Siren (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Borders - full transcript

As an old friend visits Helen, a new mermaid arrives leaving Ryn questioning their motives; Maddie learns the truth behind Ian's death; Ben fights for his mother's treatments; Xander is inspired to take on more responsibility.

Previously on Siren...

Why Ben's mother hurt?

She tried to get some medicine.

- It hurt her.
- I help Ben.

Stem cells from
a deepwater marine creature.

You crossed a line.

But sometimes that's the cost
of gaining knowledge.

- What is it?
- Application for the sheriff's academy.

- You're applying?
- Thinking about it.

I'm worried about Nicole.
I've been trying to reach her,

but it's nothing,
it's just crickets.

We're gonna give tours.

I mean, this is the mermaid

capital of the world, right?

The procedure went
exceptionally well.

- And Ryn?
- Not yet.

I implanted
the first embryo in you.

You won't be coming back.
I know.

For you, so you remember me.

How deep would you say
someone could freedive?

I think the world record's
about 700 feet.

- Everything okay?
- Never better.

I know something big is happening here.

Something with the military and
whatever creature you guys caught.

That's what I'm really after.

- She's gone. Ben!
- No! No!

You wanted evidence, right?
I got it.

They're saying it was an accident.
You did everything you could.

I'm trying to eat the food more,
it's just not quite the same.

- A lot of potatoes.
- Good morning.

What happened to Nadia?

Food poisoning.

I was deadheading this afternoon

so operations moved me in.

Four passengers,
going to Seattle.

Telecom guys.
Hope you're ready.

And have lots of Scotch.

For them or me?

Yes, she's on board...

How could she
not be on the roster?

Well, who is she?

What is she wanted for?

Detain in Seattle.

Copy that, will do.

Excuse me.

Holding up okay?

Sort of.

We've started our descent,

just a few hundred miles
out of Seattle.

You survived.

What the hell are you doing?!

You're not in crash position.

These are lovely.

Where did you get them?

The water.

How's she doing?

Hard to tell.

Could go either way.

She's been talking about
cooking dinner for us forever.

She's really excited.

We gotta make her
feel good about it.

Yeah, I know.

I got a emergency pizza
in the fridge just in case.

These are the actual stomach
contents of a pilot whale

found beached on the
North Island of New Zealand.

This stuff, it doesn't go away.

But now,
we might have a solution,

and it uses the forces
of the earth itself.

Ben, have you heard
about this guy?


Robb Wellens.

He started this project
to clean plastic from the ocean

using natural current patterns.

He's kinda brilliant.

They've raised
over ten million dollars

from like
a hundred different countries.

We can do this.

We have the technology.

We can restore Earth's
greatest natural resource--

its oceans.

He's giving a talk in Seattle.

We should go check it out.

Yeah, definitely.


Ryn, this looks amazing.


Carrot and banana salad.

What's this?

Marshmallow chicken.

You like it?

Yeah, it's delicious.


Yeah. Very...

It's... It's--
It's original.


I cook tomorrow night, too.
More ideas.



You're doing pretty well
with this pearl business.

When we find them in oysters,
we spit them out;

but for humans, they are money.

What's that about?

It's a news producer,
Warren Lim.

He's been reaching out
about Ian Sutton.

And the accident.

Why is he reaching out to you?

He knew that I was talking
to Ian about Klesco.

He knew about the video of Ryn,
that Ian was looking into it.

I've been trying
to blow him off,

told him I didn't know anything,

just that the paper
said it was an accident.

It's gonna be okay.

Everything that happened,
it ended with Ian.

Yeah, okay.

Okay, um...

What's going on?

Every time it comes up,
you both get weird.

Is there something
you're not telling me?

I made a choice.

What do you mean?

In the water,
I had a chance to save him,

I could have gotten him out,
but I didn't.

He kidnapped Ryn, Maddie.
He was gonna kill us on the road.

I know what would have happened if
he shared the secret with the world.

One life.
To save an entire species.

You let him die.

I was there, too.
I could have helped.

That's different, Ryn.

What he did, what he was
going to do was wrong.

What you did was wrong.
What? D-Don't you see that?

You let him die.



No, I need to, Ryn.

It was the right decision.

We did the right thing.

Hey, Sheriff.

You're up early.

it's technically still last night for me.

You, um...
You got a sec?


What can I do for you?

You know that girl Nicole,
right, works for the military?

She's the reason
you walked out of jail.

Yeah. Um, look, I haven't--

I haven't heard from her
in, like, a while.

It's like she's gone missing.

I, um, I went by her motel
room, it was empty.

Housekeeping said that she left
with a military guy, arguing.

She won't answer
any of my texts.

And then Ben, he stop by
at the facility where she works

and he says that her desk
is just cleared out.

It's like she was
never even there.

I can ask around,
see what I can do.

But it sounds like
the military wanted her gone.

If that's the case, it's gonna be
very difficult to find anything.

So messed up.


I just wish there was more
I could do. About all of it.

Did Helen tell you
what she wanted?

No. Just to talk.
With Maddie, too.

You want to come?

I can't.
I need to see my parents.

They want to discuss my mom's
treatment with the stem cells.

- My cells.
- Yeah.

She needs more?

Think that's what
they want to talk about.

But we're done with that.

I'm not putting you
through that again.

Ben, maybe you
will see Maddie later.

I think it's best if we
give each other some space.

I'll-I'll give you a ride.

I will walk.
I see you for dinner tonight.

He moved the necklace.

Physically moved it.

I'm telling you, he was there.

Down in the echo chamber,
we heard those voices.

You said they
were your ancestors.


So maybe some form
of spirits do exist?

When we die,
we go to a different place.

A spirit realm.

And they can visit the living?

They are everywhere.
The ocean is full of spirits.

What do you think Sarge wanted?

He has something to tell you.

Maybe it's that he misses you.

I miss him, too.

I'm so sorry.

Ben, come in.

Obviously you know
Commander Kyle.

Hello, Ben.

What's going on?

Commander's been filling us in
on your mom's progress.

I wanted you
to be a part of this.

And I know that your mother's medical
care means a great deal to you.

They're suggesting we continue the
treatments, at an increased dosage.

Given the results we're seeing, it's a
decision that we're comfortable with.

You have enough stem cells?

Well, we've depleted
the initial batch.

But we've managed
to secure a new source.

It's amazing.

Well, if your progress
continues, and I expect it will,

it would be a groundbreaking
advance for medical science.

Obviously, I want this for myself,
but the thought of helping others...


Well, let us know
when you need us.

Well, I certainly
appreciate your cooperation.

I know you're worried about me
getting my hopes up.

But we've always said,
one day at a time.

And today is a good day.

In fact, we're all
going to lunch.

I'm going to have Roberta
get us a table at The Reef.

The Reef?
Sounds good.

Listen, there's something else
I need to talk to you about.


That Klesco video,

girl in the water
at that depth she couldn't be.

It's been getting in my head.

Okay, all set.

And Doug
is going to meet us there.

I owe Beth a call, see if she's
patched things up with Bryan.

I'll be back.

You still angry with Ben?

I'm just struggling
with what he did.

He did it to help.

I know.

It just...

It feels...

It feels different now.

I still love Ben,
and I love you.

I'm just struggling.

Human relationships
are complicated.

Yes. Very.

Ryn, what's going on?

She is one.

From another tribe.

Not mine.

I've come a very long way
to see you.

I know you were
being held by the humans.

In the facility.

I went there to try to find you.

You were their experiment;
their test subject.

Beth hasn't heard from Bryan
or the others, they've--

Who's this?

She's from another tribe.

Friend or foe?

Not clear.

You have our blood.

I do. One-eighth to be exact.

How did you know about me?

Because I was a captive, too.

I've been held by the Russian
government for the past ten years.

What are you doing down there?

What you need?

You working The Anchor tonight?


Yeah, I've been covering
a lot of shifts ever since

Janine went all in on the whole
Mermaid Adventure Tour business.

Dude, you have no idea
how good it's going.

We're already bringing money in.
It's amazing being the boss.

I thought Janine was the boss.

Yeah, technically, you know.

But I'm whatever is right
underneath the boss, you know?

That'd be an employee.


Listen, I need your help, okay?

I need everyone we know in town
to be at the bar tonight.

Got something big to announce.

Make some calls, okay?

I'll see what I can do, but--

Are you gonna give me any information?
Nothing? Nothing?

What's your name?

They called me Vodnyy Zver.

It means sea monster.

Now that you're free,
you could choose any name you like.

There was a powerful
and vengeful sea goddess,

Tiamat, a creator of the oceans.

I read stories of her.

I will call myself Tia.


So you can read?

They taught me well.

Seven languages.

Science, engineering,
technology, human history.

I learned it all.

They also taught me to fight.

They wanted to turn me
into a warrior.

You were already a warrior.

As are you.

How'd they catch you
in the first place?

I was injured in the ocean.


What is it?

A predator-- serpent's body,
with tentacles, sharp teeth.

Like a giant squid?

The Ga'anda
is not in your books.

It has taken many of us.

I tried to fight it,
and paid the price.

They left you after that.

In my colony, if you fight,
you must win.

I accepted my fate.

I wandered the ocean alone,
trying to survive.

Then the research boat
caught me, and it all changed.

They tortured me.

Tried to bend me to their will.

I overheard reports that the U.S.
Military was holding another.

I wanted to know
if it was one of mine.

I escaped and came here.

I am not from your tribe.

I see that.

We have to let go
of the old ways.

If our species is going to
survive, we must be unified.

I'd like to be alone with Ryn.
A walk.

- Ryn, are you--
- Okay. Yes.

You and the human
are very close.

I saw you hugging her.

Maddie. Yes.

You've been
building their trust.

Is that why you came to land?

For humans?

I was hunting too close
to the surface.

My sister came after me.

She was caught in a net.

So I came onto land to find her.

Where was she?

She was in a lab.

Then killed.

By humans?

This is your car?

Humans need to possess things.
We don't.

Get in.

You are a good driver.

They taught me many things.

I wasn't being held by the
humans, I chose to stay.

I wanted to learn,
become stronger.

Isn't that why you
agreed to the testing?

I did it to help Ben.


He was in trouble,
locked in a cage.

So I did this to get him out.

You're close to him, too.

Ben is good,
a friend of our kind.

He let a man die
to protect our secret.

Something wrong?

Your clearance has been revoked.

Look, I need
to speak to Commander Kyle.

It's important.

Like I said, your clearance--

It's about the test subject.

I had a feeling
you might come to see me.

That why you locked me out?

You stole those embryos, Ben.
You're a security risk.

How'd that work out for you?
Is Ryn pregnant?

You should've worked with us.
Big mistake.

Look, maybe we still can.

I mean, we both seem to agree
about my mom's treatment.

You want to know where
we got the new stem cells.

That is why you're here, right?

Well, we extracted them
from Ryn's sister.

- After you dug up her grave?
- I had no choice.

Ryn's not been volunteering any of her
own cells after the last procedure.

Can't say I blame her. I mean, she
reacted pretty badly to it the first time.

Well, we needed another source.

And we had one
lying right here in our lab.

Stem cells in marrow are only
viable two weeks after death.

In a human body,

Look, Ben, while Ryn's sister
has been helpful,

what I really want
is a live specimen.

Well, you know
I can't promise that.

Ryn does what she wants.

You say humans possess things,
but so do we.

We have territories
in the water.

Not anymore.
No more borders, Ryn.

[Symphony No. 9 by Beethoven
plays on the stereo]

Beautiful, isn't it?

The greatest human achievement,
and it's been almost 200 years.

What have they done since?

It's only been destruction.

I need to get to my shift.
If Ryn needs anything--

I'll call you.

I'm not really sure
how to do this.

You visited me last night.

In your favorite spot
by my window.

I'd love to see you again.


Can you give me a sign?


So I know that you're here.


Hey, it's Ben. Is Ryn there?

They're ruining the oceans.

We create balance,
only take what we need.

We don't kill for sport.
We don't pollute.

We are the most evolved species
on the planet.

We're more intelligent,
more adaptive, stronger.

We were put here
to protect the earth.

That responsibility cannot be
left in the hands of humans.

What will you do?

First, I must go back to my
tribe, be their leader again.

Then I can work with your colony-- and
all colonies, to ensure we are healthy.

Not so many of us now.

Less food. No babies.

We can share our resources,

focus our efforts
on cleansing the oceans,

re-building our food supply,
not fighting each other.

We can restore balance on Earth.

You going to The Anchor tonight?

Some Calvin-Janine
related activity.

Yeah, I got a super vague text
from Xander about it.

Are you gonna go?

No, I got my book club tonight.

What're you reading, Jer?

Eat, Pray, Love.

You said you heard about Ryn
from an intelligence report?


Did they tell you
the source of the leak?

Why does that matter?

It came from
inside the facility.

Some woman, I think.

What if it was Nicole?

And that's why she disappeared.

Look, we need to be careful.

Kyle doesn't trust us anymore,

and he's getting
more aggressive.

If he comes after you,

I don't want you getting
involved on any level.

No more contact.

But he's helping your mother.

He took your sister's cells
for that.

Look, he's doing what he wants.
It's too dangerous.

Your sister should be buried in the
ocean, not picked apart in some lab.

You should do
something about it.

I fought the Ga'anda,
I lost everything.

There were consequences.
This human needs consequences.

No. Look, now is not the time
to take on the military.

We need to be smart about this.

Amen to that.

Hey, hey.
You called everyone?

Yeah, yeah.
Even my mom's here.

You gonna tell us
what this is about?

Soon, my friend.



I wasn't sure if you'd be here.

I would've-- I would've called,

but I think I left
my phone at Helen's.

I know your side of it,
why you did it.

I've been trying to wrap
my head around it.

You were under the water,
it was a split-second decision.

Maybe you weren't
thinking clearly.

Still, I-I can't get there.


So what does this mean?

I don't know.

Damn it, Calvin, was it you?!

- Was what me?
- The cash box is empty.

- All the money from our tours.
- I can explain that, babe.

You are literally the worst
person to be in business with.

The worst? Janine!

Xander, turn off that music!

Everyone, shut up!

What, Calvin?

It was me. I took it.

But it was for a good cause.

This is why I wanted
everyone here tonight.

I love you, Janine.

I love how smart you are,
how you always take care of me,

how you're
the most loyal person I know.

This isn't helping.

Just please, stick with me.

I love how you cry

at those pet food commercials
with the lost dog,

I love your mac and cheese,

I love your smell,

I love how you scrunch your nose
when you're angry at me,

I love the curve
on your lower back,

and I love how you--

We'll keep that one private.

Look, I thought about it
real hard, okay?

And there is nothing
I don't love about you.

I want to spend
forever with you.

I want to grow old with you.

I know I'm not perfect,
but I'll never stop loving you.

My Neeny, my queen...


Will you marry me?

Hell yeah!


What is marry me?

When two people love each other,
and they--

they want to be together
forever, they get married.

With a ring?

The ring is like a symbol
of the marriage.

Did Ben ever give you a ring?


Everything okay?

Should probably say yeah.

It's been a strange time.

Been thinking a lot lately about
the night of the accident.

Well, that makes sense.
I mean, Mom's doing better.

I'm sure it's bringing up
a lot of stuff.

It's not just that.

The girl in that video,
at a depth she couldn't be.

When I dove in to save your
mother, that was the same thing--

a girl in the water,
in a place she couldn't possibly be.

Got the Coast Guard report from that
night, hoping there was something in here.

So many damn questions.

So many damn questions.

Are you okay?

I don't know.
I never feel this before.


We have a problem.

The baby is growing
much faster than expected.

It's depleting her.

It's like she's already
six months pregnant.

A mermaid baby isn't
compatible with a human body.