Sixth Sense (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Are These Menus Real? - full transcript

KAI of EXO joins the Sixth Sensers. He gets flustered and embarrassed among the members, but soon he assimilates with them. The theme is unique menus. Only one of is a fake and made by the staff. Will the members be able the find it?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
We're starting in a park today.

- This is Samcheong-dong, right? - It is Samcheong Park.

(A relaxing morning in Samcheong Park)

- This is like... - It's so pretty.

becoming childlike.

- My goodness. - Please.

- Please. - Be careful.

(What are you doing with that wooden pole?)

Get out of the way.

(Get out of the way!)

Get out.

- Hello. - Hello.

Everyone, I dyed my hair.

- It looks so pretty. - It looks really pretty.

- You guys... - Did you only have money for half?

(Grandma Oh Na Ra says a real dye job looks like hers.)

(Suppressed in an instant)

- Na Ra, this is the trend nowadays. - Still,

- Na Ra makes me feel better. - It's the trend now.

(The Na Ra medicine is reliable as a digestive.)

What are you doing?

(Is it a mosquito?)

- What are you doing? - I'm itchy.

That's because you're wearing a skirt.

No one told you to wear something that short.

What is this?

I can't scratch it, but it itches.

Mi Joo, you're wearing a ribbon today.

Jae Seok bought this for me last time.

I forgot to wear it today.

And this ring too.

- Hey, hey. - And the ring, my goodness.

We did go together last time.

- I didn't just buy that for you. - It sounds like he only got yours.

(Leaving the camera's sights because she's embarrassed)

(Last week, the ladies couldn't tear their eyes away from accessories.)

(They really love those.)

(After filming ended...)

(Jae Seok brought his wallet.)

(You can buy whatever you want.)

(- Really? - What an amazing person.)

I was surprised that Sang Yeob also picked something out.

- That's right. - I was surprised.

He was the first one to pick something out.

He looked at everything so closely, trying on all the rings.

He tried on a band that looks like intestines too.

- Where did you take that? - That's right.

I'm about to cry.

(Mr. Pork Belly never gets a chance to dry his tears.)

We have a guest today.

- Nice. - Let's meet him.

I heard a bit about who it is.

- Really? - Yes.

What genre are they from?

- What? - What genre?

- As in, a singer? Actor? - Like a singer? An actor?

An actor or a singer?


he's a big star, okay?

A big star?

- A big star. - A big star?

- Is he tall? - Yes.

- Is it SHINee? - Mister?

- He's shiny. - Is he handsome?

Yes, he's handsome. Very handsome.

Handsome? Oh, my gosh.

- Does he talk a lot? - Just a little.

Hey, hey.

Don't touch me.

Everyone, from now on,

let's all call Jae Seok "teacher".

You look like elementary school students, first graders,

all trying to talk to their teacher.

Sang Yeob, soon enough you'll be joining us on this side.

- Come here. - That's right.

- Come on. - But Hyun Ju is the only one...

- who takes care of Sang Yeob. - That's true.

This one acts like he doesn't even exist.

- His first day and even now. - Wait.

Is he going to keep coming on the show?

(Is he going to keep coming on the show?)

I don't know.

- She likes to be cold to new ones. - She does.

What does that mean?

- First of all... - Being mean to newcomers.

I see, being mean to people.

(She understood that part.)

First of all, we have a guest today,

so please come on out.

- Where are you? - Come on out.

- Where are you? - Come join us.

Hey, it's KAI.


Show us your face.


(KAI is the master of all.)

(5,730,000 views, 5,980,000 views)

(More than the god of dance alone,)

(he's now also the god of singing.)


(Smiling innocently)

- Hello. - He's so good-looking.

- He's so good-looking. - It's KAI.

Our KAI is here.

- You're one of my team members. - Hey.

You know how I was waiting outside until now?

- But why mention that suddenly? - But when you called me over...

Can you make some space for him? So KAI can be in the middle?

Usually, when a guest comes,

- they usually get the middle spot. - Come here, come here.

That's usually the case.

We don't usually do that, but we'll do it for you today.

I'm used to that. He's like me.

- I like your look today. - Is it all right?

Your clothes look good.

- Does it look all right? - It looks good.

- Does it look all right? - Yes, it does.

Wow, it looks like bags wouldn't slide off your shoulders.

They slip off mine.

- Mine too, sometimes. - Yes, I bet yours slip off too.

KAI's shoulders are defined here.

Bags won't slide off these shoulders.

- Of course. - They just stay on.

They stay on completely.


(Whispering amongst themselves)

We're doing the same show, right?

- Of course we are. - You just have to adapt.

They're just shy because you're here, KAI.

Hey, hey, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry,

but this isn't a group date.

- It's not a group date. - We were conferring.

- To see who will stand here. - It's not a date.

- Mi Joo, come here. - No, not me.

Na Ra, come here.

She said because KAI is her senior colleague, I should...

- Oh, hello. - Hello.

- KAI's your senior, right? - A huge senior.

She said he's difficult to approach because he's her senior.

I'm not hard to approach though.

I find it a bit difficult,

- but I'll try my best. - Why don't you find me difficult?

(Jessi debuted in 2005, so she's even more senior than EXO.)

(This is so entertaining.)

- Because I love you. - Oh, really?

All right then.


Is it always this hard to adapt here?

(That's Sixth Sense for you.)

Let's have KAI introduce himself.

He hasn't done that yet?

Our guest on Sixth Sense,

please introduce yourself to our viewers.

Hello, I'm KAI from EXO. Nice to meet you all.

(Hello, I'm KAI from EXO.)

Yes, "Love Shot".

Mi Joo.

(Only Mi Joo takes care of KAI, her senior.)

- "Love Shot". - She looks so happy.

I heard that Mi Joo and KAI...

did a variety show together.

- That's right. - We were on one together, yes.

- Really? - The "Idol Dictation Contest".

- I see, "Idol Dictation Contest". - "Idol Dictaton Contest".

How was it, coordinating between you two?

How was it for you? I was curious about this actually.

How was it?

(My answer is...)

(well, that is...)

- Well, how was it? - Mi Joo's being weird.

- Just stand over there then. - No, I'm okay.

Again, again.

You're going to get an ear infection again.

- They look like they're infected. - Exactly.

How was it for you, KAI, working with Mi Joo?

(Nervous about her senior's appraisal of her)

She's usually so beautiful,

but she displayed a totally unexpected side of herself.

- Don't go overboard, Mi Joo. - Don't go too far.

He's praising you now.

Did you step on poop?

We did a lot of this in the past.

(The good old days, stepping on poop)

- I know that. - It's not acting.

- This is how you act it. - When you stepped on it?

If it got on the side of your shoe,

- Right. - you'd do this a lot.

(My cheekbones are sore now.)

Our third episode of Sixth Sense is today.

- Please give us our theme. - What could it be?

- What could it be? - What is this?

- 100 to 1? - A competition of 100 to 1?

"You can only eat by winning against 100 people."

100 to 1?

(Competition: to strive to win or outperform another for a goal)

(Now, food has competition too.)

(You must compete against 100 to 1 odds to be able to eat this food.)

(The competitors come from all over.)

(In front of a store that's already been captured)

(How does the food taste after getting through the competition?)

(This is so delicious.)


(Endless eating)

(But don't be fooled by the food.)

(What is the one fake, disguised by the deliciousness?)

If there's a competition of 100 to 1,

that means the taste has to be guaranteed, right?

Yes, what does that mean?

(One table a day, Korean food reserved a month in advance)

Just one per day.

"You need to reserve a month in advance..."

- "to eat family-style Korean here." - That's believable.

(Experience luxury you've never experienced before.)


(There are several types of home-style meals in the world.)

(But this one only serves one table a day.)

(The end-all of special, family-style home cooking.)

(Korean cooking is coming...)

(that will exceed your imagination.)

(Is this special family meal real or fake?)

- This really exists. - Places like this exist.

- Really? - Yes, they exist.

That's totally possible.

- It's really possible. - It is?

Why are you giving us such an easy one?

Does that work, in terms of costs to profits?

Maybe it costs thousands for a single meal.

- I bet it's really expensive. - No.

The owners might be doing this for their own fulfillment.

In a building they own, for example.

- In a building they own. - That's true family-style.

Here's the second one.

(On sale for only three months. Lines form an hour before the open.)

"On sale for only three months".

"Lines form an hour before the open."

It's mulhoe.

(Grilled black pork)

(Fried King prawns)

(Abalone mulhoe)

(Abalone soup)

(There are countless Jeju specialty foods.)

(We've tried many of them,)

(but we found one that's even more special than the rest.)

(This precious sea creature comes and goes.)

(As soon as it's caught, it's flown up,)

(using a special method to preserve peak freshness.)

(June, July, August)

(Only open for 3 months)

(Experience Jeju Island in Seoul.)

(Get in line early.)

(Is the Jeju specialty mulhoe real or fake?)

Only? I don't know what that means.

- They only open for 3 months. - Only 3 months.

- Why? - Open for only three months.

- This is suspicious. - It dies after three months.

For three months only, they get a Jeju specialty.

- Are you all right? - I'm fine.

It's so entertaining.

- They haven't even started. - They get seasonal mulhoe.

- Freshwater raw fish. - That sounds good.

- I think this is suspicious. - I think it's possible.

What's freshwater raw fish?

(Every day, their knowledge base evolves.)

They only operate the restaurant for three months.

That sounds possible.

I think that's possible.

- You think it's possible? - Yes, I do.

- That's true. - Because there are seasonal foods.

- There's a peak season for seafood. - There is, for each food.

So this is possible if it's open for a food's seasonal peak.

Sang Yeob, what do you think?

I find this a bit suspicious.

- This part is a trick. - The three months only part?

- You're right. - A production trick, I suspect.

- Really? - Yes.

- Did you get the answer last time? - No.

Okay, okay.

(Faith in him decreases)

Here's the third and last one.

"Limited to 10 plates."

"Customers come from all over to try this master's flat udon."

Just 10 plates?

(There are countless variations of udon noodles,)

(but this place is even more special.)

(People visit this spot...)

(from all over the country.)

(Men and women, young and old)

(Regardless of nationality)

(What's the secret behind this udon?)

(The dough is rolled out like a pizza.)

(A never-before-seen, unique process of kneading dough.)

(If you want to taste these noodles, be one of the 10 served per day.)

(Are these flat udon noodles made by a master real or fake?)

- 10 plates? - Limited to 10 plates?

Jae Seok, explain this to me.

(Laughter button on)

- In one day, a single day, - Outdoor class is nice.

- Listen! - they only sell 10 plates.

(As soon as class begins, she's distracted.)

(Orders her to listen)

(The one next to Na Ra suffers the consequences.)

- Bring the cane. This is too much. - A cane.

- I'm sorry. - I won't do it again.

- I won't do it again. - I'm sorry about this.

(Providing love taps in the teacher's place)

I won't do this again.

- Now, now. - What guests will come after this?

Hyun Ju, listen up.

I'm listening closely. Mi Joo, pay attention.

KAI, you too, shouldn't put too much faith in us.

Yes, I don't think I belong here.

I don't think I'll end up getting close to anyone here.

No, you do belong here.

In a day, they only serve 10 plates.

- 10 plates. - 10 dishes.

10 dishes, okay.

Yes, they only sell 10 plates.

Why isn't that possible?

If you only sell 10 plates, how can you make a profit?

The cost-to-profit calculations wouldn't balance out.

- I think these two are suspicious. - Right.

Balancing the accounts is really important.

Now it's time to divide into teams.

- How will we divide up? - KAI will choose his team.

So then it'll be 4 against 3?

Yes, it will, and KAI will choose three people to be on his team.

- All right. - Three people.

- Not including yourself. - I can choose freely?

- Yes, you're free to choose anyone. - Freely.

(Pick me.)


- I'm right here. - Mi Joo, get closer.

It would be really funny if KAI didn't pick Mi Joo too.

But we even know each other from before.

That's right, you were even on a show together.

- But first, Jae Seok. - Okay.

- So Min. - Great.

And Jessi.


(Sang Yeob's team and KAI's team)

- Let's go now. - Let's go, let's go.

Let's go.

(They finally set off.)

Come on in.

Everyone, put on your seatbelts.

I was going to sit here, but they said this is your spot.

Sang Yeob is sitting in the middle.

Sang Yeob, are you being kidnapped?

- Look at him. - Jae Seok, can't you say something?

These girls keep blocking my view.

- No, no. - That's not our intention.

It's just hard to get closer with our guest from here.

You don't have to do that.

But he's on my team.

You can just do that once we've arrived.

- We have plenty of time. - There's still plenty of time left.

But we always do this.

KAI says there's no need to rush things.

I'll make sure there's plenty of time for that.

We have plenty of time. Let's start going now.

All right, Teacher.


KAI used to avoid being on variety shows earlier,

but now he's on a lot of them.

- Yes, that's right. - What's the reason for that?

I wasn't on many before, but there was the "panty" incident.

- The "panty" incident. - Oh, that's right.

I saw that too.

(Hot packs)

(Inside a padded coat.)

(Inside your panties.)

(It's two characters, inside a padded coat.)

(Inside my panties,)

(And two characters?)

(Tearing up)

After that, I got invited by a lot of shows.

Once there's a scene like that, it acts like a catalyst.

Yes, a lot of people said it created opportunities for me.

Is it here?

They borrowed a place like this?

- This is a hanok. - I only caught a peek,

- but it looks so impressive. - It's a really grand hanok.

(The first spot is a unique place in a grand hanok.)

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 1)

(Just one table a day with family-style Korean food)

(Gyedong, in Seoul's Jongno-gu, Hanok Village)

- Let's go. - Let's go.

We should check out the outside.


Wow, it's so impressive.

It's so grand.

Can the production crew create something like this?

- Shall we go in? - It's so nice here.

- It's so pretty here. - It's really pretty.

- It's really pretty. - And it smells so good in here.

- It's so nice. - It's really nice.

- It's so nice. - It's so pretty.

Look at the roof tiles, they're so pretty.

It's so pretty.

It's nice here.

So we're supposed to eat here, and it's this spot?

That's a different place altogether, and we're going here.

- So that's a different place? - Yes.

- Then this is it. - What is it?

- This all belongs to one spot. - But?

So they take money from that one, and they spend it here.

This must've been an empty spot, like a storeroom,

or the other cafe's storeroom, a vacant spot that was built out.

- It's suspicious. - Maybe they rented the space.

- Shall we go in? - But it's so pretty here.

- It's really pretty here. - It's pretty.

Mi Joo, say "Come on."

I'm sorry.

It's here.

(Entering the inside)

- It's so nice here. - It's so pretty.

- It's so nice here. - It's so pretty.

It looks so impressive with a traditional hanok roof.

- Look at the rafters. - It's so nice.

(Handsome hanok rafters)

(A modern interior using the hanok)

(Artful decorations catch the eye)

But this is...

It smells really good in here. The smell is good, first of all.

- It's a 1,000-dollar meal. - Yes, I am ready to eat.

(Swaying her hips side to side from the fragrant smells)

She's so cute.

(Dancing automatically)

It's amazing.

It's so pretty in here.

But they only take one table per day?

But isn't the space too large to only serve one table a day?

They'd never be able to fill this space that way.

But aren't there too many tables?

That's what we're saying.

But I can see what Jae Seok is saying.

Considering they only serve a table a day, there are too many.

- That's right. - Exactly.

Maybe it's a big family that comes.

That's right.

Even if I brought all my relatives, I couldn't fill this space.

(The space is too large to serve just one table a day.)

(Is it real or fake?)

Jae Seok, this looks pricey.

This white porcelain vase looks like it's worth a lot.

That servingware is really expensive.

Could the production crew have prepared those, really?

(There's too much expensive servingware for this to be fake.)

This place seems real.

All of that servingware is really expensive, ceramic ware.

I thought you were swearing at me for a second there.

- The servingware. - Servingware.

I want to meet the owner.

Shall we meet the owner now?

- Hello. - Hello.

- Hello. - Hello.

The owner suits this place.

She's so impressive.

She is, and she definitely seems like this spot's owner.

Of course I'm the owner of this spot and not any other.

Hello, my name is Jeong Sook, and I run a Korean restaurant...

that only accepts one table per day.

I renovated a 150-year-old hanok building...

into a Korean restaurant.

Even if I only make money from one table a day,

I opened this place with the intention...

of serving guests as though I were cooking for them at home.

I'm running the place by myself.

I take the reservations myself, and set the menu myself.

I make the food myself, as well as everything else.

That's why I don't have a set menu in advance.

I serve between 7 and 10 courses for each meal,

all of which is a set Korean meal.

In the evenings, my son and his friend...

turn the spot into a wine bar,

which feels like Gyeongbok Palace at night.

(A dazzling transformation from a restaurant to wine bar)

Sixth Sense members, do you think this place is real?

But ma'am,

do you really only take one table per day?

Yes, and by that, I really mean one table,

regardless of whether it's two, or this entire table is full.

I essentially accept one party.

Then even with a long, multi-person dining table like this,

if only two people come, you only serve them in a day?


(My goodness.)

(Is that really possible?)

In that case, how do you price the menu?

As for the price, it's 77 dollars at lunch.

- That's for one serving. Yes. - A serving.

At dinner, it's 110 dollars.

- We prepare the food at that price. - I see.

And some customers have a flexible budget.

- Yes. - They feel unsure.

Then I can prepare the course according to their request.

If they're dead set on spending 500 dollars per person,

I can adjust the course to that too.

(Does this make sense?)

Do you own this building?

- No, I don't. I'm paying the rent. - Then...

Ma'am, I afraid you can't manage the restaurant like that.

Is a tip a thousand dollars?

Let me finish.

I see. There's something else.

- There is something. - There are many group gatherings.

- They held a small conference. - That's why there's...

We have a projector and other stuff.

- Also, first-birthday parties. - Right.

The meeting of the bride's family and bridegroom's family.

- They meet for a meal. - For an engagement.

- Something like that. - That sounds good.

"Our budget for this ceremony is 10 thousand dollars."

- "A thousand dollars." - I see.

I plan the ceremony with them.

Mostly, they are personal meetings.

Many of them are small gatherings.

And there are also people who prefer private dining.

(Oh, that makes sense.)

Was there a reason that you decided to serve only one team?

I'd never sold anything before this.

I thought of it as inviting guests over for a meal.

I wanted to serve food to many people...

and watch how they enjoy it.

That was the main reason.

I can't manage multiple things at once.

So I decided to serve one table.

It ended up like this at the end.

What's today's menu?

Today's menu...

The most important thing is what's in the market.

I use seasonal ingredients mostly.

But I finally decide on the menu...

while I shop for the ingredients every morning.

Goodness, that's attractive.

(Fully absorbed)

Gosh, that's impressive.

Yesterday's best choice may not be the best for today.


She said it may not be the best for today. Goodness.

- How cool. It's philosophical. - This place is real.

So it'd be best if you don't ask about the menu beforehand.

I think there's more fun in it. I want to eat like that.

Gosh, it's enthralling. She's such an eloquent speaker.

(And this guy is...)

Well, she's so real.

This place is real. Don't you think so?

Jae Seok!

Why are you so easily persuaded today?

(Was I?)

- Gosh, the storyline was perfect. - Seriously.

- Right. I can't dispute. - It's perfect.

I became polite somehow.

She's so charismatic.

Could we order a meal, ma'am?

- Yes. - Right. Okay.

- I can't wait. - I'm so curious.

- Thank you. - She explained so well.

- This place is so perfect. - Right.

Honestly, I felt this place was fake.


You'll know if you've been to a restaurant with only one table.

- Those places are quite small. - I know.

The atmosphere is cozy,

and it feels like they take good care of customers.

- That's right. - That's why they're usually small.

But this place is too spacious.

That's strange.

Does that even make sense?

I was like you last week.

- That's because... - You suspected all the places.

- Goodness. - Look, eggplant!

- It's eggplant. - It's like Chinese food.

- I like eggplant so much. - Eggplant, eggplant!

- Eggplant, eggplant! - Eggplant, eggplant!

- Goodness. - It's eggplant mianbao xia.

(Fried eggplant with shrimp: Fried eggplant stuffed...)

(with minced shrimp and scallions. Topped with special chili sauce.)

(The taste is enhanced by deep-frying)

(Also known as eggplant mianbao xia)

(It's time to taste!)



(Taking a bite)


(Gosh, this taste is...)

It's delicious, isn't it?

- It's good. - There's shrimp meatball in it.

- Is this shrimp meatball? - What does it taste like?

I don't like eggplant,

- but this is delicious. - My goodness.

- This is so good. - It's so soft.

- The seafood is delicious. - There's shrimp in it.

It's so moist.

I like mianbao xia,

but I can't eat more than two pieces because it's too oily.

But it's made with eggplant. There's no flour in it.

- That's right. - It tastes very fresh.

- It's not oily. - The texture is very soft too.

- But this is so delicious. - It's really good.

- I feel sorry there's only one. - It's really delicious.

- A little bit, right? - Yes, it's so delicious.

Is there only one for each?

What a shame.

- It's mainly Korean food, - Chinese style...

- but we make it more trendy... - It's like zucchini jeon.

- by mixing various styles. - Right. Fusion cuisine.

Do you tell your mom that you love her?

(Sensing Na Ra's sudden question)

I even kiss her.

(Very confident)

He's lying. This place is fake.

(A grown-up son kisses his mom?)

- Look at Jae Seok's face. - This place must be fake.

- Look at his face. - But...

You kiss your mom?

(Got goosebumps all over!)

- This is fake. - So cute!

- There's a reason. - Cute.

She cooks delicious food like this every day.

I know you'd be thankful.

- You can feel that way, but... - It doesn't matter how old he is.

Okay. Gosh, I'm very shocked today.

- Oh. - This is jokbal.

(The second course is served.)

(No words are needed for jokbal.)

Oh, jokbal.

(Chef's special homestyle steamed jokbal)

(Steamed jokbal)

(Cold jokbal made with the tip of pork trotter.)

(Marinate pork trotter for a day and boil it with herbs.)

(Braise it with peanut sauce made with soy sauce.)

(Homestyle steamed jokbal is ready.)

I like that part.

- They clean the table right away. - Right.

Good job. We like fast.

I liked this.

I was trying to eat, but he took it away.

- He's like that. - He's decisive.

- Me too. - It's necessary.

- I was eating it like this... - Yes.

He was staring at me from behind.

(Watching from behind)

(What's this situation?)

(Reenacting perfectly)

- So I was like... - That man was watching you.

I like that.

- Speed, speed! - Right.

But we come to this kind of place to enjoy.

- We want to enjoy food slowly. - It's because we're filming.

- He was watching from behind. - Hold on.

It's because we're shooting the show.

He won't be like that if we come to dine.

(Was it intended for the show? Was it a mistake by a clumsy actor?)

Should we put it here?

- Next, this is jokbal. - Yes.

Jokbal is made with pigs'...

Are they back of their hands?

- Foot. - Top of the foot?

We can't eat it when you say that.

How could we eat if you say so?

How would I eat it after hearing that this is the back of the hand?

- Right. - Don't tell us in detail.

This is that part, Jae Seok.

This is where the fingers are.

(It makes her tease Jae Seok more.)

(Deeply irritated)

- Fingers. - Look at his face.

Oh, gosh.

Is there also a finger next to it?

Gosh, look at him.

- I don't like jokbal. - But it looks delicious.

- But I have to try it. - Right, we have to taste it.

(Eating the whole skin)


(An imp takes a bite.)


(There's no need for words.)

Doesn't it taste like ohyang jangyuk?

- That's right. - Right?

How did she cook this? It's so moist.

- This is something new. - Really?

Gosh, I'm devouring it now.

My gosh, it's really delicious.

So Min. Oh, my gosh.

She's eating with her bare hand.

I wore a glove, and I'm eating with my other hand.

- Look, Jae Seok. - She's wearing a glove in one hand,

but she uses the other hand.

- Do you know why she does that? - Why is that?

She has to show that to me.

(She has to show that to me.)

So impish.

- But when choosing these menus... - I bet Jae Seok can't eat this.

(He is cut off!)

- Cooking... - Is it delicious?

(Everyone is busy shooting.)

- How did they choose the menu... - It's delicious.

Mine looks like...

- Everyday... - Mi Joo asked me that...

I'll just talk to myself and eat by myself.

(Sang Yeob's heart is broken)

- It's really delicious. - Jae Seok, you're so funny.

No one is listening to me.

- Hey, Sang Yeob. - Yes?

Why aren't you talking?

- Why are you... - Sang Yeob.

We're shooting the show. Why are you so quiet?

- Sang Yeob. If we're too noisy, - Hey, you!

you should say, "Listen to me."

Sang Yeob, you're a regular at this show.

How come you look more awkward than KAI?

(Sang Yeob has gained a sense of humiliation.)

- Should I teach you some lessons? - Go ahead.

- Should I teach you some lessons? - Look at him.

KAI is doing great.

Listen. After the last shoot,

I went to the drama set.

People asked me why I've gotten a tech neck.

He's intimidated.

- I was like this all the time. - Are you a bit intimidated?

I'm always bending my neck. I was like this on the set too.

But I have this feeling on the one hand.

It feels like a homemade meal.

- She used to cook this at home? - She cooked this at home.

She could have served what she cooked at home...

- That's right. - and deceived us.

Some people are really good at cooking.

This is very homemade, okay?

It's homemade.

I have no doubt.

This food is so high quality.

I think an expert cooked this.

An expert chef could have cooked this.

- That's rice. - Yes, it's rice.

- Rice! - You have to mix it.




- Awesome. Is that pot rice? - Goodness.

It's fatsia shoots rice.

(Immediately impressed)

(Fatsia shoots)

(A set meal with abalone fatsia shoots rice)

(Abalone fatsia shoots rice: stir-fry abalone and rice...)

(in perilla oil to make pot rice. Add blanched fatsia shoots on top.)

(Eat and dance, fatsia shoots rice!)

I can't help dancing, Jessi. I have to dance.

- Gosh, this smells so nice. - It's terrific, right?

- Can you smell it? - This is wonderful.

- Can you smell it? - Yes.

- Gosh, this is... - My goodness.

Is there anyone who didn't get abalone?

- There's abalone in rice, guys. - Right.

- This is so clever. - Goodness. Seriously.

I'm so touched now.

We can add this sauce, right?

- Right. - To rice.

I'm going to savor it now.

(Docking into his mouth)

(Beautiful taste)

There's this scent from rice...

The smell of fatsia shoots...

isn't too strong, and it lingers on the tip of my nose.

I can smell the scent of fatsia shoots...

on the tip of my nose.

As for me, this bowl of fatsia shoots rice...

has completed my spring.

I've swallowed the spring.

- The rice itself is delicious. - It's tasty.

- It tastes fresh. - Me too. It's fresh and mild.

Because of the fatsia shoots,

- it's like I become healthier. - It's healthy.

(The fourth course is served.)


What is that?

(Eyes wide open)

- What is this? - Could you get this away?

- Is that sea bream? - Yes.

There's abalone, lotus root,

and garlic scapes in it.

I'm curious. Is sea bream usually this big?

(Braised sea bream: Sliced domestic sea bream...)

(is steamed and then braised with abalone and root vegetables.)

Oh, my gosh. I'll have the first bite.

(Taking a bite of sea bream!)

Jae Seok.

(Calling Jae Seok as soon as she eats it)

(Telling a secret?)



I know.

Jessi, you say something inappropriate very loudly,

and you whisper when you say something appropriate for the show.

(Bursting into laughter)

- You caught that, right? - Yes, I mean...

- What did she say? - I was curious...

how inappropriate it would be if she has to whisper like that.

But she said, "Jae Seok, the sea bream is so tasty."

She said it very nicely.

- That's your problem, Jessi. - What are you talking about?

You speak quietly when you talk something appropriate,

and you speak loudly when you talk something inappropriate.


- Jae Seok! - I listened carefully...

because I thought she was about to swear.

- Jae Seok. - Why?

This is darn good.

(Pouring uncensored remarks)

(Saying out loudly.)

(Culture shock)

She knows that. She knows.

But Jae Seok...

It makes me annoyed when the food is so delicious.

Gosh, this is so delicious.

Would you try some fish, Jae Seok?

I really don't like steamed fish.

Especially the one made with big fish.

I really like fish. I love fish.

It's so delicious. And the sauce in steamed fish is so good.

- It's so tasty. - It's soft.

So Min, and it doesn't smell...

What's that smell?

- Fishy smell. - It doesn't smell fishy.

- And instead of this soy sauce, - Yes.

- add this steamed fish seasoning... - Yes.

- to rice and mix it. - Right.

- That would be good. - That must be delicious.

As you said, this is more delicious than soy sauce.


(Cools it off and takes a bite)

(Taste of paradise)

(Bursting into applause)

I've eaten...

various kinds of rice so far,

- but this one is the best. - Right.

- I really like this. Seriously. - This place is amazing.

- To be honest... - Jae Seok!

(Conversation stopper)


- Jae Seok, chili is delicious too. - Usually, you don't...

Even if you want to say something, you don't cut people off...

when they say, "To be honest".

- Jae Seok. - She doesn't even want to listen.

This chili is delicious too.

- That's right. It's delicious. - This is good.

- This... - But...

Soy sauce is delicious too,

but mix the rice with this sauce.

- But seriously... - Hey, forget it.

I'll say what I have to say no matter how she butts in.

- That really comforts me. - From the way I see it,

- we all talk separately. - We talk separately. Seriously.

- I'm really relieved. - That's because...

Jae Seok is also...

Jae Seok... Jae Seok is also...

Gosh, this is frustrating.

Jae Seok also can't finish his words.

But the important thing is this. Jae Seok usually straightens out...

- this kind of situation. - No, he won't.

While you were talking,

Jae Seok started talking to me.

(Bursting into laughter)

- Hey. - Sang Yeob is talking seriously.

You butted in with perfect timing.

It was unbelievable. Jae Seok kept saying,

"Isn't this delicious?"

- Sang Yeob was talking so hard. - I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Sang Yeob. What he said is true.

(Feeling betrayed)

I see. It's a battle with myself.

Do you have coke?

We don't serve beverages.


- No beverages? You know, right? - They don't have beverages?

- We're sensitive about beverages. - What?

- There's no coke? - We're sensitive about drinks.

If you want beverages, we buy them at the convenience store.

- No, that's fine. - We don't charge you for that.

No beverage at a restaurant?

- They don't serve beverages. - It's possible.

Since it's a Korean restaurant, they might have sujeonggwa...

- That's right. Sikhye. - or sikhye. Something like that.

- My goodness. - What is this?

- Right. - Gosh, this is...

- Goodness, this is... - This is...

- This is a work of art. - Is this dalgona?

Yes, it's dalgona. It's dalgona and nurungji.

This is a work of art.

If you use social media, take a photo of it.

This looks like a sculpture.

What is this? Are these potatoes?

- Try it. These are sweet potatoes. - These are candied sweet potatoes.

This candied sweet potato is the best.

Oh, my gosh.

How come it's so delicious?


This is sugar.

(I won't throw it away.)

It makes me suspect this place is fake.

- What? - Why?

- This is a little trendy. - Is this trendy?

Yes, I would see something like this on social media.

That's very plausible.

They should have made it look more traditional.

- What more do you want? - But this is a little...

- I know what you mean. - Right.

- She looks like an expert chef. - That's right.

She's good at almost everything.

That's why that fried eggplant was like Chinese food.

- She's not only good at Korean. - Right.

Is she a food stylist?

(Sensing Na Ra has changed her mind.)

Then shall we play a game?

- Yes. - Good. That was smooth.

- Okay. - Thank you for proceeding smoothly.

This game to win a hint is a team match.

- It's Random Proposal Master Plan. - What is that?

- What? - Proposal?

Random proposal?

(Let us explain the rule.)

You'll play a word chain game...

to propose in turn.

First, let me propose to KAI.

There are many words inside this box.

- You'll choose two cards randomly. - Okay.

(Random Proposal Master Plan:)

(Half of the words are hard to use for a proposal.)

(Step 2. Make a sentence using the words in the card you picked.)

(Step 3. The members will take turns to complete one proposal.)

(Please accept my tiring love!)

(You'll win if you can accept the proposal.)

- You can just make up the sentence. - Do we have to make it up?

Do we have to make a sentence again?

- Three of us will go first, right? - Yes, this team will go first.

- I'll go first. - All right.

- I'll propose to Sang Yeob. - Me? Come on.

- I'll do it. - Which style do you want?

Which style do you like?

I like something sexy.

- I see. - Sexy.

How sexy?

- You want me to be sexy? - Right. Don't feel pressured.

- Erotically? - No, not erotic. Sexy.

What's the difference anyway?

- I'll be enchanting, then. - Enchanting, okay.

What does he mean by that?

- I'll be enchanting. - What does he mean by that?

- This. You call this enchanting. - Well.

(Forced enchantment)

- So Min tucked her hair back. - So Min!

Seriously. You're driving me insane.

(Sudden intrusion)

She has thin hair around here.

Stop that.

(Insulted while appealing to be enchanting)


- I was joking. - It's really sick.

I'm really sick of you and So Min.

Why? What did we do wrong?

I was just joking.


I mean...

It's just a joke, okay?

- Just a joke? Okay. - Yes, okay.

- Let's go. - Okay, let's start.

- This is hilarious. - Be sexy.

(Jae Seok picked a card.)

Yes, like this.

(What's that?)

(What's Jae Seok's word?)

("Annoying" and "implant", the worst combination)

- Do it carefully. - I can make it. Don't worry.

Here goes Jae Seok.

There was something annoying today, so I had a tooth implant.

(Come again?)

- What? - What do you mean?

That's not sexy at all.

- That's rather creepy. - Your pronunciation...

You pulled a tooth out because you're annoyed?

Jae Seok! If I were you, I would have done this.

I had an implant. A breast implant.

Breast implant.

Breast implant.

(I have no idea.)

- Jessi. - That's sexy, right?

- What's a breast implant? - A breast implant.

- That really is sexy. - I know.

You have to make it sexy.

I had to start like this, so I can improve in the end.

- Moderately. - This is for broadcast.

- I'll start over. - Okay.

There was something annoying today, so I had a tooth implant.

Why does he speak like that? Seriously.

Is he Choi Min Su?

- Cute. - KAI.

I felt nauseated, and I burped.

Oh, really?

And then a blowfly...

- suddenly flew into my mouth. - What?

- Gross. - That's the worst.

(Showing off)

(Totally ruined)

Oh, my gosh.

(The concept has been lost.)

- They'll do it by themselves. - They'll pull it off anyhow.

(Why should I suffer this hardship?)

- This is more difficult. - A blowfly flew into your mouth?

Yes, there's a blowfly in my mouth.

Aren't these harmonious than you think?

This blowfly and an implant.

- You have to be sexy, So Min. - It's because... In fact...

(Message received)


It flew into my mouth because I have a bad breath.

Shall we go eat chopped raw octopus?

That was good. That's okay.

That's okay.

- This is our last chance. - That was good.

- It's up to you. - You should wrap it up well.

So Min pulled it off somehow.

Okay, Jessi is sexy.

- Her presence itself is sexy. - Try it.

(Her sexy gauge is being charged.)

You want to hear something creepy?


(A bit nervous)

You're sexy.

(They're making a fuss.)

- That's good. - Good going.

(Bystanders are all excited by the bold start.)

- That's good. Try it. - Good going.

- I'm ready to accept it. - Try it.

Jessi is sexy.

(Why did you pick this word?)

She's dynamite.

For you...

(For me?)

I'll get a Brazillian wax...

(Totally immersed)



(She did it.)

(You're cool!)

(What is this?)

Oh, so sexy!

(This is a Brazillian proposal.)

Hey, this is sexy.

What kind of a proposal is this?

Tonight, for you, this evening,

I'll get a Brazillian wax.

(I'm rooting for this love.)

Yes, come on!

But I really like it!

I think if there were a woman like this, I'd accept her feelings.

She's so cool.

(That team accepted.)

- Then this... - Will you accept it?

- You pass! - Okay.

(Team KAI's confession: Sang Yeob, I got a dental implant today.)

(So I had an upset stomach and I burped. Then flies gathered.)

(Don't they go well together? The flies and implant?)

(You want to hear something creepy? I'll get a Brazilian wax.)

- It's Jessi's turn. - Jessi.

Ho Hyun Ju.



- "Fart". - That's nice.

(She's going to fail.)

- That's a good combination. - I want to confess to you now...

that I want to fart sickeningly.

Hold it in.

(Mi Joo's word cards: Angel, blackhead)

But with your heart as kind as an angel, can you let it slide?

- She's good. - And can you...

let this blackhead slide as well?

- Nice! - I like it!

It made my heart skip a beat.

- Did I make your heart flutter? - Wrap it up now.

(This propose all depends on how Mr. Pork Belly wraps it up!)

Now, Mr. Pork Belly.

(Let me see...)

("Disappoint" and "booger", he picked the worst words.)

(We're done for.)

(No, I can do it.)

The booger stuck on my nose may disappoint you,

Please know that my love for you...

is filled to the brim.

- He stuttered. - My goodness.

(Oh dear.)

(This is over.)

(As a last resort, he looks at her with melodramatic eyes.)

(Will Jessi accept it?)

But I'm fine with it. I'll accept your confession.

- Come on! - Yes!

(Confession that overcame booger)

(This actually works?)

- I'll accept your confession. - Come on!


(Why would you accept that?)

Oh, wait! No, no.

We didn't lose, did we?

You accepted it, so...

- Play rock paper scissors. - Rock paper scissors.

We could've just played rock paper scissors from the start.

This is how you can eat three meals. The food is already digested.

- It's digested, right? - Yes.

Rock, paper, scissors!

(Sang Yeob wins.)

- Come on! - Good job.

(Team Sang Yeob gets a hint.)

(Time to reveal the hint)

(Mi Joo checks as a representative.)

What? She held an exhibition?

She does art, not cook.

I think the owner specializes in art.

(Her original specialty is art, not cooking.)

(Is she an artist who does art?)

(Or is she a chef with an artistic background?)

She specializes in art, and looking at the cake,

I don't think she specializes in Korean food.

Desserts? Since there's a cafe there,

maybe they work together... Is she the owner of the cafe?

(Did the staff get the owner of the cafe next door?)

(You can only eat by winning against 100 people! Vol. 1)

(1. The table is too big for a shop that accepts only one team per day.)

(2. Her cooking is as good as food researchers.)

(3. The Korean restaurant doesn't sell drinks.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

- Put on your seat belts! - Seat belt!

(They don't forget to check their looks in between.)

Time to fix your makeup.

(And this guy who doesn't stand out at all)

(Let me borrow yours.)

Let me use it for a while. I just applied my tint.

I wear tints as well.

You know you need to spread it fast before it's absorbed, right?

Or it will become cakey.

How? Isn't it just like this?

Yes. And do this quickly, or it will become cakey.

- You need to spread it. - Okay, it's done.

Thank you.

We can just borrow his. He has a tint.

Sister Sang Yeob!

- Look at her. - Gosh, what are you doing?

Her eyes are so pretty today.

Look at her long eyelashes.

She applied tint on her lips.

Gosh, she did her base well.

Gosh, her nose is crooked. Did you fight a lot last time?

(I'm glad I'm not sitting there.)

This is so nice. I used to suffer alone in Sang Yeob's place.

- You won't be lonely now. - No, I won't be lonely.

Come on!

(After driving for a long time, they are already on the Han River.)

Jae Seok, where is this? Which bridge is this?

- Here? - Yes.

- The Yanghwa Bridge. - The Yanghwa Bridge.

(The back seat is full of Zion.T.)


(Me too.)

(She's singing like a hymn.)

(Don't fall sick)

I used to come to cafes around here frequently.

- Let's be happy - Cafes on the Yanghwa Bridge.

There's none here.

Sang Yeob, you sounded the same just now.

(Let's be happy)

- You're so good! - You're good.

(Yeob.T, 38 years old)

- He's a pro. - You sound like him.

Sang Yeob did something today.

(He's the type that doesn't stop if you compliment him.)

Sang Yeob, you're good at imitating Jang Hyuk.


Hello, I'm Jang Hyuk.

"I didn't kill my wife!"

(He sounds exactly like him.)

I'm doing this impression longer than I thought.

I know, right? Once you do an impression,

it will stay with you until the end.

I should do it until the end.

I don't know how long I've been doing impressions of Mr. Joo Hyun.

So Min is good at Mr. Joo Hyun.

- I did it for so long. - What is it?

"My car was just standing still, and he came and banged into mine,"

"but you're saying we're both to blame..."

"and I should go to the police station."

(What should I do?)

- "He and I..." - I like her guts.

She's got guts. She sounds like Mr. Seo Yeong-Chun.

- "You get lost." - I think she lost her teeth.

- "Hey, you punk." - "Hey, you punk."

- "That's not it." - "Hey, you punk."

(This is fun.)

- Is this Sangsu? - Sangsu is a hot place nowadays!

This is Sangsu.

(Between Sangsu and Hapjeong)

(You can only eat by winning against 100 people! Vol. 2)

(On sale for only three months! Lines form an hour before the open.)

(Jeju mulhoe)

- The weather's so nice! - You're right.

(It is a beautiful day)

(Getting excited)

- She's started again. - She's started again.

(Her idol energy surges at the bright sunlight.)

She's started again. Goodness.

(She doesn't care.)

- It's here. - This is the place?

(Somewhere between Hongdae and Sangsu)

(Cute and pretty cafes...)

(and various bars are gathered in this place.)

It's a tent bar.

(What is this strange design?)

They wrote there that...

- Oh, this. - they are famous for mulhoe.

(They confidently wrote "famous for mulhoe".)

"Pirate Bar"? Even the name is ridiculous.

But can you only run the business for three months here?

Exactly! Exactly!

(When the night comes,)

(the area bustles with excited people.)

(In this street with very high rental fee,)

(they sell mulhoe...)

(for only 3 months?)

They need to run the business constantly.

This place looks like it's built last minute.

- They built it last minute. - It's built last minute.

- It's a bit too awkward. - I got the feeling.

It's suspicious.

(What is the restaurant's identity?)

- For now, let's go in. - The design doesn't look real.

(They enter first.)

Hold on! Hold on.

They're really giving off the vibe.

This atmosphere is real.

(Past the shabby exterior design,)

(when you enter,)

(a different world unfolds in front of your eyes.)

It's a pirate!

(The design gives off the sea vibe.)


(pirate concept...)

(indoor tent bar)

A bar like this is plausible. These are chocolates, right?

They look real.

(Eye-catching props in the middle of the restaurant)

It's self-service!

(Drinks are self-service.)

There's a skull!

- Is this tissue box? - It's tissue!

It looks pretty legit to me.

But can they really open just for three months with such a concept?

(The wall is full of menus.)

They don't just sell mulhoe.

- No. - You're right, they don't.

The restaurant is open all year long,

and they only sell mulhoe for three months.

- Only for mulhoe? - Yes.

(How special is the mulhoe?)

(Fish tank found in the corner)

- This... - Isn't this so random?

No, because... Didn't they say they sell fish here?

- Yes, mulhoe. - They do sell fish,

but it's brought from Jeju Island.

You can eat this outside of Jeju as well.


(You're quite sharp.)

There's a similar restaurant in Apgujeong Rodeo.

- Is there? - Yes, there is.

There was a really famous bar called "Pirate" in my 20s.

The concept is very similar to that bar.

- Stuff like this looks fake to me. - Right?

Gosh, this...

(The pirate statue with a great presence looks suspicious.)

(Indoor tent bar that sells mulhoe for 3 months, is this real?)

But you said there's a bar with this concept.

There are a lot. There's one in Garosu-gil, another in Apgujeong...

- Pirate? - Similar concepts.

But the atmosphere is good.

Songs from the 90s playing in the background...

(Bars with the vibe from back then around universities)

You know that vibe. The bars we went to in our 20s!

It's highly likely.

(Self-service system from that time)

(Sitting in small groups of friends)

(You can talk about minute things as you drink.)

Shall we invite the owner in?

- Yes! - Excuse me.

Excuse me.



- Are you both owners? - Yes.

(There are two owners?)

- Hello. - Hello.

We're running Pirate Bar in Hapjeong.

I'm Dong Ok.

I'm Sin Il, his business partner.

For our Pirate Bar,

you know how pirates go out to the ocean to find treasures?

We should also find fresh seafood in the sea...

and serve them to customers.

That's how we started.

It's an indoor tent bar where you can enjoy your drinks.

(What is the special menu of the bar that made 100 people compete?)

We serve mulhoe with the most delicious seafood.

We only sell it...

during June, July, and August.

(Seasonal mulhoe with limited sales)

(But their mulhoe is special.)

There is a type of fish...

that tastes best in summer and is caught only in Jeju Island.

We courier it by plane.

It's probably hard to find that in Seoul.

I can say the texture is first grade.

It's the best.

(This place where you can taste special mulhoe)

- Sixth Sense viewers, - Sixth Sense viewers,

- do you think this place is real? - do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

(The owners make their appearance.)

- Are you both owners? - Yes.

(Hold on.)


Well, I...

I'm sorry to ask, but...

Comedy duos?

(Are you guys comedy duos?)



(I guess it was rude to ask.)

- Goodness. - Yes.

- You guys look familiar. - He said yes.

You are?


- He's my hometown friend. - Yes.

(What are these guys?)

Why don't you guys look close? You said you're friends.

We went to the same elementary, middle, and high school.

- School friend, I see. - Which elementary school?

- Chungyeol Elementary School. - Chungyeol Elementary School.

(Look at that.)

Middle school. 1, 2, 3!

(It's suddenly turned into the game With One Voice.)

- Chungmu Middle School. - Chungmu Middle School.

High school. 1, 2, 3!

- Tongyeong High School. - Tongyeong High School.

(They are perfectly in sync. Did they practice?)

(What is this?)

(Who are these guys?)

They practiced a lot!

I think someone made them practice with "1, 2, 3".

Then what's the name of the teacher in Grade 12?


(is not easy.)

We were in different classes.

(Nice counterattack.)

That was smooth, that was smooth.

- We can do that for Grade 10. - Grade 10.

Grade 10. 1, 2, 3!

- Choi Dae Hee. - Choi Dae Hee.

(What are their identities?)

- Hold on. - I can't do this. This is planned.

Even if they use dialects,

can they sound the same way like that?

Because we're hometown friends.

- Even if you're hometown friends... - Where are you from?

Where is your hometown?

- Tongyeong. - Where in Tongyeong?

He lived in the town, and I lived on the island.

You lived in the island.

(Is he saying the truth?)

I'm sorry, but we have to suspect everything.

Then the pirate-themed design.

(Why is it pirate-themed?)

Why did you decide on this?

It's because of the movie he likes.

Which movie?

- "Pirates of the Caribbean". - "Pirates of the Caribbean".

I knew it.

(That movie is great.)

So do you only run the business for three months?

There's a specific menu that we only serve for three months.

- So you run the business as usual? - Yes.

Which menu do you only serve for three months?

It's icebox mulhoe.

(It's not just mulhoe?)

Why is it called icebox mulhoe?

Do you serve it in an icebox?


Wait. You serve the whole thing in an icebox instead of on a plate?

How big is it?

It's bigger than 10L.

(She can't believe what she heard.)


Bigger than 10L?

(Today's protagonist, icebox mulhoe)

(With the special broth that is the base of mulhoe,)

(various seafood selected by the owners...)

(are all included!)

(Vegetables, octopus,)

(abalone, flatfish,)

(sea squirt)

(On top of them, add the rare fish brought from Jeju Island.)

(Place rock oysters as big as an adult's fist.)

(This is only 59 dollars! Cost-effective mulhoe!)

Why do you only sell it for three months?

In June, July, and August, threeline grunt...

and the oysters we use are in season. That's why.

Then are they in season now?

- Yes. - Yes, they're just in season.

(Wait a minute!)

Isn't oyster season in winter?

It's in winter.


Oyster season is in summer?

You can't eat normal oysters because of the poison,

but there is rock oyster...

that haenyeo in Geoje Island harvest themselves.

(Its season is in summer. It grows in Dokdo and few south-east coasts.)

(Super big)

(He's so smooth...)

(with his explanation.)

(Smooth explanation about rock oyster)

(Does this mean he's really the owner?)

I see, so now's the season?

(It was supposed to be a critical question.)

Then what is threeline grunt?

It's a rare fish that lives in Jeju Island's southern coast.

We bring the fresh fish...

that's just caught in Jeju Island.

(They wash the freshly-cut threeline grunt thoroughly.)

We courier it by plane.

(They courier it by plane for mulhoe.)

(Threeline grunt that is hard to taste in Seoul...)

(is added generously.)

(The restaurant's icebox mulhoe that's sold for only 3 months.)

Is it popular?

Yes. We haven't started selling it this year,

but for last year,

- people lined up for it. - Really?

- For 2 hours. - For 2 hours?

- Hold on, that's a bit... - Really?

For two hours?

At this place?

Because it's only sold in summer...

and they can only taste it then.

Can you eat the fish in other restaurants...

around this area?

From what I know, there aren't many restaurants in Seoul.

But people line up for 2 hours?

That was quite long ago, before COVID.

You'll understand when you try it later.

Okay, then can you serve us the mulhoe?

- Sure. - Thank you.

- I'm looking forward to it. - Okay.

I can't trust the owners.

I think I saw them before.

- Me too! - They look so familiar.

They feel somewhat familiar.

Sensing Na Ra, how do you find this place?

Based on my sense, this place is fake.

- Why? - The moment I set my foot in,

I sensed that this place was fake.

- Really? - Yes.

(From the exterior that looks like it was built last-minute...)

(to pirate-themed interior design, everything is suspicious.)

And the two owners don't look that close.

I think they are from a fish market.

I think this place is real.

You think it's real? Why?

I think it's real because...

they are not celebrities,

so they would naturally get nervous on a show.

- Exactly. That's what I always say! - Something genuine.

Are we looking at them through a suspicious lens?

Yes. They look suspicious because of the image,

- You're right. - but...

We're way too suspicious of this place,

so we're over-scrutinizing everything.

Yes, that's possible.

It's normal for them to become nervous.

Let's have some hope.

If I were to vote now, I'd vote for this place.

Me too!

(Mulhoe on sale for only 3 months, is this place fake or real?)

Thank you, sir.

(Basic drinking snacks are served first.)

(3 sets of side dishes: Quail eggs, kimchi, salad)

Would you like this?

Would you like to taste it?

Seaweed soup in a bar is good.

Is the seaweed soup good?

Sashimi restaurants should have good seaweed soup.

It tastes good. It's good!

The seaweed soup is really delicious.

It's so thick!

The soup is good.

It's different from the seaweed soup...

that my grandma cooks.

It tastes like Jeju Island.

(A lot of clams are added...)

(to create a deep and thick taste for the restaurant's delicacy.)

It tastes good.

(Blow on it and take a sip.)


It's so good!

I know seaweed from Tongyeong.

I tried Tongyeong seaweed before, and this is Tongyeong seaweed.

But Tongyeong seaweed isn't that special.

- No. - You can buy it from anywhere!

If you order online, it's delivered to you immediately!

You pointed out something that we didn't catch.

Yes, you can get it immediately!

But guys, the soup is thick!

Hold on. Since Jae Seok keeps saying that, this place feels fake!

- What? - Are you having seconds?

- Yes. - Then this place is fake.

I'll vote now!

- Fake. - This place is fake.

- But doesn't it taste good? - It is!

Jae Seok, you should make a toast.

Jae Seok, you should make a toast.

Here, today's toast.


- You're young now! - You're young now!


(What is this place?)

- Jae Seok! - What? What is it?

- We're having fun! - We're having fun!

There's one Sae Ho's father taught me.

What is it?

Drink, eat!

- How cute! - French toast. Got it?

Drink, eat.

- Drink! - Eat!

That's cute. Drink, eat.

Icebox mulhoe is here.

- Is this the icebox? - Yes.

Gosh, what is this?

(Astonished by the size)

Why is it so big?

When they said an icebox,

I was imagining the one with styrofoam.

Me too.

(Forget about...)

(other mulhoe...)

(you saw until now.)

(We introduce you to icebox mulhoe, this restaurant's special menu.)

(Sweet and sour broth...)

(made with the restaurant's secret recipe)

(Fresh seafood...)

(is taken out from the fish tank and prepared right away.)

(Cut it in a bite-size so it's easy to eat...)

(and plate it.)

(Vegetables to add texture to mulhoe)

(Sea squirt, sea cucumber, abalone, octopus)

(Add a generous amount of flatfish and threeline grunt.)

- Check the inside. - Gosh, this is incredible!

I like the concept.

(It showcases an overwhelming size.)

The oysters are so big!

(On sale for only 3 months, icebox mulhoe)

- But this icebox... - Yes.

This pattern looks familiar.

- The online mall. - No, in a subway.

In a subway.

- In a subway... - The one beside subway chairs.

- It's the same pattern. - You're right about the pattern.

It's the subway pattern.

(Icebox made of stainless steel)

So Min, you shouldn't look at it that way.

Even this. Look at this.

(Is this icebox made by the staff?)

It looks so good.

The sauce... Gosh, the sauce looks so strong.

(Then let's try the mulhoe that's on sale for only 3 months.)

We should try the mulhoe.

Thank you for the food!

(He takes a bite first.)

It's so good!

(Once she tastes it)

Gosh, Jae Seok!

- This is so good. - It's good.

Very delicious, okay?

(How does the cool broth taste?)

(She can't help but smile.)

It's delicious.

Gosh, this is so good!

It's good for dessert.

(Filling your mouth with refreshment)

It's so good!

Did you try it? Isn't it so good?

It's so good.

(They can't help but keep having mulhoe.)

It's too good that I'm suspicious.

So this is threeline grunt?

(How does threeline grunt, which is hard to find in Seoul, taste?)

(How is it?)

It's so good.

- It's good. - I've fallen for threeline grunt.

It's really soft...

but firm on the inside. The more you chew it, the more savory it is.

It's really good.

Threeline grunt is delicious.

(They've totally fallen for it.)

It's good, right? It's really good.

(The combination of sweet and sour broth and fresh raw fish)

(Refreshing mulhoe that has the scent of the ocean)

Now I can understand why people line up two hours for this.


Do you think you can stand in line for two hours?

I wouldn't.


But it's good.

Jae Seok is even showing his back to the cameras.


It's so suspicious.

I'm not sure about it.

He turned his back on the cameras.

(Why would you doubt something like that?)

Sang Yeob will show us an oyster show.

How am I supposed to eat the whole thing?

You can do it.

(Another delicacy, rock oyster)

(It's nice even when you cut them...)

(in bite sizes.)

(It's even better when you have the whole thing.)

(They're all busy eating.)

- Eat it! - It's so good.

Eat up!

(They're shooting their own show.)

Hold on.


Finish it in one bite. You can do it.

Thank you so much, Na Ra.

No one is paying attention here.

Na Ra is the only one...

(No one was paying attention to him.)

- She kept... - Try it.

Do it. Hurry.

It's too pressuring to have everyone's attention though.

- Hurry up and eat it! - Sang Yeob!

We'll give you a chance. Have it now.

Give it a go.

- It's huge. - He's eating with gusto.

(Finishing it in one bite)

Didn't you forget to dip it in chojang?

He dipped it in soy sauce.

- How is it? - I bet it's good.

(Taking a spoonful of chojang)

Do you like oysters?

(He expresses how good it is using gestures.)

- It's here! - What is it?

(What is it?)

- What is it? - This is it!

- Yes! - This is it!



- This is it! - Noodles!


- I... - This is it.

You can put it in mulhoe,

- We should put it in. - but it's hard to scoop...

because the bowl is deep.

I think it'd be better to put it in your own bowl.

(Sweet and sour broth with thin ice...)

(meets soft noodles.)

(This will work your appetite that you lost in hot weather.)

(Cool mulhoe noodles)

- KAI. - Yes.

Jessi, this is it.

So Min.

(We can't miss noodles.)

How is it?

(Na Ra slurps the noodles too.)

- It's very delicious. - It's very delicious?

You know,

I had the oyster.

(It seems like he has something to say.)

I get why you get up.

No one listens to you here if you don't get up.

(They're all busy eating the noodles.)

You must get up. I get why you get up.

You must get up when you talk.

- If you don't get up... - I'm standing,

but no one is listening to me.

Are you even in the angle? The air conditioner is covering you.

(A two shot with the air conditioner)

Why did they make him sit there?

That's why he ate the oyster.

He ate that big thing in one bite without cutting.

Seriously, please sit down!


(This isn't what I had in mind.)

I'll listen to you more next time I'm here.

(Now he's being treated like a guest.)

- It's really good. - It is.

- It'd be nice... - In summer.

share this with friends.

It'd be nice for college kids to have this with soju.

Those who like drinking must love this dish.

- I know. - This place is real.

- Is it? - Yes, this place is real.

(Real, fake)

You think it's real?

We should get a hint on this place.

- Right, I can't tell. - Let's get a hint on this place.

What kind of game will we be playing?

(A short break to fix their makeup)

You're right.


So Min...

So Min was...

You saw it, right? Do you know what So Min did?

(He copies her in detail.)


Don't do this to me.

Cover your mouth!

She picked her teeth with her head lifted.

So Min looked so funny when she picked her teeth.

- Gosh, So Min. - Does anyone need a toothpick?

Give me one. Let me show you what So Min did.

(What's wrong with him?)

- Please show us. - This is what So Min did.

(Imitating So Min)

Please give me one too.

(So Min is embarrassed by Jae Seok's imitation.)

She didn't mean to cover her mouth at all.

I only turned my head, and she was...

She was like an ostrich.

How come you're so good at it?

(Doing an encore right away)


She tried to cover it.

You covered yours, and I didn't see you.

You covered your mouth when you picked your teeth.

All right. The game you'll be playing...

is called Monkey General Knowledge Quiz.

- A general knowledge quiz? - No, I'm not good at it!



(Here's how the game is played.)

It's a group game. You'll play together.

It's a group game.

When I give you a question, each one should say a syllable of the answer.

(Answer: Miranda warning)

(It goes like this.)

(If they get at least one question, they'll receive the hint.)

If you don't know the answer,

you can imitate a monkey.

(Like this?)

- Look at So Min. She's good. - She's good.

- She's good. - She's really good!

Oh, my gosh. You're like an actual monkey.


It's a group game.

Here we go. The first question of Monkey General Knowledge Quiz.

What's the four-letter idiom that means close friends...

who don't need to worry about saving face?

(Answer: Makyeokjiwoo)

(They flinch at the difficulty of the question.)


(Answer: Makyeokjiwoo)

(He says the answer right away.)

(We're suddenly in the wild!)

(Given up)

(I'm a monkey.)

She's good!

That's not it.

(Another monkey appears.)

(Next is So Min.)

Can I start with the first letter again?

- Or do I have to... - No, you need to continue.

I got the right answer.

- No, it's wrong. - Is it "makmooganae"?

Isn't it "jukmagowoo"?

No, it's makyeokjiwoo!

- It's jukmagowoo! - No, it's makyeokjiwoo!

Please skip if you don't know the answer.

(I'm an upset monkey.)

If Jessi skips it, isn't the game over?

- I couldn't hear. What is it? - There's one more syllable.

(This is the person KAI is referring to.)

(I'm sorry, I'll imitate a monkey.)

Why does she keep pointing her hands there?

No, that's not it!

- Why would you do that? - That's not what we're doing!

- You're to imitate a monkey! - You must imitate a monkey!

What? Do monkeys...

only fart and make noise?

But monkeys...

- don't do this. - They scratch like this too.

- Hey! - Monkeys...

- don't do this. - Jae Seok.

Monkeys can be confident too!

- That's true, but... - You're right!

They can be confident too.

- But we didn't get it. - We missed it.

Is the answer makyeokjiwoo?

- Yes, it is. - I thought it was jukmagowoo.

You're pretty good.

- Come on. - Hers was wrong.

He doesn't have to imitate a monkey.

Also, make sure to imitate a monkey properly.

- How do you do it? - You don't go like this.

How does it go?

That's it.

- Mi Joo is good at it. Na Ra too. - Mi Joo is...

(Here it comes!)

(She's the best when it comes to imitating a monkey.)

- She's really good. - My goodness.


All right. Who should we start with this time?

- Me. - Okay, here we go.

(Jae Seok will be the first to answer this time.)

This person revived the economy with a tight fiscal policy,

and she's referred to as the Iron Lady.

She served three terms and was the first prime minister...

of the UK. Guess her name.




(Getting up)


(There's a monkey on the loose here.)

You're good. You're so good.

- I thought... - Na Ra, you should say your answer.


- "Ra"? - Ga.



(Let's go back to the wild!)

(The movements of a wild animal)

(They automatically clap at her excellent acting.)

We have three monkeys for every question.

We have them for every question.

I've seen this monkey when I was seven.

- I mean it. - Do I look like it?

- I've seen them. - You guys are really good.

I can't finish it anyway.

- Margaret Thatcher. - Correct.

It's Margaret Thatcher.

- Oh, mine should've been "Ga". - Come on!

It's Margaret Thatcher.

Magari Thatcher?

- It's Margaret. - Margaret Thatcher.

It's not blanching margarine.

You don't blanch margarine.

I'm so sorry, but...

I'm so sorry,

but the questions are too difficult.

I'll give you easy ones.

- Why are they so difficult? - We have easy ones too.

I'll bring my fellow monkeys.

It was way too difficult.

- Give us easy ones. - Give us easy ones.

What if I can't answer an easy one too?

- Let's start with Sang Yeob. - It was too difficult.

This is Korea's 32nd national treasure.

When Mongolia attacked Goryeo,

the people of Goryeo made this...

- using Buddha's power. - "Pal".

It's stored in Haeinsa Temple and registered in Memory of the World.

- Guess what it is! - "Pal".

We got this. You know it, right?

(It's going smoothly.)

(Will they be able to get the hint with this question?)

(It doesn't look like it.)


He said it begins with "pal".

(Please Mi Joo...)

(Putting her brains into full operation)




- "Do"? - No, it's not!

(Why did you say the name of a noodle brand?)

Just imitate a monkey!

She's right. Why did you try to answer?

- Pal. - I could've been right.

- Man. - Dae.

I thought it was "Paldodaejangkyung"!

She knew the answer, actually.

- What did you say? - Palmandaejangkyung.

It's Palmandaejangkyung, but she called it Paldo.

(They can't even get one correct.)

- Let's start with Jae Seok. - Could you make it a little easier?

Let's change the animal. I'm out of ideas.

How about a hippo?

We should go that far. Hippo sounds like a good idea.

- Let's imitate a snake. - A snake?

How do we imitate a snake?

Here we go. We're practically giving you the answer.

- She was a nurse in the UK. - A nurse in the UK? Got it.

I think I know the answer.

She was the director of a field hospital...

during the Crimean War.

With her excellent nursing skills, she was referred to...

as a white-robed angel. Guess her name.

- "Na". - What's your answer?

- I said, "N". - So what about it?

- No, no. - Imitate a snake if you don't know.

- Do a snake! - It's "Na".

- He's pretty good. - Na.

- Snakes don't do that! - What kind of a snake is she?

- E. - Good.

- Ting! - What did you say?

(It's my turn already?)

(Mi Joo...)

Na, E.


(You know her, don't you?)


Imitate a snake if you don't know.

No, no. Imitate a snake.

(I don't know her.)

(Here comes the snake of Okcheon-gun.)


(Culture shock)

Mi Joo...

(Why would she go this far?)

Mi Joo, where are you?

What's wrong with her?

- My gosh, she's... - I'm so embarrassed by her.

Let's just play rock-paper-scissors.

- Let's play rock-paper-scissors. - Let's play rock-paper-scissors.

Let's switch the game or just play rock-paper-scissors.

I want to get the hint too, but Mi Joo...

If this airs, she'll be in big trouble.

(That's why we finished the game.)

We'll give you the hint.

- Please give it to us. - Let's see.

(It's time to check the hint.)

- Really? - Yes.

(A call record with the staff and someone who does fishery)

Is threeline grunt in season now?

It gets really hot soon,

so the season ends within 2 to 3 months.

(Her explanation is exactly the same as the owners.)

Is it hard to get live threeline grunt...

in Seoul?

Yes, it's difficult.

Unless you fish it yourself, you can't have it live.

Also, only a small amount of it gets distributed.


(It's true that it's difficult to get threeline grunt.)

Do people know that threeline grunt is rare?

(Maybe it's fake seeing how they use rare fish.)

If this place is real,

it is a really good restaurant.

(Is this place real?)

(They sell this only for 3 months.)

(Jeju specialty mulhoe that you need to line up to have)

(1. Owners that look like comedians)

(2. A clear theme of a pirate)

(3. The icebox looks similar to the one in the subway.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 3)

(Only 10 bowls are available in a day.)

(A master's flat udon noodles)

There's a famous udon place in this neighborhood?

It feels like...

- the third place is fake. - It's not looking good.

The third place? Why?

Because the first two places are real.

He's certain about it.

I think the second place is fake.

- That's the place. - That must be it.

- Where? - There must be a restaurant here.

I think there's one around here.

- Is this the place? - It's the place...

- This is the place? - that sells good udon?

(The third spot looks too ordinary.)

KAI spent his school days in this neighborhood.

- Really? - Really?

Is this it?

(People from other cities visit this place? Is it real?)

This looks like a real place.


(It's too ordinary.)

- But this place is real. - It's real!

This place is real.

What is it? It's a real place.

(A familiar interior design)

Even the autographs look so real.

This place is real. I can smell...

You can't make up this kind of smell. Okay?

This is real, okay?

I mean...

Oh, they only sell 10 bowls of flat udon noodles,

and they sell other dishes too.

But they only sell 10 bowls?

It could be a lie that they sell only 10 bowls.

(She found something.)

- Here it is! - What? What is it?

"Udon Made with the Couple's Passion for 30 Years".

It says flat udon here.

"It's known for its flat udon."

- There's an article about it. - They even make up articles.

They even make up articles.

(Is it a fake article that the staff made?)

(Looking around)

They even have a business card.

But business cards are easy to make.

Take a look at their calendar.

- The manager's day off. - Their days off.

(The props look very ordinary. Are they real or fake?)

It looks like a real place.

It looks like kids visit this place a lot.

There are writings of kids. "It's so delicious."

"It's a great restaurant. Flat udon."

- I guess they pasted this... - It looks like a real place.

only recently.

It looks like they pasted it in a hurry.

(It looks like they pasted it in a hurry.)

They could've made up flat udon noodles.

(It's a great restaurant. Flat udon.)

(Did a kid really write this?)

(Or did the staff imitate a kid's writing?)

Jessi, I have no idea which one is real.

I can't figure out which one is real today.

- This place is real. - It sure is.

I think all three places are real.

It smells like the restaurant has been around for a long time.

That's right. It smells like one.

It feels like we're here...

to have lunch during our lunchtime.

Then is the first place fake?

But their menus can't be fake.

The first place is fake?

You think the second place is fake?

- Everything seems natural here. - I'm sure this place is real.

(When everyone is confused...)

- Wait a minute. - What is it?

The hand-pulled noodles... What do you call this?

- A poster? - A poster?

(What's wrong with the poster?)

I think they recently hung the poster.

Look! Look at this!

They're busted! There's a picture of pork cutlet.

(They found the picture of pork cutlet behind the poster.)

- They got busted? - I got you this time.

Why is there an induction on a table?

(An induction at an udon place?)

It's an udon place. Why do they have this?


(The interior of the restaurant is ordinary.)

(There's an incredible menu at this ordinary restaurant?)

(Forget the plump udon noodles.)

(Have you seen thin and wide flat udon noodles?)

I'm Chung Gu, and I've been making udon for 28 years.

I'm his wife, Seon Hee.

Our restaurant...

has been around for 29 years.

(What's the secret behind the flat udon noodles?)

We mature udon noodles for 11 hours...

and pull the noodles ourselves.

We use fresh noodles every time.

We boil down the soy sauce we matured for two weeks.

We've been using this method...

every day until now.

Since they're hand-pulled, it takes a long time to make a bowl.

That's why we couldn't sell much.

We started selling only 10 bowls a day.

(The main menu of this place, flat udon noodles)

Sixth Sensers,

- is this place real? - Is this place real?

But they sell only 10 bowls a day every day?

Only the flat udon noodles.

They sell other dishes too, but they only sell 10 bowls of this dish.

- Let's talk with the owner first. - Jae Seok, why?

Let's ask the owner.

He told me to shut it with his eyes.



- Hello, sir. - Hello.

- Hello. - Hello.

- Hello. - Hello.

(She welcomes them passionately.)

I love them!

- Wait a minute. Her reaction... - I love them!

(She's really happy.)

Are you two married?

Us? Yes, we are. We're real.

We're not on good terms though.

(She didn't need to share this.)

Fake couples usually look amicable.

(They look suspicious.)

So do you only sell 10 bowls of flat udon noodles?

We need to pull the noodles ourselves.

It takes too long?

Yes, we used to sell only 10 bowls,

but now we well 10 during the day and 10 in the evening.

It must be really popular.

We don't sell more than 20 servings.

(The owner doesn't look so well.)

(Feeling lonely)

(Na Ra spots him.)

- Sir, did something bad happen? - Are you in a bad mood?

You didn't fight with your wife, did you?

We're not really on good terms.

She was telling us the truth.

(Wiping his nose)

Does it take long to mature the noodles?

We mature them two times.

We mature them in high temperature for three hours...

and eight hours in low temperature.

That's a lot of effort.

Did you develop the menu?

Did you make it yourself?

Since we specialize in udon,

we go to Japan often.

One day, we went to Japan to have udon,

and we found flat udon noodles in the menu.

So I thought we could make it ourselves.

So I told the master of udon,

Ji Chung Gu, to try making it.

Your name is Ji Chung Gu?

Yes, he's really famous.

(Bursting into laughter)

(What was that?)

- He snorted. - Why did you laugh?

- What made you laugh? - Why did you laugh?

- Sorry? - Why did you laugh?

I just found it funny.

- This is hard. It looks real. - This place feels real.

- The two of them... - They look so awkward, so...

We're asking this just in case.

You're acting like a married couple,

but she's really good with her words. Is that why you laughed?

(They just keep laughing.)

(Their sixth sense reacts to their laugh.)

Let's ask them this.

- Should we do One Voice? - Yes, let's do One Voice.

- Do you have children? - Yes.

How old is the oldest one?

- In 1, 2, 3. - In 1, 2, 3.

- 5. - 20...

- 5? - 25 years old.

He's 24 years old.

(The touch of truth)

Oh, I think they're real.

That was so natural.

(This place is real.)

My dad would be the same.

Could we ask for the udon now?

- They made me more confused. - Okay, we'll make it delicious.

Go and make udon noodles.

(It's time to eat flat udon noodles, that you need to compete for it.)

(The dough is made with only flour, water, salt, and vinegar.)

(After 11 hours of resting,)

(you flatten the dough until the thickness of it is 1.5mm.)

(Perfectly flat)

(This isn't the end of flat udon noodles.)

(It takes 4 hours just to cook noodles for 20 servings.)

(You cut the dough in same length and width.)

(You have flat udon noodles.)

(Cook in boiling water for 9 minutes.)

(Cool it in cold water.)

(The noodles will be chewy.)

(Put the noodles nicely on a plate.)

(Finish by sprinkling green onions.)

(People in other cities come to taste the flat udon noodles.)

- It looks delicious. - It looks so delicious.

(Here are flat udon noodles.)

Thank you.

It looks so delicious.

(This is the glorious flat udon noodles.)

Is this part of the set?

It looks so tasty.

This is only 15.5 dollars.

It's a lot for one serving.

First, you should try the noodles dipping into this homemade sauce.

- Then... - We dip the noodles into the sauce.

(Let's try.)

It's hard to eat.

(So dirty)

Jae Seok. Oh, my gosh.

- How should I eat this? - I need a plate.

(Trying the noodles)

(Eyes open wide.)

It's so very delicious.

(Jessi takes a bite.)

This is very chewy.

This is like buckwheat noodles.

The noodles are amazing.

- It's soft. - This is very chewy.

(Eating noodles)


So chewy.

This is made from matured dough.

Otherwise, it wouldn't taste like this.

It's so chewy and soft.

It's like the noodles are playing in my mouth.

It feels like they're sliding.

It might be a bit of an exaggeration,

but the noodles feel like raw fish.

(Strongly agreeing)

This is...

This is very delicious.

It tastes different from buckwheat noodles.

It's not regular udon either.

- I'm so touched. - My goodness.

The soy sauce is great too.

The soy sauce is so delicious.

- It's homemade tsuyu sauce. - Tsuyu sauce.


- Excuse me, ma'am. - Yes.

Where in Japan did this come from?

It's from Kagawa.

From Kagawa?

- Yes. - Is it a specialty of the region?

I think he has to be a master to make noodles like this.

It's so delicious.

I told you this before.

We were very full.

I felt like puking.

The fact that we ate even the side dishes,

Fries were fantastic.

- Do you want one more? - You can't...

just learn it to make these.

This isn't what you can master in a day or two.

This is so delicious.

It would be amazing if he learned it in a day or two.

Jae Seok.

If this is fake,

I'd feel betrayed.


- Try this too. - The doubtful thing is...

the even thickness of the noodles which might be made by a machine.

Is it possible to make them by hand?

Right. They look like they're made by a machine.

- Is it possible? - Now that I look at them.

(The noodles are in even thickness, like the ones made by a machine.)

Since this team didn't get any hint,

- Yes, give us a hint. - We will.


(So Min and KAI get a video hint.)

(It's a product review video.)

Someone is doing a review on a product.

(What is this?)

(Flat udon noodles meal kit with tsuyu sauce.)

Japanese is written on that.

(The video hint even has a simple cooking procedure.)

I see.

He learned it from Japan for sure.

(The owners said they got it from Japan.)

I see.

(If the dish is from Japan, this place is real.)

This video shows that the delicious noodles we had...

can be more easily found.

I think it shows that.

If I got the point right,

then this place is fake.

(Is this a fake place using meal kit and pretending to be a master?)

(1. There are different menu behind the poster.)

(2. The thickness of noodles is so even.)

(3. The owners are somewhat unnatural.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

I really don't know.

What should I do?

They really fooled us today.

- I'm still confused. - Even this place feels fake.

What should I do? I'm so confused.

This is the most difficult one yet.

- It's not fun. - It's so hard.

It was really difficult.

I feel the first one is strange because it was too perfect.

- KAI kept saying that. - The first instinct.

The owner was too perfect.

(The owner of the first place was perfect in every way.)

(I feel like this place is fake because of this.)

Don't you feel that she's a cooking expert?

(The owner was too perfect. Does it make the place fake?)

The first one?

The owners of the second one...

- They were slacking a lot. - They were.

(After cleaning the table, Jae Seok asked for another seaweed soup.)


(something is missing.)

(How can he serve this without a spoon?)

(As owners of a famous place, they were slacking a lot.)

(Maybe they're actors serving for the first time?)

(They were strange.)

I feel the noodles from third place are made by a machine.

I should've tried the noodles without dipping into tsuyu sauce.

It's a bummer I didn't do that.

I should've tried the noodles themselves.

(They look like they're made by a machine.)

(The flat udon noodles are supposed to be made by a master himself.)

(Maybe it's not made by a master, but is a product of a big company?)

- Did you make up your mind? - Yes.

- Wait. - Hold on.

- No. - I've decided.

Then, we'll start from So Min.


Among all the episodes in season 1 and season 2,

this was the most confusing one.

So, I'm following my gut...

and choose the second place.


I was thinking of choosing the second place.

But, why am I leaning toward the first place?

I always got wrong when I didn't follow my first gut.

(Losing her mind)

I really want to choose the second place.


You dang arms!

Don't do that. I choose the first place.

(She chose the first place with tears in her eyes.)

(How will it affect Na Ra?)

(KAI enters.)

(The struggle of the beginner)

The third place was so good.

I wish...

the second place is real.

The first place was too perfect.

(Please, tell me the answer.)


I'm following my gut.

What should I do?

Jae Seok kept eating in the second place.

I'll choose this one.

(I trust you, Commercial Taster.)

I really don't know. What should I do?

Which one is the fake one

I really don't know.

(Jessi comes in confidently.)

(She also chose the second place.)

(Sang Yeob with no pure gold comes in weakly.)


(He chose the third place.)

(The first one got 2, the second one got 4, the third one got 1 vote.)

- Goodness. - Let's do this.

- Let's go. - Let's go.

- I don't care. - I'm scared.

The result is shocking.

(What makes it shocking for today?)

Don't say it's shocking.

- Is the hint... - Hurry up.

- Hurry up. Come on. - We'll play...

- the video. - The third place is real.

(On the first episode, Mi Joo, Jessi, and So Min got it right.)

(They took three pure golds.)

(On the second episode, So Min, Jessi, and Jae Seok got it right.)

(They took three pure golds.)

(A lot of pure golds are already taken.)

(I'm so happy.)

(Will we go broke?)

Shouldn't we do something?

That's how they have a meeting.

("This isn't easy to make" by Yoo Jae Seok)

(We made it.)

- You made it? I didn't think so. - Oh, my gosh.

(We'll remove and make it.)

(Just like we always did.)

("It might've been hard for you to go there." by Jeon So Min)

(We went there.)

You went where?

Where did you go? Jeju island?

Oh, my gosh.



(Air anyway)

(Nothing is impossible.)

(Everything is made by staff.)

The staff made it themselves?

It's driving me crazy.

- What's that? - What is it?

- I think that's the second place. - It can't be.

Oh, I was so shocked.

This place was so good.

- This place is real. - Don't show us that.

- Please. - I'm trembling.

Mulhoe with Jeju's specialties.

- Goodness. - I'm so nervous.

Aren't the people lining up the staff members?

The people lined up are strange.

- Really? - Hold on.

(The flat udon noodles people come for from different cities)

- Which one is it? - What's the fake one?

(Which one is the fake that doesn't get high competition?)

(Hearts are pounding.)

- Here it comes. - It's about to show.

- Wait. - Which one is it?

The first one.

The first one is fake.

My heart is pounding for real.

(Is it number 2, which the greatest number of Sixth Sensers chose?)

What's wrong with my heart?

(Will Sang Yeob get his first pure gold by himself?)

(Which one is fake that'll shock them all?)

My heart is pounding so much.

(Is it number 2, which the greatest number of Sixth Sensers chose?)

Why is my heart pounding like this?

(Will Sang Yeob get his first pure gold by himself?)

(What is the only fake that has shocked everyone?)

(The Jeju specialty mulhoe spot with a line before opening is fake.)

(4 people got the answer.)

(I'm so excited.)

(Joyful vs. Despairing)

(Na Ra now has the forever record of 10 fails.)

(I trusted the owners.)

So Min and Jessi got it again?

(The Sixth Sense triple crown was the easiest.)


Na Ra, why did you do that?

- And are you stupid? - No, but I mean...

So you should pick the one that obviously seems fake.

No, no.

We'll show the video with the correct answer now.

I really thought Na Ra would get it today.

(Between Hapjeong and Sangsu)

But how did they manage to rent out this spot?

(Found our fake spot)

No wonder,

the first floor was closed.

How did they find this spot?

It existed before, and it was set up before.

Look at that.

I looked closely at that too.


The ones on the ceiling. There was a lot of dust on them.

(The production crew rented the spot while it was temporarily closed.)

(So that's what happened.)

No wonder.

(Now it's time to set up the pirate decorations.)

This is going too far.

- It was so detailed today. - You're right.

They really paid a lot of attention to detail.

It really seemed real.

- It felt real. - I really had no idea.

- Even that. - Really?

- That's... - That was it.

That was so impressive.


(Filling with seawater)

That was amazing.

They did a great job creating this space.

- It was somehow... - They did a great job.

Since they weren't using it.

(Adding grime to show buildup over the years)

They totally got me with this.

They created this so well.

I had no idea about this one.

It was so hard.

(Somewhere between fear and comedy)

Even the stickiness was perfect,

like on the tables and the menus.

So this was real, now that I see it like this.

- This place was suspicious. - That's right.

Even the name of the spot.

There are certain things that we vibe with,

and they matched all those things perfectly.

(Then what about the bar's special menu?)

That's right, that box.

That reminded me of the subway.

(The mulhoe has to be special somehow.)

(I saw something on a documentary.)

It was delicious.

(Is there anything that's visually shocking?)

(A fishbowl? A spice rack?)

(A sink?)

(An icebox?)

(That's a great idea.)

The youngest writer is the best.

What a great idea.

So they actually made that.

I told you that reminded me of the subway.

This is insane.

- I said this is from the subway. - Wow, really?

It's not from the subway though.

No, the pattern,

the pattern on the steel,

is the same pattern I step on when I take the subway.

(The mulhoe icebox...)

(is complete.)

(How did they make this amazing mulhoe?)

Yes, how did you make that? It was so delicious.

(The food team put a lot of effort into making it tasty.)

This is awesome.

- It was so delicious. - It was really delicious.

(Even rock oysters were added to create a bountiful mulhoe.)

Jae Seok enjoyed this so much.

(The secret behind the mulhoe)

(What about the threeline grunt?)

(Faster than Rocket Delivery...)

(is the production crew's own delivery service.)

- For real? - They really went?

- When did they go? - They went yesterday?

(We went personally to Jeju Island.)

They're really going to go this far?

They went there themselves? To catch threeline grunts?

(Threeline grunts)

I really didn't know they'd do this.

Sixth Sense is amazing.

(We're this genuine about trying to deceive you all.)

- That's amazing. - They really went this far?

That's amazing.

(Did you enjoy the mulhoe full of threeline grunt sashimi?)

- It was really delicious. - It was so good.

It was tasty.

(In that case...)

- Hello. - It's the two of you?

- Yes. - Yes.

- Two hours. - Two hours?

(The store owner, full of pride in his business)

(But haven't we met somewhere before?)

It is someone I've met, isn't it?

(This man looks familiar to me.)

He does look familiar somehow.

(What is the true identity of the owner of Pirate Bar?)

- Hello. - Hello.

Please introduce yourself.

All right.

- Oh, my gosh. - What is this?

What is this?


(Who is it?)

- What is this? - What?

Who is it?

(Totally focused)

Sixth Sense customers,

were you taken aback?



(Were you taken aback?)

(Do you remember this?)

(The person who took the whole country aback)

I'm a KBS class 27 comedian,

known for his voice phishing skit, Jeong Chan Min.

My gosh.

(What are you doing there?)

My gosh.

(This is incredible.)

Is this real?

- I didn't recognize him. - You didn't know, did you?


- You didn't know, did you? - I just got the chills.

(The shocking identity of the store owner)

I thought so.

(From the star of an absurd and popular skit on "Gag Concert,")

(A and P)

(to the owner of the Absurd Pirate Bar)

- I have my own channel, - I thought I'd seen him before.

I'm performing with my fellow comedians,

- and on YouTube, - You'll really go this far?

I've been doing a lot of hidden camera prank videos.

Since this is my area of expertise,

scamming and voice phishing,

- I'll do my best to deceive you. - He's like a different person.

My goodness.

(He really was a junior colleague and a comedian.)

That's amazing.

Jae Seok's got such a sharp eye.

Jae Seok, you're awesome.

(Scheming to trick the Sixth Sensers)

(Learning to slice raw fish)

- Wow. - That's really amazing.

I can't even kill a mosquito.

(Gosh, I can't see its eyes.)

What will I do during the filming?

He did say he saw him somewhere before.

(In reality, he's a coward who can't even catch a mosquito.)

Now I remember.

This is the first meal I'm serving for Jae Seok,

so I'll do my best to slice this cleanly and well.

Sixth Sensers, you'll never guess.

I'm even going this far.

- He even cut his hair? - To change his image.

(Staring blankly)

Owner Kang, come here.

He's my real friend of 25 years.

- So they're really friends. - I see.

But don't I look much younger, compared to him?

(Very unhappy about that)

There's a market in Tongyeong, the Tongyeong Jungang Market.

In 2009, for about 2 years,

I had a business there...

where I sliced and served raw fish on the spot.

- So he had real experience. - So he was a real owner before.

(His store owner air was really believable as a result.)

- Sixth Sensers, - Sixth Sensers,

- this place was fake. - this place was fake.

(The Jeju specialty mulhoe spot turns out to be fake.)

I really didn't recognize him.

- I really didn't recognize him. - This is so incredible.

(This place is no joke.)

He's here.

- My gosh. - No wonder.

We had no idea.

Were you very taken aback?

- Wow. - I thought I'd seen you before.

I kept saying that.

- Jae Seok has a sharp eye. - He really does.

- He's really sharp. - Yes.

- But we didn't know. - Right, I didn't know.

Because you normally don't wear glasses,

but you were wearing them.

(Glasses alone provided a complete disguise.)

How did you make the seaweed soup then?

(The food team made all that for me.)

The food team made all that for me.

(Jae Seok fell for it again.)

I told you.

(He said it was so delicious.)

Sixth Sense.

Must be nice.

That's amazing.

Thank you to everyone with us for Sixth Sense today.

We'll see you again next week.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

(We hope you look forward to next week's episode too.)

(For the first time ever on Sixth Sense,)

(we will foretell...)

(our fortunes.)

(I'm going to get married at 56?)

(They need to lie down after hearing their fortunes.)


(But it's no laughing matter)

(Inspired fortune-telling...)

(starts to bewilder the members.)

(If this is fake, I'm coming back to find you.)

(The stories about the members...)

(that were unknown till now)


(I can only raise a child.)

(I want to have a child too.)


(What's going on between the two of you?)

(A Sixth Sense romance?)

(Spring has come to Sixth Sense Girls' High.)