Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 3, Episode 7 - Caught Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - full transcript

[blows landing, grunting]

- Talk to me.
- You're Downtown Brown, right?

I know who I am.
Who might you be?

[Announcer] Tonight,
on Simon and Simon:

Skra! Skra!

The worst enemy an
undercover cop can have

are his friends.

I was set up by somebody
inside the department.

Haines has been
up the river too long.

He's joined the damned savages.

We don't have all day.

They're measuring his brother
for a pair of cement shorts.

Out of the way, out of the way!

Down! Everybody down!

♪♪ [theme]


[laughing] I love it, Colby.

Some old rich broad
orders a 50-buck steak

and winds up choking on my lead.

Yeah, that's real nice.

Why don't you give
us a 21-gun salute,

and let the neighbors
call the cops?

- Haines, think fast!
- [gunshots]


Okay. It was just a joke.


Next time, leave
Reed back in his cave.

Or we don't do business.

[Man on radio] Okay, Blue Team.

I hope you're hearing this.

Colby and Reed are
counting the money,

and I'm going to the head.

Stand by to move.

Get ready. I think this is it.


There's no way in from the back.

They've got it locked
from the inside.

The front door is clear.

And Reed's already
emptied his clip.

Phil, Tony: I want you inside
the front door in 15 seconds.

Come on.

Ben, run around
front and cover them.

If Colby and Reed
split, go after them.

I'll cover the money.

Let's do it.


Emergency. Officer
needs assistance.

Monarch Provision
Company, 1156 Teller Street.

Okay, his wire went dead
right after he opened the door

to leave the can.

There's no way that
could have happened

unless he disconnected it.

- Equipment malfunction.
- Human malfunction!

Face it. Haines has
been up the river too long.

He's joined the damn savages.

Two months ago, you
were saying that Roy Haines

was the best undercover
cop this department has seen.

Now, we owe it to him

to hear his part of the story.

That's just it. We
haven't heard anything.

He ran out of there with
the money, with the furs,

and with two dead
cops on his conscience,

if he has one of those left.

[sighs] Well, what
do you think, Doc?

I think, uh, we've all
been under a lot of strain.

Especially Roy, wherever he is.

On his way to Brazil.

Captain, we have
to put out a warrant.

Why the hell hasn't he come in?

[drunken singing] ♪
Strangers in the night ♪

[out of tune] ♪ Exchanging
glances It's lonely people ♪

♪ Wand'rin' in the night ♪

♪ I am a lineman
for the county ♪

♪ And I drive the main road ♪

♪ Lookin' in the
sun for another... ♪

Well, Gerry's got it together
since last year, hasn't he?

- Yeah.
- Remember what he did

to that piano player
right in the middle of

"Tie a Yellow Ribbon"?

Sure glad we increased
the emergency bail fund.

Yeah, that's right.

I never thought I would
be glad to see a bar close.

Forget it. Time has no meaning

for the Condor. Didn't
you read the charter?

Are you kidding? A
handshake is tough enough.

Still haven't got the
hang of that claw thing.

It'll be dawn before
the last one drops.

Oops. I got a bandit, 11:00.

You take the fox,
I'll take the hound.

Fellow Condor, let us honor
the watchword of our brotherhood.

- Hi.
- Pack up your sheet music,
darlin', and head on home.

These birds aren't
playing tonight.

- Ah!
- The Condor is loyal.

- He flies in silence.
- He flies in silence.

- Moving swiftly,
- Moving swiftly,

- attacking without a sound.
- Attacking without a sound.

Skra! Skra! Skra! Skra!

Oh, hi, boys. What
a coincidence.

- Do you know this one?
- Uh, yeah.

- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, Mom.

We're just on our
way for a nightcap

at the patio bar.
You remember Leo.

- Oh, sure. Hi, Leo.
- Nice to see you again.

- Hi.
- Hi. Have to excuse us.

We're a little busy
here. Excuse me.

You know, I think
your mom's cute.

I didn't know your sons were
members of the brotherhood.

Oh, they're not!

So, what do you think
we ought to do with it?

Burn it.

I was thinking of
taking it over to Carlos,

you know, getting some
lights put in these little eyes.

Maybe we could, uh,

put it up on the directionals
on 57, you know?

Rick, promise me we
will never, ever again

babysit another convention.

I don't care how
much they pay us.

I don't care how many
birds they give us.

It's a whole new
market, you know.

Elks, Optimists.

Good night, Brother Condor.

- Skra!
- [doorbell clangs]

If that is wearing a white
belt and smoking a cigar,

- shoot it.
- Right.

It's crying.

I thought when you've
been married to a cop,

you're ready for
anything. [chuckles]

What's five guys
knocking down your door

- in the middle of the night?
- Unconstitutional?

Oh, they had a warrant.

Shook me up a little, but geez,

it scared hell out of the kids!

What really got me
was they looked at me

like I was lying.

I told them a dozen times, I
haven't seen Roy in months!

How long have you been divorced?

Four years.

But Roy's always real
good about seeing the kids.

You don't think he
killed those two officers?

We don't know enough
to think anything right now.

What's important
is how you feel.

[chuckles] You sound
like Lieutenant Hayden.

The police psychiatrist.
He tried to help us.

I think he's the only one down
there who really understands.

I want you to find
Roy before they do.

Those faces tonight
were pretty scary.

I've seen it before.

When a cop
gets killed, it's like

the whole force
goes out of its mind.

Some awful... tidal wave.

Mrs. Haines, I think
there's something

we ought to make
perfectly clear.

If we find that the
police are right,

all we can do is
try and talk Roy

into turning himself in.

And if he won't do
that, we'll have to.

I understand.

Now let's just hope the cops do.

You step on their toes,
they got a real funny way

of saying "ouch."

Does he have any friends
that he might have had

contact with recently?

The worst enemy an
undercover cop can have

are his friends.

Roy had none.

Except for Downtown
Brown, but...

I don't know if you'd
call him a friend.

What would you call him?


Boa. Shoes made from the
skins of an endangered reptile.

Gold Piaget watch.

$500, hand-tailored silk suit.

The man's wardrobe would
balance the national budget.

And he's reading
Popular Mechanics.

He's a strange breed of cat.

You don't get all
that fur without claws.

What are the odds this man

has seen the elephant
more than a few times?

Either that or he's a
professional basketball player.

Pop it open.

[Downtown Brown] You
guys are welcome to count it,

but I'm telling you,
I'm sure not going to

hop in that van and
turn all those sets on.

- So...
- We'll count it.

Suit yourself.

I'll tell you, it just warms
the cockles of your heart

to see the free
enterprise system at work.


All right, freeze!
Up against the wall.

Spread 'em!

All right. Right now, move over.

Get over here. Come on.

Come on, let's get
in the car. All right.

- Hold it!
- Aahh!


- Don't shoot him.
- Don't shoot.

Get 'em in the car.

Come on. You all right?

[siren wailing]

You notice anything
unusual about that corpse?

Yeah. 50 holes.

What is it? What have you got?

Just a hunch.

Up for a little

Funny how a change of
clothes can perk you right up.


- Talk to me.
- Ooh.

Nice forehand. Ooh!

Come on. You're
following the wrong man.

- You're Downtown Brown, right?
- I know who I am.

Who might you be?

[sighs] Marie Haines hired us

to find her ex-husband.

Is that right?

She thought you'd
be the only person

who'd know where he is.

Marie knows better
than to bust my cover,

to you or anyone else.

Yeah, well, it might have
been a little tough for her

to think straight after
the all-night grilling

she went through at
the hands of the SDPD.

Yeah. I heard about that.

Is she okay?

She's gonna need your help.

If she's gonna get
her children's father

out of this alive.

Maybe. But don't
hold your breath.

Saddest thing
is, it isn't unusual.

The stress of the
job... is inhuman.

And I've seen the same thing
happen too many times before.

Given the circumstances...

Oh, I guess I can tell you.

Off the record?

I don't blame Roy.

I blame the system.

But not every police
officer under pressure

turns into a killer.

Of course not, but uh,

every man has his limits.

Well, we're trying to find him.

Maybe we can talk him
into giving himself up.

Well, you're taking
on quite a task.

Captain DeSousa's men

have been under
increasing strain.

The water is getting
hotter by the minute.

The media pressure,
the public outcry...

Sounds like
you're a little afraid

they're gonna shoot first
and ask questions later.

I heard you two were in here.

They're just trying
to be helpful, Captain.

Doc, this is my department.

Do you understand my department?

It's a police matter.

I know you've been
looking for Roy Haines.

And I want you out of this.

You know, DeSousa,
it might not hurt

to have a couple players
in the game without a stake.

No. It's hard enough
trying to do this job

while everyone with
a name on an office

is trying to tell us what to do.

I don't want to trip
over your butts again.

Dr. Hayden.

Thank you very
much. I appreciate it.

Always delightful to
see you, DeSousa.


He could be right.

And they may be
able to get to Haines

in ways that we can't.

Doc, you're behind the play.

I've had a tail on them ever
since Marie Haines hired them.

I gotta quit these things.

That's just swell.

I get a ticket while I'm
at the police station.

We've got five minutes
left on the meter.

If this is DeSousa's idea
of police harassment,

I'm gonna... It's
Downtown Brown.

We got a meeting with the man.

[car starting]

[second car starting]



Stop. Right there.

- Roy Haines?
- Marie sent you?

She thinks you
might need our help.

I don't need anybody's help.

She got a problem with that?

Yeah, she's got a problem.

She's worried about you.
Your kids are worried about you.

They're afraid the cops
might just as soon take you in

dead as alive.

We'd like to get you
safely into custody.

If you'll let us.

Can't do it.

Tell Marie I'm going to be
okay. Now get out of here.

Look, Haines,
we've seen DeSousa.

Now you're gonna need
all the help that you can get.

It doesn't make any
difference what you did.

- You deserve a fair trial.
- I didn't do anything.

I was set up. Tell Marie that.

Why don't you
tell it to DeSousa?

Because I was set up by
somebody inside the department!

I don't know who,

but Colby and Reed
had a man on the inside.

They were ready.
They were waiting.

At the warehouse. When
the bust came down.

When I saw it happening,

I grabbed the money and I split.

Any idea who tipped them off?

Colby found a bug in
his phone two days ago.

Some hotshot in the
DA's office put it in there.

I'm bettin' there's a
clue on those tapes,

so you can tell Marie, for me,

that I'm not goin'
anywhere until I find out

who the leak was.

[DeSousa on bullhorn] Roy
Haines. You have one minute

to put down your
weapons and come out.

Another setup? Your
idea, gentlemen?

- No, no. Uh-uh.
- Someone must have picked us up.

Ah, now, nobody tailed us.

Must have put a bug in the car.

- Or Brown told 'em.
- Town wouldn't cross me.

Put your guns on the floor.

Okay. Okay. They're coming out.

- Now.
- Nice and ginger.

- Muzzles down.
- Okay. They're down.

They're down.

Now, slide 'em over.

- Comin' at you.
- Nice and easy.

On the ground, partner.

All right, we're
going. We're going.

Face down.

You too.

30 seconds, Haines.

Now, don't get off
that floor till I'm gone.

If I have to climb
back down this rope

to straighten you gentlemen out,

I'm going to get real upset.

Ten seconds, Haines.

Prepare to fire on my signal.

- Uh, hold it!
- Hold it, guys.

Hey, one minute... Whoa.

[Rick] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[A.J.] Okay, okay,
okay, okay, okay.

Get them down here.
Get them under cover.

- Move over here.
- All right, all right.

Hey, hey, hey. [groans]

- Where's Haines?
- It's just us chickens.

Look at this. Look at this.

You had better have
a warrant for this.

Or you're gonna be
writing up parking tickets

until you pension out!


Now I'm tired of playing
games with you two...

detectives... Two cops are dead.

And we heard you talkin'
to somebody in there.

We were talking to each other.

We do that a lot.

Conversations between brothers.

I say something
to him, he answers.

Well, sometimes that and
sometimes I just listen to him.

That's cute.

Why don't we find out, huh?

- Move in!
- [loud blast]


Now, if we find him in there,

you two are facing charges
of accessories to a felony.

P.I.s stink.

And I'm tired of smelling
you two, you know?

I warned you off once.

Now I'm filling charges
to lift your license.

For what? You set us up!

[A.J.] Besides, the
Bureau of Investigations

usually takes our
side in these things.

Usually is not this time.

This time it's a captain
making the complaint.

Well, maybe we'll make
a complaint of our own.

See if we can get you
a job in a civilian court,

filling out forms
in quintuplicate.

You ought to do that.

But while they're shuffling
that paperwork around,

you keep out of my sight.

'Cause if you don't, I'm
gonna hit you with charges

of interfering with an officer
in the performance of his duty.

And the last time
I heard about that,

it was six months in the lockup.

If I find an officer
doing his duty,

I'll stay out of his way.


I hope they're not
wasting our tax dollars

on good locks.

Besides, you're the one
said it was worth the risk.

Yeah, risk is one
thing. This is suicide.

DeSousa's office
is just upstairs.

He probably stayed late to
work over some jaywalker...

- [bell dinging]
- with a rubber hose.

Geez, Manny, think these
stains is ever gonna come out?

Geez, I don't know.

What do you think,

that's tomato sauce
or blood, there bubo?

- I know those legs.
- Janet...

- What are you doing here?
- What are you guys doing here?

Okay, I'll go first.

I work here. Good night.

- Uh, uh...
- I see you haven't
lost your touch, Rick.

We logged 700 hours of wiretaps

on Colby and Reed before we
found what we were looking for.

Nobody knew anything about it,

including DeSousa.

And then Colby and
Reed found their wiretaps.

We shut the whole thing down.

But by then, we already had
everything we were gonna get anyway.

Haines had the rest.

Well, he claims
that Colby and Reed

have a spy in DeSousa's
division who blew his cover.

That's why he won't come in.

You two think you can talk
him into turning himself in?

Yeah, if we can figure
out who set him up.


There you go.

Philip Young.

Yep. Colby calls
him "Young." Okay.

He's the leak
you're looking for.

We heard Colby talk
to Young several times.

Wait, Young was the guy that was
killed in the raid on the warehouse.

We never made the connection
until after he was dead.

Why would Colby want
to kill his own inside man?

Now we gotta start
looking for Haines.

[meowing, barking]

That's Gorman's
Abyssinian again,

trying to eat Marlowe's chow.

- Marlowe.
- I don't see
Gorman's cat anywhere.

Last time this happened I was putting
Mercurochrome on his nose for a week.

You guys are working
a little late tonight, huh?

Assume the position.

Come on.

Think that's a big enough gun?

We need to find Haines again.

I don't like the way that
turned out the last time.

Neither did we.

You dudes set him up so that he
would get busted at the warehouse.

- Oh, come...
- Come o...

[A.J.] We didn't tip DeSousa.

Come on, the guy
hates us so much

he filed a complaint
to lift our license.

DeSousa has had
us under surveillance

from the very beginning.

Come to think of it,

maybe you're the one
put the bug on our car.

If I wanted to set
up Roy Haines,

I could have done
it a lot sooner.

He knows that. That's
why he trusted me.

Did he trust you enough to tell you about
Colby's informant inside the division?

We know who the leak was.

Now we gotta tell Roy
that it's safe to surrender.

- Who is it?
- It was Philip Young.

No way. I knew that boy.

He was as clean as
my mama's kitchen.

We just saw the transcripts

of the D.A.s wiretap
on Colby's phone.

Now, he called Young by name.

Young was the one who blew
the whistle on the warehouse bust.

All right. I'll get
the news to Roy.

But it's up to him whether
he comes in or not.

No, Captain, your men are
not gonna hide in the wagon.

We go alone.

We pick him up and
bring him to meet you

by yourself, in the
middle of the bridge.

- That's it.
- Lives are on the line here.

DeSousa, our lives are right
there at the front of that line.

Now we do this our way
or we'll all gonna go home.

You want it your
way? You got it.

[snaps fingers]

But if something goes wrong...

You just better pray
nothing goes wrong.

Is Town on the other side?

Yeah, everything's set,
just the way you said.

If this thing doesn't
go down straight,

you guys better get
extra locks on your doors.

We got friends everywhere.

You're under arrest, Haines.

You won't need those, Captain.

Yeah, yeah. Come on.

[DeSousa] Cover yourselves!

- Stay down!
- [gunfire]

[Men shouting, gunfire]

Watch the motorcycle!


Must have been some
of Colby and Reed's boys.

How could they have possibly
have known about this?

Only one way. There's still
a leak inside the department.

[Man] Hey! What's going on here?

[baby crying]

Hold it!

All right, up against the wall.

Come on. Come on. Let's go.

It'll be all right.

Flip it.

Just want to ask
you a few questions.

Downtown Brown sent
along a few of his own.

Is Downtown with you?

DeSousa's got
him in the spotlight.

I don't think so clearly with
all the hardware in the room.

Since we don't
have what you'd call

a real solid relationship,

we'll just hang
on to the firearms

until we all like each
other a little better.

Now, let's go sit down.


how much notice did
Colby and Reed give you

before the raid
on the warehouse?

About four hours.

And you say Colby and Reed
have friends in high places

and that's how they found
out about the phone taps.

Maybe they figured Young
was about to be exposed

as the leak.

So they decided
to set you both up.

They killed him,

and framed you with
a very nasty label...

Cop killer.

You know, I can't figure it.

I rode with Phil Young
for over five years.

I find it very
difficult to believe

that Colby and Reed could
have gotten to him like that.

Why don't you go
put up the groceries.

And get me a beer.

Is that okay with you guys?


I'm going down, all right.

But one of you is going with me.

Which one? You?

You know, a cold beer

sounds like a real
good idea right now.

We had to keep
this place secret.

I used to be one of
Darryl Colby's girls.

She was Colby's
mistress when I met her.

He had her all strung-out,

hopped up on anything he
could get through a needle.

Now she's straight.

And he's nuts.

Right now, he wants her dead.

And I'm the only
thing in his way.

Not the only thing.

[A.J.] The police
shrink is right.

Roy's walking
around like he's got

a burning fuse hanging
out of his pocket.

[Rick] Can you blame him?

He knows he's on Colby's list.

He doesn't know who to trust.

Pretty scary.

Cops are supposed to be scary.

That's what law
and order is all about.


Oh, no.

Oh, no. You've
had a terrible idea.

How do you know?

Because the last time I
saw that look in your eye,

I lost 11 pounds on the
Ensenada chain gang.

No, this is nothing like that.

And what better way is there
to get to Colby and Reed?

We find out who the leak is.

We might even clear Roy.

What are you talking about?

There's a uniform
store over on 45th.


Rick, it is against the law to
impersonate a police officer.

It's also against
the law to shoot 'em.

Two, please.

Thank you.

- Oh, hi, A.J.
- Hi, Mom.

- Hi, Rick.
- Hi, Mom.
- Oh, hi.

- Good to see you.
- Is everything all right?

- Oh, just fine.
- Great. Just great. Yeah.

- Well, see you later.
- Nice seein' ya.

Good to see you.

I didn't know they
were police officers.

Oh, they're not.

Nothing to it, huh?

Oh, yeah. There was
something to it, all right.

But lucky for you,
that's my cousin in there,

Underground Brown.

He owes me one.
I got him this job.

Well, so, now we owe you one.

Not on the wildest frontier
of your twisted imagination

do either one of you
have anything you can do

that could square
with me on this one.

I'm doing this for
Roy and Marie.

- Umm.
- For what it's worth,
so are we.

You guys, please don't break it.

[tires screeching]

What do we do if
we spot another unit?

We smile and we wave.

This is a big police force.

They can't know everybody.

- Besides, we're new.
- Ha, ha, ha.

[Radio dispatcher] All units in
the vicinity of Cherokee and 29th.

2-11 in progress. Liquor
store on the corner.

- A.J.?
- Huh?
- A 2-11.

Armed robbery. Come on.

No! Absolutely not. Forget it.

Aw, come on, A.J.!

How often do we get a 2-11?

- Now let's roll on this.
- Not on our lives.

Not on my life.


What's the problem, officer?

You've been on my tail
ever since I left my driveway.

It's you tail light.

It's busted.

No, it's not.

- [glass shattering]
- Yeah, it is.

Hey, who do you think you are?

Colby and Reed.

Prostitution, drug
dealing, fencing.

Oh, that's right.
I almost forgot.

Murder of two law
enforcement officers

in a warehouse
full of stolen furs.

So? What's your scam?

Recently you lost all your
juice in DeSousa's division.

We're in tight with
the vice squad.

For $20,000, we'll
give you times, dates,

early warning service
on all their raids.

You guys are dreamin'
about the 20,000.

But, uh, if you're
willing to work for it,

um, we might talk
about... talk about 10?

Go on.

One of you is going
to do something

that will automatically

make you a very important
part of our business.

You know Roy Haines?


Well, you're going to be a
very big hero on the force.

You're gonna kill him.

Your buddy stays with us

until the next time
he has to report in.

If Haines is dead
by then, he reports.

If not, he doesn't.


The entire police department
is looking for Haines.

What makes you
think I can find him?

'Cause we know where he is.

We finally tracked
him down by his girl.

So why don't you kill him?

We were going to.

Our man's on his way.

But it's better if the
cops kill their own.

Better for us.

A whole lot better for you.

Damn it, DeSousa! I
thought we had a deal.

Oh, no. No, no. You waltzed
in here asking to make a deal.

- I never took it.
- There's a lot more
that's wrong here

than just one undercover
cop going south.

I mean, enough that the D.A.
put a wire on your whole division.

They found one leak.
Now there's another.

Now Colby and Reed
are setting Haines up

to take the fall
for all of this.

Well, why don't you
just forget about Haines.

Go in and get Colby and Reed.

What are you gonna do? You just gonna
sit here and let them kill my brother?

Will that be
enough proof for ya?

- Hey! Come on, fella.
- Hold it, hold it,
hold it.

What we need here is some
creative law enforcement.

No, no, Brown. Not this time.

I know you usually get away with just
about anything you want around here.

That's because nobody else
knows what exactly to do with you.

We are not in the habit of loaning
out police cars to commit felonies.

I came in because I
thought you'd do something.

But if you won't, I will!

[snickers] Alone?

You'll get yourself killed.

Wait a minute!

You keep drifting
in and out on me

like border radio.

Now you want to arrest somebody
or you want to help this man?

I want Colby and Reed!

I want to clean their stink
out of this police force.

And just once, I'd like to
see a little justice done.

Just once!

Well you know about
justice. She's not blind.

Just a little nearsighted.

Every now and then you
gotta kick her in the robes

and point her in
the right direction.

That, Brown, is your opinion.

Captain, now wait a minute.

Right now you don't have
zip on Colby and Reed.

And you got a
department that's leaking

like the faucets in a flophouse.

Now these men have set it
up so we can get all that back

with one play down the middle.

Now you're gonna pass that up?

Haines! Hey, Haines!

You freeze!

[tires screech, siren]

Out of the way! Out of the way!

Down! Everybody down!

- [screaming]
- Everybody down!


Don't look! Don't look!

Get back. Come on, everybody!

Move back! Come
on! It's not a circus.

Get back on the sidewalk!

So far the police are
being very closed-mouthed

about the incident.

I haven't found
anyone that will confirm

that the dead
man is the fugitive

undercover officer, Roy Haines.

But witnesses heard his name.

Excuse me! Captain! Captain!

Captain, is the
victim Roy Haines.

[DeSousa] I have no comment.

All right, why the blackout?

You've had a
manhunt on for Haines.

- Did you get him?
- I said no comment!

All right, for the record then,

will you give us the
name of the officer

who did the shooting? You
got to give us something!

[DeSousa] This has not
been a good day for me

or the people who serve with me,

bravely and honestly.

And to be blunt,

I don't give a damn if
you ever get a story.

This is Joe Feragle reporting.
Back to you in the studio.

[Woman] Well, now you've
heard how Captain Tom DeSousa

- sums things up... Not a happy day.
- [bell gonging]

And indeed it appears
the San Diego Police

will have to wait for
their next happy day

until the cloud of suspicion
and alleged corruption

- can be cleared away.
- [gonging continues]

Well, you've got
yourself a dead cop.

I can wait to collect.

Half the guys on my shift
want to buy me a drink.

So I'll just collect my partner

and be on our

Afraid the party's
gonna have to wait.

Didn't I warn you?

Undercover work is risky,

whichever side you're on.

I'm "Young"... J-U-N-G.

As in Carl, student of Freud.

It's a codename I thought of

when I accepted
the offer to moonlight

for these gentlemen.

Well, I knew the
phones would be tapped.

I know how cops think.

Central, this is Mobile 20.

Get me Captain DeSousa.
Tell him it's Brown.

What do you
suppose the odds are?

Some secretary transcribes
"Jung" to "Young."

Just happens to be the
name of Roy's partner.

We go and tell him
everything we know.


I think this thing's
being loosened up here.

Give me a hand, will ya?


You mean, you didn't have a key?

You should always
have a spare key

to your own handcuffs.

- Just shut up, boy scout.
- [laughs]

The usual routine.

Take 'em out three miles
and invite them overboard.

And use enough weights
so they don't pop back up

after two days.

Did you close this?


[Automated voice] All the
emergency lines are busy now.

Please stay on the line and your call
will be answered as soon as possible.

Can you believe it?
The lines are busy.

All right, look it. I think
we ought to split up.

You know, double up our
chances of getting out of here.

- You want up or down?
- Uh, up.

I was afraid you
were gonna say that.


Uh! Oh!

Find 'em!

Come on!

[gun cocks]

[running footsteps]

- Halt!
- [gun cocks]

You've got four
hours, so get back fast.

Now Jung may
have bad news for us.

And that means a trip south.

[car sputtering]

Won't start.

Hit the hood.

Hey, look at this.

Somebody's been in
here with a wire cutter.

All right, put your
hands behind your back.

Got something for this guy?

My pleasure.

- Reed.
- [groans]

Hey, buddy. [mutters]


Got 'em.

Looks like we're a
little short of handcuffs.

If you guys don't mind,
we'd like to borrow yours.

- Oh, no problem.
- I think that could
be arranged, yeah.

You guys should have seen
the look on Hayden's face

when DeSousa and I
walked into his office.

You should have seen
the look on my face

when you two came
out of the bushes.

Yeah, now you were
supposed to stay out of it.

Now your cover's blown.


What the hell.

A little desk time
will do me good.

[bell ringing]

Come in!



You saved my life.

I don't know why
I ever left you.

You haven't.

If you still want to
be friends, I want to.

[kisses cheek]

Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA