Siren (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - All In - full transcript

Elaine's treatment from the military's medical trial comes with side effects to the mermaid cells; Helen and Rick learn more about the hybrid status.

Previously on Siren...

- I'll call the Coast Guard, okay?
- No, no! Don't.

Man, why didn't we call them?

Why'd you let it burn?

Something on your mind?

Thinking about my sister.

I'm sure Rick's told you
he and I don't always see

eye to eye.

There's a woman looking for you.

She's with the military.

Yes. I help her.

It's Mom. She's in the emergency room.

What happened?

It's that clinical trial
that doctor signed her up for.

Aldon Decker?

I wanted to talk to you
about Decker's research.

He did a whole study on curing

paralytic rats with stem cells.

If you could do something to help Mom,

wouldn't you take the chance?

Got your text. What's up?

We need to talk.

Unh! Aah!

Thank you for bringing them back, Bryan.

- Of course.
- Let us out!

I'll gather the others.

Do all these people
really need to be here?

She's not a zoo exhibit.

These are our orders.



No. We're getting her out of here. Now.


That's enough. Get back.


Ryn, if it's too much,
we can make them stop.

Tell them you changed your mind.

This will help Ben's mother?

We hope so, yes.

Not too much.

Let us out!


What the hell's going on?

Where are we?

Ricky, I'm so sorry.

This is Bryan's house.

Rick, come on. Let's go.

Please, Helen. Have a seat.

Ricky, you too.

No way. The last time
you sat me down with

some stranger, we took
a ride to Bellfield.

That's not happening again.

I'm not taking you anywhere.

I'm not crazy.

She has nothing to do with
this, so just let her go.

I agree. You're not crazy.

But I'm sorry. We can't let you go.

Then what's this all about?

I'm very sorry we scared you.

We've never had a
situation like this before.

There are things you need to know.

They were the first group

to receive Ryn's sister's cells.

Yeah. The lucky ones.

Rats who didn't get the
cells didn't fare as well.

All of them died.

Their paralysis was progressive.

Which is almost always fatal.

You know a lot about this stuff.

Yeah. Unfortunately.

Look, the notes in here talk
about upcoming research.

Where is the upcoming research?

Decker was distracted with Ryn's sister.

His documentation became...

A bit disjointed.

Is there any record of
what he was planning next?

Decker died before he
could move forward,

but his plan was for
these wounded soldiers

to be his first human test subjects.

So the research was far enough along

that they were thinking about people?


Ben's mother can't
walk like these people.


When could this happen?

Well, the fast track version

would be to replicate
the study in another lab.

After that, we could be working
with these guys in six months.

When does the next study start?

Not until we have more stem cells.

There are none left?

But now we have another source.

We could harvest more.

- From Ryn?
- Absolutely not.

We agreed Ryn would do observational
studies, not experiments.

Her sister was traumatized
by that procedure.

We learned from that, and we'd
do it differently this time.

With anesthesia. No pain.

Doctors don't even know how
anesthesia works in humans.

Well, then I guess we'll be
taking things a lot slower.

Why cannot take Ryn's cells?

Because the procedure could hurt you.

We don't know what it'll do to you.

You've been through
too much already, Ryn.

Shit. It's the hospital.

This is Ben.

Ben, it's Dr. Park.

I was just visiting your mother.

Yeah, how is she?

Unfortunately, her
condition is deteriorating

faster than we hoped.

She lost the use of her right hand

in the last few hours.

Ben, sometimes patients
decline very quickly from here.

You might want to alert any family

members who'd like to see her.

Yeah, I'll... I'll be right over.

Seventy-four bucks for two days?

It's barely beer money.

Well, some people live to work.

Others work to drink.

And others get to spend
the rest of their lives

on their Mom's couch
'cause they can't pay rent.

You know what?

You gotta stop serving alcohol.

Start serving the customers.

Just saying. It works.


Hi, baby.


Okay, if you're angling
for more freebies,

you're gonna start
getting me in trouble.

Huh. Stack of pancakes

and whatever my friend
over there's having.

Now, where did you get all that cash?

Baby, never look a gift
horse in the mouth.

Ah. Is that what we're calling
you paying your tab now?

A gift?

Hey, yo, you get a new gig?

Just some odd jobs here and there.

God bless TaskRabbit, right?

That's cool. Good for you, man.

I'm so sorry I couldn't
tell you back at my house.

Tell us what?

I've wanted to for such a long time.

She already knew.

I don't understand.

I'm sorry, Ricky.

There were reasons I
couldn't tell you the truth.

And who are you?

Bryan's one of us. You can trust him.

I'll decide who I can trust, thanks.

So how did you two get together?

Our families go back. 150 years.

The Pownall Massacre.

Our great-great-grandparents
were survivors.

They lived on land, with humans.

With humans, where?

In and around Bristol Cove.

They went into hiding.

How do you know all of this?

We've kept their ways...
And our ways... alive,

in secret, ever since.

This is insane.

We have to all agree to
share this with anyone new.

So, how many of us are there?

Ben is sad.

He's worried about his mom.

She's very sick, and it's getting worse.

How did she get sick?

She was hurt in a boating accident

when Ben and I were teenagers.

I hardly even knew him then,

but we all knew his story.

Ben was sad then, too?

He wouldn't leave his mom's side.

For a while, he stopped
seeing all his friends.

Stopped everything.

Why he stop everything?

He was afraid she would die.

She will die now?

I... I don't know.

Ben's trying to help,

but we just don't know if there's time.

Will you be okay here?

I hate to leave, but
I'm so late for work.

Yes. I will sleep.

There's food in the fridge.

I'll be back soon.

You sure that you're comfortable?

These doctors are making a
bigger deal than they need to.

What about your other hand?

They said it's affected now, too.

No, I...

I just think it's bad circulation.

And lying in this bed all
day is not helping anything.

You talk to Dad and Doug?

They're flying home after they

meet the specialist at Hopkins.

I should've gone with them.

Hey, hey.

Mom, Mom, Mom, hey.

- I'm sorry. I just...
- No. No, Mom.

We'll find something.

A new trial.

I think...

It's time to start being realistic.


Where are Ben and Maddie?

I come alone.

To help Ben's mother.

We're going to give you something
to make this less painful.

One quick pinch is all you'll feel.

We're ready.

You sure about this?

Yes. Sure.



Ryn's here at the lab with me.

- What?! How did she...
- She showed up.

She asked us to do the extraction.

You should come.


Ryn? Hey.


Are you okay?

I am a good driver.

You didn't have to do this.

Want to help Ben's mother.

Thank you.

Ryn wanted to do this. For Ben.

She showed up here on her own.

Why didn't you call us?

She said not to.
Said you'd try to stop it.

And I have an obligation
to my commanding officer.

That is your problem.

And if they replace me, it'll
be yours, too. Trust me.

We had a deal.

Our deal was everything
is Ryn's decision.

This was.

This means we can move on with

the research for your mother.

Isn't that what you wanted?

Not like this.

How did you want it?

You agreed to this.

Look, our researchers are looking

at Ryn's stem cells as we speak.

They say they're as pure
as her sister's were.

Don't you want to be a part

of finding your mother's cure?

If you ever go behind our backs again,

if you ever hurt her...

Nobody wants Ryn to suffer.

Trust me. She's too valuable.

Come with me.

Let me show you what she gave us.

The centrifuge separates
the cells from the fluid.

Are those Ryn's?

The yellow ones are her stem cells.

Once they're put into a recipient,

they become whatever the body needs.

Muscle tissue, heart tissue.
Spinal tissue.

So once the cells are processed,

how does the test subject receive them?

Well, we sedate them,

and then administer a spinal injection.

That simple.

What about in a human?

Same thing, in theory.

But there's a lot to
study before we get there.

We're months away from human testing.

My mother doesn't have months.

Well, there are precedents
for expediting human research.

If someone were willing
to sign away everything.

Someone with nothing to lose.

There are ways.

Money laundering?

Please. Calvin?

The man can't balance a checkbook.

Okay. So maybe he sold his sperm?

Eww. Gross.

He would never.

But you're right.

He came home flush again last night.

He's doing something boneheaded.

You think he's dealing?

He ran a little weed in high school.

Shit. He's totally gonna get caught.

And go to jail, again.

You know, if you're texting,

you might not wanna mention drugs.

I'm stalking.

I wanna know who he's selling to.

How? Let me see.

Calvin loses his phone so often,

we have him permanently
authorized on my phone finder.

He's at the south side of the docks?

I hope he's just selling weed.


Should I go down there?

Nah, that's my turf. I'll go after work.


So Mom and Dad were like us, too?

Dad wanted to tell you.

But you were so little when Mom died.

And it was hard.

You were in therapy.

We didn't know if you
could keep the secret.

We wanted to tell you
when the time was right.

Then with the drugs...

It just never came.

That's my mother.

Yes. A long time ago,
she was part of the group.

It's before I was born.

She was an independent spirit.

Couldn't stay in one place.

That's why she left.

You're too young to have met her.

Members of the group rarely leave.

When they do, people remember.

And they pass on the stories.

So did you all know about me?

There were rumors your
mother had a child.

And your shop's been on our radar.

When you showed up,

we pieced it together.

She never told me anything
about this part of her life.

I'm sure she had good reasons.

We have a gathering
planned for tomorrow.

You could meet some of us.

Mike and the boys will be there.


The cells will help Ben's mother?

I think so.

I hope so.

- Are you sure?
- No, I'm not.

It's never even been tried before.

What choice do I have?

I just...

We don't know what
the complications could be.

If I don't do something,

she's got no chance.

We'd like to keep Ryn
for 24 hour observation.

Ryn, is that okay?

Okay. Yes.

We're not leaving her here alone.

I'll stay.

I'll see if I can find a cot.

I don't know how you're
holding together so well.

What do you think, Xan?

I mean, you know me.

You know my mom.

Is this just too risky?

If there was anything...

Anything I could've done
to save my dad, I would've.


How'd you, uh...

How'd find out about
the medical stuff, anyway?


Oh. Are you kidding me?

So... So, what, you trust her now?

No. But you know how you said
that you would do anything?

Well, I guess that this is my anything.

Mom, just hear me out, okay?

Now, at your gala, Dr. Decker
told you about a trial

that cured paralysis in rats.

I got in touch with the people
who he was working with.

They're ready for a human trial, Mom.

You'd be their first patient.

I appreciate what you're trying to do.

You've helped me for the last ten years.

Ben, I'm tired.

No, Mom, this is the cutting
edge of what is possible.

There are risks.

I mean, I don't know
what's gonna happen.

But it cured paralysis in those rats.

I saw them.

If anything can save you, this is it.

Whatever time I have left, I...

I want to spend it with
you and Dad and Doug.

I'm not giving up.

I'll tell her.

And give your mom a hug for me.

Ben wants you to eat for your strength.

Food here taste like...

... rocks.

Sorry. Look, try some
of this green stuff.

Hard to get that wrong.

Like fish under water.

Soft. Like, um...

Jellyfish? Long tentacles?

Jellyfish. Okay. Yes.

Sweet jellyfish.

Ben's mother will take Ryn's cells.

This worry Maddie?

I hope it works.

We'll see.

You like her?

She can be difficult.

But she made Ben,

and she raised him into who he is today.

A man who'd do anything
in the world for us.

I hope she doesn't die.

Me too.

No, I'm good.

Has the doctor arrived?

He's just outside.

He's consulting with your team.

Stem cells from a
deepwater marine creature.

Can you imagine what your
father's going to say?

You haven't told him?

We both know he'd try
to talk me out of it.

But I want this.

No matter what happens,

we never gave up.


They're all like us?


What's wrong with that boy?

He has a genetic condition.

We deal with our fair share.

A limited gene pool
has some side effects.

Hey. Sorry.

We brought your mom Jell-O.

Make mother strong.

Hey, if the stem cells don't work,

we can always give this a try.

Ben's mother

has Ryn inside.


She'll always have a part of you.

Pretty wild.

How is she?

Your mom's stable and resting.

I've updated the rest of her team.

They're cautiously optimistic.

Okay. So what's next?

For now, we wait and see.

How are you feeling?

Not tired.

That's a good sign.

Go home.

I'll call if there's a problem.

No. I'm not gonna leave my mom here.

Let me say this another way.

Your mother needs to rest.

Everyone, we have some
special guests today.

Say hello to my baby brother, Rick.

- Hi, Rick.
- Hey.

And our new friend Helen Hawkins.

Pleasure to meet you all.

Would you join us in grace?

Sistren of tide and time,

we gather in the spirit
of the Great Deep.

We ask our Mother's blessings

on this bounty of sea

and land.

And land.


My mother taught me that.

Halibut or shrimp?

What goes well with a bottle of whiskey?

Never mind, I'll figure out dinner.


- Sorry.
- What's the matter with you?


- Hey, hey.
- Ryn!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ryn. Ryn.


What the hell is wrong with her?

It's okay. You okay?

I'm... I'm so sorry.

Come on.

She want to hurt Ben and Maddie.

Uh, she was upset.

And a total...

But she didn't want to hurt us.

It's my fault. You're still recovering.

We should've come home,

not taken you to a crowded market.

Hey, it's no one's fault, okay?

We're home now.

Let's all just take it easy.



Helen. I just wanted
to welcome you here.

I'm John Rooney.

Oh. Pleasure to meet you, John.

Is this your house?

No. I have a small
ranch up in Larchwood.

Beautiful place, but I
haven't been in months.

Why not?

The family's got me tucked
away in assisted living.

- Oh.
- Figured it was time.

Sunny "view" they call it.

Trust me, there is none.

This must be a lot to take in.

Yeah, a complete paradigm shift.

I'm getting used to them.

You sound just like her.


Daphne. Your voices
are exactly the same.

Did you know my mother?

Cheeky attitude, beautiful smile.

Oh, no one could miss Daphne.

Can I, um, ask you

when did my mother part
ways with the group?

You know, dates get a
bit fuzzy at my age,

but I reckon she was around 30 or so.

Oh. That's before I was born.

What happened to your
folks wasn't right.

I'll never forget it.

Sorry. What are you talking about?

Helen, how lovely that you've met John.

John, Sally and David
were just looking for you.


I hope John wasn't bothering you.

Oh, no, not at all.

We were just swapping stories.

John gets a little confused sometimes.

He's doing his best, though.

John? Why don't you come with
me and grab some dessert?


Ben okay?

Yeah. I'm... I'm just worried.

The doctor hasn't texted?

No. Radio silence.

I'm sure he will if he needs to.

What if I did the wrong thing?

I think you're brave.

I don't need to be brave right now.

I need to be right.

Ben will be okay.

Ryn and Maddie will take care.



Oh. Ryn.


Ryn! Ryn, stop!


Ryn! Ryn!



What is this place? A strip club?

Your old man wouldn't want
you anywhere near here.

Just go on home.

Yeah, look, um,
I appreciate the warning,

but, uh, I got something I
gotta take care of in there.

Put your money away.

Just don't do anything
stupid, all right?

All right.



What's happening?

Didn't mean to hurt Ben.

Did you see her eyes?
It's not just fatigue.

It all started after the extraction.

It's got to be something
to do with the procedure.

Don't want to hurt Ben and Maddie.

We know you don't.

Must keep Ben and Maddie safe.

Don't want to hurt anyone.

Maybe she's right.

Well, we can't leave her here all alone.

We can't take her to the lab, either.

Who knows what the military'll do

if they see her like this. Probably

shoot her up with tranquilizers.

Come with me.

No one else is gonna come in here, Ryn.

You're safe, okay?

Ben and Maddie not in here with me.

We'll be just outside that door.

- She'll kill it!
- Ryn!

- Don't! Stop!
- Stop!



You can't go in the water.

You'll kill them.

This isn't you.

Listen. Please.

If you go in the water,

you might become more dangerous.

We won't be able to
help you or stop you.

Ryn? You know you can trust us.

The boys have a game next week.

Maybe you could come.

Can we talk some more?

About Mom and Dad and about all of this.

I'd love that.

Have you seen John anywhere?

I was hoping to say goodbye to him.

John had to go home early.

Wasn't feeling well.

Oh. Um...

I can't thank you enough
for sharing all of this.

So then we'll see you next time?

I look forward to it already.

Bye, Ricky.

What a day.


I check.

All right, uh...

All in.

What the hell, Calvin?

Who's this?

Hey, I got this.

Xan, give me five minutes.

- Calvin!
- Outside.

Can we lock the door from the outside?

If the sea lions or
anyone else came back,

she could rip it off its hinges.

Shit. It's Nicole.


We got some results back
from the blood sample

Ryn gave right before she left.

There's been a change from her baseline.

What kind of change?

One of her hormone levels went up.

Have you noticed any
changes in her behavior?

Uh, Ryn's fine. She's sleeping now.

All right, send me the data.

- I'll take a look.
- All right.

If anything does change, let me know.

I don't think it's secure enough.

Not after what just happened outside.

It's just until we figure
out what's going on, okay?

We don't want you to hurt yourself.

The hormone is unique to their species,

but, structurally, it's like cortisol.

The stress hormone.

In people, it produces
a primal response.

Exactly. Fight or flight.

Yeah. Not good.

It's only gone up since the extraction.

Ryn, look, we don't know

exactly what's going on yet,

but we're getting close.



It's gonna be a long night.

I better get some blankets for her.

So odd jobs, huh?

Dude, I just doubled up in there.

For now. But what happens
when your luck runs out?

Poker isn't about luck.

Oh, yeah. Did you see the guy
that was packing in there?

I don't think he thinks
it's about luck either.

What do you care, anyway?

Following me down here.

What, you jealous 'cause
you're wiping down counters?

Remember Sully?

Hmm? He had to leave the North Star

to go take care of his sister?
She was sick.

My dad kept on paying him until
he could come back to work.

He protected his crew.

He'd have done anything for them.

North Star's gone, man.

- That's not the point!
- Then what is?

You're my crew!

You! Boat or not!

And I'm not just gonna stand here

and just let you get
involved in something so...

Something so dumb!

Was I your crew when you let

both of our futures go down in flames?


Yeah. Didn't think so.



- Mom?
- Ben.

Are you okay?

The pain.

It's starting to go.

It's not gone, but

it's better.

It is?

And my hands. They're starting
to regain some feeling.

A little motion even.

I... I can't quite lift my arm, but...

It's better.

Mom, that's amazing.

Guess we'll need more of
those magic cells you got me.

- Ben? Are you there?
- Ryn?

- Mom, I love you! I gotta go!
- Well, I...


Ryn? Ryn!

- Ryn!
- Aaah!