Siren (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - New World Order - full transcript

Ben faces a choice that has rippling consequences amongst mermaids, hybrids and humans alike, as the truth about mermaids is exposed.

Previously on Siren.

Are you all right?

No baby.

We can't just take Ryn
to a fertility clinic.

Beth-- her people--
they have their own doctors.

[news director]
This isn't proof of anything.

You want to know
what real evidence would be?


Miles out to sea,
and there aren't
any other boats around.

Trauma sometimes,
twisting things in our brains.

Yeah. Woman under the water
doesn't make any sense.

We're so glad you're here.

This is Leena, our doctor.

The procedure went
exceptionally well.

And Ryn?

-[Leena] She's gone.
-No! No!

-Ryn! Don't take her!

You wanted evidence, right?

I got it.

[dramatic music]

[horn honking]

Come on, come on!

[horn honking]

-We're losing him.
-Can you go any faster?

-Come on!
-I'm trying!

-There's a shortcut!
-Where? Where?!

Up ahead! There! Go straight!

-You see him?
-No, not yet.

The main road's
coming up ahead!

-[tires screech]

I see him, I see him!

Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop!


[female singer vocalizing]

Come on.

We gotta get down there.


-♪ Saints and sinners ♪

♪ Are the same ♪


♪ They keep trading places ♪

[panicked gasps]

♪ Then from deep
inside the shadows ♪

-♪ We discover ♪

♪ Why we were both ♪

♪ We're almost home ♪

Help! Help!

Oh, God! Oh, God!
Okay! Okay!

[pounding on window]

♪ Light drives in
and brings us close ♪

[panicked shout]

♪ Salvation starts
from here inside us ♪

♪ White noise
when you need it most ♪

♪ Doesn't matter
it's not perfect ♪

♪ When it's worth it ♪

♪ When you're done ♪

♪ Then from deep
inside the shadows ♪

-♪ We discover ♪
-[panicked shout]

♪ What is unknown ♪

♪ We're almost home ♪

[high-pitched call]

[breathing hard]

[suspenseful music]

[gasping and coughing]


[Ian coughing]


[Ian coughing]

Ryn? Ryn? Where is she?

[panting] She's okay.

She got away.

I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have done that--

take her.

You saved my life.

Thank you.

Thank you.

[male singer]
♪ It was a great blue wave ♪

♪ Took me in ♪

Where is he now?

Probably back in Seattle.

And you think
he'll keep the secret?

Ben saved his life.

He was grateful for that,

and we think
he'll stay quiet.

[Helen] We hope.

But at the moment,
I'm more worried

about the damage he did.

Ryn could have been
pregnant right now.

Because we lost time,

those embryos
are no longer viable.

Maybe we try again
another time.

To make baby
with science.

Hey, turn that up.

That all sounds
pretty far-fetched.

[scoffs] Yeah, well,

sometimes truth is stranger
than fiction, right?

I saw one. Firsthand.

And there are others.

Oh, my God.
What is he doing?

Look, all I can say is

play the footage.

It's been authenticated.

[man] What is going on?!

[woman] Oh, my goodness!

[Ryn screaming on TV]

This is bad. This is bad.

These are
highly evolved apex predators.

They're dangerous.

-That's her.
-Come on.

[man] That's the one
in the video!

You gotta get out of here.

-It's the same one!

-That's the one!
-Follow her! Follow her!

[crowd shouting]

[ominous music]

Get in!

[man] Was that real?!

What are you?!

-Stay back!
-Are you real?!

Let's go!

-Everybody back! Back!
-[engine starts]

Go, Ben! Just go!
Get out!

[Xander] Let 'em through!

Hey, come on!
Let 'em out!

-Let 'em through!
-[horn honks]

-Out of the way!
-Just go!

-[horn honking]
-[Xander] Get out! Go, go!

Just drive!

What are we gonna do?

Well, she--
She can't stay here.

We've got to get her
out of town!

[dramatic music]

[people shouting]

Sorry. Only residents
are being admitted.

[people shouting]

[horns honking]

[British news anchor]
Bristol Cove, Washington,

where two of the creatures

were caught off the coast
15 days ago,

remains under martial law

after groups of tourists,
animal activists,

and poachers descended
on the town.


Vandalism and some violence
were reported

before order was restored.

Roads into the town
have been sealed off.

No one but permanent residents
are being admitted.

[conversation inaudible]

[distant siren]

Meanwhile, the U.S. Government
continues to install

a network
of offshore sonic cannons.

The expectation being
that these devices,

originally developed
for oil exploration,

may force more
of the creatures
from the water.

There are continued reports
out of Malaysia

claiming they have obtained
a creature of their own,

with sources alleging
it is being held

in a state-run facility
where it will be studied

and put on display
to an eager public.

And, around the globe,

citizens are
now bitterly divided

over the treatment
of this newfound species.

Canada, the latest
in a growing list of nations

to offer asylum
and protection.

We will welcome them,
provide a safe haven for them,

and ultimately,
if they so desire,

a path to citizenship
in our country.

the U.S. military

has released
newly obtained footage

found in a small
marine research facility

inside Bristol Cove.

A local marine biologist
and his staff,

presumably aware
of the existence
of the marine creatures,

are being pursued
for questioning.

[knock on door]

[suspenseful music]

Who is it?

It's Ben.

Ben. Ohh!

You all right?

Ryn? And Maddie?

-Still in the cave.

She's gonna have
to go back soon.

She can't stay
out of the water forever.


Look, you gotta
get out of here.

It's not safe.

Well, maybe things
will calm down

now that they're
keeping everyone out.

The town's
under martial law, Helen.

They can change the rules
any time they want.

It's only gonna get worse.

You need to come with us.


-Oh, you heard.

Yeah, on the radio.

It's the best chance we got.

I heard rumors
that a blood test
is being developed

to identify our kind.

Helen, you need
to take care of yourself.

[helicopter passes]

You need my help.

I just need to get
across the border.

What can I do?

If you can get us a car,

drive it out of town
past the checkpoint,

we can get
as close as we can,

then cross on foot.

That's pretty rough country.

There's a place I know.

One summer, my dad and I
went backpacking up there,

crossed the border.

It's about
a 40 mile hike.

I'll pack my car.

Good. Thank you.

Meet us at the gas station
by Route 6.

Are you sure about this?

They want Ryn.

You know what they'll do
to her if they find her.

[suspenseful music]

[Ted] Ben?

-Hey, Dad.
-Thank God.

Where the hell you been?

Your mother's
out of her mind.

I'm gonna
let her know you're--

Dad, don't

I can't stay.

Tell Mom I'm okay,
will you?

You've been with her? Ryn.

And Maddie, right?

I'm gonna let Dale know,

'cause he's worried sick.

I'm sorry, okay?

I have to go.

You got a plan?

We're leaving.
Crossing the border.

You need to stop and think.

Dad. Don't.

You need money.

why you came, right?

[safe keypad beeping]

They know you're
helping her, you know?

They're looking for you.

-I know.
-All right. Go on.

Be careful.

Thank you.

Tell Mom.

-Tell her I...
-I will.

[Elaine gasps]

That's it.

[somber music]

-[Elaine struggling]


Be careful.

We don't want
anyone to see you.

Come on.

The machines.

They are getting closer.

I know. Come.

Help me pack.

[distant siren]

Calvin's been letting me
keep this stuff here.

It freaks my mom out
having it in the house, so...

-Where is he?
-Oh, you know,

he's out on the water,
looking for a payday.

You know they're offering
a hundred million for one--

Um, anyway,
every deckhand in town's
on a feeding frenzy, so...

The sooner we get away
from the coast,
the safer we'll be.

Yeah, that's for sure.

Where exactly you guys going?

[disquieting music]

You still have the lure?

Um, nah, it's just--

It was in the closet.

You're helping them.

We got enough trouble
with the military
after them, Xan.

They're mercenaries,

Did you hear what I just said?

I mean,
how much they're offering?

[door opens]

[door closes]

[ominous music]

Go, go, go!

Okay, okay!


Area clear.

This area's secure!

[ominous music]

[Maddie] Ben!

Oh, my God.

You okay?

-No Helen?

Down, down, down!

We're gonna have
to get out of here.

We can't wait for her
any longer.

Follow my lead.

Hey. We're gonna need
to buy your car.


We're gonna need
to buy your car.

It's not for sale.

[teen] Take it.


[engine starts]

Oh, my God.

Where you headed, ma'am?

Camping trip.

Step out of the vehicle,

Last I checked,

residents were still
allowed to come and go.

Am I wrong about that?

Stand right there, please.

Hold out your hand,
please, ma'am.

Excuse me?

I said hold out your hand.

What is this?



Let's go.


What do you think
you're doing?

This is still
the United States of America.


[man] You two may be
the biggest bullshitters

in this whole bullshit town.

It's not bull, Silas.

We were on that boat
when the very first one
was caught.

Hell, we're the ones
that caught her.

That's what started
this whole thing.

So you say.

But it's been three weeks

since the military
caught those other two,

and I don't see you
getting another.

We're working on it.

Sure as hell hope so.

'Cause I got a buyer
breathing down my neck.

Oh, yeah?

Who is it?

U.S. Government?
Russia? China?

Not that it's
any of your business,

but it's a private client.

Yeah, I read that
every pharmaceutical company

in the world was
after one of these things.

Never mind who it is.

Just quit blowing smoke
up my ass and do your job.

Don't worry about it.

We have a plan.

You got 24 hours.

Otherwise, I'm moving on.

[suspenseful music]

[Ryn coughing]


You doing okay?


We need to ditch
the car soon,

go on foot.

[turns on radio]

Following local traffic.

Northbound on Route 5,
expect a bit of a bottleneck

as you approach
the Canadian border.

Several border points
have been closed

due to a security breach
further south.

-No details have been released.

[man] We don't know
what kind of threat they pose.

These things aren't human.

They're an invading force,

and that's
how we should treat them.

[turns off radio]

[soldier on P.A.]
Step forward.

Step forward
and remove all belongings.

Remove all belongings.

Where are you from?

-Step forward.
-You! No talking.


Step forward
and remove all belongings.

Open your mouth.

No talking.

Ohh! [gasps]

All prisoners step forward.

Remove your clothing.

Step forward
and remove all belongings.


[water spraying]

Prisoners, keep moving.

[women screaming]

Remove all belongings.

[cash register clicking]

Do I know you?

-[cash register clicking]

What do I owe you?


Keep the change.

[labored breath]

We gotta get out of here.

We've got a problem.

It's been two months.

She's never gone
this long before.

Hang on, Ryn.

We'll figure
something out.

[engine starts]

[ominous music]

[Xander] Got it?

You expect me to believe
that metal piece of crap's

gonna catch us a mermaid?

Well, you don't have
to believe it.

You're gonna see it
with your own eyes.

Actually, they're gonna
hear it with their own ears.

[Donna's distress call

What the hell?

All right?

[both] One, two, three.

[distress call echoing]

[somber music]

[people conversing]

Let's go, let's go.

[Ryn coughing]

Maybe we go back.

I go in water,
and we start again.

We can't, Ryn.

The whole coast down there
is being patrolled.

They got 20 sonic cannons
blasting the water.

Our only hope is
to get you across the border.

There's an estuary
near Vancouver,

a safe place, protected.

We're only about an hour
away from the trailhead.

Then we walk?

-We'll help you.
-That's what we'll do.

Just hang on.


Hang on.

[distress call echoing]

Hey. I'm seeing
something down there.

Get those tranq guns.

Whoa, whoa. You can't
send them down there.

Are you nuts?
She's gonna smoke them.

They know
what they're dealing with.

No, they don't.

[Silas] Hey, come on!
We haven't go all day!

In the water! Let's go!

[suspenseful music]

[distress call echoing]

[ominous music]

Come on,
what are you waiting for?

Be careful.

Give it up.
Help him up, help him up.


Watch the tail.

Come on. [straining]

[Silas] That's a whole lot
of money in your hands.

The state park entrance
should be just
around this bend.

You doing okay?

Okay. Yes.



[ominous music]

They knew
exactly where we'd be,

right where we were
planning to hike in.

Someone tipped them off.

There's only one person
it could be.

Your dad?

[Cami screaming]

The Earth's covered in ocean,
and we gotta catch this one.

What are the chances?

It's not a chance, Calvin.

She heard her mother's voice.

It's our fault she got caught.

She tried to kill you, man.

You think if she'd done it,
she would have felt bad?

-Probably not.
-Definitely not.

She's the reason you lost
your boat in the first place.

We sell her,
we're set for life.

You know what I call that?


[engine stops]

We'll have to hike
from here.

You think we can get
around the checkpoint?

No choice. We'll lay low
until the sun goes down,

find another place
to cross.

Think you can make it?


Come on.

I haven't, uh,
seen your sister Beth.

Did she get out
before, uh,

they found you?

No, we were all together
when they came

to the ranch.

When we first got here,

she and a few others
tried to escape.

She was shot.

I'm so sorry.

I recognize that girl
from John's ranch.

Yeah, that's Meredith.

She's been here
for a couple of weeks.

[Meredith struggling]

Where are they taking her?

Tracking device.

They started implanting them
after Beth was killed.

Oh, my God.



We'll stay here till dark.

[rattling latch]

[disquieting music]

-[music playing]
-[party-goers chatting]

This makes no sense.

I mean, why are we here?

Where the hell are we?

This ain't no research facility.

Oh, yeah, ya think?

We just gotta get paid

and get outta here.

[suspenseful music]

[Maddie] Ben?

Stay down.

Don't move.

Ben's father is here.

And mine.

You need to tell your men
to stand down.

My daughter is in there.

This wasn't the plan.

You know damn well

that a hostage situation
has to be negotiated.

This is
not a hostage situation.

This is three armed fugitives.

I'll go in there
and talk to him.

We could end this

All right,
you have five minutes.


I'm coming in.

I'm alone.

-[latch clanks]
-[Ben] Get down.

Stay down.

Get in here.

What did you do?


-I did it for you.

That's bullshit.

Ben, you need
to talk to these guys.

Okay? It's not too late.

You can make a deal.

-A deal?

What, I give her up
and save myself?

Is that the idea?

That's what I thought.

What did they do to you?


What happened?

They've been using us
for tests.

What kind of tests?

To see how fast we can heal.


You caused this.

-All of it.
-What are you talking about?

You shared our secret
with the humans.

They never would've
found out about us,

and none of this
would have happened.

I only told people
I knew we could trust.

A Pownall.

The Pownalls are
not the problem here.

Ah, of course.

You're one of them.

What did I expect?

You should be ashamed
of yourself,

fighting with me,
your own kind.

Here? Now?

Don't move.

I can get them to promise
they won't harm her.

Why would I believe one word
you say to me ever again?


Ben, I did it for you,
to keep you safe.

-To keep me safe?
-Yeah, to keep you safe.

You were never gonna
make it out of here alive.

That is not true.

We were so close.

We could've made it.

Ben, you're
not thinking straight.

You're gonna help us get out.

[Maddie] No! Ben!

It's our only chance.

This is
not a good idea, Ben.

-Ben, they'll kill you.

They'll kill you all.

-Now! Move.
-Oh, jeez.

There's more
where that came from.

[laughing] Nice.

[man] Ladies and gentlemen,

please turn your attention
to the viewing window,

as I unveil
my latest acquisition.



[disquieting music]

[guests commenting]

What do you think
they're gonna do to her?

No idea.

[Ben] Behind me.


Prepare to engage!

[weapons clicking]

[military radio chatter]

Move! Stay close.

[Ben] Get back!

-Stay behind me.

Maddie, stop!

Surrender, please!

Don't come any closer!

-[bullet grazes]



-[Ryn] No!
-[Kyle] Now!

No! Maddie!

Maddie! Get off me!

-Maddie! Maddie!
-[Ryn screams]



Ryn, run!

[Ryn screaming]

-Maddie! No, Maddie!

Maddie! [groaning]

Hang on.
Hang in there, Mads.

Medic! Medic!

-Maddie! Maddie!

Keep the pressure here.


Maddie! Maddie!



You're bleeding bad.
Don't leave.

[Ryn, screaming] No!



[Ryn screams]


[crying] Maddie!

[female singer vocalizing]

[muffled pleas]

♪ Saints and sinners
are the same ♪

[muffled pleas]

♪ They keep trading places ♪

♪ No one ever is to blame ♪

♪ Then from deep
inside the shadows ♪

[muffled scream]

♪ We discover ♪

♪ Why we were both ♪

♪ We're almost home ♪


Are you okay?

Ryn? Ryn? Where is she?

She's okay.

She got away.

And Ian?

♪ Then from deep
inside the shadows ♪

I couldn't save him.

♪ We discover ♪

♪ What is unknown ♪

♪ We're almost home ♪

You read.

"Reporter dies
in watery grave."

Grave. Like sister.


"Sutton appears to have lost
control of his vehicle

on a remote coastal road."

They're saying
it was an accident.

Why did he take me?

He wanted to share you
with the rest of the world.

That would have been bad.

No more.

He is dead now.

You did everything
you could.

Dale, you got a sec?

Oh, Ted. Come in.

I wonder if you could

just, uh,
do me a little favor.

Well, seems
like I owe you one.

Susan told me
you offered her a job.

We could use the help.

Roberta's gone
down to part-time.

So what can I do for you?

Well, um,

I'm looking
for the, uh, Coast Guard report

from the night
of Elaine's accident.

Figured you probably
have an "in" down there.

That's a long time ago.

Ten years.

Is that why
you went to see Susan?

Yeah. Certain things
from that night,

just, uh, things
I thought I'd forgotten,

keep popping into my head.

You sure you want to dredge
all that up again?

Well, just
some unanswered questions.

Things I can't explain.

I really just want to try to
remember exactly what happened.

Yeah, sure.

I can look into that.

Thank you.
I appreciate it.

Oh, Ted.

You know, some things are
better left in the past.



What do ya think?

It's pretty sweet, right?

This is my new gig.

Isn't this, uh,
Eddie Coburt's old boat?

Uh, no, not old.

What'd this thing cost you?

Didn't cost him a cent.

Oh, I see.
You bought it.

All those extra shifts.

I've been saving my tips.

What are you
gonna do with it?

Gonna start
a business, bruh.

Janine is the owner,
and I'm running it.

so you realize this...

this isn't
a fishing boat, right?

We're gonna give tours.


I mean, this is the mermaid
capital of the world, right?

-[Xander laughing]
-[Calvin] Huh?

You two, you are, uh,
perfect for each other.

I'm sorry
for what happened,

but he brought it
on himself,

and it's because of him

that Ryn couldn't have
that embryo implanted.

No baby for me.

Maybe we try again.

Yes, maybe.

When the time is right.

[song playing]

Evening, Mr. Pownall.

-Dinner in 30 minutes.

-Would you like a drink?
-Scotch, please.

[female singer]
♪ You're gonna grow, baby ♪

♪ Big and strong ♪

♪ Come on ♪

♪ Trust, little baby ♪

♪ It won't take long ♪

Everything okay?

♪ Hush, little baby ♪

-♪ Don't you cry ♪

Never better.

I'll see you
down there.

♪ You know your mama
was born to die ♪

It's safe for me to carry one
that's not my own?

There's a lot we don't know.

I'm seeing
accelerated development,

beyond that
of a human fetus.

[fetal heartbeat whooshing]

But the heartbeat
is strong.

That's a positive sign.

That's my girl.

Pretty soon, we'll have
a full blood of our very own.

♪ ♪

[high-pitched call]

[atmospheric music]