Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 3, Episode 20 - Harm's Way - full transcript

Rick and AJ are hired by Shannon when her ex-husband Brian Harms disappears and her alimony stops. They start with his import business but learn it's a front. They're drawn into ...

[Man] Those are the dudes
who left that pile of bodies

down in Chinatown.

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon:

You'll go to Los
Angeles, try to find him?

You're not saying he's one of
those ninja assassins, are ya?

Sit down! Animal!

Hammerman, Federal Reserve.

If that's your wife,
you can tell her

you'll be late for dinner
and quite possibly breakfast.

You're with the
company. You're a spook.

We're gonna have
a lot of dead people

all over that street.

- Down! Down!
- [gunfire]

♪♪ [theme]

So you see, Mr. Simon, A.J.,

Brian and I are divorced

but I don't want
anything bad to happen.

What I mean is, I
know he doesn't exactly

jump for the phone
when I call him these days,

but I've left a dozen messages
on his answering service.


It's just like him to
put me through this.

He told me never
to check up on him,

but I'm so afraid.

Oh, please A.J., help me.

Better. Very convincing.

Mr. Tao?

The stress in her voice

is still quite
obviously artificial.

May I?

Now again, please.

I'm not exactly sure
about Brian's work.

Something to do with importing.

He's always dealing
with foreigners.

You know, the kind of
people you wouldn't trust.

And now there's a
car... The same car...

Parked in front of
my house for a week

with the same men
in it, watching me.

Please, Mr. Simon...
- A.J.
- A.J.

I know he told me never
to check up on him like this,

but, um, I'm afraid.

I mean, we were
married 11 years.

That's a hell of a way
to avoid paying alimony.

Most of 'em are.

I'm just saying we've been
down this road before, Eve.

We, uh, sort of know
the way by heart.

Then you'll take the case?

You'll go to Los
Angeles, try to find him?

We won't just try.
We will find him.

[Rick] Import, export.
Mysterious foreign strangers.

The one thing he is
most definitely not doing

is dealing drugs.
Nobody's that upfront.

[A.J.] Maybe he's just a
plain, old everyday deadbeat.

[Rick] What about those two thugs
she says were parked on her doorstep?

[A.J.] Maybe they're in
the same business we're in.

Good morning!

[Woman] Good morning.

Claude Frey, how you doing?


- Is he in?
- Is who in?

- Mr. Harms.
- No.

Oh, well. You gonna
be expecting him soon?

Because I know he's
gonna want to take a look at

this new line of
forms and budgets.

Well, I don't expect him.

Not at all?

Uh, you could try
back in about a month.


You're pulling my leg.

Hey, look. We do more business

with independent
consultants in Holly-weird

than any other company,
west of the Rockies.

Well, this is Los Angeles.

Hollywood is a little
further up the freeway.

[phone rings]

Your... Your phone is ringing.

Well, maybe that's him.

Yeah, but that could be for you.

- We have a service.
- Huh.

Look, why don't you
just leave me a card

and I'll let him know
you came by, huh?

Tell you what, I'm going to do
something even better than that.

Why don't you give me
one of your brochures,

some promotional
material, you know,

so that I know exactly
what trading it is that you do.

Well, we don't have any.

Uh-huh. Well, maybe
you could fill me in

on some of your prime markets.

I'm afraid you're just gonna
have to talk to Mr. Harms.

Now, we're getting somewhere!
When can I talk to Mr. Harms?

- I don't know.
- [sighs]

- Got a light?
- No.

Nice meeting you.

Okay, Taylor, I'm coming.

- [squeaking]
- Take it easy.

Want some apple, buddy?

[Rick] A.J., do me a favor.

Remind me this is not what
I want to do when I grow up.

Dumpster diving, as
far as I'm concerned.

- What floor are we on?
- Suite 702.

Well, right floor, but
we're way down the hall.

You gotta dig deeper.


Ah-ha, what? What do you got?

Inter-office memo from Herb
Dellingham to Janice Beale.

Re: Sex discrimination
suit. Quote:

"I am shocked
at your allegations

"of misconduct on my part.

"I never implied you would lose
your job if you didn't go to bed with me.

"And I'm sorry you
misinterpreted the nudity

"at the Christmas party.

"I would greatly appreciate
your staying late this evening

"to go over these
charges in detail.

Love, Herb."

- Love, Herb.
- Hmm.

- A-ha!
- A-ha.

Ah, the blind pig
finds the acorn.

Ah, you got it.

Over here. Let's dig
down in this corner.

I got a dog-eared copy
of a gothic romance.

And an empty lipstick
tube. What do you got?

A vaguely psychotic doodle.

Must be Shannon's.

I'd love to give her
a Rorschach test.

Boy, somebody likes her style.

She's getting 1,000 bucks
a week to do her nails.

Payroll stub.

Maybe it's time to dust
off Art Hammerman.

- [footsteps]
- Shh! Shh! Shh!

I'm sorry, Mrs. Rozinski.

And I am sensitive to your
husband's medical problem.

But our actuarial computer
considers you a poor risk.

Quite frankly,

we've had bad luck trying
to get our money back

from used home dialysis units.

- [phone rings]
- Oh, excuse me.

L.A. state, Kelly speaking.

No. Mr. Waxman's at lunch.

This is Ron Kelly,
assistant manager.

Well, I am in charge
until he gets back.

Hi, Ron. This is Bob Kramer

in checking over in Tujunga.

Listen, our 12-11's down again

and I need you to verify
one of your accounts for me.

Number is:

024364789, triple 2.

It's Harms Traders, Limited.

If it's less than six figures,
they're good for it. Clear it.

Uh, well, wait a min...
I... I'll tell you what.

Maybe I better wait
until Waxman gets back.

Kramer! I'm giving you
authorization to clear the check.

Harms Traders is one
of our largest accounts.

Well, I didn't ask
you to clear the check.

I would... [sighs] To
hell with it. Look, forget it.

I was just trying to save
you a little grief, that's all.

Wait a minute. What
are you talking about?

I am talking about the Hammer

and you can play
with him all by yourself.

- What?
- Art Hammerman from the Fed.

He's had us through
the ringer all morning

and now it's your turn.

But, hey, don't worry about it.

Maybe by the time he gets
to you, Waxman will be back.

Kramer... Hello?

Hammerman, Federal Reserve.

If that's your wife,
you can tell her

you'll be late for dinner
and quite possibly breakfast.

Sir, I... I'm only an
assistant manager.

Uh, Mr. Waxman
stepped out for some lunch.

- He...
- Oh, we'll do just fine.

Now you are aware
when a federal examiner

puts his case on your desk

all the contents thereof become
the property of the U.S. government?

That includes this. I will want a computer
readout on the account information,

card, and all records pertaining
the Harms Traders, Limited account

for the last six months.

Now, while this
hummer's warming up,

I think you ought to reconsider
this lady's loan application.

I would hate to think
you were refusing her

on the basis of her age.

That would be
discrimination, wouldn't it?

Very good.

[A.J.] Okay, so Harms Limited does
business with the U.S. government.

- Um-hmm.
- And we've got Federal
Prairie Management Board.

- Um-hm.
- The U.S. Bureau
of Eskimo Affairs.

And... get this one...

A-ha. Office of
Railroad Rights of Way.

- [laughs]
- Now, I mean,

I know the guys in
Washington are working hard

to increase the national debt.

They're doing a
heck of a job, too.

But I've never even heard
of most of these places.

- They don't even sound real.
- Hmm.

Here's something else.

The receptionist is the only
employee of Harms Traders, Limited.

How does he do all
that work by himself?

What the hell does he do?

Well, something that
requires a fistful of dollars.

And who always needs that?

- Us.
- [honking]

Oh, besides the two of us.

Guys in trench coats.

Yep. Now, take a look
at these withdrawals.

Three months ago there
was a million dollars in cash.

Now it's gone. Nothing. Bye-bye.

So is Harms.

Well, I think we better
get ourselves together

and start calling
all these agencies.

Oh, forget it.

It's one of those outfits
that's got 50,000 employees.

Every morning they pledge
allegiance to red tape.

We could be put on hold
and we die of old age.

Besides, if he's a spy,

it's all just a smoke
screen anyway.

I don't see anything dazzling
coming off of your launch pad.

Well... we have liftoff.

A series of rent checks
for Brian Harms apartment.


[speaking native language]

What's the matter
with that one, A.J.?

Expired? [laughs]

You really should see if
there's any money in heckling.

Put you in a new tax bracket.

Hey, I'm not heavy,
I'm your brother.

You know, if this guy
Harms is so weird,

it could be booby trapped.

I was saw a guy in Saigon
get his hand blown off

with a pair of dice.

Of course, you can rig anything.

I mean, you can rig beer
cans, belt buckles, telephones.

Doors are the easiest.

No thanks to the peanut gallery.


[Rick] No skin
magazines for this guy.

Report for the Congressional
Oversight Committee

on Far East deployment.

Journal of Strategic Studies.

This month's issue, by the way.

There's one written in Chinese.

[A.J.] They can't be too far.

There's a wet towel
in the bathroom.

- Mmm.
- I have a funny feeling
we're not alone.



Private investigators,
San Diego?

- Uh-huh.
- What are you doing here?

Wondering the same thing myself.

We're looking for Brian Harms.

His wife is worried about him.

- In San Diego?
- Yeah.

Describe the woman
who hired you.

Uh, 5'3 ", 5'4",

blonde hair, blue
eyes, very attractive.

Taller than that. 5'4 ", 5'5".


- Freeze!
- Freeze!

- Hey! I said...
- Hey, I'm talking to you!

- Hey!
- Freeze!

How do you say
"Freeze" in Chinese?


As long as you're in L.A., why
don't we get together and talk?

No. I'm staying with friends and I don't
want them to know anything about it.

I couldn't find you to tell you

but Brian called me tonight.

He says he's in danger
but he wouldn't tell me why.

Believe him.

A.J. and I think it's time
you brought the police

in on this.

I can't! I promised
that I wouldn't.

Please, you don't have to
do anything more that's risky.

If you could just
give me a start.

Please, anything to
help me find Brian.

He needs help.

I'll agree with you there.

Eve, we're going back
down to San Diego tonight.

There is one more
thing I want to look into.

I'll let you know if
it goes anywhere.

But no promises.

Thank you. That's wonderful.

I'll be waiting.

Well, I hope that does it.

I don't plan on making
a career out of this.

Of course. Don't worry.

You've played your final
scene in our little drama.

And quite brilliantly, too.

I'm telling you, A.J., we ought
to drop this one right now.

should not let a man

turn himself into a
small, furry animal

right in front of their eyes.

- Gerbil.
- Whatever.

He disappeared, didn't he?


Not the way you mean.

What other way is there?

You saw he disarmed
us? It was effortless.

Yeah, quick, too.

I didn't even see him coming.

He used karate, judo, aikido,

a move I've never
even see before.

I thought I'd
studied everything.

Not at his level, obviously.

But very few people in the world

get to be that good.

The only one I know
is back in San Diego.

What's wrong?

I... I don't know.

I just had this weird
feeling like someone was

watching us or listening
to us or something.

Have to be in a helicopter.

We're about 20 floors up.

- Let's get out of here.
- Yeah.

How's he gonna know
one guy in Los Angeles?

Because to those guys, it's
sort of a small community.

I mean, there is not that
many real masters around.

At least, not round-eyed ones.

Well, if it's like a fraternity,

even if he knows, what makes
you think Kubota is gonna tell you?

'Cause he owes
me one, that's why.

Last time we sparred,

he broke my hand on his nose.

Said he'd be here around 10:00.

- Aaah!
- Ohh!

A.J.? Kubota, you know you're
gonna break something here.


Kubota son, nice to see you.

[speaking native language]

Where'd he go?

Not far.

- Where?
- [speaking native language]

Yeah. Yeah. Okay, I got it.


Sensei, this what ninja use?


Uh, yeah, Carlos. Go ahead.


Got it.

Ah, sure. You can use
the house, no problem.

- What?
- Well, as long as it takes us
to figure this thing out.

- No!
- Okay.


What are you talking
about, him using the house?

What does he want
to use the house for?

Never mind that. Listen to this.

Harms ex-wife's
been pulling our chain.

She doesn't live in San Diego.

She rented one of those
little weekly studio apartments

two days before
she came to see us.

Cleared out the day after.

She left one of those little
automatic telephone things,

you know, that
forward your calls.

That's how we were
able to reach her last night

in L.A.

Carlos got us the address.

And I figure besides our fee,

she owes us an explanation.

So do I.

You want to be
careful. Rick! Rick! Ri...

2, 3, 4, 5, 6...

You wanna be
careful with that stuff.

It's called [foreign word].

Say what?

Uh, well, it means sort
of, like, "dust of the blind."

It's a hypnotic powder.

It stuns you when you inhale.

It suspends time for
five or six seconds.

Hey, long enough for
a man to disappear.

Looks like paprika.

Doesn't matter
what it looks like.

It works.

Sensei told me about it before. I
thought it was a fable or something.

The ninja use it. They make it
out of herbs. Who knows what all.

Brian Harms knows what all.

I think we met his
druggist last night.

You're not saying he's one of
those ninja assassins are ya?

Let's hope she doesn't have
any Chinese house boys.

Oh, we'll soon know how
she likes surprise parties.

Okay, you ready?

Well, well, well.

Guess what our client
does for a living, A.J.?

- What?
- She's an actress.

A bit younger than the
last time we saw her.

It's a great makeup job.

She was good.


I guess technically this
means we're off the case.

I'm gonna call the police.

Hope Mr. Harms doesn't
think we've killed his ex-wife.

- I don't.
- [guns cocking]

Before you start
kicking, you just listen.

All right.

You put the guns
away and I'll listen.

She's not your ex-wife, is she?

No, fortunately.

My Eve is in New
York, visiting friends.

What'd this one tell you?

You wouldn't return
her messages,

you were involved
with dangerous people,

which is certainly not
stretching the truth.

- [car approaches]
- Shh! Shh. Shh.

Oh, you stupid morons.
You led them right to me!

- No. No. Not us. No.
- What?

- [sighs]
- Now, we took cabs,
we took three rent-a-cars.

We... We changed
all of our patterns.

We changed our clothes twice.

No. I mean, we
do this all the time.

We are professionals.
We know what we're doing.

- Almost.
- Almost what?

Changed almost all our clothes.

We changed all
of our clothes, A.J.!

I changed my socks. I... I...

Welcome to the
big sound of R-I-C-K,

broadcasting to you from
high atop Rick's head.

[sighs] Terrific.

Remember when
she came to the house,

she was pacing back and forth,
going through all of our stuff.

We made it real easy on her.

Look, it doesn't have to
be easy from here on in,

if you'll help me.

Oh, yeah. Still there.

Just say when.

You know, you're
awfully calm about all this.

I mean, shouldn't we
grab the first badge we see

and start yelling bloody murder?

Well, the locals are good,
but on something like this,

the cops would look
like toddlers in a sandbox.

Better for the big
kids to handle it.

These big kids
you're talking about.

They dress up in cloaks
and play with daggers?

Able to topple small
governments in a single bound?

Come on, Harms,
I know your smell.

I've seen guys like you toss
the VC out of helicopters.

You're with the
company. You're a spook.

Not anymore. I'm semi-retired.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Semi-retired.

You put $450,000 into your
bank account last month,

and you call that retired?

You must have one
hell of a pension plan.

It's not my
money. Not all of it.

That office is a clearing house.

The whole southwest
is run out of there.

You run the southwest?

No. Not me. Shannon.

I told you, I'm semi-retired.

Shake my hand like
we're saying good-bye.

- Hey.
- I'm gonna go down here.

At least to an alley.
They'll follow me.

But they can't take the
car more than 50 yards.

There's another
entrance from Sunset.

It'll take you exactly 30
seconds to get around there.

We'll catch 'em between us.

We'll at least be able
to bag one of them..

- Stay loose. Huh, guys?
- Oh, yeah.

- Take care.
- Yeah.

- Down! Down! Down!
- Take cover!


[tires screeching]

[distant siren]

So much for semi-retirement.

Look, we were there
when he was killed

and we already gave
a statement to the cops.

I know. But now he's
scheduled for a post-mortem.

We like to get a second
ID before we cut, you know.

- It saves a lot of trouble.
- Yeah.

Ah. Harms, Brian.

We called his office but we
just got his answering machine.

That's the man that
we saw get shot.

We can't swear it's Brian Harms.

Uh-huh. Would you
sign this, please?

Oh. Yeah.


What the... A.J., you okay?



Could we have a
moment alone, please,

to say our final good-byes?

It's a very private thing.

Of course.

I understand.

- There you go.
- Thank you.

What is this final
good-bye nonsense...

You're dead.

Oh, I'm not dead yet.

Would you put that
thing away, Rick.

I'm already shot.

Oh, right.

But now wait a minute.
'Cause I felt your...

Well, I didn't feel it
'cause you didn't have...

- How do you do that?
- Oh, anyone can control
their pulse rate.

- Ah.
- It just takes
years of practice.

- Whoa.
- Must have got me with
a soft-nose shot in my shoulder.

What, I tell you what,
you might as well just

lie back down there if
you don't see a doctor.

- That's where you're taking me.
- That's where I'm taking you.

Here, put this on another
one of those bodies...

- Put this on another
one of the...
- Me?

The only way I'm
going to stay alive

is if I stay dead a
little while longer.

Makes sense to me.

Come on, you guys.

I don't want to make this
my permanent residence.

Well, I'm not going to do it!

[A.J.] Oh, come on, Town.
You're a make-a-call kind of guy.

All we want you
to do is make a call.

Just start extradition
proceedings on...

Arnold "Papa" Papadopoulos.

Who's a missing dead man, right?

No, not exactly.

He's in the morgue right now.

Just, he's wearing
somebody else's ID tag.

We borrowed his.

Well, put it back!

Come on, Town.

You just told me you caught
the monkey house flasher.

You've had a good day.
Now share the wealth, will ya?

Yeah, well, look,
I tell you right...

Hey! Stop that!

Stop that! You just stop it!

Sit down!


A.J., why should I extradite
a missing dead man?

To foul up the
system for a little bit

so they won't find out
who's really missing.

And who is really missing?

Town, trust me.
This one is important.

Oh, okay.

But, look, I want you to
understand one thing...

I have my hands full of
important things to do around here.

Plenty of important things!

Put this on your ugly face.

Well, you're covered.

For about six hours, anyway.

- Okay.
- You tie a nice bandage.

Yeah, well I've had
plenty of practice.

Look, do you want
me to get you anything?

- That local's gonna wear off.
- No. No.

I'm fine. Fine.

- What time is it?
- 4:21.
- 4:19.

Okay. Shannon, fax DC.
Murphy'll still be there.

What do we got, Rick?

Left thumb.


I hope to God
they think I'm dead.

Now maybe they'll
slow down long enough

I find out who they are
and what they're after.

We will attack the reviewing
stand at this intersection,

which gives us
four escape routes.

The People's Republic
Delegation will be here.

Hong Kong reports
that your fingerprints

are making the rounds
of several U.S. agencies.

I realize we all saw Mr. Harms
die in front of our eyes.

But as we all know,
these human perceptions

are so easily deluded.

Execute our
contingency immediately.

[speaking native language]

I'm telling you, Brian,
the smartest thing

you ever did was retire.

Now I can't fire you.

How in the hell
did they find you?

Your cover was perfect.

Oh, come on, Murphy.
No cover is perfect.

Forget how they found me.
Where do we go from here?

We got a preliminary
ID on that print.

It belongs to Shin Fen Lee,

a known killer who
works for this man.

Yan Tao. Taiwanese.

Chief executioner for a
right-wing terrorist group

tired of waiting for the government
to get the mainland back.

Mr. Tao has been in L.A.
since at least the 21st,

when his fingerprints
were lifted off a stolen car

involved in a minor
traffic accident.

Agent Dess figures
he's there for a hit.

- Hu-Zhen?
- Only as a last resort.

Only if he knows it's you.

Keep Hu-Zhen out of L.A. then.

You know this
trip is a showpiece

for the president and
the state's department.

Oh, come on, Murphy.

Ground his damn
plane in Kansas City

and divert it to Alberta.
You know the routine.

Sorry, Brian. No can do.

You'll have to handle it.

- And you know Zhen.
- Murphy.

I had a hole in my shoulder.

And if you're not gonna stop
Zhen from coming to L.A.,

at least send some
extra people in here.

I can still give them backup.

Zhen is skittish as a colt.

He'll smell trouble if we
bring in more manpower.

You'll have to
reassure him, Brian,

or he's going home.

We got him this
far. Let's not blow it.

I'll bring him in
and you stroke him.

Murphy... Oh, God.
This is all I need.

Shannon, can I have
a Kleenex, please?

What is this guy,
crazy or something?

You're winged. You
can hardly move.

Who is Zhen?

Oh, just... Shh! Shh, shh, shh.

[speaking native language]

I'm sorry, I just thought
they were after me.

What have you got
to be sorry about?

Because I am drafting you two.


You talk to anyone
who knows Red China

and they'll tell you that
Hu-Zhen is next in line

for The Party Chairman.

I agree.

Hu-Zhen is a friend
of mine, more or less.

We worked together
when I was in the field.

I'm confused here.

I mean, who is
this guy Tao after?

You or Zhen?

Oh, both, really.

Zhen only agreed
to visit the U.S.

after I offered to
come out of retirement

and supervise
his covert security.

And you heard Murphy. [panting]

Zhen would pack
his bags in a minute.

If he thought I
was, uh, neutralized.

Well, what do you call having the
Holland tunnel in your shoulder?

Down but not out. Come on.

What choice do I have?

Or do we have?

You heard Washington.

They are not going to
divert the delegation.

Look, I can show
you guys a few tricks.

And this guy Tao is
not going to politely ask

everyone to duck while
he gets a clean shot.

And if you two don't
stop Tao for me,

we're going to have
a lot of dead people

all over that street.

Excuse me. I'm Eve Brandt.

I just returned from New York

and there was a message
waiting for me in San Diego.

The police told me
Mr. Harms was here.


But now I guess
there's some confusion.

No, Ms. Brandt. No confusion.

If you come with me, please.

Wait a minute. That's the exit.

Hey, what's going on?
Where are you taking me?

Amazing how far you
can get with one fingerprint.

Mr. Tao, all right.

You owe a certain
Lieutenant Detective

in San Diego a
bottle of tequila.

He likes it in a gallon jug.

All right.

Now, I'm not sure
this is any help,

but the guy ran away
from an accident, right?

Minor fender bender.
That's not unusual.

If he stole the car.

Owner claims he didn't
know the car was stolen

until after the accident.

But again, that's not unusual.

It was only gone
for a few hours.

So where does that lead us?

Well, good question.

But, you know,
maybe the owner lied.

Uh, maybe he's tied
up with Tao somehow.

And here's Rick
with a vehicle check.

The guy who reported
the stolen car...

Guess what else
he's got in his garage?

'72 Volkswagen convertible.

And a van leased to

the Hang Chow Meat
Packing Company.

I think we got ourselves a ring.


[tires screeching]

[speaking native language]

So you like the dust, huh?

Ah, so far, so good.

Yeah, but they're
just appetizers.

Now we're in for
a full-course meal.


[guns cocking]

I find family reunions
most touching.

And just in time to
celebrate New Years.


- I can't.
- You have to. You have to.

Tell me something. Why
don't your teeth chatter?

I speed up my pulse rate, restricting
the blood flow out of my chest.

- Ah.
- There's an easy way I could
show you how to do it.

Wish there was a way you
could show us out of here.

Two more hours of
this and it's ice cube city.

They have to wait until they
think we're too weak to move.

- Ah-ha.
- I don't know about you,
but I am almost there.

Look, I gotta do
something to stay warm.

Might as well be foolhardy.
Rick, give me your lighter.

It's only gonna make
you think you're warm.

Not for me, idiot.
For this thing.

All right, just move your feet.

- That's it.
- Come on.

Move your feet. Move your feet.

That's it. Move your body.

That's it.

- That's it.
- Come on.

That's it. Come on. That's it.

There you go.

[alarm blaring]

Well, it's about
time you showed up.

This poor old woman is
freezing to death in here.

What are you trying to
do, kill us or something?

It's cold in here! Am I
getting through to you?

Ding-a-ling. [speaking
native language]

- Rick?
- Yeah?

He wants three men
to move to the far wall.

Wish you'd just say so.

It's okay, dear.
Everything's gonna be fine.

I'm gonna go down
here to the far wall, okay?

[speaking foreign language]

[Man responding
in native language]

You guys better thaw out fast.

I know where they're
gonna make the hit.

[applause, whistling]

[cheering, chattering]

- Anything?
- No.

- Anything?
- No.

Five minutes to the hit, too.

Bandits, 12:00.

Okay, I'll take the outriders.

- All right.
- Do you remember...
- Sgt. York.



Uh, Rick?

- I'd let go of him now.
- Right.

- Police, hold it!
- Hi, guys.

- I said hold it.
- Hey, hey, hey.

- How are you guys?
- Ow!

That's all right. No.
No. No problem.

- No problem.
- Take it easy, guys.

Now, look, see, this, uh...

- He can explain everything.
- [squeaking]

Wait, you're making a mistake.

We can... Look... Rick,
tell 'em what happened!

Hey, Vanilla.
What are you in for?

Disorderly conduct.

- [scoffs]
- Hey, Roy.

Those are the dudes
that left those pile of bodies

down in Chinatown.

Uh, look fellas, I'm sorry.

Uh, you want a smoke?

- He doesn't smoke.
- Right.

- I smoke.
- Oh, okay.

Why don't you take the pack.

Hey, I... I... I didn't
mean nothing.

I... I... Right.

Get off of me.



- Gentlemen.
- Hmm.

It is a pleasure to meet you.

I've been filled in
on your involvement

and I wanted to
thank you in person.

You'll be receiving a check from the
Federal Registry of Bridges and Canals.

It's a token of our gratitude.

Uh, Mr. Murphy?

- What about Harms?
- Who?

I think we all
understand the situation.

We started the wheels turning.

And I think there's
a good chance

that everything will be
shipshape in about a week.

In the meantime, let me know
if there's anything I can get you.

Reading material,
candy, tobacco.

- Don't hesitate to call.
- Hey, hey, hey!

Now, wait, wait, wait a minute!

You're not gonna do anything
about getting us out of here right now?

You know the bureaucracy. I'm afraid you're
victims of a couple miles of red tape.

- But such is life.
- Hey!

- Wait a minute! Murphy!
- Hey! Come back!

- Murphy! Hey!
- Where you going?

- Wait!
- Hey!


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