Sixth Sense (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Ordinary Millionaires - full transcript

Moonbyul and Solar of MAMAMOO join the members to meet ordinary millionaires who turned around their lives with food. Remember two are real and one is fake. Who will win pure gold this week?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Though it's a bit cloudy today, )

(our hearts are still bright on this refreshing summer day.)

(Welcome, Sixth Sensers.)

My goodness. Mi Joo.

(Mi Joo.)


(Do our outfits match today?)

(If that's the case, )

(let's dance.)

(They use flashy footwork instead of saying hello to greet.)

(The dance club of Sixth Sense Girls' High is now open.)

(Morning dancing)


- Hello. - They've already started.

Hello. Look at you.

You have half-dried herring in your hair again.

- Did you stop by a fish restaurant? - Hey, So Min.

The two of you are a set today.



(The SoMi sisters' dance club has reopened.)

(Looking on in curiosity as soon as he gets to work)

Jae Seok, what I've realized on Sixth Sense...

is that these two have gotten really immature.

- Immature? - What about you?

(What about you, Jessi?)

- You're the same. - You know you're the same.

I'm still mature.

I'll summarize.

It's because So Min has started to follow in Mi Joo's footsteps.

(Unable to deny this)

- That's how we'll put it. - They're getting more similar.

Anyway, that's how it is. The end.

What are you doing?

When did this segment start getting so concise?

When Jessi's not wearing makeup, she looks like such a baby.

I saw a photo of her on her social media.

She really did look like a baby.

(A baby without any makeup)

There's a limit to calling someone a baby.

There's a limit to calling someone a baby.


- Jae Seok. - There's a limit to saying that.

Have none of you ever seen a real baby before?

He's asking if we've ever seen a real baby before.

- Have you never seen a real baby? - This kind of baby.

- Goodness. - A baby like this.

A baby.


A baby.

A baby should be like this. Round, round, round.

(A baby should look like this.)


- Do none of you know real babies? - So this is what a baby's like.

You use the word "baby" way too often.

(Bursting into laughter)

- Jae Seok. - What?

Why do you always match with Sang Yeob? Do you coordinate?

Why are the two of you dressed so similarly today?

They're always dressed similarly.

The reason for that...

Your outfit is really pretty.

I usually wear samples.

(Hey, guys.)

- Hey, guys. - It changes every week.

- Stop it now. - Even Jae Seok.

- It's really cute. - Even when Jae Seok speaks,

he's still ignored.

That's the reason people watch this show.

(That's the reason people watch Sixth Sense.)

Sang Yeob.

(Unable to deny this)

Sang Yeob. That's the beauty of this show. Seeing me ignored.

It's such a new feeling.

But I heard some rumors about today's guests.

- I heard some too. - Really?

Our guests today are good friends of mine.

Oh, really?

(The guests are close friends with Jessi?)

We have a guest every week.

We called countless women to be guests on the show,

countless women celebrities.

(You called them, and?)

They all said, "I'm sorry, we love watching the show,"

"but I don't think I'll be able to appear on it as a guest."


(Sixth Sense is a bit intimidating for most women celebrities.)

- We got totally rejected by most. - But it's so much fun here.

(What's wrong with being around us?)

But our guests today were the only ones to agree to come.

- I wonder who it is. - They accepted our invitation.

- I'm so grateful to them. - This was a rare instance.

(Who could the first women to be guests on Sixth Sense be?)

They're here.


Oh, my goodness.

(Finally, Sixth Sense features its first women guests.)

(The most excited of all)

- Hello. - Yong Sun, have you been well?

- Yes. - Welcome.

(The first women to be guests on Sixth Sense)

(Skills acknowledged by all)

(MAMAMOO's single "I Miss You" dominates the charts at number one)

(Every song they release tops the charts.)

(They've even conquered variety shows.)

(Solar and Moonbyul)

- Have you been well? - Yes.

- Welcome. - Hello.

- Hello. - Hello.

Why are you wearing heels?

(Jessi greets them more fiercely than anyone else.)

You're going to knock her over.


- You'll knock her over. - Nice to meet you.

For the first time on Sixth Sense,

we have women as our guests.

Please welcome Moonbyul and Yong Sun.

(MooMoos, scream!)

Thank you.

- From both sides. - Yes.

- I can't believe it's MAMAMOO. - MAMAMOO.

We called 100 people, and these 2 were the only ones who accepted.

- They called 100 people. - Thank you so much.

We're so grateful you came.

- You look so innocent in person. - They do.

You really look so innocent in person.

They're like babies.

You also look very innocent, Na Ra.

I've always looked innocent.


(Amidst this warm, friendly atmosphere, )

(one person feels even lonelier, for some reason.)

(Feeling lonely and left out)

(Jae Seok discovers him.)


we're not just a group of four. There's Sang Yeob too.

- Hello. - Hello.

Doesn't Sang Yeob look like he's here to investigate something?

- He looks like a journalist. - But he's a cast member.

I'm a permanent cast member.

- But to be honest... - Dingga dingga, yay

All my friends together

(A welcome "Dingga" out of nowhere)


(Dingga dingga)

Na Ra, don't play the guitar too high up.

Na Ra, you can just be down here.

It's 7080.

It's 7080.

It's 7080.

- It's old school. - Your guitar's too high.

- It's 7080. - Lower your guitar a bit.

(An extinct vibe that's hard to see these days)

First of all, let's ask MAMAMOO...

how you were convinced to come on the show.

Why did the others refuse?

They said it was intimidating.

(I see.)



Jessi is a bit intimidating.


(The truth comes out.)

(Flaring up)

- No, no. - Are you serious? Come here, you.

- No, no. - Are you serious? Come here, you.

See? Look at this.

- We get it now. - Right.

You think I'm intimidating?

Now I get it.

I was watching them earlier.

Jessi said the guests were close friends of hers,

but I don't think they are as close as Jessi believes.

(They're not as close as Jessi thinks they are.)

- She backed away a bit. - Yes, Yong Sun backed away.


(Backing up)

(I like Jessi.)

(Jessi and Solar really are good friends and colleagues.)

I've started calling Solar Yong Sun without even realizing.

- I like it. - Yes, Yong Sun.

You can just call me that.

- I can call you Yong Sun? - Yes.

- That's great. - Dragon line.

Dragon line.

- Dragon line. - You're so good at English.

Dragon line? In that case Solar would be better.

- Dragon? - Solar is better than Dragon line.

Is Moonbyul a stage name?

- It's my real name. - Wow, Moonbyul is?

- It's so pretty. - It's actually Moon Byul Yi.

My actual name is Byul Yi.

- So your last name is Moon? - So your name is Moon Byul Yi.

- Moon Byul Yi. - Your name is Byul?

- Her name is so pretty. - What a pretty name.


Let's see what today's theme is.

Please bring it out.

- What is it? Food? - What is it?

Turning their lives around with food, ordinary millionaires.

- Ordinary millionaires? - Ordinary millionaires.

- Ordinary millionaires. - They turned their lives around.

(There are wealthy people all over the country.)

(Of these, )

(we found millionaires on the street.)

(Ordinary millionaires)

(They earn several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.)

(They turned their lives around with just food.)

(They struck gold...)

(with these hit items.)

(Ordinary millionaires present extraordinary ideas.)

(You'll be bewildered once more.)

(One of these is a fake.)

(Who will be today's fake ordinary millionaire?)

Here's the first one.

(Earning up to 10,000 dollars a day! Selling 2,000 handmade tteokgalbis)

Daily sales reach 10,000 dollars?

- Selling 2,000 a day? - 2,000 per day?

10,000 dollars a day is 300,000 dollars per month.

- 300,000 dollars a month? - Yes.

(Universally beloved by all, )

(the epitome of sweet and salty, tteokgalbi)

(Daily earnings of 10,000 dollars)

(Selling 2,000 per day)

(This tteokgalbi is very impressive.)

(Is it real or fake?)

- It's 300,000 dollars a month. - He sells 2,000 of them a day.

- That's right. - He earns 300,000 dollars a month.

- It's possible with tteokgalbi. - It's an incredible figure.

He fits the description of an ordinary millionaire to a tee.

- You need a real technique for it. - That's true.

- You need a good wrist snap. - Yes, you go like this to make it.

I think that sounds real.

- Number one? - This one?

- Yes, so I suspect that it's fake. - It's too easy?

- Yes, too easy. - I like the way you think.

What does that mean?

I like the way you think.

(Her fellow group member is embarrassed on her behalf.)

- I see. - I like your way of thinking.

"What does that mean?"

She never takes the easy way out.

- She never takes the easy way. - Yes, that's suspicious to me.

That was hilarious.

Here's the second one. From a tiny shop...

earning 300 dollars a month to a hit store making a million each year,

a rice cake shop that blew up on social media.

- A rice cake shop? - A rice cake shop?

I love rice cakes.

(Do you remember the old days, )

(when vendors called out, "Rice cakes for sale.")

(This shop owner really started out with a tiny rice cake shop, )

(which turned into a huge hit.)

(Selling fusion rice cakes, )

(annual earnings are a million dollars a year.)

(Is this real or fake?)

Can you make a million dollars a year selling rice cakes?

In my opinion, I think a rice cake shop...

would be the easiest to fake.

Wait a minute, what does this all mean?

- They weren't making much at first. - I got that much.

Daily sales?

- Moonbyul, it's funny now, right? - They only made 300 per month.

- But they suddenly became a hit. - And they make a million a year.

I understand now.

It's a rice cake shop that's doing very well in sales.

That's impressive.

Here's the third one.

- With just gimbap, monthly sales... - Monthly sales of 50,000 dollars?

Yukjeon gimbap as big as your arm that's taken Chungmuro by storm.

So the gimbap is this big?


(and gimbap...)

(come together in an exciting meeting.)

(With just yukjeon gimbap, )

(this shop earns 50,000 dollars in monthly sales.)

(Is this real or fake?)

These days,

they put all kinds of unique ingredients in gimbap.

- Yes, there's one with tonkatsu. - Right, the tonkatsu ones.

- And sausage. - That one's tasty.

If it's yukjeon, there's meat in it?

- Beef? - That's right.

- As a jeon? - Yes, fried as a jeon.

I think that of these three, gimbap is the easiest to make.

- That's true. - So I think...

it might be the easiest one to fake.

- So you think it's number three? - I'd like to see that one myself.

Since they claim the yukjeon gimbap is as big as my arm.

(A gimbap as big as my arm)

Okay, but you should be careful with those hand motions.

Oh, right.

What was I just doing?


Everyone, we need to divide up into teams.

- That's right. - How many are we?

We can finally divide into 4 against 4.

Let's separate these two.

Yong Sun and Moonbyul, you can pick your teams.

- Rock, paper, scissors. - Rock, paper, scissors.

(Solar wins.)

Yong Sun wins.

Who has the best sense here?


(It's Jessi?)

And then it's me. I've only gotten it wrong once.

She's surprised to hear it's Jessi. She's surprised.

Mi Joo, don't choose that team. Don't be there.

Yong Sun is...

I'll take Solar.

What's the relationship between you two? Are you guys close?

She asked which one of us has good sense,

but when she heard it's Jessi...


She's surprised.

She got caught. My goodness.

- Gosh, it's so funny. - Don't pick me.

Okay, please choose a member, Yong Sun.

- Gosh, it's so funny. - I choose Jessi.

(She voluntarily picks Jessi.)

(That's right.)

- My goodness. - They are close.

- Now, it's Moonbyul's turn. - They are close.

I had already chosen this person...

in mind before I came here.

- Okay. - Who's that person?

- It's Sang Yeob, isn't it? - It must be Jae Seok.


- It's Na Ra. - Oh, me?

- She has the worst sense among us. - Really?

I only guessed correctly once.

- That's okay. I have good sense. - Really?

- That's fine. - Thank you.

- Gosh, Na Ra. - Goodness.

She chose me, Jae Seok.

(Anyway, it ended peacefully.)

(Team Solar, Team Moonbyul)

- Shall we go now? - Let's go.

(Follow me.)

(Viewers, follow me!)

(The front seats are peaceful before setting off.)

- I... - Right.

- Go, go. - I'm already exhausted.

- Hyun Ju. - Yes?

- Did you fasten your seat belt? - Yes.

- Yong Sun, how about you? - Yes, I did.


We'll go outing now. Did Mi Joo fasten her seat belt?

It feels like we're going on a picnic today.

- I know, right? - Right.

- We've met for the first time. - If it wasn't...

I was worried you might be scary,

but you are so cute.

- Hyun Ju? - Yes, she's so cute.

- She's warm-hearted. - I know.

- I'm warm-hearted. - Hyun Ju is a warm person.

Our team members are all warm-hearted and kind.

(She may not look like it, but she's warm and kind.)

(Byul, you have an eye for people.)


(Fist bump)

- Suddenly. - She likes to butt in.

(The school bus is peaceful today.)

Right. Shall we do it here?

On an uninhabited island, there are only Jae Seok and Sang Yeob.

You have to live with one of them.

(Who will Moonbyul and Solar choose?)

- Everything else is the same. - This is easy.

Who is it then?

(Is it easy?)

(Who is it?)

I will...


- I will choose Sang Yeob. - I knew it.

- Thanks. - See? He likes that.

(Yeob Sang got very excited by the attention.)

- My goodness. - She has a reason.

Sang Yeob is so cute.

How come such an attractive guy like him is single?

- Na Ra. - What do you mean?

Na Ra. Why are you doing this to my man?

- Gosh, Sang Yeob is so famous here. - Seriously?

- I have a reason. - Right.

- Tell us. - What's the reason?

Jae Seok is...

(What's wrong with Jae Seok?)

- I think he'll be naggy. - Right, he is.

You're right.

- You saw through him immediately. - You're so smart.

You don't know it, but Sang Yeob nags a lot.

I do nag a lot, but Sang Yeob really nags a lot.

- I nag a lot. - I don't know him well.

- I don't know him well. - He nags at you slowly.

- Slowly. - Slowly. He's tolerable now, but...

- They say you nag at them slowly. - Slowly.

(He's a slow nagger.)

- Is this the place? - Is this where they sell 2,000?

This is the place.

- It's always in an alley. - Goodness, in a place like this?

- They sell 2,000 pieces. - There are many places like here.

I see. I think this is real.

(What's Sixth Sensers' first destination?)

Considering the atmosphere.

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 1)

(Daily sales reach 10,000 dollars with tteokgalbi!)

(Homemade tteokgalbi restaurant)

It's the start, Moonbyul. Let's go.

- Okay. - Go.

Get off the car.

I think this is a market.

They make 2,000 pieces of tteokgalbi here?

- I haven't been to the market... - Right?

- for a long time. - Cherries look delicious.

- It's a traditional market. - Korean melon.

(The place is filled with a heartwarming smell.)

Isn't there a special vitality that the traditional market has?

I love it.

- Hello. - Now...

I think the staff can make a street as well.

- Is this it? - They usually have delicious food.

- Hello. - I guess this is it.

- Where? - Where is it?

Is this it?

- But think about it. - Right.

- Isn't it a perfect place to fake? - I know.

(The first place filled with a retro ambiance)

(Tteokgalbi is the main menu that made them rich.)

(Cute interior details)

(Does this small store reach sales of 10,000 dollars in a day?)

- Thank you. - The staff changed their concept.

- They make it look clumsy. - Hey.

- Right? - It's a psychological game.

- This place is fake. - Right.

(There are handwritten notices...)

(everywhere in the store.)

Don't you think that signboard is new?

- Isn't it awkward? - It is. It doesn't fit this place.

(The signboard that doesn't fit the atmosphere of the market)

This looks so fake. They brought it here.

I know. Who would use this stuff?

(Retro TV that looks like a prop)

We can't eat inside after buying it.

- Do we have to take this out? - I see.

This is a takeout store.

- Oh, takeout. - Takeout.

- It's a takeout. - I see.

There are ingredients. There's meat.

(Entering the store)

(The inside is suspicious too.)

(For a store that grills 2,000 tteokgalbi a day, )

(it is too clean...)

(and well organized.)

This is new.

(He finds something suspicious as soon as he enters the store.)

This is new.

(A new kitchen hood in the famous tteokgalbi store?)

- That's right. - The kitchen hood is new.

- I think this place... - It's too clean.

- is improvised. - Isn't it?

I think the staff is playing a psychological game with us.

- These things look fake. - They are being obvious.

- And... - To be honest,

There's this cliche they use.

- I know. - The setting like this.

They faked it too.

I'm saying this because I've made tteokgalbi before.

The oil spatters a lot.

- Right, but it's too clean. - Isn't it too clean?

This should be sticky.

(The kitchen hood doesn't have an oil stain on it.)


- Isn't this new? - Right.

This looks new.

(Is there something new here as well?)

(The paper sign doesn't have an oil stain on it.)

Yes, this place is...

- What? - This place is fake for sure.

(It will resume in 60 seconds.)


She's the first guest to rummage through a trash can.

She's rummaging a trash can.

They brought this here on purpose. Don't you think so?

(Who is this man?)



She's the first guest to rummage through a trash can.

She's rummaging a trash can.

They brought this here on purpose. Don't you think so?

(Who is this man?)


(Moonbyul and Jae Seok haven't noticed him yet.)


- You shouldn't touch that. - Are you the owner?

- Sorry. We came inside here. - Hello.

- Hello, sir. We're sorry. - Hello.

(And more people come in.)

- Hello. - Hello.

(Who is this man?)

Are you the owner?

- Yes, I am. - I see.

- We'll grill tteokgalbi now. - Okay.

Hello. I'm running a tteokgalbi store...

in Youngcheon Market.

My name is Han soo.

(He conquered...)

(the entire market...)

(with tteokgalbi.)

(It is sold up to 2,000 pieces a day.)

(The famous juicy tteokgalbi store)

(The store is always crowded with lined-up customers.)

(Tteokgalbi is always ready to be served.)

We grill 1,000 to 2,000 pieces a day.

On Chuseok or Lunar New Year, we sold over 3,000 pieces,

and the sales reached 10,000 dollars.

When we were preparing to run this store,

our goal was to come up with something...

that people can eat heartily...

with 10 dollars.

A market is a good place to sell tteokgalbi.

Men and women of all ages come to markets,

and tteokgalbi is a menu that everyone likes.

We wanted to try it in a new way.

That's why we chose tteokgalbi.

I ran a bar...

near the market.

I was inspired...

by the friendly atmosphere of the market.

That's why I decided to run a store in the market.

Our store is in the traditional market,

but we wanted customers to feel like...

they are at a supermarket or a department store.

So we put in a lot of effort...

into the interior decoration.

Our tteokgalbi is unique...

because it is thick.

First, we grill it with high heat to make it juicy.

Then we cook it over low heat...

until it is cooked thoroughly.

(Cook it thoroughly over low heat until it has a smoked scent.)

(To cook it thoroughly...)

(Flipping skillfully for 30 minutes)

Lastly, we coat the outside...

with the remaining juice from the meat.

This process makes tteokgalbi...

more savory and aromatic.

(Tteokgalbi filled with meat juice)

It's 10 dollars for 4 pieces.

We're serving a generous amount.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

(He starts to grill tteokgalbi.)

It's the size of a baseball.

Yes, we also call it "baseball tteokgalbi".

- Oh, really? - Really?

- But this... - It's a dollar for one.

We can tell from the way you grill it.

- You're good. - Right.

- He looks like an expert. - Right.

- He's good. - Do we have to eat all these?

He's skillful.

Oh, my gosh. That looks good.

- Doesn't it look delicious? - It looks good.

I've grilled these for a year.

(He looks cool.)

- Do they have to practice it? - Sure, they practice a lot.

- If you don't mind me asking... - Yes?

What ingredients are in it?

We only use domestic pork...

and vegetables.

We don't use bread crumbs or flour.

(They carefully make tteokgalbi, keeping the taste of ingredients.)


Gosh, it smells good.

That looks delicious.

(You can feel the vegetables inside the meat.)

Do you really sell 2,000 pieces?

We usually sell 1,000 to 2,000 pieces.

On the holidays like Chuseok, we sold 5,000 pieces.

- You sold 5,000 pieces? - Goodness.

I can believe that. It's Chuseok.

How many people work here?

- There are 3 or 4 now. - I see.

Can 3 or 4 staff make 5,000 pieces?

This store is small too.

(A quick scan)

(A small staff compared to how many they sell?)

(It's suspicious.)

He suddenly started to grill these at this timing.

Isn't it too suspicious?

- He's suddenly grilling all these? - Right.

(Is he going to grill them all suddenly?)

(Is he grilling many pieces to show them?)

- You started flipping here, but... - Yes.


(Putting tteokgalbi on the grill)

(The ones he put first will be cooked faster, )

(but he flipped the ones on the opposite side first.)

(Solar noticed a little detail.)

Why did you start flipping from here?

- Oh, that's right. - That's a sharp observation.

- That was sharp. - That's a sharp observation.

(Thumbs up!)


(I caught you!)

That's not the case.

What do you mean by that?

You're flustered, right?

It's getting burnt.

(It looks burnt when you keep watching it.)

They will look the same later.

- Please understand. It's because... - Okay.

We say this every week. We have to find the fake one.

- I'm sorry. - I'm sorry.

But I like burnt ones.

Burnt ones are more delicious.

(The truth of the owner is far beyond.)

- We prepared seats over there. - Really?

- Thank you, sir. - Gosh, it looks so delicious.

(Across the tteokgalbi store, )

(we prepared an empty set where you observe the store.)

(Today's temporary studio)

- It looks like a set. - But I...

This is most suspicious.

This place?

I mean...

- Across the store... - This place across the store?

- Is this a coincidence? - What's this?

(Was there an empty store by chance?)

(Or is it a set like the fake store?)

We should also consider this.

- We came here earlier than usual. - Right.

About an hour earlier.

There's a sign that says, "We open at 11am due to the shoot."

(The store put up a sign for customers.)

It's possible that we came here earlier...

because of the opening hour.

- That makes it look real. - It looks real, right?

- That was sharp. - Right?

- That's a good one. - It's a psychological game.

- If that's true, the staff... - I have a headache.

If the staff put it up, that would be incredible.

- What's with you today, Jae Seok? - What?

- It's a sharp observation, right? - Yes. What's with you today?

It matches perfectly...

with our schedule for the shoot.

He has to open the store.

When I saw that sign, I thought,

"Is this place real?"

(Did they advance the shoot because of the business hour?)

(Or did the staff put it up?)

Gosh, that is big.



(Famous tteokgalbi that made the owner rich)

- Cute. - It looks like a steak.

- It looks so delicious. - Thank you.

Oh, my gosh.

Look how thick it is. It must be tough to cook thoroughly.

- It's cooked well. That's not easy. - Right.

(Potato salad goes well with it.)

(Sweet and sour Hamburg steak sauce)

(Spicy mustard sauce)

It's firm and gooey.

(The class of tteokgalbi that is sold 2,000 pieces a day.)

- Goodness. - Look how juicy it is.



(Tteokgalbi as big as a palm)

- We grilled it with great care. - Thank you.

- This juice is... - It goes well with tteokgalbi.

It's hard to cook thoroughly.

(Her jaw drops automatically.)

- Gosh, this is... Goodness. - Look at the inside.

(Cutting tteokgalbi in half)

- Look at the inside. Goodness. - My gosh.

- Gosh, it's juicy. - Goodness.

(The meat juice squirts as if it's escaping.)

Look at the meat juice.

- Look at the meat juice. - Goodness.

(I've never seen meat juice like this before.)

(Their daily sales could reach 10,000 dollars.)

This is no joke.

(Meat juice party)

He grilled it so well.

My gosh. It's amazing.

- This is not easy. - Right.

(Taking a big piece)


- Is it over? - This is no joke.

(As soon as it goes into the mouth, )

(it activates the frontal lobe.)

(Strong taste of tteokgalbi)

(This taste is awesome.)

It's 10 dollars for 4. It's worth the price.

I like this.

This is really...

It's well-cooked on the outside. I thought it would be raw inside.

- It's moist, right? - Right, it's too moist.

(The moist tteokgalbi fascinated Moonbyul who was suspicious.)

Look at this. It's thick.

(Well-cooked tteokgalbi)

This is made with care.

- This is so delicious. - It's good.

(This taste is what makes it a hit.)

- This is so delicious. - Goodness.

It's so delicious. Seriously.

- Dip it in sauce, it tastes better. - Right.

I like this sauce. Hamburg sauce.

(Hamburg steak sauce is a cherry on top.)

- It's delicious without it too. - Right.

It's so delicious. Could this place be a fake?

Of course.

(Never underestimate Sixth Sense.)

We never know who was invited to make this.

We never know.

It could be fake.

I think this place is real.

What's up with you?

- You said this place was fake. - But...

- This is so delicious. - It's so good.

The sauce is incredible.

- I like it. - We can't tell it by taste.

They deceive us with taste.

(Tteokgalbi which is sold 2,000 pieces a day.)

(Is it made by the staff this time too?)

- It's not expensive. - A piece is 2.5 dollars.

- It's made with pork. - Is that so?

- Isn't it cheap? - It's cheap.

- But... - It's 10 dollars for 4 pieces.

This is 2.5 dollars.

Gosh, I can't stop eating it.

Oh, my gosh. Stop eating, So Min.

That's the third one.

You eat three of them?

It's so delicious.

Let her eat.

(Let her eat!)

- Right. - Didn't you just say...

- that she eats too much? - Stop eating.

- Let's share it. - I...

I just agreed with you.

(Jae Seok just agreed with her.)

It's so delicious. Apart from the truth, it's so good.

- Even if it's fake, he must do it. - He should do it.

(They are doing an eating show since a while ago.)

(I fell into this tteokgalbi.)

But when I think about it, I think this is suspicious.

- The store opens at 11am today. - Right.

- It means it usually opens earlier. - That's right.

But there are no customers.

People passed by, but they didn't look at the store.

It can't be their first time here.

They must come here often.

(People don't look at the store.)

I know.

Usually, there's a line of customers.

In the case of famous restaurants, people line up...

- a few hours beforehand. - That's right.

- That's a little suspicious. - But this is...

People really don't care about that store.

- They all look this way. - They just pass by.

(If that is the case...)


This store is good, right?

This store is good, right?

- She ran away. - It seems like she doesn't know.

She doesn't know this place.

Hello, sir.

(What about this time?)

Are you a regular in this market?

Oh, yes.

- She's leaving. - She just left.

(We asked people. The instant survey is over.)

(There are no customers visiting the store.)

(The truth is somewhere beyond.)

This place is really...

If this place was real,

I'd like to visit here and buy it.

- I have kids at home. - Right.

- I think they'll love this. - Kids will love this.

- Shall we play a game? - Shall we?

(Hint game)

This game is called "It only has to make sense, Modifying Word Game."

- What's that? - What's that?

(It's a word chain game with 2 modifying words and a word.)

(Aggressive aggressive So Min.)

(Embarrassed embarrassed Jae Seok.)

(If the phrase doesn't make sense, )

(or if you exceed the time limit, you'll fail.)

(Everyone will get the hint if they go around twice.)

(A team with a member who fails a lot will lose.)

- Give it to me. - Okay, let's go.

Grateful grateful So Min.

Embarrassed embarrassed...

What's his name?

What's his name?


(He's a regular, but his name is forgotten.)

- Na Ra, it's Sang Yeob. - Sang Yeob.

(You can't do this to me, Na Ra.)

- Right, Sang Yeob. - What's with you?

- I understand. - No, we should go this way.

- Sang Yeob, go ahead quickly. - Sang Yeob.

Just do it.


Yeob Sang Yeob Sang Sang Yeob.

(Yeob Sang...)

Yeobjeon yeobjeon...

The classic age.

(A mess)

- What's "the classic age"? - The classic age.

- No, not the classic age. - Seriously.

What is "Yeob Sang Yeob Sang Sang Yeob"?

Okay, let's go.

- It only has to make sense, - It only has to make sense,

- Modifying Word Game. - Modifying Word Game.

Cute cute So Min.

Embarrassed embarrassed Jessi.


Don't do that. Don't curse.

("Ssi", no curse?)

(I don't like that.)

(Only use beautiful words.)

- Gosh, what is this? - That's right.

(It will be hard for Jessi.)

No, it was lousy this time.

- Gosh, it's difficult. - This is...

Cute cute Apple.

- How is an apple cute? - "Cute cute apple".

Hoedeopbap hoedeopbap...

Hoedeopbap gochujang.

- Don't say that. - I need to pee.

(Finally, we changed it to Common Knowledge Quiz.)

(Answer a question in relays.)

(If you don't know the right answer, say "bbooing" and pass.)

- I'll use it once. - Listen carefully.

- I'll use it too. - Me too.

Save it for me, okay?

Here's the question.

What is the city on water in Italy...

whereby people in Veneto in the northeast of Italy...

built in B.C 5 to avoid attacks from other regions?

- City on water. - What is the city on water...

in Italy?


- What? Ve? - Reu!

(The answer is Venice.)



(Isn't she correct?)

- Versace. - Sang Yeob, you...


- I was confused with Versace. - Isn't that a brand?


No, Venesice.

- Venesice. - Venice.

(All their answers are lacking 50 percent.)

- No, Ve... - Venice.

- Venezia. - Jae Seok, Venice...

- Venice. - Venezia.

- It's difficult. - It's difficult.

That's right.

- I'll start this time. - Okay, we'll go the other way.

What is the biggest waterfall in Brazil?

(We know this.)

- I! - Gua.



(Iguazu waterfall)

- Just 1 syllable. - You need to say just 1 syllable!

(She got greedy from wanting to do well.)

I wanted to say it too.

I thought you were a locomotive. "Pokpo".


(She can't let go of the 7080s vibe.)

- Let's start with Yong Sun. - All right.

It's built by King Louis the 14th, also known as the Sun King.

What is the palace that contains hundreds of years of history...

and represents France's absolute monarchy?

- Ve. - Reu.

(I know this for sure.)

What is it?

- Bbooing? - Bbooing.

- Sa. - That's it!

(You know this, right?)

(The answer is the Palace of Versailles.)

(Her pupils are shaking.)




(Even Big Sis cannot defend this.)

She told me it's Versace.

- Versace. - Versace?

Why would you say Versace?

(The insane duo)

(The people by the side are more embarrassed.)

Are you the ambassadors of Versace?

Jae Seok, I don't think this game is it.

How many times did they mention Versace today?

We'll wrap it up, and the hint goes to Team Solar.

(Solar got Vision Hint.)

This is their signature dish.

And the seafood selected by the owner...

becomes the menu of the next day.

(Why are you here?)

My goodness, I got it.

My goodness, I got it. What should I do?

(Is this your first time with restaurant business?)

(I used to run a pub nearby.)

(The owner actually said he ran a pub. Is this place real?)

He's not the owner of tteokgalbi restaurant...

but the owner of a charcoal BBQ restaurant.

My goodness, I got it!

(Is the owner fake as Solar suspects?)

(Is he a fake owner from another restaurant?)

(Or did the owner used to run another restaurant before?)

(Homemade tteokgalbi restaurant)

(1. Somewhat lacking interior design)

(2. The owner who looks like he runs another type of restaurant)

(3. No customers lining up)

(Is this place real or fake?)

(A short break time before they move to the second restaurant)

What is this?

- What is it? - I've never seen this before.

- Isn't this probiotics? - Yes.

- I can't poop well. - Let's take one.

- Have you gone to the toilet? - I've not been able...

to do my business for three days.

- Take this. - Don't I need water?

Just pour it in your mouth. It will taste good.

- It tastes good. - It looks good.

(It's delicious!)

(At that moment! So Min's telepathy)

Gosh, I think I'm going to poop!

(Situation completed! Let's get on the car following Mi Joo!)

She got the signal so fast?

Yong Sun,

- did you wear your seat belt? - Yes, I did.

- What about you, Jeonsobari? - Okay!

- Jeonsobari. - How was this place, Yong Sun?

- I think this place is fake. - Why?

(Yong Sun is cute.)

Yong Sun, we still have two more places to go.

Yong Sun, why?

I saw the hint.

And I'm very sure that... They told me not to talk about it.

You can. It's up to you.

- You can share. - That's just the staff...

telling you that on purpose.

Solar doesn't know as well.

(I'm upset that she won't even share the hint.)

Yong Sun, you think this place is fake?

This place is fake.

What about you, Moonbyul?

I think it's real for now.

- Why? - Really?

I think it's real...

because they tried too hard to make it look fake.

She has a very fast sense.

I think the owner...

does run a restaurant business.

You're right. That was what my hint showed.

- Right? - Yes. My hint...

Are you going to tell us?

- You can tell us. - Tell us.

The owner runs something like a charcoal BBQ restaurant.

- Right? - It suits him!

- Right? - He must run a BBQ restaurant.

- It's BBQ. - Charcoal...

It was written charcoal. Charcoal.

That obviously?

It can't be charcoal tteokgalbi, right?

Solar, why do you speak so loudly? You're scaring me.

- Unlike in the opening, - She's scary.

She's very worked up.

(Replay of worked up charcoal)

(Calm down, Yong Sun.)

- It's not ringga ringga. - Dingga.

- It's dingga dingga. - Dingga dingga.

- We danced together. - Ringga ringga ringga

(This is what you sang.)

(The song found its right tune thanks to Na Ra's help.)

(What is Sixth Sense?)

(Full of energy)


- Holding each other's hands - Holding each other's hands

- Everyone together - Everyone together

(Let's dance joyfully)


(The choreography that matches the lyrics)

(They are united with one children's song.)

(Let's get it right.)

(Singing high note)

So Min didn't get enough sleep.

It feels like we're going to a summer church camp.

It feels like we're going to a camp.

The deacons are sitting at the back.

(The schoolbus became a camp bus today.)


Mi Joo, you must be really tired.

Are you fangirling over Seon Ho?

Yes, Jae Seok.

I've only started now.

(Mi Joo is cute.)

I don't know if I should say this.

(What is it?)

Mi Joo, don't get me wrong.

- Can I say this? - Sure.

I will say it if you want, but I won't if you don't want.

Say it.

Seon Ho and you don't look well together.

(No one can stop his teasing.)

I disagree!

- No! - We were a piece of art.

When we stood together, we were a piece of art!

I'm very certain.

- My goodness... - You and Seon Ho don't go together.

We were a beautiful piece of art.

I'll make it come true one day.

(Mi Joo wins.)

I'm hungry from all the talking.

Just what kind of rice cake shop is it?

If it's fusion, they will have food other than rice cakes.

I like rice cakes with multigrain.

That sounds delicious.

Come on!

We're here. Where's the restaurant?

Are we here?

Is this the place?

(What is the rice cake shop that shocked Sixth Sensers?)

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 2)

(A million dollars in sales annually!)

(The rice cake shop that became a huge hit on social media.)

- Yes, yes. - Hold on.


Hey, Yong Sun.

My butt is sweating.

Hey, Mi Joo.

So many people are getting down.

(Six women and two men)

(We're taking over this place.)

We came so far.


It's amazing that the restaurant is in the city center.

Where is it? Is it here?

Is this the place?

- Are we at the right place? - Is it here?

(In this peaceful town, )

(there's a rice cake shop that smells full of rice cooking...)

(with a million dollars in sales annually?)

(Is this the rice cake shop?)

- Why is it so empty? - This place looks fake too.

This is the rice cake shop?

- Is this the place? - Are we at the right place?

- No matter how you look at it... - It looks fake.

(They become super suspicious even before entering the shop.)

- The interior design... - This place looks fake.

Look at this. "Rice cake".

(The "Rice cake" signboard looks suspicious too.)

It's easy to build this!

It's simple. Way too simple.

It's too simple that it looks real.


- This is a bit... - Doesn't it look so fake?

(What is this place?)

- Let's get inside first. - Hello.

- How pretty. - It looks tasty.

It's so refined.

(What does the interior look like?)

(When you walk into the rice cake shop, )

(you can see the counter neatly decorated.)

(Items full of traditional vibes...)

(and delicious-looking rice cakes arranged orderly)

(Is this place really the rice cake shop that became a huge hit?)

Jae Seok, this place is real.

- It's real? - This is real.

It's new.

Gosh, this...

- The interior smells new. - This is...

This smells so new.

- This smells so new. - This is new.

It smells like the place was built recently.

Yes, totally.

I think it's fake.

(Does it still smell new because the staff quickly built the place?)

This... Do we really need to see this as real?

No, this... Have you seen a rice cake shop like this?

- At least once? - No.

- Have you never seen one like this? - No, never.

Modern and simple like this.

- I've never seen one like this. - Really?

The interior design looks like...

you can build and demolish fast.

(Is the interior just simple or is it designed to demolish easily?)

What's this?

They must make rice cakes here!

(When you open the door beside the counter and walk in...)

The rice cake shop is behind here!

They make rice cakes here.

(The rice cake manufacturing room appears.)

(Full of various rice cake machines)

- But... - They make rice cakes here.

- overall, it's too simple. - Right? Just two...

(The manufacturing room is also very simple.)

Why are all the shops today simple?

Why do the places today look fake instead of looking real?

They all look fake.

There's no sign of making rice cakes in the morning.

They're so clean.


(The machines don't have a grain of rice powder.)


Gosh, this is just...

Look, they just simply applied it.

They applied some to make it look real.

- They really just applied some. - Gosh, this...

(It looks fake the more I see.)

They cleaned everything else but that.

(Someone here is absorbed in investigating.)

(First, she listens to the cold storage.)

(Communication failed)

(Second, she digs the rubbish bin thoroughly.)

(Third, she checks every single container.)

(I can't figure it out.)

- This place is quite iffy. - These things look fake.

This is difficult.

I have no idea about this place.

(Internal yawn)

A lot of the cast...

had a schedule the night before,

so they are yawning like this.

(Trying their best to yawn in secret)

(She got caught.)

Because they're trying to hide their yawns.


(The exhaustion found her quickly thanks to her enthusiasm.)

But I'm a bit suspicious about the location.

A rice cake shop here...

- Is it random? - Isn't it quite random?

Rice cake shops are usually in a village.

I don't think it's random.

- It's up to them. - I just expressed my thoughts.

(The conversation is stopped yet again.)

Normally, famous shops...

are hidden like this.

- If I were the staff... - Yes.

Someone must've put their rice cake shop up for sale.

From there, they could've brought all the machines...

- to here. - I see.

- With our staff, it's possible. - You're right.

Then what is this place?

- This place? - Yes.

(Sang Yeob is surprised.)

- It's just another place. - Why is she so angry?

- Why... It's not my fault. - She was just trying to sound firm.

I was so surprised.

What about you, Okcheon Queen?

- Okcheon Queen. - For Okcheon Queen,

I thought about it from the staff's point of view.

You're not embarrassed at all.

You're not embarrassed about being called Okcheon Queen at all.

- It's a nickname to be proud of. - I see.

If I were Jung Chul Min...

The back of your head is flat.


(Quickly covering)

Stop showing your flat back of the head and sit.

The camera director is frowning.

I'm asking just in case, but did the hairstylist...

roll your head with a rolling pin?



Touch it.

- This is because... - No?

- of the hair piece. - Oh, the piece.

It's because the hair piece is pressed down. Got it?

Mi Joo, I think you should untie your hair.

Your head is becoming pale from how tight the hair's tied.

Are you all right?

- I'm fine. - Sorry.

(I'll deal with it myself.)

Basically, people get angry at me whenever I say something.

Did you guys plan this?

Did you guys plan this?

If it were Seon Ho, you wouldn't say this.

- If it were Seon Ho... - He pretends he's not,

but he's actually very caring.

Gosh, you're making me curious.

Back then, I did apple hair.


(Then what did he say?)

He said I look cute.

My goodness!

(Overly immersed)

(He said I look cute.)


(Got hit unexpectedly)

(Got hit unexpectedly 2)

(He feels very wronged.)

Why would you hit us...

(It's Lee Sang Yeob who gets hit in the end.)

when you're shy about Seon Ho?

I'm so jealous.

Hold on.

Let me swipe my card.

(The timidest revenge in the world)

Go ahead.

(He pays for the revenge coolly.)

Let me try!

- I want to try it too! - Gosh, Mi Joo.

I want to try it too.

Can we invite the owner now?

I think he is quite elderly.

Maybe he's young.

He's here.

I'm right, he's quite young.

- This was the entrance. - Hello.

- Hello. - Hello.

You guys must be brothers.

You look alike!

- Right? - Yes, we're brothers.

- You're not twins, are you? - We're not.

- You look... - Many people mistake us for one.

- You look so alike. - You're not twins?


We run the rice cake shop with a million dollars...

in sales annually. I'm the CEO.

I'm making rice cakes for 18 years,

and I'm running the company with my brother.

We opened the shop in October 2009.

We wanted to open our own rice cake shop,

so with 60,000 dollars and 30,000 dollars as the capital,

we started with an online shopping mall first.

Since we don't have much capital,

we started in the basement.

For about eight months,

we barely managed to give salary to the employees.

That's how we started.

Now, our sales are about a million dollars annually.

We have pop up stores in department stores,

online shopping mall,

and offline stores like this...

for customers to pick up their orders.

Our signature menu is dried persimmon glutinous rice cake.

I think we make more than a thousand every day.

When we make rice cakes, we try to make it not so strong.

We try to put in less sugar...

and make it more mild and savory.

So people who don't like strong tastes...

seem to like our rice cakes.

- Sixth Sense viewers, - Sixth Sense viewers,

- do you think this place is real? - do you think this place is real?

(Nice to meet you.)

- Nice to meet you. - They're so good-looking.

How long have you been running the shop?

We started the business...

- in 2009. - It's been quite some time.

That's very long ago.

We moved our factory recently,

so we built this place for people...

to pick up the rice cakes.

Inside, there's a factory to produce rice cakes.

May I ask what made you start the rice cake business?

(You say it.)

At first, after I was discharged from the military,



Well, I didn't know what to do.

I couldn't even get a part-time job.

When I was wandering around without being able to get a job,

well, my mom suggested me to work...

at the rice cake factory that my uncle runs.

Well, so I started working there.

He keeps saying "Well".

He's flustered.

(Is he a real owner who's nervous because they're filming?)

(Or is he a fake owner who didn't study his script well?)

Back then, my brother was serving in the military.

So when he was discharged, I suggested...

- to open a shop together. - Open a shop together.

When we first started, we had a very hard time.

So for about six months,

we barely managed to earn enough for the employees' salary.

Now, we have about ten employees.

(At the warm atmosphere, he starts getting suspicious out of habit.)

I don't think you believe me.


No, I can't help it.

- I don't think you believe me. - I have to doubt everything!

You're looking at me...

- very suspiciously. - That's the concept of our show.

We get suspicious about every single shop.

He looks so doubtful.

How many types of rice cakes do you sell?

(Avoiding the question and tilting his head)

(Unexpected silence)

You look very anxious.

I'm looking at his eyes,

and they are shaking like this.

(His eyeballs don't seem to know how to stop moving.)

We're selling about 50 types of rice cakes.

- Fifty types. - Fifty.

Our signature menu...

is dried persimmon glutinous rice cake.

That looks good.

That's glutinous rice cake.

There's dried persimmon inside.

We removed the seeds from Sangju dried persimmon...

and put in walnuts instead.

(Glutinous rice cake, dried persimmon, and walnut)

This is just how I like it.

We probably use the most Sangju dried persimmon...

in the whole nation.

We use about 30,000 a month.

(They use about 30,000 Sangju dried persimmons per month.)

(Their mouths drop open.)

- Thirty thousand? - Yes.

Do you make rice cake for a birthday too?

(At the sudden question, )

(he freezes.)

(Look at him.)

He's way too flustered.

He did this.

Ask him something else.

Then do you sell coffee too? What are those beakers?

(What are the random beakers for?)

This is to make tea for customers as a complimentary.

- What kind of tea do you have? - Is it like welcome tea?

Can we try it?

Are you guys reporters?

(Overheated coverage scene)

Excuse me, the two of you...

Is this a hearing?

(I'm sorry.)

Is this a hearing?

They will show you how they make rice cakes inside.

You prepared a lot.

(He stands up as if captivated.)

Can I try this?

(He shyly picks up dried persimmon glutinous rice cake.)

(During the interior exploration)

(I like this.)

(He called dibs on his favorite rice cake.)

So this is the best-selling product.

Yes, this is the most popular product.

The best.

(The new rice is very important for making delicious rice cakes.)

(They only use Korean new rice...)

(to make fine rice powder.)

(It's becoming glutinous rice batter.)

(Chewy glutinous rice cake is made.)

(Put in walnut in the high quality Sangju dried persimmon...)

(and wrap it with glutinous rice cake.)

(Decorate it with dried persimmon stem.)

(Lastly, shower it with savory bean powder.)

(Dried persimmon glutinous rice cake completed)

(She puts the whole thing in her mouth.)

(The stem falls off.)


(Jae Seok who was longing for the rice cake takes a bite too.)


Jae Seok.

The whole thing is inside the rice cake.

This is so good.

This looks good. Is this rice cake?



- Na Ra. - Yes.

When you take the first bite of this rice cake,

It's just rice cake. Injeolmi, basically.

But you can taste the dried persimmon,

and the inside is filled...

with walnuts. It's completely filled.

This is so tasty!

Basically, a whole dried persimmon is inside.

(Jessi takes a bite too.)

Oh my gosh!

(Oh my gosh!)

- This is so tasty. - It's so good.

I love rice cakes!

- The rice cake is so delicious. - This is so good.

You know?

I think this expresses the seeds...

- of dried persimmon. - Hold on. But this...

The owners will show us how to make this.

Directors! We're evaluating the taste,

so how can you all be filming Solar?

(They are only filming Mamamoo.)

- Nobody's filming me! - Hey.

Do you finally understand what I feel?

- When you look at them, - Can I take this home?

They are all filming Solar and Moonbyul.

- No one's filming you. - I was talking.

Let's go take a look at how they're made.

(They're trying the freshly made rice cake this time.)

It has pumpkin in it.

- Cheese? - There's cheese in it.

Oh, this is a cheddar cheese rice cake?

There's cheese in it?

(For the sweet baekseolgi, )

(sift the white rice powder.)

(Adding a layer of rice powder)

(Adding a layer of cheddar cheese)

(Adding another layer of rice powder)

(Then steam it.)

(Their main rice cake, cheddar cheese baekseolgi)

(The ultimate fusion snack)

(The freshly made cheddar cheese baekseolgi must be delicious.)

(He's about to reveal it.)

Please make a way.

Move, move. Hey!

(Putting on a performance)

(They approve of his showmanship.)

It looks so good.

My gosh, it got stuck.

(The baekseolgi crumbles away.)

(Hanging his head down)

(What's wrong with this rice cake?)

- My goodness. - Hey!

(A disaster)

Wait a minute.

You're not that skilled.

He's usually really good, but he must be nervous.

- He's only being like that today? - That's right.

He's demotivating us from the beginning!

Could you at least pretend to be good at it?

Just hold still.

- It's demotivating us! - What if...

- he's a real chef? - Hey, hey!

Chef, this is a failure, right?

Yes, it is.

(It should be in a square shape.)

(Is it simply the chef's mistake?)

This isn't your first time...

- making this, is it? - No, it's not!


I'm sorry for asking, but what do you actually do for a living?

(Who are you?)

I've been making rice cakes for a really long time.

- Is that so? - Yes.

I'm sorry, but quit acting already.

Everyone here is so clumsy.

Doesn't he get fired if he makes it like this?

(Will he get sacked?)

- No, he won't because he's family. - He'll need to make it again.

Because he's family?

- Then does your family have this? - He doesn't get fired.

- But it looks so good. - Why did it turn out like this?

We steamed it longer than we needed to because of the shoot.

That's why it got messed up.

(Is he a real chef who made a mistake because he was nervous?)

(Or is he a fake chef who is not used to making rice cakes?)

Shall we try it?

- It's hot. - You should try it first.

- Can I try it first? - Try it first.

It must be really good.

I love that taste.

How is it? Tell us how it is!

Is it good?

Is it delicious?

- It's so good. - How does it taste?

Doesn't it taste like a cheese sandwich?

- It does! - Right?

It's really good. Try it.

(This is incredible!)

This is...

(Taking a bite)

- No wonder it's so popular. - It's really good.

- Is it good? - Yes.

- Isn't it really good? I love it. - It's so good.


The cheese is delicious.


(He's licking the cheese off his finger.)

My gosh, this is really good.

The cheese goes so well with sweet baekseolgi.

(A combination of sweet baekseolgi and salty cheddar cheese)

It tastes like a cheese sandwich.

They used rice cake instead of bread.

In terms of taste, I think this place is real.

- It's perfect. - It's really good.

- It's really good, - This is amazing.

- but our staff can make this too. - That's right.

(Is it a hit menu of the rice cake place?)

(Or did the staff come up with this menu?)

How does it taste, Na Ra?

It is delicious, but...

He made a mistake,

but the staff members weren't flustered.

They weren't flustered at all. That means it could've been acting.

That's what I'm saying. I told him to stop acting already.

I know. He could've acted like he was bad at it.

(Is he an ordinary millionaire who runs a rice cake place?)

We need to talk first. Come out, everyone.

If I were to pick, I'd pick this place as fake.

Me too, but they made it so obvious.

It really is obvious.

That's why I'm suspicious.

(Everyone is busy figuring out which place is fake.)

(She's shooting an eating show alone.)

(She's enjoying it fully.)

This is so good.

(These are all mine.)

Yong Sun loves rice cakes.

- They're so good. - She's on a roll.

She's enjoying them fully.

You see? She's eating so well.

(Gulping down carbohydrates)

Let me taste what it tastes like.

You know the rice cakes sold in Hyundai Department Store?

(It tastes like a snack sold in department stores.)

On the basement floor, there's a rice cake place.

It's really popular among old ladies.

You're right. I get what you mean.

I get what she means.

I think they bought them at Galleria.

They're rice cakes from Galleria, Hyundai Department Store.

I don't think I should reason based on how they taste.

Right! This is from Hyundai Department Store.

(Don't be fooled by the taste of a department store.)

(Did they make the rice cakes themselves?)

(Or did they buy them from someplace else?)

(Right then!)

Mi Joo, what are you doing?

What's wrong with her today?


- Why is she doing this here? - What's wrong with her?

- Are you okay? - What happened on "2 Days 1 Night"?

You did your hair. Why are you messing it up?

(Her hair tie snapped all of a sudden.)

(But she doesn't get flustered.)

(She unties the other braid also.)

(That's how she got the slave hunter look.)

Let's put this on our hair.

(A second-hand hairpiece market)

Oh, my. What's that?

It's Mi Joo's hair.


(You're looking cool.)

Yes! You're looking cool.

Bang, bang, bang.


(He dominated...)

(the rice cake place.)

(You're so cool, Yu-DRAGON.)

It's actually cool.

(Keeping the meme for good)

Team Solar, gather here.

You're on this team.

We'll play Relay Genre Initials Game.

- Relay Genre Initials Game. - What's an initials game?

(Based on the given genre, )

(they need to make an acrostic poem with given words.)

(If it's not the given genre or out of context, they fail.)

(The team that succeeds more will get the hint.)

Oh, storytelling?

Oh, my gosh. It's the game I'm really good at.

(Watch me.)

(You're good at this?)

Let us start. Please let us start.

The genre is youth romance.

- The given word is "congressman". - "Congressman"?

Yes. First syllable.

(Youth romance, congressman)

While having soup...

(Bursting into laughter)

(He brought up soup out of nowhere.)

What? Don't young people have soups?

(It's youth romance, and he brought up soup?)

- You're done? - Yes. "While having soup".

While having soup...

We had another meeting.

- That's good. - What is this?

You need to make up a new story.

(While having soup, we had another meeting.)

I was staring at you blankly.


- We got this. - We got it.

- They got it. He revived the story. - What's my syllable?

- The last syllable? - Yes.

If you want me...

(If you want me?)

You can have me.

(She's telling him to have her when it's youth romance?)

(It sounds like an R-rated movie.)

- What? - That's erotic.

Why do you always start an acrostic poem...

- from here? - I have no idea either.

I need to feel it.

(Trying to feel it)

This time, the genre is romance. The given word is "court lady".

- The first syllable is "Gi"? - Yes, it is.

(Filling herself with romantic energy)

The man I've been waiting for is standing before me.

They got this.

Second syllable.

I fell for him as though I slipped.

Girls are really good at this.

(I'm strangely immersed in it.)

- Third syllable. - I recalled the man of my dreams.


Last syllable.

The story of the palace starts now.

(That was perfect.)

- What do they do in the palace? - This is...

(Team Moonbyul: 1, Team Solar: 0)

That was like a passage from a romance novel.

I want to know what happens next.

Let's switch seats.

Moonbyul and Mi Joo, switch your seats.

You must be jealous because we're so good.

- Why would we? - No, we don't want to.

(We don't want to.)

Don't let them take romance.

They're good at it because they're all women.

- Here we go. - Yes, Yong Sun.

- Let's do this. - Give us an easy one.

Let's do this.

- It's erotic? - Erotic?

It's erotic!

Jae Seok! You should feel it!


We might not be able to air this.

- I'll make it erotic. - We look forward to it.

(All right, let's do this.)

We'll give you an easy word.



(Genre: Erotic, Given word: Levitation)

- First syllable. - I can feel it in the air.

Second syllable.

I can feel it in the air?

- Second syllable. - There he goes again.

In Junggok-dong...

(He brings up Junggok-dong out of nowhere.)

He's using a specific name of a place again.

He has issues with that.

This happened in Junggok-dong.

Come on! What is this?

How can I continue the story with that syllable?

Isn't Junggok-dong good enough?

Why would you mention the name of a place?

What else can I come up with?

It's not erotic at all.

It feels like I'm playing with grandpa.

(He suddenly turns into a grandpa from Junggok-dong.)

What's wrong with Junggok-dong?


The given word is "Trip overseas", and the genre is romance.


(Look at me.)

(What are you going to say?)


(This drama is making my heart flutter.)

- It's romance. - Is it erotic?

Let's do it.

(Do what?)

Let's do it. Let's fall in love.

(Let's do it. Let's fall in love.)

(What? They want to fall in love?)

(The male lead is flustered by a public proposal.)

It's looking good!

Second syllable.

(It's time for him to answer.)

(Getting closer)

I want to stop this one-sided love.

That was great.

It's going well.

- The 3rd syllable. - The 3rd syllable.

Put your hands like this.

- You need to feel it. - The third syllable.

(Customized coaching for Solar)

(Putting her hands together)

- The third syllable. - At this place,

right here.

(That's all?)

At this place, right here.

(She's holding onto it.)

(I'm not done yet.)

It wasn't the reaction she was expecting.

- At this place, right here. - It will keep getting longer.

I want to meet you.

She did her best.

- Last syllable. - Haeng Yeon.

(Why would you mention someone's name here?)

He mentioned Kim Soon Yim before.

- Jae Seok! That's not right! - Kim Soon Yim...

You could go, "Wipe my body with a dishcloth."

- Hey. - "And go to a sauna."

Why would anyone want to wipe your body with a dishcloth?

(She's so creative.)

I'll give you a difficult word since you're good at this.


First syllable.

The thing we did...

on the last night.

That's good!

(She loves it although she's not on their team.)

(It's crazy good from the beginning.)

(Oh, my.)

Here, here, and here.

(The thing we did on the last night. Here, here, and here.)

(Here, here, and here.)



I pull down your shirt.

(Things are getting hot in here.)

Mi Joo.

(Show us what you got, Mi Joo!)

All right, let's start.

(All right, let's start.)

(It's too erotic!)

All right, let's start.

(That was really good.)

(Team Moonbyul earns another point.)

- That was amazing! - They did so well.

Wait! Hold on!

You guys are so good! What was that?

They must watch too much porn!

(We're the acrostic poem masters.)

They did so well though.

Let's try one more.

- Please let us do one more. - That was...

Let's do one in the Joseon era setting.

- The Joseon era. Historical drama! - You mean historical drama?

(Team Solar does a bonus round.)

The word is "orangutan".

- What? - First syllable.


(There, there. You're doing well.)

(That's all.)

It's my turn already?


- I'm done. - Second syllable.

My Lady!

Where are you going?

(My Lady! Where are you going?)


Where are you going, leaving us behind?

- Last syllable. - Last syllable.

(Our pride is at stake, Jae Seok.)

(Will they earn a point?)

(I trust you.)

Last syllable.

Don't say "Tanzania".

Don't you dare say Tanzania.

Don't say Tanhyeon. You can't say Tanhyeon.

- Tanhyeon is not allowed. - Tanhyeon is not allowed.

- You're so cute! - Tanhyeon is not allowed.

(What word can I use with the last syllable?)


(He's about to say something.)

(Which word starts with the last syllable?)

He's done for.

Do not eat burned food.

(Do not eat burned food.)

(Burned food is indeed bad for your health.)

We lost.

We lost to them a long while ago.

(Team Solar is completely defeated.)

We got great teamwork.

- I was seriously... - In 2, 3.

- All right! - All right!

(The Vision Hint that Moonbyul got)

(Click it.)

(The owners are doing some kind of event while dressed up.)

They're asking people to participate in their event.

It must be a way to promote their store on social media.

Maybe they're not the owners of the rice cake place...

but the owners of an event organizing business.

(Are the owners promoting their store themselves?)

(Or are they the owners of an event organizing business?)

(A million dollars in sales annually!)

(The rice cake shop that became a huge hit on social media.)

(1. The interior design of the store is too simple.)

(2. They were sloppy when making rice cakes.)

(3. The brothers look like they're in different professions.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 3)

(50,000 dollars in monthly sales?)

(Yukjeon gimbap as big as your arm)

We're heading to Chungmuro, right?

The atmosphere is nice here.

What's Chungmuro famous for?

Chungmu gimbap.

No, that's from a city in the south.

- It's from Tongyeong. - What?

That must've been his type of joke.

She was just joking. It's not like she didn't know.

She was only joking.

The buildings are all so old.

They're all old. This one looks really old.

- Where is it? - Where is it?

- Is this the place? - Is it?

Where is it?

- The picture is so big. - Is it here?

- It's... - Is this the place?

I can tell that this place has been around for a long time.

It looks quite old.

Doesn't it seem like a real place?

Hey, go in.

(This has been conducted after hand sterilization and fever check.)

- Hello. - Go in.

(She's surprised.)

(He's surprised too.)

It's huge!

- This gimbap is incredible. - It really is as big as my arm.

(Is this really gimbap?)

(It captivates everyone with its arm-like size.)

It's wrapped with yukjeon?

(The rising specialty of Chungmuro, yukjeon gimbap)

This is incredible. Oh, it's yukjeon?

- Wow! - It looks really good.

(It leaves everyone in awe.)

- Oh, right. It was yukjeon gimbap. - It's wrapped with yukjeon?

(How is the inside of Chungmuro's popular place?)

(There are traces of time on the sign.)

(The restaurant's inside is rather simple.)

(At the counter, )

(there are various ingredients needed for gimbap...)

(and essential items to sell gimbap.)

(The kitchen...)

(looks very neat.)

(But it gets really busy every morning.)

(And this place's main dish)

(Yukjeon gimbap)

(To quickly and efficiently make yukjeon gimbap, )

(there's a yukjeon gimbap cooking station...)

(near the entrance.)

(They use only the carefully selected ingredients.)

(The key ingredient and secret of this place, )


(Moist, crispy)

This place looks fake to me.

(Jae Seok heads inside the kitchen without hesitation.)

(Very neat)

(The kitchen is too clean for a restaurant...)

(that has been in business for 19 years.)

(All three places' kitchens are clean.)

Don't you think the menus...

are all worn out the same way?

- You're right. - They look the same.

- This place must be fake. - They're all worn out the same way.

Are we supposed to find one real place today?

Do you remember this wall?

It's the same wall that the home-style Korean restaurant had.

(The same design from the fake restaurant)

This place must be fake. It looks like a set.

My gosh, this place is so confusing.

Why are you doing this to us?

Why would you confuse us?

This is driving me crazy.

This is driving me crazy.

(We wish you good luck today as well.)

These days, if you don't have a popular menu,

- your restaurant can't do well. - Right.

It's really difficult to guess today.

I thought yukjeon...

was inside gimbap.

- Right, I thought so too. - I thought jeon was inside gimbap.

But they wrap gimbap with yukjeon?

(They wrap gimbap with yukjeon which is easy to break?)

It's not the gimbap I had in mind.

Oh, my.

But it feels like this place is fake...

- because the colors faded. - I know.

If they're all faded,

they could redo the walls and everything.

What do you think, Moonbyul?

What I'm most suspicious about are the menus.

All of them...

- are worn out in the same way. - Right.

Maybe they printed the menus in that color.

(She noticed the details.)

But look at the floor.

- I think this is real. - This must be real.

This is real.

(The staff couldn't have made the floor so realistic.)

But compared to the floor, the walls are all so clean.

They opened this restaurant in 2003, but it's cleaner than I thought.

They could've repainted the walls.

That's true.

They could've repainted them because they were too old.

(This place looks real.)

But this smell from the storage must be real.

(But this smell from the storage must be real.)

(Maybe it's the smell from the cameraman?)

Wait a minute. What does it smell like?

- It smells like old storage. - Old storage?

His feet must stink.

(Is the smell from the cameraman?)

No, it's not that his feet stink.

Just because...

- He's in there. - he's in there...

No, that's not true. That's not what I'm talking about.

(We applaud the cameraman's passion.)

- Hello. - Hello.

- Hello. - Nice to meet you.

Hello, ma'am.


I've been running the gimbap place for 19 years.

I'm Jung Sun Hee, and I'm 68 years old.

(Jung Sun Hee, the owner of the gimbap place)

I was an ordinary homemaker,

but after the IMF crisis occurred,

my husband voluntarily resigned from his work.

We've been running this gimbap place since then...

to make a living.

My son likes yukjeon, so I often made it for him.

I thought of combining it with gimbap...

and came up with yukjeon gimbap.

(She invented yukjeon gimbap.)

At first, I was going to use beef,

but the unit price was increased,

so we're using pork now.

(They changed to pork to lower the price.)

(A problem they had to solve as they invented yukjeon gimbap)

Yukjeon had to adhere to the gimbap well.

I had to remove the unpleasant smell of pork as well.

After studying several methods,

we came up with the current yukjeon gimbap,

which is a big hit.

These days, people are active on social media,

so after seeing our promotion,

they come to our restaurant.

It's a secret,

but the yearly sales...

It's about 600,000 dollars.

Sixth Sense viewers,

do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

- Hello. - Hello, ma'am.

So we heard this place has incredible sales.

That's right. At first,

there were many printing houses near here,

so our restaurant did well...

with just ordinary gimbap.

(I see.)

But as the printing industry started declining,

our business didn't do so well.

So I invented a menu called yukjeon gimbap.

And it garnered popularity,

and we made a sale.

(She started her restaurant rather late at the age of 49.)

(Even with difficulties, she made gimbap place a success.)

I thought jeon was inside the gimbap.

But you wrapped gimbap with yukjeon.

Isn't it hard to roll?

It was really hard.

- Because the meat is thick. - Right.

(Making delicious yukjeon is hard itself.)

(Gimbap wrapped with yukjeon instead of dried laver)

(A difficult dish to make)

(Is yukjeon gimbap real?)

Following yukjeon gimbap, chili pepper gimbap is popular too.

I like chili pepper gimbap.

Chili pepper gimbap is delicious.

(How did you start making chili pepper gimbap?)

When I cut yukjeon into the shape of dried laver,

I get lots of leftover meat.

I didn't want to waste that.

So I stir-fried that with Cheongyang chili pepper,

and made chili pepper gimbap.

(Stir-frying two ingredients to have flavor)

(Adding ingredients she made)

(Wrapping and cutting)

(It brings your appetite back.)

(Chili pepper gimbap)

- She's so natural. - That's my special skill.

(She's perfect.)

(But are there only 4 kinds of gimbap?)

Do you only sell gimbap here, not ramyeon or others?

I did sell others at first.

But yukjeon gimbap has gotten so popular.

Making that takes a lot of time.

So I got rid of others from the menu.

(The restaurant that only sells gimbap...)

What's the largest amount you made in a day?


(She wouldn't sell that much...)

(in a small place like this.)

I sell about 500 rolls a day. It's gotten less recently.

(She sells 500 rolls a day on the average.)

- 500 rolls a day? - No way.

I sell about 500 rolls a day.

You sell 500 rolls?

500 rolls a day?

This place is real.

If she sells 500 rolls a day,

Do you make that by yourself?


My employees and I come here at five o'clock in the morning.

- That's how she prepares. - The reason why it's big inside...

The reason why it's big inside...

is because we prepare all the ingredients there.

We open at seven o'clock in the morning.

It's driving me crazy.

- I'm confused. - Really.

(A small place)

(Simple menu)

(How can she make 600,000 dollars a year?)

Why is the wall like this here?

(Why is the wall on that side looks like a studio?)

The wall here.

Recently, I plastered newly,

because of COVID 19.

While plastering,

I wanted this side to look special.

You didn't do that a week ago, did you?

Of course not.

I've been here long.

What are you talking about?

- She's real. - Is she?

We'd like some gimbap.

Sure. I'll make them delicious for you.

- Yes, thank you. - Thank you.

She feels so real.

I think she's real. And she talks so sincerely.

- Right? - Yes.

(She begins to cook.)

(Coat thinly sliced meat...)

(with flour and beaten eggs.)

(Lay it on a hot grill.)

(She cooks it until it's golden.)

(She fills the inside with ingredients she made herself.)

(She wraps it.)

(It has a unique taste and flavor.)

(Yukjeon gimbap is done.)

(The owners are getting ready to serve.)

(She puts yukjeon gimbap and chili pepper gimbap on a plate.)

(She also adds seasoned scallions to reduce greasy flavor.)

(It's ready to serve.)


(You need to serve this too.)

(Gimbap is served.)

- This is real. - It looks delicious.

This is real.

It looks delicious.

(They're filled with fresh ingredients.)

(They're amazed by the look of gimbap.)

Honey, bring seasoned scallions.

Honey, bring seasoned scallions.

Honey, bring seasoned scallions.

All of the sudden?

The way you said "Honey" is...

- I usually speak like that. - I'm very suspicious of that.

That's my normal voice.

I'm suspicious of the voice.

Honey, bring seasoned scallions.

- Well. - Na Ra.

I'm usually like that.

(Is it her real voice or her awkward acting?)

(He's in charge of making yukjeon.)

(He's her "Honey".)

(Earning 600,000 dollars per year)

(Why don't we eat the popular yukjeon gimbap?)

This is incredible.

Let's eat first.

- Goodness. - Let's enjoy it.

(How does yukjeon gimbap taste?)


(Let me have a bite.)

This is really delicious.

It's delicious.

(Moonbyul fails to have it in a bite.)

I can't have it in a bite.

(She tries again.)


(Like the efforts she puts in, )

(yukjeon gimbap is big.)

Solar eat it so well.




This is a solid meal.

The gimbap itself is.

It's surprising to see...

yukjeon can be as flat...

as dried laver.

If it was dry, it would've been hard to swallow.

- It's soft. - Right.

Yukjeon can be dry.

This is really tasty.

Chili pepper gimbap is also good.

The smell of chili peppers is really good.

I haven't tried chili pepper gimbap. I'll try.

(Slicing spicy Cheongyang chili pepper)

(Stir-fry with sweet pork.)

(Put it in gimbap.)

(Finish it nicely to eat.)

The smell of chili peppers is good.

- They're Cheongyang chili peppers. - Is it spicy?

- It's not. - It's delicious.

It's really delicious.

Jae Seok, tell us how it tastes.


Tell us. How is it?

- It's good. - It's really delicious.

You might think it's greasy, but it's not.

It's not greasy at all.

It's so delicious to eat with seasoned scallions.

It's not dry at all. I can't tell that it has meat.

Which one is meat?

I wish there's soup.

(It has good fillings.)

(But they wish there's a soup to go with it.)

Like egg soup.

Not egg soup.

It already has eggs. You shouldn't serve egg soup.

I meant like doenjang soup.

(She's right.)

It's a place you can take out.

Right, so people won't eat in.

That's why they don't have soup.

No, even if it's for a take-out,

there could be soup.

Right, there must be something.

It has no side dishes.

They found out it's good to eat with seasoned scallions.

That's interesting.

Right. It goes really well.

I think they bought these seasoned scallions.

- Really? - I feel that too.

- It feels like they bought these. - Right.

It's easy to make seasoned scallions.

With chogochujang.

Can you make it?

(Excuse me?)

You can make it with a little vinegar.

She's the type to start a fight.

- She starts a fight. - Why do you say that?

I just asked if he could make it.

Jessi, talk to her for me.

- Hey. - Come on.

That's enough.


Come on.

(Sangyeob hid behind Jessi.)

In the opening, she said she's close with Yong Sun.

I said I really like her.

She's surprised at Jessi.

She's surprised.

- Are you okay? - I'm okay.

I didn't mean that.

If this place is fake,

did they come up with the menu?

(If this place is fake, yukjeon gimbap is also created.)

The dish is too smart to be fake.

- Give us a hint. - Hints.

(Na Ra got Vision Hint.)

It's a review of this place.

"It wasn't just good."

"It was great and neat."

"I approve of this place as a delicious restaurant."

It has lots of vegetables, and kimchi was delicious.

It's not a review of a gimbap place.

This review is real, isn't it?

But it's not the review for this place.

They don't serve kimchi. Is it from the past?

Is it from when they served other menus?

Okay, I got it.

(Sensing Na Ra is worried.)


It's a picture taken in 1991.

It's her, isn't it?

It looks...

like her. I think it's her.

(Mi Joo got the same hint.)

Is he "Honey"?

Find "Honey".



Why didn't I see him?

I got a family picture as a hint.

He had white hair in the picture.

- It was taken in 1991. - The husband did?

Yes, the husband did.

There are good wigs out there.

I thought it was a wig.

Mi Joo and I talked and decided...

to think that he's wearing a wig.

What do you think, Yong Sun?

I think...

I had lots of gimbap.

- I asked Yong Sun. - Oh, I'm sorry.

- Sorry. - Sorry. It's okay.

(It's so funny.)

I think...

her husband was so awkward.

He was awkward.

When she said, "Honey, bring seasoned scallions,"

it wasn't natural.

They looked so uncomfortable.

You can see that from there.

- I saw that. - I didn't care for it.

You don't need to care for it.

You just do what you want.

I want to go home.

Me too.

- I want to go home too. - Let's go home quickly.

(Yukjeon gimbap as big as your arm that's taken Chungmuro by storm.)

(1. It has a neat kitchen and familiar wallpaper.)

(2. The menu board looks awkwardly dated.)

(3. The husband seems suspicious.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

It's driving me insane.

I'm going crazy.

By the way, the first one...

How can they have an empty spot...

right across from the place?

Isn't that too strange?

That's so strange.

(An empty place right across from the tteokgalbi place)

(The place is set perfectly for the shooting.)

(This is the most strange thing.)

Now I'm scared of the production crew.

- I know what you mean. - They're so good at this.

- I really don't know. - They're really good.

- I acknowledge that for sure. - They're really good.

I think it's 2 or 3.

I think I'm leaning toward number two.

(Oh, no.)

(Unforgettable mistakes made at the rice cake shop)

- That place was a mess. - Yes.

Of the mistakes, we need to see which mistakes are real or fake.

- Exactly. - And the strange thing...

about number two was that the interior was too lacking.

(The interior looks too plain.)

- The "honey" from earlier... - I'm stuck on that too.

The husband.

The back of his neck and ears were bright red.

You're so perceptive.

- But couples might be shy. - That is strange.

That was really strange though.

- It was odd. - What should I do?

I didn't see that though.

I didn't see it properly either.

But I'm sure about this. He had dark hair today,

but in the photo, he had white hair.

(The husband they met had dark hair, but has white hair in the photo.)

I didn't look closely.

Should I tell you the review I read? The hint?

- Yes. - What it says is this.

"There's a lot of vegetables inside, and the kimchi was very tasty."

What does that mean? There was no kimchi there.

So that one was fake.

That's what they wrote.

- But there's no kimchi there. - Yes, they don't have kimchi.

There was scallion kimchi though.

- Scallion kimchi. - It could be the scallion kimchi.

- But that wasn't scallion kimchi. - You could call it scallion kimchi.

You call that scallion kimchi?

It's possible to call it scallion kimchi.

- It's possible. - Right, scallion kimchi.

Inside the gimbap.

Come on.

It's like this every week.

The production crew are so scary now.

(Voting time)

- Are you ready to vote? - Yes.

I'm not ready yet.

Wait a minute. We have to go in this order.

You go behind me.

We always go in this order.

(The first voter is Yong Sun.)

Oh, gosh.

50,000 dollars with gimbap?

They said they sell 500 rolls a day.

The gimbap cost 5.50 dollars each.

So if I multiply that by the 500 they sell a day...

I made some calculations.

They told me they sell about 500 rolls of gimbap a day.

But the most expensive gimbap they had was 5.50 dollars.

If you use that to calculate monthly sales, it's less than 5,000.

I'll choose number three.

(Using a scientific perspective, she chooses number 3.)

Next, come on in.


(Na Ra enters, who no longer has 0 correct guesses.)

Ms. Right Guesser isn't here today.

I'm still stuck on this.

"Honey, bring the seasoned scallions."

(The "honey" is still stuck in Na Ra's head.)

What should I do? Am I missing the right answer again?

The yukjeon gimbap wasn't as big as my arm, as they claimed.

I'll go with number three.

Number three it is.

(She chooses number 3 due to fixation on the "honey".)

All right.

(Another voter who remains fixated on the "honey".)

A checkmark.

For me, this person was the dead giveaway.

It's because I saw the husband earlier.

Number three was suspicious.

Seeing that man was what made me suspicious.

I'll choose number three today.

(She chooses number 3 because of her suspicions.)



(So Min, ranked second in terms of gold winnings, enters.)

When I entered number three, I really got a feeling.

(She got a real feeling.)

My senses really came alive. Seriously.

I'm picking number three no matter what.

(She confidently chooses number 3.)

(She confidently chooses number 2.)

I'm picking this one.

(She chooses number 2 based on strong faith.)

What should I do? I'm sorry for getting it right.

(Extremely arrogant)

I'll just get it right today.

(The master of picking the right answer at random enters.)

Gosh, this one.

(He chooses at random again.)

It's one of these two.

(Is it this one? Pondering)

Gosh, this drives me crazy.

I don't know.

(He trusts his luck and chooses number 2.)


(Deep in thought)

I'm so confused between number 2 and number 3.

I think I'm going crazy now.

(Squirming from the suffering)

I don't know. Number two it is.

(After much torturous thinking, he chooses number 2.)

(The votes are all in.)

(Number 1, Number 2, Number 3)

No one chose number one.

- I should've picked number 1. - If it's 1, it would be crazy.

- If it's number 1, it'd be crazy. - Right, it would be insane.

If I picked it, I'd be the only right guesser.

Those who chose number two were Sang Yeob, Jae Seok, and Mi Joo.

The three of them.

Everyone else chose three.


I hope I got it right.

- Here is the shocking answer. - Please show us.

We'll reveal it now.

(Everyone in Korea dreams of becoming a hit.)

Let's go. Come on.

- Show me the money. - Show me the money.

(But have you ever seen a real wealthy person?)

A real rich person.

(We were curious, so we sought them out.)

- I'm so nervous. - I'm so nervous.

This is really crazy.

That many?

That's a rice cake shop.

- We ate there earlier. - Was that place real?

(Ordinary millionaires who made it based on their cooking skills)

- Oh, my gosh. - Wasn't that the gimbap place?

- It wasn't the gimbap place? - I drooled upon seeing that.

(Legends of success at the traditional markets)

(Daily sales reach 10,000 dollars with tteokgalbi!)

That place is amazing.

It was really delicious.

They were really on social media.

(The rice cake shop that became a huge hit on social media.)

They make a million dollars a year.

My goodness.

- That's where we went earlier. - Right.

Where the brothers turned their lives around.

This is the gimbap place.

(The yukjeon gimbap that took Chungmuro by storm)

This place was tasty though.

It's the gimbap place.

Which one is it?

(Which one is the fake...)

Here it comes.

(that has bewildered your senses?)

(The ordinary millionaires who used food to turn their lives around)

(Which team was not bewildered by the deception?)

Let's go.

It must be number two.

(Is the fusion rice cake shop fake, since the owner made mistakes?)

This is driving me crazy.

(Which one is the fake?)

I hope it's not number two.

(Hearts pounding)

- Please. - Please.


Number three.

(One of these has bewildered you all.)

Number three.

(Which of these is the fake beyond your imagination?)

Please don't be that one.

I hope it's not number two.

- Please. - Please.

(Is number 3, which most people chose, the fake?)


- Be number 3. - Number 3.

(One of these has bewildered you all.)

Wait a minute.

(Which of these is the fake beyond your imagination?)

Please don't be that one.

Here it comes.

(The yukjeon gimbap that took Chungmuro by storm...)

(is the fake.)

(Number 3, the yukjeon gimbap spot, was the fake.)

(5 people got the answer.)

(Joy vs. Despair)

Of course. It was there.

- We were right. - They looked awkward.

The couple was so awkward.

We even talked about the storefront sign too.

Let's see the video now.

So number two was real?

Yes, number two was real.

Number two was real?

I feel apologetic now.

I won! Yes!

Here is the video revealing the correct answer.

That was amazing.

(Are you curious about the truth behind yukjeon gimbap?)


They found a great location.

I did think something was strange.

A print shop.

They built it out well.

They really made it look vintage.

(A small space of about 50m²)

(It's totally empty.)

It's here?

They chose an empty spot.

There's nothing there.

(That's why we built something out of nothing.)

They're so impressive.

(We scraped and shaved.)

That's really amazing.

My goodness.

They did all that?

(Wall complete)

(That's amazing.)

They even build walls?

- Wow. - You haven't seen anything yet.

That's amazing, really.

They really went that far?

(They discard the glass because they don't need it.)

(Installing the yukjeon booth)

That's amazing.

(Paying attention to every little detail)

That part really tricked me.

This is so annoying.

(They place the various cooking appliances.)


(They stock the fridge with gimbap ingredients.)

Of course.

Jae Seok enjoyed this dish so much.


(Transforming the space into an original gimbap spot)

But this kitchen didn't look...

- recently built at all. - It didn't smell new either.

(They add in props appropriate for a gimbap shop.)

Even the business cards looked really natural.

That's amazing.

Look at that.


It all looked so natural.

(They show the passage of time through trade secrets.)

Look at that. That's how they build this.

That's right.

They make things look old.

(The magic touch that makes new things look old)

(They even add rust stains to the sign using graphics.)

That was really amazing.

That's truly impressive.

You're really going to go that far?


So they made all that?

To show the passage of time.

I did think of that earlier too.

(A bewildering space...)

Oh, my gosh.

(that will captivate you.)

That's amazing.

That's so impressive.

- Gosh, this is... - That was really amazing.

It looked so natural.

(The production crew are plagued with another worry.)

Yes, what happened here?

(They need to come up with the best gimbap ever.)

This gimbap really was good though.

It was delicious.

(They found the solution right across the street.)

- Right across the street? - So it already existed.

It was already there.

I saw that there was a yukjeon spot right there.

(Diving headfirst into the creation of the yukjeon gimbap)

No wonder.

(A problem arises.)

There was a problem.

(1. The gimbap won't roll properly because the yukjeon is too thick.)

(2. The moisture in the scallions made the gimbap turn soggy.)

- So the scallions were inside. - They were in the gimbap.

We should provide the seasoned scallions separately.

We could serve it like this.

- Wow. - Look at the visuals.

It looks really legit now.

We could patent this...

- and really start a gimbap spot. - It's really good.

- It was good. - It was really delicious.

Then who was the owner?

Is she an actress too?




(The fake owner's true identity will be revealed soon. Wink.)

- The fake owner? - Who is she?

It's going to be revealed later?


Who is it?

- The owner. - This man.

- Who was that man? - I knew it.

He's young. Look closely at his face.

(This grandpa is young?)

- Who is that? - Oh, my gosh.

What is it?

(What is the true identity of the fake owner's husband?)

Honey, come here please.

- "Honey"? Are they a real couple? - The hair.

- That's right, his hair is fake. - Hello.

- I told you it was a wig. - I help run...

- Eunha Gimbap... - You just didn't notice.

- as the owner's husband. Or not. - Here we go.

- Who is it? - Who is it?

His face looks familiar.

Is it Oh Man Seok?

- Oh, my gosh, wait a minute. - Seok Cheon.

(I'm not the husband.)

Who is it?

His face looks familiar.

(His identity is finally revealed.)

Seok Cheon.


- Is it Man Seok? - No way.

(The fake owner's husband's true identity)

- Who is it? - He looks familiar.

What is this?

- It's Kangdu. - Kangdu.

Oh, my goodness.

Oh, my goodness.

(Someone they never imagined it would be)


(The Jadu's hit song was called "Gimbap".)


In the past, I worked as the singer Kangdu.

- These days, I'm acting more... - No wonder he looked familiar.

- as Song Yong Sik. - That's why it was gimbap.

That's amazing.

- He even made us a gimbap. - This is absurd.

When I heard I was to make yukjeon gimbap,

I thought I was going to be involved with gimbap again.

I thought it would be fun.

(Transforming into a fake gimbap shop grandpa)

(Undergoing the transformation)

That's amazing.

They're so impressive.

(Looking somewhat awkward)

Oh, my gosh.

That's really amazing.

I really didn't get a good look at him.

(Gaining yukjeon cooking skills)

(Wow, that's amazing.)

Can I order this for takeaway?

Not today.

He even gets training in unexpected situations.

So he practiced a lot.

(Transformation into the fake owner's husband complete)

What about the owner?

- Then who was the owner? - Who is the owner?

(The delayed reveal of the fake owner's identity)

Who is it?


I'm Jeong Sun Hee, and I just turned 68 this year.

I run a bibimbap place...

near Konkuk University.

So she's a real restaurant owner.

So she really has a restaurant.

This person is my mother.

(This person is Kangdu's mother.)

She's my mother.


She's my mother.

(My word...)

That's another twist.

So he really was her "honey" and her son.

- That's right! - He is her "honey".

That really gives me the chills.

(The family photo they received as a hint...)

(shows this boy.)

(This boy will grow up to become Kangdu.)

(Seeing it again is still incredible.)

They do look alike, now that I'm looking closely.

They do look alike.

(Resembling one another)

You'll need to act as a couple with your son.

Yes, it's a bit embarrassing.

You just keep your mouth shut.

- I'll just make yukjeon silently. - He'll just make the yukjeon.

We'll season it,

and let it rest in the fridge.

That gives me goosebumps. I can't believe I got it.

This is the true twist.

- You got us, Kangdu. - Were you tricked?

Kangdu had told us his mom has a bibimbap place.

(Roll me well)

(Be tricked well)

They do look alike.

Sixth Sense members,

- this place was fake. - This place was fake.

Great job!

(The yukjeon gimbap that took Chungmuro by storm is fake.)

That was amazing.

The scale is no joke here.

Moonbyul and Yong Sun...

- have won the pure gold. - Thank you.

Great job.

- That was really impressive. - The three of us didn't get it.

- Really. - I'm upset about this too.

Tell us more about number two.

- What was going on there? - It was a real place.

- They're real owners with mistakes. - Really?

Did he make a real mistake earlier, or was it a plot?

We didn't ask him to do any of that.

- So he really made a mistake. - So it was a real mistake.

- Now I feel sorry toward him. - I feel apologetic.

He made mistakes because of us.

He's here now.

He's here?

- It's Kangdu. - Come here, honey.


- Hello. - Hello.

Now you look young, no matter how we see you.

You looked so awkward.

The wig was too obvious.


(Revealing this welcome face)

- They really look alike. - Really.

Honey, you've been working out too much.

How much did you practice making the yukjeon gimbap?

I practiced that for a week together with my mother.

- You worked so hard for this. - It was so delicious though.

We really enjoyed it.

I bet your mother said...

she's going to stretch her legs and take a nap now, right?

It's true that my mother worked the hardest.

- Exactly. - Of course.

Kangdu and his mother...

joined us for Sixth Sense.

We'd like to say thank you to Kangdu one more time.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

Thank you for your hard work.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

(Bursting with energy from the start)

(A Sixth Sense-style welcome for the guests)

(Hot brothers to cool you off, Heo Hoon and Heo Ung)

(I used to rely a lot on my father for variety shows, )

(but I'll try being confident now.)

(Charging forward with confidence)

(Never before seen footage...)

(of the Heo Brothers as they adapt to variety shows.)

(The genius of mischief says making mischief is the most fun.)

(Mischief maker's target)

(Is that your best dance?)

(Various invigorating foods are perfect for the heat.)

(Ordinary invigorating foods can go away.)

(A feast full of unique invigorating foods)

(Which one is the fake that has bewildered them all?)

(Come watch the Heo brothers and unique invigorating foods.)