Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 3, Episode 19 - Under the Knife - full transcript

Malpractice cases
are always the same.

It's sleazy doctors,
sleazy patients.

You draw the line at peeping
into other people's bedrooms?

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon.

Oh, my.

She has got a great body.

This is not going to be easy.

You're a malingering fraud,

and you're no more
crippled than I am.

Fire! Oh, quick!

Save yourself.

That's a gas fireplace, pal.

Every man for himself!

Raise your right hand.

[both] We're deputies.

♪♪ [theme]

Probable cranial
edema and hemorrhage.

Get me all the type
B+ and supplies, stat.

I'm sorry, Dr. Stepney. I'm in
training. I don't belong here.

Who's your supervisor?

Aarons. Nurse Aarons.

I know who she is.

All right, you report
to Nurse Aarons.

You tell her that I'm
taking Dr. Tyler's patient

into emergency surgery.

Then you contact
this girl's parents,

and you get them down here.

You tell them their
daughter is critical.

Be frank, but don't
shake them up.

Now go, go, go!

Look at the size of that clot.

Damn. How could
he let it go this long?

[Woman] Cardiac arrest.

Get the cardiology
resident in here.

Heart needle.

1 milligram adrenaline, 50
milligrams sodium bicarbonate.

Paddles. Let's go.


Needle, needle.


Paddles, paddles.


Damn. Let's crack her chest.

The cardiology
resident is on his way.

We're not waiting. This
girl is dying. Let's go.

[Woman over P.A.] Visiting
hours will be ending in 15 minutes.

All visitors please leave
the hospital at this time.

This is Mr. and
Mrs. Bates, Doctor.

This is Dr. Stepney.

Mr. Bates. Mrs. Bates.

Your daughter has had

a very tough couple of hours.

Her heart failed
once, but she's stable.

She's stable now,
and I'm confident

that she's going to be fine.

I'm sure you want to see her.

She's in recovery
right down the hall.

Thank you. We're very
grateful, Doctor, of course,

but I don't understand.
Where's Dr. Tyler?

Tyler is a very busy man.

He could be anywhere.

Doctor, you're supposed
to be in a meeting.

Your lawyer's been waiting.

Hi, Pat.

Hi. Rough?

It's a back-breaker.

How long is this going to take?

Well, that depends
on your decision.

It's the same.

Richards still
sticking to his story?

Hello, Mrs. Addison.

How are you?

Up and around, I see.

That's my girl.

You and me!

We've got something
to talk about.

Uh, Kyle Richards
and his attorney

have been waiting for an hour.

Well, I'm sorry.

I've been busy saving
this man's patient for him.

We called your house.
We called your office.

We called your club.

You really should check
in sometime, Dr. Tyler.

It's Thursday, Kyle.

I was meeting with
the board of governors.

I haven't got time right now.

You better make the time!

Hadn't you better worry
about your own problems?

I'd say a $6 million
malpractice suit

ought to give you
some pause for thought.


Richards, you're
a malingering fraud

and you're no more
crippled than I am.

And I'm not playing
your game, boy.

You want to sue
me? Fine, sue me!

I'll see you in court, where
you'll have the chance to prove it.

All right, Mom, there's
a slight break to the left,

so just be ready for it.

It breaks to the left, but
it's not slight. It's major.

All right, Mom, it took
you 9 strokes to get here,

so nail this thing, okay?

- Slight break.

- Major break.
- Slight.

The reason I'm down in 9 is
because you boys keep yakking

while I'm trying to concentrate.

Would you both please be quiet?

When's the tournament?

Next Saturday.

It's a shame they don't
have lights out here.

If you practiced day and
night, you might be able to...

Would you please?

Oh, I hope this goes in,

because if it does, I'll
never let you forget it.

[Pat] Rick!


Is that Pat Rieger?

I do believe it is.

Hi, Pat. Bye, Pat.

Have a good game, Mom.

Don't tell her
where we're going.

Leave my clubs. Hi, Pat.

Hi, Cecelia.

Did they happen to
say where they're going?

Do you think we lost her?

Hi, boys.

Where have you been?

Trying to avoid this moment.

Hi, Pat, and the answer is no.

We have sworn off
medical malpractice.

Since when?

Since the last time
we worked for you.

Remember, we
almost died on that one.

15 hours under that woman's bed,

waiting to catch
her getting out of it.

You did. I got that
picture on my wall.

Yeah, and I have a
permanent crick in my back.

Malpractice cases
are always the same.

It's sleazy doctors,
sleazy patients,

sleazy lawyers, present
company excepted.

Oh, thanks for small favors.

I should have remembered.
You guys have your standards.

- Yes.
- Yeah.

You draw the line at peeping
into other people's bedrooms.

- No.
- Not actually. We don't.

Look, even the
worst divorce case

doesn't make you sick.

Every time we do malpractice,

I come down with something.

Oh, A.J., your imagination
is working overtime.

I do.

At least let Pat tell
you what she wants.


Sorry I'm late.

But it doesn't sound like you're
very interested in my problem anyway.

Let's go, Pat. We'll
find someone else.

There is no one I trust as much

when it comes to busting fakes.

This is Dr. Kyle Stepney.

He won't settle out of court,

and they are asking 6 million.

Who's their lawyer?

Dorsey Pender.


How's their case?

They haven't got one.

Well, they have x-rays,

but Kyle's convinced
it's an old injury.

You see, the man is
shamming, and I think it's terrible.

His name is Richards.

He claims I botched
a lumbar myelogram.

Is that dangerous?

Well, of course it is,

if it isn't done properly.

It's a standard
procedure for injecting dye

into the spinal canal.
Nothing special.

The bottom line is Kyle's insurance
company wants him to settle.

They don't want him to fight it
and risk a $6 million excess verdict.

And if he insists,
they'll dump him.

Then why not settle?
That's what insurance is for.

Simple. I didn't do it.

Doctor, I respect
your principles,

but we really have
made a hard and fast rule

not to do any more
sub-rosa fraud work.

Well, that's plain enough.

- Come on, Pat.
- Please?

I think it's shameful.

Remember I told you,
when you were 4 years old,

you had that
terrible tonsillitis?

And they gave you penicillin,

which caused a
severe allergic reaction?

The doctors worked day
and night to save your life.

Kyle Stepney is
that kind of a doctor.

And those people want
to take his money away.

Not only that, what's worse,
they're trying to ruin his reputation.

How can you let that happen?


Hey Town, how do you
go from lieutenant detective

to traffic control in
the space of a week?

[Town] Shh! Will
you hold it down?

Too bad you didn't
bring a bullhorn.

You could have blown
my whole cover here.

Bad cold.

It's not a cold. It's
these pepper trees.


What do you want?

We brought you
some antihistamines.


Look, I'll be back
in the office about 4.

See you then.

When you get back,
would you check

if there's a make sheet
on a guy named Richards?

Vic Richards.


Don't hassle me now.

Hey Town, what are you doing?

We're staking out a PCP
lab in that house over there.

I'm waiting for Mr. Wizard
to come home now.

[Man] Downtown, here he
comes! Across the street!

Raise your right hand.

[both] We're deputies.


Read this scum his rights
and get him out of my face.

Vic Richards...
A.K.A. Richard Vick,

Robert Vincent...

Was implicated in
a mail fraud scam

while a student at SMU.

Case was dropped.

Prior to that,
he was a plaintiff

in a medical malpractice case.

Settled out of court.

In 1981, he was expelled
from Arizona Polytech

for tampering while working
part-time in the bursar's office.

- Tampering with what?
- The bursar's wife.

That doesn't prove anything.

We've got to get him
up out of the wheelchair.

I don't envy you guys.

Those miracle
cures are hard work.

Sounds like a job for Klizusky.


If Dorsey Pender
is Richards' lawyer,

five'll get you
ten this is a scam.

The man's elevated
ambulance chasing into an art.

Are you kidding?

The sound of a siren

would get him up
off his deathbed,

and when he laid back down,
he'd be a whole lot richer, too.

- Tell me something.
- Yeah?

If this Sheila Klizusky
has such a great body,

how come you never
mentioned her before?

Because she's got
such a great body.

Oh. Ah. Boy.

[Rick whispering]
Here she comes.

Hey, wait till you see this.

Oh, my.

She has got a
great... Did I lie?

That a girl,
Sheila. That a girl.

Oh. Oh.

Nice move. Nice move.

Lazarus would rise
from the dead for that.

[Woman speaks in German]

Uh-oh. Who's this?

Sheila, don't... don't...
Oh, come on, Sheila.

You can take her.
You can take her.

No, no, no, no, no.

Don't... ah.

Must be the physical
therapist Pat was talking about.

The valkyrie herself, right?

What are you...

No, no, no, Sheila,
Sheila, Sheila.



This is not going to be easy.

Could be worse.


He could be really paralyzed.

There's that.

This kind of reminds me of
that mob staging accidents

out on the I-15.

Oh, come on.

Never would have nailed them

if that guy hadn't
crossed the center divider

and caught a
northbound Peterbilt.

Oh, come on. Don't remind me.

I can still see the
picture you took.

I was kind of proud of that one.

Won an honorable mention at
the Surveillance Photo Contest.

That's far enough.

Far enough, far enough. Yes.

Far... Far enough.

Time for Oktoberfe...


Did he... He was on his way...

He was going to... Okay, Eva.

You get the beer.


Well, he didn't.

Come on.

Boy, this rim's bent real bad.

You're going to have
to have a new wheel.

How much is that going to cost?

I don't know. I'll check.

Hey, look, we'll pay half.

No, you're going to pay all.

Sheila, you know better
than to drive on a flat tire.

What was I supposed to do?

That bimbo threatened in
German to break both my arms.

- I didn't know
you spoke German.
- I don't.

Then how do you know
what she was talking about?

- By the look in her eye!
- Hey, wait a minute!


Now how do we get
the guy out of the chair?

I don't know. Call Oral Roberts.

[snake rattles]

[speaks German]

Come, mein liebchen.


There goes Carlos'
favorite snake.

Maybe you can get it back.

A.J., the snake
just got out-rattled

by Rhine Maiden over there.

One thing worse
than a scared rattler

is an embarrassed rattler.

What a day.

A scrapbook of
misguided memories.

Why, Eva clearly looks more
poisonous than the snake does.

Do you suppose a
rattler loses its confidence

when it's been defanged?

Wouldn't you?

I thought the itching
powder would do the trick.

No. Look at this.

Didn't even jump when
the hand grenade went off.

I tell you, we've
tried everything.

Lust, fear, greed.

By now, we could have
freaked out even Job.

Nothing's brought
this guy to his feet.

- He's the best I've ever seen.
- He's still a phony, though.

We're just going to
have to wait him out.

Round the clock
surveillance, 24 hours a day.

That ought to do it.

We keep this up,
we're going to get into

the Guinness Book
of World Records

for the longest
stake-out in history.


Well, we got no choice.

We're just going to have to
get up close and personal.


Well, there's still some
people at the hospital

we haven't spoken to.

Why don't I go over
there and talk to them

while you play Mr. Chimney?

No. I played Mr. Chimney
the last time. It's your turn.

Oh, come on, Rick!
You're good at it.

No. Forget it, A.J. I'm
going to the hospital.

The reason you do it
is it's your strong suit.

You've always enjoyed doing
it. It's what you're good at.

Just remember,
when you pull the pin,

keep your hand on the spoon,
because the last time I used this thing,

I was brushing my teeth with
scouring powder for a week.

Don't do that.


Mr. Chimney here.

How you doing? Mr. Chimney.

[Eva speaks German]

What'd she say?

I'm Mr. Chimney.

I'm here to clean your chimneys.

Who sent you?

- Conroy.
- He's on world tour.

I know that.

I always come over and clean his
chimneys about this time of year.

Oh, all right. It's
no big deal to me.

No, no, no, come on in.

I've never seen a chimney sweep.

Besides, it could be
the highlight of the day.

Mr. Simon, I don't have

either the time
or the inclination

to discuss Dr. Stepney,

or any other member
of my staff, with you.

Well, I understand you
guys are all members

of the same elite
little club here.

Oh, I'm afraid I resent that.

As chief of surgery, I
have assembled a staff

that is far from elite.

And if Dr. Stepney

chooses to march to
a different drummer,

well, that is his
business, isn't it?

You had trouble with him.

It is rather like him to sic
a lot of private detectives

on us here,

especially when we
have so much to do.

Well, tell me. You
think it's possible

that he did make a
mistake during the surgery?

If you're asking for
my personal opinion,

I would say no.

No, he's an excellent surgeon.

But even excellent surgeons
make serious mistakes,

so yes, it is possible.

But he'd know if he
were responsible?

Some men's egos are so big,

they have trouble
seeing over them.

Excuse me.

Calm down, Helen.

There is nothing to worry about.

It is routine for detectives

to hang around hospitals
asking questions.

It just means Stepney's
getting desperate.

- [boom]
- Hold up.



Fire! Oh, quick!

Save yourself!

Quick, before the house goes!

That's a gas fireplace, pal.

The gas is shut off.

Every man for himself!


Helen, listen...




You want to do "Swanee" for me?

I just got myself prepped
for night work a little early.

That's all.

I take it that means

that the mighty
Mr. Chimney has struck out?

We will get him tonight.


Boy, I tell you,
surveillance from a swamp

is one thing they
don't tell you about

in the famous investigator's
correspondence course.

Where does Carlos
get a starlight scope?

I don't know.

Since we got to have it
back by noon tomorrow,

I don't think the owner
knows it's missing.

Rick, I told you the last time,

I didn't want Carlos doing...

Hey, I think it's
awfully nice of Carlos,

considering what
you did to his snake.

What do you mean,
what I did to his snake?

It's okay. I told him
we'd use his scope

to find some baby water
moccasins here in the swamp tonight.

Oh, ah!


Sh, sh, sh. My
finger's not poisonous.

Where... How are we doing?

Still nothing.

I'm not going to spend
another night in a swamp.

Well, Eva the
Hun just drove off.

What do you think?

Time for some
affirmative action?

[clears throat]

Well, what are
you here for today?

- Clean out the drains?
- [laughs]

No, just thought we'd
drop by and let you know

we got some nice
photographs of you.

Oh, yeah? What am I doing?

Oh, not much. Just
kind of standing around.

Ah. Well, I don't remember. I
must have been sleepwalking.

Hey. Hey.

How much you bilk
the defendants for

in those other
malpractice scams?

What those doctors did
to me, they got off easy.

Now get out of here.

How long are you going
to stay in that wheelchair?

I mean, it's going to be about a
year before your trial comes to court.

Oh, and don't try
a disappearing act,

because wherever you
go, we're going to be there.

You scum balls better make
tracks before I call the cops.

No, I don't think there are going to
be many phones where you're going.

My legs are paralyzed!
I can't even swim!


- Good lungs.
- Yeah.

No signs of thrashing
around or anything.

No. That's good.

Ah, air bubbles.
That's a nice touch.

Air bubbles?

Nobody's lungs are that good.


I need a little help.

You guys just about killed me!

- You're okay?
- Look, let's get you
to the house.

We'll dry you off and
we'll talk about this, okay?

[speaking German]


Right to the bottom.

Like a rock.

Sorry. It was too late to
show you guys the report.


Yes. We had Richards examined

by a second neurologist
late yesterday,

and they showed no nerve action

between L3 and S1.

- Oh, great.
- Oh, that's nice.

Which is impossible.

In order to cause
that much paralysis,

you'd have to use a huge needle.

Something larger than a 21.

A first-year med student

wouldn't make
that kind of mistake.

Some other kind
of mistake, then?

I didn't make a mistake.

He's faking.

The man was drowning.

It's kind of a low
percentage way

to rip off an insurance company.

You do make mistakes, don't you?

I mean, you are human.

Life stops.

Do you understand me, mister?

It stops right here
in these hands,

with some regularity.

Now, that is very humanizing.

Yeah, yeah, I make mistakes.

And then I suffer for
it, and then I learn.

I learn to never, ever
make that mistake again.

Because the margin for
error in neurosurgery is zero.

Now, I have done hundreds...
Hundreds of myelograms.

I did not screw up
Vic Richards' back,

and I am not taking
the blame for it.

I've got to get to the hospital.

That is confidence
talking, I hope.

Not arrogance.

I've already told
you, I'm not perfect.

But I am a damn good doctor,

precisely because
I'm not arrogant.

I'm scared!

If the margin for error is zero,

how can he be that sure?

He could have overlooked
something. Some little...

If it were anybody
else, I'd have my doubts.

But Kyle Stepney is not
your garden variety doctor.

Up to you.

Look, Pat.

We're in awe of your tenacity.

We're also off the case.



Hey, wait a minute.
This is our office.

You leave.


I know them.

They're private investigators.

Rick and A.J. Simon.

Rieger's used them before.
Every once in a while,

they get their
picture in the paper.

They just blew Stepney's case.

Now it's never,
ever going to court.

Are you listening?

It's good.

Two detectives
nosing around? No.

No, it is not good.

They threw him in the
drink, for God's sake.

They're tough.

So I am through. That's it.

Okay, you're through. For today.

No, no. I mean, it's over.

You can leave town. I
don't care what you do.

Anything you have
to to call them off.

Nobody's going
anywhere, except you.

And that's back to your office.

We're in this game together,

and we're going to
play it down to the end.

And if I need
another nerve block

or anything else to
make sure that we win,

you're going to do it.


I feel badly about
leaving Pat hanging.

I feel even worse about
almost drowning a paraplegic.

[door jostles]



I couldn't sleep either.

And then, suddenly,
I had this thought.

Spinal block.

Spinal block, spinal block!

They give it to women
in labor all the time.

If Richards had found
someone to give him a block,

it would explain everything.

He'd be temporarily paralyzed
to fake the second examination,

and the effects would have lasted
until you threw him in the lake.

Okay. Now assuming
that you're right,

Pender couldn't have
given him the block,

nor could Eva.

It had to be another
neurologist, right?

Well, if anyone knows
where to buy a neurologist,

it's Dorsey Pender.

- How do we prove that?
- Well, try this on for size.

What happens to a man who marches
to the beat of a different drummer?

He gets out of step.

He also irritates most
of his fellow marchers.

I'll bet Stepney has irritated

most of the surgical residents.

Could be.

It's a start.

And my back has
been hurting me lately.

Think Stepney would
admit me to the hospital

as his patient?


- [groans]
- It hurts, huh?


- In here?
- Yes.

Um-hmm. Okay.

Very good. Very good.

Now, side to side.

That's okay. That
one hurts a little.

All right. On your back now.

Oh, okay.

Don't worry.

Okay, now, I want you to
keep your left leg straight.

I'm going to raise it up.

Okay. How many neurosurgeons
are there on staff here?

Three. Dr. Tyler
is the chief of staff.

Stepney and Shagata.

- Does that hurt?
- No.

And if I wanted to get a second
opinion, who would you recom... Ow!

Uh-oh. Smarts, huh?

- Yeah.
- What were you saying?

Um, oh, if I wanted a second
opinion, who would you recommend?

Stepney's the finest
neurosurgeon I've ever worked with.

But if you want
a second opinion,

Shagata's very good.

- And Tyler?
- Sure.

Paula, give this
young man a rubdown.


I'll see you later.

Thank you.

Hello, Paula.

I've got to memorize everything
about all the patients on the floor

so I don't get in trouble
with Dr. Stepney again.

Last time we had an emergency,

I wasn't prepared.

You have to memorize everything?

You know, medical history,

present diagnosis,
prognosis and treatment,

blood groups, urine group,

diet, allergies,
consulting physicians.

- Only that much?
- [laughs]

Ow, A.J. Cramer.

Dr. Stepney's patient.

Chronic back pain.

Uh, usual childhood
illnesses. No special diet.

- Blood type is...
- Ahh!

O negative.

Severe anaphylactic
allergy to penicillin.

That's me.

You know, it's interesting.

Dr. Tyler doesn't seem
to have as many patients.

Well, his practice
has fallen off

ever since Dr. Stepney
came on staff.

- Oh.
- Oh, attention,
here comes Dr. Stepney.

- A.J.?
- Yo.

I've got your x-rays. I'll see
you in your room in five minutes.

- Yes, sir.
- [laughs]

Well, there's no indication
of inner disc narrowing.

No arthritic spurring.

No nerve impairment.

I think what we're
dealing with here, A.J.,

is a lumbar strain.

Well, uh, treat it

Rest, some stretching
exercises, hot packs.

I'll see you later. I've
got to get to surgery.

Uh, excuse me.

What's your
opinion of Dr. Tyler?

Not much?

Dr. Tyler looks on
medicine as an avocation.

I understand his practice
has suffered since your arrival.

[Dr. Stepney] His
practice has suffered

because of his own
indifference to it.

- [A.J.] Is he a good surgeon?
- He's competent.

At least he was before
he became a businessman.

Tax shelter deals, land
speculation... stuff like that.

- Helen, room.
- [whispers] 314.

He was talking about
you with Stepney.

And he was checking your charts.


Well, I'm sorry, I... I
got the wrong room.

- Excuse me.
- It's okay.

Glad he's not my doctor.

"Oh, sorry. Cut off the
wrong leg. Excuse me."

Hi! I thought you
might like some... A.J.?

Excuse me, Nurse Aarons?

Mr. Cramer in 314 didn't
check out today, did he?

- No.
- That's funny.

He's not in his room.

Has she found him yet?

She checked the other
rooms. She's downstairs now.




[indistinct dialogue]

In your office?
What did he take?

[Dr. Tyler] The IRS
files are missing.

So? They know your
financial situation's shaky.

When they see
Richards' name in the files

they'll figure it all out.

Now I have warned you, Pender,

I'll do what I
have to to survive.

You are on your own.

Tyler's falling apart.

We better move until
we know where we stand.

[A.J. on answering machine] You've
reached Simon & Simon Investigations.

At the beep, please leave
your name and number

and any message that you wish.

Thank you. [beep]

Ah, Rick, it's 11... 11:40.

I'm on my way home.

I've got what we need.

Uh... that's it.

I'll see you later.

Where have you been?

Me? Just out,
stretching my legs.

We've been looking
everywhere for you.

Oh, sorry, I didn't know.

I'm gonna check out.

Did Dr. Stepney release you?

No. But I'm
feeling a lot better.

Then you have to sign a release.

But if you wait right here,
I'll get the form for you

and you'll be out
of here in no time.

Okay. Thank you.

[squeaking, gas leaking]

[A.J. on answering
machine] at the beep,

please leave your
name and number,

and any message that you wish.

Thank you. [beep]

Rick, uh, look,
before I can leave

I've got to sign some forms.

Um, I don't know what's
taking them so long,

but I've... I've...
[sniffs] What is that?


[loud thud]

Allergic to penicillin?

What room is my spinal cyst in?

Mr. Kaplan?


I think we're gonna
have to perform

an emergency
operation on Mr. Kaplan.

Please get the patient prepared.

I believe he's in room 314.

I will also want an
I.V. with penicillin

for the O.R.

You're gonna give
Mr. Cramer penicillin?

Kaplan. The patient's
name is Kaplan.

[owl hooting]


[shutter clicking]

I didn't know something
like this was gonna happen.

Neither did I but it has,

and we have to do
what we have to do.

I don't know if I can
go through with it.

[sighs] It isn't a question
of money anymore, Helen.

It's your whole
life on the line.


[A.J.'s on answering machine] You've
reached Simon & Simon Investigations.

At the beep, please leave
your name and number

and any message that you wish.

- Thank you.
- [beeps]


Rick, uh, before I can leave
I've gotta sign some forms.

Um, I don't know what's
taking them so long,

but I've... What is that?

- [sniffs]
- [loud clatter]

- We'll go on three.
- Okay.

1, 2, 3, go.

Good. Let's get the I.V. going.

[Dr. Tyler] I'd like the
penicillin started, stat.

- Understand?
- Yes, Doctor.

[gasps] I'm sorry, sir.

Visiting hours are over.

Where's my brother?

I don't know. He, uh...

He wanted to leave. I
think he checked out.

You don't know my brother.
He wouldn't leave without that.

- Where's his chart?
- It's not here. He's checked out.

- Ah, okay, where's Tyler?
- In O.R.

- O.R.
- Sir, I'm sorry, no one...

Where is the O.R.?
Come on, lady!

- Where is...
- Call security.


The intravenous
penicillin is ready, Dr. Tyler.

[Dr. Tyler] Go ahead.

Start giving it to him.

Started, Doctor.

It'll take a few
minutes to get to him.

[Dr. Tyler] Let's speed
things up, shall we?

I'd like to cut as
soon as possible.

Mr. Kaplan has an infected cyst

that is putting excessive
pressure on his spinal cord.

It shouldn't wait.

I'll make the incision now...

Hey! You can't go in there!

[Woman over P.A.]
Security to O.R. 4, please.

I'm sure in your line of work,

you know what happens to
a fellow when his neck snaps.

My brother better be okay.

He's okay. He's okay!

I'm telling you, he's okay!

Let's go check
on him. [growling]

No, no, no. A man doesn't go
through the misery of medical school,

years of internship,
training, out of greed.

Something happens inside
of a man like Lloyd Tyler.

Nothing a surgeon
can help, Kyle.

Not even the new
chief of surgery.

- Yeah, congratulations.
- It's okay.

I guess San Quenton
will welcome Dr. Tyler

and his medical skills.

Whatever's left of them.

I, um... I want to thank
you for all you've done.

- I'm very grateful.
- [beeping]

Excuse me.

You know, Doc,

it wouldn't hurt for you to stop

and smell the flowers
every once in a while.

Remember, it's good to be alive.

What flowers?

Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA