Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 3, Episode 3 - I Heard It Was Murder - full transcript

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon...


Put that away.

Why do you suppose
they didn't just kill you then?

I'm blind.

If that's the case,

I really don't feel that
you're in any danger.

[woman screams]


Everybody down! Get down!

[both shouting]

What are you doing?

[Rick] It's the wrong guy.

Help me! Please help me!

♪♪ [theme]

Right on time, I guess.


Good-looking piece, huh, K.D.?


What's going on, kid?

[gunshot, body drops]

Put that away.

What do you mean, put that away?

She's blind.

Besides that, she's
not on the menu.

Let's get out of here before
somebody else comes in.


[motor starts]

[truck chugs]

Rick, I got to hand it to you.

You're not Rick.


I got to hand it to you.

You're the only guy I know

who could take a simple
divorce case stakeout

and turn it into an
international drug bust

with a street value of
more than $10 million.

We got the
photographs of Krellin

with that Colombian chick.

Oh, yeah. We've also got

three consecutive life
sentences facing us

if we don't talk
our way out of this.

Don't worry. We'll get
it all straightened out

at the arraignment.

Besides, these guys will
vouch for us, right, guys?


These guys don't
even speak English.

Is that their fault?

Well, somehow I get the feeling

that their credibility might
be somewhat suspect.

What, are you kidding?

These guys are
all licensed pilots.

They're from Air Bogotá.

Thousands of flying hours.

This is a smokescreen.
I smell a rat.

In the bowels of the San
Diego County Jail? No.

Something's going on here.

We should have been
out two hours ago.


[speaking Spanish]

[AJ chuckles]

Uh, say what?

Humor him. He
thinks he's in love.

Oh, gosh.

Oh. Here's dinner.

Listen, did you guys
ever do anything

about the problems
you were having

with the hollandaise sauce?


Buenos noches, amigos.

Come on, Ross,
get us out of here.

It's been a long night.

I might be able
to help you guys.

Ha ha ha ha.

I certainly hope so.

You've delayed our
release long enough.

I mean, it is you, isn't it?

Oh, yeah, I, uh...

Your paperwork did cross my desk

a little earlier in the evening.

[AJ] Ah, yeah.

They've sent your
fingerprints down

to the guardio
nacionál in Colombia.

- Ah.
- Haven't heard back.

I wouldn't be surprised.

They don't have a
computer down there.

No kidding.

Just an old man with
a magnifying glass.

Yeah, and that
broke. Listen, Ross,

if this is another
one of your deals,

tell us what's behind
Curtain number 3

and let's get on with it.

Favor for a favor?

Well, uh... Yeah.

You heard about the Kovac hit?

Who, Miles Kovac?

Papa Miles himself.

Never thought they'd get him.

40 years Miles has had his
way with the West Coast mob.

Somebody finally got lucky.

Ross, uh, you're
going to have to fill us in

because the delivery boy
here lost his paper route.

They hit him at the
museum this afternoon.

Who was the winning pitcher?

We figure they're local.

We keep a close eye on
any out-of-town specialists

that might be in
the neighborhood.

We can't turn up anybody,

but there's a witness
we want you to protect.

Dr. Rebecca Towne.

Wait a minute. If
you've got a witness,

why don't you protect her?

It's a long story.

Here's the address.

You'll be able to size up
the situation pretty quick.

I can size it up
from right here.

- Looks pretty small.
- Hey, she can afford you.

Of course, if you'd rather
play Hands Across the Sea

- with these guys...
- Oh, no, we'll take it.

- I don't know.
- I'll take it.

You can stay here.


[Woman] Yes?

- Rebecca Towne?
- Yes.

Uh, I'm AJ Simon.

Sergeant Ross asked us
to come and call on you.

Oh, yes. One moment.

[lock unlatched]

- Hi.
- Oh, hello.

This is my brother Rick here.

- Hi.
- Hello. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

- Won't you come in?
- Thank you.


[Rick clears throat]

Oh, I forgot.

Won't you have a seat?

- Thank you.
- Uh, thank you.

Thanks very much.

- Coffee?
- Yes, please.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

So who's the
doctor in the house?

Oh, I'm a PhD in
acoustic engineering.

I work over at UCSD.

Do you teach?

Not anymore.
We're in research...

Sound design work.

We do a lot of government work.

- Aah! - Oh, sh... - Oh. - Ow.

I'm so sorry.

That's... I'll do
that. I'll do that.


You must have moved the cup.

No, I didn't. It
was right there.

- Are you burned?
- I'll live.

Uh, Rick, it was an accident.

- Here you go.
- Oh, thank you.

I think Dr. Towne has
a very good reason

- for not seeing the cup.
- Huh?

I'm blind.

And I'm dumb.

I mean, uh, the apartment,

the way you handle the...

I get along pretty well.

Better than most
people think, actually.



Uh, Sergeant Ross
asked us to keep an eye...

On you for a few days.

He feels that you could
be a very valuable witness

- in the Miles Kovac case.
- No, he doesn't.

B-Beg pardon?

Oh, it's not his fault.

Besides, I'm used to it.

It's just that I feel I'd be
of more help to the police

- than they think I can.
- How?

I was there when that
poor man was murdered.

I heard everything.

I can identify the killers
by the sound of their voices.

Did they see you?


Well, then, uh,

why do you suppose they
didn't just kill you then?

They saw that I was blind

and assumed they
couldn't be a threat to them.

Well, if that's the case,

I really don't feel that
you're in any danger.

We'll be glad to keep you
company for a few days,

just to be sure, but...

I want you to help
me convince the police

I can help.

Uh, how do you mean?

[AJ] There's a good doughnut
place here on the right.

Anybody want coffee?

[Rick] Yeah, make mine a double.

[Rebecca] After last night,

I'm surprised you would want me

and a hot cup of
coffee in the same truck.

Yeah, but anyway
it was my fault.

I'll even spring for a
couple of bear claws.

Did I ruin your slacks?

[AJ] Slacks is too polite a word

for what Rick usually wears.

See anybody suspicious?

You mean besides us?

Shouldn't we be hiding behind
newspapers or something?

- Huh?
- Why?

You know, all those detectives

watching hotel lobbies,
all reading the newspaper.

You see it all the
time in movies.

You do?

I love the movies.

I just have to go with someone

who does good play-by-play.

Doesn't always work.

I saw E.T. with a guy

who cried all the way
through the movie.

I still don't know what
that one was all about.

There was this little creature

who looks a lot like AJ, and...

- That's it!
- [truck chugging]

- What?
- The car.

The noisy one. The
car the killers drove

was making some kind of noise.

That's valve clatter.

There must be a
thousand cars in this town

need a valve job.
Besides, it's a county truck.

I'm telling you that's the car.

I smell the same
exhaust fumes, too.

Follow that.

[Rick] County car would
make a good cover.

There are two men in the truck.

I told you. Let's get them.

Rebecca, you know,

they're probably just
county employees.

Just ask them something
so I can hear their voices.


[sigh] Okay.

Hi. Uh, excuse me.

We're looking for a Chinese
restaurant around here.

You know any good
Chinese restaurants?

Do we look to you

like the Bureau of Tourist
Information or something?

Well, how about
your friend there?

Uh, excuse me, sir.
Do you happen to know

any good Chinese
restaurants around here?

You guys crazy or what?

Uh, no. No, sir, we're not,

- but I thank you for asking.
- Oh, yeah.

That's the sound I
heard. I'm sure of it.

They're not the right guys?

Just ask them where they
were yesterday afternoon.


What am I paying you guys for?

To protect you,

not to ask strangers
stupid questions.

- Come on. Let's try it.
- All right.

Hey, guys. Hi. Excuse me.

You some kind of nut?

Want to watch what you're doing?

Can we talk to you for a minute?

Will you get out of the way?

- These guys...
- [crash]


What is the big idea?

You knocked my mirror off!

You can't run us off the road!

I just did it, didn't I?


Now, if you'll all
just calm down.

Um, we're private investigators.

We'd like to ask
you a few questions.

Were you driving
this truck yesterday?

No. This truck
was in the garage.

We're trying to get them
to fix the valve clatter on it.

They didn't do it, so
we're taking it back.

Would you mind if we follow you?

It would help if you'd get that

whatever it is out of the road.



Let's go. We got to follow them.

Rick, AJ, Dr. Towne.

Ross, Stinky.

Glad you could make it, Ross.

What have you got?

Okay, Dr. Towne believes

that a county truck
may have been used

in the Kovac killing.

She believes it was taken
from this lot yesterday.

I see.

The manager tells us
that the truck was here

until late yesterday
when he left

and, uh, and again this morning.

Now, there are six mechanics
who have access to the lock.

The manager has agreed
to let them talk to us.

You got me down here

to listen to a bunch
of mechanics?

No. We got you down here

to watch her listen to
a bunch of mechanics.

K.D. Yeah, this is Roger.

Listen, I think something's
happening down here.

You said there was a
blind girl in the museum?

Yeah, well, there's a blind girl

right now here talking to Drew.

Yeah. I have a feeling

she's talking about that
truck you used yesterday.

And she's got some
cops with her, too.


Well, sure thing.

Yeah, just don't forget
you owe me, all right?


Okay, Rebecca,
this is the last one.

Would you please read
what's written on that card?

What is this, Drew?

Please, Roger, read the card.

These are police officers.

"Put that away.

"What do you
mean, put that away?

"She's blind.

"Besides that, she's
not on the menu.

Let's get out of here before
someone else comes in."


All right. Thanks. You can go.

[Roger] Ah, j...

I appreciate what you
guys are trying to do,

but this is a little
far-fetched for me.

I mean, the guy... the guy says

the truck never left
the shop yesterday.

None of these men
seem right to Dr. Towne.

- What can I do?
- I know.

Maybe she made a
mistake about the truck.

I don't think so.

[Ross groans]

Oh, keep me informed.

Rick? Is anything wrong?




- Boy.
- [Rebecca chuckles]

[whistling] Wow.

- Very impressive.
- Thank you.

Mick Jagger's idea of heaven.

You actually know
how to run all this stuff?

That's what I was trained for.

What is this in here?

A soundproof room.

At least as soundproof
as we can get it.

Seems like a nice spot
for a nap... private, quiet.

[Rebecca] Not if I turn
on the sound generators.

[AJ] That wouldn't bother him.

Rick's been known to
sleep through air strikes.

This equipment
is state of the art.

From this console, we
can control everything.

What do you use this stuff for?

We use it for stress testing.

Uh, it can generate
up to 180 DB.

Uh, we use it to see

how any equipment,
electronic or aeronautic,

can stand up to high
pressure sound waves.

Enough of this
at the right level

could deafen you
or maybe even kill.

Well, that's the end
of the $3.00 tour.

Can I buy you guys lunch?

Uh, at the cafeteria?

If you can take it.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I'm tough. My stomach
took it for four years.

Your stomach's not as
young as it used to be.

Yours is permanently pickled.

How would you know?

Kilo's Health Food.

I'm writing a book
on the subject.

Ready to go? Here we go.


What was that?

- What was what?
- I thought I heard something.

Nothing unusual.

- [Rick] Hmm.
- Come on.

Keys. I forgot about the keys.

One was carrying keys,

and he had a nervous habit

of jingling them when he walked.

That's the sound I
heard in the hallway.

It reminded me.

Tell us what else you
remember about the murder.

I remember it all.

It was late.

The museum was about to close.

There was a special
exhibition of sculpture...

Art that blind
people could touch.

I was the last
one there that day.

[keys jingling]

Two men came into the gallery.

The older man was angry.


You see, I do a lot
of business here.

[Rebecca] And
there were those keys

jingling all the time.

One of the men was
wearing new shoes.

[shoes squeaking]

In the gallery, they
met a third man.

He was carrying some
kind of tools, I think.

He unzipped his jacket,

and then there was some
sort of scraping sound.

I think the old man knew
what was about to happen.

There were two shots...
More like thumps, really.

Then they saw me.
I thought I was dead.

Put that away.

What do you mean, put that away?

She's blind.

Besides that, she's
not on the menu.

Let's get out of here before
somebody else comes in.

One of them took
something from his pocket

and clipped something
near the door.

Then they were gone.

Then I followed them

to the side exit of the museum.

I heard them get into the truck.

[student] Hey, Janey!

[Rebecca] The truck
with the valve clatter

that we found this morning.

That's very impressive.

I'll say. I never met anybody

who can do what you do.

Just have to learn to
utilize all your senses.

If you can't hit, you
better have a good glove.

I could teach you guys.

It might come in handy
in your line of work.

How was lunch?

Well, mystery meat has
lost some of its mystery.

- That was meat?
- Yeah.

I thought that was
bleu cheese dressing.

I want to call Ross again,

see if his ballistics
report is of any use.

Ha. I see I've got you hooked.


There's a phone to
the right in the lobby.

I know. I remember.

They had phones back in my day.

Okay, okay, okay. [laughing]

Here you go.

I'll lead you over
to the other one.

Yeah. Here we go.
The good-looking guy.

[AJ laughs]

Okay. We're here.


Hi, Rebecca. How are you?

- Nice to see you.
- Good to see you.

Are those tapes
I ordered in yet?

They're right in the back.

Oh, great. Gosh, it
took so long to get here.

They usually take
about five or six days.

They seem to take forever.


[gasp, scream]

Let go of me!

[Rebecca, K.D. shouting]


Hold it.

Hold it right there.

There's a lot of people
around here, pal.

We wouldn't want
to hurt anybody.

- You got a decision to make.
- Aah!

Is this the day you die or not?

Everybody down! Get down!


- Nothing?
- Hmm.

Well, the guy's either
new at the game

or awfully lucky.

You want me to get
a composite artist?

I guess that's about
the best we can do.

Yeah, this is Ross.

You want to send
twinklefingers up here?

Okay. Uh...

he had a beard and dark glasses,

and he was wearing
a baseball cap.

Hey, is this it?

Yeah. That's him.

I tell you, a patrol
car cruising by

whenever it's in the mood

is not my idea of
solid protection.

I think the best thing

would be for you to
move into my house

until we get to the
bottom of this thing.

I'll need some
things from my place.

I don't think
that's a good idea.

I don't think you
ought to go back there.

They probably followed
us to the college.

That's the only way they
could have found you.

That means that they almost
certainly know where you live,

and they'll be watching.

Tell you what, why
don't you just buy

what you're gonna
need for tonight?

Then, in the morning, you
have a friend pack a bag

and bring it over to the office.

That way they won't
be able to track you.

That's very good.
With guys like you,

who needs police protection?

In you go. Come on.

All right. Watch out here.

There you go.

Got any plans for tonight?

- No.
- Do you want to make some?


There's no point in both of us

getting stuck with
guard duty, right?


Ah. There we go.

Chili Colorado.

Mm. Smells great.

Yeah, well, you
be careful, though.

It's hot in more ways than one.

Here we go.

You didn't really have
to go to all this trouble.

Ah, it's no trouble,
and no extra charge.

Besides, you bought
us lunch, right?

- Oh, if you could
call it that.
- [Rick laughs]

I used to feel bad

I didn't get the
chance to go to college,

but that lunch made me miss
'Nam and good old C ration.

- You were in the war?
- Yeah.

You heard anybody's
war story, you heard mine.

[Rebecca chuckles]

Dig in.


- I said it was hot. Hot.
- Oh.

- But good.
- Good.

Where's AJ?

It's a shame he
couldn't enjoy this, too.

Uh, AJ had a date.

They went to, uh, the ballet

or a Padres game or something.

That's nice.

Listen, I want to, uh...

I want to apologize
for doubting you today.


Well, your ability with sound

is, uh, it's amazing.

I think you're gonna make

the best witness they could get.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

You know, I do have five
senses like everybody else.

- Beg pardon?
- Only my fifth sense

is what other
people call their sixth.

Well, it works pretty good.

Sometimes not good enough.

I've been curious
about one thing all day.

Maybe you can help me with it.

Be glad to.

What do you look like?


What do you look like?

Ahem. Well, I, uh,

never thought about it too much.

Well, think about it.

Well, in a certain light, I
look like Paul Newman.


In a certain light.

What's he look like?

- [Rebecca laughs]
- Yeah.

I... I've always wondered

what the color blue was like.

- Blue.
- The color?


The sky.

The ocean.

Sounds like a big color.

Yeah. Yeah, it... Here.

Touch this.

- Cool.
- Blue.



Red. Uh-huh.

Here we go. Give
me your hand again.

- Hot.
- Red.

Of course there's all
different kinds of red...

I mean, all the way from pink

to, uh, real dark
red like, uh, maroon.

Tell me about the color pink.

Well, let's see. Uh...


Uh, the sound the ocean
makes when it's calm.

The way the wind feels.

The sound that gulls make

when they're chasing
the charter boats out.


- Beige.
- Beige.

I'm gonna have to
think about that one.

Uh, beige.

You know, I never
really considered beige

a legitimate color.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

Well, then I won't
worry about it.

Yeah, forget about beige.

- Brown.
- Brown.

Ah. here we go.
My jacket's brown.

Rough but somehow
soft and warm and strong.

Your eyes are brown.

I see.

Can you keep a secret?

Try me.

I don't look like Newman.

You could have fooled me.

All right. Today,

and from now on until
we solve this thing,

we will always
take the long way,

no matter where we're going.

Strict riding outriggering.

That way we won't
pick up any tails.

So you went to
the ballet last night.


Or was it the Padres game?

Oh, uh, the game.

Did you enjoy it?

I always enjoy the Padres.

You enjoy dinner?

One of the best I've ever had.

It was?

Oh, wait. before
I go to my office,

I have a meeting at
the English department.

- Okay?
- I'll catch up with you.

I'm going to take
another look around.

- Okay.
- All rightie.

See you later.

[keys jingling]

[high frequency buzzing]


[high frequency buzzing]

[sound diminishes]

[sound stops]

Uh, no, no. Hey, it's not
what you think. It's okay.

I mean, I can
explain everything.


Hold on.

What happened? Are you okay?

Ah, just a minute.

- What?
- Are you okay?

- What?
- Okay!

Uh, fine, thanks.
Boy, that's it.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Ah. That's it. Enough is enough.


- Enough is enough.
- Yeah.

We can't go on
waiting for these guys

to show up in the hopes
we'll get the best of them.

- What?
- I have a plan.

- Good.
- Rebecca's going home.

- Is going where?
- Home.

Nome. It's a little
far, don't you think?

- I'll explain it later.
- Huh?


Could you get him to speak up?

[Rick] How's it look?

Nothing at all down here.

You don't suppose they
jumped to Mexico, do you?

I think this guy
wants a piece of us.

That's very encouraging.

One of Ross' patrol
cars just drove by.

[keys jingling]

Stand by.

This could be something.

This is it. He's coming in.

I'm going to get the driver.

Okay. Now you're gonna
lock the door behind me.

You don't open
it until I get back,

and you don't worry
about a thing, right?

- That's easy for you to say.
- That's easy for me to say.

[door closes]

[lock latched]

Are you all locked up?

- Fine.
- Okay.



Come on, come on.
You're letting him get away.

I'm not letting him do anything.

He's going no fair away
by himself, thank you.

[lock rustles]



Hello! This is Rebecca Towne.

Is Sergeant Ross there?

Anybody. Anybody at all.

There's someone
breaking into my apartment.


459 Marshall. Seventh floor.

Hurry, please!


Hold it.

Come on out.

I got it.

Come on, come on, move. Go!

Up against the car.

If you want to stay
there, it can be arranged.

Come on, move.

What are you doing?


It's the wrong guy.

Get your hands through there.

Come on, come on, come on.

Other hand up.

You sure?

Of course I'm sure.

All right, you're next.

Put your hand through here.

Come on. Get it up there.

Come on.

Hey, hey, hey! Get out of there!

Get back!

- [thump]
- Aah!


Help me! Please help me!


Help me!

- Aah!
- Aah!

[car alarm blares]

Check downstairs.

Let's move.

Hey! Hey, hey,
hey! It's all right.

- Aah!
- Hey. It's okay, it's okay.

[car alarm continues]

- Oh. So then I called Ross.
- Yeah?

I told him that you wouldn't
be needing any confessions.

I told him that you could
pick those guys' voices

out of the Mormon
Tabernacle Choir.

- What confidence.
- It's well placed.

And the... Oh. He told me

that the two guys we
handcuffed to the van...


Apparently, they
were never happier

to see a police
car in their lives.

Some of the local kids
had taken their trousers

and were threatening
to do far worse.

Where's Rick? He's been
gone an awful long time.

- I hope he's okay.
- Don't worry about Rick.

He's a quick study.

Only burned one side of
the omelet this morning.

I laid an awful lot on him.

Ah. Maybe it's harder for
people who really can see.

Hey, here we go.

- [Rebecca] Good.
- Okay.

How's he doing?

Well, not bad, really. Not bad.

- Uh... Uh-oh.
- This way, this way.

No, no. He's coming
up on the trash can.

He's gonna hit it.

Yeah. Uh. No, he
was being careful.

He's passed the major obstacles.

I think your sensory
training is starting to work.

- I hope so.
- Yep.

Or not.

Some people have it, some don't.

Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA