Siren (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - No North Star - full transcript

Everyone deals with the fallout from the oil rig attack; Ryn returns to land to follow through on an agreement she made with the military.

Previously on Siren...

Ben is love.

Maddie's love.

- Ryn always with you.
- We love you.

After you find the others,

the ones that are lost,

you'll just come back here, right?


Helen has family.

Are you Rick? I'm Helen Hawkins.

There's something I
have to tell you, Helen.

This is my sister.

I'd always assumed I was the only one.

- I found the one we need.
- You're sure?

If I can convince her to come willingly,

I think we'll get a lot more out of her.

Ben's in big trouble.

A crew out of Dungeness

brought your dad's
body up in their nets.

The Feds want you.

I will help soldiers,

but they must help Ryn, too.

Case is closed on direct orders

from the U.S. military.

Klesco Oil is looking
for their next big hit.

They're tearing our ecosystem apart.

Pownall Seafood's leasing Klesco

a strip of land for a pipeline.

We gotta do something big.

Push them outta here for good.

Oh, my God, they did it.

I don't see them!

Xander?! Xander!


Calvin! Calvin! Come on!

- Where's Xander?
- There's too much smoke!

I couldn't find him!




Xan! Xander!

Xander! Xander! Come on!

Get up!

Come on! Xan!

Come on! Go, go, go!

Sit down!

Maddie, we gotta get out of here!

Go, go, go! That's it!

Go, go!

Come on, breathe!

Come on, breathe! Breathe!

You're doing good.

I'm gonna call the Coast Guard, okay?

No! No.

No. Let it burn.

This is it.

We're screwed.

They can't tie us to anything, okay?

We stick to the story.

What? That we helped
a bunch of fish people

- go back in the water?
- Fuel line malfunction.

That is what we tell
them when they ask us.

And if they ask why we didn't
call the Coast Guard...

No time.

Why didn't we call them?

Why'd you let it burn?

Hey. It's done.

It's all done.

Not the kind of fireworks I expected.

At least no one was hurt.

Did you see Ben at the party?

Yeah, I did. Surprised me.

I didn't think he'd be there.

He wasn't planning on showing.

Maybe he changed his mind about Klesco?

He and Maddie both
show up late, wet hair?

He'd been on my case about Klesco.

Wanted me to pull my support.

It doesn't mean he'd be so reckless.

This is Ben we're talking about.

He was pretty worked up.


- What is it?
- Ah, it's...

No, it's fine.

He did rush off after all the fuss.

I'll drive this to the dump.

Take it to the one in
Port Angeles just in case.


Tell me you didn't do this.

I'll see you later.

Of all the stupid ideas
you've gotten in your head...

You really think one blip's

gonna stop a
multi-million-dollar project?

You maybe set them
back a few months, max.

Whoever did it, they
got their attention.

This is my fault. I've indulged you.

You have these unrealistic
fantasies of how the world works.

I don't think having values
is an unrealistic fantasy.

I raised you to care about this family.

You realize the position
you've put us in?

We're not gonna see eye to eye on this.

No, we're not.

But I'm done trying to help you.

I'm not coming to bail you out anymore.

Don't expect any more support

with your little research projects.


It's nice to have you over.

Been a bit quiet around here.

Not that this is much chattier.


Something on your mind?

No. I was just, um...

Thinking about my sister.

Your sister?

I want to tell her.

About our family.

Uh, you said she was closed-minded.

She always thought there
was something wrong with me.


I just need to show her, you know?

This secret about our family,

not everyone's ready for it.

I need her to understand.

Okay. If you're determined,

I'll go with you.

As backup.



You seem, uh... You seem tired.

I haven't been sleeping great.

Look, it's been two weeks.

If we were suspects,

we would've been questioned by now.

My dad says the more time that passes,

the better off we are.

He's so pissed at me.

Hey, we did the right thing.

Do you think they found their colony?

I don't know.

I hope so.

I miss her.

Me, too.

You seem okay.

Like you're handling it.

Better than me.

Look, I've...

I've been listening to it.


The recording you made.

You took the flash drive?

I've been wanting to tell you.

Does it help?

It's not like the real
thing, not nearly as strong,

but, yeah, it gets me through.

I want to listen.

Maddie, it could be dangerous.

But you're listening.

Just to take the edge off.

That's what I need.

I miss her so much.

I know how that feels.

Come on.

... Before you start to stuff it.

Do we have to have a lot of flour on it?

No, no. All I do is,
basically, I take the ricotta,

and I cut it out, then I use a fresh...

Hey, stranger.

A get well present.


Can I come in?

Yeah, sure.

I find that fresh chives
work a lot better.

Now, you want to get your
fresh onions right here.

Put those in the pa,

add a little bit of butter.

I texted you. A lot.

Yeah. I've been busy.

Talked to Calvin.

Told me you were staying with your mom.


What, he give you my social security

number and my blood type, too?

- Nah. We already have that on file.
- I'll bet.

He told me about your boat.

There's not much more to say then, huh?

What happened?

It was an accident.

It burned, and it sank.

- I'm so sorry.
- Are you?

Or are you just here to pump
me for more information?


It's all out in the open now, so just...

Just ask me.

That's why you're here, right?

Just be honest for once.

I'm here because I care about you.

Oh. Then you look me in the eye.

You look me in the eye and you tell me

that you're here to just check on me.

You're not just a little bit
curious about where they went?

You're not gonna find
what you're looking for.

Thanks for the bourbon.

Mom! Come look!

Sweetie, we gotta go!


Okay, you need to leave.

I just want to talk.

Well, I don't think we
have anything to say.

You guys are scientists.

You have to be curious
about their lives.

They're not lab rats.

You can't just put them
in a cage and study them.

They're basically an endangered species.

If you don't know anything
about them, you can't help them.

Decker put one of them in a cage.

She broke out and killed
a bunch of people.

Do you want a repeat of that?

I'm talking about a totally
different way of working with them.

Like to run a few basic tests.

Nothing complicated.

And don't worry, you're in good hands.

Where is she?

Do you have her now?

No. She came and left
of her own free will.

- Why would she do that?
- You'd have to ask her.

It's been a few weeks
since I've seen her.

I was hoping you can get
me in contact with her.

She's not coming back.

They're back in the water for good.

We're closed.

Ryn! Ha!

I didn't think you'd come back.


Are the others okay?

He gave this to you?

In the water, others in danger.

He save them, but...

He die.

I don't trust Nicole.

They're not gonna stop
till they find her.


Are you okay?

Yes. Okay.

We missed you.

Come on.

It sucks to let someone
into your life and

they just get taken away.

Yeah, it sucks.

But that's not a reason
not to let people in.

We just gotta be grateful
for the time shared.

Yeah. Yeah, I guess.

Let's go.

I can... I can't do this.

I mean, what's she even gonna say?

You know what? It's not meant to be.




We need to talk.


How are the others?

Did you find any more of your colony?

Only find three.

Many dead.


They move forward.

Hunt. Grow strong.

Try make more babies.

You took good care of them.

Ryn hurt inside.

Need Ben and Maddie.

We need you, too.

There's a woman looking for you.

She's with the military.

Yes. I help her.


She get Ben out of cage.

You agreed to work with
her to get Ben out of jail?


You shouldn't have done that.

Ben is love.

Look, you shouldn't have put
yourself in danger for me.

We think it's better for
you to go back to the water.

Just for a while.

Ryn choose!

Military was bad to
sister, but good to Ryn.

For now.

But we don't know what
they want to do to you.

I stay with Ben and Maddie.


Uh... sorry.

Hey, what's going on?

It's Mom.

She's in the emergency room.

Hey, maybe it's best if you wait here.

Let me check in with my family.

Of course.

What happened?

It's the clinical trial that
doctor signed her up for.

Aldon Decker?

No. He hooked her up with a colleague

at the University of Washington.

There's been some complications.

Mom, can you tell me
exactly what you're feeling?

My arm. I can't feel my arm.


Hey, can I talk to you?

Do you know what's going on?

She seems to be experiencing a reaction

to the treatment from the trial.

- Right, yeah.
- We're still running tests.

Her last doctor prescribed Tramadol.

We have her on something similar.

There's a risk the paralysis
may spread further.

How much further?

Well, the danger would be her lungs.

Ben, can I talk to you
outside for a second?

Yeah. Yeah.

It's hand sanitizer.

For germs.

What is germs?

Germs make people sick,

and then they come here to see a doctor.

A healer.

Ben's mother have germs?

She had an accident.

It was years ago, but
it still hurts her.

She will die?

I don't know.

Ben worry?

Yeah, I think so.

Look, Dad, I don't want to fight, okay?

- It's not the time.
- Of course.

You should know something.

The CEO of Klesco told me they
got a video from that night.

They might be able to I.D. someone.

What's it of?

I'm looking into it, but
if you're involved...


I'll give you some money.

You should get out of town.
Lay low for a while.

No way.

If your mother finds out about this,

who knows what the
stress will do to her.

Dad, I'm not leaving her.


Why the hell'd you talk to Nicole?

She was worried about you.

I told you, she's military.

Dude, I know.

But you're real messed
up right now, okay?

Everyone's worried.

My dad's boat burned.

And you didn't stop it.

- What was I gonna do?
- Something. Anything.

I'll call the insurance company, okay?

I'll get it all sorted out.

Why didn't you do something that night?

- I mean, your dad...
- Don't, okay?

Just don't bring my dad into this.

On the house.


Money's a little tight right now, so...

Yeah, I heard.

You know, you could work here.


I mean, you drink enough of it.

C'mon, we're short staffed.

Your girlfriend just quit. In a text.

She's not my girlfriend.

You know what?

Yeah, okay.

I mean, if Nicole can do it,
it can't be that hard, right?



Putting your DNA on the
Internet seems scary.

I mean, it worked out. I... I met Helen,

and she's been telling
me all about our family.

And now I get to meet you.
A real pleasure.

And what is your family background?

We're from the same... tribe.

Many years ago,

the family diverged.

What do you mean by tribe?

More like a kinship.

It's really hard to find people

who understand you in this world.

I'm sure Rick's told you

he and I don't always see eye to eye.

'Cause you think I'm crazy.

I don't think you're crazy.

You had me locked up.

It was a 72 hour hold.

I am not crazy.

There are some things about this family

that I didn't know about.

Our history.

I don't think we should bother
your sister with all of this.

No, please.

What sort of things?

Rick, we can come back at another time.

No, no. We...

We're related to, um...

To... to mermaids.

I think we should go.

Are you encouraging this?

All right, no. My whole life,

you've made me feel like a loser.

And now I finally know what I am.

I'm gonna call Dr. Edmundsen.


Look, there's no need for that.

He might've got a little bit stressed,

- seeing you again.
- Oh.

Honestly, where's he
getting all this from?

Haven't the foggiest.

There's a video from
the night of the party.

- From the drill site?
- I don't know.

I thought Helen cut the feed.

They must've been recording it.

How much do you think they
got before it went out?

I don't know.

What is she doing here?

Where's Ryn?

I don't know.

What are you doing here?

I heard someone at The Anchor
say your mom was in the hospital.

How's she doing?

It's not a good time.

I wanted to talk to you
about Decker's research.

He did a whole study on curing
paralytic rats with stem cells.

- Are you serious right now?
- Ben.

Stem cells he collected
from Ryn's sister.

Are you trying to use my
mother to manipulate me?

Decker was close to
testing this on humans.

I know all about you.

I know how you manipulated Xander.

You used him, and now
you're trying to use me.

I didn't use Xander. I care about him.

You got a funny way of showing it.

No. No, no, no.

You're good.

She sleep now.

What was that?

In water, some learn
this to help with pain.

I never try before.

Like healing.

No. Not heal.

Move pain away.

Why Ben's mother hurt?

She tried to get some
medicine that would help her,

but it hurt her.

Ben is love.

Ben's mother is love.

I help Ben.

What the hell...


Your son's a diver, right?

Part fish, I'm thinkin'.

How deep would you say
someone could free dive?

Oh, gosh, I think the world
record's about 700 feet.



Who was that woman with you?

Just a friend.

I got you.

- Better?
- Yeah.

Mom, why didn't you tell me

that you started the trial?

With everything happening
between you and your father,

I... I didn't want to upset you.


Forget about me, okay?

Let's worry about you right now.

I just feel so foolish.

No, Mom, you're not foolish.

I just thought,

treatment worked for some people.

Why not me?

You've gotta cut Dad some slack.


Why do you always defend him?

There's a lot you don't know.

The company's in a bad place.

I mean, we're talking serious debt.

Dad always kept the books balanced.

Well, a couple tough years fishing,

plus Mom's medical expenses.

Ben, it's why Dad did
the deal with Klesco.

If you could do something to help Mom,

wouldn't you take the chance?

Hey. Got your text.

What's up?

We need to talk.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Ben's in the cafeteria.

How's Mrs. Pownall?

Honestly, not great.

How you holding up?

I'm okay.

There's a video from that night.

With the drillship.

Oh, shit. What?

We don't know yet.

I hope it's not of the boat.
I got enough problems.

You'll get that insurance money soon.

Get back on the water.

I haven't filed the insurance yet.


I dunno, it's just...


Maybe I don't want another boat.

I feel like this huge
weight's been lifted off me.

Xander, your dad worked so hard.

Everyone keeps talking about my dad.

You know, like the boat
was this big legacy.

Why'd you let it burn?

I got handed this life.

You know, fishing, the boat.

It was never a choice.

Then all this shit
went down with them and

his death.

I don't know, just made
me question all of it.

What do you want?

I don't know.

Coffee for Maddie.

Thank you.

Mr. Pownall.

I was just on my way to see you.

If you want to see me,
make an appointment.

I tried. Your secretary said you were

booked for the rest of the month.

Yeah, I'm a busy man.

Two weeks since the
attack and no arrests.

As an interested party, do
you have a comment on that?

I believe in letting law
enforcement do their job.

What do you think about the
surveillance video footage?

You'll have to be more specific.

Well, I have a source claiming that

there's video of a potential suspect.

Then your source should help the police,

tell them what they know.


You said that you'd be
willing to help my mom.

Yes. I help.

Ben, what's going on?

- I talked to Nicole.
- Without us?

Look, she has research
that could help my mom.

Decker's research.

We can't let Ryn work with them.

We'd be there every step of the way.

We'd have unlimited access.

To experiment on Ryn?

To protect her.

And to help my mom.

Ryn help Ben's mother.

It's your decision.

Thank you.

Oh. Bathroom break.

Chin up.

Your sister wasn't ready to hear you.

Maybe one day she will be.




There you go. Put it on your tab?


Hey, bartender.


How you holding up?

Well, there's lots of freedom,

not being tied down.

To the boat?

To everyone.

I know you hate me,
but I was doing my job.

Yeah. Cool story.

I don't have to stick around anymore.

But I am. For you.

Enjoy your drink.

Dude, forget her, man.

Barely even think about her.

You know, when you get your new boat,

we are gonna load it up with

the sexiest ladies in Bristol Cove.

You gotta stop with all that.

Okay. All right.

Um, no rebound chicks yet, but I...

No, man, about me,

about the boat.

I'm done.

Done with all of that.



Come on.


Let us out!

Thank you for bringing them back, Bryan.

I didn't know what to do.

Of course.

I'll gather the others.

Biohazard, Ryn's tank,

and this'll be your office.

You should know, there's a
video of them underwater.

Klesco Oil has it.

Ben's dad called.

He got a copy, and he's
been asking questions.

I'll look into it. See what I can do.

This is our Level Four
Medical Research Room.

You all have access to the lab.

Ryn can enter and exit
whenever she wants.

Shall we get started?