Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 3, Episode 6 - Shadow of Sam Penny - full transcript

I'm being followed, Sam.

He's convinced I know
where the diamonds are.

Do you?

[tires screeching]

Sam Penny is in danger.

He needs your help.

- What have you heard, Weasel?
- Nothing.

You guys are the
coppers or private dicks.

The end of the trail
for Sam 30 years ago

is the beginning
of our trail today.

Do they have the diamonds yet?

Alex, for God's sake!

[horn blaring]

[tires screeching]

♪♪ [theme]

It doesn't have to
be like this, Angel.

Yes, it does.

We could be good together again.

I don't have them.

Maybe not here,

maybe not now, but you will.

You're wrong, Alex. I
don't know where they are.

All right. Outside.

When you get them, I'll be here.

[Woman] Operator.
May I help you?

Operator, I wanna make a long
distance call to San Francisco.

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

The guy in the corner...
Is he one of ours?

- Oh, yeah. Yeah. That's Carlos.
- He doesn't appear
to be breathing.

Oh, he's just real tired. You know,
driving all night back from the dessert.

And brought up in a barn.

- What's this?
- Snakes.

- Snakes?
- Yeah. Rattlers.

- Rattlers?
- Yeah. You know, every spring,

Carlos and I, we go out to the
dessert and catch a whole bunch of 'em.

Sell 'em to that little reptile
house out on I-5... Snakes R Us.

- Uh-huh.
- Anyway, we had a little bit
of a problem.

Got in kind of late last night,
and Mr. Gorman next door

was listening to The
Untouchables on TV.

- You know how he cranks
that thing up...
- Rick, just get to the problem.

Anyway, we brought the snakes in through
the house so Gorman wouldn't wake 'em up.

I counted 'em last night.
There were 18 of 'em.

I counted 'em again this
morning. I only came up with 17.

- Seventeen?
- Yeah, well, I could've
miscounted, but, you know...

You mean there's a
rattlesnake in my house?

Yeah. We think it's the female.

Better find her pretty
quick, or the guys in the box

are gonna get nervous
and form a posse.

[phone ringing]


- Mr. Simon?
- Yes.

Listen carefully. I only
have time to say this once.

- What?
- Sam Penny is in danger.

He needs your help.
He arrives by train

in San Diego at 4:30.

Meet him.

- Who is this?
- [line disconnects]

Who was on the phone?

Sam Penny needs our help.

Sam Penny. Sam Penny.

Oh, the old drunk that busted up

the security
conference in Monterey.

Aw, jeez.

The sharpest
private investigator

ever to walk the
streets of San Francisco.

And I'll bet you anything that
was his gal Friday, Toni Meyers.

Yeah. She helped us pour him
into the back of a cab that night.

- I remember. What does she want?
- You're not listening.

I can't listen and look at the same time.
Come on, Marley. Get outta there. Go on.

Sam Penny needs our help.

I wonder what this could be. I
mean, we're talking the best here.

- I mean, we are talking
the very best.
- Oh, come on, A.J.

You didn't believe all that
garbage he kept mumbling

as we were trying to lug
him into the car, did ya?

- Sam Penny wrote
the book, Rick!
- Aw, please.

No, I mean literally.
Look. He wrote the book.

- [sighs]
- The finest book

on criminal
investigation ever written.

I tried to get you to read
it, but you were bored.

- His style of investigating
went out with the foxtrot!
- It didn't have color pictures.

Oh, yeah? He happened
to invent the black bag job.

He and his partner, Del Mooney.

They were the first to
develop two-car surveillance.

He did it all,
and he did it first.

As far as I am
concerned, Sam Penny

is the president
of the fraternity.

Watch your step.

Watch your step, please.

Watch your step, please.

Watch your step, please.

Try to save the goats?

Are you interested
in stopping the

slaughter of the goats
on San Rafael Island?

No, thank you.

Save the goats. Save the goats?

[Man on P.A.] Your attention,
please. Your attention, please.

The San Diego service
to Del Mar, Oceanside,

San Juan Capistrano,
Fullerton and Los Angeles

departs in 15
minutes from Track 11.

Hi, Mr. Penny. A.J. Simon.

Give me that.

Simon & Simon Investigations?

Excuse me.

Remember, we met at the
security conference in Monterey?

Well, Toni Meyers called, and she said
you might be needing some assistance.

And, sir, I just want you
to know it's a privilege...

Beat it, junior.

You forgot to use the
fraternity secret handshake.


You should've called me sooner.

I wondered if you even
wanted to see me again.

I'm being followed, Sam.

Alex Kidd's men.

He's convinced I know
where the diamonds are.

Do you?


Come on.

- They're being followed.
- Well, that's his problem now.

Right, junior? Come on. I got a
six-pack at home with my name on it.

- No, no, no. All they need
is a slight diversion, really.
- Aw, A.J.!

I got it. Hey, excuse me. Hi. I've
changed my mind. I wanna save the goats.

Oh, that's great! Most people
aren't aware of the goat's plight.

I am. I am very much
aware of it. There you go.

- That should save 50 of them.
- Thank you!

Proposition 28. Do you know
about Proposition 28? Let me tell you.

You know what his
happening to the goats

from San Rafael Island?
They're being bombed.

That's right. By the
United States Navy.

Just... [imitates
bomb whistling]


Amtrak security. We've been
watching this guy for some time now.

- I was just wondering
if you would cooperate.
- Goats are definitely not...

The car's over here.

Sam Penny.

Fasten your seatbelt.

Let's go.

[tires screeching]

[tires screeching]

- [yells]
- [horn honks]

Beep-beep to you,
too, lady. Hang on.

[horns honking]

[whistles] Hold it! Hold it!

Go, go, go!

They're catching us.

Not if I can get
ahead of this trolley.

[crossing bell ringing]

[tires screeching]

Find out who they are.

[brakes screech]

Well, A.J., I think your
slight diversion worked.

I'd like to go home now.

Or not.

It just does not look right...

Two top professional private
investigators in San Diego

to be bailed out of
jail by their mother.

I don't think I am ever gonna be able to
look those drunks and hookers in the eye...

A.J., don't move. This
could be our missing snake.

- Hurry up and get him, please.
- All right.

- Just don't move.
- I won't.


- It's an extension cord.
- Ohh!

I'm never gonna feel
comfortable in this house again.

[doorbell rings]

You probably don't
remember me. I'm Toni Meyers.

From Sam Penny's office.
I phoned this morning.

[A.J.] Please, come in.

As soon as Angel Barkley called,

I knew something
like this would happen.

Angel Barkley?

From the gang that stole
the Grandview diamonds?

Wow. Why didn't you tell me?

Oh, it's one of
Sam's old tricks.

If you want their attention, give
'em a hook, a yank, then blow.

I should've realized. I
read that in Sam's book.

But I thought Angel
was still in prison.

Oh, she served 30
years. She just got out.

Sam is the one who caught her.


He made the front
pages with that case.

And ever since, he's been
drinking his way to the obituaries.

See, his partner, Del Mooney, was
killed looking for those diamonds.

They were following
different leads.

And early one morning,

Del Mooney's car exploded.

After that, Sam couldn't sleep
until he caught that Grandview gang.

The trail led all the way
down here to San Diego.

This is where he found them, and this
is where he broke that case wide open.

But the diamonds
were never recovered.

Sam sent most of the gang
to prison, but one got away...

The one that killed Del Mooney.

It was our last lead
to the diamonds.

Until Angel calls
after all these years.

Somebody's after
her. Wonder why.

That's what I wanna know.

That's why I had to come.
I'm worried about Sam.

We used to be good.

But it's been several years

since a real detective
walked in his shoes.

Oh, I've kept up
the front, because,

well, it's... It's
all he had left.

She's got him back into
this Grandview case again,

and this time he's
gonna get killed.

You've just got to
help me find him.

Don't worry. We will find him.

We will find him.

[Angel] Sam, the case
has been closed for years.

The insurance company
paid off the claims,

raised the premiums,
and everybody's happy.

Oh, everybody's
happy except Angel.

Come with me, Sam.
Help me find the diamonds.

Forget the diamonds.

Thirty years is a
long time to forget.

Angel, start your
life over again.

If only...

I could find someone
to show me how.

All right.

Look, if you want, I'll call
the insurance company.

I'll tell them I've got a line on the
diamonds and negotiate a finder's fee.

- That's all perfectly legal.
- What kind of a fee?

Well, the stones are worth
a million dollars by now.

We're talking maybe ten percent.

- 100,000.
- Uh-huh.

We could split it
right down the middle.



So, when do I get to see
these famous hot rocks?

Oh, we can't get them
tonight. We'll do that tomorrow.

I have other plans
for us tonight.

Sam, you said you'd wait for me.

I'm back.

Oh, you are good.

You are very, very good.

Thirty years later, and
you're still Angel, hmm?

Yep. This is where
Angel called Sam, all right.

Hey, Bruno at the phone
company comes through again.

- Is he feeling any better?
- Oh, yeah.

They just, you know, pumped his
stomach out, sent him back to work.

I tell you, the Mexican government
ought to put a warning label

on every bottle of that
malodorous tequila.

What are you talking about?

A bottle of Don Diablo is just
like your first pair of long pants.

You gotta grow
into it, you know?

Separates the men from the boys.

Uh-huh. And the
sheep from the goats.

I'm surprised he's
still talking to us.

What was his
price tag this time?

Two bottles of Don Diablo.

You know, A.J., I'm beginning
to think there was more

between Sam and
Angel than handcuffs.


Oh, boy.

A whole lot more.

Look at this.

He married her. No, he didn't.

It's not signed. He
wanted to marry her.

Fell in love with
his prime suspect.

It's not the first time that's
happened to a detective.

It's a pretty big chunk of
information for Toni Meyers

to leave out of her
story, don't you think?

Well, maybe she didn't know.

- I find that hard to believe.
- Well, maybe she didn't
wanna know.

I find that a little
easier to believe.

Couldn't you find a quieter
hiding place than a library?

The first hiding place
was in a bus station locker.

That was the one
they all knew about.

- Yes, but the only key...
- Was in my pocket.

And when you and your
partner started getting close,

I decided I better
move it for safe keeping.

It needed a place
where it could stay

for a long time if necessary.

I bought it in a used
bookstore. Put it here myself.

But what if somebody
checked it out, Angel?

Oh, it's not in the
library card catalog.

And even if someone
did stumble across it,

I sewed them inside the cover.

That's the right
book? You're sure?

Yes, it's the right book.

They're gone.

[Man] Break in the
Grandview diamond heist

with the arrest
of three suspects.

This morning, police
arraigned two...

Marcus "Dutch" Silver
and Angel Barkley.

The third, Alex Kidd, is
in Mercy Hospital tonight

with multiple leg injuries
following a high-speed chase

that ended when Kidd's car
spun out of control and crashed.

Still at large is the last gang
member, James Bennett,

the prime suspect in
the murder of this man,

private detective Del Mooney.

This is Dennis Markell,
Channel 7 News, reporting.

I was a one-man
band in those days.

I was the reporter, the
cameraman and editor.

These kids today,
they've got $30 hairdos,

and they can't
make heads or tails

of what's going
on at city council.

Lookit, boys, this case
has been dead and buried

almost as long as I've
been buried in local news.

Now, if there's a
story here, I want it.

I honestly don't know.
But Angel's back in town,

and somebody's following her.

One of the other
members of the gang?

We got a glimpse of
him. It wasn't Silver.

My guess is Kidd or
Bennett. What's your pick?

Oh, I'd be surprised if
Bennett's chasing anyone.

He's the one they never
caught. My money says

- [rattlesnake rattling]
- he's the one
with the diamonds.

This is just a little,
uh, mock rattler.

You know, they crawl in and
out of the canals all the time.

Come on, poopsie. Here we go.

- [door opens]
- Good girl.

- [door closes]
- [sighs]


the man who followed
them was probably Kidd.

Why don't you talk to
the Dutch man about that?

He was released a while back.

Got sick. Old-age stuff.

They sent him to a nursing home...
real nice one down at La Jolla.

All of the old syndicate
boys wind up there.

Last warning, Al.

Your boys stay north
of physical rehabilitation,

or one of my boys is
gonna visit your social room.

The south wing belongs to me.

Okay, Dutch. You
got some visitors.

- No, we're busy here.
- Yeah. I know.

Valentine's Day
ain't that far away, Al!


All right, all right, you
bad boys. Settle down.

All right, Dutch. I'll be back
and get you in a little while, okay?

You guys are the
coppers or private dicks.

No, we're private...
[together] Yeah.

We were hoping that you
could give us some information

about the Grandview
diamond heist.

Angel's out of the can
a couple of months,

and everybody's looking
for the diamonds again.

I understand she's hooked
up with that gumshoe Penny.

Well, uh, what we need
is some straight dope

leading to the return
of those diamonds.

It's probably worth
some real dough to you.

[chuckles] You know the saying,
"You can't take it with you"?


You can't even take it this far.


Mr. Silver,

we believe that Angel
may be in danger.

So do I.

You know, for a long time, I thought
she was the one with the diamonds.

Angel? What about Bennett?

Angel, Kidd and
I were the brains.

Bennett... he was
muscle. Nothing up here.

But you know something?

The cops always thought he
was the one with the diamonds.

But I couldn't believe
that he was capable

of that smart a double
cross and getting away with it.

But, boy, it sure
looks like it now.

- Changed your mind.
- Yeah.

Because Angel called me today.

She's looking for Bennett.

She wanted to know if I'd
heard from him. I haven't.

She didn't happen to say
where she was, did she?


- You heard from Kidd?
- Yeah.

You know, he still thinks Angel's
gonna lead him to those diamonds.

We would like to talk to him.

Well, I can help you find him.

Watch out for Kidd.
He's out for blood.

Yeah. He blames Penny
for prison, the gimpy leg,

and above all,
stealing Angel from him.

If Penny's a friend of yours, you
better find him before Kidd does.

No, no, no. I followed
that grapevine for years.

Eyewitnesses placed Bennett
in Venezuela, Mexico City.

Your mistaken identity's rumors.

That trail dried
up a long time ago.

- Then it's all over.
- Maybe not quite.

Hi. Welcome to Fat City.
What can I get for you?

The lady will have a
gimlet, and I'll have a cola.

You just keep 'em coming.
All right, sweetheart?

A cola?

Yeah, a cola.

Now, it figures
that after a while,

every five years, maybe ten if
he was smart, which he never was,

Bennett would sell one
of the diamonds, right?

Grandview diamonds have a
pedigree any expert would recognize.

Exactly. Which brings
us right here to Fat City.

This is Willy Kaper's
place. You remember Willy?

Willy the Weasel?
That small-time fence?

Oh, now, now, baby.
No, that was 30 years ago.

Now it's Mr. Kaper,
big-time fence.

This is his saloon.

If any of those diamonds
turned up, he'll know about it.

- You know,
I can't figure you out.
- Why?

I thought you'd be glad to
be finished with all of this.

I will be.

For my sake?

Yeah. And mine, too.

I've been a detective for
a long time, sweetheart.

I've had a lot of cases.

There's only one that
ever kept me up nights.

I wish I could tell you Del
Mooney was a wonderful guy.

He wasn't.

He was just a regular Joe who
played a lousy game of poker.

But he was my partner,

and I wasn't there
when he needed me.

That sticks in my
gut like an IOU.

Like the man says, when
your partner gets killed,

you're supposed to
do something about it.

I'll just tell him to
meet us at the office.

No, no, no. You never want a
confrontation on your home turf.

Not unless you want
a quick remodeling job.

The Wit and Wisdom of
Sam Penny, chapter 12.

Let the master be our guide.

Well, I'm telling you, A.J., I don't
wanna hear anymore about that book.


The zoo. Komodo dragon exhibit.

One hour. The diamonds.

Give him the hook,
the yank and then blow.


You know, I look at Sam Penny,

and I wonder if we'll
still be doing this

when we've been
around as long as he has.

Who knows? Nobody's been
around as long as he has.

Yeah, but this business
has a way of leaving scars.


[A.J.] You think I was a
little weak on the yank?

[Rick] Nah. You gave good yank.

Then why didn't he show?

Uh, three possibilities.

He, uh, found the diamonds,

or he found Angel and Sam,

or he's already seen the
Komodo dragon exhibit.

There's one more possibility
to consider, Mr. Simon.

[gun cocks]

Come in, gentlemen. Come in.

Close the door.

Sorry we missed you at the zoo.

Did see you arrive
from a distance.

I felt perhaps it'd be a little more
appropriate if we had a private discussion.


Well, we wanted you
to be comfortable, too.

That's why we suggested
the reptile house.

But I see you've made
yourselves at home right here.


You guys didn't, by any chance,

find a little pencil-thin
flashlight, did you?

- I've been looking all over
the place...
- Who are you working for?

A.J., look at this. We're still getting
mail for this George Hanson fella.

- I sent the forwarding address
to the post office.
- You gotta do something.

Gentlemen, it has
not been a good day.

- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Maybe you need to have

a further discussion
with my aides here

while I go for a short walk.

[nervous chuckle]

Uh, yeah, well, see, now,

for the right price, we can put
you and the diamonds together.

Of course now, if the three
bears over there wanna get rough,

the right price just gets a
little bit more right for us.

Oh? You gonna make me an offer?

That's right. Tell him, A.J.

Um, look... [coughs]

Excuse me.

We can get you the diamonds
in 24 hours. You get a third.

Twenty-four hours. Those
gems have been missing

for 30 years, and you
can find them in a day.

- We're working for Bennett.
- I don't believe that.

[laughs] Can't afford to
be wrong now, can you?

Why would he suddenly
turn up after all this time?

First, he wanted us to
scare you and Angel off.

That's what we tried
to do at the train station.

But all he really wants is peace,
and he's willing to pay for it.

I don't believe he has
them. I wanna see them.

You have our offer.

Take it or leave it.

- One of my men goes with you.
- No way, José.

You could've told
me all this before.

Well, Bennett wanted us to
keep his name out of it if we could.

Well, I spent a
long time in prison.

I deserve more
than that. A third.

You sure? Last chance.

[clicks tongue]

Let's not waste any
more time, okay?

You're the one
he's worried about.

We've been empowered to

up the offer to 45%.

Bennett keeps the
same. A.J. and I take ten.


She's out.


Let's go.

Twenty-four hours.

- [door closes]
- [sighs]

[door closes]

Bought ourselves a little time.

So what?

Sam shut us out completely.

Yeah, yeah.

We're gonna beat
him to the diamonds.

How? We haven't got a
clue. He's way out in front.

Yeah, but his way is old and
slow, and we are gonna be moving

with the speed of
state-of-the-art high technology.

We are?

Hello, sweetheart.

Give me an extra, will you, pal?

Take a cab back to the motel.

Diamond Star is the first
computerized program

to identify and catalog fine
diamonds the world over.

So, you mean, if one of
the rocks has turned up,

you'll be able to
identify it just by the

description we got from
the insurance company?

Yes, that's quite possible. Their
descriptions are very detailed.

Okay, sweetheart,
time to strut your stuff.

Okay. let's bypass all
square cuts from the C file.

Tell Diamond Star to
add only the pear shapes

from the temporary
file we created.

Then we'll try to find a string that
matches your general descriptions,

block it and move to the G file.

Here you go.

Hello, Weasel.

You really shouldn't sit with
your back to the door, Weasel.

That's how Wild Bill
Hickcok bought it.

You look like hell, Penny.

Aw. And I was just gonna say
how well you wear success, Weasel.

Nobody calls me that anymore.

Oh, yeah. I heard
about that. I'm sorry.

So, what blows you
this way, Penny?

Diamonds, Weasel.


- [beeping]
- [typing]

- Aha!
- "Aha," what?

I found the problem. It
was when we went through

the automatic replacement
of the color string.


We only marked the blue-white.
We missed the silver key.

- Oh.
- It's simply a matter
of entering the...


- Uh-oh.
- "Uh-oh," what?

I think I just accidentally
abandoned the whole color file.

Well, we'll just have to
reenter that information.

I spent two years in the
big house sweeping floors

thanks to you.

You get butkus from me, Penny.

Are you crazy? This
isn't Frisco in the '50s.

This is my place.
You got no right.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Glasses. Glasses.

Oh, glasses, glasses,
glasses. You're right.

I'm sorry, Weasel.

- What have you heard, Weasel?
- Nothing. Nothing.

- Weasel, what have you heard?
- Oh, no! No!

All right. Do me this
one favor, Weasel.

What have you heard?

Phoenix. One of
the grander stones

turned up a couple of years ago.

But that's all I know, I swear.


Thank you, Mr. Kaper.

[belches] Oh. Oh!

Sorry. Nothing
in the files so far.

Of course, Diamond Star is
receiving new data every day.

And, uh, I gotta get going because
we're giving a demonstration

of our new project, Gem Star.

It's quite extraordinary.
You guys wanna watch?

No, thanks.


Well, [sighs]

so much for the speed of the
state-of-the-art high technology.

Maybe Sam's way
is more reliable.


You know what we gotta do?

- We gotta get back to basics.
- Uh-huh.

Go by the book.

The end of the trial
for Sam 30 years ago

is the beginning
of our trail today.

We gotta get back to 1953

and find Sam Penny San Diego.

I'm glad you've finally
come to your senses.

I wanna know where
he does everything, right?

I wanna know where he got his
shoes shined, where he got his hair cut,

where he ate, where he slept.

If we follow his pattern
then, we'll find him now.

- [shower running]
- Angel?

[shower stops]


- We're checking out.
- Where to?

Phoenix. One of the stones turned
up there a couple of years ago.

I wonder if Bennett has
any family in that area.

I'll book us on a late train.

How late?

Late enough.

[horn blaring]

[Man] J-42. J-42.

[Kidd] I'm sorry to take you away
from the bingo game tonight, Dutch.

[Dutch] It's fixed. I
ought to know. I fixed it.

What do you want, Alex?

[Kidd] Two detectives
came to see me.

They said Bennett
sent 'em to make a deal.

[Dutch] And you bought it?

They're friends of your
old pal, Sam Penny.

I'm sorry to hear that, Dutch.

And he's with Angel again.

I guess you already know
that. Where are they, Dutch?

Do they have the diamonds yet?

I don't know.

Alex, for God's sake!

Make your next
answer count, Dutch.

I'm gonna count to three, Dutch.

One, two... Phoenix!

Arizona? Why?

Angel called.

Wanted to know if
Bennett had family there.

I told her I didn't know,
but I'd check it out.

They... They must
be on to something.

Their hotel.

Oh! The Downtowner!

Oh. Please. Please.

I told you what
you wanted to know.

Please, take me back
to the bingo game!

You still wanna play, huh?

All right.




Excuse me. Have
you seen this guy?

You better check with Mr. Kaper, the man
in the tan suit at the center of the bar.

All right. Thanks.


He went to Phoenix.


You sure this is
the right place?

Well, this is where Pablo says
you come for jewels in Phoenix.

- Who's Pablo?
- He's a friend
from the old neighborhood.

The new neighborhood
is San Quentin.

- May I help you?
- Ah, yeah. Pablo sent us.

I got the message.

I know what you're looking for.

But I gotta tell you, you're
not the only ones looking.

- A man and a woman?
- Yes.

Not here, but around.

One of the diamonds
that you're looking for

changed hands in a high-stake
poker game a couple of years ago.

I was called over
to appraise it.

What can you tell us about
the man who put it on the table?

He was losing a lot.

I don't know what his name was,
but he was wearing one of these.

What's that?

Citizens for a Better Phoenix.

Ah! Well, now, this
outfit... They must have

membership records, ID
cards, something like that.

How about a yearbook?

That'll do.


That's him. How'd you know?



You're alive.

I was shadowing Bennett.

I saw him meet you
at the Black Rose club.

He was plenty worried. We were
putting the heat on him pretty good.

He wanted his share
so he could leave town.

I told him he was
gonna have to wait.

On a hunch, I let him walk,

and I stuck with you.

I saw you buy the book,

pick up the package
at the bus station

and go to the library stacks.

It wasn't hard to figure out.

I found the diamonds.

And I put the book back in case you would
check before I could work out my plan.

So the body blown to pieces
in the car was Bennett, hmm?

You killed him.

I switched our dental files.


The coroner identified the dead body as
Del Mooney, and everybody's after Bennett.

And you planted that
phony trail for me, right?

I knew the grapevine
would lead to you.

I had to make sure you
kept chasing the goose.

[sighs] Well, Del,
you were home free.

Till you let that one stone
go in your own hometown.

That was a stupid mistake.

I never meant to.

Guy drew to an inside straight
flush and beat my full house.

You got the diamonds here?

Get 'em.

[Rick] Wait for us, okay?

We could split it three ways.

No. We're taking 'em back,

and I'm turning you in.

I can't let you do that.


Get rid of whoever it is.

And don't say a word, or
he gets it right on the spot.

Come on!


Hold it right there!

Who are they?

They're working for me, Del.

What are you doing here?

You let a girl answer
your phone for 30 years,

she thinks she
runs your life, right?

It's your play, Sam.

What are you gonna do, Del?
You can't get past all of us.

I got the gun.

I got the diamonds.
That's all I need.

And I'll disappear again.

Oh, no. Not this time,
Del. Not this time.

'Cause this time, your neck is
gonna ache from looking behind you,

because someday
I'll be there, right there.

[Mooney] Not if you're dead.

You're not gonna shoot me, Del.

Don't be too sure.

You owe me, Del!

Junior and his partner back
there may not get it, but you do.

Because in my business,
you owe something to the guy

who covers your backside
whenever you get...

[A.J.] In a tight spot.

The guy that creeps
through the slime with him

just to help some
poor desperate soul

who's put his last
dollar into your hand.

The guy that you've
come to trust like a brother.

You're not gonna
shoot Sam Penny.

He was your partner.

Drop it!

- [body thuds]
- Hold it!

Hold it right there. Don't move.

Don't move.

All right. [muttering]

Del Mooney. Well,
I'll be damned.

The kid... The kid
was right, Sam.

I wouldn't have shot you.

How did you find us?

I persuaded old Dutch
to throw in with us, Angel.

He gave me the
name of your hotel.

We've been
following you all day.

Well, so much for
honor among thieves.

Get the diamonds.

He's gonna need a doctor.

He's not the only one.

Look at 'em, Angel.

They're even more
beautiful than I remember.

Take some. Take some.

It's been 30 years.

You've waited a long time.

And I'll make it
worth the wait, Angel.

We'll be good together
again. I promise you.

Just like we were.

Let him have 'em, Angel.
Start your life over again.

She can handle
her own life, buddy.

You better worry about yours.

Give me that gun.

No, don't worry.

I'm not gonna kill you.

I'm just gonna blow
away your left kneecap.

It's for the past 30 years.

Then I'm gonna blow
away your right kneecap.

I'm thinking even
for the next 30 years.

Get him! Get him!


Sam, keeping up with you is
like getting a master's degree.


All right, gentlemen.
Let's go. Outside.

Come on. Up.

I'll tell the cabbie to radio for
the police and an ambulance.

You know, Sam,
I hate to admit it.

You're the best.

Okay, guys. Come on.

Angel, I've thought some
pretty terrible things about you.

I'm sorry.

[Angel] You were probably right.

You know, Sam, when he
put these diamonds in my hand

and I saw them, I
was gonna go with him.

After everything, as
much as I loathe him.

Oh, sooner or later, I
would've double-crossed him

just as I was gonna
double-cross you.

I just couldn't
let him shoot you.

Well, there's still your
share of the reward.

It's not as much after
we split it with these guys,

but it's enough
to get you started.

In the right direction?


I might take a ride that
way. You'll see how far I get.

Oh, the world's round, Angel.

Sometimes you end up
back where you started.

I'll be waiting.

Don't be an ass, Sam.

[Penny] You're
gonna make it, Del.

I'll visit you in the hospital.

Then I'll visit
you in the joint.

[sighs] Come on, sweetheart.

It's time to catch a rail
back to the good life, huh?

Why, how do you like that guy?

Runs out on us to Phoenix.

Doesn't even stick
around to say good-bye.

Doesn't bother to say thank you.

The last time Sam
Penny said thank you,

it was to a blackjack
dealer in Reno 35 years ago.

Uh, what is this?

The best in the house.

Well, yeah, I know.
That's $50 a bottle.

I don't know whether
to drink it or marry it.

Uh, no. See, look, I ordered
a bottle of Don Diablo.

You know, five bucks,
roll up your socks.

Well, this one's paid for.

"If you ever need
a hand on a case,

"all you have to do is whistle.

Sam Penny."


Is, uh, something
wrong, gentlemen?


No. [mutters]

Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA