Sixth Sense (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Are These Prices Real? - full transcript

It's the first episode of the new season and Lee Sang Yeob is a new member. His actor friend, On Ju Wan, appears instead for the theme of unbelievable prices of the dishes. Which restaurant and menu is fake?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(It's an early summer day, bright with warm sunlight.)

(It's a good day for a new beginning.)

(Setting off on Season 2 with much anticipation)

(Sixth Sense Variety Show Sixth Sense Returns for Season 2.)

(All right, Season 2 is a go!)

(- I was waiting for this. - I'm looking forward to it!)

(Finally, Season 2 is here.)

School is in session.

(The 2nd term of Sixth Sense is now in session.)

- School is in session. - School is in session.

- Quiet, quiet. - School's in session now.

(The teacher is here.)

- Quiet, quiet. - It survived...

- in the variety jungle. - School is in session.

- Sixth Sense, season two! - Hello, everyone.

It's launched!

When everyone's here, we'll greet our viewers together.

- It's launched! - It's launched!

(It's already tough.)

Let's do this again, teacher.

- Everyone, hello, - It's a new beginning.

Sixth Sense is finally beginning our second season, everyone.

Didn't you miss us, everyone?


This time, what situations...

will lead us to the pure gold?

- Please look forward to it... - This is exhausting from the start.

- with your support and love. - Jae Seok.

- You can't be tired without Jessi. - Hey.

- You're so pretty. - Hey.

You look so pretty.

- You look so pretty, Jessi. - They're always saying that.

- You're so cute, pretty, and so on. - You look so sexy.

Na Ra's coming. Na Ra Oh.

Na Ra.

You're so cute.

Hi, everyone.

Na Ra Oh.

Jae Seok, long time no see.

Na Ra Oh, you're dressed so sporty today.

- Sporty? - So pink.

You're the pink princess today.

(The pink princess)

So many people were looking forward so much to season two.

Who? Who was looking forward to it?

Oh Na Ra was.

- Yes, I was. - It was Na Ra.

First of all, we're all here, intact,

- without a single member change... - All here.

- for season two. - It's so great.

- It's so great. - Right?

There are a lot of shows that have a fresh start...

for their second seasons,

but they often change up a couple of members,

- or even all of the members. - All of them.

(Is everyone out?)

I thought the MC would be changed from Jae Seok.

- No, that can't happen. - Of course it can't.

It can't happen.

(We'll never let go of Jae Seok.)

You've gotten so pure, Mi Joo.

- Excuse me? - She looks so innocent now.

How did you become so innocent-looking now?

Give her a few hours, and her true side will come out.

Mi Joo just seems like Mi Joo.

I can't tell that anything's changed.

Isn't there anything different about me?

(What is it?)

(What could it be?)

I know, you're 28 years old now.

(You're a year older than you were last season.)

What is it?

- Now you're 28. - You covered your toenails.

That's right.

You have to be careful when you wear those shoes.

You can't have any callouses on your heels.


My feet are sweaty, so can I go like this?

Mi Joo, you need a pedicure.

- Why won't you get one? - I haven't gotten one.

- How long will you go without one? - Stop it already.

(Stop it already.)


Oh, my gosh.

Stop saying things I don't want to know.

Stop saying things I don't want to know. Why?


They don't smell.

Hyun Ju, what about you?

(What kind of girl do you think I am?)

(My gosh.)

(Everyone reacts automatically...)

(to Jessi...)

(singing her new song.)

(What kind of girl do you think I am?)

It was like you all coordinated that in advance.

(Even they're amazed at how in sync they were.)

That's why we're sisters.

(The Sixth Sense sisters are naturally this coordinated.)

- We did so well. - That surprised me.

Jae Seok, whenever I turn on the TV, you're always on.

He filmed a lot of new commercials too.

I did shoot a lot of commercials.

- The ramyeon one. - For bibimyeon.

You guys have to eat a lot for me to do well.

Your gums get weak if you eat a lot of ramyeon.

You need to take care of your gums.

You're also supposed to get a part-time job from Albamon...

to eat ramyeon. Albamon.

(Sixth Sense respects broadcasting regulations.)

Dear commercial recruiters,

I have no commercials lined up at the moment.

Please send a lot of them my way.

Now, everyone, we have a new member too.

- I heard Sang Yeob is joining us. - That's right.

(Sixth Sense returns with Lee Sang Yeob)

(Sixth Sense 2 returns even stronger with Lee Sang Yeob as an addition)

(Mr. Pork Belly will officially be joining Sixth Sense.)

But he's not coming today?

He has another shoot that overlaps with this one.

So he won't be joining us today?

No, Sang Yeob told us he can't join us today,

but that he sent one of his best friends in his place...

- as a guest. - Really? Today?

(If he's a best friend, he must be an actor.)

- My gosh. - Don't we have...

anyone close to them here as well?

Is he an actor? He is?



Mi Joo, you can have him today.

(You can have him today.)

(Then give me a moment.)

(Let me just fix myself up.)

Stop that, Mi Joo.

(Halting the heart flutters)

- Just a little. - I'm ready now.

Let me check if I have anything stuck in my teeth.

(Everyone checks their appearance so they look tidy.)

Hey, hey.

Why are you guys deciding on your own who should have what?

They're so ridiculous.

(Deciding who gets to partner up without consulting the guest)

First of all, let's bring him on.

He's coming. I can see him.


He's here. He's up there.

It's On Ju Wan.

(The real Dan Tae of "The Penthouse 3" is here.)

(Winning over everyone with his overwhelming acting skill)

(Currently playing the real Dan Tae in "The Penthouse 3")

(One of Sang Yeob's closest best friends)

(The actor, On Ju Wan)

(The key to solving the mysteries of "The Penthouse 3")


Ju Wan, welcome.

Hello, Ju Wan.

He's so long.

Ju Wan, come here.

- Hello. - Hello.

Did Sang Yeob tell you anything in advance?

He's only been on the show once before himself.

Yes, Sang Yeob told me...

just go and get cleaned out.

- Really? - What do you mean, cleaned out?

- We wouldn't do that. - We're not like that.

- You're not. - Really, we're not like that.

- Cleaned out of what? - We don't do that.

- The gold? - The corn.

The corn?

(A corn downpour under a clear sky)


- Get cleaned out. - Oh, like this?

Yes, that's right.


(catches his eye.)

Are the four of you here to sightsee?

Why do you all have bags?

(On a sightseeing trip with their bags)

Everyone's wearing a bag.

We all have bags because now we know.

- That's right. - We need things in here.

Like what?

Everyone, take out lipstick.

- Ta-da. - Here.

You do all have it.

Everyone, take out your hand cream.

- Here. - I don't have one.

- Na Ra. - Gosh!

- What's going on? - The same brand.

- It's so cute. - Wow, yes.

It's all right.

- It's just one day. - Right.

That's just how they are.

- Toothpicks. - Toothpicks.

- What about this? - Powder.

It's totally chaotic.

All of our guests...

are in a rush to leave...

as soon as we finish filming.

(Season 1's guests left speedily.)

They all want to get out of here as quickly as possible.

It's the same with me too. I get out of here as fast as I can.

(Let's be together for a long time.)

I'll explain the rules briefly for Ju Wan's sake.

We'll be visiting three places,

- of which one will be fake. - That's right.

(On this Earth, we have...)

(Among them are hidden...)

(the real,)

(and the fake.)

(We'll awaken your sixth sense...)

(to spot the fakes.)

(Of the three places you'll visit,)

(one will be a fake.)

(Using all of the production crew's abilities and talents to create...)

(a 100 percent fake spot.)

(On an overwhelming scale...)

(and with a surprising level of detail)

(Season 2 will dazzle you.)

(For the person to overcome all the dead ends...)

(and guess correctly,)

(a gift of pure gold will be presented.)

(The rules have changed to gift 1 gold item instead of up to 6.)

In exchange, at the end of the season,

the one who has the greatest number of correct guesses...

will win a grand prize.

(I see.)

So it's an accumulated total.

(The first place winner of Season 2 will get an incredible grand prize.)

My intuition is really good these days.

Ju Wan, how's your intuition?

I tend to have good intuition.


(Very confident)

But if you get it wrong after saying that...

- I knew you'd say that. - Right.

Isn't this your first time meeting?

I knew you'd talk to me that way even though it's our first meeting.



(They get closer with these touches.)

Ju Wan, how old are you?

- I was born in 1983. - 1983?

- The Year of the Pig. - So 39 years old?

He looks so young for his age.

- Hyun Ju, when were you born? - 1988.

I was born in 1986. Year of the Tiger.

I was born in 1994. Year of the Dog.

- Na Ra's also Year of the Tiger. - Be quiet.

(The oldest sister is sensitive about her age.)

She's our eldest sister.

(Na Ra's so cute.)

We'll reveal today's theme.

- Are these prices real? - Are these prices real?

(Are these prices real?)

(It's either too cheap,)

(or too expensive.)

(These food prices will exceed your imagination.)

(It's how much?)

(Prices that are hard to believe.)

(But they're blinded by the taste.)

(They're deceived by the presentation.)

(Unbelievable prices)

(Enough to make the guest weep)

(Are these prices real?)

(Which one is the fake?)

(Coming soon, the shocking prices revealed)

- Is it really cheap? - I heard a rumor.

I heard the production crew is giving it their all this season.

They said they poured effort into creating a perfect fake.

- Look at the writer's eyes. - They must be so nervous.

The first one of the day.

- The most expensive chicken. - What is that?

A bowl of chicken soup costs...

1, 2, 3...

10, 100, 1,000...

100 thousand dollars?

- Does this make sense? - 100 thousand dollars?

- A 100 thousand-dollar dish? - That's absurd.

(Of all...)

(the many chicken dishes...)

(in this world,)

(the most expensive...)

(of all of them...)

(is a chicken soup?)

(100 thousand dollars...)

(for chicken soup)

That has to be fake.

How can a bowl of chicken soup be 100 thousand dollars?

- There's no way. - It can't exist.

They'd never feed us that.

What if it's a course meal? Like a prix fixe?

- True. - Who would pay that much for that?

- No matter how rich you are. - Only someone like you could.

- What? - You could afford it.

- You could eat it. - Jae Seok could have it.

- I can't eat that. - No one can afford that.

How could I spend 100 thousand dollars for a bowl of chicken soup?

- What's next? - I couldn't do it either.

Made with the utmost care by an artisan,

- a 320 dollar freshly baked cake. - A 320 dollar freshly baked cake.

(With every detail crafted...)

(by an experienced artisan,)

(this work of art...)

(is freshly baked cake.)

(Is there a 320 dollar cake?)

- That's possible. - That could exist.

- Right? - I think that's possible.

There are cakes with hand-drawn animations and such.

If it's handmade and crafted particularly well, it's possible.

I think it's strange that this is the only one with Chinese.

- The character for fresh? - Yes, this one.

They're trying to trick us using Chinese characters.

- To confuse us. - To mislead us.

- Right? - To make it seem special.

Here's the last one.

This isn't your ordinary snack.

- 160 dollars for a combo of snacks? - 160 dollars?

Even though they're just snacks?

160 dollars is so expensive for snacks.

(When we were students,)

(the low prices of these snacks...)

(helped us stay full for cheap.)

(Korean snacks)

(The snack world has become classier and more diverse.)

(What kind of snacks will cost 160 dollars?)

It's one of these two.

- But does this make sense? - It doesn't make any sense.

They went too big for this one.

Even if it were 10,000 dollars, it would be more believable.

100 thousand dollars is a bit much.

That's taking it too far. What do you think, Ju Wan?

I don't think number one exists, but I also think it might.

I feel like it exists just because it makes no sense.

- Then which do you think is fake? - Number three.

- Right? I think so too. - Yes, number three.

- Number three? - Because I don't think people...

would pay that much just for snacks.

That's right.

Personally, I believe all of you are overlooking something.

He's pretending to be sharp.

- He's pretending to be sharp. - But he's always wrong.

You're all focusing too much on the prices. Don't do that.

Try to figure out which dish probably doesn't exist.

- Does chicken soup exist? - It does.

- Does fresh cake exist? - It does.

- Do Korean snacks exist? - They do.

(They all exist.)

What was that?

I told you he was pretending to be sharp.

What do you mean, "What was that?"

- What do you mean? - That was pointless.

I knew you were pretending.

(He's so cute.)

Ju Wan, pick two members to be on your team.

- I pick first? - Yes.


Ju Wan, what do you want to base your picks on?

Oh, right, he's pretty close to Na Ra's ideal guy.

You are my type.

- Really? - It's her first time appealing.

I like the military-looking type.

(Smiling as she says, "Don't do that.")

- Don't do that. - I pick Na Ra.

(Charming the hearts of all the older women everywhere)

I choose Na Ra.

I guess you won't be winning any gold today though.

(What will be their fate?)

- Next? - Hyun Ju.

Really? Gosh.

(Jae Seok's team, Ju Wan's team)

Which of these will be...

our first fake for season two?

Everyone, let's go find out.

- Let's go. - Let's go, baby.

Ju Wan, it's always like this. Everyone goes through this.

- I'm sure I'll adapt. - Right.

(Let's go to the first spot.).

- I'm getting in the car. - Get in, get in.

- The same seats as before? - Get in.

- We have our designated seats. - That's right.

We have designated seats.

Designated seats.

(Everyone sits in their designated seats.)

It's been so long.

- Welcome. Love you. - Nice to see you.

We're taking off now.

Let's go.

(They're in high spirits to meet after so long.)


I love this part the most.

(Ju Wan is amazed by these Sixth Sensers.)

(What kind of girl do you think I am?)

I know what kind of girl you are.

(We missed you, Sixth Sensers.)

- The crazy X of this area. - That's right.

Just think of this as a schoolbus.

- All right. - That's it, Ju Wan.

(Welcome to Sixth Sense School.)

Will our English improve now that we're with Jessi?

Jessi, what's chicken soup in English?

- White chicken. - What is it in English?

Yes, it's white chicken.

- White? - Chicken soup?

- White chicken? - Now I want braised chicken soup.

How do you say that in English?

Shake it chicken.

(Why is it shaken?)

- What was that? - You shake the chicken?

Is this some kind of English class?

Jae Seok, if we're here, we should try to learn something.

- It's cold. - You're cold?

Hey, why is it so cold?

(It's cold?)

It's just because you think it's cold.

Jae Seok.

- Goodness. - That was so sweet.

So sweet.

Jessi and Ju Wan look good together.

That's true. Ju Wan does match with Jessi for some reason.

All right, let's go out.

(She tore it up.)

Oh, my gosh. Let's do it.

(Mind going blank)

You're not going to ask Ju Wan what he thinks?

- It's... - They're a couple now.

Ju Wan, what's your type?

There are only four of us.

- You're doing this again? - We're on a deserted island.

There are only four women on this deserted island, us.

- There's no age difference. - We're all the same age.

Na Ra, you never change.

Na Ra's line never changes.

(Who will have...)

(the honor of becoming...)

(Ju Wan's pick,)

(of these four ladies?)

I choose Na Ra.

(Na Ra is chosen.)

(This is the best! How thrilling.)

Look at her.

Let's date.

(If you were going to do this, why were you so good to me?)

- Who's in second place? - Goodness.

- Who's in second place? - There's no need for that. Stop it.

It's hard to see our facial features because we're sitting in the back.

- Right, he can't see us. - We'll let you get a closer look.

Come get a closer look.

Let's hear third place too.

(The chosen one is relaxed.)

He just doesn't know us well.

(Lee Mi Joo, current idol, 0 votes to date)

But Mi Joo, are you feeling okay?

I feel like poop.

(While they enjoy themselves chatting away,)

(they head deeper into a remote part of town.)

You're telling me there's a spot...

serving 100 thousand-dollar chicken soup this far out?

Isn't this too hard to believe?

It really is.

It's a tough sell, but I still think it's possible.

- Why? - Why?

It's not that the chicken costs 100 thousand dollars.

- That's right. - It's just an expression.

What? Why? Then what's 100 thousand dollars?

It's like this. That's what it says on the menu,

but you actually only pay 15 dollars.

- That's not it. - This guy.

- He won't do. - He doesn't know the show at all.

- You haven't watched this? - He hasn't.

He definitely hasn't.

- That's how he can say that. - You should've studied up.

Ju Wan, Sang Yeob didn't prepare you at all, did he?

(Sang Yeob, I miss you.)

Here it is.

(They arrive at a place fairly far from residential areas.)

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 1)

(The most expensive chicken, 100 thousand-dollar chicken soup)

- Shall we go? - Yes, let's go.

- Hey. - Thank you.

Gosh, thank you.

Thank you.

- My legs hurt. - What a gentleman.

I'll help you out.

Doesn't this feel...

(Sensing Na Ra from the beginning)

like it was built in a rush?

Rather than a rush, this is more like...

That looks pretty old.

When signs are rained on,

rust drips down from them.

- That's right, you can see it. - The rust drip stains.

(Rust stains are clearly visible.)

- As Ju Wan said, that rust... - You can't fabricate that.

- It's true, you can't. - You can't create that.

You can't create rust on a building like that.

- It matches the size. - But there could've been...

a different sign there, with a different name.

I'm telling you they can make any of this.

If they did, it would be amazing.

But there's another chicken soup place next door.

That's odd too.

(There's a chicken soup place...)

(next door to another chicken soup place.)

You're so sharp.

It does look like...

this place would sell wild ginseng, more than chicken soup.

Maybe it was an Eastern medicine and herbal shop?

- Let's go. - Let's head up first.

It looks so shabby.

Hey, hey, come here.

This all looks fake to me.

It does look fake.

This looks totally fake.

Don't pay attention to this.

We have no interest in this whatsoever.

- No, not things like this. - Not this.

This is for the building. It's from 2011.

- It's 10 years old then. - Maybe there's a story behind it?

- 2013. - 2013.

I know you're suspicious, but don't go overboard.

What if we find Yu Jae Seok in this photo?

This is all real.

How do you know, Jae Seok?

The dust isn't on an ordinary level.

Yes, this is real.

Suddenly, this place feels real.

(Entering the 100 thousand-dollar chicken soup place)

Thank you.

It's a restaurant after all.

It doesn't look like it was created as a fake.

It does look real.

(The local neighborhood chicken soup spot)

- But these kinds of things. - The air conditioner?

- These all seem real. - They look pretty old.

(The banner shows signs of age as well.)

(We infuse the broth with 20 kinds of herbs for 12 hours.)

- Wild ginseng half chicken soup. - Gosh!

- Wild ginseng half chicken soup. - Gosh!

- Why? - Wild ginseng chicken soup?

- 1,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars. - 1,000 dollars?

(100,000-dollar chicken soup)

- 1,000 dollars? Where is it? - It really costs 1,000 dollars.

Goodness, what is this?

It says 1,000 dollars on the menu. My goodness.

That means...

It can't cost 100,000 dollars unless there's wild ginseng in it.

- Don't you think so? - Is wild ginseng this expensive?

It depends on how old it is.

If it's wild ginseng, there's no limit on its price.

They can range from 1,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars.

- My gosh, this place is... - I'm sure it's fake.

- This place is real. - No, it's fake.

- Na Ra, do you think it's real? - It's real. Yes.

- Then this must be fake. - This place is real because...

If you think this place is real, then it must be fake.

Okay. I made up my mind. Fake!

Gosh, that hurts my pride.

Here's what I think.

Generally... You know that, right?

- About what? - I told you so.

What did you tell us?

If we don't eat mushrooms or wild ginseng... Wait, not mushrooms.

(A flustered class teacher of girls' high school)

The chicken soup...

can't cost 100,000 dollars if there isn't wild ginseng in it.

- That's right. - The price is not for chicken soup.

It's for wild ginseng.

But these look authentic to me.

(There are many bottles of homemade wine here and there.)

If these are all wild ginseng wine, how come there are so many?

- This... Is this very expensive? - Na Ra. There's wild ginseng wine.

- It is expensive. - I see.

- How much is it? - How would I know that?


But these are... It's not easy to stock...

this kind of wine in quantity. It's extremely expensive.

But they could have just put it in barley tea.

- What? - Why's there Sprite?

Don't you think so?

Look at your face, Jae Seok.

It does look like barley tea when you say so.

They could put it in barley tea.

- They may have faked it like that. - No way.

When you think about it, it seems so.

Come to think of it, it looks like barley tea now.

- Barley tea. - Yes, barley tea.

- Cassia seed tea. - Corn silk tea.

Barely coke or coke.

Chanomile. Is it Chamomile?

- Did you say Chanomile? - Chamomile.

Wait. This stone!

(She found the decorative stone?)

- Why? - Stone?

- Oh, this? - Yes, this.

- These are mushrooms, not stone. - It's Lingzhi mushroom.

- These are mushrooms. - Oh, mushrooms.


These are mushrooms. Lingzhi mushroom. Am I right?

- It's Phellinus. - Oh, Phellinus? My goodness.

But a while ago, Mi Joo thought this was...

the decorative stone.

- Am I the only one who didn't know? - Hey.

I'm sorry, but it's not Lingzhi mushroom.

- Jae Seok. - Don't try to butt in, So Min.

But they are all mushrooms.

My dear One-Two Punch. One-Two Punch.

- Please don't say anything. - They are of the same kind.

- But I still think it's the same. - No, it's not.

I'm better than you.

No, you heard they're mushrooms.

No, I already knew they were mushrooms.

(Do you believe it?)

(A 100,000-dollar bowl of chicken soup)


I'm a ginseng digger,

and I own a chicken soup restaurant.

My name is Du Hwan.

We opened the restaurant in 2013.

Since I'm a ginseng digger,

I wanted to use natural herbs...

to make something healthy and nourishing.

We make wild ginseng chicken soup...

with wild ginseng I gathered.

Customers are often surprised by the price.

Wild ginseng chicken soup costs from 1,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars.

Many customers are surprised by that.

There's not only wild ginseng in it.

We also add 15 to 20 kinds of herbs to it.

We recommend it to people who are lacking in energy.

(Sixth Sense viewers,)

(do you think this place is real?)

- First... - Let's meet the boss.

- Let's meet the boss. - Yes, right. I'm curious.

- Boss, where are you? - Boss.

Oh, he's here.

- No. - My goodness.

- Hello. - Hello.

Welcome you all who came to eat wild ginseng chicken soup.

- You prepared the line. - Yes.

It looks fake.


Is there chicken soup that costs 100,000 dollars?

When it costs 100,000 dollars, the wild ginseng is worth the price.

- That's the case. - Right.

According to the wild ginseng,

- the price of chicken soup varies. - Does that mean...

we can eat it whenever we order...

- a 100,000 dollar chicken soup? - Right.

If there's no wild ginseng...

That's right. You can make a reservation first...

and wait until I pick one.


That means there's a chance we can't eat it in the end.

That's right. There's a possibility.

Then we won't eat it today.

Gosh, okay. It's very realistic.

This place is real.

Then has anyone ever had 100,000-dollar chicken soup?

- Well, there's no one yet. - I see.

(I see.)

What was the most expensive one?

The most expensive dish we sold was 15,000 dollars.

- My goodness. - 15,000 dollars?


That's awesome.

That means the wild ginseng was 15,000 dollars.

That's right.

How do you set a price on wild ginseng?

We set a price on wild ginseng base on...

its age which is shown here. The head tells its age.

We also consider its weight and shape altogether...

to fix a price.

(Wild ginseng is priced based on its age, weight, and shape.)

As for wild ginseng,

- there are growth rings... - Yes.

in its head.

- I see. - So you can tell how old it is.

You can't lie about its age.

(Ginseng's head tells how old wild ginseng is. It's a year per ring,)

(but there's no official method to measure its age.)

Were you a ginseng digger, Jae Seok?

- How do you know that stuff? - That suits him.

That's just the basics. It's common knowledge.

- Like growth rings? - The basics?

- It's called ginseng's head. - Ginseng's head.

The ones in trees.

- You're talking about growth rings. - I see.

(Oh, my head.)

- Forget it. - What do we do with your brain?

Stop that.

What kind of ginseng is in the chicken soup...

- we're going to have today? - It's ordinary ginseng, right?

- No, it's wild ginseng. - Wild ginseng?

Seriously? Is that true?

- Then how much will it be? - How much is it?

Today's chicken soup will be 3,000 dollars.

(Today's chicken soup is 3,000 dollars!)

- Will that be okay if we eat it? - Is it okay?

- I heard there will be six people. - Yes.

I prepared wild ginseng for six people.

Within 3,000 dollars.

- So it's not one for each. - All together.

Yes, altogether.

Do you have a certificate...

for the 3,000-dollar wild ginseng?

In case you don't believe me, I prepared it.

So there is one.

Hey, look carefully.

There may be tvN's director's name on the seal.

That's right. "Over 3,000 dollars."

It says here. "Du Hwan and one more person".

- It's written in detail. - Is this about that ginseng?

- Yes. - This is it.

- Right, this is it. - It looks the same.

- Yes, it looks the same. - It's the same.

- That's the biggest among them. - I see.

Is this the one in the picture?

That makes me suspicious.

The other five parts are already in the chicken soup you'll eat.

As for this one, you can eat it raw.

- What? - Come again?

That's wild ginseng. Can we eat it now?

Can we eat it? I'd rather not.

I'm okay.

I already sold this. You don't need my permission.

- He already sold it? - Oh, you already sold it.

- You bought it. - Yes.

Okay, we got it. Then please give us some.

Are you going to chop wild ginseng on the cutting board like that?

That's so precious.


Goodness, that's so invaluable.

You have to share it, so I can't help but cut it.

- Is that so? - Yes.

Please taste it one by one.

Try it quickly.

I was lacking in energy lately,

and I ate cultivated ginseng.

So I remember what it tastes like.

(Recalling the taste of cultivated ginseng,)

(I taste the wild ginseng now.)


- The texture is... - Mi Joo, smell it.

- crumbly like a bellflower root. - It's bitter.

- It's bitter. - Bellflower root?

I've only had ginseng before, but it tastes similar.

- It’s similar. - It tastes similar to ginseng.

- What do you think, Ju Wan? - It's plain ginseng.

- What about you, Mi Joo? - It tastes bitter.

(Oh, Mi Joo...)

- But the smell is so... - Right.

It's 30 years old. The smell can't be this faint.

There's one point you're missing.

It's the same for whiskey.

Real whiskey smells delicate and faint.

Fake whiskey smells strong and sharp.

- Have you had fake whiskey before? - Sure.

(Super confident)

- She's confident. - Hold on.

- You drank fake whiskey? - Where can you have fake whiskey?

(The more he thinks about it, the more he feels dumbfounded.)

- You shouldn't drink fake whiskey. - I know many steak houses.

I couldn't speak the next day.

Seriously. For several days, I couldn't speak well.

The thing is, I'm dense about whiskey.

I remember saying this after I drank it.

"It smells nice. I feel a burning sensation."

- But it turned out it was fake. - I see.

If it's real wild ginseng, it would be so valuable.

But I don't think it's wild ginseng.

They just picked it from the lawn outside.

Not from the lawn. I don't think so.

I'm not a gourmet, but I'm pretty sensitive to taste.

Each part tastes different, so this must be wild ginseng.

- It tastes slightly different. - Is that so?

- Yes, the bottom part is a bit... - Is it real or fake?

- This is real. - It's real.

The one I ate was real wild ginseng.

Why did you drink fake whiskey when you're so sensitive to taste?

- "It's burning inside." - I told you...

I'm dense about whiskey.

- You'll play a game to get a hint. - Game!

The first game will be a team competition.

A team competition.

- This game is... - We're fine if it's not a quiz.


Please don't say it's about common knowledge.

(It Only Has to Make Sense, Food Word Chain)

(Keyword: Korean melon)

(The melon I ate abroad...)

(is cold watermelon.)

(Watermelon is no match for...)

(super popular strawberries.)

(Food Word Chain: Make a sentence that makes sense...)

(with the last syllable of the keyword.)

(But the sentence must end with food.)

(Chicken, chicken)

(You'll fail when you name the food that's already given.)

- We'll start the game. - Yes. Let's start.

It only has to make sense, Food Word Chain

- Watermelon. - I clap and applaud.


Hold on. Jae Seok!

What are you doing now?

Jae Seok, don't think too much.

I got it. I know that.

I get it, okay?

- Okay, let's go. Start. - Ready.

It only has to make sense, Food Word Chain


Fantastic, fantastic...

(The 2nd total failure)

- Get out. - You have to name foods, Jae Seok.

- Get out. - Seriously.

Please get a grip.

Hey, hey. Let's change seats.

- Let's change seats. Come here. - Gosh, it's hilarious.

- I'll sit here. - Hey, change seats. Mi Joo.

- Mi Joo, come over here. - I'm getting angry.

- Okay, Jessi will go first. - Make it easy.

Okay, let's go.

It only has to make sense, Food Word Chain


Hold on!

- It's peaches. - Okay.

(Stalling for time)

(Will she make it?)

Hold on!

What are you doing?

- The last syllable was “ah”. - Yes, “ah”.

What has “ah” in it?

Iced Americano.

I know that. Okay.

(What's this?)

Why didn't you say it then?

Jae Seok, Jae Seok!

(What's with her?)

- We'll start. - Let's go.

I'll show you how to do this.

It only has to make sense, Food Word Chain




(Darn it?)

That's not it.

I'm sorry.

- I sincerely apologize. - What did you mean by that?

(It could've become a disaster.)

I couldn't help it.

Gosh. Hey!

(As expected from Spicy Six Sense)

We apologize.

Viewers, we're really...

- We apologize. - We're so sorry.

Why do you apologize? It can happen.

What do you mean?

- I like Jessi. She's cool. - So cool.

- Okay, we'll start. - Yes.

It only has to make sense, Food Word Chain


Yesterday, I ate kimchi.

(The first pass after the game started)



Chicken is my favorite.

(Mi Joo?)

(Confessing her love for chicken)

We won't make it.

(Ju Wan didn't say a word for 10 minutes.)

You should end with chicken.

You should end with chicken.

- Okay. - Mi Joo.

I got it.

I called my mom since I wanted to eat rice.

"Do you want some soup?"

I ate strawberry ice cream and... Strawberry ice cream!

- End the sentence with ice cream. - Mi Joo.

Mi Joo.

(Raging guest)

Mi Joo.

You're a mess.

Change seats. Move.

Why don't you go first, Ju Wan?

- He's the normal one among us. - Come here, Ju Wan.

Go first, Ju Wan.

- Go first, Ju Wan. - Yes, you start.

It only has to make sense, Food Word Chain


Two of us ate gimbap.

- He's good. - Gimbap stores sell dakgalbi.

On rainy days, I eat pancakes.

(Why are they good all of a sudden?)

(They're halfway to win.)

(Mi Joo.)



Dogs like chicken soup.


(we went through a huge obstacle.)

I came close to death.

(The worst crisis in Jae Seo's life)

(Closing his eyes)

- Jae Seok. - You told me to do it right.

- Hey! - You nagged at me.

- He was frowning and nagging at me. - Why does he get so nervous?

- I was anxious about it. - Now, this is...

your one last chance.

- It's the last chance. - It's the last.

It only has to make sense, Food Word Chain


Toenails were cut...

Go on. Just end the sentence with food.

- They were cut. - Toenails were cut and grapefruits.

Toenails were cut and grapefruits.

You were cutting your toenails, and there's suddenly a grapefruit?



Hey, why's there a grapefruit while cutting toenails?

(A horrible hybrid)

I mean... What do you eat when you cut your toenails?

(You'll be blamed if you do so.)

Can Jessi do that?

- Giving keywords. - Oh, keywords.

- Jessi will give keywords? - Yes, she'll give keywords.

- Okay. - Start.

It only has to make sense, Food Word Chain


Dozing off, I eat chicken.

- The rhythm changed. - "Ken" is difficult.

Kintex is where I eat pork belly.

- Good one. - That's right.

(Mi Joo has changed!)

- Good one. - That's right.

Killing soft ice cream.

I'm the perfect match for schisandra.

(Approaching the finish line)

(Will they succeed?)

Drowsing off, I eat pizza with gusto.

(We pulled it off!)


- Why? - What?

(They failed?)

You said pizza earlier.

(The keyword pizza was given twice.)

- Hey. - That's not fair.

It made sense.

- Pizza and pizza. You gave... - I didn't say pizza.

(They did.)

- That's it. It's over. - What a shame.

Let's play the next game.

(We'll check the hint after the meal.)

It might be because of the ginseng or the game.

- I became excited. - Yes, I'm excited.

I'm not sure if it's the placebo effect or not.

- Placebo? - Pardon?

- Placebo? - Placebo.

Placebo. I see.

I know what it is.

(The placebo effect: a phenomenon in which patients' conditions...)

(get better with inert tablets due to their positive beliefs.)

What does it feel like?

(That is...)

You're filled with positive energy.

(Filled with positive energy)

No, that's not.

That's flamenco you're talking about.

Is there something called "flamenco"?

(What the heck!)

(I'm all excited.)

(Mi Joo is the best.)

- It's the type of dance. - I see.

- It's okay. - Don't worry.

- Mi Joo, it's okay. - Will it be okay?

- Sure. - That's a relief.

(Wild ginseng chicken soup is served.)

(Jaws open)

- Why? - Is this 3,000 dollars?

- This is it, right? - It costs 3,000 dollars.

(A pot of chicken soup is 3,000 dollars.)

There's wild ginseng on top. Right here on top.

It's the wild ginseng we saw on the certificate earlier.

That's right.

They already boiled it once.

You can eat it right away.

I really want to taste the broth.

When I try this broth,

I bet I'll feel great.

Goodness, look at this drumstick.

It's Korean chicken.

(Korean chicken's great class)


It's terrific.

Okay, let's dig in.

- This is 3,000 dollars. - It looks delicious.

(The youngest tastes it first.)


(Tasting the lean meat)

But I...

I've never had wild ginseng chicken soup before.

- This is delicious. - It's good, right?

- It tastes so mild and fresh. - It's so delicious.

- Yes. - It's delicious.

This costs 3,000 dollars.

This is... We shouldn't evaluate the taste...

with money.

But it sure is tasty.

Gosh, this kimchi looks delicious.

(What will young radish kimchi and ginseng chicken soup taste like?)

It's really delicious when you mix rice in it.

Wrap the meat with kimchi.

Yes, it really is delicious. Young radish kimchi looks delicious.


(In one bite)

(Amazed by the taste immediately)

Hey, the radish is so good.

- Young radish kimchi is delicious. - Right.

This restaurant has great kimchi.

It's famous for its kimchi.

There's no doubt this is delicious.

But is there something special...

- That's what I'm saying. - that makes it worth 3,000 dollars?

Here's what I think.

(Okay, listen to me!)

- The chicken isn't 3,000 dollars. - No, it's wild ginseng.

- It's wild ginseng. - Wild ginseng.

Then the broth is more important...

- than the chicken, right? - That's right.

They put all kinds of herbs in chicken soup.

So we eat it for our stamina.

(What will the nourishing broth with various herbs in it tastes like?)

(Gulping down the broth)


- He's not happy. He has complaints. - Pardon?

Do you have something to say, Ju Wan?

Do you smell ginseng from the broth?

- No, I don't. - Me neither.

- There isn't, right? - I can't smell it.

I can't smell the ginseng.

(Doubt 1. The 3,000-dollar broth doesn't smell like ginseng at all?)

They said it's wild ginseng,

yet they gave a generous amount of it. It's so suspicious.

(Doubt 2. Why is there a generous amount of expensive wild ginseng?)

If that's true, this amount will cost about 1,000 dollars.

- That will cost 10,000 dollars. - Right.

I'll chomp on this 1,000-dollar ginseng today.



It's 1,000 dollars.

I'm eating 1,000-dollar worth of ginseng.

(Sensing Na Ra is eating 1,000-dollar wild ginseng.)



Is it really different?

- It has a rich smell. - Really?

How's it? Isn't it aromatic?

It's so aromatic.

I'm hot right now.

Me too. But we're close to the fire.

Is that so?

We're close to the fire. You're closest.

- You're in front of it. - You're right in front of the fire.

You're closest to the fire now.

It means you are the type...

that's easily deceived by the fake.

I'm sure this place is real.

(Sticky rice is here!)

- Gosh, what is this? - Sticky rice.

What's this?

(Eyes wide open)

This is it. This is the real deal.

(The real deal appeared!)

- We mix this in the soup and eat! - I see.

I really like this.

You can scoop up the rice like this and eat.

(Plop it into the healthy soup!)

(How does sticky rice in ginseng chicken soup taste?)

(He docks it into his mouth.)

- Gosh, this... - The soup is amazing.

This is so good.

Jae Seok, you're feeling hot, right?





The sticky rice and the soup taste so good.

(He puts behind the investigation and continues eating.)

I like it because it doesn't taste strong. Don't you agree?

- I'm sweating now. - You're sweating, aren't you?

I got it, this place is fake.

- Why? - Why so suddenly?

Why won't they serve us water?

They should serve us water first. Or is it self-served?

This... Hey! We ate ginseng and are sweating,

and my heart is pounding so hard,

but they won't serve us water?

Gosh, you don't know this.

You can't drink cold water after eating ginseng!

- Really? - Na Ra, this is not ginseng.

If you go to restaurants like this,

they serve us water boiled with ginseng as well.

(Ju Wan, Na Ra, and Jessi are sure that this place is fake!)

- They don't serve us plain water. - That's right!

This water? No way!

He has a good point.

We get to see the hint, so let's check it out.

What is this?

- I told you. - What is this?

- Humor post on the internet. - It was posted on the internet.

That's possible. That's completely possible.

But it looks different from that.

- There is no word "reservation". - It's different.

It doesn't say "reservation" there.

But this can be explained as well.

Maybe the staff based the menu on this post.

This is the previous menu,

and they might have changed their menu based on this.

- Is that so? - Yes.

(Is the place fake and the menu was created based on the post?)

(Or is it real and they just renewed their menu?)

(Are these prices real? Vol. 1: 100 thousand-dollar chicken soup)

(1. The soup doesn't taste strong considering it is ginseng soup.)

(2. The owner handles the ginseng roughly.)

(3. The price on the menu is different from the internet post.)

(Is this place real or fake?)

If this place is fake,

- this season will be a tough one. - I agree.

This is so confusing.

- It's very confusing, isn't it? - It really is.

I missed this thrilling feeling!

She likes it, but she always gets it wrong.

It will be different in this season.

Not likely. Something like intuition...

- Hey! - You're born with it?

Aren't you less tired now?

I want to dance right now!

Me too! Let's have dancing time!

(Suddenly starts dancing)

(Perfect synchronization)

(This is what you call dancing.)

(Sexy and provocative)

(The original singer is satisfied.)

(They are surprisingly sober.)

Funny, aren't they?

They're so energetic.

Does ginseng drive people crazy as well?

What's that?

If it has this effect even when the place is fake,

there is nothing I cannot do from now on.

(When So Min is having a heated discussion...)


- You surprised me. - Jae Seok!

Just now, I...

(They get nervous...)

(with him.)

smelled ginseng.

- Darn it. - Seriously?

Because you ate ginseng!

Jae Seok, that's reflux esophagitis.

Reflux... Gosh.

If we're with Jae Seok, everything will work out.

Don't say that while you're yawning.

- Did you see that? - We can see each other clearly.

I can tell from the sound alone.

- Where are we? - This is Gangnam!

- Yes. - Yes, this is Gangnam.

I came here often.

It's been a while since I came to this side.

Isn't it a bit suspicious that it's in Gangnam?

It's really been a while since I came to this side.

What's this?

Korean restaurant! I think it's a traditional Korean restaurant.

- It's here? - Here?

Isn't this a BBQ place?

Doesn't this look newly built?

They just built this! This is the place?

(The outside looks too fancy to be a cake shop.)

They said it's a cake shop.

(The cake shop is placed in Gangnam,)

(which is known for its high rental fee.)

There are a lot of BBQ restaurants here.

It doesn't fit in.

- The rest are BBQ restaurants. - That's BBQ restaurant.

They don't even have the menu!

It even says Korean beef.

- Korean beef cake! - What?

It says Korean beef cake!

- Cake! - So it's not whipping cream.

It's a cake with raw beef!

It was a word play.

- I see. - You're right.

(Is this a BBQ restaurant or a cake shop?)

(We introduce you to the Korean beef cake restaurant.)

(From the entrance, the place catches your eyes.)

(Fancy light surrounds you.)

(This place is a BBQ restaurant, right?)

(The glamorous interior makes it hard to believe that.)

(But there must be meat in a BBQ restaurant!)

(Look at the amazing marbling!)

(The meat will taste great no matter what.)

(It's normal until here.)


(They pile up...)

(the meat?)

(The hidden card of this spot)

(Congratulations on season 2.)

(It's pretty. 320 dollar Korean beef cake)

(You'll see the real deal later!)

This place is strange. It smells fishy, it smells fishy!

But this is pretty.

The staff did a great job. This is pretty.

They set it up well, even the smell.

But I can smell the meat.

(She is fooled.)

- This place feels fake. - This is a BBQ restaurant.

Look at that. It looks so fake.

It's a bit strange!

(Fancy gold surrounds the place. It's gold everywhere.)

(Suspicious point: Extremely shiny golden curtains)

I said that just now.

You and I think alike!

This is so out of style.

(What did I do wrong?)

(Meanwhile, Mi Joo...)

I can smell meat!

(Sniffing 1)

(Mi Joo, what are you doing?)

(Sniffing 2)

(She's not a strange person.)

I can definitely smell meat.

Mo Joo, what are you doing?

I'm checking. I can smell that this place is fake.

This looks pretty cheap.

Look, doesn't it seem like the staff renovated the whole place?

It looks like it was pasted recently.

(Is it the restaurant's original interior?)

(Or did the staff paste it last-minute?)

- The logo itself... - It smells fishy, right?

This place is fake. The staff can't look into our eyes now.

I thought the first place was fake, but this place smells so fake.

- Do you think this place is fake? - Yes.

- I think it's real. - Seriously?

Do you have sharp intuition?

This and the curtain over there were hung on different days.

The days they were set up.

- This doesn't smell like meat. - No.

I went around sniffing all the curtains.

(10 minutes ago)

(He heightened his sense of smell and smelled every golden curtain.)

(I am a Day 1 newbie investigator!)

- Yes. - The long curtain smells of meat.

(The staff must've hurriedly grilled some meat yesterday.)

The staff must've hurriedly grilled some meat yesterday.

- You're right. - Right?

They must've eaten some here.

(Looking closely)

But this place doesn't have the vent.

- That's why it's strange. - Yes.

(There is no ventilation in a BBQ restaurant?)

You know, the vent.

(A man approaches in the midst of investigation.)

Look at that.

(What is it?)


(With a song, a Korean beef cake suddenly appears.)

(Their mouths drop open.)

(He can't stand this.)

Two years anniversary of Sixth Sense

- Wait... - It's not two years anniversary!

- It's not two years anniversary. - Oh, season 2. I'm sorry.

(Thank you.)


- Are you the owner? - I'm the general manager.

- General manager. - Yes.

(My gosh,)

(he is handsome.)

(She suddenly pushes her hair back.)

This restaurant specializes in particular parts of Korean beef.

And I am Lee Ba Reun Yi, the general manager.

He's handsome.

(Thank you!)

(He looks good with tongs.)

(The handsome man in the beef cake restaurant likes beautiful things.)

(He is as handsome as celebrities.)


Hello, I have the position of the general manager.

My name is Lee Ba Reun Yi.

Our restaurant only serves...

eco-friendly and high-quality beef with no antibiotics.

We specialize in particular parts of Korean beef.

(They only sell particular parts of high-quality Korean beef.)

Since the interior is unique,

a lot of younger customers come...

for their anniversaries or to date.

(It has become a date hot spot for younger customers.)


We serve Korean beef cake...

which costs 320 dollars.

Sirloin, flat iron, hanging tender, flap meat, and so on.

We make the cake with various parts of the best condition.

The chef layers it...

one by one himself.

We only sell it...

to customers who pre-order it.

We decided to make beef cake...

because the owner saw them serving...

beef cake in the USA, and he got the idea.

Since the beef cake looks pretty,

A lot of customers post it on their social media.

(This is 320 dollar Korean beef cake.)

Sixth Sense viewers,

(Meat smell)

do you think this place is real?

(Throwing away)

- 320 dollars. - Yes, it's 320 dollars.

- It's possible if it's Korean beef. - Exactly.

We're not suspicious about this.

- We're not. - The price is fine.

But the manager looks like an actor.

I think so too.


- I used to act. - Right?

Before I became the manager here,

I studied Acting and Arts in Sungkyunkwan University.

- You majored in acting! - He's way too honest.

The chairperson is very close with me. I know her.


- Hyeon Hee! - Ms. Kim Hyeon Hee?

- I'm close with her. - I see.

(Her best friend is the chairperson. She is on a different level.)

The chairperson.

- She's on a different level. - I'll ask her about you!

(Please, no.)

- Are you close with her? - Yes, she's a close friend of mine.

Na Ra is so funny.

Sir, I'm sorry but...

the interior seems to be pretty new overall.

It's a bit...

It's quite suspicious, isn't it?

- Pardon? - It's nothing.


- How long has this place been? - How long has this place been?

- This place... - Jinx.

We started last year in 2020.

We opened in April, I mean May.

(The general manager confuses the open date?)

I can smell the meat strongly.

Were you open for business in the morning?

No, we weren't.

Then is the smell from yesterday?

(Looking around)

Was the restaurant open for business yesterday?

Yes, it was.

(Real acting to be fake, or fake acting to be real?)

How do customers respond to this cake?

We used to sell quite a few each month.

But because of COVID recently,

we only sell about 1 or 2 per month.

How many people is this for?

About six people.

- Just nice. - It's just nice.

Did you purposely make it to match our headcount?

Or is this just a coincidence?

- Just enough for six people. - It fits in so well.

We can't help it.

It's so obvious, and we can't pretend we didn't see this.

(Did he pursue his dream as an actor in Sixth Sense 2?)

Okay then, can we...

- taste this? - Sure, I'll prepare for it.

- Hello. - Thank you.

(He starts setting the side dishes first.)


The side dishes look legit.

They look like side dishes from a BBQ restaurant.

Look at the plating. Isn't it pretty?

They look delicious.

(They even look delicious.)


(They try the potato salad first.)

The potato is too dry.

(Oops, this is bad.)

(Talk about timing...)

(The potato is too dry.)


(Feeling hurt)

(Someone please tell him I'm just investigating.)

(The timing was so accurate.)

What's wrong with you?

- Jae Seok! - I mean...

I'll put it here.

- That's it. - "Too dry..."

(It's so funny to tease Jae Seok.)

A little dry.

- It's too dry, isn't it? - No, it's fine.

(Feeling hurt again)

(Please look at me, I'm not that kind of person.)

- I'll set it up here. - My face is turning red.

Will you guys knock it off?

The meat looks so good.

We can tell from his grilling skill.

- I'll start with flat iron. - Flat iron.

(He skillfully puts on flat iron first.)

When you eat beef, you need to start with less oily parts.

That's why we're eating flat iron first.


(He flips it at the exact timing.)

(Do you hear them salivating?)

Thank you for the food.

(Let's taste it and see if it's real or fake.)

(Possessed by Korean cow)

(Flat iron, welcome.)

Very soft.

(I'm sorry I didn't recognize you sooner.)

(What about Sensing Na Ra's comment?)

The meat is...

so tasty.

It's so good!

Meat doesn't lie.

- The taste is real! - It's delicious.

- It's so good. - The taste is real.

The meat is flawless.

- It's so delicious. - Really.

It's so tasty!

We have to suspect other things.

We can't suspect the meat.

- It's so good! - This is seriously good!

- So good. - Gosh!

- Why? - Why?

(Did you find a conclusive clue?)

Why won't they serve us lettuce?

You're right!

That's true.

Restaurants with good business might not serve lettuce.

(Is not serving lettuce the proof that the restaurant is real?)

Is this restaurant real?

I'm still suspicious.

Compared to the first restaurant, this place...

- Looks fake. - The interior.

But I won't be deceived by the interior.

The food is very good.

- What's suspicious is... - You're right.

- what kind of restaurant... - This is a studio!

has the seats facing each other?

- You're right! - Isn't this a filming studio?

Every aspect...

drives me crazy even as I try to believe it.

You said this place is real.

- I think it's real, but... - It's like a studio.

- It makes you confused? - Yes.

We need a hint for this place.

Right, there's a hint.

- Shall we play a game? - Yes.

This game is "With One Voice".

(If they shout out the same answer at the same time, they get 1 point.)

- Which team would like to go first? - Us!

- We'll go first. - We'll go first.

I'll give you three options first.


Three options for multiple choice question.

- Multiple choice question. - I didn't understand either.

Don't get flustered, Mi Joo.

You got confused with the thing you know.

- It's a multiple choice question? - That's right.

I would appreciate it if you just say that from now on.

- Don't get nervous. - Okay.

Multiple choice question.

What would you choose between the two?

- Okay. - Two options. What will you choose?

Your private life exposed for the whole day...

verses living with your body exposed for the whole day.

(I wish I didn't see that.)

Hold on.

It's so easy!

- Private life exposed... - As in getting naked?

(She got it.)

- I'm already sweating. - 1, 2, 3!

- 1! - 2!

- Okay. - Hey, you...

(Rather an unconventional idol singer)

- It's 1! - It should be 1!

How can you live with your body exposed for the whole day?

Do you have to be naked? Even the underwear?

(How far will you take this?)

- Stop it! - At home? I see.

Don't explain it in such detail!

How can you live naked?

What do you call a child of a dog?

1, 2, 3!


Hey! Puppy!

It was too sudden.

What did you say?

I said son of a mother.

It was too sudden that I was taken back.

- We were played by him, right? - My goodness.

- This... - Exactly!

Who is the composer of Fur Elise? 1, 2, 3!

- Bach! - Mozart!

Who is called the father of music?

- 1, 2, 3! - Hold on!

(I'm from the innocent idol group Lovelyz!)

- Brahms! - Napoleon!

(Somehow, Napoleon logged in.)

(Did you call me? Since when did I do music?)

Why would you say Napoleon?

Excuse me, if you want to see Mi Joo for a long time,

stop asking these questions.

There's a line you shouldn't cross.

- This is a two-option question. - Okay.

Number one, when you escape from a sauna on fire,

cover your face with a basin...

or cover your private part.

(Thinking hard)

- This is so easy! - 1, 2, 3!

- Cover the face? - 1, 2, 3!

- Face! - Private part!

- Number 1 is face. - Face is for number 1.

(This is With One Voice, so they fail. 0 points.)

- Why would you do that? - Jae Seok,

- your face is Yu Jae Seok! - You should cover here!

- But your face is Yu Jae Seok! - You should cover here!

- Hey! - You should cover your face!

- Look. - No, when you come out of shower,

do you cover here or here?

No, the place is on fire, so you're escaping.

And there are a lot of people.

People will recognize his face,

- No, you should cover here. - so if he covers only here...

But consciously, you cover here.


You need to make sure people don't recognize me.

Just stop it.

(It's so fun to watch.)

We just need to get one right!

- It's over if we get one right. - Let's go.

- Let's go! - Let's go.

- This is a two-option question. - What is a two-optimum question?

- 1 out of 2 options. - Got it.

If I have to choose,

number 1, Jessi's face with Jae Seok's body.

What? Gosh...

(It's so fun to make fun of Jae Seok.)

Number 2, Jae Seok's face with Jessi's body.

1, 2, 3!

- Number 1! - Number 1!

- We got it! - Isn't it obvious?

His body is amazing!

He has a good body!

He just needs to get a boob job.

(Low-chested Jae Seok is taken aback.)

Why would you interpret that?

As soon as they answered, she said, "Jae Seok, it means you're ugly."

He has a good fit. Agreed.

- Jae Seok, It means you're ugly. - He just needs to get a boob job.

(Secondary victimization)


You'll edit this as well, right?

Please edit this in.


- Yes! - Yes!

(We put in our best effort.)

Look at it on your own. The hints are all different.

(First hint)

Exactly, this is what I mean!

Yes, this is real.

(Spatial Hint: Same place, different restaurant)

(It's definitely the same place,)

(but the interior and the menu are different?)

(Before this restaurant, this place used to be a lamb restaurant.)

(This placed used to be a lamb restaurant?)

The bricks are gone.

The walls were initially made of bricks,

but now they painted it white.

(Is this a real BBQ restaurant which is remodeled,)

(or is it a fake BBQ restaurant rented by the staff?)

What's this got to do with the shop?

Lee Ba Reun Yi, film actor,

stage actor.

So he's an actor.

Was he acting?

(Is Lee Ba Reun Yi really an actor?)

(Is he a manager whose dream was to become an actor?)

(Or is he an actor who was cast to play the role?)

(Are these prices real? Vol. 2: 320 dollar cake shop)

(1. Fancy exterior that doesn't suit a BBQ restaurant)

(2. Interior full of shining gold)

(3. Manager from Department of Acting and Arts)

(They head to the 3rd place, the snack place.)

I haven't had so much fun in a while.

This is a hotel.

(Why are we at a hotel?)

Snacks in a hotel?

We'll be eating snacks in a hotel.

Why are we at a deluxe hotel?

- What is this? - Is there a place...

where we can eat snacks here?

(Time to Heighten your Senses Vol. 3)

(This is not the snacks I know! 160 dollar combo meal of snacks)

(Samseong-dong, Seoul)

(The third place is a deluxe hotel in Gangnam.)

- They sell snacks here? - Is there such a place here?

Hello, hello.

Yes, thank you.

- Here... - I've never been here before.

Same, I've never been here.

But if this place is fake, it means they liaised with the hotel.

- Hello. - Hello.

Isn't this place real?

It's a real hotel.

(It's luxurious from its lobby.)

(Fancy decorations...)

(that steal your attention)

(Luxurious interior design)

(Anyone can tell this is a five-star hotel.)

There's no way this place is fake.

- I know. - There's no way.

But think about it.

They could've rented a part of this place...

and made it fake.

They sell snack foods at a hotel?

- You can go up using this elevator. - Thank you.

Maybe it's possible since it's a hotel.

This is driving me crazy.

- It's hard to fake it here. - I know.

We're getting off on the next floor.

They're making it so confusing.

It looks so good.

It's a course menu.

(Course menu, 80 dollars)

It's 80 dollars?

But it doesn't have any snack foods.

- It's a Korean dining course. - It's Korean cuisine.

What's this?

- It's a Korean dining course. - It's Korean cuisine.

But the price...

It's only natural that a combo meal of snacks...

- costs 170 dollars. - It's only natural.

It does make sense.

They're trying to intimidate us.

I know, I'm intimidated.

I'm intimidated.

(They're excited to have something expensive.)

They're trying to intimidate us.

- Hello. - Is this it?

- Hello. - Hello.

This is where you can have a casual meal.

It's beautiful!

It's luxurious.

(Located on the 3rd floor of a 5-star hotel)

(Today's third location)

- Please come inside. - Why are we so stiff?

This way?

- Yes, due to COVID-19... - We need to check our temperatures?

Yes, please check if you have a fever.

(Filmed in accordance with COVID-19 prevention policies.)

- Please sanitize your hands here. - Okay.

This is...

I don't think they set this up.

- Is it a table for six? - Yes, that's right.

I'll guide you to your table.

This is driving me crazy.

(Is this place real or fake?)

It's a Korean restaurant. Hello.

It's beautiful.

- It's so beautiful. - It's so pretty.

(They can't help but exclaim.)

(Walk past the luxurious lobby...)

(to find a picturesque restaurant.)

(A table setting that reinterpreted...)

(the traditional dining table with cabrioles)

(An interior design that emphasizes the beauty of space...)

(using the traditional items)

(A casual Korean cuisine restaurant)

I hope this is real.

But this is...

It does look like a real place.

Don't you think...

the floor looks a little weird?

I think this stone-floored room is out of place.

Why would they make such a space? It's uncomfortable.

Also, the table setting is really weird.

It's really uncomfortable. The tables are too low.

(The table setting looks too uncomfortable.)

Why do they look so out of place?

They must've rented this space to set this up.

- That's possible. - You're right.

Maybe it was an empty conference room.

It feels like that.

Do you think it's real or fake?

This place?

They went so far to rent a five-star hotel...

to set this up?

It's not that hard to set it up. Look. It's not that hard.

Take a look at this.

Only this part has no lighting.

You think the staff were this detailed?

(Looking around)

All the lights are on, but this part has no lighting.

(The light went off because it's worn out over time?)

It means it's worn out.

(Trust me.)


(Maybe he's right.)

I think this place is real.

Aren't we here to have snack foods though?

It's a Korean cuisine place,

but there's a combo meal of snacks as a chef's special.

(They do have a snack food set.)

(Korean traditional snack food set)

Soy sauce based tteokbokki with prosciutto.

(It sounds unfamiliar, but it sounds good.)

Is it like gungjung tteokbokki?

Thank you so much for feeding us this.

- Jae Seok. - Jjapaguri with beef sirloin!

- Yes, jjapaguri! - With truffle!

With truffle and beef sirloin.

I think this is real.

- It sounds so good. - It's for tourists.

- I think it's possible. - It sounds real.

Let's invite the manager over.

(Shall we get some hints through the manager?)

Hello, ma'am.

- Hello. - Hello.

She's really kind.

- I know. - A smiling angel.

(She welcomed the Sharp Sense Group with a bright smile.)

Hello, I'm a manager of Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas.

I'm working at its casual dining restaurant.

I'm the senior manager Yoo Hee.

(The Korean restaurant reinterpreted from a modern point of view)

We use fresh local ingredients...

from all eight provinces of Korea.

It's a casual restaurant that resounds Korean cuisine.

(Korea's traditional food culture where a small dining table is used)

(It's known for its Korean table setting.)

The signature menu of our restaurant...

is made by the master of Korean Cuisine, Chef Hwang Su Chan.

It's a chef special, a combo meal of snacks.

(They use fresh Dokdo Island shrimp, abalone, Korean beef...)

(that are sent from each region every morning.)

(Using the local ingredients in season to make Korean dishes,)

(the chef redefined the traditional snack foods.)

(Snack foods are upgraded into amazing dishes.)

(The most luxurious snack food set in Korea)

Dear members of Sixth Sense.

Do you think this place is real?

(Is the snack food set worth 160 dollars real?)

How long has it been since this menu was developed?

We invented the snack food set for a band called Coldplay...

in 2017. Do you know them?

- We know them. - We know them.

They had a concert near the hotel,

and they stayed at our hotel.

Chef Hwang Su Chan...

made seafood ramyeon using the ingredients in season.

They highly praised the ramyeon,

and the story was even published in articles.

So many customers came to visit our restaurant.

("Grand InterContinental Launches a Luxurious Snack Food Set.")

- It was published in the articles? - Yes, that's right.

This is what Coldplay liked?

- That's the one. - Why did she go so far...

to mention Coldplay?

Coldplay might not have liked it that much.

Maybe foreigners like the dish.

(Come on, Na Ra.)

Na Ra, I'm a foreigner too.

I wouldn't be curious about this menu.

We saw how the snack food set was 160 dollars.

It doesn't consist of ordinary dishes.

We use the fresh local ingredients...

from each region that are in season.

That's why it's a little costly.

Do people actually order this menu?

Yes, especially foreign customers...

highly praise this menu.

But it looks so real.

I think it's fake.

It feels like they just added all sorts of expensive ingredients.


- I'm so sorry. That was too honest. - I'm sorry.


(She's embarrassed of Mi Joo.)

That was too honest. Please be understanding.

Of course.

I'm not suspicious...

of the menu itself,

but the flooring...

How is this space usually used?

Actually, we set this up...

especially for you guys.

We don't use this space...

when we run our restaurant.

But the assistant director said...

customers actually eat here.

I said that the arrangement is different.

Is that so?

How is it usually arranged?

The hall consists of tables only.

There are separate rooms on the right.

That's where the tables where you can sit on the floor are set up.

You set this up for us.

It's strange.

(It's somewhat strange.)

But if it's a set menu, there needs to be a drink included.

We do have a drink menu.

- Do you have Sprite too? - Of course.

- What about Fanta orange? - What about Coke Zero?

Only Coke and Sprite are available for now.

Do you know what she says most often to us?

"Oh, no."

You're making her fluster.

- One question at a time. - Okay.

Please serve us the dishes now.

- Sure thing. - The manager is really kind.

She explained everything kindly.

She did, but she got flustered a few times.

- Her face got red. - It really did.

This is why I'm suspicious of her.

She's an aspiring anchor.

I'm sure she's an aspiring anchor.

I have a friend who looks like her.


- I'm not saying she looks ordinary. - Hey.

She does variety shows and news shows too.

She'd be on TV, and go, "Hello."

She's similar to my friend.

I know, she's such a good talker.

So I think she's an aspiring anchor. She speaks so clearly too.

The staff must've thought...

that we wouldn't be suspicious of space in a hotel.

I'm not so sure yet.

(Meanwhile, the drinks are served.)


I found a crucial clue.

What is it?

(A crucial clue?)

They must use Coke for restaurants.

It's not for restaurants?

No, there's nothing written here.

- You startled me. - What are you saying?

- When you go to restaurants... - What are you doing with Coke?

The server laughed at you.

What's wrong with the Coke?

I'm so sorry. We don't know about this thing.

The members are all nice, but they are...

What did she mean when she said there's nothing written here?

I'm saying it doesn't say that it's for restaurants.

Jae Seok, what is she talking about?

- What? - She said there's something wrong.


Wait, you're wrong.

It'd be weird if I said it.

Tell us.


- Jae Seok. - I don't go to hotels often.

(Lost for words)

Hotels serve drinks like this.

- The hotel you went to? - No, I don't go to hotels.

- Who did you go with? - No, I didn't go to any hotels.

The Coke for restaurants...

- are usually the fat ones. - That's right.

That's the only can that says it's for restaurants.

(Is that so?)

Here it is.

(At that time, the most expensive snack food set is served.)

I'll give a brief introduction on the menu.

The dish we're serving is sea bream dumpling.

We use the sea bream caught in the ocean of Chuja Island.

We skinned it thinly to use it as dumpling wrapper.

(Using sea bream as a wrapper wrap Korean beef)

It's more delicious if you have it with the soup.

Please be careful. It could be a little hot.

(It's a rare Korean court cuisine.)

(A fish dumpling that uses fish as its wrapper)

(Sea bream dumpling)

- This is... - Sea bream dumpling.

Yes, it's sea bream dumpling.

They turned sea bream into dumplings.

(How will the sea bream dumpling made at the hotel taste?)

Don't pass out after tasting it, Jae Seok.

(Is it that good?)

- It's good. - It's really good.

It's good.

(He's so cute.)

(Having it with a bit of soup)

(She can't help but exclaim.)

It's good.

It's really good.

- It's so luxurious. - It's high quality.

(It's high quality.)

It's really good.

And it's really fresh too.

- It's very luxurious. - It's very luxurious.

It tastes like a dish from a hotel. It's luxurious.

- There's meat in here, right? - That's right.

We use various vegetables and Korean beef for the filling,

but the most unique ingredient is chamsongi mushroom.

You'll be able to taste the delicate scent of pine needles.

It's unbelievable.

- I caught their mistake. - What do you mean?

I'm so sorry, but she's a weather forecaster.


I'm sure of it. This is what she did.

I saw you somewhere. I'm not sure where, but...

- I'm so sorry. - She's a reporter.

You work at a dermatologic clinic, right?

(Jessi attacks her without hesitating.)

I saw you at a dermatologic clinic.

- Excuse me, Jessi. - Yes?

Why would you talk about a dermatologic clinic?

- She sounds like a coordinator. - She's a weather forecaster.

- She has that vibe. She's pretty. - I'm so sorry.

- Thank you so much. - We need to find out if it's fake.

Every dish tastes really nice.

It was delicious.

- What do you mean by every dish? - We only had dumplings.

We haven't tried every dish yet.

We'll serve you the second dish, abalone caviar gimbap.

- How would caviar gimbap taste? - Caviar gimbap?

It's gimbap made with abalone, caviar,

and laver bugak.

We use abalone caught in the ocean of Mara Island.

It's the specialty of Mara Island.

It'd be more delicious to have it with the abalone slice and caviar.

It's so neat and pretty.

(The second menu is abalone caviar gimbap.)

I think it'll be good.

It looks like fried glass noodles in seaweed.

It smells so savory.


(Can you hear it?)

It's very crispy.

(The laver wrapping gimbap is crispy.)

(The savory flavor of abalone guts fill their mouths.)


- It's really good. - I know. It's really good.

It's crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

There's no way the staff made this.

This isn't something you can buy from a market.

- You can only find it in hotels. - Exactly.

This doesn't taste like snack food.

(This doesn't taste like snack food.)

You startled me.

- You startled me. - It's infuriating me.

I don't think they're like snack foods. It's frustrating.

We'll serve the next dish.

- What's this? - It's topped with puree...

made with fresh potatoes from Jeju Island.

It's soy sauce based tteokbokki with prosciutto.

(Adding prosciutto into the broth...)

(infused with garlic and shiitake mushroom)

(Then fry rice cake in the soy sauce fermented for 20 years.)

(Prosciutto, which is pork hind leg preserved with salt,)

(is added on top with potato puree.)

(Soy sauce based tteokbokki with prosciutto)

- Is this rice cake? - Yes, it's tteokbokki.

This is tteokbokki?

(It's their first time trying this kind of tteokbokki.)

We've never had tteokbokki like this before.

(The soy sauce tteokbokki looks unfamiliar to Jessi.)

Oh, my gosh.

It's high-class, Korean...

It's an upgraded Korean dish.

It's more suitable for the foreigners.

- Right? Yes. - It's not spicy.

(She can't help but dance.)

I think the chef was clever to come up with this.

This can't be fake. It's too good to be fake.

The dishes are of high quality.

It doesn't look like the staff came up with the dishes.

- Never. It's impossible. - It's impossible, Jae Seok.

I'm sure a chef made this.

- What's the name of the chef? - Chef Hwang Su Chan.

- I've heard of his name somewhere. - Hwang Su Chan.

It sounds like Yang Se Chan.

Su Chan, Se Chan. They sound similar, right?

Maybe it's the name of one of our cameramen.

(No way.)

(Getting goosebumps)

I've heard of the name before. Chef Hwang Su Chan?

I'm so confused.

I have no idea. I'm really confused.

I have no idea either.

I think this place is real.

- Really? - Yes.

But every time you said that, you were wrong.

(She's known for having no hunches.)

(We'll clean the tables first.)

But this is...

(Let me see.)


(What? What did you see?)

You need to keep an eye on these two.

I caught another one.

You saw them exchanging signals with their eyes, right?

No. But when they put their shoes back on...

They didn't fit in them,

but they stepped on the back of them and left.

(What was that?)

- They didn't put them on. - What are you saying?

- That's why this place is fake? - It's fake.

- That's why it's fake? - It's too...

They don't take off their shoes when they serve food.

So today must've been their first time.

It's the first time serving food on this floor.

(Oh, right.)

- Everyone. - He's getting up.

- Focus, everyone! - Listen up.

I've been to hotels quite often.

Of course. We know that.

Especially banquet halls like this one.

(He's an expert in banquet halls.)

Wait. They served us ramyeon.

(I have the worst timing today.)

The ramyeon we're serving is the ramyeon that the members...

of Coldplay loved in 2017.

We stir-fry pen shells and...

(Stir-fry fresh pen shells, squid, and vegetables.)

(Then add the smoky flavor.)

And we add abalone from Mara Island...

and Dokdo Island shrimp to make the spicy ramyeon.

Oh, my gosh.

(Signature menu, seafood ramyeon with the seafood in season)

Wow, the presentation is excellent.

It has a deep scent of seafood.

But ramyeon is all the same.

- Are we having more dishes? - I don't think so.

(Even if I'm full, I must have ramyeon.)

- It's so salty. - Is it?

It's because it has lots of seafood in it.

The seafood is really fresh.

- It's salty. - But it's too salty.

It's salty, but I keep going back for it.

It smells like the sea.

You need fresh seafood to have scents like this.

It must be really fresh. Look at the scallop.

It's really firm.

It tastes like the Pacific Ocean.

It's salty, but I keep going back for it.

(You can't stop...)

(once you start.)

It's salty, but it's bearable.

Yes, it is.

The next dish is one of our main dishes.

We'll serve you jjapaguri...

- with beef sirloin. - It's that dish.

(Customers can choose...)

(between seafood ramyeon or jjapaguri.)

(Wait a minute.)

What's that?

(This is jjapaguri?)

This is incredible.

(Forget all the jjapaguri you've eaten.)

(The highlight of the snack food set made by the master)

(Using capellini in the specially made jjajang sauce)

It's Korean beef from Andong.

We grilled its sirloin with charcoal.

(Grilling the surface using charcoal)

You can use the knife and fork...

to cut it into bite-size pieces. Then you can enjoy it.

- How is this even possible? - They can't make this.

I know. Our staff can never make something like this.

So jjapaguri is inside the sirloin?

This is incredible.

They didn't use the usual noodles that we eat.

- I know. - It's not the ramyeon noodles.

Right? They used something else.

Because they need to be inside the meat...

(How will the high-quality jjapaguri taste?)

(Will the chef be able to regain his honor?)

- This is really good. - It's so good.

This is the best dish.

It has a deep truffle scent.

- The truffle smells so good. - I agree.

The meat is really savory too.

- It's really soft. - It's so good.

(They keep eating...)

(and eating.)

(They've fallen in love with the jjapaguri.)

It's so savory and nice.

It's so good.

(They can't help but go back for it.)

If it was jjapaguri with a few pieces of meat...

just like the one in the movie...

- If it was served like that, - That's right.

- I'd have thought it was ordinary. - That's right.

- The meat covered the noodles. - It was beyond my imagination.

He's right. The menu itself...

This is a dish that can only be served in hotels.

- That's right. - That's right.

It's so good.



Is there Chef Hwang Su Chan among you?

(That's me.)

Did you really make the seafood ramyeon...

because of Coldplay?

(That's right.)

- I told you. It's real. - Is it real?

- You think so? Okay. - I got it.

(I believe in you too now.)

How come there's no Coke Zero?

That's enough.

I mean, I need to ask them.

(They're so funny.)

Anyway, it was a great meal. Thank you.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

If this place is fake...

The dishes are too good of a quality...

- for the staff to develop. - They're too good.

They're only what 5-star hotels can serve.

I think it's as good as it can get.

I think so too.

This place can't be fake.

I think the first place was real too.

- I think so too. - The first place was real.

I won't be swayed.

(Everything was perfect at the 5-star hotel.)

(Was everything made up?)

A representative of each team should come out and get the hints.

(Jae Seok gets to watch a YouTube video that introduces the hotel.)

(He plays the video.)

(It's a review video that was shot recently.)


(It focuses on introducing the restaurants.)

(From the lobby lounge...)

(to the Japanese restaurant...)

(and the buffet, it introduced every restaurant of the hotel.)

(It even introduced the dessert cafe.)


What is it?

(That's all? They didn't introduce the Korean restaurant?)

What happened? It didn't introduce the Korean restaurant.

(Did they forget to introduce it? Or did it never exist?)

(Ju Wan gets to read the book and introduction of the chef.)

This is the chef's work experience.

(Chef Hwang Su Chan's work experience)

He even wrote a book.

(He wrote a book about starting your own restaurant?)

"From living on the basement floor..."

"to opening four restaurants".

This is giving me a headache.

(He complains of a headache.)

I think the dishes we had at the hotel...

cannot be fake.

If this is fake,

I'll ask where you got this dish from.

Then, I'll go myself to eat this.

(He's about to go to the end of the earth.)

(A combo meal of snacks costs 160 dollars?)

(1. The hotel workers looked like actors.)

(2. There wasn't a Korean restaurant in Video Hint.)

(3. Cokes weren't for business. Is this a real or fake place?)

After the first season, they've become more thorough.

- Really. - I really have no clue.

They've prepared everything.

- They've prepared a lot. - I really don't know.

I have no idea.

(The greatest twist is about to blow your mind. Don't go anywhere.)

- Goodness. - This is nice.

Is this a suite room?

- Oh, my. - This is so nice.

(From the luxurious entrance, you can feel the class.)

It's nice.

- Are we staying in this room? - It's nice.

(This is where BTS has done a live show with their fans.)

I wish this were my room.

(In the bedroom, you have...)

(an amazing city view.)

- It has a city view. - This is nice.

(The suite is equipped with luxurious furniture.)

(It's perfectly ready to have VIP guests.)

(Which one will you find as the fake place?)

Let's discuss.

What do you think, Hyun Ju?

I'm hurt inside.

I don't feel so well.

- That's because you had a lot. - That's not it.


I think Na Ra, and Ju Wan are going to...

- choose the chicken soup. - Right.

(Do you think the chicken soup place is fake?)

They said they've run business for nine years.

But, I couldn't see a dust on their refrigerators.

(The tops of their refrigerators and air conditioner were too clean.)


(There's no dust!)

- Is the chicken soup place fake? - Refrigerators...

There were two pictures on the stairs.

The fact that they put those pictures there...

is very strange to me.

If they were on the counter,

we might have missed them.

And the way they treat ginseng was so wrong.

- I had three roots. - Right.

If they were real, they should've been dried.

But they weren't dried at all.

I think the second place is fake.

- For me, the roses were so weird. - I also think they were strange.

(The rose decorations didn't go well with the restaurant.)

And the gold color on their sign was also very strange.

(A strange golden sign)

Jae Seok, the roses might be...

an art for the owner.

That's possible. If that's true, I apologize.

(Jae Seok, you're so funny.)

What do you think, Mi Joo?

I think this place is fake.

Because, as I've been saying for a while,

they're all actors.

- That's right. - All of them are actors.

(The workers are like actors.)

(She's preparing to become an announcer.)

(Am I really?)

She's an announcer.

- An announcer for sure. - No.

No, the employees at a hotel...

are very fluent.

- That's true. - Also,

I still have an image...

of what I saw at the end.

What did you see?

(What did you see?)

I looked inside the room.

There, I saw a person's feet.

(Excited footsteps)

This means...

- the shooting is almost over. - You were talking about that.

Because they must have been so nervous.

That's a great assumption.

But he might have been like that because he saw you, Jae Seok.

Maybe he was excited for you.

It didn't read excited as that.

That feet were happy to get off from the work.

The feet excited to get off from the work.

What do you think, Jeon So Min?

Let's go to commercials.

(She calls for commercials out of the blue.)

What are you doing on your own?

- Why do you make a cutting point? - What are you doing?

This isn't the time for commercials.

We'll come back in 60 seconds.


(The scale has gotten bigger than season 1.)

(The most shocking result ever)

(The greatest twist in season 2 that no one expected)

(Stay on this channel. Don't go anywhere!)

(The voting starts.)

(Ju Wan came in first.)

(He's thinking for a little.)

(He chooses number one without any hesitance.)

Here's the reason. They served wild ginseng...

on a cutting board.

It should've been stored with moss.

(You need to keep it with moss.)

It should've been with moss.

(You can't fool me.)

Hello. It's been a while.

As I mentioned,

I made my decision simple and easy.

Ju Wan led me to the decision...

with his leadership.

He was very reliable.

(I'm following Ju Wan and choosing number 1.)

Here I go.

(100 thousand-dollar chicken soup)


It's easy.

The actors were so obvious.

I choose number three.

If you're consumed with a certain thing,

you can't come out as you keep falling into it.

The roses of the second place...

- were so strange. - I also felt they were awkward.

- The roses were strange. - She's sly as a fox.

She says this here, and she'll choose something else.

I won't.

I think the fake one is number three.

The dishes were delicious.

But the place felt very stuffed.

I kept feeling the awkwardness of the place.

So I choose this.

(She chose number 3 instead of number 2.)

Why do you hate me so much?

Honestly, I've never lied in Sixth Sense.

Have I ever told a lie, Mi Joo?

A lot of times.

So Min, are you asking for real?

I thought I lied far less than usual.

Today is difficult.

(She's dancing to get the answer.)

It doesn't matter. This is a brain teaser.

This is just a practice.

What should I choose?

(Jae Seok enters.)

I'm still going back and forth...

between these two.

(Again, he chooses based on his gut.)

(Which one should I choose?)

Okay, I'll go with this one.

Because, for me,

the interior design was very off.

It felt more like a set for a shooting.

The voting has ended.

All the options were chosen.

- What's the result? - Really?

Wait, what?

- Oh, my gosh. - I'm so nervous.

- I'll show... - Ju Wan, because of you,

three of us changed our decision.

- I'll show you the answer. - Show us.


Please, let me be right for once.

It's so nerve-wracking!

(Bewildering your sixth sense)

- What? - What's going on?

Is it the hotel?

Don't do this to me.


(the fake one.)

- Mi Joo. - What should I do?

The food from there was delicious.

There's the chef.

(The price went up high without any limitation.)

This is driving me insane.

- What? - What?

(The most expensive chicken dish! 100 thousand-dollar chicken soup)

The first place must be fake.

It must be.

(Wild ginseng chicken soup)

(100 thousand dollars)

(It's crafted by a master. Beef cake costs 320 dollars.)

Isn't this strange?

Isn't it?

(It's crafted by a master. Beef cake costs 320 dollars.)


This is crazy.

(It's not snacks that you know of. A combo meal cost 160 dollars.)

The third one was strange too.

(It's not snacks that you know of. A combo meal cost 160 dollars.)

I'm getting chills.

- Did you get it? No. - What did we get?

- We didn't find any. - What should we have done?


(the previous Sixth Sense.)

(It came back totally changed.)

(Sixth Sense 2)

Which one is the fake?

It's the beef place.

It must be number two.

Wait. What's that?

(Using lots of materials)

- What? - Now that I think about it,

- Please stop. - Why?

(Which one is the only fake one?)

(Is it number three...)

(that Jessi, Mi Joo, and So Min chose?)

Why do you make me feel so nervous?

(The first episode of Sixth Sense 2!)

Stop there.

(The fake one, which will surprise you, is...)

Stop there.

(Is it...)

(the chicken soup place, which they kept doubting?)

(Are these prices real?)

(Today's fake one is...)

(The fake one, which will surprise you, is...)

(Is it...)

(the chicken soup place, which they kept doubting?)

(Are these prices real?)

(Today's fake one is...)

(It's not snacks you know of. A combo meal costs 160 dollars)

(This is fake.)

(Mi Joo, Jessi, and So Min got the fake one right.)

(Feeling despair)

(He couldn't believe his eyes.)

(This is a festival!)

(Oh, my goodness.)

On Ju Wan!

Oh, my gosh! Why did it stop so slowly?

(He lost his soul.)

(I'm that great!)

What I saw was correct. He was ready to get off.

(He's forgotten how to speak.)

I'll show you the answer through a video.

- Us girls are amazing. - This is crazy.

Isn't it shocking? Look, Ju Wan.

(Sixth Sense has come back. The great beginning of it)

This is...

I've never imagined you'd set up in a hotel.

I've never imagined that.

In a five-star hotel.

(Sixth Sense 2 collaborating with Intercontinental Hotel.)

People concerning with this came together.

(The high-end hotel was supportive.)

(They rented an empty space with a low price.)

That's amazing.

This gives me goosebumps.

The scale is really on a different level now.

(Rented out the entire conference room)

I knew it.

I told you.

- I told you. - That's amazing.

I said it was a meeting room.

(Complete redesign of the vacant hotel conference room)

(Overhauling the conference room from floor to ceiling)

They rebuilt it to this extent?

That's right.

(Even the lobby...)

(was transformed into a restaurant counter.)

They made all that.

(Slowly, it starts to take shape...)

(as the luxury Korean restaurant, Garam.)

Does that even make sense? In a hotel, no less?

- That's insane. - It really is.

(Rendered speechless)

(To deceive them completely)

(Shaking his head)

- The printout. - I told you.

The business cards.

(Each prop was created with attention to detail.)

(The interior left no room for doubt.)

This is making me dizzy.

(That's not all.)

(A florist was hired to make everything look fresher.)

All that.

(A famous artist's work was flown in from Daegu.)

The famous work of art.

That was real.

(A famous artist's work of art)

(This fake was created with a huge amount of effort.)

That's so surprising.

Sixth Sense is really the best.

(Preparation for Garam is complete.)

(In that case...)


Who was that?

- Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. - Who was that?

I was a first-class flight attendant for Qatar Airlines.

Oh, my gosh, I knew it.

- She was a flight attendant. - A stewardess.

No wonder.

(This former flight attendant also worked for Korean Airlines.)

- My name is Park Yoo Hee. - Her tone of voice.

- Right now, I work as a lecturer. - That makes total sense.

Right now, I work as an in-house educator in CS for a company.

Good morning, ladies.

Ni hao ma. Hola.

If I might make a few predictions,

I think Na Ra and So Min...

would be the easiest to fool.

But I got it right.

You are correct.

(Hotel manager, fake)

(But if this were the end, it wouldn't be Season 2.)

- The food. How did they do that? - Seriously.

(A special guest was invited as the production crew's surprise.)

- A special guest. - Who are you?


- Who is that? - I'm Chef Hwang Su Chan,

the executive chef...

of the casual Korean restaurant, Garam,

in the Intercontinental Hotel.

- So that's him. - Nice to meet you.

So that was real?


(his identity...)

(is revealed.)


What was that?

What was that?

(They got us.)

Who is that?

Seok Cheon?

- What was that? - It's Hong Seok Cheon?

Oh, my gosh. It was Hong Seok Cheon.



Seok Cheon.

Hello. I'm not Hwang Su Chan, but Hong Seok Cheon.


I just got crazy goosebumps.

(Fear and shock)

That was insane.

But how...

(Three weeks prior to the first filming)

Why are you making me a fake?

I'm such a genuine person.

- I didn't recognize him at all. - I'll wear a wig.

(Hong Seok Cheon)

This is truly shocking.

I'm Chef Hwang Su Chan.

- I think I can do well here. - That was a total plot twist.

(Although he was a fake,)

(his cooking was real.)

So it was Seok Cheon.

(A permanent cooking consultant for tvN)

(The hit creator of cup ramyeon)

- Seok Cheon, you're the best. - He made all that food?

- He did make it all himself. - Try this.

This was so delicious.

(This is it.)

(Moved by his own cooking)

(Fake chef Hong Seok Cheon and fake hotel snack foods)

(Taking great care to choose the best ingredients)

I thought the ingredients were chosen very carefully.

(Fresh ingredients flown in from all over Korea)


(Sixth Sense consultant chef, the owner of Komad in Hannam-dong)

(Advice from a top-notch chef to help with the dishes)

- This is... - I knew it.

- Of course. - Let's get rid of the liquid.

For Korean people, we need more.

It should be spicy, so their backs get sweaty.

It was really delicious.

This is too much.


No wonder it was so tasty.

We'll fool them.

This is amazing.

(The 160 dollar combo meal of snacks is complete.)

That's amazing.

Even the gimbap was good.

(But things wouldn't be complete...)

(without commercial tastes.)

No matter what, we need some instant foods.

(We added this in case you forgot the taste.)

(This flavor is irresistible.)

(Now it can't help but be tasty.)

(Commercial tastes hit you front and center.)

No wonder it suited Jae Seok's tastes.

They got you again.

Jae Seok, Jessi,

it's me.

(The 160 dollar combo meal of snacks at a hotel is fake.)

Oh, my gosh, no.

(Completely shocked)

This is too much.

Seok Cheon is amazing.

- This really is crazy. - Seok Cheon.

- Seok Cheon. - Oh, my gosh.

(This one enters.)

(This is really too much.)

What was that?

Hello, I'm Chef Hwang Su Chan.

- That was amazing. - What kind of guy am I?

(What kind of guy do you think I am?)

- Yes. - Oh, my gosh.

Na Ra, I thought you would guess it right.

Why couldn't you get it?

(Returning to his original self)

You look better with hair.

What? It's better?

For me...

I'm about to cry right now.

- Don't you feel like it's unfair? - I really...

We're close,

so I thought he might guess who I am.

I'm fine with being wrong,

but why is that guy coming out of there?

This was truly shocking.

Seok Cheon, you did a great job.

(Thank you, Hong Seok Cheon, for helping with the deception.)

But I had no idea a hotel of this level would help out.

I was shocked twice just now.

We'd like to thank not just Seok Cheon,

- but everyone... - They did so much work.

who contributed today.

Sixth Sense is back for its second season.

How did you feel as viewers?

We hope you return to watch next week.

Thank you to everyone who helped us out today.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

Please invite me to the show again.

- Are you going to buy it? - I'm Hwang Su Chan.

I really couldn't tell.

(I had trouble sleeping.)

(Teacher-in-training Sang Yeob is full of nervous anticipation.)

(Why is Mr. Pork Belly over there?)

(Let's just enter together.)

(Why are you nagging so much?)

(Sang Yeob, just fit in where you're supposed to.)

(There's no such thing as a welcome for you.)

(Taking away his lei.)

(As soon as he arrives, he's treated coldly.)

(This is Sixth Sense Girls' High.)

(Sang Yeob's sufferings begin.)

Jessi, Jessi.

(Shut up.)

(He can't even say anything,)

(and everything is a whirlwind.)

(Mr. Pork Belly tries to adapt to Sixth Sense.)

(Will he be able to adapt?)