Siren (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Revelations - full transcript

When another mysterious death is uncovered in Bristol Cove, Ryn suspects Tia; Maddie befriends a new acquaintance in Seattle; Helen warns the hybrids of trouble; Xander begins training; Ted revisits the past.

- Previously...
- I made a choice.

I had a chance to save him
but I didn't.

What you did was wrong.
Don't you see that?

She is one from another tribe.

I've come a very long way
to see you.

How did you know about me?

Because I was a captive too.

Continue the treatments
at an increased dosage.

You have enough stem cells?

Well, we've depleted
the initial batch.

But we've managed to secure
a new source.

Got the Coast Guard report
from that night.

Hoping there was
something in there.

So many damn questions.

He moved the necklace.

I'm telling you, he was there.

What do you think Sarge wanted?

He has something to tell you.


Ben. I wasn't expecting you.

Sorry. I know it's early.

I think I left my phone here.

Did you?

I haven't seen it.

- You okay?
- Fine.

- Weird night.
- Yeah?

Weird? Weird how?

Where to begin?

It's right here.

Sorry, you were saying?


A weird dream had me thinking.

There's something on my phone.

I need to...

Sure, do what you need to.

Hey. What are you doing here?

I need to talk to you.

I'm not really ready
to talk about all this.

No, no, no.
It's not about that.

Something's happened.

What? Is Ryn okay?

Ryn's fine.

It's this other one.
The new one.

I think she killed Kyle.

- What?
- Yeah.

- Kyle's dead?
- I think so, yes.

My God. How does she
even know about him?

She was asking Ryn about Donna,

saying there needed
to be consequences.

And how did she find him?

She used my phone.

She ambushed him on the docks.

I went down there,
found a bunch of blood,

part of his uniform.

The military are going
to be looking for him.

We need to talk to Ryn.


Good morning.

I'm looking for
the marine archives.

Hello, Ted.


Just doing a little
research here.

Saw you come in.

Everything all right?

Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.

What's that?

It's the Coast Guard report

from the night of our accident,
out on the water.

Dale got a hold of it for me.

Really? After all these years?

Well, there's something
about that night that's...

It's never far from my mind.

Yeah, I can imagine.

Yeah, just thought
I'd pin down where we were.

This has the exact coordinates.



Carson Sound.

- That's funny.
- What?

You need to come with me.

She does what she wants.

She's very angry.

Is that why she came here?

- No.
- What does she want?

Always, our tribes
have been divided.

Everyone stays apart, far away.

We never go to another's

Many wars were fought over this.

I heard of the wars growing up,

but I did not understand

how big the world was.

How many of us.

How many?

Like a forest.

That many trees.


Yes, thousands, I think.

But with the oceans warming,
the food going away,

we must do something.

To help feed each other,
make more babies.

We're trying to help here on land.
Did you tell her that?

Yes, but she doesn't
trust humans.

She wants help from Ryn.

What kind of help?

To bring the tribes together.

Okay, how?

We will go.

Both of us.

To those far away.

If they see that Ryn and Tia,

from warring tribes,
help each other,

others may follow.

You don't even know
if you can trust her.

This is true.

I do not know.

But if we do nothing,
she is right.

Many more will die.

Maybe all.

You need to be careful, Ryn.


She is powerful.

But so am I.

Fill out the paperwork,
hand it in end of day.

Ton of info in there.

Insurance, course requirements,

if you drag your lazy millennial
asses all the way through.

This guy's a walking cliché.

Sir, yes, sir.

Openings all over
the state for Troopers,

Transit, sheriff departments.

Clallam and Jefferson
counties, obviously,

always looking
for Marine Unit recruits.

No, thank you.

You don't like the water?

Just want to be as far away
from it as I can.

Didn't you say you worked
on a fishing boat?

You grow up in the circus,
doesn't make you a clown.

I think it's over here.



Look at this.

Carson Sound.

That's where your

Charles Pownall's ship
went down in 1864.

That's right.

They say he
almost didn't make it.

Lost half his crew.

- Strange coincidence.
- Yeah.

Here, look at this.

This says the massacre
of the mermaids

took place right in the cove.

I thought you didn't believe
in that part of the story.


I don't know what the hell
I believe anymore.

And that, my friends,

is the story of Charles Pownall

and his tragic mermaid love.

Now, if you guys look over
this way towards the shoreline,

you just might be able to see--

Holy shit! I see one!

What? What?

Where? Where?

I don't see anything.

Well, it's this tail.

It just flipped right up
out of the water.

Well, there you have it, folks.

Captain Calvin's Mermaid Tours.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

I saw one. I did.

One too many mermaid mojitos.

- What?
- I'll take that.

But I saw it. I saw it.

It was right there.

Let's keep it moving, shall we?

You think she's still here
on land?

Yes. She wants Ryn's help.

She found me at Helen's shop.

She will go back there.

Okay. We'll go with you.

No. No humans.

Okay, well, I was supposed
to head to Seattle today,

to try and speak to that guy

that's doing the ocean
research project.

This is good.

Maybe Ben will go with you?

I need to see my dad.

Kyle was helping
with my mom's treatment.

Without him...

I'll have my cell.

A lot of huffing and puffing
going on over there.

Hey, these lungs have been
huffing and puffing

long before it was legal, okay?

A real party animal?


Maybe they should have done
the CPR training first.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Holy shit.

Yeah. Very cute.

Move it, McClure!

You killed the soldier.


This is bad
for my human friends.

You're very naive.

Humans are not your friends.

Some can be.

You've been misled.

They destroy the earth.
They kill for sport.

This soldier tortured
your own sister.

He had to die.

We cannot talk here.

Come with me.

Hey, Roberta.
I'm looking for my dad.

- Is he in?
- Actually, no.

And I'm a little worried.

He had a union
breakfast this morning.

Didn't show.

And he also missed two meetings.

No call, no text.

- Not like him.
- No. No, it's not.

- It's my fault.
- What do you mean?

He can't handle the thought
of my retiring.

Your father hates change.

Yeah. Yeah, that must be it.

Thanks, Roberta.

Xander, what's up?

I just saw Hurricane Katrina,

just walking around,
not a care in the world.

Hey, look, Xan,
we got bigger problems.

Kyle's dead.

Holy shit.

Well, I mean, she probably
offed him.

- That Katrina?
- No, no, no.

It was this other one.

What other one?

This new one.
She just got here.

Really, they just keep coming.

Ryn's handling her.

I gotta go and see my dad.

Kyle was helping with my mom.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, just go.


But with most innovation,

the unintended consequences are
the ones that haunt us, right?

Now we're living in a plastics
nightmare of our own making

while our oceans and sea life

are being destroyed
before our eyes.

There are five gyres
around the world,

and within them are massive,
floating islands of plastic,

one of them measuring roughly
twice the size of Texas...

...polluting the world's oceans,

killing our wildlife
and poisoning the water.

Five of them.

Here's where I could geek out,

give you the minutiae
of how a group of scientists

way, way smarter than me
have built a system

to literally retrieve the trash

using the currents of the oceans
and a giant boom and rim.

Lot of them are
actually here today.

You can speak to them,
pick their brains.

Ask them too many questions.

The idea is to get the system
on the water,

starting in the North Pacific
Subtropical Convergence Zone,

halfway between California
and Hawaii, and clean it up.

One giant trash island
at a time.


Hey, Mom. Is Dad home?

No, he's at work.

No. Roberta said
she hasn't seen him.

That's funny.

What did you want
to see him about?

- It's nothing important.
- Hey, Ben.

To be honest,
I'm worried about him.

What, did something happen?

He hasn't slept in days.

He's completely withdrawn,

Did he tell you about
this Coast Guard report?

He showed it to you?

No. I found it.

On his desk.

Okay, in his desk.

But I wasn't snooping.
I was looking for something.

Ben, I feel responsible.

For what?

His stress.

The strain of everything
that's been going on with me.

The hospitals, the drug trials.

It's just bringing
the whole thing up again.

Mom, I'll find him.

I promise.

What is this place?

Somewhere safe.

Nowhere near humans is safe.

I'm trying to help you, Ryn.

I know much more
about them than you do.

They're ignorant, thoughtless,


It's the very nature
of being human.

But you said
the humans taught you,

made you strong.

I chose my path.

I observed them,
learned their ways,

then decided my own fate.

Ultimately, I had
to make them pay.

For your capture?

For much more than that.

They stole my song.


They cut me.

In my brain.

Mr. Pownall.

Wasn't expecting to see you
out here today.

Something I can do for you?

Help me cast off,
will you, Lance?

I'm taking her out.

Not looking too good out there.
Storm rolling in.

Last maritime advisory
had everyone coming in.

Now, I know
what you're thinking.

There's this guy in sneakers

who wants me to sink my money
or my time or my energy

into fixing what feels
essentially too big to fix.

And the answer is, yes.

Because we are going
to solve this together.

One way or another.

And if we're not pouring
our money or our time

or our passion into this,

what are we doing?

Thank you.

Thank you.

Our team is outside
for further questions.

Thank you so much.
I appreciate you coming down.

Hi. Nice to meet you.
Good to see you.

Excuse me,
Mr. Wellens?

- "Robb."
- Robb. I'm Maddie Bishop.

I work at one of the local Marine
Research Centers outside the city.

- Which one?
- Bristol Cove.

About 80 miles northwest.

What do you do there, Maddie?

Little bit of everything.

It's a nonprofit,

so we do ocean rescue,
research, beg for money.

I hear that.

It was great to hear you speak.

And, actually, I had a question
about the project.

Yes, you can work on it.

That wasn't my question.

Okay. I'm sorry.

Ask away.
Nothing too tough, though.

It's about the wave drift force,

and the design
of the boom and the skirt.

I was just wondering
how many materials did you try

before you found one
that could cancel out

the drag of the anchors?

That's a really good question.

The anchors have been a problem.

Of course, I haven't shared that
with our investors.

I figured.

You know what?

I haven't eaten a thing all day.

Do you want to grab a bite,

and I could tell you
about the energy data?

You're not going to hit me up
for money, are you?

Do you have any?

Okay, well,
I'll pay for dinner then.

- Please.
- Okay, great.

She's from my colony.

Your colony?
With eyes like mine.

She was separated from yours
when she was a baby.

Our colony found her,
raised her.

Why are you here?

An airplane landed in the water.

Humans dead inside.

One of ours
saw her come to land.

The others are all right?

They are watching the waters
for more like her.

Why did you leave your colony?

She was captured,
like my sister.

All tribes are in trouble,
just like us.

I've been a long time
without food.

- I must go hunt.
- We have food.

I'll bring it.

You stay here.

Humans took you.

Your leader,
she is a friend to them.

Defends them.

- Protects them.
- Yes.

The oceans will not be safe
as long as humans live.

They must die.

All of them.

She will never agree.

Then I will do it myself.

You bow to her with reluctance.

Like you don't want to.

Maybe you would rather
be with me.

With your true colony.

These are the coordinates
from the Coast Guard report.

And here, on the map,

it's right out at Carson Sound.

Carson Sound.

What is it about that place?

That's where the shipping lanes
used to be all those years ago.

The deepest part
of the passageway to land.

Our mermaid friends
would've had to use it

to avoid the fishermen.

Unfortunately, it didn't
always work out that way.

Charles Pownall's ship.
Is that where it went down?

That's what the book says.

You think he might
have gone out there?

I wouldn't be surprised.

What do you think
he's looking for?


Something from the night of his
accident with your mother.

He says he saw
something out there.

Maybe he did.

- I need to find him.
- Yeah.

She does not tell you

Yes, I know.

That's why I left you with her.

She will unite the tribes.
This is true.

But also, she will kill humans

and anyone who tries
to stop her.

I know you do not
trust the humans either.

But you told me the truth.

You are loyal.

Thank you.

You must kill her.

She is going back now
to gather more--


This will not help our tribes.

You know nothing about it.

I will put an end to these
humans once and for all.

And to you, if you interfere.

I must stop her.

Lance, he take her out?

I tried to stop him.

He wouldn't even
let me set the storm jib.

You know your dad, man.

I'm sorry.

I appreciate you
calling in this favor.

The research boat would've
never made it out in this.

What the hell's
your dad thinking?

He's not.

His head's all screwed up.

Don't tell me someone's
been bending his head

with that crazy song.

I don't know what's
going on, okay?

I just know I need
to get out there.

I need to find him.

Well, check the VHF.
Maybe he's on.

We're a mile away from
the coordinates Helen gave me.

See anything?


Maybe he got thrown off course.

There. There.

I got him on radar.

No, no, I'm not even
a scientist.

I was majoring in Engineering.

Dropped out.

Your parents must be so proud.

Yeah, definitely.

They calmed down
a little bit when I spoke

at the Ocean Cleanup Initiative.

You spoke at OCI?

- Wow.
- Right now,

the biggest part of my life
is fundraising.

Turns out, you need investors
to change the world.

This was news to you?

Yeah, actually.

Naive or just plain stupid.

I don't know.
Jury's still out.

- Thank you.
- Wonderful. Thank you.

What got you interested
in ocean preservation?

A diving trip.

Saw more garbage than sea life.

That'll do it.

Tell me what you're thinking,

about the currents
and the skirt.

Aren't you worried the current
is just going to rip

the whole thing apart?

The test runs
are showing that, yeah.

Have you thought about maybe trying
to anchor the system differently?

Maybe further under the surface?

Yeah, actually.

A professor from the University
in Geneva suggested it.

We're working on that right now.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Why do you sound so surprised?

It was just a theory.

A really good one, apparently.

Tell me a little bit more
about yourself.

There's not much to tell.

Come on.

Anyone who could
intellectually dismantle

an innovative scientific model
in 20 minutes flat

is someone with
something to tell.

I... I was a volunteer

and got interested
in the science, that's all.

It's why I wanted
to talk to you.

We've got to solve this.

I mean, if we don't...

what's going to happen?

Here, look at this.

"The Myths of Bristol Cove."

Carson Sound.

That's where your

Charles Pownall's ship
went down in 1864.

Charles and his crew were out
to sea in a treacherous storm.

Captain, we can't
hold her much longer!

She's taking on water!

Hold her steady, men!
Away from the break!

This is where he first saw her.

Though Charles
had a human family,

they fell in love.

A baby was born but,
being a hybrid,

it came into the world,
as they often do, deformed.

Charles took the illegitimate
baby to the Haida,

wanting to save it,

but also anxious
to hide it from the world.

Separated from her child,

his mermaid lost her mind
and went back to the water,

never to return.

Infected by her song
and her absence,

Charles lost his senses.

Mainland shores are closed.

What's that out there?

There! I see him,
right ahead of us, right there.

- You see him?
- Yeah, I see him.

Yeah, I got it, I got it.

He gathered his crew,

trapped the mermaids in a cove

and slaughtered them one by one.

The captain! Now, go, go!

- You see him?
- No, you?

There, there.
I see a light down there.

- Hey!
- Hey, over here! Come on!

The next project is a cleanup
system for river mouths.

That's actually doable.

There's already one
up and working in Baltimore.

Where's the fun in doable?

Last call, you guys.

I'd better get going.

I didn't realize the time.
Thank you.


I have a really crazy idea.

Crazier than an ocean
vacuum cleaner?


Let's do something completely
out of character.

Just something nuts.

Why don't you stay tonight?

- What?
- Stay with me.

Come on, this is going
really well, you and me, right?

I have a great hotel room.

We could just, for once,

not overthink things

and do what we want to.


You really cannot pull that off.

I know.

It's sad.

I thought you were
going to say I complete you.

I was.
I was going to say that.

But you get total props
for effort.


Yeah, story of my life.


Go, go, go.

Mr. Pownall? Mr. Pownall?

Just stay with me.
Stay with me, okay?

Hey, Ted, look at me.

Ben! Ben, we got to get
out of here!

Hey, Ben! Ben! Hey!

Ben! The storm
is getting worse, okay?

Your dad's pressure,
it ain't good.

He might be hypothermic.
We got to go now, right now!



- On the bed. On the bed.
- Yeah, yeah. You got him?

You got him? You got him?

Hey, you all right?

Look at me.

You got to stay warm, okay?

Maybe he just needs some rest.

Whiskey. In the kitchen.

Dad, look at me.

Look at me.

- Helen?
- Ryn's here.

She's hurt.

It's really bad.

Get over here. Now!

- What?
- Ryn's at Helen's.

It's bad.

Just go.
I'll take care of your dad.


Just go, go, go.

- I'll be back as soon as I can.
- Yeah, yeah. Just go. Go.

Hey. Where is she?

Eliza is with her.

Why did they bring her on land?

To protect her.

You go. Be with her.

Ryn, what happened?

Ben, this new one, Tia.

She cannot be trusted.

It's okay.

We can figure
out how to handle her.

No, she cannot be handled.

She's strong.

Stronger than any
I have ever seen.


Stronger than Ryn.

Don't think about that now,
all right?

Just try to sleep.

Try to sleep.

Hey. Hey.

How's Ryn?

She's in pretty bad shape.

Think he saw
anything down there?

What are you going to tell him?

No idea.

Hey, Dad.

It's okay. Come on.

I thought I was losing my mind.

Night of the accident...

all those years ago.

What I thought I saw.

It was real.

It's real, Dad.

They're real.

Your friend, Ryn.

She's one of them.


When you were down there,

did you see my friend, Sarge?

Sarge is... dead.

Yes, I know.

But I saw him.

I was asleep.

He came to me.

Called me to the water.

And then there he was,

right in front of me.

He came from the spirit world.

He was trying
to tell me something.


What does it mean?


is coming.