Siren (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - Mixed Signals - full transcript

Maddie and Ben contend with how to help Ryn; When Maddie gets sirened, the group strive to uncover how the siren song really works.

Previously on Siren...

It's Mom.

She's in the emergency room.

Ryn help Ben's mother

Stem cells from a
deepwater marine creature.

Imagine what your father's going to say.

That's my mother.

Yes. A long time ago,
she was part of the group.

What happened to your
folks wasn't right.

I'll never forget it.

Was sleeping with me part of the job?

I'm here because I care about you.

Oh. Then you look me in the eye

and you tell me that you're
here just to check on me.

You're not just a little bit
curious about where they went?

- Ryn!
- Raah!









Ryn, where are you?!

Wait. Wait, wait, wait.

She could be anywhere.

We can't stop, Maddie.

The area's too big.

How are we going to find her?

We need help.

From who?


You really think we can trust her?

We don't have a choice, Maddie.

She's out here, and she's dangerous,

and we need to find her now.

You got everything you wanted.

Two of my best friends eating
out the palm of your hands.

Willing test subject for,

I don't know, whatever the
hell your people are doing.

That's not everything I wanted.

Look, I don't expect you to forgive me.

I mean, how could you?

You don't even know me.

Look, I gotta get this place
ready for business, so...

My older brother was
deployed two years ago.


I enlisted right after him.

Grew up in a military family,

so it was kind of the thing to do.

Yeah, family business, I get it.

First week there, his
convoy was hit by an IED.

He survived,

but with lots of damage.


I'm sorry.

I didn't see any action,
but I had to do something.

I heard about this military program.

Supposed to help wounded
soldiers walk again.

They said it involved the
use of "exotic" stem cells.

Yeah, that must have been a weird day

when you found out what that meant.

I volunteered to help
in any way that I could.

I was low level at first,

until the program's leader...

Guy named Aldon Decker...

Killed himself.

Yeah, I met him.

Military asked me to go
undercover in Bristol Cove.

If I could help figure
out why Decker died,

they'd be able to continue his work.

I never wanted to hurt anyone.

Well, duty calls, I guess.


We did this to her.

The stem cell extraction,

it caused Ryn to have
some kind of reaction.

Her cortisol levels spiked.

Maybe some kind of defensive response.

Back someone in a corner,
they're gonna react.

You should've told me sooner.

We thought we had it under control.

Clearly, you didn't.

I have to alert my C.O.

You should think about that.

What's to think about?

She's dangerous and on the loose.

She ran into the woods.

We can all find her and bring her back.

And do it without all
of us, including you,

having to get burned.

How do you think your superiors

are gonna react to you
letting this get out of hand?

My only mistake was putting
Ryn back in your care.

It doesn't matter whose fault it is.

We need to find Ryn.

It's why we called you.

Got the satellite link,

just have to set the target area.

You're not gonna, like, nuke

Bristol Cove from orbit are you?

It's thermal imaging.

Should help us pinpoint
exactly where Ryn is.

Yeah, but how do you know it's
her and not some rando campers?

Ryn's core body temp
is different than ours.

Ninety-two degrees.

If that's her, she's moving fast.


Where are you?!

Well, so much for a quiet morning.

Dad, it's a person.

Rifle down, now.

Are you okay?!

You could get yourself killed out here!

Hey, hey, hey, hey! Easy, easy.

Careful, buddy. There's a girl out here.

I don't know what she's on,

but she's gonna get herself hurt.

Did you see where she went?

If you're smart, you'll get out of here.

What the hell, man!

Where is she?!

She didn't come this way.


- Come on.
- Come on.


Ryn, it's Maddie.

Do you understand what's happening?


Ryn, please.


No, no, no, no, no!

Maddie, Maddie, Maddie! No, no, no!

No, no, no, no!

Look at me. You okay?


Can you hear me?


What did I do?

You're sure you're all right?

I mean, no accelerated heart rate?


I mean, a little shaky, but
other than that, I feel fine.

You don't remember anything, Ryn?

I remember, but could not stop.

It's okay. It's not your fault.

Not okay.

This is not Ryn.

Something change me.

Know I do bad thing,

but do it anyway.

How do you feel now?

Okay, now.

When I sing, I feel better.

Ryn told us before that the song

does something for her, too.

Whatever it releases,

it seems like it's strong enough

to reduce the built-up
adrenaline at a rapid rate.

Might be a good idea to keep

the needles away from her for a while.

Yeah, right.

But what about you, Maddie?

What do you mean?

I don't know. How about the fact

that Ryn just did her thing to you?

You're acting like it's nothing.

Hey, we're working through it, Xan.

Says the guy who's had
this song stuck in his head

for, what, the last couple months?

Look, can we just...

Just fact check, yeah,
for, like, a second?

So the three of you are
working with the military

to get some genetic goo out of Ryn

and inject it into Ben's mom,

and because of all this,

Ryn just went "beast mode."

I mean, I'm sorry,

but y'all need to get
your damn heads checked!

That's just one guy's opinion, so...

He's not wrong.

About checking our heads.

Maybe it's time we considered it.

Decker's brain scans,
the ones you showed me.

Can we do the same for us?

Yeah. Just gotta get
you back to the lab.

If we know exactly how
the song's affecting us...

Maybe we can do something about it.

You should've discussed it with me.

Instead you go injecting yourself

with another experimental treatment.

I mean, I know you want
to get better, but...

I think it did make me better.

Those awful side effects

from the previous treatment are gone.

Even the nerve pain that I used
to have is a little better.

I'm not going to be running marathons

anytime soon, but it's a start.

You should've at least stayed in

the hospital so they could monitor you.

You know the chances of
infection are higher there.

They said that I could
recuperate at home.

I just... It got really,
really close there

in the hospital for a few minutes.

I thought was gonna lose you.

But things are finally turning around.

And we have our son to thank for that.

What do you mean?

Ben is the one who
found the new treatment.

He even had a specialized
military doctor to administer it.

These guys are the best of the best.

So you've both been
keeping this from me.

Don't blame him.

His intention was to help
me, not to deceive you.

With everything that's been going on.

Now is the perfect
time to put it to rest.

Are you sure you're up for
entertaining right now, Mom?

Every day feels better than the last.

I'll see what we can do,

but the timing right now is...

Everything, Ben.

If I've learned anything,

it's that time is not something

I can take for granted anymore.

All of us could use a fresh start.

That's easier said than done.


Tomorrow night, 7 PM.

Nothing fancy.

You can come with Maddie, and

I want you to bring that
girl from the hospital,

the one who helped me.
I need to thank her.

Mom, uh...

Ben. Please.


You okay?

Yeah, fine.

How's your mom?

Uh, she wants us to go
to dinner tomorrow night.

She wants me to bring Ryn, too.

Ben's mother is better?

Must be, if she's feeling
good enough to see people.

Look, Ryn and I have to go, but
if you don't feel up to it...

It's fine.

You sure?

Wouldn't want to upset her,

not in her condition, right?


How soon until we see the results?

Doctor says tomorrow morning.

Your turn.

Have to look at Ben's brain now.



- Hi.
- Is everything all right?

Your message said you needed
to talk to us right away.

Yes. Thank you for
coming over so quickly.

Like TV, but not.

Uh, this is called film.

Those are my parents.

These are the only images
I have of them together.

That bun in the oven, that's me.

My father died a few
weeks before I was born.

How did Helen's father die?

Brain aneurysm.

At least that's what
I was lead to believe.

What do you mean?

That's why I asked you to come over.

We have a lot to catch up on.

We couldn't agree more.

There are more people like Helen?

More family?

Much more, but...

You think they're dangerous?

I can't be sure.

The old man told me that what

happened to my parents wasn't right.

I just wish I knew what
wasn't right about it.

What do you think they want?

As far as I can tell, to know
that their secret is safe.

To protect themselves
from the outside world.

Secrecy hasn't been a problem for us.

Assuming you can trust
your military friends.

If it wasn't for their help,

Ryn might not be sitting here right now.

I'm better now.

And just in time for
dinner tomorrow night.

She invited you, too?

Thanks for the tea.

Mm, all right.

Good night, Helen.


I can't believe it's real.

All those myths about the song.

That it could do something
like this to the human brain.


Which one's which?

Decker's, yours, and mine.

Decker's very dark.

Yes. Lesions of some sort.

Maddie's not so dark.

Because it just happened,

and you just sang to me.

But there is something there.

The damage to yours
seems to be somewhere

between hers and Aldon Decker's.

Let's hope it stays that way.

I do this to Ben and Maddie?

Make heads dark?

No. Well, not intentionally.

The question is, why is it doing that?

When Ben has struggled with it,

he seems to become more obsessive.

It seems to tap into
the prefrontal cortex,

which controls reason and emotion.

Another way of saying "impulse control."

That means how we choose
to act, good or bad.

Song makes you do things
you don't want to.

Like Ryn.

Not exactly.

I think in our case, it might

make us do things we want to do,

but usually stop ourselves from doing.

Just because it makes you more obsessive

doesn't mean it'll do the same to me.

If it does anything at all.

Right. Like alcohol.

Drinking affects everyone differently.

If we could record the song itself,

we could look into its effects.

I do this before.

Sing for recording. For Ben and Maddie.

We've been wanting to analyze it,

but not had the means.

Maybe it's the only way.

See if it's a bell that can be un-rung.

Hey, Mom? It's not a really good time.

Dad can't help?

All right. I'll be right over.

I gotta get over to my mom's.

She needs help, doesn't
want to bother my dad.

I'll come with you.

No, you keep working.

I'll see you tonight.


Call me if anything...

You'll be the first to know.


This is my song?

Yeah. Broken down into pieces.

Song is broken?

No, no, no. The... The pieces are,

mixed together to make
one sound. One song.

One song composed of hundreds
of frequencies and layers.

This many layered
frequencies from one voice.

How is that possible?

All different levels,
polyphonics, amplitudes.

I've never seen anything like it,

not even from whales or dolphins.

Now that we've isolated them,

- we need to test them individually.
- Yeah, on it.

I could listen in real time,

while you monitor each one.

What? Is that safe?

Ben is sure?

If we want answers,

we have to try.

Must be the circuit breaker.

I'm sorry, Maddie.

- I wouldn't have asked you...
- It's okay.

It's, uh, right here.

So... how are things?

Not good.

I think all this wiring might be shot.

No. I meant how are you?

How's Ben? How's your other friend Ryn?

We're fine, Mom.

You don't have to keep
me in the dark, Maddie.

I'm not that old-fashioned.

People have all kinds of
relationships these days.

I just want to make sure
that yours is healthy.

That looks dangerous.

Not worth you getting hurt.
I'll call the electrician.

Maddie, just leave it.

No! I can fix it!

What a piece of crap.

- Maddie, just...
- Leave me alone!


What's gotten into you?

Something's wrong.

Talk to me.

I have to go.


Ben and Maddie are very close to you.

Very protective of you.

Does your song have
anything to do with that?

Not just song.

With Ben and Maddie, it is more.


Yes. Ryn loves Ben and Maddie.

Ryn makes love with Ben and Maddie.


Yeah. Let's do this.

Here we go.

The song in full.

All frequencies.

My song does this?


I'm going to play the frequencies
I was able to isolate.

See how they affect yo.



Most humans can hear frequencies

between 20 hertz and 20,000.

Sea creatures, like some dolphins,

can hear frequencies
up to 100,000 hertz,

while some whales can hear infrasonic

sounds as low as seven hertz.

The range of these frequencies,

they're unlike anything I've ever seen.

Ben is in pain?

Stop this!

So, uh, anything show up?

When they were looking
at your brain, or whatever.

Still running more tests, but...

Everything looks okay.


This, um, song thing,

what does it do to you?

I mean, besides make
you drink before 5:00

or move to Iowa.

All depends on the person.

I know I feel good.

I think that's the IPA talking.


Wanted to tell you,

I'm glad you're doing better.

You're a good guy, Xan.

You deserve to be happy.


You know, so do you.

It's good to see that you're

giving yourself a break for a change.

You weren't always the
Maddie who felt like

she had to take care of everyone else.

Not always having to control everything?

Just doing what feels
right in the moment.

I forgot what it's like.

- Feels good.
- Yeah, I bet.


Whoa. Hey.

What are you doing?



Ryn, remember, we're pretending

that we're just friends, okay?

But more than friends.

Ryn lie?

Yeah, kind of.

But this is for my mom's sake.

You helped her in the hospital.

She wants to thank you.

She doesn't need to
know any more than that.

Not right now.


- Hey, man.
- Hey.

And who might this be?

This is Ryn,

Maddie's exchange student
friend from Finland.

Wait a minute. You...
You look really familiar.

It was a pool party at the Siren

Song Motel a while back, right?


All right. Well, let me take that.

- Come on inside, guys.
- All right.

I have to admit, I was
surprised to hear from you.

Much less find myself
sitting in your home.

We're family, Helen.

It threw me for a loop when I found out,

but I think maybe it's time
we started acting like it.

I agree.

- Mom.
- Hey.

You look so good.

I'm so glad you made it.

I see you brought my
favorite new person.

It's so good to see you again.

Ryn... friend from Finland.

How lovely.

Where's Maddie?

She's held up.

She'll... She'll be here.



I'm sorry. I don't think we've met.

I'm Ted, Ben's father.

This is Ryn, Ben's friend.

From Finland.

Oh, wow. What city you from?

No city.

Mm. A country girl. I like it.


Well, it's nice to meet you, Ryn.

You mind if I steal him for a second?

Stealing is bad.

It's okay. I'll be right back.

So I don't know what kind
of strings you pulled,

but, uh, your mother's
recovery is progressing

extremely well.

She told you.

Yeah. After the fact, if you ask me.

Why the hell didn't you tell me?

- What were you thinking, huh?
- Dad, there was no time.

If I had told you,

would you have ever gone along with it?

Look, it was Mom's choice, Dad.

She made it.

Your mother gets her
mind set on something,

trying to change it is
an exercise in futility.

Yeah. On that we can agree.

So, you two met in the hospital?

- Mm-hmm.
- Yes.

I help Ben's mother.

She sure did.

Visited me at my worst.

Alleviated the pain.

How did she do that?

I'm not sure, actually.

She just sort of placed

her hands above me and


She sang to you?

Not song.

Different sound.

For helping.

Well, whatever it was,
I need to download it,

because it worked wonders.

By the way,

I got a copy of that
video from Klesco Oil.

Want to get your take on this.

They say no human can
possibly swim this deep.

You're the expert. What do you think?

Looks like someone is playing

a very good trick on Klesco.

What do you mean?

Like you said, there's
no other explanation.

It just makes no sense.

I'm curious, how did you
and Ben become friends?

Ben almost hit me with car.


Avid bicyclist, this one.


Thank God she had a helmet on, hmm?

How are you guys doing?

Oh, just in time.

I need a drink.


Mom, I know I already said it,

but, really, you look so great.

Well, I can't wait to
start feeling even better.

Yeah, slow but steady.

I hope not too slow.

Do you know when I'll
be getting my next dose?

I'm not sure.

I'll talk to the doctor.


I'm so happy you could all join us.

Yeah. I'd like to thank
you all for coming.

Our family's been through a lot.

Means more to me than you know.

Being in the hospital, uh,

made me realize

what's really important.

To family.


To new friends,

and to those who matter most.

Maddie! Oh, you made it.

I'm so glad.

Um, please sit. You're just in time.

So Sylvia has prepared her
world famous duck roast.

It should be one for the books.

You okay?


All right.

You've known Maddie the
longest out of all her friends.

Probably knew her
better than I ever did.

I guess I thought if anyone can tell me

what's really going on with her,

- it might be you.
- Well, she's...

She's had a rough few months.


Lots of work stress.

But you know Maddie.

She's a fighter, yeah?

Whatever's getting her worked up,

don't worry, she'll bounce back.

I don't mean to sound closed-minded,

and it's not that I care that

she's seeing more than one person,

man or woman, it's just...

Um... Um, uh...

I'm sor... What do you mean?

Her being with Ben and Ryn?


You know, together.

Come on. No, no, it's...

Ryn's a... She's...


So Ryn and Maddie

and Ben...

Are in a relationship together.

In the biblical sense.

Ryn told me herself.

You didn't know?

Ryn, when are you going back to Finland?

Ryn is on a... an extended visa program.

I stay on land. My choice.

Ted, can I ask you something?

The old well out the back,

how long's it been there?


By the garden. I've seen it before.

Maddie, I, uh...

I happened to see your
mother a few weeks ago.

She looked great.

Oh. Thanks.

I'm sure it's been a... a long road,

but I was really happy
to see her doing better.

Me too. Very happy.

And if... I mean, when I feel up to it,

I want to come and see you
at the Research Center.

Been way too long.

Is Maddie mad?

Maddie is not okay.

No. Not okay.

Because Maddie lie.

Ryn doesn't want to lie.

Not about being with Ben and Maddie.

Others should know.


We are in love.

Yes. We're in love.

We're in love.

The three of us!

Okay then.

No more pretend?


I'm sorry. Excuse me.


She hasn't been feeling well.

- Oh.
- Excuse me. I should...

I should, uh...

Uh, well...

Thank you for food.

You playing the right one?

Yes, ma'am.

Turn it up.

Shut it off!

I said...

Don't mean to disturb you.

Oh, no, come on in.

Sorry I was so, uh,
distracted at dinner.

It's understandable.

That was quite the show.

That's one way to put it.

I just hope those three
figure it out, whatever it is.


You were asking about the, uh...

The well?

It adds a lot of character to
the property, don't you think?

Oh, sure does.

There used to be a cottage
next to it, am I right?

That's right. How'd you know that?

I don't know how to explain this.

I believe my mother
and father lived there.


I have an old home movie of them,

taken just before I was born.

I must've watched it a hundred times,

but I never knew it
was in your backyard.

The cottage, do you know
what happened to it?

Uh, fire, I think.

But, like I said, it was before my time.

I remember seeing it in a bunch

of old family photo albums,

but, uh, I never really
thought much of it.

I figured it was for storage.

Seems that wasn't the case.

You said I had discretion in how

I conducted my relationship...

Relax, you're not in trouble.

I want to thank you, actually.

You've been a big help.

Now, this... sound.

This song. Whatever it is,

make it your top priority.

I still can't believe what I said.

Your mom probably thinks
I'm a basket case.

Look, the song affects
everyone differently.

It wasn't you.

Wasn't it?

Wasn't it what I really wanted to say

and just didn't stop
myself from saying it?

Look, we have to keep
experimenting on the recording.

Find a solution.

No more dark spots.

It won't be long until your
mom needs another injection.

If we keep taking stem
cells, Ryn will need to sing

to someone again to
counteract the effects.

She'll have to sing to me.

I can't stop now.

We don't know how much
more your brain can take.

Then we better figure something out,

and quick.