Sixth Sense (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Isn't This Menu Crazy? - full transcript

Jun Ho of 2PM joins the Sixth Sensers. The members are excited and Jun Ho shows his passionate side. The members must find the fake unique menu and restaurant among three choices. They get lost as they move on to each place.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Under the warm sunlight, )

(the refreshing sound of water continues to flow.)

(Samcheong Park is peaceful again today.)

- Oh, my. - Be careful.

That scared me.

Why am I already out of breath?

- I'm already out of breath. - I feel like I might throw up.

Your feet.

Isn't the front of your foot touching the ground right now?

Why are you bringing that up now?

- I think they are. - But So Min,

your front foot...

is nearly touching the ground as you walk.

Doesn't that hurt?

- Hey. - Oh, dear.

- So Min has really long toes. - They're long.

- It's because they're long. - Oh, my gosh, they really are long.

I thought you were an eagle earlier.

Can you point your feet for us just one time?

(These toes look ready to clamp down on a sheep easily.)

They went like this, clawing at the ground as she walked.

(Like this.)

When she was walking over here,

these are holes dug into the ground by So Min.

She keeps sticking her front foot into the ground.

Yes, like it's a crane fork.

(Why are you picking on me?)

After we finished filming last week,

Mi Joo gave me a letter.

- What kind of letter? - Really?

- A handwritten letter? - Yes, a handwritten letter,

- expressing her... - Was all the spelling correct?

It was. I think she checked it using a spell checker.

(Jae Seok turns on Mi Joo after receiving her letter.)

- All the spelling was correct. - That's all from my knowledge.

- It was so... - What about us?

If you wrote me a letter,

you need to write one for Nara and everyone.

It's my 24-year anniversary this year.

It's been 17 years since I debuted.

It's been 16 years for me.

(It's been 16 years for me.)

Whenever you say something similar, it sounds like you're swearing.

Open up your ears more, Sang Yeob.

- Hey. - They're open.

You're like a couple fighting in the park.

(You're right.)

- Don't start with me. - But I hear...

that the two of you, Jessi and Sang Yeob,

are dating?

- Excuse me? - The news was scandalous all week.

- Right? - Yes.

(You will soon be entering the marrying phase of your life.)

(Sang Yeob is about to enter the marrying phase of his life.)

(Excuse me, mister.)

(Let's do that marriage with me.)

(Do you have feelings for Sang Yeob?)

(He's my type.)

(Jessi's surprise confession caught them all by surprise.)

(That's how these romantic rumors got their start.)

- But that's just... - What's going on?

We're only pretending to be dating.

- Oh, really? - Wow.

(Jessi and Sang Yeob form a special Sixth Sense 2 couple)

- That must be nice. - You really look good together.

So Min, you really look good with the person about to enter.

Look at her face.

- Don't say things so recklessly. - So Min, your nose is...

Her nose is going to stay permanently wrinkled today.

It turns out that So Min...

found out who today's guest is in advance.

- You found out? - That's not true.

No wonder she's dressed up so nicely today.

- She found out earlier. - I only found out today.

(The eagle is passing by.)

My goodness, what is she doing?

(A mysterious dance)

Who's the guest that she's acting this way?

(This is a hint about the guest.)

Let's introduce our guest.

(Oh, my.)

- Oh, my. - Everyone, we...


- Do you know who it is? - No, I don't.

Am I the only one who doesn't know?

(Greeting the guest with a voice 2 octaves higher)

- There he is. He's here. - Who is it?

(Who is it?)

It's Jun Ho.

(Jun Ho from 2PM)

(He's great at his primary job, naturally.)

(Tears streaming down his cheeks)

(He also has perfect acting skills.)

(The original jack-of-all-trades)

(He once invited us to his house, wearing a legendary red shirt.)

(This song has made a comeback to top the charts again.)

(Recently, he's been active promoting 2PM's "Make It".)

(Today's guest is 2PM's Jun Ho.)

Hello, Jun Ho.

(A very revealing front side)

But isn't that outfit too revealing of your chest?

- I tried to look good today. - Welcome.


- I don't know where to look. - His shirt is so revealing.

You look like a ballerino.

My goodness.

Is it too revealing?

- It's a little too revealing. - Is it?

Let's go like this a bit.

(Creeping forward)

Mi Joo, why do you keep creeping forward like that?

- I just want to see. - I want to see too.

- Hello. - Hello.

- Back away. - I wish you wouldn't stare...

at the guest like spectators.

We did the same thing when you came, Sang Yeob.

You never did that.

- We didn't. - You never did that for me.

(Sang Yeob's first appearance last year.)

(No reaction)

(Showing a lukewarm reaction)

(Do you know his name?)

(Taken aback)

(Min Jung!)

(He can't believe his ears.)

(You don't even know my name.)

(He deserves to be upset.)

Jun Ho, please introduce yourself.

Hello to all the viewers.

I'm 2PM's Jun Ho, just returned from military service.

He's a real man.

Jun Ho has joined us after a long while.

Our Sixth Sense members are excited for the first time in a while.

Let's film until evening.

So Min has only recently been obsessed with "My House",

- even though it's belated. - I can't even sleep.

- Oh, really? - Today, So Min has dressed up,

and really made an effort to look good today.

My earrings are the key point today.

- Where? - They're hearts.

Are you expressing your heart, So Min?

(The mood was great till now, so pipe down.)

Like this?

(Slightly embarrassed)

So Min, show us the dance you've been practicing so hard.

- Practicing hard? - Yes, she practiced hard.

- She dances well. - She prepared something?

- Oh, really? - She prepared?

Stand in the middle.

He said he'll dance with you.

(Time for the couple dance)

She's doing great.

(She moves with the lively energy of a true fan.)

(Wow, So Min.)

(Working the camera like it's a music show)

- Wow, it's really right. - She learned it.

- She really knows the whole thing. - I told you she practiced hard.

Let's go. Okay.

(Finally approaching the climax)

(This is the hardest working we've ever seen her.)

(Perfectly coordinated dancing)


(Let's enjoy this without captions for a moment.)

- She really memorized everything. - Look at her smiling.

I know, she's smiling so broadly.

(A perfect finish)


(The most excited ones)

Jun Ho stepped up too.

It was like a couple dance with So Min,

even if it wasn't intended to look that way.

- Goodness. - It was so cute.

But there's a zero percent chance that they'll become a real couple.

- Really? - It's like that?

Let's find out what today's theme is with Jun Ho.

What is it today? "Isn't it crazy?"

"Isn't it crazy?"

(Today's impactful theme is, "Isn't this menu crazy?")

(Isn't this crazy?)

That's right.

What did you just do?

It's a 2PM song, "Go Crazy!"

- It's this song. - We do have a dance like that.

(They do have a dance like that.)

(But is it really all that similar?)

Jun Ho's accepting everything.

(There have been countless strange combinations to date.)

(But forget all about Sixth Sense Season 1.)

(Today, we have never-before heard or seen combinations.)

(Does this crazy menu really exist in the world?)

(It really tastes unique.)

(A taste never before experienced, )

(a truly crazy taste, will also be revealed soon.)

(How will we guess today's fake?)

(A roundup of crazy combinations and tastes to bewilder your senses.)

(Isn't this menu crazy?)

(What will be today's fake?)

"Isn't this menu crazy?"

Whether it's because of taste or whatnot.

- It must be unique menus. - They must be crazy tasty.

(The first key phrase is revealed.)

"Is this a meal fit for a king? Meals of great men in history."

"Is this a meal fit for a king?"

"Do I have the makings of a king?"

(These crazy tastes have transcended the passage of time.)

(Great men who have shone brightly in Korea's history)

(What did they eat?)

(There's a restaurant that has revived these great men's meals.)

(After extensive research, )

(the meals of great men were recreated using historical records.)

(Tastes from bygone times, which drove great men crazy.)

(Meals of great men in history)

(Real or fake?)

The meals fit for a king, were those only served to kings?

- No, great men. - Great men.

- Celebrities. - Celebrities?

So these are the meals that were served to them?

For example, a meal served to King Sejong the Great.

So they realized those meals.

- The meals for great people. - I see.

But this would be easy...

- for the production crew to fake. - I think I've seen this.

If you look at ancient texts, it says what kings ate.

- That's true. - But it doesn't say...

what Admiral Yi Sun Shin or other great men ate.

That's true, but I feel like I've seen this before.

(Jae Seok has seen number 1 before?)

Let's look at the next one.

"Even shoes taste good fried. How great would a burger be?"

"A fried burger".

- A fried burger? - A fried burger?

They deep fry a burger?

- A fried burger. - That sounds tasty.

(Anything fried in oil...)

(becomes delicious.)

(There are tons of fried foods...)

(that exist in the world.)

(But what if you left all these fried foods behind...)

(and fried a hamburger instead?)

(Guaranteed to be an unprecedented, crazy taste)

(Is the fried burger real or fake?)

This exists.

- Where? - Somewhere.

That's not even your hand.

I'm trying not to be the one who's pointing.

This one exists because it's odd.

It sounds like something that exists outside of Seoul.

But why do they say shoes taste good fried?

It's just saying that frying a food makes it that delicious.

There's a saying that even tires taste good fried,

- because of the savoriness of oil. - That's true.

They're saying that even poop would taste good fried.

(Talking nonsense)

- I don't think I could eat that. - Me neither.

Help me out a little if I say something.

Sang Yeob, say something that makes it possible to help you.

But Jae Seok...

That was great.

Sang Yeob, say something that's possible to help.

(Someone, please help me.)

Next one, the third one.

- "What's going on here?" - "What's going on here?"

"A cilantro shaved ice full of halibut?"

- What? - No.


- No. - What is that?

(There are countless dishes made with fish in the world.)

(How far have you gone in tasting fish dishes?)

(Shaved ice is a refreshing dessert to stave off the summer heat.)

(Here comes an odd shaved ice.)

(Cold shaved ice...)

(meets cilantro, )

(and halibut is added to boot.)

(The world's craziest shaved ice is now complete.)

(That's not all.)

(Forget about all the spaghetti you've tasted till now.)

(The tender pasta is mixed...)

(with salted hairtail guts.)

(The world's craziest pasta is now complete as well.)

(A two-dish crazy combination set)

(Halibut and cilantro shaved ice and salted hairtail guts pasta, )

(real or fake?)

No. That's not it.

- I don't want to try that. - Me neither.

This has halibut with cilantro?

I really think this one's fake.

I can't even imagine how that would taste.

- I can't even imagine the taste. - I don't think I can eat that.

This one is too extreme.

I do like cilantro,

so I want to believe that the third one exists.

- You like it? - Yes, I do.

- I like it too. - I love cilantro.

But once we try it, we'll know the answer.

I think it's number two.

- No, it's number three. - Please back away.

- Oh, no. - The third one exists.

In my opinion, it's 1 or 2.

- Me too. - What do you think?

Your backs are to the camera.

- Number one. - Go over there.

- Number one. - Back away.

It's like you're cursing. Careful how you use that finger.

Number one.

(Dizzy from the spiciness of the opening)

- I'm sorry, Jun Ho. - It's okay.

It's all right. Your expression is hilarious, actually.

I'm getting so angry.

Sang Yeob, come over here. Get over here, you jerk.

- Sang Yeob. - At least you can behave.


(Hurry up and host the show.)

Hurry up and host the show.

(The troublemaker tries to turn the tables.)

My head.

Hurry up.

- I'm sorry. - I'm still not used to this.

I'm going to cover this with my clothes for a moment.

(Let's wrap up the opening here.)

(Team Jun Ho, Team Sang Yeob)

Are we going now?

- Shall we? Let's go. - Yes, let's go.

Does everyone have their seatbelts on?

- Yes. - Yes, teacher.

Today's schoolbus is taking off again.

- Toot toot. - Let's go.

Jun Ho, do you like food? Are you a good eater?

I really love food.

- Look forward to today then. - Then how are you so thin?

I love food, but I was constantly on a diet.

Then will you make today a cheat day?

I'll treat today like a cheat day.

Of course, you have to eat like a cheat day today.

Cilantro and what? Halibut?

- Halibut. - And salted hairtail guts pasta.

- Salted hairtail guts. - But the halibut shaved ice...

Shouldn't we automatically think of that as fake food?

I really don't want to try it.

But remember the chocolate chicken?

- Maybe it's similar to that? - But that chocolate chicken,

- don't you crave it sometimes? - That was real.

- No. - I do crave it sometimes.

- You do, right? - People ask me where it is.

When I saw that episode, I wanted to try it.

- No, it's not that tasty. - But still,

- It's not as good as you'd think. - Well...

- Really. - It tastes like a donut.

But I sincerely...

You all have to try sitting here at least once.

- You all have to try this seat. - Why, what's it like, Na Ra?

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rows all talk amongst themselves,

but you can hear everything.

- Really? - Really?

- So you can hear everything? - If you can hear everything,

how come you never responded to anything we said till now?

(Caught red-handed)

Why did you reveal...

- that knowledge to them? - So you heard everything.

- Why haven't you been responding? - Jae Seok, this is your job.

What do you mean, this is my job?

- He can't respond to everything. - That's right.

We must be here already.

Wow, what is this? It must be a house.

Every time we come here,

- it's just so pretty, isn't it? - It really is.

It's cozy.

(A neighborhood where each alley exudes a cozy aura)

(The place located in a cozy neighborhood)

- Hey. Cover your nose, okay? - Hey.

- Oh, my gosh! - Oh, my gosh!

(Isn't this menu crazy? Vol.1)

(Am I the meal of a king?)

(A meal that recreates meals of great men of history)

(History and tradition are alive in this busy downtown.)

(Jongno District, Seoul)

(A hanok greets the members as soon as they get off.)

- This is so nice. - This place is beautiful.

I love this place.

(They keep exclaiming in admiration at the sight of cozy hanoks.)

- Gosh, this is good. - Beautiful.

(Only walking the road makes you happy.)

This place is good. It's pretty.

(This footage was filmed safely before stage 4 social distancing.)

- Everyone, this is the place. - This place is good. It's pretty.

- Is this the place? - Yes.

Is it in the alley like this?

(It's not this building.)

(Is there a restaurant in that little alley?)

This must be a cafe.

Look. Here's Sejong the Great Meal.

- There's Admiral Yi Sun Shin Meal. - Right.

- There's Admiral Yi Sun Shin Meal. - Sejong the Great Meal.

They're not that expensive.

They're quite cheap for meals of great men in history.

- But the menus are a bit normal. - Nothing special.

They're not really special.

(Very typical Korean menus)

- Na Ra. - Okay.

(In a way, it could be real.)

It's tranquil.

(When you walk along the narrow alley, )

(a cozy and friendly atmosphere awaits you.)

This looks okay. It feels like an old house.

(As if you traveled back in time, the place looks old and quaint.)

- This place is real. - This place must be real, right?

This place is real. It isn't fake.

Jae Seok. Didn't they shoot a drama here?

- What? Drama? - Drama.

You're blocking three people.

(Let us see what the drama is like.)

- Hyun Ju. - Sorry. I'm sorry.

This place is so pretty.

- This place is real. - Right, this place is real.

Why is the first place always real?

This place smells real.

I can smell rice.

This grill has traces of being used.

This looks real.

(From the outdoor grill...)

(that looks like it has been used a lot, )

(there are traces of time everywhere in the house.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

Everyone, we used to live in this kind of house.

I used to visit my relatives' houses...

when I was young. I was in elementary school.

- The houses looked like this. - That's right.

- My grandparents' house too. - It looked like this, right?


(Cozy atmosphere that reminds us of the old days)

Then this is a house, not a restaurant.

- We don't know. - It looks like a restaurant.

- Now, there are many... - It's a restaurant now.

When you think about this place...

Doesn't it remind you of a movie?

(Could it be that?)

"Architecture 101".

(Singing the great song with poor voice)

(The masterpiece...)

(that let the audience go back into their 20s.)

It kind of feels like the place where Suzy...

- and Je Hoon sat together. - Right, they were sitting together.

("Architecture 101" has captured the fresh emotions of first love.)

(The place looks like the scene from the movie.)

That's really cool. Look at that.

There's a wildflower over there.

(A wildflower bloomed between roof tiles.)

- It'll be beautiful when it rains. - Sure.

They put mud under roof tiles.

(May I see the wildflower?)

- I can't open my eyes. - See?


- Why did you let me look at that? - How did you open your eyes?

- How did you open your eyes? - Gosh, don't look at it.

- Seriously. Can't you be romantic? - I can't see.

- Shall we go inside? - Gosh, seriously.

(She doesn't care about romance. She tries to demolish the place.)

Let's go inside now.

(Why would I talk about romance with you guys?)

Go inside. Take off your shoes. Go ahead.

Our teacher is tired.

- Why did I talk about it with you? - Our teacher is tired.

- Go inside. - Should I take off my shoes?

You should take them off. You're going to enter with them on?

- Go inside. - Go in. We'll organize your shoes.

There are these things inside too.

(The interior also looks old and quaint.)

(A wall is filled with explanations about food.)

(Furnishings that look like...)

(they've been keeping this place for a long time)

- My gosh. Goodness! - Really?

- My gosh. Goodness! - Really?

(Discovered a hot pot rice machine in a room)

Gosh, it's really hot in here.

(Looking around)

Hold on.

(Let me see.)

It's so hot in here,

but there's no ventilation.

There's no ventilation. It's too humid.

(There's no ventilation to cool off the heat?)

- Look at that. - Sorry?

Oh, that one. Right.

- This place could be real. - It looks real, right?

- This place looks real. - Right.

This place is real.

(Sharp Sense Group makes contrasting deductions...)

(about the hot pot rice machine. Is this place real?)

I just feel...

- It's safe to say this is real. - Right.

You can't create this trace of time.

- You can't create it. - You can't make this trace of time.

(Did they finish reasoning?)

(There are traces of time everywhere in the house.)

(The staff can't create this old interior?)

But this kind of air conditioner...

(The air conditioner looks shabby at a glance.)

- It's unnatural. - It seems contrived.

This is unnatural.

Why is that unnatural?

This looks so classic.

- A little... - You mean the color?

Imagine there's a brand new air conditioner in this place.

Wouldn't that be a little weird?

That makes sense.

(That makes sense.)

They can make it up, but let's trust them.

- For now. - Let's invite the owner. Ma'am?

The owner might be wearing hanbok.

The owner is coming.

- Hello, Ma'am. - Hello.

So beautiful.


I'm the manager of Gye-dong Dimibang, Hyun Sook.

The name "Dimibang"...

is derived from the first Korean cookbook.

I added the name of this town, Gye-dong, to that title.

So I named this place "Gye-dong Dimibang".

Our main menu is a hot pot rice meal.

Along with that menu, we offer a special menu called...

"Meal of great men in history".

(This place is famous for specials, Sejong the Great Meal...)

(and Admiral Yi Sun Shin Meal.)

In fact, my family...

used to run a big Korean restaurant.

At that time, my mom...

really liked history and historical dramas.

She was deeply interested in them.

She looked into "Veritable Records of the Joseon Dynasty"...

and "Nanjung ilgi".

She looked into them thoroughly and studied.

And she learned recipes from them.

She reinterpreted those recipes in a modern way.

(Reinterpreting historical records in a modern way)

(Meals of great men in history are created.)

People who tried our food revisit many times.

That's a lot of help.

(This place is always crowded with the revisiting customers.)

Sixth Sense viewers,

do you think this place is real?

(Is the meal of great men in history real?)

How long have you managed this place, Ma'am?

We opened this place in 2013.

- It's been long, right? - That's right.

Was this place a house?

- This place was a restaurant. - I see, it was.

Since this is a hanok,

- I didn't renovate much. - I see.

I just took over the place.

(She reopened the Korean restaurant after a little bit of repair work.)

I think I saw her somewhere.

- Doesn't she look familiar? - I think I saw her somewhere.


Isn't she like an actor?

- Jae Seok! My gosh. - Am I wrong?

- Because you're so beautiful. - We've never met.

(She's suspicious.)

You all look beautiful and handsome in person.

- Goodness. That was so sudden. - Handsome...

- Right? She changed the subject. - Right.

- She just changed the subject. - Right, she changed the subject.

(Is the owner fake?)

You're so handsome.

- You are all beautiful. - What's the best menu here?

What's the best menu here, Ma'am?

Meals of great men in history are our main menus.

What's the best-selling menu among them?

Well, there are Admiral Yi Sun Shin Meal...

and Sejong the Great Meal. Both of them...

are selling well.

(They are famous for good taste and reasonable prices.)

But you put on makeup so prettily.

Do you have another job on the side?

When I was young, I majored in dance since I was five.

- I see. - Right.

I entered the dance department of Sookmyung Women's University...

- as a top student. - A top student?

Right. My sister came in second place.

Can I ask you in which year you entered the university?

- It was 1985. - 1985. That was long ago.

How come you ask about the year?

- She also majored in dance. - She danced too.

Is that so?

That's why you're beautiful.

- You're beautiful. - Thank you.

Then why did you change your job?

Be confident, Mi Joo.

- Try again. Why didn't you... - I was curious. Right.

- choose a dance career? - Why did you decide to cook?

- I happened to hurt my ankle. - I see.

In midwinter...

I stopped pursuing my dream,

and I worked at a company of my acquaintance.

- So you worked at a company. - Right.

And then my mother told me to come back home...

and help her with the restaurant.

I worked there for 10 years...

before I opened this place.

I see.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

She used to dance too.

She looks familiar somehow.

- Seriously. - Don't you think so?

- But she looks familiar. - She is, right?

She talked too smoothly. That's a little suspicious.

And I think that heartbreaking story is fishy.

Most of them were fake...

when they had heartbreaking stories.

It feels like...

- she has prepared a lot in advance. - I know, right?

She's here.

You always talk when they're here.

- I was too talkative. - What's "wagak soup"?

- Thank you. - Thank you.

(There are two owners?)

There's her elder sister.


- My sister who took 2nd place. - Right, 2nd place.

I took 1st place, and my sister took 2nd place.

One took 1st place, and the other took 2nd place.

(They really existed.)

Thank you, ma'am.

But you two really look alike.

- I like the smell of rice. - Right, they really look alike.

- It's because we're twins. - Are you twins?

Are you twins?

(Hyun Sook, Hyun Mi)

- Twins. - I was... Sure enough.

We're twins, so we entered university in the same year.

(Is she an actor or a real owner?)

There's rice. The hot pot rice!

Goodness, that looks delicious.

I love Korean food.

- Enjoy your food. - Right, Mi Joo.

- A bowl for each person? - Awesome.

There's barley rice in Admiral Yi Sun Shin Meal.

I like barley rice so much.

Do you?

I like barley so much.

I really like its texture.

This is so soft.

How come this rice is so soft?

But this is... Freshly cooked rice is delicious only with kimchi.

(Plain rice in Sejong the Great Meal)

(Icheon rice that was served to the king in the Joseon dynasty)

(Put rice in a hot pot...)

(and cook it for 15 minutes.)

(Pure-white hot pot rice is ready.)

My gosh, look at this. Goodness.

- The rice is glossy. - My goodness.

- Hot pot rice. - This is it.


Can you see this glossy rice?

- So glossy. - She's starting it again.

There's no need to put your hand behind the bowl.

(A common mistake from a YouTuber beginner)

- Scorched rice is delicious. - I know.

- Scorched rice. - Scorched rice.

You can pour water here.

(Pour a little water...)

This looks so delicious.

(in a hot pot after taking rice out of it.)

It's overflowing.

- Goodness. - It's overflowing.

(I can't wait longer.)

It's here.

This is Sejong the Great Meal.

(Sejong the Great Meal is here.)

- My gosh. - My goodness.

(One-dish meal made with pork, charcoal-grilled pork)

- That looks delicious. - My goodness.

(Charcoal-grilled pork that is...)

(recorded in "The Veritable Records of King Sejong")

(A royal chicken dish, pogye)

This is...

(A chicken dish that is recorded in the oldest cookbook that exists)

(Written by Sejong's royal physician Jeon Sun Eui)

- What's this? - My goodness.

- Oh, my gosh. - This is incredible.

I'll come here again for sure.

(Cherry rice cake that Sejong the Great liked to eat)

What's this?

(The class of Sejong the Great Meal)

- Did you grill this outside? - Yes.

Sejong the Great actually liked...

to eat meat a lot.

(A meal that is prepared for Sejong the Great who liked meat)

Is that chicken?

The one you're eating now is called "pogye".

A royal physician of Sejong the Great...

wrote a cookbook.

We referred to that book to make this.

It's chicken, right?

Actually, it's a bit different from chicken.

We cut the chicken into pieces and stir-fry in oil.

We pour flour paste that is made with flour, soy sauce, vinegar...

- and boil it down. - I see.

It's said that Sejong the Great ate this to regain energy.

(Royal chicken dish completely different from fried chicken)

It looks delicious.

(Let's taste pogye.)

This one's delicious too.

(At a mouthful)

- It's not greasy at all, right? - No.


(Is this place real? Pogye is absolutely delicious.)

I got it. I know what Kyochon...

took as a model.

This is it.

(The sauce which tastes like that of Kyochon?)

Kyochon took this as a model.

- Soy sauce chicken. - Soy sauce chicken.

(A fake made with franchise sauce?)

(A real dish with the taste of traditional Korean soy sauce?)

I have to clean these up.


(Bursting into laughter)

That sound...


- I heard someone passing gas. - No, it's not me.

- Who? - Who?

- I see. It was your clothes. - Right, my clothes.

- Did you hear a creaking sound? - Right, her clothes...

Did you know that? If you eat a lot of barley rice...

(A blunt conversation that you can't see often)

I didn't pass gas.

- All right. - Jae Seok, I didn't...

Who would think that it's you if you're that annoyed?

(Failed to arrest the culprit)

This dish is charcoal-grilled pork.

You can think of it as bulgogi that dates back to Goguryeo.

(Bulgogi that dates back to Goguryeo)

We mince and beat pork...

- to make it soft. - I see.

We cook it over a slow fire,

and then we grill it again with sesame oil.

(Grilling twice with sesame oil)

- So the meat becomes so soft. - I see.

(Soft meat is absolutely delicious.)

(People used to eat it to strengthen their body.)

As Jae Seok told us a while ago,

- Se Jong exceptionally liked meat. - He really liked meat.

It is written in "The Veritable Records of King Sejong"...

that it is served to Sejong the Great.

This is the food he liked to eat.


So Min.

Give us some.


(A real anger)

(Be calm, Jessi.)

(Sorry, but it was so delicious.)

(Here it is, Jessi.)

- This is so delicious. - This is my style.


But this is... Did you try this vegetable?

This is awesome.

(Siler root greens and chives that go well with charcoal-grilled pork)

- This vegetable is delicious. - It's so delicious.

You can put it on hot rice.

This is so good.

- What do we do? - What should we do?

How can we eat at the 2nd and 3rd place?

I'll overeat here.

(I'll eat a lot at this place.)

If this place is real,

- I really want to come to eat. - This is delicious.

But this thought came to me while I was eating.

I thought the meal for a king would be really big.

I thought they would lay on a huge spread.

But to my surprise, Sejong the great...

had a simple meal.

- It's a healthy meal. - It's because they simplified it...

for us.

- Is that so? - Sure it is.

(He can't stop feeling suspicious.)

There's more.

Is this Admiral Yi Sun Shin Meal?

(The representative beef dish of Joseon dynasty, Seolhamyeok)

(Seolhamyeok, beef skewers: It's beef grilled on a skewer.)

(It is recorded in Hae Dong Juk Ji and Eumsik dimibang.)

(Gray mullet jeon that has a clean and fresh taste)

This is incredible.

(Wagak soup made with short-necked clams)

(Simple and plain Admiral Yi Sun Shin Meal)

(Another characteristic of Admiral Yi Sun Shin Meal is...)

As for Admiral Yi Sun Shin Meal,

the food he ate while training...

and the food he ate after victory are different.

They're different.

This is what he ate while training.

This is called "wagak soup".

("Wagak soup" Admiral Yi Sun Shin used to eat)

Wagak soup is made with only short-necked clams.

We boil short-necked clams in water to make this.

- This clam must be "wagak". - I see.

This dish was called "wagak"...

because the rattling sound short-necked clams make...

when they washed them sounded like "wagak".

That's why they called it that way.

(Taking a sip of wagak soup first)

(Exclaiming in admiration)

I can taste the deep flavor of clams.

It tastes like the ocean.

This is so delicious.

- This is so good. - It's so refreshing.

It's so refreshing.

How long do we have to boil it to make it this clean and white?

The very rich flavor of clams...

- Right. - You know that, right?

- The taste is not too much. - That's right.

- It's not salty. - It's not salty.

This is really delicious.

I can feel from my tongue that there's no flavor enhancer in it.

They didn't use artificial seasoning.

To make us confused.

- Right? - But this is so delicious.

(Wagak soup fascinated everyone with its healthy taste.)

(Is it another trick of the staff?)

How do you like it, Jun Ho?

- It's delicious. - Right.

How can I guess the fake one?

- Your gut feeling. - It's feeling. Your gut feeling.

Sang Yeob, that one's really good. The skewer.

This is so soft and tender.

The food he ate after victory is seolhamyeok.

We cut sirloin into wide and long pieces...

and skewer it.

We grill it with oil sauce.

That sounds delicious.

(What does seolhamyeok taste like?)

(Frowning earnestly)


Jun Ho, have you tried that skewer?

- No, not yet. Is it delicious? - Try it. It's so delicious.

- It's so delicious. This is pork. - It melts.

(It melts inside your mouth.)

(At a mouthful)


- This is so delicious. - It's tasty.

This place is really good.

- This is so delicious. - This is really my style.

My Korean... Jae Seok.

Hey, look at Jae Seok. He gulps it down.

You can't cut it. You have to eat it at a gulp.

- Isn't that so delicious? - Isn't it good?

- My gosh. - Is this a rib?

- It's a rib. - This is so delicious.

This is so good.

(Seolhamyeok made the national MC numb. Is this place real?)


(An awful disaster of seolleongtang occurred)

- So hot. - What's the matter, Jae Seok?

His posture...

- Did you wet your pants? - Where did you spill?

(What does that mean?)

- Jae Seok. - Did you wet your pants, Jae Seok?

My gosh, seriously.

(Completely wet)

There's a grain of rice caught between your buttocks.

- It's rice. You need to remove it. - Did you eat rice as well?

Hey. Could you give me pants?

- I'm... - Jae Seok.

How many times are you going to get changed today?

Are you a turkey? Why do you get changed so often?

What you meant was a fairy pitta.

(That's a fairy pitta.)

- He's wiping it out. - Turkey is...

- He's wiping it out. - Don't wipe it.

- Wait. You spilled it a lot. - Why?

I appreciate your help, but I'll go out for a moment.

You should go out. I can't help you.

- Jae Seok. What happened? - I'm sorry.

Excuse me for a second. There's a little accident.

Jae Seok. How did it go into your pants?

Stop that.

My gosh, seriously.

(How absurd it is today.)

Where did you get that clothes?

I bought it next door.

You bought it next door?

My goodness. Seriously.

(The happy director)



Jae Seok!

(They found out their colleague's secret they didn't want to know.)

Don't look.

I want to see it, but Jessi blocks my view.

Jae Seok.

(Investigative Sixth Sense)

Why are you changing here, Jae Seok?

(Their eyes meet.)

Hey! Why are you recording this? Put the camera away!

Why did you have to eat there when we all are eating?

- Eat there? - Oh, no. No!

So Min, what did you see?

His thin and pale legs. His thighs.


Pale legs?

Like the milky beef bone broth.

- Like the seolleongtang soup? - Yes.

(It began with seolleongtang and ended with seolleongtang.)

(A moment later)

Well, he looks good.

What are those?

- Jae Seok. - What are you wearing?

(Chief Inspector Yu, transformation complete)

You look better than you think.

Would you shush?

- They suit you. - You're pulling them off.

(A standout presence with the yellow muddy pants)

You look like a fortune teller.

I was going to say that.

- Anyway... - You're eating again?

(Are you eating again?)

Jae Seok, how can you eat again?

Come on, I had to step out while eating.

- He's really enjoying the food. - They are so delicious!

We all are stuffed.

You did a good job. You created something really tasty.

Are you sure?

- Of course! - Do you think this place is fake?

- This place is fake. - Is that so? I should pick another.

(I need to avoid what she picks.)

How could you!

This is so tender. Anyone wants to try the jeon?

Is this the gray mullet jeon?

It's my first time having it.

(Gray mullet is sliced into thin pieces and coated with egg.)

(Admiral Yi Sun Shin had this jeon after winning the battle.)

(One bite)


- It tastes really nice. - Wow, it tastes so good.

(How would So Min who tries it for the first time react?)

It's delicious.

(A wonderful combination of soft gray mullet and savory eggs)

We really like the jeon, but the elders would love it too.

True! My parents would love it.

Aren't I right? Parents would like this dish.

My parents as well.

It's really tasty that I get to think of my parents.

This is really good. And the price is reasonable.

It tastes really savory...

- and light! - Light.

Do that again?

It's savory and light.

(Their sisterly vibe)

(What are they doing?)

The meals of great men in history did not...

- contain red pepper powder. - How's that?

Chili powder was first brought in during the Japanese invasions.

- I see! - But we didn't use it...

for the meals of great men.

For the meals for Sejong the Great and Admiral Yi Sun Shin,

chili powder wasn't used as it was first brought in...

after the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592.

So it is obvious that there's no chili powder on the dish.

- He's right. - That's correct.

- Oh, he's smart! - I give customers regular kimchi...

when asked, otherwise I serve white kimchi.

- Oh, that is why. - We almost finished it.

(There isn't any chili powder for all the side dishes.)

That's why the white kimchi is served...

Because there wasn't chili powder at that time.

There isn't any red-colored food here.

(The meals of great men in history are based on the historical fact.)

- The taste is perfect, - So delicious.

but the two owners look unnatural.

You think this place is suspicious.

Yes, the two owners seem very awkward.

The restaurant is perfect,

but it doesn't seem like they suit this place.

- I agree! - What makes you think so?

The owners don't suit this place.

Their skin is too nice. They don't have any wrinkles.

I don't know maybe they were nervous or something,

but how they placed the dishes was...

somewhat weird.

(The food is being served.)

(Observing closely)

(She seems awkward with serving.)

The only thing suspicious here are the owners.

- Very true. - So unnatural.

I think we should get a hint.

We definitely need a hint.

Okay. The game we're playing here is simple.

It's called, "Five Seconds Speed Quiz".

- Well... - Five Seconds Speed Quiz?

- Yes, that's right. - So what is it?

(A team game, 3 wins out of 5)

(First, shout out the team name to get a chance.)

It goes like, "Give me 5 names of foods in 5 seconds."

How can we say 5 things in 5 seconds?

Oh my goodness, is it even possible?

(Of course!)

- Let's go. - Let's make the team names first.

- Any idea? - How about "1st rank", "2nd rank"?

- I think we are... - How about "Turkey"?

- Okay. We're Team Turkey. - Okay.

- How about "Fairy Pitta" for us? - Fairy Pitta?

- Fairy Pitta. - Fairy Pitta.

- Turkey! - Fairy Pitta!

Okay. Team Turkey.

So can Jae Seok raise his hand randomly?

- Hyun Ju, you sit in my spot. - How come?

- Because it seems risky. - Yes, it's risky.

What do you mean by that?

It means, dangerous.

This spot is smaller. Isn't it more comfortable there?

Not really.


Thank you for being considerate. Let's go.

- Jessi, put your legs together. - Let's go.

- Put your legs together like this. - I can't do that now.

Okay, you stay. We'll help you out.

(Forced carefulness)

- How's it now? - Come on. My pants are too tight.

- Hey! - So we're helping you.

- Hey, hey! - Hey, come on.

She's restrained.

- She is. - Too restrained.

Hyun Ju has to feel the restraint at least for once.

All right. Here goes the quiz.

Give me 5 words with 5 syllables in 5 seconds.

- What are the words? - Can we do this?

(Jun Ho has a strong desire to win.)

Fairy Purkey!

- Hey! - He said it wrong. It's our turn!

- Just say them in order. - Fairy Pitta!

- No, we're Turkey. - Turkey!

Wait. We want to change our name to "Fairy Purkey."

(The cause of the name change)

- We want to be Fairy Purkey. - Okay. Accepted!

- Fairy Purkey from now on. - Yes, Fairy Purkey.


Kimchi fried rice, omurice, Nigeria, Luxembourg...

In front of my house.

- In front of my house? - What's with that?

(This is my chance!)

Fairy Pitta, Fairy Pitta! Luxembourg, Nigeria...

- Fairy Pitta! - We're Fairy Purkey!

- Fairy Purkey? - Yes, Fairy Purkey!

(The curse of fairy pitta)

It was all because of you!

- Mi Joo! No, Turkey! - We're Fairy Purkey?

Luxembourg, Nigeria, kimchi fried rice,

- omurice, a front yard at my house! - A yard at my house!

Fairy Purkey!

Why do you keep going for my house thing?

- Go again, again! - Fairy Purkey!

- Fairy Purkey! - Luxembourg, Nigeria,

Argentina, Malaysia, kimchi fried rice!


(Yes, I got it!)

(The hero of Fairy Purkey)

- Hey, Na Ra! - She was moving limply.

I thought you were calling a taxi.

It's too early for that.

(An usual scene at midnight nearby Hongdae)

Her wavy moves. Moving limply.

Come on, I majored in dance!

You forgot everything you learned?

Give me 5 names of Korean movies with 4 syllables in 5 seconds.

- Korean movies? - How can we do that?

- Yes, names of Korean films. - Korean films?

What can we think of?

(I want to get the answer...)

- Okay, Fairy Pitkey! - No! Fairy Purkey!

- What is Fairy Pitkey now? - Turkey!

Turkey! "Sex Is Zero", "Extreme Job",

"The Outlaws", "The Girl Next Door"...

- "Oldboy". - Is it really a movie?

(What does the girl do?)

It is! There's a movie named that.

We can look it up. There will be one just like that.

- Oh, come on. - I'm sure there is!

- How did you know about that movie? - It seems like there is, but...

(She's only thinking about the answers.)

- Fairy Purkey! - I don't know! I give up!

"Mountain Strawberries 1", "Mountain Strawberries 2",

"Mountain Strawberries 3", "Mountain Strawberries 4"...

That's foul play.

(I'm not playing this game.)

- Turkey! - Turkey.

("Oldboy", "Turkay")

(What is that?)

What? Isn't it correct? "Oldboy"?

Hey! Come on!

Fairy Purkey! "The Unjust", "Sex Is Zero",

"Homme Fatale", "Oldboy", "A Violent Prosecutor".

(Jun Ho succeeds twice in a row.)

Jun Ho, you're so awesome! You're so good at it.

(You are no fun!)

You are no fun!

(Deeply hurt)

You're no fun at all because you're too good at it.

And I'm sorry, so sorry for saying this,

but can you please laugh like this?

Oh, did I reveal myself too much?

(It's a chaotic singing feast.)


- Way to go, Jun Ho! - You did too well.

- You did a really good job. - Come on, show us the dance.

(He dances when he's told to.)

- Let's go to my house. - Okay. Let's go.

- Let's go. - I wish I could go.

- Hurry up! - This quiz is to go easy on Jessi.

Let's go.

Give me 5 names of foreign actresses in 5 seconds.

Okay, Turkey! Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow...

Scarlett Johansson!

(His lips look like they have a lot to say.)

- Fairy Purkey! Go, Na Ra! - Sophie Marceau,

Phoebe Cates, Julia Roberts...

- Emma Thompson, Emma Watson. - Jessi!

Jessi! Emma Stone, Angelina Jolie,

- Scarlett Johansson... - Go Doo Shim!

Go Doo Shim! What?

(A friendly name popped out.)

- Go Doo Shim! - Go Doo Shim.

- No! - Fairy Purkey!

- Fairy Purkey! - Fairy Purkey!

Fairy Purkey!

- Why did you say her name? - Why not?

- What's wrong with her name? - How could you!

Why do you have a problem with her name?

- You don't know her? - Come on!

Emma Stone, Annette Bening, Juliette Binoche...

- Hold on a minute! - One more chance!

Hold on. You really said Go Doo Shim?

- It was Sang Yeob. Jessi! - Your team name.

- Let's go, Jessi. Turkey! - Turkey!

- Emma Stone. - Emma Stone...

- You said that twice. - Come on, what are you doing?

Tumo Chilboshi.

- Fairy Purkey! - Chilmoshi.

- Fairy Purkey! - Okay, go!

- Julia Roberts, Annette Bening, - In 5, 4...

- Juliette Binoche, Emma Stone, - In 3, 2...

- Meg Ryan! - One.

- Good. Great! - You did great.

Look. A variety show should be fun.

Look at Jessi. She said Go Doo Shim!

Go Doo Shim!

- I can do that too. - You did well!

You should've also said Jeon Won Ju.

Hey, Hyun Ju. Today you look like...

Kim Jong Seo from behind.

- No, Kim Kyung Ho. Kim Kyung Ho. - Oh, come on!

(A little mimicking)

(I majored in dance.)

- I look like a rocker? - Maybe?

I feel dizzy.

- It was an overwhelming victory. - Wow, it was?

It's no fun. Let's wait in the car.

I got this article.

(So Min gets a vision hint.)

(The twin owners getting into university together)

As they mentioned earlier, they are twins who entered the university...

ranking the two tops of the major.

But they've already told us about it.

It's plausible that they can run this place together.

If not, they both were cast,

and they acted.

It didn't seem like they were fake.

This restaurant seems so real.

(Am I the meal of a king?)

(A meal that recreates meals of great men of history)

(1. The actor-like owners who majored in dancing)

(2. The atmosphere of someone living that feels too forced)

(3. The owners who are not used to serving)

(Is this place real or fake?)

Did you wear your seat belts? Seat belt!

- Sang Yeob's wearing it now. - Gosh.

- No, Sang Yeob. Come this way. - Okay.

Mi Joo is the only one that takes care of Sang Yeob.


Mi Joo!

He's my man

I think this is better.

(Sang Yeob...)

Mi Joo keeps stealing my boyfriend!

- No! He's not interested in me. - Do you really want to date him?

Do you really mean it? Tell us honestly.

- What do you think about Jessi? - Stop it.

(I approve of this couple.)

Jun Ho is good at games.

Megan Fox.

- Angelina Jolie. - Yes.

- Scarlett Johansson. - Yes.

Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Lawrence.

They rhyme.

- They don't. - Don't they? Jennifer.


Didn't you rhyme with Jennifer?

But why are you speaking to me as if you're speaking to a friend?

(Jun Ho is in the wrong.)

(Bad words)

You jerk.

(Right up his alley)

- I love it. - She's swearing at him!

You like this? Do you like something like this?

I can do it too.

- You jerk. - Sure, do it to me.


That was so cute.

- I'll start driving. - That's right.

- He likes it. - That's so cute.

- But Jae Seok. - Why?

How do you feel about meeting So Min twice a week?

It's sickening.

When So Min is in "Running Man",

- Yes. - she's quite free.

But here, she teases you a lot.

Because in "Running Man", I'm the youngest,

but here, I have people younger than me...

like you and Mi Joo, you jerks!

(Suddenly getting angry)

You jerks!

(Right up his alley again)

Everyone should gather under Na Ra.

This won't do, we should get together once.

Jae Seok, I'll discipline them. They are way too relaxed.

- Discipline yourself first. - Do it yourself first.

I have a question. Do I need to go too?

You need to come too since you joined later than me.


Na Ra, I'll get it all sorted out.

(Sixth Sense School is noisy yet again today.)

Jae Seok.

- What? - Where's the next place?

- The hamburger restaurant. - Yes!

But I've never heard of fried burgers.

We should check what they fried.

I'm a burger expert.

But it does sound delicious.

- Really? - Yes. All fried food is tasty.

That's true.

(They arrive at the second spot.)

Here... Nakwon?

It's here?

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 2)

(Even shoes taste good fried! How great would a burger be?)

(Fried burger)

(Today's second spot is a rising hot place, Hip-Jiro.)

Gosh, there are so many pretty lights.

There's a burger restaurant at a place like this?

There's a burger restaurant here?

It's a bit strange for a burger restaurant to be here.

This place feels fake. I can smell it already.

(The alley is not a place where you would find restaurants.)

There is a food department store.

Food department store?

Is it like a cafeteria?

Is it outdoors? It's not, is it?

- Outdoor... - It's outdoor!

My goodness!

(When you go up the stairs like a maze from the 1st floor, )

(another area unfolds on the 3rd floor.)

- Gosh. - They really have it.

Hold on. This...

Hold on, this looks similar to the chicken place!

It looks very familiar.

(A rather familiar exterior design)

(The neon sign that reminds them of the chicken place in season 1)

(Container, We'll Give You All the Chicken)

(Is this place fake as well?)

But this place is called Hip-Jiro which is getting popular nowadays.

So a lot of places like this are coming up.

(A lot of hip restaurants are being opened.)

Looks like they have the first store.

They could've just simply put as the second store.

This must be real.

- Is it real? - Doesn't it feel that way?

- If it looks like this, it's real. - But the chicken restaurant...

Na Ra, look. This is the second store.

It means there's the first store as well.

- Is this real or fake? - This place looks fake too.

I'm going crazy. This place looks fake too.

(I feel the way Jun Ho feels.)

But when you look around, I doubt that...

people will actually come here to eat.

- It doesn't blend in, right? - Yes.

The sense of disparity is strong.

(The sense of disparity from being too different with other shops)

(This has been conducted after hand sterilization and fever check.)


Gosh, this...

(What is the interior like?)

(The open kitchen that welcomes them as soon as they enter)

(Unique interior that looks like you're at a campsite...)

(when you go in deeper)

(Even Hip-Jiro vibe menu using T-shirts)

(It's full of Hip-Jiro vibe. Is this place real?)

Why does it smell so new?


I have very good nostrils.


It feels a bit like the roller coaster burger place.

(The interior designs look the same with the fake restaurant.)

Maybe the contractor who worked on that restaurant...

came over here to work on here as well.

Na Ra, that roller coaster burger restaurant...

- I can smell it! It's similar. - Yes.

- Instead of food smell, - Exactly.

I can smell something artificial.

It smells new.

I can smell it. This place is fake.

Gosh, I got it right off the bat.

Maybe they opened it recently.

That's strange too! A place that's recently opened.

I can keep smelling the paint.

Let's sit down first.

First, this place...

(Why is it so cold?)

Can we turn up the temperature?

No, just leave it. It will get hot later.

Jae Seok, then the cover...

Gosh, yes.

- What are you doing? - Goodness.

(He who was watching this scene...)

(He's coming.)

Tilt it up a bit then. Come on.

(Indifferent and chic)

(You're not cold now, right?)

(Sang Yeob...)

So cool!

Use your brain, guys!

You've never used your brain until now!


They already have pet names!

Hey, Mi Joo!

I never imagined that we'll have a love interest...

in Sixth Sense.

(Us too.)

- Right? - It's here.


Firstly, if it is...

a fake restaurant,

there's no reason for them to turn on the air conditioner so strong.

If it's fake, they can just set up one and turn it on.

(Is that so?)

What if there were two to begin with?

The floor is very rough too.

It should be slippery.

(The floor is not oily considering that it's a fried burger place.)

I think the coke is set up unnaturally.

Me too. I thought about that too.

- Isn't that a bit unnatural? - With the cups lined up.

Is it necessary to put coke there?

(Unnatural placing of the objects)

Jun Ho finally...

started to get confused like all the other guests so far.

(He's already out of of his mind halfway.)

His eyes are slowly losing focus.

I really thought the first place was fake.


But when I saw the menu here,

- I started to get confused. - Exactly.

It looks like they took over yesterday.

But look.

Go to the last place, and it will drive you crazy.

It will indeed.

All the guests go back crying.

- I saw the menu just now. - Yes.

- It's making me salivate. - Really?

(Various burger menu written on the T-shirts)

Let's meet the owner first.

- Hello. - Hello.



Hello, I'm the owner of a premium snacks restaurant.

My name is Seon Jong.

We opened last September...

and we are placed in Daelim Shopping Center,

the hippest place in Euljiro.

The concept of the store...

is camping, so the interior is designed as such.

We sell fried handmade burgers.

You might've never heard of fried burgers before.

But as you know, anything fried tastes good.

Fried seaweed rolls, fried vegetables,

fried sweet potatoes and so on.

I was looking for a unique and special fried food...

in Hip-Jiro.

I fried a normal burger by chance,

but it was too greasy.

So after going through a lot of trial and error,

we came up with our own handmade fried burger.

It really tastes good.

You'll know once you try it.

Recently, our restaurant is spreading on the SNS...

as a hot place.

Now, a lot of customers visit our restaurant.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

- Hello. - Hello, sir.

Fried burgers sound rather unfamiliar and unique.

Won't it be too greasy?


When we made it oily initially,

there were a lot of leftovers.

- So we tried various ways. - They couldn't finish it.

After a lot of trial and error,

we found that black buns absorb less oil.

So we use it.

And we made a machine to seal the burger.

So if you grill it once,

it's not as greasy.

That took us about six months.

(It took them 6 months to become perfect.)

A lot of youngsters come,

and customers in their 70s come as well.

- Some people come for coffee too. - I see.


Frying a burger like this...

Isn't this basically the first place to do so?

Yes, we're the only restaurant in Korea.

But Hyun Ju said she heard about it.


(His loudest laugh throughout the filming)


It's her first time hearing that.

I've never heard about this restaurant.

You said you know it. "This exists!"

(Here's the proof.)


The signboard says this is the second store.

How many stores do you have?

We have two stores.

The first store is nearby as well.

The first store is nearby?

(Two stores nearby each other?)

What was your job before the burger business?

- Samsung C and T. - Samsung C and T?

I used to work there. Then I quit in 2017...

and started this business last year.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who open a restaurant...

after they work in big companies.

(That's me.)

What are we going to eat here?

Whole shrimp burger, hot tonkatsu burger,

and cheese fondue burger.

Cheese fondue burger sounds good.

If you like cheese, you'll like it.

Sir, then please prepare the burgers.

(It's time to get ready to welcome fried burgers.)


I don't really know,

but one of the things that makes me...

- unexpectedly believe in him... - Yes.

is that he looks like he works in Samsung C and T.

(He looks like he works in a big company.)

I totally agree.

Last time, the roller coaster restaurant's owner...

was also someone like him, wasn't he?

- He worked in a big company... - Was he?

Yes. That place was fake.

(It's not easy.)

(The awaited moment to meet the fried burgers)

(Before tasting them, let's enjoy the cooking process.)

(Place the base sauce on a fresh bun.)

(Place a patty on the sauce, and it's done.)

(The special machine of this place! Seal the edges of the burger!)

(The smell of grilling burger that makes you salivate)

(Fried burger starts now!)

(Thoroughly cover the burger with the coating!)

(This is the highlight! Put the burger into frying oil.)

(Not only does it make you salivate, but the sound dominates your ears.)

(Handmade fried burger is ready!)

(Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside)

(Crazy visuals and crazy taste, 3 types of fried burgers)

- Gosh, it looks good. - I know, right?

- It's fascinating. - It is.

- It looks good. - It looks like a croquette.

(From the side menu that you can eat together...)

(to the main menu, the visual whets your appetite.)

It's not something we imagined.

They closed the edges tight.

So the inside doesn't get fried.

So it's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

(Looking forward to the cut section of the fried burger)

(Hot tonkatsu burger)

My goodness!

There's cheese inside like this.

(Whole shrimp burger)

Gosh, there's something here.

This looks like it will be popular.

This is pretty legit!

(But it looks somewhat familiar.)

This plating.

- We'll Give You All the Chicken. - We'll Give You All the Chicken.

It's too similar with We'll Give You All the Chicken.

(Both the entrance and the plating are similar.)

Don't the side menu look like they bought it from somewhere?

Even the salad looks like...

they just sprinkled oriental dressing.

(Are the side menu commercial food?)

It looks good.

(It's time to start eating in earnest.)

(How does the shrimp burger taste like?)

(His facial muscles work hard today yet again.)


This is so good.

Jae Seok said he's not going to eat, but he's the one eating the most.

(Meanwhile, Sang Yeob is sweet.)



- This is good. - It's not greasy.

I thought it would be very greasy,

but because of the pineapples, it's very fresh.


(Cheese stretching)

I dipped into the cheese.

(They take a bite at the same time.)

(How does cheese fondue burger taste?)

- It's delicious. - It's delicious.

It's not as greasy as I thought.

The bun is not oily at all. How fascinating.

It tastes so good.

This thought came to my mind.

It tastes exactly like what the owner said just now.

A taste that went through trial and error for a long time.

That's true. It tastes like they put in a lot of effort.

- Right? - They put in a lot of effort.

- Agreed. - He's very excited.

(I agree.)

- It tastes better with the sauce. - It tastes even better.

(Fried burger's another delicacy, strawberry jam)

Is it good? I'll try with the jam.

Try dipping it. It's really good.

(He spreads the strawberry jam thoroughly.)

It's less greasy when you eat with the jam.


It tastes like...


Monte Cristo.

- I really liked it. - Yes.

I really liked it too.

It is a sandwich fried like this.

But they dip it in strawberry jam.

- This is the same. - They copied it.

Did they really copy that?

But that's not a burger.

But maybe they used it as a benchmark.

(Did they benchmark Monte Cristo sandwich to make fried burgers?)

I'm a burger expert.

(There she goes again.)

It tastes good.

(What is the evaluation of the self-proclaimed burger expert?)


It just tastes like tonkatsu.

It is tonkatsu.

(I see.)

(The reliability of the expert drops.)

This burger is very Korean style.


For American-style burgers, we eat like this...

and get food on our mouths messily...

like Jae Seok. That's how we eat.

It's not easy for Jae Seok...

to not get food on his mouth.

- Gosh, you... - Why?

How can you...

- Why? - Teasing him with his looks...


I wasn't feeling bad about it until just now!

Now I'm feeling terrible because of you!


- This place is real. - I think this place is real.

- You think it's real? - I think it is.

I think this place is fake.



Because why would they go so far to make burgers like this?

- This place is real. - Right?

So Min, this is real. Because when you just said...

why they would go so far, the owner just went...

He sighed.

Is that an act too?

- He was so disappointed. - Maybe he's acting.

(Is the sigh real?)

- We'll play a game. - Okay.

Let's do well this time.

The game we'll be playing is Genre Three Letters Game.

- What is this? - Three Letters Game?

This is how you play the game.

(It's a team match.)

(Genre Three Letters Game: After a genre is given, )

(continue the sentence in 3 letters following the rhythm.)

(As long as they win once, the team with less fails will get the hint!)

- It's one-way, right? - Genre. Rated.

Rated! We like it.

(Worries coming in waves)

I need to make a good story.

- Okay, start. - Me?

- Okay. - Start!

That night!

I took off my clothes.



- At the side. - Go.

I touched.

You first.

One more time.

(You first...)

(One more time?)


One more time.


(What is this?)


How am I supposed to finish this?

(They're the happiest when they tease Jae Seok.)

One more time, what? One more time!

Shall we touch?

- You can say this! - My goodness!

- It's funny. - Shall we touch one more time?

How can you already say that as the second person?

Let's try again. It's fun!

- The genre is romance. - Romance.

Wait, romance. I should go to the middle!

Romance. Start!

In my hometown.


In my hometown.

(The protagonist suddenly returns home.)

(Can't believe what she heard)


- It's not even "Hometown Legends". - Why?

- In my hometown! - In my hometown.

In my hometown.

(Okay, I'll continue.)


- I went there. - That's right.

She was...

My house.

In front of it.

(Satisfied rural romance designer)


(In front of my house?)

Took off her clothes.

(She took off her clothes?)

(The genre suddenly changes to rated.)


(Changing room)

Took off her clothes.

- Hey! - Took off her clothes.

(Unexpectedly passionate romance)

(They fail as they couldn't control the rating.)

- It was good! - In front of your hometown house...

Why would she take off her clothes?

- Jae Seok! - Don't!

Did I go back to my hometown for this?

(A big stir in the hometown due to the unexpected event)

Did I go back to my hometown for this?

(He can't breathe properly from the unconventional hometown romance.)

- Did I... My goodness. - How lively.


Let's go with rated again.

- Rated... - We'll start with Jae Seok.

- This is too difficult. - Okay.


- The place... - Okay.

that I mention...

Keep it in mind when you continue. Got it?

- We should filter our words. - Yes.

Here we go. Three Letters Game. Start!

In my mother-in-law's house.

(Whose house?)

(Another unconventional place after hometown)

- Hold on. Mother-in-law's house? - Mother-in-law's house is a bit...

(The frontier of rated locations)

(Trying to breathe)

- Mother-in-law's house for rated? - Start! In mother-in-law's house.

(They continue with the game first.)

I went there.

The sister-in-law...

- Told me to come. - Stop!


(His censorship is triggered.)


(Let's take cover.)

- Stop! - Why?

Why? Jae Seok...

(Who told you to start with mother-in-law's house?)

- You guys... - It's rated!

You're the one who said mother-in-law's house first!

- Why! - You guys are nuts!

- Sit down! - You guys are nuts!

We're not done!

- Let's finish this. - Start again.

- What's wrong with sister-in-law? - Again?

- You guys are nuts. - Let me tell you something.

- You're at mother-in-law's house... - Jae Seok!

Let's do something else that's not rated.

- Youthful romance. - Youthful romance.

- Okay, youthful romance. - This is doable.

- Let's go. - Okay.


Let's go out with me.


What to do?



Another person...

(Everyone is immersed with the fluttering buildup.)

I'm seeing.

(Sorry, I'm seeing someone else.)

(The viewers' reactions explode at the heartbreaking ending.)

(The bad guy's literary talent is in full bloom.)

- Great! - That was pretty good, wasn't it?

- That wasn't so bad. - I like youthful romance like this.

- That was good. - That wasn't so bad.


This is high teen, but it's a bit of garbage.

- It was good. - It's a bit garbage.

- It's a bit sad. - It's a sad romance story.

- The game is over. - It was great.

Jae Seok got it wrong the most.

That's not true!

- You got a lot of them wrong. - He's right, you did.

So we'll give the hint to the opponent team of Jae Seok.

(Team Jun Ho earns the hint.)

(Revealing the hint of the fried burger place)

"A meal kit page for fried burger".

Oh, it must be their website.

"Items included in the homemade fried burger combo."

Wait, a meal kit? Doesn't that mean it's sold online?

Hold on, if the meal kit is real,

then the staff could've bought it and fried the burger here.

That must be it.

But the burger tasted...

like it was fried on the spot.

It didn't taste like it was microwaved.

So even if they sell the meal kit online,

it wouldn't be nice if their customers microwave it at home.

(A fake that benchmarked the existing meal kit?)

(Or do they actually sell the meal kit online?)

(Everything fried tastes good, fried burger)

(1. A fried burger that you can buy online as a meal kit)

(2. The floor that doesn't have any oil)

(3. The owner looks like he works for a big company.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

- Let's get going. - Let's go!

- Be careful. - Fasten your seatbelt, okay?

- Yes! - Come on.

- Now we're going to have halibut. - Halibut.

Yes, let's go have some raw fish. Oh, it's halibut shaved ice.

I really wish Jae Seok could become younger than me just once.

- Just once. - I'd want it for a lifetime.

What will you do to me if I were younger than you?

I want to tease you all I want.

(Teasing Jae Seok is on their bucket list.)

I want to say everything I held back to say.

It's true that older women adored me more.

- Right? - Yes, older women adored me.

What about you, Jun Ho? Do older or younger women like you better?

He's the type that older women would like.

(Bursting into laughter)

Your tone just now...

(Silencing herself)

Jun Ha is... No, I meant Jun Ho...

- Did you mean Jung Jun Ha? - "Jun Ha"?

Are you talking about Jung Jun Ha?

- I didn't mean Jun Ha. - Right.

Jun Ho is the type that every woman,

regardless of their age, would like.

- What about me, Jae Seok? - What?

- What about me? - You'd be adored by older guys.

- Older guys? - That's true.

He's right. What about me, Jae Seok?

- What about me? - That'd be older guys.

Right, older guys would adore you.

That's not true. Younger girls and mid-aged women adore me too.

For Na Ra, younger women would adore you more.

- Bingo. You're right. - Right?

For Mi Joo, your seniors would adore you,

and you'd be criticized by your colleagues.


- I can't blend in with them. - Adored and criticized.

I can't blend in with my colleagues.

I like younger guys too.


- That's your preference. - That's what you prefer.

I think that's where conflicts occur.

(She just found out what went wrong with her past relationships.)

(While laughing and talking, they entered Gangnam.)

I don't think I can eat halibut shaved ice.

- I don't think I can have it. - Jae Seok, by shaved ice...

What do they mean by halibut shaved ice?

If it's just regular shaved ice, I'd be happy to have it.

- Me too. - I'd love to have it too.

But I don't think I can have halibut shaved ice.

I want to have mango shaved ice.

- What's halibut? - It's fish.

Oh, my gosh!

But if they pull this off, it'd be really confusing.

But it somehow sounds real.

- Are we almost there? - Yes.

I've never seen a shaved ice place around here.

I don't think there's a shaved ice place here.

(What's the place that sells halibut and cilantro shaved ice ceviche...)

(and salted hairtail guts spaghetti?)

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 3)

(What's with this combination?)

(Halibut and cilantro shaved ice ceviche...)

(and salted hairtail guts spaghetti)

This place is really nice though.

- It's nice. - It's really quiet.

Let's go. Hey, move, move.

- Move, move. - Let's move. Come on!

Such restaurant is in the residential area?

I don't think...

There's a shaved ice place around here?

- It must be that place. - Where? Is this it?

- Is it this place? - Wait. I can smell it.

This is...

We're in trouble. I don't think we can pick the fake one.

I don't think I can tell from the outside.

- This place is real. - I know, it's real.

How are we supposed to pick a fake today?

How did they make this? There's no way they made the glass.

(Showing off her cuteness out of nowhere)

Every place is real today. Jae Seok, every place is real.

I can't tell at all.

So Min!

So Min, come back here.

Let's go inside now.

- Come on. - It's so pretty though.

- Is this the place? - How pretty!

It's quite grand.

I want to own a building like this one.

I don't think we can pick a fake. Every place looks real.

All three of them are real.

This place is real.

There's a notice too. "Prepare to scan your QR code."

They got this in advance too.

This place is real.

- It's real. - I think this place is real.

This place is real.

- What's going on? - Isn't this place real?

I don't think we can pick a fake today.

- What? I can't tell! - Right?

- This place is real. - It's real. Look how neat it is.

This place is so pretty. Oh, my.

(Pretty kitchen tools and clean tableware...)

(that the owner picked out with his exquisite taste)

Their interior design is to my liking.

Items like this.

(It's filled with antique items.)

It's impossible. The staff couldn't have prepared this.

How did they set this place up?

It's impossible.

Tables like this are really expensive.

Hold on. Listen. They could've done this.

They could've set up the dining area...

in the existing place.

(Did the staff renovate a closed restaurant?)

(This is hard.)

- Wait! There's a brick oven! - They even have a brick oven.

(Did the staff renovate a pizza place?)

It's a pasta place, so they must sell pizza too.

This place is real! They even have a fish tank.

This place is real.

(They even have a fish tank to sell the halibut shaved ice?)

(But it's filled with clams and octopuses, not halibut.)

Have a seat. Come on.

Let's sit down first!

(Is it a real restaurant in business or a renovated closed restaurant?)

- My gosh, this is... - You startled me!

(You startled me!)

(Scared out of her wits)

- Jae Seok! - What?

Gosh, seriously...

- Let's meet the owner. - Okay. Sir!

Sir! Welcome.

The owner is a man.

- He must be the chef. - He's quite handsome, isn't he?

Hello, I'm the owner of the restaurant,

Kyung Ho, and I have 13 years of experience as a chef.

The meaning of our place is "a way to the countryside".

I'm making dishes that are unrefined, simple,

and warm, just like the atmosphere in the countryside.

I plan to continue making unrefined dishes.

That's why I have a small farm as well.

In summer, I grow many different types of herbs.

I want to add as many herbs as possible.

That's why I have the small farm.

We have a dish called halibut and cilantro shaved ice ceviche.

It's a dish that can't be found anywhere else.

Many customers order the dish...

after seeing the ones uploaded on social media.

About two-thirds of the customers...

have salted hairtail guts spaghetti when they're here.

I counted how many are sold in a month because it's really popular.

About 300 to 350 dishes of hairtail guts spaghetti...

are sold in a month.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

- Hello. - Hello.

I'm running a casual dining place in Cheongdam-dong.

I'm Chef Lee Kyung Ho.

It's nice to meet you. How long have you been running this place?

It's been less than two years.

It hasn't been that long.

Two years?

Yes, it hasn't been that long.

(Looking anxious)

What does "rustic cuisine" mean?

("Rustic cuisine" is written everywhere in the restaurant.)

(What does it mean?)

Our restaurant's theme is New York-style rustic cuisine.

Rustic means country-like.

It's a restaurant that sells...

unrefined and simple dishes.

How did you start selling rustic dishes...

in Cheongdam-dong?

There are many Michelin-starred restaurants...

and fine dining places in this area.

I wanted to present the most rustic dishes...

in Cheongdam-dong, the most sophisticated place...

in Seoul.

But I think the restaurant looks like an upscale place.

(It's suspicious.)

Do you actually use halibut to make shaved ice?

Yes. Its official name is halibut and cilantro shaved ice ceviche.


(and cilantro...)

(meet shaved ice?)

Halibut and cilantro?

It's a menu that reinterpreted a dish called ceviche from Peru.

Ceviche is a dish where raw fish is cured in lemon or lime juices.

But it's a reinterpreted version.

Koreans love raw fish.

- So I serve raw fish. - Raw fish?

I turned its sauce into shaved ice.

- Sorry? - And I pour it on top.

What's the sauce made with shaved ice?

- Is it red beans? - Sorry?

Are there red beans in the sauce?


Red beans? No. I turned ceviche sauce into shaved ice.

Oh, you froze the ceviche sauce?

Just like freezing the broth of naengmyeon?

So it's like mulhoe.

It's similar to mulhoe.

- You can think of it as mulhoe. - I see.

We thought the combination would be weird.

Is the menu popular?

To be honest, halibut and cilantro shaved ice ceviche...

They see the photo of the menu on social media,

so they order it when they're here for the first time.

(He understands it now.)

What about the spaghetti?

You mean hairtail spaghetti?

Almost two-thirds of the customers that come to our place...

have that dish.

So it's a popular dish.

How much is it?

- Its price? - Yes.

- How much is it? - It's 23 dollars.

- You mean the spaghetti dish? - Yes.

The ceviche is 18 dollars.

- It's expensive. - It's expensive.

We're in Cheongdam-dong, that's why!

We're in Cheongdam-dong!

(He didn't expect this.)

Running a restaurant here is hard.

The rent is really high.

That's right! That's why the dishes are expensive.

(He's having so much fun.)

- Could you serve us the dishes? - Okay.

- Thank you. - Sure.

He looks like an actual chef.

This place must be real.

He does look like a real chef.

(She starts looking for a clue by sniffing.)


This place is real.

- I can smell pasta from the table. - Really?

(The pasta smell permeated in the table)

When you touch the table,

it's a bit sticky.

That means it's been used.

- Exactly. - You must be nervous.

But dish-wise, this place must be fake.

- I know, it's impossible. - But it's a pasta place.

What kind of shaved ice...

But his hands are shaking a lot.

(The chef looks nervous when he's making a dish he always cooks.)

- Are you flustered, chef? - Seeing him cook...

His hands are shaking a lot.

You must be nervous.

This place looks fake, seeing him cook.

I think male chefs who focus on cooking are really hot.

It's so cool when they use tongs to decorate a dish.

(Revealing shaved ice with halibut)

(1. Place raw halibut and corn on the dish.)

(2. Mix cilantro and other organic vegetables...)

(and sieve the mix.)

(3. Put the sauce in the machine, )

(and place the shaved sauce on the place.)

(4. Zest a lime on the shaved sauce to finish up.)

- It's here. - Come on!

- Thank you. - That's the shaved ice?

Oh, my gosh. Wait a minute.

It looks good.

Will I be able to try this?

I think it'd be edible.

It really is halibut shaved ice.

This is an actual halibut.

(Raw halibut showered with a cilantro sauce)

- This is... - Let me give you some.

Give me just a little.

Jae Seok wants only a little. It's hilarious.

- Oh, my goodness. - It smells really nice though.

Of course!

I'll try it.

(How does halibut and cilantro shaved ice ceviche taste?)

(Taking a bite of the shaved ice)


It's not bad.

(Having a big piece of halibut)


This is actually a delicacy.

The sauce goes well with halibut.

The fish itself is really good.

- The fish is good. It's chewy. - It's very fresh.

It's very bouncy, so to speak.

Because the icy sauce is put on top, the fish is really bouncy.

It's really refreshing.

I can smell the scent of cilantro.

It's not too strong though.

- It's sour and sweet. - Yes, it's sour.

It's really nice. I love it.

I didn't know you'd like it so much.

But this is really nice.

I can smell cilantro.

(Having a bite)

(Very flustered)


It's not the type of dish I like.

I love it.

- It's too sour. - It's so good.

Am I the only one who loves it?

- But it really is a delicacy. - You think?

It's not to Jun Ho's liking. I know his taste.

- You don't like it, do you? - How do you like it, Jun Ho?

Look at his face.

- It's a bit... - He just clenched his fist.

It's the first time clenching his fist today.

I was surprised at first,

but I got to like it...

- after trying a few pieces. - It's good, isn't it?

Don't lie. You only had one piece.

(Flustered that he got caught for lying)

- You only had one piece. - Jun Ho.

- No, that's not it. - I saw it too.

No, I did have a few pieces.

I had a few pieces.

(Checking the video)

(He had as many as 4 pieces.)

The taste was so unique...

that I was flustered. It's really unique.

It's like the taste of calamansi extract.

It's really sour.

Actually, I've never tasted something like this.

It tastes like an upscale dish.

- I know. - Right.

But you can't tell what an upscale dish is.

Oh, my gosh. He called it an upscale dish.




(Screaming out of anger)

Oh, my gosh!


Oh, my gosh, it smells!

(Refusing to smell it)


I have to wash my hair again!

You weren't going to wash it? You should.

Oh, my gosh!

(He hates it.)

(Getting back at him)

(Bursting into laughter)

They're actual chefs.

- But... - I think they're real.

The three of them look...

They look quite serious.

Also, they look like they're working at their workplace.

They're not talking much to each other.

They also hung their knives on the wall.

It's an actual kitchen used by chefs.

Look how nicely they're decorating the dishes. It's no joke.

(The decoration is amazing.)

This place must be real.

And the pepper grinder there.

- Wow, look at that! - Wow.

My gosh, this must be real.

- This must be real. - Bravo!

You haven't even tried it. Why would you...

It obviously looks good!

(Copying Jessi)

(My goodness)

This is...

- It obviously looks good. - I can tell from how it looks.

It's obvious.

It looks really good. My gosh.

- He put the hairtail on top. - He did.

(Hairtail spaghetti)

(Salted hairtail guts)

(Three different zucchinis)

(1. Stir-fry salted hairtail guts...)

(and three different zucchinis with spaghetti.)

(Deboning the hairtail)

(2. Grill the deboned hairtail on a pan.)

(3. Place the grilled hairtail on top of spaghetti.)

(4. Sprinkle bread crumbs and green onion on top.)

(Hairtail spaghetti is ready.)

- It's the best. - It's so pretty!

- It looks appetizing. - It's so pretty.

My goodness.

- He put the hairtail on top. - He did.

- My goodness. - This is incredible.

I know. I want to try it now.

- This is... - Look at the hairtail.

There's a reason why so many customers...

- have this. - Two-thirds of their customers do.

Many people eat this, right?


You see?

(You do the shooting, I'll take the empty dishes.)

(The swagger of the part-timer)

- I think she really works here. - Many people have this.

- She must really work here. - She completely ignored him.

She didn't hear me.

I think she really works here.

- You look really natural here. - Okay.

This dish has an amazing decoration.

It's really pretty.

I think it'll be really good.

- Let's just try it first. - Here we go.

It smells really nice.

- I'm going to be really honest. - Honest?

When were you not honest?

(Taking a bite)



It's so good!

(As soon as they take a bite, )

(they're mesmerized by its taste.)

The hairtail is really soft.

It's so soft that it melts in my mouth.

- It just melts. - It melts in my mouth.

(He's captivated by its taste.)

But I think...

Oh, my gosh! Jae Seok!

It's so savory!

They also added zucchini,

which makes the texture really rich.

I love that they added zucchini.

It neutralizes the saltiness.

Zucchini goes so well with hairtail.

- It's not fishy at all. - It's not.

But it might be fishy if you finish the whole thing.

- No, it won't. - It'll not be fishy.

It's so good!

So far, I've never...

(Bursting into laughter)

What? What were you going to say?

- Say it again. - Don't lie.

You know how I like pasta.

What were you going to say?

- I've never had one like this. - He's excited again.

(Anyway, it's really delicious.)

Who eats pasta like him?

(Solitary noodle lover)

Wait a minute.


He's shooting an eating show here.

(Highly satisfied)

He's eating it with gusto.

It's really good.

It's not that hairtail is salty. You need to have it with hairtail.

(Gulping down)

Jae Seok. Why is he eating so fast?

- It's so good. - It really is.

(He's addicted to the spaghetti.)

(Hitting the highest level of happiness)

Look how much I'm eating when I'm so full.

He finished the spaghetti!

(He's embarrassed.)

Come on. You can have this.

No, thank you! I don't want the leftovers.


Hey, they have some more.

Sang Yeob, share some with her.

I don't want it!

Then give it to me.

(She finds him hilarious.)

Isn't it really good?

It's so good! It's so soft.

- My gosh... - It's not salty at all.

Jun Ho, the thing is,

Jae Seok is a noodle "sicko".

Jae Seok is a noodle "sicko".

She means that he loves noodles.

- Oh, he loves noodles? - Hey.

- Why would you call me a sicko? - Oh, I meant...

- A noodle master. - Yes, he's a noodle master.

That's right, he is.

I've never heard anyone call me a sicko.

(Laughing out loud)

Tell us how you liked the dish.

This dish is unrivaled.


I love the fact that they made a delicious dish...

with rare ingredients.

But I got suspicious. Did you see that?

Did you see the fish tank? Doesn't it look out of place?

- It doesn't suit this place. - They had one like this...

in the other restaurant we went to.

- The mulhoe place. - They had a fish tank too.

Wasn't it the Pirate Bar or something?

(There was a fish tank at the bar that sells mulhoe.)

A raw fish place will have an open aquarium like that.

But a regular seafood restaurant wouldn't necessarily have that.

But a place like this would have to have a theme in place first.

But look over there.

There's a wood-fired oven right next to the aquarium.

Don't you think the water would get too hot if the oven were lit?

The clams inside the water?

Could you really regulate the temperatures with this?

- Even if they could... - That's true.

The wood-fired oven would make the air really hot.

Jae Seok, all the clams would cook.

The clams would all open up.

Yes, the water would boil.

- Because the stove is too close? - Yes.

That's too strange.

That's a good point.

- But So Min. - Yes?

I asked what you thought about the taste.


(The spectators in the gallery burst into laughter.)

You seem to have misunderstood.

(Very embarrassed)

All you have to do is tell us what you think of the taste.

So good.

- So good. - That's all you had to say.

- So good. - So good.

All three factors are perfect here.

The location, the chef, the food.

- You're right. - All three are a perfect fit.

And the shaved ice too,

when we asked the chef if it's popular,

he said it's only on the menu because of social media.

- He was pretty honest about it. - He said that's why it exists.

- That's true. - But that dish...

isn't all that attractive for posting on social media.

- It's not that pretty. - It doesn't make you want to try.

But there are a lot of people looking for unique foods to try.

These days, there are eating shows with unusual foods.

This place is perfect.

- There are no flaws here. - This one's real.

This one's real. I think today's answer is easy.

I think today's is pretty hard.

In that case, give us the hint for today.

Should we do that? Since you haven't gotten one yet?

Sure, we'll give it to you then. Take it.

This place is real.

(What is this? Hairtail spaghetti in Yeonnam-dong?)

(The hairtail spaghetti was amazing.)

Okay, that means that this could be a franchise,

or this is a copy of this dish.

(They looked at this posting and copied this dish.)

I don't think so,

because judging from the interior, this place has a certain atmosphere.

A person has a sixth sense.

When you come in, there's a certain something.

You can't deceive me.

Sixth Sense, come on.

(Isn't this menu crazy? Vol.3)

(Halibut and cilantro shaved ice and salted hairtail guts pasta)

(1. The owner is nervous considering it is the food he makes every day.)

(2. The restaurant is too luxurious for its country-style tastes.)

(3. The seafood aquarium doesn't fit the Western restaurant.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

(Heading to the voting booths)

To be honest, I'm not sure today.

- I really don't know today. - Today,

I'm really going to take a wild guess.

Jun Ho, what do you think?

I think I'll just go with my gut.

- I'm going with number 1. - So you're sticking with number 1.

The food was really tasty in the first place,

but the owner really seemed like an actress to me.

(The chef of King Sejong made this.)

I kept getting the feeling she was reciting memorized lines.

- Let's consult. - You really think...

a fake Korean food place would boil tea for us like that?

They would show us that much great service?

Is it number 1 or number 2?

You said number one seemed like it was all acting.

What about the smell of number two?

- The smell was a bit strange. - It smelled totally new.

But it hasn't been very long since number two opened,

so it's possible the restaurant smells like that as a result.

The fried burger took a lot of technical skills.

You can't fake that.

We might be being led astray by the taste though.

The owners seemed most awkward at the 1st and 3rd places.

Did you see his hands trembling as he prepared the halibut?

He seemed really nervous.

His voice was also shaking when he spoke.

(The price?)

(The owner's voice was trembling too.)

(Right now, it costs 23 dollars.)

It's so hard today.

Gosh. It's too hard today.

- It's so hard. - It's so hard.

Isn't this near your old agency, JYP?

It's right by there.

I liked JYP at this time.


For me, it was "I Hate You".

During that time, I watched music shows all the time.

(Listen to my heart)

(For 2PM, it has to be this song.)

(Waiting for you)

Mi Joo's so cute.

(In the meantime, they arrive at the voting booths.)

I think Jae Seok is a genius.

He knows the dance to every single song.

(I don't understand why you're like this.)

Mi Joo's a good dancer, right?

(Of course I am.)

Oh, gosh.

(The deity of dancing, the king of dancing)

(Makes Jun Ho shocked)

(Makes Jae Seok happy)


(Her footwork skills are impressive every time.)

(Thankfully, she finishes up before she dislocates her hip.)

- That's no joke. - You look like a pencil sharpener.

- Isn't that this dance? - Yes, the pencil sharpener dance.

Isn't this what you're doing?

(Why is this person getting all overexcited?)

(Mi Joo's pencil sharpening shop will sharpen all your pencils.)

How do you turn so quickly?

Na Ra, I think my intestines are getting all twisted up.

(She sharpened 1,467 pencils.)

She's no joke.

(Sixth Sense gives you a shock until the end.)

(The voting begins.)

(The guest Jun Ho votes first.)

Gosh, you scared me.

I'm going with number one.

It's not just my instinct.

When we asked her what the most popular menu item was,

even though there were only two menu items,

most people would answer with the more popular one.

But she hesitated there,

and she was skilled in changing the subject.

That's why.

(Which one do you think is fake?)

Am I right?

I really hope I'm right.


Hello! I'm myself today.

But today, it's very simple.

I've thought it was number two from the very beginning.

I'll go with number two.


Wait a minute.

(She changes her mind within 10 seconds.)

I need to get it right today...

for us to have an entertaining show today, right?

All right. I'll have faith, and I won't waver. Number two.

(Will Na Ra win her first pure gold as herself today?)

I don't know.

I don't know.

Is it this one? Or this one?

I'll go with this one.

(Each place has received one vote at this point.)

I really don't know.

Hello, I'm Jeon So Min.

It was really,

really hard today. It was no joke.

I've decided on number three.

(The top of Sang Yeob's head is thinking hard.)

It was all too perfect today.

It was all perfect, but...

I'll pick number one.

How do I pick again today?


I don't know.

I'm confident that I can get it wrong today.

I should get it wrong at least once, right?

At least once.

(Which one do you think is fake?)

(She's so confident she doesn't even look back.)


(Dashing back)

(Studying her ballot hard)

(Ultimately, she stays with her first pick.)

I'll reveal the voting results.

(I'll reveal the voting results.)

The 1st place had 4 votes, the 2nd had 1 vote, the 3rd had 2.

I'm the only voter for number two?

Na Ra was the only one who voted for number two.

- It would be amazing if Na Ra won. - It would be amazing.

It would be like a drama.

- I'll reveal the shocking results. - They're shocking?

Let's see them.

- Show us. - Please.

Play the video with the answer.

(Focus on your sixth sense, vision, hearing, sense of touch, taste, )

(and smell.)

(Focus on your sense of taste.)

(All of the foods tasted...)

(on Sixth Sense...)

(until now)

- So that was the beef cake. - Yes, we had it.

That was everything until now.

- We tried a lot. - We ate a lot of things.

"We hardened our resolve to prepare this."

(A crazy taste on another level)

It's meat.

(The perfect deception created through endless consultations)

This could never be fake.

(Is this a meal fit for a king? Meals for great men in history)


I really have no confidence in my choice of number one.

(Fried hamburgers)

Could it really be the burger place?

This was amazing.

But this was really a skill.

That was a real skill. That's hard to pull off.

Now I think it's that one.

(Halibut and cilantro shaved ice and salted hairtail guts pasta)

For me, it was this one.

I think it's this one.

But this also took a skill.

This was really delicious.

I think I got it wrong this time.

- This is driving me crazy. - Please, be the one.

Which one is it?

(Which is the fake that has bewildered your tongue?)

(Is it number 2, which only I chose?)


(Is it number 3, earning So Min her 5th win in a row?)

(Which is the fake that has bewildered your tongue?)

Na Ra, today could be your day.

What should I do? Please.


(Who will be...)

(the winner...)

(of the pure gold?)

(Which is the fake that has bewildered your tongue?)

- It's going on for so long. - Hurry up and show us, gosh.

(Who will be...)

(the winner...)

(of the pure gold?)

(Which is the fake that has bewildered your tongue?)

- It's going on for so long. - Hurry up and show us, gosh.

(The fake one was meals for great men in history.)

(Their hunt for pure gold was a success.)

(I got it right!)


(Smiling so broadly that all his gums show)

I really got it. I got it right.

(The drama's airing will be postponed by a week.)


- I really got it. I got the chills. - That one's really the fake one?

That one was really the fake one?

I got goosebumps, look.

(The great upset even gave him goosebumps.)

These goosebumps are amazing.

Jun Ho's the first guest ever to guess correctly.

(The first guest of Sixth Sense 2 to win pure gold)

Jun Ho, that was so great.

We'll play the video revealing the answer now.

But it was so delicious.

It really was delicious.

(What is the real identity of Gye-dong Dimibang?)

I wonder if our deductions were correct.

(Bukchon Hanok Village)

How did they even find this place?

(A suspicious entrance)

That's right.

(Through a narrow alleyway, )

(and through the gate)

- Oh, my gosh. - It was vacant.

- It was a house? - That's amazing.

Oh, my gosh.

- So that's how they made it? - One hundred years old?

That's insane.

That's too much.

(All over the place were traces of the passage of time.)

The scent of the place did seem old.

- Those were already there. - They were there already.

They just restored them.

Oh, my gosh.

(The half-open outer wall of the kitchen)

I didn't know they actually rebuilt it to this extent.

I thought the place was already built from the start.

They really had me completely fooled.

That's amazing.

- That is amazing. - They actually made the vent.

Oh, my gosh, wait a minute.

No wonder.

Yes, this.

And this. The hot pot rice machine. I even caught a glimpse of that.

I didn't even suspect that all that was built.

They really made it well.

(From custom-tailored props)

- They really made this well. - I had no idea about that.

This was really the best.

I think this was the best one to date.

- Yes, this one was no joke. - Yes, it was the best-made.

(Here comes the finishing touch.)

(These commercial tastes shock them every time.)

The commercial tastes are the best.

(I believed in the barley tea.)

That was awesome.

They really went that far?

- Oh, my gosh. - That far?

That was really amazing.

(And so it was completed.)

They're truly impressive.

Sixth Sense is really impressive.

- This one was really amazing. - It really was amazing.

(Welcome to the fake Korean place, Gye-dong Dimibang.)

Today was really the best. You can't find any of those things.

(The special menu here)

But it was so delicious.

The food was really great here.

It was so tasty.

- But it was all commercial tastes. - What about the clam soup?

Hello. My name is Ham Kyu Jin.

I've written a few books about history.

He's an expert on ancient history.

We're preparing a meal based on what King Sejong would've eaten.

- What? - Are there materials on this?

There isn't much on this topic.

- What about pogye? - I don't think he ate that.

- Seolleongtang? - I don't think that existed.

(What are you talking about?)

I'm sure that there would have been...

a good amount of meat on his table,

but other than that, we don't know much.

They don't know?

(Then how did they create the meal?)

(That's why we set out to research this ourselves.)

(Visiting the museum)

They went personally?

That is truly amazing. They studied so hard.

- Foods he liked included meat... - That's amazing.

- And cherries. - Hence the cherry rice cake.

They are so amazing.

They actually studied the "Nanjung ilgi"?

(Ultimately, they couldn't find any records of meals.)

- They actually studied history. - They worked so hard.

I don't think they have to go that far.

They're doing all that because we're still guessing right.

I feel bad for them.

(Jessi, if you would help us a bit, we might pull fewer all-nighters.)

But this is really amazing.

How did they develop all this food?

This time, they really made the food really well. It was really good.

- There's no red chili powder. - Yes, we left it out.

That's right, they wouldn't have red chili powder then.

I had no idea. But it was so delicious.

It was good.

So we can't eat this again going forward?

I was going to bring my parents there.

Oh, no.

(Sejong the Great Meal was fake.)

(What were the identities of the fake owners?)

Yes, the owners.

Who were the owners?

Hello, we're the twin sisters, Baek Hyun Sook...

And Baek Hyun Mi.

We're both actresses.

Oh, my gosh.

(No wonder.)

We debuted as actresses in 1977.

- No wonder. - We took on roles as twins.

- They were so pretty. - So we acted together...

in movies and dramas.

(They acted as twin actresses since they were children.)

- Do you know them, Jae Seok? - I don't know them.

I don't know them either.

(Do you remember this twin bar advertisement?)

Do you know them?

So that was them! I just got goosebumps.

(Jae Seok knows everything about TV.)

I was also in a lot of various historical dramas.

"Hur Jun", "Sangdo", "Jumong",

"Lee San, Wind of the Palace", "The Jingbirok",

- and "Dae Jang Geum". - No wonder she looked familiar.

I played a court lady in "Dae Jang Geum".


- That's right. - I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry I didn't recognize you.

A court lady who assisted at the king's side,

- and who tasted the king's food. - Did you call me?


(So this is what whale meat tastes like.)

I was the court-appointed food taster and court lady.

- She was so beautiful. - Right.

If it's hot...

But she looked really natural. It wasn't awkward.

That was really amazing.

(She showed off her memorizing skills.)

(Succeeded in transforming)

(Who does she think will be the easiest to deceive?)

Oh Na Ra. Doesn't she have terrible intuition?

Of course it's Oh Na Ra.

(The bad sensing staple of Sixth Sense recognized by all)

(It was a bad sensing today too.)

Na Ra, please have a bad sensing just once more for me today.


Sixth Sense members,

this place was fake.

(Meals for great men in history, Gye-dong Dimibang)

That was amazing.


I acknowledge this one.

(We fought well but it was a good loss.)

He's the first guest who guessed it correctly.

- That's amazing. - Jun Ho, that's impressive.

Here is the pure gold.

- Jun Ho, did you have fun? - How was it today?

I feel so proud now.

He was really stressed earlier.

I'm so jealous.

As soon as I get home...

(I'm going to bed with the pure gold as my pillow.)

- As soon as you get home. - As soon as I get home.

I got it wrong today on purpose.

- That's absurd. - I just got it wrong today,

because I felt bad for always guessing right.

So Min.

(Go to your house)

We'll see you next week.

- Thank you and goodbye. - Thank you.

(Let's all go home to our respective houses.)

(For the first time ever on Sixth Sense, )

(we have female guests coming.)

(The stars who will make the hearts of Jae Seok and Sang Yeob flutter.)

(Sixth Sense welcomes them as one.)

(Stay in my chest, my heart.)

(The empresses of adjectives)

(MAMAMOO's Moonbyul and Solar)

(No filter)

(Cool responses)

(She said this morning.)

(Oh, my gosh.)

(They can adapt to anything.)

(MAMAMOO members showcase how clever they can be.)

(They adapt to Sixth Sense 200 percent.)

(Cash-rich! Finding the wealthy commoner!)

(Ten thousand dollars a day?)

(That's 300,000 dollars a month.)

(Next week, the plot twist on a night shining with money)