Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 3, Episode 5 - Fly the Alibi Skies - full transcript

[robotic voice]
Intruder. Intruder.

Ralph? This is Rick.

Hello, Rick.

[announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon.

I don't know how he's
dirty, but he's dirty.

I told you to keep your
noses out of my case.

What are you? Slow learners?

Rick and A.J. are
moving towards the airport.

They need some time.

Can we stop a jet
airplane from taking off

just by pushing computer keys?

Nobody's going to believe it.

♪♪ [theme music]

One more time, Mr. Hannan?

No, Darcy. Thanks.

I got an early flight to
San Francisco tomorrow.

Oh, business or pleasure?

Business. Old business.

Well, have fun.

PSI flight 237 to San Francisco
is arriving at gate 3 in five minutes.

Jet East international flight 93
to Mexico City is now boarding.

Please have your
boarding passes ready.

[horn honks]

Boy, am I glad to see you, Skip.

How was your flight?

A little bumpy. I hate to fly.

Any problems with the ticket?

No, they didn't even
look at the name.


Well, we'll just relax
the rest of the day.

Take in a ball
game tonight, huh?

Mrs. Ditmars's body was found in the
her living room at her Los Angeles home,

a fashionable address in
the suburb of Toluca Lake,

not far from the
Hollywood freeway.

Police estimate the
woman was shot to death

around 11 o'clock
Monday morning.

I asked the police about the
bizarre execution style of the killing.

There is a possibility that this is a
professional head. Now we're investigating

the victim's husband's
involvement with organized crime.

This afternoon, we'll be moving our
investigation to the San Diego area.

Mrs. Ditmars was originally
from San Diego, is that correct?

Uh, yeah.

You ought to wear a hat
when you're on TV, Bad Hair.

Lieutenant Julian Bogardes,
chief investigator here

from the homicide
division in Toluca Lake.

From Los Angeles, I'm
Temple Hill reporting.


I thought we would be rid of Bad
Hair when he moved to the big city.

But no, he's got the bring his hot-shot
murder investigation down here.

You still down on him?

The guy crowded us, A.J.

Cops don't like P.I.s.
It's an American tradition.

Yeah, we'll he tried
to ruin my credit rating

just because I used the cards
to open the occasional door.

Breaking and entering,
I think he called it.

A mere technicality.

I now officially declare
this tape recorder dead.

I will get us a new
one this afternoon.

No, you won't.
You'll fix that one.

[door bell]

We have no money.

We've got license fees,
taxes coming up, no cases.


Mr. Simon?

A.J. Simon. What
can I do for you?

My name is Joyce Alreed.

I need your help.

I'd like you to find my brother.

His name is Albert Alreed.

All right.

How long has he been missing?

A week.

How old is he?


This was taken a few years ago.

Oh, I know what you're thinking.

It's only been a week
and he's a grown man.

Has he ever gone off
before without telling you?

He never does that.

Albert is the most dependable
man I've ever known.

The last time we talked
was last Monday morning

when I called him
at his apartment.

We haven't been
close in recent years,

but we always try
to keep in touch.

Has he been to work
at all during this period?

Well, that's another
strange thing.

Albert is self-employed.
A carpenter.

When I talked to him,

I told him on of my neighbors
wanted some cabinet work.

Well, he seemed very
excited about the job.

But then he didn't show up.

I called him every day since.

I even went over
to his apartment.

Did your brother have any, uh...

enemies? Anybody who
might want to harm him?

I'm sorry. We have to ask that.

I-I know.

I-I know. I'm sorry.

No. No.

He lives by himself.

He keeps to himself.

He didn't have very
many friends that I know of.

I mean, everybody
seemed to like him though.

- Oh.
- What's wrong?

I just said everybody
seemed to like him.

I-I used the past tense.

[snivels] I didn't
mean to do that.

It's just when you mentioned...

- I... Oh, I'm so scared.
- It's okay.

It's all right.

We'll be glad to help.

I'll tell you, for a guy who's lived
in the same building for ten years,

his neighbors sure don't
know a whole lot about him.

Chargers fan.

That really narrows it down.

I know.


A.J., how many of these places
do you suppose we searched?

Rick, this is no time
to get sentimental.

No, no, no. I'm serious.
Hundreds of them, right?

We get a glamorous murder
case like Bad Hair Bogardes?

Mob hit men?

TV coverage, name
on the front page?

No. We get another crummy little
apartment with half-eaten TV dinners.

Look it. Want
ads circled in red.

Dirty socks like a
rat's nest in the corner.

It all depends on
your point of view.

I look at it as $400
a day plus expenses.

What does PSI stand for?

Pounds per square inch usually.


A lot of names and numbers.

PSI 237. I guess that's
some term used in his work.

What kind of work? That's
a hell of a lot of air pressure.

I don't know.

What have you got? Anything?


Now we know where he
spent most of his money.

A little place called
Barney's Two-for-One Bar.

Sounds like your
kind of a joint.

Yes, indeed. Yes, indeed.

I do believe the establishment
is worthy of further investigation.

We get a lot of people
in here, you know.

I can't be expected to
remember everybody.


Wait a minute. I
remember this guy.

He comes in to watch the Chargers
game on the big screen over there.

Are you guys
really private eyes?


There was a private eye that
used to come in here all the time.

Drank like a fish.

I think it's an
occupational hazard.

You, uh, care for anything?

No, thank you.

About Albert Alreed, what
can you tell me about him?

Have any special friends
that he hung out with?

Uh, just me and, until a few months
ago, a guy who started coming in here.

Al called him Skip.

I was glad to see
him come in here.

Al would sit up
here till all hours

drinking beer and
telling me all his

problems and how he
wasn't making any money.

I used to call him the whiner.

Skip kind of took
him off my hands.

He got killed, you know.

Skip got killed?

No, no. The private eye
I was telling you about.

He was hiding in a closet
watching some guy cheat on his wife.

Anyway, the guy
finds him in there

and pops a cap
right in his brain pan.

Ruined a bunch of
shoes and everything.

You guys ever get shot at?

It happens.

Uh, what about Skip?

What did he look like?

A big guy.


Looked a bit like Al,
come to think of it.

I saw him on TV
just the other day.

Would you get off of the other
private eye for just a minute please.

I'm talking about Skip.

It was yesterday.

Uh, the day before, maybe.

Some of the guys were in
here and we were watching.

And I saw this guy, Skip.

And I said to the guys,
"That's Skip, ain't it?"

And they said, "Yeah."

The unemployed garment worker contends
he is pressing ahead with his lawsuit

even though Billy Martin denies
he was ever even in that bar.


So much for Sunday's tape.

Here's Monday's 6 o'clock tape.

They don't believe it.

Nobody's gonna believe it.

Believe what?

Temple Hill, Channel
3 News in person.

And me, sitting here in person.

Do you mind signing a few of
these for the guys in the bar?

Um, Barney? Do you mind keeping
your eye on the screen there?

A Los Angeles investigation
into the gangland style slaying

of a Toluca Lake housewife
came to San Diego today.

Former San Diego police officer, Julian
Bogardes, now Lieutenant in Los Angeles,

questioned several
local citizens

known to be connected
with the late Beatrice Ditmars

and her husband,
Ralph, refuted mob leader.

There he is.


That's Skip right there.

Do you know who that is?

Toby Hannan. He used to be
married to the woman who was killed.


They got divorced
five years ago.

The police consider
that old news.

Besides, he has
a terrific alibi.

He was 30,000 feet in the sky
flying to San Francisco on business.

When was she murdered?

A week ago, Monday.

That's the same day
Alreed disappeared.

♪♪ [country music]

Tony Hannan owns this.

Yeah. Among other things.

I thought you'd
been here before.

I thought you'd be a regular.

Are you kidding?

This is some rich guy's
idea of a country bar.

$10 cover charge. $4 beer.

Little waitresses in cowgirl outfits
smile the same way at everybody.

Yeah, well, we can't all have you
sawdust and pickled egg tastes.

The Cognito Brothers.

Isn't that the band playing the night we
busted up that bar in Cockatoo Grove?

We, pale face?

Hey, it is them.

Welcome to the
Cactus Corral, partners.

Can I show you to
your hitching post?

Ah, you can show us
to Toby Hannan's table.

Oh, well, he's right over there.

Follow me.

I see what you
mean about the smile.

Mr. Hannan.

Thank you, Ellen.

That's right.

Right. Uh-huh.

I-I don't care what he said.


All right.

No, just tell him
I said that. Bye.

Mr. Hannan.

I'm A.J. Simon. We
spoke on the phone.

This is my brother, Rick.

What can I do for you boys?

Well, do you know a
man named Albert Alreed?

I don't believe I
recall that name.

That's odd. We have
information that says

you and Alreed were seen
together several times in a bar.

Yeah, I never even
knew his last name.

Now I met him over at
the bar in Mission Valley.

Mission Valley?

It's kind of a long way
to go just to visit a bar

when you've got such a nice
place all your own right here.


Well, you see I-I've been thinking
about getting my own place out there

so I was just checking
out the neighborhood.


See, the thing is, Alreed's
been missing since last Monday.

His, uh, sister's hired
us to try and find him.

Sister? I didn't
know he had a sister.

He never mentioned that to me.

Well, she's very worried
about him, Mr. Hannan.

What do you want me to do?

Call the cops.

Oh, we did. We did.

Uh, maybe you'd
rather talk to them.

Unless, of course, you're
tired of talking to them.

What the hell is that
supposed to mean?

Well, you are involved in the Ditmars
murder investigation, aren't you?

No, Mr. Hannan. I'm sure my
brother didn't mean anything by that.

We were very sorry to
hear about your ex-wife.

That's a terrible tragedy.

Why don't you do yourself a favor
and just get the hell out of here.

Real quick. Right now.


Of course, if you can think of
anything that you would like to say to us,

please just give us a call.

Pleasure talking to you.

He's dirty.

I don't know how he's
dirty, but he's dirty.



Okay. Three good reasons.

Alreed disappears the same
day Hannan's ex-wife is killed.

Number two, he's our
only connection to Alreed.

Number three, I don't like him.

That one I'll buy.

He's not on our dance card.

Not yet. He will be.

Okay, Ray. I'll have Alreed's
picture in San Francisco by noon.

- Thank you very much.
- Yeah, Benny,

I know your wife
likes French perfume,

but the cupboard is bare.

Hey look. Six gallon jugs of
Don Diablo's is the best I can do.

Oh, you take a little bit
of it, put it in a small bottle,

tell your wife it's perfume.
She'll love you for it.

Yeah, just, you know, show the
picture around L.A.P.D., county sheriffs,

maybe even down to Orange
County if you got the time.

Okay, Benny. Thanks a lot.

Cheap help is hard to find.

Don Diablo, very cheap indeed.

[phone ringing]

Hello. Simon and Simon.

Hello, Alreed here.

It's Alreed.

Hey, uh, I'm sorry,
Mr. Alreed. Go ahead.

Well, I heard you
were looking for me.

Yes, that's true. Your sister
is very worried about you.

Are you all right?

Oh, I'm fine.

Look, I-I didn't mean for
there to be all this trouble.

I-I just had a few
things on my mind.

I needed to get
away for a few days.

I understand that entirely.

But why call us? Have
you notified your sister yet?

Oh, yes. I-I called her,
and a neighbor answered

and said that you
were working for her.

Uh, well, we want to
believe you, of course,

But, before we
notify our client,

we'll have to have some
way of identifying you.

Uh, just a minute.

They want I.D.

Had to get my wallet.

My driver's license
number is YB532098

I was born August
15, 1936 in Redlands.

And, uh, my mother's
name is Rachael Waller.

Okay, uh...

Well, what do you want us to do?

Well, I'd like to reassure
my sister that I'm all right.

But I have to get back to work
and there's no phone there.

You know where the Point
Loma generating plant is?

Uh, maybe you could
tell her to come out there.

Uh, look, why don't
we just do this later?

You know, you could
come here to the office.

Well, I'd love to, but
I don't have a car.

Look, I'll be doing some work reinforcing
the holding tanks on top of the hill.

If you can, have her meet
me out there at 5 o'clock.

I got to go.

D-do you see him?

Not yet, but it's
not quite 5:00.

This is very strange.

I mean, did he say he
was in any kind of trouble?

No, he didn't mention it.

Oh, this is so unlike Al.

No, just stay here a minute.


My brother doesn't
even own a rifle.

And even if he did, there's no
reason on earth he would shoot at me.

It's insane.

Well, maybe your
brother's insane.

Oh, this is a waste of time.

Police reports are like
books in a high school library.

They got plenty of them, but
nobody ever checks them out.

Excuse me.

[Man] Yeah, check on
that right away. Hold on.

Ahh! Ahh!

Always had to kick this
boy twice to get it to work.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Just one. Just one. He's been
asking for it for ten years. Come on.

Rick, you'll be paying for it
for the next ten. Come on.

Calm down.


- Okay?
- Yeah.

- You sure?
- I'm fine.

- Okay.
- Okay.

I'm going to kill him.

I know. I know.

Bogardes. Hey.

You're not still steamed
over the Bauer case, are you?

And the Wanetski case.

The Franklin case.

The Ralstein case. It's
endless with you guys.

I put in hundreds
of hours on a case,

I'm just ready to get the
tigers to jump through the hoop

And the Ringling Brothers show up
and the whole tent caves in on me.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, well, clowns don't belong
in the tiger cage to begin with.

What are you two barbarians
doing in this police station?


As a matter of fact,

we might even be frying
up some of the same fish.

Oh my god.

Just started out as a
simple missing persons case,

but now it seems...

it might be tied in with one of
the suspects in Ditmars murder.

What suspect?

Toby Hannan.

Let me give you two
termites a bit of advice.

Toby Hannan is as
clean as a hound's tooth.

Hound's breath is
more like it if you ask me.

Nobody's asking
you. I'm telling you.

There's no motive for Hannan.

Before he married his ex-wife,

she helped him get
his business started.

They were partners.

After the divorce,
they stayed friendly.

Besides, I don't care
if he threatened her

at Dodger Stadium in
front of 50,000 witnesses.

He was in a damn jet plane
when the murder took place.

The only way he could've
killed her from up there was

with an air to ground missile.

Well, those are opinions.
Where's the advice?

You two want to talk
about frying some fish.

If I catch you near my pan,

I'm going to scale
you, cut your tails off,

and fry you up nice and crisp.

Hey, Bad Hair.

Better chill up a nice
white wine to have with us

cause we're staying on the case.

Just get him to take his
badge off for one hour.

30 minutes. He could even
have the choice of weapons.

Well, got to admit.

What he says about
Hannan makes sense.

Nothing about this
case makes any sense.

[tape rewinding]

We've been trapped.

We've been shot at.

We've been insulted by a cop with
the worst rug on the entire west coast.

Rick, this is Sandy.

I can't make the sailboat
races this Saturday.

My cat, Sydney, needs surgery.

Call me, okay?

Perfect. My life
just isn't working out.

[beep] This is Ray
in San Francisco.

I'm afraid I've got a match
on your missing person.

Call the morgue.

They're open late.

Come on. Look at the picture.

Now, who would you say that is?

Looks a bit like Toby Hannan,
a few years ago maybe.

It's Albert Alreed.

He was murdered.

About 11 o'clock, a
week ago, last Monday.

Same day Mrs. Ditmars
was killed in Los Angeles.

A lot of people died
that day. So what?

Look, if Alreed
were already dead

then who called us?

Just conveniently four hours
after we went to see Toby Hannan.

Now, whoever it was, knew
an awful lot about Alreed.

I mean, they knew his
mother's maiden name.

His birth date.

They had his driver's license.

We think Hannan hired
Alreed to kill his ex-wife.

Come on, Bogardes!
It makes sense.

Where was Hannan
when she was murdered?

On board Pacific Skies
Interstate flight 237

non-stop to San Francisco.

All right. Now what happens...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, ho, ho, ho.

What was that flight number?

PSI 237.

[together] PSI 237.

Well, as it turns out,

that number was written
down in Alreed's apartment.


It all fits together.

Come on, Bogardes.
Don't you get it?

Look, Alreed could
have flown to Burbank,

taken a connecting
flight to San Francisco.

Now that would give him
enough time to commit the murder.

And still be in San Francisco
in time to be paid off by Hannan.

Except Hannan killed him.

It's amazing. You through?

You really want to hang the
Ditmars murder case on the mob

unquote, nice and neat, just so
you won't have to do any work on it.

This is what hangs the Ditmars
killing on the mob, evidence.

Now, Alreed's murder
is a San Francisco case.

Now you go find a
detective up there,

and you tell him
your bedtime stories!

A.J., the next time I want to hit
him, what are you going to do?

Hold your coat.

Thank you very much.

Boy, I sure hate to think what
it's going to do to Joyce Alreed

when you tell her her
brother was a hired killer.

When I tell her?


What about you? You're
the older brother. You tell her.

Yeah, but you got the
savoir-faire streak in the family.

Come on.

Besides, I'm not going
to tell Joyce anything.

Not until we nail this down.

I want to find out if Alreed
really was in Burbank.

I want to get a fix on Alreed
and Hannan's motives.

Money's always a good motive.

It's true. All of the money.

Of course.

That means we really should get
a look at their financial statements.


That means that

you really ought to call
your little friend at the IRS.

- My little friend?
- Your little friend.

- Thelma.
- Uh-huh.

A.J., uh. look. No.

The last time I talked to
Thelma was to break a date.

And I can't just call
her up out of the blue...

I'm sure if you reach
deep, deep inside yourself,

you'll find some of the
old family savoir-faire.

Wait a minute. I may have
found something right here.


Hannan was on PSI 237, right?

- Mm-hmm.
- All right. Now here's a flight
from San Diego to Burbank.

And then here is
a connector flight

leaving for San
Francisco 30 minutes later.


And it gets to San Francisco

15 minutes before PSI 237.

Let's go see if
Alreed was on it.

Had a fellow about a week ago.

Looked like him.

Know where you took him?


This is it?

You brought him to a drug store?

He gives me 20 bucks. Tells
me to wait. Goes in the door there.

15 minutes later he comes
out with a magazine in his hand.

Longest I've ever heard of
anybody picking out a magazine.

All right. Wait here.


He walks in the front

And right out the back.


He could have made it. Easy.


Was there anything
else about this man?

Did he say anything?

No, he didn't talk.

Um, was there anything
unusual about the guy?

Anything at all?

Yeah, there was.
He smoked a lot.

I don't like people
smoking in my cab.

And I told him. But did he care?

No, sir.

Chain smoked from
the minute he got in.

Lit every new butt
up with the old one.

When's the last time
you had a $100 tip?

20, 40, 60, 80, 100
and worth every penny.

Thank you very much.

Okay. Now when San
Francisco Police gave Joyce

Alreed's personal possessions,
were there any cigarettes?

- Nope.
- Okay.

- Cigarette lighter? Matches?
- Nope. Nope.

I didn't see an ashtray
anywhere in his apartment.

If we ask Joyce, I bet she tells
us that Alreed never smoked.


But boy, have we met someone
who chain smokes under pressure.

- Toby Hannan.
- There you go.

Alreed must have been on the direct
flight using the ticket with Hannan's name.

Which means that Hannan met
him in San Francisco and killed him.

And wound up
with an air-tight alibi.

[sarcastically] Ha ha.

At least we don't have to ruin
Joyce's memory of her brother.


Do we take it to Bogardes?

This is even wilder than the
first story we tried to sell him.

- Well...
- No, I say we wait until
we hear back from Thelma.

If we can find out what
Hannan's motive was.

I mean, just because
we got a cab driver

says he has a passenger
who was a smoker

is not going to
prove it was Hannan.

Not to Bad Hair, it's not.

Maybe we could check
the airline records.

How are you fixed for stewardi?


Well, not too well.

The only ones I know are lucky
they don't strangle themselves

during the oxygen
mask demonstration.

- It was a silly question.
- It was.

Look, I know somebody
that might be able to help us.

I'll go call and
see if he's home.

- I'll meet you at the car.
- Okay.

We're all set.

His mom said to come on over.

His mom?


He's not home from school yet.

Home from school?


Hi, A.J.

Hi, Irene. Nice to see you.

This is my brother, Rick.

- Hello, Rick.
- Hi.

Come on in.

Right upstairs.

[quietly] Is there a Mr. Adler?

Just Richie.

[robotic voice] Intruder.


Just stand there for a moment.


Hello, Alice.

Nice to see you again.

Ralph, this is Rick.


Hello, Rick.

Rick, that's Ralph.

And that's Richie.


My brother, Rick.

- Hi, Rick. Nice to meet you.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.

Hey, guys. Okay,
here we have Alice.


- And Ham.
- Rick.

- Ham.
- And Jeremy.

- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Jeremy. Hi.

Are Dorothy and the
Tin Man here, too?

They're coming soon.

Um, would either of you like
some coffee or maybe a beer?

- Oh, beer sounds good.
- Thank you.

I'll go get it.

Uh, you mind if I
go get it with you?

Uh, computers make me nervous.

Me too. Come on along.

It's all right. I'll
vouch for him.

In spite of what he looks like.

Mom told me kind
of what you wanted.

So I got in the travel
agent's network

and set it up so we can
search by passenger name.

Great. Okay.

The name is
Hannan, first initial T.


There's one. Right there.

PSI 237.

Yeah, we know about that one.

That's really Alreed.

Well, we'll just search every
airline that flies out of San Diego.




No luck.

Only place we could find
Hannan's name was on the PSI list.

That means he went to
Burbank under a phony name.

Think if we ask him,
he'll tell us what it was?

Only one way to find out.

Thank you, Irene.

Oh, A.J. It was nice
seeing you again.

Um, nice meeting you.

Nice meeting you.

See you again sometime.

I hope so.

So, uh...

You kids, you, uh...

You go to school.

Uh, yeah. It's a state law.

Not the same law
when I was your age.

Richie, thanks anyway.


I'll leave the program
running just in case.

If anything turns
up, I'll give you a call.

Super, thank you.

Bye-bye, guys.

[all] Bye A.J.

Rick's kind of cute.

Oh, no. Not those guys again.

- Mr. Hannan.
- What?

Oh, you two.

Uh, any luck with Al Alreed?

I guess you could call it that.

We found him in San Francisco.

Good. How is he?

He's dead.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Somebody shot him in the back.

Monday before
last, about 11 o'clock.

You know...

It's getting to be a
dangerous world out there.

We heard that you were
in San Francisco that day.

Did you happen to run
into Al by any chance?

I told you I haven't
seen Al for a few weeks.

I didn't even know he was there.

Did you take the
non-stop to San Francisco

or a connector flight,
say through, um...


The non-stop.

That's good.

Cause whoever took the
connector killed your ex-wife.

We'd hate to think it was you.

So would I.

Get rid of him.

Okay, well, hold it guys.

Look, Mr. Hannan,
you can either talk to us

or you can talk to
Lieutenant Bogardes.

[both talking at once]


- Ow!
- Hey! Come on.

I told you, "Don't do
that to my brother."

Damn. I knew this
was going to happen.

Oh, no. Oh, no.



That was a good shot.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

Let's get out of here.


Whoa. Here they come again.

Boys, we're getting
out of this zoo.

Let's get going. Go!

Those two started it.

Come on. Hurry. Come on, boys.


Hi, guys.

So, uh, where you all
playing next week, slick?

Oh, terrific.

Thanks a lot, Thelma.

Oh, I can't wait.

No, I mean it.


All right. Bye-bye.

That was, um...


I told her that we'd
paint the town red,

choose her favorite place,
you know, for dinner and a show.

You know what she picked?

Hot dogs at the ball park.

Oh my goodness.

Thelma's in love.

Oh, come on, A.J.
She's just a kid.

What do you mean she's a kid?

She was in my class.

I said, "She's a kid."

She's a nice kid.

Well, well.

Has it happened?

Has spring finally parked
itself on Rick Simon's doorstep?

There's nothing unusual in
Alreed's accounts, but in Hannan's,

she found a record of several
personal checks over the last few months.

To his ex-wife.

How many?


20,000 each.


Mr. Hannan did not strike
me as the sort of man

to make large, personal loans.

Especially not
to his former wife.

Yeah, she also found that
Mr. Ditmars is in severe financial trouble.

The Hannan payments were
keeping him out of bankruptcy.

First the payoff
and then the murder.

That sounds a
lot like blackmail.

And a motive.

Guess what else
Thelma found out.


Starting about a week ago,

Hannan started closing
out bank accounts.

Let's see. There's three here, two up
in L.A., and one up in San Francisco.

He's getting liquid.
He's going to leave town.

Now it's time to
go see Bad Hair.

Thelma has just been busy
as a little bee, hasn't she?

Hey, she is just a
nice kid, A.J. That's it.

- Yeah?
- Just a nice kid.

With great pipes.

Ricky's in love.

This is nothing.
This is nothing!

You guys are giving me nothing.

I told you two to keep your
noses out of my business.

Maybe you're slow learners.

Aren't you at least going
to go talk to Hannan again?

I already did. He called me this
morning with a little tale of horror.

Seems you two rousted
him at his club last night.

Caused a lot of damage.

He started it.

It doesn't matter

It gives me all the provocation

I need to lift your
weapons permits.

Come on, Bogardes.

Let's listen to the facts, okay?

We have a witness
who can absolutely

place Hannan inside of his
cab on the day of the murder.

You should the cab driver a
picture of Alreed, not Hannan.

Alreed didn't smoke.

Hannan doesn't do
much of anything else.

I'm getting tired
of looking at you.

You hit the bricks.

And if you two are
picked up holding weapons

I will personally arrange
to see that you're locked up.

That game was
awesome. He jumped back.

He sword the guy.
He stabbed the... Look.

Hey, the same guy's booked
on a flight to Mexico City.

And then another one to Rio.

He's leaving the country.

We've got to call A.J. and Rick.

When does the Jet East
International flight leave?


Five minutes.

Is it ringing?


You've reached Simon
and Simon investigation.

Answering machine.

Well, leave a message
for him to call us.

Try their home number.

Or try their mother's number.
We've got to get a hold of them.


Rick and A.J., this
is Hamilton Parker.

We got to stop him.

Maybe we should call the police.

And how are we supposed
to explain any of this?

By the time it makes any sense,
Hannan will be over Venezuela.

I'll call them at home.


I'll get us back into the travel
agency computer network.

Maybe there's a way
we can stall the plane.

Welcome to Jet East
International flight 411.

Non-stop service to Mexico City.

May we ask that you take a few
moments to familiarize yourself

with the safety
features of our aircraft.

Hello, Mrs. Simon?

Rick and A.J.'s mom?

My name is Ham and
I'm a friend of theirs.

I... I'm 15... and a half.

No, I don't want to know if they
can come out and play, Mrs. Simon.

Look, this is real important.

Do you know where
I can reach them?

Well, when you see them, could
you please tell them to call me?

Or Richie or Jeremy or
Alice at Richie's house.

As soon as they can. Thank you.


Here we are, flight 411.


[phone ringing]


We just got your message.

Flight 411.

Right. Hold it as long as
you can. We're on our way.

Rick and A.J. are
moving towards the airport.

They need some time.

Can we stop a jet
airplane from taking off

just by pushing computer keys?



How about a convention
of vegetarians.

[tires squeal]

Uh, flight 411, we've just been
informed by the travel agent's network

that a convention of
vegetarians is aboard your flight.

You better check
your lunch supply.

I think the boys loaded up
with the beef taco special today.

Uh, baggage. Tell them they
left behind some baggage.

Irish setters.

15 Irish setters.

Tower, this is 411.

We are attempting to identify the
vegetarian passengers on board.

Are you sure you've
got the right flight?


We've got another problem, 411.

There's a report that 15
championship Irish setters

were inadvertently
left off your flight.

Man, it must be some kind
of a dog show in Mexico City.

We're looking for the dogs now.

Stand by.

[tires squeal]

I just thought of
one final stroke.

A passenger they left behind.


Return to gate
for security sweep.

We can't find the vegetarians.
You can't find the Irish setters.

Can we leave now?

411, you're not
going to believe this.

We've been advised that a special
VIP is asked to board your flight.

This ridiculous.

What kind of VIP can hold
up the whole Mexico City flight?

A VIP with a capital I.

Tell your passengers you're going
to bring them back to the terminal.

We're going to have to
have security check the plane.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I'm afraid we're going to
have to return to the gate.

Nothing serious.
Sorry for the delay.



[tires squeal]

Uh, 411, 411, 411.

The kids did it.

Sorry. We're terribly sorry.
We're very late for our flight.

I'm sorry. We're very sorry.
We're very late for our flight.

We're going to miss our plane.

Hey! Where are you
going. You crazy, mister?

Hey! Wait! Hey! Hold it!

There was a major break in the
sensational Ditmars murder today

when police arrested San Diego
businessman Toby Hannan for the crime.

In a striking new development,

it seems that Hannan will be
charged with a second murder,

that of San Diegan
Albert Alreed.

Our Joe Warner spoke with
L.A.P.D lieutenant Julian Bogardes...

Okay, Bad Hair. Tell them
how we cracked it for you.

This is the result of literally hundreds,
hundreds of hours of man work

on the part of the San Diego and
Los Angeles police departments.

Come on. Simon and
Simon Investigations.

San Francisco where we pieced
together the complicated murder plot.

Tell them, Bad Hair. Tell them.

We were able to sift through
the complex evidence.

And come up with the
answers that we all need.


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