Sixth Sense (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Are These Restaurants Real? - full transcript

Sang Yeob finally joins the show and he shows perfect chemistry with the members. The members visit three restaurants with unique concepts, and one of them is a fake. Who will be fooled and who will win gold?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Amidst the greenery, fully showcasing summer...)

- Hello. - Hello.

(The Sixth Sensers enter, one by one.)

- Hello. - Hello.


Mi Joo's a Yorkshire Terrier today.

Oh, my gosh.

An odd one is here.

(So Min discovers something just then.)

Jae Seok, just wear a bag.

I did notice recently,

that G-DRAGON...

and Simon Dominic...

both wear bags, so I'm considering it.

- You need one to be a fashionista. - I can take one of Kyung Eun's.


Jae Seok, carry a clutch around.

But I don't like this.


- Oh, my gosh. No. - No?


I hate that. Okay?

- Should we try it? - That's a must-have item.

(Let's try my bag on you.)

This looks good.

But don't wear it in front. Put it like this.

(Jessi adjusts the bag for him.)

- Like this. - But you guys...

Don't keep trying...

to dress me up.

Jae Seok, if you go like this,

it'll cover that part.

(A cover-up just for Jae Seok)

- I think this one looks better. - Don't do it.

Like this.

- It looks good. - This looks good too.

It matches because Jae Seok is wearing blue today.

- This is nice too. That suits him. - It's so cute!

(If they accent his outfit with something black...)

(He's so cute.)

Very stylish.

Very good.

You look so hip.

Jae Seok, you should go around like this today.

- This is a great look. - Very stylish.

What kind of bag suits me the best?

Our viewers can vote on the one that best suits me.

- They can leave a comment. - Yes, please leave a comment,

indicating which one you think would be best. Thank you.

- It's cute. - I'm so glad...

that we all get along so well.

- Kangaroo Jae Seok. - Right.

- I'm so glad. - You look so cute.

- My goodness. - A plain style suits you best.

I love going home after filming with you guys and resting.

(I love going home to rest after filming with you guys.)

- Why, Jae Seok? - What?

I always want to see you.

I always get my energy recharged after filming this.

I wish this time wouldn't end.

My goodness.

(Someone watches them from afar.)

I'm so tired.

Why aren't they calling me over? I'm nervous now.

And everyone, you all know...

that we have a new member now.

- Yes. - That's right.

Look at him pacing nervously over there.

Why is he so nervous?


(New member Lee Sang Yeob)

(Requests to make him permanent after Season 1)

(We responded rapidly to our viewers' request.)

(He's finally confirmed as a permanent cast member.)

(How Sang Yeob became Mr. Pork Belly)

(During the filming of Season 1's Episode 1)

(Sang Yeob)

(Go ahead, Team Sang Yeob)

(What's Sang Yeob?)

(That's my name.)

(Bursting into laughter)

(Give me a name tag.)

Write "Sang Yeob Lee" in English on the tag.

(Like pork belly?)

(Forcibly nicknamed Mr. Pork Belly)

(It's Sang Yeob.)

(That's how Sang Yeob became Mr. Pork Belly.)

(Also acting in his most recent role in "On the Verge of Insanity")

(Let's do this together.)

(I trust you, Jae Seok.)

Welcome, Sang Yeob.

Mr. Pork Belly, let's go.

- What was that? - Come on, Mr. Pork Belly.

- This is so awkward. - Hurry up.

- Mr. Pork Belly. - Sang Yeob,

why are you dressed just like Jae Seok?

That's true.

Did you do that on purpose?

- Come on. - Come on, baby.

Our Mr. Pork Belly...

- has come to join us. - Welcome, Sang Yeob.

We have to give Sang Yeob a welcome gift.


Mr. Pork Belly.

(Mr. Pork Belly officially joins Sixth Sense 2)


Not much has changed after a year.

- There's nothing to be changed. - But everyone does seem closer.

That scares you, doesn't it?


It's the same as ever.

Sang Yeob, you should bring a bag starting next week too.

Do you want to try some on? As a simulation?

- Let's try it. - Okay.

Let's see which one suits him best.

Do you want to try this on?

Since you're wearing blue...

He's so cute.

Which bag suits Sang Yeob best?

By color,

Jessi's bag looks the best.

But it does make him look a little ungenerous.

That was just a joke.

Still, he looks cute.

- But really, Jae Seok... - Yes?

I can't even say a word.

(Sang Yeob, you have to adapt quickly.)

I'll reveal this week's keyword.

- Please reveal it to us. - What could it be today?

What could it be?

What is this?

Original restaurant ideas?

- Like Original Entertainment? - Yes, original.

(Original Restaurant Ideas)

(All the Sixth Sense restaurants we've seen up till now, )

(forget them all.)

(But this is...)

(They could never make this.)

(Sixth Sense 2, you built this one so well.)

(They were really resolved for this one.)

(Forget about all the restaurants you've visited so far.)

(The production crew has hardened their resolve, )

(and brought you restaurants that exceed your imagination.)

(Original Restaurant Ideas)

(Ideas that will make your jaw drop)

(Never before seen or heard)

(Even the tastes are original.)

(It's so delicious.)

(Even the tastes are original.)

(Did they even invite original guests?)

(Are you Se Ho?)

(Could it be?)

(Could all this be a lie?)

(What restaurant made Sang Yeob cry?)

Rip it off already.

(Doesn't know what to say)

- Ho Hyun Ju. - Quick,

I have no patience today.

- Why not? - There's a reason.

- Really? - Yes.

- Really? - That time of the month?

Yes, it's that time of the month, so hurry up.

(I see.)


My goodness.

(It's my 2nd year dealing with this.)

- Here we go. - Okay.

Original Restaurant Ideas.

Made with ingredients grown on-site through hydroponics.

(What's that?)

(Vegan, Diet)

(Health, Organic)

(From a side dish to the main, the salad-centric age)

(Growing salad vegetables onsite...)

(as a hydroponics restaurant)

(Hydroponic food)


- Sujebi... - Sujebi, come on.

It's produce grown in water.

In alcohol?

Not alcohol, in water.

- In water? - Okay?

(He's mad now.)

He's mad.

It hasn't been that long since we started, either.

I'm not mad. I'm just getting Jessi on the same page.

- I know what it is. - So in water?

The owner dives into the water...

- The owner... - No, that's not it.

That's not it. The vegetables are just grown in water.

- Grown in water? - No one's going into the water.

So Min does know, but she doesn't really know.

(She doesn't really know.)

(Was it obvious?)

(We'll explain it.)


(Grown in water without soil or land to root the plants)

- That's possible. - That definitely exists.

- There's a lot of this these days. - There are a lot.

- Exactly. - But what if there isn't?

(But what if there isn't?)

If there isn't? I don't know.


Here's the second one.

- French Korean prix fixe for solos. - French Korean prix fixe?

- Solo dining? - Solo dining?

(French cuisine...)

(meets Korean cooking.)

(Add solo dining on top of that.)

(French Korean prix fixe)

French Korean prix fixe.

- That raises my suspicions. - What does?

The French Korean fusion. French food is French,

and family cooking is its own thing.

- Why combine the two? - Don't pretend to be sharp.

(Don't pretend to be sharp.)

Jae Seok, also...

(Vibes of a real brother who hates when his little sister acts smart.)

("Stop that" expressed through nose wrinkling)

Jae Seok. But he's right. "Don't pretend to be sharp."

Here's the third one. A work of art on the dining table.

- Mapping? - What's mapping?

(Your imagination brought to life)

(3D technology...)

(to create visuals of whatever you desire, )

(combined with a restaurant.)

This exists. I saw this at an exhibition.

- Really? - I went to a cafe...

Don't pretend you're cultured.

- Jae Seok. - What?

So Min.


- But Jae Seok. - Your gold teeth are showing.

(Now the gold tooth is gone.)

Don't smile too broadly.

I have nothing to do, so please film an insert for me.

Don't pretend to be a permanent cast member.

A permanent cast member.

I'm going to fight with everyone today.

Don't look me in the eye today.

Why is everyone being so sensitive on my first day?

Yeob Sang, which one do you think is fake of these three?

Why are you calling him Yeob Sang?

He's just being the emcee.

- Yeob sounds good. - What about just Sang?

I think Mr. Pork Belly is the best.

You pick one.

(What should my nickname be?)

- My goodness. - Which one is the best?

Mi Joo, your hair's out of control.

I wanted to look cute today, but it's all wet with sweat.

- With such a pretty face. - Who are you doing that to?

Who are you acting cute to?

She's not in good shape today.

Are you disappointed because it's just Sang Yeob today?

Because no one else is here?

Hey, Sang Yeob.

Are you going to speak up or not?

Sang Yeob, you need to jump in when you get the chance.

Which one do you think is fake?

(Choosing a nickname, acting cute, )

(picking out the fake, it's chaos over here.)

I feel like I'm about to cry.

- Which one do you think is fake? - Which one?

For me, this one, because it's really trendy now,

but it might be the fake because it's too likely to be real.

No, last week, they did something similar.

What about you, Na Ra?

- I think it's number three. - Why?

I think they must've gone to a museum,

- An exhibition. - or an exhibition,

- and taken the idea from that. - The idea for the restaurant?

- What about you, Mi Joo? - Number one.

- Why? - I've never seen that word before.

(Mi Joo's pick is number one because of the vocabulary.)

You don't believe that hydroponics themselves exist, do you?

But I think it's number two...

because French Korean fusion sounds weird.

It doesn't make sense.

Not only that, it's weird.

But if it does exist, I'm sorry.

- Goodness. - Apologizing in advance?

- Apologizing in advance. - That's nice.

- How polite. - Ho Hyun Ju, that's good.

I know what the answer is today, for sure.

But I choose not to give out any information.

- Really? - So Min.

(Why, you little...)


- What a reaction. - I have a gut feeling about today.

I've only done this with junior colleagues who are men before.

I'm the only one who gets hit by him.

- My goodness. - I want to get hit too.


Let's decide on teams first.

- I want to be with Sang Yeob. - Come on, come on.

Then Na Ra, you come here. Mi Joo, change places with So Min.

(Team Jae Seok, Team Sang Yeob)

- I call shotgun! - No way.

Why not? Come on.

- I heard those places are nearby. - Right.

(Looking into the mirror as soon as he gets in the car)

You're handsome.

Well, this morning I...

I applied a facial pack yesterday, so I thought I look quite fine.

- Then I looked into the mirror... - You have a beard now.

Not only do I have a beard, but my face is also dull and oily.

That's okay.

Don't worry. You're sitting next to Jae Seok.

(It's okay because you look handsome compared to Jae Seok.)

That's okay.

Sang Yeob, didn't you feel itchy in your ears?

- Me? - Yes.

Jessi talked about you all the time when we were shooting.

- Yes, she really missed you. - Right. "Mr. Pork Belly!"

But after that, we've met by chance quite often.

- Have you? - That's right.

In a broadcasting station and...

- An awards ceremony. - an awards ceremony.

(Hi, Jessi!)

(Mr. Pork Belly is even more dashing as an actor.)

He looked so different.

Was he cool?

He pretends to be cool.

- He sure is an actor. - No way.

He's the only one whose name Jessi memorized.

- Gosh. - Yeob Sang.

Okay, we'll set off now. Come on, let's go.

Let's go!

(Heading to the first spot, Jongno)


Hey, one of the reasons I like this area...

- is that there are many palaces. - Right.

- I love this area so much. - I see.

Changgyeonggung, Gyeongbokgung, and Changdeokgung.

You sound like a tour guide.

Right. Today I'll be your... Sang Yeob and I...

It's like I'm from a travel agency.

He's acting like a tour guide.

Yes! I'm so excited.

Where are we heading right now?

This is like the Korean culture.

- Great! - Yes, I love it.

- "I love it?" - Yes.

Beautiful, wonderful, fantastic!

Oh, my gosh! Korea is very good.

- Nice. - Awesome.

(Isn't Mi Joo cute?)

(They're passing by Gwanghwamun.)

Guys, here.

Oh, look. They're switching their shifts.

(Pop-eyed with surprise)

That's worth watching.

(Changing Ceremony of the Guard is a traditional ceremony...)

(that shows the guard culture of Joseon Dynasty.)

Gosh, I want to watch it.

- By the way, Mi Joo. - Yes?

How come you haven't been to such places.

Because I spent all my 20s...

- as a trainee. - It just passed, right?

- Yes, just like that. - I had so much fun.

(My goodness.)

(Calm down, Jessi.)

I had so much fun. I'm sick of it now, Jae Seok.

I envy you. I want to be sick of it.

But if they goof around with friends,

they won't be trainees anymore.


If they have fun as much as they want,

they won't be able to show...

That's not easy.

high-quality performances.

That's how Mi Joo can dance incredibly.

(Thank you, guys!)

- Nakwon Musical Instrument Arcade! - Nakwon Musical Instrument Arcade.

My ex-boyfriend was a musician,

so I'd been here many times then.

You have a lot of memories in Jongno.

You know, many couples come here to buy matching rings.

Me too. I want to have a matching ring.

I hate matching T-shirts and stuff, but when I look back...

But you and Sang Yeob are wearing matching shirts today.


(At this time, they hear something.)

- That's similar... - Is that called a "simirul look"?

Hey, what's "simirul"?

- Hey, "simirul"? - Gosh, that a little... "Simirul."

Hey, what's "simirul"?

- No, it's "similar". - Right.

You wear something similar in color, for instance.

- They wear a similar style. - A similar tone of color.

- That's right. - Matching a tone of color.

Gosh, that was so hard to explain.

- Gosh, it's tiring. - It's hard, Jae Seok.

Don't bring up a new vocabulary.

But Jae Seok, today...

This restaurant...

For me, among the three restaurants,

the second one makes me most curious considering the food.

- Same here. - What was the second restaurant?

French and Korean.

- Combination of French and Korean. - The combination.

French and Korean.

What's the easiest to grow hydroponically?

Various vegetables are easy to grow hydroponically.

I don't have a clue about all the three restaurants.

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 1)

(Farming inside a restaurant? Hydroponic foods...)

(made with vegetables grown in the restaurant)

(History and culture are well preserved in Jung-gu, Seoul.)

To the left!

Oh, this alley is...

This street is famous.

- Where? This alley? - Yes.

- So beautiful. - It's Ikseon-dong.

- My goodness. - Beautiful!

- I love it here. It's so pretty. - This is so great.

- Goodness. - My goodness.

- Gosh, it's so pretty. - My goodness.

- How romantic it is! - Seriously.

From the old days, there were many narrow streets...

- in Jongno like this. - Yes.

- It's so pretty. - How nice!

- It'd be nice to sit here... - A place like this.

and have tea.

- Drinking in the daytime. - In the daytime?

- Drink tea instead. - Drinking tea in the daytime.

- Gosh, it's so pretty. - Isn't it pretty?

- This is like a movie set. - Mi Joo.

- Right, it's like a movie set. - Have a date in a place like this.

- I don't have a boyfriend. - Right, you should have a date.

Go to places like this.

I'd like to. Seriously.

- Na Ra, go to places like this. - Hurry.

- My goodness. - Oh, this is the place.

- This is the place. - It's here.

Oh, there's a waterwheel.

(What did Jessi find?)

(At the end of the alley in Ikseon-dong, )

(there's a green garden.)

(Farming in Ikseon-dong?)

(A special place for smart farming and a restaurant)

(A hot spot famous among many people)

(They cook with vegetables grown hydroponically.)

(Eco-friendly restaurant)

(Is this place real or fake?)

- Here it is. - That's it.

Where? Oh, there's a waterwheel.

There's a waterwheel.

(The fake waterwheel in episode 4 of Sixth Sense Season 1?)

That is so plausible. It's so natural.

But we've seen that kind of stuff too much.

But as Aurora said, this place is plausible.

Right, this place is so natural.

It's like a place in a fairy tale.

- Right. They couldn't... - Isn't it so pretty?

- have possibly made all these. - This street.

It's like a provincial town in Europe.

Really? It's pretty.

- So pretty. - I love this pearl on a hairpin.

This is the place we're going to. It's here.


(Ladies suddenly mesmerized by pearl)

- Come this way. - I want to buy this.

- Aurora, let's go quickly. - Let's go. Hurry.

- Where's the entrance? - This is so cool.

That way?

Oh, my gosh. Fish!

- No, it's not. - Oh, there it is.

- Carp. - How cute!

- My goodness. - Whey you call them fish,

- it's a little... - Who said fish?

- It's a bit unusual. - Why is that?

- These are fish. - They are fish,

but it sounds a bit strange.

(I'm a fancy carp.)

Look, a foxtail.

- Is this a foxtail? - Isn't it?

- This is barley. - I see, barley.

(This is barley. Don't be confused with similar plants.)

(Sharp Sense Group is examining the restaurant.)

The interior design is so beautiful.

But this is... Isn't this place real?

- Looks real. No, it looks fake. - But this looks...

I think they faked this place.

The interior is so simple.

(There's nothing but tables and pictures.)

Looks like they just hung it here.

But this place looks fake. Why is it so simple?

(Looking carefully)

But this is...

There's moss between the stones.

They couldn't have faked it.

- There's moss on the stone. - Right.

- I know. - This is real.

Could they have prepared all these?

(Meanwhile, So Min is examining the other side of the restaurant.)

(What kind of place is this?)


- It's warm. - Quickly.

Gosh, it's warm.

(Hydroponics grow room for cultivating various vegetables)

(Various vegetables including basil and crispy lettuces)

- But these are... - It's warm in here.

They just started growing them.

- They're all seedlings. - They're babies.

(Vegetables are all small.)

There's nothing we can eat here.

Wouldn't they have picked all the edible ones?

This is so fishy.

It's weird. The room is so small, and there are not enough vegetables.

(Leftover vegetables after the harvest?)

(Or seedlings the staff have planted in haste?)

It's too simple.

But this place doesn't look fake.

- But it looks fake to me. - Right?

- It looks fake. - This place doesn't look fake.

- Right? - Can you see me, Jae Seok?

(What are you doing there?)

(Finding hidden Jessie)

I can. I can see well.

This color is similar to the background color.

- I can see you well. - You stick out.

- Gosh. - Goodness.

What? Hold on.

(What? Hold on.)

(Found an important hint?)

(No, they ran into trouble.)

What should we do? It fell off.

- Did the stone suddenly fall off? - Yes.

(Trying to hide)

Don't you think they just attached it?

The stone suddenly fell off.

This is...

And the stone is taped.

- Isn't this 100 percent sure? - It's 100 percent.

This is fake.

- Is it taped? - It's taped.

Shouldn't we tell them?

- Here. - We made trouble.

- We caused trouble. - It fell off.

The broccoli fell off.

- No, the stone. - No worry. We can just attach it.

- When do we go inside? - He said it nonchalantly, right?

"We can just attach it." He said that so nonchalantly.

He was too nonchalant.

(The fake restaurant that the staff made?)

(Or the real restaurant with a simple interior design?)

- This place is so beautiful. - It is beautiful,

but they just rented the place...

- Right, it's a decorated set. - and decorated it. Don't you agree?

- But a while ago... - It's way too simple.

Didn't you see the moss?

- The moss was already here. - The moss must have been here.

- They bought it at a premium. - Right.

Those hydroponic vegetables...

- You can buy them online. - They just brought them here.

You can buy a whole set like that.

(The hydroponics grow room made with vegetables bought online?)

- The staff grew all these. - Is that so?

That's why this is suspicious.

(The staff did farming at this place?)

- You're busted. - I've seen it.

But I think this place is real.

- For now. - Are you serious?

- Really? - Yes.

If they had made this place,

they could have done something more.

No, that's not.

You weren't on the show last week.

But still, he can have his opinion.


- I respect that. - Hyun Ju.

You didn't have to say "No" to him.


Why would Sang Yeob express his opinion?

Please give your opinion clearly.

Please give a clear opinion.


- Focus. This place is like... - Okay.

I think these are all fake walls.

Yes, I think they are fake walls.

- Look, here. This is somehow... - What?

- It looks newly painted. - It feels like...

Don't you think so? It feels...

like a set.

I'm not used to this feeling.

They all seem to be out of place.

- The owner. - Should we invite the owner first?

Excuse me!

- The owner. - Gosh, the owner is a man.

(The owner is a man.)

- Hello. - Hello.

- Hello. - Why?

- Welcome to the organic restaurant. - Hello.

(Welcome to the organic restaurant, Water Meal.)

Hello. I'm Jung Soo, the CEO of Water Meal.

Water Meal is an eco-friendly restaurant...

that farms in the middle of the city through hydroponics...

and serves organic foods.

We have a hydroponics grow room.

We grow vegetables for salads...

and herbs for garnishes of various kinds.

Since we do hydroponics, we rarely bring in ingredients.

We try to use our vegetables as much as possible.

We rarely use agricultural pesticides,

so it's eco-friendly.

It's also healthy. That's why we do hydroponics.

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)


Sir, you're wearing pants with four stripes.

- It's Adidas. - Right.



(Failed a joke)

- Adidas has 3 stripes. - 4 Adidas.

By the way, we saw...

- hydroponic vegetables out there. - Right.

Isn't that grow room too small?

- Right, a bit. - We thought it was small.

We have a farm nearby besides the room.

- Right. - I see.

- That's kind of a showroom. - Right.

- This place... - Is that for display?

The rent is a bit high,

so we can't use a lot of space here.

So we only have some vegetables...

for salads here.

(They grow some of the vegetables because of the high rent?)

Why don't you use this space for hydroponics?

Oh, that is one special way...

- of hydroponics. - I see.

- There are carp in the front yard. - Right.

- When the carp defecates, - Carp.

then nitrogen and ammonia are formed in the water,

and they become fertilizer.

- It's eco-friendly farming. - I see.

- Are they edible? - It's called "Aquaponics".

- Aquaponics. - Right.

We're about to harvest the barley.

At the end of May, we might be able to harvest and thresh barley.

How did you start this restaurant?

- Did you major in business? - Or cooking?

No, I majored...

- in astronomical cosmology. - Astronomical cosmology?

(A major no one had imagined)

- You're lying. - People who studied science...

do this business a lot.

- Right. - It's eco-friendly.

- What are the colored pencils for? - Well, these are...

We have a unique way of choosing menus.

- Choose one color you like. - Yes.

Choose different colors from each other.

- Did they tell you to do so? - Yes.

- Did they tell you to do so? - Yes.


(Did he say the truth involuntarily?)

Please mark the menu you'd like to eat.

- Can we circle it? - Yes, you can circle it.

You perfectly memorized the line. Thank you.

- Good job. - Wait.

(A great acting skill praised by Actor Oh)

Oh Na Ra is doing it again.

Why should we choose the color?

- When you choose different menus, - I see.

we didn't want to be confused.

- That's a good idea. - Yes.

Besides the main menu, there are side menus here.

You have to choose 4 out of 8 side dishes...

which is called "Ala Carte".

We might get the menus wrong, so we use colors to avoid confusion.


But why...

does this menu...

(Is there something wrong with the menu?)

look like a test paper?

(Why does it look like a test paper?)



- Whom are you talking to? - Are you stressed out?

Yes, I don't want to look at it.

You're stressed out a little.

- The menu is so small. - Like an OMR card?

- Yes. - Right.

(The white one is paper and the black one is the menu.)

You can choose 1 out of these 4.

Then I'll have fresh...

You choose it first.


(Passing it calmly)

- Hold on. - "Fresh."

(The menu is difficult.)

Since this is breakfast, I'll have a cheese omelet.

- A cheese omelet? - Yes.

Mozzarella cheese omelet with avocado and shrimp.

- Check, please. - Okay.

Right there. Yes.

- This is buckwheat noodles. - Gosh, that's great.

- You like noodles. - I love it.

I like it too.

- You'll have these two. - Right, that's our choice.

Thank you.

(Still studying the menu after ordering)

Sang Yeob is looking in the mirror while pretending to read the menu.

- You're really... - Seriously.

- Hey, Jessi. Did you see it? - That's really...

- He's not different from us. - He looks in the mirror a lot.

That reminds me of the last time. She told me the same thing.

"He looks into the mirror too much."

- Jessi told me this. - Give it a break.

- Give him back the colored pencils. - That's not it.

He's more into his looks than women.

(Feeling relieved)

Come on.

(The mirror is precious.)

- We should do the game. - Okay.

We'll do the game which Sang Yeob doesn't know.

The game which Sang Yeob doesn't know?

It only has to make sense, Food Word Chain.

(A long sigh)

- Okay, please explain the rule. - Okay.

(It only has to make sense, Food Word Chain)

(Make a sentence with the last syllable of the given keyword.)

(Korean beef)

(We enjoyed eating kimchi.)

(You can name any food if the sentence makes sense.)

(You'll fail if your sentence doesn't make sense.)

(You'll fail when you name the food that's already given.)

(2 teams of 3 members will take turns to play the game.)

(Each team only has 3 chances.)

(The team who makes a full round twice will get the hint.)

- Say something that makes sense. - Right.

I'll go first.

- Here I go. I'll go first. - Okay.

Hey, why don't you go to the next spot first?



- We'll do this. - No, that's okay.

No, that's okay. You don't have to, Jae Seok.

No, that's okay.

- You don't have to, Jae Seok. - What do you mean?


What are you talking about?

They are incredibly talkative,

and when it's their turn...

You're the one who's incredibly talkative now.

Come again?

I don't know the rule.

(Sang Yeob is still learning the game.)

Hey, let's not do this game.

(Calm down.)

We'll start with Jessi, So Min, and Sang Yeob first.

- Right. - Jessi, let's...

Be quiet.


Sang Yeob. Director!

- Do we have to go for 3 rounds? - 3 times.

Hey, Sang Yeob. How can we go for three rounds?

- Pull yourself together. - Don't cry, Sang Yeob.

- Don't cry and get a grip. - Don't cry, Sang Yeob.

Don't cry.

Look. You'll see how good I am at this game.

- You'll see. - We could have ended two rounds...

at this time.

- Hurry. Let's go. - Okay, start!

It only has to make sense, Food Word Chain.



(So Min is out of order.)

(That's scary.)


Get out of the way.

You should really get out of the way.

- Bi... - Hey, sing a song.

- So Min, bibim naengmyeon. - Right.

- Gosh, I couldn't come up with it. - Seriously, Jae Seok.


It's driving me insane. Whenever we start a game,

we can't finish it.


It only has to make sense, Food Word Chain.


- Watermelon. - That's right. Great.

Loud applause greeted gimbap.

Rice burger.

(Did they succeed for one round?)

Roaming the street, I eat toast.

Suppressing a belch, I eat carrot.

(They are about to go around twice.)

(Bet all you have on Jae Seok!)

Carrots are this delicious?


(Suddenly talking to himself)

- Why? - Why?

(He failed because his sentence didn't end with food.)

- Why is this wrong? - Are you kidding?

- Hold on. - Yes.

First, they don't get the rhythm.

- There's a complaint. - They messed up on the rhythm.

Let's do this in rhythm.

- The rhythm was so weird. - Like this.

Like this.

Something something, like this.

While eating gimbap...

You have to do it like this.

But do you really have to play the game like that?

(Strangely unpleasant)

I tried to reduce the noise.


- She has a good sense of rhythm. - My gosh.

My gosh, how annoying!

Quickly. Let's go.


(The game that strains your spine)

My goodness, So Min.

You're sexy!

I thought you were on a field.

(A wild horse appeared in Samcheong-dong.)

- Why would you do that? - Gosh, I'm dizzy.

- Why do you do this? - I'll do it this way.

- Shall we do the same? - Sure, go ahead.

Try it. Do it prettily.


(A bit weirder)

(A Tale of Two Sisters, 2021)

Why are they doing this on both sides?

They keep shaking their heads.

(It's scary.)

We'll do rock-paper-scissors if we can't make it this time.

- Let's do it quickly. - Okay, let's start.

It only has to make sense, Food Word Chain.


Tomato and basil salad.

Salad dressing with ricotta cheese salad.

(Is this Jessi's turn?)

(Jessi, please...)

(As you cut your toenails, )

(eat grapefruit!)

(While eating fruits, )

(I became full.)

When I watch drama,

(What about this time?)

I eat popcorn.

(Jessi did it?)

(The moment of miracle)

(They made it past Jessi's wall!)

Corn, corn! "Dragon Ball"!


- "Dragon Ball"... - Hey!

I'm so good at this, right?

You did well.

- When I eat in a concert! - That's right.

- Corn salad! - But Jae Seok, honestly,

I'm so good at this game now.

You succeeded once.


Representatives of each team, play rock paper scissors.

I'm the representative.

We'll decide with rock paper scissors.

Rock, paper, scissors!

(Mi Joo wins!)

- Okay! - Yes!

Let's check out the food.

- We should check it out. - It's okay.

I'm so tired and hungry. My neck hurts so much.

This game makes me dizzy.

I should practice at home with my mom.

I'm cold!

Please reduce the fan speed!


Do it quickly!

(Darn it.)

I'm cold!

You're laughing?

(He got scolded by Jessi but is getting angry at someone else.)

(It's so fun to watch Jae Seok get humiliated.)

It's done, it's done.

- It's here. - It looks good! What is it?

It's pretty!

- Gosh, thank you. - It's so pretty!


Oh my goodness, this is so pretty!

(Cream gnocchi, hash brown, )

(pumpkin cream soup, grapefruit brulee)

- But it's pretty! - It's so pretty.

(Enjoy them...)

(once with your eyes, and once with your mouth.)

(8 dishes of "Ala Carte")

- Do we eat each of everything? - Yes.

Food nowadays is more than just taste.

It needs to look nice...

- to post it on social media. - That's right.

That's how they usually do it.

It's so pretty.

Smells good!

We shouldn't get fooled by the visuals.

- It looks so good! - The staff can fake this.

How can they fake this?

They can, with Seok Cheon's help.

(Is Chef Hwang Su Chan back?)

(Let's try them first!)

The people who plate the dishes...


- Try the grapefruit. - The grapefruit is really tasty.

- It's so good. - You'll be surprised.

(She takes a bite gracefully.)

(It's so good.)

(It's so refreshing.)

- It tastes good, right? - I told you.

The grapefruit?

(Thumbs up)

The food overall doesn't seem to have been created last minute.

- Exactly. - They can't make this overnight.

- Jae Seok, this is good too. - Really?

It looks delicious!

- It looks delicious. - This looks really delicious.

Look at the omelet, this place is real.

This is the work of a professional!

- Right? - Yes.

(Mozzarella cheese omelet with avocado and shrimp)

(Onions and pumpkin stir-fried fast in high heat)

(Beat the antibiotic-free eggs and stir them at a regular speed.)


(Add a generous amount of mozzarella cheese and stir-fried vegetables, )

(and roll it with fantastic snaps.)

(On top of handmade tomato sauce, )

(place the omelet, avocado, and shrimps.)

(Sprinkle cheese one more time because it tastes good.)

It looks so delicious!

(Mozzarella cheese omelet with avocado and shrimp is ready.)

(He takes a big bite.)


Is it good?

(She cuts the omelet...)

(and takes a bite.)

It tastes good.

(Filling up with happiness)

But do you feel that? The vegetables smell strongly of grass.

- You can feel the smell of grass? - Yes.

(Is it because he's a grasshopper?)


I can't smell anything.

I can't express my thoughts here!


If she stays still, she'll say something.

If you think about it,

the vegetables might not be raised by hydroponics,

but they bought them from somewhere else.

We won't be able to differentiate.

(Are the vegetables bought from somewhere else...)

(instead of being raised by them?)

(It's suspicious.)

- It looks so good! - That really looks good.

- Theirs look so fancy! - It looks so good.

It's pretty as well.

(Spread out the batter made of organic whole meal..)

(thinly on a heated pan.)

(Place the crepe blanket over mozzarella cheese.)

(Generous amount of vegetables raised in hydroponics)

It looks so healthy!

(Once they add the orange segments boiled down with organic sugar, )

(ricotta cheese and orange compote crepe are ready.)

Did you grow this here as well?

I want to eat the vegetables that you grew here.

All the garnish and salad on top are raised here.

- All of this? - Yes.

(Crepe made with fresh, eco-friendly ingredients)

The one on top is barley.

- Is it barley? - Yes. It's a classic crepe,

so it tastes good...

to eat together with crepe and orange.

This is so good.

(He tries the handmade ricotta cheese with refreshing lemon juice.)

- He's right! - I saw that,

but I didn't know that was his job.

You know how they can just live that way?


It's so good!

This is really good. But this is bad.

- Jae Seok. - We can't eat too much here.

You're eating the most here!

(Harsh criticism)

I don't think you saw me eating.

I'm right in front of you.

(He's so flustered that his face turns red.)

I saw her talking to them. When did she see me?

- It's not easy. - Hold on.

He's receiving a parcel in front of the door.

(A parcel?)

(The staff suddenly receives a parcel.)

- No. - It might be staged.

At this timing?

(Receiving a parcel for everyone to see?)

(Is this staged by the staff?)

(Or is it an actual delivery to the restaurant?)

(How suspicious)

I'm cold, director!

- The air comes directly at me. - Should I turn it off?

If we turn it off, it will be hot.

I'll turn it on and off.

I complain when it's cold and when it's hot.

(I complain when it's cold and when it's hot.)

- Gosh, you scared me. - Why?

I didn't say that to you!

No, how did you know what I was thinking?

(Oh, was that it?)

You read his mind!

I thought that when I turned it off.

And Jessi said it out loud.

- Of course I know. - Yes.

I complain when it's cold...

(Sixth Sensers' perfect harmony)

It looks good!

(Team Jae Seok's last main menu)

(After boiling the noodles made of harvested buckwheat, )

(put various eco-friendly vegetables around the plate, )

(and place the buckwheat noodles gently as well.)

(Add plenty of basil pesto on top.)

(Edible flower is a plus.)

(Brown noodles with fresh basil and avocado sauce)

(The freshness spreads as soon as he takes a bite.)

(So Min takes a bite as well.)

(She acknowledges that it's good.)

(Fresh slurping)

This tastes good as well.

It's so good.

It feels healthy.

Maybe because it's raised in hydroponics, but it's so fresh.

It doesn't have a sharp taste.

- It has no sharp taste. - You're right.

- It's not strong. - It's not strong.

It just stays in your mouth.

This is my favorite. I like this so much.

(Jae Seok picks the brown noodles.)

It makes me think about this.

This is the first time hearing your thoughts today.


I had a lot of chances.

If your thoughts aren't good enough, you'll be edited out.

You need to say it now.

Now's the time.

So say it when you have the chance.

I think the food being so tasty might be a trap in itself.

- But when I look at it, - I see.

it's hard for the staff to make up the dishes...

- that taste this good. - Exactly.

Just based on the food, this place is real.

- The food is really good. - It's really delicious.

What should I be suspicious of then?

- The interior design! - The interior design.

The owner and the staff.

I told you just now.

The staff who served the food just now...

is a bit suspicious to me.

(When the food started to serve, )

(he noticed something.)

(What did Jae Seok see?)

I think he does a lot of outdoor activities.

- He was quite tan, right? - He's very tan.

He didn't purposely tan his body overall,

- Maybe he plays golf. - but only his hands were tan.

Maybe he plays sports.

- Maybe he plays golf. - His arms were fair.

We need to get the hint.

Only for the team that won.

- Goodness! - What is it?

Oh my gosh!

(What is it?)

Why are you...

(What's the hint?)

I told you...

(The owner's astronomical cosmology certificate and profile picture)

(Did he really major in astronomical cosmology as he claimed?)

I got the feeling.

(Is he the real owner with a unique major?)

(Or is he an athlete acting as a fake owner?)

(She's surprised as well.)

He really has a mini smart farm...

at home as well.

Someone with this job won't do it at home as well.

He said he has a big farm.

This is just his hobby.

Would someone who runs a business related to this...

make a cute farm like this at home?

(Original Restaurant Ideas Vol. 1)

(Made with ingredients grown on-site through hydroponics)

(1. Small hydroponics grow room)

(2. Simple interior design that looks like a set)

(3. The owner who seems like an athlete)

(Is this place real or fake?)


There are so many things scattered around this area.


This area goes along with the restaurant we're heading to.

Looking at the trading area, it seems likely.

- I think it might be real. - It could be.

It somehow goes well with French Korean.

- It's pretty, right? - Yes.

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 2)

(French Korean prix fixe for solos)

(Solo dining)

They got a really good place.

- Gosh. - Look at the place.

- How can this be fake? - Exactly.

- This has to be real. - It must be real.

- This has to be real. - They found a good place.

This week is difficult.

It's difficult because of the location.

Isn't this real?

Judging from the location, it's real.

It's so pretty. Look.

This place is real!

(Perfect location where you can feel the atmosphere of the old times)

- Right? - Yes.

They can't make up this place!

They prepared so thoroughly this week.

We haven't been to the last place, but it's already difficult.

- It's so difficult. - It's so difficult!

The staff really went all out.

I really don't know.

- Hello. - I have no clue at all.

How pretty!

(When you go up the tiny stairs in front of the restaurant, )

(you come across cute house decorations at the entrance.)

(And when you turn your head...)

Yeob Sang, this is so pretty.

It's so cute.

(Table for 1 person in consideration of other people's gaze)

- How pretty. - This is so pretty!

(Full of props that go well with the exotic atmosphere)

(In the small room by the side)

This is for one person as well!

This is really for one person.

(The kitchen is open...)

(and can be seen from the hall.)


(1-person prix fixe dining for solo diners are cooked here.)

- The color theme is really nice. - It's pretty.

(Is this really prix fixe dining for solos?)

They're all so cute. My gosh.

There's a restaurant similar to this in my area.

The restaurant is also run by a Spanish couple.

- Does it look like this? - It looks like this.

So Min, this place is so pretty.

- I'll come back. - I'll definitely come back.

- Let's take the same route. - Go there first...

It's solo dining, so take one table each.

- Solo dining? - Solo dining?

(Solo dining?)

(Welcome to solo dining.)

- I'm so happy. - Amazing.

Amazing. Solo dining?

This is so pretty.

I'll sit here.

(They all go have their seats.)

Sit beside me.

- It's cool. - It's so pretty.

(When he turns around...)


(Why are the seats like this?)

Is it solo dining?

(Everyone except Jae Seok is already seated.)

Jae Seok, hurry up and take a seat.

- Solo... - That way.

That's your place.

- It's solo dining? - It's solo dining.

- Is this a study room? - Jae Seok.

(Solo dining table that looks like a study room)

Jae Seok is so shocked right now.

He's so shocked.

(Detective Jae Seok is suspicious of everything due to the shock.)

He's pretending to be sharp. He's so funny.

He's pretending to be sharp.

He's shooting lasers from his eyes.

Jae Seok, it looks like you're hosting your own show.

Since you're sitting there.

Jae Seok, stop pretending to be sharp.

I should give you star balloons.

(Solo dining is not easy.)

This place is suspicious.

The way the tables are positioned.

Even if it's because of COVID...

(Are the tables really positioned this way for solo diners?)

(Or is this the staff's original idea?)

Isn't it funny that this place looks obviously fake?

But that's why...

- it makes me think if it's real. - You're right.

It's funny that this place is so obviously fake.

They hung the business certificate right here as if to show us.

(Business certificate hung up for them to see?)

Isn't the menu too stiff?

But high-class restaurants...

- use this kind of material. - Hello.

(Strangely stiff menu?)

Stuff like this looks like they are set up.

Stuff like this.

They purposely pasted it.

(The dust set up by the staff?)

Keep quiet!

(Unexpectedly attacked)

How can they set up the dust?

Sang Yeob spoke very quietly.

Jae Seok, I got hit on my solar plexus!

Sang Yeob, don't cry!

(He smiles wide at discovering a new comedian.)

(I'm sorry, Mr. Pork Belly.)

(Come on, Jessi.)

Why solo dining, though?

Because you can't eat prix fixe alone.

It's usually for two or more people.

You're right, you can't eat prix fixe alone.

I did hear that...

solo dining and solo restaurants...

are on the rise nowadays.

There are solo dining BBQ restaurants too!

There are.

Then the staff must've aimed for that!

But it's not easy to have French dish alone.

- That's right. - Even though it's fusion.

I'm starting to think it's possible.

- That's why I'm more confused. - Right?

(Confusing and chaotic)

I thought that...

it might be a good idea.


(Is this place real?)

- Let's bring in the owner first. - Yes.

Excuse me.

(He makes his appearance from the kitchen.)

- Hello. - Hello!

- Hello. - Two of you...

She's so pretty!


- She's my wife. - And he's my husband.

I run the French Korean prix fixe dining restaurant.

I'm Chef Jeong Jun Hee.

I'm Lina, in charge of serving.

I'm French.

(The west of Gyeongbokgung Palace which contains old traditions)

The place Seochon...

has a lot of traditional cultures preserved.

(Harmonized with Seochon)

But a lot of modern restaurants are being set up as well.

(Little France Nusang 95)

We serve French Korean food,

and the prix fixe consists of five dishes.

(Steamed oyster blade, truffle ice cream)

(High-end fusion dish can be enjoyed at the price of 59 dollars.)

I worked at a Korean guesthouse in Paris.

As I served my food to customers,

I naturally became interested in it.

It's only been two years since I started cooking.

But I think about those times to get inspiration,

and come up with the dishes...

that contain the sentiment of France and the neatness of Korean.

(Balanced menu with the East and the West's harmonization)

We take reservations once a month...

through social media.

Our restaurant is completely reservation-based.

We only serve dinner twice a day, split into two parts.

So that customers can dine alone,

we placed the tables as such.

(The tables are positioned for comfortable solo dining.)

(The word is spreading that it is a tasty solo dining restaurant!)

Sixth Sense viewers,

do you think this place is real?

(Do you think this place is real?)

Are you really husband and wife?

- Yes. - Yes.

How long has it been since you got married?

- 6 years. - 6 years.

If that's the case...

Can you tell us about your love story?

Our story?

Where did you first meet?

In the restaurant in Paris that I worked at.

- In Paris? - Yes, in Paris.

(City of romance, Paris)

(She was working in a restaurant that he visited by chance.)

I went there as a customer.

(He became a regular customer and built their relationship.)

I kept going to the restaurant.

He was so nice.

(And now they've been married for 6 years.)

(So romantic...)

That's so romantic.

Then can you speak French fluently?

- Yes, well... - Yes.

Just say what you want, but in French.

My gosh.

(Does he really know how to speak French?)

Can you explain about the menu in French?

- The menu? - Yes.


(The owner is kindly explaining about today's menu in French.)

He sounds similar.

- Do you know French? - No.

(Conclusion: Nobody understood what he said.)

- We can't even understand. - Na Ra.

What do you mean he sounds similar?

But him speaking French...

and this place are two different things.

You're right.

Is there a reason why you decided to open a solo dining restaurant?

Actually, since 3 to 4 years ago,

solo dining is becoming popular in Europe.

- I see. - Right.

So I referenced...

the restaurant in Amsterdam in the Netherlands...

when I opened my restaurant.

It goes well with the current COVID situation as well.

- You speak Korean so well. - Really? Thank you.

- You're so good. - You're really good.

Do you get a lot of customers?

There are quite some people who enjoy our restaurant.

We designed the place...

so that they can eat comfortably without facing each other.

(I see!)

Actually, we don't get to eat French dish often.

- But this is fusion, right? - Yes.

But I think...

it's more Korean than French.

It's fusion, so do you sell makgeolli?

- No, we don't have makgeolli. - No.

Why? Why do you only sell wine?

- You shouldn't do that. - Are you picking a fight?

I'm sorry. Because of the nature of our program,

we have to scrutinize everything.

- I'm sorry. - It's so exhausting...

to keep thinking about whether this is real or fake.

You understand why we're reacting this way, right?

Thank you.

We prepared ourselves mentally.

- This is driving me crazy. - It might be possible.

- Let's eat first. - Yes.

(What will the couple cook?)

I don't think they're married.

Or maybe they are just girlfriend and boyfriend.

The French lady looks like...

a dancer.

I think she's a model.

Either a model or a dancer.

(Is the wife a French dancer or a model?)

We might be overlooking something.

(At that moment)

What's on the second floor?

It says "Staff Only".

(Staff Only, Authorized Personnel Only)

It's a restricted area.

Is it their house?

Sir! Do you live upstairs?

That is our residential space.

- You live there? - Yes.

(The owner couple's residential space)

So you live here.

(Is it their residential space?)

(Or did the staff not have enough time to complete the 2nd floor?)

There was a picture of a baby in front!

Do you have a child?

- Yes. - Yes, we have a child.

They're right.

(Is that really their child's photo? Or is it prepared by the staff?)

(They even have a family portrait. Is this real?)

They have a family portrait.

From what I can see,

I think they're a married couple.

(Are they real or not?)

Maybe they edited the photos.

If she's their baby, she must be adorable.

- It seems so real. - I have no doubt...

that they're a married couple.

- I'm sure of it. - I agree too.

I have no doubt about it.

(Is this place real?)

(Here's your first dish.)

I'm quite full. It's already here.

Here's the first dish. It's a dish of mini romaine.

We used a vinaigrette dressing mixed with doenjang.

There are ground pine nuts on top...

and fried salted shrimps.

(The dish is topped with fried salted shrimps.)

(A mini romaine salad with doenjang as a kick)

There's fried salted shrimps. It's really like a Korean dish.


Thank you.

(That's thank you in French.)


(That's goodbye in French.)

(How does the dish combined with the Korean sauce taste?)


(Taking a bite)

It's good!

(They start with a refreshing appetizer.)


- Is it good, Jae Seok? - Yes.

Is it good? That means it's a mass-produced dish.

It could be a sauce made by a convenience store brand.

- No way, It doesn't taste like it. - There's no way.

- Oh, really? - Even the sauce?

I think it's incredible that they thought of frying salted shrimps.

It's so good, right?

They fried salted shrimps?

This is...

It's salty and nice.

It's refreshing with the romaine.

- This is so good. - You know how I'm on a diet, right?

So I have salads often.

It tastes like they added doenjang...

to the ready-made sauce.

(Is it the owner's own recipe?)

(Or is it a mass-produced sauce that the staff produced?)

This is...

(Is there something you find suspicious?)

This is so good!

(This is so good!)

You're saying it out loud for them to hear it, right?

- This is crazy good! - Is it that good?

I think he's being even louder...

because he's sitting in the corner.

I really like it.

How does it taste, Sang Yeob?

- It's really good! - Right?

It's so good.

I feel less lonely to have you here.

- You can rely on him. - Yes, I can rely on him.

That's right.

It really looks like...

- Mi Joo is in France. - Really?

- Yes. - She came to study abroad.

It must be really hard to study abroad.

(I'm enjoying a French dish.)

(Let me introduce myself.)


(I'm a French person.)

What's... I'm a French person.


(She means she's French.)

(What is she saying?)

(Her face turned red.)

- A French person? - She must be embarrassed herself.

- She must be embarrassed herself. - Wasn't that English?

You're a French person?

(Then what do you call them?)

"I'm a French person." My gosh.

I'm a Korean person.

- I'm an American person. - "I'm a French person."

- That was hilarious. - The next dish should be here soon.

- Here it is! - Here it is!

- Here comes fried octopus. - It's fried octopus!

Here's your fried octopus.

(The second dish, fried octopus)

We boiled down potato dough with laver puree.

(A thick fusion sauce)

(And snow-white batter that uses potato starch)

(Thick and plump octopus legs)

(The second dish is topped with sweet laver.)

(A piece that tastes like the ocean)

You can cut it and have it with the potato dough.

(How will the odd combination of Korean and French dish taste?)

I should have a piece with the potato dough?

(They take a bite of all the ingredients.)

Isn't it good?

Because of the sweet laver, it tastes like the ocean.

It tastes like a really good dish.

It looks like a French dish,

but once you taste it, it's like a Korean dish.

(Taking another bite)

- Isn't it good, Mi Joo? - Yes, it's really good.

I keep going back for it.

It's really delicious.

(They keep going back for the dish...)

( filled with the taste of the ocean.)

(He's being loud again.)

It's so good!

(It's so good!)

Jae Seok!

Gosh, he's so loud.

- So Min. - Yes.

Can't you hear him shouting?

I'm pretending not to have heard it.

(So Min, that brat...)

I told you not to pity me.

(Pitying Jae Seok)

You're being loud...

- because you're lonely. - Because you're lonely.

You may think this is a corner, but I think it's the center.

(I think I'm sitting in the center.)

- Where I am is the center. - I can see all of you.

(Jae Seok makes every spot the center of attention.)

That's true.

It's really delicious.

They know Jae Seok's palate more than anyone else.

- The staff members. - They suited my taste.

This is...

They could've made the dishes based on someone's taste.

(The next dish is served.)

- It's a noodle dish. - I'm really...

- This is to my taste too. - It's sea urchin roe.

This is sea urchin roe capellini.

It's a cold dish.

(They boil the thinnest pasta, capellini...)

(and cool it down.)

(They add savoriness with kelp-based soy sauce and sesame oil.)

It's topped with pickled kelp.

(And fresh sea urchin roe is added.)

(They top it with fried sorghum.)

We put in some fried sorghum.

You should mix the sea urchin roe with the pasta.

(It's refreshing and savory!)

The sea urchin roe is really big.

(Having a bite of big size sea urchin roe and the noodles)

Goodness, this looks so good.

(Slurping in)

(Taking a bite)

(She's immersed in it.)

(Because it's big, it's even more delicious.)

The sea urchin roe is huge.

(Because it's big, it's even more delicious.)

- Mi Joo. - Yes?

You're devouring it.

I can't help but keep going back for it.

I think so too.

It's the best dish I've had so far.

It's really good.

It's savory because they added sesame oil.

It's like a Korean dish.

The sea urchin roe is amazing.

I have no doubt on their dishes for now.

I think they're real.

- I think so too. - Right?

They taste too good for the staff to have made them.

They're pretty too.

(Right then)

The owner has amazing wok skills.

It's really new.

He's really good at it. I was surprised.

(They can see the chef in the open kitchen.)

- Is he cooking it himself? - He is cooking, but...

(The newbie restaurant owner knows how to handle his wok.)

I can tell he used such tools for a long time.

(Yeob Sang has no idea.)

(It's about time I step in.)




Jae Seok is drunk. He's definitely drunk.

- You're drunk. - Oh, my gosh.

Oh, my gosh. I love you so much.

I love you, sir.

Please make a toast, Jae Seok.

- Yes, go ahead. - All right.


- You're young now! - You're young now!

- How do you know that? - It's trending these days.

My gosh, that was good.

(Mr. Yu is the life of the party.)

It's the last one. It looks so good.

We steamed the flat iron meat at a low temperature for a long time.

And next to it is an artichoke puree,

and next to it are boiled down morels.

(A garnish added on top of the puree)

The sauce is based on gochujang.

(They added spiciness with the gochujang base sauce.)

It's meat.

(The icing on the cake, steamed flat iron)

It looks like jangjorim.

- "Jangjorim"? - Isn't it jangjorim?

(Cutting a piece of well-cooked flat iron)

(Having it in one bite)

(He can't help but exclaim.)

- You like it? - Yes.

(Sang Yeob also takes a mouthful.)

It's good.


Doesn't it taste like pork jjigae?

It's spicy.

It does taste...

- like gochujang jjiage. - It does.

- The meat is tender too. - It's good.

- The meat is tender. - It's really tender.

- The food here is good. - It's really good.

Unless the owner had his own plan,

the staff members...

couldn't have come up with these dishes.

(The course doesn't look like it was designed by the staff.)

This is how I felt.

(Sang Yeob caught this.)

The residents of this town passed by the restaurant.

They kept peeking...

- into the restaurant. - They found it strange.

It's not because they saw our cameras.

They were surprised to find customers in this place.

It must be because we're shooting a show.

That could be the case.

(Are they surprised because the restaurant is new?)

(Or is it because they're shooting a show inside?)

(It's suspicious.)

This is really difficult.

This is a brain battle between the staff and us.

I want to get the hint.

Let's play a game!

It's a game called We Prepared Everything...

Because We Don't Know What You Like,

One of These Must be to Your Liking.

(It's a team game. The keyword is movie.)

(It's a game where they're to describe the given word.)

(They're given 10 seconds to describe the given word in a relay.)

(The 1st player describes the word using their gestures.)

(The 2nd player describes the word in English.)

(The 3rd player describes the word through a drawing.)

(The 4th player describes the word using their gestures.)

(The 5th player describes the word using dialects.)

(If the last player gets the answer, they'll earn a hint.)

(They'll put on earplugs until their turn comes.)

(If they win just 1 round out of 2, they'll earn the hint.)

(The first try)

(Na Ra and So Min will use gestures, Jae Seok will draw, )

(Jessi will use dialects, and Mi Joo will use English.)

("Roaring Currents")

("Roaring Currents" is a movie about the Battle of Myeongnyang.)

(It attracted the most number of viewers.)

Mi Joo.

(Rowing the turtle Ship)


(comes out of its mouth.)

(Perfectly imitating General Yi Sun Sin)

What's that?

(Follow me!)

(They're out of time.)

What on earth is that?

Hey, Jae Seok.

It's a ship.

On a ship...

I'm rowing.

- That's what you call English? - Yes!

"We are country!"

"We are country"?

Then he goes...

Fire, fire.

(She only used ship, dragon, and fire to describe what she saw.)

This is driving me crazy.

(His eyes changed as soon as he grabbed a pen.)

(Artist Yu's fancy techniques)

(The onlookers gather one by one.)

(Meerkat 1, meerkat 2)

(So Min has to describe what Jae Seok has drawn.)

Jae Seok, how come you're so bad at drawing?

(Dragon, fire, ship)

What on earth is that?

I drew everything you just said.

(This is on Mi Joo.)

Is that a horse? What's that?

It's a paddle.

- What is this? - What is this?

(She continues the reinterpretation of "Roaring Currents".)

Is that a foreign movie?

(I don't know!)

A dragon?

Use a dialect to describe it.

(A Korean American's dialect?)

- Use a dialect. - Hey, you punk.

You know dragons, right?

- Of course. - There are dragons in this movie.

A movie that deserves harsh criticism?

Dragons! Dragons!

Use a dialect!

I'm using one!

- A movie with dragons? - What was that?

It's a dragon, and fire comes out from its mouth.

Dragons usually breathe fire!

That I'm sure of.

- Time's up. - Is it "D-War"?

(They fail their first try.)

- Wrong. - What's the answer?

It's "Roaring Current"!

Oh, "Roaring Current"?

(Na Ra and So Min will use gestures, Jessi will draw, )

All right, let's play!

(Mi Joo will use dialects, and Sang Yeob will use English.)

(Jae Seok will answer.)

All right!

- 3, 4... - A ring?

5, 6, 7...

(Describing something while bending at the waist)

Describe it in English.

Ring. Ring.

What do you mean?

Find the ring.


Time's up. Move on.

("The Lord of the Rings" is based on the novel written by John Tolkien.)

(It's a story about a journey to find and destroy the rings.)


"Find the ring"?

(The only thing she can draw is a ring.)

(I have no idea.)


(She only drew a ring?)

(Will she be able to catch it?)


(Smiling with joy)

(It's time for So Min to describe it using gestures.)

(Making noise with her mouth)

(I found it!)

(I found the One Ring!)

(She's deeply moved that So Min got the answer.)

(Good job, So Min!)

(She got the answer right away.)

(They're so close to the answer thanks to So Min.)

- I got it! - Time's up!

(It's Mi Joo's turn.)

(We're almost there.)

So what this is...

Gollum jumps up somewhere and finds a ring!

He wears the ring like this.

(He wears the ring like this.)

(They find it hilarious.)

(Highly satisfied by Mi Joo's performance)

- What do you think this is? - I got it!

Hey! Of course I got the answer.

What do you think this is? Take a guess.

"The Lord of the Rings".

- That's right! - Yes!

Come on! Yes!

(Bring us the hint!)

(They got the only hint to find the fake place.)

Give us the hint.

- Let's watch it together. - Here's the Video Hint.

(He spotted something.)

They must be YouTubers.

They must be.

They're YouTubers.

I told you. I think they made the dishes themselves.

(Original Restaurant Ideas)

(French-Korean solo dining place)

(1. The table arrangement looks weird.)

(2. The Korean-French couple seems suspicious.)

(3. It's been only 2 years, but the owner is a great cook.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

Thank you.

I really want to...

Gosh, why is it raining?

- My gosh. - It's raining.

(The songs they're reminded of when it rains)

("The Man from Back Then" by Sim Soo Bong)

Who do you think I am?

(Bursting into laughter)

- You ruined the mood. - You're so funny.

Who do you think I am?

Didn't I sound just like her? We're setting off.

- All right! - All right!

Although it's raining hard, they're sharing an umbrella...

- although their shoulders are wet. - I'm so jealous.

I want to be in love!

- Even if my shoulders get wet. - I want to be in love.

From what I saw on my way out, I don't think it's fake.

The second place?

The daughter...

and the mother of the owner came.

1, 2, 3.

(After their shoot is over...)

It's their baby!

(There's a baby?)


(The baby came downstairs after the shoot was done.)

This looks staged.

Are you her grandmother or her mother?

- Her grandmother. - Are you?

(She melts as soon as she sees the baby.)

My, you're so lovely!

- My goodness. - You're so cute.

Isn't she so cute?

That's when I thought that place is real.

The child seemed familiar with the place.


My name is Pauline, and I'm the older sister.

- You're the older sister? - She's the eldest.

You're so pretty.

Oh, gosh. Thank you so much.

- Please take a photo with us. - Sure.

1, 2, 3.

Thank you.

- Goodbye. - Bye, Pauline.

I found it strange.

Did they have to come downstairs at that time?

- I know. - But the shoot was over.

Just because the shoot was over? Really?

One thing for sure is that the mother and the baby...

- She's the mother. - They look alike.

The baby takes after her mother a lot.

- The French mother? - Yes.

I'm getting convinced again.

(Time to Heighten Your Senses Vol. 3)

(An artwork on your table, a 3D mapping restaurant)

(The next popular place...)

(that will stimulate your sixth sense)

- Where is this place? - Where is it?

It doesn't look like there will be a restaurant around here.

It looks like a residential area.

(An original restaurant in the middle of a residential area?)

(Their trendy entrance stands out.)

It's here.

What? This is the place? It's pretty.

It's so pretty.

- Look at this. Isn't it pretty? - It's pretty.

I guess it's newly opened.

Gosh, this is driving me crazy.

My gosh, I'm sure this place is new.

They're all so new.

(Very neat)

(A new interior design with no dust at all)

(How is this place original?)

(It's rather empty for a restaurant.)

(He finds it suspicious.)

Then how many tables do they have?

So there are three rooms.

(They're running the restaurant with three rooms only?)

What's this place? What is this?

- Look at this. Look. - It must be a kitchen.

- What? DJ equipment. - They're DJ equipment.

They must play music for the customers.

There's DJ equipment too.

This is DJ equipment. Look.

Is this really a restaurant?

From the entrance, it looks like an escape room.

What kind of restaurant is this? What is this?


(What on earth is happening?)

Oh, my gosh.

(What's in the room...)

(that surprised everyone?)

This is surreal.

I think this place is real.

My gosh, we can eat here?

I think I'll get sick.

You don't like this kind of thing.

I know. I hope they change the effects to a calmer one.

- I can't even look at it. - Please change it to a picture.

Gosh, let me step out for a moment.

(He refuses to eat in here.)

- Wait, wait. Is this place real? - We can't stay here for long.

- Is this real? - I'm too dizzy.

Look at this. This looks okay.

But we can't see what we're eating.

(Where did everyone go?)

- What's this place? - Is it like a party room?

Let's meet the owner.

Please head inside.

Let's upgrade the greeting.

Look, Jae Seok.

And our hips.


Are you okay?

Why would you do that in front of us?

- I don't mind... - It's showing how close we are.

This is our signature move.

(What should we do about them?)

(They're forced to sit inside the room.)

Jae Seok, what do you think? What do you think of this place?

I don't know how the food will be, but I think I'll get sick...

- if I eat with this visual effect. - I agree.

Why do I feel nauseous when I haven't even eaten?

I think this place wasn't a restaurant before.

Did they turn it into a restaurant when it isn't?

It doesn't feel like a restaurant, right?

- The air... - Even the scent is off.

Our staff must've made this place.

And I think it hasn't been long since it opened.

But it's too big of a scale...

for the staff to make this.

- That's true. - Jae Seok.

Is it bigger than the burger place?

(He admits that the staff go big when they need to.)

(Please refer to episode 8 of the 1st season.)

Shall we invite the owner?

- Excuse me! - Excuse me!

(Perfectly in synch)

- Hello. - Hello.

Could you turn on the lights?

Hello, we run a restaurant that cooks with the visual effects.

We grafted the 3D mapping technique with the restaurant...

and the course meal for the first time in Korea.

We saw a mapping video from another country by chance.

We thought it'd be a big hit if we introduced it in Korea.

We opened the restaurant after purchasing the license.

We're running the restaurant with our own content.

(A 3D mapping restaurant...)

(that presents a surreal experience)

A projection mapping uses a projector and a video...

to alter the objects.

For us, we use the walls,

table, and dishes as our objects.

(They added...)

(a 3D video...)

(to the objects.)

A dish is served...

after a 3D mapping video is played.

(And their course meal...)

(is as mesmerizing as their videos.)

(A meal you can enjoy with high-quality videos)

(The dishes prepared by a chef...)

(that give your palate great joy)

(High-quality French dishes that change each season)

Sixth Sense viewers.

- Do you think this place is real? - Do you think this place is real?

(Sixth Sense viewers, do you think this place is real?)

(How do we proceed?)

Can you turn on the light for a second?

By the way, mister... Oh!

Oh, my gosh.

- This is so pretty. - Oh, my gosh.

This is so pretty.

This is pretty.

It is very interesting.

In this state, it's possible to eat food.

Before, I felt very dizzy to eat.

- Oh, it's pretty. - When you eat,

we pause the video.

- So, it's paused like this. - Right.

- I see. - So, it's paused like this.

We plan to open this place later.

(You plan to open?)

That's why it still had the smell of new things.

(Is this place not opened yet?)

You've never had a customer before, have you?

You're the first customers.

We are?

Actually, we've run a business for three years in Yongsan.

- In Yongsan? - Yes.

I've been living in Yongsan for four years. Where is your place?

So Min, I also live in Yongsan.

Our place is in Itaewon.

- Oh, I see. - I don't go to Itaewon often.

- Me neither. - You both reacted the same.

That area in Yongsan.

So Min did this again.

(Copying So Min's face)

Jae Seok.

(Wrinkling her face)

This is a very good place for our staff to target.

It's a really good place to set up a fake one.

How did our staffs know about this place?

(Is this really a place to be opened or a place staffs created?)

What is 3D Mapping?

It means mapping by using projectors.

We map on the wall, table,

and on special plates we made.

We create the mood of space mapping these with videos.

There are so many projectors in here.

The concept is not bad.

Because it's futuristic.

- It'd cost a lot to create videos. - It'd cost a lot.

For a video, it would cost from 10,000 to 20,000 dollars.

That's expensive.

Then, how can you run the business?

So, the price of our food is a bit high.

- How much is it? - It's 109 dollars.

109 dollars?

- Jae Seok, is it expensive? - It's not that pricey.

- It's expensive. - The lobster itself is expensive.

It's still expensive.

How could you say it's expensive when you have a lot of money?

Even though I earn a lot, it's still expensive for me.

How old are your target customers?

Normally, couples in their 20s or 30s come here.

Yet, it feels a bit pricey for them to afford.

That's why they come on special occasions.

In fact, besides serving a course meal,

we make lettering on a cake and do other things.

How can you run a business if they only come on a special occasion?

To be honest,

we need to work hard.

He said he needs to work hard.

He'll have to work hard.

The solution is to work hard?

- I hope you do well. - Thank you.

Why don't we start eating?

The reason why I like this place is that it's unique.

- Isn't it unique? - It's fresh.

This is a place where anyone would want to come at least once.

- Does it feel that way? - The structure is difficult.

Wait. Listen to me.

Think about it. The rent in Gangnam must be high.

Are they running a business with only three rooms?

- It won't meet the ends. - It won't.

I would come for once.

But you won't be a regular here.

Yes, it'd be hard to get regular customers.

- It's hard to keep coming. - That's dangerous.

I think they created this one...

in a place that was for something else.

They made walls and put up projectors.

I think this was a club.

Doesn't it seem like karaoke?

Or a studio?

- What's happening? - Oh, my goodness.

(Oh, my goodness.)

That's why he said I shouldn't move this.

- What is this? - This is...

- Here we go! - Here we go!

This is cool. This is very cool.

This is interesting.

The plate looks so pretty.


- Goodness. - My goodness.


Let me say something. YYN!

- You're young now! - You're young now!


(You're young now.)

(The jazz music is playing smoothly.)

- I like this mood. - Me too.

He's so pretentious.

He pretends that he's got some class.

- Something like this. - Look at his finger.

- I really like this. - Look at how he puts up his finger.

Cheers to your eyes.

(You've got my back, So Min.)

- What's happening? - Something's happening again.

Because we keep doubting this place,

What is this?

- What is this? - A bowl.

Something appeared.

(A little cook came out of the ingredient box.)

He's so cute.

- He's so cute. - Indeed, he is cute.

- This is interesting. - It is.

- Right? - Yes.

He's pouring the soup.

- Soup. - Watching this video, I feel...

(The little cook started making soup.)

I'm so curious about what's coming next.

Me too.


The soup is so delicious.

What's going on?

(What's happening now?)


(Gwanghwamun appears on all the walls.)

It is Gwanghwamun.

It changed.

(The video changed again.)

This is my style.

This is so my style.


- Are you a dolphin? - The baby put something in soup.

- The baby put something in soup. - I love it!

He threw something in.

He threw a blueberry in.

There are performances...

while they serve their meals.

- I'm falling into this. - Me too.

They're serving soup now.

That's right.

This is incredible. It's so much fun.

- Excuse me. - The ingredients...

the little cook put in are all in there.

I recognize that too.


(In a soup with minced button mushroom, )

(put in truffle salsa which they made themselves.)




(It has a strong flavor.)

(Button mushroom soup with truffle)

(Will it taste great?)

The soup is fantastic.

(How great is it?)

It's delicious.

It's so savory.

It's smooth and smells good.

- We need to dip bread in this. - That's right.

- A new video. - Lobsters.

- It is about lobsters. - We're going underwater.

(The next video begins in water.)

- What's this? - This is interesting.

There's something that makes me fall into this.

- Right? - Yes.

There's something about the restaurant.

- The flowers bloomed. - The flowers bloomed.

Just like me.

I'll say this is a real place.

It's a lobster dish with scallops.

(The next meal in the course is a lobster dish with scallops.)

It looks so delicious.

The dish looks very pretty.


This restaurant could exist.


I think they designed the plate like this on purpose.

- So, flowers would show on the rim. - Right.

It looks done on purpose. Isn't it pretty?

- Like this. - It's so pretty.

(With buttered lobsters, )

(garlic flavored scallops are served together.)

(It's completed with marinated apples and parsley.)

(This tastes fascinating. Lobster dish with scallops)

(How does it taste?)

Oh, my gosh.

I don't even like lobsters, but this is good.

If lobsters are not cooked right,

- they can be tough. - They can be tough.

- This is soft. - This is so soft.

And it's fresh and moist.

- This is so delicious. - How can this be so soft?

- I know, right? - Look at this.

I haven't had lobsters a lot of times,

but this is the best I've ever had.

He's saying that again.

- Don't say that. - He must really like this.

I've finished it already.

There isn't much to eat, dude.

Fine, dude.

I'll try the scallop.

Isn't it garlic flavored?


This is good.

The scallop tastes like an oyster.

It also has the flavor of garlic sauce.

(While everyone is mesmerized by the taste, )

(Jae Seok is in his thoughts.)

By the way,

I think it's flawed since the dishes are too delicious.

These are very delicious.

- As I taste these, - It's a bit high-end.

These are too high-class.

- That's right. - What does that mean?

They could've cast a very professional chef.

That's right.

These are like dishes served at a hotel.

I agree.

Excuse me, the next dish to be served is a steak.

Since it's hard to cut on this plate, we'll change it.



They might have worked somewhere else.

They might be a hotel crew...

or a food and beverage team.

That's possible.

Yes, they can cast the team.

- Right. - Thank you.

Look at this.

These are served at a hotel.

(With grilled broccoli, )

(sirloin steak with rosemary and garlic flavor is served.)

(The visual looks so great.)

(Mashed potato with truffle oil is on the side.)

(A fantastic looking sirloin steak is done.)

To be honest, before I came here,

I was sure that the second place is the fake one.

- Me too. - But...

I'm confused today.

I really don't know.

This is...

Jae Seok.

- He's confusing me. - Isn't it so delicious?

- It's so delicious. - Isn't it so delicious?

- It makes me angry. - The meat is...

It melts in your mouth.

But why are you yelling?

- "It melts in your mouth." - That means it's that delicious.

I'm getting confused because of you, Jae Seok.

Because of various events,

I end up at hotels quite frequently.

This tastes just like hotel food.

If this is fake, it would blow my mind.

But that's exactly why I think it's fake.

They said today's the first day,

but everything's too perfect.

They seem experienced.

It's too perfect.

I'm wondering if this isn't a team that's based here,

but a hotel culinary team that's created this.

If you're right, it would give me the chills.

You think they would go that far?

That far?

- But it really is so delicious. - I know.

I'm sorry, but are you part of an existing food and beverage team?

(Shaking his head)

But you have so many employees.

Oh, he's our sound technician.

(The sound technician is working as a server?)

So your sound person is doing the serving too?

This is strange, though.

He left as though he were running away.

Don't you think that person resembles someone?

Since they had Hong Seok Cheon on last time, I wonder...

Don't be like that now.

But when that person was leaving,

it looked like he was smiling.

He was overly shy.

You think another person is here wearing a wig and everything?

That's your real hair, right?

(Suspicious till the end)

I'm sorry, it's because we were deceived last time.

Seok Cheon.

- It's not him this time. - Goodness.

Are you Se Ho?

(Are you Se Ho?)

I'm sorry.

(Is this also a person planted by the production crew?)

But we really need to think about this too.

We ate at restaurant number one on empty stomachs.

- We were hungry. - At that point,

no matter what we ate, it would be good.

(Famous Detective Yunan feels something.)

This steak is the best.

What was that?

(Bursting into laughter)

- He's so cute. - In the world?

- "This steak is the best." - Look at his fingers.

He's so cute.

- This is so infuriating. - He's infuriating.

- Look how cute he is. - It's even cute when he's mad.

So cute.

(My head hurts.)

(Time to solve the riddle)

If it weren't for number three, I'd be less confused,

but this place made me so confused.

I think the first place really exists.

(The hydroponics restaurant is real.)

I thought it was number two.

(The solo dining restaurant made him most suspicious.)

But when the daughter and the wife came downstairs at the end,

- they looked so at home. - They really did.

- They looked right at home. - Right.

I have no idea.

This place is somewhat lacking,

but the food is so...

- It was perfect, wasn't it? - It is perfect.

But to invite a chef on of that caliber,

the cost-benefit analysis wouldn't work out.

The price doesn't match the taste here.

Isn't the taste too much here?


Why am I thinking so hard when I'll get it wrong anyway?

(Na Ra's so cute.)

She's being sincere.

But I'm really confused now.


They really made Sixth Sense 2 so well.

I'm confused again today.

(The 3D Mapping Restaurant. Is this place real or fake?)

(Voting begins.)

(Sensing Na Ra is the first voter.)


I wasn't able to decide,

but I suddenly got inspiration...

from the word, "karaoke".

- This doesn't feel restaurant-like. - It doesn't.

It really doesn't.

It feels like a karaoke spot.


It does feel a bit like a karaoke spot.

So I'll choose number three.

(Will Na Ra become the owner of the pure gold?)

(Sang Yeob enters the voting booth.)

I thought number three was so awkward,

that it has to be real.

The most dangerous one is the one that's too perfect.

(He chooses number 1, the most perfect restaurant.)


(So Min enters with tons of spirit.)

I'm going to go with taste. I can't help it.

That's the biggest variant.

(She chooses number two.)

My gut tells me it's definitely this one.

If I'm wrong, I'll just try harder next time.

(I'll just try harder next time.)

(Jessi enters.)

It's either number 2 or number 3.

(Number 2? Number 3?)

I'll go with my gut.

(She leaves with a look of conviction in her eye.)

They all seem fake to me.

(Mi Joo enters.)

(What will be her pick?)

(She picks at random.)

Ding dong ding dong.

Both times, I ended at number one.

All right, it was always going to be number one for me.

I really don't know.

(Another confused person enters.)

Is it this one, or that one?

(Debating between 2 and 3)

Eenie meenie miny mo, pick the right one.

So it's number two?

I really don't know.

(He picks at random, like Mi Joo, and ends up picking number 2.)

We're going to reveal the results of the voting.

(The voting ends.)

(Especially excited)

Interestingly enough,

numbers 1, 2, and 3 were all chosen.


I'm the only one who chose three.

Number three was only chosen by Na Ra, and Na Ra alone.

But if you get it right, you'll be the only winner.

- I hate myself. - You never know, Na Ra.

We might all have gotten it wrong.

If you win this, it could be a huge upset.

I should've picked two.

(The answer is yet to be revealed.)

- We'll reveal the answer now. - Here comes the answer.

I'll just have to get rid of any expectations.

I gave up.

(This place is real, everyone.)

(It's easy today.)

That's from last week.

(The production crew could never have created this.)

(Hey, you think I'm stupid?)

She's cute.

(Are you confident in your answers this time too?)

I really don't know.

(Will you be tricked again, time after time?)

Why are you so depressed?

(Bewildered from Episode 1 of Season 2)

I'm Hong Seok Cheon.

(The people you met)

(Are they real?)

(Or are they fake?)

Wait a minute.

(The food we've eaten)

It's scary. The food we've eaten.

This is driving me insane.

(The places you lingered in)

(It's so confusing.)

I don't like this.

(What if it was all a lie?)

Don't play this music.

Is it there?

- It's there? - Wait a minute.

(Demolition without hesitation)

(A new creation)

(A fake owner)

Wait a minute. That dish.

(A fabricated environment)

(Peak nervousness)

(Farming inside a restaurant? A hydroponic restaurant)

- Was it number one? - No, it's not this one.

- Wait, Jae Seok. - Is it really this one?

(French Korean prix fixe meant for solo diners)

- They always show them all. - This is driving me insane.

(Hearts pounding)

(Art atop the dining table, the 3D Mapping restaurant)

Please, don't be it.

(Do you still have faith in your choice?)

What should I do?

- Which one is it? Please. - Please.

- Please. - Please.

Will this be a great day for Na Ra?

Please, please.

(The only fake one)

(Which is it?)

(What if I'm the only wrong one?)

Here we go.

(Only one has bewildered you all.)

(Of the original restaurant ideas, )

(today's fake was...)

(Which is the only fake?)

(Which is it?)

(What if I'm the only wrong one?)

Here we go.

(Only one has bewildered you all.)

(Of the original restaurant ideas, )

(today's fake was...)

(the French Korean prix fixe for solo diners restaurant.)

(Jae Seok, So Min, and Jessi got the answer right.)


(There is no upset.)

(The pure gold is mine.)

(Happiness and despair)

(Body high five)

Hey, it's here.


(Na Ra loses again.)

It's okay, Na Ra, we both got it wrong.

Come here, Na Ra.

But why is this so slow?

So this was real.

I'm so irritated.

(My blood pressure)

How is Na Ra so bad at guessing?

No matter how bad you are...

Now it's just part of her character.

We'll now reveal the video showing the true fake.

- I knew it. - I thought that one was off.

(Countless experiences co-exist in the busy city center of Seoul.)

(In Seocheon, a hotspot)

- They found a great location. - Right?

(The second project of Sixth Sense 2)

(A clean-looking building in a residential alley)

This is amazing.

(Once you go inside...)

Sixth Sense is amazing.

This is really amazing.

How did they do this?

- There's nothing there. - Oh, my gosh.

(Totally empty space)

This is absurd.

(We filled up all that space.)

- Even the floor is different. - They made it so well.

They cleaned up this house so well.

(They need to turn this place into a French Korean prix fixe spot.)

But they made this place so well.

(Construction beginning to create a solo dining restaurant)

(Hitting and demolishing)

- My goodness. - That's amazing, really.

(With incredible amounts of dust)

- Wow. - Really?

- That's amazing. - Really.

All that?

Yes, that. They made it so pretty.

(They installed each tile one by one.)

(They even installed an awning using a ladder truck.)

I even looked at that.

I even went outside and looked at it.

They did it well. So much attention to detail.

(Filling the space with props)

This was really the best.

(Solo dining tables are a must.)

(Adding in restaurant-quality kitchen appliances, )

(and other eating tools that look used.)

No wonder, there was nothing inside the fridge.

(From a totally empty space...)

That's amazing.

(to a dining room in a complete transformation.)

That's so impressive.

Wasn't it strange for the menu to be out in front like that?

You're right!

They created it well, so it's not obvious.

Preparations to open complete.

To bewilder everyone's tastes.

This is the important part.

(What was behind this?)

Chef, this is so delicious.

It was delicious.

It's perfect.

Who made it?

- Who is it? - It must be a real chef.

I'm a chef with 13 years of experience.

My name is Jeong Jun Hee.

His wok frying skills were no joke earlier.

(To bewilder everyone perfectly, )

(he poured his soul into the work.)

No wonder, look at that.

I feel so bad now.

(Acting like a rookie chef)

I've been working as a chef for a little over 13 years.

Right now, I'm the chef-owner...

of a restaurant by Anguk Station.

Oh, really?

(Rookie chef, fake)

(The chef wasn't a rookie)

- Hello. - What?

What's that? The people?

So that person must be his wife.

Who was that, then?

So she was fake.

They'd never met before.

I think the child is real though, she's really her mother.

- Hello. - What is that?

- This is the father? - Yes.

Try calling him Daddy.

- They just met. - That's right.

- That was fake? - My goodness.

I had no idea they didn't know each other.

Even the kid was acting?

(That's not my daddy.)

- She said he's not her dad. - She said he's not her daddy.

(The daddy doesn't know what to do.)

She's not even her real mother.

But they look so alike.

- Oh, my gosh. - What is it?

(Child model)


She was a child model.

My goodness.

- I told you. - It was all fake.

To be honest, this was...

- Who is that? - Who is it?

The chemistry between these two was so good though.


(My wife)

- They're a real couple? - Really?

We were total strangers.

We don't know each other at all.

- Wow. - I knew it.

(Totally shocked)

This is so annoying.

My gosh. They're strangers?

This is amazing.

He's my husband.

Oh, me? Yes.

- She's so pretty. - I know.

(The wife is really a model.)


I told you she seemed like a model.

- So she was a model. - She has the face type I like.

They really went that far?

(Transformed into a wedding photo from 5 years ago)

What's that?

(De-aging him so he looks 6 years younger in the photo)

How could we not be tricked?

(Taking photos right after the meeting)

But they really looked so alike.

(Family photos)

That's so impressive.

(In order to trick everyone)

Could you ask them to take a photo together?

I knew that was strange.

Even the grandmother was fake.

Sixth Sensers, this place was fake.

(Today was the best yet again.)

(Acknowledging it)

- Congratulations. - Thank you.

Now we've won the pure gold.

Everyone, today was another enjoyable day.

Na Ra, I think it'll be strange if you win at this point.

- That's right. - Aren't I impressive?

You are.

(Excitement at the news of a guest)

(Oh, my gosh, a big star)

(Firing up these high school girls, )

(the big star enters.)

(K-Pop King KAI from EXO is here.)

(Welcome, KAI.)

(After I was invited...)

(High expectations)

(I wasn't sure if I could survive this.)

(Excuse me?)


(The teacher enters the scene.)

(You never know...)

(where KAI's juniors will take things next.)

(Please look forward to our episode with KAI, )

(who becomes addicted to Sixth Sense.)