. - You put in so much hard work.

(The complete transformation of the Escape Room corporate office)


It really is flashy.

(and its flashy birth)

(What about the employees who all seemed so expert?)

Who are they really?

(Who were these people running Room29?)

My name is Kim Hyung Suk.

I'm the president of the company operating "H" hotels, and a DJ.

He's a company president.

My name is Son Tae Hee, and I work for delivery service "B,"

- as a customer service employee. - Really?

I work for a mobile game company,

- and I'm a Product Manager. - No wonder he knows a lot.

(There's more.)

The president of the Escape Room club.

How many Escape Rooms have you done?

The three of us have done about 100,

and he's done at least 400.

- That's why they know everything. - So they know everything.

(But this isn't the end.)

(The surprising truth behind these four people's true identity)

- Hello. - Hello.

- In 2017, - They all met for the first time.

we entered the world's first Escape Room tournament,

Redbull Mind Gamers, as Korea's national representatives.

We are "Mind Controllers".

So they were a team.

They were on an Escape Room tournament.

(They were amazing people.)

In the past, we saw the show, "The Genius",

- That's amazing. - and wanted to play Escape Rooms.

- So that's why. - We joined a club to do that,

and at an offline contest, we won first place.

That's how we became national representatives...

- No wonder. - and were able to participate...

in an international tournament as Korea's representatives.

Wow, the Taeguk mark.

So they were all geniuses.

That's amazing.

(How did they come up with the Escape Room Balance QA job?)

Is there an actual job called the Balance QA job?

Balance Q and A?

Q and A?

I've never heard of it before.

Wow. That's really something.

This is an important role that determines if users...

are enjoying a game the way developers intended.

In the mobile game industry, this role does exist.

- However, it doesn't exist... - That's insane.

- in the Escape Room industry. - That's really crazy.

That's how we decided on that.

That's amazing.

(From national Escape Room representatives...)

(who love playing brainy games...)

I got fixated on something else.

(to perfect Escape Room difficulty adjusters)

Sixth Sensers,

this place was fake.

(Escape Room difficulty adjusters were fake.)

Yes, thank you.

(Sensing Na Ra has managed to win 3 pure gold pieces.)

Do it with me too. Jessi.

We have to go like this.

Take your gold.

We should hear how Sung Cheol feels.

How do you feel?

- My goodness. - You look so down.

I looked at number three and thought that was it,

but when I first got to number one,

everything I felt there...

pointed to it being a lie.

I felt that way too.

This is Sixth Sense.

That's why I chose number one. I guess I have bad senses.

Your face looks like a totally different person now.

(He was still so cheerful up until this morning.)

Your face looks like a totally different person.

(The face of someone confronting all the world's troubles)

Sung Cheol was with us today.

Thank you so much for your time.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

(Full of interior motives)

(Na Ra's cutie is here.)

(It's this guy.)

(I love it.)

(Cho Sae Ho and Jee Seok Jin)

(For the first time on Sixth Sense, the guests are rejected.)

(You're going to be inhospitable to your guests?)

(Don't give up on the guests. The funny part's just beginning.)

(Sixth Sense patch complete)

(The guests and the Sixth Sensers)

(A perfect collaboration)

(A crazy collaboration)

(What kind of coldness is this?)

(The cold noodles special to blast away the heat)

(The visuals are ridiculous.)

(The taste is bewildering.)

(What cold noodle has the Sixth Sensers so confused?)

Does that even make sense?