Sixth Sense (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - The Fake Fortune Teller - full transcript

Actor Ha Seok Jin joins the Sixth Sensers. Since he is known for being one of the smart celebrities, he gives a sharp analysis. Today's theme is finding the fake fortune teller. The three fortune tellers have different methods of ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(At the height of summer,)

(full of the scent of greenery,)

(we welcome the Sixth Sensers.)

- Hello. - Hello.

I'm the triple crown winner, Jeon So Min.


I wore the wrong shoes.

I wore the wrong shoes.

Gosh, that's great.


I wore the wrong shoes.

They're sinking into the ground.

I wore heels today.

(I tried to dress up for the first time in a while too.)

(Just then,)

(a bright red aura approaches.)

You're sinking so deeply into the ground.

Na Ra, is it Christmas today? You're so red.

You production crew jerks.

(Na Ra is hopping mad at Sixth Sense.)

(Cowering under her rage)


- I've placed a mole today. - What is it? Why?

It's Na Ra Oh.

(A mole)

You really did put a mole on.

You know what that means, right?

I'm here to take revenge today. Today I fight for revenge.

- Today I fight for revenge. - That's why she's in red today.

(Extremely determined)

Na Ra was really mad last time.

(Her past humiliations from her terrible senses flash by.)

Na Ra is so frustrated right now.

- She's angry. - She's mad at tvN.

(Current pure gold scores)

So Min won 3 times, Jessi won 3 times,

I won twice, Mi Joo won twice,

and Na Ra and Sang Yeob have never won.

Oh, no.

(0 pure gold wins in 3 rounds)

Don't call me Na Ra.

- I've changed my name from today. - What is it now?

- It's Right Guesser. - Right Guesser?

- Yes, Right Guesser. - Why?

To say, I'll guess it right.

- Really? - Yes, I'm the Right Guesser.

(Showing her will to guess right this time)

Na Ra, you're really determined today.

- What's my name again? - Na Ra Oh.

- Please, don't. - I'm saying it's Right Guesser.

- Starting today, I'm Right Guesser. - My goodness.

Jessi's definitely felt a lot more cushioned,

but Na Ra's didn't.

(She doesn't have any pure gold or any cushioning.)

Don't tell me things like that.

- TMI. - Don't tell me or Sang Yeob that.

Really? What's it like?

(The type to need to feel it out for herself)

- Why are you so hard? - Right?

- Try bumping her. - What's wrong with you all?

- She's so hard. - I'm going insane.

- These girls drive me insane. - It's a crazy party.

You really drive me crazy.

This is so cute, Sang Yeob.

(Feeling proud)

- What's that bag? - He even wears lip tints.

(Looking cute)

This is because Sang Yeob wears lip tints.

- What do you wear? - I don't have any.

That's right, he wears lip tints.

- I don't have tints. Only lip balm. - Lip balm.

(I want to see it too.)

(Oh, no.)

(Mi Joo's falling down.)

What just happened?

Just stay still here.

Look at the holes she's leaving.

(There are holes all over the ground.)

- Mi Joo. - It's because I'm wearing heels.

There are so many holes.

Mi Joo, just stay still for a bit.

(At that moment, something catches Jae Seok's eye.)

But Jessi,

isn't it confusing when you put that top on?

- Which is the arm hole? - Where do you put your arms?


- Today's look is an armpit style. - Oh, really?

A style that just shows off your armpits.

I shouldn't have worn this under this either.

How can you not wear anything under that?

You shaved, right? Then it's fine.

(Of course.)

(Of course, I'm so clean.)

Why are you bringing up armpit hair now?

You can't say that here.

There are so many fans watching this.

- Come on, guys. - I do feel...

happy to see the cast again when I'm here,

but I do want to hurry home so badly at the same time.

Why are you bringing up armpit hair?

Let's introduce the guest who will be with us today.

Oh, my.

(A nose wrinkle reserved just for guests)

They're right there.

(There's already a pink mood here.)

- Please come out. - It's a man.

His silhouette is so slender.

He must be an idol.

He must be an idol.

- It's Seok Jin. - Who?

(Oh, my!)

- It's Seok Jin. - Oh, it's Seok Jin.

(Beloved for his very realistic acting)

(It's unrealistic that he was an engineering student.)

(One of Korea's top sexy brains)

(The famous actor, Ha Seok Jin)


- It's Seok Jin. - Oh, it's not Jee Seok Jin.

- It's Ha Seok Jin. - Ha Seok Jin.

- What is that? - Oh, no.

(Entering handsomely)

(Tumbling down)


(Entering as a bit of a ditz)

Are you all right, Seok Jin?

- Seok Jin! - Hello.


(What did I just see?)

- What was that? - What did she do?

(Seok Jin!)


(Running over to him,)

(she leaps into his arms.)

(They have that kind of relationship.)

(How have you been?)

(Hugging tight)

(The reaction of an older brother seeing his younger sister on a date)

What was that?

(The Confucian older sister is shocked.)

What did she just do? Did she just jump into his arms?

- Hello. - Hello.

Seok Jin, are you all right?

She got me right on the chin.

Why are you protecting him?

Why are you doing this?

- Are you all right? - Yes. Okay.

What's going on?

So Min.

Why are you acting this way?

- I just love that he's here. - He's her type.

- I like Seok Jin. - Hello.

So Min, do you and Seok Jin know each other from before?

- We starred in a drama together. - Yes, we were.

- You were in love on the drama? - Yes, that's right.

- You hugged him so naturally. - But you were also in a drama...

with Sang Yeob,

but you ignore him all the time.

But I had only a few kiss scenes with Sang Yeob,

but with Seok Jin, we had a kiss on nearly every episode.

(The reason they ended up with such a special relationship)

Oh, really?

(Kisses like these...)

(occurred on nearly every episode.)

(Wow, a kiss.)

So you've kissed before.

(Who is this woman?)

That drama ended so long ago though.

I heard you were worried about coming on the show.

- Why? - Why?

- First of all. - But we're so nice.

- And so pretty. - That is true. But...

- But? - It must be hard for you.

Is that why you called for backup in Sang Yeob?

It's much better now that Sang Yeob is here.

- But first of all, - It's today's theme.

- let's introduce today's theme. - The theme.

- The theme. - Come on.

This is the 4th filming of the 2nd season, right?

- And you got all three right? - Yes.

- All three? - Yes.

So Min, was your mouth always shaped that way?

(Copy and paste)

So Min's got a smiling face today.

(Nothing's happened but she continues to smile.)

Jae Seok, hurry up and move on with the show.

(Though they spent the whole time talking amongst themselves.)

I'm so curious.

Today's theme is "Fortunes that Aren't Worth Knowing".

Oh, no, it's "Interesting Fortunes that Are Worth Knowing".


- What kind of fortune? - A fortune?

(What kind of fortune?)

(In order to see your fate,)

(there are countless ways to tell your fortune.)

(Of these, we gathered only the kinds of fortunes...)

(that are worth knowing.)

(Interesting Fortunes that Are Worth Knowing)

(They will definitely be captivated.)

(That's right. That's right.)

(Time to get the chills...)

(by learning things about themselves that they hadn't even realized.)

(But of these three,)

(one fortune teller is a fake set up to bewilder them.)

(Which of these three is the fake fortune teller?)

(Will you be able to resist being bewildered by your fortune?)

Wow, are we getting our fortunes told today?

- I really love that. - This sounds really fun.

Seok Jin, have you ever gotten your fortune told?

I tend not to believe in them.

Oh, really?

So Min, you've studied this, right?

She really, truly believes in it.

I like it, and I find it really fun.

I'm interested in it.

- What about you, Mi Joo? - I really believe in it.

I'm really looking forward to today. What does my future hold?

- You have that in common. - I'm looking forward to it.

There's a certain look in people who like these things.

This is amazing.

People who look a certain way tend to like these things.

Life consulting at a fortune teller's.

The only famous fortune teller in the country to do life graphs.

(Is your life trending upwards,)

(or trending downwards?)

(Can you graph your life the way you would for stocks?)

(A destiny told through figures)

(What fortune telling shop does the only life graphs in Korea?)

- What is this? A fortune teller's? - It tells your fortune.

Jae Seok, you need to explain this for me today.

So this place uses graphs.

- It will draw life graphs for you. - I don't believe in that.

- Really? - I can't believe this.

- But it could exist. - You don't have to believe in it.

(It's up to you to believe in the fortunes we introduce or not.)

It's not saying that you have to believe in it. Here's the next one.

A new psychic who just got their powers five months ago.

They graduated from a famous university, a gifted musician.


Usually, the psychics who recently received their powers of divinity...

are the best.

(From a promising, gifted musician,)

(to the recipient of a sudden gift to divine the future)

(A truly gifted head shaman)

So this one must really tell your fortune through divine powers.

I've never gotten a fortune telling like that before.

I bet the mood will be eerie and scary there.

Here's the last one.

A fortune teller like this one in the mountains?

A foot reading specialist who can read your life in your feet.

Foot reading?

(Foot reading?)

I didn't get a pedicure today.

- This is it. - That must be the fake one.

- This is a fake. - A foot reading specialist.

(Your feet are...)

(a microcosm of your body.)

(Can they also be a microcosm of your life?)

(A specialist who can see everything in your feet)

Don't you think this one is the fake, by feeling?

- But foot readers do exist. - I think they're all fake.

I've heard of it before.

This one is a lie.

- Why? - Just because.

(Jessi's intuition has no basis in anything.)

Because I don't believe in fortune telling,

they're all fake to me.

What do you think, Seok Jin?

I think number one is the easiest to fake.

That was a real elite way to approach it.

So Min,

- how is that an elite approach? - I mean...

I believe that was an intelligent and clear approach to reasoning.

This is coming out again.

(She wrinkles her face,)

(and wrinkles her nose.)

(Wrinkling the nose)

Pretty soon, we'll have a whole So Min series.

Starting with So Min picking food out of her teeth.

(Trying to shush him)

(Paying her no mind)

(That's exactly how it looks.)

Seok Jin, please choose three people.

I get to pick the members of my team, right?

- Yes. - You just have to choose.

First of all...

(It's me, right?)

(Here I am.)

First of all, I want Jessi to be on my team.

(But why?)


She's totally different from me,

and a type of person I've never been around before.

- And you'll like me the best. - Of course.

Come on, let's go.

(I'm just watching you.)



(It's me this time, right?)

- So Min. - No!

She looks so...

(Seok Jin is helpless before So Min.)

(Team Seok Jin, Team Jae Seok)

- Shall we go? - Let's go.

(When couples in love)

(Walk along the sea)

We're starting now.

Seok Jin, what have you been up to these days?

- Me? - Yes. What have you been up to?

So Min's trying to talk from way back there.

- She doesn't talk that much. - This is the first time...

she's asked a guest a question.


(I was just waiting for today.)

- I was just waiting for today. - What was that?

Oh, my gosh, what a response. That did make my heart flutter.

Tell me honestly, you two dated, didn't you?

If we had, we couldn't see each other like this.

Look at So Min's face. See if it's red or not.

(Taking a peek)

(Why are you looking here?)

- It's red. - It's really red.

(If you're happy, I'm happy.)

In my opinion,

they didn't date, but So Min...

- had feelings for Seok Jin. - I did like him.

It was so exciting to come on set each and every day.


Stop showing your gums when you smile like that.

And sticking your head out behind Hyun Ju's neck pillow.

(So cute)

- Jae Seok, she's smiling so hard. - I know.

She's been struck by Cupid today.

Sang Yeob, are you all right?

I do strangely feel jealous.

(What are you talking about?)

My goodness, it is a love triangle?

(She speaks soullessly.)

Aren't you going to ask Seok Jin the usual question?

To Seok JIn? Ask him your usual question.

Seok Jin, we're on a deserted island.

(If there's only the four of us on a deserted island, who's your pick?)

Oh, this question. You did ask this to everyone.

Who do you pick, Seok Jin?

(Just pick Mi Joo.)

Just pick Mi Joo.

Mi Joo, would that be all right?

- What? - If I chose you.

- Me? - "Me?"

As for me...

(Mi Joo takes deserted island life very seriously.)

How would you live there?

How would you support a family there?

(Smiling broadly)

- Oh, Mi Joo. - I'd make a harpoon and go fishing.

- That's great. - My goodness.

You don't know yet. He hasn't chosen yet.

I like Jin Seok too.

Who's Jin Seok?

- His name is Seok Jin. - Seok Jin.

Hurry up and choose.

Will you respond at the end of the tunnel?

No, he has to pick now.

We've come to the end of the tunnel now.

(The tunnel's end approaches.)

- Hurry. - In 5, 4...

- three, two, one. - Three, two, one.

- Go! - So Min.

- So Min. - Oh, Seok Jin.

- So Min's on a roll today. - I didn't expect anything.

Oh, Jeon So Min.

Why do I find this so aggravating?

Sang Yeob, why are you getting jealous?

Mi Joo didn't make it today either.

(Until the day Mi Joo is chosen, deserted island is to be continued.)

- But this is... - This is all residential.

These are apartment complexes.

I think we're heading to someone's home.

Aren't some fortune tellers based out of their homes?

- Oh, really? - Really?

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 1)

(Life consulting at a fortune teller's?)

(Korea's only graph-based fortune telling service)

Let's go, we're starting. Let's go, Seok Jin.

- Okay. - This seems like it will be fun.

So these are all apartments.

(We obtained permission from the management office,)

(as well as the residents to film the show here.)

(Is this the place where fortunes are told?)

This show is really psychologically taxing.

(So Min gives him some Sixth Sense knowledge.)

You feel a greater sense of betrayal than you'd expect.

When you get something wrong.

After On Ju Wan was on the show,

he had a hard time for a few days afterward.

Oh, really?

Is this really the spot?

Whose house did they manage to rent out for this?

It might not be real.

There's a special atmosphere. The overall atmosphere.

(There it is! We'll be right there!)

You'll be surprised, Seok Jin. It'll be beyond your expectation.

Because they're good at lying?

They deceive us so easily.

Is this the place?

This looks so unnatural.

Is this it?

(Entering inside)

(Filmed after disinfection following COVID-19 prevention guidelines.)

(When you enter through the entrance,)

It's just an ordinary house.

(the interior looks like an ordinary house.)

Didn't they pick this place for the shoot?


(There are traces of everyday life here and there.)

- This is just a home. - It's just a home.

(There are fortune telling items all over.)

There are so many cards.

(Plenty of books on the investment)

But these are... Aren't these books for investors?

(Can't tell about the fortune teller based on the interior design.)

(Is this place real?)

I see. They moved out of this place.

The staff set up this place after they moved out.

I see. This place isn't sold yet.

That's right. It's unoccupied. They set up this place.

But many fortune telling houses look like this.

I've never been to any of them. Do they look like this?


(Is this an unoccupied house decorated by the staff?)

(Or is it a typical fortune telling house?)

Aren't these for stock traders?

It also looks like an office...

for e-commerce owners.

He could be an internet broadcaster.

That's also plausible.

There are four computers.

He could play games or something.

I guess he talks to the customers in this room.

I think he uses tarot cards too, Jae Seok.

There are cards here.

(A small counseling office in the master room)

This space is for a different use. It looks totally different.

These are all about tarot.

All right. Let's see. Certification of what? "Taeksu..."

Taeksu. His name is Taeksu.

"Fen Shui master consultant with..."

- "Has successfully completed..." - 150 dollars.

(Is there crucial evidence?)

I have to know what it means...

to know whether it's fake or not.

(Are they props prepared for Jessi?)

(Or are they real certificates about fortune telling?)

The way they placed these things looks fake.

It's unnatural.

And look at this floor. When it had been here for long...

- I see, right. You're clever. - Oh, right.

- It would've been dented. - Right.

The floor would've been dented if it had been here for long.

But this looks like they removed something else.

(The floor isn't dented at all.)

(Is this the evidence that the staff brought the new furniture?)

(Is this place the real fortune telling house?)

But I...

- It's the fourth time with Na Ra. - Right.

During Season 1 and Season 2,

she got the right answer only once.


It's hard to be that bad.

I bet the fortune teller will talk about it.

"Oh Na Ra will disgrace herself this year." I'm sure.

(I bet he'll say you're bound to disgrace yourself!)

(Look at her.)

Stop that, So Min.

Why would you say something disrespectful?

Come here.

I'm going to hit you on your mouth.

(Let's shut the mouth.)

(Shut it.)

- This place is... - Right.

- It'll be crowded during lunchtime. - It changed.

Where's the fortune teller?

- Goodness. - He's right on time.

- Hello. - Perfect timing.

- Hello. - Hello.

(A fortune teller dressed in a formal suit enters.)

(A stock chart that rises and falls endlessly)

(What about our lives?)


I've been telling fortunes using tarot for 18 years.

My name is Taeksu.

(What's the life graph?)

I majored in business economics.

I like charts and graphs so much.

I thought it would be easy to explain our lives...

if I demonstrate them using graphs.

That's why I used graphs to tell fortunes.

Simply saying, "This year will be better than the last," won't help.

When I can say, "Your 30s is better than your 20s,"

with a diagram,

it will give people hope...

that they can do better.

I'm doing this exclusively in Korea.

When I was 20 years old,

tarot card readings were pretty popular.

I started telling fortunes with tarot cards as a part-timer.

I open at 10am and close at 10pm.

It takes 30 to 40 minutes.

We're closed on Sundays.

There are no customers on Sundays in Gangnam.

From 3 to 4 thousand people a year.

Those in their mid-30s to 60s.

Among celebrities in their 40s and 50s,

there are a few I haven't met.

I tend to tell people when they're going to die.

You'll die in your late-60s.


The reason I do that is life isn't the same as before.

You have to plan for your 60s, 70s, and 80s.

There's a right timing for good luck.

The sum of the right timings...

produces your current situation.

I'll give you the right advice...

so that you can make the best decision in life.

(I'll tell you the best choice.)

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

You use tarot and Four Pillars of Destiny at the same time?

Yes, they're used for different purposes.

What do you mean by different purposes?

Four Pillars of Destiny is useful when I tell their overall fortune.

I see.

(Four Pillars of Destiny can tell about your entire life.)

Tarot is useful when you have to make a choice.

(Tarot helps you make a choice each moment.)

(I see.)

There's the difference.

- To put it simply, it's statistics. - I see.

We can acquire accumulated data...

- of a person's life choices. - Right.

- So you use that data. - Yes.

(Study of big data)

- It's academic. - It's worth consulting it...

when it comes to life.

So the Four Pillars of Destiny is a study.

- This place is real. - But this...

But there are big monitors here.

- Do you happen to invest in stocks? - Oh, stocks.

I majored in business economics.

That's why there are books on business and economics.

- I see. - That's right.

- I see. - That's why there are those books.

(He majored in economics?)

(There are books on investment here and there.)

(Is he a fortune teller who majored in business economics?)

(Or is he a professional investor?)

When you invest in stocks or something...

- Do you use your specialty? - Of course.

You must be super rich then.


I'm not super-rich, but yes.

- If that's real... - I'm really sorry.

I'm really sorry.

Can you tell us one stock item?

(Can you tell us one stock item?)

(So suddenly?)

- You don't invest in stocks anyway. - Now...

I'm sorry, but he's not here to pick you an item.

(March of the ants)

(Fortune teller or an investor?)

Was there a particular reason to move your office here?

I was lucky to move to Apgujeong-dong,

and I settled in this area while doing this business.

- It's plausible. The location is... - That's right.

- It's easy to access. - Right, it's easy to access.

- It's great. - Right, it's easy to access.

(Is this place real?)

(He talks so glibly.)

(Was he lucky to settle in Gangnam?)

(Or did the staff choose this place?)

(Now it's the time to see our life graphs.)

Can you show our graphs too?

- Sure, he will. - I'm curious.

I'm so curious.

For now, Na Ra, Sang Yeob, and Jessi will go first.

We're divided into 2 teams of 3.

I don't know which team it is,

but one team will consult the fake fortune teller.

Seriously. What should we do then?

- I feel bad about that. - Right?

This is such a mess.

- Gosh, that must be fun. - I know.

We don't know which one is fake.

(What would members' life graphs be like?)

Shall Na Ra go first then?

I'm excited.

Just tell me the date of your birth.

- Here? Yes, okay. - Yes.

Do you also need the time of birth?

They sometimes predict it based on our lives.

They predict the time of birth.

- It's by the solar calendar, right? - Yes, the solar calendar.

Even if they're fake, they must have received...

- a real fortune from the staff. - Right.

They suffer for two weeks.

I see. Right.

It's not easy to find.

(A graph based on years...)

(and a graph based on her age)

Is he drawing a graph now?

What is that?

(What does Na Ra's life graph tell?)

- Slashes mean money or stability. - Okay.

So your fortune is generally good until death.

(Na Ra's fortune is generally stable.)

- You'll die at this point. - Goodness.

- He even tells us when we die. - Do I live over 80?

Do I live over 80?

Yes, you'll die after 88.

- Your next life... - I live long.

I live long.

- You live long, Na Ra. - Yes, I live long.

You'll live long, Na Ra.

Health is what matters. I have to die healthy.

- You must live long... - Yes.

because your luck for a fine man is at this point.

- A luck for a man? - Yes.

What do you mean? What's a fine man?

He's so-called my man...

- or a man you have a family with. - Yes.

Yes, that man will come to you between the ages of 56 and 66.

Are you saying I'm going to marry when I'm 56?

Is the guy I'm seeing now is not the guy?

You're right.

I've seen him for 21 years, but he's not the guy?

(Na Ra is already in her long-term relationship.)

("Oh Na Ra's Been Dating a Boyfriend for 20 years? No Breakup or Ennui")

- The only problem here is men. - Why is that?

Because there's no fixed man.

What do you mean there's no one?

I'm telling people I've been in a relationship for 21 years.

He's my true love.


The flow of luck isn't bad.

But what's your true love? That starts from here.

(It wasn't bad so far, but the true luck starts at 56.)

That sounds good.

There hasn't been an A-level section before.

She thought she has loved so far,

but she hasn't met the best luck yet.

- Me? - The latter part is the real deal.

Hey, suddenly...

As soon as he said that, your eyes are all...

Jessi is the only one who's suspicious now.

Only Jessi.

All of you including Mi Joo and So Min...

are so mesmerized now.

- You almost went into that board. - I want to do it too.

But guys, it's not the time to be impressed.

- We have to find the fake one. - We have to find it.

How can he be fake?

But I suspect...

But he's so persuasive and confident when he talks.

But what he said is too general.

He may have rehearsed all the lines.

(Is this real or fake?)

Your fortune is good until 2020, and it goes bad from 2021.

- This year? - I can tell...

that your fortune goes bad in the year 2021.

Let me draw this in more detail.

Because your fortune is basically...

good in even years and bad in odd years.

And your fortune goes bad in winters.

As for this year, you'll have a hard time in winter.

In your case, it'll be like a period of rest.

I've already...

signed a contract.

I'll work in December too.

(Is this the fortune teller's mistake?)

I'm shooting Sixth Sense now, and it's going great.

- You're talking things generally, - Yes.

so there wasn't anything precise.

You haven't damaged me at all.

(Is that so?)

She's showing her real self.

She pretends to be nice, but she's cold-hearted.

- Me? - Look at her now.

(Na Ra isn't easy to fool.)

She drew a mole on her face.

- She drew a mole on her face. - Na Ra.

Na Ra. For now...

Let's leave it here and move on. Don't get into detail.

Let's stop here, Na Ra. Come here.

I'm sorry, but Na Ra has to lie down in the next room.

- Let's move on to Jessi. - Okay, I will.

It's Jessi's turn. It's so fun.

- It's so fun, right? - What's so fun about it?

It's fun to hear other people's stories.

He could give biting remarks, and when he gets caught lying,

- he could just laugh about it. - Whatever we talk about...

(The fortune teller told his opinion without hesitation.)

(Was he able to be that harsh because he was fake?)

I'm curious about Ho Hyun Ju's fortune.

As for me...

I don't believe in fortune tellers but I've seen many of them.

- For the shows. - We've all consulted them.

But I can't tell if he's fake or real.

It's so difficult today.

Can he be this perfect?

(What would Jess's life graph look like?)

You'll live over 100.

- You live a long life, Jessi. - Jessi, seriously.

- Does Ho Hyun Ju live to 100? - Yes, she does.

- She's happy now. - Look at this!

He's playing with my emotions.

Let's go.

(Where are we going?)

So cute.

She's happy now.

There are some characteristics in this kind of fortune.

If the luck is bad at the beginning, it becomes really good later.

Her fortune in her teens was rotten,

- but it goes up from her 20s. - Goodness.

This crooked part means...

It means her life is tiring at this section.


But the point is the graph continuously goes up.

Her fortune becomes better as she suffers hardship.

I guess she'll suffer until the age of 44.

She'll have a hard time, but she'll be able to manage it.

But another characteristic of this fortune is...

- Good things happen first, - Okay.

and then the bad things happen next. Always.

(It's hard at first, and then it gets better?)

My life actually is like that.

(He's good at this.)

You said you don't believe in it.


(She thinks it's funny too.)

My life has always been a hardship.

- I get it for now. - You trust him more than any of us.

(His credibility suddenly enhanced.)

There's a reason she said that.

Her life isn't easy until she becomes 44.

Her personality is simple and direct,

so it looks fine on the outside, but she has to overcome bad luck.

She must run into trouble first.

But when she runs into trouble, she must think of it as luck.

It means the situation will get better.

Nothing can go worse.

Then what should I do?

- Then you should... - You should be careful.

- You can be careful knowing that. - Bad things come first.

(Our Jessi has changed.)

- Hey. Why did you come forward? - No.

She trusts him more than any of us.

She melted down from the chair.

- You searched me in Naver, right? - Pardon?

Didn't you see me in "Conversion with Hui Yeol"?

(Didn't you see me in "Conversion with Hui Yeol"?)

It's not "Conversion with Hui Yeol".

- It's "Conversation with Hui Yeol". - "Conversation with Hui Yeol".

- I almost fell for it. - It's because...

- I talked about my life there. - Yu Hui Yeol and...

(I talked about my life a lot in that show.)

Her personality is clear.

She has a strong preference for things. That's how it goes.

Hold on. He's seen me a lot on television.

Why are you smiling when you say that?

(I can't hold back my smile.)

But why are you smiling when you say that?

Why am I so foolish? I'll be off.

- Where are you going? - Where to?

(Where are you going...)


- Where are you going? - I'll be here.

(I'll go out to the board.)

So what?

(Is that what you meant?)

I'll come forward.

- I'll come forward to see it. - Hey, Seok Jin...

Seok Jin is laughing too.

Isn't it unbelievable?

It doesn’t look like she’s shooting a show.

Isn't it unbelievable?

But it would be so funny if this was fake.

Okay. When will I meet my guy?

I wasn't about to tell you this, but since you brought it up...

Your luck on men and your luck on career conflict.

So when you're successful in your career,

- you'll have bad luck with men. - I see.

Wait. What does that mean?

If you choose men, you'll ruin your career, and vice versa.

Oh, my gosh!

That was so precise.


- You already trust him so much. - I mean...

There's just one thing...

When it was Na Ra's turn,

you said, "He's saying things too generally."

You know what I'm saying?

(She's already bedazzled.)

Right. She's going to live here at this rate.

I'll come back here when you're fake.

How would you find him? He won't be here if he's fake.

They'll empty this place.

(Sixth Sense magic will make it all go away if it's fake.)

I think I've seen him on the EBS channel.

Aren't you a star teacher?

- Aren't you a teacher? - Are you a teacher?

That's not true.

That's right. The way he's holding the pen, and his posture is...

- Isn't he a teacher on YouTube. - I know.

(What's the identity of this fortune teller?)

(I can't tell.)

- You are... - Gosh, this makes me so nervous.


What's that? There are waves.

- What's that? - There are waves?

- There are enormous waves. - What's up with Sang Yeob?

What's wrong with mine?

(What does Sang Yeob's winding life graph mean?)

Did you plan to have this job from the start?

(Did you plan to have this job from the start?)

- What? - No, I didn't.

- Your fortune has changed. - My gosh.


- What were you planning to do? - What were you going to do?

I was going to have a normal job.

(Sang Yeob majored in business.)

My goodness.

He was a good student,

but his life changed from here.

His life has changed from this point.

I didn't major in acting.

- I didn't major in acting. - Did you study?

His life has changed dramatically...

since his 30s.

You'll soon enter the marriage part.

- Congratulations! - Is he going to get married?

(Will the spring of my life come?)

(Sang Yeob is getting married?)

When is it?

You can consider it in the year 2024.

(His marriage life seems to start in 2024.)

- Congratulations! - What's that?

I thought he would marry me someday.

(I thought he would marry me someday.)

Did you think Sang Yeob would marry you someday?

(What did we just hear?)

Do you like Sang Yeob?

- He's my style. - My goodness.

- She likes him. - Hey.

What kind of variety show is this?

How can I react to this?

Just act naturally.

(I hope they become a couple.)

(The birth of an official couple from Sixth Sense?)

Because he's suffered...

a hard time in his 30s,

- That's right. - and that changed his direction.

This means that he'll meet a great woman...

- and live a happy life. - He's lucky with women.

- Is he lucky with women? - Yes.

(It's me!)

Why suddenly...

Why are you shooting "Love Studio" here?

- You never know. - Jessi works hard,

and Sang Yeob is the best man for her.

He can work with a woman,

or he can manage a business with her.

He'll work with me.

This program suits you the best. Sixth Sense is your best choice.

- This program is your best luck. - Oh, my.

That's right.

To put it simply, you'll benefit from your spouse.

He'll benefit from his wife.

But if you two meet,

this person will quit work right away.

(This person will quit the job right away!)

Who will?

(One of them will quit the job?)

- That would be Sang Yeob. - Because I'll make money.

(I'll make money!)

She'll make money, and he'll quit work right away.

- Yes, I'm that kind of a woman. - I...

- I'm willing to raise kids. - Seriously?

(Stay-at-home dad)


- Seriously? - What's up with the two?

- What's up with the two? - I want babies.

I want babies too.

(They finished their plan for children at once.)

(Chocolate factories went bust.)

That's not it. It's not like that.

- It's not like that. - Congratulations, Jessi!

Do you mean it, Sang Yeob?

You can stay at home and take care of the babies, right?

But we're not here today...

- to ask about you guys' romance. - Today...

We're going to have a couple today.

- Right? - There's a love story.

- In our Sixth Sense. - I didn't know there was a couple.

There is one starting from today.

Mi Joo and So Min used to make a couple with guests.

- They are a true couple. - Totally.

- So you all admit, right? - Even the study of fortune admits.

(We hope good things for you.)

We don't know he's fake or real, but let's give him applause.

- Thank you. - Thanks for the good words.

- Thank you. - Me too.

But I think he's real.

- Isn't this place real? - I'm not sure.

- But he made spiteful remarks. - Right.

He must've trained to respond to us...

even if he was fake,

but he responded so well.

Like he was saying, "You don't know you yet."

- Like he can read our minds. - That's what makes me annoyed.

- That's what makes me annoyed. - I know, right?

- Right. - You don't know.

What if he's fake? We'll be so upset.

- Gosh, if he's fake... - What if he's fake?

- This is... - Na Ra can be happy about it.

- Right. For Na Ra... - He must be fake for her sake.

I wish he's fake.

- Please give us a game for a hint. - The game we're going to play...

is the one we'd played a lot in Season One.

- It's Relay Genre Initials Game. - What's that?

- Relay Genre Initials Game. - Relay Genre Initials Game.

- Relay Genre Initials Game. - Come again?

(Youth romance)

(High-teen romance is my favorite genre.)

(Play the initial game according to the given genre.)

(You'll fail if it doesn't fit in the genre or context.)

(The team that wins first will acquire the hint.)

- Start with So Min. - We'll start.

- I'll go first. - Let's start with So Min.

- Let's go with the romance genre. - Romance?

- Melo. A little... - I get the hang of it.

- Startup. - Pardon?

- What? - Startup.


Sweet love that passes by me is so dear to me.

- "Ta". - "Ta".

Sweet love that passes by... Okay.

Ta-da. I hope it burns.

(Come again?)

What does that even mean?

Ta-da. I spoke with a lisp.

"Ta-da. I spoke with a lisp." We'll go with it.

- Gosh. - I'll wrap it up.

I'd like to try once again.

- That's a good one. - That's good.

- What's mine? - "Up".

- Try what? - "Up".

Up. Up.

(Up, up.)

Why are your hands...

- Hold on! - Come on!


He said he's going to try. What kind of story is this?

Romance, romance.

You can just say it, so why...

I think she got the wrong idea about romance.

My gosh, she's so funny.

- Sang Yeob first. - Who, me?

Let's go with the rated genre. Yu Jae Seok.

- Yu! - Yu?

She who was exceptionally sexy...

- Jae. - Was named Jae Seon.


Jae Seon was so bad.

- What's wrong with it? - "Was named Jae Seon"...

Her name is Jae Seon! Can't I say that?

(No, you can't.)

Seriously, why are you doing this?

- Then give us another phrase. - Thank you.

- Please give us one more chance. - Give us another phrase.

- I'll start. - Let's go with youth romance.

- Okay. - Youth romance.

- I'm good with youth. - Watch me.

- Fortune teller. - Fortune teller.

- Jeom! - "Jeom" is hard.

(Youth romance, fortune teller.)

My name Jeom Soon...

- Stop with names! - Stop with names!

- Why? What's wrong? - Stop with names!

- Why? - Goodness!

- How is this teen romance? - Hey, Mi Joo!

Why do you keep mentioning Jeom Soon?

- I mean... - Jae Seok! Let's move on.

Jeom Soon...

We'll change the genre to romance.

- Romance. - Virus.

- Virus. - What?

- Seu. - Wait a minute.


After having a glass in a bar...

- That's good. It's started. - Ee.

Why is my heart beating so fast?

That's good.

(Even the opponents are amazed.)


Love, isn't this what love is?

- Seu? - She has to do it well.



- No, wait. - Why? Why?

(The romance is thrown away into a trash can.)

- Hey! - He purposely disturbed her!

- He disturbed me! - He disturbed her!

Give us another chance!

(The happiest person right now)

Come on! All right.

I didn't think you would actually say trash.

Sang Yeob said trash, so I said trash.

I didn't know you'd actually say that!

(In the end, they fail their initial game.)

- Now it's our turn. From Sang Yeob. - Here you go.

- Sang Yeob. - I'll do it well this round.

Thriller, piano.

- Him first. - Sang Yeob, pi is good.

- Pi! - Pi is good.

- Pi! - Pi, pi.

I saw him bleeding all over.

- A. - Argh!

(The flow is smooth. Will they succeed?)

- Oh my gosh! - No.

I can hear the music. What is this!


What is this!

(Screaming out of nowhere)

(The staff is surprised and even the cameras shake.)

(The embarrassment that makes you cover your mouth)

- What was that? - Her acting was good!

- Mi Joo. Don't act! - Her acting was good.

(I'm embarrassed, so everyone please leave.)

- Let's go with youthful romance. - Youthful romance.

- I'll start. - Let's go.

North Gyeongsang Province.

- Gyeong. - Gyeong.

It was a celebratory school festival.

(What festival?)

(Youthful romance, North Gyeongsang Province)

Honestly, a celebratory school festival is a bit forced.

How can "celebratory" and "school festival"...

go together?

Are you an anchor or what? What's the problem?


- Sang. - Sang Yeob, I like you.

- Good. - Buk!

(These guys...)

(It was a celebratory school festival. Sang Yeob, I like you.)


(Glaring and startled)

(How dare you confess to my man?)

I think she'll hit her!

- I think she'll hit her! - Hold on.

I'm shy to say this...

I'm shy to say this, but you're mine.

- She did it. - Do.

(Youthful romance is almost at its completion.)

I can't run away.

- What is it? - He did it.

- No, it's not good enough. - It's a bit iffy.

We'll put this on hold first.

- On hold. - We'll listen to this team first.

- We'll go. Let's end this, Mi Joo. - We can do this.

- Who will start? - Sang Yeob.

- This is the final round. - I really want to do well.

- Can I really make it rated? - Rated. It's fine.

Let's go. Gold medal. Geum!

My feeling is about to explode any moment.

(Getting heated up)

What? That surprised me.

I want to be with you even if I have to cling to you.

(They're good.)

(What will Jae Seok say?)

(Rated, gold medal)


- Dal. - Every month...

- Every month. - Month?

(What about every month?)


- The mood is gone. - Month.

(The initial game cools down immediately.)


Since this team did better, they win.

- Yes! - Goodness.

Here. You can already tell he's fake. See this?

He gives lectures about real estate. He's a real estate agent.

(The graph fortune teller is giving a lecture on real estate.)

(Books set up to confuse them)

(Full of books related to real estate)

(He said that he actually does investment. Is this place real?)

Real estate is very hard to study.

This house is an empty house.

The staff rented an empty house...

and purposely set up unnaturally.

(Interesting Fortunes that Are Worth Knowing Vol.1)

(Life Graph, 1. Somewhat unnatural interior design)

(2. The apartment that doesn't look like someone is living)

(3. The fortune teller looks like he actually has a different job.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

- You put on your seat belts, right? - Yes.

I'll drive slowly.

But isn't it a bit hard to assume that he's fake?

If he's a professional counselor, he can deal with things like this.

- Gosh, this... - Seok Jin! You said...

- he really acts well. - Yes.

If he's real, you have to quit acting.

- Because... - I'm being asked to retire.

he acknowledged the acting.

- Hyun Ju, today... - Yes?

you're making two people retire.

You make one retire by marrying him.

- Me? - Sang Yeob.

(Retire for getting married?)

What if I actually marry Sang Yeob?

- I agree! - Me too.

- We'll sing a congratulatory song. - Yes, let's do that.

We won't know about that.

You don't know how life will turn out.

- You don't know what will happen. - From friends to lovers.

- You guys go well together. - Yes, you really do.

- It must be here. - That was fast.

- We're already here? - It's here?

- We've arrived! - I'm slightly nervous.

I'm the most curious about the second place.

Right? Me too.

- If they get an actor... - Isn't there a high chance?

They can easily fake it.

Yes. Just like how actors play the role of a shaman.

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 2)

(From a gifted musician graduated from a famous university...)

(to a new psychic who just got his powers 5 months ago)

- I'm so nervous! - Come on, come on!

This looks like a mixed-use apartment.

There's really a shaman here?

Let's go. Hurry up!

(Let's go first.)

I thought Na Ra was making a heart to me.

You thought I was making a heart to you?

So I thought why would she make a heart to me?

(Sixth Sensers are full of love yet again.)

Turns out...

This is a mixed-use apartment. This is not a shaman's temple.

But the location looks plausible.

- The location? Really? - In a mixed-use apartment?

(A shaman's temple in a mixed-use apartment?)

Doesn't it feel a bit chilly?

- Yes, I just felt that. - Right? Something feels creepy.

- I felt a bit dizzy when I got out. - Right?

(Safely filmed in accordance with COVID-19 prevention guidelines.)

(Their hands were sanitized and temperatures taken.)

Thank you.

This is a bit...

(They can feel a strange atmosphere from the entrance.)

I don't know if it's real or fake.

I don't really feel so good right now.

Yes, I know.

- You know? - Yes.

- So there is divine power. - Divine power, yes.

He's strange too. Who are you?

- He's our staff. - Really?


(So Min and Mi Joo go inside first.)

I can smell incense.

But it smells strongly even from burning for a while.

(Stopping in her track)

(Two of them lost their words after seeing something.)

(This place looks like a normal house from the outside.)


(But when you turn your head around just slightly,)

(you can see the shaman's temple.)

(Shaman's tools...)

(placed around the house)

(You can even feel a creepy atmosphere.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

Right, they actually have it in a house like this.

Yes, but this is a mixed-use apartment...


- Gosh, first of all, the scent... - Incense scent.

- The scent. - Right? The scent is just...

(The strong scent of incense fills the house.)

But I don't like stuff like this. You know what I mean, right?

Yes. I can smell incense.

What's that? You know, when you do that...


When you do that... Oh my gosh, you scared me!

Goodness, what is it?

- You scared me! - Oh my gosh!

- You scared me. - But how can you swear at me?

- I was too surprised. - She was so surprised.

- I thought he was the deity. - You didn't have to get so scared.

You said there's a deity here!

Everyone looks like a ghost!

I don't think I can do this today.

(Meanwhile, So Min and Jae Seok enter the temple bravely.)

- Excuse me. Can we come in? - Yes! That's what I said.

- We can come in, right? - I think this place is real.

He purposely put the certificate here.

But why are there snacks?

- They put things like this as well. - Do they normally put snacks?

- If they have a deity they serve... - I see.

Maybe it's a child deity!

Maybe there are snacks because it's a child deity!

(Is this a place with a child deity who likes snacks?)


There's a mark for burning incense.

(Piled up ashes)

(Is this the trace of actually using incense to pray?)

There's a certificate of degree.

- He's very young! - Yes.

Right, they said it hasn't been long since he became a psychic.

It's only been five months.

They don't have a statue.


It's a bit simpler than you thought, right?

Maybe it's because he's still new.

That could be the case.

(Is it simple because it's only been 5 months?)

(Or is it set up by the staff?)

(Looking carefully)

Hey! But...

- Hey. - What is it?

There are two cups each.

Cups of the same color.

Why is that important?

(In a corner of the kitchen used by one person)

- Maybe this is actually a house... - That might be it.

- of a married couple... - A newlywed's house?

or a newlywed's house, and they decorated the place.

But what's that got to do with this?

- This is their studio. - I'm saying that they faked it.

This is actually someone else's house,

- and the staff decorated the place. - For now...

The sofa smells new. Try sitting down.

(So Min smelled it.)


Doesn't it?


(It really smells new.)

(He inhales the smell of suspicion deeply once again.)

I only told you this. I haven't told anyone else.

This is so funny.

- But honestly, - Yes, maybe...

- they moved in recently. - they could've moved in recently.

(Is this a fake place created with a newlywed's house?)

(Shall we go meet the deity?)

- Have a seat. - Okay.

(Very polite)

So Min, why are you getting down on your knees?

It's as if you're praying.

I tend to act modestly in a place like this.

- I don't want to sit in front. - Come here.

We'll check the fortune of Jae Seok, So Min, and Mo Joo.

- Really? - Is that so?


(Full of suspicion)

This is strange.

This place must be fake.

(Jae Seok, I can feel it's fake.)

This place has to be real.

Only then the first place will be fake.

(She still has her grudge left.)

- He's coming. - Where is he?


- Hello. - Hello!

(The shaman is here.)

- Hello. - Hello.

- Nice to meet you. - Have a seat.


(The room is filled with...)

(the sound of head shaman's bells.)


(The identity of the good-looking head shaman)

Hello, my place is in Seoul,

and it's only been five months since I got my powers.

I'm a head shaman who is serving the deity.

Nice to meet you.

(Why is he, who just got his powers, so special?)

(Is it his pretty face...)

(that makes even his deity mother keep looking at him?)

Before I got the powers,

I was a student who studied music.

Initially, I got to know about Korean traditional music first...

and majored in geomungo.

I went to...

Yonsei University to study music.

Back then, I majored in classical music composition.

(He changed from Korean music to classical music composition.)

I was the only one.

From what I know, I'm the first person to do that.

Two years ago,

I took part in piano competitions and got the chance to perform.

For the competition I took part in that time,

you'll be given the chance to perform in Carnegie Hall...

if you win the competition.

Thankfully, I won the competition and continued to perform.

And now I am serving the deity.

Sixth Sense viewers,

do you think this place is real?

(Do you think this place is real?)

(Paying attention to the head shaman...)

Have a seat.



(Inspecting him carefully)

- He looks real. - He looks real.

He looks real.

(From the first impression, he already feels real?)

Your eyes sure look different.

You guys have clearer eyes than me.

He looks real.

Hello. It's been only five months...

since I started serving the deity.

I'm a head shaman serving the deity.

Nice to meet you.

We heard that you initially majored in classical music.

- We heard you studied composition. - Yes.

(I see.)

The certificate of degree is right here.

Born in 1997... You went to Yonsei University.

- Yes, I did. - Did you graduate?

Yes. Studied composition.

- Did you graduate? - Yes, I graduated.

And right after finishing my degree,

- I've come to serve the deity. - I see.

But it must not have been easy to change your career.

That's right. The hardest thing was...

to let go of music that I loved so much.

- I see. - You had to change your career.

Can't you do both together?

- Both music and this? - As a side job.

The most important thing in my life is serving the deity,

so I don't have much of a personal life.

I cannot meet my friends...

or my family comfortably as well.

So I have to give up on such aspects,

which is a bit difficult.

And a lot of people come here to see us.

But after they leave,

I'm left alone in the house.

Of course, the deity is with me,

but when that happens...

- I'm not exactly depressed, but... - Do you feel lonely?

Yes. I sometimes think, "What is this feeling?"

How did you suddenly get the powers?


Since I was young,

I was often sick without knowing why,

and doctors couldn't diagnose me as well.

- That's how they usually are. - Yes.

And one day,

I kept crying throughout the day,

and my body shook so badly.

And I saw the grandmother...

who I am serving as my deity now for the first time that day.

I was going through a lot of pain, and she said,

"Child, stop crying. Believe in me and go."

Just at these two sentences,

I went to a shaman's temple as if I was pulled toward it.

From there, I was told that it's because...

of a deity who's with me.

And if I don't accept her quickly,

not only I will suffer,

but the people around me will as well.

So I decided to accept the deity.

He talks so well.

(They are being captivated by his smooth talk.)

- He talks so well. - Exactly.

- He doesn't stop at all. - With the deity...

(It is a personal opinion without scientific evidence.)

Due to the nature of our show, our eyes...

- We have to find a fake person. - Sure, go ahead.

- Everyone's eyes... - They almost popped out.

- I'm sorry. - I was so engrossed with the story.

I was engrossed too,

but it was a bit scary, so I had to look away.

But this is a very common story,

- so I'm not sure... - That's right.

(Thinking hard)

- You have a lot of snacks here. - Yes.

Does the deity you're serving like snacks?

- I see. - These are for our young deities.

What about the makeup?

- That's for our lady deities. - I see.

Then what about this?

This is for our great-grandmother.

Your voice keeps changing.

- Oh, really? - Yes.

My deity must be excited.

He's such a smooth talker.

Then since we're here,

we're going to check our fortune.

Come in. Who will be checking?

- Hello. - Hello.

- Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you.

- Shall I take off my cap? - Sorry, but please take it off.

Got it.

Your name and birthday in the lunar calendar, please.

My name is Yu Jae Seok,

and I only know my birthday in the solar calendar.

- The year 1972, - Yes.

August 14.

(But why does he need his birthday?)

I don't check for Four Pillars of Destiny,

but I asked for this information to tell the deity...

- that such a person is here. - I see.

He looks somewhat familiar.

Is he not?

- Do you think he's real? - I'm not sure.

I don't really know.



(He uses brass coins to read the fortune.)

(He sighs as soon as he reads the fortune.)


Dad, why do you always...

swallow back your tears instead of just crying?


My goodness, I think he's real.


Actually, when I look at you now, I feel like...

I'm looking at a computer that doesn't switch off.

- I see. - Yes.

- I think you're at your limit. - I see.

And when I look at the overall fortune,

it seems that you went through a big change,

whatever it may have been.

- Yes. - Same goes with your work.

It started about 5 or 6 years ago,

and you had a lot of good fortune with changes...

- from what I can see. - Yes.

That has continued till now.

His company. His company!

His contract ended this year!



(After a few days, the news was actually released...)

(that his contract with the current agency ended.)

And sorry again, but you still have a lot of work in the future.

- Me? - Yes.

- Gosh. - But I'm not sure...

whether I should call this good or bad.

His dream is to retire and run a cafe.

But this is really amazing.

I didn't mean to check my fortune,

but I heard from someone else...

I heard I'm destined to work for my whole life.

Actually, you need to...

take good care of yourself this year and next year.

You're saying I should take good care of myself, right?

That's right. Also, from what I read,

you need to pay more attention...

to your brains, heart, and blood pressure.

There's one more thing.

It'll get worse next year.

You heard of orthostatic hypotension, right?

You get dizzy from time to time.

It'd be better for you to pay attention to that.

(This is really suspicious.)

Also, you need to talk about your feelings.

Not just when you're surrounded by people.

- Let me talk more about me. - Sure.

Please do.

Also, you'll be blessed with properties.

It's either a piece of land or a house.

- Oh, really? - You'll be lucky with those.

- You're interested now, aren't you? - Yes, I am.

(Just imagining makes him happy.)

- That makes you convinced. - Yes, it does.

It seems like you'll get lucky...

with those again.

I'm sorry for saying this when you're here,

but I don't think he's fake.

I know. I'm impressed by his comments.

He wouldn't memorize this.

I don't think he's fake either.

It seems like he's real.

(Could it be true that he was inspirited by the Divine Spirit?)

(So Min is going next.)

I'm sorry, I have a cramp in my leg.

It's fine, I'm getting a cramp too.

(Getting rid of her cramp)

My gosh, this is...

I don't think he's fake.

Do you think he's real?

I think so.

(He's certain that the head shaman is real.)

Your eyes were especially bright.

I'm just fascinated because it's my first time.


Is this your first time having your fortune read?




(It's so scary.)

(They get nervous by the tinkling of bells.)

(The shaman starts offering a prayer to the Divine Spirit.)


(Her eyes widen as she's nervous.)

From what I see,

you'll have your chance again. You're an actress, right?

You'll be able to show your new sides through new projects.

You'll get more chances to act again.

It looks like you've been thinking of getting back...

- to acting. - That's true.

There's a big shift in the energy.

Will I be able to join a new project then?


(So Min gets back to acting.)

I really want to...

(She was actually offered many different roles afterward.)

You have the divination sign to welcome another heyday...

as you've been working hard for the past four years.

Everyone is falling for him.

- I know. - People have only seen...

so little of you...

when you have so much to offer.

- Thank you. - It looks like there's a sign...

that you'll have more opportunities to show your different sides.

But really, she's a good writer too.

She even published a book.

She's more sincere than she seems.

Also, I keep smelling alcohol from you.


(Alcohol shower)


(He's precise.)

You smelled it too?

You smell of alcohol.

He's telling me you should stop drinking.

She's been drinking a lot lately.

Thank you so much.

Strike while the iron is hot.

Got it.

(Here's the next customer.)

(Here I come.)


You're pretty swift, Mi Joo.

- How did you slide so smoothly? - She's full of energy.


She's incredible.

- She's amazing, isn't she? - Most definitely.

She practically flew off.

(Putting on a straight face)

(They get nervous by the sudden change of air.)

I'm suddenly really scared.


(The sound of his prayer echoes around the room.)

(What kind of signs will he see?)

My gosh, you've been living like a child your whole life.


When it comes to work,

it looks like it's been only 2 to 3 years...

since you found your position...

and got opportunities...

to show off your talent.

You shine more when you work alone...

than when you perform as a group.

That must've happened a lot.

Also, your fortune...

is that of a celebrity,

but you also have one of a teacher.

It looks like one of your family members...

served as a civil worker or a teacher.


Mi Joo's dad is a teacher.

You have a fortune of a teacher too.

- Your dad... - I know.

- He's a teacher. - Your dad...

My dad is a teacher.

(Mi Joo's father is working as a teacher.)

You have that fortune too.

I bet the staff knew about this,

seeing how the members know about this already.

(Did the staff tell the shaman about Mi Joo's family?)

But it looks like...

(Is there another signal?)


(Is there a problem?)

You have such bad taste in men.

(You have such bad taste in men.)

(Passing out)

(Dissing her with a fact)

He's right.

(He's quite skillful.)

You can gain nothing through men,

but you tend to lean on them.


Let's give him a round of applause.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

- It must've been really tiring. - You're so eloquent.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

Good work.

(Is this place real?)


earlier, I provoked him with a question...

- because I don't drink. - Sit down.

You know how I don't drink,

but I asked him if I should stop drinking.

Sir, I'm sorry,

but should I stop drinking?

You need to drink now and then to maintain your sanity.

(I'd have thought he's fake if he told me to stop drinking.)

(That's right!)

But he told me that I should drink now and then.

Before then, I thought he was fake.

And I was surprised by his answer.

His tone and the way he speaks kept changing too.

(A child version)

(A grandma version)

(A shaman version)

If he changed his voice dramatically,

I'd have thought he was fake.

- But it was his voice all along. - He used his voice.

And he only gave a nuance when he changed to different people.

- Only the nuance. - Exactly.

Let's play a game.

(It's time to play a hint game.)

The game we're playing is called Monkey Initials.

(You need to come up with words using the given initials.)

(If you make up a word or use different initials, you fail.)

(If you can't think of one, imitate a monkey to skip your turn.)

(They're going for 2 rounds.)

(Once they succeed, they'll get a special hint.)

(If they fail, they'll get a general hint.)

You can use your chance to imitate a monkey only once.

The team who has a member that fails the most will lose.

- "Refute". - Watch how you should imitate one.

So Min, please demonstrate it for us.

- Only one person needs to do it? - Show us a monkey.

I didn't know you could only imitate once.

(Getting ready)

(Did you call for me?)

(She's always prepared.)

(They love it.)

(Highly praising So Min the Monkey)

- She's so good at it. - She's really good.

- She's so good. - She's really good.

- She's really good. - I wish she could keep doing it.

- I've been to a zoo a few times. - She's so good.

- Let's do this. - Let's start with So Min.

- Okay. - Ready, set, go.

(Initials: "P", "D")




- "Splash". - "Pudding".


(Transforming into a monkey)



(Mi Joo has become a monkey.)

(The monkey lover is highly satisfied.)

(It looks like we'll have to send her to a jungle.)

(Well done, Mi Joo!)

(In a trance)

(The senior monkey is also very satisfied.)

- "Pad". - "Vein".


I already said that.

I couldn't hear it because... Really?

Mi Joo was so funny.

I'm an old monkey, and you're a young one.

The baby monkey.

(Young monkey, old monkey)

- You have 2 chances left. - We only have 2 chances.

Ready, set, go.

This is hard.

- "Likewise". - "Turn".

- "Green". - "Stamina".

- "Cherry". - "Handling".


(They easily finished the first round.)


(Monkey 1)


I can't...

(He's embarrassed, but he wants to use the chance.)

I can't think of one.

(They burst into laughter after seeing an unexpected side of him.)

I can't think of one.

- He imitated it. - He did imitate a monkey!

I thought we can't imitate a monkey twice.

- No, we can allow two times. - Really?

(He hurriedly imitates a monkey again.)

(He's serious about this game.)

(He passes out laughing after seeing Seok Jin.)

- I thought it wasn't allowed. - Yes, it is!

- He did it! - I thought it wasn't allowed.

So Min loves it.


Look at her feet. What's with them?

Why do you keep moving them?

(Her feet show how shy she is.)

- What's with that? - I found him cute.

He's cute.

(Let's see the cute monkey again.)

- Here we go. - It's a new round.

- Whom should we start with? - Me.

- Ready, set, go. - It's our last chance.

- "Early morning". - "Fabrication".

- "Earthquake". - "Arbitration".


- "Own work". - "Bull's eye".

(They easily finished the first round.)



- "Branch". - "Self-control".


(She ran out of time.)


(Stop her from saying that word.)

(She didn't finish it, but it sounds inappropriate already.)

- No! - You can't say that!

You were going to say "rotation", right?

- Because Earth is rotating. - No!

- I meant to say "advance"! - Why did you...

No, I know you were going to say the other word.

- Zaza, "In the Bus". - She meant "rotation".

"Rotation" or Zaza.

- That's right! Zaza. - We have one last chance.

It's the last one.

It's so funny. I'm dizzy now.

You failed to acquire the special hint.

Since Jessi failed the most...

- Our team is getting the hint. - We did well though.

- We're getting the hint. - Yes, we are.

(Sang Yeob got a hint on the place.)

(The shaman's wardrobe)

They're similar to what he was wearing.

He has so many costumes. Wait a minute.



(Why would he smell the clothes?)

It smells like the incense that he burns here.

(It smells like the place. Could this place be real?)

But he used to play geomungo. Are these stage costumes?

(Are these costumes for traditional music performances?)


(The shaman is playing geomungo.)

It's here.

Isn't this the spot?

(The background is the shrine.)

I'm not sure he still plays geomungo or if he's inspirited.

(Interesting Fortunes that Are Worth Knowing Vol. 2)

(1. The decoration looks lacking for a shrine.)

(2. The precise divination signs as though he's memorized them)

(3. Is he an actor who plays geomungo?)

(Is this place real or fake?)

- Oh, gosh! - Oh, my gosh!

- Gosh! - Really?

This is fun. This show is fun.

It's fun, right? You lose track of the time when you're here.

It feels like my energy is sucked.

- That's how it feels, right? - My energy is sucked out too.

It's hard to say that this place is fake.

- He was really good. - He was really good.


He was on point about me having bad taste in men.

- But everyone knows that. - Is that so?

He read right through you.

- They all seem real. - I know.

But I still think the first one was more real.

Among the two, right?

The first place seemed more real to me.

Wait a minute. The third place deals with toes, right?

(Yes, they'll read your fortune using your toes.)

Foot reading sounds like a fake idea already.

It's easy to make up too...

- since we don't know about it. - Exactly.

There must be articles about it.

(That's what I'm saying.)

Where is this place? Is this the place?

It's actually in the mountains.

Right, it should be in a place like this...

so that it feels like a fortune telling house.

- Somewhere like this. - Right.

People come this far to have their foot read?

Unless he's really famous...

It does feel like we're going to a fortune telling house.

(In the mountains)

(There's a tiger)

(They sing a children's song as they go uphill.)

Look at that. It says philosophy hall.

- Where? - Where?

- "Foot reading". - I can see it.

(On their way up,)

This place must be real.

(there's a sign of the fortune telling house.)

It was on several MBC shows.

This must be real.

That means one of the first two places must be fake.

- Professional foot reader, Ms. Oh. - Korea's best foot reader.

This is crazy. What am I supposed to do?

- My gosh, this is... - If this is real...

- There's a sign. - This place looks real.

But the staff could've made that.

- But it's very old. - It looks worn out.

But the staff make them look worn out.

- They do. - But they can't be this good.

That must be old for real.

Besides, this is on tvN.

And it only mentioned other TV stations.

- This place is real, Jae Seok. - It must be real.

- Seok Jin, this place is real. - It's giving me goosebumps.

That means one of the first two places is fake.

- It doesn't make sense. - Let's see.

(Is the third place a fake fortune telling house?)

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 3)

(A professional foot reader who sees through your life...)

(using your feet)

(Welcome, is this your first time in the mountains?)

(The old sign is also placed at the entrance.)

Maybe it's a restaurant or a farm.

I know. I thought the same.

(There's an ordinary-looking 2-story house.)

It looks like a place that sells duck soup or baeksuk.

- No. - No? I guess it can't be helped.

But why would the staff come out this far?

(It's quite far from Seoul.)

(Why would the staff make a fake place somewhere so far?)

It's a philosophy hall.

Look. That must've been a menu for duck soup.

Right, it must've said baeksuk, or spicy chicken soup.

Doesn't this look like...

- This looks like a kitchen. - a sink at a camping site?

(Sang Yeob found abandoned kitchen tools.)

Look, it looks like a restaurant down there.

And their chicken would be flying around here.

Right. Their chicken would be running around the garden.

It looks like a restaurant.

(The Sixth Sensers are certain that this place is a restaurant.)

It smells like herbal medicine.

I know, right? It does smell like herbal medicine.

How come I smell cinnamon?

(The place is giving off a scent of herbal medicine?)

I guess they couldn't finish ventilating the place.

I guess the restaurant smell hasn't been ventilated.

It's clearly a restaurant.

No, look over here.

Be careful.

(A mysterious room unfolds past the hallway)

This place is real.

It's impossible to make this up.

They can't go this far. This place is real.


(It looked like an ordinary restaurant.)

(The sitting room is organized with partitions.)

(There's a drying rack and a small kitchen.)

(A room that looks like someone's been using it)

(And the space that amazed the Sixth Sensers)

I don't think they made this up.

It's impossible to bring all this stuff with a truck.

I know.

If this place is real, then it'd get really confusing.

(Unlike the previous places,)

(there are many unfamiliar objects.)

(The room...)

(is filled with old books.)

(And various certificates that prove how good she is)

(Scholar of study of destiny)

It does look real.

(This is all real?)

Don't you think the smell of herbal medicine is too strong?

It's too strong.

What does physiognomy have to do with herbal medicine?

This is just my thought. After reading feet,

she makes herbal medicine for each person.

- I think she makes medicine too. - Maybe she does.

I think that's what she does.

Then herbal medicine would be needed.

(There's a space in the corner...)

(where she can decoct herbal medicine.)

(All sorts of tools...)

(and medicinal herbs are in the room.)

What's this? I guess this helps her read feet in detail.

The lines on our feet have meanings.

- Yes, they do. - They have meanings.

A foot of someone who'll succeed. Oh, this is how they're read.

I guess this is her customers' feet.

(She recorded numerous feet.)

I guess she drew them herself.

Look how full the notebook is.

She must've studied a lot. I want my feet to be read.

(Is this made by the staff? Or is it an actual record?)

(It's hard.)

(Na Ra found something.)

(A space in the corner...)

(where you can wash your feet?)

Why do I find these so suspicious?

You need to wash your feet first to have them read.

It's so embarrassing.

It feels like a pedicure place.

I knew today's episode would be hard,

but it's the most difficult one. I have no idea.

- I have no idea either. - I can't tell at all.

I thought of it from the staff's point of view.

Would they come this far to make a fake place?

- That's true. - You're right.

Isn't it too much? They don't have to come this far.

That's true. From the outside,

it looked like they renovated a closed restaurant.

- It seemed fake. - But it's different on the inside.

I think this place is like a training center.

But even so,

- this is just too much. - You're right.

The first two places were easy to set up.

Hey, foot reader.

Do my feet look like I'll become a king?

- Do I look like I'll become a king? - Do I look like I'll become a king?

Do my feet look like I'll become a king?

- My feet... - Please read my feet.

(Are you here to have your foot read?)


- Hello. - Hello.

You were right. She's wearing modernized hanbok.

(She's the foot reader?)

She looks real.

Why? Do I look real?

I look fake. Why do you think I'm real?

You think you look fake?

Isn't this show about finding who's fake?

That's right.

Please be understanding if we keep doubting you.

- Okay. - Please be understanding.

(Let's get started.)

I bet I'm the best foot reader...

in this country.

I'm a professional foot reader who runs a philosophy hall.

I've been running it for 20 years.

Our hall bases fortune reading on the study of destiny.

I also read faces and palms.

But it's a hall that mainly reads feet.

(She has various certificates related to fortune reading.)

The shape, size, thickness,

and moles. You can tell someone's fortune...

based on those things.

I opened an online forum...

as I studied foot reading.

More people started joining the forum,

and that lead me to appear on several TV shows.

My hall became famous by word of mouth,

and now, I don't even need to promote it.

When I talk, I don't consider how my customer would feel.

I speak however I want. I sometimes cuss too.

My customers keep coming back because they like it...

when I bluntly tell the truth. They feel refreshed by it.

(Why are there herbal medicines?)

There are many germs on feet.

It helps get rid of athlete's foot and inflammations.

It helps get rid of the smell too.

Licorice, angelica root, dried orange peel...

that are good for your feet are in the water.

Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?

Ms. Oh, you're a professional foot reader.

I've heard of face reading and palm reading, but...

Yes, it's the same thing.

The lines on palm are similar to the lines on feet.

This area of study was developed in Japan.

Because they went through many wars,

many people lost their hands.

What other option do they have to read their fortune?

- Feet. - Their feet, yes.

That's a bit sad though.

Is it?

May I ask how you became a foot reader?

I ran a big clothing business in my 20s.

You were in a clothing business?

I walked past a philosophy hall by chance,

and the fortune teller told me that my business will fail.

So I said, "That jerk. He's talking nonsense."

(Covering her mouth)

I'm so sorry.

- It's okay. - She is doing this for real.

It's my style.

It's Hyunju's style.

I'm sorry.

My business was doing great.

So, when people said I'd go broke, I was really upset.

In my mind, I wanted them to mind their own business.

But really, in three months, my business went broke.

I had nothing left, and I thought of committing suicide.

My head was full of bad thoughts.

That's when I started to have interests in study of destiny.

What is destiny? What is Four Pillars of Destiny?

She's so good at telling her story.

I think she's real.

- I'm so confused. - It's a bit strange...

to have your foot read.

Do you get lots of customers?

I didn't mean to be the expert on foot reading.

I intended to study Four Pillars of Destiny.

If I do the same thing with the others,

I can't survive.

So, I started doing foot reading.

And I wanted to be the expert on this.

I wanted to be at the top.

This is the note that I've studied from the past.

These are what I've studied.

(The foot reader speaks so fluently. Did it really happen to her?)

Out of us,

we will have So Min and Seok Jin experience this.

(It's time to read your feet.)

(Customers' health and destiny are both important in here.)

There are medicinal herbs in the water.

(Medicinal herbs like licorice, cinnamon, angelica, and dried peels)

This place feels a bit weird.

- The smell is... Isn't it hot? - No, it's not.

- It's okay. - Isn't it hot?

(After checking the appropriate temperature,)

(Ddu fills up the bowl with water to cleanse the feet.)

(Ddu is serious.)

Ddu, your watch seems to shine too much for you to work here.

Is he wearing a Rolex?

I told him to lose his watch. But he wanted to wear it.

- I'm sorry. - She said you should take it off.

This is driving me crazy.

Ddu is a bit awkward.

- I think I've seen him around. - I think Ddu is fake.

I think I've seen him in a set for drama shooting.

Put both of your feet up on here.

Both of my feet?

- Oh, my gosh. - Both of your feet.

This is something new.

- So Min. - They're yellow.

Since you have your feet out, put your big toes up.

Big toes up.

- Two big toes up. - That means she's really happy.

Big toes up.

It's my first time...

to have someone see my feet this close.

It's the same for everyone.


She's serious.

Her eyes look different.

(The foot reader is not joking around.)

At the beginning of your life,

when you were a teenager, you had a chance to choose...

that'll change your destiny.

- At the beginning of my life? - Yes, when you were a teenager.

This side tells you about your life in the beginning.

As the front of the feet is uneven and has lots of calluses,

it means that you had many changes at the beginning of your life.

Your parents have a good relationship.

You should be nice to your dad. Why are you mean to him?

Do you only like your mom?

I'm not that close to him.

So, I asked you. Do you only like your mom?

Your dad could feel sad. So, don't rely only on your mom.

- Okay. - And...

I don't think she can read that on the feet.

Which part of the feet can you see that?

You see this toe looks great.

- Right? - It's too long.

This is good.

This means you get close to your mom.

(Can you read that by looking at the length of toes?)


show me the bottom of your feet.

The dead skin cells.

It's not dead skin. It's callus.

She's almost dissecting So Min's feet.

She's an actress.

- Was the yellow thing callus? - Yes.

I thought it was your original skin.

Callus affects your destiny.

It's not good for your spine.

Is it not good for my spine? My back is not good.

It's caused by the way she walks.

You'll be doing great at the end of your life.

As your heel is fat,

you won't have any big trouble at the end of your life.

Is this part for the end of my life?

Your future seems good.

Be careful of your spine.

You care about your skin a lot, don't you?


I don't see any pimple on your face now.

But you must have lots of stress about your skin as a teenager.

I had lots of pimples when I was in high school.

Which one is real?

(That's too detailed. Can she read that far?)

You have luck regarding documents.

- Okay. Is it a big document? - Yes.

Is it about a contract?

- What? - Can it be a marriage registration?

That cannot be the one.

(We like how honest she is.)


- You want to date, don't you? - I do.

You need to change how you behave first.

After you change how you behave,

the man might be able to stick around.

She's not that mean.

Seok Jin quietly said something.

When we were shooting together, despite the insane schedule,

she never got upset.

As I look at your finger, I can see you're free-spirited.

You hate being controlled.

How do her toe shape like to read that she's free-spirited?

There are gaps between the toes.

That means she can't be controlled.

- Then, - I'm not free-spirited.

I want my foot read.

I'm free-spirited.

Doesn't wearing a flip-flop make you free-spirited, then?

(Doesn't wearing a flip-flop make you free-spirited, then?)

Then, will I be okay...

if I don't get married?

No, you're bound to marry. There's no way you can't.

You're bound to marry.

- Am I bound to do it? - Yes.


She's telling me the exact thing that I heard from fortune telling.

I asked her the same thing.

And the fortune teller said the exact same thing.

You're bound to do it.

So Min, you'll get married. Just come here.

Come here.

- We'll all get married. - Come back So Min. Stop it.

- So Min. - Don't ask her basic things.

- So Min, come here. - Come here.

Am I doing okay?

You're doing fine. Don't worry.

Sometimes, you're a femme fatale.

But you're too sensitive.

Am I a femme fatale?

- What? - You are?

Come back and sit.

She said I'm a femme fatale.

That's the most memorable thing from here.

That's why this place is fake.

(Maybe we can trust Na Ra's hunch on this one.)

- Hello. - Yes.

- My feet. - Yes. Put your feet up on here.

(What does Seok Jin's feet tell us about his destiny?)

Seok Jin took care of his feet very well.

You see the spot here.

Yes, the spot.

The spot.


Give me a towel. It's in the back.

Yes, please give me that one.

She knows where towels are located.

How can I not know where towels are placed?


I told you to clean up your feet.

I can't tell if they're spots or dirt.

(The foot reader is charismatic.)

I didn't expect to show my feet today.

Ha Seok Jin has never been treated like that before.


(Starting over)

- You see the line here. - Yes.


There's a line.

- I can see it clearly. - I see it.

In palm reading, this is the line of fate.

- The line of fate. - In feet, it's the line of luck.

It's really good.

The line goes like this.

(His line of luck is about to reach the sky.)

It's like this. Isn't it funny?

(Going up straight)

You must be very smart.

- Everyone knows that. - Everyone knows that.

Everyone in Korea knows that.

Your real personality is different from how people see you.

(He is different from how he's seen?)

You're very timid.

- Am I? - Yes.

Your little toe is fat and round.

It means you're cautious.

You like to be stable.

- Being stable. - Yes, I like to be stable.

I don't like to take risks.

But you need to take risks.

Your feet are thick and look good.

If you've taken risk, you would've earned some money.

I really can't tell for today.

- I don't know for today. - I really don't.

For the last couple years, you're very interested in...

getting married.

Oh, yes.

(How can she read that?)

- What did she say? - Well.

Your marriage line is not split.

- It's very clear. - Yes.

It means that you're going all in on her.

Some guys have female friends.

But you don't have that.

For you, you either date one...

or don't.

You don't have female friends.

- You can't be friends with girls. - That's true.

- Right? - Yes.

Your toes have gaps between them.

It means you have a strong personality.

- Goodness. - And...

you also have luck regarding documents.

It could mean something about a contract.

It could be something else.

Currently, I'm looking for a new company to sign.

- Right. - That's amazing.

You don't like the current option.

What should I do, then?

You have a strong opinion.

- Right? - Yes.

(He admits right away.)

(Everyone's reading their own feet.)

Why are you looking at your feet?

(They've fallen in love with foot reading.)

You look gentle and soft.

So, we assume you're soft and gentle to others.

With gaps in between the toes, and fat little toes,

I can tell you're strong outside, but weak inside.

So, you're trying to hide that you're timid...

by speaking roughly.

- Right. - Yes, he's rough.

(He's got chills.)

I've got goosebumps.

That's so true.

Every Korean is like that.

Stay quiet.

- Wait. - Just stay quiet for a minute.

Everyone here has a temper.

She's going to throw her crystal ball at you.

You're a public figure when you're out and about.

When clients come to see me,

they'll do their hair and makeup before they come.

You need to dress properly when you go out as well.

(You need to dress properly when you go out as well.)

Don't just go out looking careless and sloppy.

He does just rely on his face when he goes out.

- You drag slippers around, right? - Yes.

That's so rude.

That was funny.

- Jessi, did you say that? - She hates that the most.

- Wear closed-toed shoes. - I wore slippers today too.

- Are you getting the chills? - My goodness.

That kind of reaction means it's the real deal.

But she really did get nearly everything right, chillingly.

This is driving me insane.

Because the person getting the fortune told is getting chills,

this place might be real.

Let's give the fortune teller a round of applause.

- Thank you for your hard work. - Thank you.

- Thank you. - Goodbye, Mr. Ddu.

- Thank you for coming. - Bye.

- Ms. Fortune teller... - Hey, is that Jessi?

It appears so.

(Is that Jessi?)

(It appears so.)

Didn't that seem like a skit?


(Jessi charges at Ddu.)

This is definitely a skit.

- That's a skit for sure. - That was definitely acted.

(The fortune teller exits naturally after saying her goodbyes.)

(Actor 1, "Hey, is that Jessi?")

Is that Jessi?

(Actor 2, acting indifferently, "It appears so.")

- That was definitely a skit. - Was that a skit?

That lady knows who I am.

She definitely knows who I am.

I think the fortune teller is real,

but Dduddu, I'm not sure about.

Dduddu was odd.

Let's have our final conference here and we'll vote outside.

I thought the ones that were oddest...

were numbers 1 and 3.

Number one seemed too much like an EBS teacher.

He must be a real estate broker. Someone leading seminars.

Na Ra, you have to be careful today.

Let's be cautious.

I choose number 1 or 3.

The place that seemed the fakest was this one, no?


(Is this all fake?)

Please, don't do this.

But number two, Jae Seok, it was like this, look.

And then he went, "Oh!"



- Stop what? - What was the stop?

I'm just saying that was weird, aside from seeming fake.

I don't know. I'm picking this one.

I'm going to pick this.

That last part at the end was a skit they acted out.

It would be absurd if I saw that and chose something else.

(The foot reader who can read a life in the feet, real or fake?)

(1. The spot is deep in the hills.)

(2. The space is too much for the production crew to build.)

(3. A strange skit with Ddu.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

(It's voting time again today.)

(Entering while humming a tune)

(Skillfully taking her solo shot)


You can see everything.

(Because it's a clear umbrella.)

You can see everything. I really don't know today.


(You're the best, production crew.)

I really have to get it right today.

I even wore a mole today.

(Let's definitely get it right today.)

Let's go.

I still haven't decided.

I haven't decided either.

I'm just going to go for it.

What is there to decide? Just pick one.

- This is Sixth Sense. - For me,

I can't not pick the third one after seeing that skit at the end.

Me neither. I saw it, and now I can't unsee it.

Dduddu makes no sense either.

But maybe we're getting too fixated on that part.

I don't know, but I'm fixated on Ddu, regardless.

Me too.

- Especially when they left. - That screen is to show us...

- the right answer later? - Yes.

(The new visitor to Sixth Sense finds everything curious.)

(The Sixth Sense newbie Seok Jin enters.)


Let me take a photo of the ballot first.

The ballot.

(Suddenly going into tourist mode)

(A photo of the director)

(A selfie)

To be honest, I realized this a lot earlier.

I pretended not to notice in front of the other members.

(Seok Jin discovered something suspicious earlier.)

The production crew...

are trying to gauge our reactions right now.

(The production crew aren't showing interest in the fake shaman.)

- That seems possible. - Right?

(I found the fake.)

(Sexy brain mode on)

(Chooses number 2 without hesitation)

I'm sorry for getting it right.

(I'm sorry for getting it right.)

Number two seemed so fake to me.

He seemed to be acting.

(Choosing number 2 because he seemed like an actor)

Hello. It's me, So Min.

When the third fortune teller was speaking,

everything she said was in line with the way I see things,

and she got a lot of things right.

But she said I had a temper.

(Her fortune stabbed her like a dagger.)

I don't want to believe that I have a bad temper.

I want to deny that part. That part was wrong.

I don't have that bad of a temper, everyone.

For this one,

I have confidence that I might get it wrong.

The reason I'm choosing number three today...

is that this person seems to me like an actor.

But I also think number two is fake.

But this fortune teller herself was more suspicious.

Wait, wait, the diviner...

Wait a minute. Wait.

For this one, I think I might be wrong.

(Sucking his teeth)

Deep in the hills. This place feels too much like an inn to me.


After seeing that skit,

if I don't choose this one, I would be a fool.

I'm doing it.

Don't disappoint me, Ddu.


(She chooses number 3, putting her faith in Ddu.)


It would be too strange not to suspect this one.

Today, I'm choosing right away.

I don't even want to drag it out.

(He chooses number 3 with the utmost conviction.)

(From entering to exiting, this was a 5-second cut.)

Ha Seok Jin and Mi Joo chose number two,

and everyone else chose number three.

(Jae Seok, Jessi, So Min, Na Ra, and Sang Yeob all united under Ddu.)

- What is this? - What is this?

- Let's do this. - Everyone picked three?

No one chose number one.

- No one chose number one. - No one chose it.

- But if number one was fake... - That would really give me chills.

- That can happen. - Has that ever happened before?

There's never been a time when not one person guessed right.

What happens if it's number one?

- Wow, today... - If it's number one,

that means all of you were perfectly deceived.

It would be a first if number one was the fake.

- It would be a first. - That would be a perfect victory...

- for the production crew. - They would've won.

(Nervous to the max)

A perfect victory.

- We'll show the correct answer. - Yes, please show us.

- Hurry and show us. - We'll reveal it now.

My heart's pounding.

Oh, my gosh, was that your face, Jae Seok?

It's all our faces.

Look at that.

(Who will win the pure gold?)

Number one. It was that one.

(These three hold your fate in their hands.)

Oh, my gosh.

I'm scared.

All of these shots make all three of them seem fake.

- A real estate tower? - What is that?

(Total distance traveled, 1,000km)

- 100 people? - Wait a second.

(200 percent nervous)

(Who is the sole fake among these?)

(The scholar of destiny who provides fortune telling graphs)

(The former musician turned head shaman)

It all suits him well though.

Wait a minute, which is it?

(The foot reading specialist who can see life in one's feet)

They all seem right. This is driving me insane.

This is making me crazy.

- Please. - I'm getting the chills.

Please. Be fake.

(Of all the Interesting Fortunes that Are Worth Knowing,)

(which one is the only fake?)

Please, please. I can't watch it.


(Which one is the only fake?)

This is driving me insane.

I'm so nervous.

(Will the five Ddu-obsessed voters win?)

I feel like I might cry.

Wait a minute. Which one is it?

(The one fake that bewildered all)

Which one is it?

(Which one is today's unpredictable fake?)

(Which fortune teller has bewildered you?)

I feel like I might cry.

Wait a minute. Which one is it?

(The one fake that bewildered all)

Which one is it?

(Which one is today's unpredictable fake?)

(The foot reader was fake.)

(Total celebrations)

(They guessed the right answer amidst the bewilderment.)

(I got it right too.)

(Five of them got the answer.)

We got it.

We did it.

(Someone tell me this isn't happening.)

(The screen is not currently frozen.)

We got it.

(She got it wrong,)

(and wrong again,)

(and wrong still again in the past.)

(Combined with the 1st season, Na Ra won twice in 12 rounds.)

(A roar of happiness)

The reason for this...

(Na Ra was for real.)

The reason she's so happy...

is that Ddu made a mistake.

She's crying again.

(Releasing all of the sorrows accumulated till now)


- Come on. - I got it.

I got it right.

I got it right.

(She tells everyone in the area that she got the right answer.)

(This sexy brain suffers an unfortunate result.)

I'll show you the video of the correct answer.

- Let's watch it. - Let's watch it now.

(Are you someone who only believes what they see?)

So they made that ceiling and everything, didn't they?

I think it must be an inn.

(If you are, then you are deceived this time again.)

(What is the real identity of Haebal Philosophy Hall?)

My gosh, how did I get this one?

- I can't believe it. - I'm really nervous now.

(A cozy little oasis and a healing spot in nature)

- It was an inn. - So it was an inn.

It was an inn after all.

I told you.

This place is an inn?

(An inn for large groups)

They're amazing.

(A large space designed to fit up to 30 people)

(But it's totally empty now)

So those were already on the ceiling from before.

("There shall be a dramatic transformation of this space.")

(Turning the space from nothing into something)

They really are impressive.

- I knew something was off. - Right?

They got me completely.

(The crux of this project was to show the passage of time.)

Oh, my gosh.

They really did a great job building this set.

(It's all in the details.)

They paid so much attention to detail.

- They really did. - I didn't even pay attention to it.

It really looked real.

I had no idea about this.

(If there's not enough time, we can make it look like there was.)

- Oh, my gosh. - All that too?

(They made all that.)

(If there's not enough time, we can borrow things to make it so.)

They went that far?

- They're really amazing. - That was awesome.

(They borrowed 1,000 books from national philosophy centers.)

(The production crew staked their victory on such prop details.)

(My goodness)

That was really awesome.

(They even perfectly created certificates.)

Even the certificates?

Wow, that's truly impressive.

(We want to bewilder all of your senses.)

(The Haebal Philosophy Hall...)

(and its complete transformation.)

("How about it? Do I have the look of a fake to you?")

"Do I have the look of a fake to you?"

I had no idea.

Then who is this fortune teller?

- Who is she? - She must be an actress.

(In this perfectly fake set, who was the foot reader?)

- See how your toes are apart? - Who is this person?

(Korea's number 1 foot reader)

"What is Oh Kyung Yoon's real identity?"

I'm a feet specialist, it's true.

But I'm not a foot reader,

but the owner of a pig trotter restaurant.

(Her true identity is actually quite moving.)

(Laughing deep in her throat)

That's amazing.

(Mi Joo is upset.)

(My goodness, is that real?)

- I'm going to visit her restaurant. - My goodness.

(Escaping away)

(I need someplace to lean on.)

(Everyone, did you notice?)

I'm Oh Kyung Yoon, the feet specialist of Haebal.

This fortune teller was so entertaining.

But she was so good at getting everything right.

- What was that then? - What was that?

Are the two of them related? Are they family?

He's been working as my secretary for ten years now.

(Their close relationship...)

(is real.)

- Really? - Wow, really?

(Ddu wasn't an expert skit actor?)

I'm wondering what that water I washed my feet in was.

It was something good regardless.

What was that?

(The washing water's true identity)

What was that water?

That water contained all the ingredients...

we use to cook trotters in.

(The washing water was actually trotter stock.)

(My goodness.)

(No wonder it felt weird.)

Look at Seok Jin. Seok Jin's taking it personally.

(Why are you doing this to me?)

He's genuinely angry right now.

What's he doing over there?

Seok Jin, you can just wash it off, it's fine.

This is just how it works.

(Sweeping his hair back in rage)

(Raging poses copied and pasted)

Seok Jin is so funny.

You just need to add soy sauce or doenjang to turn it into stock.

You were going to eat my feet?

I'm sorry.

That was hilarious.

- Foot readers exist though. - So they do exist.

You can see some space between here.

That means you love freedom.

I love freedom? That just means I'm a little crazy.

So she always spoke a bit roughly like that.

- You just have to guess right-ish. - Her personality's so similar.

If you want to seem like a pro, just look into their backgrounds,

and guess everything right that no one else would know.

(Excuse me?)

(We investigated everyone's backgrounds as a result.)

Friends and family?

(Conducting 13 interviews)

(They're drawn to the monitors.)

What is that?

(Why are all these people on the screen?)

What is Jang Sung Kyu doing there?

Why is Jeon Wook Min there?

Hello. I'm Seok Jin's oldest actor friend,

- Kim Ji Suk. - It's Ji Suk.

(What are you doing there?)

(They're being surprised many times today.)

- Seok Jin, are you all right? - Kim Ji Suk, why are you...

- It's Ji Suk. - They got Ji Suk.

He's a classic hard exterior, soft interior kind of guy.

- It's Ji Suk. - He's always headed forward.

Forward no matter what.

He's not attached to an agency right now,

- so he's having a hard time. - So he spilled all the information.

He's into alt-coins.

- Ji Suk is the best. - He's out after they rose a bit...

because he got a lot of fear. Only I know about that.

No wonder she got everything right. She was right.

I'm a close friend of Ha Seok Jin's.

(Jeong Ju Ho, a close friend of Seok Jin for 20 years)

His biggest issue these days is dating.

- He wants to marry in two years, - They mentioned this earlier.

but he's not seeing anyone.

He's not able to be friends with women.

I'm Jeon So Min's younger brother, Jeon Wook Min.

- Jeon Wook Min. - It's Wook Min.

Her actual brother too?

She has freckles on her shoulder, and used to have a lot of acne.

- He's right. No wonder. - It stressed her out when young.

- So he told them everything. - She hurt her spine recently.

I'm sure she'll be 100 percent deceived by this.

- Hi, I'm actor Kim Hyeong Min. - That's my friend.

- They even got Hyeong Min. - The biggest concern is dating.

If So Min is like a princess,

if she were to meet a prince, they'd end up clashing.

- She's tired of blind dates too. - That's so wrong.

- Not many people know this. - That was so wrong of him.

(We didn't know whose feet would get read, so we prepared all.)

It's Sung Kyu.

(Jang Sung Kyu, one of Sang Yeob's best friends)

- What is this? - He's extremely considerate.

- They did an interview with him. - He takes manners very seriously.

This is a bit of a secret.

He wants to buy a building.

(Bursting into laughter)

Hello, I'm Song Yu Jin, Na Ra's manager.

She's the type to take things to the bitter end.

- She's working out a lot. - They really got everyone.

- They're so prepared. - She's really into exercising.

She gets personal training at a local gym.

- I'm Jessi's manager, Choi Hae Min. - My goodness.

Recently, there was an issue that caused...

a lot of long-term staff to turn over.

- She's planning her own business. - This is too scary.

Hello, I'm Jeon Woong of AB6IX.

- Wow, what is all this? - She has to move in December,

so she's preparing for that. She just got a gastroscopy.

Can I say all this? She might even buy a talisman.

He said she might buy a talisman.

(One person requested that their identity remain secret.)

I'd appreciate it if you could mosaic my face,

or protect my identity.

Isn't that Cho Sae Ho?

- It's Cho Sae Ho. - I recognized his watch.

He acts a bit carefully.

Look at him.

It's obviously Cho Sae Ho.

This person is too funny.

I think he's fencing himself in too much.

His network boundaries are too small.

There's a predetermined list of people he calls.

But really, I'll be in big trouble.

You have to protect me.

(We'll protect your image, don't worry.)

I think he's very proud of his own physique, going like this.

He exercises with a wrist guard on just his right.

When he exercises, he usually cycles.

He had a mole on his back. He likes movies and music.

He likes marinated beef barbeque. His wallet is a dark color.

The floodgates are open, and it's TMI?

Sae Ho's so cute.

(To overcome the competition, she practiced for 504 hours.)

What is that?

- I'll open up their feet. - So detailed.

But I wasn't a client.

I didn't get a fortune today.

She did so well.

Sixth Sensers,

I was a fake.

- We know! - Thank you.

(An unprecedented result)

(I did it.)

(Getting their pure gold prizes)

- Na Ra, here. - Na Ra.

- Finally, Na Ra Oh. - Na Ra finally got one.

- Na Ra and Sang Yeob got one. - I finally got one.

I did it! The Right Guesser really pulled it off.

So this is what it feels like.

(Denying reality)

- Seok Jin. - I'm just going to leave now.

He's just like me. I just want to go home too.

(I want to be alone.)

I was having so much fun until I saw that screen.


I was first shocked at the fact I dunked my feet in trotter stock.

Then shocked again at the fact that all the correct fortunes...

- were from a background check. - That's right.

The production crew was really the best this time.

(The long-awaited guest)

(Jun Ho of "My House" enters.)

(Come see this fox.)

(Jun Ho will bewilder us all.)

(An item to bewilder their sixth sense)

(From Season 1,)

(there were many foods that were strange,)

(and that bewildered their eyes.)

(Forget about Season 1.)

(Going beyond Season 1)

(Crazy visuals are about to appear.)

(Drawn in by pretty visuals)

(Surprised by shocking visuals)

(Your sister-in-law is calling for you.)

(Stop it already.)

(Add a dash of spice.)

(Let's go to Sixth Sense.)