Sixth Sense (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Invigorating Food - full transcript

The guests are Heo Ung and Heo Hoon, star basketball players who appear for the first time without their father, Heo Jae. The members visit restaurants where the owners show their pride in their foods. Will the members sense the f...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Amidst the refreshing green fields, )

(shall we go meet our Sixth Sensers?)

(This footage was filmed safely before stage 4 social distancing.)


- You look so pretty. - Oh, my gosh.

(Taking center stage again)

You look so sexy.


(Lifting her hair in a sexy way)

So Min,

- you didn't sleep much last night? - You just woke up, didn't you?

(What's wrong with her? Did she sleep poorly last night?)

- Did you sleep poorly? - She's...

(Rejecting his little sister's sexiness)

- Is that what happened? - Well...

Hyun Ju,

are you just revealing your armpits today?

- She's showing her skin. - I'll go like this if it's hot.

(That shocked me!)

(The older ones are shocked.)

That shocked me.

- That shocked me. - But it's supposed to be...

That really shocked me.

- You're insane. - Put it back on.

But originally,

- You're insane. - you wear it with a strap down.

But Sang Yeob, what's this?

- I didn't want to see it. - It looks so unnatural.

- Wait. - Let's not talk anymore.

(No more boyfriend)

- I'm going to find someone else. - Did you have a fight?

- Why? - What happened?

He's rejecting me now,

- even though he likes it. - Sang Yeob is?

- Even though he likes it. - Why are you playing hard to get?

Sang Yeob, do you dislike it when your girl dresses revealingly?

- Are you going to say something? - I'm a conservative guy.

He said he's a conservative guy.

- I'm conservative. - But irregardless anyway,

- Irregardless anyway? - "Irregardless anyway".

Jae Seok, what's your outfit today?

- Today? - He's a painter?

- Trying to look cute? - Me?

(Looking strange)

What was that?

What was that? "Me?"

- I'm a photographer, okay? - A photographer?

A photographer.

Then why are you so bad at taking photos?

He made us look short and out of proportion.

He's so bad at taking photos.

The legs look so short,

and the torsos look so long.

- Why would you do that? - I make all their photos ugly.

Mi Joo, what about you?

She's in a blind date style.

- She's like a fresh new member. - Yes, she really does look new.

- It looks good. - I'm trying to change my image,

into one that looks purer.

You're trying to change your image?

- Yes, these days. - What's the capital of the UK?

- England? - My goodness.

(They say a person will die if they change too quickly.)

What was it again?

That's not your image.

She really must not have known since her face is all red now.

- If you really want to change... - Where was it again?

- this is where you should start. - Was it Ireland?

(Going crazy)

- Gosh! - Shut that mouth.

Shut that mouth now.

It's London. I know that much.

You're not the one who should be shaking her head.

So Min must've heard about the guests we'll have on today.

- How do you hear about it? - The guests today...

are Heo Hoon and Heo Ung.

- They're coming on the show today? - Yes.

We love basketball players.

So Min asked the production crew if Heo Hoon and Heo Ung's father...

was Hur Jun.

(The father of today's guests is Hur Jun, right?)

(Their real father, Hur Jae, is taken aback.)

Who said that?

- Who? - Hur Jun...

The master of Eastern medicine?

- It's been centuries since he died. - It was really confusing.

It's been several hundred years.

You all need some tutoring.

- So Hur Jun isn't here today. - What?

Please bring on the guests.

- We revealed who our guests are. - I want to meet them already.

- Yes. - I'm looking forward to it.

Now let's invite them on.

- Please come out. - Please come out.



They're so good-looking.

(Basketball genius Heo Ung and Korea's Steph Curry, Heo Hoon.)

(With exceptional talent in breaking through the defense, )

(and perfect shooting skills, )

(Heo Ung is the first to win KBL's Popularity Award twice in a row.)

(This fiery man has explosive speed.)

(With the record-breaking 20 assists and 20 scores in KBL, Heo Hoon)

(These two sons of Hur Jae, the president of basketball, )

(are the two stars of basketball, Heo Ung and Heo Hoon.)

- Hello. - It's Heo Hoon and Heo Ung.

- The two of them. - Hello.

Please come this way.

- They're so handsome. - They're like celebrities.

(Mi Joo, where are you going?)

- Hello. - Please come this way.

(She's totally flustered because of their good looks.)

Why are you standing so far away?


They're really nervous.

- Yes. - It's all right.

Don't be scared. It's all right.

Here are our two guests,

the brothers in the basketball world.

Please introduce yourselves.

Hello, I'm basketball player Heo Ung of DB Promy.

And you are?

I'm basketball player Heo Hoon, playing for KT Sonicboom.

Nice to meet you.

- I use KT for my cell phone. - They're so handsome.

- What? - To be honest, we...

I use KT as my cell phone service provider.

(Oh, really?)

(She uses a KT cell phone.)

- That's not important right now. - Oh, right.

It doesn't matter whether you use KT or not.

And Mi Joo, let me ask you this favor.

Please don't hide behind Sang Yeob.

Why are you raising your foot?

When we're feeling shy, we always hide behind Sang Yeob.

- And... - We always step behind him.

It's fine to hide behind me, but then they push me forward.

That's right.

Why are you all on this side?

This spot has the best view.

- Really? Let me try it too. - Really?

What are you talking about?


Mi Joo, what are you doing?

I started coughing because they're so handsome.

(A mysterious hand signal)

What was that?

Is that a chicken or something?

Why would you go like this?

- Is that a chicken or what? - Hello.

Mi Joo, we can see your gold tooth again today.

Stop that already.

- Her gold tooth? - We can see the gold tooth.

Do you like gold?

- Yes. - Oh, you like gold?

- She's willing to extract it. - Should I extract it for you?

No, that's all right.

Why are you telling her to extract a tooth that's not yours?

(Welcome. Is it your first time experiencing such hospitality?)

But where's your father right now?

- On a different variety show. - A different variety show?

These days, the parent and the sons are really into variety shows.

- They appear in so many shows. - They are on all of them.

Usually, when you ask where someone's father is,

they usually say he's at home, but to say he's on a variety show...

- He has plans. - He's working elsewhere.

- He's working. - Yes, that's right.

Is this the first time you're on a variety show without your father?

- Yes, it's my first time. - Yes, it's the first.

- So it's the first time. - To be filming without your father.

But being on variety shows with my father,

I realized he's very good at them, so I relied on him a lot.

But now he's not here.

And now that he's not here, I do feel very nervous,

but I think it's time I stand on my own two feet.

- I see. That's right. - I'll try my best, with confidence.

- But you don't have any confidence. - But honestly...

(The chemistry between two actual brothers)

Today, we'll be with these two guests.

What is our theme today?

- What is this? - Invigorating foods for the heat?

(A theme that's tailored to professional athletes)

That's a great theme.

(Just breathing makes you sweat in the dog days of summer.)

(We look for invigorating foods to combat the heat.)

(When you think...)

(of the dog days of summer, )

(do you still look for these foods?)

(Stop that!)

(Let's combat the heat in a more unique way.)

(The visuals of the dish...)

(Shocking visuals)

(Even more shocking tastes)

(It's so delicious!)

(This makes no sense.)

(Eyes widening in shock)

(Even the invigorating foods are different on Sixth Sense.)

(A world of invigorating foods that you never knew existed)

(Are you ready to crush the summer heat?)

(Unique Invigorating Foods Special, our first project against the heat.)

To combat the summer heat, they're all invigorating foods.

- Oh, invigorating foods? - I see.

- Samgyetang, for example. - What's wrong with you girls?

Foods that are good for stamina.

- What are you doing here? - Invigorating foods.

- Mind your own business. - Fine.

(Picking on Sang Yeob again today)

- It's not easy. - It really isn't easy.

But I know this much.

If we have a guest that they like,

- or they're interested in, - When they like them.

They always end up hugging each other.

- That's true. - They don't know how to act.

They keep going like this.

(Raising a leg is the key point.)

- That's not it. - So Min, push me over there.

- When women get nervous... - Push me to that side.

(So Min, push me over there.)

- All right. - So Min, why are you doing this?

(The goal destination)

Go away, go over there.

Tell me honestly.

Quiet down already. Let's watch the rest now.

- Jae Seok, go on with the show. - It's so gross.

So this is how it works here.

(Heo Hoon is currently upgrading his variety level.)

It's on summer foods.

Unique invigorating foods to combat the heat. Let's see.

"Shut up and grill!"

"The world's first patented grilled samgyetang."

Grilled samgyetang?

- A grilled samgyetang? - That sounds tasty.

(The Number 1 food sought out during summer's peak)

(The representative food of invigorating foods, samgyetang)

(Juicy meat combined with a rich broth)

(But they grilled it?)


(When describing grilled foods, )

(they are sizzling in oil, )

(or at a temperature that preserves the juices.)

(They got rid of the broth in samgyetang?)

(Is grilled samgyetang a real food?)

- Why grill a samgyetang? - A samgyetang?

- Maybe it just doesn't have broth. - So a soupless samgyetang?

Or they stuff the chicken with glutinous rice and grill it?

That's just grilled chicken.

- But samgyetang is a soup. - It's supposed to be a soup.

- That's true, it should be a soup. - This one's a lie.

- It's a lie? - This one's the fake.

Next up is luxurious foods that only the king could eat.

A restaurant with sweetfish rice.

- Sweetfish? - What's sweetfish rice?

(In the Grade 1 pure waters of Seomjin River, )

(these fish feed on peat moss as they grow.)

(In the Joseon era, they were served at the king's royal table.)

(Sweetfish, a freshwater fish that required a golden spoon)


(This dish has the most shocking visuals to date.)

(It's hard to even look at.)

(It's a bit...)

(This is how sweetfish rice is served?)

(This seems a bit strange.)

(Grave reactions)

(Refusing to even try it?)

(Is the shocking sweetfish rice real or fake?)

This exists.

I think I've seen this before on "Hometown Report".

Jae Seok, you watch so much TV.

You really watch so much TV. When do you work?

That's the kind of things I watch a lot of, "Hometown Report",

- or "Live Info Show". - "Live Info Show".

Do you watch that show, "I Know the Answer"?

- "Unanswered Questions". - "Unanswered Questions".

- I bet you wouldn't know. - I bet you watch that show.

This is nuts.

Here's the third one.

- The menu changes with the weather? - The menu changes with the weather?

- With oriental medicine. - Invigorating course meal...

(The weather is constantly changing.)

(They change their food to match the temperamental weather?)

(Not only that, they do it through a Western food dining experience.)

(Everything on the menu is a healthy, invigorating food.)

(Every ingredient used is at peak freshness.)

(The ultimate luxury with a full course of invigorating foods.)

(Is invigorating food dining that changes with the weather real?)

- Hey. - There are so many spots like that.

But the weather's always changing.

What if they forecast rain, but it doesn't actually rain?

What about the rainy season? It keeps raining then.

They're just saying it changes with the weather as a selling point,

but I think they actually mean the menu changes seasonally.

I'm sorry, but can you step back? They're trying to film the others.

You're covering the others.

(Strict Yu is sensitive about the filming.)

Let's start with Heo Ung. Which one do you think is fake?

I think the one that changes with the weather, number three.

I've heard of seasonal changes,

but the weather is so unpredictable.

That's exactly right. We have seasonal menus, but weather menus?

Player Hoon, what about you?

I also thought it was number three,

but since my brother chose that, I want to take a different path.

- I'll go with the sweetfish rice. - I thought we'd choose together.

No, we decided to go our separate ways.

- So number two for me. - Are you sure?

- Yes, number two. - They're going to fight.

How is the relationship between you? We never asked you two that.

Are you realistic brothers?

- Yes, that's right. - Very close brothers.

- Very close brothers? - Yes.

I should ask this.

Some people say that brothers say "I love you" to each other.

- Of course we don't do that. - Have you ever?

We wouldn't say that out loud.

- So you've never said it? - No.

- But we don't fight often either. - Really?

We don't fight or love each other. There's a fine line we walk.

(The relationship between Heo Ung and Heo Hoon)

(Their secret is walking the line between love and fighting.)

Next, Lee Joo Mi.

- I think it's number one. - What?

- Number one. - Why that one?

- Because... - Her accent is so crass.

She called her accent crass.

- Who? Your accent sounds crass. - Na Ra!

- Because... - "Because..."

I don't know what's happening.

I feel like we're living in a different world.

Now let's divide into teams.

We'll have teams for Ung and Hoon.

I graduated from a sports college.

(Na Ra makes an appeal in the meantime.)

Rock, paper, scissors.

Who will you choose? Ung can choose first.

- Na Ra. - The sports college Na Ra.

Na Ra, a sports college graduate!

(Hooray, he chose me!)

Next is Hoon.

- I'm on the rise. - I'll take the fox.

- The fox, Jeonsobari. - Jeonsobari.

It's basketball, so you have to shoot.

- So Min, shoot. - Shoot!

(Scoring to Team Hoon)

Come on, come on.

Yes, double date?

(Because there are 4 men and 4 women.)


- I have no idea what's going on. - This is too funny.

(Setting off to the first location with the bewildered brothers)

(The older Heo Ung sits next to Jae Seok in the front.)


- Hi. - Hello.

But still,

since Ung is sitting in the front,

he looks much more relaxed.

(Heo Ung has recovered a bit of peace of mind now.)

Hoon looks like he's being dragged off somewhere.

- I'm having a great time. - Are you really though?

Yes, I really am. I love it.


(I mistook him for a robot.)

But in terms of feeling, can grilled samgyetang exist?

I'm curious about whether or not it will have broth.

- I am curious. - In my opinion,

they'll have added grilled chicken to the broth.

Maybe they boiled it down so it's thicker.

- That definitely exists. - So there's less broth.

- Grilled chicken in soup exists. - Right?

- Everyone, I have great news. - What is it?

- We're already here. - Hooray.

(Setting a record for the shortest time traveled)

We usually drive for about 40 minutes.

That means this place could be the fake.

- Can we really start this close? - You're right.

There was a sign for grilled samgyetang in the back.


(Does this dish really exist?)

- So it's real. - If it's fake, all that's fake too.

- You know what I mean? - So they installed that themselves?

They demolish it all and rebuild everything inside.

This place is the best to have rebuilt from scratch.

That's true.

We'll have to check it out for ourselves.

Let's go taste the grilled samgyetang now.

(A taste of summer for the heat! Unique invigorating foods Vol. 1)

(Shut up and grill!)

(The world's first patented grilled samgyetang)

(Siheung, Gyeonggi Province)

Let's move. Move.

The weather's so great.

Judging from just the outside, this place is really the fake.

Who would come all the way here just to eat this kind of food?

(Remotely located, far from the city center)

(This invigorating food spot stands in an isolated location.)

- Is this a real restaurant? - This place...

seems fake. It's too obvious.

I think it's this one.

Are you starting your deductions already?

(The rookies feel suspicious too.)

It looks like it's been abandoned for a long time.

It feels like they rebuilt an abandoned spot.

(One could become exhausted just getting here in the summer heat.)

This place is definitely real.

Shut up. Don't pretend to be such a know-it-all.

All right.

(He gets scolded for no reason.)

(Suspicious from the start)

(What does the interior look like?)

What is this?

Doesn't this smell like the feet reader's place?

This place feels like it's meant to be this way.

I can smell the years here.

(It smells of the years past.)

(Past the suspicious entrance, )

(once you enter the restaurant, )

(a familiar-feeling restaurant appears.)

I just can't doubt this place.

(Filling the walls...)

(are explanations of the cooking and the effects of the dishes.)

(The banners show evidence of the passage of time.)

(There's even a notice showing that the spot is known as tasty.)

(A common samgyetang restaurant interior)

- This place feels real. - It looks real.

You can tell it's been here a while.

- It's very vintage, no? - Yes.

He has certificates in Korean, Chinese, and Western cooking.

(He has 3 cooking certificates.)

So that must be why he runs a fusion restaurant.

But it smells like ingredients used in oriental medicine.

You can really tell this place has been around.

Na Ra, there's some here too.

Haven't we seen this before? Where we ate wild ginseng?

(Infused drinks lying in a corner of the restaurant)

(Sixth Sense 2, Episode 1, the 100,000-dollar samgyetang spot)

(They were all bewildered...)

(by the infused beverage props at the samgyetang spot.)

- But that place was real. - It was real, right?

(Samgyetang places go well with infused drinks.)

(Does that mean this place is real?)

But things like that make me fixate on them.

Things like that gong.

(A gong to celebrate a visit)

Doesn't he have too many certifications?

(A commendation award)

(Designation as a tasty restaurant. Is this place really a known spot?)

I'm getting a bit suspicious.

- This feels a little contrived. - Right.

We have enough intuition to sense that much.

Wait, who is this again?

Who is this again?

(Mi Joo found something.)

Is she Jung Ka Eun?

- There's Park Chul too. - Right, Park Chul.

- Right. - Should we believe this?

I know. It's written here, "Grilled Samgyetang".

(An apron with the restaurant name on it)

This place appeared on TV too.

(Proof photos show that this place was on TV.)

- This is... - There's nothing suspicious.

Can the staff make this stuff?

Well, they could have.

- Do you think it's been used a lot? - This kind of stuff.

- Yes. - It's worn out.

- It's worn out a little. - Is it worn out?

(It looks like the cushions have been used a lot.)

(The building looked suspicious outside, )

(but the interior shows traces of time.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

Let's have a seat first.

Come over here. Take a seat.

What do you feel about this place?

I think this place is real.

- You do? - It looks so natural.

- I have no idea... - I know, right?

- whether this place is real or not. - My gut feeling...

I'm sure this place is real.

You do? Why?

There's this trace of time. They can't make it up.

- Really? - Sure.

- How many have you guessed right? - Two.

(His reasoning success rate is low.)

- Don't be so sure about it. - I won't.

But there's this thing that makes this place look fake.

I wonder if you've seen it too.

- What is that? - Just before we arrived here,

a truck...

- He's doing it again. - No way.

He was trying to unload the salt,

- but one of our writers ran to him. - Right.

- She told him something. - What?

(Did the staff really?)

(When they arrived at the restaurant a while ago, )

(the staff ran hurriedly...)

(to stop unloading the salt.)

What do you think that means?

- They deliver salt to this place. - I see.

- It means this place is real. - Right.

But they might have faked it too.

- They were acting. - Do you know what I mean?

That was a trap designed for us.

(Did the staff prepare a salt truck to make this place look real?)

I wasn't going to tell you this,

- but it was... - He's excited.

- Goodness. - This is... Do you remember this?

- We were at the french restaurant, - Sure, I remember.

- and there was this kid. - The kid.

(Who's the kid?)

(A child actor appeared on set to fool Sixth Sensers.)

(It is their usual trick to cast ordinary people.)

- Did they cast the kid? - They weren't even a family.

- Do they go that far? - That's what they do.

- So they prepared the salt truck? - Gosh, seriously.

- The salt truck. - You think they prepared it?

- To make this restaurant look real. - Gosh.

If that's the case...

(Jae Seok's reasoning gives them creeps.)

(That is quite plausible.)

They arranged it.

- What? - Jae Seok. But...

Shall we meet the owner first?

You don't want to listen to me, do you?

The story was a bit long.

Okay then, let's meet the owner.

Please come out.

- Hello. - Hello.

Nice to meet you.

Hello, I'm managing Fusion Grilled Samgyetang.

My name is Hee Guk.

This is awkward.

Our restaurant opened...

in June 2007.

It's been 15 years now.

We wanted to make food that's good for our health.

We grill chicken.

(Different from original samgyetang, they grill chicken.)

We don't have chicken broth since we grill it.

So we add eight kinds of herbs...

to the broth.

(It is served with the secret broth.)

We also use cultured wild ginseng root...

and snow fungus.

(Top it off with snow fungus with great taste and texture.)

This is how we made the grilled samgyetang...

for the first time in the world.

(They developed grilled samgyetang for the first time ever.)

Even after we grill samgyetang,

the nutrients from ginseng still remain.

We obtained a patent on it.

That's how we started our restaurant.

(This place is known for its grilled samgyetang.)

At first, young customers came to eat.

Now, most of our customers come with their family.

So our restaurant became a place for a whole family.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

I've seen you guys on TV once in a while.

- It's so good to see you in person. - "Once in a while".

- Once in a while? - You can see Jae Seok every day.

- That's because... - Yes.

- I don't have a television at home. - Goodness.

- I haven't seen you a lot. - Sure thing.

Anyway, thank you for coming all the way here.

- Nice to meet you. - Goodness, nice to meet you.

He talks so smoothly.

What's grilled samgyetang? It's quite unusual.

When we make samgyetang, we usually boil it in water.

- That's right. - That's how we usually make it.

We boiled it in water because ginseng is a vegetable,

- and it could burn if it's grilled. - Right.

That's why we had to boil it.

But we grill chicken...

with natural fuel called corn fire.

The nutrients from ginseng are not destroyed after grilling.

That's how we developed grilled samgyetang.

(The dish is called grilled samgyetang.)

- I'm watching "Body God" now. - Yes.

I hear that you obtained a patent on it.

That's true. I developed it with my wife for three years.

- I obtained a patent... - I see.

On both the recipe and its shape.

- That's awesome. - How many years...

In fact, I ran a chicken barbeque restaurant before.

I can't believe it anymore.

- At that time... - Here comes a story again.

- Fried chicken. - Yes.

You fry it in oil, right?

Trans fats in fried chicken had become an issue.

So I decided to make the dish that can replace it.

I approached it with the oriental perspective,

so I studied Yin-yang and the five elements.

- Yin-yang and the five elements? - And then...

I also needed to know about people.

So I studied the four pillars of destiny.

- Four pillars of destiny? - The four pillars of destiny.

I even went further.

- I studied the book of changes. - The book of changes?

We boil ginseng, glutinous rice,

- and young chicken together. - Sir.

(The owner's full story about his samgyetang)

Sir, I'm sorry to say this.

- Suddenly... - Yes.

I was reminded of a morning assembly in elementary school.

- Seriously. - I'm sorry, sir.

- It's okay. I... Jae Seok, right? - Yes.

Yes, I am.

- You looked like a kindergartener. - Kindergartener.

- So I gave a long explanation. - I see.

He speaks so well that he looks fake.

He does look fake.

Sir, we are...

We have to be suspicious,

- so please understand. - No problem.

You're free to suspect if you feel suspicious.

You must find out whether it's real or fake on this program, right?

- That's right. - Then you must be suspicious.

- For a week... - He talks so smoothly.

It looks like he practiced for a week.

Sir, honestly, I'm very suspicious about this place today.

- I see. - Even your hat looks fake as well.

It's similar to yours, Jae Seok.


That's right. They do look similar.

Usually, fake ones look real...

- and real ones look fake, right? - They look fake.

I'm being brainwashed now.

(He's more and more suspicious.)

(What is the truth behind this chatty owner?)

For a man who memorized them all,

- Right. - he talked so smoothly,

- and he was so relaxed. - That's right.

- But when he talked... - What he said was deep.

- It was deep. - Wasn't it deep?

- He does have a philosophy in food. - He has his philosophy.

No, he wanted to say...

- all the things he has memorized. - I know.

It's different from memorizing.

There's a big difference between telling what you understand...

- and telling what you've memorized. - But this is what I think.

- He doesn't run this restaurant, - Yes.

But he might have an experience in the restaurant business...

- such as grilling chicken. - That's possible.

Sure, that's right.

(Jae Seok's reasoning)

(He studied Yin-yang and the five elements...)

(and the four pillars of destiny.)

(The way he talks is always confident.)

(Is the owner real or fake?)

- Thank you, sir. - No problem.

- Thank you. - Look.

- This water is... - What kind of water is this?

It's elm tea. It's made of the bark of elm trees.

- I see. - It relaxes your stomach,

- so it's good for your health. - I see.

But if you drink too much water before your meal,

it will dilute your stomach acid...

- and cause indigestion. - Right.

That's why I give you small cups so that you won't drink too much.

- Excuse me, sir. - Yes?

Are you an oriental medicine doctor?

He could be an oriental medicine doctor.

- I get that a lot. - That's plausible.

I get that a lot, but I'm not.

That's not true.

I'll see if it's Haneulbori.

It could be Haneulbori.

Isn't this kyemyung tea or something?

(What's kyemyung tea?)

- I think you mean cassia seed tea. - Kyemyung tea?


Tell me first before you say it.

I'll ask your permission.

- Isn't this cassia tea? - Cassia seed tea.

(It's cassia seed tea, not cassia tea.)

- We haven't made a toast so far. - Well...

Let's make a toast.

- We are... - What are you going to say today?

- Ung or Hoon will make a toast. - Right.

- The youngest should do it. - Right, the youngest.

- A toast, all of a sudden? - Right.

- Just say, "Cheers to Sixth Sense." - Gosh.

Here comes the Kyemyung tea toast.

Right, kyemyung tea.

Goodness, how long should I wait?

How long will you make me dance with my shoulders?

For the success of Sixth Sense.

(Just as his brother told him)


(Are you going to go with that?)

- Gosh, seriously. - Goodness.

- You still have a long way to go. - I'm so disappointed.

- Gosh, seriously. - Goodness.

- That was weak. - Too weak. I can't approve of it.

I learned this from Sae Ho.

- Let's do this in a French way. - Good.

- Drink, eat? - All right, everyone.

- Drink! - Eat!

So funny.

(It's hard to get used to the variety show.)

- Gosh, this is good. - My gosh.

- Goodness. - It's here.

- Gosh, it's so pretty. - What's that?

- It's pretty. - Okay, this table first.

(Finally, grilled samgyetang is served.)

I'll explain a little because it's your first time.

The yellow topping here is cultured wild ginseng root.

- It's cultured wild ginseng root. - This is...

We extract tissues from 80-year-old ginseng...

and grow them for 50 days...

to get this cultured wild ginseng root.

The cultured wild ginseng root removes cholesterol and waste...

- from our blood vessels. - I see.

- It helps blood circulation. - I see.

- It helps you rejuvenate. - Right.

- It's about 200 dollars for 1kg. - Goodness.

It's hard to find in the market.

Since the soup is for four servings,

there are four fresh abalones.

The reason I use abalone is...

We use red ginseng when we grow...

cultured wild ginseng roots and chickens.

They both have strong yang energy.

And that makes the dish one-sided.

- You have to keep a balance... - That's right.

With yin energy.

(Adding abalone with yin energy to grilled samgyetang)

- To keep a balance. That's correct. - Sir.

Do you always explain to customers like this?

- I do, because... - I guess he does.

Most of them try it for the first time.

So I explain it to them in detail.

(He always explains to customers?)

(Is there enough time to give such a long explanation when he's busy?)

So I keep a balance between yin and yang using abalone.

This white mushroom...

- is called snow fungus. - This is really good.

- The name is pretty, snow fungus. - Yes.

It's good for men's stamina.

- It has purifying effects, - It gets rid of the waste.

So it makes women's skin clear and moist.

That's why you put up that picture.

That's snow fungus.

(Health benefits of snow fungus fill the wall.)

(Women with moist skin, strong men, smart children)

But it's prettier than in the photo.

I think Jessi is way prettier in person too.

I mean it.

It's strange.

He looks more and more suspicious.

- Did he have to say that? - I know. Must he?

We'll also give you rice.

You can mix it with the soup when you eat.

- Please enjoy. - Thank you.

- Please give ours too. - Sure.

- I think I'm captivated by him. - I'm captivated too.

(This is suspicious somehow.)

This is...

(The suspicious owner)

The smell is so good. My goodness.

Let me try it.

(Let's try the chicken first.)


(Let me take a bite too.)

(He opens his eyes wide.)

(Put it...)

(in one bite.)

It's totally different from ordinary chicken.

(Grilled samgyetang is exceptional from its texture.)

- It's good. - Isn't it delicious, Jae Seok?

The chicken is filled...

with the aroma of herbs.

- It's so delicious. - Try the broth.

(The new world of health food, grilled samgyetang)

- This is so good. - Jae Seok.

Ghosh, this ginseng is so delicious.

- Ginseng. - This...

It really goes well with chicken.

(It's delivered to her mouth.)

(She's touched as soon as she tastes it.)

This is amazing.

It has a rich taste of herbs.

I do feel healthier.

Are you cutting it for us?

You're so sweet.

You must be popular with girls.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Of course he does.

Oh, you do?



Why are you cutting them?

Hey, I haven't seen you that cold...

- while I shoot Sixth Sense. - Why?

- I don't have one. - Right?

"Oh, you do?"

(He looks exactly like Mi Joo.)

I don't have one.

(He doesn't have a girlfriend. Don't misunderstand.)

(Shall we taste snow fungus now?)

(Tasting snow fungus)

(It makes her smile.)

(Tasting it with chojang)

(Mi Joo tries it too.)

- This is so good. - This mushroom...

This snow fungus is so delicious.

- It's soft and chewy. - Its texture is also good.

- It's amazing. - The texture is so good.

- It's pretty too. - I really hope this place is real.

- I can't stop. What should I do? - Me too.

- I ate three pieces of chicken. - Right.


I'll believe this place is real and enjoy it.

(No more doubts.)

I'm really sorry to say this, but isn't this...

- from a famous chicken restaurant? - I know, right?

- Don't you think so? - When you look at this...

We don't usually have this in samgyetang.

- The grilled chicken... - Right, it's very similar.

This chicken looks similar to that of the famous chicken brand.

- Jae Seok. - Seriously?

It looks...

- the same. - Don't interrupt.

- I'm thinking. - But it tastes different though.

But it looks exactly the same.


Isn't it weird that they cut the chicken...

- into pieces? - It's weird.

(It's similar to the grilled chicken brand. Did the staff make it?)

What is that?

We are busy here.

- I have to go back and forth. - That looks good.

We cooked this rice...

- with black rice. - This is so good.

Mix the rice with the broth.

- Try it with chicken broth. - Goodness, this is perfect.

It'll enhance the taste.

This place must be real.

The best part of our dish is rice.

- Please enjoy. - Okay.

It will go well with leaf mustard kimchi or kimchi.

- Don't you think so? - It'll be amazing.

Gosh, seriously.

(She's already eating it with leaf mustard kimchi.)

Eat it with leaf mustard kimchi.


Why are there so many delicious foods in the world?

We shouldn't eat much for the sake of the next place.

- But I can't stop eating. - Right? You can't stop eating.

You can't stop.

I can't stop.

(Once you taste it, you can't stop eating it.)

Anyway, this is a healthy dish. All the ingredients are healthy.

- We can't judge by the taste. - We can't.

- We can't tell by the taste. - We can't tell by tasting.

Don't let the taste fool you.

But this thought came to me now.

It's driving me crazy. Should I tell you or not?

What is it?

(Don't be suspicious and listen to me.)

This is just my thought.

Do you remember the feet reading place?

- Sure. - The water we washed our feet.

No way. Goodness.

- She owned a jokbal restaurant. - Right.

It was the herb-infused water used for boiling jokbal.

I smelled it up close.

It's the same.

- I smell the herbs too. - Me too.

I smelled the strong scent when I came here.

But the chicken doesn't smell like herbs.

But the soup has a strong smell of herbs.

The staff can make this.

Give us hints.

What game are we going to play?

(Did they put franchise chicken in the herb-infused soup?)

- Gosh, it smells nice. - It's so good.

How nice phytoncides are.

- Gosh, auntie. - Auntie.

It's comfortable.

Don't I look hip?

- It looks good on you. - Don't I look hip?

- You look pretty. - Right.

- That color suits you. - You look so pretty.

This is a celebrity.

What is this?

There's a line here.

- Throwing shoes. - Throwing shoes. My shoes?

No, use these ones.

(Watch this cat for a while before we explain the rules.)

(Shoe Throwing Game)

(It's a team match that you throw a shoe as farthest as you can.)

(The closer the shoe is to the line, the higher score you'll get.)

(But if the shoe goes over the line, you'll fail.)

(But even if it goes over the line, you're safe if it touches the line.)

Right, it was a little big.

- Aren't we three pretty? - It fits perfectly.

- SES in 2021. - I hope you

- Believe me - Why didn't they give me the pants?

Because you're wearing a skirt. No, I mean...

(You're already wearing pants.)

- We were wearing skirts. - Be with your team. Hey.

- Hyun Ju, be with your team. Here. - Oh, baby

(Hyun Ju, be with your team.)

- Come here. - This...

(She's escaping.)

- Come, Jeonsobari. What's with you? - Come here.

(It's a mess.)

Come here.

I'm sure about this.

- We never listen. All of us. - Your shoe.

(Suddenly reflecting on themselves)

(She doesn't care what they say behind her back.)

(So Min in flower print pants doesn't get discouraged.)

(Where I step on is the runway.)

- Hey! - That's her runway.

- She's walking on the runway again. - The runway.

- Look at her eyes. - So Min, the runway...

This is why we have a hard time casting guests.

- Isn't this fun? - Because of you guys. Come here.

- Let's get this over quickly. - What's that?

Jeonsobari, come over here.

All right. Hoon, come here.

Ung, come over here.

(Okcheon Queen is out of control.)

Who will go first then?


- Mi Joo, you're interesting. - Yes?

Hoon just said you're interesting.


It means you're attractive.

Who will go first then?

Nunu Nana?

What kind of girl do you think I am?

(Jessi of Team Hoon goes first.)

Please say, "What kind of girl do you think I am?"



(Wasn't this a shoe-throwing game?)

Okay, let's go. Ready.

(Jessi's attempt)

(The first turn is quite nervous.)

(She threw it!)

(What will be Jessi's result?)

(It's super close to the line.)


(It touched the line!)



Come on.


(Twerking of joy)

- Awesome. - You have to lower it.

(She was more incredible than he thought.)

- Hold on. You have to succeed. - That's why I'm

(She's feeling great.)

- It should be closer than that. - Just do it.

It can't be closer than that.

- You must push it away. - I said I can do it.

- How can I hit that? - Gosh, Jessi.

- You won't hit it. - Hey.

- Awesome. How did you do that? - You were awesome.

I hate losing.

You're so cool.

- Okay, next. - It's Na Ra's turn.

- Na Ra Oh. - Na Ra.

- Yes? - Throw it farther than you think.

- Do I have to show my talent too? - No, you don't.

You should.

- What are you going to do, Na Ra? - Oh, my goodness.

- Then I'll do that. - What is it?

Kim Yeon Koung's commercial.

- That's a good idea. - Show us.

Do you know what that is?

World Cone. World Cone.

Na Ra.

(The commercial footage)

(It does look the same, but...)

World Cone.


(She suddenly realized the situation.)

Na Ra, you're working these days.

- That was fun. - You're working these days.

- It was fun. You have many talents. - Jae Seok.

- I personally liked it. - She's amazing.

- Hey. - They're all amazing.

- You have many talents. - I respect that.

Okay, let's go.

Let's go.

Na Ra has many talents.

- Good. - My goodness.

(What's the result?)



(Home run!)

(Not even close)

- It went too far. - I used too much strength, gosh.

It's Jeon So Min. So Min's on the other team.

- Yes! - Okay.

Come on baby, let's go.

(So Min, you should show your talent first.)

(Oh no.)

So Min, you should show your talent first.

(She pauses first.)

- This round is invalid. - Yes, Jae Seok.

Show us your talent first.

So Min, please dance "My House".

"My House"?

(She immediately starts dancing as if she prepared for this.)

(Doing a wave dance)

(Jeon So Min, the master of "My House")

Oh my gosh.

- She has no shame at all. - Over there after ten minutes

Look at her eyes!

- I'll be waiting for you - You're doing great!

Now, So Min.

(Now that you've had fun, let's get back to the game.)

(So Min's shoe throwing)

(What is the result?)

(It's super close again.)

(Shocking result)

(Her shoe is even closer to the line than Jessi's.)

(That's possible?)

(See that?)

Currently in the first place!

(Following Jessi, So Min's shoe lands super close to the line too!)


Currently in the first place!

(Team Hoon is blessed by the deity of shoe throwing.)

- I picked good teammates. - Incredible. That's so accurate.

That's impossible.


- It must sting. - It hurts.

(You're right.)

- It hurts so much. - Amazing.

- Look at this! - Oh my gosh.

(She really scraped her knees.)

(The glory exchanged with the wound)

Mi Joo!

(Team Ung's next player is Mi Joo.)

Why is Mi Joo excited?

- You're not on my team. - That's right.

- Mi Joo! - Yes?

Show us your talent first. Do you need some music?

- No! - I do need it to show properly.

- What music do you want? - "Heroine".

- "Heroine"? - Right, a chair!

- Is she dancing "Rollin'"? - She even needs a chair?

This is not what I planned, but this is getting more serious.

- Last time... - The music...

Gosh, look at her. Oh my goodness.

(The song is "Heroine" by SUNMI.)

Is she drunk?

(This is how you properly do it.)

Are we... My goodness.

Are we having some kind of company sports day?

- Jae Seok! - Why is she doing this here?

- We don't need this much talent. - She's good.

She's good, but it's somewhat strange. Right?

She's good, but she doesn't need to go this far.

She's so good.

Give her a round of applause.

Throw your shoe now.

- Good. - She's good.

- She's good. So cool. - Mi Joo's really good.

- She's good, isn't she? - Yes. She sure is different.

- She sure is an idol singer. Gosh. - Move back.

Stop now.

- Mi Joo, that's enough. - You need to be good at throwing.

- Gosh, stop! - Stop!

- Stop... - You're such an eyesore.

Your teeth.

(Why do you keep showing us your front teeth?)

- And... - What did you say?

- Her teeth are such an eyesore. - I'll try now.

Gosh, she's so funny.

- Go. - Please don't throw it far.

- Please don't go near it. - It'll be amazing if she wins it.

No way.

- I have no strength! - Okay!

- It's because you chickened out. - Come back. Stop it!

Not everyone can do this.

Next is Sang Yeob.

Hurry up! Don't embarrass yourself.

Two women pulled it off, so how embarrassing will it be...

if you fail?

What did he do wrong?

- Sang Yeob, hurry up. - Let's go, Sang Yeob!

- Show your talent first! - Do Jung Woo Sung.

Kim Jong Kook!

(Got it.)

(It's edited out because he doesn't sound similar.)

(He threw it!)

(A rather plain result)

- Nice. - He's pretty good.

Move aside, Sang Yeob.


- Is he going to get edited out? - I'm good at this.

- Your talent! - Me?

Show us your talent!

- Jae Seok, do "NUNU NANA". - "NUNU NANA".

- "NUNU NANA"? - Yes.

(Hammering "NUNU NANA" into him almost forcefully)

But among other talents, why do I suddenly have to dance "NUNU NANA"?

Isn't this a product placement?

- Jae Seok! - You should do this.

(A real brand name mentioned)

(The commercial full of capitalist smile)

(We don't allow individual product placement.)

(Anyway, it's Jae Seok's turn to throw.)

- I'll go now. - Okay.

Watch me. I played this game a lot before.

- It will go over the line. - Let's go.

- He can't control his strength. - It will fly that way.

- I'll start. - It will go over the line.

It won't be easy since it's small. It's going.


(Super close)

(Approaching bit by bit)

(I'm going to meet you.)

(Will Team Ung turn the tables dramatically?)


(So close)

It went pretty far still.

- You still did well. - You did well.

- You did well. - I should've thrown harder.

You need to throw farther than you think.

Throw farther than I think.

You can add more strength.

- Now, it's time for Hoon. - You can do it!

(The last player of Team Hoon is Hoon.)

- Hoon, show us your talent. - Stop.

Can't I just throw?

- Do you have any talent to show? - Show us your talent.

- "NUNU NANA"? - Please teach me.

You just need to put your hand up like this.

(She coolly orders individual product placement.)

- One, two, three. That's all. - Okay.



(What is this?)

(His talent fails.)

Excuse me, Hoon. Are you going somewhere?

Are you going somewhere on the subway?

- Are you going somewhere? - Goodness.

(On his way to meet his friends when he doesn't have a match)

(What is this?)

You told me to do this.

What on earth is this?

(The depiction of the subway that left behind a lot of questions)

(The next person is getting gloomier when everyone else is having fun.)

(Anyway, Hoon starts the main game.)

It's headwinds.

- Gosh, the wind. - Why'd you care about the winds?


It really rode the winds.

- Right? It was headwinds. - Hey! It rode the winds.

- Headwinds. - No!

- Heo Hoon! - Ung!

- Heo Ung! - It's Ung!

It's Ung!

- Heo Ung! - Heo Ung!

Are we going to see his talent too?

- Your talent! - Heo Ung!

(Very confident)

I know how to dance "Rollin'".

- "Rollin'"! - You know how to dance "Rollin'"?

(Ung's confident challenge, Brave Girls' "Rollin'")

(He really knows how to dance this?)

- "Rollin'"! - Okay, then hold on.

- Is this a game or a talent show? - I'll play "Rollin'".

(Here's the music.)

Just the chorus, please.


(The true uncle fan is here.)

(Is he playing that part?)

- I'll do it. Okay, ready? - Wait.

- He's doing it already. - Okay.

- Why did you close your eyes? - He's doing it?

- That was just a warm up. - Try again.

- Again. - Why did he close his eyes?

(Watching his brother's misery is so satisfying.)

- It's here. - Let's go.

(Get ready, Ung.)

- In 5, 6, 7, 8! - In 5, 6, 7, 8!

(Fires "Rollin'")


(Something that's not "Rollin'")

What's this?

(This is a competition against embarrassment.)

- Just throw. - I'll throw!

- He'll throw now! - I'll throw it right away!

Thanks for trying, but I don't think you're good enough...

to say you can dance "Rollin'".

- I did do the dance before. - Really?

- But it's not easy. - He was very confident.

Got it.

- Then... - You can do Heo Jae's impression.

Just do "Is this bulnak" if you don't have anything to do.

- Your dad's impression. - Do "Is this bulnak".

- I think he can do it well. - Can you try "Is this bulnak"?

- Okay. - Good.

(Heo Jae's legendary "Bulnak" video)

(The key point is his fiery scolding.)

You should put some energy in it.

Your father's impression.

(Full of expectation)

(Father, please give me strength.)

(Is this bulnak?)

Is this bulnak?

(Both of them are embarrassed.)

He's good!

(The cuteness makes them want to give a refund for bulnak.)

- They're really alike. - They're alike.


It's bulnak. It is indeed.

- "It's bulnak." - I'll throw.

- Let's stop. - Just throw.

There's a stone.

(Finally back to the main game)

It will be so cool if you can turn the tables.

Or knock their shoes off. Let's make it dramatic.

Let's play till then.

Are we going to make it dramatic? Okay.

- Let's try. - Okay.

- Knock off those shoes? - Yes, knock them off.

Or throw it very close to the line.

(He threw it!)

(Super close!)

(Team Heo Ung's last player, Heo Ung)

(His last shoe throwing)

(What is the result?)

- Hold on. This... - It's out.

- I think it's the same. - Isn't this a success?

- It went over. - It's out.

(They go to check the result.)


(are the winners?)


- It's not touching the line. - It's not touching the line.

- Is it out? - It's not touching. It's out.

- It didn't touch the line. - This is incredible.

- Gosh, that was so close. - Stop doing that.

- It can't be helped. - There are two shoes already.

- If there were only one... - It might've been possible.

It was a losing battle for my team from the start.

- With that... - Whose shoe is this?

- Goodness. - A commemorative picture.

Jae Seok, this is newsworthy.

How is this newsworthy?

- Jae Seok? - Just for shoes landed on the line?

(So Min and Heo Hoon got a video hint.)

(The owner is in the video!)

(He's talking about cold energy and food.)

(The balance between yin and yang breaks.)

Doesn't he look like someone who studies destiny?

- A bit. - Right?

Maybe he's a professor.

No, I think he's someone who studies destiny.

The way he explains and the amount of books piled up behind.

Yes, there were a lot of books.

(There are many books piled up.)

(He uses terms like "The balance between yin and yang".)

If he's a real owner, he's studying...

- about samgyetang. - That's right.

But if he's a fake owner, he just memorized everything.

- He just memorized everything. - Yes.

Gosh, this is not easy.

It's not easy even with the hint.

(Shut up and grill! The world's first patented grilled samgyetang)

(1. The restaurant located far away from the city center)

(2. The owner who talks so well as if he memorized a script)

(3. Grilled samgyetang that looks like grilled chicken)

(Is this place real or fake?)

Let's go! Get in the car, okay?

From what I see, in between the breaks,

Ung and Hoon come together...

and whisper a lot.

(We got caught.)

- I think I heard someone say this. - Say what?

"Is Mi Joo crazy?"

(She is amazing.)

(Mi Joo, you're so fun.)

- I have a question. - What is it?

Don't you have any questions for us?

No, they don't.

That question is so new.

- My heart fluttered a bit. - What a question.

- I have a question! - What is it?

Where do you live?

My address is Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu...


Tell us the password to your house!

My password is...

(Culture shock)

That crazy...

Crazy Mi Joo!

(She's amazing.)

Don't you have any questions for us?

Please ask us something. We'll answer everything.

Any questions?

What's your ideal type?


(Heart fluttering)

My ideal type?

(My ideal type?)

(Static sound)

(Look at him.)

(Cutting off the romance with the radio)

Sorry, I wanted to turn on the radio.


Why are you doing this?

- I'm sorry. - I need to answer him!

- Look at him. - Jae Seok's amazing.

I want to knock him on the head.

- Right? - Seriously.

But I really want to know about Mi Joo's ideal type.

My ideal type?

(Barging in)


Sorry, I'm trying to tune into the right station.

As expected of the national MC.

- I'm sorry. - Hold on for a while.

I really want to know.

- My ideal type? - Yes.


(What was that?)

I like a guy who is tall, fair,

- Fair man? - one year older than me,

and has the name Heo Ung.


My goodness!

My goodness! I'm not even joking, you're such an eyesore!

Then what is Heo Ung's ideal type?

First meeting.

- Mi Joo then? - First impression is important.

I gave off the wrong first impression.

(It really is wrong.)

At least you know it yourself.

- She already knows. - I already know.

- Gosh, Mi Joo. - She's so funny.

Mi Joo, it's a pity but today...

- You're right. - You're not meant to be.

(This week isn't the week to find her love either.)

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 2)

(Luxurious invigorating foods only the king could eat!)

(Seoul's only sweetfish rice restaurant)

- We've arrived. Okay! - Okay.

There are a lot of good restaurants here.

- Really? - Yes.

Do they have famous restaurants here?

- I've never tried sweetfish before. - Same here.

- Hey, move. - Come on!

What is sweetfish rice?

- Expensive and rare fish. - He's right.

Then the restaurant should be in Cheongdam-dong.

Where is it?

This doesn't look like an area to sell such a dish.

Isn't it quite strange to sell sweetfish rice here?

- Yes. - The location...

There's only one restaurant in Seoul.

There are only real estate agencies from here!

(The alley is full of real estate agencies.)

- Is this the place? - Is this the place?

- Suddenly? - Suddenly here?

This place smells fishy too.

It looks fake.

Suddenly here? This place feels fake.

The atmosphere feels so fake.

(Suspicious point: The sweetfish rice restaurant...)

(only in Seoul is surrounded by real estate agencies?)

This place smells fake.

Jae Seok, is this that river?

It is.

That picture?

Doesn't it look awkward? Or is it just me?

- It doesn't really look awkward. - Is it that river?

That river is well known for its mitten crabs.

Is that so?

- Okay. - This place feels fake.

I can smell that this is fake.

The restaurant is way too small!

(Entering the restaurant)

- There are so many autographs! - There are autographs.

Suddenly autographs...

Isn't this the first place with so many autographs?

There are a lot of autographs.

Right. and they can't fake autographs.

They can ask for autographs.

Doesn't it feel like it's originally a pork belly restaurant...

or a pub?

Isn't this a pork belly restaurant?

Chicken restaurant, pub, or a pork belly restaurant.

It feels like a bar.

The layout is just like a bar as Ung said.

(Entering the kitchen)

I'm saying the layout is awkward for a sweetfish restaurant.

But it's hard to tell just from the set nowadays.

What kind of restaurant is this again?


Jae Seok! Like a, like a fish!

- Like a, like a, like a fish - Like a, like a fish

This is sweetfish?

Do they only sell sweetfish?

No, there's mitten crab.

You're right. Mitten crab stew, mitten crab soup,

shellfish sashimi rice bowl.

Is the location right?

This is confusing.


Se Yoon was here too.

Je Seong, Yang Se Chan!

Hold on, there's Yang Se Chan's!

"The food was great, ma'am. We'll come again."

Would Se Chan have come all the way here just for the food?

(There are even autographs of HANHAE and P.O.)

(They came all the way to Sadang-dong to eat sweetfish?)

Someone could've just asked them for the signature.

Sometimes, even though they didn't visit the place themselves,

they will give their autographs if someone asks them to.

You're right.

The autographs...

These autographs... Gosh.

They could've just asked for the autographs.

They just got the autographs.

They even have Yang Joon Hyuk's picture. Right?

That's Yang Joon Hyuk, the baseball player.

- That's the singer Jin Sung. - You're right.

(Trot singer Jin Sung came to the restaurant last winter.)

They can just simply put them up.

I'm sure the production crew went to the celebrities...

and told them to write the year as 2017.

- They can fake these. - That's true.

Today's commonality...

is that they all made an appearance on a TV show.

The owner of the first restaurant also was on a TV show.

Because they're famous restaurants.

It was even on the news.

"VJ Commando".

They can edit all this?

How can they edit this?

- They have good technology. - They can?

It's on SBS.

They can print it out at a low resolution like this.

That's true.

- We can't trust things like this. - We can't trust this.

Jae Seok, Jin Ho wrote something funny.

- What did he write? - "The owner is really nice."

"The taste is just so-so."

(Burst out laughing)

(A harsh comment that only a close friend can write)

I'm confused with every restaurant. I don't know what's right anymore.

Shall we invite the owner in?

- The owner. - Ma'am!

- Hello, ma'am. - Hello.

There are two of them.

I'm running this restaurant.

My name is Jeong Sook.

I'm her daughter, So Young.

We're running the restaurant together now.

Initially, I used to work in a major company related to food,

but I wanted to open my own restaurant.

So I'm helping my mom...

to run the restaurant together and learn along the way.

Our restaurant...

specializes in sweetfish and mitten crab.

The ingredients we use...

are all brought from Seomjin River.

Sweetfish is a very rare noble freshwater fish.

During Joseon era,

the fish was only available for the king to eat.

Commoners were not even allowed to catch sweetfish.

Furthermore, if local civil servants...

could not offer the fish to the king,

they even got fired. That's how precious the fish is.

The invigorating foods we are famous for...

are sweetfish rice and mitten crab soup.

The crew told us as we were filming...

that we're the only restaurant in Seoul that sells sweetfish rice.

Sixth Sense viewers,

- do you think this place is real? - This place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

I'm the owner of this restaurant,

- Jeong Sook. - Hello.

I'm her daughter, So Young.

- Do you run the place together? - Yes.

They look like they're actors.

- They look like actors. - Right?

The most noticeable things in the restaurant...

are the numerous autographs of celebrities.

A lot of comedians...

- and singers come. - I see.

Did all of them come here themselves?

- Yes, they came. - Really?

For the singer Jin Sung,

he comes quite often, about once every 2 or 3 months.

- Here? - He comes quite often.

I met Jin Sung once,

and he was very sensitive about taste.

Is that so?

He only goes to restaurants that are really good.

Yes. He's a regular customer.

(Don't pick a fight with my taste)

Ma'am, why is sweetfish known as invigorating food?

Sweetfish has a lot of protein, calcium, and iron.

So it protects weak energy,

strengthens your stomach,

and cleans your lungs.

So people ate it in hot summer to get back the energy...

since long ago.

It has three times more calcium than anchovies,

so it's good for osteoporosis too.

It's good for your bones, anemia,

and prevents aging.

It's a very precious fish.

(Tribute to the king)

(The class of sweetfish!)

How did you start selling sweetfish?

Initially, I...

This place has been open for about ten years.

Initially, this place was a big pork belly restaurant.

(I see!)


we thought long and hard about changing the menu.

Initially, I was in Gunsan...

No, I mean...

(She got nervous that she made a mistake!)


- I'm from the countryside. - Yes.

- So... - She forgot her lines!

So I thought of selling something that's not available elsewhere.

Here, in Seoul,

That's how I started this restaurant.

Why do you think other restaurants don't sell sweetfish rice?

- Exactly. - There were many restaurants...

that sold sweetfish, but they all closed.

Why do you think they went under?

We get our sweetfish from Seomjin River,

and it's really difficult to get sweetfish in season.

That's why there's only one place selling sweetfish rice in Seoul.

I think this place is real.

This place must be real.

Is there a season for sweetfish?

- Only during summer? - Only in summer?

- Sweetfish is in season in summer. - It's in summer?

That's right.

Can't sweetfish be farmed?

- Yes, they can. - They... Yes, they can.

(She shakes her head, but she goes back on her word.)

But it's different from the wild ones.

There's a difference between wild and farmed sweetfish.

That's why you're using the wild ones.

(Is she smiling because she made a mistake?)

- Sweetfish smells like watermelons? - Yes.

- Can we... - Do you want to smell it?

How could sweetfish smell like watermelons?

I bet you'll find it fascinating.

That's sweetfish?

(He finds it suspicious.)

It's quite small.

This is sweetfish.

- Oh, my. - Try smelling it.

- I think it'll smell fishy. - I think it'll smell fishy.

- I think it'll smell fishy. - It's not fishy at all.

It doesn't smell fishy?

It smells like watermelons?


Wait, it really doesn't smell fishy.

It's fascinating.

Let me smell it too.

(She smells the fish too.)

It smells like melon ice cream!

It smells like a melon.

(What? Sweetfish smells like melon?)

It doesn't smell fishy, right?

(The rare fish, sweetfish proved its worth.)

(Could this place be real?)

All right then. Can we try your dish now?

- Can we? - I'm so curious.

- All right. We'll be waiting. - Okay.

I think this place is real.

- Really? Why? - Yes.

The owner stuttered a lot compared to the owner...

of the first restaurant.

She seemed nervous.

(She stuttered because she was nervous.)

- She seemed more sincere. - She seemed sincere?

I think this place is real too.

I think this alley is filled with good restaurants,

and this place suits the alley.

I think they really sell sweetfish rice.

What do you think, Jae Seok?

I think the owner is really flustered.

But I'm not sure if she's flustered because this place is fake...

or because we're shooting a show.

- She could be nervous. - Exactly.

Is there coke here?


You can use the spoon.

(Opening the bottle with a spoon instead)

(Ung is opening it for her.)



- That's not how you do it. - No?

He's showing his weak side.

- You can't open it? - Look at you, Hoon.

(Oh, no.)

(A fast delivery)

(What was that?)

It flew to you, Mi Joo.

- This is... - Tell me if you have a problem.

He didn't use a technique.

He used his strength only. Look how bent the spoon is.

- No, the spoon is... Look. - It's not sturdy.

- It's too weak. - Look.

- It bends easily. - Why are you covering up for him?

What? Are you being jealous?


- You're being jealous, Sang Yeob. - What?

What is it? What?

Sang Yeob was being jealous.

- Why? - Because you covered up for Hoon.

He went, "Why are you covering up for him?"

Were you jealous?


Do you want some coke?

Why aren't they sitting together?

(Flustered by the romance on a show which he hasn't seen before)

Here it is.

I think I've seen this somewhere.

So from where? Try to remember it!

Open your eyes!

(It'll be revealed soon.)


Oh, no... It looks...

That's how it's served?

- This is how it's served? - It looks weird.

It suddenly doesn't seem real.

(Revealing the sweetfish rice that only kings could eat)

(Stir-fry burdocks in a stone pot...)

(and add macerated rice.)

(Then add wild sweetfish.)

(This was the gift for kings, sweetfish rice.)

This is how it's served?

It looks...

Seeing their tails...

- It doesn't look appetizing. - It doesn't look that good.

- Right, it doesn't look good. - This is how they served it.

(This is how sweetfish rice was served to the kings.)

It looks like mermaids are swimming in the sea.

It does feel that way.

- That's why... - The tails make it look that way.

Because we can see the tails...

Is it okay to eat the bones?

You removed all of them, right?

No, you can eat the whole thing because it's very fresh.

It's one of the few fish where you can eat the whole thing.

- You need to add the sauce. - We need to add it?

- Of course. - It's rice mixed with soy sauce.

(How would sweetfish rice taste?)

It does smell savory, doesn't it?

I'll try a bite with soy sauce.


It looks good.

It's delicious.

It's savory.

(The youngest takes a bite too.)

It doesn't smell fishy.



It's good.

When you have fish rice like mackerel rice,

there's this fishy smell. But this doesn't smell fishy at all.

Should I say it's savory?

It has a neat taste.

- It's savory, right? - Yes.

- It's to my liking. - I like it too.

- You like this? - Yes.

It's totally to my liking.

(He loves it.)

The sauce is delicious.

- Right? - The sauce is delicious.

The sauce tastes like that of marinated crab.

The sauce is delicious. It has Cheongyang chili pepper.

- This sauce, right? - Yes.

- This one is really good. - I agree.

I just had a bite,

and there were two big bones in the rice.

It does feel a bit rough because it's fish.

You can chew on it.

But it's too big to chew on.

- You can chew them. - Really?

I can't chew it.

The more you chew on the rice, the savorier it gets.


The fact that the side dishes are so good is suspicious.

It's like a home-style Korean food restaurant.

They look like they were made by our food stylist.


(Jessi puts a stop to her suspicions.)

(It quickly helps her.)


Jae Seok, try the shellfish soup.

I think you'll like it.

(It's not an ordinary side dish. Shellfish soup)

(They bring the shellfish from Seomjin River themselves.)

(100 percent wild shellfish)

(How would the shellfish soup taste?)

(He drinks it without any hesitation.)


Hey, shellfish soup is really nice.

It's the taste...

that the elderly would long for.

The more I have it,

the more I go back for it.

Isn't it really savory? It's delicious.

(Here comes grilled sweetfish.)

Is this fried sweetfish?

- That's not the one we smelled, no? - It's grilled sweetfish.

I see.

- It looks like yellow corbina. - Do we eat the whole thing?

- Yes, you can even eat the head. - The head?

Yes, you can eat it like how you have gizzard.

(Apply some oil on the sweetfish with cuts.)

(Then sprinkle salt to season it.)

(How to grill sweetfish)

(You need to grill it on a low heat so that the bones get softer.)

It looks interesting. I think it'll be really good.

I know. We can eat the whole thing.

I think it'll be really savory.

It feels like the fish is swimming into my mouth.

Jae Seok, it looks like fish eating another fish.


How could you say that?

Their eyes are still there!

Eat it to get high ratings!

Do we get high ratings if I eat it?


It's hard to eat the head because it's so big.

Eat the head...

(He fails again.)

You keep spitting it out.

Jae Seok, just don't eat it.

(He gives it a try.)

(He fails for the 3rd time.)

He still hasn't had it.

(It's the biggest crisis of his life.)

(He plucks up his courage and tries eating it.)

What is that?

(He cuts off the head.)



The head is a bit bitter,

- Yes, the head is bitter. - but the body is delicious.

Yes, the body is delicious.

- It's so good! - It's really good.

- It's good, right? - It's really good.

- It's very savory. - Is it?

It's very savory.

- Isn't it good? - It's savory.

It's savory and salty.

(Hoon loves it.)

Sweetfish has a lot of meat.

Also, it's soft and savory. Its taste is very neat.

It's plump.

The bones aren't hard either.

The bones are soft, so they're easy to chew.

Have a bite of the rice and...

(A combination of sweetfish rice and grilled sweetfish)

- It's good. - It's really good.

What is that?

- It's a soup. - It's mitten crab soup.

(Eyes opening wide)

- Sorry? - It's mitten crab soup.

It looks delicious.

This is mitten crab soup. We grind the whole mitten crabs...

to make this soup.

(Boil crabs in doenjang broth until they get cooked.)

(Grind the whole crab in a blender.)

(Then add dried radish greens and make the soup thick.)

(Mitten crab soup meal)

(How would mitten crab soup taste?)

It tastes like invigorating food.

Right? I feel the same way.

It tastes like invigorating food.

It's savory and salty. It tastes like healthy food.

You can taste the crab too.

It tastes like a local dish.

I get why they said this suits the palate of the elderly.

Those who are seeing it for the first time...

would need some time to get used to it.

Some might love it, and some might not.

- Right? But I like it. - You're right.

- I love it too. - Sang Yeob.

- Yes. - You said your friend...

is a picky type.

Yes, Jin Sung is.

Do you think this soup suits his palate?

But Jin Sung...

- will like this dish. - I think so too.

It tastes like a local dish.

- It tastes like a rustic dish. - And it's healthy.

I think this place is fake.

You said it's real earlier.

I changed my mind after tasting them.

I think the taste of mitten crab soup is too strong.

It's probably because it's your first time trying it.

- Do you think so? - Yes.

- It's pungent. - Just stick to your opinion.

- You mean the scent? - It's too strong.

If this place is fake,

that means there's an empty restaurant at a really hot spot.

- Right. - That means it's empty.

- It wouldn't make sense then. - That's right.

This spot can't be empty since it's in a popular food alley.

If you put it that way, the spot itself...

It shouldn't be empty.

That's right. This place can't be empty.

It's at a corner and an intersection.

I think this place seems more real than the first one.

Yes, this place feels more real than the first one.

This is really difficult.

The game we're playing here is the one we played in Season One.

It's Animal Kingdom Speed Game.

- What's Animal Kingdom Speed Game? - I don't want to play it!

It's what So Min and Mi Joo were good at.

- Oh, where we turned into dogs? - Meow, meow.

I remember it.

(1. The person who'll describe picks an animal.)

(2. Using only the sound that animal would make, )

(describe the given word.)

(3. The other teammates need to guess the given word.)

(If they make a sound that humans make, then it won't be counted.)

(It's a team game.)

(The team that guesses the most answers wins.)

So Min is really good at this.

I use the languages that animals use.

She says she uses the animals' language.

Honestly speaking, I'm a beast.

Take a look.

A goat. A goat?

How do they cry?

- Isn't it "bleat"? - That's right. It's "bleat".

- Ready, set, go! - Set...

(It's difficult from the beginning.)

(This is easy for an actress.)

(Hello, everyone.)

(Let me tell you today's weather.)

- Yu Jae Seok! - A flight attendant!

An anchor! A weatherwoman!

- A weather forecaster! - All right!

(Bursting into laughter)

(Passionate acting)

- What on earth is that? - Diarrhea!

(What? What is that?)

- Oh, pregnancy! - Pregnancy!

It's an occupation.

- A gynecologist? - All right, that was good!

(Wedding planner)

- Skip it if you can't do it. - Just do it confidently.

Are you wearing hanbok?

(You know this, don't you?)

- A wedding! - A bride!

- A groom! A bride! - A wedding planner!

- All right! - Good job.

You're doing great!

They're amazing. How did they get it?

- She's really good at it. - I got it!

- A model! - A model!

- Hurry up! - Do it faster!

- How can I describe that? Skip! - You'll skip it.

(Out of the frying pan into the fire.)

(On a square tablet PC)

- A teacher! - Webtoon...

- Webtoon... - Wrong!

- You're crazy! - A webtoon artist!

- That's cheating! - You can't count it! It's nonsense!

- She said "webtoon"! - Next.

All right now.

(Sit down here.)


(What is that?)

- Makeup artist! - Schedule...

(That's not right.)

- Wrong! - You can't do that!

(Foul Queen Jeon So Min got 5 right.)

- So Min is really good, right? - She's so good.

- It's so tiring! - Mi Joo, let's go!

- It's your turn, Mi Joo. - Should I go?

- You can do it, Mi Joo. - Mi Joo is good at this too.

- What is it? - A horse.

I like it!

(She has to cry like a horse.)

Ready, set, go.


(Oh, dear...)



(She's running like crazy from the first round.)

- A dentist! - A dentist!

You're good!

(Even the real actress is touched.)

(I got this.)

A baseball player!

- A referee! A baseball referee. - A baseball referee.

I got it too!

(Given word: Farmer)

Rice planting!

(A horse can speak Korean too?)

(Rice planting)

(Goodness, Mi Joo...)

This is not right!

- Rice planting! - Wrong!

(Given word: Kindergarten teacher)

(She's doing her best to describe it.)

A pianist!



(It looks like she's given up being a horse.)

(It's so fun to watch.)

- Okay! - You can do this one.

(A movie director)


(We're done for.)

Aren't you cheating too many times?

You're doing well.

- Her back hurts! A grandma! - Her back hurts.

(Given word: Pharmacist)


- What on earth is that? - You're serving?

No! That's not it!

My back hurt, so I went somewhere.

- An orthopedic office! - An oriental medicine clinic.

- An oriental medicine clinic. - An oriental medicine clinic.

I need to take this.

- A pharmacy! - A painkiller!

- A pharmacy! - A pharmacy!

- And I work there! - A painkiller.

- A pharmacist. - A pharmacist.

You're out of questions.

That was... What did you just do?

- What was that? - We're done?

The other team won.

(Thanks to the crazy horse, Team Heo Hoon wins the hint.)

Please come and get the hint.

Do I look at it now? This is really difficult.

(Hoon got the hint!)

"A picture of the daughter when she used to work at a major company".

"I found a way to get rid of the fishy smell"?

"Mr. Baek the Homemade Food Master". It's that show, right?

(She used to work at a major company related to food.)

(How is she related to the show?)

- Excuse me. Ma'am? - Yes?

Did you used to work at a major company?

- At a major company. - Yes, I did.

You quit your work to help your mom?

- Yes, I'm helping my mom. - You are?

Yes. I also want to run my own restaurant, so...

You quit your job because you want to open your own restaurant?

Now, you're helping your mom?

It's her. She used to work at a major company...

and now, she's learning by helping her mom.

But if I only look at this photo, this place must be fake.

What's this? "Mr. Baek the Homemade Food Master".

It's that show, right? Could it be a trick?

I have no idea. It's so confusing.

(Could the daughter be someone who works for a TV show?)

(Luxurious invigorating foods only the king could eat!)

(Seoul's only sweetfish rice restaurant)

(1. Suspicious-looking celebrity autographs)

(2. Extreme taste and presentation)

(3. The owner couldn't answer the questions properly.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 3)

(The menu changes with the weather?)

(Invigorating course meal with oriental medicine)

- Cuties, come this way. - Okay, ma'am.

Where is it? Where is the place?

It's here?

But it's not somewhere a restaurant could be.

Wait. This is a restaurant?

It's strange. It's not even a shopping complex.

A restaurant that sells course meals is here?

- Over here? - It stinks in here.

(They come inside the building.)

With the entrance alone, this place must be fake.

This is... It doesn't suit this place.

Invigorating course meal?

- Does it even make sense? - Wait a second.

Gosh, this looks too fake.

Doesn't this look fake?

(On the floor above, )

(there's an entrance.)

- Wait. This place is empty. - Take a look at this.

It's empty.

This is suspicious.

They could've set this place up.

I think they could've rented the whole building...

to set this up.

(Did the staff rent the whole building?)

They find a suspicious place like this on purpose.

(This has been conducted after hand sterilization and fever check.)

Thank you.

(How will the inside look?)

(A simple interior design with soft lighting)

(An open kitchen where you can see the chef cooking)

(Cute props that give off the invigorating food vibe)

(The interior design looks real. Is this place real?)

- It's antique. - What is this place?

- This place looks real. - I know.

- It has an odd vibe though. - I know.

It's very confusing.

- I think this place is real. - It feels odd.

It's like a private restaurant only regulars come.

Is that so? But it's too...

Maybe it's because it's not open yet.

I know. The atmosphere is a bit off. The lights are not even on.

It doesn't look that real.

(The atmosphere is a bit odd to call it real.)

The way they displayed the props...

look unnatural.

(The display of props looks unnatural.)

(Are the unnatural props fake as well?)

Is this a sushi place?

(Meanwhile, the Heo brothers...)

What do they sell?

What do you sell here?

(The brothers ask separate questions.)

Is this a sushi place?

Why is your restaurant somewhere remote?

Oh, is it only for regulars?

Is your reservation full?

(They don't answer the brothers' questions.)

I really want to guess right. Is this a famous restaurant?

(There's no way they'd tell the brothers.)

Oh, my. Look at them. They're so cute.

- Aren't they cute? - Your poses are so cute.

(The brothers gained nothing much from questioning.)

- Let's sit first. - Okay.

First of all...

- It's well-decorated. - It's well-decorated?

(The end of Sang Yeob's deduction)

(That's it?)

Doesn't this seem out of place?

Is there something behind those windows?

How come there are crocks here?

I know. There's vinegar in here.

(Everything about this place seems suspicious.)

(It's suspicious.)

This is my guess. There was a restaurant here,

and the staff used the closed restaurant.

- You're right. - That's right.

Right? The previous owner just left these.

I think the staff added things like this.

- This feels a bit out of place. - It doesn't suit this place.

(He has a point.)

All three places look fake. This is driving me crazy.

All three places look fake.

The problem is, Ung and Hoon's dark circles...

got bigger.

They said variety shows are more difficult than basketball.

(Playing basketball was the easiest.)

Let's bring out the owner.

I'm still confused even after we meet the owner.

- Hello. - Hello.

You look so neat.

- He looks like a chef. - He does look like a chef.

Hello, I'm chef Hoe Soo.

I've been working as a chef for 17 years.

Our restaurant name...

comes from climate change.

There are right ingredients for each season.

Our body changes depending on the seasons.

We're serving healthy dishes...

according to the change of weather.

It can help people to go through seasons in good health.

That's why I named the restaurant like that.

I read it in a book.

It is said any medicinal ingredients for oriental medicine...

can be used as ingredients for food.

When I read it, I wanted to try that in my cooking.

So I brought the idea into my cooking.

It's been a year and a half since we opened.

These days, the words have spread.

Many couples are visiting us...

looking at posts on social media.

People who like oriental medicine,

and the one who needs to take care of their health.

They are the ones who visit here.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)


I can see in his eyes that he's telling the truth.

- Right? - By just looking at the restaurant,

we thought it was a fake place.

- But looking at him... - I know.

That's how chefs usually pose. They cross their arms.

- Right. That's a typical chef move. - He's doing that.

That's how all the chefs pose for their picture.

- Wait. That's suspicious. - Chefs are...

Is he posing like that all of the sudden?

He's relaxed.

(Is he posing like a real chef?)

What kind of dishes do you usually serve?

It depends on the season.

According to the change of seasons, our bodies change.

We divide a year into 24 seasons.

We select ingredients according to that.

- It's good for people. - That's how.

Isn't it supposed to change according to the weather?

Yes. It changes according to the weather and season.

What if it's supposed to rain but it's actually sunny?

Do you change the menu, then?

We look at weather forecasts.

We usually look at the ones of the next two months.

Then, we prepare the menu.

That's hard.

(Is that possible?)

What kind of food is good to eat in today's weather?

- It's really hot now. - Yes.

But it's also rainy season,

and it can be a bit chilly.

So what happens in this weather...

is that it gets really humid.

It gets really humid.

We look at you with suspicious eyes.

- I'm sorry. - We can't help it.

I was staring at you too much.

I'm sorry.

Our body gets humid as well.

So it's important to reduce moisture...

in our body.

To do that, we need to eat something bitter.

You should eat something that tastes bitter.

You should also eat something that has warmth.

Then you can deal with coldness.

That's hard.

- I think this is a real place. - So...

we need to do that.

Did you major in Chinese letters to do this?

(What did you say?)

Did you major in Chinese letters to do this?

- Oriental medicine major. - Oriental medicine major.

(Why did she say Chinese letters?)

(Mi Joo.)

Mi Joo, you should...

I've never taught anyone.

But I'll teach you.

(Laughing hard)

Breathe, Na Ra.

- Breathe. - My goodness.

(That's an interaction of real brothers.)

Why did I say Chinese letters?

I read a book one day.

I found out that the ingredients used in oriental medicine...

can be used as ingredients for cooking.

From there, I started reading books on that.

Then I got to know someone...

who combines oriental medicine in cooking.

- So I contacted him. - Does he...

sell snow fungus?

(The owner of the first spot)

And makes grilled samgyetang.

He makes grilled samgyetang.


we'd like to try your dishes.

I'm excited. I think it'll be delicious.

- Let us try your food. - Thank you.

I think the chef...

is real.

- I think he's a real chef. - Right.

I get a really good vibe from him.

I think you really like him.

- Isn't he your ideal type? - Well, he's not my ideal type.

He's not my ideal type. But the air around him is perfect.

- It's almost perfect. - I agree.

- Do you think he's real? - I think he's real.

Or he's a really great actor.

Isn't he an oriental medicine doctor?

What do you think, Ung and Hoon?

- I think it's a real place. - I think it's real.

(After they met the owner, they start to trust more.)

- Something's coming. - It's tea.

- What is this? - What kind of tea is it?

Isn't it Haneulbori?

(She continues to doubt.)

(Corn silk tea with scorched rice)

It has corn, coffee, and scorched rice.

Coffee and scorched rice have a bitter taste.

With the bitter taste, they reduce the moisture.

The bland taste also helps us reduce moisture.

It comes out as sweat.

- I think it'll taste very savory. - Yes.

I like the taste.


(I'm curious. Let's try it.)

It's delicious.

I don't know what is what.

It tastes like something I had at my grandmother's house.

I can eat it with the air conditioner on.

- It makes me feel good. - It also has coffee in it.

I feel really good.

I like that it has scorched rice.

I know why you said it makes you feel good.

Isn't it because we're almost finished with the shooting?

(Was I that obvious?)

(So Min, you're a slacker.)

- Why is he reading our faces? - Why is he reading the mood?

(They get excited from the first dish.)

This is...

- It's an eel. - A pike eel with pepper leaves.

(A pike is good for your stamina.)

The bones of a pike eel...

are all cut with a knife.

The skin of pike eel...

is grilled so that you can eat it with the skin on.

A pike eel has sweet taste and warmth.

When you eat something sweet, you get moisture in your body.

So pepper leaves...

make you reduce the moisture.

(It's time to eat.)

(Putting the pike eel on a plate)

(Putting pepper leaves on the pike eel)

(Lastly, eat it by dipping it into plum soy sauce.)

(Will the taste make it feel like the place is real?)

It's so delicious.

(From the first bite, they're amazed.)

With pepper leaves...

(She frowns because it's really delicious.)

It smells like it's grilled.

It's grilled by a torch.

I think I can smell the torch.

(Eel is one of the best invigorating foods.)

- It tastes so good. - It tastes so good.

With pepper leaves, I can taste the bitterness.

It makes it taste cleaner.

It tastes very good.

(While everyone is busy eating, )

(Thinking hard)

Can I say this?


- What? - Jae Seok.

From the server who served this dish,

I smelled perfume.

(When she served, )

(Jae Seok smelled perfume from her.)


Why is perfume a problem?

Normally, people who cook don't put on perfume.


(That's suspicious.)

It's interesting. The perfume...

What kind of perfume was it?

It was a short moment.

But I smelled perfume.

Maybe it's okay, because she's a waitress.


I'm getting confused.



Do you have coke?

I thought she was going to ask something really sharp.

Hyun Ju.

A coke?

It's too greasy.

(Someone to watch)

Excuse me, miss.

What kind of perfume did you use?

Which perfume did you use?

(She answered without hesitance.)

It's driving me crazy.

She was not flustered at all.

She was not flustered.

It's like she's playing with us.

It feels like she's handling us.

Which one is fake?

- What is this? - It's tadaki.

What kind of tadaki is this?

What kind of fish is this?

It's Spanish mackerel.

- Spanish mackerel. - Yes.

I really like Spanish mackerel.

(Spanish mackerel is good for bones and relieving stress.)

These are rice straws.

I smoked this with rice straws.

When it's smoked with rice straws, it smells delicious.

On the side, it's bellflower.

Bellflower has a bitter taste.

And green onions and garlic have a spicy taste.

If you eat something spicy,

you can handle the sudden coldness in your body.

These are marvelous.

(Putting on Spanish mackerel on a plate)

(Putting on bellflower on Spanish mackerel)

(Lastly, put garlic on.)

(Dip it in soy sauce.)

(He knows how to eat.)

This is really delicious.

- It's really delicious. - It's really delicious.

(As she puts it in her mouth, the smell of Spanish mackerel hits her.)

- So Min. - It's delicious.

A pike eel tasted clean.

I feel like I'm eating meat when I eat Spanish mackerel.

And the garlic is pickled.

So it goes well with the greasy taste.

The scent of green onion tops it off.

It's really...

With delicious food, I'm bewildered.

These are all invigorating foods.

We're eating something good for our body.

I'm feeling strong. Maybe it's just my feeling.


- Oh, my. - What's wrong?

(What's wrong with her?)

I had wasabi.


- What's wrong? - I thought...

Sang Yeob farted.

(Falsely accused of farting)

- Goodness. - Why did you do that, Mi Joo?

(Mi Joo is so funny.)

Are you okay?

- Wasabi? - Wasabi.

I just saw something strange.

- Wasabi. - The chef just looked at a recipe.

(For real?)

- Just now. - What?

He just read the recipe.

He had the paper?

He just looked at the paper.

(The chef has been looking at the recipe.)

He might get confused...

Does he get confused?

He made that.

- You would do that in secret. - He kept doing it.

- He did it out in the open. - He kept doing it.

Look. He just looked at it again.

(At that time, the chef reads the recipe again.)

He's looking at it even when we talk about it.

- There's something. - It's not unusual.

(Is he a fake who needs recipes? Or is real who often reads recipes?)

Show us what it is.

(The third dish of the course is served.)

- What is it? - How can this be fake?

- Is it tuna? - It's so pretty.

It's brisket and angelica shabu-shabu.

(You can't miss beef brisket when you eat invigorating food.)

Angelica is in season.

When we have beef and angelica together,

you start to have great vigor.

So you can handle sudden coldness.

You see white tree fungus here. It tastes bland.

It's good to eat in this season.

There's snow fungus here.

- There's also snow fungus here. - He's serving snow fungus.

(Same ingredient with the first spot)

- The soup is similar. - It's similar to the previous one.

The samgyetang soup that we poured over the chicken.

- Is this place also using chicken? - It's driving me crazy.

Are you trying to juggle things?

(Is this fake that's inspired by the first place?)

(It's time to taste.)

Give me that.

- Just a little. - Mushroom.

A little.

Give me just a little.

A little.

It's mine.

(Bad hands)

- What's wrong with you? - I told you to give me a little.

I said it's mine.

(She got played.)

- Was it yours? - It was mine.

I'm sorry.

(Since I took it from you, it tastes twice the better.)

Is it delicious?

It's delicious.

(Putting it in shabu-shabu soup)

(Putting snow fungus in the soup)


I'll try like this.

Jae Seok.

- I'll dip it in the sauce. - Put all of them in.

(Dipping in the sauce)

(She takes a big bite.)

(Eyes opening wide)

(Drinking the soup)

(This is it.)

Have you tried the soup?

(She looks like she woke up after drinking the day before.)

This is it.

(Everyone is quiet when eating.)

It's delicious.

(Isn't it your third meal?)

The brisket is so soft and delicious.

- Really. - The color is different.

(The color is glorious.)

It's savory.

I feel like I'm getting healthier.

- Mushrooms are so good. - I feel like I'm getting healthier.

(Ung and Hoon brothers...)

(are devouring without a word.)

(It's not the same clip you saw before.)

(Did someone starve them?)

(He's eating to the last bits.)

This is really delicious.

- It's delicious. - Right.

The Heo brothers eat really well.

- Look. - We need more.

We have more meat here.

Did you come here to have dinner after a game?


It's really good. It feels like a course meal.

We need to come here if it's real.

- I think we will. - It's close to our place.

- This place tastes better. - I've been thinking of this.

(What have you been...)

(thinking of?)

You know the galbitang package?

If we boil that with medicinal herb, it might taste like this.

It tastes like galbitang a bit.

Isn't it because of brisket?

The soup itself tastes like galbitang.

We might think that it's delicious...

because it's made with the commercial soup.

It's driving me insane.

I really don't know.

I really don't know.

Isn't it difficult doing it on the show?

- It's so difficult. - It's so difficult.

What is the fake one that they made?

(I hear you.)

Can the chef be real and the restaurant be fake?

No, everything has to be fake.

There are lots of professionals on YouTube...

who are really good at cooking.

(She's listening.)

He might be one of them.

That might be right.

He's an oriental medicine doctor...

who loves cooking and is on YouTube.

He said he studied oriental medicine.

He seems too shy to be on YouTube.

(Is he a fake who is a doctor or real who studied medicine?)

We'll give you a hint.


This hint is real.

(Vision Hint)

The notes of the chef who studied seasons.

I don't think it's related...

to cooking.

He might be someone who studies this.

He might have a job related to seasons.

Then how can he cook so well?

It's unbelievable.

(A real one who studied seasons or a fake who works in the field?)

It's driving me crazy.

(The menu changes with the weather?)

(Invigorating course meal with oriental medicine)

(1. A chef who looks at recipes)

(2. Same invigorating ingredient to the first spot)

(3. The soup had commercial galbitang taste.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

Have you made up your mind?

- No. - No.

For the first time, I've already decided.

- Really? - Yes, I've decided.

Me too.

(I need to decide soon.)

This restaurant is...

- in a random area. - It's random.

It's random, Sang Yeob. Look around.

After all things considered, it's still strange.

Look at empty spaces.

- Right. - Right.

- Jae Seok. - That confused me.

I'm confused by what Yeob Sang said.

The owner of the second place seemed so awkward.

- Where? - The second place.

She was very awkward.



(She forgot her lines.)

(The owner was stuttering.)

I think she was just nervous.

Was it because she was nervous?

I think the chicken from the first place...

It was so simple.

(Grilled Samgyetang looks so simple to get patent.)

But the owner was...

so smooth.

(He studied Yin-Yang and Five Elements.)

(He also studied the study of destiny.)

(Is he real?)

I think they're all fake.

- Jae Seok. - It gets more confusing as we talk.


(Sixth Sense bus is confused as always.)

- Hey. - Hey.

- Let's get off. - We arrived.

- Get out. - It's time to choose.

I'm going crazy.

It's the scariest to see when I'm standing.

Have you made up your mind?

- So Min, come here. - One, two, three, four, five...

Sang Yeob is not here.

He is fixing his makeup.

My goodness.

This is why I don't fall for Sang Yeob.

He is worse than girls.

He is worse than girls.

Hyun Ju likes other things about Sang Yeob as her boyfriend.

She doesn't like this.

(What's wrong with taking care of myself?)

I'll go first to vote.

- Okay. - What a surprise.

- It's just an order. - Open the curtain and vote inside.

Oh, then why don't you go first?

(He changes his mind so fast.)


- Mi Joo, let's go. - Yes.

(Where is the confident Mi Joo?)

(Save me.)

It's either 1 or 2.


(This is correct, isn't it?)

(Mi Joo votes for the second place.)

I haven't made up my mind.

Is it 1 or 2?

I don't know. I'll just pick one.


Geez. It's driving me crazy. What should I do?

(She's being serious again.)

I don't know.

(Will Na Ra's choice be correct today?)

Hello, it's Jeon So Min here.

I had to think really hard today.

But I think the first place is fake.

I hope I'm right. Please.

I hope I'm the only one who gets the answer.

I'm very relaxed today.

I'll get the answer today.

(He chose the second place without hesitance.)

I'm feeling really good today.

(He looks like he already got the answer.)

(Jae Seok, who's been confused, is here.)

Does it change according to the weather?

It tasted the best.

I don't know.

(I'm going for number 3.)

I'm getting nervous now.

They kept saying that I'm always right.

It might put a jinx on it.

I think...


The second place is fake.

(Will Jessi get the right answer again?)


It's the first one no matter what.

(He votes that easily?)

If I start to doubt, I won't be able to stop.

So, I'll be simple.

The owner was speaking so well...

that it bewildered others.

So it's the first one without a doubt.

(Will the first one that Hoon chose be fake?)


I choose the first one.

The chicken tasted like smoked chicken.

It didn't feel like invigorating food.

(The brothers both vote for the first one.)

It won't be wrong, will it?

(What will happen to the brothers who voted for number 1?)

We have an interesting result.

- Really? - An interesting result?

Four of you chose the first one.

Three of you chose the second one.

- My goodness. - The brothers did?

Am I the only one voted for the third one?

The one who voted for the third one is Yu Jae Seok.


is my moment.

- It's a shocking result. - Suddenly...

Isn't it the third one if it's a shocking result?

- Let's reveal... - Is it the third one?

- the answer. - Is it the third one?

Is it the third one?

(He's excited the most.)

(Under the hot sun, )

(by being passionate, )

(they got tired.)

They're exhausted now.

(Right. We were like that last week.)

(For everyone's sake, )

(we prepared some special invigorating foods.)

(I love invigorating food.)

(All the plain invigorating foods in this world...)

(can take a backseat.)

Oh, my gosh.

(That's why we invited this guest to help us.)


(This week's expert, Chef Jung Ho Young)

(23 years experience in Japanese cuisine, owner-chef of Caden)

(On various cooking shows like "Chef and My Fridge")

It's Chef Jung Ho Young.

He specializes in Japanese food.

Number three was Japanese.

- So it must be number 3. - That's right, number 3.

What's going on?

Is there something you recommend as a summer invigorating food?

They say this is good for replenishing energy levels.

It does have a fairly luxurious image.

- Wait a minute. - Sit down, Mi Joo, I'm scared.

- My heart's pounding. - Wait, look at this.

Gosh, that scared me.

(What fake invigorating dish did we create with Chef Jung?)

Where is this? This is the first one.

I do think it's number one.

The space was so awkward.

(The world's first patented grilled samgyetang)

This was really delicious.

(Seoul's only sweetfish rice restaurant)

This place seemed fake too.

- This place seemed off. - That's right.

The location was so random.

(Invigorating course meal with oriental medicine)

This one was strange at first too, that the menu's based on weather.

Please be number three.

(A taste of summer for the heat! Unique invigorating foods)

(Which is the fake among these?)

- Let's see. - Please.

- Oh, my gosh. - What's going to happen?

(She's already bursting.)

(Trying hard to stay calm)

- What's going to happen? - This is absurd.

Oh, no, what's going to happen?


(Which is the only fake?)

It's number two.

(Is it number 2, as Sang Yeob firmly believes?)

- Please. - What will happen?

- Be number 3. - I think it'll be number 3.

- Let's make the show go crazy. - What's going to happen?

(Which one is the fake?)

- Be number 3. - I think it'll be number 3.

- Let's make the show go crazy. - What's going to happen?

(Which one is the fake?)

(Luxurious invigorating foods only the king could eat!)

(Seoul's only sweetfish rice restaurant is fake.)

(Time to celebrate)

(Number two's sweetfish rice was the fake.)

We got it.

(Why is this person celebrating?)

(Oh, right, I chose number 1.)

(Dreams of being right have gone down the drain.)

I should've gone with my gut. I thought it might be number two.

(Na Ra is in last place. So Min grows farther from Jessi.)

The owner there, I should've trusted that.

- You got it right again? - Here's the video with the answer.

- It's nothing. - We'll reveal it now.

(The Seomjin River Restaurant What is the spot's true identity?)

(A residential street in Dongjak-gu, Seoul)

(A quiet alleyway)

(Between these two streets...)

(lies today's fake restaurant.)

- So it was a steamed chicken spot. - It was a steamed chicken spot.

A steamed chicken spot on the verge of closing.

That's right.

(No matter how hard you look, there's no trace of invigoration.)

No trace of invigoration.

(But Sixth Sense never gives up.)


(and scraping...)

(made this place into an 11-year-old invigorating foods restaurant.)

They made everything.

They're really impressive.

They did really well. They fashioned it really well.

So they made all of those props.

- That's amazing. - They did such a good job.

- This place really got me. - They're so impressive.

(All the times they were on air were also fabricated.)

- That's going too far. - They even did all that?

I really didn't doubt this place at all.

- There's more? - What else is there?

That's right. What was that?

(Then what is the secret behind all the autographs...)

(on the walls of the restaurant?)

How did they do that? What is that?

(We got them from here.)

- They went to get the autographs. - They actually got all of them.

They got them all from "Comedy Big League".

No wonder there were so many people from "Comedy Big League".

Hello, we're from Sixth Sense.

- Can you come back in ten seconds? - Oh, yes, sorry.

(Denied entry)

Excuse me?

- Yang Se Chan. - It's Se Chan.

Could I ask you for an autograph?

- Of course. - All right.

They're so cute.

I'm sorry for being too much in character.

So that's why you're using this aged paper on purpose.

- Yes. - To make it look old.

They're even using newsprint.

Jae Seok and So Min would catch on right away.

Right now, this behavior itself will get you caught.

If you try too hard to create all these things, you'll get caught.

He usually doesn't go that far.

That's amazing.

You have to take it seriously.

"The owner was so nice, but the food was so-so."

- This guy. - I kid around like this a lot.

Lee Jin Ho, you...

- Could I ask you for an autograph? - Of course.

Could you make it for July 22?

Wow, they even decided on the date.

Yun Hwa's autograph was faded, as though time had passed.

(We even prepared a nearly used up marker.)

Jae Seok, I hope you fell for my trick.

(I definitely fell for it.)

(We even recruited people from "Amazing Saturday".)

The Seomjin River Restaurant.

That's amazing.

P.O, I didn't know you had this in you.

- I knew it. That's how they did it. - Amazing.

(Their trusted colleagues betrayed them.)

(In that case...)

(what's the truth behind this photo?)

- That was amazing. - What was this about then?

How did they manage this?

You've never heard of a show called Sixth Sense, right?

- I haven't. - There's a show called Sixth Sense.

(Describing the show so he understands)

I've come here to get a photo and an autograph from you.

- They went this far? - On 1, 2, 3.

- This is too much. - They really went this far?

That's really amazing.

(They go to find another person to abet.)

(Jin Sung, master of trot)

- It's Jin Sung. - They got Jin Sung.

Then could you wear this?

(They brought a padded jacket to disguise the season.)

That was really amazing.

Jin Sung's amazing.

(Adding them discreetly to Seomjin River Restaurant's wall.)

- Yes. - Wow.

Sixth Sense is really amazing.

This time, it really was impressive.

That was so mean of him.

(They just have to hang it up somewhere very visible.)

That's amazing. I didn't know they'd go this far.

Me neither. I had no idea.

(From a peaceful restaurant that no one ever visited...)

(to a restaurant full of age in a huge transformation)

That's amazing. How did they do all that?

(The Seomjin River Restaurant is open for business.)

(Mentally drained)

This is the kind of place this is.

(How did they come up...)

(with the invigorating food dish?)

First of all, it would be best if they believe it's real, right?

Chef Jung Ho Young.

There's no way it could've tasted bad then.

They actually cooked them...

- after learning from him. - We'll cook them home style.

- It was so delicious. - You don't need to practice.

- There was another one here. - He made this so well.

- And a marinade for mixing. - This was really delicious.

(Totally immersed in learning and practicing)

We're boiling them to remove the bones.

But the marinade was really good.

I really thought it was delicious.

(What is the secret behind the rich mitten crab soup?)


(Excuse me?)

- No way. - Really?

(Everybody groans.)

(So Min, it was a retort pouch again.)

Your taste buds are so accurate, Jae Seok.

- I really enjoyed that too. - It's Jae Seok's taste.

This is store-bought.

We bought this online, actually. Off the Internet.

No wonder it was so good.

(Then shall we move on to fact-checking the fake owners?)

Yes, I'm so curious about this.

Who were those two?

My name is Kim Jung Sook.

I really did have a pork belly restaurant previously.

- It was true. - So she really did.

Right now, I'm working as So Young's mother.

- So she's her mother. - Her real mother.

- Then what about So Young? - Who is the daughter then?

My daughter is a sweetfish expert.

(Excuse me?)

(A sweetfish expert?)

(I am an expert, but...)

- What? - A sweetfish expert?

(One large company building in Sangam)

What is that?

(Sharp eyes and quickly moving hands)

Wait a minute. I'm getting chills.

Wait, is she a post-production editor?

(Who is she?)

Is she an editor?

Hello. I manage the review of tvN's shows.

My name is Kim So Young.

So she's a reviewer.

Oh, I get it now.

So they mean bad language, not sweetfish.

- Inappropriate language, I see. - As a language reviewer.

Inappropriate language refers to words that aren't curses,

but that also are not accepted as standard usage.

(But I'm no expert in the sweetfish.)

(What does a tvN reviewer do on a daily basis?)

There are regulations around the language used...

for all broadcasts, so I moderate not just inappropriate language,

but also any swearing or false information.

I pay particular attention to the language used.

Right now, I'm in charge of "Youn's Stay",

"Youn's Kitchen",

"The Great Escape 4",

and Sixth Sense, for the new season.

Sixth Sense is a show...

that I start watching after some preparation in my heart.

(I'm getting inappropriate language today as well.)

I'm sorry. I'll work harder.

I hope everyone takes care to avoid inappropriate language...

on this season of Sixth Sense.

And to everyone on Sixth Sense,

- this place was fake. - This place was fake.

(Seoul's only sweetfish rice restaurant)


This is absurd.

I really thought I was going to experience a miracle today.

(The moment that he thought a miracle was happening.)

(A broad smile)

(Pure Gold Fairy)

(Honorable pure gold presentation ceremony)

- Come on. - Did you ask what this is?

Jessi guessed right today too.

She's been guessing right since the start of Season Two.

- She never loses. - Incredible.

- Make it harder. - We should do...

- a Jessi Special some day. - Gosh.

- For now... - I knew the sign was weird.

Jae Seok, proceed. Please ask for our comments.

Do you think I have energy left for that?

All right, then. How was it today?

I don't feel good now.

Right. We all feel the same.

I had a hard time.

Hoon and Ung, thank you...

- for joining us today. - Ung and Hoon.

- Goodbye. - Goodbye.

(See you again next week.)

(Sixth Man who makes Sixth Sensers' hearts flutter)

(Kim Sung Cheol, a scene-stealer)

(With his sweet eyes, )

(he steals So Min's heart.)

(They explore a special theme with Sung Cheol)

(Could there possibly be a job like this?)

(It's not a common job...)

(that we all used to know.)

(Shocking and interesting jobs...)

(that go beyond our expectations)

(The biggest scale ever)

(The world of interesting jobs)