Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 3, Episode 8 - The Bare Facts - full transcript

[A.J.] What do you see?

Two heavily armed naked guys.

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon and Simon...

Before you go through that door,

you have to get absolutely nude.

Sometimes you just
have to take a little push

to get into the swing of things.

Hit the dirt.

Get down!


Bail out. She's gonna go.

♪♪ [theme]


Let's get this over with.

I'm not gonna leave a half
a million dollars out here

without getting
what I'm paying for.

I want that documentation!

What the hell is this,
Landry? Mission Impossible?

Maybe you're not so stupid.

If I could get my hands on you
right now, I'd strangle you to death.

[Man] I've made a duplicate
computer file of everything

so there isn't
anything on paper.

It's on the main
system at the shop.

It's safe enough. Security has
the only record of my password.

Just leave the money here.

You're getting away
with this for now, Landry,

but not forever.

I'll find you...

in Brazil, in the South Pole.

I'll find you!

And I'll finish you.

You count on it.

[glass shattering]

Why can't we ever
have an away game?

What, you think I like having a
bunch of savages coming in here,

redecorating the place
with automatic weapons?

Look at the bright side, A.J.

The hand grenade didn't go off.

You know, actually,

I mean, aside from the
pyrotechnics at the end of it,

it was a rather
interesting case.

I have heard of group
marriages before.

I do believe this is
the first group divorce

we've ever encountered.

Hell's Hogs like to do
everything together.

What do you think?

Absolutely wonderful.

Is that how you
spell "investigations"?


I'm sure that's gonna
inspire lots of confidence

in all our future clients.

Oh, don't worry about it. It's
only gonna be up for a few days.

The glass ought to be back
from Ramone's next week.

Ramone? No. Hey, hey,
hey. He's the guy that makes

the little glass sculptures out
of old cough medicine bottles?

Ramone is an artist
of international renown.

Yeah. It means he's
wanted in two countries.


- [knocking]
- Hey, hey.

[knocking continues]

Hi. I'm looking for Simon
and Simon Investigations.

- You found it.
- Come on in.

We're in here somewhere.
Watch out for the glass.

- I am Rick.
- How do you do?

- That's my brother A.J.
- How do you do?

- Hello.
- Come on in.

Don't worry about all this.

We're just doing a
little redecorating.

Well, rather angrily, it seems.

Hey, if you guys
are busy, I'll just...

- No, no, no.
- No, no, no.

We just had a little bit of a,
you know, misunderstanding

in here last night, but
it's all under control now.

Well, I guess I did come
to the right place then.

- Beg your pardon?
- Well, you're here,
and, uh, they're not.

Look, I don't know
if he's missing or not.

But I'll tell you something,
this isn't like Ralph.

I'm really worried.

Didn't you just say that the guy was
going through some sort of midlife crisis?

Yeah, but he wouldn't
get this far off the track.

Ralph was a senior designer
at Willens Engineering.

We're developers. We build offices,
condos, malls. We're everywhere.

Ralph has been with
the company for 10 years.

He was the first one there
to really take me seriously...

The only one who didn't think I
should be the engineer in charge

of keeping the coffee warm.

He really guided me. He
gave me a lot of responsibility.

So, uh, how long you
guys been going together?

See? This is exactly
what you would expect.

Girl gets guy, girl
gets ahead, right?

Well, it's not that way at all.

Ralph was my
best friend, period.

Sorry. I was just trying to
make some connections.

And I was knee
jerking. I apologize.

Professional women are still
a little ticklish in some areas.

Oh, yeah? Which ones?

Getting back to Ralph. When did
you say he was due back in town?

Yesterday. I called the hotel, and
they said they'd take a message,

would not confirm
anything about him

Said it was policy.

[Rick] Now, just
what hotel was this?


The place where all the rich
weirdoes go to get naked?

Rick, they're called
physical culturists.

It's a nudist colony.

Look, it's been a
tough year for Ralph.

The winter of his discontent.

A few months ago, he
traded his dented Olds in

for a black onyx Porsche,

started wearing cowboy boots.

Well, so, the guy's
hormones are kicking in.

I mean, he's staring down the
barrel at 40, he's trying to comb

all of his hair down toward the
front, which I can understand.

The only thing that gets me is why
a competent, by-the-book engineer

gets canned after
missing one day's work.

That's why I think
he must be in trouble.

The personnel office
said he was fired Friday

before he even
left for the resort.

And there's no trace of him.

His office has been cleared out.

But why should his
apartment be empty?

And if he's still
up at the resort,

who cleaned out
all his furniture?

I guess we'll just
have to go ask Ralph.

A.J., it's a nudist colony.

We can't just go
parading in there.

Parade was not exactly
what I had in mind.

[Woman] Yes. Yes, Lord
Habersham, we do have rock salt baths.

And this season, we're
adding Maltese mud treatments.

[foreign accent] Oh, super!

Absolutely super. Yes.

I was wondering when
California physical culture

was going to enter
the 20th century.

Now, I'll be needing
two rooms, of course,

'cause I'll be
bringing my valet.

And will you require
nudity of him as well?

I see. I see. Yes.

Well, that's quite all
right. No, no. No problem.

It's... Ronnie is a trifle
self-conscious about his tattoo.

A rather brutish one
he picked up in Bombay.

A small cobra on an
unusual area of his anatomy.

I see. No. No problem at all.

Like a jaybird.

Now, about the fee...


You don't happen to have $10,000
lying around your boat, do you?

It's a private membership.
$10,000 to join,

five a year dues.

- Towels are extra.
- Hi, Mom.


Uh, yes.

Miss Klosterman, uh, could
I get back to you, please?

Um, I've got Juric
on the other line.

Yes. Thank you.

Hi, Mom.

I'm returning your
deep-sea reel and rod.

Oh, good. You catch anything?

Securities analyst
from Newport Beach.

But I had to throw him back.

What are you two up to now?

Or do I want to know?

- Uh, well, let's see.
- Well, we're uh...

We're looking for
a missing person

who was last seen
at the Sandpebbles.

The problem is that we
can't afford to go look for him.

Oh, that explains the nudity.

You know, Buddy and Edie
Krelmen were members up there.

No. No, Mom. They drove
a Plymouth station wagon.

That was before the divorce.

I wonder if Edie got the
membership in the settlement.

No. No, their idea
of really cutting loose

was a little homemade muscadine
and the Ed Sullivan Show.

I could always ask.
Maybe she could get you in.

You know, a guest of a member.

Oh, thank you, Mom, but
we're in a little bit of a hurry here.

In fact, uh, Rick, I think it's
time to break out the burned cork.

What do you see?

Two heavily armed naked guys.

Boy, Heidi wasn't kidding when
she talked about security, was she?

Oh, great.

They got a dog.

He's naked, too.

[sighs] Well, nothing
to do but wait till dark,

hit the office files
and find Ralph's cabin.

A.J., you know
I'm no quitter, right?

I mean, I was right there on the
Harmon case... right there to the end,

even when the
garbage started flying.

And did you hear a peep
out of me in the leather bar?

No. Mm-mm. Not even when
they brought the snake in.

A guy's just gotta have limits.

You just can't handle
the nudity, can you?

I didn't say that. I can
handle it. Probably.

All right, Rick.
You can admit it.

- You think nudity is dirty,
don't you?
- No, I don't.

Not if it's done right.

It's just nudity is something

that ought to be done in private,
you know, between two people

in the privacy of
their own home,

or in magazines.

- Rick?
- Yeah?

If you weren't my brother,

I'd be afraid to be sitting here
alone in the bushes with you.

Okay, everybody should
be tucked in by now.

I'm gonna go in.

At the scent of trouble,
just give me the cat.


[dog barking, distant]

[Man] That was a great movie.

I don't know why we haven't
had that up here before.

[Woman] A little too
much nudity for my taste.

Say, listen, we should see
if anybody's still in the office.

- You know, they didn't tell us
what time the hike is tomorrow.
- Yeah.

- [meows]
- [Woman] Was that a cat?

- Who cares?
- Kitty?

- [meows] - Kitty, kitty, kitty.

Come here. Come here.

Kitty, kitty, kitty,
come on, come on.

- [hisses]
- [gasps]

Come on, honey. It's cold.

We'll ask about that hike
sometime in the morning.


I got it.

Ralph's in cabin number two.

What's the matter with you?
You look like you've seen a ghost.

Two of them.

I'd say Ralph was going
through more than a midlife crisis.

[exhales forcefully]

[door opens]

[mouthing words]


[A.J.] She'll
smother under there.

A.J., it is physically

to snore and smother
at the same time.

- [Man shouts, distant]
- Imagine playing volleyball
at this hour.

We ought to complain
to the management.

We gotta get out of here.

Well, we'll just
have to walk out

and pass ourselves
off as happy campers.

A.J., those people are naked!



[people chattering]

[Woman] Don't know what
the score is? We're ahead.

- [Man] Okay, one more time.
- [Woman] All right. Okay.

- Here we go.
- Oh!

- Look out!
- Get it!

[people shouting]

[Woman] One,
two. Hit it. Hit it.

Come on. Let's go.

- [A.J.] Morning.
- [Rick] Morning.

Maltese mud treatments.

Does wonders for the
complexion. Over at the health club.

Gotta try it. No wait.

So who was the girl? Maybe
she and Ralph were, you know.

No. No, no. No, no.

Uh, this girl was spending
her nights with Tolstoy.

If Ralph is there at all,
he's moved to another room.

Or been moved. I got a feeling
that whoever erased him down here

did the same thing up there.

Well, can't you just confront
the hotel management,

ask them what's going on?

Mm, no, because if they
know what's going on,

the chances are they
had something to do with it.

No. I'm afraid the only thing
we can do is go in undercover,

so to speak.

I don't have $10,000.

Not to worry. We've got somebody
working on another way in.

Yeah, but first of all, we're gonna
go over to Willen Engineering

and talk to the
man who fired him.

Good luck. All Willens
is a tough nut to crack.

At least he'll be
wearing clothes.


Seven miles, Doug.

Don't... Don't
touch that, please.

You don't realize it,
but this is 21st century.

You're looking at a
whole new way of life.

You're gonna eat here.
You're gonna shop here.

You're gonna go
to the movies here.

Gee, I can hardly wait.

Thanks, Doug.

I'll take care of this.

Yes, sir.

Okay, you're investigators.

You have three minutes.

- Investigate.
- Uh, fine.

Why'd you fire Ralph Landry?

That's between him
and me. Company policy.

Well, see, it's a little hard
for us to talk to him about it.

- He's missing.
- Who says?

That's between them
and us. Company policy.

Fine. I guess that covers it.

- Covers it up.
- There's no cover-up here.

I'm trying to protect
everyone concerned,

both Ralph and the company.

Ralph was in charge of
some important projects.

I don't want the
transition to be disruptive.

Now, gentlemen...

Disruptive? Gee,
that'd be awful.

[Willens sighs]

[Rick sighs]

You know the man
that showed you in here?

He's my head of security.

Now, he can be as
disruptive as they come.

Uh, look, Mr. Willens,

[sighs] we're not
trying to cause trouble.

We just wanna find Ralph Landry. Now,
you gotta admit, it's a little peculiar.

I mean, you fire him one day,
and he disappears the next?

What's peculiar about
it? Maybe he took a trip.

Listen, I don't know anything
about his disappearance,

but I can tell you
why I fired him.

He was distractive,
he was unproductive,

and he was generally
doing a lousy job.

What was he working
on at the time?

You wanna know anything more
about me and my company, read that.

Can we have
another one of those?

No? That's all
right. We'll share.

I read over his shoulder.

Let's go.

[bike clicks]

[A.J.] Don't break his machine.

Nice bike.

Thank you.

[door closes]

You hear all that, Doug?

[Doug over intercom] Yes, sir.

I don't have anything
to worry about?

Landry's good as gone.

I'll get off the
circuit now, sir.

Don't lose tabs on those two.

I don't think they're
through with it.

Hi. May I help you?

Yes, please. We'd
like to check in.

- You have a reservation?
- Yeah, we're friends
of Edie Krelman.

Edie Krelman.

Ah, yes. All right.

- Would you fill this out,
- Okay.

Um, a friend of ours, Ralph
Landry, came up here on Friday.

I think he said he was staying
in, uh, cabin number two?

- Uh...
- I'll take care
of these gentlemen, Omar.

I'm Heidi Klosterman,
camp manager.

- Hi. Rick Simon.
- How do you do? A.J. Simon.

So you're friends
of Mr. Landry's?

[A.J.] That's right.

I thought you were a
friend of Mrs. Krelman.

- Uh...
- Friends of hers, too.

- Yeah.
- And of Buddy's.

Too bad about the divorce.

Lots of our friends
come up here.

So, uh, where's Ralph?

I'm afraid he had to
leave sometime Saturday.

- His office called.
- Ah, great.

All Willens come up here, too?

I'm sorry. That name
is not familiar to me.

Let me make one
thing perfectly clear.

Before you go
through that door there,

you have to get absolutely nude.

I understand.

- Uh...
- He understands, too.

Very well.

The changing rooms are that way.

Okay. See you later.


Well, now we're
getting somewhere.

Well, I'm glad to see you're finally
getting a little relaxed about all this.

I'm talking about the case, A.J.! We
came up here to do a job, remember?

- You just keep your eye
on the ball.
- Don't worry. I will.

Good. 'Cause I smell some
rotten Wienerschnitzel around here.

That maiden's holding out on us.

She said Landry checked
out of here on Saturday.

We're here Wednesday,
he's still on the books.

She said he got a
call from his office.

He was fired before
he ever got up here.

This place did something to him.

This place could
certainly do it.

- May I?
- Uh, well, I, uh...



[Man] We got the team together.

[Woman] We could
have girls against guys.

[Man] All right. That's fine.

[chattering continues]

- Oh, what is this?
- Hey, Rick.

Mr. Nude Volleyball
of 1984? [scoffs]

Standard undercover procedure...
Socializing with the natives.

What, did you find
anything in the bushes?

I wasn't in the bushes. I was
in the employees parking lot.

Guess who's driving a
brand-new black onyx Porsche?

- Who?
- Omar the Hun.

Did you get a look inside?

No. There was an alarm system. Maybe
later on we can get our hands on a key.

- Any leads from
the volleyball net?
- Yes, as a matter of fact.

I happened to track down the couple
who stayed in the cabin next to Landry.

Aw, geez!

Ralph Landry.


We were supposed to
meet him up here last night.

- Now we can't find him.
- There was this one guy

who had a tattoo of a
kangaroo on his chest.

You know what I mean? Uh,
your friend have an accent?

- Uh, no.
- He's a real course guy.

I was thinking about
registering a complaint with Heidi.

His name was Hank. He
was making a pass at me.

He pinched you right
on the tennis court!

Getting back to
Ralph Landry. He, uh...

He had the cabin right next to yours.
Now, you sure you don't remember?

No. I'd remember. I know
all the men around here.

Well, almost all.

Just seems strange to me that
he virtually never left his room.

Doesn't that seem
strange to you?

Maybe he wasn't
having a good time.

You having a good time?

[clears throat] Unexpectedly so.

Well, he might've been shy.

Sometimes you just have to take a little
push to get into the swing of things.

[Man] He's probably not feeling
very well. You know what I mean?

I gotta tell you, you don't
look too good yourself.

Had a little too much
sun this morning, huh?

Yeah, A.J. You feeling okay?

I... [gasps, stammers]

I'm sure he'll turn up. We've
taken up too much of your time.

No, no, no. I'm in no rush.

Let me think.

Maybe it was at the camp
dance Saturday night.

You have dances here?

[Man] Of course. We
dance cheek to cheek.

A little nudist colony
joke. Know what I mean?


[Man] Hey!

When we're very, very old,

and you're writing your memoirs,
leave me out of this chapter.

Are you kidding?
You're the best part.

Oh, we're getting real close
to Landry. I can just feel it.

You're going through
a second puberty.

I'm sunburned in places
where the sun don't shine.

Well, maybe we'll have
better luck at dinner.

Oh, God! Dinner.

I don't think I can face 300
naked people eating spaghetti.

I am so sorry, gentlemen.

Nobody told you that we
always dress for dinner?

- [nervous chuckling]
- Gotcha.

[clears throat]

If Landry's things are anywhere,
there'd be here in the office.

[door opens, closes]

- Find a window out of here.
- There isn't one.

- Why?
- Shh!

[steam hissing]

[shower running]


Sorry. This one's already taken.

What are you doing
here? With your clothes on?

Heidi, I think it's time
we have a serious talk.

Well, I assure you
I had nothing to do

with Mr. Landry's disappearance.

I checked him in
myself on Friday night,

and I never saw
him again after that.

[Omar] Heidi, my liebchen.

The water's boiling.

Omar, not now.

Excuse me.

[clears throat] Okay,
then, why the big silence?

Why not just tell
people he split?

Listen, this whole thing could
become very embarrassing

to the hotel.

I'd be glad to pay you
myself to... to find Mr. Landry.

But I can't afford to have
the police prowling around.

We have a very
discreet clientele here.

I'll help you with
anything I can.

All right. Well, let me ask you
a few questions about Landry.

When you saw him,
did he look well?


Well, I only caught a
glimpse on his face.

He wore dark glasses.

But when he entered the camp, I
noticed his body was in good condition.

He looked strong to me.

Sunglasses in the
middle of the night?

Listen, I found a
black Porsche in the

parking lot this
afternoon. Is that Landry's?

Yes. We put it there
for its protection.

Well, well, well. What
have we got here?

This is it.

We've got tire
tracks, footprints.


Got it.

[A.J.] How long does it take for
a body to get in that condition?

Cover it up, Fiskin.

Oh, out there in the open,
not more than two days.

Mostly it's the animals.

Uh, the body was stripped
naked, Miss Klosterman,

which would normally
include me to believe

that whoever killed
him took all his clothes.

Except they left his sandals.

Fiskin. These two tell me

you're missing a man
since last weekend.

So I figured he
might be one of yours.

These woods
are full of people...

Campers from the
Cleveland National Forest.

This could be anyone.

Except we found this
man at Cold Rock Canyon.

Right at the coordinates
of his own map.

- Seems pretty conclusive.
- Why do you say he was killed?

No guesswork about that.

Gunshot wound through the head.

That's okay. We've
already seen it.

I don't suppose you've had a rash
of senseless murders around here?

- Anything convenient like that?
- No, nothing convenient.

I guess, uh, the man
driving that big car

knew our man here
and didn't like him much.

Well, you got a good
set of tire tracks out there.

I mean, you know, maybe
they tie in, maybe they don't.

I got a good cast, but
trouble with tire track evidence

is you've gotta have
another tire to compare it with.

So, until somebody
brings me one of those,

I guess we'd better
confirm this man's identity.

I think we can go past, uh,
photographs and loved ones.


I'll do a dental
impression and a chart.

Can somebody get me this, uh,
Ralph Landry's medical records?

So I can compare
old scars and breaks.

Yeah, well, our client
might know who is dentist is,

or his insurance records.

That's not Landry.

[Sheriff] What
makes you say that?

In my business,

you notice someone's
health before anything else.

Ralph Landry was
a muscular man...

Well built, vigorous.

That can't be his
body. I'm sure of it.

Maybe I'm partly to blame.

There he was, perfectly
contented to be Mr. Bowtie,

and I come along,
ten years younger.

I should've been able
to try and stop him

from being something he wasn't.

But he was having
such a good time.

[sighs] I hope when I go,
I leave more than the junk

that's left on the
floor of my car.

Who stapled these together?

Oh, uh, I did.

I was gonna tell
you about that. Um...

I, uh, noticed that he
went out to the Caldale Mall

three nights in a row last week...
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Look at the dates.

Is that worth noticing?

Well, maybe, for two reasons.

First of all, uh,
Ralph hated to shop.

Especially at malls.
All his new silk shirts...

I had to buy those for him.

And, uh, second of
all, we built this mall.

Well, Willens Engineering
did. Just opened.

Well, if Ralph went out there, it
probably had something to do with his job.

Well, if he hadn't come out here
three times, I'd say he was just curious.

But this wasn't his project.

Ralph dealt mainly
with public works...

State and federal
agencies, that kind of thing.

Aha. Wait a minute. I think I got an
idea. Mary, let me have the picture.

These kids hang out at these
shopping malls all the time.

- That's Ralph.
- Okay.

Yeah, wait a minute.
Better let me handle this.

You do it, they'll
think you're a pervert.

[mouthing words]

[clears throat]

I am totally zoned.

I mean, this place is
mondo-awesome, you know?

I mean, to the absolute max.

Uh, an absolute Poindexter.

Way beige.

Totally tubular?

Do you know what
this guy's talking about?

Well, I see you've struck
your usual responsive chord.

Obviously these young
ladies don't seem to fit

the banal stereotypical notion
you have of today's teenagers.

Hi there.

I'd say they were
trying to pick us up,

but, uh, nobody's
this bad at it.

Excuse me. Um... [clears throat]

We're looking for somebody
who might have seen,

uh, this man here last week.

[Girl] Oh, yeah.

Really strange.

I saw him go through that
door three days in a row.

Thank you.


Whatever happened to "for sure"?

I'm really concerned
about the degeneration

of the English language.

- Aren't you?
- Really.

[Mary] This is an access tunnel.

Well, at least it was in
all the other malls we built.

Ugh! It's locked.

Yeah, but look.

Oh, yeah. Someone
picked it recently.

An amateur. Now we
get to watch the pro.

♪♪ [humming]

[lock clicks]

Very impressive.

Proof of a misspent youth.

[loud machinery whirring]

This is the physical
plant for the entire mall.

You know, air conditioning,
elevators, that sort of thing.

Well, maybe Landry found some
kind of a technical problem down here.

Well, everything
seems to look okay.

I better check it out, though. Oh.
And I'd better advise company security.

- Huh?
- I said, I'd better advise
company security.



Security. Donner speaking.

Hi, Doug. This is Mary
DeAngelo. I'm over here at Caldale.

Would you have any
idea why Ralph Landry was

looking over the
elevator system out here?

No, Mary.

Is, uh... Is something wrong?

Well, I don't know. I'm gonna
pull the Caldale files tomorrow

and run a complete check
through the computer.

That's a good idea.

I'll start asking some
questions around here

and see what I can
come up with, and, uh...

Then why don't we get together late
tomorrow morning and compare notes?

Sounds good. Thank you, Doug.



[Doug] Come on in.
Have yourself a drink.

[sighs] Mr. Donner.

It's after midnight.

Now, I, for one, had
very definite plans

about going home and
getting a good night's rest.

So maybe you could
tell us why it is so vital

that we come right over here.

Because, hopefully, there
will never have to be a record

that we even ever
had this conversation.

I had Landry's dental records
sent up to Borrego Springs.

This came back tonight.

They, uh, match.

That body up there is Landry.

And now all of a sudden, you know
a whole lot more than you did, right?

Look, Willens and I weren't
completely honest with you the other day.

But believe me, I... I never
would've gotten on this bus

if I knew that he
was talking murder.

[clears throat]

Last Thursday, a day before
Landry went out to Sandpebbles,

Willens told me, confidentially,

that Landry had left
the company abruptly,

and that I was to,
uh, disappear him,

if you're familiar
with the concept.

You mean murder Landry.

[sniffs, clears throat]

Of course not.

Just expunge his records.
You know, shred his files.

The kinds of things that a security
officer can do with less notice

than, let's say, a
chief executive officer.

Well, when you fire a man, is it
customary to also clear out his apartment?

Oh, no. Wait a
second. I didn't do that.

Willens did that.

This afternoon, one of our
engineers called with a story

linking Landry to some possible
trouble at the Caldale Mall.

She's still looking into it.

Must've been pretty big trouble.

If you think Willens
murdered Landry,

why don't you just nail him?

[Donner chuckles] Fellas,

I may be a team
player, and I like my job,

but if anything has
happened to Ralph,

I don't wanna get burned
with murder conspiracy.

Why don't you talk to us,
Donner? Tell us what you want.

[Donner] Look, all I know is

when the two of you
started looking for Ralph,

Willens decided it was
time for a spring cleaning.

And it isn't even spring.

I don't know.

But maybe there's something
in there that might help you

find out why Ralph was murdered.

- [sighs]
- Okay.

[Man] I'll see you in
Chicago on the 25th.

I think we can
consolidate the proposal.



Why doesn't he ever
record on the B side?

'Cause besides being guilty
of writing very dull letters,

he's also guilty
of wasting tape.


That's weird.

I didn't think you
could record in reverse

on one of these cassettes
unless you fiddled.

Well, maybe there's a recorded
full track on the other side originally.

Like in one of
those pro machines.

And if you re-recorded it
on one of these home jobs,

you'd only erase half.

There we go. [sighs]

I've now got 11
of these carbons...

All dated from last Friday...

Totaling close to
half a million dollars.

I mean, I've heard of
getting walking-around

money for the weekend,
but this is ridiculous.

All the withdrawals made
from the same bank?

Uh, no. Let's see.
We've got, uh,

[papers rustling]

a personal account, a joint account
with the wife and a corporate account.


[tape stops]

I've been an engineer
for a long time,

and I've never seen
so blatant an error.

This is no
oversight. It's fraud.

The Caldale Mall is
a ticking time bomb.

Somebody may have to go to
jail, and it's not going to be me.

You think that's Landry?


And I think it's blackmail.

I think Landry found
out that Willens somehow

fiddled with the mall,
and he's holding him up.

Could be.

Could very well be.

And if this is
walking-around money,

I'll be Landry's the one who
wanted to be walking around with it.

And you can walk quite a long
ways on half a million dollars.

[Man on tape] It's on the
main system at the shop.

It's safe enough. Security has
the only record of my password.

Just leave the money here.

Well, that's Ralph.
But blackmail?

I just can't believe he would do
something like that. I just can't.

That's the third and final tape.

Classic example
of an extortionist

setting his victim
up for the payoff.

And we had Willens nailed.
He offered to sell him the proof.

[Mary] Well, it's
just so outrageous.

[sighs] But Ralph
did have the proof.

I'm following the same
computer trail he probably did,

and it looks like some of
Caldale was never inspected

so the mall could open on
time and Willens Engineering

could avoid paying penalties.

That's big money,
but is it worth murder?

Oh, on a project this big?

Thousands of dollars every day.

[A.J.] Well, I guess we're gonna
have to take our new report,

go back up there and
talk to Heidi Klosterman.

[Mary] Let me
know what she says.

- Where's Heidi?
- She's at the badminton court.

Nah, nah. Come on, you guys.

- You know the rules.
- [A.J. sighs]

Rules are made to be broken.

[people chattering]


- Why are you two dressed?
- Don't worry. We're not staying.

Look, you said you got
a glance at the man's

face when he checked
in here as Ralph Landry.

Would you recognize
him again if you saw him?

I think so. He wore dark
glasses, like I told you,

but I was very close to
him for several minutes.

Is that the man?


- No?
- Are you sure?

That's the man that was here.

- [A.J.] Donner?
- Yeah.

Excuse me.


He really laid it
out for us, didn't he?

[Rick] The tape's
in Willens' office,

and a map to
lead us to the body.

[A.J.] Landry brought
it all to Donner on tape.

Donner saw his
chance and killed him,

then came up here to
wait until he got paid off.

And he didn't count on...

Hit the dirt. Get down!

[rifle firing]

- He's got us pinned.
- [rifle continues]

We're going have to
figure how to flank him.

Okay. Give me
cover. One, two, three!



[rifle continues]

[rifle firing stops]

He's alive.


- There's no key.
- Give me a minute.

Rick, this isn't an
armored vehicle.

Yeah? Well, it'll do. He can't
shoot what he can't see, right?

Yeah, well, you can't
drive it if you can't see.

The old mirror gag. Would
you remove it for me, please?

[rifle firing]

Bail out. She's gonna go.

- [gun cocks]
- Put it down.

- [gun cocks]
- Don't try it.

[Mary] The mall was closed this morning,
and safety inspections are underway.

- And was there any real danger?
- Oh, sure.

There was a potential there for
hundreds of people to be hurt, even killed.

Willens has been indicted along
with 10 or 12 trade inspectors.

- Good.
- [pounding]

[Rick] A.J., a little help.
Got the new glass out here.

Hey! All right!

- Well, maybe
I misjudged Ramone.
- Yep.

Sure say he did
a nice, quick job.

Yeah, well, he just
fell in love with work.

He thinks this is his best
work ever. What do you think?

[A.J. sighs]

At least it says we
can speak English.

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